The Mechanics of Betting from the "Dark Side"

Vegas Trip Report +$2,100

Long time craps lover, just found this sub. If there is a standard trip report format I apologize.
I was in Vegas 12/25 -12/28. Half of the family was at Caesar's and half were at Paris (vets get complimentary platinum which is cool). Since the whole gang was in town I limited almost all of my sessions to about 2 hours.
Didn't see anything at Caesar's cheaper than $15. One table was reserved the entire trip (not sure how that works, I forgot to ask, I only ever saw a few people on the reserved table and it was otherwise empty).
On Friday the tables at Caesar's were all $25 and $50. Some tables have ATS and some have Repeaters. Field pays triple on 12. The dealers at Caesars were really awesome (great stories from back in the day when darksiders used to get into fights with pass line folks). The players all seemed to know what was going on. Chinese guys betting black chips were my lucky charms.
The Linq had $10 and $15 tables all weekend. Mix of new players buying in with a handful of chips and a few folks who had a lot of experience. Platinum player's cards at the Linq got more attention than at Caesars. Dealers there are younger and a lot of fun. You can see TVs playing sports from the tables. Field pays double on 12. All tables were ATS vs repeaters.
I never bought in for more than $300 at a time (not ideal on $15 tables, I know). Bankroll was $1k. I love craps, but usually stick to pass line/odds and 6/8. I love betting my change for the dealers. I'll play/piggyback hard 6/8 if I'm up - not optimal, but it's fun and that's what I'm there for.
Sessions 1 & 2 @ Ceasar's $15 table: change $200, color up $400 both sessions. The family had cirque tickets so I had to bounce.
Session 3 @ Linq: change $300, color up $500. I was stick right and got on a great roll. Same basic bets more or less.
Session 4 @ Linq (last day): change $300, color up $800. This one was wild. Bought 4/10 a lot (I like that bet for some reason). Placed 6/8 for $30 for the clean payouts (I really need to study the payouts more as my understanding is pretty bad given that I've played a handful of times over the last few years). Hit a hard 6 for $315 lol. Hit the All Small with $5 on it and the dealers along for a buck. Put a random dollar $5 on a dealer yo and it hit. It was a blast. Wish the table had repeaters, saw a guy throw six 3s. I threw three 12s in a row. Another dude threw so many 9s I thought I was in a simulation. Put $75 across ATS which was my cut off point win or lose (didn't win, colored up, gave whatever red and white chips I had to the boys).
Not the most amazing story ever, just basic stuff. No other game in the casino feels like craps (except Casino War lol). Poker and blackjack are too much work. Roulette feels like one big prop bet. Slots are a joke. What an amazing game. I wish I could shoot real dice in California.
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You Killed My Bestfriends, I Ruined Your Life and Your Families too! [repost]

[I was told to post this here after I posted it in MrReddit.]
I've been contemplating of whither or not to post this. It was many years ago and I was in a dark place at the time (the sort of dark hole none usually come back from), but I know I should. I did something terrible and life shattering to someone and her family to get a bittersweet revenge for the deaths of my friends, but admittedly I do sleep well at night. I apologize to any church goers in advance this may look badly on you, but these disgusting entitled cesspools aren't worth any tears over nor your prayers either. Note I don't look at all church goers this way just the this so called family.
(TLDR at the bottom sorry for any mistakes or formatting errors. This is my first post.)
This happened down south in the USA in a circle of judgemental and none accepting circumstances that was and sometimes is the south. I was a high school student and I had the strangest and worst to best kind of friends a young woman can ask for. I wasn't the normal kind of girl either. I was the rocker chick that wore to much black (still do) and had to much womanly features for most to handle. I was also a fighter I guess you could say. If the boys where fighting another school I was there kicking some ass with my brother and Gray. My attributes and uncommon way of making friends caught the eye of an unsavory character in the criminal underground community, but I will refer to them as the Darkside and my friendship with them gave a teenage power and influence that no girl should be burdened to have along with it's chains and restrains, but it meant I was not one to mess with and it gave me the means for my revenge.
(Names, Locations, and Events changed to protect the families of those involved with this tragedy.)
Liza and Brain: LGBT couple and BFFs
Gray: My jock, hulky, and nerdy guy friend, who later become my #1
Karen: Evil Incarnated/Possible Anti-christ
Kira: Yours Truely
I was a fresh man and I made many friends along with some enemies for not being christian or churchy like most in the school was. I was outspoken with my opinions and wasn't afraid to thrash any bullies (asshats) that tried to start trouble. Let me tell you it wasn't easy earning respect from the teachers and students as both a young woman, openly pansexual (def. a person not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.), and a none christian person, but I managed it just fine if I do say so myself even if it had it's difficulties. I had something of a following. Bullying in the school dropped (which there was a lot of seeing as the faculty and staff could care less most times) and even the schools grade point average increased for my year. Mostly because I made sure my friends studied and we had a free period to get studying done. I even taught Math and English to some who didn't get the material and as I said the staff didn't care to tutor them, but I did and I somehow become the voice for many who where different compared to the pure and christian peers.
This voice I became was one of the beginnings that sparked Karen's wraith... and her ruin.
Liza and Brain... it still pains me to think of them to this day. They where they were kindest and most thoughtful people I ever met and they treated everyone equally with this gentleness that only comes from a loving family. They wouldn't hurt a soul and they where the inspiration of many hopeful singles in our school because just looking at them you knew these two would grow old together as if one died then the other would be only hours behind, but what they were spat in the very face of Karen's beliefs though she didn't know it at the time. Bloody hell I don't think anyone knew until they took there first P.E. class together.
You see our P.E. grouped girls and guys together in the same class and we where forced to buy horrible ugly P.E uniforms that cost and arm... and well your soul (a rip off to make more money for the school). That was when we went to change for the class on the first day. Brain came into the girl's dressing room and surprise, surprise Brain was a girl not a handsome guy that most girls where crushing on because he/she was not only forbidden, but the type of guy most girls dreamed of marrying as kids. A prince type really. (Oh and she preferred to be referred to as a guy so that's what Brain will be called from now on.)
To say they were shocked that the gentle prince was a girl was an understatement and it made visibly Brain and Liza uncomfortable with there stares. "What the hell are you all staring at?" I demanded angrily at the others that were staring like vultures about to devour pray with all disgusting rotten personalities to match.
"Oh, my god! Your a girl?!" It was Karen's high pitched voice. She had a bob and looked like she belonged with the cheerleaders, but their outfits where too, 'skippy' as she put it once for her and would possible give her future (possible) husband impure thoughts about her. (Oh honey did he! Just not about you!) You see she was dating Gray at the time, but he was miserable to say the least. However, he didn't want to disappoint his family by breaking it off with her. So he grinned and bared it for as long as he could.
"Yeah so?" Brain replied.
"That's disgusting! Your going to go to hell for being so impure and your probably possessed by demons!" she said with a sneer like some boar out of a cartoon. Oh did I say she had a crush on Brain too? No? Well, this was what set her off at this point. She just couldn't believe she wanted a girl and not a man as her boyfriend. It freaked her out and I bet she was questioning her own sexuality or was in complete denial.
"You did not just say that!" I said hardly comprehending her stupidity. It wasn't registering with my much higher intelligence. "What are you from the 18th century or just stupid?"
"What did you just call me, hussy?" she demanded.
"You heard me, or did screwing the couch make you go brain dead suddenly?" I said. Yes, I knew she was cheating on Gray, but what she didn't know was that he was into me. The couch was a young man in his twenties. Not the most handsome guy, but he often hit the gym to work on one of his few assets. Unfortunately, everyone knew except Gray. He wasn't very sad about it when he found out just disappointed.
"How did... what are you talking about?!"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about." I said and turned to my friends, who where dressed in lightening speed and embarrassed about what Karen had said. "Come on, guys we don't want to late for row call."
This was the day it started. This was the day I should of done more. This is the day I should of thrown Karen off a roof top or better yet a cliff before she did the unthinkable... before she murdered my friends.
Six months later...
I was having dinner with the family. Enjoy my Sunday really when I received a text from Gray. Him and Karen were still together at the time, which was irritating for the both of us seeing as we where into each other like crazy with the teenage hormones to make it even worse.
He wanted to know where I was so I texted back that I was having dinner with my family at a restaurant. What he texted back surprised me. He wanted to know if he could see me in private and that he was only 10 minutes from there. Apparently he check on my house first before texting me. I, of course, agreed.
When he arrive I excused myself from the table and went to meet him outside. I entered his car and noticed his eyes where red and puffy from likely balling his eyes out.
"Gray, what the hell happened to you?" I asked. "Did you watch Titanic again?" (He is still the only man I've met that cries watching chick flicks it's kind of adorable.)
"No," he said somberly. "We really need to talk. It's important."
I should not of closed that car door.
He brought me to a lake and the two of us talked and he told me the most disturbing news of my life.
"The... there was an accident last. Liza and Brian didn't make it..." he was crying at this point and I had a look of utter disbelief on my face. The four of us had met up that Friday after school and went to the movies and had dinner the night before the accident. I couldn't believe what Gray just said. My brain couldn't process it. I didn't cry. I thinkit was the shock prevented that as I hugged Gray to comfort him almost absentmindedly.
"How did they die?" I whispered.
"It... It was a car accident they hit a tree and where killed on impact," he informed me between sobs.
I didn't know what to say nor remember if i had said anything. I just remembered holding my sobbing Gray and trying to make sense of what happened. Why did it have to be them of all people?
It didn't make sense until that Monday morning.
I went to school like usual. Went to my locker and opened it to get my books out for my first class, but a letter fell out of it. I recognized Liza's handwriting the moment I saw it. I picked it up and read it. (I recognized her hand writing for hers was cute, large, and I'd imagine rather hard to forge.) It was several pages long of her confession of making a suicide pact with Brian. Apparently they had been harassed outside of school every day for four straight months. Rocks throw through windows, none stop calls of threats and people telling them they all where going to go to hell or worse, hate letters, their homes spray painted and broken into, destroyed property, and even Liza's younger brother being bullied at school because his elder sister was a lesbian.
She felt as if the suffering and stress on her family was all her fault. That she had done this to her family just because she loved Brain with all her heart to the point she couldn't live without him. Brain wasn't much better and probably felt the same. They didn't want to break up and held on as long as they could before it was to much. They didn't want to bring Gray and myself into this so they kept quiet about it. I wish they didn't. I wish they would of relied on me just once. Maybe then I could of saved them, I could of help them, and maybe they wouldn't of died, but I hated myself for not noticing the pain my friends were in.
I was taken aback by all I just learned. How have I not have noticed? I never hung out at either their house since this started and they haven't said a word of it to me one of two of their closest friends. I had Gray take me out of school before class began. He took me to his place and the two of use just kept quiet the entire day and just kept rereading the letter and I remember one thing was clear through out the entire letter. Someone had put people up to this. Someone had instigated this entire tragic outcome and in my grief I wanted revenge. I didn't see this as a suicide or an accident. In my eyes this was murder. Someone had stolen something good and pure from this world. Someone was going to pay for it.
The next day I called a few of the favors I was owed too find the killer. Then I put in another call to have a few guys clean up the trash out of both homes and remove and replace any destruction on the properties that was destroyed by their killer's comrades. I never told the families I did any of this, but I vaguely remember their parent's tears as random strangers came to their houses and helped them clean up for the funerals and then construction workers fixing the damage without pay and I didn't want to involve them in the revenge I was going to take. They all had suffered enough.
I was told who was responsible for their deaths just as the funeral ended by several students who all said the same thing. They where buried together pre their requests in letters to their mothers. Karin was the one who caused all of this sadness. She had been bragging to her little followers that it was her that had a few her church fanatics call their homes and her brothers that had destroyed the property. Her admission would be her second worse mistakes. Her first was messing with my friends in the first place.
I worked for over two straight years until our senior year. The Darkside I mention before were the people I worked for one and my only goal for my services was revenge. When it was time I called in ever underhanded favor I acquired over the years and maybe had a bit of black mail going on around the school to keep things quiet. Once things where in place I acted. Her brothers were robbed and scent to the hospital, her and friends where bullied by the most popular people in my school, which encouraged others to do the same and even teachers didn't interfere, I even got a hold of her nude pictures she sent to her precious coach. Well little miss holier than thou was your average slut in a nun disguise and they spread like wild fire at my pleasure. Then I had her bullied over social media by real and fake accounts. Trolls took care of the rest.
I did everything to her. From cruel to down right petty, but I wasn't done. She was going to get a scholarship let's say Brown to keep it simple. I wasn't about to let her escape from my web nor was she going to have it easy at her new college. So I intended on ruining her life.
She looked like crap months before school ended. It was a pleasure for me to see that, but it wasn't good enough. As I said I intended to ruin her life. I planted paraphernalia and an assortment of drugs in her locker and had a recording of her and the coach canoodling in private sent discreetly to vice principle and to her pastier. Dogs where called and what do you know, but drugs where found in her locker. I made sure she was expelled the last few months of the senior year and she couldn't graduate.
A few days before the expulsion I remembered her crying behind the school where delinquents would hang out or those looking to skip class would chill alone. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, "Everything!" she said sobbing. "What did I do to deserve this?"
I didn't want her know what I had done nor did I feel sorry for her because I was too angry to care, but I kept an understanding expression on my face as I reviled her despair if anything I am sadistic when I'm crossed. I asked her to tell me what happened and she told me that for the past two years that she had be harassed and her family to. She told me she was being bullied and everyone hated her. I was happy, very happy, but I said nothing of it. I just played the part of a concerned passerby that just happened to see her crying. Though I nearly lost my composure when she complained about the words 'Slut' and 'Murderer' being spray pained on her car.
I recall our last exchanged, but I wasn't listening to most of her babbles. She asked me, "Why are you being so nice to me? We hate each other."
It took everything I had not to laugh. She had no idea it was me that had caused her troubles and her suffering. I wanted to tell her to her face that it was me. That I was the one who ruined her precious image, that it was I who enjoyed watching her suffer, but I didn't. I gave her a warm smile patted her back that made me sick to do so and said, "Because I'm a simply an amazing person."
The result was the ruining of her little life. She no longer had friends, her parents hated and disowned her as there image in the church was beyond repair, everyone hated her, and her social status when to plumage into oblivion. Karen couldn't go to the dream school she wanted to go to, she didn't get the dream boyfriend she was plotting for as it turned out (Because I snagged him as soon as he was free), or be truly happy ever because I ruined any and all chances. The last I heard she was strung out on drugs and tried to kill herself on several occasions. I don't know whither or not she succeeded or not, but several years ago she disappeared. My guess is that she did and her body is somewhere in the woods or somewhere yet to be found.
Point to this story is that you should be a bit more careful who you decided to pick on and who you harass. You never know if they will have a friend like me, who doesn't care what happens to you as long as the ones they do care about get justice in the end. One thing I do hope for is that Liza and Brian can now rest peacefully now that the one responsibly was dealt with. Though knowing them they wouldn't approve of my actions, but world is lesser without them and better without Karen.
Liza, Brain where ever you two are I hope you are at peace. You both deserve nothing less than the best happiness. I just wish I was there for you when you needed me most. It is my one and only regret. Please, know I kept my promise to you both. I'm happy and have Gray and in a way the two of you are to thank for making me the person I am now. You have no idea how grateful I am to have met you both if only for a short time. Thank you.
Harrass my friends into suicide, you lose friend, money, a future, boyfriend, your precious coach lover, and the one that ruined you life stole your boyfriend while she was at it. Happy endings for everyone except Karen!
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Play data using Dave's method

I'm using this sub to log my play data for craps sessions. I will be using Dave's method which can be found here. I am playing a modified "low rollers" version of his method.
Edit: I can't go to a casino everyday but whenever I can, I will set aside $300 to play this. I've played this the past year and I've had very good results. That is why I wanted to log every play to see how this ends up in one years time. Also, all wins and losses will be rounded down.
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What ever happened to "Dave's System"?

I've been a craps enthusiast for several years, but only started taking playing seriously in the past few months, after Oklahoma started allowing Class III gaming in Indian casinos. As such, I've been paying more attention to different methods/strategies/systems that I might be able to enjoy until such time as I possibly become "skilled" enough to throw dice where I can hold off sevening-out longer than random outcome dictates (a laughable prospect by many, I've noticed).

As such, one of the strategies that has piqued my interest more than others was one that has been identified on several forums (this one included), commonly called "Dave's System". It's a darkside system that seems to have suddenly died out in conversation about 2 years ago, with no real long-term "yes it worked" or "I keep running out of shirts because I lose them so often" reports. Does anyone have any updated results from actual real-life usage?

For those that are not familiar with it's rules, here's how I found it to be originally introduced:

  1. Buy in with $500
  2. Start with a $10 Don't Pass bet.
2a. If the point is 4/10, leave the bet as-is.
2b. If the point is 5/9, add $75 odds (presuming table limits allow. I'm presuming making up any difference with an additional Lay bet, when necessary).
2c. If the point is 6/8, add $60 odds.
2d. If "Dave" finds himself at over a $1000 loss, he Lays $180 against the 6/8 and $150 against the 5/9 (still nothing on the 4/10).
  1. Make an additional $10 Don't Come bet. Add same odds as listed above respective to it's point.
  2. Once two points (with odds) have been lost, take down all odds until the shooter seven's out.
  3. Cap out at a $200 win for the day, or a $3000 loss (yikes!).

The person describing this mentions how "Dave", at the earliest reporting of this method that I can find, had only reached his loss limit 3 times out of the previous hundred-plus sessions. The person reporting it said that he, himself, limits his loss at $1000 a day, and managed an astonishing twenty-four winning days in a row (stopping at $200 profit).

Since several casinos in my general vicinity have brought in bubble craps machines with $1 minimums, I figured that I could use this at a much smaller ratio of bet/loss/profit limits. But I'd rather do so knowing that others have tried this with any success.

If anyone knows whether this has held water over the years, I'm all ears!
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Craps Strategy that is working for me.

TL;DR - I'm putting this at the top. If you have questions, you can read the extremely long post I wrote out, or you can ask in the comments.
Buy in for $500. Leave as soon as I hit $500 profit, or I lose the original $500 buy in.
$5 on the Don't Pass line. (Darkside Player)
If the point is...
6 or 8, I lay $60. Pays 5:6
5 or 9, I lay $75. Pays 2:3
4 or 10, I lay $100. Pays 1:2
For each of these bets, if a 7 is rolled, I win $50 from my odds bet, and $5 from my original DP bet for a total of $55. Notice I lay more money to win less. That's how the darkside works.
Never put any bets in the center of the table (Hardways, any craps, C&E, Horn bets). Never. They are the worst bets in the casino...not even just on the craps table. Also, no field bets. And no hedge bets. Hedging your bets is a losing proposition. You either don't win, or you lose a lot.
It's a grind. And I bet a lot of money to win a little, but the %'s are in my favor, and if you stick to this, and learn to throw the dice, you can win a little bit over a long amount of time. There are more bets I make as I go, but this is the basics, and I stick to this the entire time.
In the last 4 sessions I've played, I am up about $2450... however lifetime in craps I'm still very much in the red.
Warning... Long read. Sorry, I got on a couple of tangents. I hope it helps someone out there though!
I've been playing craps on and off for over 10 years. Never seriously, and never fully understanding the rules, the pay outs, the odds, etc. I also flopped back and forth in the betting strategies I used... and mostly because I just tried to copy what someone else was doing - and usually I'd end up with horrible results.
Recently I started researching and reading a lot more about the game. Specifically the odds and payouts. When you understand the odds of the dice, the payouts, and the difference between place bets, and odds bets, you get a MUCH better understanding of the game and what bets are the best to make in the house, and why.
To be clear, if you only play the "best bets" on the table, two things will happen.
1 - You will be very bored.
2 - You still lose money in the long run. That's just the nature of the game. That's why casinos are still in business.
The only way to have a chance at beating the casino, is to learn how to control the dice, and to only make bets that lower the house edge (i.e. placing/laying max odds). The first step is learning what bets to make, for how much, and why.
As far as controlling the dice/setting the dice... there are a handful of people who claim to be expert dice shooters, and claim to make a living doing it. There have been a couple of books written and there are videos on youtube you can watch, and there are "dice control" classes you can take which will cost you thousands of dollars. Most people think this is impossible. And they wouldn't be crazy to think this. The table is designed with those small pyramid shaped rubber backings so that when the dice hit the wall (which they have to, or you get yelled at by the dealers), the dice randomly bounce in multiple directions, completely negating your special "dice setting". The more the dice bounce, the more it becomes randomized. And the casino wants random rolls... its how they win. The casino also doesn't care if you "set the dice" or think you're a controlled shooter, because they don't think it's possible, and they have billions of dollars in winnings to show that craps is a losing proposition for players. So as long as you don't take more than 10 seconds to set the dice before each throw, they won't care.
I happen to think controlling/setting the dice does make a difference. I also think it takes a LOT of practice in how you set the dice, how you hold the dice, how you release the dice, how the dice bounce on the table, then hit the back wall. Its just like anything physical... the more you do it, the better you get at it. But you have to pay close attention to detail, and try to be precise on every throw. And even if you are... you are still only at a SLIGHT advantage to win. I'm not going to go into anymore detail on this. If you want to discuss it, we can.
Craps is not a game you're going to win a lot of money at in a short amount of time. The swings are tremendous. You can go from $500 to $5,000 to $0 in a matter of minutes. The key is consistency, and bankroll management.
I have kept track of all of my gambling winnings/losings since I was in college. I've been a poker player for longer than I can remember, so keeping track was always important to me. When it comes to craps, I am an overall loser. I am very much in the red. This is over about a decade of playing craps in casinos from Vegas to Mohegan Sun and everything in between. However, since last October, I have been on a winning streak. I'm still very negative, but I've been slowly getting closer to even. And it has to do with 2 things... the bets I'm making, and how I set/throw the dice.
Here's what I do.
I always try to find $5 tables. $10 if I can't find any 5's, but nothing higher than that. My bankroll just can't support it. My buy in is $500.
I always stand either immediately to the left or to the right of the stickman. This is the best spot on the table for consistent throwing of the dice. If I can't stand in those spots... I don't play.
As soon as I hit $500, I leave the table. No questions. Doesn't matter if I've been standing there for 10 minutes. My goal is to win $500. By doing this, I limit the crazy swings that will inevitably happen. I didn't do this twice. One time I won $1300, the other time I lost it all back and only won $120. See what I mean? Swings. They suck. When you hit your goal... LEAVE! Also... if I lose my $500 buy in... I'm done. no going to the ATM. I don't even bring my ATM cards or extra cash with me. If I can't do it with $500, it's not happening. This helps limit how much I can lose per session. I learned that the hard way in Vegas last year. Kept chasing my losses, and ended up losing almost $3k in a couple of sessions.
Ok, strategy. I am a "Darkside" player. I play the Don'ts. People at the table hate me. The dealers think its hilarious, and they like me cause I tip. And cause I know the rules and how to bet. It makes their jobs easier.
My first bet is $5 on the Don't Pass line. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, I lose. If he/she rolls a 2 or 3 I win, if he rolls a 12 I push. This is the worst bet I'll make because I'm at an EXTREME disadvantage here. However, it's just $5, and I'm happy to lose this bet. Why? Because when a point is rolled, I now have the best advantage possible. The don't pass odds are the best bet on the craps table. Even better than the pass odds. Here is where I make my money. Important to understand when laying odds on the darkside... is you have to put more money on the table to win less. I'll explain below.
For each example, we will assume the max odds are 10X (cause that's what they are at the casinos I play at now). The higher the max odds, the less advantage the house has over you. If you go to a table and see 2X odds... RUN! the least you should be doing are 3X4X5X odds. If you find a table with 100X odds... well, I hope you have the bankroll for it.
If the point is...
6 or 8, I lay $60. Pays 5:6 (notice... opposite of what the pass line pays. You pay more to win less).
5 or 9, I lay $75. Pays 2:3
4 or 10, I lay $100. Pays 1:2
For each of these bets, if a 7 is rolled, I win $50 from my odds bet, and $5 from my original DP bet for a total of $55. Max odds are calculated by the most money you can WIN. So 10X a $5 bet is $50. That's the most I can win on my odds bet. So in order to win $50, I can lay whatever amount pays out $50. For a 6 or 8, it pays 2:3, so I can lay $60 to win $50. For 5 or 9 it's 2:3, so I can lay $75, and for 4 or 10, its 1:2, so I can lay $100.
To be honest, I really only lay max odds when a 4 or 10 is the point when other people are shooting. Even though they roll random, I still like to be the one in control when I'm putting my money out there. Plus, usually when I've been playing the DP for a little while, people get pissed and leave, and I have the table to myself. When I roll, I play max odds on every point number.
I set the dice a very particular way for come out rolls, and for whatever the point number is. As the session goes, I take note of what numbers I tend to throw. I usually have patterns. Two nights ago, I was throwing a TON of 5's and 9's... so I stayed away from 5 and 9 Don't Come bets.
As I start to build up my winnings, I'll begin placing a $5 bet in the Don't Come bar. The best part of this bet, is that unlike the Come bet, you don't have to put the bet up on the number. So if I roll a 6, my Don't Come bet doesn't have to go on the 6. I just tell the dealer NO ACTION, and it can either stay in the Don't Come box, or I can take the bet down entirely. This is actually a good thing for the house because they don't want you laying odds on the don't come bets... because it's a good bet. So they gladly let you take it down.
For me, like I said, I try to notice trends in how I'm throwing that night. Two nights ago, I didn't throw a single 10 when the point was established. So I started laying money on the 10... or if the point was a 10, I would put a $5 don't come bet, hope to hit a 4, then hit a 7. If that happens, I win 2 or 3 bets. The beauty of the Don't Come bets, is that you only lose one bet at a time... so it makes it much harder to go broke all at once. You often see when a point gets established, people throw out 100's of dollars into the box numbers... and then the shooter 7's out. You lose ALL those bets in one roll of the dice. If I have a don't come bet with max odds on the 4, the 10, and my DP bet with max odds on the DP line... There is no way I can lose all 3 bets in one roll of the dice. The shooter would have to hit a 4, a 10, and then the point without 7'ing out for me to lose all the bets. That just doesn't happen all that often. So even though you're betting more money to win less, your money stays on the table longer.
I never make any bets in the middle of the table. Never. no hard ways, no fire bets, no C&E, no craps bets, and no horn bets. Ever. SOMETIMES I will play the field, even though it's not a good bet. But sometimes you get bored by just doing the DP bet. But I limit it to 2 losses. If I lose twice in a row, I stop making the bet.
When other people are shooting, I give each shooter 2 chances to 7 out. If they keep hitting the point, I stop betting against them and wait for the next shooter.
I'm happy to discuss any of this if you want to.
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my vegas darksider experience

I was staying at Aria over the Thanksgiving holiday and wanted to try out some different strats.

I had some success doing the usual pass/6/8 on Day 1 with 3 hot rolls but on Day 2 and Thanksgiving, the entire strip seemed cold as everyone seemed to be losing at every casino. I decided to try out the dark side.

The tables were $10, $15, or $25 mins. The strat is DP bet and a $2 or $5 CE on come out with the following:
- Point is 4/10, 5x odds and 2 DC bets
- Point is 5/9, 2x odds and 1 DC
- Point is 6/8, 1x odds and 0 DC
- DC odds follow the same odds amount as the points
- If I lost money twice to a shooter, I wait for the next shooter. (I sat out a lot of hot rolls for my usual P/6/8 strats due to this rule)

Some minor success where I was able to collect stacks of green chips while everyone was losing. When it was my turn to roll, I still played DP against myself and purposely threw like "crap" and muttering "seven" to myself. I can honestly say the superstition and dice setting is baloney. I probably made the point 75% of the time - everyone cheered for me to keep going and I kept refusing to go back to playing pass line.

Here's the problems, my own natural self-consciousness...
- Dealers wanted to me stand close to the DC so I can drop the bets myself. Players did not like me standing near them and one guy purposely blew smoke towards me. Another guy saw me place a DP and he glared at me.
- At a friendly table, the people around me was asking me how to play donts. After some explaining and telling them about attitudes towards darksiders, I enjoyed their company and I did not want to bet against their rolls. I sat out 4-5 rollers just because "I liked them"
- the worst is when it's a hot table and everyone is having fun but because I was dedicated to dark side for the night, I refused to join them.

It was tough playing the dark side. I know some of you religiously play DP and I don't know how you can do it!

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ProfPeculiar's SYE Batch 7: Halloween Enhancements!!

Here we are, with our 7th batch of Ability Enhancements and my 2nd SYE post! With Enhancements for Trance Terra & Emperor, as well as very exciting Enhancements for last year's Halloween units, this is going to be a really cool batch! Without further ado, let's dive right in, starting with our Halloween units.
In case the order seems weird, I'm doing these alphabetically.

Black Cat Lid

Rarity: 3* - 5* 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Hex Strike Base ST 1.3x physical damage & Inflict 3 Random Ailments (30%) - - - - - - -
Hex Strike +1 ST 1.3x physical damage & Inflict 3 Random Ailments (40%) Tech 10 5 1 - - 60,000
Hex Strike +2 ST 1.3x physical damage & Inflict 4 Random Ailments (50%) Tech 15 8 2 - - 60,000
Super cheap, decent Enhancements to the functionality of Hex Strike. Most bosses are immune to all ailments, but occasionally we get one that is susceptible to Disease, and the +2 will definitely help get that nice 10% All-Stat reduction to stick. Also, did I mention how stupid cheap this is? Should only be a problem if you enhanced Soleil (or are still trying to, like mecries )
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Ultimate Blow Base ST 2.5x physical attack with DEF Ignore (35%) - - - - - - -
Ultimate Blow +1 ST 3x physical attack with DEF Ignore (35%) Power 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Ultimate Blow +2 ST 3x physical attack with DEF Ignore (50%) Power 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Holy Toledo, do thine eyes deceive me? Did Ultimate Blow, the strongest (I think) physical attack at the time BC Lid was released, just become an honest-to-God meta viable budget finisher? Why I do believe it did. With a normalized 6x modifier, Ultimate Blow +2 is now a stronger attack than Olive's True Shot (until Olive gets Enhancementsfingers crossed.. ). BC Lid was a personal favorite of mine at the time of her release, and she just got some much deserved love in a big way. And it's surprisingly cheap, at least for a large power boost like that anyway, only requiring one T5 cryst and three T4 crysts.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Sturdy Cat Base Nullify Poison & Paralysis and Increase DEF (20%) - - - - - - -
Sturdy Cat +1 Nullify Poison & Paralysis and Increase DEF (30%) & HP (20%) Support 10 8 3 1 - 120,000
Sturdy Cat +2 Nullify Poison & Paralysis and Increase DEF (50%) & HP (50%) Support 15 12 5 4 - 120,000
Jesus. Not only did BC Lid get an extra bit of survivability with her 6* Awakening, but she's apparently been decking herself out with armor plates from Mechanoid enemies she's scrapped, 'cause that is some serious beefiness going on there. The five T4 Support crysts is unfortunate, but well worth it in my opinion. I mean, it's another 30% DEF and freaking 50% HP for crying out loud. Not counting crisis buffs and on-skill mitigation, I think this makes her tankier than Demon know, the actual tank on the banner. :|
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Nature Protector Base Boost physical damage against Demons, Undead & Machines (50%) - - - - - - -
Nature Protector +1 Boost physical damage against Demons, Undead & Machines (75%) Tech 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Nature Protector +2 Boost physical damage against Demons, Undead & Machines (75%) & Increase ATK (100%) with a Hammer Tech 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
I guess doing 100% increased damage to Undead & Machines and 50% to Demons just wasn't enough. With 125% (counting her separate Undead & Machine killer passives) extra damage to Undead & Machines and 75% to Demons, along with a phenomenal 100% increase to ATK, Lid can do some serious damage now. This is hindered somewhat by the fairly limited (and crappy) selection of hammers we have available so far on GL, but the high octane killers and ATK increase should offset that a fair amount. Hopefully Soleil didn't take all of your Tech crysts!
Also, if you have Ruggles, you can give his hammer to BC Lid and have her cap Aileen chains (assuming you have her as well). Or, if you have the Mighty Hammer, you can give her that and cap some sweet Lightning chains like the ones from Bran + Rikku.
Surprisingly good Enhancements all around for BC Lid make this guy a happy camper. Considering the disappointing state all of the Halloween units were released in, I don't think anyone actually expected good Enhancements for the units, but Lid's are quite fantastic in my opinion, and allow her to rejoin the big kids in conjunction with her 6* Awakening. Hex Strike is the only one that I would call mediocre, but even it has its uses. Priorities change depending on whether you intend to do any damage with Lid, or whether she's going to primarily be a support.
  1. Nature Protector +2
  2. Ultimate Blow +2
  3. Sturdy Cat +2
  4. Hex Strike +2 (Optional)
  1. Sturdy Cat +2
  2. Hex Strike +2
  3. Nature Protector +2 & Ultimate Blow +2 (Optional)
The long and short of it? If you have her and want to use heare using her, hells to the mothafuckin' yes. Also, some folks have provided me with numbers by this point, and BC Lid is definitely an extremely viable budget finisher.

Demon Rain

Rarity: 5* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Counter Base Counter physical attacks (30%) - - - - - - -
Counter +1 Counter physical attacks (30%) with physical damage (2x) & increase Critical rate (10%) Guard 15 8 5 - - 120,000
Counter +2 Counter physical attacks (40%) with physical damage (3x) & increase Critical rate (30%) Guard 23 12 8 2 - 120,000
Wha....what the heck Gumi? Not even gonna buy the enemies dinner first, just gonna have D. Rain take them straight to pound townI guess we know what the D. really stands for now...? And why is this so cheap? Oh well, at least D. Rain has too crappy of stats and no innate provoke to really make use of this.
Also, be aware that because of his 2.5x increase counter chance passive, Demon Rain will guaranteed counter every single physical attack that hits him.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Doublehand Base Increase Equipment ATK (50%) when single-wielding a one-handed weapon - - - - - - -
Doublehand +1 Increase Equipment ATK (100%) & Accuracy (25%) when single-wielding a one-handed weapon Tech 20 15 10 2 1 250,000
Doublehand +2 Increase Equipment ATK (150%) & Accuracy (25%) when single-wielding any weapon Tech 30 23 15 4 2 250,000
This is...wrong. An unspeakable evil has been unleashed upon the land. Now D. Rain does have the stats to throw some weight behind those 3x damage counters. At least this one is appropriately expensive, costing three T5 and six T4 crysts: skip right over the +1 and grab that +2. Hope you Demon Rain owners still have some Tech crysts left over from Soleil's greedy butt. He has no good attacks to take advantage of his newfound damage though, and has no innate provoke and only a crappy ST cover for procing his newfound uber counters.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Defend Base Mitigate damage taken (50%) for 1 turn to caster - - - - - - -
Demon's Taunt +1 Increase chance of being targeted (100%) & mitigate damage taken (50%) for 1 turn to caster Guard 15 10 8 1 - 500,000
Demon's Taunt +2 Increase chance of being targeted (100%) & mitigate damage taken (50%) for 3 turns to caster Increase cost to 20 MP Guard 23 15 12 2 1 500,000
Aaaaand there it is. Demon Rain now has the 100% provoke that he has always needed, and can make full use of his shiny new counters. This enhancement makes him just as good of a Provoke tank as Willhelm, with 100% chance and 50% mitigation. Willhelm has better stat backing though, so he's still going to tank the hits better than Demon Rain: he also has basically nothing to do on his two turns in between recasts of provoke, unlike Willy.
This one is pricey, at one T5, three T4 and 1 Mill Gil, but it's (mostly) uncommonly used Guard crysts, so hopefully you'll have enough lying around.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Demonic Fury Base Increase ATK (30%) below HP threshold (30%) - - - - - - -
Demonic Fury +1 Increase ATK/DEF (60%) below HP threshold (30%) Support 15 10 8 1 - 500,000
Demonic Fury +2 Increase HP (30%) & increase ATK/DEF (120%) below HP threshold (50%) Support 23 15 12 2 1 500,000
*inhale*....*exhale*...Okay. Now Rain does have the stats to soak up large amounts of damage, having been given a permanent 30% HP and a permanent 120% ATK/DEF crisis buff. It's a little pricey, costing one T5 and three T4 Support crysts along with 1 Mill Gil, but it's really all-or-nothing on this one: go big or go home. He still doesn't have anything to do on his off-turns though.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Ignite Base AoE increase ATK/MAG (40%) for 3 turns - - - - - - -
Ignite +1 AoE increase ATK/MAG (60%) for 3 turns Support 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Ignite +2 AoE increase ATK/MAG (80%) for 4 turns & enables access to Demon's Wrath and Inner Fire for 3 turns Support 23 12 8 2 - 250,000
Enabled Skill Description Cost
Demon's Wrath ST 5x physical damage 30 MP
Inner Fire Self increase SPR (80%) for 5 turns & self recover MP (50, 0.5x) over 5 turns 40 MP
*throws papers into the air and storms out of the room*That's it, I quit!
*sits back down* Ahem. Stupidly good enhancements, giving Demon Rain literally every single thing he needed in order to be the absolute best damage-dealing counter-voke tank in GL to date. A bit on the expensive sidefor good reason..., costing a total of 3.24 Millin Gil and a few T5 and T4 crysts across the Guard, Tech and Support types: but by the Gods are they worth it. With the powerful enhancements to his Doublehand, his 100% 3x damage counters, the permanent Soleil level ATK/DEF crisis buff and his shiny new 5x damage finisher, Demon Rain now can now churn out the hurt no matter what he's doing, so long as the enemy is throwing physical hits at him. If you have Demon Rain and can afford to replace your existing tank with him, abuse enhance the ever-loving hell out of him.
Also, you can combine him with the new Illusionist Nichol for a 100% voke & counter tank with a 100% chance to AoE cover the party from physical damage: if you want each turn in AoE physical heavy fights to take 10 minutes while Rain counters, that is.

Dracu Lasswell Batwell

Rarity: 5* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
ATK +20% Base Increase ATK (20%) - - - - - - -
Night Blade +1 Increase ATK (20%) & increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a katana Tech 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Night Blade +2 Increase ATK (20%) & increase ATK (60%) and HP (30%) when equipped with a katana Tech 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Look at that, a solid boost to Dracu Lassie's Batwell's ATK stat when wielding a katana, bringing his total passive ATK boost to 90%. Fairly priced at one T5 and three T4 Tech crysts along with 500k Gil, this is a solid enhancement if you want Bat Lassie Batwell to do any damage.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Bat Form Base Decrease target chance (65%) - - - - - - -
Bat Form +1 Decrease target chance (65%) & chance to dodge physical attacks (10%) Guard 15 8 5 - - 120,000
Bat Form +2 Decrease target chance (65%) & chance to dodge physical (20%) and magical (10%) attacks Guard 23 12 8 1 - 120,000
A super cheap, decent enough boost to Bat Lassie's Batwell's survivability. If you're gonna touch this one, no reason not to +2 it.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Bloodlust Base ST 2x hybrid damage and ST 1x hybrid damage as HP Drain (30%) - - - - - - -
Bloodlust +1 ST 2.5x hybrid damage and ST 1x hybrid damage as HP Drain (30%) Healing 10 8 3 - - 250,000
Bloodlust +2 ST 2.5x hybrid damage and ST 1x hybrid damage as HP (30%) and ST 0.4x hybrid damage as MP Drain (30%) Healing 15 12 5 1 - 250,000
Ah, an upgrade to one of Bat Lassie's Batwell's damage skills....and it sucks ass. Don't let the relatively cheap cost fool you, this enhancement isn't even remotely worth the few materials it requires. This is like a weird Lance-on-a-stick...except Lance is already technically on a stick, and this extra stick is only marginally bigger than the original stick. Please don't bother enhancing this one: 2.5x is a terrible modifier for a hybrid skill on a unit with no MAG support, and Lance-like skills are a horrible form of sustain in extended fights.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Black Mist Base AoE 1.5x Dark physical damage with HP Sacrifice (20%) & inflict Sleep (25%) - - - - - - -
Black Mist +1 AoE 1.8x Dark physical damage with HP Sacrifice (20%) & inflict Sleep (100%) Black 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Black Mist +2 AoE 2.2x Dark physical damage with HP Sacrifice (15%) & inflict Sleep and Disease (100%) Black 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Okay, first things first: why does this use Black crysts? Second: this is disappointingly bad. I mean yes, it's better than Darkside, but come on. The Sleep is literally pointless on like, >90% of content, Disease is only marginally useful, and Bladeblitz from Odin is arguably a better way to clear trash: cause let's be honest, that's all this is going to get used for. Seriously, don't bother with this one. Let's just hope his last enhancement is worth a damn.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Nightmare Assault Base ST 2.2x physical damage & decrease ATK/DEF (40%) and Ice resistance (40%) for 3 turns - - - - - - -
Nightmare Assault +1 ST 2.5x physical damage & decrease ATK/DEF (40%) and Ice resistance (50%) for 3 turns Power 20 15 10 2 1 500,000
Nightmare Assault +2 ST 3x physical damage & decrease ATK/DEF (50%) and Ice resistance (75%) for 3 turns Power 30 23 15 4 2 500,000
*sigh* Seriously Gumi? As a damage dealer, this is awful. A 3x modifier is a joke for a finisher these days: I mean hell, Rain counters for 3x damage now, and he's going to have way more ATK than Bat Lassie Batwell. And while the 50% break on ATK/DEF and huge 75% Ice imperil are nice, Lass currently has no good way of taking advantage of said imperil. This is just a poorly executed mess, and isn't even remotely worth three T5 Power crysts. Don't enhance.
Bat Lassie Batwell got shafted. Hard. I haven't seen enhancements this bad or pointless since Cloud of Darkness and Exdeath. This is just sad considering how neat of a unit Bat Lassie Batwell could have been, but clearly Rain is Gumi's favorite. Someone was either seriously slacking when they came up with these or has some sort of grudge against Lasswell. I hate to say it, but it's an all around "no" for Bat Lassie's Batwell's enhancements.

Ziggy Stardust Emperor

Rarity: 5* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
I'll Never Die! Base Recover MP (10%) each turn - - - - - - -
I'll Never Die! +1 Increase HP (30%) & recover MP (10%) and HP (120 HP, 0.6x) each turn Guard 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
I'll Never Die! +2 Increase HP (30%) & recover MP (10%) and HP (120 HP, 0.6x) & ignore fatal damage (50%) above HP threshold (40%) up to 3 times Guard 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Major increase to both the sustainability and survivability of Emperor David Bowie. The extra HP is fantastic, the Auto-Regen, while small, is appreciated and the nuke prevention that can proc 3 times per life as long as he has >40% HP is just icing on the damn cake. If you have Bowie and want to use him, I highly suggest at least enhancing this to +1 for the extra HP.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Fire From Below Base ST 2x Fire magic damage with consecutive use increase (2x, Max: 10) - - - - - - -
Fire From Below + 1 ST 2x Fire magic damage with consecutive use increase (2x, Max: 10) & decrease Fire resistance (25%) for 2 turns Black 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Fire From Below +2 ST 2.5x Fire magic damage with consecutive use increase (2.5x, Max: 10) & Fire resistance (50%) for 2 turns Black 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Enhance this. If you are using or want to use Bowie, this is why. JP's version of these enhancements were good enough: the extra 25% Fire resistance debuff we got over them is just icing on the cake. Once the stacks start building up, Bowie becomes a monster of a finishesolo damage dealer, throwing around an absolutely unholy max-stack 27.5x modifier on a 50% imperil for an effective 41.25x modifier like it's a god-damned game of Hot Potato. If you've seen Dr. Tran, these are the sort of hot dickings he wishes he could hand out. I'm not even going to talk about the cost, because cost is irrelevant when you're talking about numbers like these.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Control Base Self increase MAG (100%) and AoE decrease SPR (20%) for all allies except caster for 5 turns - - - - - - -
Control +1 Self increase MAG (100%) and AoE decrease SPR (50%) for all allies except caster for 11 turns Support 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Control +2 Self increase MAG (200%) and AoE decrease SPR (50%) for all allies and enemies except caster for 11 turns Support 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Ehhhh....I don't like this. Yes, it is an absolutely unrivaled MAG buff for Bowie with a nice SPR break for the enemies, but a 50% SPR debuff for your entire team minus Bowie is a very dangerous bullet to be playing Russian Roulette with: especially in the fights where the 200% MAG buff would be relevant. Unless you have a dedicated Stat Break resistance buffer or Stat Break cleanser (dispelling will remove the MAG buff as well, rending the whole thing moot) in your party, this is pointless. This is an incredibly niche trick pony, and as such I'm calling it as a pass.
Edit: I forgot that certain non time-limited units, like Earth Veritas, already have Stat Break prevention, and so I dismissed Control far too readily. It does require a lot more specificity in your party composition, but if you can accommodate it Control provides an unparalleled in-combat MAG boost to Emperor, with a 50% SPR debuff as a cherry on top. I still rate this as a low priority, however, until Stat Break prevention becomes more commonplace than it is now.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Insolent Fools! Base Decrease target chance (75%) - - - - - - -
Insolent Fools! +1 Decrease target chance (75%) & increase resistance to Silence and Confuse (100%) Green 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Insolent Fools! +2 Decrease target chance (75%) & increase resistance to Silence and Confuse (100%) & increase MAG (50%) when equipped with a rod Green 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
An awesome GL exclusive enhancement set for Insolent Fools! gives us another 50% MAG when wielding a rod, as well as some nice QoL immunities to Silence and Confuse. The immunities, while nice, are only slightly useful though, as Silence and Confuse only get thrown around in very certain fights: don't worry about this too much unless you can grab that sweet sweet +2. The fact that it uses the almost unused Green cryst type is just an added bonus.
Very nice enhancements to Emperor, especially with his GL enhancement to Insolent Fools! The +1 and +2 of I'll Never Die! help him to back up his claim with some much needed survivability boosts, the already nasty Fire From Below reaches nonsensical levels of damage with the modifier boost and imperil, and the +2 of Insolent Fools! grants him some very nice MAG. Control is such a gimmick that it can be safely ignored until Stat Break prevention and Stat Break cleansing becomes more commonplace Control, while it does require specific units to be viable, is a massive damage boost to Emperor on a super long duration.
Priority order should be:
  1. +1 of I'll Never Die!
  2. +2 of Insolent Fools! and Fire From Below
  3. +2 of I'll Never Die! and +2 of Control


Rarity: 3* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Doublehand Base Increase Equipment ATK (50%) and Accuracy (25%) when single-wielding a one-handed weapon - - - - - - -
Doublehand +1 Increase Equipment ATK (75%) and Accuracy (25%) when single-wielding a one-handed weapon Tech 20 15 10 4 1 1,000,000
Doublehand +2 Increase Equipment ATK (125%) and Accuracy (25%) when single-wielding a one-handed weapon Tech 30 23 15 8 2 1,000,000
What the actual fuck? This is a decent enough enhancement, providing Garland with a GL boosted 75% Doublehand increase, but by the Divines this is so unbelievably expensive. Demon Rain got a better Doublehand enhancement with 25% more ATK boost with any weapon, and his enhancements cost 1.5 million less Gil and the same number of crysts. Why this watered down version of a Doublehand enhancement is more expensive, I will never understand. This would have been great a few months ago, but we've got better, cheaper options now (for the most part).
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Dark Spiral Base AoE 1.4x physical damage with ignore DEF (50%) and decrease Dark resistance (50%) for 3 turns - - - - - - -
Dark Spiral +1 AoE 1.6x physical damage with ignore DEF (50%) and decrease Dark resistance (65%) for 3 turns Black 15 10 8 2 1 500,000
Dark Spiral +2 AoE 2x physical damage with ignore DEF (50%) and decrease Dark resistance (80%) for 3 turns Black 23 15 12 4 2 500,000
Okay, these physical skills using Black crysts are getting really weird. Anyway, another set of expensive enhancements for Garland, but at least this one is pretty nice. A normalized 4x modifier with an 80% attached imperil to bring us up to a very solid 7.2x damage, which is for the most part relatively unmatched. The real prize here is the 80% Dark imperil, which is only outclassed by Dark Knight Cecil who is nowhere near as readily available. The fact that it's AoE is niche at best, and can even be a drawback in very certain situations.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Dark Awakening Base Self add Dark element to physical attacks for 5 turns - - - - - - -
Dark Awakening +1 Self add Dark element to physical attacks and increase Dark resistance (50%) for 5 turns Support 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Dark Awakening +2 Self add Dark element to physical attacks and increase Dark resistance (50%) and increase ATK (100%) for 5 turns Support 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Much more appropriately priced, and with an appreciated 50% GL boost to the ATK buff, Dark Awakening is a solid enhancement for anyone running Garland that either doesn't have a Dark element greatsword or Moonblade, or isn't bringing a bard/Soleil.
Short, but to the point, Garland's enhancements unfortunately are a little underwhelming. He's certainly in better shape here on GL than he was on JP, but aside from the nice 80% Dark imperil on Dark Spiral +2 he's honestly still a bit D.O.A. given the timeframe in which we're receiving these enhancements. Again, they would have been nice a few months ago, but these days better options are fairly prevalent: not only that, but finishers aren't something common in most team comps given the extra emphasis on survivability required by most high-end content.


Rarity: 4* - 5*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Phantom Base AoE physical damage combo (2 times, 1.6x each, 3.2x total) - - - - - - -
Phantom +1 AoE physical damage combo (2 times, 1.9x each, 3.8x total) Power 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Phantom +2 AoE physical damage combo (2 times, 2.4x each, 4.8x total) Power 23 12 8 2 - 250,000
A pretty solid, GL boosted enhancement to Phantom, bringing it's modifier up to 4.8x from the JP 4x: we've even got a slight discount, shaving off the single T5 cryst on the +2. This skill really only has niche use in the Arena though, so it falls in at a "meh" for me.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Battle Prep Base Increase ATK (30%) and DEF (20%) when equipped with a sword - - - - - - -
Battle Prep +1 Increase ATK (40%) and DEF (20%) when equipped with a sword & Auto-heal (120 HP, 0.6x) each turn Guard 10 8 3 - - 120,000
Battle Prep +2 Increase ATK (50%) and DEF (20%) when equipped with a sword & Increase HP (30%) and Auto-Heal (120 HP, 0.6x) each turn Guard 15 12 5 1 - 120,000
A nice, solid little enhancement to both Leon's damage and survivability thanks to the additional 20% ATK here on GL. The Auto-Regen is meh. Cheap, but not terribly worth it on a 5* max unit you're pobably not going to use outside the Arena.
It sucks being 5* max in a 6* world, it really does. If Leon ever gets a 6* form (which, he shouldeventually ) I would definitely recommend grabbing these cheap little boosts to his effectiveness, but as it stands there's just really no point in enhancing him.

Trance Terra

Rarity: 5* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Inherited Power Base Increase MAG/SPR (30%) and Silence resistance (100%) - - - - - - -
Inherited Power +1 Increase HP (20%) and MAG/SPR (30%) and Silence resistance (100%) Guard 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Inherited Power +2 Increase HP (20%), MAG (80%) and SPR (30%) and Silence resistance (100%) and Fire/Ice/Lightning resistance (30%) Guard 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Now that's what I call an enhancement. 20% HP, an unconditional 50% MAG and some QoL in the form of 30% Fire/Ice/Lightning resistance make for a more survivable, harder hitting Pink Ball of Doom. If Trance Terra is in your roster, this is a priority.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Ultima Base AoE 2.8x magic damage with ignore SPR (25%) - - - - - - -
Ultima +1 AoE 2.8x magic damage with ignore SPR (25%) and 15 MP cost reduction Black 20 15 10 4 1 1,000,000
Ultima +2 AoE 2.8x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%) and increase hitcount to 7 Black 30 23 15 8 2 1,000,000
Super expensive, not all that great enhancements to Ultima. The +1 is literally just a QoL cost reduction: the +2 improves the effective modifier by 25%, but also changes it from a finisher to this weirdly weighted chaining spell. Considering that Trance Terra has Chaos Wave for chaining, there's no reason to spend materials on...well...either of these. Unless you really want that MP reduction.
Edit: While I personally would not spend the materials on this it has been pointed out to me that, in addition to the Arena, Ultima +2 is also useful for OTKO strats for Raids and MK events, as well as for non-dupe chaining with Dark Fina (and Seabreeze Dark Fina when her enhancements hit) in 10-man trials. I leave this one up to you.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Magical Activation Base Self increase MAG/SPR (80%) for 3 turns - - - - - - -
Magical Activation +1 Self increase MAG/SPR (100%) for 3 turns Tech 20 15 10 4 - 1,000,000
Magical Activation +2 Self increase MAG/SPR (120%) for 3 turns and gain access to Dual White Magic and Successor - Maduin's Power for 5 turns Tech 30 23 15 8 2 1,000,000
Oh my, is it Chrismahanukwanzakah already? Buff increases aside, this is nice for one reason and one reason alone:
Enabled Skill Description Cost
Successor - Maduin's Power Use Chaos Wave twice in one turn -
This beautiful little skill allows you to fire off Chaos Wave's like you're dual-wielding Nerf guns in a game of Humans vs. Zombies. The reason this is so nice is because of...
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Chaos Wave Base AoE 1.8x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%); if used after Magical Activation, AoE 3.6x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%) - - - - - - -
Chaos Wave +1 AoE 2.1x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%); if used after Magical Activation, AoE 4.2x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%) Black 15 10 8 2 - 500,000
Chaos Wave +2 AoE 2.1x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%); if Magic Activation is used, AoE 4.2x magic damage with ignore SPR (50%) (permanent) Black 23 15 12 4 2 500,000
That's right boys and girls. With the +2 enhancement to Chaos Wave, the modifier and hit count increases from using Magical Activation become permanent. What this means is that you only need to use Magical Activation every 6th turn to re-unlock Successor - Maduin's Power for DC Chaos Wave madness. Absolutely worth every single cryst and Gil.
Epic enhancements have once again turned Pink Ball of Doom (not Kirby) into the leading magical damage dealer here on GL: unless you don't have a copy or friend! If you don't, Emperor likely takes that crown (if the enemy isn't resistant to Fire), as he doesn't need a clone to churn out his damage. But, if you do have a clone or friend, you can do dirty, nasty things like 2-turn Aigaion and make Blood Moon your biatch.
Priorities here are as follows:
  1. Inherited Power +2
  2. Magical Activation +2 and Chaos Wave +2 (you need both!)
  3. Scoff at Ultima +2, as it's far too beneath you now Ultima +2, if you want it

White Witch Fina

Rarity: 4* - 6*
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Entrust Base Use own LB Gauge to fill an ally's gauge - - - - - - -
Entrust +1 Use own LB Gauge to fill an ally's gauge and cure all Ailments Tech 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Entrust +2 Use own LB Gauge to fill an ally's gauge, cure all Ailments and grant Auto-Revive (80% HP) for 3 turns Tech 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
Pretty nice. While this does require WW Fina to have at least some LB gauge available, the Full Esuna and Auto-Revive are super nice and are fairly worth the Tech crysts it costs to upgrade this.
Best part is she doesn't have to kill herself to give Auto-Revive like Butz does. Seriously, Bartz, you're doing it wrong.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
SPR +20%, MP +10% Base Increase SPR (20%) and MP (10%) - - - - - - -
Witchhood +1 Increase SPR (30%) and MP (10%) and decrease target chance (50%) Support 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Witchhood +2 Increase SPR (50%) and MP (30%) and decrease target chance (50%) and increase Equipment SPR (100%) when single-wielding any weapon Support 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
I love that it seems like Gumi is trying to shift some of the emphasis away from dual-wielding to single-wielding. This is a fantastic enhancement that's..actually oddly cheap, considering what a potentially massive boost this gives to Fina's total SPR. While she does lack a good innate healing spell (Cura or Curada are her options), the ungodly amount of SPR she'll have will offset that greatly: especially if you put Holy Wand on her for a ridiculous 240 SPR from just the staff itself and the Dual White Magic for DC Cura. Seriously, holy crap this enhancement.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Divine Burst Base AoE 1x Light physical damage with "Undead Killer" (250%) - - - - - - -
Divine Burst +1 AoE 1.5x Light physical damage with "Undead Killer" (250%) & AoE 1.5x Light magic damage with 100% of SPR as MAG White 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Divine Burst +2 AoE 3x Light physical damage with "Undead Killer" (250%) & AoE 3x Light magic damage with 100% of SPR as MAG White 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
So this is an interesting one. Supposedly the skill doesn't have actual Undead Killer on it: if it's used against Undead, it deals a separate 2.5x modifier on the physical hit, otherwise it just uses the normal 1x modifier. Same end result, essentially, but it's...weird. I dunno. Anyway, the second half of the skill on the +1 and +2 is the real prize here, as it allows WW Fina to use all of that raging SPR-peen she just acquired to dick over everyone and everything in sight with a potentially epic Light element magic finisher. The modifier itself is fairly mediocre, but with the SPR potential now on the table for her it should still be respectable damage. You know, assuming she gets a chance to use this while healing.
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Ritual Base AoE except self recover HP (30%) and MP (10%) - - - - - - -
Ritual +1 AoE except self recover HP (40%) and MP (15%) Healing 15 8 5 1 - 250,000
Ritual +2 AoE except self recover HP (50%) and MP (25%) Healing 23 12 8 2 1 250,000
A very simple, solid enhancement to a unique skill. Buffing the HP recovery to 50% and MP recover to 25%, these enhancements significantly improve WW Fina's ability to heal your party and keep their MP topped off. The fact that it's percentage based, as opposed to Tilith's flat amount heal, has its pros and cons though: while it will heal more than Tilith on any units with more than 5k HP, Ritual will out-heal Tilith, but on units with <5k HP it will heal potentially significantly less. If your party is set on MP sustain, you might avoid this for the most part in favor of SPR boosted DC Cura/Curaga's (if you give her the materia for Curaga), as its efficacy is heavily dependant on the beefiness of your party. Definitely still enhance it though if you're going to use WW Fina!
Name Rank Description Cryst T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Raise Base ST Revive (30% HP) - - - - - - -
Raise +1 ST Revive (60% HP) White 10 5 1 - - 60,000
Raise +2 ST Revive (95% HP) White 15 8 2 - - 60,000
A simple, solid enhancement that's super cheap to boot. If you're using/going to use WW Fina, grab it.
Awesome, unique enhancements to White Witch Fina put shame to all those who made fun of her previous hat. There's literally not a single enhancement out of the bunch that isn't worth the crysts, with the potentially epic Divine Burst +2 as the weakest of the bunch. I really don't have much else to say here, other than I bet some folks are really regretting getting rid of their WW Fina(s) (if they did).
  1. Ritual +2
  2. Witchhood +2
  3. Raise +2 and Entrust +2
  4. Divine Burst +2 (if you have the spare crysts and have Light chains to cap)
As always, let me know if you spot any mistakes or errors I may have missed!
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KOTOR Experience 1: Nothing.

(Spoilers incoming. These stories are designed to be read by someone who's already finished the game. See here for previous episodes and an answer to "what the hell is this crap?")
Here is is, folks. The final episode. It's a long one, but I hope you'll find it's worth it.
Edit: Crap, I swapped the title around again. (Facepalm.)
Me: So, we've got a series of empty bins and terminals, all paired and all lettered, but none of them do anything. There were two doors leading from Bastila's room. I wonder if there's something down the other door that interacts with these. Well, for now, I'll just keep heading forward.
(Door opens.)
Malak: I tire of this game, Revan.
Me: I got a little tired of it after Manaan, too, but I got back into it. Just make yourself push past the boring parts, it gets better again.
Malak: You made a mistake coming here.
Me: What, was I supposed to go through Bastila's other door first?
Malak: This time you will not escape.
Me: It's you who can't escape. I'm max leveled, max light side, and I have plenty of saves. I'm winning this game tonight. Maybe if you give up now the Jedi council will show you mercy.
Malak: You think stripping away your power and identity was an act of mercy? I would rather die!
Me: Well, if they hadn't then we wouldn't have had this really fun game, would we? Think about it, if they do the same to you, then maybe you could have your own game!
Malak: Are you seriously trying to redeem me? Me??
Me: Well, I'm picking those dialog options because it's fun, but I don't seriously think it's gonna happen.
Malak: It's annoying.
Me: That's why I'm picking them! Dude, the Jedi can totally redeem you, if you want. All you gotta do is ask.
Malak: Stop it! Just for that, I'm going to let the Star Forge itself destroy you!
Me: Not gonna get your own hands dirty?
Malak: Not just yet. I have to tenderize you first.
(Doors close. A ton of droids appear.)
Me: Uhhhm... JOLEE! I never learned Destroy Droid! JOLEE!
(Draw lightsabers as the droids close in.)
Me: BASTILA! Open that door right now and let Jolee back in or lightside help me I'm gonna un-redeem your ass!
(Starts slicing apart droids.)
Me: Holy sh-- where's my combat bar? Half my HUD is gone! I can't heal, I can't buff! I can't lay mines! (Who am I kidding, I never lay mines.) I can't even see my health!!
(Pause, unpause, go into menus and fiddle with settings, spin the camera around... nothing brings back HUD.)
Me: Um, well, since it looks like restarting the game is the only way I'm going to get my HUD back, I guess I'll just play this out until I die.
(Slices apart more droids for a while.)
Me: These guys are actually going down real easy. And each one I kill I see a puff in the distance. Is it like each one I kill is destroying the computer that goes with it? I can't see over this mass of droids.
(Crunch, crackle, hiss.)
Me: (Stands on tiptoes to see what's happening at the terminals.) Nope! It's making more of them! Let's see... (Runs to a terminal.) Ah, I see, the terminals are active now, and I can spike them to either stop the droids or make friendly droids. That's cool. I need twelve spikes to make a new bot, how many do I have... 70!?! Okay, sure, we'll make a few bots!
(Proceeds to go around disabling the terminals, making a new droid every third terminal or so.)
Me: Okay, that's done. (Wipes hands. Droids die in the background.) Oh, I'm an idiot, I bet I can get my HUD back if I save and reload.
Me: That's better. Wow, after killing all those droids, taking all those shots, not one heal, I still have 1/3 of my life left. Psh, who needs Jolee after all?
Malak: Well done. You're stronger than you ever were as the Dark Lord. I didn't think that was possible.
Me: This is your last chance. Surrender. ...Say, who's the guy in his underwear floating behind you? What, is the Star Forge really fueled by Sith savants who tied their brains into a computer or something?
Malak: Once again we will face each other in single combat... and the victor will decide the fate of the galaxy!
Me: Ooooh, ominous. (Brandishes lightsabers.) Let's dance!
Malak: Did you just try to stasis me?
Me: Eh, I had to at least try once. Maybe I could make you die laughing.
(Fight continues... Malak runs off.)
Me: Get back here! What, are you scared already?
Malak: You continue to amaze me, Revan.
Me: What's with you darksiders always wanting to stop and talk in the middle of a good ass-whoopin'?
Malak: If only you had been the one to uncover the true power of the Star Forge you might have become truly invincible.
Me: Let me guess, you're about to show me how this floaty guy is going to kill me.
Malak: All you saw was an enormous factory. You were blind, Revan - blind and stupid!
Me: Yeah, I may be blind but at least I have a jawbone. You may have come to chew bubble gum and kick ass, but you're all out of ...jaw. Wait, that didn't come out nearly as cool as it sounded in my head. Can I get a do-over?
Malak: Look around you, Revan.
Me: Wait, I got it - you can't kick ass OR chew bubble gum!
Me: See the bodies? They should look familiar.
Me: You know, there are like only twelve distinct models used in this whole game. Everyone looks familiar.
Malak: These are all Jedi who fell when I attacked Dantooine.
Me: (Looks around.) What did you do with the ones who weren't human?
Malak: For all intents and purposes they're dead, except --
(Camera pans over to a body.)
Me: Ggnnnaaaaah, you took out their eyes?!?!?? What's wrong with you???
Malak: --I have not let them become one with the force. The Star Forge corrupts what remains of their power and transfers the dark taint to me!
Me: So the Star Forge is also like a force transfusion? Transfuser? What's the word for a thing that transfuses?
Malak: Will you stop talking already??? I'm monologuing, here!! (Turns and draws the power from one Jedi corpse.)
Me: (Makes disgusted face.) Ew, you like turned him into a corpse raisin. With no eyes.
Malak: You cannot beat me, Revan. Not here on the Star Forge. Not when I can draw upon the power of all these Jedi! And then I'll do the same to you!
Me: You'll take my eyes and turn me into dried fruit?
Malak: NO! I'll-- Argh! Just die already!!
Me: Okay, let's think about this, here. He just squeezed that guy like a sponge. Can I do anything to him? (Runs over to investigate the corpse.) Nope. Hmm...
Malak: (Attacks from behind.)
Me: Mother f-- Can't you see I'm strategizing here? (Heal, buffs, attack.) Why the hell am I using force heal? If there was ever a time to use this mass of medpacks, it would be now.
(Fighting... Malak runs off towards another corpse.)
Me: Come back here, pansy, I-- ("Captive Jedi" gets accidentally targeted. PAUSE.) What? He's showing up in red like a hostile. But the "attack" option is missing. I can stasis him, but that seems silly. (Flips controls.) Buuuut I can also throw my lightsaber at him!
(Runs over to captive Jedi.)
Me: Okay, game. I know you and I have had disagreements before over what should earn dark side points. And on paper, killing a Jedi reeeeeealy seems like it should go into the "dark" column. But I think we can make an exception for ending what's supposed to be a hellish existence between life and death. It's a mercy killing, if the guy is even still alive at all. If there's any justice, even a little, I'm not gonna get dark side points for this. Please? (Deep breath.) Well, here goes nothing.
(Throw lightsaber.)
Me: Oh, thank the light. Now to kill the rest of the Jedi. ...God that really sounds wrong. (Starts running.) I wonder what I would have done if I didn't know Throw Lightsaber?
(Proceeds to run around the room, killing all the Jedi, getting hit by Malak, and pounding medpacks.)
Me: Now it's just you and me, bucko!
Me: Ah, I'm at about half health... can I get in one more attack before I heal up? Yeah, queue one more attack, then heal.
Me: (Ded.)
Me: Sigh. Note to self - half health is not enough time for one more attack.
Malak: Revan! ...Weren't you just here?
Me: Um...
Malak: You were. I just killed you.
Me: Wait, what? You're not supposed to be aware of that.
Malak: I'm the Dark Lord of the Sith. You think I'm not aware of your pathetic "reload" ability?
Me: "Pathetic?" Seems pretty useful to me. I hate games where you can't save, or where they just let you save in specific places.
Malak: I'm tempted to try to capture you alive, break your will, and bind you to me like I did Bastila. Your "reload" power may actually be more useful than her Battle Meditation.
Me: Not gonna happen. I ain't serving the dark side again.
Malak: Foolish words. The darkness and the light wage a constant war within you. The balance is tipped one way now, but it can easily be tipped back. Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things Revan... and yet you are nothing. In the end you belong to neither light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.
Me: ...Wow. (Golf clap.) That was actually pretty poignant. I liked that a lot. Why didn't you say that the first time around?
Malak: I had some more time to think when you paused the game and ran to get the kettle off the stove.
Me: (Blink.) Uh, you're aware of that, too?
Malak: Of course. I can smell your tea as well. Is it... spiced chai? With honey?
Me: Okay, that's not funny. You're freaking me out. I'm the one who's supposed to break the fourth wall, not you. You're just an NPC.
Malak: Just an NPC? Just an NPC?? (Metallic laugh.) I am THE NPC. I am the whole reason you are here. I am this game and you are nothing.
Me: Well, I am, you know.
Malak: What?
Me: Nothing. (Looks around the room.) Or, rather, Revan is nothing. Your comment before - very meta. Because, you know, Revan may have a history with you, but as soon as the game started he - or she - became a blank slate. Revan is a hole to be filled by the player, and he can be anything I want - savior, conqueror, hero, villain, like you said. He is nothing... and everything. (Looks back at Malak.) Unlike you, who are just an NPC with a single role to play for your whole existence.
Malak: ...I hate you.
Me: So, ready to come back to the light side yet?
(Long fight. All of the Jedi are destroyed at the first opportunity.)
(Malak falls.)
Malak: Im-impossible. I... I cannot be beaten. I am the Dark Lord of the Sith.
Me: Come on, you really didn't see this coming? You had to know it was inevitable. Even if you had killed me again I can just keep reloading over and over again until I get it right. I even remembered to save after I killed all the Jedi this time so I wouldn't have to keep doing that part.
Malak: I... I thought it would be too hard, and eventually you would give up.
Me: And then what would've happened? Then you'd've been the one trapped in a hellish place between life and death, forever frozen in time, with no one to play the game that you're a part of. Unable to be beaten, but equally unable to rule the galaxy. Besides, I had another power I could've used if I needed to.
Malak: What... what power would that be?
Me: Cheats.
Malak: Wouldn't that... be dark side?
Me: How many times do I have to say this? It's strategy.
Malak: I cannot help but wonder, what would've happened had our positions been reversed? What if fate had decreed I would be captured by the Jedi? Could I have returned to the light as you did?
Me: Maybe. It would've been a lot harder to hide who you were with that jaw, though. The player would've spotted you in a second.
Malak: If you had not led me down a dark path in the first place, what destiny would I have found?
Me: Why does everyone keep blaming me?? (Hands on hips.) You know, you're taking an awfully long time to die.
Malak: I suppose I must accept responsibility for my own fate. I wanted to be Master of the Sith and ruler of the galaxy. (Cough.) But that destiny was not mine, Revan. It might have been yours, perhaps... but never mine. Just... just tell me one thing.
Me: What?
Malak: Will you make it your destiny? Will you be Master of the Sith?
Me: I... uh... we just went over this, how I'm a servant of the light, now.
Malak: No, I mean, will you play the game over... (cough) dark side? You said you could be anything. I want to know that in some reality you rose to... to become the Dark Lord.
Me: ...Sure. (Camera pans slightly to the side to show fingers are crossed behind my back.) Sure, I'll do it. Some day.
Malak: Thank you. And now, in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing. (Falls dead.)
Me: I guess that makes two of us.
(Tucks away lightsabers.)
Me: And you know, you weren't really nothing. A player can't be a player without a game.
(Starts to walk out. Stops, turns back.)
Me: See you next time around.
(Doors close.)
Carth: There you are! What happened?
Me: He wouldn't come back to the light side, so I had to kill him.
Bastila: I'm surprised you would even think of trying. You really thought he could be redeemed?
Me: No, but it annoyed the fuck out of him. Hey, you're looking a lot better. You've lost your pasty "bad guy" complexion.
Bastila: Yes, thank you. I had some time to... reacclimate.
Carth: Hey, this complex is about to become glitter. Let's move!
Me: Move over, would ya? I just vanquished the Dark Lord, I deserve a seat on the couch.
Zaalbar: (Vaguely irritated roar. Shifts over.)
Canderous: (To Bastila.) Hey, welcome back! You look good in all black.
Bastila: Thank you... I think.
(Capital ships begin bombardment.)
Me: Hey, T3, do you mind?
T3: Beep whoop.
Me: Thanks. (Sits down and puts popcorn bowl and soda on T3's head.) Are there any of the gummy bears left?
HK: Statement: Carth ate the last of them.
Me: Carth!
Carth: What? You were in there with Malak for a long time. My blood sugar was low.
Bastila: Shh!
Dodonna: We did it. The Sith are routed and the Star Forge destroyed!
Vandar: But at what cost, Admiral? Where is the Ebon Hawk and her crew?
Mission: (Loud gasp.)
Me: (Rolls eyes. Mutters.) I think only somebody as naive as Mission would think they'd actually kill us at this po-- (Turns head to side to see Carth is staring at the screen with a worried expression, popcorn frozen halfway to his mouth.) Never mind.
(Star Forge blows up.)
Me: (Laughs and claps.) They made it look like a practical "New Hope" explosion! That's awesome!
(Ebon Hawk zooms out of the explosion. The room cheers.)
Dodonna: (Radio voice.) Carth, you made it!
Carth: (Radio voice.) We couldn't let you start the victory party without us, Admiral!
Me: (Turns to look questioningly at Carth beside her on the couch.)
Carth: Oh, I recorded that a while ago.
Me: You knew you were going to say that, but you still-- ah forget it.
Dodonna: I'm sending an honor guard to escort you in. You'll be getting a hero's welcome when we all get home.
(Planetside celebration.)
Me: So, "home" is the Rakatan temple?
Jolee: Well, Taris is gone, Dantooine is gone...
Juhani: They cannot very well create a new map just for the celebration scene.
Bastila: We could've had the celebration at the Republic Embassy on Manaan--
Me, Carth, and Jolee: (All together.) No!
Me: Here is fine! Here is perfect!
(Ceremony continues.)
Vandar: We Jedi now have another tale to weave into the grand history of our eternal Order - the Redemption of Revan, the prodigal knight.
Me: (Mutters.) ...which no one will ever speak of again.
(Everyone cheers. People start milling around and talking. Somebody opens a bottle.)
Me: (Starts walking around shaking hands and patting backs.) Good game everyone. Gee gee.
Jolee: So you’re headed back to the “real world”, now, huh?
Me: Unfortunately, yeah. (Takes off belt with lightsabers, lays it down on one of the stone railings. Gives it an affectionate pat.)
Canderous: Can we keep your share of the credits?
Me: Yeah, sure, go nuts.
Jolee: Can I keep your laptop?
Me: Glares.
Bastila: Thanks for not letting me stay dark side. And not killing me.
Me: Heh, no problem. (Shakes hands.)
Bastila: Are you going to play through again?
Me: Some day, I'm sure. Not right now. I think I'm ready to play something different for a little bit.
Bastila: Will you do dark side next time?
Me: Nah, I don't think I can do dark side. It's just not me. I'll probably go watch the ending on YouTube, though.
Mission: (Shakes hands.) So, you, uh, never found my brother.
Me: Yeah, sorry about that. You just never seemed really useful, so I kept you on the Hawk most of the game. I'll use you more next time, I promise.
HK: Statement: You did not hear all of my story.
Me: I tried! You didn't let me, once we got past the Leviathan.
HK: And you barely used me at all. Meatbags tell me I am hilarious.
Me: Yeah... that was part of the problem. You were funnier than me. Makes it hard to riff on something that's legitimately hilarious. I'll catch you next time, too. (Pats HK on the shoulder with a metallic bang.)
Canderous: (Crushes my hand.) You barely spoke to me, too.
Me: (Winces and shakes out hand.) Next time! Guys, I really wanna play something different. Maybe KOTOR 2. If you're in that game, I'll see you over there.
(Moves over to Carth.)
Me: Carth.
Carth: Hey.
Me: You trust me now?
Carth: (Laughs.) Of course! (Shakes hands, then pulls into a hug.)
Me: So... (Steps back.) What's up with the romance thing?
Carth: Huh?
Me: Romance. You know, guy and girl fall in love? ...Or insert whatever genders in there, I don't judge.
Carth: What are you talking about?
Me: I thought we had something. You got really pissed at that guy on Tatooine for hitting on me...
Carth: Well, he was a jerk.
Me: told me I reminded you of your wife...
Carth: You do. She used to call me an idiot, too.
Me: And then... nothing. What happened? I kept talking to you all game, and all you had to say was that you knew nothing about the planet we're on. People keep telling me that there is a romance possible, here, but that it ends kinda weirdly - so was that it? Just, "You remind me of my wife?" and nothing else? That seems more than "awkward." I didn't get one kiss, not even a peck on the cheek that was just described in text form.
Carth: Oh, yeah... (Looks down at ground, shoves around a pebble with his foot.) I just... I dunno. I kinda felt something a while back there, but then we found out you were Revan, and that totally threw me for a loop. Sorry, I just... lost it.
Me: But... I saved your son!
Carth: I know, and I'm really grateful for that. But we got picked up by the Leviathan right after that, and, well, you know. Stuff happened. (Shrug.) It wasn't you, it was me. I just wasn't ready. Maybe if we'd had a little more time to get to know each other after Dustil and before the Leviathan things would've been different.
Me: (Stares.) You mean... I fucked up the romance by doing Dustil's quest too late?
Carth: Besides... (Looks up and across the crowd of people.) I kinda got the hots for Bastila.
Me: WHAT??
Carth: You know, we got a lot of time to talk while you were fighting Malak.
Me: But... the door was closed!
Carth: Well, she opened it of course. Once you moved on there wasn't any reason to keep it closed.
Me: (Jaw hangs open.)
Carth: I thought I'd, you know, help her come back over to the light side a bit more. One thing led to another... (Looks back at Bastila, who's talking to Mission and Zaalbar.) She's a really good kisser. (Awkwardly pats me on the shoulder, gives me a smile, then moves off towards Bastila.)
Me: (Jaw keeps hanging.)
Jolee: (Comes over and hands me a drink.) Well, you can always go watch the romance on your laptop, right?
Me: (Big gulp of drink.) Yeah... I guess I can.
(Carth says something to Bastila, and she laughs.)
Jolee: But then... (Sips his own drink.) It wouldn't be you he was talking to. It would be some other Revan. Some other "nothing".
(Carth and Bastila turn away to watch a set of fighters do a celebratory flyover. Carth points up at them, and casually puts his arm around her waist. She leans into him.)
Me: (Tosses back the rest of the drink.) That's it. (Stomps back over to railing. Picks up lightsaber belt and angrily puts it back on.) We're playing this game again. Right now.
(Cue Star Wars ending theme.)
Edit: Click here for the next chapter of "KOTOR 1 Experience" - Here we go again.
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Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods/Twin River Craps

Any insight on Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods/Twin River craps? I’m a fairly new player, just learned out in Vegas at the Flamingo from a friend and help from the dealers and fell in love with the game. Actually won about $100 betting pass with odds and 6/8 with no pressing (had no clue what I was doing). Took forever to realize why I had to put $6 on 6/8 instead of 5...haha. Also got $20 from a fellow player after a nice little streak I had throwing the dice, surprised people weren’t playing the darkside when they saw me walk up. Anyways I’ve been watching tons of YouTube videos and reading a lot on reddit about strategies/etiquette...etc. Looking to have about a $200 bankroll on (hopefully) a $5 table playing pass with odds and 6/8 but pressing here and there and bringing in other numbers and potentially come bets with odds after any profit, again just my 2nd time. What do you all prefer? Best place and times for $5 minimums? Historically nicest dealers and best tables? Any and all insight is appreciated, the goal right now is less to make huge profits and more to just get more time at a table, following along with live action. Thanks!
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Critical mode: my 2 cents

Just finished Olympus with m'y death counter being at 1 (Darkside's Damages really surprised me lmao but it sets the tone)
After talking about critical mode with my friends, I found myself to be pretty insightful about it so here are a few advices that might help some of us :
1/ Flame Cores : DON'T try to mash X against those, use short combos (like 1 or 2 X, more will cause them to go berzerk ans you don't want that), spamming Water (melee or distance, melee will do more damage and act as a "guard" against the fireballs these crazy looking pots are throwing at you) is your best bet !
2/ Helps a lot with most fights, but looks like it isn't so obvious so here goes. Sora's fluidity gives you tons of mobility, ABUSE IT ! I can't stress it enough, environments are huge in KH3 and fluidity allows you to get in and out of fights super easily while your teammates will keep on fighting, which will give you priceless occasions to reposition yourself, have a better appreciation of your current battle statuts and use your damaging spells from a safe distance if necessary.
3/ Seems obvious too but... Square is your BFF if you do well by him. What I mean by that is simple. Spam dodge and you won't be able to dodge when you really need to, same applies to guard, those are your best friends when used properly. I insist on guard by the way, NOTHING in this game can go past it but timing is crucial. Learn your enemies cues and use those to your advantage.
4/ Ultima's form change : I know how tempting it is to just mash the crap out of your X button while Ultima's form change is active but advice n°3 counts triple when using this form, its attacks are leaving you super open to counter attacks from behind. It's annoying as hell but in the meantime, your dodge turns into a bloody BLINK and allows you to relocate in the safest fashion ever.
5/ Don't count on Ultima too much. As good as this keyblade is, its Magic stat is pretty lame when not upgraded, so keep the following in mind : you can switch between three keyblades and at the beginning of a New Game +, having a keyblade with a high Magic stat equipped can't hurt.
6/ Agility is great, but much like rolls and guards, it should be used with care. I've beaten the Titans on my first try (even though I honestly thought I was gonna die a good lot of times lmao) but lots of my friends didn't and most of them were struggling with the first phase for the most stupid reason ever. Shortly before this fight, you'll unlock the Agility command, which allows you to rush to your target almost instantly. While this move is crazy useful against the Titans, using it carelessly will cause you to rush into projectiles or beams that could have been super easily avoided which in the worst case scenario will have you meet your demise, we don't want that.
7/ Try and have FUN ! IT'S A GAME !! The general consensus among my friends and I is that this critical mode is surely the hardest among all KH's critical modes (well, I'm doing it no XP while my friends are all taking levels but for the first world, it's not gonna make a huge difference anyway) and I honestly love it, it's like Dark Souls but with Ninja Gaiden's speed and while it can be infuriating to take crazy damages from the weakest shadow, it's still a game and it should be enjoyed, if you're going mad af, just take a break, even you're in the middle of a fight (personnal experience, I bought and equipped as much pots as possible before the first fight in Olympus, only to burn the three pots that I had equipped within the first ten seconds of this fight, I was like "WTF?!"), when you get mad, you lose your focus, if you aren't focused, you WILL die ! Don't hesitate to press pause and take a break when you feel like you're getting mad, it's a thing I learned from playing Dark Souls and it really helped me a lot !
Well, that's pretty much it, I'm gonna get back to playing now, I'll edit this post if I feel like it but really, apart from the Flame Cores (those are defo the most troublesome foes in Olympus), there isn't any real menace in the first world, so take it easy, be patient, don't rush in, use your agility, guard and rolls with care and you should clear Olympus easily :)
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Hitting a 4 point Fire Bet and small/all/tall in the same trip.

Just wanted to share my most recent trip with this sub:
Every month, my job sends me to Las Vegas for additional work. Luckily, my job takes care of the cost of the hotel. However, these hotels are typically not the Bellagio or the MGM Grand. They tend to be the Station Casinos in Las Vegas; these are primarily geared towards locals: casual players and degenerates alike. In my somewhat limited craps experience, it's always more fun to play with the locals due to the constant lower table limits ($5 craps with at least 3-5x odds). I definitely don't want to play $10 minimums if I can help it; it just eats away at my already modest bank roll (less than $1000).
Anyway, I arrive to the Station casino on Thursday evening with a bank roll of $600. I play for a few hours at the craps table and end my night with a loss of $200. Dejected, I head off to my room to sleep the unlucky streak off and rest for work the next day.
Friday comes and I wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle the real work after hours. My bank roll is now around $400. I head to one of the tables that have the fire bets. After some conservative betting, the dice finally come to me, I throw a $5 bet on myself for fire and do the simple minimum pass line bet ($5) followed with the following chips on odds:
In addition, I tend to set my dice with same numbers all around such as boxcars on top and hard six facing me. I do a light throw with no flick of the wrist from the right side of the stick man. On the come out roll, I do horn high ace deuce and whenever it hits, I press it up by $5 until the point is established.
After about 20 mins, I cleared four points and then seven out, hitting that fire bet in the process. Being the conservative bettor I am, I recoup my losses from the night before and start again with a blank slate. However, duty calls and I return back to my room.
The next evening, a coworker and I head to one of the other fairly empty tables that have the all small/tall/all bets and try our luck there. As per usual, there is a darkside player in the corner minding his own business. He does decently on the cold table and builds a sizable stack. Wanting to regain my bank roll, I emulate his betting style and bet on the don't pass with $25. It doesn't turn out too well for me, especially with the side eye glances from people for doing this. His winnings are indicative of the table and the rest of us are down to our last few dollars.
Finally, the dice come to me and I bet 2-1-2 on the all small/all/ tall. I'm lights out for the next 45 mins, hitting all small/all/tall and tall again before I finally seven out. Even had the "Don't Pass" guy changing chips and leaving early with a smaller stack. My coworker (who tends to have a bigger bank roll than me) redeems himself with generous winning bets on the hops and hard ways. I do fairly well but nothing too outrageous, even with the winning S/A/T and fire bet.
I head home with around 50% ROI and somewhat a believer in dice setting/control.
TL;DR -- hit the 4 point fire bet and then the next day, I hit the small/all/tall and tall again before I finally seven out. I increase my starting bankroll by 50%.
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Withdraw Cash from ATM - Craps Betting Strategy LIVE CRAPSThe Ultimate Dark SideWizard Of Odds Approved StrategyCasino Bubble Craps Ep16 Don't try this Strategy, unless you want to win - Craps Betting Strategy Fastest Winning Craps System! Playing The Dark Side

Learn How to Play Craps. Lesson 7 - Dark Side Odds Payoffs : Did you know that less than 15% of all craps players are dark side bettors? In part I of the series, I covered odds payoffs on Pass Line/Come Line bets, otherwise called Placing Odds. Now it's time for the dark side. So, you're betting 30 to win 25 on the lay odds. Michael: Yes, again, this works the opposite way as the odds on the Pass. This is going to win if you roll the seven, and this $30 bet will pay 25 because it's more likely to roll a seven than a six. If you are a darkside "don't" player, which means you are betting against the shooter making his point, you are the most disliked man or woman in the game of craps. And don't kid yourself into thinking the other players realize that you are also playing against the house edge and not playing against them. Just be aware that the social aspect of craps is going to come into play at the casino (unless you play on one of the bubble games, or the e- Craps games that have betting monitors). In my opinion, the social part of the game is going to have way more bearing on your 'fun factor' than whether you win or lose money. Playing the DarkSide gives you the fine upstanding craps citizen, the best odds of winning of all the table games, unless you are successfully counting cards at Blackjack. However, by playing the DarkSide methods, you will be bucking the accepted ways of betting, and many other craps players will wonder about you.

[index] [13696] [5669] [7436] [327] [1201] [9326] [14823] [7989] [4466] [11504]

Withdraw Cash from ATM - Craps Betting Strategy

Dark Side? Ridiculous! Profitable Side! - Duration: 45:16. Big AZ Craps GURU 5,595 views. ... Part 1 of 2 of this craps game, DAY 6 - Duration: 33:11. Big AZ Craps GURU 1,318 views. Craps Betting Strategy/ Pressing for Profit - Duration: 29:27. 36FullPress Craps 667 views. ... The Dark Side With ZERO PROTECTION! - Duration: 42:55. Big AZ Craps GURU 1,832 views. You’re watching the 16th episode of Craps Strategies LIVE! Today we’re using the ultimate dark side strategy. Continuous Don’t Pass & Don’t Come bets. Don't try this Strategy, unless you want to win - Craps Betting Strategy. This is a Don't strategy by John Patrick. This craps betting strategy is called the two number don't. This craps betting strategy is called the Darkside ATM and was submitted by Codi Gumbs. This is basically an iron cross strategy that starts with a don't pass bet. He starts with a $200 don't pass ...