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The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3 - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3: The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

by TheStateOfIt
In case you missed it:
Sebastian Vettel was the driver of the Red Bull Junior Team. Others that entered F1 in Red Bull’s name before him had been hit or miss. Christian Klien was a distant second fiddle to David Coulthard, Vitantonio Liuzzi was just there, Scott Speed had his notorious temper and the less said about Robert Doornbos, the better. But Vettel was the driver that made everyone believe in Marko. We all know his heroics in Toro Rosso in 2008 and becoming a title challenger in 2009, but even his rookie year impressed many. A point on debut as a last-minute replacement for Robert Kubica, his fourth place in China and even threatening for the win at Fuji.
Everyone started to believe in the Red Bull programme at this time. If such a star like Vettel could come from this academy, who’s to say there can’t be more?
I bet the rest of these hopefuls thought so too.

The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

Pedro Bianchini (BRA) - 2007 - Formula BMW
If life was fair, Bianchini wouldn’t be on this list. The list of Red Bull Junior drivers says he joined in 2007, but he was on Red Bull’s watchlist for a much longer time. In fact, in his karting days, he made an appearance on Brazillian late-night television decked out in full Red Bull gear. In any other timeline, this would be a relic for many an F1 fan, watching a current driver gain national attention at his infancy.
Not in this timeline, though. In one of his first tests in Formula BMW, he got caught up in a major accident that broke his fibula and sidelined him for the first bit of the season. With minimal testing, missed races, and a still healing injury, Bianchini struggled and performed well below expectations. Naturally, the results-hungry Marko monster’s appetite wasn’t whetted, and threw the poor kid out of the programme. He left full-time motorsport after another unsuccessful season in Formula BMW, though he still races karts on the rare occasion.
He now works as a sales coordinator for some company called Fibrafix, thanks to some LinkedIn and Facebook diving. Once again, it’s not stalking if it’s research.
Kevin Mirocha (GEPOL) - 2007 - Formula BMW
Mirocha suffered a similar fate as Bianchini, being dropped after a single season in Formula BMW with average-ish results, the most being a podium at Silverstone. However, there was no broken fibula to blame. The Polish-German driver was just above-average, but once again, Marko’s theory of development is not improving above-average drivers to the top of the table, but rather that all his drivers should already be at peak performance.
After being kicked out of Red Bull, his move to F3 the year after showed a hint of promise, but joining HBR Racing in the following year’s Euroseries proved to be a massive mistake as the whole team collapsed mid-season, taking Mirocha with them into the pit of uncertainty. Despite that, he found minor redemption in the 2010 Formula Renault NEC Championship, winning a race in a part-time drive. This made him a surprise call-up to GP2 in 2011 for Ocean Racing Technology, however that drive was short-lived. Scoring zero points, he was dumped mid-season for a fellow Red Bull dropout, Brendon Hartley.
His final showing was a much more successful season in Palmer Formula Two (to differentiate it from current Formula Two), even winning a race, but as the series died a quiet death, so did Mirocha’s racing career. A peek at his Instagram indicated he took up automobile photography and the like. That was over three years ago, though, so lord knows what’s happening with him now.
Daniel Morad (CAN) - 2007 - Formula BMW
I can tell you, with 95% confidence, that if you’ve seen a go-kart crash on YouTube before, you’ve seen Daniel Morad. I know you’ve seen Daniel Morad, even if you yourself didn’t know it was him. Y’all remember this incident, right? It’s literally on every ‘celebrates too early’ clickbait compilation on YouTube.
And that guy is Daniel Morad.
Morad, however, is much more than a karting mishap. Under Red Bull, he was the 2007 Formula BMW USA Champion. All good, right? He was immediately dumped by Red Bull.
Morad has no idea why. Compatriot Robert Wickens was also under the Red Bull Junior Team when he won the Formula BMW USA Championship just a year prior. He got chances in Formula Atlantic, Formula Renault, Formula 3, A1GP and Palmer Formula Two under Red Bull’s employ. Morad got a one-line email saying he was out of the programme.
He was able to make it to A1GP at least, but with Team Canada out of the series, he exploited his Lebanese heritage to race for constant backmarkers Team Lebanon. In the final season of the series, Morad did the team a favour by scoring their first ever points finish in the entire series.
His next career move to GP3 wasn’t as fruitful, but he did get lucky with the reversed-grid system to take a victory in the Silverstone sprint race. That year was also the same year where he won the Rotax Max Challenge, which was the race of THAT incident. For the past decade, though, he’s moved on from hands-free go-karting to sportscars, finding some success in GT3 cars in IMSA’s endurance series, winning the 2017 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTD class. Nowadays he’s also a Twitch streamer as well, making appearances in several iRacing events alongside the best of the best.
Tom Dillmann (FRA) - 2007-2008 - Formula Three
Yep, I consider him a failure of Red Bull’s Junior Team, despite his appearances in Formula E. Dropped right from Red Bull after a disappointing start to his Formula 3 Euro Series campaign, Dillmann’s career never settled at all after that, hopping from team to team, series to series, category to category for nearly every year after. As much as motorsport is about breaking away from the pack, entropy in your career moves hasn’t translated to results for Dillmann.
The most Dillmann got out of his career was a championship in the decaying Formula Not-Renault V8 3.5 series in 2016 and a win in GP2 in 2012, being another benefactor of the reverse grid system in the Sprint Race. His championship in Formula Not-Renault did earn him a reserve driver spot at Venturi in Formula E, which he cashed in to race in a few events when main drivers Stephane Sarrazin and Edoardo Mortara weren’t around. It seemed Dillmann finally had something going right in his racing career in his second season deputising for Venturi, nabbing 4th at New York.
Then he joined NIO. And, for those not familiar with Formula E, NIO suuuuuuuuucks. Dillmann’s only real comparison, his teammate Turvey, was streets ahead. Like, literally, because Formula E runs on streets, and Turvey was normally ahead, so literally, like... streets ahead. Please laugh. Anyway, he’s now testing with Formula Two teams has proved to be really, really competent in the world’s vacation to simracing, being quite the star in The Race’s All-Star events and finishing 2nd in the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Mika Mäki (FIN) - 2007-2009 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3
His early career was bright. Performed well in his national karting championships. Barely lost out on two Formula BMW trophies to the same guy. Red Bull comes and signs him up. And, unlike most on this list, he did not disappoint in his first season, winning the Italian Formula Renault Championship in 2007. His next season in Formula 3 Euroseries got off to a blinding start, winning two races and being in hot contention by round six.
Then he got into an off-track accident. He crashed his Nissan 350Z in a tunnel, spearing through a metal railing. Mercifully, he was uninjured, but questions were raised about how such a serious crash occurred in a 40 km/h tunnel late at night. I’m unsure how the investigation went and whether Mäki was punished or not, but you can just tell his results were affected. His hot streak in F3 suddenly ran cold and though he managed a few more decent results, his championship hopes were gone.
He still claimed another race victory in next year’s Euroseries and even finished second in the F3 Masters event, but Red Bull had enough and cast him away. One final, hapless, half-hearted, half-season effort with Motorpark Academy the next year saw him finish last in the F3 Euroseries he had been contending for just two years earlier. That was the end of Mäki’s racing career.
But Mäki isn’t dead yet. From the looks of things, he’s gone batshit insane. He’s started his own media/marketing/communications company called Ajaton, which means Timeless in Finnish. His company’s tagline is ”FRUITY AS FUCK”. Mika himself dressed up like a fucking dictator in his company profile picture. I don’t know how much of this is good PR or creative marketing, or how much of it is Mika being mad. Whatever it is, I’m all aboard the wacky Mäki train.
Dani Juncadella (ESP) - 2008-2009 - Formula BMW
Red Bull seriously missed the boat with Juncadella, and Juncadella missed the boat with Red Bull. How did this mutual boat-missing happen? He performed solidly in his two seasons in Formula BMW under Red Bull, coming in as a runner-up to Felipe Nasr in 2009, though most credit to that goes to Mucke Motorsport getting themselves DQ’ed from five races. Then Red Bull Junior Team did their traditional purging of talent, and Juncadella was one that got exiled from the team going into 2010.
Back then, it was a shame… for Red Bull. After a year getting acclimated to F3 machinery, Juncadella made himself famous as he won the 2011 Macau Grand Prix. The next year, he took domination to new heights, winning the 2012 F3 Euroseries, the F3 European Championship (which was basically the Euroseries with a hat on top) and the Masters of Formula Three. Red Bull had missed out on the biggest name in Formula Three.
But then it would be Juncadella missing out on Red Bull’s support system. Despite his F3 success and subsequent tests with Ferrari and Williams, there was nothing going for him in single-seaters. Him signing to Mercedes brought about some rumour with being Mercedes’ development driver, but all this led to was him making the sideways switch to DTM.
He did snatch the role of reserve driver at Force India in 2014, appearing in three Grand Prix weekends, but he got sick of Formula One politics and testing restrictions, retreating back to his role in DTM. He hasn’t found the same success in touring cars, though, propping up the table in most of his DTM seasons. Only a solitary victory at Brands Hatch in 2019 and a last lap battle with Max Verstappen in Team Redline’s simracing championship were indications of Juncadella’s previous success in Formula Three.
Mirko Bortolotti (ITA) - 2009 - Palmer Formula Two
Bortolotti, like Juncadella, had tons of hype and talent behind him. There wasn’t that much of it during his karting days or his early single-seater career, but the hype around him exploded when he won the 2008 Italian Formula Three series by an absolute landslide, with a seven-race winning streak being more than enough to seal the championship. His reward was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test with Ferrari at Fiorano.
He cashed in that reward by setting the F2008 lap record around Fiorano. Sure, testing limits heavily restricted the running of Ferrari’s race and regular testers on Fiorano, but still, beating that lap record in what was supposed to be a token, prize-winning joyride made everyone sit up and take note. The hype meter went through the roof when he signed on to Red Bull’s junior team, and finishing a solid fourth in Palmer Formula Two gave him the chance to test for Toro Rosso over the winter.
In the first week of January 2010, the press tipped him to replace Jaime Alguersuari for the upcoming season at Toro Rosso.
In the second week of January 2010, Bortolotti was removed from Red Bull’s junior team.
Granted, he did say he wasn’t exactly ready for Formula One in the midst of all the rumours, but Red Bull suddenly pulling the plug was the last thing everyone expected. Ferrari’s driver academy swooped in and planted him in a GP3 ride for 2010, but he struggled in the switch of categories and was booted out of that junior driver programme after a year in the GP3 midfield. He won the Palmer Formula Two championship in 2011, but the rapid shift from Italy’s next Formula One driver to GP3 midfielder had already disillusioned the 21 year-old Italian, and after one final test with Williams as a prize for winning the F2 championship, he shifted to sportscars.
Bortolotti’s shift to sportscars has been fairly successful, becoming the champion of the final Megane Series Championship in 2013 before signing on to Lamborghini’s factory squad in 2014. Before his shift to Audi in 2020, he won the Blancpain Endurance Championship for them in 2017 and took class wins for them in both the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. All congratulations to Mirko, but who knows where he could’ve been had Marko done what the press thought he’d do a decade ago: stick him in the car.
Not everyone can be Vettel. If everyone is Vettel, nobody is. (yes I ripped Syndrome’s line, it’s a badass one). However, this section contains probably the saddest stories, where many of these drivers actually proved their talent at a young age, like Morad, Juncadella and Bortolotti. And yet, despite all that, they never got a fair shake with Red Bull.
We have one final part left to go, the fourth-part of this four-part series. The next part features the losers of the Red Bull from more recent times, coming from textile salesmen, sons of Top Gear personnel and an actual, legit, hero.
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Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trump’s war on Iran?

By: Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies - May 30, 2020
Read the article here: https://www.nationofchange.org/2020/05/30/who-are-the-secret-puppet-masters-behind-trumps-war-on-iran/
On May 6th, President Trump vetoed a war powers bill specifying that he must ask Congress for authorization to use military force against Iran. Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign of deadly sanctions and threats of war against Iran has seen no let-up, even as the U.S., Iran and the whole world desperately need to set aside our conflicts to face down the common danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.
So what is it about Iran that makes it such a target of hostility for Trump and the neocons? There are many repressive regimes in the world, and many of them are close U.S. allies, so this policy is clearly not based on an objective assessment that Iran is more repressive than Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other monarchies in the Persian Gulf.
The Trump administration claims that its “maximum pressure” sanctions and threats of war against Iran are based on the danger that Iran will develop nuclear weapons. But after decades of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and despite the U.S.’s politicization of the IAEA, the Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.
If Iran ever did any preliminary research on nuclear weapons, it was probably during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the U.S. and its allies helped Iraq to make and use chemical weapons that killed up to 100,000 Iranians. A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, the IAEA’s 2015 “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues” and decades of IAEA inspections have examined and resolved every scrap of false evidence of a nuclear weapons program presented or fabricated by the CIA and its allies.
If, despite all the evidence, U.S. policymakers still fear that Iran could develop nuclear weapons, then adhering to the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), keeping Iran inside the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and ensuring ongoing access by IAEA inspectors would provide greater security than abandoning the deal.
As with Bush’s false WMD claims about Iraq in 2003, Trump’s real goal is not nuclear non-proliferation but regime change. After 40 years of failed sanctions and hostility, Trump and a cabal of U.S. warhawks still cling to the vain hope that a tanking economy and widespread suffering in Iran will lead to a popular uprising or make it vulnerable to another U.S.-backed coup or invasion.

United against a Nuclear Iran and the Counter Extremism Project

One of the key organizations promoting and pushing hostility towards Iran is a shadowy group called United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). Founded in 2008, it was expanded and reorganized in 2014 under the umbrella of the Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU) to broaden its attacks on Iran and divert U.S. policymakers’ attention away from the role of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in spreading violence, extremism and chaos in the greater Middle East.
UANI acts as a private enforcer of U.S. sanctions by keeping a “business registry” of hundreds of companies all over the world—from Adidas to Zurich Financial Services—that trade with or are considering trading with Iran. UANI hounds these companies by naming and shaming them, issuing reports for the media, and urging the Office of Foreign Assets Control to impose fines and sanctions. It also keeps a checklist of companies that have signed a declaration certifying they do not conduct business in or with Iran. Proving how little they care about the Iranian people, UANI even targets pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device corporations—includingBayer, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories—that have been granted special U.S. humanitarian aid licenses.

Where does UANI get its funds?

UANI was founded by three former U.S. officials, Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke and Mark Wallace. In 2013, it still had a modest budget of $1.7 million, nearly 80% coming from two Jewish-American billionaires with strong ties to Israel and the Republican Party: $843,000 from precious metals investor Thomas Kaplan and $500,000 from casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Wallace and other UANI staff have also worked for Kaplan’s investment firms, and he remains a key funder and advocate for UANI and its affiliated groups.
In 2014, UANI split into two entities: the original UANI and the Green Light Project, which does business as the Counter Extremism Project. Both entities are under the umbrella of and funded by a third, Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU). This permits the organization to brand its fundraising as being for the Counter Extremism Project, even though it still regrants a third of its funds to UANI.
CEO Mark Wallace, Executive Director David Ibsen and other staff work for all three groups in their shared offices in Grand Central Tower in New York. In 2018, Wallace drew a combined salary of $750,000 from all three entities, while Ibsen’s combined salary was $512,126.
In recent years, the revenues for the umbrella group, CEPU, have mushroomed, reaching $22 million in 2017. CEPU is secretive about the sources of this money. But investigative journalist Eli Clifton, who starting looking into UANI in 2014 when it was sued for defamation by a Greek ship owner it accused of violating sanctions on Iran, has found evidence suggesting financial ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
That is certainly what hacked emails between CEPU staff, an Emirati official and a Saudi lobbyist imply. In September 2014, CEPU’s president Frances Townsend emailed the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. to solicit the UAE’s support and propose that it host and fund a CEPU forum in Abu Dhabi. Four months later, Townsend emailed again to thank him, writing, “And many thanks for your and Richard Mintz’ (UAE lobbyist) ongoing support of the CEP effort!” UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan has formed a close relationship with Emirati ruler Bin Zayed, and visited the UAE at least 24 times. In 2019, he gushed to an interviewer that the UAE and its despotic rulers “are my closest partners in more parts of my life than anyone else other than my wife.”
Another email from Saudi lobbyist and former Senator Norm Coleman to the Emirati Ambassador about CEPU’s tax status implied that the Saudis and Emiratis were both involved in its funding, which would mean that CEPU may be violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by failing to register as a Saudi or Emirati agent in the U.S.
Ben Freeman of the Center for International Policy has documented the dangerously unaccountable and covert expansion of the influence of foreign governments and military-industrial interests over U.S. foreign policy in recent years, in which registered lobbyists are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to foreign influence. Eli Clifton calls UANI, “a fantastic case study and maybe a microcosm of the ways in which American foreign policy is actually influenced and implemented.”
CEPU and UANI’s staff and advisory boards are stocked with Republicans, neoconservatives and warhawks, many of whom earn lavish salaries and consulting fees. In the two years before President Trump appointed John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, CEPU paid Bolton $240,000 in consulting fees. Bolton, who openly advocates war with Iran, was instrumental in getting the Trump administration to withdraw from the nuclear deal.
UANI also enlists Democrats to try to give the group broader, bipartisan credibility. The chair of UANI’s board is former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who was known as the most pro-Zionist member of the Senate. A more moderate Democrat on UANI’s board is former New Mexico governor and UN ambassador Bill Richardson.
Norman Roule, a CIA veteran who was the National Intelligence Manager for Iran throughout the Obama administration was paid $366,000 in consulting fees by CEPU in 2018. Soon after the brutal Saudi assassination of journalist Jamal Khassoghi, Roule and UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan met with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and Roule then played a leading role in articles and on the talk-show circuit whitewashing Bin Salman’s repression and talking up his superficial “reforms” of Saudi society.
More recently, amid a growing outcry from Congress, the UN and the European Union to ease U.S. sanctions on Iran during the pandemic, UANI chairman Joe Lieberman, CEPU president Frances Townsend and CEO Mark Wallace signed a letter to Trump that falsely claimed, “U.S. sanctions neither prevent nor target the supply of food, medicine or medical devices to Iran,” and begged him not to relax his murderous sanctions because of COVID-19.
This was too much for Norman Roule, who tossed out his UANI script and told the Nation, “the international community should do everything it can to enable the Iranian people to obtain access to medical supplies and equipment.”
Two Israeli shell companies to whom CEPU and UANI have paid millions of dollars in “consulting fees” raise even more troubling questions. CEPU has paid over $500,000 to Darlink, located near Tel Aviv, while UANI paid at least $1.5 million to Grove Business Consulting in Hod Hasharon, about 10% of its revenues from 2016 to 2018. Neither firm seems to really exist, but Grove’s address on UANI’s IRS filings appears in the Panama Papers as that of Dr. Gideon Ginossar, an officer of an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands that defaulted on its creditors in 2010.

Selling a corrupted picture to U.S. policymakers

UANI’s parent group, Counter Extremism Project United, presents itself as dedicated to countering all forms of extremism. But in practice, it is predictably selective in its targets, demonizing Iran and its allies while turning a blind eye to other countries with more credible links to extremism and terrorism.
UANI supports accusations by Trump and U.S. warhawks that Iran is “the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism,” based mainly on its support for the Lebanese Shiite political party Hezbollah, whose militia defends southern Lebanon against Israel and fights in Syria as an ally of the government.
But Iran placed UANI on its own list of terrorist groups in 2019 after Mark Wallace and UANI hosted a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York that was mainly attended by supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Kalqh (MEK). The MEK is a group that the U.S. government itself listed as a terrorist organization until 2012 and which is still committed to the violent overthrow of the government in Iran – preferably by persuading the U.S. and its allies to do it for them. UANI tried to distance itself from the meeting after the fact, but the published program listed UANI as the event organizer.
On the other hand, there are two countries where CEPU and UANI seem strangely unable to find any links to extremism or terrorism at all, and they are the very countries that appear to be funding their operations, lavish salaries and shadowy “consulting fees”: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Many Americans are still demanding a public investigation into Saudi Arabia’s role in the crimes of September 11th. In a court case against Saudi Arabia brought by 9/11 victims’ families, the FBI recently revealed that a Saudi Embassy official, Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, provided crucial support to two of the hijackers. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the families whose father was killed on September 11th, told Yahoo News, “(This) demonstrates there was a hierarchy of command that’s coming from the Saudi Embassy to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs [in Los Angeles] to the hijackers.”
The global spread of the Wahhabi version of Islam that unleashed and fueled Al Qaeda, ISIS and other violent Muslim extremist groups has been driven primarily by Saudi Arabia, which has built and funded Wahhabi schools and mosques all over the world. That includes the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles that the two 9/11 hijackers attended.
It is also well documented that Saudi Arabia has been the largest funder and arms supplier for the Al Qaeda-led forces that have destroyed Syria since 2011, including CIA-brokered shipments of thousands of tons of weapons from Benghazi in Libya and at least eight countries in Eastern Europe. The UAE also supplied arms funding to Al Qaeda-allied rebels in Syria between 2012 and 2016, and the Saudi and UAE roles have now been reversed in Libya, where the UAE is the main supplier) of thousands of tons of weapons to General Haftar’s rebel forces. In Yemen, both the Saudis and Emiratis have committed war crimes. The Saudi and Emirati air forces have bombed schools, clinics, weddings and school buses, while the Emiratis tortured detainees in 18 secret prisons in Yemen.
But United Against a Nuclear Iran and Counter Extremism Project have redacted all of this from the one-sided worldview they offer to U.S. policymakers and the American corporate media. While they demonize Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as extremists and terrorists, they depict Saudi Arabia and the UAE exclusively as victims of terrorism and allies in U.S.-led “counterterrorism” campaigns, never as sponsors of extremism and terrorism or perpetrators of war crimes.
The message of these groups dedicated to “countering extremism” is clear and none too subtle: Saudi Arabia and the UAE are always U.S. allies and victims of extremism, never a problem or a source of danger, violence or chaos. The country we should all be worrying about is – you guessed it – Iran. You couldn’t pay for propaganda like this! But on the other hand, if you’re Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates and you have greedy, corrupt Americans knocking on your door eager to sell their loyalty, maybe you can.
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UPDATE: Guys, I'm currently working on this futher, editing it, adding bits that have been kindly suggested in the comments and making pa few amends to any errors. If you happen to see anymore let me know!
Hey guys, I know its been a tough few days on this subreddit since the anniversary of Mac's death. I'm sure - like me - you've been jammin' to his tunes a lot while we pay our respects. I know there have already been posts to Mac's discography that you can download. I wanted to create a written format of his music from the very beginning to the very end. I've created this for those that wanna follow Mac's journey - almost like a biography. Its pretty awesome hearing the progression of his music throughout time. So, here, I have attempted to write an accurate timeline for everyone and for new fans that want to get stuck in. I've probably made some errors or missed a few things so feel free to point them out. Also, in some of his mixtape he has the same song twice so I've made it so there's only one version of the song - so some mixtapes may look incomplete! Big love.

  1. Barz For Dayz
  2. Come Around (Ft. B.DuBB)
  3. Cruisin'
  4. Get Mines
  5. In Love With This Bud (Ft. Yung Brody)
  6. Js on My Feet
  7. My Biography
  8. Smoke Signals (Ft. John Record)
  9. Take Me to Paradise
Didn't See You There (Ft. Too Green Scene) - 12/30/2007

  1. How High (Intro)
  2. How Sick Am I
  3. Do It Again
  4. Bring It On (Ft. Wild Bill)
  5. I Am Legend (Ft. John Record)
  6. Open Ya Eyes (Ft. Plain English)
  7. Tryna Get Blazed
  8. Say Goodnight Freestyle (Ft. Vintage)
  9. Whatup Dilla
  10. What It Is (Ft. Franchise)
  11. The Hold Up
  12. Child’s Play Freestyle (Ft. GhostWriter)
  13. Same Old Shit (Ft. Plain English)
  14. The Real
  15. Like Aaay!
  16. Know Bout That
  17. The Ill Children (Ft. Lip The Kid)
  18. Ain’t I Freestyle (Ft. Big Will)
  19. Gotcha Opin
  20. The Outro
  21. Beedie – Instant Replay
  22. EZ Mac - Crusin'

  1. Intro (The Jukebox)
  2. Sound Like
  3. Barz 4 Dayz
  4. PA Hustla
  5. What Up Cousin (R.I.P. Nick)
  6. Got A Clue
  7. Get It On The Floor
  8. Late Night
  9. Cruisin’
  10. Swing Set
  11. Love My Name (Ft. John Record)
  12. Snap Back
  13. J’s On My Feet
  14. On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars)
  15. The Chow Line (Ft. Beedie & Max B)
  16. A Night In The Studio
  17. My Lady
  18. Comin’ Soon (Ft. John Record)
  19. Keep Me Alive
  20. So Far To Go
  21. Keep It Rollin’

Ladies & Gentleman (Freestyle) – 10/19/2009

'THE HIGH LIFE' (MIXTAPE) -12/02/2009
  1. The High Life
  2. Ridin’ High
  3. Musical Chairs
  4. Live Free
  5. Crushin’ Round The Clock (Ft. Boaz)
  6. 5 O’Clock (Ft. Boaz)
  7. Jerome Weinberg Speaks (Interlude)
  8. Class President
  9. A Million Dollars
  10. I’m Ready
  11. Fly In Her Nikes (Ft. Josh Everette)
  12. The Finer Things
  13. Travellin’ Man 09
  14. Cruise Control (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)
  15. One Of A Kind
  16. Foolin’ Around
  17. Castle Made Of Sand
  18. Just My Imagination
  19. Another Night
  20. Thanks For Coming Out
  21. Pen Game (Ft. Skyzoo)
  22. Incompatible [unreleased]

  1. Intro
  2. Dumb It Down (Freestyle)
  3. Love My Name (Ft. John Record)
  4. Interlude
  5. Live My Life
  6. Unfaithful
  7. I Think I’m In Love
  8. Outro

Nothing Can Stop Me (Ft. Yung Brody) – 01/01/2010
White People Drunk Dance Freestyle – 04/17/2010

'SOUR HOUR' (MIXTAPE) – 04/20/2010
  1. So Gone
  2. Miss Mary Jane (Ft. Mac Miller) - B. White & Mayo
  3. Crumblin’ Erb Freestyle
  4. Flying Away
  5. Lost
  6. Blunt of My Mind
  7. Doobie Ashtray 2K10 - Dee Goodz & Mac Miller
  8. Feeling Is Gone - Bill The Kid & Mac Miller
  9. Miley Cyrus

I Need A Dollar (Ft. Mac Miller) by Chris Webby - 06/29/2010

'K.I.D.S' (MIXTAPE) - 08/13/2010
  1. Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit (Intro)
  2. Outside
  3. Get Em Up
  4. Nikes On My Feet
  5. Senior Skip Day
  6. The Spins
  7. Traffic In the Sky
  8. Don’t Mind If I Do
  9. Paper Route (Ft. Chevy Woods)
  10. Good Evening
  11. Ride Around
  12. Knock Knock
  13. Mad Flava, Heavy Flow (Interlude) (Ft. DJ Bonics)
  14. Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza
  15. All I Want Is You
  16. Poppy
  17. Face in the Crowd
  18. La La La

Paid in Full 2010 Freestyle (Ft. Termanology) – 08/17/2010
Friday Night Lights (Ft. Darrelle Revis) – 08/18/2010
May the Force Be With You (Ft. Killer Mike & Mac Miller) by XV - 09/09/2010
Pittsburgh Kidz Get the Biz – 09/13/2010
Always Been (The Smokers Club) (Ft. Mac Miller) by Smoke DZA - 10/01/2010
All I Know (Ft. Mac Miller) by Tom-Oh - 10/09/2010
82-92 (Ft. Mac Miller) by 1982 - 10/11/2010
Curious (Ft. Mac Miller) by DJ Woogie – 10/14/2010
Trippin' Out - 11/01/2010
17 (Ft. Mac Miller) by J.F.K. - 11/05/2010
I Love High School – 11/22/2010
Beautiful Money (Ft. Mac Miller) by Moola Gang - 12/06/2010
Blankin’ Out (Ft. Mac Miller) by Rapsody – 12/07/2010
Weed' N Rhymin' (Ft. Mac Miller) by The Gooneez - 12/12/2010
I’m V.I.P. (Ft. Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller) by Consequence – 12/25/2010
The Game of Life – 2010
Regular Guy - 2010

Can I Live (Ft. Mac Miller) by Casey Veggies – 01/01/2011
P.A. (Ft. Mac Miller) by Freeway & Statik Selektah - 01/11/2011
California Highway [Prop 19] (Ft. Mac Miller, YG & Billy Wes) by Juicy - 01/15/2011
Stuck On My Computer - 01/19/2011
Winner (Ft. Young Scolla) - 01/20/2011
Laundromat (Ft. Mac Miller & Kofee) by T-Shyne - 01/25/2011
Fuck Love Freestyle (Best I Ever Had Remix) – 02/26/2011
XXL Freshman Class Freestyle - 03/09/2011
Facebook Girl (Ft. Mr Manhattan, Mac Miller & A.T.) by Kurtiz the Kid [unreleased] – 03/11/2011
Three Blind Mice - 03/11/2011

'BEST DAY EVER' (MIXTAPE) – 03/11/2011
  1. Best Day Ever
  2. Get Up
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Oy Vey
  5. I’ll Be There (Ft. Phonte)
  6. Wear My Hat
  7. Wake Up
  8. All Around the World
  9. Down the Rabbit Hole
  10. In the Air
  11. Play Ya Cards
  12. She Said
  13. Life Ain’t Easy
  14. Snooze
  15. Keep Floatin (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)
  16. BDE Bonus

People (Tags) - 03/14/2011
Bands [Remix] (Ft. Juicy J, Chevy Woods & Mac Miller) by Tolly - 03/21/2011
Futuristic Funk [DJ] - 03/22/2011
Bruce Wayne – 03/23/2011
XXL Freshmen 2011 Cypher Pt. 1 by Mac Miller, Lil Twist, Diggy & YG - 03/23/2011
Child Celebrity - 03/28/2011

'ON AND ON AND BEYOND' (EP) – 03/29/2011
  1. Put It On
  2. Live Free
  3. On and On
  4. Life Ain't Easy
  5. In The Air
  6. Another Night

So What (Ft. Wale) - 04/06/2011
Heatwave (Ft. Mac Miller) by Chiddy Bang - 04/06/2011
Extra Extra (Ft. Mac Miller & Halo) by Rapsody - 04/06/2011
The Glide (Ft. Palermo Stone) – 04/11/2011
Piffsburgh - 04/20/2011
3rd Dimension - 04/20/2011
Let’s Get High - 04/20/2011
No - 04/20/2011
Talk About - 04/29/2011
Around The World (Ft. Mac Miller & Josh Everette) by Boaz - 05/02/2011
Opposite of Adults – 06/02/2011
Blog Is Hot - 06/08/2011
Out Da Box (Ft. Da Ryno & Mac Miller) by Rapsody - 06/13/2011
Purple [unreleased] - 06/26/2011
Live It Up - 06/26/2011
Incense (Ft. Mac Miller) by Phil Ade - 07/15/2011
Whateva - 07/28/2011
The Drive (Ft. Mac Miller) by Chevy Woods - 07/31/2011
Something About You - 08/10/2011
Marco Polo (Ft. Mac Miller) by Yung Brody - 08/10/2011
Get It Again - 08/16/2011
Femme Fatale Freestyle - 08/25/2011
Come On Baby (Ft. Mac Miller) by Killa Kyleon - 09/01/2011
Face The Facts - 09/16/2011
That’s Love (Ft. Mac Miller & Heather Victoria) by 9th Wonder – 09/27/2011
Moves Like Jagger [Remix] (Ft. Mac Miller & Christina Aguilera by Maroon 5 - 09/29/2011
Come Up Show (Cosmic Kev Freestyle) - 10/01/2011
On Some Real Shit Pt. 2 – 10/04/2011
Uhh MostDope - 10/04/2011
Smokin’ – 10/05/2011
On My Way (Ft. Tip Tha Ill Spit) - 10/07/2011
DJ Pimp (Freestyle) (Ft. Beedie) - 10/12/2011

  1. I Love Life, Thank You
  2. People Under the Stairs
  3. Willie Dynamite
  4. The Scoop On Heaven
  5. Love Lost
  6. Pranks 4 Players (Ft. Sir Michael Rocks)
  7. Cold Feet
  8. Family First (Ft. Tali Kweli)
  9. The Miller Family Reunion
  10. Boom Bap Rap (Ft. The Come Up)
  11. Just a Kid
  12. All That (Ft. Bun B
  13. All This

Street Knowledge (Tags) - 10/20/2011
Groupie Love (Ft. Josh Xantus & Mac Miller) by Statik Selektah – 10/24/2011
DJ Green Lantern (Freestyle) - 10/26/2011

'BLUE SLIDE PARK' (ALBUM) – 11/08/2011
  1. English Lane
  2. Blue Slide Park
  3. Party on Fifth Ave.
  4. PA Nights
  5. Frick Park Market
  6. Smile Back
  7. Under the Weather
  8. Of the Soul
  9. My Team
  10. Up All Night
  11. Loitering
  12. Hole in My Pocket
  13. Diamonds & Gold
  14. Missed Calls
  15. Man in the Hat
  16. One Last Thing

  1. Dj CapCorn Freestyle (Ft. Beedie)
  2. Stop Bitchin’
  3. What If?
  4. No Hook
  5. Girls In The Palm Of My Hand
  6. La Familia (Ft. Ghosty)
  7. Born On Halloween (Ft. Ghosty)
  8. When The Money Comin’ Slow
  9. The Stick Up
  10. The Introduction
  11. Successful
  12. On My Grind (Ft. Jimmie Hoffa)
  13. Cartel Gathering (Ft. Beedie & Jimmie Hoffa)
  14. Radio Freestyle
  15. Word Game Freestyle

My Eyes - 12/19/2011

Great (Ft. Casey Veggies & Mac Miller) by Sir Michael Rocks – 01/01/2012
Middle Finger (Ft. Mac Miller) by Cobra Starship - 01/03/2012
Jerry's Record Store - 01/11/2012
Right Now – 01/21/2012
Death of the Emcee – 01/27/2012
Dig That (Ft. Cam’ron) – 02/01/2012
Mac and Me (Ft. Mac Miller) by Nick Pratt - 02/06/2012
Doing My Thang (Ft. Slim Thug, Mac Miller & Dom Kennedy) by L.E.$. - 02/09/2012
Time Goes (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ski Beatz - 02/11/2012
Genius (Ft. Mac Miller & Cookin Soul) by McMelodee – 02/13/2012
Got You - 03/03/2012
Definition of Cool (Ft. Diggy Simmons) – 03/04/2012
Of The Soul [Remix)] (Ft. Posdnous & Raekwon) - 03/11/2012

'MACADELIC' (MIXTAPE) – 03/23/2012
  1. Love Me As I Have Loved You
  2. Desperado
  3. Loud
  4. Thoughts from a Balcony
  5. Aliens Fighting Robots (Ft. Sir Michael Rocks)
  6. Vitamins
  7. Fight the Feeling (Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Iman Omari)
  8. Lucky Ass Bitch (Ft. Juicy J)
  9. The Mourning After
  10. 1 Threw 8
  11. Ignorant (Ft. Cam’ron)
  12. The Question (Ft. Lil Wayne)
  13. Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes)
  14. Sunlight (Ft. Iman Omari)
  15. Clarity
  16. America (Ft. Casey Veggies & Joey Badass)
  17. Fuck ‘Em All

How To Make It In America (Ft. Mac Miller) by YG - 03/26/2012
Flashing Lights Remix (Ft. Mac Miller) by Chase & Status - 04/10/2012
Smoke & Drank (Ft. Mac Miller) by French Montana – 04/11/2012
I Bring the Soul & He Brings the Funk (Ft. Mac Miller) by Maseo – 04/12/2012
Hate Me Later (Ft. Mac Miller) by JD Era – 04/13/2012
Cold (ft. Curren$y) – 04/18/2012

  1. The Grow Op (Intro)

House Party – Remix (Ft. Fabolous, Mac Miller & Wale) by Meek Mill – 05/07/2012
Happy Days (Ft. Mac Miller, Bun B & Shawn Stockman) by Statik Selektah & Termanology – 05/22/2012
Do It (Ft. Mac Miller & Trae Tha Truth) by DJ Woogie - 05/22/2012
Boyfriend [Remix] (Ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth) by Justin Bieber - 05/25/2012
Loud (Ft. Benny Banks) - 05/28/2012
Bouncing Like Whoa (Ft. Mac Miller) by Travis Porter - 05/30/2012
Thugz Mansion (2Pac Cover) – 06/03/2012
Onaroll by Mac Miller & Pharrell Williams [unreleased Pink Slime EP] - 06/05/2012
Day One; A Song About Nothing – 06/09/2012
Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper (Ft. Mac Miller) by Big Sean - 06/28/2012
Glow by Mac Miller & Pharrell Williams [unreleased Pink Slime EP] - 08/07/2012
Round Table Discussion (Ft. The Cool Kids & Mac Miller) by Rapsody – 08/28/2012
Funkmaster Flex Freestyle - 08/29/2012
First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes Cover) – 08/31/2012
Going Places (Ft. Mac Miller) by Wiz Khalifa – 08/31/2012
PlaneCarBoat (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) – 09/01/2012
Earning Potential (Ft. Mac Miller) by Talib Kweli & Z-Trip – 09/03/2012
Someone Like You (OG Version) - 09/03/2012
Angeles (Elliot Smith Cover) – 09/07/2012
Nothing on Me – 09/11/2012
Rhodes SOunds Pretty - 09/18/2012
Everything (Ft. Mac Miller) by Boaz - 09/27/2012
No Photos (Posse Cut Pt.1) (Ft. Most Dope) - 10/02/2012
It Was A Good Year (Ft. Curren$y & Mac Miller) by French Montana - 10/09/2012
BET Cypher 2012: The Raw (Ft. Mac Miller, ScHoolboy Q, Hopsin & Jaybird the Purdy Boi) by Mystikal - 10/09/2012
These Dayz (Dope Awprah) – 10/15/2012
He Who Ate All the Caviar – 10/17/2012
The Music of Sounds - 10/17/2012
Paid Dues [The Reunion] (Ft. Beedie) – 10/23/2012
Toussa Toussa Remix (Ft. Mac Miller) by Disiz La Peste - 10/29/2012
Strip Show (Ft. Mac Miller) by The Come Up - 11/01/2012
Best Friend (Ft. Iggy Azalea & Mac Miller) by B.o.B – 11/15/2012
Dog Pound (Ft. Waka Flocka Flame) – 11/16/2012

  1. Life Can Wait
  2. Love Affair by Mac Miller
  3. Suspicions
  4. A Moment 4 Jazz by Larry Lovestein
  5. You

Black Acura (Ft. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino) by Pac Div – 11/27/2012
Major Moves (Ft. Mac Miller) by The Come Up - 11/27/2012
Triple Double (Ft. Curren$y & Mac Miller) by French Montana – 11/30/2012
I Got Drunk And Played The Piano – 12/14/2012
Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder Cover) – 12/17/2012
Doodling In The Key Of C Sharp - 12/17/2012
Chillin' (Ft. Mac Miller) by Troy Ave - 12/18/2012
Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Ft. Ariana Grande) – 12/25/2012
Loud – Remix (Ft. Zwart Licht) – 2012

Old Pictures on the Wall (Ft. Mac Miller) by Choo Jackson – 01/01/2013
Hoes Go Crazy (Ft. Mac Miller) by Future – 01/01/2013
All The Time (Ft. Ab-Soul) - 01/03/2013
Confessions Of A Cash Register (Ft. Prodigy) - 02/10/2013
Turkey Love - 02/15/2013
Tryna Marry Money (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & French Montana) - 02/22/2013

  1. Birthday
  2. If Poseidon Had a Surfboard
  3. Novice Space Travel
  4. Gelato Party
  5. I Am Actually a Fish Alien
  6. She Used to Love Me
  7. The Revolution is Coming
  8. Avocado

On My Shit (Ft. Mac Miller) by Harry Fraud - 03/08/2013
Open Your Eyes (Ft. Chiddy Bang) - 03/08/2013
Goose Porridge (Ft. Q Hefner & Mac Miller) by The Duck Hunters - 03/24/2013
The Way (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ariana Grande – 03/26/2013
The Space Spangled Banner - 07/04/2013
Salamander - 04/18/2013

  1. Rainclouds - Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival
  2. Money Team - Larry Fisherman (Ft. Ab-Soul, Smoke DZA & Da$h)
  3. MellowHigh - Larry Fisherman (Ft. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)
  4. Boat Races - Larry Fisherman (Ft. Boldy James & Freddie Gibbs)
  5. CPR - Mac Miller & DJ Jazzy Jeff
  6. End Of The World Party - MostDope

The End Is Near (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ab-Soul - 04/24/2013
Kangaroo (Ft. Mac Miller) by Njomza - 04/27/2013
Funk Flex Freestyle - 04/30/2013
In A Minute (Ft. Ab-Soul & Da$H) by Sir Michael Rocks (Prod. By Larry Fisherman) – 05/21/2013
Guild (Ft. Mac Miller) by Earl Sweatshirt – 05/23/2013
MHB - 05/23/2013
She A Trip (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ludacris - 05/24/2013
Juney Jones (Ft. Mac Miller & Speak!) by The Jet Age of Tomorrow - 05/25/2013
Madness (Ft. Mac Miller) by Sir Michael Rocks - 05/29/2013
Tim Westwood Freestyle – 06/14/2013

  1. The Star Room
  2. Avian
  3. I’m Not Real (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
  4. S.D.S.
  5. Bird Call
  6. Matches (Ft. Ab-Soul)
  7. I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time) (Ft. Niki Randa)
  8. Objects in the Mirror
  9. Red Dot Music (Ft. Action Bronson)
  10. Gees (Ft. Schoolboy Q)
  11. Watching Movies
  12. Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes
  13. REMember
  14. Someone Like You
  15. Aquarium
  16. Youforia
  17. Goosebumpz
  18. O.K. (Ft. Tyler, the Creator)
  19. Claymation (Ft. Vinny Radio)

21 & Over (Ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller) by Statik Selektah – 06/18/2013
Toca Tuesdays Freestyle (Ft. Prodigy) - 06/18/2013

  1. Fantoms (Ft. Joey Fatts)
  2. Heaven (Ft. Hardo & Mac Miller)
  3. Guns & Roses
  4. Back Sellin’ Crack (Ft. ScHoolboy Q)
  5. Stuck in my Ways
  6. Killin’ Y’all (Ft. Ab-Soul)
  7. Thought About You
  8. Sleep (Ft. Ab-Soul, Da$H & Mac Miller)
  9. Outro

Myspace Freestyle - 07/12/2013
Generation (Ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan) by Rapsody - 07/24/2013
Chapter (Ft. Dylan Reynolds & Mac Miller) by Vinny Radio - 07/30/2013
Megan Good (Ft. Mac Miller) by Pete Rock & Camp Lo - 07/31/2013
4:48 (Ft. Mac Miller) by CLOCKWORKDJ – 08/06/2013
Weed Smoke (Ft. Mac Miller) by Project Pat - 09/06/2013
Wanders of the Mind (Ft. Mac Miller) by The Internet – 09/24/2013
Came Thru/Easily (Ft. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller) by Chuck Inglish – 10/04/2013
Twin Peugots (Ft. Mac Miller & Big Body Bes) by Action Bronson & Party Supplies - 11/01/2013

  1. Larry
  2. Halo
  3. Vertigo
  4. Bill (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Bill)
  5. 72
  6. The Jesuits (Ft. Da$H)
  7. Dr. Thomas
  8. Labido
  9. Melvin (Ft. Mac Miller)
  10. Grandpa Used to Carry a Flask (Ft. Mac Miller)
Robot Horses Run Fast. The Future Is Scary - 11/18/2013
I Come In Peace - 11/28/2013
Face in the Crowd (Ft. Mac Miller) by A Wal – 11/29/2013

  1. S.D.S (Live)
  2. The Star Room / Killin’ Time (Live)
  3. BDE (Best Day Ever) (Live)
  4. Bird Call (Live)
  5. Watching Movies (Live)
  6. REMember (Live)
  7. The Question (Live)
  8. Objects in the Mirror (Live)
  9. Youforia (Live)
  10. Eggs Aisle
  11. Earth (Ft. Future)
  12. Life
  13. Black Bush
  14. In The Morning (Ft. Syd tha Kyd & Thundercat)

Erica's House (Ft. TreeJay) - 01/03/2014
Tequila - 01/28/2014
Lua (Bright Eyes Cover) – 02/06/2014
Diablo (OG Version) - 02/10/2014
Amen (Ft. Ab-Soul, RetcH, Da$H & Vince Staples) – 03/01/2014
Piñata (Ft. Sulaiman, Casey Veggies, Domo Genesis, Mac Miller, G-Wiz & Meechy) by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – 03/18/2014
Camp Fire (Ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul) by Bill - 04/16/2014

  1. Happy
  2. Walkin’ Home
  3. One Nine Six Nine

NEBRASKA MM VS ES (Ft. Mac Miller & Vince Staples) by Earl Sweatshirt - 05/02/2014

'FACES' (MIXTAPE) – 05/11/2014
  1. Inside Outside
  2. Here We Go
  3. Friends (Ft. ScHoolBoy Q)
  4. Angel Dust (Ft. King Ralph of Malibu)
  5. Malibu
  6. What Do You Do (Ft. Sir Michael Rocks)
  7. It Just Doesn’t Matter
  8. Therapy
  9. Polo Jeans (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Ab-Soul)
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Wedding
  12. Funeral
  13. Diablo
  14. Ave Maria
  15. 55 (Ft. Thundercat)
  16. San Francisco
  17. Colors and Shapes
  18. Insomniak (Ft. Rick Ross)
  19. Uber (Ft. Mike Jones)
  20. Rain (Ft. Vince Staples)
  21. Apparition
  22. Thumbalina
  23. New Faces v2 (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Da$H)
  24. Grand Finale

The Star Room (OG Version) - 06/18/2014
Melt (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) – 06/18/2014
Ride Slow (Ft. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas) by Ab-Soul - 06/23/2014F
Underworld (Ft. Mac Miller) by DJ CLOCKWORK - 06/24/2014
Aquaberry Dolphin (Ft. Mac Miller) by RiFF RAFF – 06/24/2014
Hunnid Stax (Ft. ScHoolboy Q & Mac Miller) by Ab-Soul - 06/24/2014
Lost Boys (Ft. Trinidad James & Mac Miller) by Sir Michael Rocks - 07/29/2014
I Like It (Ft. Mac Miller) by Meek Mill - 09/06/2014
10 Pints (Ft. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller) by fR€$H aka SHORT DaWG – 09/22/2014
Money Shot (Ft. Mac Miller) by Curren$y – 10/04/2014
Don’t Know (Ft. Mac Miller) by Boaz – 10/17/2014
Her (Ft. Mac Miller) by Thelonious Martin – 10/20/2014
Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along - 10/21/2014
This Is 15 Bars I May be Wrong I Gotta See (Ft. Mac Miller) by Domo Genesis – 11/05/2014
Living All Your Dreams (Ft. 2 Chainz & Mac Miller) by Mack Maine - 11/11/2014
Malcolm Interlude (Ft. Mac Miller) by Thelonious Martin - 12/01/2014
Dat Sound Good (Ft. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller) by PRhyme – 12/09/2014

Dat Sound Good (Instrumental) (Ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul) by PRhyme - 03/10/2015
Monday (Ft. Mac Miller) by EARTHGANG – 03/31/2015
Days – 04/20/2015
Boo! (Interlude) – 04/30/2015
Fast Life (Ft. Njomza & Mac Miller) by Hardo – 04/30/2015
I Got This Beat In My Head - 05/14/2015
Troubled Man’s Lullaby (Ft. Mac Miller) by RetcH – 06/17/2015
I Just Wanna (Ft. Mac Miller) by Chief Keef - 08/01/2015
Pet Sounds (Ft. Sean Price) – 08/12/2015
HD (Ft. Mac Miller) by Choo Jackson – 08/31/2015

'GO:OD AM' (ALBUM) – 09/10/2015
  1. Doors
  2. Brand Name
  3. Rush Hour
  4. Two Matches (Ft. Ab-Soul)
  5. 100 Grandkids
  6. Time Flies (Ft. Lil B)
  7. Weekend (Ft. Miguel)
  8. Clubhouse
  9. In The Bag
  10. Break The Law
  11. Perfect Circle / God Speed
  12. When In Rome
  13. ROS
  14. Cut the Check (Ft. Chief Keef)
  15. Ascension
  16. Jump
  17. The Festival (Ft. Little Dragon)

Speed Racer – 09/24/2015
Freestyle on Big Boi Radio - 09/25/2015
Grab Her Hand (Ft. Mac Miller) by Michael Christmas – 10/23/2015
Creatures of the Night (Ft. Delusional Thomas & Mac Miller) by Njomza – 11/04/2015
fJabroni (Ft. Mac Miller & Migos) by The Alchemist - 11/18/2015
Vienna (Billy Joel Cover) – 12/26/2015

  1. Fuckin Shit
  2. Jjoh
  3. Hulu
  4. Yooo
  5. Atom Bomb
  6. Juil
  7. HXH
  8. Here is a Bear
  10. Funk Me
  11. Best For Last
  12. Smile

No Shots (Ft. Choo Jackson, Da Franchise, Vinny Radio & Mac Miller) by Murs & 9th Wonder – 12/31/2015

C4 (Ft. Mac Miller) by Sap – 02/27/2016
5 Foot Assassin (Larry Fisherman Tribute) – 03/23/2016
Coming Back (Ft. Mac Miller) by Domo Genesis – 03/25/2016
!Go Fish! Vol. 1 as Larry Fisherman (Ft. Conway) – 04/09/2016

  1. Headaches and Migraines (Ft. Dave East)
  2. Notorious B.I.G. – What (Larry Fisherman Remix)

!Go Fish! Vol. 2 as Larry Fisherman (Ft. Your Old Droog) – 04/29/2016
!Go Fish! Vol. 3 as Larry Fisherman (Ft. Michael Christmas) – 05/22/2016
M.N.M (Ft. Mac Miller) by Asaad (Saudi Money) – 06/27/2016
Lost Boys (OG Version) (Ft. Mac Miller & Trinidad James) by Sir Michael Rocks - 07/13/2016
We Stay High (Ft. Twan, Mac Miller & Steele) by Mike James – 07/21/2016
Cameras (Ft. FKi 1st, Post Malone, Mac Miller & Lil Uzi Vert) by DJ Drama - 07/22/2016
Into You (Alex Ghenea Remix) (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ariana Grande – 08/06/2016

  1. Congratulations (Ft. Bilal)
  2. Dang! (Ft. Anderson Paak)
  3. Stay
  4. Skin
  5. Cinderella (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
  6. Planet God Damn (Ft. Njomza)
  7. Soulmate
  8. We (Ft. CeeLo Green)
  9. My Favorite Part (Ft. Ariana Grande)
  10. God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)

LAUNDRY DAY (Ft. EARTHGANG & J.I.D) [Prod. Mac Miller] by Spillage Village - 11/25/2016
D.R.U.G.S. (Ft. Mac Miller) by Ab-Soul - 12/07/2016
The Law (Ft. Mac Miller & Rapsody) by Ab-Soul - 12/09/2016
Until Then (Ft. Mac Miller) by Smoke DZA & Pete Rock – 12/09/2016

Hi (Ft. Mac Miller) by Thundercat - 02/24/2017
Sensation (Ft. Mac Miller & Danielle Withers) by Ronald Bruner Jr. - 03/03/2017
Cold Summer (Ft. Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Gates & Rell) by DJ Kay Slay - 09/29/2017
Class Acts (Ft. Mac Miller) by Colicchie -12/02/2017

Learn How to Watch (Ft. MadeinTYO & Mac Miller) by Carnage – 01/11/2018
Completely Transparent (Ft. Mac Miller) by Tay Walker – 05/25/2018
Buttons – 05/30/2018
Programs – 05/30/2018
Inertia (Ft. Thundercat) – 08/01/2018

'SWIMMING' (ALBUM) – 08/03/2018
  1. Come Back to Earth
  2. Hurt Feelings
  3. What’s the Use?
  4. Perfecto
  5. Self Care
  6. Wings
  7. Ladders
  8. Small Worlds
  9. Conversation Pt. 1
  10. Dunno
  11. Jet Fuel
  12. 2009
  13. So It Goes

Guidelines by Thelonious Martin & Mac Miller – 08/20/2018

Day of Death – 09/07/2018

Slapboxin [Leak] – 10/08/2018
Once A Day [Leak] - 11/01/2018

  1. Dunno – Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
  2. Nothing from Nothing – Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
Story of Exodus (Ft. John Record) [Leak] - 11/29/2018
Why You After Me (Ft. John Record) [Leak] - 11/29/2018
Say Goodbye (Ft. Mac Miller) by Sean Hirsch – 02/13/2019
Superweirdo [Leak] – 05/30/2019
Benji The Dog [Leak] – 05/20/2019
Unhappy (Ft. Delusional Thomas) [Leak] – 06/01/2019
Take It Slow (Ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) by Casey Veggies [Mac Miller voice sample] - 06/07/2019
One Night [Leak] – 06/08/2019
Garden Snakes [Leak] – 06/08/2019
Tetanus Shots (Ft. Ab-Soul) [Leak] – 06/09/2019
Real [Leak] – 06/09/2019
Days Before (Ft. Mac Miller & Trippie Red) by Young Thug [Leak] – 06/11/2019
Time (Ft. Mac Miller & Kali Uchis) by Free Nationals – 06/12/2019
The Cool Out [Leak] – 06/14/2019
That’s Life (Ft. Mac Miller & Sia) by 88-Keys – 06/20/2019
Shut The Front Door (Maclib) - 07/06/2019
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Jan/16/2020 :: Daily news collection from Armenia :: Stay informed about the Anti-Corruption busts, Politics, Economy, Diaspora, Daily Life, and more... so you can tell your uncle next time he asks "so what else is happning in Armenia?"

accusations of BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan extorting a business
A business owner Tadevosyan (hereby Founder) is complaining that BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan stole a company from him under threats. The full shares went under the control of Tsarukyan's Multi Group company's director Sedrak Arustamyan (hereby MultiSedrak), who is currently under investigation in a money laundering case around North-South highway.
Founder says: "I was threatened to sign a document to give my shares of a fish breeding business to Tsarukyan, or else they said they would retaliate."
A few weeks ago MultiSedrak claimed someone broke into a fish business which is 100% owned by him. They countered the intruder thieves, a scuffle happened, they called the cops on intruders, said MultiSedrak. The intruders were trying to move some fish from that factory to another factory, owned by the intruders. The intruder is the Founder, the man who claims he owned part of the business.
Then a similar incident happened. This time the Founder called the police on MultiSedrak.
The Founder tells the story:
I wrote a letter to Pashinyan and prosecutors to report a crime and business extortion. I created this business from scratch in 2010 with the help of my friend Shaqaryan (hereby Friend). My Friend then sold his shared to me and I became the 100% owner. Then came the former Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and BHK Gagik Starukyan and said they would help me financially and make my firm powerful in exchange for running the business together. I hesitantly agreed.
34% went to Tsarukyan, 33% to Founder, 33% to Prime Minister Abrahamyan's son Jonik. Tsarukyan promised to make investments in exchange for those shares. However, Tsarukyan only invested a third of what he promised, claiming that there is a financial crisis in the world and he can't invest more.
2 years later, together with the other 2 shareholders, we founded 2 other fish firms, in which we were equal shareholders.
Besides this, PM's son and I were doing another side business together. Tsarukyan got jealous. They invited me to Tsarukyan's dacha to speak with Tsarukyan. He told me that it's against the law for PM's son and me together to do a fish business without him. He then spoke with PM's son about the same thing at my presence. He told us that we can't do a side business, that he invested a lot of money to help us. He then told us that we should quit this business and do our own thing. I think he planned this tactic with PM's son ahead of time because the latter easily agreed to quit after Tsarukyan told him to.
PM's son's shares went under the ownership of a joint business we owned. It was then distributed to us. We became 50/50 owners of this fish factory. The business was worth ~$1. Tsarukyan then decided to get rid of me too. He sent Multi Group auditors to check the business, which was a pretense for giving full ownership to MultiSedrak.
I resisted the takeover. Tsarukyan threatened to destroy me and said «Ես խնամուս ձեռքից խլել եմ բաժնեմասը, հիմա որ դու իմ անունով չձեւակերպես, ես իմ խնամիների հետ խնդիրներ կունենամ: Այսինքն, որ իբր քո ձեռքից էլ եմ խլում» (Tsarukyan apparently pretended the takeover from Founder was only temporary just to show PM's son that Tsarukyan also took the business from the Founder, so PM's son wouldn't feel cheated, in reality, Tsarukyan had no intentions to return the shares to Founder)
This was 2016, Tsarukyan's years of unruliness. He had connections with govt. They brought the papers for me to sign. Tsarukyan was saying "don't worry fam, we got you, it's only temporary, I'm not a son of a bitch (ես շան տղա չեմ, Ծառուկյանն իր խոսքի տերն ա)".
They never returned my shares. In late-2019 I went to MultiSedrak and told him to return my shares or else I'd declare war against them.
In Dec-10-2019 they told me Tsarukyan wants to meet me at the Shangrila casino. They invited me to the table. Everyone was there. Tsarukyan and I separated from the group. I told him I want to end my ties with Tsarukyan. He tried to convince otherwise. I reminded him that it's been 4 years they won't give me my shares back. He said I'll either work at the factory with them, or nothing, and that I don't own any of the factory shares. I said goodbye then. He told me to "siktir".
Next day Multi Group workers and I clashed at the factory. They wouldn't allow my son's fish to be extracted from the waters. Let the law enforcement decide. I'm not afraid of TSarukyan.
The above is the story told by the businessman.
Armtimes outlet contacted MultiSedrak but the latter didn't respond. Armtimes then contacted the Founders Friend who works with Tsarukyan.
Friend says: I was invited to a police station to testify. I'm the director of the fish factory. The Founder came and hindered our work. Police were called. The real owner is MultiSedrak, who appointed me as director. Tsarukyan has nothing to do with this. The Founder is a liar. I don't know when MultiSedrak got the ownership, I was appointed as a director recently. (then how do you know the Founder is lying?)
This story is from yesterday.
There are at least 2 TV channels that could change their logo to add a "corruption" tag. There needs to be transparency in the media field and no monopolies.
There are 2 institutes in the media field: one handles media advertising finances, another measures TV ratings and distributes money based on that. This is the structure that has been monopolized.
Media outlets and NGOs need transparency including their ownership info being public.
The media field is open and democratic, and some corruption peddlers operate networks. At least 2 of them could essentially change their name to add a corruption tag. For example "Corruption Group". (He's referring to BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan's Multi Group company)
The ongoing media war against the public helps us better fight against corruption. Eventually, they need to have the "corruption" tag, tho. In some instances, I make bets with friends about which corrupt politicians, that are currently going through trials, will be invited and glorified next by such outlets.
Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan: ongoing transparency reforms will envision making media ownership information more transparent. (This was earlier supported and encouraged by a union of journalists and free speech advocates who want to improve trust towards media by increasing transparency.)
TV & Radio laws discussion
The chief of the TV & Radio Committee went to Parliament and asked them to remove the existing law that prohibits local radio-stations in Lori and Shirak provinces."It's an absurd restriction. Even bordering regions, in which radio is a matter of national security, aren't allowed to have it. All free radio waves in provinces should be given to those who want to broadcast", said Tigran Hakobyan.
He then explained the proposed reforms:
The proposed radio-airways reforms should have been done 5 years ago. The current sate of media laws is archaic.
We need to remove restrictions on some equipment requirements so more people can create their own media outlets. The public-sector outlets are currently regulated more strictly than the non-traditional TV medium providers, which creates unfair competition conditions for them.
If you podcast our outlet online or with "new" methods, you'll be free to do what you want, but if you call yourself a TV network and use satellite or TV airways, you should follow a set of standards. This is done everywhere including the EU. The standards require information diversity and non-misleading coverage of news, which we don't have in Armenia today. The new law should regulate this.
About public "multiplex". There is one big airway pipe. They stuffed all channels in that pipe. This distorts the point of Public Multiplex.
What is the point of Public Multiplex? Each country has to have public channels that provide free entertainment and info to population. These public TVs have a strict set of standards in all countries, except Armenia, where it's anarchy. If such rules are implemented, not all TVs will meet the standards. Only the ones that qualify will be in the Public Multiplex. All TVs in this Public Multiplex are free and broadcasted across Armenia.
What are the minimal standards TVs must meet to be in the Public Multiplex? Respect public peace, adopt a humane approach, protect national interests, provide fair news coverage, balance the share of entertainment/info/culture programming, 70% of programming language must be in Armenian, at least 40% of content made in Armenia. etc.
There is an argument around this between free speech advocates and those who want public to receive politically independent and non-misleading information. We are yet to achieve an agreement on this.
European countries have done this. Public Multiplex (minimum social package) still exists to serve the population that doesn't have cable.
Those TVs that don't qualify for the aforementioned standards can continue to operate on the Private Multiplex. This is what we need to create in Armenia. The existing law was created in the past deliberately in a way to prevent the creation of the Private Multiplex. We need to reduce some regulations to encourage Private Multiplex investments.
But some TV networks say it's not financially beneficial to be in Private Multiplex. They want to do their business, they want to decide which share of programming is entertainment (money-maker), what share is in Armenia language, etc. Their ideal vision may not meet the aforementioned standards.
At the same time, they want to continue to use Public Multiplex because it has the best coverage across Armenia.
Only 40% of Armenians have cable TV coverage. TV networks find this coverage too small, so they want to spread their content across Public Multiplex to maximize revenues.
We need to work on making it profitable.
full https://youtu.be/dx1j0toe-hY
Tag: #TVLaw #PublicTelevision #TVreform #TV&Radio #television
"Armenia's anti-trust agency to reveal monopolists in the local media market"
TV & Radio Committee will hire an international auditing firm to audit the media field. It'll verify the reliability of telemonitoring tech to see if it complies with international criteria.
"Taking into account the experience of past years and complaints about the media field in 2019, this year one of the 5 priority monitoring areas will be examining the media advertising market, the mechanisms used to distribute advertising and the relationship between TV companies," chief said.
slaughterhouse laws
Pashinyan about poverty aid reforms: the kids in poor families need help to get education and skills. Those who are disabled should receive full support, but the able-bodied non-workers need to be encouraged to find work. We need a dialogue with the public about this.
A group of farmers was protesting outside the govt building. "Pashinyan says people should stand up and work, but when we do, they take away our ability", complained one butcher, who says his revenues took an impact after recent changes to the law.
The reason is stricter food safety laws regulating the meat slaughtering industry.
Last year a law was passed requiring slaughtering be done in areas that have certain safety standards. A meeting was held between butchers and Food Safety Committee. At the time the plan was that those farmers who didn't meet the standards would sell the animals to slaughtering facilities, who would come and pick up the animals.
The Food Safety administration met the protesters to discuss.
Pashinyan wasn't happy with the protesters' conduct: there is a big garbage bin in the area. When they left the area, there were lots of cigarette butts on the ground. And then they demand us not to increase the sanitary conditions for meat purchased from them.
(ballzy lmao)
The Food Safety Committee conducted audits in supermarkets and a few other chains and found that the meat met the safety standards.
One requirement is the butcher has to have a veterinary document that has a QR code that points to electronic info about the meat's origins, where it was butchered, medical info about the animals. Agency will continue to enforce the new rules.
Food Safety committee met representatives of dozens of slaughterhouse reps and farmers. The certified butcheries signed a contract with the Committee, which requires them to pick up and transport live animals to the butchery area at their own expense, and to transport the meat to its destination at their own expense within a 30KM radius. Prices were set for butchering each type of animal.
People are still allowed to slaughter their animals for personal consumption and festivities, but for business, they need to follow the safety and health standards.
no daily savings time
Govt rejected QP MP Alen Simonyan's bill to adjust the summer and winter clock in March and October. It was meant to add 50 minutes of light time throughout the day.
Based on observations in other countries, in Armenia, it could reduce artificial light usage hours by 9% or up to 1.1bln AMD. But it could also reduce human productivity by 650mln because of some accidents due to people needing time to adjust physically.
Govt found that the bill's math was flawed in some areas and was financially risky. Only 70 out of 200 countries still change clocks. None in EAEU do. 84% of European citizens are against it, and beginning next year the EU states will have the right not to change clocks. Jet flight issues could arise.
Govt will not amend the current law.
Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan met US ambassador Lynne to discuss police and anti-corruption reforms.
Police arrested several members of the criminal subculture.
Getting dragged out of Brabus: https://youtu.be/eEsXLoEyxFM
Healthcare Ministry
Update: Several birth clinics in provinces are set to lose license because not enough pregnant women go there, which damages the doctor's experience and raises the risk of harm to the newborn child. Some clinics had no specialty doctors.
Healthcare Ministry decided to give a few clinics up to 1 year to meet the requirements by finding doctors, etc.
Healthcare Ministry issued a warning to the 5th Channel and a birth clinic for violating safety rules. The outlet went to film a birth LIVE (is this even a thing?). They didn't wear protection. The doctor didn't have a mask. This is concerning especially since it's a flu season, says the memo.
Razmik Abrahamyan is a clinic official accused of child trafficking in the infamous case busted by NSS a few months ago. For years, dozens of kids were fraudulently stolen from parents and taken abroad.
The suspect has bad health and earlier went to the hospital. A court trial happened today.
Mother of a child tells suspect: I hope you have good health until I find my child.
Suspect: our clinic has nothing to do with those adoptions.
Mother: you told me my child was dead, but she wasn't.
Suspect: eh, go search and find her.
Mother: How can I find the child now? You were present at birth.
tax waiver
Govt gave a tax waiver to Nikola International firm to make 1.6bin investments to import and process olives in Kotayk.
Pashinyan: It's too hot in Armenia. If it continues like this we will grow olives next winter. There are already some attempts, but it's not significant on a grand scale.
Last year Yerevan municipality opposition Luys alliance got in hot water for crossing the line and creating bolola. In addition, accusations were made by them that some donors donated garbage trucks to Yerevan in exchange for favors. The municipality provided docs to counter the "favor" rumors. Looks like mayor Hayk Marutyan has had it enough.
Mayor's spokesman says:
A few months ago certain officials began to spread fake news. Then, LHK chief Edmon Marukyan went on TV and said the donors didn't give a truck but rather cash so the city could buy the garbage trucks. A similar thing was said by Luys MP Khajakyan on Azatutyun media.
None of them provided any evidence, and they couldn't because that's misinformation.
Today mayor Marutyan sent letters to both of them asking for either evidence or retraction.
NSS vs army theft
NSS busted 85 tons of fuel theft in the Army.
Memo: a group of soldiers colluded in late-2019 to steal and sell 40mln worth fuel meant for exercises. They got caught while smuggling the next batch. A felony case is launched.
An Armenian soldier was wounded in the northeastern region. That's the area that's active due to Azeri attempts to strengthen their positions. Earlier one Azeri soldier was killed during attempted engineering work.
Pashinyan administration earlier created a group consisted of NGOs and law enforcement to work together to improve transparency whenever a soldier dies and an investigation opens.
The group has sent a petition to re-open one such criminal investigation that was earlier shut down. The request was accepted and the case re-opened.
Civil Aviation chief Tatevik Revazyan worked as a waiter at the ROOMZ restaurant for 4 hours. All tips went towards medical care for a kid named Tigran Amirkhanyan.
engineering labs ArmAt
The Education Ministry's budget for ArMat engineering program, in millions of Drams:
2014: 14 but for salaries only
2015: 23 but for salaries only
2016: 23 but for salaries only
2017: 127 but for salaries only
2018: 187 but for salaries only
2019: 352 but for salaries only, plus 834mln for 284 new lab installations (until this point ArmAt itself was finding cash for labs, now Ministry chips-in too)
2020: 671
5 soccer playgrounds were opened in Gegharquniq... under the snow.
Pics https://armtimes.com/hy/article/178165
Gucci's Armenian model Armine Harutyunyan is back in Italy for a new photoshoot, just so you know.
It all started last year when she went to Berlin to attend her favorite K-Pop concert. A Gucci recruiter saw and asked if she's interested in auditioning. She was asked to fly the next day but she couldn't due to the Visa regime. She eventually did. No makeup or special attire was allowed for the "natural" contest. Alessandro Michele was the judge.
President Sarkissian has been թրև գալ in the Middle East lately. He met Rotana Hotel chief and an investor in Abu Dhabi. They spoke about cooperation.
A 2,000 - 3,000-year-old dungeon, and several 200yo cellar and storages were discovered by archeologists on Dalma gardens located in Yerevan's Malatia-Sebastia district.
They wrote a letter to PM and law enforcement to halt any construction work in the area. Education Ministry confirmed the archeological findings after a 4-day examination. An archeological agency was instructed to preserve the findings.
Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise. Older posts can be found at: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 , credits to Idontknowmuch.
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Previews of the Cotillion; Pennsylvania Derby and more

Saturday September 21, 2019
Parx Park
Race: 9 (4:34 PM EST Post)
Gallant Bob Stakes
King Jack won his first two starts sprinting before taking on probable Penn Derby favorite Improbable in his last. This son of Jimmy Creed race exceptionally well while finishing less than three lengths behind that beast. Albeit, he’ll be facing some crack sprinters in this spot, I’m not seeing any horses of Improbable’s caliber here. Narrow margin in an extremely well matched field………………..It’s very clear that the good looking Trophy Chaser is a stone cold sprinter. This son of Twirling Candy was super impressive ripping through hot early fractions in wiring an Allowance field at Gulfstream, stopping the clock in 1:22.4 for seven furlongs last time out. Also note the one and only time he ran at this distance, he won by 15 lengths. 6-1 on the morning line looks generous ………………..Bethlehem Road at 10-1 on the morning line is another who offers some value. Yes, he was beaten by a grand total of 69 lengths in his last three races but you must also note all of those races were at the wrong (route) distances and all vs. much tougher competition. This gelding by Quality Road is at his best at between 5 ½ furlongs and seven furlongs, so this distance should hit him squarely between the eyes. The 3 for 4 record on this oval is also an attention getter…………………..Honorable Mentions: At 7/2 on the morning line, I think quite the contrary about Landeskog as he seems like an underlay to me at that number. Yes, this gelding by Munnings has good speed, and yes, he was impressive beating $40,000 optionals in his last at Del Mar. However, he now ships across the country, stretches out in distance and steps way up in class. I won’t throw him out completely here but on paper he looks like a fringe player……………………..Strong Will is still another who screams “sprinter.” This $775,000 son of Strong Mandate is 3 for 3 in sprint races (with ascending speed figures off each subsequent race) but was buried twice going long. Another who will be taking a sizable step up in class however…………….Get Hammered ran an Allowance field off their feet in his dirt debut at Canterbury last time out. Colt by Stay Thirsty won by 7+ and stopped the clock in a strong 1:15.3 for 6 ½ furlongs. Still another who steps up here though.
Race: 10 (5:14 PM EST Post)
Cotillion Stakes
Guarana is unbeaten in three career starts, over three vastly different surfaces, including winning Grade: 1s in her just second and third career starts. Although she did show some vulnerability in her last (looked tired and veered out in the stretch), she “held sway” late for the win. Trainer Chad Brown then gave this daughter of the wickedly fast Ghostzapper at two month break, but she has recorded an eye popping seven works during that time, highlighted by zipping 5F in 1:00 flat last week. The cut back in distance off her last race should help here as well. Bottom line here is I expect her to win and cement herself as the best three year old in the nation……………………….Serengeti Empress is the 2019 Kentucky Oaks winner who has good speed and draws the rail (for the third time in a row). Obviously she is super talented but she has a habit of running huge or getting beat by a country mile with not much in between. Note she was beaten fair and square (six lengths) by Guarana the only time they met……………………Jaywalk was the dominant 2018 Champion Two Year old Filly but clearly hasn’t come back the same in 2019 as her 1 for 5 record would indicate. It appears she hasn’t physically grown all that much since last year and the other have “caught up” to her so to speak. This roan filly’s last two races were very good so she may be coming back to form, however she’ll have to do a lot better than those two races in this spot to be contender ……………….Honorable Mentions: Horologist is razor sharp right now after rattling off four straight wins including outgunning Jaywalk down the stretch in her last. Versatile filly by Gemologist could better this rating……………….As much as I like Bellafina, a drop dead gorgeous, $800,000 daughter of Quality Road, the fact remains she is 6 for 7 in the state of California but 0 for 3 outside of it. Evidently, she doesn’t “take her racetrack with her” as all three of those defeats were ugly. In this situation, she is hard to play but also hard to go against……………….Jeltrin absolutely whistled in her last, which was also her Parx debut. If you are hunting a long-shot, this $7,000 filly might be for you…………………..Street Band ran very well in her last two, including finishing less than three lengths behind the mega talented Dunbar Road in the prestigious Alabama Stakes last time out. Still another who could outrun this rating.
Race: 11 (5:48 PM EST Post)
Pennsylvania Derby
With the announcement that Maximum Security will not run in this race (colic), the strapping Improbable, who looked like his old self winning the Shared Belief, getting final three furlongs in :36.4 in his last, takes over as the horse to beat. This chestnut, who physically resembles Justify, has recorded three very strong works since the Shared Belief and should be “tighter” in this spot……looks best…………..Mr. Money has been nothing short of sensational while recording four straight, lopsided wins on three different racetracks in his last four. Good looking son of Goldencents continues to run a hole in the wind in the morning, topped off by ripping 5Fs in lighting :58.1 last week. Steps up in class here but is obviously still a big threat …………………Spun to Run is 3 for 5 at Parx and 0 for 3 everywhere else so it’s safe to say this is his favorite surface. This son of the gorgeous Hard Spun ran off the charts in his last (110 Brisnet speed figure) and finished a respectable third to Maximum Security in the Haskell two back. However, off such a colossal effort last time, you must beware the “bounce” here……….As I said before the Jim Dandy, where he showed speed and tired to finish a non-threatening fifth, War of Will appears to be “over the top”. Having run 10 races in the last 12 months, including all three Triple Crown races, with very little time off in between, it appears to me he’s a touch spent and could use 60-90 days on a farm somewhere. From what I’ve seen from his last two races I will not be playing him and if he beats me, I’ll tip my cap to him.
Belmont Park
Race: 10 (5:57 PM EST Post)
Kelso Handicap
I thought Plainsman ran extremely well in his 2019 debut as he was making up ground late vs. the speedy Uncontested in a quickly run $80,000 optional. This $530,000 son of Flatter had won three straight at the end of last year, including the Grade: 3 Discovery, before being shut down, so you know he has some ability. That race, along with the typical Shug McGaughey training method, should have him tighter in this spot and with several early burners in this race, he should get a good pace to run into also. The stretch out in distance should only help as well. Springs a mild upset here……………..Pat On the Back loves this oval as his 10-5-3-2 record would indicate. Although he will be coming into this off several races against New York State Breds, note he ran huge vs. open company (Grade:1 Cigar Mile) in the past. Bottom line here is in taking Plainsman, this guy scares the daylights out of me…………………When Prince Lucky is right, like he was last time out and twice at the beginning of the year in Florida, he has the ability to blow the door off of this field. I’m just kind of wondering which Prince Lucky we will see on Saturday………………….Honorable Mentions: Monongahela, who had run well in seven straight races, had several things going against him when he performed poorly last time out. Off of such a titanic effort in his race/win two back, he may have bounced slightly, while being overmatched in the Grade: 1 Whitney and taking on pro-tem leading older male division leader McKinzie in the process. I expect a bounce back effort from this son of K One King, who has hit the board in 19 of 25 career tries……………….Tale of Silence has won a grand total of one race in the past 26 months but it is worth “mentioning” he is 3 for 6 at Belmont and 0 for 13 everywhere else. …………..Golden Brown is 4 for 5 this year and his BSFs say he could make a little noise in this race. Still another who will be taking a major step up in class here.
Charles Town
Race: 11 (10:15PM EST Post)
Charles Town Oaks
If you draw a line through Newly Minted’s failed turf experiment two races back, you’ll find a filly who is 4 for 4 n her career and won those starts by a combined 25 lengths. The Linda Rice trainee has won at multiple distances and over multiple surfaces. Solid choice and perhaps the best bet of the entire day………………..After being off for 8 ½ months, the well named South of France had the quintessential comeback race on August 11. Filly by Quality Road was ridiculously wide throughout that race but was making up ground in deep stretch. Note how she won three straight to end 2018 including the Tepin Stakes at Aqueduct and how her speed figures have climbed steadily since last summer………..looks marginally next best over “homer” Parisian Diva, who absolutely owns this racetrack as her 10-7-2-1 record would indicate. This speedster in 3 for 4 at this distance as well. I’m seeing two drawbacks however. One, it took her :13.3 seconds to get the final furlong last time out (that won’t cut it against these) and she is taking an enormous step up in class as she won’t be facing your typical Charles Town runners here. ……………..Honorable Mentions: La Chancia is a $775,000 daughter of Uncle Mo who appears to have a bright future. She broke her maiden and beat first level Allowance foes in NY in her last two. This appears to be a very good spot for her and the back to back bullet works coming into this signal she is ready. The question is can she handle the step up? Having said that, she’ll be in a few of my exotic plays……………Fashion Faus Pas showed zilch last time out but chased two year old champion filly Jaywalk two starts back and won by a colossal margin three back. Another who, upon paddock and pre-race warm ups inspection, could be on a few of my tickets…………………Taylor’s Spirit looks a little overmatched here but is batting .500 in her career.
By: Gerard Apadula
Director of Equine Operations and Development
Knights of the Round Stable Thoroughbred Racing Team
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
2019- Record: 63-176 = 35%
2018- Record: 107-261= 41%
2017- Record: 92-235 = 39%
2016- Record: 91-229 = 40%
2015- Record: 67-180 = 37%
2014- Record: 29-73 = 40%
2013- Record: 20-59= 34%
2012 -Record: 24-73= 33%
2011 –Record: N/A
2010- Record: 24-74= 33%
Little Bets N’ Pieces
**** Elite sire Into Mischief will stand for $175,000 with a full book in 2020, Spendthrift Farm announced last Sunday. That’s an increase of $25,000 from the $150,000 he stood for in 2019.
“I don’t know if we’ve seen anything quite like Into Mischief, it’s truly remarkable the things he’s doing,” said Ned Toffey, general manager at Spendthrift. “Aside from amounting results on the track and in the sales ring, he’s the consummate professional and loves his job. This year, over 96% of his mares checked in foal. We think Into Mischief is making a positive impact on the breed that will be felt for years to come, particularly with the heart and durability that are signatures of his offspring.”
**** Catholic Boy, a Grade: 1 winner on the turf and the dirt, has a slight rear suspensory injury that will prevent him from running in the $300,000 Kelso Handicap at Belmont.
Majority owner Robert LaPenta said he is hopeful the colt, who won the 2018 Travers Stakes, can run once more before the Breeders' Cup race.
"He should be back in training in a week or two. He's just not 100%, and with the great career he's had, there's no sense in sending him out there," LaPenta said. "We'll look for something soft for him on turf or dirt, and we're hoping we can run him in the Breeders' Cup, but we want to get him back to where he was.
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Cheltenham Festival Day 3 Preview and Tips

Hey all. Got a bit of feedback regarding my blog and posts and it was a bit positive, so here's my Day 3 writeup. Text below, link to website and full Google Document tracking tips is there:
Day 2 was much better than Day 1! With 9pts / £90 staked, and 12 pts / £120 returned, that’s the healthy sort of return we want consistently. Of course, we’re down overall, but forgive me for not worrying about that too much right now at the nascent stages of this venture.
It was also a good day for punters in general, with Altior retaining his crown (albeit with a little scare); Tiger Roll dominating; and the well-backed Band of Outlaws and Envoi Allen obliging, too.
Without further ado, here are my musings ahead of Thursday’s racing. There are a lot of very big fields and as a result, hopefully loads of value to find. Let’s continue the revival!
Joel over at 2pts win, at the time of writing, simply says “Defi Du Seuil will win. 1pt win Defi Du Seuil @ 3/1” – and while I assume he’ll be a little more expansive on this in due course, I can’t really disagree. But right now, he’s 5/2, and that’s a little too skinny for my liking. Thus, we take him on with just the one bet. I think Kildisart (9/1 generally) is the one to be on board at the prices. If his jumping improves (it looks a bit novicey, which is fair for a novices’ race!), then he can have a big say in proceedings.
Lostintranslation will have to find a little with Defi Du Seuil, especially off level weights, as will Vinndication – whose tendency to jump right-handed isn’t encouraging around Cheltenham, either. Real Steel would be a likeable bet, but he’s being supported even now into 6/1 (opened I think at 8s), so despite his lack of exposure, I’m going to swerve. Voix Du Reve is Ruby Walsh’s choice, and he loves this race. His form has been bang there, and he’d be my second option in this race – Walsh having won the JLT thrice.
I find it strange that a Barry Geraghty-saddled horse in Sire Du Berlais is a relatively strong head of the market. His handicap record at Cheltenham is terrible, to go back to this Fat Jockey Forum thread. That said, the last three Pertemps winners have all been Irish, and have all been strong in the betting. To that end, I’ll go with current fourth-favourite Walk To Freedom (12/1 each way with William Hill, 1/5 1-5), who is Robbie Power’s fancy for the race, and who ran a blinder in one of the qualifiers for this race. With two recent winners being at the top of the weights, Walk To Freedom could be another, and I like the value.
I have to have a second selection here though, especially with six places paid at some firms. Aaron Lad (14/1 each way, Paddy Power or Betfair, 1/5 1-6) is trained by the shrewd Richard Newland and connections have hinted his 90-day break before this race was probably the plan. His last run was over course and distance and I was really taken with how much more he had to give the further the race progressed. A 9lb rise needs to be defied, though, but I’m happy with the price regardless.
There are too many others to mention and to cross-reference, but Abolitionist is taking a very similar route toward the Grand National as Pineau De Re, who wasn’t beaten far in this race on the way to a GN 2nd in 2014 – though I’m hoping just for a safe spin round. Wait For Me, with an estimable Cheltenham record, is worth a lash at a big 40/1, but wasn’t too good in last year’s Pertemps, so I’m not poking. First Assignment and Samburu Shujaa are both skinny-ish prices for a reason, too.
Ryanair Chase
What a card. This is one of the deepest races at the festival. We are almost certainly going to see a bit of a pace war at the front, with four or five who like to make the running (Monalee, Un De Sceaux, Footpad, Frodon etc) ensuring it. The bookies also all seem to have a vice-like grip on the market, with it so competitive. At the time of writing, the top five in the market are generally between 4/1 and 7/1.
With BetVictor (again!) paying a fourth place on this race, I’m gonna take a chance on Terrefort (25/1 each way with BetVictor, 1/5 1-4), who has looked decent when healthy this year, finishing in the frame behind Frodon and Clan Des Obeaux at trips of about 3m. While he’s got to find more – of course – the race will be run to suit, and the way he won his novice Grade 1s on soft (with a JLT second, too) gives me hope.
The other horse to potentially benefit from the race panning out this way is Road to Respect (4/1 generally), who has swerved the Gold Cup for a tilt at this. If his jumping is better today, then I can definitely see him coming off a hot pace to pick up the pieces and win it around jumping the last or even in the home straight.
I’d want Monalee and Footpad at bigger prices; Un De Sceaux may be getting long in the tooth and is in a very deep renewal; and I don’t think Frodon will have the race run to suit. I can’t make a case for others at bigger prices, so this is it for me for the Ryanair.
Stayers’ Hurdle
This will probably go to Paisley Park. He’s looked phenomenal this year and is a well-deserved 7/4 or so favourite, with wins in the Long Walk and Cleeve Hurdles. I will therefore not be opposing him for win purposes, but with 18 runners, it’s worth having a look at the firms that offer four places (BetVictor, Coral, Ladbrokes and a couple of others that don’t count).
Bapaume (22/1 each way with Coral and BetVictor, 1/5 1-4) ran well behind Presenting Percy last time out, and generally has looked solid behind Apple’s Jade too (though she disappointed on Tuesday – but I’d expressed my doubts about her liking for Cheltenham). There was a Grade 1 second place in France last May, and a tidy Grade 2 win over shorter – I think Bapaume is a model of consistency and thus I’m hoping to see a place accordingly.
I don’t think anything else in the race is really worth backing: Faugheen is too short and would make for a great story; Supasundae is too often a silver medallist and at 8/1 isn’t worth getting on board; Bacardys likes a fall… and I won’t continue, but you get my thinking, I presume.
Brown Advisory Plate
Most bookies are offering five places. Only Bet365 are offering 1/4 odds with five places, so every tip will be with them. I’m not surprised they’re offering such good terms, though – this is a very tricky race to unpack. My go-to workings will involve trends in the race and from stables/yards – for the Plate, we can see Gigginstown have a decent enough record. Surprisingly they don’t come mob-handed to handicaps, and they have just one runner this year, Valseur Lido. 33/1 is the right price for a horse out of sorts and I won’t be taking it.
However, Venetia Williams sends two to this race, and her record is excellent. She’s had 20 runners, of whom two have won and two have placed, which is a great strike rate. She has been rubbish with her charges in most every other handicap, but the Plate is the one to zone in on. To that end, with both Gardefort and Didero Vallis at 25/1 with Bet365, I’ll be having a small interest on them.
Not a tip, but Kauto Riko flies the flag for the /HorseRacingUK subreddit, and I’ll be very happy if he wins!
Mares’ Novices’ Hurdle
Epatante is well-backed and too short for it. She looks very classy, but hasn’t beaten much, so in what is a pretty competitive field for this sort of race, we’ll be taking her on.
Sinoria (8/1 with Hills and 365) is a very attractive price, and was intended to run in the Ballymore, but moves here after Honeysuckle’s injury. Her win last time out has been franked by Chosen Mate, who was odds on for a Grade 2 event, and I think she’s completely the wrong price.
Also interesting is Lust For Glory (20/1 each way with Bet365, 1/4 1-3), who is three times the price of Posh Trish, with whom she essentially shares form. Thus, at a price, I’m happy to get on board.
Not a race I know too much about, so the stakes will be limited accordingly.
Kim Muir
Bet365 again come up trumps with five places at 1/4 odds. Then again, it’s another very difficult race to make something of, with the head of the market well looked up, and so many other contenders abound. I won’t have a bet on this one – good luck if you do!
Tips Summary
1.30 – Kildisart @ 9/1 – 0.75pts win
2.10 – Walk To Freedom @ 12/1 – 0.5pts e/w (Will Hill, 1/5 1-5)
2.10 – Aaron Lad @ 14/1 – 0.5pts e/w (Paddy Power or Betfair, 1/5 1-6)
2.50 – Terrefort @ 25/1 – 0.5pts e/w (BetVictor, 1/5 1-4)
2.50 – Road To Respect @ 4/1 – 0.75pts win
3.30 – Bapaume @ 22/1 – 0.25pts e/w (Coral or BetVictor, 1/5 1-4)
4.10 – Gardefort @ 25/1 – 0.5pts e/w (Bet365, 1/4 1-5)
4.10 – Didero Vallis @ 25/1 – 0.5pts e/w (same as above)
4.50 – Sinoria @ 8/1 – 1pt win (Will Hill or Bet365)
4.50 – Lust For Glory @ 20/1 – 0.5pts e/w (Bet365, 1/4 1-3)
That’s 9pts in play. We don’t need much to come in to profit – let’s go!
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The Mark of the Beast: Dispelling some myths about Mark Ingram

This is going to take a bit, so tl;dr if you don't read data and trust other people's opinions implicitly: Mark Ingram is a safer bet than you're thinking, players aren't "eased back" from suspension, there's no strong evidence PED suspensions lead to a decline in production, and the Saints backfield has proven for nearly a decade that it can easily support two talented fantasy backs.
A spectre is haunting this subreddit--the spectre of Mark Ingram. All powers of conventional wisdom have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: 0RB pundits and RB heavy drafters, FantasyPros and Scott Pianowski effortposters and shitposters, QB streamers and people who draft Aaron Rodgers in the first round.
All kidding aside, if you've done your homework this season, you've undoubtedly seen several arguments put forward to explain why missing the first for weeks makes Mark Ingram--a player coming off 3 seasons where he was RB15, RB12, and most recently, RB6--unworthy of his 46th pick (RB23) ADP. These arguments are:
First that Ingram will be unplayable until Week 7 because of being "eased in" in Week 5 and then a Week 6 bye, meaning you're losing half of his season. Second that Ingram will likely regress after getting popped for PEDs Third that the Saints offense will run through Kamara and can't support two great RBs when Brees' TD pass numbers go up.
While we can never know the future for sure, I spent a couple hours combing through the data to see if these theories were true. Now that my draft is over (half my leaguemates read this sub religiously--hi Rick--so I wasn't going to tip my hand) I'll share the results with you.
For the first two arguments, I did my best to comb through past suspensions of fantasy relevant players (here). Admittedly I only went back a few years, but mainly the focus was to examine how the players did in their first game back (versus their ROS performance) and, in the case of players suspended for PEDs, how did they do in the following season. The results are below:
Player Year Carries+Receptions Return FP on return FPPG Reason for Suspension
Ezekiel Elliot 2017 30 15.6 19 Goodell's Ego
Doug Martin 2017 14 14.7 6.5 PED. YPC 2.9 this season and season prior to suspension
Alshon Jeffery 2016 6 17.9 10 PED. Moved to Eagles next season. Fantasy production increased next year due to TDs, first full season in year (ypg and receptions declined). What was PEDs, what was a new offense, what was age. Hard to suss out.
Le'Veon Bell 2016 23 19.8 23.3 Weed
Josh Gordon 2015 (Return 2017) 4 8.5 9.7 Weed. Year + absence. If a player were ever going to be eased in off a suspension it should have been here and yet...
Martavis Bryant 2015 9 30.5 13.2 Didn't include his second suspension because he returned week one of 2017
Antonio Gates 2015 9 25.2 11 PEDs. Decline from prior year, but age 35 season, continuation of multi year decline.
Going back further, there are only a handful of confirmed PED suspensions (the fantasypros article linked above adds Welker in 2014--well after he began declining). I would add Dwayne Bowe (who followed up his PED suspension in late season 2009 with what was by far his career year in 2010). Other than that, it's mostly defensive players. I'd note that most of the ones who were pro bowl players put up a pro bowl caliber season the following year (Bruce Irvin in 2013, Richard Sherman--though it was overturned--in 2012, Shawn Merriman in 2006--he had 12.5 sacks the following year).
Basically, I think there are two conclusions to draw from the data:
  1. Players are NOT eased back from suspensions like they often are from injuries. I could actually make an argument that the data support the opposite conclusion (many of these players had above average performances in their return) but I think that's probably coincidence. You're going to be without Ingram for exactly 4 weeks (1-4). In certain league formats, maybe that cost is still too much, but if you're filling out your RB2 spot here, I think you're probably better served grabbing Ingram and banking on band aids (the Jamaal Williams' of the world or one of the myriad Chris Thompson type dudes that you can grab late in drafts and hope they don't explode in a red mist until week 5) than having to write CARLOS HYDE (RB CLE) into that spot in sharpie. If you're worried about the week 6 bye, an important reminder: EVERY PLAYER MISSES ONE GAME TO BYE WEEK
  2. The theory that players magically deflate into 90 pound weaklings and take a step back after a PED suspension is not empirically supported. There are a grand total of 2 suspensions where you can say the player clearly declined (Welker and Gates, both of whom were well into the twilight of their career when they served their suspensions). There's one more where you can see it if you squint (Jeffery, who changed teams and offenses and sure did score an awful lot of TDs and garner a lot of targets for a guy who lost all of his skill due to not having any more HGH to take) one who looked like microwaved dog crap before and after (looking at you 2.9 ypc Musclehamster) one who had a career year the next year (Bowe) and a bunch of defensive players who can't really be measured but who didn't seem to suffer any negative effects. I can't say the argument is disproved, but it's pretty shaky ground to base an argument for not drafting a guy with multiple years of proven RB1 potential with a pick where your alternatives are often guys like Rashaad Penny or Peyton Barber.
This leaves one common argument against Ingram: that the backfield will be dominated by Kamara. On this, history is, at first, mixed, but I think it makes a case for last season being more repeatable than most think.
Looking back at past seasons, we see this (this is for 0.5 ppr scoring, btw):
Year Saints RB1 Rank Points RB2 Rank Points Notes
2017 Kamara 3 274.4 Ingram 6 249 Wow
2016 Ingram 9 219.2 Hightower 38 115.8 Hightower old. Cadet added 74 points
2015 Ingram 12 178.4 Hightower 52 80.4 Ingram played 12 games. Spiller and Khiry Robinson scored 60+. Very murky behind Ingram, all players JAGs
2014 Ingram 15 191.9 Pierre Thomas 32 123 13 games for Ingram. Last ride for Thomas
2013 Pierre Thomas 16 213.2 Darren Sproles 23 177.4 Ingram lurking
2012 Darren Sproles 10 216.1 Pierre Thomas 32 133.7 Young Ingram scores 99.1; eats into Thomas' share. Suspect would have looked more like 2011...
2011 Sproles 10 228.3 Thomas 26 158 Hmm
Obviously it's a small sample, read into it what you want, etc. My read is that it's a pretty clear picture: Sean Payton has two basic roles for RBs that can support RB1/2 numbers. When there is a stud to fill one those roles (Kamara/Sproles, Ingram/Thomas) then that stud gets fed. When there's one of each, they BOTH get fed. The years where only one RB got fed were, by and large, years where it was Ingram and a bunch of guys who were washed or bubble guys.
I would argue that Ingram is very clearly above every running back in that backfield not named Kamara (and I'd say this chart actually supports that argument--he had two seasons where he was a low end RB1 DESPITE MISSING 3 or 4 GAMES).
Could he take a step back? Yes. As could Le'Veon Bell, as could Melvin Gordon, as could any running back in any year. Based on the evidence in front of us, is there a good reason to think that will happen? I would argue no. Kamara poses no proven threat (Ingram had his best season with Kamara in tow, after all) he's still in his physical prime, and Payton has an incentive to feed Ingram in the last year of his contract.
I would not recommend everyone buy into Ingram--there's real risk if you have a short bench, for example--but if you can afford to burn a bench spot for a few weeks, I'd say that he's well worth the price of admission and has a MUCH higher chance of returning than the other players around his ADP (just look at the RBs you were drafting in the fourth round the last few years...yeesh).
Full disclosure: as this would imply, I own a few shares of Ingram. This is the research that led me to that decision.
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My Picks For Saratoga August 18, 2018.

I have identified some horses that I am willing to take a chance on Saturday at Saratoga, provided that the track is not off. This seems to be my biggest problem thus for this year as the weather forecast and even equibase has been either wrong or ahead of the actual weather that as occurred almost weekly. At some tracks, a little moisture will not affect the outcome that much, but at Saratoga, it will make a world of difference and if you do not adjust, you will struggle. And while I have hit some nice paying races on off tracks, I tend to get more consistency on fast and firm surfaces. So let's begin.
1st Race: Maiden Claiming $40,000--- 1 1/16 Mile Inner Turf--- 3 YO & Up--- Purse $45,000.
If this race stays on grass, my choice to WP will be 11)Letterman(5-1). He has made one lifetime start, broke last, was ranked indicating he was intimidated by seeing other horses around him, but still made a move into contention behind a fast pace before tiring in the stretch. Overall, not a bad race and a good learning experience. His trainer took his time to find another spot for a horse the owner paid $250,000 for and decided to enter him in a claiming race for $40,000. However, both his 2nd start and the softer spot should help him get a better break and make him more competitive. Trainers sometimes will bluff on a horse's potential, in order to get a win for a nice purse. He has bloodlines that is fancy by a lot of breeders and he is bred to excel on grass.
4)Telecommunication(10-1) will be my choice to complete the exacta. He, too, has made one lifetime start last year against Maraud and brow slowly, then went wide into the stretch and failed to make up any ground. After a break of almost a year, back to back solid works and a drop into the claiming ranks, he should be ready to display the front running speed he is bred for. a $42,000 yearling purchase, his sire, Data Link, is a son of major grass influence War Front. Data Link biggest win came in the G1 Maker's 46 Mile S in 2011, but he also ran 2nd in that same race in 2012 to Wise Dan, Champion Older Grass Horse that year. His broodmare sire, Mizzen Mast, started his career in France, ran 2nd in the G1 Grand Prix De Paris and after 2 failed attempts in major grass races in the U.S. he finished his career by winning the G1 Malibu S and G2 Strub S on Santa Anita dirt track. Should show front running speed against these.
2)Azzedine(5-2) has made 5 starts and finished 2nd in three of them. After running an even race for $75000 maiden claimers, his trainer, Chad Brown, has decided to give him a drop of several class levels to try to get him in the winners column. His slightly off the pace style fits well against these. A $336,000 disperal 2 YO purchase, he has yet to meet expectations.
While several of these have not performed anywhere near the expectations of their purchase price, 10)Arch Of The Diver, has to be the one owners have given up on. Off almost two years, apparently to try as a stallion, he has been gelded and returned to training. Simply trying to recoup as much money of his $300,000 purchase price as they can get back. Will not play this one at all, on grass or dirt.
2nd Race: Maiden Special Weight--- 2 YOs--- 1 1/16 Mile Turf--- Purse $85,000.
I will bet the 6)Southern Bridge(4-1) to WP. A $70,000 yearling purchase, he has made one start on grass where he broke near the back and basically ran an even race, though he passed a few horses on a turf course rated firm, but was obviously yielding or good at best. You can tell by how slow the pace was and the front runner went wire to wire.
11)My America(10-1) will be my choice to complete my exacta box. A buyback by owners because the reserve was not met at $335,000, they decided to race the horse instead. His sire is Medaglia D'Oro but his dam Reaching is a daughter of Dansili, a sire who has made his presence felt in the BC turf races through his daughters. Maryjinsky, her dam, is a 1/2 sister to Better Than Honour, the dam of Belmont S winners Rags To Riches & Jazil. My America has one start, an off the turf sprint where he ran an even race. I will discard that race because it was much too short for his bloodlines and also this one will perform better on grass.
This race is stacked with well bred horses but which ones will show front running speed is anyone guess. That said, I will use 3)Vineyard Sound(15-1) and box him in my trifecta. His sire, Stormy Atlantic is a son of Storm Cat and his best foals shows front running speed on grass in top class. Vineyard Sound's broodmare sire, Sultry Song, was a multiple G1 stakes winner on dirt but was also G1 stakes placed in the Secretariat S on grass when third, beaten 2 heads for the win.
Another to consider is 5)Ian Glass(10-1), another first time starter who is throwing decent works for his debut. His sire, Hard Spun, came close to stealing the Ky Derby before running 2nd against Street Sense and his sire, Danzig, is known for siring speedy grass runners, too. His broodmare sire is Galileo, top distance grass horse in the world today. His trainer and owner just upset the G1 Secretariat last weekend with 38-1 shot Carrick. However, instead of crossing with Danzig in his fourth generation on his dam side, he crosses with Northern Dancer, through 3/4 brothers Sadler's Wells & Nureyev. If I decide to bet a super, this one will be in my box.
3rd Race: Claiming $50,000--- 3 YOs & Up--- 7 Furlongs--- Purse $70,000.
I will make a small wager on the 3)Fundy's Tide(15-1) to WP. He is a need the lead type to perform his best and he should get the lead against these. And it is very difficult to catch a front running type that can sprint clear early then slow the pace down and have something left for the stretch. His last race was simply to far for his bloodlines and he will welcome the cut back to a more reasonable distance.
2)Sir Ballantine(10-1) will be my choice for an exacta box. He has never ran under a mile but his pedigree suggests that will be his best distance. His dam, Wind Flow won 5 of 7 lifetime starts, including three stakes in So. California, flashing 109 and change times but did not win past 6 1/2 furlongs and was not even tried past 7 furlongs. This owner paid $210,000 for this horse as a 2 YO and watched while McPeek was over zealous with this horse. He finally turned the horse over to another trainer four starts back and the horse responded with back to back wins at one mile. But his last two was too long and his trainer looks like he finally realized that. Even his works is screaming sprinter and has for a while. Good chance play against these, especially across the board.
I will use the 6)Daddy D T(9-2) in my tri box. He should be the beneficiary of a lot of cheap speed who should tire and come running late but should sit close enough early to make it count.
4th Race: Maiden Special Weight--- 2 YOs--- 6 Furlongs--- Purse $85,000.
My bet to WP will go on 8)Cromwell Avenue(12-1). A $210,000 2 YO purchase, his sire, Flashback is a son of Tapit who beat Golden Cents in the G2 San Felipe and then ran second to that rival in the G1 Santa Anita Derby. His broodmare sire, Wolf Power, was a South African champion grandson of Round Table but has many foals to race in the U.S. and most are blazing speed that is difficult to run down. He has one start but he did not break very well, so I will give him another chance, especially since his 2 works since are good.
4)Endorsed(6-1) will be my choice for my exacta box. His sire is Medaglia D'Oro and his dam is Dance Card, a G1 stakes winning daughter of Tapit, whose last start was a fast closing third to Groupie Doll(2 time winner of BC Filly Sprint) and Judy The Beauty(who returned in 2014 to win the BC Filly Sprint). There is another colt in this race that is bred exactly on the same sire & broodmare sire line(trained by Pletcher) and his dam has a similar record to the dam of this horse. While this colt was retained for racing by his breeders, the Pletcher colt was purchased for $320,000 by his owners.
My pick to complete my tri box will be 1)Pointer View(12-1). His sire is Paynter, a son of Awesome Again out of a full sister to Tiznow. His broodmare sire, Indian Ocean, won three of five lifetime starts with 2 thirds and Surf Cat beat him both times and they both are grandsons of Storm Cat. When he broke his maiden at 6 1/2 furlongs, he ran a 115 flat while in hand the last part. He was purchased as a 2 YO for $200,000 after bringing $80,000 as a yearling.
7)Ahead Of Plan(5-2) will be my 4th choice if I decide to box a super. He was purchased for $475,000 at a 2 YO in training sale earlier this year. He has the works and bloodlines to win this, though.
5th Race: Claiming $40,000--- 3 YO Fillies--- 6 Furlongs--- Purse $64,000.
My pick to win will be 5)Shape Shifter(7-2). She pressed a fast pace in her last in the slop,and got caught late at 3-5. Penn National favors late runners when the pace is contested, even on off tracks, unlike Saratoga. Pino, her trainer, wins at 21% of his lifetime starts and Irad Ortiz Jr. has the mount. I look for her to draw off as she chooses against these but do not expect good odds, as there will be little.
My pick to complete my exacta box will be 8)Simona(15-1). She will sit a few lengths off the early pace but should be able to get by most of the tiring speed to finish 2nd. She was claimed out of her last two starts and now James Ryerson takes over as trainer. While Ryerson best training days are in the past, he will always be known for preparing Unbridled's Song to win the BC Juvenile in his third lifetime start and would win the Fla Derby and Wood Memorial under his tutelage at 3. So he can get a horse ready and her work since her last is a step in the right direction.
4)Richie'slilwildcat(3-1) will be my choice for 3rd. She has a lot of front running speed which is always dangerous at Saratoga but she tires late with or without pressure. And she will feel the pressure today as these are better speed that what she is accustomed to running against but should hold third in this weak field.
6th Race: Maiden Special Weight--- 2 YOs--- 6 Furlongs--- Purse $85,000.
My pick to WP is 4)Kentucky Wildcat(12-1). He is a homebred which simply means the breeder did not sell him, but kept him for racing and breeding purposes later. His sire is Tapit and his dam, Better Lucky, ran 2nd in the 2014 BC Filly Sprint in her last start to Judy The Beauty. However, she is a multiple G1 winning daughter of Ghostzapper. While her works could be better if the trainer wants to tip others, her pedigree and the fact she has work steadily is good enough for me to take a chance on.
3)Most Mischief(10-1) will be my choice to complete my exacta box. His sire, Into Mischief, is a 1/2 brother to Beholder and a top sire in the game today. His broodmare sire, Elusive Quality, sired several speedy types including Smarty Jones(winner of the Ky Derby & Preakness S) and Raven's Pass(winner of the BC Classic). Most Mischief has a 1/2 sister that was trained by this trainer and after taking a few starts to mature, became a SW of close to $300,000. He has started twice and finished third both times, both in good times. He also sports one of the best money making angles in the game and that is finishing 3rd in his last while beaten more than 2 lengths by both the winner & runner-up. Dangerous at solid odds.
O am going to go out on a limb and pick 10)Quick Entry (12-1) to include in my tri box. His sire, Point Of Entry, was a multiple G1 grass winning son of Dynaformer, who is best remembered as sire of ill fated Ky Derby winner Barbaro and Ky Derby 3rd Perfect Drift. Point Of Entry's dam is a daughter of Seeking The Gold. Quick Entry's broodmare sire is Cape Town, another son of Seeking The Gold. Hennessy is sire of his 2nd dam and he is best known as grandsire of Scat Daddy. His last work signals he is ready to win early and while his trainer wins with 6 % of his first time starters, he is dangerous to leave out of any exotic bets.
I will box a small super by including the 2)Code Of Honor(6-1). While Shug is usually not interested in asking his horses to win in their first start, I have to included him because Will Farish is his owner and breeder. He put this horse in a sale but his reserve was not met, so he decided to race him. He tried to sale another horse years ago with the same reserve and there were no takers. The horse name? Sunday Silence who went on to win the Ky Derby, Preakness, and BC Classic as a 3 YO and was leading sire every year in Japan during his stallion career. Code Of Honor's sire is Noble Mission, a multiple G1 winning full brother to Frankel. His dam, Reunited, won the G3 Thoroughbred Club Of America S at 7 furlongs for her only graded stakes win. I will wait until placing any across the board money on this horse, but only because Shug is more interested in racing experience than asking a horse for too much too soon.
7th Race: Allowance--- 3 YOs & Up Fillies Restricted To NY Bred ----N/W 1 Other Than Maiden, Claiming Or Starter Or Which Have Never Won 2 Races--- One Mile Turf-- Purse $77,000.
1)Under Suspicion(12-1) is who I will bet to WP. She is making her first start on grass. Her sire, Friend Or Foe, is a son of A.P. Indy's son Friends Lake and his dam is a daughter of Unbridled. Friend Or Foe won 2 NY Bred Stakes and the Easy Goer S but also gave a good account of himself in several G1 stakes races, including the Travers, Whitney S and the Cigar Mile H. Under Suspicion's dam, Misty Rosette, is a 3/4 sister to Littleprincessemma, the dam of TC winner American Pharoah. Misty Rosette won 4 of 8 lifetime starts including 3 stakes races and ran 3rd in the G1 Test S and the G2 Forward Gal S. While none of this points to whether she will like the grass, there are major grass influence dotted throughout her pedigree that suggest she will. My choice in a weak field.
4)Way Smart(7-2) will be my pick to complete my exacta box. She should be ready to win and move on to the next set of conditions as this is her fourth start this year. With a solid work since her last, and bloodlines to match, she will be a huge disappointment if she does not win in this spot. A key in the horizontals, IMO.
3)Hollywood Cat(3-1) is my choice to complete the tri box. She is the only one with enough proven bloodlines to knock out my 2nd choice. Her sire Courageous Cat was a G1 winner on grass and her broodmare sire, Cryptoclearance, is the grandsire of Candy Ride.
8th Race: Lake Placid S(Grade 2)--- 3 YOs Fillies--- 1 1/8 Miles Turf--- Purse $300,000.
i will bet the 3)Capla Temptress(6-1) to WP. The expected favorite beat her in last year's BC Juvenile Fillies Turf at 1 mile on grass but she steadied early and that gave the winner all the cushion she needed. Capla Temptress has made two starts since and both came this year. In her first start, she just missed winning the G1 Poule D'Essai Des Pouliches(Fr 1,000 Guineas) that is their first race in their TC series for fillies. Then shipped back to Belmont, she finished 7th beaten almost 4 lengths in the G1 Belmont Oaks but was not likely to beat the winner on that day. Her sire, Lope De Vega and grandsire Shamardal(from first crop of Giant's Causeway) each won the first two legs of the French TC but neither attempted to complete the sweep in the St Leger at 1 3/4 miles. Now transferred to Mott's barn and with 2 good works since, she will be tough to deny.
2)Daddy Is A Legend(4-1) will be my choice to complete my exacta box. While she has been beaten by the expected favorite in all three meetings between these, she now is going a distance she should enjoy more than the choice will. Her sire is Scat Daddy, a top grass sire. Her broodmare sire, Benchmark, is a 1/2 brother to multiple G1 distance grass winner, Tranquility Lake. Their dam is a daughter of Danzig, another top influence on grass. Nice work since her last indicates she is ready to turn the tables on the favorite.
7)Andina Del Sur(15-1) will be my choice to complete my tri box. The 1)Thewayiam has beaten her twice but is was Andina Sel Sur first and second start against winners and Thewayiam also had an edge in condition. Now the edge in condition belongs to this one. I expect an improved race against these as she is entering her fourth race since she was in peak form. While I do not believe she can beat my top two choices, she has the bloodlines to be a factor. Her sire is Giant's Causeway and her broodmare sire is Singspiel, a son of BC Turf winner In The Wings(son of Sadler's Wells)and 1/2 brother to Rahy(sire of Giant's Causeway's dam). Singspiel also ran 2nd in the BC Turf in his only U.S. start after winning the G1 Canadian International in his only start in that country.
I actually like Chad Brown's other entry over the favorite at this distance but I also think it is a little further than either will do their best in.
9th Race: Alabama S(Grade 1)--- 3 YO Fillies--- 1 1/4 Miles--- Purse $600,000.
I am betting 1)Piedi Bianchi(15-1) to WP. Though I normally bet against Pletcher with 3 YOs and up after June of their 3 Yo season unless they drop significantly in class, I will bet this one because he had the horse for one start, so he hasn't had the time to screw up the horse yet. With her bloodlines and close finishes in thee G1s, she is worth taking a shot with. She has one start this year, a sprint, where she finished third almost 2 months ago. Her sire, Overanalyze, scored his e biggest graded stakes win at 1 1/8 mile and the only time he tried 1 1/4 miles was the Ky Derby, where he was sandwiched turning into the stretch while making a solid move. Her broodmare sire, Tactical Cat, scored his biggest win in the 1 1/16 mile G1 Hollywood Futurity at 2.
8)Talk Veuve To Me(5-2) will be my choice to complete my exacta box. She has the bloodlines to run as far as asked, especially on her dam's side. They will have to run her down and she is still improving. No Monomoy Girl in here that can go with her early.
My choice to complete my tri box will be 7)Coach Rocks(15-1). I believe they are sending her for the lead but would do better if they would let her rate and make one serious run in the stretch. Oxbow perform his best while on the lead but Coach Rocks female family was strictly distance oriented where most of them sat near the back of longer races and made a strong run in the stretch. If they chose to push her in this race, I think she has no shot to even hit the board, but if they let her relax, she could crash the exacta. She has proven she will rate on several occasions and those happen to be her best races.
I will add the 3)Midnight Bisou(7-5) and box a small super. She is the class of this field but now she is running a distance where bloodlines kicks in and her pedigree shows a lot of mid distance influences but very little classic distance influences. For this reason, I think she is beatable, especially at low odds which she will be.
10th Race: Claiming $25,000--- 3 YOs & Up--- 1 Mile Turf---- Purse $50,000'
I am betting the 6)Bitumen(12-1) to WP. This will be his first start on grass. However, his sire, Mineshaft, is a multiple G1 winner on dirt and he was Horse Of The Year as a 4 YO. His dam, Kobla Cat, is a 1/2 sister to Quality Road. Her sire, Tale Of The Cat, is sire of Gio Ponti, a multiple G1 winner on grass from 1 mile to 1 1/4 mile. Jose Ortiz has been named to ride him and while I am not familar with this horse's trainer, the horse has to many positive to ignore. Also, the trainer is removing the blinkers, apparently to get him to rate and to not be over anxious to go too early.
2)Italian Charm(7-2) will be my choice to complete my exacta box. He has ran third 4 times in six starts this year and now drops several levels in class, from an O/C $40000 to 25,000 claiming. He tends to rate a few lengths off the pace and the added weight should assure he will this time too.
7)Indebted(20-1) will be my choice to complete the tri. Throw out his last because he has ran on dirt twice in off the turf races and did nothing in both. Then if you look where his record states he has ran 3 times at this distance and won once, he really only ran once at the mile distance. The other 2 times were at 7 1/2 furlongs on grass, including breaking his maiden in his first lifetime start. The other was his 2nd start this year and he was in lrss than peak shape. His only race at a mile was at the Meadowlands where he drew the far outside which is exactly like drawing the rail in turf sprints at Saratoga. Not likely to happen. Now his bloodlines suggests one mile on grass will be his best distance. His sire, Malibu Moon's 1/2 brother, Temple City, was a graded stakes winner at 1 mile on grass and his best daughter, Miss Temple City , was a G1 winner at one mile. His broodmare sire, Silver Hawk, won 2 graded stakes at 7 furlongs in Europe. He is making his fifth start this year including both dirt races on a surface he despises and he will be huge odds., but an excellent spot play in this race. Maragh has taken the mount and was making a name for himself in 2014 when he got trampled while riding Wicked Strong and the horse clipped heels when Tonalist veered into his path in a move most believed was an intentional by that horse's jockey and severely injured Maragh. While his determination has led him this far back, he still is not where he was at that point.
These are my picks for Saratoga August 18. While I have not had the best of years handicapping, it is only a matter of time before I explode and get hot. May not be today but it will not be much longer. I feel I am handicapping as good as I ever have, but the luck has gone against me more times than not this year.
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/r/horseracing Cheltenham Festival guide and discussion 2015

As of writing this there is less than two weeks until the greatest horseracing festival on Earth. With 4 days and 35 races of the highest quality, the sub would be inundated unless we keep things central so use this thread for absolutely anything Cheltenham - news, previews, tips and, most importantly, debate!
For those who are unfamiliar, The Cheltenham Festival in held every March at Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire. The National Hunt season is mostly run with it in mind, as top trainers all desire even a single win at the jewel in the crown of jumps racing. The various graded races throughout the year are usually used as pointers towards graded races at the festival, for example a winner of the Tolworth Hurdle at Sandown in January will probably be high up in the market for the Supreme Novices Hurdle at the Festival. It consists of 4 days - Champion Day (Tue), Ladies Day (Wed), St Patricks Thursday and Gold Cup Day (Fri) and this year is held between the 10th and 14th of March
The Races
Each of the four days is centred around a Championship race:
The Champion Hurdle, The Queen Mother Champion Chase, The World Hurdle and The Cheltenham Gold Cup
The Champion Hurdle and Champion Chase are 2m races - the shortest distances in NH racing and are held on the Cheltenham Old Course as are all races on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The World Hurdle and Gold Cup are held over stayers distances of 3 miles and 3 miles 2 and a half furlongs respectively. They are raced on the New Course on Thursday and Friday.
Other races include Grade 1 novice chases and hurdles, big prize pot handicaps as well as handicaps for amateur riders, conditional jockeys and hunter chasers as well as a mares hurdle race and two races for juvenile hurdlers (4 year old horses).
The Stars
Perhaps one of the greatest appeals of National Hunt racing is the opportunity for horses to become household names due to the lengths of their careers. Unlike on the flat where stallions are carted off to stud after 2 or 3 years, most NH horses are geldings and usually aren't begun to be raced until they develop into their strongest frames between 5 and 8.
Festival heroes include Istabraq who is a three time winner of the Champion Hurdle. More recently, Hurricane Fly who is trained by Irish top trainer Willie Mullins won the 2011 and 2013 renewals of the race.
Just as we were blessed to watch the mighty Frankel in our lifetimes, there will surely be or have been very few who are better chasers than Sprinter Sacre at the height of his career. The Nicky Henderson Horse was undefeated over fences before having to pull up due to a heart condition last Christmas. He was defeated upon reappearance in the Clarence House Chase, though arguably was not hard pushed. Whether that is a good or bad sign will become clear as the festival unfolds. American followers of NH racing were cheering home Flagship Uberalles during his racing career, and with silks like those they must have been ecstatic when he made up for his loss when favourite in the 2000 QMCC by winning the 2002 renewal.
No horse have ever been bred to win a World Hurdle is a saying in the NH world. Most horses that win were bred with the Gold Cup in mind but didn't take to chasing for whatever reason. Though a winner of the 2m4f novices chase at the Cheltenham Festival in 2008, Big Buck's was reverted to hurdles after unseating his rider in the Hennessey Gold Cup in the next season. This was rather fortuitous as it turned out as staying hurdlers go, he was an absolute machine. Until an injury setback in 2013, he was undefeated in 18 runs, including 4 World Hurdles, 4 Liverpool Hurdles, 4 Long Distance Hurdles and 3 Long Walk Hurdles - all of which are Grade 1s. After missing most of the 2013 season due to injury, the 11 year old returned after a 400+ day absence for the 2014 Cleeve Hurdle during Festival Trials day where he lost his unbeaten record. There was no fairytale finish when competing in the 2014 World Hurdle, though he was retired a legend of the staying hurdle sphere to rapturous applause from the crowd.
The Gold Cup has been won by many beloved horses over the years - Arkle, Desert Orchid, Dawn Run. More recently Best Mate entered the hearts when winning his third successive Gold Cup. The image of his trainer Henrietta Knight embracing husband and former champion jockey Terry Biddlecombe at the post lives long in the memory - especially given the passing of Mr Biddlecombe last year.
Kauto Star is also a mutiple Gold Cup winner who retired in 2012. He had a famous rivalry with stablemate Denman who won the 2008 Gold Cup and whose career was blighted by a heart issue.
Another festival legend is Quevega who is on a massive unbeaten run herself. She won the Mares Hurdle at the festival an impressive 5 times in a row as well as the World Series Hurdle at Punchestown in the same years. Last year she picked up her sixth win in the Mares Hurdle but could not retain her World Series Hurdle crown and was retired to stud.
Ones to Watch
Even at the grand old age of 11, Hurricane Fly is having another crack at the Champion Hurdle in order to emulate Istabraq in winning it three times. This years competition will be one of the more competitive affairs. Favourites in the betting include new kid on the block Faugheen who as a novice won races from 2 miles to 3 over al sorts of ground. his versatility makes him the most exciting hurdling prospect in training although questions are in place over the quality of his victories this campaign. The New One returns flying the flag for Britain having arguably been unlucky in running last year. There is no doubt over his quality and he has a devestating turn of foot. Last year's winner Jezki returns having been beaten convincingly by Hurricane Fly three times this season. There can be no doubt he'll be primed for this race though some spectators question his record with Tony McCoy on board. This race is certain to be a fantastic showcase of hurdling and with any luck will be a fantastic spectacle.
With Sprinter Sacre and Sire De Grugy returning from injury with question marks the Champion Chase appears to be a 4 horse race. The grade 1 preps for this race - the Tingle Creek and the Clarence House Chases have been won in most impressive fashion by speedy chaser Dodging Bullets.. Of the Irish horses, Willie Mullins trains Supreme Novices 2013 winner Champagne Fever who was narrowly edged out by Western Warhorse in last year's Arkle (2m novice grade 1 chase). An outside chance after victory in The Game Spirit chase is Mr Mole whom has been subject to an outstanding training performance by Paul Nicholls to get him to grade race standard. In the World Hurdle, a very open and unfortunately underwhelming contest looks to be on offer. With Big Bucks retired, More of That edged out Annie Power in a thriller finish last year. More Of That could be out injured and Annie Power may take the penalty kick of the Mares Hurdle. In the same colours as Big Bucks representing the Stewart Family, Saphir De Rheu is favourite after reverting from chasing to staying hurdling and winning the Cleeve hurdle (deja vu?!). The ever popular Zarkandar is also trained by Nicholls and was edged out by Reve de Sivola in the Long Walk hurdle before Christmas. Champion Hurdler (2012) Rock On Ruby will be trying his hand at 3 miles having shown potential to stay the trip when winning the Relkeel Hurdle - the same race More Of That landed before going on to victory here last year.

Finally, the Gold Cup looks to be King George VI Chase 2013 and 14 winner Silviniaco Conti's to lose. His opposition will come from last year's 20/1 winner Lord Windermere, Hennessey Gold Cup winner Many Clouds and Lexus Chase winner Road To Riches. Carlingford Lough landed the Irish Hennessey the day after AP McCoy announced his retirement, and what better send off for the soon to be 20 times champion jockey than to land the most prestigious prize in National Hunt racing.

TL;DR Have fun over those 4 days. Best of luck with your bets.
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