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Dear Future Dental Students

EDIT (May 18, 2020): Added some more content.
Know who you are and understand your why. These will be the first and most important steps in becoming a dentist in the future. It will also be a constant reminder of your motivation for the difficult years to come.
Albeit the lifestyle of being the owner of the clinic, leader of the dental team, dictator of your own work hours is a great reason to be interested in the career, this reason alone will only get you so far. There are so many other careers that have a similar lifestyle that requires less schooling. If it’s because of the prestige or because you have been told to become a dentist from family and friends, you will fail yourself. The journey is long and difficult, their desires alone will not help you surpass the mental fatigue that you will have to endure.
That being said, if you’re looking for a career that allows you to own a business and dictate your own hours, having the business being dental- or health-related, your options are more numerous than dentistry. Look into becoming lab technician (dental or medical), dental hygienist, denturist, or dental therapist. Yes, the money you earn won’t be the same as a dentist if you plan to work for someone else but as far as money made as a business owner, the sky is the limit. Speaking from experience, an average salary for a technician may be between $40,000 to - 50,000 but the business can bring in over twice or thrice that in profit (yes, after expenses) with time. Just a word of caution though, owning a business carries it own risks. Just like a dentist who opens their own clinic or buys out a clinic, you also have the chance of misfortune too. These risks affect everyone.
Know your why. It will be part of your personal statement. It will help you tie up why you volunteered where you did, why you participated in certain events, why you believe dentistry is right for you, and why you may be the unique candidate that fits well with their dental school family.
Understand what it means to become a dentist. It's not simply drill, fill, and bill nor is it just cleaning teeth.
Personally, I would recommend shadowing experience once as a high school student and once more as an undergraduate student. Ask your general dentist if you could observe their dental team. As a high school student, I would recommend that you shadow the dentist for a full work week during the summer break. As an undergraduate student I would advise you to shadow the entire team for a full ~40 hour work week. It is your job when shadowing as a high school student to determine if this is the sort of job and work you are interested in. Ask a lot of questions pertaining to the duties and lifestyle of a dentist. As an undergraduate student, you should have a better understanding of what dentistry is really all about. While shadowing, do not sit in a corner and observe. You are losing precious hours of shadowing experience unable to see the intricacies of handling the scaler or drill, unable to see how the dental team cooperates in the operatory, unable to visualize the difficulties a dentist may face while operating in the oral cavity. Make mental notes of relevant questions and ask the doctor in between patients, not in front of them unless the doctor is already addressing it or welcomes it. Convey your interests and ask questions you may have. As a high school student or undergraduate student, you need to build this professional relationship. This could be the source of one of your future letters of recommendation. It would also be wise to document this experience and the number of hours as it will play a role in your future application to dental school.
Know where you want to be, what is needed of you, and how you are going to get there. You should understand the application process like the back of your hand. You should know what is required of you by the start of your first year of undergraduate studies.
Know what you are required to have completed by the end of your undergraduate studies. Understand the conditions that you must meet: full-time student status, GPA cut-offs, completion of specific courses, required DAT components (such as the manual dexterity test), DAT score cut-offs, completion of a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree (or not), how many letter of recommendations and from whom, shadowing experiences (number of hours), citizenship, etc. The list varies across dental schools. It would be a good idea for you to figure out where you want to go and compile the list of requirements such that it will not come as a surprise when you do apply. Use Google and figure this stuff out or join your school's pre-dental student club if one exists. Listen to dentistry-oriented podcasts or watch Youtube videos posted by dental students or read their blogs. The information is out there and very plentiful.
If you are seeking current dental students or dentists to inquire about the DAT exam, about how to get into dental school, how to apply, or any of these sorts of questions you are wasting their time and embarrassing yourself. These questions can be answered with simple google searches, do it yourself. If you require clarification, contact the organizations directly and obtain the information from the horse's mouth. Ask the dental students about dental school and dentists about the work field/industry. Ask about things that are not so readily available online. Ask about the cool things you heard, watched, read about dentistry online that is recent. For some, it was the potential rise and takeover of corporate dentistry, for others it was the integration of CAD/CAM and its impact on clinical dentistry. Perhaps the impact of COVID-19 and its future implications will be what you want to know more about. Stay with the times in the field. This will additionally benefit you when it comes to the interview process of dental school applications.
Know when. Understand your means and live within them. Dentistry is not right for everyone at any time in their life. Understand your (and your family's) financial capabilities. Understand what GPA and DAT scores you realistically need to matriculate into dental school. Compare your capabilities with the current class profile (projected cost of attendance, dental school class profiles with GPA/DAT score ranges and averages are provided by most schools online). Dentistry may not be right for you this year, perhaps not the next. But eventually.
GPA As I mentioned earlier, check the schools’ class profile/admissions statistics. Most schools publish these numbers on their website. It will give you the best picture of what your chances are like. Understand that most schools provide an ‘average’ and not a ‘range’. This means they admit people with both lower and higher GPAs than the one they state. The closer you are to this average, the better (obviously). The higher your GPA is, the more ‘wiggle room’ you have for any deficiencies you have in the rest of your application.
Double major? Double minor? Honors degree? Personally, I would pick the program/degree that would allow me to do my absolute best. The program that allows me to take courses I am most interested in generally sets me up to do well. I am interested, engaged, and not burning out.
You do not necessarily have to take a science-related undergraduate program. Non-traditional applicants do exist. Just make sure you completed the required courses.
Letters of Recommendation Generally, you would want two letters from science professors (who have taught you lecture-based courses) and one from a dentist. Just a recommendation, not a requirement. Schools have been known to accept or require a letter from the leader of your religious community. This also depends on the school(s) you are interested in applying to.
How do I approach this? Ask your science professors ahead of time (beginning of the semester that the course is in). If they are comfortable, they will provide you with conditions in which they will be willing to write you the letter. Determine if your interaction (or lack of) in class is adequate for them to judge you as a dental school candidate. If it’s a very large class and it lacks any discussion, it might be a good idea to attend office hours regularly and ask good questions. It provides opportunity for them to get to know you as a person and as a student. If you have developed a good relationship with your professor already, just ask them if they are willing to write you a letter. Your professors are there to help you attain success academically. Most of them actually care and want you to succeed and are willing to write you a letter as long as you aren’t being a pain in the buttocks about it. Treat them with respect. Update them as the application cycle progresses. Celebrate with them (via e-mail if you must) and keep them in mind in the future years. They helped you, remember this well.
AADSAS has instructions on how your referees can submit their letters. You will not be able to view these letters. Be aware, some individuals will ask you to ghost-write for them. At which point, you can: refuse, provide bullet points that you wish to highlight, or just write it. But, yes, ethics. Your call. Many before you have had to make the decision, I am sure you will find one that best suits your morals or writing ability. At the end of the day, you won’t know for certain what is submitted (unless they are literally showing you and submitting it thereafter, I suppose).
Shadowing Experience I mentioned it earlier. Some schools require a certain number of shadowing hours. Make sure you are shadowing a dentist. Shadowing auxiliary dental positions will help you understand the field better but the hours schools generally ask for are from a licensed dentist.
How do I find a dentist to shadow? Just drop by and ask in person or send an e-mail. The dental team will get back to you (or not, this can also happen). You may be rejected by some, don’t be discouraged. Some dentists will reject you out of conflict of interest as they may be a part of the admissions committee for a school. This is also not uncommon if you are seeking shadowing opportunities near a college/university town/city.
But COVID-19, I can’t shadow. Well, there are opportunities. You just have to be patient and tactful. Here’s a post you can follow up on:
Plenty of opportunities in your local community. Just look for it. I won’t be diving too deep into this. Generally, you can use volunteering to show you are well-rounded individual. You can also use it to show commitment (many hours over long durations of time). Just keep in mind that the volunteer experience’s description isn’t the only thing that matters. It would also be beneficial to add that some applicants are accepted with few volunteering opportunities and some are accepted with extraordinary number of volunteer hours with quite numerous organizations. Some even started their own organization. Just keep track of your hours and keep your superior’s contact information handy for your application.
DAT Exam Preparation Know which DAT exam you are going to take and scour the internet for reviews on DAT preparation resources. The Canadian and American DAT are different and contain different components, do your research well.
Everyone has their own opinion of which resource is the best. The truth is, each of them offer the same thing: first- and second-year undergraduate level knowledge of biology and chemistry.
Let’s face it. This knowledge hardly changes. What you need to determine is how they differ and which difference will propagate your success. For some, this means sitting in a classroom with an instructor. For others, it is at their own convenience on a phone app or whenever they have time to access the materials on a laptop. Perhaps you require more help in a specific area such as the perceptual ability test or reading comprehension. Just take any free material these different resource companies offer and determine if their premium material will be worthwhile or not based on how much the free stuff helped. Ultimately, the actual DAT exam is straight-forward and the depth of the scientific knowledge necessary is still basic. You’ll see what I mean when you dive into the material or take your first mock-DAT.
I have access to preparation material from 2010, do I need more recent material? Science at the level tested on the DAT hasn’t changed much. Look into whether the exam itself has changed between those years. Ultimately, you’re investing into your future. Allocate the necessary financial resources as you see fit. If you’re smart enough to become a dentist, you’ll be smart enough to decide whether the cost outweighs the risk.
Price is just too high? Look online for coupons and do your research on when they hold their sales. Your local pre-dental club may also have their own promotional code for a huge range of DAT preparation resources. These companies will also provide vloggers, bloggers, and podcast hosts promotional codes for sponsored content. Look out for them. They are everywhere, you just need to spend a little bit more time searching.
Score to aim for? Check the class profiles. Generally, you’ll see between an average DAT admission scores between 20-22 depending on the subject. The higher you can score, the better. I personally got 21 in every category except general chemistry, where I got a 19 (Canadian DAT, no manual dexterity test).
What did I personally use? Do I recommend it? I used Bootcamp but I would not recommend it over other resources. But if this is your choice, I advise you to cut your DAT Bootcamp cost by using their free resource before you buy their subscription. Here’s a link if you’re lazy: I also caution you that Mike’s General Chemistry videos were very basic and not helpful (in my opinion). I regret not checking out Chad’s videos. The reason I decided to use Bootcamp was because of their PAT generators. Everything else they provided (other than the mock exams and biology notes) were not helpful (excluding non-Canadian DAT subjects because I did not need to know it). Nevertheless, I got a good enough score to get in with less than a month of studying.
How I studied? I took it a day at a time and tried my best to complete one or two chapters (or sub-chapter in the case of physiology topics) a day. If I skipped a day, I made sure I made up for it in the following day. With less than a month to study, I used that ‘one a day’ minimum rule to make sure I went through all of the material at least once before my exam.
Final advice? Do not do a full mock-DAT the morning of your actual DAT exam. You’re probably nervous/anxious af but trust me, it was the worst thing I ever did to myself. I was completely burnt out after the first section of my actual Canadian DAT exam. Eat breakfast and keep food and water with you for your breaks. Eat food that you’re used to such that it doesn’t make your stomach churn in the middle of the exam. If you’re falling asleep between sections, do some jumping jacks or push-ups. Wear layers so you can achieve the right body temperature and comfort during your exam. The building may or may not have air conditioning or adequate heating. You ‘could’ appeal these conditions but you’re risking your future over something you could have controlled yourself.
General Dental School Applications Do your research. Know where you can financially afford to go and compile the list of requirements as I previously spoke about. Each school has their own unique set of requirements. Make sure you meet these requirements. Moreover, make sure that the school is accredited and have had no recent issues with maintaining its accreditation. Statistically, the more schools you apply to, the more chances you have of being accepted, but the more expensive it will become. Some admissions committees may ask you how many other schools you applied to, which ones, and why. This is not atypical. Be aware of this.
How many should I apply to? It depends on you and your situation. Only you can really give the best answer. Personally, I worked before going back to undergrad and had enough money to go wide in terms of number of schools I applied to. I filtered every school based on what I believed was the weakest part of my application, which was my GPA. I decided I would take the statistical approach – the more shots I take the more chances I would have. I knew I could afford this because I saved for it. I strategized. I knew mentally, I kept comparing myself to my friends from my first university who had finished their degrees and got their desired jobs. For me, the mental exhaustion from the need to re-apply year after year outweighed the cost of applying to more numerous schools.
What I should look into other than class profile/admissions statistics? Since all accredited programs will provide you with adequate education for licensing exams, look into things such as cost of living and how this affects other parts of your life (family, friends, significant other(s), source of income, etc).
Know that you will be required to order and send your official transcripts directly from your undergrad institution(s) and DAT score from the Canadian Dental Association (in my case). You will be asked to provide contact information of people who can attest to your community involvement experiences and any other extracurricular you claimed to have been involved in on your application. Be honest about it or the admissions committee will weed you out during the interview process for lying or over-exaggerating your claims. Know that your DAT scores must be submitted before your application will be looked at. There will be administrative fees for submitting your application(s) from both the third-party website (such as ADEA AADSAS) and the institution (dental school) themselves – yes, two fees.
Secondary/Supplementary School Applications follow the submission of your general application. This second application will come with the fee I described in the earlier section as well as contain a few essay questions with characteword limits. It is advised that you write these on an external document and have them proof-read by someone you trust before you submit them. It will improve your writing drastically. It would also be extremely helpful if they help you from the perspective of looking for any flaw to disqualify you as a potential candidate because I assure you that the competition is tough and that the admissions committee is looking for easy ways to eliminate as many candidates as possible to focus on the strongest of candidates.
Remember! Your application is incomplete and will not be looked at by the admission committee if ‘any’ component is missing. This will be especially important to note for anyone taking the Canadian DAT on that one day in November or February since interviews begin in September. Take into consideration of the time it will take for the Canadian Dental Association to mark the tests and submit the results via physical mail. For November exams, it could be around Christmas when it is finally marked and closer to February by the time dental schools obtain them. Interviews last up until the end of February but the later you interview, the fewer seats there are to interview for. This is especially disadvantageous for those who feel less competitive. You may be on the lower end of competitiveness (in how admissions committee scores you) and potentially get a chance to impress at the interview in the early applicant pool and may have even been offered a seat. If you were to wait until the late applicant pool arrives, you may fall even lower in the rankings and not even be invited for an interview let alone offered a seat for the upcoming year. Apply as early as possible! But do not be discouraged if you are late, it is still possible to be waitlisted or offered a seat.
Some secondary applications will ask you for a professional headshot. I was advised by a friend to use a limestone wall as a background as a professional photographer had advised him the year before I applied. Hopefully it works for you. At least wear something with a collar and show that you can be professional and dress accordingly.
Interviews At some point you will have to physically meet people from the admission committee in person and be interviewed. The structure will be important to understand as it will help you determine what information you need to adequately communicate within the short time period you have been provided. Know your application inside out, I mean it is your life and the cumulation of what you have done and what you believe up to this point in your life, should be easy to talk about.
Before you are even invited to an interview, it would be a fantastic idea to be prepared ahead of time. Your school will undoubtedly have a “student success center” (focused on helping graduates find success in obtaining a career), which will have interview practice sessions (and potentially sessions to help you improve your application). Use all of the resources you have available to you!
If you want to know what kind of questions you will get, check the Student Doctor Network (SDN) forum. They compile past dental applicant reviews of each school and the questions they were asked. No, you are not asked to sign a non-disclosure form. The information there is fair game and legal. Being able to answer the ‘types’ of questions from the institution that invited you for an interview will be a huge advantage in your preparation.
Research the school, their missions, values, outreach endeavors, renowned scientific research, specialties offered, etc. If the school values service or research, learn about them. If any of them interests you, make a mental note of it. It may come up as a question somehow on interview day. You know everyone else is bringing their “A-game”, why not bring yours, right? Personally, I know on my interview day, everyone spoke about how awesome their outreach efforts were, but no one spoke about the fantastic research that the school was known for. I think I scored some brownie points there. Everything helps. It is a competition at the end of the day.
Closed filed interviews? These people do not know anything about you. You will have to convey the best things about you during the interview and pique their interest for the most optimal results. Open file interview? They know everything written on your application. Try to give them something that is not already on there. In both cases, if there are things you could not include in your general or supplementary application, it would be wise to somehow incorporate them into your answers in this stage of the application process. Be creative but do not throw these experiences in as a shameless plug. It should come in organically. Some interviewers are very laid back and will simply have a conversation with you. Others will stick to a list of specific questions provided by the admissions committee. It’s a lottery as to which interviewer you will get. Make the most of it regardless of which end of the stick you receive.
Question period. You will have time to ask any question of your choice at the end of your interview. It might be wise to pay attention to your interviewer’s introduction and cater the question such that it is relevant to them, their field, or profession. Not everyone on the admissions committee owns a private practice, some are your future instructors, some are retired dentists who have an interest in what the future of dentistry will look like. If you are stuck on basic questions in your interview preparations, start listening to some dentistry podcasts where they often explore the ‘latest trends’ or ‘controversy’ in the field of dentistry.
Final advice for your interview? 1) “Suit up!” -Barney Stinson (and like anyone else in the world if they knew you were planning to go with a t-shirt and jeans) 2) Your interview begins the moment you arrive in the state/province/country. You NEVER know who you will run into and who they know or are affiliated with. Be professional. Even to your ubelyft/taxi driver. It’s a small world and any criticism that gets to the admissions committee will just be another factor used against you. 3) DO NOT FORGET YOUR INTERVIEWER’S NAME(S). If it is an atypical name or too long to remember, ask them to spell it for you. Whatever method works best for you. Bring a pen with you if you must. You’ll be provided an information package anyway and will have plenty of places to jot down a name or two. 4) Make sure your meals leading up to the interview is typical and will not upset your stomach. Avoid overeating. Some interviews will provide an information session followed by lunch before your actual interview. Be a normal person and have a small bite to eat. Pack a brush and floss (if you can) to freshen up after the meal before your interview. Avoid carbonated drinks or coffee if you can – burping and being jittery during your interview may be a big disadvantage despite how much these beverages helped you in getting to this point in your life. 5) Schedule your flight in/out of the state/province/country several hours or a day after your interview’s scheduled end to leave room for any socials/networking opportunities that you are presented with. Thank your admissions committee for their time and effort. If anyone stood out, mention them explicitly in the e-mail by name (or not at all). 6) If you suck at talking to new people, practice your interview questions aloud. It will train you to speak reflexively on specific topics. It definitely helped a lot of my answers roll off my tongue in a coherent manner.
No Offer of Admission It sucks. Take some time for yourself and get back on the grind soon. There are many things you can do to improve your chances for the next cycle: employment (preferably in a dental-related field), volunteer, research, post-baccalaureate programs, improve general application question responses, supplementary application responses, or on interview skills. If the admissions committee is able to provide you with feedback on your application, request it and learn from it. If not, ask a friend who got in. Ask the dentist you shadowed, family, or significant other. It will be beneficial to have different perspective of your application as it can help you figure out what your deficiencies were. Generally, if someone is invited to the interview stage, I personally say it is not a matter of ‘if’ they will get in but ‘when’. Admissions committees have generally been confident about candidates who make it to the interview stage being good enough on paper to become a dental student. So if this is you, consider improving interview skills.You will hear tales of people making it on their 6th application cycle. Yes, there are people who have applied for 5+ years straight. Do not be discouraged.
Offer of Admission Congratulations! Really. You did it. Now what? Go through the matriculation checklist. Attend the information webinars, etc. All of the things you probably did as a freshman for undergrad.
Consider your options. Know what the financial costs are and what other variables are affected if you choose to attend that specific school. All accredited dental schools will prepare you for the licensing exam in their respective country. Must you go there when there is a cheaper option? Do you plan to specialize? Will a pass/fail grading system affect your chances of specializing? Are the facilities adequate or do you have to struggle use the facilities over the four years? Are you ok with using these facilities for four years for the price point? Do you have a significant other? Have you spoken about long distance relationships or your future together and how dental school will affect these plans? Figure this stuff out.
Don’t be hasty with your decision but don’t be a dick and wait until the absolute final day to accept your offer. Many people are in the same boat as you and they are trying to wait for their dream school or just ANY school. The longer you take, the longer they and those after them remain on the wait list. Can you imagine the mental burden they’re experiencing? Of course, you probably had the same feeling up until you got your offer. So, if you know with certainty you want to attend a specific school and have considered everything else, just accept the offer damn it.
Thank those who have helped you get to this point. Yes, family and friends, your significant other, your kids, those who wrote your letter of recommendations, the dentist who you shadowed, the whole shabang.
This is it. This is basically all I intended to cover. Just remember to be the best dentist that you can be and not compare yourself to others too much. A little can encourage competitiveness but too much can be detrimental to your health and performance. Make friends, have a great time in dental school and make memories.
Imposter Syndrome (Feel like a fraud?) the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.
No one speaks about this enough. It affects everyone but is often more severe in URMs. You are of the 0.01% in the world that made it into dental school and will soon join the field of dentistry as a dentist. If you got to this point, you deserved it. The admissions committees are seasoned veterans who have dedicated decades of their careers to this careful selection process. It is extremely unlikely for anyone to have made it to this point by chance. Offers of acceptance made in error (due to technical problems or what not) are typically resolved very shortly after. You should not worry about that at this point.
Find people who you can rely on for mental and emotional support. You will want them in the future as they can remind you that you are capable and can succeed. Dentistry is a demanding field, and everyone will feel like an imposter at some point in their student life, let alone in the actual workplace. It is likely that your classmates also feel imposter syndrome but do not speak about it. This does not mean you are the only person who believes they do not belong here and that the admissions committee will soon figure you out. It is important to be able to speak to your classmates and your loved ones about these insecurities. If you are still unconvinced, you could probably just directly speak to the admissions committee. I am sure they will set you right if you’ve become that desperate for proof. You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last to do it.
Many geniuses have even experienced imposter syndrome. It’s not exclusive to only you. Though many people feel this, they do not necessarily know the name for it. But now that you do, you can do extra research on the topic to help you feel more at ease.
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50 Ways to Make Extra Money

This is a long one but I think it's a great resource I wanted to share. I realize it's slightly different from the posts on this thread as all of those seem to focus on one specifically per post. But there's just a wealth of info here. I didn't take the time to add all the links from the original post but you can find the Original post with links here
  1. Sell Custom Goods on Etsy
Nowadays, you can sell just about anything on Etsy, a website designed to allow creators and designers to share their artwork with the world. If you have a talent, it can probably be showcased here. One great example involves etching , but you can also sell woodwork, clothing, graphics, books, and games.
What materials you’ll need:
Anything that can help you create your masterpiece. If you etch, you should find an affordable Cricut, as well as Glass Etching Adhesive. If you design clothing, you’ll need to look for fabric and sewing materials. When in doubt, you can usually find everything you need at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores or Michaels Craft Stores.

  1. Create Custom Book Bags
Let’s zero-in on a specific creation, for just a moment. You’re in college, right? You need to make money, but you don’t know where to start. Why not utilize the people around you? Designing custom book bags is a fantastic (and cheap) way to earn cash. All you need is a creative eye, and enough time to bring your ideas to life.
What materials you’ll need:
If you want to make quality book bags, you’ll need a sewing machine (which can be found on Amazon in the Arts, Crafts & Sewing section), as well as some canvas fabric and thread. Again, you’ll find many of your necessities at local craft stores.
  1. Fix Broken Phones
You know how heartbreaking a broken phone can be. Why not get into the business of fixing them yourself? You’ll be hailed as a hero on campus, and you’ll make plenty of extra cash from the ongoing stream of business.
What materials you’ll need:
First of all, you’ll need to read this article about fixing iPhones. There’s more than enough information there to get you started. Secondly, you’ll need to buy a Pro Tech Toolkit, a 54 Bit Driver Kit, and a Magnifier Table Lamp. And, finally, you’ll want to invest some time into learning the craft by practicing with friends and family.
  1. Design T-Shirts
This idea involves entrepreneurial talent and a decent level of design skill. You can help promote causes, design t-shirts for local bands and student groups, and showcase your favorite memes. College students are always looking for ways to express themselves. Why not help them along?
What materials you’ll need:
Obviously, you won’t be able to make these t-shirts in your dorm room. You’ll need to outsource that work to another company, like Teespring or Zazzle. It’s up to you to design the shirt, place the order, and make the delivery. You can also develop stickers for student groups by utilizing Sticker Mule. Market yourself with business cards from websites like Vistaprint.
  1. Become a Content Writer
Hundreds of websites need content for their pages, and you can be the one to supply it. With a little bit of research and a working computer, you can write thousands of words a week and get paid handsomely for it (depending on your client).
What materials you’ll need:
To get started, you’ll need an account on a freelance website like Upwork. Then, you should take a Udemy course on generating website content, just to get familiar with the tone and quality that’s going to be expected of you. Other than that, starting a career in professional writing is fairly inexpensive and material-free.
  1. Refurbish Furniture
Have you ever seen an old piece of furniture that you thought you could improve? With a little bit of elbow grease, you can turn someone else’s trash into your treasure. And you don’t necessarily need to dig through garage sales to find a subject. Using websites like Craigslist, you can easily locate unused items and refurbish them. It’s almost like flipping a house.
What materials you’ll need:
It’s impossible to tell exactly what you’ll need, since there are so many different styles of furniture, and even more ways in which they can be altered. But it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll need basic tools (a hammer, nails, a screwdriver, etc.), paint or varnish, and an electric sander. You can find most of these things at The Home Depot or Lowe’s. You’ll also need a large workspace, such as a garage or a backyard.
  1. Walk Dogs
You probably thought about walking dogs as a teenager but, now, you have the ability to take it to the next level. Pet owners are far more likely to trust their dogs with an adult than a preteen, and that gives you an edge. If you market yourself correctly, you can turn dog walking into a full-time, under-the-table job.
What materials you’ll need:
Marketing is the most important part of this equation. You’ll need a website, which you can create through WordPress or Weebly. You’ll also need business cards and flyers (again, Vistaprint is a great resource), as well as a travel water dish and a few toys.
  1. Start a Babysitting Service
Again, parents are far more likely to trust their children with an adult. Not only
that, but an adult with a certification in CPR. You can start a babysitting service for next to nothing and, if you enjoy spending time with kids, you won’t be anywhere near as miserable as you would be working in an office. Also, tax-free work. Can we even argue with that?
What materials you’ll need:
Start out by making a profile on popular babysitting websites, such as Care or Sitter City. You’ll also want to create a professional website, business cards, and flyers. Finally, you can choose to bring toys or entertainment supplies for the kids, but many parents supply those for you.
  1. Become an Airbnb Host
Did you know that you can rent out your home, or a portion of your home, through Airbnb? That’s right – you can make money on empty space alone. You don’t even need an entire house or a room to rent. Believe it or not, there are plenty of couchsurfers that take advantage of Airbnb on a regular basis.
What materials you’ll need:
First, you need to make a profile. Take tasteful pictures of the space you’re going to offer and come up with a colorful description. The area should be well-decorated and cleared of any personal items. When the guest arrives, you’ll need to provide basic amenities (toilet paper, towels, blankets, lighting, etc.) and enough food for breakfast.
  1. Review and Test Games
It might sound too good to be true – but you can actually get paid to test video games. Check out an awesome tutorial here for more information. You should keep in mind that this method of making money will feel more like an official job, with a regular paycheck coming from a specific company. You can find positions on websites like Indeed, and there’s a ton of information online. Time has a useful article on the subject, as does Business Insider and Game Testers.
What materials you’ll need:
Becoming a game tester and reviewer doesn’t involve a lot of monetary investment. But you’ll need a decent resume, a list of experience, and a website (if you really want to make an impression).
  1. Tutor Students
If there’s a subject that you know quite well, but notice other students struggle with, consider becoming a tutor. You can do this at the college level, as well as the high school and grade school levels. If you plan on becoming an educator, this is an especially rewarding experience.
What materials you’ll need:
Other than the usual marketing tools (resume, flyers, business cards, etc.), you’ll need to take advantage of flashcard applications such as Quizlet. You’ll also need basic school supplies, such as a calculator, a notebook, pencils, graphing paper, and a computer.
  1. Manage Social Media Accounts
Far too many businesses want a strong social media presence, but don’t have the knowledge or the drive to make it happen. In order to satisfy their needs, many companies turn to college students to handle their social media accounts. Don’t believe us? It’s actually more common than you think.
What materials you’ll need:
Statistics are the name of the game, in this business. You’ll need an account on Buffer to help analyze the amount of traffic your social media pages receive. You should also invest your time in an Upwork account, as many businesses hire through that platform. Other monetary investments could include business cards and a professional website.
  1. Make and Sell Custom Jewelry
If you’ve got a knack for creating your own jewelry, turn it into something more than a hobby. College students love unique, thoughtful pieces that aren’t generic or common. Take advantage of the environment surrounding you. Or, you could sell your work at flea markets and local events.
What materials you’ll need:
Other than renting out space for a booth at festivals or events, you’ll need to invest in basic materials. You can use a range of different items to make jewelry, so it all depends on your preferences. As we said earlier, Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics are fantastic for affordable, in-style craft supplies. If you plan on shipping your work to customers, you’ll also need boxes and labels for shipping purposes.
  1. Clean Houses
Another one of those preteen
jobs, turned professional. Make flyers and offer to clean houses for a fair price. The bigger the house, the more you make. You can also offer to clean dorm rooms for your friends and classmates. Imagine what college students would pay to have someone else take care of their dishes or dirty laundry!
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need cleaning supplies, such as all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, dish soap, rags, wood cleaner, and air fresheners. You don’t necessarily need to bring your own vacuum, mop, or broom. Most households will provide those things for you. You might also find that making an account on Angie’s List is a useful way to generate clients.
  1. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver
If you feel comfortable driving strangers in your car, this might be a viable option for you. Not only do you get to meet interesting people, but you get to make money in the process. Both Uber and Lyft pay their part-time drivers up to $35/hour, and you don’t have to worry about awkwardly asking for tips.
What materials you’ll need:
First of all, you’ll need to be twenty-one. That’s the biggest requirement. After that, you’ll need to obtain a four-door car with at least five seatbelts
that’s less than twelve-years-old. You can check out more information on that here. When it comes to upfront costs, you’ll need pack plenty of water bottles for your guests. You’ll also need a decent navigation application (we highly recommend Waze, which is free). Want to learn more? Uber has an awesome and complete guide here.
  1. Knit or Crochet Beanies and Hats
College students love homemade clothing. You can develop a total monopoly in this niche by knitting or crocheting stylish beanies and hats. And, when you’re starting out, you can even have your friends wear your creations as free marketing sources.
What materials you’ll need:
Luckily, knitting and crocheting doesn’t involve expensive sewing machines and equipment. You’ll need a set of patterns, a box of yarn, a basic set of supplies, and a decent needle set. After that, your business should fund itself. As usual, we recommend Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics for your crafting needs. But you can probably find a few local shops, as well.
  1. Sell Custom Cutting Boards
If you’ve ever been interested in woodwork, this might be the perfect job for you. Cutting boards are unique and fun to make, and college students never think to buy them until they see them. They’re also fairly affordable to build, in comparison to other wood-related crafts. You’ll need your own space for this job, though, so this particular moneymaker might be best for a commuter student. A dorm room just isn’t going to cut it.
What materials you’ll need:
Aside from a workshop area, you’ll need an electric sander, stencils, and a wood burning tool. Michaels has a fair inventory when it comes to woodwork, but you’ll also want to check out The Home Depot and Lowe’s for heavier equipment.
Cutting boards aren’t your thing? Sell coasters to the sororities. I heard house moms hate water stains…
  1. Make Leather Cuffs
Leather cuffs offer a unique style that only college students seem to understand. If you love crafting but also live on-campus, this low-stress method of earning some extra cash could work for you. Rather than making a series of jewelry options, you’ll be able to focus on one, specific item. If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out an interesting tutorial video here.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need, of course, leather. You’ll also need a leather burning tool, adhesive snaps, and a leather cutter. If you need start-up materials, Artbeads is an online platform that has an entire section set aside just for leather jewelry supplies.
If cuffs are too big for you, trendy wrap bracelets never go out of style.
  1. Create Surprise Balls
If you’ve never heard of surprise balls before, you’re probably going to fall in love with this money making venture. Made of brightly colored paper, surprise balls are full of streamers and prizes such as puzzles, rings, jokes, whistles, and stickers. These unique gifts are perfect for birthday parties and large events. If you have the right connections, this fun business can take off pretty quickly.
What materials you’ll need:
First, you’ll need to read a few tutorials on how to make surprise balls. We’ve found that Not Martha and Honestly WTF are quality resources. Most websites agree that you’ll need multiple colors of fine crepe paper, confetti, ribbon, glitter, glue, and an assortment of candy or toys. If you’re located near a party store, this is going to become your hotspot for supplies.
  1. Develop a Digital eCourse
Far more complicated than crafting surprise balls, making a digital eCourse involves patience, dedication, recording, scriptwriting, and research. While you don’t necessarily need to purchase supplies right away, you might spend two or three months crafting a quality product. If you’re not sure how to get started, Teach Good Stuff, Freelance to Freedom, and Problogger offer instructions on eCourse creation.
What materials you’ll need:
Once you’ve written and established what you want to teach in your eCourse, you’re going to need to record your content. That’s going to involve a high-quality webcam (we suggest Logitech) and a microphone (we suggest the Snowball). Once you’ve finished, you’ll need to publish your work. Learning Revolution has some great information about that portion of production.
  1. Work for Fancy Hands
Fancy Hands provides US-based assistants for the self-employed, large company executives, and other business owners who need help managing their time and responsibilities efficiently. If you work well with organization, phone calls, appointment-setting, and other secretarial duties, this is a straightforward telecommunication position that can work for you. You can find more information here.
What materials you’ll need:
The materials you’ll need will depend entirely on the client you’re working with. You’ll need a smartphone, for sure, to help with prompt communication (we suggest an iPhone, but you can also use an Android). You’ll also need a laptop or desktop computer that can easily connect to a WiFi hotspot. Employers may have you download different applications or purchase additional materials, depending on the work they have you doing.
  1. Use TaskRabbit
Do you enjoy running errands? TaskRabbit will connect you to households in your local area that need assistance with grocery shopping, medication pickup, cooking, cleaning, and more. The only downside? TaskRabbit is currently available in nineteen cities, including New York, Portland, London, LA, Houston, and Phoenix. If you aren’t located in any of these cities or suburbs, you’ll be limited to virtual tasks (which are typically very similar to Fancy Hands jobs).
What materials you’ll need:
You won’t need much to get started with TaskRabbit, other than a full tank of gas and a professional outfit. Any costs you incur for shopping will be reimbursed by the household, and you’ll be paid an hourly wage that you set when you create a profile. Check out more here.
  1. Help Other People Move
If you have a large car or a truck, this is an easy way to make money. You can also offer labor, rather than transportation, if you don’t own a moving-friendly vehicle. Moving companies are, generally speaking, overpriced. If a household can hire an outside company or individual to help them move without paying an arm and a leg, they will. You can be that person.
What materials you’ll need:
Obviously, you’ll need to market yourself with business cards, flyers, and a website. You’ll also need heavy-duty gloves and moving blankets (if you own the vehicle being used). You should also plan on using a fair amount of gas between trips.
  1. Try Fiverr Jobs
Similar to Upwork (which we introduced earlier), Fiverr connects freelancers in various categories (such as Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, and Music & Audio) to employers who need work completed. If you’re successful in any of these niches, you should consider making an account and getting started immediately.
What materials you’ll need:
Fortunately, you won’t need anything but a service to offer and an idea. Fiverr has no basis of commitment, no memberships, and no hidden fees. You’re able to keep 80% of each transaction you complete. However, you should keep in mind that Fiverr sets base fees for their workers. For example, if you market yourself in the Writing & Translation niche, you won’t be able to charge more than $5 per job, unless you add extra services for the client to purchase (which can add up to $25 per job).
  1. Sell Used Items Online
This can go above and beyond selling old items that once belonged to you. You can also collect items from your friends and family members, recycling centers, or classmates who might consider trashing them instead of reselling them. Read a great success story here.
What materials you’ll need:
Other than shipping supplies, you’ll need a first “wave” of items to sell. From there, you can grow your collection through marketing and communication. Amazon and eBay are both online platforms specifically utilized for the sale of new or used items. It would be in your best interest to sell through one of them, since they’re both wildly popular with consumers.
  1. Become a Personal Shopper
If you love to shop, this job is perfect for you. Despite the stereotypical personal shopper positions, you won’t necessarily be shopping for the clothes of rich, old ladies. Personal shopping has really taken a turn in the past decade. Read more about it here and here.
Entrepreneur also has a wonderful article about starting a personal shopping business.
What materials you’ll need:
Other than a full tank of gas and a measuring tape, you won’t really incur any costs when you start this business. You may choose to spend money on a professional website, business cards, or flyers. But you can also place an advertisement on Craigslist for free. Since personal shoppers can only handle a limited number of clients, it won’t take long for you to get comfortable in your work.
  1. Be a YouTube Video Blogger
If you have something to say the world, start saying it. Because, eventually, you can be handsomely paid for it. While you won’t start out making money, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of advertising once your channel reaches a certain number of subscribers. Google will directly pay you a portion of their income from ads placed on your videos. How do you think YouTube stars survive without day jobs?
What materials you’ll need:
Like eCourse production, you’ll need a webcam (again, we suggest Logitech) and a microphone (another quality option is the Yeti). The rest of your starting materials depend on what you want to do in your videos, and how you want to market yourself. This is a far less professional platform than, say, Facebook. The most important thing is that your video is interesting and creative, not expensive.
  1. Try Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based form of marketing, in which a business will reward you for each visitor or customer brought to their website because of your personal marketing efforts. For example, YouTube stars that receive money from advertisements placed on their videos are actually taking part in an affiliate marketing program.
What materials you’ll need:
Once employed by a business, you can start marketing to your followers through a social media scheduler and advertisements. You should be smart and creative about your efforts, because affiliate marketing is hard work. While there aren’t any upfront costs to get started, you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time pushing the product before you see any payoff.
  1. Blog!
In the same way that you can get paid for advertisements on YouTube, you can get paid for placing advertisements on your personal blog (assuming your traffic statistics meet Google requirements). This isn’t going to happen overnight, so you’ll need to spend several months (or even years) building your brand, story, and website. The more you post, the faster your blog will grow in followers.
What materials you’ll need:
First of all, you’ll need a website. This can be created through WordPress or Weebly (which we discussed earlier), or you can utilize Squarespace. The most important part of the process will be purchasing your own URL, which is vital to making a quality blog or website. The more popular your blog, the more return you’ll get for your investment.
  1. Create a Niche Marketing Website
So, how do you make money from a website without waiting months or years for your traffic to be high enough? You create a niche marketing website. This is basically a website that utilizes SEO keywords to place your link at the top of the Google search page. Even though your website won’t actually offer or sell any products, it’ll be visited so often that Google will pay you hundreds of dollars each month to place advertisements on your page.
What materials you’ll need:
Other than starting your website, which can be done through a horde of different resources, you’ll need to spend hours each week creating useful content for your page. Choose a smart and thoughtful set of keywords that have proven popular through Google and incorporate them six or seven times in each article you produce. Within five or six months, your website will earn you a decent amount of traffic and income.
  1. Flip Websites
Before we talk about flipping websites, you need to check out Flippa, the most popular place on the internet for doing so. You’ll learn quite a bit just by checking out their page. Flipping websites
involves buying and selling domains for a profit. Basically, your job is to purchase the website of a company that wasn’t so great to begin with. Start an AdWords or AdSense campaign, upping the value of the site, and then sell it for far more than you bought it.
What materials you’ll need:
First, we suggest reading this tutorial on how to flip websites. Then, you’ll need to pool together enough money to make your initial purchases. Similar to flipping houses, you need to be smart about your decisions. Some websites are beyond help. Others have potential. It’s up to you to pinpoint the difference between the two.
  1. Become a Window Cleaner
If you like cleaning, but aren’t prepared to take on an entire house, consider cleaning windows. Most homeowners hate cleaning windows because it involves going outside and thoroughly washing each pane. On homes with many different windows, this can be a challenge. You can really make a market for yourself in this business, with recurring customers and references.
What materials you’ll need:
According to Great Day Improvements, the best window cleaning solution involves a spray bottle filled with fifty-percent distilled vinegar (white) and fifty-percent tap water. In addition to your spray, you’ll need a backpack, a ladder, a series of rags or squeegees, and other necessary cleaning supplies. To market yourself, make flyers and business cards to pass out throughout your neighborhood.
  1. Be an Independent Make-Up Artist
Have you been doing your own make-up since you were thirteen? Do your friends struggle to get the same professional results? Do you know the best products to purchase for a reasonable price? This is probably the job for you. You can make money by doing make-up for classmates, friends, and family. References come quickly when you do a quality job, and you’ll make a name for yourself right away.
What materials you’ll need:
This is going to be a bit more expensive to start up than several of the other business ideas presented in this article. Why? Because quality make-up isn’t cheap. For many individuals, that’s why hiring an independent make-up artist for special occasions is more affordable than purchasing their own supplies. And, for independent make-up artists, that’s why it makes sense to purchase supplies for many different individuals. Read a great article about how to get started here.
  1. Style Hair
Do you have a knack for hair styling? Trusting someone else with their hair, especially for special occasions, is a hard thing for most people to do. You’ll need to be patient, understanding, and smart about how you decide to work. You also need to be willing to work with the design ideas that your clients have. If you can manage all of that, this is a great start-up business that could, potentially, pay the bills.
What materials you’ll need:
Hair styling is, typically, a very expensive business to start. You’ll need a set of curling irons, flat irons, styling products (hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, etc.), scissors, and an area where you can work. The amount of money you need to invest depends entirely upon where you want to style hair (at the homes of your clients or in your own space) and whether you want to offer haircuts or simply styles for special occasions. Read more here and here.
  1. Write YouTube Product Reviews
Yes, you can get paid to write YouTube product reviews. But, how? First, you need to make a Fiverr account and offer reviews for $5 each. Then, you’ll create a video of your honest review and post it to your channel. The more of a following you create, the more businesses will pay for your reviews.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need a webcam and microphone (we’ve already suggested Logitech and the Snowball), and a place to record. A huge bonus of this job? Free products. However, you need to make sure that businesses are aware of your intention to create an honest review. Your channel won’t be credible if you only offer positive reviews.
  1. Start Your Own Delivery Service
Have you ever wondered why fast food chains don’t offer delivery for their products? Most people assume that, since orders are so cheap, it wouldn’t be worthwhile. But, imagine making an independent service that delivers any fast food orders (Wendy’s, Arby’s, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc.) for $5 each. Customers will reimburse you for their food, plus $5 for your time and gas. In fact, here’s the story of a millionaire CEO who did this same this in college.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need a car and a full tank of gas. You’ll also need Venmo, so you can accept payment from your customers. We also suggest a website, business cards, and flyers.
  1. Create a Bootcamp at a Nearby Park
If you love to run, jump, climb, and jog, you can actually make money by forming an outdoor bootcamp in a local park. By running your own workouts, you can help adults and teenagers get in shape. You’ll also feel better about yourself, in the process!
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need basic workout equipment, such as cones, weights, tires, jump ropes, hula-hoops, or anything else you might use to create an obstacle course. Read more information on how to get started here.
  1. Design Graphics
Bloggers love graphics, but they hate creating them. Therefore, they sometimes turn to an outside party to design something for them. If you enjoy working with graphics and have a creative eye for marketing, this is the job for you.
What materials you’ll need:
In order to make quality graphics, you’ll need to download Adobe Illustrator. This is usually fairly expensive, but the student edition is just $19.99 a month and includes a handful of other applications. You can also use a sketch application on a Mac computer, which is cheaper and usually has the same effect. We also suggest Graphic River credits, which will save time with pre-made vector graphs.
  1. Start a Party Supply Delivery Service
Students haven’t created this service yet, and we’re really not sure why. Imagine being at a party. You run out of chips. The last thing you want to do is run to the store for chips, so you call a party supply delivery service and pay them a small fee to bring the chips for you. Yes, you can actually make this service available on your campus by marketing yourself, filling up your gas tank, and running around town.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need gas, which we mentioned above. You’ll also need to create a Venmo account, where you can professionally accept payment for the service you’ve provided. Keep in mind, you’ll need to make sure that you aren’t delivering anything that has an age limit (for legal reasons). Unfortunately, this means you can’t purchase beer or cigarettes.
  1. Paint Menu Boards
Menu boards are what customers see when they first walk into a business. The point of a menu board is to draw passerby into the store or restaurant by making a good first impression. Fortunately, this works quite well when the board is thoughtfully and tastefully designed. Unfortunately, this works quite poorly when the menu board isn’t professional in presentation. You can design these boards for local businesses, and offer your painting services as an incentive to bring in customers.
What materials you’ll need:
First of all, you’ll need to market yourself online. You’ll need to get in touch with local businesses and reach a fair wage for your work. You’ll also need a slew of paints, chalk colors, stencils, and other design aids to help you get the job done. Check out some great ideas here. You can also view the work of local San Diego artist Art by Autumn for inspiration.

  1. Be a Secret Shopper
Also known as “mystery shoppers”, secret shoppers are hired by outside companies to determine how good (or poor) the service is in specific restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores. Not only will you get to visit new places, but you’ll get to report your findings and get paid for it. Be wary, however. Many “outside companies” are scams. You need to make sure you’re working through a reputable service. Read more here.
What materials you’ll need:
Secret shoppers don’t need much money to get started. You’ll need a full tank of gas, a notebook, and a pen to keep track of your reports. That’s about it.
  1. Sew Dorm Décor
College dorm rooms have a tendency to look boring, undecorated, and unloved. You can change that by designing quality dorm décor that helps students feel at home on campus. Start by creating designs for your own dorm. Then, as your visitors see what you’ve done, ask them to refer you to their friends and classmates.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need a set of trendy fabric (check out some awesome samples here), a quality sewing machine, and some amazing design ideas.
  1. Sell Class Notes
There are many things that aren’t “okay” in college. Writing other students’ papers, doing homework for your friends, cheating on tests, and copying answers are all “wrong” acts. However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with sharing class notes. Everyone misses class sometimes. It helps them to know what’s going on while they’re gone. So, why not sell your class notes for a reasonable price?
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need to store your notes on a computer, making them easier to read. You’ll also need to create online flashcards (again, Quizlet is great for this) for your customers to use. Once someone “buys” your notes, give them access to a locked Google Document and send them the URL to the Quizlet page.
  1. Buy Storage Units
Have you ever seen Storage Wars? In the popular television show, bidders try to purchase abandoned storage units. Then, they attempt to flip the contents for cash. Most of the time, bidders were successful in earning their money back and maintaining some kind of profit. If you have the time and energy, this start-up business is fun, interesting, and has the potential for huge payoffs.
What materials you’ll need:
You’ll need a full tank of gas to attend auctions. You’ll also need start-up money with which to bid. Other than that, you may need to rent a trailer to move the contents of a unit to another location. And, of course, you’ll need a location to store or sell your findings.
  1. Become a Campus Brand Ambassador
Brands are constantly looking for ways to break into the millennial market. If you have great communication skills and a large social circle, this could be right up your alley. Many of these positions are performance based, offering commission and bonuses. With a little willingness to talk to strangers and a charming smile, you could be making friends and money at the same time. Check for listings on popular intern sites such as InternMatch, and InternQueen.
What materials you’ll need:
Not much is needed to be a brand ambassador, and if there is, usually the company will supply these to you. A clean shirt is recommended and see if the company can provide some swag to make your job easier.
  1. Start Landscaping and Lawn Mowing
On hot summer days, homeowners don’t want to go outside and mow their own lawn. They would much rather pay a teenage boy twenty dollars to do it for them. But you aren’t a teenage boy. You’re old enough to make sure the work is done correctly, and that gives you an edge. You can also do extensive landscaping – something that teenagers rarely offer.
What materials you’ll need:
As always, you’ll need to market yourself with a website, business cards, and flyers. You’ll also need gardening supplies (Lowe’s is a fantastic resource for this equipment), shears, and (potentially) a lawn mower. Many homes, though, will provide a mower for you.
  1. Shovel Snow
Even more than they don’t want to venture into the heat, homeowners don’t want to venture into the cold. And, while long grass doesn’t stop cars from going down the driveway, snowstorms do. This means that, in the winter, you can make plenty of money by shoveling snow for your neighbors, friends, and family. Since the season is long and weather is unpredictable, some months will be heavy and other months will be light.
What materials you’ll need:
All you need to make a quality snow-shoveling business are a few decent shovels, a handful of business cards, and a single-page website explaining what you offer.
  1. Wash Cars
Some car washes aren’t as quality as car-owners would hope. There’s nothing like washing a car by hand, but that isn’t really offered anymore. Or, is it? By starting your own car washing business, you offer a service that most people can use. Without having to leave their home, car owners can have a clean car that hasn’t been unnecessarily damaged. You can also offer interior cleaning, for an extra cost.
What materials you’ll need:
Just as you’ll need when you clean homes, washing cars will require basic cleaning supplies (soap, sponges, buckets, etc.). You’ll also need an interior vacuum, towels, access to a hose, and weather that doesn’t get in the way of your job.
  1. Review Applications and Resumes
You live on a college campus. The students around you are desperately filling out applications and creating resumes. Whether or not these applications and resumes paint the best picture of the individual, however, is a different story. If you’re interested in PR, or you just enjoy helping other people with their resumes, this could be a great position for you. And you can make a ton of money from the right clients. People are willing to pay if it means they’ll get hired.
What materials you’ll need:
Writing and editing jobs really don’t cost much in the way of start-up fees. However, you will need profiles on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork, and you’ll need to keep those profiles as up-to-date as possible. We suggest making several resume examples, and writing a few blog posts or articles about what companies are looking for in a potential employee.
  1. Offer Editing Services
Again, you can access the world of writing and translation through Upwork or Fiverr, both of which will allow you to offer editing services for a set price. On Upwork, you apply for jobs that are specifically posted. On Fiverr, clients will contact you based on your promotional post. Be specific; what do you enjoy editing? What experience do you have?
What materials you’ll need:
Once again, writing itself doesn’t cost additional start-up money. You just need a computer, a WiFi connection, and a stable place to work. We also suggest a printer and a red pen for serious editing jobs, such as college essays or novels.
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My Sexbot was obsessed with Me: A Modern Limerence [Fiction]

I never wanted children not even a little. I never batted an eyelash at the thought even when I was in my twenties and saw all my closest friends were popping them out one after another. I don’t recall a Sunday the year I was 27 that I wasn’t attending a friend’s baby shower. Even when Edward and I married neither one of us cared much for the idea. We enjoyed our lives together, and he was in the military, so he was away a lot. The hours and days we spent together were precious, and at the time I couldn’t even fathom spending time changing diapers or cleaning up after another in that capacity. I’d often watch my friends with their babies and think about how lucky I was that I didn’t have to worry about any of that. No babysitters required was the lifestyle I lived and enjoyed it. Edward felt the same and because he was away for months on end, his most recent stint being in Afghanistan. It was hard being away from him and adding the stress of children on top of all of that was more than I could handle.
Then it happened, the phone call every military wife dreads. Edward was riding in a truck with two other men when they hit a tripwire and the vehicle he was in exploded blowing he and his comrades to bits. There wasn’t even enough of him for a funeral.
It’s funny how one moment we are alive, and then we are just pieces of flesh strung about like feathers in the wind. It gets you thinking about how precious life is and how short. After he died, I went through a long grieving process. I had to take leave from my job in sales to learn how to live my life without him forever. When he was stationed somewhere, it was easy because I always knew he would be back but knowing he would never return felt sharp like a knife in your heart.
A few years passed and I began dating again, but it was never fun for me. I subconsciously compared every man to Edward. It wasn’t on purpose by any means it was just that they were too tall too thin too stupid too un-Edward. I took a break from dating, and three years after my Edward died I woke up in a panic at 3 am. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror looking at myself. I still had the dark hair and hazel eyes that had drawn Edward to me in the first place.
“You have an aura of mystery, and it was hard to escape you.” He once said to me.
I looked at the pale ghost in front of the mirror and wondered where the pretty girl from that tiny town in England had gone. She had hopes and dreams and would spend her weekends in London visiting museums with punk rock hair shaved on one side. Now she was a sad sack starring at herself in the mirror popping another pill just to get some chemically induced rest. What had I to show for my life? What had Edward to show for it? What would be my legacy here on this planet?
That is when I realized with a crushing blow to my ego that I desired children. The wanting need became hard to break free from once I knew it was what I wanted. I had just turned 36 on my last birthday. I was older for sure, but why now? What hadn’t the desire hit me when Edward was still here, and I was in my roaring twenties?
Tears fell from my face as I thought about it. My time to conceive would be limited due to my age so if I were to wait around much longer my chances would be next to zero.
I made my decision to go about conception the traditional way. I started to date again only this time; I used my skills in marketing to market myself in a way that would attract as many suitors as possible. I started with online dating instead of getting introduced to mutual acquaintances my friends knew. The first man that took me on a date was Nigel. He was a funny man with a small business near Lowestoft. I was attracted to him immediately and felt at once like he and I could get serious rather fast.
We went on two more dates following our first encounter but on the third date just as we were finishing up our dinner, where you think you will be making eggs and serving them naked with mimosas he says the most awful thing.
“You know before we go any further, I want you to know that I am a sexual offender. It isn’t what it sounds like. I was 26, and she was 15 at the time. I thought she was older; she certainly looked older but lied to me because she was lying to her roommate. She was working at a bar and had run away from home. We were dating for a while but then her mum saw her on the street with me, and next thing I know she’s living at home again with her parents and I’m in jail trying to put together the pieces.”
You had to be joking I thought to myself. I told Nigel goodnight and promptly deleted his telephone number from my contact list and blocked him for good measure.
The bad online dating didn’t stop there, and more ridiculous encounters followed suit until I just gave up and decided to go the non-traditional method and try artificial insemination. It wasn’t ideal but a man or no man I wanted a child.
Once I completed a series of tests such as blood, fertility, and tissue samples I was given the green light to move forward.
I made my appointment on a Tuesday at a clinic, and as I sat in front of the doctor, he eyed me up and down before finally speaking.
“You don’t smoke?”
“You are under 40?”
The doctor seemed very serious as he looked over his charts and then began to go over the test results once again. After about three separate IVF trials I was provided a pregnancy test and learned that I was not pregnant. I was disappointed and now being the third time, I was now going to be responsible for paying for additional treatments not already part of my medical plan.
This could get expensive, and as I sat on the train headed home from the city, I looked out the window thinking of Edward and how much I missed him right now.
Just then as fate would have it, I just happened to be scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when a Clinical research advertisement popped up.
I nearly jumped up out of my seat, and when I got off the train, I went straight home and called the number.
I spoke to a nice woman who set me up an appointment to meet with a research assistant at Dulce Laboratories. I had never heard of it, but I arrived on time. I was directed to a small waiting room with only two chairs. It was a posh little office with white floors and glass walls. On the secretary’s desk was an enormous purple orchid. The secretary was beautiful and dressed in very nice clothing. I could tell they must have been Gucci because I owned the knock-off version of the very same blouse.
I was nervous and could feel my hands sweating as I fumbled around and bit my nails. The secretary got a phone call on her little headset and then smiled at me. “Dr. Renee will see you now.”
She took me to an office at the far end of a long hallway that smelled like bleach. When I went in, I faced a short friendly woman with a broad smile on her round face.
“Hi, I am Dr. Renee Randall and please won’t you sit down. It is a pleasure to meet you, Jacqueline.”
“Likewise,” I said smiling at the short dark-haired doctor who could be my savior.
“Tell me about yourself, Jacqueline.”
“Well, I’m 36, widowed going on three years now. I have been through IVF therapies in the past, and they did not work.”
“What made you decide to contact us?”
“Hope I guess. I was hoping you could help me. After all, what do I have to lose?”
She smiled nodding and then handed me a form to fill out.
“Everything will be kept anonymous because this is a trial so your name will not be listed in the research only the results of the trial. We will need to complete a background check, blood, and tissue tests obviously as well as fertility testing. One other thing we need you to consent to is psychiatric evaluations will be required throughout. We will require a letter of recommendation by someone close to you. We will also require you to sign a non-disclosure and provide at least three additional references. Once all these requirements have been met, we will take your information to our board and decide on whether or not you will be one of our participants. We also screen the donors to ensure they are disease-free.”
I held the form in my hand feeling suddenly very overwhelmed by all of this. I wondered what sort of trial this was going to be considering all the extra testing and references required. I agreed to all the additional work. Once I had completed all the tests, provided the references and the letter of recommendations, which was submitted by my good friend, Laura. I was a nervous wreck waiting on them to make their decision on whether I would be a participant.
I was at the park the day I got the call I had been waiting on. I sat with my best friend Laura, who was sitting on the blanket in front of me, while her two young sons played in the mud.
“Why on earth would anyone purposely do this?” she laughed at her sons as they seemed to get dirtier by the second.
“Oh, I don’t know. I think you have a pretty nice gig here.” I said smiling at her.
“You know motherhood is amazing, but it definitely has its downside. There are days I literally want to hang myself from the rafters in my attic.”
I shook my head laughing at her. “You don’t mean that.”
Just then her youngest son came over and tackled her putting mud all over her neck and white blouse. “Hey!”
“Look mommy at my fingerprints. Now you have them on you!” he laughed.
“Do you see what I mean?” she looked at me. “Boys why don’t you go play on the swings now.”
Her sons ran away totally ignoring her as they went toward where they had just come and begun throwing mud at each other.
I chuckled at Laura as she tried to get the mud off her shirt. “My children aren’t human. I’m convinced of it. I blame their father’s gene pool.”
We laughed, and as we sat there, I got a call on my cellular.
“I think it is the research clinic,” I said staring at Laura in a panic.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Answer the damn thing! Your future of being a mother to little monsters awaits you!” she said with a silly look on her face.
“Jacqueline Dunkirk?”
“Yes, speaking.”
“Dr. Renee Randall here. I just wanted to let you know that you have been selected to participate in the fertility trial.”
“Oh my god! That is wonderful news!”
Laura looked at me and put her arm around me joining in my excitement.
“Congratulations Jacqueline. There will be a package delivered in three to seven days with the fertility device inside of it and instructions on what to do with it. You will be given 12 weeks to complete the trial, which is three different ovulation periods. Please if you have any questions at all please phone our office. However, everything should be self-explanatory.”
I got off the telephone with Dr. Randall and looked at Laura as tears fell down my face. I was so excited, and Laura matched my excitement with hers as she hugged me.
The package took longer than expected to arrive at the point I was ready to contact Dr. Randall and ask her if they had changed their minds. Laura was over having tea with me the afternoon the delivery came. There was no warning just a loud knock at my door that startled me, and it caused me almost to drop my cup of tea I was holding.
Laura and I both looked at one another, and I went to the front door to see who it was. I opened the door to a young man wearing black sunglasses so you could barely see his face. “Ma’am are you Jacqueline Dunkirk?”
“Please sign here.”
I signed for the package, and then the man who had the large crate on a dolly wheeled it past both myself and Laura. We looked at one another as the man bid us goodbye and walked out my front door and got into a large black delivery truck with tinted windows so you could not see inside.
I shut the door and then looked at the large crate which was a bit taller than my icebox.
“Is that your package?” asked Laura
I went over to the box, and on the side, it had a red marking that said Product of Dulce Laboratories World Wide. “Yes, it looks like,” I said confused.
“Jesus whatever is in that thing is as big as my two in one laundry unit.” She smirked at me.
I shot Laura a look rolling my eyes. I tried to open the crate, but there was no latch to pull. “I think I am going to need a crowbar.”
“Oh! I think Reggie has one in his toolbox he keeps in the back of my trunk!”
I nodded, and she ran to her car to get it. When she came back, we used the crowbar to tug at the door for what seemed ages and then we got the door off it. We both stood back in amazement.
“Holy shit, Jackie.”
“Is this for real?”
Laura busted out laughing then. “They sent you a sex doll then?”
I scowled at the thought as I looked at it. Inside the big crate was a man. He was tall, muscular, tan, with dark brown hair. His skin was very human-like not like a plastic doll at all. He looked soft to the touch, but I dare not touch it. I was a bit creeped out by his lifelike appearance. He wore only white boxers, and his front was covered in a very sheer plastic wrapping. I removed it slowly, and found that he was stored in a gel-like substance the consistency of one of those air fresheners. Around his large neck was a set of instructions. I took them in my hand and then Laura and I both looked at them.
Laura grabbed them from me and read them allowed. “Hello, my name is George. To activate me you will need to press the button at the small of my back. Only you will be able to activate me with the use of your fingerprint.”
“Oh no!” I said to Laura grabbing the instructions from her. “This is too much. I’m calling that doctor right now to give her a piece of my mind.”
Laura looked at me concerned. “Are you sure? You mean you don’t want to see what it is all about even a little bit?”
Tears began to stream down my face and Laura nodded taking it as her cue to leave me alone. After Laura left my house, I pulled out my phone to call Dr. Randall using the direct line she had provided to me.
“Doctor Renee Randall here.”
“Hello, Doctor this is Jackie Dunkirk phoning you. Your package arrived about fifteen minutes ago. I honestly don’t know what to say. Is this a joke?”
“NO! Not at all. Have you activated George yet?”
“Absolutely not!”
“Jackie please don’t be alarmed. This is the trial he is a robot that specializes in acting like a real partner. He has a pre-programmed simulation to be a gentle and loving partner through the reproductive process. He is one of our prototypes based on our research done in numerous controlled environments and through the use of psychological testing. He is designed to be an IVF device that is more personal. Through our research, we have found that most women don’t conceive in an unloving environment. Nor do they often conceive in the impersonal IVF procedures most clinics currently use. You see most mothers need a loving environment and a support system and through doing this trial, you will help others exactly like you.”
“This is madness! How does it even work?”
“He will learn your routines and help you that way; he will be the man that you need. He is your perfect mate during this process.”
“Oh my god!” I said trying to grasp the concept of what was going on.
“You see most of our research that has been done in prisons worldwide have proven that human beings need love from before conception till after. Just keep George for a few days, and if it isn’t working, we can deactivate him from our central office, and one of our men will come and pick him up. Isn’t this what you wanted? Jackie is a child to call your very own? What if George can offer that to you?”
I looked at the man in the box with the closed eyes, and after a long pause I made up my mind to try.
I followed the instructions and pressed my index finger to the tiny box feature on the small of his lower back. Within seconds, I heard a beeping sound and then this thing took a deep breath and opened its eyes.
I backed away from it, and he stared at me intently for a second, blinked twice and then smiled a friendly little smile at me. “Hello, Jackie. I am George it is very nice to meet you.” his voice was deep but soft and unthreatening.
I stood watching him waiting for him to do something and then he moved to bend over and detach a wire that was wrapped around his ankle. He stepped out of the tall crate and walked over to me and held out his large hand.
I just looked up at him and couldn’t say anything. I just stood in shock.
“Please don’t be afraid. I can tell your pulse is raised, and your brow is sweating. Perhaps you could use a drink?” Eyeing the room and without having ever been to my home before he walked towards my liquor cabinet and opened it. He poured me a drink in a glass and added ice to it from my freezer. He handed it to me smiling, and I began to laugh uncontrollably.
“You are in shock. Here drink up.”
I took a sip, and my hand shook, and then I chugged the remaining whiskey. George took the glass from me and laughed. He actually laughed as though he were a human being.
I looked up at him, and I had to admit to even myself he was gorgeous. He was tall and protective looking, but there was something about his dark brown eyes. They were warm almost life-like. I couldn’t explain it. They glistened with a reddish hue and appeared, thoughtful.
I found myself slowly relaxing around him and found that he caught on very quickly to my routine. When I went to work the next day he had my coffee ready at precisely the time I needed it. My clothes were pressed and hung, and my house was spotless. He was my very own robot maid service.
Days passed, and nothing happened between us that would make you ever think that his entire purpose of being created was to help build human life. We played chess, and I got used to him. It was nice to have someone around after being alone for the last three years.
Then one evening, I had just come home from work when it happened. George was waiting by the front door watching me intently as he opened it for me.
“Hello, George. You’re looking a bit serious.” I joked considering he was a robot.
“It is time.”
“Time for what?” I was genuinely confused.
“For me to help you conceive a child. Your body told me this morning you were nearing ovulation. Your temperature is raised as well, and we only have a short window of opportunity. Won’t you join me in the bedroom?”
I felt like I was going to faint. “George, I think perhaps I need to prepare for this fully.”
“I understand but it has already been two weeks, and you only get three trials with me.”
I was genuinely nervous and found myself stumbling over my words. “I need a moment to think.”
“Perhaps you could use a drink.” He smiled at me.
“That too,” I said looking at him.
“Why don’t you just relax. Do you like music?”
“Love it.”
Just then my Alexa began to play soft jazz music on a volume not too loud or too soft. He had a drink in his hand faster than I could comprehend him preparing it.
“Would you like to dance? Perhaps we could move to the music a bit so you can get used to me touching you.”
I took a swig of my drink and a deep breath. George moved the hair from my face tucking it behind my ears and then gently placed his left hand around my hips. I put a hand on his shoulder, and in his right hand he took my other hand pressing it against his chest, and we began to dance slowly. This was odd even for me, but the alcohol had started to take effect and before I knew it, this robot was kissing me gently on the lips.
Somewhere between dancing and his kissing me it happened. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t good it was outstanding. The way he moved was unlike any human man I had ever been made love to. He was sweet attentive and romantic. The way he looked at me was like I was the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. The next morning, I awoke to feel awkward in my nakedness. I sat up in bed because I found that George was staring at me with a sort of gentle smile on his face.
“You look embarrassed. Please don’t be. Jackie, you are beautiful.”
Ah, there he said it damn him. It was like he could read my mind.
“How did you know when to arrive?” I asked him awkwardly.
“I’m prepared to hold off until you arrive and then I do.”
“Yes, but you arrived and already had – you know sperm ready for me. How does it work with you being a robot?”
“Temperature controlled. It is stored in me for up to three months frozen for the most part until you begin to ovulate then it begins to thaw. I hope I’m not making light of what is a wonderful thing, creating life.”
“No. I was just curious. It is all so incredibly weird to me.”
“Yes, I can see how you would think so. Would you like me to run you a bath?”
I nodded, and then he prepared my bath water. It wasn’t too hot, not too cold just perfect like everything else he did for me. It was in a sense too good to be true.
Laura called later that day to see how I was holding up.
“I don’t know how to describe it,” I told her.
“He sounds like every woman’s fantasy. Want to do lunch later today?”
I agreed, and Laura met me in the late afternoon. When she got to the door, George opened it before I could, and he stood there looking at her. I can’t describe the look on his face, but it was as though he were reading her.
“Hello, I’m George.”
“Yeah and I’m the queen,” Laura said dismissive of him and walked over to me. “He is creepy isn’t he?”
I rolled my eyes at her, and I noticed George was eyeing only Laura. “Are you sure you should go now? I detect you will be ovulating again in a few hours.”
Laura looked at me and looked back at George. “Bugger off she is going with me.”
I looked at George as Laura pulled me with her out the door. George looked at me like a puppy dog, but I noticed something in his eyes when he looked at Laura. Could it be jealousy? Surely not. He was merely protective they way Dr. Randall had said he was supposed to be.
The lunch I had with Laura went on longer than I thought and then it turned into dinner and a few glasses of wine. I knew I shouldn’t, but I needed a break from all the baby making business. When I arrived home, all the lights were off in my house, and at first, I began to feel frightened that something was wrong. However, when I opened the door, George had lit candles and was standing in the kitchen with a plate of shrimp cocktail and a sweet smile on his face.
“Thought maybe you would be hungry. Did you eat with Laura while you were out?”
I sighed and shook my head. “The shrimp looks delicious. How did you learn to cook and prepare drinks and meals?”
“I’m programmed to know a little bit of everything.”
I smiled, and he came over to me and kissed my cheek. Once again I found myself in his strong arms pretending I was unaware he was only a computer on two legs.
The weeks rolled by and while the first trial did not go the way I had hoped, there was still hope after our last encounter. I was sitting in my kitchen having a glass of water and some toast when George came in wearing a sweet smile. “I have amazing news. The trial is over; you are pregnant.”
I looked at him puzzled for a moment, and then he walked over to me and pricked my finger.
It’s okay, just a prick you will heal in seconds. I have been able to detect the chemical change in your body, and with this tiny blood sample I will test it to be sure, but you are precisely three weeks along.”
I stood up with tears in my eyes. “Are you sure?”
“I am required to send over the tests to Dr. Randall for her review, but I am positive.”
I was overcome with joy I had never experienced before. The last few weeks seemed to fly by as George, per requirement, remained to help me until he was required to go.
It was the last week he would be with me when I noticed a change in George. He seemed a bit sad and to be honest I was feeling rather sad at losing him.
“I don’t want to go, Jackie.”
“I don’t really want you to go either George. I rather like having you here.”
“Perhaps we could see if I can stay on longer.”
I thought about it for a moment, and I welcomed the idea. Being alone when you have a child is bad enough, but if George could stay on and help during the first few months that would be even better.
I went to see Dr. Randall the next day so that I could ask for an extension.
“No. I am afraid that isn’t possible.”
“Why does he have to go so soon?”
“Twelve weeks is all he was programmed for, Jackie. He must be sent back the way he came not a moment before or a moment after. Someone will be round next Tuesday to pick him up.” Dr. Randall was stern about it, and her decision was unwavering.
I didn’t want George to go. I broke the news to George when I arrived home, but he was not very happy about it.
“I don’t have to go. Not if you don’t answer the door.”
I looked at George and smiled empathetically. “She said you are only programmed for twelve weeks.”
“But I learn from you, Jackie.”
I nodded in agreement, and he put his arms around me, holding onto me tightly. It was hard to forget he wasn’t a human being in moments like this. He was so soft so real!
Tuesday came and just like Dr. Randall said someone came to my house and expected George to be in a nice box just the way he came. It felt wrong keeping poor George in a box. We stood by the door watching to ensure the man left. The man hesitated and then walked away and off he drove in his all-black delivery truck.
George high-fived me, and we had a good laugh. That night George danced with me, and we held each other while I fell asleep on his chest.
The next morning, I awoke expecting George to be in the room next to me. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, but there was no sign of George. When I looked around the house that is when I saw her. Laura was laying in my back yard.
Blood covered my lawn, and the look on George’s face was like nothing I had ever seen. I knew with every fiber of my being she was dead. I wanted to run to her to help her to save her, but there he was looking up at me. He noticed I was there and the terror on my face. He smiled at me as though he were trying to comfort me.
“Jackie, she came here this morning, and she wasn’t very nice to me when I told her I was staying. She called me a stupid robot, and I tried to tell her I love you. She wouldn’t listen to reason. So, I showed her; I showed her and her smart mouth good didn’t I?”
I ran from George then and grabbed my phone. I hid in the bathroom locking the door behind me. My hands shook as I tried to dial the number to Dr. Randall’s office.
I got her voicemail, so I dialed the telephone number that had been provided to me in case there was a malfunction with George.
“Hello! Thank you for calling Dulce Laboratories. We are here to help the world become a better place one day at a time.”
“Damn you!” I screamed into the phone pressing all the options until an operator came on.
“Dulce laboratories, Jenny Speaking.” A pleasant voice said to me.
“I need help, and I need it now!”
“What seems to be the issue?”
“My robot is trying to kill me.” I cried on the phone.
“I’m sorry ma’am I couldn’t make out what you were saying. Do you have an item number so I can look up your device?”
“Please help me!” I screamed hysterically into the phone.
There was a loud banging on my bathroom door. Then I saw it the hinges on the doors were coming undone.
“Jackie I did it to help you. To help us.” I heard the door handle jiggle, and then I heard what sounded like an electric drill going in the screws on the door. The bastard was taking off the door one screw after another. I was sure he was going to kill me if he got his hands on me.
My hands shook as I dialed the police. Pressing the buttons 9 then 9 then before I could hit the last button I heard a loud explosion. I didn’t know if it were a gun or a bomb going off in my house. I was too frightened to move.
The door opened to my bathroom, and I screamed before I could see who it was.
Two men in black stood over me, and one of them was standing over George. I looked down at the monster and saw he was bleeding. George had blood coming out of him, and it was running into my hallway. I watched the crimson liquid slowly move towards where I crouched on my bathroom floor.
I looked up at the men one of which was on the phone. “Yes, we got him, but there was a casualty. Yes, just like the other one.” He was saying as he walked away.
The other man was eyeing me empathetically and helped me up off the floor. The police never came because Dulce Laboratories came and cleaned up the mess. They cleaned my house, and they even tried their best with Laura. Luckily for both Laura and I, she was not dead. She had suffered a very bad beating but was recovering in the hospital. Dulce made it look like a car accident.
I had so many questions for Dr. Randall. I refused to let it go. Finally, after weeks of pressing her office to get answers about what happened with George, I was granted a meeting.
“First, I need you to sign this non-disclosure form before I tell you the whole truth. We have to be sure that no one will ever find out about what happened.”
She held out the form, and I signed my name quickly and then shoved it back into her face.
“Let me apologize for what happened with George.”
“I don’t understand. I thought you said he was to be protective, comforting helpful.”
“George was programmed for exactly a twelve-week trial. He was made for women like yourself who were of a certain age, single, in need of a kind soul to make them feel good about themselves. Past twelve weeks we didn’t have a finished script. When you didn’t return George, we didn’t come in guns blazing to take him back we wanted to see what would happen. Unfortunately, there are still some kinks to work out.”
“He was bleeding. How is that even possible?”
Dr. Randall looked guiltily at me and then she stood up as though she were trying to find the right words. “That is because he used to be human like you.”
I looked at her stunned taking in short breaths to keep myself from freaking out.
“You mean he was human, and that is why he looked so life like?”
“In the United States, there are men on death row. Instead of dying and forever being useless we have given some of them the opportunity to donate their bodies for science here in England through one of our affiliate labs in Ohio, and that is how we obtained George. So instead of a formal execution, we rebuilt them and reprogramed their brains using state of the art technology. It is only a computer living inside of a human being fit with mechanical parts.”
“You mean George was a criminal?”
“Yes, you are the third person to complete a trial with George. So far you were the lucky one. I'm sorry to say all the others had worse incidents with George.”
I sat looking at Dr. Randall in disgust.
“George did seem to have an attachment to you that went far beyond what happened with the others.”
“What was his crime when he was alive?”
“I’d rather not get into specifics.”
“Just tell me!”
“He murdered his wife because she left him. After she took out a restraining order, he stalked her got her alone one night, and then he stabbed her 83 times. He was sentenced to death because of the way he mangled the body. He stabbed her so hard in the neck; she was nearly decapitated.”
“And the other trial patients?”
“I am not at liberty to discuss that with you.”
“My baby?”
“What about it?”
“Should I worry about it? What did you do with George?”
“He was sent back for more intensive reprogramming.”
I stood and walked out of Dr. Randall’s office. I never spoke of what happened to anyone because of legal ramifications.
My daughter was born healthy, and I was happy about that. Laura went on to live a normal life and never remembered much about that day George nearly beat her to death.
Some months later I was in the park with my young daughter and a friend from work when I saw a man with a young woman. He was holding her hand and then when he stood up he turned to look at me still smiling. I sat feeling terrorized as the young man approached my friend and me. The young woman was oblivious as I had once been.
There stood George standing over me looking at my daughter. “She is quite lovely isn’t she?” he asked the young woman with him, and she nodded.
“How old?” asked the young woman smiling.
“Six months,” I said barely able to get it out.
They walked away, and I hoped that he had indeed forgotten me. I stood up to go, and my friend and I had to pass them on the way out of the park. George looked at me smiling as we went.
“It was really great seeing you again, Jackie.”

Dulce Laboratories World Wide
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Madonna Archer, aka Gremlin (v3)

Character Sheet


Name: Madonna Archer
Age: 20
Appearance: A pale young woman standing 5'3" with light-brown hair, typically with blonde highlights. Maddy has bright blue eyes that are always full of excitement, mischief, or both. A round face and pouty lips make her a little 'baby faced', and she's often mistaken for someone a few years younger. She has a tendency toward wearing a whole lot of eye makeup, and prefers cutesy clothes and sometimes edgy fashion. She also has a lot of ear piercings.
Gremlin's costume is a solid black, slim bodysuit with armor plating around her vitals. Her helmet is smooth, the front a screen that typically displays stylized orange eyes and a cheshire grin that mimics the movements and expressions of her face underneath. The lower half can fold back to reveal her mouth. She wears a black cowl with cat ears. The suit has glowing, orange highlights that can be disabled if she needs to avoid being seen.
Mentality/Personality: A sarcastic, capricious and mischievous girl. Maddy has a somewhat abrasive sense of humor, and enjoys ribbing people without always realizing when she's going too far. She has a hot temper and strong opinions, and her quick mind gives her a scathing tongue. She often has issues relating to ordinary humans, or recognizing when she might be talking over someone's head. It isn't hard to tell she has a mild superiority complex.
Despite her flaws, she genuinely cares for others and will happily go out of her way to help those in need. Maddy is, at her core, a goodhearted person.
Background: Maddy has lived in Platinum Bay her whole life. While she is too young to remember the worst days after the storm, she has grown up surrounded by metahumans and their accomplishments.
While very intelligent even before she got her powers, she was diagnosed with severe ADHD at age seven. Maddy has always been prone to daydreaming and wandering thoughts. She would alternate from bouncing between trains of thought like a ping pong ball and hyper-focusing on a subject to the exclusion of all else. At a few points, she's even been placed special education classes. One of those people who must always be doing something, video games have been her best friend for as long as she can remember as one of the few things that can old her attention. When she wasn't doing that she was devouring books in a matter of hours or sitting far too close to the TV watching scientific programs. Maddy has always spent most of her time curled up with some sort of screen.
At age thirteen, she began to have migraines as her mutant brain matured, reordering and restructuring itself as her powers manifested. It was during this painful, uncomfortable time that she made the transition from "difficult" to "delinquent" and despite her vastly expanded intelligence and far better academic performance the behavior never changed.
While working at her uncle's garage-slash-scrapyard, she began experimenting with leftover components and what parts she could buy or steal. After constructing a few rudimentary drones and a costume, she set out to become a cape. At the time, without knowing whether she wanted to be a good guy or a bad guy.
Stopping a few muggers, claiming a few stolen goods for herself, a little bit of superpowered shoplifting. "Engel" was more of a superpowered delinquent than a hero or villain. She met people who needed help and helped them, she fought villains and held on by the skin of her teeth. She started dedicating her time to saving lives. She streamed her activities and started to gain a bit of a following, people who loved seeing a superhero up close. She met other heroes who helped her, and she changed her masked identity to Gremlin.
After her parents narrowly escaped the Spire, her father injured and both out of work, she began to take her stream a little more seriously. Plugging it wherever she could, selling merchandise, turning Gremlin into a brand in an effort to help support her family.
Apprentice-slash-Intern to Gow and Lizzix for several years now, she has learned the basics of enchantments and magitek and discovered an aptitude for electrical magic, combining it with her more scientific prowess.
Alignment/Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Reputation: The hero known as Gremlin is an internet celebrity and a bit of a controversial one at that. Commonly streaming her patrols and fights, including footage from the Spire attack, plenty of people have had a chance to see her foul mouth and occasionally twisted sense of humor on full display. Many parents have expressed their concern that she is a bad influence on children and teens who watch her streams.
Regardless, Gremlin merchandise is not an uncommon sight with teenagers and young adults these days, especially the rebellious kind. T-shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, mouse pads, toy versions of her robots... The list goes on.
Maddy herself is a student at Platinum Bay University, triple-majoring in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It's also not terribly uncommon to find her ghosting medical program classes. That she is some form of metahuman is no secret, and she has received some accommodations (Being able to skip out on required attendance, for instance) to let her use her superintelligence to the fullest.
Resources: Thanks to her streaming business, merchandising, and a couple of minor patents Maddy is pulling in a sizable income. While the specifics are hard to guess, she's able to maintain her robots and equipment and live very comfortably. She stays in a studio apartment just off the Plat U campus, and has a borderline free ride thanks to a few scholarships aimed at high-intelligence metahumans.
She also has a small workshop at the edge of the Magic District. She uses it as a place to store her robots when not in use. The building has an upscaled version of her Power Core, capable of powering all her machines at once inside the building. Between that, anti-divination wards and a tinker-built security system it is a terrible idea to attack Gremlin in her workshop.


Intended Tier: Gamma
Power One: Supernatural Intelligence(Focus: Multitasking)
  • Accelerated Thought Process/Perception: Maddy's mutant brain processes the world incredibly fast, and she perceives the world more quickly than normal humans. This gives her increased reactions, and allows her to do things like read thick books in a matter of seconds or analyze sped-up audio and video as though played at normal speed. It also gives her time to consider her options in situations that would otherwise be split-second decisions.
  • Supertasking/Multifocus: Having multiple thought "Threads," she can focus on and perform dozens or potentially hundreds of individual tasks and calculations at once, allowing her to do things like monitor multiple video and audio streams at the same time, micromanage and directly pilot her creations several at a time, and almost never become distracted. She's limited more by the fact she only has two hands than by her brain's ability to multitask.
  • Enhanced Dexterity/Agility: Maddy has inhumanly fast "Twitch" movements, especially in her hands. This is an adaptation to deal with her increased speed of thought. Useful for generally being a fair bit more nimble than a normal person, and especially for typing and operating controls at blazing fast speeds.
Power Two: Technomancy (Focus: Electricity)
  • Enhanced Inventing: With a combination of magic and technology, Gremlin can create incredible devices that sometimes defy the possibilities of conventional science. Her specialty is working with electricity and electromagnetism. Her engineering fingerprints can be seen through her use of magnets with shaped fields to avoid friction, and in the mathematically-immaculate efficiency of her designs.
    • Field Manipulators: By manipulating currents and electromagnetic fields, devices in her gloves and boots allow her to slide at high speed along metal surfaces, and even faster along things with a powerful current such as power lines. She can also use them to stick to such surfaces, magnetize metal for up to ten seconds, and move up to 30 tons of metal from 50 feet away at a rate of 30 MPH after 4 seconds of acceleration.
    • Wire Spy: This device can create an accurate map of a building and roughly identify plugged in electrical devices by plugging into an electrical outlet. Using it, Gremlin can also view the immediate surroundings of other electrical outlets or exposed wires in the same structure.
    • Energizer: This device, tuned to Gremlin's body and unique nervous system, infuses her being with electrical energy to grant increased speed, strength and durability and causes her to be immune to electrical shock. Can also replace the need to sleep.
    • Power Core: Uses a combination of superconductors and magnetic fields to store vast amounts of electricity. A magically-created perpetual motion device acts as a generator, and creates a continuous stream of energy sufficient to power the average residential house. Can also be used to siphon electricity out of systems and devices at a range 150 feet. This drains batteries and causes breakers to flip and fuses to blow, often resulting in temporary blackouts if used on a building without backup power. Does not work on superscience devices. Can provide electric power to otherwise drained technology with a gesture.
    • Zap Gun: A device that fires bolts of electricity, with a range of 300 yards. Has three firing modes. Bind, Branch and Standard. In Bind mode, the weapon magically binds the current to the primary target. This energy will discharge the next time the target touches a living thing, metal object, or water. This delivers a half-power shock to the secondary target, or to the first target if triggered by another electric shock. In Branch mode, the current will jump to a secondary target within 20 feet of the first, delivering a half power shock. This weapon is more dangerous against metal targets, targets wearing metal armor, and targets that are wet. In these cases, the bolt can curve to hit, and delivers full power shocks with Branch and Bind. The electric bolt moves at 1000 m/s, around the muzzle velocity of a Barrett .50 caliber rifle, and typically causes slightly more damage than a large rifle round, though it can be tuned down to keep it nonlethal.
    • Shock Rod: Composed of interlocking pieces and electrical cable, this device typically looks like a collapsing police baton. It can be rearranged into a a longer staff or a whip, and up to 10 feet of cable can be spooled out. This wire can be fired out to its maximum range with the speed and force of the average 9mm round, and the tip is a magnetic spike. Can be reeled all the way in in about half a second with the press of a button, moving up to a ton if anchored properly. Can deliver a shock similar to a taser.
    • Maglocks: These special-made manacles are able to restrain metahumans with up to 75 tons of strength, and can even resist attempts to fly away. Superstrong electromagnets hold them and the lock together.
Power Three: Robot Manufacturing
  • Power Supply: Gremlin's Power Core provides a constant stream of energy to her drones through wireless transmission, so long as they are within her control range. It can maintain ten "Slots".
  • Universal Robot Qualities: All of Maddy's robots have the following unless otherwise stated.
    • Features: LRADs and powerful lights are standard features across all robots.
    • Sensors: All robots are equipped with a hyperspectral camera and long range microphone. All have a radar detector and the ability to 'view' electrical fields.
    • Durability: All robots are immune to things that target biological life, such as poison and disease. All are waterproof. Thanks to Gremlin's talents with electricity, all are also highly resistant to electricity and EMPs.
    • Intelligence: Gremlin's robots operate with a very basic intelligence. While they can fill in a few blanks in carrying out an assigned task they must have fairly simple and clear instructions. They will continue to pursue a task until it is completed, or they are assigned a new one. When not under Gremlin's direct supervision, they will obey orders from law enforcement officers presenting valid identification, will not allow themselves to be stolen, will use nonlethal force to protect a human life, and will respond with nonlethal force if they or another of Gremlin's robots are attacked. If given an instruction too complex, they will stop and request clarification. Finally, they will attempt to return to Gremlin herself or to home base before their reserve energy gets too low for a return trip, unless doing so would clearly lead to someone being hurt.
  • Patrol Drones: Patrol drones are energy efficient and nimble, but not designed for serious combat. They are shaped a little like a humanoid torso and head, with long arms, and are covered in a surprisingly tough, yet soft, round inflatable shell intended to make them non-threatening and incredibly huggable. The heads have a face-screen identical to Gremlin's mask, and a pair of expressive "Goblin" ears.
    • Features: Each carries a high-pressure sprayer, typically loaded with either pepper spray or fire suppressant. The arms contain an arc torch for cutting, and retractable claws capable of serving as jaws of life. They also carry a supply of heavy-duty cable ties, a fairly comprehensive set of tools, a supply of assorted candy, 20 t-shirts and launcher, and a trauma kit. Their soft body can also act as an emergency flotation device or life net.
    • Offense: Each drone carries a police-standard taser. The hands also contain contact stun guns, and their claws and tools can be repurposed to serve as melee weapons.
    • Strength: Each drone has a pair of robotic arms for manipulating and carrying objects, with dexterous hands. They can lift a maximum of one ton, though after 500 lbs it begins to affect their mobility.
    • Speed: The drones are held aloft by electromagnetic fields. This allows them to fly without obvious thrusters or maneuvering devices. They can move at 300 MPH, and accelerate at 15m/s2 in any direction (Roughly the speed of a drag racer, making them highly nimble).
    • Durability: Patrol Drones are resistant to most handgun rounds, and their inflatable shell is excellent at absorbing blunt impact. They are also resistant to heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit(~650 Celsius), enough to withstand the average housefire.
    • Energy: Thanks to their highly efficient design, these come two to a slot. They can operate for three hours outside the range of Gremlin's energy core before running out of energy.
    • Threat: They are primarily designed for light patrol, non-lethal measures, public-facing activity, and search and rescue. For this reason, they sacrifice a lot of combat ability in favor of energy efficiency and utility.
  • Spiderbots: Ultra-portable, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The spiderbots can fold up into innocuous black balls, roughly the size of a large marble. They are designed to resemble stylized jumping spiders.
    • Features: A set of four claws and a 'mouth' can mimic some basic tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches. They are equipped with an arc cuttewelder combo capable of slicing through thick steel given a few minutes. Finally, they have cables and jacks for interfacing with electronic devices and an integrated Wirespy.*
    • Offense: Equipped with a taser, and the arc cutter is capable of slowly cutting into even bulletproof metahumans over a matter of minutes if they just sit there and take it. The claws are also quite sharp, and can rip and tear through soft materials.
    • Speed They can climb walls like an insect using a combination of "gecko glove" like surfaces on their legs and electromagnets, and are about as fast and agile as a particularly athletic housecat. They make very, very little noise when moving.
    • Durability: They can withstand a few whacks from a normal person with a weapon like a baseball bat, but something like a gun or a sledgehammer will do them in just fine.
    • Energy Efficiency: Thanks to their small size, these come two to a slot. Can last for three hours without the power core.
    • Threat: Designed for utility and stealth, they are not intended for direct confrontation. However, they are easily a threat to normal people, and their arc cutter is extremely powerful if they can attach themselves to the target.
    • Support Drone: These large drones have four arms and a bulky cargo compartment. Covered in the same balloon shell as the patrol drones and with a similar head, they look like giant, fat, floating cats.
    • Features: Each support drone is equipped with four dexterous arms, defibrillators, an EXTREMELY extensive set of tools for performing field repairs, a stretcher, a fairly generous heap of medical supplies, and spare robot parts.
    • Offense: All but none. They have integrated tasers, equivalent to an ordinary police model. Several of their sharper tools can be used as weapons.
    • Strength: Surprisingly high, the support drone is able to lift 15 tons.
    • Speed: Support drones fly at a top speed of 200 MPH, and need around 40 seconds to hit top speed.
    • Durability: Quite sturdy, the support drones can withstands most small arms fire.
    • Energy Efficiency: Occupies one slot on the Power Core. Can operate for two hours on its own.
    • Threat: While they are not suited to offensive roles, their ability to perform field repairs makes them an important part of the robot fleet and a powerful force in extended engagements.
  • Hunter Drone: These drones, significantly less friendly looking than the patrol drones, are all sleek black metal and weaponry. Three feet long, they levitate despite a complete lack of obvious propulsion.
    • Features: Hunter Drones have significantly higher quality sensors than usual, and more advanced target acquisition and targeting systems. They also possess a surveillance radar system with a quarter mile range, able to detect objects more than 10 feet above the ground.
    • Offense: A single automatic gauss weapon with equivalent ballistics to an M16, fired at 120 rounds per minute. The individual rounds explode when they approach their target, creating a small and violent electrical burst within a foot of the projectile, equivalent in damage potential to a fairly ordinary rifle, but typically nonlethal. This detonation is controlled electronically from the drone's targeting computer.
    • Strength: The Hunter Drone can lift up to a ton.
    • Speed: Like the other flying drones, the Hunter Drone flies using electromagnetic fields. It can move at 500 MPH, and accelerates at 30m/s2.
    • Durability: The Hunter Drone is vulnerable to large pistol rounds.
    • Energy Efficiency: These drones require two slots from the power core, and can operate for one hour on its internal battery.
    • Threat: These drones, while fragile, are extremely fast and nimble. Their primary weapons, while relatively weak, fire quickly and are difficult to dodge. This makes them a powerful tool against faster metahumans.
  • Assault Drones: Bulky, bristling with weapons and heavily armored. These drones mean business, and the cutesy face-screen expressions and gremlin ears do nothing to disguise that.
    • Features: No extra features.
    • Offense: Sports a pair of gauss weapons firing at 200 RPM, dealing similar damage to a large rifle. A harpoon gun fires spearlike barbs with the force of a .50 caliber, connected to the drone by an extremely strong cable. These harpoons can be electrified, like a taser.
    • Strength:* Assault drones can lift 20 tons, and pull 40.
    • Speed: Has a top speed of 120 MPH, able to reach maximum speed in fifteen seconds.
    • Durability: Resistant to smaller rifle rounds. Redundant systems allow it to keep afloat through some damage.
    • Energy Efficiency: Assault drones require two slots, and can operate for an hour on their internal battery.
    • Threat: Assault Drones are designed for just that: Assault. Their weapons are formidable and they are tough enough to take a beating. They are, however, relatively slow.
  • Ser Smashalot, Mk 3: Standing thirteen feet tall, with black armored plates that give it the appearance of an armored knight. The pads of Smashalot's fingers are covered in a soft inflatable shell, and its head sports the usual face screen and gremlin ears.
    • Features: Smashalot has a pair of arms and legs, making it Gremlin's premier humanoid robot. It has an armored compartment inside its torso large enough to fit a single adult human.
    • Offense: Smashalot's primary weapon is a device similar to Gremlin's Shock Rod. Composed of interlocking parts and electromagnetic fields, this device can change into several predefined shapes. A hammer, a greatsword, a pike, and a halberd. The weapon is electrified, and with Smashalot's strength does great damage to anything hit by it.
    • Strength: Smashalot can lift 75 tons.
    • Speed: Smashalot can run at a top speed of 120 MPH, and needs 20 seconds to get up to speed. However, his striking speed is a bit more impressive, its swings clocking in at 300 MPH when wielding its weapon two-handed, though it needs a fairly long windup.
    • Durability: Smashalot is a tank. Its body armor can stop anything short of antimaterial weaponry, and thanks to a lack of pain it can continue to operate even with extensive damage.
    • Energy Efficiency: Smashalot uses three slots from the power core, and can operate for one hour without Gremlin.
    • Threat: Smashalot is a large, powerful machine capable of withstanding quite a lot of punishment before falling. It is extremely dangerous within its controlled area, however it is extremely slow and too large to fit in many enclosed spaces.
  • Servitor: These drones are designed to perform basic, menial tasks and help out around the home and workshop. They're like roombas that can do your hair. They look like cat balloons with arms.
    • Features: Unlike Maddy's other drones, these can be charged at a wall outlet. They have two arms and dexterous fingers, and a few built in devices for basic household tasks.
    • Speed: They can move about as fast as the average housecat.
    • Durability: You could probably break one if you threw it against the wall hard enough.
    • Threat: Sometimes they don't get out of the way fast enough and you might bump into them or get tripped. They WILL raise the alarm if they detect an intruder.
Skills and Specialisations:
  • Hacker: While nowhere near the dedicated 'superhackers' of the world, Maddy would be considered excellent at this among normal human hackers.
  • Computers: Part and parcel to the techie lifestyle, Maddy is highly skilled with computers and programming.
  • Engineering: Maddy is an excellent engineer, with knowledge of both conventional tech and superscience.
  • Medical Training: As a hero, one thing Gremlin can't stand is to see people die. To this end, she's studied every book she can get her hands on, taken first aid classes, and ghosted medical courses at the university. She isn't a doctor, but she knows what she's doing in an emergency.
  • Games: It's a lifestyle, dammit. From Mario to Counter Strike, Starcraft to Chess, Maddy plays many games at a very, very high level even before factoring in her superhuman qualities.
  • Magic: A more recent study, and the driving force for some of her more recent inventions. Maddy is familiar with magic and magical theory, and can generally keep up on the topic.
Weakness: There's a list.
  • Metabolism: Her brain consumes a shitload of energy, so she gets hungry a lot. Her metabolism is much faster than a normal human's, so things like drugs, alcohol, and toxins hit her about four times as quickly as normal humans. She requires a lot of calories to keep going, and has an actual dependency on caffeine. Without it, she becomes a normal if genius level human. She also gets super grumpy and has headaches. She is, however, immune to caffeine poisoning.
  • Impatience: Maddy's accelerated perceptions can make her extremely impatient.
  • Her Squishy Gurl Body: Maddy is not a combat powerhouse herself, and is dependent on her drones to fight for her. For this reason, she must typically hide and run away from most of her foes, and is in serious trouble if somebody targets her directly.
  • Logistics: Typically, Maddy can't just walk around with all her robots already on hand and is unable to swap them out in the field. This means that she can't always react perfectly to every situation, and is in trouble if she's caught off guard. As a general rule, in a situation where she's responding "From Patrol" (Most events that don't allow time to prepare) she will have at least two slots full of patrol drones, even if they would not be the best idea.
  • Proximity: Maddy has to be relatively close to control her drones. 100-200 meters, typically, thanks to intervening buildings. If she has time to perch somewhere up high, it gets much further. Typically 500 meters or so from a good perch with few obstructions, and up to a mile in absolute optimal conditions such as open sky, fields or over the water. Underground this range plummets, often to less than 50 meters. Some buildings that act as faraday cages can prevent her from controlling her drones from outside. Thanks to her relatively low vertical mobility, a high perch can become extremely dangerous if she's spotted, leaving her trapped with few options for a quick escape.
  • Controls: She needs something to control her drones with.
  • Electricity Resistance: Gremlin's options are a lot more limited against anybody unaffected by electricity.
  • Repair: If any of Maddy's drones are destroyed, it will take her one week per occupied slot to repair it, with a maximum of two robots per month due to financial limitations. Smashalot is unique in that he takes a full month, and no other robots can be repaired in this time. Patrol and spiderbots count for half financially, but still require a week. While she's performing repairs on the more expensive robots, it tends to cut into her personal finances and leave her with a distinct lack of spending money, and will generally prevent any new projects for a few months after a serious lost.
  • Antimagic: The secondary effects of the zap gun, the wire spy, her power core's ability to continue generating electricity, and all robot special abilities are magical in nature. Anything that shuts down magic will prevent them from working.


Strength: Athletic, but nothing special. With her Energizer turned on, she can lift up to two tons. Using her manipulators, she can move metal objects up to 30 tons.
Agility: 40ms reaction time. Is athletic, but not quite track star material. She has excellent agility and manual dexterity, and can move her hands and fingers very fast. When using her Energizer she can run at 40 MPH, clear an 8 foot vertical, and her natural agility and dexterity magnify. This allows her to move 'on the spot' very quickly, able to shift her body fast enough to avoid bullets if the shooter is far enough away. Using her induction boots, she can slide along metal surfaces at 300 MPH, or things like high tension electrical wires at 500 MPH. She also averages 20,000 APM on a computer.
Intelligence/Wisdom: A human supercomputer, able to perform a large number of simultaneous tasks and maintain multiple thought streams at once.. She is supernaturally intelligent with an IQ well outside the normal human range, though this does not always translate to wisdom.
Combat Training: An experienced hero, Gremlin has pursued training in Krav Maga and Judo for the rare occasions where she actually has to fight hand to hand. If all goes well, she rarely has to use it. Which is good, because she isn't exactly a master. Her aim is excellent, and she is a brilliant strategist and tactician. She is extremely skilled at controlling her drones.
Defence/Recovery: Gremlin's actual body is as frail as any other human's. She makes up for this with her armored costume. The costume is tough enough to stop most ordinary firearms, but cannot stop armor piercing rounds, and can resist some bladed weapons. Still, the otherwise normal girl underneath can wind up with heavy bruising and potentially broken bones from larger handguns and most rifles. The helmet and upper torso are uparmored enough to stop armor piercing rounds, but she'd still end up with a concussion, cracked skull or a broken collarbone, and a destroyed helmet. Her energizer does, however, make her highly resistant to electric shock.
Offence/Danger: Able to exercise control and gather information over a large area, as well as attack from multiple angles. While her individual drones are relatively weak, they present a serious threat when acting in tandem.
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