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TIL that ex NBA ref and chronic gambler Tim Donaghy who was convicted of betting on games and controlling point spreads was awarded 1.62 million dollars in 2009 after suing the publisher of his memoir.

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NBA Official Accused Of Game Fixing (He bet point spreads on games he officiated)

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NBA Daily Discussion - 1/18/20 (Saturday)

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Anyone find betting 1H more reliable then the full game for NBA or NCAAAM

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Up and down 6 months

I’ve been reading posts on here for the last couple months and I wanted to share my story as well. It’s been hard to really share with anyone, but I know that it will help people.
Always loved sports, I got into gambling starting in December, I loved hitting college basketball and the nba spreads...even got into MMA and made good money... won everything I lost in January and more on a card....then it started to unravel. I raised my credit limit to above my weekly paycheck, I figured I was making so much doing that that I could even have a second book, I thought I could DOUBLE my money! I then didn’t have a winning week for what felt like months no matter how many bets I won I would always self destruct, it got to a point where I’d care more about my parlays than my social life, the gym, anything I really cared about. should of realized it was bad when I owed both books and lost money on a trip to AC, all in the same weekend. I lost my motivation, I was selling my valuebles to pay off these debts...I couldn’t stop myself, I was playing blackjack on my breaks, live betting during work, checking the scores non stop, I must of lost close to 10 grand.... whole months worth of pay gone because of this disease.
I knew I hit rock bottom when I started betting on esports in late March after most sports had shut down. It crushed me, I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me? Why would I keep doing this? Why am I throwing all my hard work out the window? I’d work so hard to save my money and I literally threw it away when there weren’t real sports to bet on...losing hundreds on video games sickened me but I still did it. Being given an opportunity to save up money or invest it and I blew it all gambling? I was at an all time low, dark dark thoughts entered my head more frequently because I felt like I was throwing my potential away, I felt like I couldn’t do anything right because I crippled by this addiction. Realizing I had an opportunity to use that money to make my life better, and missing out is a feeling I may never get over for as long as I live.
I then stumbled upon this thread and read the stories of others and knew that I wasn’t alone in this fight. The power of people coming here to tell there stories moved me to try and change for the better, It takes a lot to face your problems head on, and so many of these helped me to make a difference in my life. I wanted to share mine to try and help someone else make the decision to try and make that change. I had a few tiny relapses but the days of me throwing away my paycheck are OVER, I haven’t lost money gambling since mid April and while it’s not much I am very proud of myself. Though I will probably bet a little bit when sports come back, I know my journey to battle addiction is far from over and my next step is to try and watch sports without having money on the game.
Thank you to the brave souls who have put there stories out there, our journey to beat this may never end, but you’re never alone in this battle, you helped me and I will always be thankful for this thread.
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The Importance of Closing Line Value (CLV)

Closing Line Value

Most recreational bettors simply bet with the hopes to get lucky and win. Winning money is obviously a way to tell if you're making good bets. The ultimate measure of identifying how well a sports bettor is doing Is with closing line value or CLV. Beating the closing line means that you take a better number or price than what the market closes at, therefore having a bet with a higher probability of winning than if you made it at a later (or earlier) time. By beating the closing line, we add a share of possibility in our favor against the market. The closing lines represent the most efficient market conditions, because, at this point, all participants in the market had the best information available and the line reflects this.
In the sports market, the sharp bookmakers’ closing lines are considered to be the expected value (EV). Meaning that If you bet at better odds than the closing line you have made a +EV wager (positive/plus expected value), while if the odds you bet at are worse than the closing line you have a -EV bet (negative/minus expected value). Obviously when you are looking to make a bet you do not know what the closing line will be. However there are multiple factors that impact the movement of the odds which ultimately conclude the closing line. (I will detail this more in future lessons and weekly classes)
According to the efficient market hypothesis the closing odds are on average more accurate than the opening odds in predicting the probability of how an event will play out. Opening lines don’t reflect all the information available in the market, and therefore “inefficiencies exist”. As bettors, we want to bet into inefficient markets, to exploit discrepancies when we think our pricing is more accurate than the market. By beating the closing line consistently, you can prove that you do just that. Pinnacle was for a while considered the sharpest closing line, recently CRIS has taken over that spot and is now known as the sharpest bookmaker in the world, using their closing lines as an indicator makes the most sense.
Sports betting is not about results; it’s about the process. I know that sounds crazy to some so I’ll say it again, sports betting is not about results; it’s about the process. You cannot control the outcome of games, but you can manage your handicapping/betting process. The goal is to make +EV decisions that lead to profitable outcomes long-term. The probabilities we apply in our handicapping process are estimated probabilities, we don’t know what the real chances for winning a particular bet are.
Nobody is able to accurately predict the outcome of every sporting event. However, this does not imply that it is impossible to become a profitable sports bettor or that those who are profitable are just lucky. Placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the odds. Over a small sample size of bets anything can happen or in other words variance will have a large impact on your results. A friend of mine who made her first ever real money bet this past NBA season went on a 16 day winning streak going 19-6 in her first 25 bets, close to an 80% winning %. Of course she’s not one of the world’s sharpest sports bettors because she hit 80% over a 2 week span. What happens is over a larger volume of bets the variance will even out and only sports bettors who are able to consistently beat the closing lines will be profitable. (Update she lost the $250 she deposited into her sports book account after exactly 60 days and hasn’t bet again)
The key to handicapping is pricing teams more accurately than the market, consistently over the long run. A point spread on any given game says: this is the point where the market believes that 50% of possible outcomes fall on either side of the number. Our job as handicappers – no matter how we do it – is to find discrepancies between our estimate and the market’s estimate for a spread, total or whatever.
Let’s say Wake Forest is favored by 3 points over North Carolina. If your handicapping process comes up with an estimated line of -6 in favor of WF, your edge will be three points. You would think that Wake Forest wins by 3 or more points in more than 50% of the possible outcomes. You apply a higher probability by your estimated line. That’s what handicapping is about. Pricing teams more accurately than the market is beating the closing line. When bettors combine this with other factors like discipline, money management, they are on the right path to being profitable.
Beating the closing line requires handicapping skills or what we refer to in the community as game theory, but also market analysis must be combined (Art & Science). One isn’t enough, both must be combined. As I explained above, your goal is to price teams/events and totals more accurately than the market. By that, you can exploit inefficiencies in the markets. A big advantage is to try and always be looking ahead. On Sundays I’m always looking at the next week and handicapping those games. Make notes and write down which market reactions you expect depending on possible results during the current week. Try to anticipate where influential money will be going. Some services advertise things like “sharp action reports” to bait you into betting on so-called “steam moves.” But we want to bet those numbers as early as possible, not after the whole world recognizes the move. Does you no good knowing which side has been steamed after the fact.
One suggestion I have to help you get CLV, which will help result in +EV positions is to start making your own projections before lines are posted, that way you can bet proactively instead of reactively. If you do this before looking at the lines it will help eliminate some bias. I wouldn’t recommend backing these positions with money if you don’t have a sound process established but by tracking this it will give you a good idea of impact points in the market and find patterns.
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Brag and Bitch - 1/17/20 (Friday)

B and B
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Bet on NBA Basketball Here When It Arrives

With any luck, the NBA will be here before you know it. As of this writing, on July 9th, the NBA will be back on Thursday the 30th. That may not happen. It may seem impossible. But, a big part of sports (and betting on sports) is that it isn’t over until it’s over. You gotta believe up until the moment that all hope is lost. That’s why we have point spreads, odds, and more on the upcoming NBA games, you can bet on NBA basketball at our site.
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Betting Online

Betting website sports that are on-line is a thing if done right, to do. Prior to getting into gambling line sports odd sports, whether that's gambling sports or on sportsbook you have to know the RULES. It's among the most crucial things when gambling sports online. It is best to get knowledgeable about the principles then start getting familiar with the wager you. Many people prefer point spreads and single or straight bets, but there are many great stakes on the market. The underdog is points on a game. Let's say you take the Atlanta Hawks in +6 vs the LA Lakers and you've a nba picks. sagame

You win due to the 6 point spread. You can move the spread down and up to favor any situation you'd like. This establishes the odds and is symbolized as a + to the underdog and a - sign to the team. Let's say staff two is the underdog at + 110 and team 1 is favored and quoted at -150. This means you've to put down 150 dollars to acquire 100 on the team that is favored. You must put down 100 if you bet the underdog and 110 bucks are won by you. A bet for the amount of points scored by both teams.

So depending upon the direction or purchasing a point is great in this circumstance. Given that you be aware of all the rules, finding the correctly nba picks, college basket ball picks, and which gambling sports tips are the most challenging thing to do. Once you've A system set up, the profits will begin pouring in! Betting on sports is among the best emotions in the world particularly if you're continuously winning. Once you establish a great gambling system you'll start winning a lot and a lot of bets. Having the correctly ncaa selections, college football selections, and nba selections will surely end you up with tons of cash in your pocket.
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[OC] Rudy Gobert & the Coronavirus write-up

(I promise the groundbreaking analysis is beneath this chunk of text) edit: if anyone is curious, I am half chinese half american, currently living in beijing
BIGGEST EDIT: anyone that wants to accuse me of false news...READ my darn sources (in comments) and tell me how they’re unreliable. or at least please link a more up to date source proving me wrong...most of my sources are from WHO, the CDC, etc.
We are living in tough times. As we all know, Rudy Gobert has doomed us all to a life of wearing plague doctor masks. His massive wingspan, height and large lungs, and the fact that he is not well-liked by many NBA fans, makes it likely that he has infected quite literally everyone and it is all his fault.
IM KIDDING. It was going to happen at some point, you know how unhygienic the NBA is? Dudes sweating and panting all over the place covered in each other's bodily fluids and being inches away from each other, players touching their lips, their faces all the time, some players licking hands etc. It was bound to happen at some point, Gobert just happens to be the first one tested positive (this coincides nicely with the Gobert hate that has been happening)
EVERYTHING in BOLD is the main point. If you don't enjoy reading long writeups feel free to skim

But what I am seeing on this sub is a massive amount of misinformation being spread around, and as someone who is living in the country that started the virus, I'd like to try clear things up a little, as well as hopefully help out some of my Americans

  1. The incubation period is typically 2-14 days. As a man who has been in contact (online) with many friends and acquaintances that have contracted the virus, it seems to be on the longer side of that range, though obviously my sample size isn’t insanely large and not enough to make that assumption. THIS MEANS RUDY GOBERT HAD TO HAVE GOTTEN IT FROM SOMEONE. given that he spends the vast majority of his time around people in the NBA, it is likely patient zero has either had a longer incubation time or simply hasn’t been found and tested yet. (of course, he might just be patient zero who knows)
  2. EDIT: The disease is likely confirmed airborne.** it is transmitted through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes... these droplets are produced to a much lower extent by the infected when breathing normally. HOWEVER, these droplets can stay in the air for up to 3 hours, so masks are the safest bet.
  3. Surfaces can be infected if respiratory droplets reach them. (ie. if Gobert was coughing into the mic, or just happens to spit when he talks, the microphone would become an infected surface)
  4. HAVING THE CORONAVIRUS DOES NOT MEAN EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH BECOMES INFECTED. Was what Gobert did with the microphones dumb? yes. Did it show he was probably negligent with taking precautions? most likely. Was that a dick move that probably infected the mics and doomed everyone who was ever near them like people are saying? NOT UNLESS HE LICKED, SNEEZED OR COUGHED ON HIS HANDS AND STRAIGHT AWAY DECIDED TO RUB THEM ALL OVER THE MICS.
  5. Carriers are believed to be less infectious when asymptomatic. Pretty simple. “but virus is VIRUS!” yes, however when asymptomatic you don’t experience any shortness of breath, fevers, and increased coughing/sneezing, you simply don’t produce as many of those respiratory droplets, so it’s less likely to infect people.
  6. The desperate urge to travel everywhere is not a symptom of coronavirus. That’s just people being dicks...the #1 flight destination from Wuhan (the epicenter) is Beijing, where I live..........fuckers.
  7. You can wipe away the coronavirus with alcohol. using alcohol or a disinfectant can exterminate/cause the virus to be inactive, on any infected surface.
  8. This doesn’t mean you should spray rubbing alcohol on yourself, that can be harmful to your body
  9. This also doesn’t give you a reason to drink beer or liquor, it won’t clean your insides. though admittedly that’s a pretty funny thought if the cure to coronavirus was a Corona
  10. Older people with underlying health problems are at the highest risk. Thon Maker watch out, coronavirus is coming for your 20000-year-old ass. NBA players, (mostly) have the ideal male body. you may not like it, but that’s what peak performance looks like. They’re likely not at any risk of it being fatal. Regular people are at more of a risk, but when taking elderly out of the equation the death rate drops to something like 0.4%.

Believe it or not, China is getting better with the coronavirus situation... “Durr it’s because China bad and just lying about the numbers because China’s literally a toxic wasteland the entire country is infected right now...” no, shut the fuck up. (I’d like to add I’m not defending the government in general, I’m saying, in this case, it’s wrong.) China is getting better because China literally shut down the entire country to prevent the situation from getting worse. our economy is s u f f e r i n g...but our people are (mostly) alive. the Coronavirus is literally beside itself, driving around China begging (thru texts) the Chinese government for the addresses to citizens homes, because no one is on the streets or outside.
most importantly, our people are behaving a little more rationally now...believe it or not, our grocery stores are full, and even more importantly, we have toilet paper. Don’t panic buy things people, you’re just making things inconvenient for everyone else.

wash ya damn hands, Rudy Gobert is not the devil, wear a mask if needed, don’t openly cough or sneeze. basic hygiene + a few extra precautions (wipe surfaces with disinfectant/alcohol)...and quit buying all the toilet paper
edit 2: re-bolding parts i accidentally unbolded
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A Few Basketball Betting Strategies (written by a 20+ yr gambling industry vet)

\A few basketball betting strategies* from an excerpt of a betting lesson I wrote last week\*
We are in the heart of basketball season so I wanted to make this lesson useful for right now so you can start applying it to help you win money. I’ve listed below some simple situational spots to look for that are proven long term as profitable positions. As always these systems shouldn’t be used as the only factor when forming an opinion on a game but let’s say you like a bet and realize it fits one of these strategies well then you’ll be onto something. Just don’t make it your start and end point.
Oddsmakers tend to not cross a certain barrier when making totals. For example, let’s say they have two very high scoring teams playing each other and their calculations lead them to a likely probability that there will be 260 points scored on a game. Well they can’t exactly make the total 260 because that would be outside the norm and might automatically create blind under action just because of how abnormally high the total is.
Working off this theory we have a system: Betting OVERS on High Totals, simple but effective and has been something I’ve been looking at on a nightly basis this year with the increase in scoring, 3pt shooting and pace. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and other factors have to align. Definitely not saying to go out and bet every over when you see a high total. Systems and theories similar to this will be the topic of this week's lesson

The Blowout System

When an NBA team wins by 15 or more points, you might think that they’ve got momentum and will win their next game by double-digits as well. However, the opposite is usually true. When you see a home favorite of ten points or more who are fresh off of 15-point win they only beat the spread just 41.9% of the time from 2015 to 2018.
So keep in mind, teams that blowout their opponents one game are unlikely to do so the following night. The reason could be a result of player fatigue or over confidence or more likely that oddsmakers and public bettors are overreacting to that impressive one game blowout and inflating the line on that team, creating value on the opposing team.

The Bounce Back System

This one is the flip side of the situation above but related to the total. Teams coming off poor offensive performances have a knack for bouncing back during their next game, particularly when it’s at home game. Teams coming off a poor offensive performance (defined poor below) found that their next games surpassed the projected point total nearly 62% of the time(on average, varies a little from NBA/CBB).
▪️~ Look for good teams that shot under 40% from the field in their previous game and then bet the over on their next home game. ▪️~ Look for any team that shot below their season average from the field and 3pt range and look over the total in their next game ▪️~ Look for teams that in their previous game shot poorly and the game still went over and look for the over in their next game.

The 3 in 4 System

The NBA has gone out of its way to reduce the number of back-to-back games in recent years, but we still see back 2 backs and teams playing 3 games in 4 nights. A really good spot is when we see both teams playing their third game in four nights. Under this scenario we see the teams go over the projected point total 58.8% of the time.
The most likely explanation is that defense takes far more effort than offense, and most players play D with far less intensity when they’re tired. Whatever the case, you’d be well advised to pick the “over” when this scenario presents itself on the schedule. Of course this situation is something oddsmakers are aware of but it’s important we are also equipped with knowing it as well so we can apply it to our research.

Back-to-Back System

Along the line of the system above, we all know that NBA teams struggle to win the second game of back-to-backs, but they don’t all struggle at the same rate. Since 2016 teams playing in back 2 back spots that have winning records lost 5% more than their average on the second night of a back-to-back, while teams with losing records lost 11% more often than usual on the second night of a back-to-back. Going a step further and looking at home and away plays a huge factor in a team’s performance. Teams playing the second game of a back-to-back on the road were 18% more likely to lose.
These are invaluable insights to consider when making your next bet. You may also want to consider a team’s average age, its pace of play, and whether the team has had to adjust to multiple time zones during its latest stretch of games. All of these factors can cause a tremendous drop off from one game to the next.

The D’Alembert System

This is a money management system similar to the more popular Martingale systems (If you aren’t familiar with the Martingale system you can google it) but I prefer The D’Alembert System much more as another progressive betting strategy that definitely is similar to the Martingale System. I prefer it more mainly because it carries much less financial risk due to its more conservative nature. When using this strategy, you select a bet amount and increase it by the same increment in the event you lose, and decrease it by the same increment in the event you win.
For example, let’s say that you determine your bet amount is going to be $10. Using this sum as your starting point, you bet $10 on the outcome of a game. If you lose, you bet $20 the next night on the outcome of another game. If you lose again, you bet $30 on the following game. If you win that game, then you go back to a $20 bet on the next game, and so on.
The D’Alembert System is generally less lucrative than the Martingale System, but it appeals to betters with smaller bankrolls who are more risk-averse and in my opinion is generally more applicable for bettors here in The Betting Network. When using these types of progressive money management strategies I encourage discipline on bet volume, quality over quantity. It can get dangerous when trying to apply this over several wagers a night, it’s more of a selective bet strategy rather than something you use for every bet made, maybe use it for just your strongest bet of the night.

I know this information can help some gamblers out there (and may go over some gamblers' heads). It's just a few basketball systems that you may want to keep in mind. It can be very effective for long term profit in NBA when applied correctly.
I’ve worked in this gambling industry for 20+ years and work in a sportsbetting community. If you’re interested in joining and learning more strategies like this. Don’t hesitate to message me. Cheers 🍻
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The Case for Starcraft

Hi everyone. With almost every major sport being shut down at this point, a lot of people have been looking around for other options to bet on. E-sports have been gaining a lot of traction here due to their general resilience. When I say E-sports, I am referring to CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2, and Rocket League. I was resigned to the fate of trying to learn as much as I could about these leagues, but honestly LoL is just so complex with its different heroes, items, and roles. Dota 2 is much the same, and CS:GO seems to be fairly unpredictable. That being said, I have nothing against any of these games if that’s what you’ve been betting on.
I was pretty much lost until I stumbled upon a bo9 show match in Starcraft 2 last week. The game was too close for me to add it as a POTD, but it featured two stars in the game (Trap and SoO). I didn’t even realize that SC2 could be bet on these days, but although the games are less frequent than other E-sports, I think there are some clear advantages. With a major tournament (GSL super tournament) having just started this week (it was pushed back from February), and the beginning of the other GSL tournaments (top Korean league) after that, I think this is the perfect time to start looking at Starcraft 2.
Some background on Starcraft 2:
Now, let’s get into the differences between Starcraft 2 and other E-Sports, and the advantages those differences give us as bettors.
How to bet on SC2
This post is meant as a small primer for those with little to no knowledge on the Starcraft series. All of my points can also be applied to SC2’s predecessor Starcraft: Brood War, which actually has a larger Korean following than the sequel. I find the games really fun to watch, and the usual casters (Artosis and Tasteless) are super knowledgeable and play really well off of each other. SC2 is the “sport” I know second best (after the NBA), so if anyone has any questions, I’d love to start a dialogue.
BOL everyone! Sorry for the long read.
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[OC] 8 hypothetical James Harden trades if the Rockets blow it up this summer

I made up some hypothetical trades involving James Harden (and some of their other players if necessary) so the Rockets can start fresh.


Before going in further detail, I remember that the Rockets do not own their 2021 1st (traded to OKC in the CP3 deal), so their goal should not be to tank or bottom out in the next season. The future seasons, maybe, but for next season, I'd imagine they would want to stay afloat (and that will make them look like an attractive destination to any 2021 free agents, too).
First, let's take a look at what they have.
These are very heavy contracts, and it will probably be hard to match salary for any trade involving them. Nonetheless, the Rockets have other options they can use along them to potentially make trading easier.
Everyone else is making less than $4M, and the only one of those guys with guarantees beyond 2021 is Danuel House Jr. ($4M in 2022). Most of them aren't really players that I see as part of their future aside from House (age 26) and maybe Hartenstein (age 21). The rest of the guys are either washed (Chandler, Sefolosha, Carroll, Green), scrubs (Caboclo, Clemons, maybe Hartenstein), or at the age when they should seek either more money or a better team (Rivers, BMac), rather than making pennies on a rebuilding team.
Now, what kind of trades can we make?
I already ran through each player's contract. Let's see (what I think) their value is.
The other guys, I don't think they are worth trading except for salary matching purposes.
I won't specifically think about trades for the non-Harden players but it's worth mentioning what the Rockets can do.

Potential Trade Partners for Harden

Let's see who would both want and be able to trade for these players. Teams in interest (well, all of them, but realistic interest) would be contenders or playoff teams. I don't see lottery teams making a huge push to acquire these guys as no one here is that young, but who knows, something could go down. Maybe some lottery teams on the bubble of the playoffs could swing something up, but my concern is that it would gut too much of their team (while surrounding Harden with players that aren't exactly ready to win now). They would also need to have (1) available draft assets, (2) available player assets, and (3) various contracts to be able to salary match. It would be easier for Houston if these large contracts were spread out amongst multiple players (rather than, say, trading for a max to match) since I would guess they want to clear space for the following years, but then again, the other team would also prefer to trade one large contract vs several medium contracts to maintain their depth. It's up to the two teams to find a suitable balance. I'm mostly thinking of James Harden when making up trade ideas, but I may bring up the other guys eventually.
Let's run through the current playoff teams and see what they can do. Also keep in mind that I doubt Houston will want a trade within the west, and if they do, it might take more to get them to trade Harden.
There are also a couple of lottery teams that will be competing next year. These teams are usually either having a down year due to injuries (Portland, Golden State) or are on the bubble this year (New Orleans). Other teams are probably more focused on an organic rebuild (i.e. not gutting their team for a player that won't make them a contender with the state of their roster).
Now for the east:
I don't think any of the eastern lottery teams would either be able to put together a competitive trade offer (Knicks) or want to part with the players needed to do so (Hawks).
Of all the teams I've discussed, these are the ones that I think would actually be plausible.

Possible Trades

I'll go one by one on that list of 8 teams above with a possible trade.


Houston gets some building blocks for their future with Harris (25), Porter (21), and Morris (24). Barton is there for salary matching purposes. If Jerami Grant opts into his player option, Denver could instead send him while keeping (or increasing protections on) one of those 1sts.
Denver adds Harden to their core of Murray and Jokic and with this level of star power at the top, they become surefire contenders. Whether they can knock off one of the Lakers or Clippers will remain to be seen, and they will need to find some more depth somewhere, but this increases their chances at a championship for sure.


Mitchell is such a strong asset on his own as a 3rd year All-Star that Utah would not have to give up picks. With most of Utah's core not being too young, this trade pushes them into contention so they can compete for a title. I doubt that Utah would do this trade in all honestly even though on paper, it kind of makes sense (see the above section). It's up to them whether they weigh Donovan's chance to become a future superstar higher than James Harden being a current superstar.
For Houston, they get a star to build around. He may not become as good as Harden was, but it will be interesting either way. Mike Conley is used as salary filler that also happens to expire in the loaded 2021 offseason, in which Houston can pursue a second star to pair with Mitchell to start contending again.

New Orleans

Houston gets a great young prospect and a decent one. Redick is salary filler but can be used as a trade chip expiring at the 2021 deadline, and Miller is non-guaranteed (pure salary filler). They also get a nice horde of picks to go with that, giving them future assets to go at a rebuild.
New Orleans gets an outstanding core: Zion Williamson, James Harden, Jrue Holiday, and Brandon Ingram that is balanced between veterans and youth. This can be a contender next year if Zion has a 2nd year jump like Luka and Trae. NOLA also can retain Favors, NAW, Melli, Hart, and Moore for some depth. This trade would set them up very well to win a title in the next few years, and personally, this is the one I want to see the most.


Houston gets a potential star in Brown, an okayish prospect in Romeo, several picks, and significant cap relief through Hayward's expiring, being able to dump Eric Gordon's contract in the process. Note that the financials of this trade are a little tricky because of Jaylen Brown's extension. Using ESPN's trade machine, which accounts for the poison pill provision (basically trading for an extended player increases what their current contract is worth in trade), this trade works as of now, but if the trade is done, say, early next season, when the extension is already going, this may change. Nonetheless, Houston gets a solid haul here.
Boston gets to create a team of Kemba, Harden, Gordon, Tatum, Smart, Theis, and whoever else they can put together, which is a definite contender and could rival the Bucks in next year's east while being able to remain competitive in years beyond as well. Their issue is size, as if Kanter leaves, they are down to Theis and Timelord as their centers, which isn't looking so great for them. Nonetheless, the roster has plenty of talent regardless and is an upgrade over their current team.


Right now, I cannot put together any trade on ESPN's trade machine that doesn't involve Jimmy Butler. The below assumes Olynyk opts into his player option. If he doesn't, Miami can't realistically trade for Harden.
I'm not really sure if this is good enough to match salary, but I think it's very close if not.
The Rockets get 2021 expirings (Olynyk and Iguodala) plus several intruiging prospects. This gives them a solid core to work with while rebuilding. The 2027 pick is also able to be traded as the trade needs to happen after the draft (falling within the 7 years out rule) as Olynyk needs to opt in.
Miami gets a great core of Butler, Harden, Dragic, Bam, Leonard, Crowder, Haslem, and DJJ to work with (assuming the free agents re-sign, otherwise I might not do this deal as it would gut Miami's team) that can get out of the east and potentially win a championship.
This is one of the teams where trading for Russ works as well.
Houston doesn't get the same kind of haul they can get for Harden, but they get Herro and Nunn as a great prospect, cap relief, and a decent pick. Silva and KZ are there to match salary, but they could turn into something decent too. Maybe the Rockets push for Robinson but that might be too much for Westbrook.
Miami has a core of Butler, Westbrook, Dragic, Bam, Leonard, Robinson, Crowder, Haslem, and DJJ which is not as good as it would be with Harden but still great and contending nonetheless.


Houston gets a solid star in Oladipo to begin retooling around, some decent players that are either young or not expensive, and some picks. This will be good for Houston if their goal isn't a full teardown but rather a "retooling while remaining competitive" type thing. I have concerns about Oladipo's play this season (he's been... pretty rusty, I know he came off the injury but still) and it will be right for Houston to be skeptical about making this trade. If Dipo doesn't look better by the yoffs, I would push for more picks/players from Indiana, or rather reworking the trade around Sabonis or Turner.


Philadelphia doesn't give up any picks here, Simmons' value and future upside being enough to offset that. Houston gets a potential superstar if Simmons gets a 3-point shot eventually plus some solid young guys to keep as building blocks.
Philadelphia improves greatly on the offensive side by bringing in James Harden as their primary facilitator; the Harden/Richardson/Harris/Horford/Embiid lineup would be more well-rounded than the current one with Ben, and I think they would be a force in the playoffs. I am skeptical about the Sixers' depth after this trade, and if this were to happen in real life, I suspect the team would rather include multiple future 1sts than Korkmaz or Thybulle, so you can do this either way. It just depends on the Sixers' ability to acquire more depth later on.


Houston gets a potential young star, a great role player, a couple of meh young prospects (salary fillers), and another salary filler plus several picks. LeVert is locked up long term (through 2023) and Dinwiddie has a player option in 2021 which he may decline if he can get a larger contract elsewhere, giving Houston plenty of cap space along with Temple's expiring.
Brooklyn reunites KD and Harden, with Kyrie serving as the Third Eye. If KD comes back even close to what he was, this is a title favorite. This will probably work out better for them than the last time they traded 3 first round picks since the guy they are trading for is actually in his prime instead of washed up.


That's a lot of potential trades! And wow, I spent 3 hours writing this...
Comment below if you can come up with any more plausible trades.
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[OC] we always ask "what lineup would you use to beat the aliens?" but we never ask "WHICH aliens?" And with that in mind, I present the proper alien-fighting lineup for all scenarios

During the offseason, we tend to float silly hypotheticals around here. One of the most common for redditors and real writers like Bill Simmons alike is: "What lineup would you use to beat the aliens?" Essentially, we're trying to suggest the BEST LINEUP on Earth, using the conceit of an alien invasion as a mere prop for that discussion.
But aliens deserve more respect than that. We can't just lump "aliens" all together, because no two alien invaders are exactly alike. So rather than suggest a lineup against "the aliens," I'm going to suggest specific lineups against 10 specific alien species.
So welcome, my friends and fellow bored fans, to --
PG: Russell Westbrook (HOU)
SG: Jimmy Butler (MIA)
SF: Aaron Gordon (ORL)
PF: Zion Williamson (NO)
C: Joel Embiid (PHI)
the game plan
We start the tournament against our traditional rival, the classic "Little Green Men" (of Area 51 and Roswell fame.) And since these are little green men, our intention is to beat them with a big lineup and a "bully ball" approach. Spacing? Who needs spacing? Our plan is to live in the paint and dominate on the glass. We want a blowout victory to set the tone for the rest of the tournament, with some Zion Williamson dunking and some Joel Embiid cackling to hammer the point home.
PG: Mike Conley (UTA)
SG: J.J. Redick (NO)
SF: Andre Iguodala (MEM)
PF: Kevin Love (CLE)
C: Al Horford (PHI)
the game plan
While we wanted to humiliate the Little Green Men, we don't have the same type of animosity against the lovable aliens from E.T.'s planet. In fact, we want as respectful and diplomatic of a lineup as possible. Mike Conley would set the friendly tone with his tech-free approach, while media darlings J.J. Redick, Andre Iguodala, and Kevin Love could handle the clean communication. Even our center Al Horford will refuse to take advantage and pad his stats.
PG: Ben Simmons (PHI)
SG: Manu Ginobili (SA)
SF: Robert Covington (MIN)
PF: Pascal Siakam (TOR)
C: Rudy Gobert (UTA)
the game plan
The cold-hearted Independence Day aliens (similar to War of the World aliens) are our toughest opponent yet. They're not here to mess around -- they want to come down, fuck shit up, and conquer. Their patented style of play is an aggressive offense that will attack at a moment's notice. Given that, building a strong defensive wall will be critical for us. Like a young Will Smith, Ben Simmons be the rising superstar to lead our team into battle, drawing in an alliance from all over the world (with 5 separate continents represented in the lineup.) Is it a mistake to give the over-the-hill Manu Ginobili one of those spots? Maybe. But you can't beat these Harvesters with brawn alone; the crafty Ginobili can be our Jeff Goldblum and figure out the hole in the aliens' defense.
PG: J.J. Barea (DAL)
SG: Isaiah Thomas (WAS)
SF: Joe Ingles (UTA)
PF: Nemanja Bjelica (SAC)
C: Nikola Jokic (DEN)
the game plan
Once again, we have to utilize our craftiness to beat an opponent. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers would surely try to swap some bodies, so we will give them the worst "bodies" we can find. Either limited by height (J.J. Barea and I.T.), or athleticism (like Nikola Jokic), the Body Snatchers would be befuddled by their physical limitations. Meanwhile, our high-IQ and highly-skilled players could still thrive no matter what physical vessel they may inhabit.
PG: De'Aaron Fox (SAC)
SG: Luka Doncic (DAL)
SF: Jayson Tatum (BOS)
PF: Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM)
C: Draymond Green (GS)
the game plan
The Demogorgon from Strangers Things isn't necessarily an alien from outer space, but it comes from a different plane in the Upside-Down and is hence an "alien" to our world. And while it's quite dangerous (kinda?), these monsters clearly have trouble keeping up with young legs. To that end, we wanted a youthful team featuring players like Jayson Tatum and Jaren Jackson Jr. Meanwhile, Slovenian wunderkind Luka Doncic has the "Eleven"-like magic touch, while Draymond Green will fulfill our Hopper role of being the veteran punchekicker who will get wildly angry from time to time for no apparent reason.
PG: Lonzo Ball (NO)
SG: Markelle Fultz (ORL)
SF: Andre Roberson (OKC)
PF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA)
C: Bismack Biyombo (CHA)
the game plan
(Spoiler alert!) but the "prawns" from District 9 turn out to be far less aggressive and threatening than their appearance may lead you to believe. Sure, we need a sensible and respectful defense, but we don't need to aggravate tension. Our instructions to our team are clear: "don't shoot!" As long as we keep a roster of reluctant shooters in tow, the prawns should ultimately realize that their hearts are not in this tournament and start their retreat.
PG: Matthew Dellavedova (CLE)
SG: James Harden (HOU)
SF: Rui Hachimura (WAS)
PF: Yi Jianlian (CHINA)
C: Steven Adams (OKC)
the game plan
As we get deeper into the tournament, the level of competition steps up a few notches. Combating the alien monsters from Pacific Rim represents a tall task: literally. We're talking about kaiju who may run over 300 feet. You're not going to overwhelm this team physically, so we need intangibles. We need soldiers who are going to display teamwork, grit, and the determination to protect their Pacific Ocean home turf. How are we actually going to win, though? How will this particular team score? Good question. James Harden will have to do the lion's share of the work by drawing and exaggerating contact (which should be frequent.) And for all we criticize Harden, he is the rare player with Jaeger-like body armor to take those hits and keep on chugging. If we can get him 40+ free throws, this game may be winnable after all.
XENOMORPH ALIENS (from the Aliens franchise)
PG: Marcus Smart (BOS)
SG: Elena Delle Donne (WAS)
SF: Kawhi Leonard (LAC)
PF: James Johnson (MIA)
C: Marshall Plumlee (USA)
the game plan
On paper, the xenomorphs appear to be one of the fiercest and scariest matchups in the field. Fortunately, there's been a clear template to combat them. You start with a group of tough and rugged soldiers – Marcus Smart, James Johnson, and Marshall Plumlee (who had literally signed up for the Marine Corps already) – and add one wildcard cyborg to the mix (in Kawhi Leonard.) And of course, the key is anchoring the lineup with a strong female leader like Elena Delle Donne. In fact, she may be an even deadlier shot than Ripley. This past season for the Mystics, Delle Donne registered a 50/40/90 season, including 97% from the free throw line.
PG: Stephen Curry (GS)
SG: Klay Thompson (GS)
SF: Paul George (LAC)
PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL)
C: Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN)
the game plan
One of the most difficult opponents in the field and a betting favorite in Vegas, the Predators are going to be tough to beat. Not only are they fierce and ruthless killers who hunt for sport, they also possess superior intelligence, advanced technology/analytics, and unlike some others in the field: opposable thumbs. So how in the world can we beat a team like that? More wily tricks, of course. The Predators have heat vision, so our approach will be to surround the perimeter with great shooters who can get red "hot," draw the defense out, and allow the Greek Freak Giannis to sneak in and deliver the knockout blow.
PG: Damian Lillard (POR)
SG: Bradley Beal (WAS)
SF: Kevin Durant (BKN)
PF: LeBron James (LAL)
C: Anthony Davis (LAL)
the game plan
Yes, Superman is an alien, despite all appearances -- so maybe you should take a step back and consider your own biases regarding space lifeforms, huh. In fact, our intergalactic television partners are hyping up this contest as the marquee matchup in the entire field. They're blasting thousands of comet and asteroid advertisements across space with a simple marketing pitch: LeBron James vs. Superman!!
Does LeBron James have a chance in that individual matchup? Of course not, you silly goose. LeBron is a great basketball player, but Superman is a virtual god. He has superhuman strength, X-ray vision, ice cold breath, and the literal ability to fly. In some ways, he is SO powerful and invulnerable that he's actually a little boring of a character.
And therein lies our secret strategy. We'll sic LeBron's BFF Rich Paul (our Lex Luthor evil genius) to spread that message around the star system. Superman is boring. He's old news. His "Superman" franchise been stalling out. Meanwhile, the popularity of LeBron James and the NBA continues to soar. That's where the money is! Paul needs to convince the league, the refs, and those TV partners of ours to give Team Earth a little edge and some favorable calls. Because if we can rattle the Kryptonians early on, they're likely to start turning on each other and self-destructing. Just ask Jor-El.
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (3-3) @ Charlotte Hornets (3-3) - November 5th, 2019

Home Team Nov 5th, 2019 Away Team
3-3 3-3
Hornets Pacers
Time: 7:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
-3.0 -150 212

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Jeremy Lamb • SF - T.J. Warren • PF -JaKarr Sampson • C - Goga Bitadze
HornetsPG - Terry Rozier • SG - Dwayne Bacon • SF - Miles Bridges • PF - PJ Washington • C - Cody Zeller

Injuries Updated

Pacers • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Calf Contusion) • Myles Turner - Out (Right Ankle Sprain) • Doug McDermott - Questionable (Sore Left Foot) • Edmond Sumner - Out (Right Hand Fracture) • Victor Oladipo - Out (Knee Surgery Rehab)
Hornets • Nicolas Batum - Out (Left Finger Fracture)


• New Pacer Jeremy Lamb played for the Hornets from 2015-19. Lamb finished with 21 points, seven rebounds, and two assists for Charlotte before fouling out in the last meeting between the Hornets and the Pacers. • The Blue & Gold hold a 66-44 all-time record against the Hornets in the regular season, and have won three of the last five meetings between the teams. • The Pacers have held the Hornets to under 100 points in the last two matchups. • With a victory, the Pacers will stretch their winning streak against the Hornets to three games.
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (0-3) @ Brooklyn Nets (1-2), October 30th, 2019

Home Team Oct 28th, 2019 Away Team
1-2 0-3
Nets Pacers
Time: 7:30PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+3.5 +150 220

Projected Starters

Pacers UPDATEDPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Edmond Sumner Jeremy Lamb • SF - T.J. Warren • PF - Domantas Sabonis • C - Myles Turner
NetsPG - Kyrie Irving • SG - Caris LeVert • SF - Joe Harris • PF - Taurean Prince • C - Jarrett Allen


Pacers UPDATEDEdmond Sumner - Out (Hand) • Jeremy Lamb - Questionable WILL PLAY (Bruised Right Hip) • Victor Oladipo - Out (Knee Surgery Rehab)
Nets • Wilson Chandler - Out (Suspension) • Kevin Durant - Out (Ruptured Right Achilles Tendon)


• The Pacers hold a 106-73 all-time series lead against the Nets, and have won nine of the last 10 games dating back to November 2016. • The Blue & Gold have not lost to the Nets on the road since Oct. 28, 2016. • Brogdon has recorded three straight double-doubles to start the season, and leads the NBA in assists per game (10.7). • Brogdon has totaled at least 15 points and 10 assists in every game this season. • Sabonis is tied for 15th in the NBA in rebounds (10.7 per game).
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(AUS) Low Risk High Reward Betting Strategy

I have been heavily into matched betting for quite some time and someone in my community has come across a decent strategy to play on bookies Same Game Multi Promos
Promo: 3+ Leg Same Game Multi - Refund if 1 leg fails. (Max Bet $50)
1) Pick an NBA game where you think the favourite will win but the underdog will cover the spread.
2) set up your multi like this:
Leg 1 - Fav ML/H2H
Leg 2 - Dog + Points
Leg 3 - Player to Have 10+ Points/4+ Assists/4+ Rebounds
Eg: Leg 1 - Kings ML
Leg 2 - OKC +1.5
Leg 3 S. Adams 4+ Rebounds
= $31.00
If you choose a player prop that 9.99/10 times will get up every game it’s a sure fire lock to get a bonus bet return.
I’ve personally hit 4 of these bets in the past 5 days.
If you have access to Betfair you can turn over bonus bets at 80% ($40 back on $50 bonus bet but that’s another topic altogether).
Some winning slips:
Kings/OKC (not my personal bet):
Edit: Formatting
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (2-3) vs Chicago Bulls (2-4), November 3rd, 2019

Home Team Nov 3rd, 2019 Away Team
2-3 2-4
Pacers Bulls
Time: 5:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
n/a n/a n/a

Projected Starters

Pacers UPDATEDPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Jeremy Lamb • SF - T.J. Warren • PF - T.J. Leaf JaKarr SampsonC - Domantas Sabonis Goga Bitadze
BullsPG - Tomas Satoransky • SG - Zach LaVine • SF - Otto Porter Jr. • PF - Lauri Markkanen • C - Wendell Carter Jr.


Pacers UPDATED • Domantas Sabonis - GTD OUT (Calf Contusion) • Edmond Sumner - Out (Hand) • Myles Turner - Out (Right Ankle Sprain) • Victor Oladipo - Out (Knee Surgery Rehab)
Bulls • Chandler Hutchison - Questionable (Left Hamstring Strain)


• The Pacers currently hold a five-game regular season winning streak against the Bulls, with their last lost coming on Dec. 29, 2017. • Malcolm Brogdon is seeking his fifth double-double in his first six games in a Pacers uniform. Friday's victory was the first time all season Brogdon failed to tally at least 10 assists. • New Pacer T.J. McConnell posted a career-high 18 points against the Bulls on April 10, 2019 as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. • THAD YOUNG IS STILL AWESOME
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With this season on hold, let’s look ahead to next. Here’s a breakdown of top draft prospect Anthony Edwards (Georgia). How he plays, how he projects, and how he fits on every team.

Thanks to the coronavirus, this NBA season may be a disjointed mess, and the NBA offseason may be as well. There’s no telling how much information teams will have to work with in regards to the prospects (their medicals, their workouts, their interviews, etc.) In a sense, it’s going to make an already-dicy draft class even riskier than ever.
That said, there are some things that we know about the new crop, so I thought I’d break them down for those NBA fans who don’t follow the NCAA and have run out of Tiger King episodes already.
Today, we’re going to start with the player listed at the top of the charts (on most sites.)
his resume
After a successful stint as an E.R. doctor, Anthony Edwards turned his attention to basketball full time. Best known as an explosive scorer, the guard became a five-star recruit that was ranked top 5 by all major sites. The Atlanta product decided to stay local, and attend Georgia for college. At the time, it was seen as a major coup for coach Tom Crean and a redefining moment for the Bulldogs program.
As we all know, snagging "one and done" superstars is a great way to stay relevant in college basketball. If you can load up with 2-3 of them at once, you can be a true title contender. However, as we've seen many times recently, landing ONE superstar recruit doesn't necessarily lead to glory. Solo stars like Ben Simmons and Dennis Smith Jr. didn't have loads of team success (and saw their coaches get fired soon after). Future # 1 pick Markelle Fultz's Washington team went 9-22 in his lone season there.
Some of those same problems plagued Anthony Edwards at Georgia. As a one-man band, he could rack up good raw stats (19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds per game), but struggled with his efficiency. He shot only 40.2% from the field, and only 29.4% from three (on 7+ attempts per game.) His playmaking also left something to be desired (2.8 assists, 2.7 turnovers.) Coach Tom Crean will survive, but this 16-16 team wasn't a year to remember after all.
Despite those mixed results, Edwards is still ranked as the # 1 overall prospect on ESPN. Other sites have him a little lower (with tankathon's # 6 slot the lowest), but he's generally considered a heavy favorite for a top 3 pick along with PG LaMelo Ball and C James Wiseman.
his game
When you watch Anthony Edwards play, the first thing that comes to mind is his explosion and power for the position. He's listed anywhere from 6'3" to 6'5" (so we'll settle on 6'4") but he has a long 6'9" wingspan. More than that, he's a sturdy 225 pounds. He’s going to be a handful to match up with, even in the NBA.
Offensively, Edwards utilizes his athleticism well, pressing the issue and (at times) forcing his will. The 19.1 PPG may not jump off the page, but Edwards has all the tools to be a big-time scorer. He can get buckets anywhere on the court. And while his 29.4% three-point percentage may jump out as an immediate red flag, his actual shooting form looks fine. His FT% (77.2%) also indicates as much. He's also clearly not shy about taking shots either, illustrating his confidence in that part of his game. With better teammates and better shot selection, he should be an average to above-average three-point shooter (maybe 36%.)
Defensively, Edwards should be better than he’s shown so far. He’s a natural SG, but his size and length should enable him to guard some 1s and 3s as well. However, the effort and attitude isn’t always there on that end at this stage.
his comps
Because Anthony Edwards played for Tom Crean, there's a natural tendency to compare him to other shooting guards that Crean has coached -- including Dwyane Wade and Victor Oladipo. Presuming any prospect will be as good as Dwyane Wade is setting yourself up for disappointment, but as far as best case scenario, that's not ridiculous at all. Like Wade, Edwards is a long-armed power guard with All-Star potential. I'd even say that he's farther ahead than Wade was offensively at this stage of their careers (Wade stayed two years at Marquette.) In order for Edwards to unlock that upside, he'll need to continue to hammer his way to the line. He averaged 5.3 free throw attempts per game -- which is "good" but not "great." Wade himself improved from 4.8 FTA to 7.5 FTA in his second year in college, and I'd encourage Edwards to make that a point of emphasis as well.
In terms of "worst case scenario," a few come to mind as well. If Edwards doesn't get to the line much in the NBA, then his scoring efficiency will become very dependent on his shot making, which is no sure thing right now. I've heard some people here on reddit throw out a Dion Waiters comparison, and that's not a ridiculous suggestion either when considering Edwards' floor. If he doesn't improve his efficiency and he doesn't improve his defensive intensity, then perhaps a life as a mediocre empty-calorie scorer is in the cards for him.
If I had to bet on a most likely outcome, the truth would be somewhere in between. Utah SG Donovan Mitchell immediately comes to mind for me. Like Edwards, Mitchell is a little undersized (in terms of height) but has good length and a powerful frame. He thrives best as a multi-level scorer, although his efficiency will also hinge on how often he's getting to the line. Right now, in Year 3, Mitchell averaged 24-4-4 for the Jazz, and that seems like a realistic expectation for Edwards down the road as well.
how he fits on every team (listed by current lottery order)
(1) GOLDEN STATE. chances of # 1 pick: 14%, chances of a top 4 pick: 52%
Based on some rumors, Anthony Edwards is the top player on the Warriors' board, although you could wonder about the immediate fit. Presumably, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will be locked into the backcourt, and Andrew Wiggins (flaws and all) will still be further ahead than a 19-year-old rookie. There's some chance that the Warriors may decide to go SUPER small and play all four together with Draymond Green, but it's more likely that they'd bring Edwards off the bench to begin his career. That would serve as a nice boost for their shaky depth, but may not be the best use of an asset like this.
I'm more bullish on Edwards' fit on Golden State from a long-term perspective. Steph Curry is 32 now, so by the time that Edwards hits his prime, Curry will likely be 35+ and best used as a complementary scorer anyway. Edwards would inherit the kingdom, so to speak. And if you're worried about his habits and playing style, then you're unlikely to find a better home to develop him than a top-flight organization like Golden State. overall fit: 3 (out of 5).
(2) CLEVELAND. chances of # 1 pick: 14%, chances of a top 4 pick: 52%
Last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers surprised many by taking a scoring guard like Darius Garland only one year after taking a scoring guard in Collin Sexton. Presumably, Anthony Edwards could fit with either one of the two because of his size/length, but it'd be hard to imagine all THREE playing together. To add even more murkiness to the equation, the Cavs also have an explosive young scoredevelopmental project at SG in Kevin Porter Jr.
If the Cavs do get a chance to draft Anthony Edwards, they'd likely go ahead and hand him the keys to the kingdom (and throw the other babies out with the bath water) if need be. He can be the type of signature star that they've lacked since LeBron James. That said, it's one of the clunkiest fits on the board. overall fit: 1.5 (out of 5).
(3) MINNESOTA. chances of # 1 pick: 14%, chances of a top 4 pick: 52%
Karl-Anthony Towns and GM Gersson Rosas finally landed their man in D'Angelo Russell, another high-volume scoring guard that theoretically would clash with Anthony Edwards. However, I actually think Russell and Edwards could play in the same backcourt. They're both long (Russell has a 6'10" wingspan, Edwards 6'9"), and project as decent shooters from range. Aside from some back and forth battles for the basketball, they should play well together.
The bigger domino effect of Edwards landing in Minnesota may be the fate of mid-season acquisition Malik Beasley. Beasley has some similarities to Edwards, with an underrated scoring touch. You could play Beasley as a 6th man scorer, but he's a free agent right now and may have higher aspirations than that. That hanging question will dock us a half point in this score. overall fit: 3 (out of 5.)
(4) ATLANTA. chances of # 1 pick: 12.5%, chances of a top 4 pick: 48%
The Atlanta Hawks already have their signature star in tow in Trae Young. They've (wisely) endeavored to build the supporting cast in a way that covers for him on defense, selecting D'Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish in the draft, and trading for Clint Capela in midseason. On the surface, Anthony Edwards doesn't fit int that mold. He has the tools to be a good defender, but like a lot of young scorers, doesn't always lock in (advanced stats list him as a modest +0.8 in defensive box plus/minus.)
All that said, the fit still isn't bad. If the Hawks want to make the playoffs, they need to improve their defense. But if they want to win championships down the road, then grabbing another potential All-Star to pair with Trae Young is a good recipe too. Young's ability to spread the court would also help Edwards as he attacks inside. Offensively, they'd be a bad-ass duo. overall fit: 4 (out of 5.)
(5) DETROIT. chances of # 1 pick: 10.5%, chances of a top 4 pick: 42%
The strength of this year's draft is the point guard position, and that works out well for the Detroit Pistons. They could use a young guard who can develop behind Derrick Rose for a season or two, and ultimately take the reins of the offense and become the star of the franchise down the road.
That said, the Pistons could also use a star small forward. Or a star shooting guard. Basically: any star at all. Certainly, Anthony Edwards has star potential. That makes him a good organizational fit, even if the roster fit isn't cookie cutter (SG Luke Kennard is pretty good; let the Pistons know that.) overall fit: 3.5 (out of 5.)
(6) NEW YORK. chances of # 1 pick: 9%, chances of a top 4 pick: 37%
Like the Detroit Pistons, the New York Knicks aren't going to get too picky with their needs. Sure, they'd like a superstar PG, but any superstar would add a much-needed jolt of electricity to the building.
Would Anthony Edwards be the best type of superstar to provide that? Eh. Kinda-sorta. There's definitely some overlap here with R.J. Barrett in terms of a young wing with All-Star potential but some inefficiency issues to iron out. In an ideal world, they could be a superstar duo (LeBron James + Dwyane Wade worked out okay), but there's too much murkiness and projection involved there to give you confidence in that fit. overall fit: 2.5 (out of 5).
(7) CHICAGO. chances of # 1 pick: 7.5%, chances of a top 4 pick: 32%
Wait, an athletic scorer with defensive lapses? Would Chicago Bulls fans be seeing double here when Anthony Edwards shows up to play alongside Zach LaVine?
Again, as with Minnesota, I don't think it's a total duplication to pair the two together, because Edwards and LaVine both have size and the ability to shoot it. You could play the two together and put the pressure on defenses. That said, it's not a perfect marriage by any means, unless the Bulls can change their culture and get their kids to lock in on both ends. overall fit: 2 (out of 5.)
(8) CHARLOTTE. chances of # 1 pick: 6%, chances of a top 4 pick: 26%
The Charlotte Hornets' top two scorers this year were both guards -- Terry Rozier and Devonte' Graham -- but neither one of them are good enough or efficient enough to make you change from a "best player available" approach to the draft.
More than anything -- and dare I say, more than any other NBA team -- the Charlotte Hornets need a SUPERSTAR. With all due respect to Kemba Walker, they haven't had one since their expansion. I don't know if Anthony Edwards will necessary be that superstar, but he'll have every opportunity here on a team that would feature him heavily. And while the Hornets get a lot of flak for their organization, their coaching staff isn't half bad at all. Candidly, I hope they win the lottery, because they deserve some good karma for not egregiously tanking despite their obvious rebuild here. overall fit: 4.5 (out of 5.)
(9) WASHINGTON. chances of # 1 pick: 4.5%, chances of a top 4 pick: 20%
Conversely, the Washington Wizards don't need a superstar to slap on the marquee as much as other lottery teams like Charlotte. They have Bradley Beal, and John Wall returning next year. Moreover, both of those stars are guards who thrive with the ball in their hands. Anthony Edwards would represent quite a bit of duplication here.
To repeat, the Wizards (and every team) should take Edwards if he's the clear best player available, but it's just not the best marriage for both parties in this particular case. Edwards could be a great 6th man for them or perhaps play as a small SF, but it's not the ideal remedy for what ails them. More than anything, the Wizards need frontcourt help, and defensive help, and Edwards' talents lie elsewhere. overall fit: 1 (out of 5.)
(10) PHOENIX. chances of # 1 pick: 3%, chances of a top 4 pick: 14%
At a certain point, years and years of lottery picks are going to give the Phoenix Suns so much talent that the scales will tip over and turn them into a winner. Probably. Maybe.
Anthony Edwards would help with that, even if there's some natural duplication here with scoring guard Devin Booker that will dock them a point or two in our metrics. That said, Booker has the ability to play PG if need be, and is one of the better spacers in the league. If coach Monty Williams can get Booker and Anthony Edwards to be a two-headed monster on the perimeter and unleash Deandre Ayton's potential as well, this could be a sleeping giant. overall fit: 3 (out of 5.)
(11) SAN ANTONIO. chances of # 1 pick: 2%, chances of a top 4 pick: 9%
It feels awfully strange to say, but the San Antonio Spurs are actually one of those teams like Charlotte (gasp) that needs a future star to build their team around. DeMar DeRozan is 30 (and a potential free agent), LaMarcus Aldridge is 34. The young kids like Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl are solid, but limited. Anthony Edwards would immediately come in and become the centerpiece of a rebuild. (Lonnie Walker IV may bristle at that, but our eyes will have wandered past him in this scenario.)
What works best in this hypothetical is the fit from a developmental standpoint. Edwards has star potential, but isn't a sure thing. There's no organization better at maximizing talent than the San Antonio Spurs, from a shooting perspective to a basketball IQ perspective to a long-term load management perspective. overall fit: 4.5 (out of 5.)
(12) SACRAMENTO. chances of # 1 pick: 1%, chances of a top 4 pick: 6%
Do the Sacramento Kings have a big need at SG? I don't know. They may not know. The team found some success toward the end of the year by starting Bogdan Bogdanovic and bringing Buddy Hield off the bench, but that may not be a sustainable scenario. Bogdanovic is a restricted free agent, and may cost upwards of $15M a season. Adding another wing to the mix would be an expensive proposition; the team would either need to bring either Hield, Boggy, or Anthony Edwards off the bench for a while.
At the end of the day, talent wins out, so you wouldn't complain to add even more to this young core; still, it doesn't appear to be the best fit on our board. overall fit: 2.5 (out of 5).
(13) NEW ORLEANS. chances of # 1 pick: 1%, chances of a top 4 pick: 6%
Young talent definitely isn't a problem in New Orleans. Along with Zion Williamson, they also have Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram (a restricted free agent that they're intent on re-signing.)
The current presence of Jrue Holiday and J.J. Redick may not leave a lot of minutes available in the backcourt right now, but the true upside of this team isn't going to be in 2020 or 2021. If the Pelicans can develop a starting lineup of Lonzo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, and Jaxson Hayes, they could have the making of a true title contender in 3-4 years time. Zion + Edwards would be an especially wicked brand of bully ball on poor opposition. overall fit: 4 (out of 5).
(14) PORTLAND. chances of # 1 pick: 0.5%, chances of a top 4 pick: 2%
Like Golden State, the Portland Trail Blazers already have two stars in their backcourt with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. As mentioned with the Warriors blurb, Anthony Edwards' best fit with the Blazers may be in the long term. As Lillard and McCollum age, Edwards can take on more of the mantle as the star of the team.
But still, that's not an ideal marriage for all parties involved. What makes this even less seamless than the Warriors situation is that the Blazers already have a promising young combo guard in Anfernee Simons. If the Blazers move up into the top 3 and take Edwards, I would expect a trade (of either Simons or McCollum) to follow. fit: 1 (out of 5.)
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The r/MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament: Redemption House - Day 21 (Round Five)

Welcome to the fifth round of the redemption house. Blink, and you’ll miss it! The fifth round is TODAY only! The winners of this round will face the losers of the semifinals of the main bracket. Intense! At this point, we’ve got a 4-1 team and seven 3-1 teams remaining in the loser’s bracket, while all teams in the main bracket enter the day at 3-0. Basically, that means the redemption house has more experienced players, and even a few teams that have won more matches than anybody in the main bracket. So... is this really the winner’s bracket? No! Don’t kid yourself! You were knocked out of the tournament, ya loser!
But worry not, for this is a safe and positive atmosphere! Join us as the loser battle heats up with even more head-to-head fights for redemption. Together, we’ll find out which team can overcome embarrassing losses, terrifying finals, and (supposed) voter insanity. While nobody will re-enter the Winner’s Bracket, you may just find yourself the Ruler of Redemption.
Before we get to the voting, let’s recap Friday’s fantasy match-ups.
Real World Bracket
Finally, Chet is gone! We can dance like the ewoks celebrating on the forest moon of endor! Look, I like Theresa and Momma Day as much as anyone else, but Mr. Perfect Face practically ruins this team for me - no offense u/harsh-femme. And who better to eliminate him than Nehemiah? (Answer: literally any other player, this is so anticlimactic).
Sadly, we’ll have to say goodbye to the pride of Marquette and the mother of Easton, Miss Theresa Gonzalez. If this was like the videogame NBA Street v3, the victorious team could trade any player they wanted to the loser in exchange for anyone on that team, and u/dolfan2354 would exchange Amanda for Theresa. It’d be an upgrade in almost any stat category you can think of.
But this isn’t NBA Street v3, this is the MtvChallenge fantasy tournament, so u/dolfan2354 is stuck with the team they have. It’s worked out for them so far! Seriously, this final had a little bit of everything - Thai bead stringing, coconut water, eating, puzzles, swimming, paddleboarding, climbing, running… everything. At some point, it becomes about who gets exhausted last, and who has the mental strength to complete the final. This might be a biting take, but Da’Vonne would probably get irritated the easiest of these eight competitors and check out mentally on the first or second night. I could also see Chet doing this. Meanwhile, Derrick K, Nehemiah, Veronica and Amanda would have no quitters, and would fight through the exhaustion to claim the victory.
So congratulations, u/dolfan2354! You’ll move onto the next round which is, uh, right now! And to u/harsh-femme, thanks for competing in the tournament, and we hope you had fun.
Road Rules Bracket
Welp, Team Likability’s unlikely run to the fourth round of the loser’s bracket has come to an end. I was rooting so hard for Kyle (who probably has the best sense of humor on the modern show), Josh (who wears his heart on his sleeve better than anybody), Sarah (who is an innocent crossword-loving funster), and Nany (who was the show’s sweetheart for so many years and we don’t need to talk about her paranoia on War of the Worlds 2), but they met their fate today. That’s right, Amanda Garcia has won two finals on one day. Buoyed by CT, probably, and Mattie being stronger than Nany in the minds of many fans (oh gosh, now I want to see this), Satan’s Asshole comes out on top once again.
The Fresh Meat II final featured canoeing, tangrams, sudoku, mountain biking, weight carrying, more sudoku, and mountain climbing. While in my mind these activities all live in the wheelhouse of the untouchable goddess Sarah Rice, I’m sure what tipped the scales was the 80lb bag carry that had to be done in pairs. CT and Dan are both more than capable of carrying 80 lbs that distance on their own, while Josh may not be and Nany probably also wouldn’t be. Especially after a weight-based puzzle, it would be hard to bank on Sarah and Kyle to do the heavy lifting and out-move CT, Dan, Mattie, and beneficiary Amanda.
Aside from the weight carry, I actually think it’d be pretty even. No wonder the score only differed by six votes here. I think Team Likability is probably the superior puzzle team, but Amanda is a very smart player and Dan and CT can hold their own on puzzles. Satan’s Asshole has a big brain after all, and as was destined, they eliminate Team Likability from the tournament. Nice guys really do finish last.
Congratulations to u/hkotila! You’re competing again today! And, to u/trebird1, this ends your time here on the MtvChallenge fantasy tournament. Take care of yourself.
Now, let’s get to voting. Today is the last double day of the tournament! You know the drill - this means we have two matchups from each bracket!
Real World Bracket
Match 1.0: u/BCastle18 vs. u/honestkodaline, u/priorsloth’s “Adore Delano 2020”
Final: The Inferno II
[u/honestkodaline, u/priorsloth] “Adore Delano 2020”
Winner’s Logic
  1. Landon in the night elimination against Luke and Ev literally dragged a almost unconscious Carley to a win and in the finals carried Carley up a mountain to get the win over 3 teams that on paper seemed stronger one of which included two top 10 challengers of all time in Kenny and Laurel with the weakest partner. Also did all of this while being respectful and supportive of his partner throughout showing he is very much a great team player.
  2. Only one team was in the main house all season on FR, it was Sylvia and Joss. They won the final endurance purge and won it rather comfortably. Showed that she can keep her composure in their elimination against John/Tony and many even believe that Sylvia and Joss were the rightful winners of FR, they also only lost by 40 seconds even while getting hit with two grenades.
[u/honestkodaline, u/priorsloth] “Adore Delano 2020”
  1. Other than strong competitors our teams biggest strength is that there is a clear alpha leader (Ev), and the other three are team players that will follow a strong competitor.
  2. EVELYN SMITH WON A SIMILAR FINAL, on Rivals 1! Not only did she win this final, but she did it with Paula. They beat Laurel and Cara Maria who would easily win anything you threw at them today. We know this wasn’t because Paula is a powerhouse, it was literally ALL on Ev. I don’t need to say much more because Ev is iconic, she won 3 seasons, and any true Challenge fan knows her résumé. Game, set, match bitch.
  3. Cohutta may not have a win yet, and he may be on the smaller side of the men, but he is brilliant. He makes the challenges work for him. During this season, Free Agents, he showed incredible agility being one of three people to make it across the rolling log during the first challenge. In the second daily he was partnered with Laurel, and of course they won, but neither could’ve done it without the other. On the third challenge he lead a team of Nany, Latoya and Preston across the bar crawl (sliding two bars under a wall suspended above water) when teams that had Jordan, CT, and Cara couldn’t even make it across! Free Agents was Cohutta’s best run and he finished in 6th place. This season showed us that Cohutta can work on a team with ANYONE and perform above average.
  4. Ashley Kelsey kickboxes. She solves puzzles. She stands up for Sam (well, halfheartedly, but she did at one point stand up for Sam, at least once, in her own way). She dated Dario, and we don't judge her for that. She won her first season. She lost her second season to Cara, but didn't she look cute while doing it?
  5. Ace Amerson invented the trash can punch. He hooked up with Tonya. He was on Team Good Guys on Inferno 3, because he is a good guy. In real life, he rides a lot of 4-wheelers and has a cute dog. He'll listen to Evelyn's orders. He'll be a supportive teammate and friend to all, except Derrick.
  6. Our team is a lean, mean machine - heavy on the lean. We run. We think critically (well, Evelyn does). We fight (well, Evelyn does). We get shit done... well, you get the point.
The Inferno II Final Description - thank you to the lovely u/stayoutofthe-forest for the details.
Match 2.0: u/ry-guy2fly’s “Team Backpack” vs. u/dolfan2354
Final: Cutthroat
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
Winner’s Logic
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
  1. CT doesn’t need an introduction, but I’ll give my team captain one anyway. CT, who fashioned the iconic Banana Backpack, is the greatest competitor of all time. For my team, I plucked him from his greatest season of all time. If you name a skill that can be tested on this show, CT excels in that skill. Endurance, strength, skill, puzzles, eating, and everything in between. CT dominates.
  2. Aviv Melmod is the biggest reason Darrell is considered one of the best competitors in challenge history. Aviv is a puzzle queen with endurance to match it. Her puzzle skill and fire was the biggest factor in separating her and Darrell from their finals opponents on Fresh Meat. She’s a combination of Diem and Evelyn. Heart, passion, smarts, and fire. While she only competed in one season, she showed a plethora of Challenge knowhow. If she would have returned to the show, she’d be recognized as one of the all time greats.
  3. Brittini Sherrod is another one hit wonder like Aviv. Although she didn’t quite reach the heights of her female partner, she showed that she doesn’t have a real weakness. She never gives up and maintained a close race against Rachel on Duel 2. Brittini will never flounder under pressure and will continue to push through any and all obstacles.
  4. Mike Boise only competed on one season, but it was quick to see the relation between him and his brother Abram. Mike has GUTS! While he hated the house environment, Mike showed excellent know how. He’s an in shape guy who attacks any obstacle tactfully. Mike and CT are a great fit together, because no matter how hard CT pushes, Mike will respond. His all around knowledge and skill will prove useful in a final.
  1. Derrick K- Arguably one of the best players in eliminations due to his tenacity. Always will compete has a never-say-quit attitude as evidenced multiple times. Is a multi time champion and has the cardio to crush any final. Is aware of shortcomings and is willing to sit back in puzzles and let those strong on his team due their thing. Is ready to crush any final!
  2. Veronica - Forgotten how dominant she was in her prime is a 3x champion who got better every season she was on. Won 4 life savers on the inferno. Has no glaring weakness is a strong female who is smart at puzzles and has the cardio to keep up with her team while also being able to mentally break her opponents!
  3. Amanda - Is a very loyal player and will compete as hard as she can in anything she does while also making sure her voice is heard. Arguably the best player in the lavender ladies. In invasion she showed how dominant she is at puzzles by solving her puzzle in minutes during the blood bath while other players were at it for an hour. Has the strength to pull her weight on any challenge. Has shown she is in great shape and has never shown signs that she would struggle with a final.
  4. Nehemiah - Is an all around player and is a 1x champion. Came into rivals shredded and in the best shape he has ever been in. Was carrying his team with an overweight Evan and proved that he is capable of running a final and competing to win. Has the body size to provide the muscle and really crush anything while also having a good mind when it comes to the tough aspect of using your brain.
Cutthroat Final Description
(Thank you to u/honestkodaline for this description!)
Road Rules Bracket
Match: u/scyth13r vs. u/phillyfly11’s “CJ’s Angels”
Final: Battle of the Bloodlines
[u/phillyfly11] “CJ’s Angels”
Winner’s Logic
  1. Frank Roessler Gauntlet III - The leader and backbone of his team. A smart physical competitor, the Veterans constantly targeted Frank. He prevailed in eliminations and his team took home a controversial W in the final.
  2. Luke Wolfe Cutthroat - Finishing ahead of the almighty Landon in elimination wasn't enough losing due to a puzzle in FM2, Luke carried his weight, and Abrams, and Sarah's, and Cara Maria's in the final of Cutthroat. Had the almighty Abe and Sarah been medically DQ'd sooner he would have won the final.
  3. Sylvia Elsrode Final Reckoning - Boasting a questionable 2nd place finish in a final, she did the thinking, the planning, and the puzzles for her team. She also tied Joss' shoes for him.
  4. Evelyn Smith Rivals - It’s Evelyn fucking Smith.
[u/phillyfly11] “CJ’s Angels”
  1. Emily Schromm, Rivals 2: In the wise words of the Godfather Mark Long, “She competes like a dude.” The most physically fit female competitor ,Emily dominated Rivals 2 with 6 daily wins en route to winning the season.
  2. Ashley Kelsey, Invasions: I chose this version of Ashley because she was in better physical shape and has running and winning a final experience and a great team player.
  3. CJ Koegel, Battle of the Seasons 2: Was the Leader of Team Cancun that won 2 dailies and was a part of the major alliance. He proved his ability to think on his feet and his physical strength by defeating Roided up Zach in his HALL BRAWL heat.
  4. Mike Boise, Bloodlines: One of the top performers the entire season, he proved that he wasn’t afraid of any task, asking multiple times to get thrown into elimination and that he has a killer mindset during competition."
Battle of the Bloodlines Final Description
Thanks to u/harsh-femme for this extraordinarily thorough rundown!
Match 2.0: u/dirtykilla36 vs. u/hkotila’s “Satan’s Asshole”
Final: The Gauntlet 2
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
Winner’s Logic
  1. First of all, my team Is comprised of all previous winners, so they’ve been there before and nerves won’t be an issue.
  2. Wes and Melinda were on the real world together and have a decent relationship that would Work to their advantage.
  3. My team has shown excellent mental and intestinal fortitude, so the eating portion wouldn’t serve as any type of problem.
  4. My team also consistently displays toughness, and mental superiority, so the final portion of walking on hot coals shouldn’t be any hindrance in winning the $$.
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
  2. Dan: One of the top two performing males on this season which included Mark Long, Abe, The Miz, Derrick, and Brad... Also:
  3. Amanda: Solid at most aspects of the game, IMO probably the second-best puzzle solver to appear on the challenge.
  4. Mattie: Top 3 most physically imposing females to be cast behind Laurel and Late career Emily. A lot of shit has been talked on here about her stamina. Just remember, wherever you have Mattie ranked on endurance Georgia needs to be behind her. Plus she ran like 16-20 miles on a sand dune and was keeping pace with Cara during that time. Most finals don't even have a course even close to as brutal as that final meaning she will do fine on every other final
The Gauntlet II Final Description - Thanks to my post partner u/MandyMTV for writing this. Let’s have a moment of silence for our partnership, as it has now become a one-man operation because she mysteriously disappeared. (Side note, I heard from her on Saturday and she is alive and well.)
Which of these teams deserves to move on in our quest to discover The Challenge Fantasy Draft’s Biggest Loser? You decide.
Voting ends at 10 PM EST Monday, February 17.
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NBA/NCAAB Odds computing tool

Hi Guys,
I'm just a data scientist playing around with the NBA betting odds and created a tool for it. Can you guys check it out and let me know if it's interesting?
You need to fill in the six values for your match (Points for, Points Against) for both teams followed by the spread for the Team1 and the O/U. Currently, ignore the overs/under.
For Positive Spread e.g. (+4.5), Input (4.5) and for negative spread (-4.5) input (-4.5). The model will crash for +4.5 type of Inputs.
Let me know what you guys think about the probability computation. Looking to collaborate.
submitted by Unnam to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

Top 3 College Basketball Point Spread Calculation Methods 2018 NCAA How To How to Bet on NBA (feat. Kurt Long) How Do Point Spreads Work? - How To Bet Using Point Spreads (EXPLAINED WITH EXAMPLES) Point Spread Betting Explained: Sports Betting 101 Sports Betting: How to Read Point Spreads

Point Spread betting is basically betting by how much a certain team will win or lose.The whole concept of point spreads is based on the principle of underdogs and favorites. The favorites (a team that is expected to win) “lays” points to the underdog (a team that is expected to lose) to make up the difference in equality. NBA Point spread betting is recognizable by the use of the + or – symbols. When a team has a spread with a plus sign (+), it shows that the team must win the game outright or lose the game by fewer number of points than what the spread indicates. NBA Point Spread Tips & Tricks. Now, that you’ve learned all there was to learn about point spread betting in general, let’s get into specifics and mention some worthy tips & tricks for the NBA Point Spread Betting. Blowouts in the NBA. From time to time, especially mid- and late-season, you will see some big spread numbers, something like The NBA Matchups show Betting Trends from sportsbooks and they focus on what users are playing. The Betting Trend Section receives percentages on three categories. Side (Point-Spread Bets) Money (Money-Line Bets) O/U (Total Bets) The three betting trends are fairly simple to follow and they’re more volatile as tip-off of a The popularity of the point spread bet in the NFL is equally shared by NBA bettors and it works essentially the same way. When Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks tip off at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks, the Bucks are going to be -800 on the moneyline but may have a point spread of -13.5 points with odds of -110

[index] [2126] [3038] [10414] [8706] [3154] [10194] [1925] [13416] [13008] [5324]

Top 3 College Basketball Point Spread Calculation Methods 2018 NCAA How To

There are 3 methods that you can use to calculation your own college basketball point spreads. You calculate your own point spreads, and compare with the Vegas Lines. ... Top 2 NBA Point Spread ... How does the Spread Bet or Point Spread work in Sports Betting? Marius from Trademate Sports explains Spread Betting using the NBA final between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. In this video, my brother Mark aka MFA, goes over further into sports betting and looks at the concept of point spreads, and how to read them. A point spread is the amount of points a team is ... Here our resident sports betting guru Drew Goldfarb breaks down what point spreads are, and how to use them in a very easy to understand way with visuals and examples of different football teams. Top 2 NBA Point Spread Calculation Methods 2018 How To ... Point Spreads and Totals - Duration: 6:35. Arch Stanton 8,319 views. 6:35. Point Spread Betting Explained: Sports Betting 101 ...