Glastonbury 2020 lineup betting odds as festival rumours

Best bets to headline GLASTONBURY 2019! Thoughts?

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A flurry of bets is occurring on The Stone Roses to headline Glastonbury

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The Stone Roses headlining Glastonbury? William Hill suspends betting - William Hill has closed betting following an influx of bets, with odds tumbling to 12/1

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Glastonbury 2017 rumours: Betting suspended on Ed Sheeran headlining

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Glasto October rumour roundup.

I've got a day off today so I thought I'd round up all the rumours across the internet. I'll keep it short and concise.
I will keep it to the main rumours/rumours for acts taking high slots.
Confirmed/Self Confirmed:
Highly Likely
Highly Rumoured
Lightly rumoured.
Don't Expect/Not impossible but not likely.
Ruled out.

We have reached a stage where there are a lot 'out' and not much 'in'. I imagine there will be a big shift 2 months from now!
Anything I've forgotten let me know!
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Here's why Taylor Swift isn't a good headliner!

I understand there are a lot of people who will love the fact she's headlining. Music is a form of personal expression and opinion, so heck even if your mates' garage band got the spot, there's equally be people buzzing for it, and those hating it.
Anyway, my point is - this article shows her own fans don't know what glastonbury is! Clearly she is not the right act for the audience of Glastonbury?! How she can stand alongside Paul McCartney as a headliner is beyond me. Debate.
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Bernie's Master Plan for 2020 - The Prominent Players & Their Roles [Part 5, 1st Half]

Continued from Part 4
Bernie's Master Plan for 2020The Prominent Players & Their Roles - Part 5, 1st Half
My Introduction to WayOfTheBern. My Political History AKA My Journey to The Revolution. [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11] Now here's ONE MORE of The Prominent Elected Players in Bernie's Master Plan & Their Roles within it. A Big One. So big in fact that she breaks Part 5 into 2 Halves because of Reddit's space limits. Enjoy!
Part 5, 1st Half covers Alexandria's role as Bernie's Shadow. Link to Part 5, 2nd Half covering Alexandria's role as The Leader of The Squad.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez = Bernie's Shadow & The Leader of The Squad► Where do we BEGIN with the Phenomenon now known as AOC? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from The Bronx, New York City was once upon a time merely one of many young Bernie Sanders supporters during his BREAKTHROUGH 2016 Presidential campaign. She was a graduate of Boston University (cum laude!) who was committed to uplifting & revitalizing her home community in the Bronx. By returning home after college, she wanted to end the Brain Drain that removes stellar people from their communities when they sought work elsewhere. So she created a publishing house called Brook Avenue Press intended to educate children & showcase The Bronx in a positive light. Her commitment to The Bronx comes from her father & his side of the family, Puerto Ricans who had roots in the Bronx going back 3 generations. But the systematic neglect of the region filled with Browns & Blacks had Alexandria's mother & father seek better educational opportunities so Alexandria & her brother could live up to their fullest potential. With help from extended family, Alexandria's family moved to the suburbs of Yorktown Heights.
It was here that Alexandria found herself seeing the Twilight of two worlds with the better opportunities of Yorktown Heights vs. the systematic abandonment her extended family still experienced back home in The Bronx. Not to mention the race & class disparities of the 2 regions with Brown Boricua Alexandria out of place in Yorktown Heights filled with Middle to Upper Class Whites vs. but at home with her people in the Bronx surrounded with Working Class Browns & Blacks (Did they REALLY call Alexandria a Mexican over there in Yorktown? sigh). This Twilight lit a fire in her that spurred this Science Nerd to excel in school (with literal asteroid named after her through high school science project) & one day return to The Bronx as one of its Champions. But after her architect father died in 2008, the family eventually lost the ability to maintain their home in Yorktown Heights due to the housing market crash & difficulties with the probate courts (her father didn't leave a will). This ended up leaving Alexandria working as a waitress & bartender alongside her work in non-profit organizations. She eventually got molasses-stuck in her plan to be a Bronx Champion after Brook Avenue Press failed & wondered if she squandered her potential.
Then Bernie Sanders came along & rejuvenated her passion & hope with his Political Revolution setting her on a course that would change her life forever.
Alexandria's entry to The Bernie Movement in 2015 as one of his supporters went to the next level when she was not allowed to vote for him in the April 2016 New York primary due to some nonsense with the Voter Registration. This stirred her to get DIRECTLY involved as an avid Organizer to his campaign as he valiantly fought off the skullduggery of opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton & the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. After Hillary received her karma by way of Trump on Election Night 2016, Alexandria wanted to get involved someway somehow wherever she could. So she goes cross-country with friends to a pipeline protest at Standing Rock Reservation in frostbite-cold North Dakota. The event was spiritually transformative for her & as soon as she prepared to head home, she suddenly gets a call from a Bernie Movement-derived organization named Brand New Congress: "Do You Want To Run For Congress?" Recognizing how molasses-stuck she was working at the bar & feeling like she had nothing left to lose, she decided to run against all odds.
Bernie Sanders' 2016 call for "young people to get involved in the political process" was not lost on Alexandria as she worked as bartendewaitress by day, U.S. Congressional candidate by night. Brand New Congress merged with similar Bernie Movement-derived organization Justice Democrats as she waged her unlikely underdog campaign against THE FORMIDABLE King of Queens, Joe Crowley—the 4th highest-ranking member of Democratic Party Leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. A year later on June 26, 2018, THE IMPOSSIBLE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez LANDSLIDED Joe Crowley by 15 points to even HER OWN surprise! The long-range plan Bernie & NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio put together for New York/ worked & a STAR was born.
Ever since that IMPOSSIBLE upset, AOC has been a KEYSTONE for The Revolution quickly rising to THE VERY TOP of importance within The Movement. Instantly, her Star Power, Political Talent, & All-Around Innovation made her one of THE KEY Players to bring The Revolution to Victory. Her constantly rising profile online & offline gives her an ever-increasing Mass Following that has taken the world by storm in such a short time. Because of this, Young Alexandria, the Youngest Woman Ever Elected to U.S. Congress at age 29 & The Baby of The House, is trusted with MASSIVE responsibility resulting in the TWO Roles she plays in Bernie's Master Plan. The 1st one being Bernie's Shadow & the 2nd one being The Leader of The Squad.

Bernie's Shadow
As Bernie's Shadow, Alexandria serves as THE JUNIOR CHIEF of the entire Revolution. The Little Chief behind The Big Chief, Bernie. Similar to Bernie The Chief, Alexandria helps carry the entire Movement on her back. She is ALSO responsible for all the players within it. If she fails, they fail. If she succeeds, they succeed. So just like Bernie, Junior Chief Alexandria has to be more careful in taking a position than others. While she will always push towards "The Left" whenever possible, she takes on stances that have mass consensus & approval or can build into mass consensus & approval. It's easier to get people on board with the Green New Deal than to go out on a limb challenging AIPAC. Unlike Bernie The Chief, AOC's role as The Junior Chief DOES NOT make her the Centerpoint all other players connect to. Nevertheless, protégé AOC functions much like a Double Bernie/Second Bernie in every other way which is why she is called Bernie's Shadow. I mean, just LOOK at these two! ¡SIMPÁTICO!
Being The Junior Chief, Alexandria is the SECONDARY MESSENGER of The Movement. What she says ALSO becomes emblematic of The Movement's purpose & agenda. And being The Junior Chief, Alexandria is the CO-LEAD BEACON to attract people to The Movement. She is ALSO the mascot as well as the secondary representative to get folks on board. See, for those who can't quite accept the gruff grumpy grandpa with the Brooklyn accent & a heart of gold......there's a cheerful cutie-pie Bronx Boricua with the razzle-dazzle, sass & sizzle to draw in what grandpa cannot. Whether drawn in by The Chief Bernie or The Junior Chief AOC, the goal remains the same. It's all about building THE largest energized Mass of People to overcome any obstacle, any rigging, any sabotage put forth by The Established Order. That's the KEY to the Master Plan's success.
But there's more to AOC's role as Bernie's Shadow than functioning as a Junior version of Bernie as Chief. AOC ALSO becomes a RACE SHAPER in the 2020 Presidential Election... ...both in the Democratic Primaries AND the General Election. The Double Bernie effect between Bernie & AOC as Chief & Junior Chief changes when Bernie & AOC are together vs. when Bernie & AOC are apart. When paired together, you get a BOOST Effect that exponentializes the impact of actions Bernie or AOC would have alone. Powerful solo. MEGA-Powerful together. When separated apart, AOC builds Her OWN Power in Her OWN Right essentially coming out of "Bernie's shadow" so to speak. In his shadow, when together. Building her own power, when solo.
AOC weaves in & out between twinning with Bernie & going solo from Bernie at strategic times in order to shape the outcome of the 2020 Race. You saw it firsthand when AOC separated & hung out with Elizabeth Warren talking about Game of Thrones...AND when AOC united with Bernie to say "No Middle Ground!" & "Too Much For Me!" to Joe Biden at the/ end of the Green New Deal Tour. AOC THEN sat in some secret hidden room with Bernie to talk about Usury & Postal Banking hitting Credit Card Biden where it hurts most. She acts as a LURE when apart drawing in clout-chasing candidates trying to get the rub from of her Rapid-Fire Rise. See Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris. She acts as a HAMMER when together crushing the prospects of contrary candidates with her Rapid-Rising Power. See Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren. She dangles her Endorsement Power over the Democratic Field forcing candidates to seek it or oppose it then makes her moves to control or squash Bernie's opponents before she permanently joins Bernie for the Ultimate BOOST Effect. It's like "Wonder Twins Powers Activate!" or DragonBall Z's "Fusion HA!" Bernie & AOC then begin a perpetual mutual elevation that guarantees each other wins their individual races. Bernie for Prez, AOC for 2nd term as Rep. THIS is why Alexandria played coy & withheld her endorsement for Bernie for so long. You like the results?

Link to Part 5, 2nd Half covering Alexandria's role as The Leader of The Squad.
Continued in Part 6 John Lucas
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/r/QOTSA Band Of The Week 2: Arctic Monkeys

Hey guys! First off, sorry for not recording the charity pledges as of late-me and Mawty have both been very busy with finals, but you guys will get your end of the deal, I promise. Anyway, without further ado, let's get into our band of the week-Arctic Monkeys!
About Them
Arctic Monkeys are an English rock band formed in 2002 in High Green, a suburb of Sheffield. The band consists of Alex Turner (lead vocals, rhythm/lead guitar), Matt Helders (drums, vocals), Jamie Cook (lead/rhythm guitar) and Nick O'Malley (bass, backing vocals). Former band member Andy Nicholson (bass guitar, backing vocals) left the band in 2006 shortly after their debut album was released.
They have released six studio albums: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006), Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007), Humbug (2009), Suck It and See (2011), AM (2013), and Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018), as well as one live album, At the Apollo (2008). Their debut album is the fastest-selling debut album by a band in UK chart history, and in 2013, Rolling Stone ranked it the 30th-greatest debut album.
The band has won seven Brit Awards – winning both Best British Group and Best British Album three times, and have been nominated for three Grammy Awards. They also won the Mercury Prize in 2006 for their debut album, in addition to receiving nominations in 2007 and 2013. The band have headlined at the Glastonbury Festival twice, in 2007 and again in 2013.
Arctic Monkeys were heralded as one of the first bands to come to public attention via the Internet, with commentators suggesting they represented the possibility of a change in the way in which new bands are promoted and marketed.
Links to QOTSA
Arctic Monkeys and QOTSA are very intertwined bands. Josh Homme produced their 3rd full length LP, Humbug, at the Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, along with providing backing vocals to the songs All My Own Stunts off Suck It And See, and One For The Road and Knee Socks off their album AM. Homme and Monkeys frontman Alex Turner are also friends outside of their music-Turner has appeared on Homme's Apple Music podcast The Alligator Hour and according to Turner, him and Homme frequently ride motorcycles together.
Their Music
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Joining The Dots
Black Treacle
Knee Socks
Four Out Of Five
Show Them Some Love!
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2016 Guess the Headliner

Another great year and loads of amazing bands but now a long 12 month wait till next year so just for a bit of fun and as the headliner are booked in already lets see who can guess any correctly.
Add a bit info these are the betting odds and looks like someone might be doing a U2
Mine are
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PSA: Please don't sleep on the Headliners

Moreso than in years past, it seems like there hasn't been enough chatter about the Headliners.
You have 2 weeks left... if all three aren't on your playlists, please consider adding them. Here's a case for all three:
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NME News Fans react to Kanye West headlining Glastonbury Festival - petition launched in backlash

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Craig Charles Our Lord And Saviour Part 2

Drug use[edit] In June 2006, newspaper allegations of crack cocaine use resulted in Charles being suspended from both Coronation Street[45] and BBC Radio 6 Music. In August, Charles was arrested and released on bail pending further enquiries, and in September he accepted a caution for possession of a Class A drug.[46] Charles returned to hosting his 6 Music show from November 2006 and filming Coronation Street from January 2007.
Credits[edit] [47]
Filmography[edit] Year Title Role Notes (early 1980s) Riverside Resident poet Arts review programme (early 1980s) Pebble Mill at One Resident poet Daily magazine show. Performed in front of Princess Anne 1984 Lift Off Himself—interviewee Documentary 1985 Black on Black Resident poet Channel 4's first multicultural programme. Including the poem "Halt" 1985–1987 Saturday Live Himself—stand up Live poetry stand-up comedy. Series 1: VHS (1986), DVD (2007). Series 2: VHS (1987), DVD (2008) 1986 Club Mix Resident poet Entertainment-based successor to Black on Black 1986 Red Wedge Himself Stand-up comedy tour 1986 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Himself—poet August 1986–87 Wogan Himself—poet Chat show. Co-hosted and performed weekly topical poem on current affairs 1987 Business as Usual Eddie Drama feature film. VHS (1988) 1987 Craig Charles Himself—stand up Poetry at Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 7–29 August 1987 Video View Himself—presenter TV series 1987 Night Network Himself—presenter 1987 The Marksman McFadden TV drama miniseries, wrote opening poem and played a murderer, aired December 1988 Open Air Himself—interviewee Aired 23 February 1988 Craig Goes Mad in Melbourne Himself—host Behind the scenes at the International Comedy Festival, 1–11 June 1988 TOR! Total Football Himself—presenter Introducing highlights in official film of European Football Championships 1988–99, 2009, 2012, 2016-Present Red Dwarf Dave Lister Has appeared in all 73 episodes over 12 series 1989 Daytime Live Himself—interviewee Aired 6 January 1989 Teechers Multiple characters John Godber stage play 1989 Star Test: Craig Charles Himself—interviewee Interviewed by a computer on chat show, aired 18 April 1989 Dogs of War Voiceover 3D computer video game. Voiced story speech and one character 1989 What's That Noise? Himself—host Children's music show 1991 Comic Relief Dave Lister Short television film 1991 Them and Us Himself—host Consumer rights series 1991 You Bet Himself—contestant Celebrity game show 1992 The Last Cigarette Himself Encouraging giving up smoking, aired 8 March 1992 Open to Question Himself—interviewee Audience questions from young people on topical issues, 23 March 1992 Parallel 9 Himself Children's magazine show. Including episode 1.13, aired 18 July 1992 Weather Watch Himself—presenter Educational TV series investigating different aspect of the weather 1992 Wogan Himself Chat show, 23 October 1992 Ghostwatch Himself—reporter Drama, aired 31 October (Halloween). DVD (2002) 1993 That's Showbusiness Himself—contestant Quiz show, BBC1, aired 2 February 1993 Cyberzone Himself—host All 10 episodes of the world's first virtual reality game show 1993 Cyberpunks and Technophobes Himself TV series 1993 A Word in Your Ear Himself—contestant Game show, BBC1 1993 Super Mario All Stars Himself—presenter Nintendo video game on VHS 1993 Dinosaurs: The Myths & The Reality Himself—narrator Animated documentary. VHS (1993), DVD (2006) 1993 Prince Cinders Zipper the Cat Voice of character in animated film of Babette Cole's book. VHS (1993), DVD (2007) 1993 Telly Addicts Himself—contestant Aired 13 September and 29 December 1993 Pebble Mill Himself—interviewee Performed song, 29 October 1993 Funny Stories Himself—voice Audiobook anthology of stories for children 1993 The Big Breakfast Himself—guest presenter Magazine show 1994 Go Getters Himself—host Children's programme 1994 The Easter Stories Judas Iscariot Drama series. Episode: "Judas' Tale" 1994 Batchelors Mushy Peas Himself—voiceover TV Commercial 1994 Asterix Conquers America Asterix (voice) Animated feature film, English language version 1994 The Word Himself—interviewee Late night magazine show 1994 Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups Dave Lister Video release (archive footage) 1994 Big Break in Wonderland Himself—contestant Charity Christmas special of snooker competition, aired 27 December 1995 Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs Dave Lister Video release (new and archive footage) 1995 Breakfast with Frost Himself—guest Chat show with Sir David Frost, 5 March 1995 May the 4 Be with You Himself—presenter "Starburst Vol. 2" VHS (1996) 1995 Craig Charles: Live on Earth! Himself—stand up VHS video release of live stand-up comedy stage show. Also co-producer 1995 Just a Minute Himself—contestant TV version of radio panel game, 21 July 1995 Beam Me Up Scotty! Himself—presenter Aired 26 August 1995 The Bill Martin Bailey Episode: "Honey Pot", 31 October 1995 Have I Got News for You Himself—contestant Guest panelist on satire quiz show. Series 10, episode 7, 8 December 1996 Craig Charles Live Official Bootleg Himself VHS video documentary of stand-up show 1996 They Think It's All Over Himself—contestant Series 2, episode 3, aired 26 March 1996 The Governor Eugene Buffy Drama from Lynda La Plante. All 6 episodes of series 2. DVD (2012) 1996 Cyberspace Himself—narrator TV series 1996 The 10 Percenters Bobby Titan Episode: "Revenge" playing a rap singer 1997 The Big Breakfast Himself—guest Aired 6 January 1997 Night Fever Himself—contestant Pop music quiz including singing 1997 Captain Butler Captain Butler All 6 episodes 1997 Bully: Ha Bloody Ha Himself—interviewee Educational show discussing celebrities' memories of school bullies, aired 28 August 1997 Pulling Power Himself—guest Motoring show, aired 24 September 1997 Space Cadets Team captain Comedy sci-fi quiz, all 10 episodes 1997 Funky Bunker Himself—host Late night chat show. 13 episodes. Also co-writer 1997 The National Lottery Live Himself—presenter Opened the draw, 5 November 1997 English Express Language Skills Himself—presenter Schools education series 1997–98 Dick Whittington and His Wonderful Cat Idle Jack Pantomime stage play 1998 Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg Dave Lister—contestant Special edition of Can't Cook, Won't Cook, aired 14 February 1998 Universe Challenge Himself—contestant Special Red Dwarf edition of University Challenge, aired 14 February 1998 Children in Need Dave Lister Red Dwarf short episode 1998 The Selfish Crocodile Narrator Audiobook edition of children's book 1998 Fully Booked Himself—interviewee Magazine show 1998–2004 Robot Wars Himself—host Series 2–7 (after replacing Jeremy Clarkson) 1999–2000 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Himself—host UK presenter 1999 The Colour of Funny Keith Dennis Short comedy film 2000 Craig Charles: Sickbag Himself VHS video release of live stand-up comedy show 2000 Craig Charles and His Band Himself Edinburgh Festival, August. Recording album Giving You The Eye 2000 Jailbreak Himself—host Reality challenge show 2001 Top Ten TV Sci-Fi Himself—interviewee Documentary 2001 Porridge Selection Box Himself Worldwide VHS video release. Introduced clips 2001 Lexx The Warden Canadian sci-fi series. Episode: "P4X" Hattie Hayridge from Red Dwarf as his wife. Series 4, Vol. 1 DVD (2001) 2001 Don't Walk Narrator (voice) Short film 2001 Amazing Space: The Pub Guide to the Universe Himself—host Discussion series with guest experts on space related topics 2002 EastEnders: Ricky and Bianca Vince EastEnders spin-off drama, aired 20 May 2002 The Saturday Show Himself—interviewee Magazine show, 1 June 2002–04 Takeshi's Castle Himself—commentator UK voiceover of Japanese comedy challenge show. Also co-writer 2003 The Sitcom Story Himself TV documentary 2003 Sushi TV Himself—narrator UK version of Japanese TV clip show (after replacing Julian Clary) 2003 Doctors DCI Mercer 7 episodes of soap opera 2003 Monstrous Bosses Himself—presenter Links between clips in a battle between two comedy characters, 10–11 May 2003 Lovable Rogues Himself—presenter Links between clips, aired 3 August 2003 Holby City Adrian Summers Episode: "Full Circle", aired 16 December 2004 Ten Minutes Mark Short comedy film, launched at the BAFTA and Cannes Film Festival in 2003. Film release July 2004 2004 Britain's Best Sitcom Himself TV documentary 2004 Weapons of Mass Distraction Himself—presenter Satirical comedy chat show exploring tabloid newspaper world 2004 Celebrities Disfigured Himself (disguised) Documentary exploring attitudes to disfigurement, aired 17 April 2004 The Weakest Link Himself—contestant Charity edition of quiz show. "Stars of the '90s". Reached 3rd place, aired 4 August 2004 Comedy Connections Himself—interviewee Documentary episode on Red Dwarf, aired 30 August 2004 Public Opinion Himself—interviewee Panel show, opinions on celebrities from members of the public, aired 21 September 2004 Celebrity Poker Club Himself—contestant Challenge, series 3, reached semi-finals 2004 Dream Team Joel Brooks Soccer agent in Sky TV football drama 2005 Forty Years of Fuck Himself—interviewee BBC documentary examining swearing on TV 2005 The Games Himself—contestant Reality game show for charity, based on the Olympic Games. Series 3. 2005 Athletes in Training Himself—contestant Live feed, following The Games contestants through their intensive training regime 2005–15 Coronation Street Lloyd Mullaney Principal cast in soap opera, first appearance 20 June 2005 2006 Fated Pedro Feature film. DVD (2011) 2006 Clubbing to Death Carl Begsley Feature film. Not yet released (in post production) 2008–present The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Himself—DJ Live DJ performances throughout the UK, and occasionally abroad 2009 Carpool Himself—interviewee Video-podcast interview by Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf 2010 UK Festival Awards Himself Hosted award ceremony at The IndigO2, London, 18 November 2010 Robert Llewellyn's Carpool Himself—interviewee Chat show. Episode 1.5: aired 2 December 2010 50 Years of Corrie Stunts Himself—voiceover Coronation Street documentary, aired 6 December. On Tram Crash DVD (2010) 2011 Zombie Carnage Frank Promotional trailer for feature film 2011 Cast Mates Himself Coronation Street online Q&A, 31 August 2011 This Morning Himself—Interviewee Daytime entertainment show, 6 September 2012 BBC Breakfast Himself—interviewee News programme, 10 March 2012 Loose Women Himself—interviewee Chat show, 15 March 2012 Motorbike Diaries: Mad in the Med Himself—narrator Travel documentary series from Danny John-Jules of Red Dwarf 2012 Evidently... John Cooper Clarke Himself—interviewee Documentary on the poet John Cooper Clarke's life and career, aired 30 May 2012 This Morning Himself—interviewee Chat show, 6 July 2012 Loose Women Himself—interviewee Chat show, 25 September 2012 The Alan Titchmarsh Show Himself—interviewee Chat show, 28 September 2012 We're Smegged Himself—interviewee Documentary on the making of Red Dwarf X. On series X DVD, released 19 November 2012 This Morning Himself—interviewee Chat show, 19 November 2012 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Music compiler Compilation album, released on Freestyle Records as CD and digital download, 26 November 2012 The Chase Himself—contestant Celebrity edition of quiz show for 'Text Santa' charity appeal, ITV1, 21 December 2013 Glastonbury Festival Himself—presenter Introduced acts (also interviewed musicians and performed DJ set), BBC Four, 28–30 June 2013 Proms in the Park Himself Presented the Fantasy Funk Band at the BBC Proms, Hyde Park, London, 7 September 2013 Pointless Celebrities Himself—contestant Charity edition of quiz show, with Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf, BBC1, aired 17 August 2013 Craig Charles Fantasy Weekender Himself Funk and soul music festival, Bristol, 24–26 August 2013 This Morning Himself 'Take a Moment' appeal, ITV1, 25 September 2013 Surprise, Surprise Himself With Simon Gregson and Sue Cleaver of Coronation Street, ITV1, 27 October 2013 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club 2 Music compiler Compilation album, Freestyle records, released 25 November 2014 Steve & Lloyd's Streetcar Stories Lloyd Mullaney Coronation Street mini-series, online, 3–12 February 2014 BBC Radio 6 Music Festival Himself Introduced acts, presented radio, DJ set, poetry performance at Festival Fringe, 1 March 2014 Lorraine Himself—interviewee Chat show, ITV1, 28 April 2014 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Himself—contestant Game show, withdrew on day 4 due to personal reasons 2014 Keith Lemon's Through the Keyhole Himself—panellist ITV1 game show 2014 The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club 3 Music compiler Compilation album, Freestyle records, released 24 November 2015 Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club Classics Music compiler Compilation album box set, Sony Music, released 18 September 2015 Witches, Wizards and Scary Fairies Himself—narrator Live performance of Scary Fairy poetry with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, 29 September 2015 BBC Breakfast Himself—interviewee BBC One news programme, 17 September 2015 The One Show Himself—interviewee BBC One chat show, 30 September 2016 Celebrity Home Secrets Himself Series 1, Episode 2, 5 September 2017–present The Gadget Show Co-host alongside Jon Bentley, Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat Series regular Radio[edit] Year Programme Role Notes 1983 John Peel Show Himself—guest Recorded 6 poems during "Peel Session", aired 17 March 1984 John Peel Show Himself—guest Radio. Recorded 3 song, aired 14 February 1987–1989 Loose Ends Himself—panelist Regular guest on Ned Sherrin's chat show 1989 The Steve Jones Show Himself—interviewee 16 March 1992–93 The Craig Charles Breakfast Show Himself—host Radio show 1995 Macbeth The Porter Steven Berkoff's Macbeth, aired 28 December 2002–present The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show Himself—host First broadcast 15 March 2002 2004 Craig Charles Breakfast Show Himself—host 2005 One Nation Under a Groove Himself—presenter Radio 2 documentary. The Story of George Clinton & P-Funk, aired 12 February 2011 The Craig Charles Soul All-nighter Himself—host 27–28 August 2012 Fantasy Funk Band at Maida Vale Himself—presenter Review for BBC Radio 6 Music's 10th anniversary 2012 Beatleland Himself—presenter Documentary on the Beatles in Liverpool, aired 10 October 2013 Didn't It Rain: When the Blues came to Britain Himself—narrator Music history documentary, BBC Radio 2, aired 24 October 2015 Sarah and Dan's Extra Edition Himself—interviewee BBC Radio 5 Live, 24 September 2015 Witches, Wizards and Scary Fairies Narrator "Scary Fairy" poetry performance with the BBC Philharmonic orchestra, BBC Radio 2, airs 30 October 2015 Bibliography[edit] Published[edit] 1993, Craig Charles Almanac of Total Knowledge, (with Russell Bell), Penguin Books 1997, The Log: A Dwarfer's Guide to Everything, (with Russell Bell), Penguin Books 1998, No Other Blue, (illustrations by Philippa Drakeford), Penguin Books Unpublished[edit] 2000, No Irish, No Niggers, Penguin Books 2008, On the Rocks, Hodder Headline[48] References[edit] Jump up ^ Liverpool Echo, 22 November 2005, "Actor Craig's tribute to much-loved father" Jump up ^ Holly Williams (27 June 2012). "My Secret Life: Craig Charles, 47, DJ and actor". The Independent. Jump up ^ "Craig Charles person page" Jump up ^ The Independent, 30 June 2012, Holly Williams "My Secret Life: Craig Charles, 47, DJ and actor", London Jump up ^ The Independent, 11 February 1999, "Education: Passed/Failed Craig Charles", London Jump up ^ Interview with Charles by Chris Jarvis, Fully Booked, BBC TV, 1998 Jump up ^ Q magazine, April 1987, David Housham "Craig Charles: Compulsive Listening", pp. 25–26 Jump up ^ Craig Charles, Introduction to No Other Blue, Penguin Books Ltd, London, 1997 Jump up ^ Daily Post, 16 September 2003, Chris Brown "A club that rocked when punk was in its prime", Liverpool Jump up ^ The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC Radio 6 Music, 12 May 2012 Jump up ^ AL Peters, "Craig Charles The Wordsmith, The John Peel Radio Show, 1984", Groovin' Records Jump up ^ Raising the Roof for the Gateway Exchange, 29 August 1986, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Jump up ^ The Glasgow Herald, 13 August 1987, Andrew Young The Fringe: Craig Charles Jump up ^ Make Design Enjoy. 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Glastonbury 2016

Hi all,
I've seen some rumours that Coldplay are going to headline Glastonbury, and having secured tickets on Sunday I'm very much hoping this is true.
Does anyone have any thoughts / evidence to suggest that the rumours might be true (other than the betting shops making them the favourites)?
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Keeneland Horse Racing Free Picks and Tips  Race 6 Late Pick 4  Friday, July 10 Ante-Post Tipping: Racing Post Trophy Soooooooo so so sorry - YouTube Glastonbury 2020 cancelled as coronavirus outbreak worsens ... Paul Rabil and Betting Odds for Premier Lacrosse League

Glastonbury 2019 is set to take place from June 26-30 2019. With all tickets now sold out (the April re-sale’s your last chance, folks), we’ve rounded up all the rumours, confirmed slots and Glastonbury 2020 headliner betting odds revealed. Just to clarify, these are clearly just betting odds and there’s been no confirmation yet of who will be headlining next year’s festival. Glastonbury will return to Worthy Farm for its 50th anniversary in June 2020 but who is being lined up to perform? These are the current odds and rumours Tags: 50th anniversary, betting, Glastonbury, headliners. Categories: News. Related Posts: News In lieu of Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, BBC launches special pop-up channel to celebrate festival’s legacy; News Despite 2020 festival cancellation, Glastonbury’s talent competition is still on; What was probably the greenest Glastonbury yet just wrapped up, and we’re already looking forward to another round at Worthy Farm in 2020.. Next year marks 50 years of Glastonbury, and rumours are already swirling at who might headline this extra special event — even betting markets are getting in on the action.

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Keeneland Horse Racing Free Picks and Tips Race 6 Late Pick 4 Friday, July 10

Glastonbury 2020 cancelled as coronavirus outbreak worsens, glastonbury 2020 lineup glastonbury 2020 tickets glastonbury 2020 location glastonbury 2020 headl... The PLL embraces sports betting as part of their league and Paul Rabil is both a start and co-founder of the league. Paul gives insights on which teams are favored on the betting lines as well as ... Ben Hutton of the Betting Desk previews this weekend's big race at Doncaster and reveals his idea of the likely winner. Pay Per Head Sportsbook For more information visit us at The term ‘pay per head’ refers to a low, weekly fee that bookies pay for each of their active customers in ... FanDuel Group is a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment plc, a leading international sports betting and gaming operator and a constituent of the FTSE 100 index of the London Stock Exchange. Loading...