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NASCAR Live Betting Pilot Project Set to Launch in September - Partnership With Genius Sports Set to "build one of the most advanced live betting systems in the world"

NASCAR Live Betting Pilot Project Set to Launch in September - Partnership With Genius Sports Set to submitted by LVsportsbetting to NASCAR [link] [comments]

In order to make our live betting system as accurate as possible 🏃, we have to explore and analyze dozens and hundreds of football ⚽ games. That means that we need to observe the games systematically and comprehensively to build informative models.

In order to make our live betting system as accurate as possible 🏃, we have to explore and analyze dozens and hundreds of football ⚽ games. That means that we need to observe the games systematically and comprehensively to build informative models. submitted by betonchart to BetOnChart [link] [comments]

In order to make our live betting system as accurate as possible 🏃, we have to explore and analyze dozens and hundreds of football ⚽ games. That means that we need to observe the games systematically and comprehensively to build informative models.

In order to make our live betting system as accurate as possible 🏃, we have to explore and analyze dozens and hundreds of football ⚽ games. That means that we need to observe the games systematically and comprehensively to build informative models. submitted by shmalkofedya to u/shmalkofedya [link] [comments]

[XB1] 29/32 fantasy draft league in week 15 of season 4. Playoff team available. Shop system, league currency, betting, live announced Super Bowl. Come join the #tenyearleague

[XB1] 29/32 fantasy draft league in week 15 of season 4. Playoff team available. Shop system, league currency, betting, live announced Super Bowl. Come join the #tenyearleague submitted by Juuless_Joe_Jackson to Madden [link] [comments]

[TOMT][REDDIT POST][Late 2010s] Someone got sick and tired of an online betting system for strangers' personal lives and decided to expose it on reddit

Some time ago, some Redditor wrote a massive post about how they participated in and came to become sick of a secret online community that bets on other people's lives.
This person described an online betting market, akin to horse racing, where participants would post and bet on strangers' lives. As examples, they listed things like if someone was going to get into a university/college, how long a relationship would last, etc. Posters would put up "anonymized" information about these random strangers so that no one person would have inside information. Posters were supposed to only include generic information about these people's lives. There might have been moderators on the platform to facilitate this system so that it would not be rigged (i.e. minimize information asymmetry).
Over time, this OP started to think that some of the posts were related to people that they knew in real life. As a matter of principle, they refrained from betting on those posts, but started to realize that some of the commenters online seemed to also be in direct real-world contact with these people. They started to discern patterns where a commenter would bet against the odds and then see someone in real life manipulate the subjects in the favour of these commenters. Slowly, OP realized that this market was wider spread and intrusive on the "real-world" than they expected and became disenfranchised with it all. They questioned if the idea of an Illuminati controlling the world was actually just a semi-hidden online community of cheating gamblers.
It seems this type of concept is quite similar to the concept of an assassination market. This might have been on confessions or on writingprompts, but search engines weren't really able to help because my keywords are quite generic.
Any help to find this would be much appreciated! I am also curious to determine the seriousness of such a concept (whether it has any real world credibility or simply existed as a fictional writing prompt response (...for now)).
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[XB1] 29/32 fantasy draft league in week 15 of season 4. Playoff team available. Shop system, league currency, betting, live announced Super Bowl. Come join the #tenyearleague

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Went to the living ship upgrade system that I’m betting y’all know about. Came back and Barry decided he wanted to pose up a storm in front of the portal....

Went to the living ship upgrade system that I’m betting y’all know about. Came back and Barry decided he wanted to pose up a storm in front of the portal.... submitted by That_Happy_Guy to NoMansSkyTheGame [link] [comments]

I honestly wish we could have a battle pass

Wouldn't it be nice to have a seasonal DLC that we are able to purchase? I mean personally I just enjoy finishing daily missions and tasks that the game gives for me to accomplish while there's no event aside from ranked going on like asking me to play a game of ARAM and Twisted Treeline. The seasonal DLC could also give us some extra points for future events that are under that seasonal content.

With how League works I could think a lot of ways that it would give with the seasonal pass. For one season the game would have at least 3-4 Seasonal DLC. each being available for at least 3 months

- Daily Missions and Tasks (Play x champion in SR,Aram, Twisted Treeline, or play a game of ARAM)

- Weekly Game mode Rotations and a Calendar. (Provides a calender of what gamemodes are available)

- Voting on choosing a gamemode to be available for this week (One chosen gamemode will be returned for this amount of time)

- Live betting system on Pro Matches (Winners on who wins in x amount of matches wins a cosmetic)

- Spectator mode on Challenger games to see how they play the game

- Opening skins for purchase that aren't always there (Holiday themed skins, Prestige Skins and etc..)

- Chest reward for buying the DLC pass.

- Ability to choose S Aram map

- Ability to choose a voicepack

- Ability to change language
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[Complaint] Pinnacle live bets cancelled arbitrarily

This is meant as a warning to Pinnacle users, DO NOT use their live bet option.
My situation was this; I placed a live bet and waited the prescribed time as they "hold" live bets to make sure the line doesn't shift drastically. I then checked in my outstanding wagers section to verify it was placed (as I've had issues with them cancelling live bets before) and it was placed. The entire game, it was listed as an outstanding bet, until the end.
They simply cancelled it. They held the funds the entire 1.5 hrs, it showed as a bet made, and at the end of the contest they refunded my stake but not the winnings. Upon contacting customer service, they claim they cancelled it 10 seconds after the bet was placed, but that completely contradicts what happened in reality. It was a bet, it was there, it was live, they just pulled it. I also asked to start receiving email confirmations of bets placed and they don't offer that.
After looking around betting forums, this seems to be a common theme with their live betting system. The system keeps the stake if you lose, but often doesn't pay out when you win.
I've been using pinnacle for years and never had any issues with payouts or cancelled bets, except with live betting. The customer service team tried, but they can only go by what the computer shows them, and it is in the backend of their system that the problem seems to lie.
Simply enough, use this as a warning - DO NOT use pinnacle for your live bets.
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Good sportsbook US with live betting?

hey guys im looking for a good US sportsbook, that I can deposit cash (debit/credit) with no fees.
Bovada has 4.9% fee and I don't like it. I am looking for a good sportsbook that doesnt have fees and has good lines and good live betting system.
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Why was this graded a loss?

Placed a live bet on Cloudbet earlier today, at the very beginning of the Nadal match when he got broke and went down 2-1 in the first set. I had noticed the odds too good to be true, and quickly placed a bet just in case. Here is the bet I placed Imgur
Now at first I just figured, as usual with Cloudbet's live betting system, that the bet would be void and not even allowed to go through like with most mistakes with this. Once the bet went through, I figured I had one of two chances: they cancel the bet and refund me my money, or simply just let it ride. After all, this was a mistake on their end one way or another. Once I saw Nadal won, I checked cloudbet to come across this marked a LOSS!!! Any idea why? I already emailed them to figure out what is going on, but who knows how long itll be before I hear back from them. Did I miss something and make a stupid mistake?
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REMChain Proof-of-Service Consensus & Token Economy 1.0 Overview is Live! Utilizing masternodes, committee concept, and bets, it creates a fair and transparent system that is free of favoritism or centralized effect

REMChain Proof-of-Service Consensus & Token Economy 1.0 Overview is Live! Utilizing masternodes, committee concept, and bets, it creates a fair and transparent system that is free of favoritism or centralized effect submitted by remme_io to remme [link] [comments]

Entitled Dad wants my Granny-in-law's wheelchair.

So, several months ago, my Granny-In-Law was in an accident, that was not her fault. This resulted in both her fake leg and real leg getting broken, among other injuries.
Granny is just...full of rage. She's 80 years of rage, people! She had fought hard for decades over wanting to be independent and never be put in a home or becomes someone's burden. She wanted to live in her own home, take care of herself, and die in her own bed.
Sadly, the accident made that impossible now. She'll never be able to walk under her own power again, and she's hurting herself using a walker or whatever you called those wheeled things. She wants to live at home, however, she knew she would need someone there constantly, and hired a day nurse and a night nurse to come take care of her. She refuses to move into any home, relatives or otherwise.

Well, in an effort to get her out of the house, me Wifey and I would take her out. Yes, we were being very careful about where we were taking her, and going all out on masks, and antibacterial everything. We try to take her places that weren't too crowded, but also wheelchair accessible.
Well, a mall that was about an hour out of town had reopened. It's a sad, sad place, because many of the stores were closed, and possibly would never get any new business. It was a dying building, but the food court still had excellent food.
We went there today, the kids were off playing with some friends, so it was just me wifey, me Granny, and meself, taking laps around the mall, taking turns on who pushes granny.
Now, Granny was wearing a long skirt, but didn't have her fake leg on. You couldn't really see that she had one leg, unless you were looking very closely. So, I can kind of understand why this ED thought that my granny had two legs.
See, we got hungry, and went to the food court to get healthy (Heh heh) food to eat. We pulled up to a table, and started to chow down.
Then, ED appeared.
I don't even need to transcribe this part. It's a dime a dozen story, about an entitled parent that wants the wheelchair that someone is currently using. We say no, she says no and cannot walk, and the ED demands it for his son. He was sitting at another table, looking like he was out cold, he was that tired looking.

Granny finally had enough, and looked at him right in the eye and said: "young man! This is MY chair, which I need to move about. I don't care how tired your kid is, he cannot have this. I would not be able to walk at all!"
ED (obviously) replies; "You may be old, but you don't need it at all! You can walk you old crone."
Granny got red in the face; "OLD CRONE?! Lookie here, little boy, I may be old, but I can still can kick your ass, even if my only leg is in a bad shape!"
ED scoffs at her; "I bet you're only faking about having one leg!"
Granny looked like she was going to yell again. Except, she just grinned. She turned her chair too him, and lifted up her skirt. She showed him that she was, indeed, missing a leg.
"Think I'm faking here, kid?" She goes in a snide tone. "Think this is a fake stump?"
ED looked embarrassed, and tried to talk.
Granny wouldn't let him, she actually lifted up her stump a bit. "Why don't you touch my stump? Come on! It might be a real stump, might be fake! Touch it and see! Touch my stump! if it's a fake stump, the chair is yours!"
The guy backed off and started for his table. Except, Granny started to wheel after him, yelling at him "COME ON! Touch my Stump, you know you want to! Touch it!"
Me wifey was cracking up at this, so I had to be the one to grab her chair and bring her back. The ED picked his son up and carried him out of there quickly. Granny was grumbling about how rude that man was, but she looked so damn proud of herself! What few people there that was in hearing range was also laughing, although two people looked disgusted at my granny-in-law. Screw them.

At least that got some of her anger out of her system. The situation calmed her down a great deal, and cheered her up.
EDIT:Thank you for the rewards. That "I am deseast" one cracked me up.
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Technical: The Path to Taproot Activation

Taproot! Everybody wants to have it, somebody wants to make it, nobody knows how to get it!
(If you are asking why everybody wants it, see: Technical: Taproot: Why Activate?)
(Pedants: I mostly elide over lockin times)
Briefly, Taproot is that neat new thing that gets us:
So yes, let's activate taproot!

The SegWit Wars

The biggest problem with activating Taproot is PTSD from the previous softfork, SegWit. Pieter Wuille, one of the authors of the current Taproot proposal, has consistently held the position that he will not discuss activation, and will accept whatever activation process is imposed on Taproot. Other developers have expressed similar opinions.
So what happened with SegWit activation that was so traumatic? SegWit used the BIP9 activation method. Let's dive into BIP9!

BIP9 Miner-Activated Soft Fork

Basically, BIP9 has a bunch of parameters:
Now there are other parameters (name, starttime) but they are not anywhere near as important as the above two.
A number that is not a parameter, is 95%. Basically, activation of a BIP9 softfork is considered as actually succeeding if at least 95% of blocks in the last 2 weeks had the specified bit in the nVersion set. If less than 95% had this bit set before the timeout, then the upgrade fails and never goes into the network. This is not a parameter: it is a constant defined by BIP9, and developers using BIP9 activation cannot change this.
So, first some simple questions and their answers:

The Great Battles of the SegWit Wars

SegWit not only fixed transaction malleability, it also created a practical softforkable blocksize increase that also rebalanced weights so that the cost of spending a UTXO is about the same as the cost of creating UTXOs (and spending UTXOs is "better" since it limits the size of the UTXO set that every fullnode has to maintain).
So SegWit was written, the activation was decided to be BIP9, and then.... miner signalling stalled at below 75%.
Thus were the Great SegWit Wars started.

BIP9 Feature Hostage

If you are a miner with at least 5% global hashpower, you can hold a BIP9-activated softfork hostage.
You might even secretly want the softfork to actually push through. But you might want to extract concession from the users and the developers. Like removing the halvening. Or raising or even removing the block size caps (which helps larger miners more than smaller miners, making it easier to become a bigger fish that eats all the smaller fishes). Or whatever.
With BIP9, you can hold the softfork hostage. You just hold out and refuse to signal. You tell everyone you will signal, if and only if certain concessions are given to you.
This ability by miners to hold a feature hostage was enabled because of the miner-exit allowed by the timeout on BIP9. Prior to that, miners were considered little more than expendable security guards, paid for the risk they take to secure the network, but not special in the grand scheme of Bitcoin.

Covert ASICBoost

ASICBoost was a novel way of optimizing SHA256 mining, by taking advantage of the structure of the 80-byte header that is hashed in order to perform proof-of-work. The details of ASICBoost are out-of-scope here but you can read about it elsewhere
Here is a short summary of the two types of ASICBoost, relevant to the activation discussion.
Now, "overt" means "obvious", while "covert" means hidden. Overt ASICBoost is obvious because nVersion bits that are not currently in use for BIP9 activations are usually 0 by default, so setting those bits to 1 makes it obvious that you are doing something weird (namely, Overt ASICBoost). Covert ASICBoost is non-obvious because the order of transactions in a block are up to the miner anyway, so the miner rearranging the transactions in order to get lower power consumption is not going to be detected.
Unfortunately, while Overt ASICBoost was compatible with SegWit, Covert ASICBoost was not. This is because, pre-SegWit, only the block header Merkle tree committed to the transaction ordering. However, with SegWit, another Merkle tree exists, which commits to transaction ordering as well. Covert ASICBoost would require more computation to manipulate two Merkle trees, obviating the power benefits of Covert ASICBoost anyway.
Now, miners want to use ASICBoost (indeed, about 60->70% of current miners probably use the Overt ASICBoost nowadays; if you have a Bitcoin fullnode running you will see the logs with lots of "60 of last 100 blocks had unexpected versions" which is exactly what you would see with the nVersion manipulation that Overt ASICBoost does). But remember: ASICBoost was, at around the time, a novel improvement. Not all miners had ASICBoost hardware. Those who did, did not want it known that they had ASICBoost hardware, and wanted to do Covert ASICBoost!
But Covert ASICBoost is incompatible with SegWit, because SegWit actually has two Merkle trees of transaction data, and Covert ASICBoost works by fudging around with transaction ordering in a block, and recomputing two Merkle Trees is more expensive than recomputing just one (and loses the ASICBoost advantage).
Of course, those miners that wanted Covert ASICBoost did not want to openly admit that they had ASICBoost hardware, they wanted to keep their advantage secret because miners are strongly competitive in a very tight market. And doing ASICBoost Covertly was just the ticket, but they could not work post-SegWit.
Fortunately, due to the BIP9 activation process, they could hold SegWit hostage while covertly taking advantage of Covert ASICBoost!

UASF: BIP148 and BIP8

When the incompatibility between Covert ASICBoost and SegWit was realized, still, activation of SegWit stalled, and miners were still not openly claiming that ASICBoost was related to non-activation of SegWit.
Eventually, a new proposal was created: BIP148. With this rule, 3 months before the end of the SegWit timeout, nodes would reject blocks that did not signal SegWit. Thus, 3 months before SegWit timeout, BIP148 would force activation of SegWit.
This proposal was not accepted by Bitcoin Core, due to the shortening of the timeout (it effectively times out 3 months before the initial SegWit timeout). Instead, a fork of Bitcoin Core was created which added the patch to comply with BIP148. This was claimed as a User Activated Soft Fork, UASF, since users could freely download the alternate fork rather than sticking with the developers of Bitcoin Core.
Now, BIP148 effectively is just a BIP9 activation, except at its (earlier) timeout, the new rules would be activated anyway (instead of the BIP9-mandated behavior that the upgrade is cancelled at the end of the timeout).
BIP148 was actually inspired by the BIP8 proposal (the link here is a historical version; BIP8 has been updated recently, precisely in preparation for Taproot activation). BIP8 is basically BIP9, but at the end of timeout, the softfork is activated anyway rather than cancelled.
This removed the ability of miners to hold the softfork hostage. At best, they can delay the activation, but not stop it entirely by holding out as in BIP9.
Of course, this implies risk that not all miners have upgraded before activation, leading to possible losses for SPV users, as well as again re-pressuring miners to signal activation, possibly without the miners actually upgrading their software to properly impose the new softfork rules.

BIP91, SegWit2X, and The Aftermath

BIP148 inspired countermeasures, possibly from the Covert ASiCBoost miners, possibly from concerned users who wanted to offer concessions to miners. To this day, the common name for BIP148 - UASF - remains an emotionally-charged rallying cry for parts of the Bitcoin community.
One of these was SegWit2X. This was brokered in a deal between some Bitcoin personalities at a conference in New York, and thus part of the so-called "New York Agreement" or NYA, another emotionally-charged acronym.
The text of the NYA was basically:
  1. Set up a new activation threshold at 80% signalled at bit 4 (vs bit 1 for SegWit).
    • When this 80% signalling was reached, miners would require that bit 1 for SegWit be signalled to achive the 95% activation needed for SegWit.
  2. If the bit 4 signalling reached 80%, increase the block weight limit from the SegWit 4000000 to the SegWit2X 8000000, 6 months after bit 1 activation.
The first item above was coded in BIP91.
Unfortunately, if you read the BIP91, independently of NYA, you might come to the conclusion that BIP91 was only about lowering the threshold to 80%. In particular, BIP91 never mentions anything about the second point above, it never mentions that bit 4 80% threshold would also signal for a later hardfork increase in weight limit.
Because of this, even though there are claims that NYA (SegWit2X) reached 80% dominance, a close reading of BIP91 shows that the 80% dominance was only for SegWit activation, without necessarily a later 2x capacity hardfork (SegWit2X).
This ambiguity of bit 4 (NYA says it includes a 2x capacity hardfork, BIP91 says it does not) has continued to be a thorn in blocksize debates later. Economically speaking, Bitcoin futures between SegWit and SegWit2X showed strong economic dominance in favor of SegWit (SegWit2X futures were traded at a fraction in value of SegWit futures: I personally made a tidy but small amount of money betting against SegWit2X in the futures market), so suggesting that NYA achieved 80% dominance even in mining is laughable, but the NYA text that ties bit 4 to SegWit2X still exists.
Historically, BIP91 triggered which caused SegWit to activate before the BIP148 shorter timeout. BIP148 proponents continue to hold this day that it was the BIP148 shorter timeout and no-compromises-activate-on-August-1 that made miners flock to BIP91 as a face-saving tactic that actually removed the second clause of NYA. NYA supporters keep pointing to the bit 4 text in the NYA and the historical activation of BIP91 as a failed promise by Bitcoin developers.

Taproot Activation Proposals

There are two primary proposals I can see for Taproot activation:
  1. BIP8.
  2. Modern Softfork Activation.
We have discussed BIP8: roughly, it has bit and timeout, if 95% of miners signal bit it activates, at the end of timeout it activates. (EDIT: BIP8 has had recent updates: at the end of timeout it can now activate or fail. For the most part, in the below text "BIP8", means BIP8-and-activate-at-timeout, and "BIP9" means BIP8-and-fail-at-timeout)
So let's take a look at Modern Softfork Activation!

Modern Softfork Activation

This is a more complex activation method, composed of BIP9 and BIP8 as supcomponents.
  1. First have a 12-month BIP9 (fail at timeout).
  2. If the above fails to activate, have a 6-month discussion period during which users and developers and miners discuss whether to continue to step 3.
  3. Have a 24-month BIP8 (activate at timeout).
The total above is 42 months, if you are counting: 3.5 years worst-case activation.
The logic here is that if there are no problems, BIP9 will work just fine anyway. And if there are problems, the 6-month period should weed it out. Finally, miners cannot hold the feature hostage since the 24-month BIP8 period will exist anyway.

PSA: Being Resilient to Upgrades

Software is very birttle.
Anyone who has been using software for a long time has experienced something like this:
  1. You hear a new version of your favorite software has a nice new feature.
  2. Excited, you install the new version.
  3. You find that the new version has subtle incompatibilities with your current workflow.
  4. You are sad and downgrade to the older version.
  5. You find out that the new version has changed your files in incompatible ways that the old version cannot work with anymore.
  6. You tearfully reinstall the newer version and figure out how to get your lost productivity now that you have to adapt to a new workflow
If you are a technically-competent user, you might codify your workflow into a bunch of programs. And then you upgrade one of the external pieces of software you are using, and find that it has a subtle incompatibility with your current workflow which is based on a bunch of simple programs you wrote yourself. And if those simple programs are used as the basis of some important production system, you hve just screwed up because you upgraded software on an important production system.
And well, one of the issues with new softfork activation is that if not enough people (users and miners) upgrade to the newest Bitcoin software, the security of the new softfork rules are at risk.
Upgrading software of any kind is always a risk, and the more software you build on top of the software-being-upgraded, the greater you risk your tower of software collapsing while you change its foundations.
So if you have some complex Bitcoin-manipulating system with Bitcoin somewhere at the foundations, consider running two Bitcoin nodes:
  1. One is a "stable-version" Bitcoin node. Once it has synced, set it up to connect=x.x.x.x to the second node below (so that your ISP bandwidth is only spent on the second node). Use this node to run all your software: it's a stable version that you don't change for long periods of time. Enable txiindex, disable pruning, whatever your software needs.
  2. The other is an "always-up-to-date" Bitcoin Node. Keep its stoarge down with pruning (initially sync it off the "stable-version" node). You can't use blocksonly if your "stable-version" node needs to send transactions, but otherwise this "always-up-to-date" Bitcoin node can be kept as a low-resource node, so you can run both nodes in the same machine.
When a new Bitcoin version comes up, you just upgrade the "always-up-to-date" Bitcoin node. This protects you if a future softfork activates, you will only receive valid Bitcoin blocks and transactions. Since this node has nothing running on top of it, it is just a special peer of the "stable-version" node, any software incompatibilities with your system software do not exist.
Your "stable-version" Bitcoin node remains the same version until you are ready to actually upgrade this node and are prepared to rewrite most of the software you have running on top of it due to version compatibility problems.
When upgrading the "always-up-to-date", you can bring it down safely and then start it later. Your "stable-version" wil keep running, disconnected from the network, but otherwise still available for whatever queries. You do need some system to stop the "always-up-to-date" node if for any reason the "stable-version" goes down (otherwisee if the "always-up-to-date" advances its pruning window past what your "stable-version" has, the "stable-version" cannot sync afterwards), but if you are technically competent enough that you need to do this, you are technically competent enough to write such a trivial monitor program (EDIT: gmax notes you can adjust the pruning window by RPC commands to help with this as well).
This recommendation is from gmaxwell on IRC, by the way.
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Script for "History of the entire world I guess" by Bill wurtz

hi, you're on a rock floating in space. pretty cool, huh? some of it's water. fuck it. actually, most of it's water. i can't even get from here to there without buying a boat. it's sad. i'm sad. i miss you. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? a long time ago... actually, never. and also now. nothing is nowhere. when? never. makes sense, right? like i said, it didn't happen. nothing was never anywhere. that's why it's been everywhere. it's been so "everywhere," you don't need a "where." you don't even need a "when." that's how "every" it gets. forget this. i wanna be something. go somewhere. do something. i want things to change. i want to invent time and space. and i know it's possible because everything is here, and it probably already happened. i just don't know when to start. and that's exactly where it started. big bang— pause woah. i paused it. i think there's a universe now. what's it made of? quarks and stuff. ah, that's a thing! in a place! don't like it? try a new place, at a different Time™. try to stick together, because the world is gonna get bigger and emptier. but it's not empty yet! it's still very full, and about a kjghpillion degrees. about no seconds later great news! the quarks are now happily married in groups of three, called a "proton" and a "neutron." and there's something else flying around that wants to join in, but can't cause it's too HOT. ten minutes later great news! the protons and neutrons are now happily married to each other! some of them even doubled up. about 380,000 years later great news! the electrons have now joined in. congratulations! the world is now... a bunch of gas in space. but it's getting closer together... ten million years later and it's getting closer together... 500 million years later and it's getting closer togeth—star is born it's a star new shit just got made! some stars burn out and die. bigger stars burn out and die with passion! and make some brand new way crazier shit. space dust! which allows for newer and more interesting stars to be made, and then die and explode into even crazier space dust! so now, stars have cool stuff around them, like rocks, ice, and funny clouds, which can make some very interesting things. like this ball of flaming rocks, for example. meteor hits earth holy shit, we just got hit by another ball of flaming rocks. and it kind of... made a mess. which is now the moon weather update: it's raining rocks from outer space. weather update: those rocks might've had water inside of them and now there's hot steam in the sky. weather update: cooler temperatures today and the floor is no longer lava. weather update... it's raining. severe flooding alert, the entire world is now an ocean. volcano alert. that's land! there'slifeintheocean what? something's alive in the ocean oh, cool. like a plant, or an animal? no! a microscopic speck. it lives in the bottom of the ocean and eats chemical soup, which is being served hot and fresh, made from gnarly space ingredients left over from when it was raining rocks or whatever. microscopic speck asexually reproduces oh yeah, and it can do that. reproduces three more times it has secret instructions written inside itself telling it how to build another one of itself. so that's pretty nifty, i would say. tired of living at the bottom of the ocean? now you can eat sunlight! using a revolutionary technique, you can convert sunlight into food. taste the sun! side effect, now there's oxygen everywhere and the sky is blue. then the earth might've been a snowball for a while. maybe even a couple of times. it's a sponge... it's a plant... it's a worm, and some other types of weird strange water bugs and strange fish. it's the Cambrian explosion: "wow, that's animals and stuff" but we're still in the ocean. hey, can we go on land? NO why? the sun is a deadly laser oh okay. not anymore, there's a blanket now the animals can go on land. come on, animals, let's go on land! "nope, can't walk yet." "and there's no food yet, so i don't care." 100 million years later okay, will you learn to walk if there's plants up here? "maybe," said some bugs. and fish. fish gasps for air five million years later okay, so i can go on land, but i have to go back in the water to have babies! idea: learn to use an egg. "i was already doing that" use a stronger egg. put water in it. have a baby, on land, in an egg. water is in the egg. baby, in the egg, in the water, in the egg. works for me. bye bye ocean 50 million years later and now everything's huge. including bugs. wanna see a map of the land? sure. Permian extinction oh, fuck, now everything's dead. just kidding, here are the survivors. keep your eye on this one, because it's about to become 75 million years later the dinosaurs. here's another map of the land. yeah, it broke apart. don't worry about it, it does that all the time. here comes a meteor. meteor strikes and the dinosaurs are gone it's mammal time, here come the mammals. look at those breasts. now they're gonna dominate the world, but one of them just learned how to grab stuff. and walk. no, like, walk like that. and grab stuff at the same time. and bang rocks together to make pointed rocks. "ouch" and set things on fire. "yeouch" and make crazy sounds with their voice: "gneurshk" which can mean different things. that's a human person! and now they're everywhere. almost. ice age! what? you can walk over here? cool. not anymore well i guess we're stuck here now. let's review: there's people on the planet. and they're chasing their food. fuck it. time to plant some grass. look at this. i get to control the food now. now everyone will want to be my friend and live near me. let's all build houses, except mine is bigger because i own the food. this is great! i wonder if anyone else is doing this. tired of using rocks for everything? use metal. it's underground. better farming was just invented in a sweet dank valley right in between these two rivers, and the animals are helping. guess what happens next? more food. and more people, who came to buy the food. now you need people to help make the food and keep track of the sales. and now you need houses for people to live in and people to make the houses and now there's more people and they invent things which makes things better and more people come and there's more farming and more people to make more things for more people and now there's business, money, writing, laws, power, Society coming soon to a dank river valley near you. meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, the horse is probably being tamed. why is all my metal so lame and lumpy? tired of using lame, sad metal? introducing: bronze. made from special ingredient tin from the far lands of Tin Land. i dunno, my dealer won't tell me where he gets it. also, guess what? egypt meanwhile, out in the middle of nowhere, they figured out how to put wheels on a horse. now we're getting somewhere. also, china and did i mention indus river valley civilization society count: 5 ... norte chico the middle east is getting more complicated. maybe because it's in the middle of the east. knock knock, er, clop clop. it's the... people with the horses? and they made an empire. and then everyone else copied their horses. greeks! ah look, it must be the greeks! er, a beta version of the greeks. let's check in with the indus river valley civilization: they're gone. guess who's not gone? china. new arrivals from india... maybe it's those horse people i was talking about... or their cousins or something... and they wrote some hymns and mantras and stuff... you could make a religion out of this. there's the bronze age collapse. now the phoenicians can get down to business also, can we switch to a metal that's a little easier to find? thanks. look who came back to israel, it's the twelve tribes of israel. and they believe in God just one though, and he's got like a ten-step program. here's some huge heads. must be the olmecs. the phoenicians make some colonies. the greeks copy their idea and make some colonies. the phoenicians made a colony so big it makes colonies. here comes the assyrian empire. never mind, it's the babyloni— media—it's the Persian Empire: "wow, that's big" enlightenment ah, the buddha was just enlightened. who's the buddha? this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we're all dying. you could make a religion out of this. oops, china just broke. but while it was breaking, confucius was figuring out how to have good morals. enlightenment ah, the greeks just had the idea of thinking about stuff. and right over here, alexander just had the idea of conquering the entire persian empire. it's a great idea. he was... great. and now he's dead. hopefully, the rest of the gang will be able to share the empire evenly between them. knock knock, it's chandragupta. he says "get the hell out of here. will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? okay, thanks, bye" time to conquer all of india er most of india but what about this part? that's the tamil kings. no one conquers the tamil kings. who are the tamil kings? merchants, probably. and they've got spices! who would like to buy the spices? "me!" said the arabians, swiftly buying it and selling it to the rest of the world. hey, china put itself back together again, with good morals as their main philosophy. actually, they have three main philosophies: confucianism: have good morals taoism: go with the flow legalism: fuck you, obey the law out here, the horse nomads run wild and free, and they would like to ransack your city. nomads ransack china let's check the greekification levels of the greekified kingdoms: greekification overload. bye, said the parthians. bye, said the jews. hi, said the parthians, taking over the entire place. heyyyyy, said the romans, eating the entire mediterranean for breakfast. "thanks for invading our homeland," said the jews, who were starting to get tired of people invading their homeland. "hi, everything's great," said some guy who seems to be getting very popular and is then arrested and killed for being too popular, which actually makes him more popular. you could make a religion out of this. want silk? now you can buy it from china. they just made a brand new road to the world. conquers vietnam or you can get there on water "sick! new trade routes!" said india, accidentally spreading their religion to the entire southeast. hmm, that's a good place for an epic trading kingdom. there goes buddhism, travelling up the silk road. i wonder if it'll reach china before it collapses again. remember the persian empire? yep, said the persians, making a new one. axum is getting so powerful, they would like to build a long stick. has anyone populated madagascar yet? let's do it together. china is whole again... ...then it broke again still can't cross the sahara desert? try camels. "hell yeah! now we've got business," said the ghana empire, selling lots of gold. and slaves. "hi, i'm a member of the roman empire, and i was wondering is loving jesus legal yet?" "no" "actually, okay sure," said constantine, moving the capital way over here to be closer to his main rival. don't worry about rome, it won't fall. it's the golden age of india there's the gupta empire, not chandragupta, just gupta. first name chandra. the first. guess who's in rome? barbarians. what's a barbarian? "non-romans," said the romans, being invaded by non-romans. r.i.p. roman empire. actually just half of it, the other half is just fine, but it's not in rome anymore, so let's give it a new name. the mayans have figured out the stars oh, and here's a huge city, population: everyone. the göktürks have taken over the entire eurasian steppe. great job, göktürks. how's india? broken. how's china? back together. how's those trading kingdoms? bigger, and there's more of them. korea has three kingdoms. japan has a kingdom, it's the sunrise kingdom. intermission deep in the arabian desert, on the top of a mountain, the real god whispers in muhammad's ear. so, he goes down to the cube where everyone worships gods and he tells them their gods are all fake. and everyone got so mad at him that he had to leave town and go to a different town. you could make a religion out of this, and maybe conquer the world as well. the roman empire is long gone, but somehow the pope is still the pope. plus, there's new kingdoms all over europe. i wonder if there's room for moors. here's all the wisdom. in a house. it's the baghdad house of wisdom! just in time for the islamic golden age! "let's bring stuff to the coast and sell it, and become the swahili on the swahili coast," said the swahili on the swahili coast. remember this tiny space you have to go through to get from here to there? someone owns that now. wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere? the franks have the biggest kingdom in europe, and the pope is so proud that he invites the king over for christmas. "surprise! you're the new roman emporer!" said the pope, pretending to still be part of the roman empire. then the franks broke their kingdom into what will later be called france and not-france. the northerners, er, just "norse" if you don't have much time, are exploring. they go north, from the north to the northern north. and they find some land— two types of land!— and they name them accordingly. prankd they also invade some other places and get called many names, such as "vikings." there's the rus! the kievan rus! are they vikings? "i don't think so," said the kievan rus. okay, fair enough. the pope is ready to make some more emperors of the roman empire. the holy roman empire! it's actually germany, but don't worry about it. new kingdoms—CRISTIANIZE ALL THE KINGDOMS!! which brand would you like? "mine's better" "mine's better" "mine's better" "time to conquer england," said william. it's a bird! it's a plane! it's the seljuk turks! "aah!" said the byzantine empire, who's getting so small and almost doesn't exist anymore. "we need help!" they need help! so they call the pope. "hey pope, can you help us get rid of the seljuks? maybe take back the holy land on the way? come on, i know you want to take back the holy land." "yes, i do actually want to do that. let's do a crusade." crusade! they did many crusades. some of which almost didn't fail. but at least the italians got some sweet trade deals. goodbye mayans. hello toltecs! goodbye toltecs. hello mississippi! look at those mounds. there's the pueblo. i always wondered how to build a town in a cliff. guess who's here? khmer. where? here! and pagan is there. vietnam unconquered itself, korea just became itself, and japan is so addicted to art that the military might have to take over the government. china just invented bombs, and typing. and the mongols just invaded most of the universe. nice going, genghis! i bet that will last a long time. some of the islamic turks were unaffected by the mongol invasions because they were busy invading india. is it tonga time? i think it's tonga time. i just figured out where the swahili gets all of their gold. look at this chad! it means "lake." there's an empire there! right in the middle of africa! the king of mali is so rich, he's going on tour to let everyone know. "wow, that guy's rich," everyone said. the christians are doing a great job reconquering iberia, which will soon be called spain and not-spain. please remain christian. we will check in later to see if you're still christian when you least expect. whoops, half of europe just died. ming! china's back, yay! hey, khmer. time to share. new kingdoms, here and there. oh, look who controls all of the islands. it's the mahajapit. majahapit. mapajahit. mahapajit. mapajahit. ma-ja-pa-hit? oh, italy's real rich. time for them to care a lot about art and the ancient classics. it's kinda like a rebirth. here's a printer. let's make books! so you think you can conquer the byzantine empire? yep, said the ottoman turks. nice job, ottoman turks. oops, you missed a spot. don't forget to ban europe from the indian spice trade. "what? that's bullshit," said portugal, spiceless. "well i guess we'll have to find another way to india" "wait!" said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack. "if the world is round, let's go this way to india." "nah, don't worry, we already got this," said portugal. so chris goes to spain. "hey spain, wanna hire me to find india by going around back of the world?" "no" "please?" "no" "please?" "wtf" "no" "please?" "...okay" so he sails into the ocean, and discovers... more ocean. and then discovers the indies, and japan! let's draw a line to decide who gets which half of the world. the aztec and the inca empires are off to a great start. i wonder if they know that europe just discovered their continent. the hapsburgs are marrying into so many royal families, they might have to start marrying each other. move over, lithuania, here comes moscow. ivan wants to make russia great again. move over, timurids, maybe go invade india or something. persia just made persia persian again. let's make it the other kind of islam. the one where we thought the first guy should've been the other guy. hey, christians! do you sin? now you can buy your way out of hell! "that's bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why," said martin luther, in his new book which might have accidentally started the protestant reformation. "you know what would be magnificent?" said suleiman wearing an onion hat. "what if the ottoman empire was... really big?" which it is now. "what if russia was big?" said ivan, trying not to be terrible. portugal had a dream that they controlled the entire indian ocean, including the spice trade. and then that dream was real. and spain realized that this is not india, but they pillaged it anyway. "damn," said england and france. "we gotta start pillaging some stuff." then the dutch revolt, and all the hipsters moved to amsterdam. "damn," said amsterdam. "we gotta start pillaging some stuff." question one: can you get to india from north america? no, but at least there's beaver. question two: steal the spice trade. that's not a question, but the dutch did it anyway. and sugar... guess where all of the sugar is made? in brazil! stolen! in the caribbean! and it's so goddamn profitable, you might forget to not do slavery. the next thing on russia's to-do list is to get bigger. britain and france are having a friendly discussion about who should control the entire world. more specifically, ohio. then it escalates into a seven-year discussion, giving prussia a chance to show austria who's boss. but what about britain and france, did they figure out who's boss? yes they did! it's britain. guess who's broke? also britain! so they start taxing the hell out of america. "fuck you!" says america, declaring their independence and fighting for it, and france helps them win. now france is broke, and britain will have to send their prisoners to a different continent. wait, if france is broke, why do the king and queen still wear such fancy dresses? "let's overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!" said robespierre, cutting everybody's heads off until someone eventually got mad and cut his head off. you could make a rel— no, don't. haiti is starting to like the idea of a revolution, especially the slaves, who free themselves by killing their masters. "why didn't we think of this before?" wait, who's in charge of france now? "me," said napoleon, trying to take over europe. luckily, they banished him to an island. but he came back! luckily, they banished him to another island. there goes latin america, becoming independent in the latin american wars of independence. britain just figured out how to turn steam into power, so now they can make many different types of machines and factories with machines in them so they can make a lot of products real fast. then they invent some trains. and conquer india and maybe put some trains there. "hey, china!" said britain. "buy stuff from us!" "nah, dude, we already got everything," says china. so britain tried to get them addicted to opium, which worked, actually. but then china made it illegal and dumped it all into the sea. so britain threw a hissy fit and made them open up five cities and give them an island. britain and russia are playing a game where they try to stop the other person from conquering afghanistan. also, the sultan of oman lives in zanzibar now: "that's just where he lives." india just had a revolution, and they would like to govern themselves now. "nope," said britain, governing them even harder than before. incoming telegram: HI I JUST SENT YOU A MESSAGE THRU A WIRE technology is about to go crazy! the united states finally figured out whether slavery is good or bad. it's bad, they decided, and then they continued manifesting their destiny, which is to kill the rest of the natives and take their land and maybe kick out the mexicans too. "i know! let's rape africa!" said europe, scrambling to see who could rape it the fastest. they never got ethiopia... britain and france are still hungry. they never got thailand... the united states ran out of destiny to manifest, so they're looking for more: hawaii! cuba! wait, spain controls cuba. well, blame something on them and go to war! what should we blame on spain? u.s.s. maine sinks "let's blame the maine on spain." so they blame the maine on spain. now we're in business. to celebrate, they kick panama out of panama and make a canal, connecting the two oceans. britain just found oil in the middle east. it makes cars go... china is so tired of being bossed around that they delete their old government and make a new, stronger government, which is accidentally weaker and is controlled by a guy from the previous government. europe hasn't had a war since the last war, so they start world war one. look at those guns! it's gonna be a great war, so great we won't need a second one. after it's over, they blame germany. russia went on strike, and the workers overthrew the government. now, everyone's paycheck is the same. communism in the soviet union... the arabs revolt and britain helps. now the ottoman empire is gone, so we can give the jewish people a place to live. hopefully the arabs won't mind. "let's cut the cake!" said sykes and picot, carving up the remains of the not-so-ottoman-anymore-empire. except turkey! turkey makes a brand new turkey! and then the saudis conquer arabia. it just seemed like the right thing to do. phone rings hello? yes, it's the 1920's calling. let's get to a car and drive to a party and listen to jazz on the radio and go to the movies. the economy is great and it will probably be great forever. just kidding. germany's back, featuring hitler, the angry mustache model, and he's mad at the jews for existing. japan is finally conquering the east, and they're so excited, they rape nanking way too hard. they should probably just deny it. hitler's out of control, so the international community tackles him and tries to explain to him why killing all of the jews is a bad idea. but he kills himself because they could explain it to him. that's world war two! bonus round! pacific showdown united states vs. japan FIGHT!! united states drops two extinction balls on japan FINISH HIM! let's unite all the nations and have some world peace! seems legit. "hi, im gandhi, and if britain doesn't get the hell out of india, i'm going to starve myself in public." britain leaves "wow, that worked?" bonus! now there's pakistan. actually two pakistans, one of them can be bangladesh later. the jews and the arabs finally figured out which one of them should live in the holy land. "me!" they both said at the same time. let's divide up the lands so we're both happy. SIKE! they both get angrier! look out, china! there's a new china in china. what's on the menu? communism! no thanks, said the other china, escaping to an island. i wonder which one is the real china...? there's the korean war. korea versus korea! nobody wins, then its on pause forever. let's meet the sponsors. oh, it's the two global superpowers. they're having a friendly debate over which economic system is good and which one is an evil virus of satan. and they both have atom bombs. FIGHT!! wait, no, that would be the end of the world. let's just keep it cool and spy on each other instead. and make sure we have enough atom bombs. "i'll race you to space." united states plants a flag on the moon now let's make more countries fight themselves. europe is tired of pillaging other continents, and the continents they were pillaging are tired of being pillaged. so here's a new map with new countries. now you can't tell who they're being pillaged by. the united states finally decided whether racism is good or bad. they decided it's bad, and the world agrees. south africa might need another minute to think about it. let's check the world population! woah. okay. technology is better too, that might keep happening. the soviet union decides to relax a little, and accidentally falls apart. europe makes a union, so now they can all use the same money. except britain, because they don't feel like it. let's check the mail... surprise! it's on the computer! whoops, someone just attacked america. i bet they'll remember that. phone call! surprise! it's in your pocket! wanna learn everything? surprise! it's on the computer! now your phone's a computer, which is in your pocket! whoops, the economy just crashed. don't worry, the big banks won't fail, because they're not supposed to. surprise!... flying robots. with bombs. wanna print a brain? some people have no friends. some people have no food. the globe is warming, and the ocean is full of plastic! "let's save the planet!" said everybody, not knowing how. "let's invent a thing inventor," said the thing inventor inventor after being invented by a thing inventor. that's pretty cool. by the way, where the hell are we? thanks for watching history i hope i mentioned everything
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Guess Whose House?

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“Its the American Dream...”

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An explanation and analysis of The Watto-Qui-Gon Bet

No event in the history of the Galaxy has had as singular an impact, or is more widely misunderstood, than the Watto-Qui-Gon Boonta Eve Classic podrace bet of 32 BBY. The consequences of this bet would echo forward through time for almost a century, affecting trillions of lives and altering history in uncountable ways. When the Death Star burned in space above Endor, or Rose sexually harassed Finn in the shattered ruins of an airspeeder, the Watto-Qui-Gon bet was to blame. When, decades later and thousands of lightyears away, Poe Dameron declared 'Somehow Palpatine returned', it was the end of a chain of events that began with the Watto-Qui-Gon bet. When Poe Dameron himself farted at a wedding, we must ultimately blame the Watto-Qui-Gon bet. When Jyn Erso watched the hundred-gigaton fireball of the Death Star's superlaser engulf her, or Din Djarin watched his parents cut down by battle droids, it was the Watto-Qui-Gon bet exerting its long influence on history. No surprise, then, that the Watto-Qui-Gon bet has been discussed and debated by scholars ever since. Almost all of them failed to realise that what occurred was actually 4 interconnected bets, three of which represent criminal fraud on behalf of Qui-Gon.
  1. The widely known 'first bet' between Watto and Qui-Gon - Qui-Gon and Watto both bet with a third party (the 'pod-race bookies') that Anakin will win the podrace, with Qui-Gon offering his ship as collateral should they lose and fronting a pod which he claims to have 'acquired in a game of chance'. This is a lie - the Pod was built in Watto's workshop by Watto's slave and is therefore already Watto's property. As such, Qui-Gon is defrauding Watto by fronting an asset already owned by Watto as his portion of the bet. They arrange to split the winnings should they win.
  2. Watto's off-screen bet with a third party (the 'pod-race bookies', and may or may not be the same bookies as bet 1). This is a bet that Sebulba will win the podrace, and Watto has 'bet everything on Sebulba' (presumably excluding the money he fronted for bet 1) because 'he [Sebulba] always wins'
  3. Qui-Gon responds to 2 with 'I'll take that bet'. He compounds the fraud in bet 1 by betting the pod Watto already owns against the freedom of one of Watto's slaves (see below). Because Qui-Gon is offering to bet against Watto, this is a bet that Sebulba will not win the podrace
  4. To decide, conditional on Sebulba not winning, which slave will be freed, Watto rolls a chance cube. Qui-Gon compounds his two previous instances of criminal fraud by telekinetically influencing the cube to land on blue (Anakin) instead of red (Shmi)
The four bets, three instances of fraud by Qui-Gon, and the five possible outcomes of the Watto-Qui-Gon bet(s) are listed in the game tree below for your convenience.
Most interesting, and neglected, is the counterfactual where neither Anakin nor Sebulba win the podrace. This option has been ignored by almost all Watto-Qui-Gon-bet scholarship in the decades since 32 BBY, but is actually a priori the most likely outcome. It would have resulted in Watto losing almost all of his money to the pod-race bookies, while Qui-Gon freed either Anakin or Shmi (most likely Anakin, considering his fraudulent telekinetic influence on the chance cube), and exchanged a non-functional Naboo cruiser for a podracer that was not his to bet in the first place. One can only speculate on how galactic history might have played out if a freed Anakin, Obi Wan and Qui-Gon were stranded together on Tatooine with only a half-functional podracer to their name.
EDIT: Several commenters have pointed out some potential problems with accusing Qui-Gon of fraud - that according to local law slaves might be able to own property, or that Republic law outlaws slavery, meaning that the pod is Anakins. According to a former Law PhD student I just spoke to, neither argument fully holds water. For the first (local Mos Espa/Tatooine law), in a common law system like the UK or US (and which I'll assume the Republic is as well, since it has many of the same characteristics), you can have multiple people with the relevant property rights when issues of theft or fraud arise - you can steal or defraud multiple people. So the fact that Anakin owned the pod does not mean that Watto didn't also have a claim to it, even if slaves could own property under local law.
In the case when you're applying Republic law and Watto is a criminal who doesn't own Anakin, the issue is murky. My source doesn't know of any relevant precedent, but Watto would have an equitable claim to the pod since he fed and clothed Anakin and provided him with lodging and raw materials. That's probably enough that you could call what Qui-Gon did Fraud against Watto. There's also the issue that Anakin maybe lacks the capacity to provide legal consent to Qui-Gon's scheme to trick Watto into thinking the pod was his.
If both Qui Gon and Watto were attempting to rig the dice roll in opposite directions then the dice throw is 'nullified' and both of them are culpable for attempted fraud - not fraud.
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[OC] We intend no harm - Chapter 20 (First Impression)

Hello again.
Achtung! Attenzione! We, yes you and I, are jumping back through time and space, because there are things happening on the other side of terran space as well.
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Zokosh Xem was furious. She had already lost a frigate and now the cruiser she sent to go looking for her was late on its scheduled report. Should she report to her superiors that she lost two ships in an insignificant system? She did not even know what caused it. She had fought hard to become the first female fleet admiral within the empire’s navy.
If she played her hand wrong, she might lose the command over this sectors fleet. But if she kept quiet she might lose something more important, her head. Her predecessor in command would have just taken the flagship, the dreadnaught Houkan Ra, and a small support fleet to crush whoever he were to meet in this system.
Zokosh was ... let’s say, less passionate. Her family was higher nobility within the empire. Such a brutish move would be unseemly right now. Of course she was quite capable of every brutish move necessary in the right time and the right place. Now was the time for more delicate action.
Before she opened a com-channel, she adjusted her hair and her uniform. She took great care to look proper. Especially in front of the Duke.
“Admiral Xem, it has been a long time since you reported to me in person. I assume something urgent came up to justify such a breach of protocol.”
“Thank you for your time, Duke Xem. Your assumption is correct. Two ships were potentially lost in one of the systems in the neutral zone.” Zokosh was burning with anger, but she had been brought up well enough to hide it.
“I see, you got that command for only two years and you already lost two ships, without being at war. And now you want me to cover up your inability to command? Why don’t you just take the rest of the fleet I entrusted you with and look for them yourself?” The Duke asked mockingly.
“My father taught me, to be more cautious than this.” She replied as calm as she could. “To determine what caused that incident, I would like to request the assistance of the newly developed scout ship.”
“Your father is a great man.” The Duke raised his chest, showing off his medals. You could assume, there was some kind of joking undertone, but he was extremely serious.
Zokosh knew that spiel and snapped into a salute. “Yes your Grace. My father is a great man second only to his holiness the Emperor himself.” That was her tiny revenge. She knew her father did like to be praised. It would sting his pride calling him second, but he could not say anything against that. Well, without losing his head.
Duke Xem tried his best to hide his annoyance, but his brat of a daughter had played her cards well. Except for his personal feelings there was nothing he could make up to deny her request. It took him a moment to realize something.
“How do you even know about that ship? It’s a state secret!” He lost composure for a moment.
“I am my mother's daughter after all. Right now I'm the only one who knows about your inability to keep a secret, Dad. I’ll be expecting the Cheshnak Ra at my base in eight days. All glory to the Emperor.” After saluting, she cut the channel. “You lost, old man.”
Now she had to prepare for the arrival of the loaned ship. She did not really like being in the navy, but it was way better than getting married off to some geezer for political gain. Zokosh was the Duke’s first born, but she was a girl and also an illegitimate one.
The last few days Zokosh had studied the blueprints of the Cheshnak Ra into their last detail. She was going to assume direct control over this ship. Losing the Cheshnak Ra, would mean losing her head. With that reasoning she could as well be on board. Crews of long range scout ships were always of questionable character. No normal person would be able to live for half a year or longer in such a confined space.
The uniform for the few females within the navy consisted of four pieces, all black with red accents and golden decorations: a cap, a jacket, a skirt and boots.
The cap sat on top of the head and had two cutouts for the ears. From its brims it connected upwards to one edge running from the front to the back. A rank insignia was placed on the right forward facing side.
The Jacket was short sleeved, with a neckline deep enough to give the men something to look at, but not deep enough to distract them. At least it covered the midriff, some earlier models did not.
The skirt was impracticable short and tight. Some say that design should encourage women to walk gracefully. But Zokosh was sure it was made to annoy them by having to constantly pull the damn thing down while doing any more involved than walking on a catwalk.
The boots. Well, they were a bit high going up to the knee (a thing, the skirt should do). But except for that, they were good boots.
After Zokosh had seen the blueprints for the first time, she knew that she needed to get a different uniform. The Cheshnak Ra had not a single elevator nor had it stairs. She was so tiny that the designers used ladders to save space. Luckily she knew that the crew on such ships would not bother with proper uniforms. Being of questionable character had its good sides.
The package arrived two days before Zokosh was expecting the Cheshnak Ra. After she picked it up, she hurried as fast as the damn skirt allowed back to her quarters. There she finally opened it happily. She knew her favourite tailor was good at making dresses, but she did not expect her to craft something so different so well.
Zokosh quickly stripped herself of her uniform throwing it into a corner of her room. Then she stepped into the legs of her new jumpsuit, put her arms in its half-length sleeves and closed the zipper on the front. It fitted as well as the many evening dresses she owned, maybe even better.
She looked at herself in the mirror and turned around happily like she did with every dress when she was younger. She had requested the the jumpsuit to be form-fitting on her chest and her midriff, which it was. When she turned a bit more a feeling she had was confirmed. The suit was also form-fitting on her butt.
She pondered for a while if she should request changes. But then she remembered all the instances where she was thinking the same about some parts of dresses and that most of the women were wearing similar designs on the next ball. Maybe she should trust her tailor with this again. It was quite tight, but still less revealing, that that damned skirt had been on so many occasions.
‘Maybe I should throw the damn thing into the fire place.’ Thought Zokosh a moment before her room smelled like burning fabric and victory.
Of course her new uniform had the same color scheme than the old one. She took her well earned medals from her Jacket and attached them to the jumpsuit. After that she put on her boots and the cap, the only part of her old uniform, she honestly liked.
While she took another look in the mirror to make sure her hair was proper, the zipper caught her eye. Right now it was pulled up to her chin. She leaned a bit closer towards the mirror looking at it like she was going to seduce it. Then she pulled alluringly slow on the zipper, revealing more and more of her fair blue chest. With a surprising amount of speed and precision her other hand flew forward. An instant later, a sharp venomous spike had shot out of the underside of her forearm pointing at her mirror image’s neck.
‘That might work even better than with the normal uniform.’ She thought smiling bright enough to show her pointy teeth in the mirror. Those spikes Zokosh had in both of her forearms had been a ‘gift’ from her mother. She had been a member of the imperial’s Secret Order, a group of spies and assassins loyal only to the Emperor himself.
Some of them had been given some bio-engineered weapons, that should not have been inheritable. When Zokosh’s mother noticed that her daughter somehow got them too, she told her to keep it a secret. There had been a few people who knew her secret, but they only knew it for a few seconds.
After she had closed her zipper up to about 15 centimeters below her chin, she left her quarters. On the way to her office she noticed, that most people looked at her. She expected that much. She skillfully examined their reactions. Of course none of them dared to speak up to an admiral, especially one of noble birth.
Some of the older senior officers looked like they wanted to admonish her, while some of the younger officers seemed to be ok with her new look. All of the few female crewmen she encountered looked like they would like to trade their uniform with her on the spot. If Zokosh would get a strategic position in the rear, she would advocate for a change of uniform for all female enlisted and officers.
A few hours before the Cheshnak Ra was supposed to arrive, Zokosh got a notification. The ship had docked at the station. After she had informed the crewman that she was on her way, she grabbed her bag and went to the station’s docking ring. Before she joined the navy, she could have never imagined traveling with only one seabag.
After a short multi axis elevator ride, she reached the docking port, where the Cheshnak Ra had moored. When the elevator doors opened Zokosh could see the Captain and most of the bridge officers waiting for her. The moment she stepped through the doors, the crew saluted. Well, if they did a salute like that in front of an Imperial Navy Academy instructor, they would have faced 100 rounds around the academy or scrubbing all toilets on the campus, most likely both.
Zokosh did not bother with judging them, it felt somewhat liberating. She snapped into a proper salute to respond to their greeting. “All glory to the Emperor. Thank you for greeting me, Captain Zork.”
“It’s our pleasure, Admiral Xem.” The captain looked at her with his organic and his cybernetic eye. Trying to figure out, what kind of admiral he was talking to. “I see you are dressed to fit in.”
The captain and the bridge crew behind him were all wearing jumpsuits. They looked worn out and less well made. They had no red accents or golden embellishments. You could assume they had been black a long time ago, but now they were grey and a bit saggy.
“I figured, it would be impractical to move around on a tiny ship with clothes that don’t like to stay in place.” Zokosh replied in a friendly tone.
“That makes sense. Some of the crew might still be … disheartened that even a decorated Admiral doesn’t conform to the Empire Navy’s dress code.” Explained the captain.
The Admiral’s smile revealed her beautifully white teeth. “Well my dear Captain, I expect your crew to fulfill their duties to perfection. Even if I don't wear the traditional uniform. But I’m not the kind of person to tell them to stop having fun in their free time.” She looked at the bridge crew, especially the young helmsman and the weapons officer. They looked like friends from the academy or even before. Both of them had that free spirited vibe, that would have caused them detention in the brigg on a normal imperial ship.
“Helmsman.” She addressed him directly, causing him to flinch. “I read a few things about the customs on board of long range scout vessels. Gambling seems to be quite popular. Scout crews are allegedly betting on almost everything. So please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong: You and the weapons officer had betted, If I would be wearing the official uniform or not.”
Except for the captain and his first officer, the bridge crew looked surprised that their secret had been exposed so quickly.
“Looks like I was right. Sooo … Who of you betted that I would not wear that uniform?” Zokosh asked. The Helmsman raised his hand a bit intimidated, causing her to smirk victoriously. “Well, since I won that bet for you, you owe me half of the pot.”
That was not, what the crew had expected from an nobleborn Admiral. Zokosh enjoyed herself. The first impression was important after all. After he had overcome this shock, the Weapons Officer put his hand on the Helmsman's shoulder and said in an cheeky tone. “To bad for you, Sogogh.”
“I wasn’t finished, WO. Since you obviously would have preferred having me climb the ladders of that ship in a tight skirt, you get the chance to get close and personal with me.” She flicked one of her catlike ears flirtingly at him and took a fighting stance.
The WO looked at his friend and than at the captain. Of course they sparred in their free time on board the Cheshnak Ra, but fighting an admiral in the docking ring could turn into a unfavourable situation.
While he was pondering if he should accept the challenge, the third friend of the trio pushed him forward. “If you don’t hurry, you might not get a chance to get close to a woman for months.” The following laughter spurred him on.
Both Hynians were circling each other slowly, like their ancestors would stalk prey. Their eyes were fixated on the other. Whenever Tokol was trying to make a move on her, she prepared a counter. It was immediately obvious, that she was well trained in close combat. After a while it felt more like she was toying with the larger and stronger male, much to the enjoyment of those who did not have to fight her.
Zokosh herself never tried to attack, all she did was counter Tokol’s moves, so that he did not get a real hold on her. Getting toyed with like a welp was frustrating Tokol, so he tried harder but more sloppy. Instead of evading Zokosh lowered herself. She grabbed the males arm as a lever and easily threw him over her shoulder, causing him to land on his back.
“Looks like, you just lost your chance to get close to a woman for a while.” She smirked at him.
Tokol needed a moment to realize what had happened, while he was looking up at Zokosh. When they started the fight, he had planned to grapple her. Pinning a noble girl down with his body would have made for a great story. But all he was able to do was touch her arms, everything else was always out of reach.
Zokosh bend a bit forward to extend her hand. After she had helped him back on his feet, the bridge crew and the Admiral boarded the Cheshnak Ra. The Admiral smiled slightly, she had made the first impression she wanted to. Showing the crew that she was not some stick-in-the-mud, but also reminding them that she was to be respected.
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Well … That’s that … I just thought that I have a lot of female characters. I guess, we need more guys? head scratching intensifies
EDIT: This comment has been taken way more serious, than I had meant it. After writing the chapter, I noticed that I wrote another badass female. But don’t worry, I keep writing what comes to my mind and choose the characters according to what I want to do with them. :)
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A PC-User's Purchase "Guide" (it's not...just the ramblings of an idiot) to High Quality Audio on your system.

Hello friends, today I'd like to talk about an aspect of our glorious systems that get overlooked a lot: our audio experience on our battlestations. Thanks to paoper for formatting. Again disclaimer that I am an idiot, so take this post with a grain of salt. Better info and more accurate info from people way more knowledgeable than I am is readily available from /audiophile /budgetaudiophile and /headphones, this is just a start-up guide for the beginner.
NOTE: The monster I gave birth to has become too long. I felt that instead of a short list of things to order, I needed to give context as high fidelity is really all about what sound is like in your experience. Also a fun read if you are interested. Feel free to skip to the actual list (ctrl+f active speakers, passive speakers, headphones, subwoofer, amplifier)!
I have limited the price range of the products, because this is after all just food for thought and not even a proper guide; real audio purchases will require elbow-grease and research from your end to see if the product's sound signature will match your preferences in music and sound. If your product is not here, do not worry. I have put in products that I have had experience with and those that were recommended by multiple reviewers I hold in high regard (with the exception of a 2.1 system you will see later), and I had to consider the endless number of headphones/speakers vs the ones that are worth your hard-earned cash (and products vs how they compare to my current setup which includes both "high-end" and budget options).


I've been building systems for myself and others since I randomly took a buildapc course in middle school (currently 28) and enjoy music very much (I grew up on linkin park, dre, biggie smalls, 3 6 mafia, tupac, ac/dc, red hot chilli peppers am fond of electro and dubstep and various genres of music). I have 2 decades of experience playing saxophone, clarinet, and the electric guitar, and have performed in jazz bands, rock bands, and an orchestra. My ear is highly trained from raw musical performance and not just listening to speakers from home, as well as having the nuance to differentiate between good speakers. I have owned many many forms of audio gear (instruments, speakers, headphones, studio monitors).

So wtf is this?

So occasionally while answering questions on this subreddit (mainly on why new builder's systems aren't posting, or what components they should get, or just mourning with fellow builders for systems that have passed on as well as celebrating the birth of new systems and fellow pc builders who take their rite of passage of building their own system with their own two hands) I would come across the occasional "what speakers/headphones are best under $xx" and with the state of pc products being "gaming rgb ultimate series XLR" or w/e, it's hard to discern what audio products are actually worth your money. Note that if you are using just "good enough" cheap speakers, any of the speakers/headphones on this list will blow your mind away. Get ready to enter a new world of audio.

Why should I bother getting better speakers/headphones?

I have owned $20 logitech speakers, I currently own $1500 speakers. I have owned varying levels of headphones. The first half-decent (to my standards) speakers I had was a hand me down stereo set from an uncle. This thing was massive, but this thing was good. It's difficult to explain to you the sensation of music enveloping you with great speakers. Speakers are meant to reproduce sound, as in the sound of the instruments in the song. So great speakers and headphones can literally make you FEEL the music like at a rave or a concert or performance in the comfort of your home. This is why Home Theaters were so popular in the 80s/90s.
Upgrading will GREATLY enhance your music, netflix and gaming experience. In fact with passive bookshelf speakers, you can not only use them for your desktop setup, but also chuck them together with a tv and you've got a fine starter home theater system in your hands. You can even upgrade down the line incrementally, one speaker at a time, to a 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 5.2, 7.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theater Setup where your movies make you feel like your in SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
I currently live in a small apartment with my TV right next to my battlestation, and when i want to sit down on my couch and watch TV, I simply move 1 speaker from my desk to next to my TV, turn my AVR on and I have an easy 5.1 home theater in my tiny apartment. Move the speaker, revert back to 2.1 (or 5.1 if i choose to but i dont because of badspeaker placement when I'm sitting at my desk) amazingness at my battlestation. Consider this an investment into massively improving your experience of playing video games, watching netflix, or listening to music. You think those 4k graphics and ULTRAWIDE monitor is giving you more immersion in your game? Shit...having great speakers or headphones can make you feel like you're IN NORMANDY BEACH DURING THE FUCKING LANDINGS

General considerations (or feel free to just skip ahead to the list)

Now, I totally understand using simple logitech speakers due to budget/space/easy-access from best buy or not knowing about the wider audio world. So I am here today to give you a perspective on what audio components are TRULY worth your hard-earned cash. I have owned $20 logitech speakers in college, I have owned guitar amps as well as studio monitors/other speakers ranging from $100-$1500. Do know that all of this information is readily available in /BudgetAudiophile /audiophile and /headphones . I am merely condensing all of it into a single list, and attempt to sort of explain it to the pc builders, or just an idiot rambling.
If you would like more information on specific speakers, I would check out reviewers on youtube like zerofidelity, steve guttenberg, nextbigthing (nbt) studios, and thomas and stereo. For headphones, metal751, innerfidelity, Ishca's written reviews, DMS.
Z reviews is okay and he reviews everything from amps and dacs to speakers and headphones, but he gives 90% of his products good reviews, and has affiliate links to every single product he you see where my dislike of him as a reviewer comes from. He is still an expert audiophile , he just chooses to not use his knowledge and ramble on in his videos, plus the shilling. Great place to start for audiophiles, as he is still a professional. I just think many move on to other reviewers.
Also with speakers, speaker placement is extremely important. Get those speakers off your desk and the woofers/tweeters to your ear level NO MATTER THE COST. Stack boxes/books, buy speaker stands/isolation pads from amazon, at worst buy yoga blocks from amazon. Put your speakers on them, get ready for even better audio.
General rule of thumb: dont buy HiFi at msrp. There are ALWAYS deals on speakers/headphones to take advantage of at any given time (massdrop for headphones, parts-express, accessories4less, crutchfield, adorama, Sweetwater, guitar center, etc). Speakers will get cheaper over time as manufacturers have to make room for new products/refreshes of the same models just as with headphones. If theres a particular headphone model you want, check to see if massdrop has it (website where users of the website decide what niche products the website will mass order, and both the website and you the users get reduced pricing).
Now this list is just simple guide. Obviously for $150 budget, theres probably like 10 different speakers to choose from. You will catch me repeat this many many times but sound is subjective, I don't know what genres of music you enjoy and what sound signatures in headphones/speakers you would prefer (warm sounds? bright? aggressively forward? laid back sound signature? importance of clarity vs bass?) So consider this list with a grain of salt, as this is after all, the ramblings of an idiot on reddit.


So I will be splitting this list into 4 categories:
And before I start, bass depth and low end does not fucking equal bad boomy bass. I absolutely detest low quality boomy bass like in Beats headphones and general "gaming speakers" or w/e. Also the budetaudiophile starter package is the dayton audio b652 + mini amp combo from parts-express. All the speakers that were considered were basically compared to the b652 before making it on here (and whether they justified the price bump over the b652)

Active vs. Passive (crude explanation)

So when a speaker plays music from your pc, the audio is processed by the audio card on your motherboard, which is then sent to the amplifier where the signal is amplified, and then finally is sent to be played on your speakers. Active speakers like logitech speakers that have a power cable running from the speakers directly to the wall socket have built-in amplifiers to power the speakers, whereas passive speakers require a separate amplifier to amplify the audio signal and feed the speakers power. Active vs passive, no real difference as both types of speakers will have good audio quality depending on how they are made and which ones you buy, but in the ultra budget section of speakers (under $300) actives tend to be cheaper than their passive counter parts. This is due to the manufacturer cutting corners elsewhere.
Take for instance the Micca MB42X passive speakers($90) which also have a brother, the Micca PB42X ($120) powered speakers. Same exact speaker, but built in amp vs the amp you buy. Obviously the mb42x will sound marginally better purely from the virtue that the amplifier is not inside the goddamn box. But the mb42x + amp + speaker wire will probably cost you anywhere from basic $130 to $200 with difference in amplifier and whether you use bare speaker wire or banana plugs/cables. Cabling aesthetics and management will be greatly affected, with sound quality affected to a lesser degree, or more (but at what cost?). Amp choice to be explained later.
Now generally speakers should be recommended based on your music/audio preferences and tastes as speakers and in a larger part, speaker brands will have their own unique sound signatures that some will love and others will hate as sound is such a subjective experience. But since this is meant to cater to a wide audience, note that my list is not the ALL inclusive, and again is only the ramblings of an idiot.


If you want to add bluetooth capabilities to your wires active or passive speakers, simply buy the esinkin W29 wireless bluetooth module, plug your speakers in, connect to your bluetooth on pc/phone/w/e, enjoy.


Simply connect to your PC or TV via 3.5mm (or the occasional usb).
Note: you may experience a hissing with active speakers that may annoy you to no end even up to the $400 mark. This is a result of the amplifier being built in to the speaker in close proximity, as well as sometimes the manufacturer cutting corners elsewhere. Passive speakers do not have this unless you buy a really shitty amp. Note that while bigger woofer size does not necessarily indicate better quality/bass, this does more often than not seem to be the case as manufacturers put bigger woofers on the higher stepup model.
Note that while I have included 2.1 systems here, I would always recommend you get good bookshelves first, save up money and buy a subwoofer separate.

Example options


These speakers will require you to buy a separate amplifier, as well as separate cables. But the passive route allows you to have a modular audio system that allows you to upgrade parts as you go along in your life (yes I said life for once you dip your toes into high fidelity, you will get hooked onto a great lifelong journey searching for the perfect setup), or even just add parts in altogether (like having a miniamp on your desk for your passive speakers, having a separate dac or bluetooth module for your speakers so you can connect the passive speakers via USB or bluetooth wirelessly, stacked on top of a headphone dac/amp combo, stacked on top of a preamp, etc). Amplifier list to follow later.
Passive speaker specs to pay attention to will be their impedance (measured in ohms) and their sensitivity (measured in xx db/1w/1m). Speaker ratings in wattage are measurements of how much power can be driven to them (higher watts, higher volume...once again crude explanation). A 20 watt x 2 channel amp (measured in 4 ohms) is enough to power 4 and 6 ohm speakers rated at 100 watts to moderate/decently loud listening levels on your desktop. Now the sensitivity thing. A speaker with a rating of 85db/1m/1w means it will produce 85 decibels of noise at 1 meter with 1 watt of power. Now this not make the same speaker go up to 90 decibels may require 10 or 15 watts of power depending on other variables. Depending on how loudly you play your music and what impedance/sensitivity your speakers have will result in your choice of amplifiers. More on this later.
The thing about passive bookshelf speakers are that you can use them in your desktop setup, AND with your TV as a legitimate starter 2.1 home theater setup (which you can upgrade to 3.1, and then 5.1/5.2, just buy a used receiver from craigslist for 50 bucks, ez)

What you will need for passive setup:

Note that passive speakers and amp require you to purchase speaker wire separately (fairly cheap) and strip them (youtube video will guide you, very easy). Or if you like clean cable management and easy setups, banana plug cables from amazon will set you straight, and while these banana plugs and cable are nice and PURELY OPTIONAL, they will add up in cost as your buy more of them for frankenstein 2.1 cabling. Also a 3.5mm to rca cable will be required. The connection will be your pc -> 3.5mm->rca->amp->speaker wire-> speaker wire->speaker. (replace speaker wire with banana plug if going that route). Subwoofer connection will be explained in subwoofer section.

Example options


Okay here is where we need to get into specific numbers. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers so they are exempt. But passive speakers will require separate amps and so you will need to pay attention to certain specs. In speakers you will need to pay attention to their impedance (measured in ohms) and their sensitivity (measured in xx db/1m/1w). The typical mini amplifier will be class D (small form factor amps for desktop use) and their wattage per channel will be usually expressed in 4ohms. Take for instance the popular SMSL SA50. This is an amp that delivers 50 watts to its 2 channels, rated at 4 ohms. Speakers will have impedance of 4, 6, or 8 ohms usually. 50 watts at 4 ohms can be 25 watts at 8 ohms, but is probably more like 20 watts at 8 ohms, refer to product specs for specific wattage ratings at specific ohms. Speakers with high sensitivity (85-95 db/1w/1m) that have 6 ohm impedance are easier to drive with lower wattage.
But here's the thing, an the smsl sa50 will not deliver 50 CLEAN watts. Somewhere in the 30-40w range distortion will start to appear. But for reference, 30 clean watts is enough to drive sony cs5s to uncomfortably loud levels in an apartment (the whole apt, not just your room) so listening on your desktop, you only really need 10-15 clean watts (only after turning up your preamp input to maximum volume, which in this case is your youtube/windows10 volume level). Do note that if you have the space, a used $60 AV Receiver that will just shit out watts and have 5.1 surround will be the best, but these things are massive.

Example options

If you need more watts than the AD18, you're gonna need to get a class a/b amp that just shits out watts for cheap, or get a used av receiver. If you want a new one, the best budget option is the DENON AVR-S540BT 5.2 channel AVR from accessories4less.


Good subwoofers are expensive, and cheap subwoofers will hurt your listening experience rather than improve it (muddy boomy shitty bass). Your best bet may be to simply find a used subwoofer from craigslist or offerup, just dont get the polk audio PSW10, this is a very common sub you see on the 2nd hand market, because it is a shitty sub and so people get rid of it. Now as to whether you need a subwoofer. If you are in a dorm, don't get a subwoofer. Because.... if you live in a dorm, do not get a fucking subwoofer. Now if you live in a small apartment, fear not, proper subwoofer management will save you noise complaints. A good subwoofer will produce good quality low end you can hear and feel without having to turn up the volume. You want to look at the subwoofer's lowest frequency it can go to. That will show you how "tight" the bass will be. Now, low volume levels on a good sub will produce that bass for you without vibrating your walls (though subwoofer and speaker isolation as well as PLACEMENT (refer to the sub-crawl) will do more for getting the most sound out of your speakers without having to turn up the volume....and just turn off the sub after a reasonable time)
Now as to how to add a subwoofer to your system will depend on what setup you have and the available connections. If your speakers or amplifier has a subwoofer output, simply connect that to your subwoofer, set the crossover freuency (the frequency at which the subwoofer will start making sound) to 80hz, or lower depending on how low of a frequency our bookshelves can go down to.
If your speakers/amp do not have a subwoofer out, you will need to find a subwoofer that has high level speaker inputs. You will need to connect your bookshelves to the speaker outputs on the subwoofer via speaker wire/banana plugs, and then run speaker wire/banana plugs from the subwoofer input to your amplifier, ending with rca to 3.5mm connection to your pc.

Example options


Okay, I keep saying headphones and not headsets right. But you ask, Kilroy, you're an idiot. You're posting on buildapc for PC gamers and builders but you're talking headphones and not headsets. How idiotic are you? Pretty big, but friends hear me out. Now I used to live in South Korea, where PC Bangs (internet cafes) set the nation's standards for computers. All the places had to get the best bang for the buck pc gear to stay in business and remain competitive (all 100 computers at these places had like i5-6600k and gtx 1080 in 2015 or something I don't remember, along with mechanical BLUE SWITCH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK (imagine 100 blue switch keyboards being smashed on in a small underground area in Seoul) keyboards and decent headsets.
So I have tried MANY MANY different headsets, here is my conclusion. Just get proper headphones and get either get an antlion modmic, or V-MODA Boompro mic both available on amazon. (short list of mics later) or get proper headphones and usb mic. Okay, I have seen the headphone recommendation list, and the only one I would give any (if at all) weight to in the usual pc websites that our subreddit goes to, is the list from rtings. These guys mainly measure monitors and tvs (very well might i add) but the writer for their audio section is lacking it seems.
Please dont get Astro AXX headphones or corsair rgb xxxxxx w/e. Please for the love of god, take your good hard earned cash and get yourself a NICE pair of cans my fellow PC users. The mic part is secondary as GOOD headphones will forever change your PC using and music listening experience FOREVER
The TWO EXCEPTIONS that I have observed to this rule are the Hyperx Clouds and Cooler Master mh751/752.

Example options

Now obviously, there's other choices. A metric fuck load of them. But I had to account for how much you should be paying (price range) for upgrades in sound quality and performance.

Example options (Wireless headsets)

Okay. Wireless headsets, now let's think why do you need a wireless headset? Do you want to walk around your house while on discord? Maybe you want to keep the headset on while having to afk real quick for a smoke break or whatnot.

HEADPHONE AMP/DAC (digital to analogue converter)

My knowledge/experience with headphone amps and dacs are...extremely lacking, I'm more of a speaker guy. But, here is a list for you guys.


Other mics? Yes, but are they worth the extra $$ for marginally better audio recording? You decide.

Concluding remarks

Cool. Stay safe in these dark times brothers. Have a glorious day.
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[OC] We intend no harm - Chapter 21 (Bets and Wagers)

Hello again.
This is a bit of a short chapter.
I hope you have fun reading.
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The Cheshnak Ra was flying through the hyperspace towards the system where two other ships went missing. Because the Admiral was on board, the captain had vacated his quarters to make room for Zokosh. A scout ship had no need for guest quarters and he was sure that she would not want to sleep on a foldable bunk with the rest of the crew.
Zokosh thought she would be fine with tight rooms, but the captain’s quarters felt even smaller than they looked on the blueprint. She sat on the tiny desk that was crammed in below some hanging wall cupboards. If she were to fall from her chair, she would land on the narrow bed.
‘At least the sheets look like they have been changed.’ She thought and then looked at the toilet stuffed into a niche in the wall to her left. She had expected this half a square meter sized niche to be a showetoilet-combination. But the shower part was definitely missing. When she asked the Captain about the shower, he had the audacity to laugh and offer her a bucket and a washcloth.
A lady took a shower in the morning and a relaxation and beauty bath before going to bed. Of course she knew that a soldier would survive with wiping herself down before passing out on her cot since the boot camp. But after she became an officer, she made due with a fast shower in the morning.
While she was pondering for how long she could avoid using the communal showers, someone knocked at her door. “Come in.”
The non-automatic door was opened and Sogogh entered Zokosh’s 'office'. “Admiral Xem? I’m here to bring you half the pot.” He said meekly, while carrying a bag.
Zokosh’s vertically slit pupils narrowed wondering what the officer was bringing her. Before she could have asked what it was. He started to stack canned rations (the relatively good kind) on the edge of her desk. “I was assuming you were betting with imperial credits.” Stated the Admiral, for a moment she was unable to hide her surprise.
“Credits are pretty much useless on board. So we bet with useful stuff.” The helmsman explained, while placing some entertainment data sticks next to the canned rations.
“Ah, I understand … Well, I don’t need all of the stuff in that bag. If that’s half, a lot of crewmen seem to have participated. I allow you to distribute the rest to the winners, send them my best regards.” Her right ear flicked signaling him to leave, which he did after saluting.
There were three tiers of rations in the imperial navy: indistinguishable scrabs in a bag (add boiling water), dried imitation-meat (lab-grown meat, add boiling water) and real meat with sauce in a can (heat up or eat cold). On normal ships were two mess halls one for the crewmen and one for the officers. But that was a luxury scout ships did not get.
Zokosh examined the rations. She knew most of the flavors from officer camp. Not the boot camp, you only get to eat the scraps in a bag (add clean water if your lucky or eat dry) there. Some of her winnings were actually pretty good, at least as far as canned rations go.
After she had stored the cans, she put one of the sticks into her holoprojector. It carried a handful of holomovies, something you get easily from the broadcasting network, if you were on a proper ship or a station. After that she tried one stick after the other. Some had simple but relaxing games and some had music.
When she picked up the second to last stick she noticed that it was marked with a dot of red paint. She looked at it for a moment tilting her head sideways. There could have been only a few reasons to mark a stick. Most of them were not really appealing, but it could also be a recording of the first steps of someone’s welp.
She decided to put it to the side and take look at the last sticks contents. Some movies and a few games, nothing out of the ordinary. She wanted to forget about the marked stick. But thinking someone might be missing something important made her plug it in, disregarding her intuition.
After she had read the first few lines of its table of contents, she hissed at herself. ‘What were you thinking? Placing family recordings as a wager would be worth nothing! And this is a long term scout ship full of men, of course they would put this in as a wager.’
Sogogh was distributing the remaining contents among the winners. Suddenly his pupils widened. “Oh crap!”
“Hm? What’s the matter, something wrong with the stick?” Asked Ugzar, the sensor officer and Sogogh’s friend.
“I hope not.” The Helmsman said, while giving his friend a stick with a red dot on it.
After seeing the dot Ugzar laughed. “Dude, you were supposed to put only “safe” material into the bag for the Admiral!”
Sogogh rummaged through the remaining contents of the bag. “I guess that was the only one.”
“Knowing you, you could have easily fucked up twice!” The sensor officer was still laughing. “Imagine you gave her one of the sticks from the guy who loves videos with girls in uniforms stepping on someone.”
“Duuuuude, that’s not funny. If I did fuck up and she sees that shit, she’ll throw me out of the fucking airlock.”
“Or, … she steps on you and calls you a degenerate.” He smirked at his poor friend. “Well the stepping-guy would get super envy. Would be hilarious for everyone else.”
“FUCK! What should I do? Should I go back and try to see if I gave her one?” Asked Sogogh in a slight panic.
“Chill. You can’t get it back if you gave it to her. Just relax. Remember how she threw Tok the brawler on his back? If she can fight like that, she has seen worse than that stick.” Ugzar had enough fun with his friend’s mishap, now was the time to calm him down.
The first few nights in that tiny room had not been comfortable. Normally Zokosh would curl up under her blanket, but this bed was so narrow, she had to sleep stretched out. She slowly got used to it because she had to. Each morning and evening she wiped herself down with a washcloth, some soap and cold water from the sink. But she could bare with that only for so long, especially since there was a functioning shower just a few ladders and hallways away.
She informed the captain that from now on she would reserve the shower every day between nine and ten in the evening. After that she went back to her quarters to study any information they had about their destination system and the Galactic Council’s movements in this area.
It was a quarter to nine when she took a datapad an wrote: ‘Admiral Xem is showering. A painful death awaits anyone entering.’. That was the second best plan. Her first plan, locking the door, failed because of the missing lock on the communal showers.
She put all of her showering necessities into her seabag: shampoo, shower gel, a towel, a brush, fresh underwear, a clean jumpsuit, the datapad, tape for the pad and her combat knife. With everything packed, she walked to one of the ladders, climbed down and continued towards the shower.
Before she entered she opened the door. “Anyone still in there?” Nobody responded and she could hear no water running. Now she taped the datapad with her warning onto the door. Then she placed her combat knife between her teeth and taped the empty sheath next to the datapad. After she was sure, the warning was clear, she entered the shower.
All of the crewmembers had heard about the shower reservations. Because it meant that the rest of the crew had less time to shower, most of them did not like it. Some were of the opinion that the admiral should just shower with the rest of the crew, like the captain does. Others knew that there would be casualties, if she showered with the rest of them. Of course those casualties would be caused by fighting over who gets to use the shower during that time.
What all agreed on was that there was a need for new bets. First: How long would it take until someone were to accidently stumble into the shower? Second: Who would be the brave soul to do it? And finally third: Would she actually kill him?
Almost the entire crew put their wagers in the three pots. Some of them were trying to boast by placing their own name on the board for the second bet. Most of the people named Tokol, because he was a daredevil, good looking and known as a womanizer. About half the crewmembers who placed their bet on him, also betted that he would live to tell the tale.
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Thanks for reading. That was only four pages, but it felt like a good point to end the chapter :)
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