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Should I Buy This Game?

Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"

Learn to import products from China using Alibaba.

Helping resellers import products from China. Alibaba is a major resource for importers and drop shippers. If you are interested in eCommerce, drop shipping, selling items on Amazon, or any other type of online retail, then you need to join the discussion here.

Making a SteamCharts-like website for fighting games, feedback appreciated!

Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:
The site uses Steam API to store and display player count statistics with some extra features such as filtering the games by tags. We also have a price comparison system in place that tracks prices from various game stores and key reseller sites (the store API is updated once a day so keep in mind there might be some inaccuracies compared to real-time prices). There's a news/article segment as well which we might use for some fresh cancel news at some point.
Some clarification for the sake of transparency - we're using affiliate links for the majority of the game stores, meaning we will get a small % of the sales. Any profits will be used to take care of the recurring costs of running the website and I'm planning to invest any of the leftover money into advertising the website and getting more content for it (events, giveaways, running small tournaments etc). It would obviously be nice to make some personal profit at some point in the future but my top priority is keeping the site alive and well.
There is still placeholder stuff on the website and there might be some spelling errors, incorrect tags, wrong or missing games in the library etc so if you guys have any feedback, see something that should be corrected or would like to help in any other way, please let me know!
Btw, here's the Discord, although it's still a WIP.
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Making a SteamCharts-like website for fighting games, feedback appreciated!

Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:
The site uses Steam API to store and display player count statistics with some extra features such as filtering the games by tags. We also have a price comparison system in place that tracks prices from various game stores and key reseller sites (the store API is updated once a day so keep in mind there might be some inaccuracies compared to real-time prices). There's a news/article segment as well which we might use for some fresh cancel news at some point.
Some clarification for the sake of transparency - we're using affiliate links for the majority of the game stores, meaning we will get a small % of the sales. Any profits will be used to take care of the recurring costs of running the website and I'm planning to invest any of the leftover money into advertising the website and getting more content for it (events, giveaways, running small tournaments etc). It would obviously be nice to make some personal profit at some point in the future but my top priority is keeping the site alive and well.
There is still placeholder stuff on the website and there might be some spelling errors, incorrect tags, wrong or missing games in the library etc so if you guys have any feedback, see something that should be corrected or would like to help in any other way, please let me know!
Btw, here's the Discord, although it's still a WIP.
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5 Proven ways to make money in eCommerce (Learn Now)

5 Proven ways to make money in eCommerce (Learn Now)
Online Markets are booming with lots of opportunities. You can make billions with eCommerce, so there is no big surprise that new companies are entering every day.
If you are curious to know about eCommerce and really want to see massive growth in the upcoming year, here are the 5 proven ways to make money online.
So, without wasting any time let’s get started.
1) Generating Traffic is a must to run a successful eCommerce store.
It’s Important to drive a large amount of traffic to your online store. Once your eCommerce business starting to attract a large number of potential customers who are interested in the products, viewing it, compare it, and finally end up with a purchase. It means you are doing quite well, more than half of your efforts being paid off. If your eCommerce store successfully manages to sell products at an affordable price then it will start generating traffic along with lots of revenue.
However, it's not easy to drive millions of traffic to eCommerce store. It requires lots of effort with a great mind. To attain your goal it becomes necessary to understand the marketing channels and advertising strategies.
2) Set up an Amazon seller account
According to research, around half of amazon’s sales generated from third-party sellers. By selling products listing on amazon through your affiliate link, you’ll generate lots of money. Obviously you will benefit from exposure to its platform.
If you want to compete with amazon, genuinely it’s easy you can’t beat them. So you may join them, and earn lot of money from it.
3) Leverage the power of social media:
This may surprise you, but it’s another way to sell online through social media. Facebook and Instagram is currently running on the top. According to Statistica, Facebook has more than 230 billion monthly active users and Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. It’s an excellent platform to promote your product.
Instagram also released the shopping feature. You can use it and generate lots of revenue by selling on it.
4) Maximizing High margin products
Treat your High margin products like as your best seller product. Try to show those products in front of your customers. Increase Marketing spend on revenue-generating items, implement cross-sell strategy, Add different variations in the product like design, colors, sizes, etc.
5) List your product on as many channels as possible.
Being in more than one location online is a must if you want to improve your growth. Companies should focus on optimizing and listing its various product on Different channels like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, shop clues, and more.
In addition, they need to have registered trademarks and a good warranty when products are sold through an authorized reseller. Also, there should be clear distribution agreements with distributors or retailers.
Finally not forget to reinvest your profit, as your business grows, Demand will also increase. Understand the latest trends, technologies, customer taste and preferences to continuously grasp the market share over a longer period of time.
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EU-US Privacy Shield Framework & Personal Story

I have a story to share.
Friend of mine wanted to send a request to a US company to delete his personal data and asked me for some help (I'll share all the details below).
Enter the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the GDPR.
While the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework is old news (2016), I still wanted to share it.
GDPR vs Privacy Shield:
In short, Privacy Shield allows US companies, or EU companies working with US companies, to meet this requirement of the GDPR.
Apparently, this Framework has been pushed by the EU to replace the old International Safe Harbor Framework, back in 2016.
In a nutshell:
The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework was designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission to provide companies on both sides of the Atlantic with a mechanism to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce.
Further reading:
For the most part, we all know that GDPR doesn't quite work in real life. You get this cookie consent and opt-in options and, in most cases, if you don't agree, you can't read the content of a page. Or if you sign up for any services you are "forced" or "tricked" to accept all that the company throws at it.
Back to my friend's story.
Since I want to preserve my friend's privacy, I can't get much into details, but I'll try to be as specific as much as I can.
A friend of mine works for a company as a Social Media Manager.
One of the Social Networks platforms (or should I say publisher) banned them across the entire platform. First, it was shadow banning for years, personal accounts ban, asking for personal IDs, and finally boom - a permanent ban.
The reason behind the ban was pure censorship, nothing less nothing more. However, their official statement was - spam.
Censorship, nothing new right?
Well, this is where it gets tricky and extremely suspicion.
This Social Media Platform exposed publicly the country (non-US) where this account was managed from.
The funny thing is, managing this account was done remotely from the get-go.
Connecting to a remote PC based in US with an IP address located in US, using a real social media profile (real individual from US).
So how come they exposed the Geo specific data? That didn't make any sense.
I asked my friend all sorts of questions. Brainstorming and trying to find out if there was a loophole that might have exposed his personal IPs.
Crickets. Not a single clue. Trust me, I tried to think of anything under the sun.
And then it hits me, so I asked my friend:
Me: Are you using any third-party apps to schedule posts?
Friend: Yes, we do - the tool we use is called Sprout Social!
So, I head over to their page, open the privacy policy page, and right off the bat these are few points that got my attention:
"To Whom We May Share Your Information"
  1. To our affiliates, service providers and partners who provide data processing services to us.
  2. To resellers, in a limited number of countries and only where permitted by applicable law. We may provide contact information of customers / potential customers to such reseller to market our Service.
  3. When you request or direct us to share information, such as when you choose to share information with a social network or other third party platform about your activities on the Service, which may require you to accept such third party’s terms of use or privacy policy.
  4. However, we will normally collect personal data from you only where we have your consent to do so.
This is where you are forced to give that GDPR consent, like it or not.
You want to use their services? There's no way around it.
While reading their privacy policy the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework pops up:
Sprout Social is responsible for the processing of personal data it receives, under each Privacy Shield Framework, and subsequently transfers to a third party acting as an agent on its behalf.
This is where I start to dig into the Privacy Shield Framework, the GDPR how to ask for a company to delete my data and all the "good stuff".
In the online world this is called the 'right to be forgotten'(Article 17).
If you want to learn more check this part "When does the right to be forgotten apply?" here's a link:
Basically, you can withdraw your consent BUT it's not as simple as it appears.
Quote: "However, an organization’s right to process someone’s data might override their right to be forgotten"
Quote: "Furthermore, an organization can request a “reasonable fee” or deny a request to erase personal data if the organization can justify that the request was unfounded or excessive."
If they say no, it gets even more annoying, and it's another privacy nightmare (your personal details right into the government system).
You need to go to your official Government to get an official paper to file a complaint.
Again, I'm not saying everything is bad, you can still use the 'right to be forgotten' option, and I suppose most of the small/medium online companies will comply and delete all your data.
Nobody wants a lawsuit.
But asks yourself this question:
With how many third parties they have already shared your date?
Good luck deleting that data.
So, what happened in my friend's case.
The problem my friend was facing, is that even he's into the EEA (European Economic Area) and protected by this Framework, he has been using his boss account to login to this service.
And that's a common setup for most of the companies - you are given the admin account access (in this case created in US), the consent is given by your boss or manager, not by you.
That's legal and most of the services allow shared accounts.
Bottom line, while my friend didn't log into Social media with his personal profile (ever), this tool has been proactively collecting IP logs of the company's shared account and provided that data to this Social Media Platform.
On top of that, they come up with the lamest excuse that this account was managed from "this specific" country for the purpose of doing spam.
So let me get this straight - Scheduling blog posts while using an app from your VA is a spam?
My friend: "There hasn't been any spam, everything was according to their terms of service, they just didn't like what our company represents - freedom of speech."
I'm sorry that I can give specific names, but this was a pure censorship and a lame excuse to the media.
But the biggest issue here is - your privacy.
Let this be a lesson for all you and:
  1. Why privacy matters
  2. How companies share your personal information
  3. Things you might not have considered in your privacy setup
  4. Why it's super important to read the privacy policy of a website or service you are using
  5. Brainstorm different scenarios
If you have any suggestion or similar experience you want to share, that would be great.
If not, thanks for reading and sorry for the long post, I just wanted to put this out there.
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ListMe Review Manufacture A Quality Email List Fast And Cheap

ListMe Review

Manufacture A Quality Email List Fast And Cheap

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Much obliged to you for following my survey and want you to enjoy all that life has to offer. Farewell.
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Is the sale of fetal body parts ever defensible?

I've been hearing a lot lately about a biological tissue corporation being implicated in a batch of invoiced that have been presented to Congress. In them, it was made known that Planned Parenthood has been selling the organs of aborted babies to them for hundreds of dollara per corpse. This has been found to be the case before, but it is now officially known to be a "sale" and not a "reimbursement". The company appears to resell them to customers after further processing to make a profit, as per their website.
I personally am outraged that this isn't making headlines. I see the abortion industry getting away with things no billion-dollar corporations could ever even think of doing, and I feel like this is ultimately because people want abortion to continue, and are sacraficing any other moral standards we apply to companies out of fear that it would stop or decrease.
So my question is: Should sales for any reason, including research, be acceptable? Donating your child's body or your own body for scientific research is deemed acceptable to most, but would selling them make it immoral? And why do you believe what you do?
I recommend clicking the links in the above article if you are skeptical of bias. All of them go to primary sources from Planned Parenthood themselves, their affiliates, or through other investigative journalists.
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MyTrafficJacker is a new tool that will allow you to search and find in minutes expired domains that has high-powered backlinks so you can register and get free traffic and rank.
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a new way to create traffic and sales in any market segment through ZERO video/website creation, ZERO paid advertising/SEO.
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One of the quickest things you can do is turn these domains into simple adsense revenue sites.
Since they’ll be coming with traffic and authority built-in, this is a VERY powerful and SIMPLE strategy to deploy.
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What will be the best way to earn money online in 2020?

What will be the best way to earn money online in 2020?
10 ways to make (extra) money on the internet:
Before i go further with the 10 ways to make money on the internet if you have any questions related to this answer you can hit me on my personal email at [email protected] Now Lets Go For the 10 ways to make money online for free The internet is no longer just a tool to connect people, bring information or entertainment; today, there is a wide range of ways to earn money. With the demand for different services and products growing stronger and stronger, the opportunities to make extra income through it also increase. How to earn money on the Internet?
  1. Creating a blog The content of a blog is its most important component - and the most fun. You can write about whatever topic you want, whether it's your hobby, entertainment or even your personal life, as long as it captivates the audience. It is the number of visitors that will attract advertisers, the main ones responsible for making your blog a source of income. An important care is not to lose focus on your blog and keep it in the original purpose. That is: treat only a specific niche. Be sure to think about an attractive layout that also corresponds to the blog's subject, in addition to constantly updating it and having well-written texts. As your blog grows and manages to establish an average of visitors, it is ready for another internet tool that is profitable:
  2. Google Adsense One of the giant's systems, Google Adsense provides some sponsored links in the layout of its website, usually on the sides and at the top. The money is calculated from the number of clicks that your blog visitors give on Google ads. To use Adsense, you need to register on the site and then add the ad units on your site. The amount received for each click can vary from cents to a few dollars. But be smart: the only way to start making money from Adsense is to have a few fixed visitors to your site. Otherwise, the ads only take up space in your layout.
  3. Create a vlog on Youtube It is a little more versatile than a blog: in the same way, you can talk about the subject you want, the differences are that it makes the video form and the subjects can be more varied. Still, it's important to maintain a style in your videos or some factor that keeps viewers coming back to your channel - and that's when your creativity comes in. YouTube also makes ads available to its users that have more than an average of 30 thousand views on their videos, which will work similarly to Google Adsense (the difference is that in this case the ads are from YouTube itself). If you already have a blog, it’s interesting to keep a video channel on YouTube as an extension of it. In addition to Adsense ads, you can profit from those of videos. It is also a way of showing greater commitment and seriousness with the blog. Some channels on the site end up becoming so well-known that owners start advertising certain brands in their videos and start to gain even more credibility - in addition to money, of course.
  4. Become a freelance web content creator Social media content is an important tool for customer relationship and dissemination to brands and companies, who most often prefer to hire a freelancer to do this job. Having a knack for writing and knowing what customers or consumers want to see on the brand page are some of the skills needed for functions, which can be done even from home.
  5. Set up an online store The internet is one of the favorite ways to shop today. Many companies even profit more from their online store than from physical ones. Setting up an online store is easier than it looks; it only requires a stock of products, a website and knowing how to manage it. Otherwise, the store may end up bringing you more losses than profit. Choose the payment method most convenient for you (and consumers), a form of delivery and invest in a heavy promotion of your store, whether on social networks, creating partnerships with blogs and websites, making promotions, etc. It is one of the most successful ways to make money on the internet.
  6. Sell on buy and sell websites eBay, OLX and MercadoLivre are sites that have great demand for products; they allow you to sell all kinds of products, from real estate to clothing, and the best part is that they don’t charge much of your profit for your ads. The tactic to sell on these sites is to bet on a product that is difficult to find in any store and that you can sell at a higher price than what is sold, so that you can profit. Or, sell some product that is for sale in different stores and places and sell it for a lower price and in large quantities.
  7. Buy items at a discount and sell more expensive Generally, the price of products for sale on the internet is lower - and that is what motivates many people to look for and buy them. There are several ways to buy and sell products at a discount: auction sites, importing products from abroad, etc ... If you have purchased a product at a discount, a good idea is to resell it for a slightly higher price, but still lower than what is usually found. Whether selling in your own online store or advertising on the websites of the previous item, investing in this idea in large quantities and in the long run can bring a greater profit than you think.
  8. Selling photos If you are good at photography and like to do it, you can sell your photos to sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime and iStockPhoto. They have affiliate programs that pay for their photos a percentage of the total value of the photograph. IStockPhoto pays commissions between 15% and 45%, while Fotolia pays between 20% and 65%, depending on some criteria and requirements. Having a good camera to photograph can be a more expensive investment, but it can have a greater return with the sale of the photos.
  9. Bet on the affiliate system The affiliate program works when the affiliate refers a visitor to a merchant's website and, if the visitor makes the purchase, the affiliate receives a commission in his account as payment for the referral (which worked). Tracking is performed using software installed in the shopping cart, which calculates the commission to be received and generates purchase reports. The ones to participate in the program is that you have more than one business partner, in addition to just needing a website - again, with good visits - to disclose the link that redirects to the merchant's website. E-commerce giants like Amazon Booking and hundreds of other companies (from dozens of segments) already work like this. You can choose business partners that have to do with the subject of your blog and further increase the chances of purchases being made.
  10. Build your business online Many recognized companies started out as startups, with low investments and that had rapid growth. And many of them on the internet. Companies that start online start as startups and, if your idea is innovative, the chance of making millions is great. To make your business work, you can use software that manages sales, or even have a team for that, if you are a virtual commerce company. Always invest in advertising, especially on social networks, and make sure that your business has a differential that will attract potential customers. The trend is that the demand for services and products is increasingly concentrated on the internet, increasing the chances of your business working. I hope This Help You Guys!
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Sub Rules and Clarifications - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

We want to welcome all to the ecommerce sub. In the interest in trying to keep the sub as free of spam / promotional posts as possible, the community has adopted the following rules and posting guidelines. If you have any issues or questions please click HERE to message the moderators directly.
In an effort to fight rampant spam that is typical for such a sub, the mods have enacted automated removal of posts with certain criteria. Currently, the sub requires an account age of 48 hours and a minimal karma score of 10. You are still free (and encouraged) to post if you are new and do not fall within these rules, but you will need to first make your post or comment then message the mods for approval if you see that it is not showing up.
What You Cannot Do
What You Can Do
Not Against The Rules, But Likely Won't Get Much Response
These rules are strictly enforced by mods in an effort to keep the sub as spam free as possible. We welcome all experience levels and encourage your questions and answers. This is not the place to promote yourself, your company, or your service, but it is the place to get help from others on how to help make your store successful.
EDIT - Always let mods know how we can make the sub better or tweak / improve the sub rules.
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Click And Bank Review – Pricing

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Implant your amazon member connect for you! (so you get full kudos for any deals)

​Even find rewards for you!

​All of the Amazon surveys are conveyed to your email inbox consistently, with no work from you.

So you have DOZENS of 100% accomplished for you advertising efforts for the best performing amazon items every week!

What's more, recall whether you decide to put resources into Easy Amazon Profits from this page today it will all be completely incorporated into your Click and Bank represent you adding different new salary streams to your snap and bank destinations each and every week without you lifting a finger.

♠ OTO 3: Click And Bank Done For You $197

They will pick a specialty for you they realize will work best.

​They will totally arrangement your site for you, picking an ideal plan for greatest changes.

​They will arrange your substance turning motor for you to guarantee mind boggling unique google positioning outcomes.

They will make and send top performing standard advertisements on your site for you.

They will include optin structures for YOUR autoresponder to your site so you can develop your rundown

​AND for any individual who moves up to "accomplished for you" today we will EVEN give you exceptional one-on-one skype support all through the entire procedure and for whatever length of time that you use ClickandBank.

♠ OTO 4: Click And Bank Commercial License + Developer Rights $67

With The Developers + Commercial License To You Will Be Able To:

Introduce on customers locales

Make unique substance for customers

Rank customer locales on Google

Get customers search traffic

Make and post Clickbank item audits for customers

Furthermore, keep 100% benefit from customer charges

♠ OTO 5: Click And Bank Unlimited Reseller + Agency License $197

So not exclusively would you be able to exchange Click and Bank. also, keep 100% of the benefits, you can really make AGENCY accounts too .

You'll get your own exceptional interface where you can arrangement new Click and Bank. accounts, you'll basically turn into a Click and Bank. administrator and part of the group.

With AGENCY + Reseller Rights you will be solidly in charge of how you need to bring in cash as an approved Click and Bank. agent.

I Know This Is An INSANE Deal For You… that will make you a LOT of cash.

Significant : This is accessible for our CUSTOMERS ONLY-nobody outside our family can turn into an affiliate or even get in here.


Here are some Upgrade joins for your reference. You should purchase the Front-End (FE) right off the bat and afterward you could purchase any OTOs on the off chance that you love.

In the event that you purchase OTOs alone, you will get NOTHING and it requires some investment to demand for discount. If you don't mind recall FE is an absolute necessity have bundle to at any rate ensure the item is functioning admirably.


Snap And Bank – Is It Worth Buying?

Certaintly, with Click And Bank, you can dispose of all the difficult work yourself. With only a single tick, you have a whole site made, structured and completely facilitated, day by day unique substance made and posted. In addition, your site rank itself on Google in a matter of moments.

You will likewise feel very great in light of the fact that having a fruitful Clickbank offshoot site completely accomplished for you. You should simply enter your Clickbank ID and begin banking checks. You don't have to:

No compelling reason to squander a long stretch of time making and structuring a site without any preparation.

No more need to ever make any substance for your site.

​No more need to pay for any advertisements for traffic (get traffic from Google search).

​No all the more burning through a long stretch of time of your time and not getting the outcomes you merit.

No should be a specialized or showcasing virtuoso.

​No all the more battling attempting to turn out how you will ever bring in cash on the web.

​And more need to utilize hard to utilize and get programming. Snap and Bank makes everything so natural in one basic electronic stage!

One more thing, Click and Bank is attempted and tried, yet in the far-fetched occasion that you can't get Click and Bank to work for you and the vigorous help work area can't fix your issue, your buy is made sure about by 30-day-unconditional promise = leaving you positively no hazard by any stretch of the imagination!

♦ Let's investigate favorable circumstances and burdens of Click And Bank:


Accomplished for you site creation" Just 1 snap

Accomplished for you 100% unique substance

Accomplished for you adaptation

Accomplished for you search traffic

100% Newbie Friendly

No confused arrangement

No abilities and encounters required

Spare time, exertion and cash

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Up until now, there is none

♦ Now, we should listen clients who have effectively executed the framework saying about it:

Snap and-Bank-input

♦ Don't Forget:

You will get enormous important rewards from both item maker and me <>.

Snap and-Bank-survey reward


Snap And Bank is such an incredible application for the individuals who are liking a worthwhile business with ClickBank. Once getting it, you will have the option to avoid a large group of making partner site. It will do all the perplexing errands for you.

Subsequently, don't stop for a second any more? It's the ideal opportunity for you to make your business blossoming with Click And Bank.

To wrap things up, a debt of gratitude is in order for perusing my Click And Bank Review. I trust it gives you a submit picking the correct apparatus for your business. Farewell, and good karma!
Check more:
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Hemp CBD Company in Delray Beach - SupremeKalm values the local community and we stand behind every product. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Hemp CBD Company in Delray Beach
As a Hemp CBD Company in Delray Beach, SupremeKalm values the local community and we stand behind every one of our products with an industry leading, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

CBD Company Delray Beach - Our Mission

Our mission here at SupremeKalm is to help others improve their health, naturally, on their own terms and pace. Our CBD online store in Delray Beach helps you become a better and more confident person of yourself!
SupremeKalm does many things to ensure that our products comply with the federal and state regulations surrounding hemp-derived CBD products.
Therefore, we provide a Certificate of Analysis from an independent third-party testing lab for every batch we create, which states that each batch of products contains less than 0.3% THC.
Additionally, all our packaging includes a scannable or quick response (QR) code that links you directly to our website, so you may easily view the independent third-party CBD lab test results. The packaging includes the batch number; the URL of the website where product information may be obtained; the expiration date; milligram concentration of hemp extract, as well as a statement that our products conform to federal regulations in that the THC levels do not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

SupremeKalm Delray Beach - Tips for Consumers

As a Hemp CBD Company in Delray Beach, SupremeKalm would like to educate and guide you in the right direction.
Hemp CBD products won't leave you high and they're not prohibited or a regulated substance. As a consumer, please make sure that your CBD merchandise is HEMP derived rather than the Marijuana plant. The hemp plant is full of numerous kinds of Phyto-Cannabinoids, Bioflavonoids, and Terpenes.
Hemp Oil:
Due to new Research on Hemp CBD Oil, it is revealing It Is a Vital Nutrient Our body needs, such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids.
Not many or all Hemp CBD Oils:

Hemp Company Delray Beach Florida – Get Started

As a Hemp CBD Company in Delray Beach, SupremeKalm are involved in Cancer Research and personalized plant-based all natural treatments.
Please contact us today to take advantage of our vast CBD Resellers in Florida Wholesaler and Affiliate opportunities.
SupremeKalm™ Premium Hemp, CBD, and CBG Products
Local: 561-501-6856 Office: 877-327-0163
[email protected]
Would you like to schedule a meeting with us?
Schedule Here!
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The LockDown Formula Review – Get 3+ Figures/Day - Jono Armstrong

Howdy, welcome back to my survey blog!

The Covid-19 emergency has profoundly transformed us. And keeping in mind that the main thing you ought to be stressed over is your wellbeing, for some individuals it isn't so basic.

Lockdowns, cutbacks and friends terminations have made abrupt budgetary bad dreams for millions.

On the off chance that you've been influenced and need a crisis wellspring of money … Or you'd prefer to enhance your advantages or current salary . Indeed, even open occupation supplanting benefits from home …

All things considered, today I might want to share you this A-Z technique can make you 3+ figure day by day benefits, in as meager as 60 minutes.

Is it accurate to say that you are interested for additional subtleties? At that point it is about time you look down for the remainder of my The LockDown Formula Review!

The LockDown Formula Review – Overview


Creator Jono Armstrong

Product The Lockdown Formula

Dispatch Date 2020-Apr-13

Dispatch Time 09:00 EST

Official website Click here (Discount Link)

Front-End Price $9.97

Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses

Skill All Levels

Guarantee 30 Day-Money-Back Guarantee

Niche Training Course

Support еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

Recommend Highly suggest!

What Is The LockDown Formula?

The Lockdown Formula is an achievement preparing which tell you the best way to rapidly bring in cash web based, utilizing an easy to set up framework with essential crush pages taking individuals to an offer. Full traffic age preparing will likewise be incorporated. Individuals getting The Lockdown Formula can be beginning to bring in cash online in under 24 hours.

You can likewise utilize oneself facilitated crush page developer. There is no covered up or repeating expense as far as possible you bring in cash with this preparation.

Try not to spare a moment to look at the following pieces of this Lockdown Formula Review as I'll give you how amazing it may be.


About The Creator

Dawud-Islam Jono-Armstrong Zeeshan-Ahmed

The Lockdown Formula originated from the bustling work area of Dawud Islam and his accomplices Jono Armstrong, Zeeshan Ahmed. They are on the whole the best computerized advertisers just as programming makers. Dawud is a Top 10% partner at Warrior Plus. A month ago his absolute income on the stage were nearly $9k. He is likewise the organizer of The Elite Tigers Group.

Dawud has kept on filling in as a mentor and on different undertakings and in 2019 he has begun to truly build up his web advertising framework, for example, Internet Marketing Alphabet, Tigers Traffic, and so on.

What's more, Jono Armstrong isn't bizarre in the event that you have worked in IM industry for quite a while. Since he is viewed as one of the most skilled makers with numerous top notch items, for example, Super Funnels, Vid Chomper, Invi$ible, Equinox, Atomic DFY, Enigma, Xmas Super Bundle, 7 Min Sales Machine, Smash My Campaigns,…

Here are some ongoing verifications of our online income:

verification The-Lockdown-Formula-Review

With this as proof, I accept that The Lockdown Formula will end up being a top of the line course soon!

The LockDown Formula Review – Key Features

Things being what they are, what will you have when joining this instructional class? Peruse on the part underneath to find some awesome highlights you will get:

♣ Detailed Overview Of The Lockdown Formula

Reveal theunique recipe that makes this demonstrated technique stand apart from other 'frameworks'.

♣ Complete Over-The-Shoulder Video Guides

See precisely how to transform The Lockdown Formula process into aloof money, with no speculating or missing pieces.

This area incorporates 7 recordings as underneath:

Prologue to the preparation

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The principle Affiliate Networks

Step by step instructions to discover offers and get endorsed

The Lockdown Formula Method Part 1 – Exclusive Software for understudies

The Lockdown Formula Method Part 2 – Apply to advance a Warrior Plus item

The Lockdown Formula Method Part 3 – How to direct people to our offers

♣ All The Resources You Need To Succeed

This is a finished strategy and incorporates the assets to make it work.

♣ Dedicated Support

They have your back and are glad toanswer any inquiries you may have en route at whatever point you need.

For more data about this item, click the catch beneath:


The LockDown Formula Review – Pricing

The Lockdown Formula has 1 Front-end and 4 OTOs:

♥ The Lockdown Formula FE ($9.97)

You'll figure out how to rapidly bring in cash web based, utilizing an easy to set up framework with essential crush pages taking individuals to an offer. Full traffic age preparing will likewise be incorporated. You can be beginning to bring in cash online in under 24 hours.

The Front End additionally incorporates a self facilitated crush page developer that individuals can utilize. No further speculation is required for any instruments/traffic on the Front End.

♥ OTO 1 – "The Lockdown Formula Pro" ($27)

You'll complete 6 x For-You crusades to embed your connections to. Each page incorporates survey video, item demo and rewards conveyed for your sake. The "Professional" form additionally gives you UNLIMITED access to the crush page manufacturer from the Front End.

♥ OTO 2 ($47) – The Lockdown Formula "6x Super Solos" Pack

You can send SIX performances to the individuals at all 25 of the MMO enrollment destinations of Dawud Islam, with a joined participation of more than 16,000 individuals.

♥ OTO 3 ($67) – "Fourfold Reseller Rights"

Sell The Lockdown Formula + 3 of Dawud Islam's past Products (Internet Marketing Alphabet, Cougar Commissions + Puma Products) as your own items and keep 100% of the commissions over the whole pipes.

♥ OTO 4 ($197) – Done-For-You Set Up and Coaching

You'll have your business pages set up for you, and furthermore get 2-3 skype training meetings with Dawud Islam, to ensure that you can advance your offers effectively and bring in cash from the very beginning.

The Lockdown Formula is solid versatile and supported by heaps of client confirmation. The one-time cost is ultra low so anyone that necessities help right presently can get access obviously. It accompanies a no inquiries posed to unconditional promise so there's no hazard to you. You can escape by tapping on the traditional underneath. Presently above all stay sheltered and all the best.


Here are some Upgrade joins for your reference. You should purchase the Front-End (FE) right off the bat and afterward you could purchase any OTOs in the event that you love.

In the event that you purchase OTOs alone, you will get NOTHING and it requires some investment to demand for discount. If it's not too much trouble recollect FE is an absolute necessity have bundle to in any event ensure the item is functioning admirably.


Is It Worth Buying?

The present pandemic has drastically changed our lives.The last thing that you ought to be stressed over right currently is cash. In any case, for certain individuals constant money related pressure is the new reality with lockdowns cutbacks and vulnerability.

Will your activity be sitting tight for you? Will your organization endure?

Past cash, the genuine disappointment for some is the absolute loss of control and that is the reason I am extremely glad to share something that could be of prompt and enduring advantage to you.

A little more than a half year back, Dawud Islam built up a straightforward method to quickly bring in cash on the web. Despite the fact that it appeared to be excessively simple. He all tried the strategy broadly.

Well in addition to the fact that it worked, it Worked Every. Single. Time. Every so often $80. Others $125. Regularly $275 or more. In a solitary day.

Since Dawud's a fussbudget, he continued improving and streamlining the framework. Until it became hands-down the most straightforward route for a total amateur to make CONSISTENT salary on the web. So I have chosen to impart this technique to you. Since honestly now like never before many individuals need a money related life saver.

The Lockdown Formula is one of a kind and intensely powerful for 3 center reasons:

In the first place, it requires no past understanding or specialized expertise at all you, simply need a web association and a craving to succeed.

Second, it accepts that you're diverted by recent developments and makes up for that by being paint-by-numbers simple to apply in about an hour daily.

Third, it incorporates everything that you have to begin gaining quick. So you needn't bother with pay tolls or virtual products to make this work.

Presently in particular, this is brought to you by a group of advertisers who utilize these strategies and have a steady reputation of results.

So you may be considering how such a basic framework can function admirably particularly in this season of vulnerability and actually covid-19 has constrained more individuals to depend on web based shopping. This is actually where The Lockdown Formula fits in.

So in the event that you stuck at home occupation, number one is to stay safe yet on the off chance that you wind up with some extra time and even Netflix reruns are getting stale you could without much of a stretch beginning creation 100s of dollars every day from home to evacuate the money related concerns today while increasing more control all tomorrow.

♦ Let's investigate focal points and inconveniences of The Lockdown Formula:


100% Newbie Friendly

No aptitudes and encounters required

In-Depth Training For Pulling Traffic and SalesQuick Setup and You're Good To Go

Worked In Squeeze Pages

Produce Income Stream Without Interruption

30 Day-Money-Back Guarantee

I have not found any cons up until now.

♦ Don't overlook:

You will get enormous important rewards from both item maker and me <>.

We should see extra rewards from makers you will get:

The Lockdown Formula Review Bonus 1

The Lockdown Formula Review Bonus 2

The Lockdown Formula Review Bonus 3

Every now and again Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Lockdown Formula?

A. It's a remarkable route for taking advantage of cash that is as of now being spent on the web, totally morally. With this flawlessly improved framework, it's inconceivably quick and simple to accomplish.

Q. How Beginner Friendly Is This?

A. You may have seen a few items that guarantee to be 'tenderfoot cordial', at that point end up being the inverse.
Get discount:
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My Money Making Ideas

Forgive me but I am new to Reddit and social media in general.
Circumstances are such that I am about to hit a major life change. I am being made redundant in April. Do not feel sorry for me as this is something I have planned. For the last few years, I have been making reasonable money with various “side hustles”.
The purpose of this post is to share what I know and to develop my social media presence. I am not expecting to make vast sums of money (at least not yet) and do not expect it to be easy.
I have worked for many years and would like to earn enough in the following areas.
Please note that all referral links posted herein were accurate at time of posting. When clicking the links, I would encourage you to satisfy yourself of the conditions before proceeding.
So here it is…

Gift cards
For the last 3 years, the majority of what I buy is with gift cards. I do buy gift cards in advance, so I am tying money up. This is how you get the biggest savings. I have a number of sources but the main one is eBay.
I bought a new kitchen costing several thousand pounds. I located a website which sold Wickes gift cards for 8% discount. I paid a deposit for the kitchen on my credit card and made several payments on account using gift cards which I topped up regularly through this site.
Anyone can do this and it is relatively straight forward. That said, you do have to be wary of scammers on eBay and the expiry of the various gift cards.

Everyone knows about Quidco and Top Cashback. I have used both for several years and have received £’000s over the years. These are brilliant sites for holiday and insurance spend.
Click my referral link and you will get £10 for registration. There is a £5 annual fee but you only pay this, if you earn.
Top Cashback:
Click my referral link and you will get £5 for registration. There is a £5 annual fee but you only pay this, if you earn.
[Ref] https://www/
[NonRef] https://www/
Complete Savings:
Less known is “Complete Savings” and this has had some bad press. This is where you can earn a lot more and more regularly.
There is a £15 per month fee but this is refundable if you make a cashback claim every month. One of the best retailers on this website is eBay. You get 10% cashback on the majority of eBay spend. From time to time, I do have to send emails regarding the cashback on the gift cards but the majority of times they accept my claim. The payments can be a little erratic but I am getting paid most weeks. They pay a lot quicker than Quidco and Top Cashback but there is a maximum cashback of £250 per month.
I have been maximising this limit for a few years now but do wonder how long this will last. That said, as long as you make a claim every month and do not rely on the cashback, you cannot lose.
Credit cards:
Where I don’t use a gift card, I use a credit card which gives cashback. For example, all of my purchases on eBay are with an American Express Cashback card.
Receive £25 cashback when you apply for the Platinum Cashback Credit Card, are approved and when you first spend over £1 on the card. You will also receive 5% cashback up to £125 for the first three months of card membership.

Matched Betting
Disclaimer: This is not for everyone.
When I first heard about this, I was skeptical by some of the wild claims and I was right. You can make money with this and I won’t go into how this works but it is not 100% risk free.
When the claims of it being 100% risk free, you are relying on two things:

  1. you do not make a mistake; and
  2. the bookie pays out
In the vast majority of bets, the above should not be an issue. If you are not careful, you can back one team and lay the same team but on the wrong event. This is a stupid mistake but one I have made! Also, the odds can move very quickly and you can place the wrong amount.
The latter is rare but some bookies may try to use the “palpable” error as a way of not paying on a winning bet. I have had this, challenged it and have been successful.
The other factor that is often excluded is the fact that you need to cover both sides of the bet. Depending on the back bet amount and the odds, this can be a large amount on the lay side.
There are many offers open to new customers. One example is Stakers. Bet £10 and get £40 in free bets. I placed my £10 back bet on Rochdale v Newcastle (4th Jan) for Rochdale to win at odds of 4.40. At SMarkets, I placed a £9.02 lay bet on Rochdale not to win at odds of 4.90. Regardless of the outcome, I knew I would lose £1.16 but would receive 4 £10 free bets. I then was able to generate £27.73 from the free bets, giving me a profit of £26.57. This could have been more had I sought out better odds but I wanted just to get it done.
There is money to be made here but you need to go in with your eyes open.

Affiliate Marketing and Referrals
I have no experience with this and must admit that I am a little daunted. A bit like Matched Betting, I believe money can be made here but I am still trying to work out what the truth really is.
I will shill some referral links below.
TransferGo (Money Transfer):
Send £50 or more and you will get £10. Not eligible for EUR to EUR transfers.
[Ref] or use WPly8G
Wealthify (Investing):
Invest £500 or more for at least three months, you will earn a £50 boost to your investment.

Retail Arbitrage
I am making a little money on this but as I am working full time, I have limited time to devote to this at the moment.
I am keeping an eye on special offers and am buying items to mainly resell on eBay.
When I have more free time, I will look at expanding this and maybe open an Amazon FBA account.

Print On Demand
Just starting this now. I have a few ideas for designs and am in the process of setting things up. I have no idea what to expect but sometimes the journey itself is the most beneficial.
I will be looking into using Facebook ads and Google to drive traffic. This is another skill that I am going to have to develop.

Selling My Skills
I will probably go self-employed in the future and do similar work to what I do now. I am a Finance Director and have experience in systems implementation. I will probably do contract work which fits with what I want to do.
I may look at creating an Udemy course, provide services on Upwork or even create a You Tube channel. I’m not sure about any of these but maybe I need to do it to challenge myself.

This is likely to be more of a hobby than a making money idea. My idea is to obtain scrap coppebrass and smelt into bars, to then resell on eBay. Sounds like fun but not convinced I’m going to make anything significant, if at all.

This is for 2021 and beyond. I’m looking at creating a Shopify store and drop shipping. I recognise that I do not have enough time, at the moment, to give this the attention it deserves. I believe that once I better understand some of the other areas, I will be in a better position to tackle this.

This covers everything else.
There are many other opportunities that are one-offs.
For example, many years ago I mistakenly deposited into a casino site with a credit card. I do like playing blackjack. On this occasion, I won and withdrew my winnings. When I saw the charges on my credit card, I saw a £3 charge for the deposit but then also noticed a £3 credit for the withdrawal.
I then deposited £50 and immediately withdrew 10 lots of £5. I reviewed the transactions and again was charged £3 for the deposit. However, I received £3 credit for each of the 10 withdrawals. This meant I actually made £27.
Over the next month, I scaled this up and made £’000s before the charges and credits stopped. I did keep this profit to one side. Sometime later, I received a letter from the credit card company stating that there had been an error in their system which had been corrected. They continued by saying that I would not be asked to repay these monies. It was pure chance that I found this opportunity.
Another opportunity I have had which has been connected to my job relates to air miles. Over the last 3 years, I have used my personal credit card to pay company suppliers. This has allowed me to amass a lot of air miles.
I hope this has been helpful to some of you and please bear in mind that I am still new to this. Yes, I wanted to shill some of the referrals but I wanted to try to provide some benefit in return. Any advice on the areas I’m about to embark on would be appreciated.
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New Opportunity: Verifying your Organizations/Nonprofits/Projects for College Admissions and Finding ECs that are "r/chanceme" tier

Hello all,
One thing I can see is that many students are looking to find ECs, and many of us are now juniors looking around posts to compare stats and schools. I'm presenting an opportunity which I think can drastically change the admissions field, and also validate the very few of us who pursue organizational work and found nonprofits/businesses/organizations from the rest of the students faking these big-impact names for college admissions.
A big problem facing college admissions is confirming ECs. One thing everyone knows is that colleges don't have the time to confirm all ECs. Even a lie claiming an "international nonprofit" can go unnoticed at times. Colleges aren't unaware of this, and this has subsequently devalued the creation of student run businesses, nonprofits, and organizations. In truth, these student run endeavors are very rare. Only about ~30% of the chance me posts made here who claim they have started one of these NPOs (nonprofits, businesses, organizations) have actually made a legal NPO and created impact. No, your sneaker reselling isn't a business, its freelancing. No, your group of friends that meet in the library don't constitute a community "organization".
That being said, student run NPOs are a huge effort and endeavor to start and run. Like startups in the real world, only about ~10% of student NPOs are successful, largely because so many of them are started for college admissions purposes. I think that NPOs are a great EC and an excellent way to pursue your interests. You don't have to be a founder. Many students are looking for ECs and opportunities beyond the traditional school clubs and groups. Collaborating with many other students to build a legitimate NPO is how it should be done.
The Opportunity
RoundPier LLC is what I advocate for as the new "LinkedIn" for high schoolers. RoundPier is a platform where you can input your hs resume and find internships, NPOs, and scholarships. Many college summer programs (Eg) LaunchX, Wharton LBW) are also on the platform. It is in its startup phase right now, which is why I'm eager to share this with y'all.
RoundPier is launching a new program called RoundPier Student Coalition. The RSC helps student NPO leaders and EC-seeking students in these ways:
  1. Helping students verify NPOs for college admissions:
    1. The RSC has a bronze-silver-gold-platinum tier on which it ranks NPOs based on members, impact, and online activity. If your NPO is an RSC approved org, RP staff will do monthly reviews of your NPO to move up and down tiers as see fit. For reference, there are about ~10 organizations in platinum only. RP will also send letters to colleges you apply to verifying the work and impact of your NPO upon request. This is also an honor rarely given.
  2. Finding others to start NPOs
    1. Plenty of students want to found NPOs. Some realize that they are restricted by their local community, and no one in their school wants to do it with them. The more desperate students want to found an NPO with impact so badly, they lie and say that the NPO is international.
    2. Point being, many students want to found NPOs, but can't find the people to work with them. I see so many posts of these students on A2C and chance me. RoundPier is the platform for this: RP coalition is a place to find other incredibly motivated students to do this. About 40% of RSC members are international as well. And again, remember that RP can verify and help you with logistics for this project.
  3. Reviving your NPO and collaborating with other NPOs
    1. As said previously, ~10% of student NPOs are successful. It is very difficult to keep an online NPO with members across states/provinces/countries together. It is much more likely to succeed if: 1) you merge with another NPO or 2) you recruit more devoted people. RoundPier appeals to and hosts the top 10% of students (who else would use "LinkedIn for high schoolers). It is very easy to recruit from the site, a student I know personally got 8-9 interview requests for his NPO within 48 hours after posting. There are students from Europe, Africa, and Asia on the platform.
    2. Being affiliated with RSC will get your NPO more recognition, if you can demonstrate adequate impact and organization within your NPO.
  4. Becoming a student leadeambassador for RoundPier
    1. I wouldn't expect this to appeal to many people, but some people are quite devoted to helping out their school community. RP supports and endorses students at schools to attend RSC webinars and encourage students to use RP to find ECs and opportunities. If you feel like founding an RP club (pseudo-career corner) at your school, this may be up your alley.
  5. (For all students) College and Summer Program Recruitment
    1. RP is a hub for college and summer program recruitment. Students who create RP profiles in general put themselves out there, just like LinkedIn, for colleges to examine. Its not like putting down your email for CollegeBoard to blast you with random college emails, RP is a more extensive and in-depth recruiting process. We've had colleges reach out to students personally, and chat with students about attending their universities. You won't get email blasted, you may talk to AOs personally if they reach out, and you may even get scholarship offers based on your profile.
    2. I have to redact the name of this program, but RSC has had a competitive summer program (~12% acceptance rate) directly recruit students from RP based on their EC profiles and stats as listed on RP. I wouldn't be surprised if programs like TASP and RSI in the future do the same, considering that TASP already recruits using college board PSAT scores.
So why is RP doing this? Whats the catch?
RP's mission concurrently is to gather a high proportion of top high schoolers on a site, which would be another hub of recruitment for colleges and summer programs. It also attempts to solve many problems of college admissions, like the aforementioned verification for NPOs. Eventually, it'll come to embody the phrase: "If it ain't on RP, it ain't real".
RSC is free, and the only requirement is that NPOs admitted to RSC have all their members onboard onto RP for logistics purposes.
How do I join?
As mentioned in the event time in this post description, RP is hosting an information session on Saturday. 10am-11am EST. It is being held over Zoom. To access the RSC webinar, you must also create an RP account with details at A zoom link will be posted on this post at 2/8 9:50 am EST. All are welcome to join the info webinar. RP has invited me to host this webinar, which I am glad for to spread the word to chanceme.
Use these details for webinar invitation: RoundPier is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic:RP Student Coalitionl Meeting Room
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 503 527 3594
One tap mobile +16465588656,,5035273594# US (New York) +14086380968,,5035273594# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose) Meeting ID: 503 527 3594 Find your local number: https://us04web.zoom.usfcQlTyrxKf
Answering any questions in the comments.
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A List of Sidehustle Ideas from SidehustleSchool.Com

[More ideas in the comments below too.]
  1. "Cheap Plane Tickets" Site Becomes Million-Dollar Hustle ...
  2. $10,000 Side Hustle Helps Musician Land Full-Time Job ...
  3. 13-Year-Old Australian Creates Schoolyard Lollipop Fortune ...
  4. 23-Year-Old College Student Uses “Sweatcoin” App to Earn ...
  5. 3D Printing Brings Cosplay Into 21st Century
  6. A Life of Travel Leads to a House-Designing Hustle
  7. A Packed Closet Leads to Secondhand Subscription Boxes ...
  8. Academic Advisor Creates Profitable Karaoke League
  9. Accidental Side Hustle Becomes Decorative Family Business ...
  10. Accountant Earns $233751 Reselling Items He Buys at Walmart
  11. Acrobatic Mom Jumps Through Hoops to Become High-flying ...
  12. Active “Type 1” Lifestyle Inspires Sticky, Successful Side Hustle
  13. Actress Becomes Organizational Director of Organization ...
  14. Aerospace Apprentice Soars to Seven-Figure Sales Heights ...
  15. Alcohol Fueled Idea Sells Over 1500 Shirts in Less Than a Year
  16. An Everyday Bag That Gives Back to Women in India
  17. Art Teacher Draws Her Way Into Ceramic Shop
  18. Artistic Cartographer Maps Out Successful Side Hustle
  19. Artistic Duo Sells 8000 T-Shirts in One Year
  20. Aussie Engineer Moves to Farm, Earns Passive Income
  21. Aussie Stretches Out with Online Store for Tall Women
  22. Aussie Student Starts Million-Dollar Bikini Biz
  23. Australian Hacker Creates Passive Income Anatomy Course ...
  24. Auto Employee Earns $100,000 Selling Stickers on Instagram ...
  25. Avid Travelers Turn Finding Deals Into Vacation Planning ...
  26. Bargain Hunter Designs One-of-a-Kind Flea Market
  27. Bartender Brews Up Brewpub Tour Biz
  28. Bass Player Starts BassLayerz Clothing Hustle
  29. Bean-Lover Grinds Way To $4,000/Month Family Coffee ...
  30. Bearded Man Grows $500 A Month Grooming Business
  31. Bearded Man from Finland Cashes In on Holiday Cheer
  32. Beekeepers Build Buzzing Backyard Business
  33. Birds of a Feather Flock to Your Bank Account
  34. Bitcoin YouTuber Earns Thousands in Affiliate Commissions ...
  35. Blogger Earns $140,000 from Beta Phase of Online Course ...
  36. Blogger Turns Leftover Cherries Into $5,000/Month Income ...
  37. Boy Scout Merit Badge Leads to Leatherworking Lifestyle ...
  38. Bring Your Own Cannabis to this “420-Friendly” Painting Class
  39. British Pub Manager Bakes Pork Pies for Profit
  40. Brooklyn Photographer Gets Paid to Throw Confetti at People ...
  41. Business Students Make $125,000 Selling Headphone ...
  42. Busy Marketing Professional Fills Niche with Biking Wine Tours
  43. CLASSROOM: Four Ways to Identify Moneymaking Ideas ...
  44. CLASSROOM: Goals, Agenda, and Your First Assignment ...
  45. Call Center Employee Uses Patreon to Fund LGBTQ Podcasts ...
  46. Canadian Moms Invent Baby Monitors for Active Toddlers ...
  47. Canadian Sports Enthusiast Earns $1,000/Month Selling ...
  48. Car Enthusiast Races Towards Reselling Success
  49. Cat Lover Creates Cat-tivating Portrait Series
  50. Catholic Designer Creates Stylish Apparel Line
  51. Childhood Game Master Earns $1 Million from Nerdy ...
  52. Coffee for Firefighters Brings the Heat!
  53. College Ministry Leader Starts Digital Agency
  54. Colorado Nutritionist Reworks Role to Get Paid Twice
  55. Comic Book Curator Creates Custom Crate Subscription ...
  56. Continuing Education Directory Earns Six Figures
  57. Copywriter Carves 140 Characters into $50,000 in Cash
  58. Corporate Employee Makes $350,000 Selling Mosquito ...
  59. Coupon Code Site Earns Copious Profits
  60. Crafter's Shop for Dreadlock Wearers Unlocks $3,500/Month ...
  61. Creative Illustrator Creates Creative Podcast for Creatives ...
  62. Curated Gift Boxes for Breakups and Baby Bumps
  63. Data Geek Charts Course From Analyst to Author
  64. Data Scientist Turns Teaching Frustrations Into Recurring ...
  65. Designer Earns Extra $5000/Month Posting Logos on Instagram
  66. Designer Illustrates Success with Personalized Wedding ...
  67. Designer Performs Magic, Turns Dream Into Reality
  68. Designer Turns Bad Parking Into $25,000 Per Year
  69. Detroit Women Make Jewelry for Profit and Social Good
  70. Digital Camera Blogger Snaps Into Passive Income
  71. Distracted Coach Creates Accountability Software
  72. Dog Stocking Hustle Earns Husky Payoff
  73. Dutch Personal Shopping Service for Kids Measures Up
  74. EXTENDED CUT #13: When to Let Go of Good Ideas
  75. EXTENDED CUT #14: Start a Service Business in Less Than ...
  76. EXTENDED CUT #5: How to Choose Between Multiple Ideas ...
  77. Electrical Engineer Becomes Romance Novel Cover Model ...
  78. Electrical Engineer Sells $800 Swarovski Crystal Bikinis
  79. Elementary School Teacher Pans for Gold in New Zealand ...
  80. Engineer Codes His Way To $3,700 Per Month
  81. Engineer Earns 7-Figures from “Crowd-Purchasing” Project ...
  82. Engineer Makes $64000 Selling Nerdy Playing Cards on Reddit
  83. Engineer Reprograms Herself, Finds Confidence to Start Over ...
  84. Enjoy an Ice Cold Beverage in a Mug Made from Ice
  85. Equine Lover Makes $5,000; Stables Business to Change ...
  86. Exercise App Encourages Fitness While Helping Sick Kids ...
  87. Farmer Makes “Tater Tats” for All Your Produce Tattoo Needs ...
  88. Fashion Buyer Creates Quirky Comfort Craze
  89. Father and Son Duo Produce Traveling Play
  90. Faux Taxidermy Turns Heads on Home Decor
  91. Fidget Spinner Cookie Sensation Leads to Sweet Profits
  92. Finance Guy Makes Bank With Swimsuit Line | Side Hustle ...
  93. Firefighter Uses Chainsaw for Jumbo-Sized Woodworking ...
  94. Flipping 101: The College Textbook Edition
  95. Florist & Sculpture Professor Make Presidential Lip Balm ...
  96. Foreign Correspondent Launches Career App
  97. Former NFL Player Sells Ice Shakers for $20000/Month Income
  98. Freelancer Starts New Hustle to Help Frustrated Clients
  99. Friends Foster Korean Face Mask Frenzy
  100. Friends Team Up to Deliver Compassionate Tech Support ...
  101. Friends Turn Gift Boxes into Prosperous Project
  102. Frustrated Mom Grows Hair Brush Hustle to Seven Figures ...
  103. Full-Time Mom Ships $35,000/Month in Frozen Bread on ...
  104. Gamer Levels Up Life With eBay Side Hustle
  105. German Funeral Urns Are Not a Dying Business
  106. Guitar Builder Carves Out Woodworking Moneymaker
  107. Guitar Teacher Sells Lessons on Craigslist and Makes $80/Hour
  108. Hair Salon Owner Designs Mittens for Cold Runners
  109. Hand Grippers Make for a $60,000-Strong Hustle
  110. Hand Lettering Artist Upgrades Cheesy Photo Booth Props ...
  111. Handkerchief Side Hustle Becomes Million-Dollar Blowout ...
  112. Harvard Med School Program Manager Gets Paid to Travel to ...
  113. Health Scare Inspires Adventurous Career Change
  114. High School Bootlegger Grows Up
  115. High School Teacher Spins His Way to Profits
  116. High School Teacher Turns Woodworking Hobby Into a 5 ...
  117. Honeymoon in Nepal Becomes Fashion Accessories Business
  118. Husband and Wife Team Pampers Their Way To Profit
  119. Insomniac Dreams Up Herbal Hustle
  120. Insult This! Witty Event Organizer Prepares You to Respond to ...
  121. Introvert Builds Networking Experience to Help Women
  122. Jailhouse Medic Turns House Calls Into Healthy Profits | Side ...
  123. Japanese Designer Folds Profitable Paper Wallets
  124. Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Pins Down Mobile Workout Tool
  125. Job Recruiter Helps LinkedIn Connections with Resumes ...
  126. Junk Removal Service Owner Earns $22,000 A Year From ...
  127. Kids' Books Prove To Be More Than Child's Play
  128. Kiwi Coder Makes Extra $50000/Year from Virtual Paintbrushes
  129. LA Graphic Designer Influences Influencers
  130. Lawyer Moonlights as Needle-Felt Children's Book Author ...
  131. Left-Handed Artist Creates Right-Brained Side Hustle
  132. Librarian Invents Eco-Friendly Dental Floss
  133. Lifelong Girl Scout Earns Her Side Hustle Badge (And $3,500 ...
  134. London Chocolate Tours Lead to Sweet Success
  135. London Clerk Hires Ghosts to Visit Boss, Earns Passive Income
  136. London Photographer Rents Camera Gear 1,100 Times
  137. Lost & Found: How Lost Property Helps a UK Woman Find Her ...
  138. Maine Couple Bootstraps Boutique Fitness Studio
  139. Make $4,000/Month Renting Out Cars You Don't Own
  140. Man Buys 100 Animal Skulls from Bali; Turns $10,000 Into ...
  141. Man Earns $100,000 Serving Clients on $5 Website
  142. Man Earns $85000 Promoting Mexican Avocados on Snapchat
  143. Marathon Runner Earns Full-Time Income Trying On Shoes ...
  144. Marketing Consultant Creates Private Retreats
  145. Marketing Professional Produces Giant Puppet Performances ...
  146. Marriage Inspires Theatre Captioning App & Service
  147. Mental Health Counselor By Day, Headband Artist by Night ...
  148. Millennial Invests Side Income For Passive Profits
  149. Mindful Moms Make $70,000 on Family Affirmation Cards ...
  150. Mindreading Performer Goes from Dorm Room to Paid ...
  151. Miniature Dollhouse Website Pays Full-Size Profits
  152. Mom Finds Love As Dating App Ghostwriter
  153. Money Grows on Moringa Trees
  154. Moonlighting Makeup Artist Earns Extra $25,000/Year | Side ...
  155. Movie Editor Turns 19th Century Art Into Full-Time Job
  156. Multiple-Use Plastics Take Big Bite for the Environment
  157. Museum Educator Improvises From Day Job to Side Hustle ...
  158. Music Graduate Makes Spare Change Filling Spare Rooms ...
  159. Musician Turns Drum Lessons Into Six-Figure Podcast
  160. NYC Banker Launches All-Natural, Drinkable Pickle Brine ...
  161. Nature-Loving Neighbors Create Kids Subscription Box
  162. Networking Success Is Served with a Side of Eggs
  163. New Jersey Blog Earns Six-Figure Income
  164. New Mom Recruits 3,000 Chinese Caregivers
  165. New Mom Uses Pinterest to Launch Parenting Blog
  166. New Mother Gives Life To Self-Care Coaching Business
  167. New Yorker Covers Up With Comfy Underwear Line
  168. No Guts, No Gory: The Hollywood Mom & Pop Prop Shop ...
  169. Nomad Family Cooks Up $40,000 Profit With Houseware ...
  170. Nomadic Designer Profits from Writing About Life in a Bag ...
  171. Oh Snap! Photography Site Turns Into Passive Income Hustle ...
  172. Oklahoman Spreads Light, Sells Candles, and Shares Profits ...
  173. On-the-Go Mouthwash Gets Mini-Makeover
  174. One Man's Trashed Mash is Another Man's Cash
  175. Operations Manager Manages to Make Heavy Furniture Light ...
  176. Organic Loungewear Becomes Sleeper Sensation
  177. Orthodontist Bites Off Solution to Teeth-Pulling Problem
  178. Outdoorsman Sees the Forest for the Trees, Finds Financial ...
  179. Outsource Date Night With This Sexy Side Hustle
  180. PE Teacher Makes $11,000 with Membership Site
  181. PE Teacher Resells Concert Tickets, Earns $12,000/Month ...
  182. Paralegal Takes Flight with Remote Work
  183. Paternal Twins Produce Passive Publishing Profits
  184. Pathetic Triathlete Creates $30,000 Facebook Group
  185. Pay Off Student Loans With Your Spare Change
  186. Philadelphia Foodie Toasts Competition with Sweet Treat ...
  187. Philadelphia Lover Maps Out $35,000/Year Side Hustle
  188. Photographer Visits 30 Countries, Leading Tours & Getting Paid
  189. Physical Therapist Sells 57,000 “Neck Hammocks”
  190. Physician Assistant Earns $12,000 In 10 Months Coaching ...
  191. Police Officer Funnels Frustration Into Six-Figure Hustle
  192. Policy Researcher Offers Private Tours of Nation's Capital ...
  193. Popular Instagram Account Becomes Fashionable Clothing ...
  194. Pottery Barn Commissions Art from Independent Photographer
  195. Proud Mainer Brings Whoopie Pies to the World
  196. Public Health Employee Earns Extra $2,000/Month with ...
  197. Published Author Adds Income Source; Makes Additional ...
  198. Put a Cap in It: Architect Makes the Write Choice; Starts Luxury ...
  199. Q&A: How can I inspire a “Must-Have-This” service?
  200. Q&A: How can I turn furniture repair into passive income ...
  201. Q&A: Is it still possible to profit from a blog?
  202. Q&A: What are your best tips for Etsy?
  203. Q&A: When should I start posting on social media?
  204. Rehearsal App for Actors Earns $500,000
  205. Resistance Is Futile! Brooklyn Fitness Fanatics Sell “No Days ...
  206. Role-Playing Pastor Rolls The Dice On $2800/Month Hustle ...
  207. Romance Novel Expert Teaches Proofreading for $2000/Month
  208. Sales Rep Seasons the Day with “Bad Spanish Tacos”
  209. Savvy Bride Turns Budget Wedding Into Six Figure Success ...
  210. Savvy Sleeper Pillowcases Produce Dreamy Profits for Tech ...
  211. Savvy Stationery Site Offers Cards for Divorce & Diwali
  212. Seattle Developer Takes Flight With Popular Travel Site
  213. Second Grade Teacher Earns Second Income
  214. Serial Business Builder Creates Digital Checklist Tool
  215. Should I hire a lawyer and get a patent?
  216. Side Hustle Turned Full-Time Job Disrupts Car Rental Industry ...
  217. Sisters Find Puppy Love After Launching Dating App
  218. Social Worker Bakes Cupcakes for The Walking Dead
  219. Software Engineer Scavenges For Profits
  220. South African Writer Launches Accidental Acting Career
  221. South Carolina Man Learns to Make Candles by Watching ...
  222. Speech Pathologist Sells Turkish Tea Towels By the Seashore ...
  223. Sports Writer Wins Big Gambling On His Own Book
  224. Squeaky Clean Couple Raise the Bar with Online Soap Sales ...
  225. Store Manager Makes Micro Gainz For Macro Profits
  226. Stressed-Out Mom Gives Up TV to Launch Her Hustle
  227. Student Bytes Into Lucrative Web Host Biz
  228. Student Gets Paid to Help People Rent Adventures
  229. Stylish Clothes Reseller Becomes Fashion Consultant
  230. Super Fan Scores Big in the Football Community
  231. Tailor-Made Teas Brew Steamy Steeped-In Profits
  232. Teacher Hustles to Pay Off $100,000 in Student Loans
  233. Tech Broker Moonlights as Luxury Lifestyle Artist
  234. Teenage Fitness Fan Jumpstarts Athletic Apparel Brand
  235. Tennessean Meets Nepalese Sherpa on Lyft Ride, Sells ...
  236. Texas Couple Turns Test Scores Into Treasure
  237. That's the Spot! Dog Lover's Hustle Becomes Fur-ever Biz ...
  238. The 10-Year Quest for Must-Have Mustard
  239. The Battle of the New Zealand SpeedCubers
  240. The Hero's Journal Helps You Make Progress Toward Your ...
  241. The Paleo Bagel: No Wheat, No Worries
  242. The Rise and Fall of
  243. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Digital Nomads
  244. The Snuggle Is Real: Architect Moonlights by Selling Designer ...
  245. Think Like a Lawyer: An Underground School For Lifelong ...
  246. This Standing Desk Costs Just $37
  247. Toronto Startup Employee Bakes Custom Cakes
  248. Tote-ally Functional Bags for Women on the Go
  249. Trip to Europe Inspires Adventurous Blanket Biz
  250. Turn It Up to 11! Musical Mash-Ups Provide Passive Income ...
  251. Tuscan Vacation Inspires Leatherworking Hustle
  252. Twelve Months of Experiments Leads Coach to Clarity
  253. Two Women Create Swimwear Brand for D-Cups and Up ...
  254. Un-Tours Of Myanmar Offer Adventure and Unpredictability ...
  255. University Director Turns Draining Problem Into Profitable ...
  256. Vegan Food Lovers Sprout Plant-Based Festivals
  257. Vintage Clothing Shop Sells Retro Jeans for Modern Money ...
  258. WEEKLY RECAP: 3 Priorities to Keep You Focused
  259. WEEKLY RECAP: All the Things You Want to Do
  260. WEEKLY RECAP: Barking Up the Right Tree
  261. WEEKLY RECAP: Before Beginning, Prepare Carefully
  262. WEEKLY RECAP: Do You Have to Be Passionate About What ...
  263. WEEKLY RECAP: Does Your Idea Pass the Grandmother Test ...
  264. WEEKLY RECAP: Going from Hobby to Hustle
  265. WEEKLY RECAP: Government Shuts Down, Your Life ...
  266. WEEKLY RECAP: Health Coaches May Need to Be Certified ...
  267. WEEKLY RECAP: How to Design a Profitable Online Course ...
  268. WEEKLY RECAP: If You Ever Feel Insecure, Don't Miss This ...
  269. WEEKLY RECAP: Keeping Up With What Matters
  270. WEEKLY RECAP: Pay Attention to the Ideas In Your Head ...
  271. WEEKLY RECAP: Scavenger Hunts, Bow Ties, & Horses ...
  272. WEEKLY RECAP: The $0 Startup, Sign Hustles, and Ways to ...
  273. WEEKLY RECAP: The Conversion Problem
  274. WEEKLY RECAP: Tiny Houses, T-Shirts, and Romance Novels
  275. WEEKLY RECAP: Understand Your Ideal Working Conditions ...
  276. WEEKLY RECAP: What Prevents You From Making Progress ...
  277. WEEKLY RECAP: Why Do a Product Launch Only Twice a ...
  278. WEEKLY RECAP: Why You Should “Return Every Handshake ...
  279. Wedding App Founder Exchanges Vows for Coding Book Biz ...
  280. Wedding Bells Ring Brighter if the Bride's Not Broke
  281. Weekend “Book Registry” Site Earns Passive Income from ...
  282. Weekly Recap: All You Need Is Luck and a Million Dollars ...
  283. Weekly Recap: Don't Compete with Amazon
  284. Weekly Recap: Find a Community to Support Your Goals ...
  285. Weekly Recap: Food Trucks, YouTube Makeup, and Marijuana
  286. Weekly Recap: How to Identify Side Hustle Ideas in Your ...
  287. Weekly Recap: How to Stop Procrastinating (Really!)
  288. Weekly Recap: Making Time for What Matters
  289. Weekly Recap: Should You Ever Buy Someone Else's ...
  290. Weekly Recap: Starting a Coffee Delivery Service
  291. Weekly Recap: Starting and Ending a Seasonal Side Hustle ...
  292. Weekly Recap: Weekly Recap: Finding a “Hook” as a Dietitian ...
  293. Weekly Recap: What Kind of Profit Margin Should You Have ...
  294. Weekly Recap: Will People Pay for History Lessons?
  295. Weekly Recap: Winning the Side Hustle Lottery
  296. Weekly Recap: “This Time, It's Different”
  297. What's In the Box? Low-Carb, Low-Sugar Snacks
  298. When Fashion Flops, This Designer Follows a Shiny Object ...
  299. Yoga Enthusiast Stretches B-School Education Into Fair-Trade ...
  300. Yoga Teacher Cleans Up with Home Organizing Business ...
  301. Zombie Apocalypse Prevention Podcast Earns $200,000/Year ...
  302. “Bendy Straw” Idea Raises $1.8M on Kickstarter
  303. “Fun Guy” Becomes Spore-Adic Mushroom Farmer
  304. “Random Acts of Kindness” Project Earns Non-Random Cash ...
  305. “SwitchPod” Camera Tool Raises $415,748 on Kickstarter ...
  306. “Teachers Against Humanities” Card Deck Unites Educators ...
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$20K/month selling high-fat, nutritious snacks [no sugar, no crap]

Hey - Pat from here with another interview.
Today's interview is with Louisa Mesquita Bakker of Funky Fat Foods, a brand that makes high-fat nutritious snacks
Some stats:

Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi there, I’m Louisa Mesquita Bakker from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m 26 years old, and last year I launched my food company Funky Fat Foods. Our first product is called KetoCacao, which is a line of low-carb/high-fat chocolate bars. We only use high-quality ingredients to help our customers feel and perform their best. There is no sugar, no soy, no fillers; no crap.
By keeping the ingredients to a minimum, we preserve the quality and nutritional benefits of cacao. Our chocolate bars don’t spike insulin levels and have extra healthy fats from MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) for more energy and satiation. We believe it’s all about getting long-lasting energy from fat instead of a quick fix from sugar.
We sell our products via our online store and (international) resellers. Our clients vary from active keto/low-carb followers, vegans, diabetics and sports enthusiasts. I’ve launched the MVP in February 2018, we’re now making $20.000 revenue per month, and we're still testing and adapting as we go.

What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about health, sports, and nutrition. Growing up, my parents owned a health store and were the distributors of mineral water brands from around the world. In our family, talking about health and nutrition is something we do all the time (which can be a little annoying for friends and boyfriends). After I graduated from a Business study program in 2017, I went traveling in South America. One of the many things I did was visit different cacao farms because I just found it so fascinating and wanted to learn more about it.
I was so intrigued by the beauty of cacao and its health benefits. I love dark chocolate but never knew about the tremendous cacao varieties. During this trip, I spent a lot of time reading articles from different doctors in the US who specialize in natural treatments, health, and longevity.
At this time, I was already eating low-carb, but when I came across the ketogenic lifestyle, it was such an eye-opener for me. Before keto, I was constantly having food cravings, feeling bloated, tired, and my hormones were all over the place. I never understood why. I already ate quite “healthy;" a lot of fruit and starchy vegetables while keeping fat to a minimum. I was afraid of eating fat, as they are calorie-dense. Back then I believed this would make me gain weight. Well, now I know better.
When I first started Keto, I couldn't find an honest high-fat, low carb chocolate bar with MCTs, high cacao content, and simple ingredients. Especially a tasty one. Of course, there’s chocolate made of 100% cacao and nothing else, but the taste is not for everyone because it’s quite bitter. I did some market research and realized it was not just me - there was a huge demand/need for a bar like that in the market. So I thought to myself, “well, let’s just make one!” I had no expertise in chocolate making, let alone starting a business, but I felt I had to take the risk.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

My process started with market research on what was already out there in terms of low-carb chocolate with natural ingredients. During this research, I learned that if you want your body to absorb all the good nutrients from cacao, like fat, minerals, and antioxidants it should not be mixed with sugar or dairy products. This includes also other natural sweeteners like honey or agave syrup. I didn’t want to use Maltitol (which you’ll find often in bars) because these still spike insulin levels.
Then I came across Erythritol, which is a natural sweetener that has a glycemic index of 0 and doesn’t have a "medical aftertaste" like other sweeteners such as stevia.
At first, my mom joined me in Brazil, and we visited many different chocolate factories. I thought it was important for manufacturing to stay close to the source of the cacao. But even though I’m half Brazilian, there are still a lot of cultural differences to my Dutch roots. I call it the mañana mañana mentality. Not only did I have trouble finding a factory that fit with my style of working, but I also couldn’t find one who had experience in making sugar-free, lactose-free or soy-free chocolate. To top it all off, the MOQs for making the MVP was way too high for me.
So, I went back to Europe and visited almost every chocolate seminars/fairs I could find. That’s where I met an award-winning chocolatier who believed in my idea, but who was also able to produce small quantities at his factory.
I was already adding MCTs to coffee and shakes myself, so I knew I wanted to include this in the bars as well, as it’s such a great energy source. There was no chocolate like that in the market back then, so I spent a lot of my time researching the right ingredients and sourcing them.
I had a small budget, so I had to test the market before producing high quantities. Looking back at this period, I truly believe you have to share your ideas with others cause you never know who can help you.
I personally formulated our first product and worked with the chocolatier to bring it into life. After a lot of testing with flavors, going back and forth from the manufacturer, sharing samples with friends and family, the first formula was approved. It took around three months.
Luckily, I was able to produce a very small batch from a loan I got from my family. This process took another three months. Everything was handmade, and fortunately, I could use existing molds from the factory. The bars were packed in a white flow pack, so at home, together with my mom and friends, I labeled all the packs with stickers (front and back). During this period of R&D, I started working with an intern to get branding and social media-ready before launching. We created an Instagram, a Facebook account, and a landing page to already share the feeling behind the brand and create awareness. It started as a very feminine and a bit rebellious brand. The idea for the business name, Keto Cacao, came quickly as it’s inspired by the Keto lifestyle combined with cacao.

Describe the process of launching the business.

We had our MVP launch at the end of February 2018 at a famous chocolate event in Amsterdam called Chocoa Festival. An event for real chocolate aficionados, which was a great way to receive feedback and sell some bars.
We also started selling the bars via a Shopify site (using a free theme), and I asked my family and friends to help me sell at local fairs.
We sold 12.000 bars in 6 months mainly through organic search and Instagram. Selling at local fairs wasn’t really successful. Most of the time we just got to a break-even point. The whole high-fat, low carb lifestyle is still something quite unknown here in the Netherlands, but the interest is slowly growing.
When launching the MVP online, we received several reviews from customers in the Netherlands and all over the world, as we’re shipping worldwide. Reviews said that KetoCacao really helped with their cravings, surviving long office hours, and so much more.
However, we’ve also received feedback that the taste, packaging, and branding were all things that could be improved. We have this memorable moment where I sent the MVP bars to this lovely famous keto couple called Keto Connect, hoping to receive their honest feedback by email.
Little did I know that their review would be uploaded on their Youtube channel (last year among their 400k subscribers now its doubled). It went viral, but they weren’t impressed with the product. That was quite a bummer, but also very motivating as I’ve always seen this first product as an MVP and the more honest and good feedback we get, the better.
In the end, I want to create the best high-fat snacks. I want people to enjoy their active life eating good food. All the feedback, good and bad, served as extra energy to take back to R&D, improve the product, and, at the same time, rethink the overall strategy. I think being flexible and open to feedback is something that truly helped me along the way.
The evolution of our labels:
A before and after shot of our packaging.
The entire "back to R&D" process to improve the taste and texture of the bars and rebuild the brand took longer than expected. I’ve had an “Out of Stock, we’ll be back soon” note on my website for over six months. It was a long period of time, but I needed it to reflect, test new formulas among our early adopters, and have the new designs created for the packaging.
During this period, I also worked as a restaurant hostess and privately taught the Dutch language to expats just to earn some extra money. But after many brainstorming sessions together, my freelancer, my father, and I finally fit it all together. We thought it would be better to change the company name to Funky Fat Foods, as the mission is to motivate, empower and inform as many people as possible to eat more healthy fats and skip the sugars. During this process, my father got more involved in the business regarding our strategic planning and logistics. He’s a nomad and travels all year round, however, we talk almost every day by phone to discuss the business. He’s my go-to person.
Since August this year, we’re back again with a completely new site, new packaging, and new improved flavors. Now I work in the business full time from home. I spend most of my time on product development, customer service, and sales. I learn so much, and every day I feel it’s only getting more serious and finally starting to develop into an actual business. Our main sales channel at the moment is through our (online) resellers. We can’t thank them enough for their trust. Some of our online resellers have been with us since we launched our MVP, so it’s amazing to see their belief in us.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Although we were not selling for 6 months after our MVP, we still kept our site up to date with blog articles, monthly newsletters, and personal Instagram stories. We’re consumer-focused and take care of our customers as quickly and correctly as possible.
I’ve tried Facebook ads and Instagram ads, although we saw an increase in traffic or likes, there were not many sales. I’m learning more about this at the moment.
I believe what is also working for us, is our customer service and the relationships we have created with them. Even today we see huge support from Instagram, as you can talk directly to your (potential) customers all over the world. Basically, just ask them what kind of content they’re interested in, and always reply to their questions.
We’ve recently started sharing our struggles and learnings via IG stories and see a growth in our engagement. We try to stay in as much contact with our followers as possible and strive to create good and engaging content through social media. As a result, we have been steadily growing our follower base organically.
We also run contests on Instagram in collaboration with other brands and send our bars to micro-influencers, which really help to increase awareness of the brand but there is still a lot of room to grow in this area.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

We’re now reaching 20k a month in sales but not yet profitable. Our product costs are high as we’re producing handmade organic chocolate in small quantities, (compared to the big boys). Having an adequate stock is our biggest challenge at the moment, it’s difficult to forecast. New resellers introduce themselves almost every day, and some of them are placing orders for a large part of our stock. The bars have a shelf life of a year (as we don’t use fillers or preservatives) and investing in stock is locking up cash. We experience that the demand is always higher than we can actually supply. I believe once we can get our production on track, our batches and revenue will accelerate so this is my main focus for now.
The goal is to enter organic retail here in Europe and meanwhile create more high-fat snacks. I’m also working on creating more valuable, informative and motivational, content for our social media platforms and our site.
For the future, I hope to find the right distribution partner in the US and Australia as we experience a growing interest there. For myself, I would like to spend more time in creating different high-fat products and empowering people on a personal level via seminars and events.

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

I am very grateful that until now, it has been such a learning experience. When starting, I was quite naive when it comes to working agreements and collaborations. In the end, most of your assumptions will turn out completely wrong, but you will only know this if you go out and do it. I misjudged the logistical part of the business. We have a long lead-time and can experience transport issues during the summer period.
There is always a summer going on somewhere and our chocolate bars above 30 degrees celsius would turn into a chocolate mousse. Delivering or crossing the whole latitude zone between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south needs cooled/conditioned transport.
Sales via our online shop can be improved. We have the site running on Squarespace and the check-out on Shopify, which doesn’t work in our favor for SEO, so we will be switching this soon to one complete Shopify theme. Also, our high shipping costs cause early checkouts.
As I started selling my MVP right away to resellers, they, of course, wanted a continuous supply of stock. So, take the time to plan your inventory properly.
I’m definitely not there yet as I’m making countless mistakes, but I try to see them as lessons and keep going. I know now that we have a product that is perfect for retail and less perfect for worldwide shipping, which is the complete opposite of the idea I had when starting. It’s a really likable product that consumers love to have in their hands. Though, local (online) resellers can distribute it more cost-efficiently in their territories.

What platform/tools do you use for your business? is run on Shopify, which I think is the best platform for e-commerce business.
As far as other tools I use:

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?


Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

If you are just starting a business, you may be uncertain about how to proceed. This fear is your ego (the voice in your head) that tries to keep you in your comfort zone. Your ego wants to protect you against the unknown, but that won’t make you grow. This means taking action, and I believe in the well-known quote "learn by doing".
For me, a concept is strong if I immediately feel the passion for a product or service and it adds more value to our lives and if it radiates diversity and dares to be a market leader.
Also when starting, a lot of tasks are ones that you can do yourself, so don’t wait for the perfect moment, the right partners, more money, or a big team to get things going. You can use the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek - Why, how, what. Once you have this clear for yourself, then you can make a step-by-step plan of what you need to start testing, adapting, and growing!

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

I’m always on the lookout for talented people (we also work with people who work remotely) who have a passion for health and want to be part of this journey to make it a success.

Where can we go to learn more?

If you have any questions or comments, drop a comment below!
Liked this text interview? Check out the full interview with photos, tools, books, and other data.
For more interviews, check out starter_story - I post new stories there daily.
Interested in sharing your own story? Send me a PM
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Building an internet business can be a bit hectic at times. You might even find yourself a little overwhelmed every now and again. Success is in the grind.
Understand to build an awesome business that kicks butt is going to take hard work. I’m not going to try to sugar coat it and tell you it will be easy like some unscrupulous people.
But if your will is strong to succeed then you will succeed. You will not be denied in your quest for a better life.
Are You Ready To
Kick butt in 2020! This is a whole new year. Forget about last year you are starting fresh. Here’s is what you can do to start 2020 off right:
· Set Big Goals: If your goal doesn’t get you excited and a little scared, they’re not big enough. Small goals won’t get you out of the bed in the morning to take action.
· Dream: You have to dream bigger dreams and have higher expectations for their fulfillment.
· Believe You Got What It Takes: Have the confidence and assurance that you can accomplish what you set out to do.
· Eat Healthier: Of course, eating better will improve your longevity. You should want to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family.
· Exercise: Physical activity on a regular basis will improve your energy which will improve your output of getting things done.
· Good Planner: Will help with your productivity & time management. All successful business owners have them.
· Good Journal: Helps you self reflect on the days activities and fosters new ideas.
· Wake Up Earlier: Helps mental focus, get more done and relieves stress.
· Be Creative: Think outside the box. Doing things, the same way
you have always done them just gets the same results.
· Write Better Headlines: A good headline gets more audience engagement which could produce more clickthrough’s and conversions.
· Build Your Brand: Will give you a competitive edge and customer recognition in the market place.
Starting the year off right will give you a jump start on the ones who don’t.
Best Ways To Build Wealth
You started your online business first and foremost to build wealth. To be able to change the lifestyle of you and your family for the better.
Most will tell you to create a budget, don’t live beyond your means, invest, reduce expenses, etc. Which are all good points that you should definitely look into, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about.
What I want to talk about pertains to your business. These are wealth building strategies. But first let’s tackle a issue you might not even know you have.
· Do you have an issue with money: Unfortunately, you may have grown up with money issues perpetrated upon you by your parents and relatives.
Moreover, most parents never talk to their kids about money. And if they hear anything from them it’s usually, ”Money don’t grow on trees!”
Which will give you the impression that money is scarce and hard to get. Which neither is true. There are trillions of dollars out there and building a business is a good way to get yours.
I’m sure you’ve heard that rich people are stingy and they hoard their money. Again, neither is true. Most rich people are very giving and some have been known to give away their fortunes before they die.
You’re going to have to work through issues that you may have acquired about money growing up. Because when you start acquiring wealth and you start to feel bad that you have more money than the next guy you just may sabotage yourself.
Or you may think it’s hard to get so you keep sabotaging yourself into not having any.
You have to learn how to talk about money in a positive way and not in a negative.
· More Value Plus Scale Equals More Money: What are you doing online to grow your business? Have you created the structure and systems in place to serve more people?
Are you creating the most amount of value in the market place? If the answer to that question is no then you have room to grow.
The way to make more money is to get more clients (scale), you get clients to pay you more (value), you get clients to pay you on a regular basis (provide more value), everything you can think about will either lead into value or scale.
Make more money by getting promotional partners (scaling).
You may want to get a business coach or mentor and ask them how can you add more value and can you scale it up.
· Pay Is Based On Positioning and Performance: How credible are you in the marketplace? Whatever you put out must make sense and ring true.
How different are you from your competitors? You may see things that your competitor is doing and may want to emulate them, but don’t copy them to the letter.
Be different! People want to see difference and when you’re different people love you. If you’re different in how you add value that’s all that matters.
If nobody know that you exist in the marketplace then there is no positioning. You should be vying for the top spots in the marketplace.
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How To Increase Sales In A Business
Trying to increase revenue in any given business will always be an ongoing task. Let’s take a look at 7 areas where you could strategize to generate additional income.
  1. More Leads: Focus on getting more people to come through your doors that creates more revenue.
You have to be catching names & emails to have a profitable and lasting business.
  1. Higher Conversions: Pay attention an track your conversions. If you can’t manage the data you can’t mange the growth of the business.
To increase conversions tweak headlines, copy, button color, etc.
  1. More Sales To Buyers: The buyers that you already have are your most valuable customers. Take care your buyers and sell them more stuff.
Make them feel special. Don’t be afraid to make offers because you think it may be to much. Let your customer tell you how much is too much let them shop.
  1. Increase Frequency Of Payment (Monthly Billing): Great way to grow your business. Most business breakthroughs come when you step back and evaluate your business.
  2. Higher Prices: Add greater value. The vast majority of entrepreneur’s have been rated at charging to low.
  3. Offer Other Products: Affiliate marketing & joint ventures are two ways to offer other products to your clients.
  4. Get Resellers: Get people to resell your stuff by offering licensing.
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