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New Beginning IC Title. Reforming the Club (GeneralSeries)

WrestleMania 35 has just happened. Main things you need to know. AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton however Orton attacks AJ after the match. This feud is not over. Finn Balor has dropped the IC title. It doesn't matter who to. Shane McMahon and The Miz have re won the tag titles. And Kevin Owens has defeated Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. This doesn't really matter but apparently the current plan is to do this match. I love Bryan but it would be silly to stop Owens momentum right after his return. But it doesn't really matter. Also at NXT Takeover New York The Velveteen Dream defeated Adam Cole for the North American Title
Ok we are now up to the superstar shakeup. Majority of the shakeups don't really matter the only one we need to focus on is that Finn Balor comes to Smack Down. On his first night it is Bryan and Rowan vs Owens and Balor who comes out as the surprise save. Owens and Finn win the match. Owens leaves the ring and heads to the back. Right before the show comes to a end. SHOCK THE SYSTEM. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong come out. Fish and O'Riley come about from under the ring and the 4 men surround Balor. Finn has armed himself with a Steel pipe and gets a few good shots ff but he is completely mugged. Back breaker, Shining Wizard. Finally a steel pipe to the head. Balor is bleeding and hurt. The Undisputed Era stand tall.
Next week on Smack Down we get multiple replays of the attack and Undisputed Era cut a backstage promo from a undisclosed location. Last week we made a impact. But he worse is to come. We are not going to just say that were the future were gonna prove it. We are the Undisputed Era. And we wan't gold. All of it. Finn Balor. Your potential is unrivalled. Your took the Universal title in your first PPV. But you've become complacent and stagnant. And we can no longer allow that. We are the best unit in the world right now. No one on RAW, Smack Down, NXT, 205 or anywhere can touch us. And as for tonight. We're not done. Later on in the night there a triple threat number 1 contender ship match for the tag team championships. New Day vs Uso's vs The Bar. The match never gets started because the Undisputed Era break up the same repetitive tag division and insert themselves by beating up everyone in the ring with steal pipes. There are bodies everywhere.
Next week Era open the show and they call out Shane McMahon and the Miz. They come out in kind. Shane says that if they can beat the New Day in a 6 man tag team match then they will get a championship match in 13 days at Backlash. Miz does not look happy at this announcement. Era accept and then beat down Miz and Shane just for fun. We then get the Undisputed Era's in ring debut as the main event of the evening. Kofi is still mega over from his program with Daniel Bryan however Undisputed Era win clean after O'Riley taps out Big E showcasing how vicious he can be with his submissions. Era continue attacking The New Day at ringside before Finn Balor's music hits. He is intentionally overwhelmed before the other members of the New Day wake up making it 4 vs 4. Era quickly leave before they can take to much punishment. Shane announces that at Backlash it will be Finn Balor vs Adam Cole. Undisputed Era don't look to mad at this and so they leave.
Go home show to Backlash. The opening image of the show is CCTV footage of the Undisputed Era attacking Shane McMahon in the parking lot. He is hurt but will still be able to fight on Sunday. Roderick Strong makes his singles debut in a match against the Miz. Shane is not at ringside so as a result Strong wins easily. Balor runs down to attack Cole but is overwhelmed by the numbers game and the Undisputed Era stand tall to close the show.
Ok other things that happen on this show. Randy Orton def. AJ Styles in a steel cage. Again this feud will continue moving forwards. Kevin Owens retains the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan
Shane McMahon and Miz vs Undisputed Era
Shane is hurt so Miz has to do most of the heavily lifting. Miz gets overwhelmed so he has to tag in Shane. Shane does well but we then they get a ref bump. Strong gets involved but Shane puts both him and Fish through the announcers table with a diving elbow. Shane McMahon goes for the coast to coast on O'Riley but Adam Cole slips into the ring and hits a mid air super kick on Shane. O'Riley gets the cover and the Undisputed Era have won the Smack-Down tag team titles. Miz looks mad and then he attacks Shane McMahon for getting them into this match and then losing it for them. Shane is written of TV so that he can return in time for Summer slam so that we can get Miz vs Shane at the 2nd biggest show of the year.
Adam Cole vs Finn Balor
Era jump Balor on the stage while he is making his entrance. Their MO has become very clear over the past few weeks. Stick and run. Balor makes it to the ring. The ref is asking if he can compete. He tells him to ring the bell. Adam Cole hits a super kick. 12.. kick out. Adam Cole goes for the shining wizard but it is countered into a sling blade. Dropkick he goes for the coup de grace but Cole moves out of the way. Shining Wizard allows Cole to win it.
Ok from here we now build up to the MITB PPV and the MITB Ladder Match. Over the weeks on Smack down there are multiple qualifying matches. Adam Cole def. Jeff Hardy. Undisputed Era attacks Hardy backstage meaning that Cole wins easily. Finn Balor fights through his injury to beat Andrade in a hard fought match. The final two men who qualify are AJ Styles who defeats the newly heel Miz and Randy Orton who defeats Kofi Kingston. As well during this period the Undisputed Era cut another backstage promo this time declaring their intention to capture the United States Title. There is a battle royal to crown the #1 contender but because it is no DQ all of the Undisputed Era get involved and Roderick Strong wins because everyone has been laid out.
Money in the Bank
Kevin Owens def. Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Title. The Club Anderson and Gallows win the first ever tag team money in the bank match
Mustafa Ali vs Roderick Strong
Roderick Strong try's to get the jump on Ali when he is making his entrance but Ali see's it coming. He's become wiser as champ. Ali takes the fight to strong early but then the rest of Undisputed Era come to ringside. If they set themselves a goal there going to do everything in there power to achieve said goal. While they can't directly attack Ali eventually the distract him enough so that Strong can take advantage and win the United states Championship. They pose with all of their gold after the match.
Adam Cole vs AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Elias vs Finn Balor vs Randy Orton vs Ricochet
All star team for the MITB ladder match. Ricochet does some crazy moves off the ladders. Quickly into the match the rest of undisputed Era run down. But then Corbin and Lashley come down to save their teammate McIntyre. Both teams brawl into the crowd and leave the building. For the first time Adam Cole is without the rest of his team. Ricochet takes himself and Drew out with a crazy jump through a ladder. Orton and AJ continue there rivalry in this match and they brawl into the crowd. Finn starts to dominate and clears out Elias and Dolph. He climbs the ladder and goes to unhook the briefcase but then Adam Cole who was playing possum pushes over the ladder. He climbs it and wins the MITB contract. Yet again Era have ruined Finn Balor's plans. They now have the SmackDown tag team titles. The US title and the MITB briefcase.
Ok so now we build to Extreme Rules. AJ Styles and Randy Orton decide that they need to settle their rivalry once and for all. And it will be a last man standing match. Finn Balor tracks down Anderson and Gallows for help. Because they are the Tag Team MITB holders Balor says he can help them scout O'Riley and Fish. The Main event of that weeks SmackDown is Balor, Anderson and Gallows vs Fish, O'Riley and Strong. Anderson and Gallows are still wrestling like heels however. The are using distractions and raking the eyes. Balor however doesn't condone these action's and constantly tries to break up cheating attempts. As a result Era pick up the win. At this point commentary should be hyping the face that the Undisputed Era have yet to lose a match period.
The next week on smack down there is a gauntlet match to crown the #1 contenders for the SmackDown tag team titles. The Club are not supposed to be a part of this match but Balor is able to convince management to put the Club into the match. They come out at 3rd and face the Uso's. They are able to win with the magic killer. By cheating they are then able to beat the Bar and then the final match comes against SAnity. Fearing the Club Undisputed Era come down to try and cause a DQ against the Club. But Balor comes down and sparks a wild brawl. SAnity being SAnity love this and they get in on the action. Everyone fails to realise however that the ref is still counting them out. Balor however realises this and yells at Anderson who breaks the count giving The Club the win. Triple H comes out and reveals that this match will be fought under Texas tornado tag team rules.
Extreme Rules
Kevin Owens continues his impressive title reign by defeating Kofi Kingston in a Extreme Rules Match. Meanwhile Roderick Strong defeats Jeff Hardy to retain his US title. And AJ Styles finally bury Orton for good ending their rivalry.
Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Riley and Bobby Fish) vs The Club (Anderson and Gallows)
All 4 members of the Undisputed Era come out as well as Finn Balor despite the fact that it is supposed to be 2 vs 2 it is clear that's not going to be the case. They go for it immediately and start brawling into the crowd. It's tornado rules which means no cheating so Balor and The Club are on the same page. But due to it being 4 vs 3 Undisputed Era pick up the win. It is clear that Balor will have to find a 4th member in his crusade
Ok so the next week on SD live Balor naturally goes to the 1st person he can think of which of course is AJ Styles. But at this point AJ, Anderson and Gallows really aren't seing the point. For AJ Kevin Owens is sitting without a challenger for Summerslam and The Club already have the MITB contract no point in letting Era scout them out. But for Balor this is everything. Era have injured him bet him, and cost him the MITB contract for Balor there is no coming back. Undisputed Era seing this take advantage of his ego and they challenge him to a match at Summerslam in their favourite match. Wargames. No one has more experience in Wargames than Era and at the moment they are up 4 to 1. Balor being blinded by rage accepts.
Over the next few weeks Balor starts trying to convince Anderson and Gallows but at the moment their not budging. They say that we tried this at Extreme Rules and it didn't work. There is then a number 1 contender ship WWE title battle royal. Vince forces Balor to we a part of this because he want's to see Balor prove himself. Of course Undisputed Era come out and throw him out but in the process they accidentally distract AJ who gets eliminated. Aleister Black goes on to win it.
The go home show their is a contract signing for the match at Summerslam. Balor comes out by himself and with no fear signs the contract. Era start beating Balor down 4 vs 1 and that is when Anderson and Gallows run down to the ring for the save. They do well but are eventually over whelmed. Era start hitting big moves on them. THEY DON'T WAN'T NONE. The phenomenal 1 AJ Styles comes down and they run wild on Era driving them from the ring. AJ, Anderson and Gallows pick up the contract. Undisputed Era vs Bullet Club is happening at Summerslam in Wargames.
The Undisputed Era vs The Bullet Club
The Club come out first but Era try attacking them as their making their entrance. They hit Balor in the ribs with a steel pipe. Refs separate them but Balor has already declared that he will be the first man in and there is no changing that. He he starts of the match against Roderick Strong hurt. And with Balor having bad ribs and a bad back he is at the mercy of the expert of the back breaker. Just as Balor begins his comeback Bobby Fish joins them and now it is 2 vs 1 and Balor is really hurt. Gallows comes out of number 2 for the Club and using his strength he starts throwing Era members all over the cages. Balor starts getting back into it but then Kyle O'Riley comes out and starts going after the big man's legs chopping him down. Again with the numbers on their side Undisputed Era have the big advantage. Anderson comes out next and rebuilds momentum for the club but then out last comes Adam Cole. Super kicks for everyone. All of the Club members are laid out so Styles will have to do this 4 vs 1. AJ comes out but he doesn't go through the door. He climbs straight up the cage and lays everyone out giving the other members time to recover. The two teams stare of 4 vs 4. And from here it is pure carnage finisher being hit from all angles. Finally the Balor climbs the top rope and hits a coup de grace on Strong wining the match. He didn't get his revenge on Adam Cole but the Undisputed Era have suffered their first loss.
Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black
This match goes on last and gets a good 20 minutes eventually Owens goes for the moonsault but comes up short. Black Mass wins it for Aleister Black we have a new WWE Champion. Black poses with the title. The corner graphic comes on. Cole thanks us for tuning into the network. SHOCK THE SYSTEM. Black looks out of the stage then Fish, O'Riley and Strong come in from under the ring and beat up Black. Cole comes in through the stage. The ref calls for the bell. Shining Wizard. 12.. kick out. Era look shocked. Cole goes for the super kick but is met with a Black Mass. But Black can' get the cover. Cole actually makes it to his feet first and hits another shining wizard. 12.....3. Adam Cole has won the WWE title. Undisputed Era hold all the gold.
Ok so the Club has reformed but this is just quickly what would happen next
Next night on SD Live Adam Cole is celebrating but unfortunately for him he has no shortage of challengers. Black, Owens, Balor and AJ all come out. Undisputed Era come out to beat them all down but the challengers hold their line. A 8 man tag is set up for later in the night which the challengers win. Maybe Era has been shaken by their loss at SS. Triple H makes the announcement. At HITC It will be Adam Cole vs AJ Styles vs Aleister Black vs Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens in a fatal 5 way Hell In A Cell Match. Cole wins this. At Survivor Series the match is made. Undisputed Era vs The Club in a traditional Survivor Series match with the WWE title on the line. Balor finally pins Cole to win his first world title since he got hurt. He would hold to title through the new year. AJ Styles would turn heel at Fastlane as would Anderson and Gallows and then we would get AJ vs Balor for the title at Wrestlemania with AJ wining the belt
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[Month of Mario Kart] "2 Days Until Mario Kart 8" -- Remembering Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Hey guys, Sylverstone here.
The time for Mario Kart 8 is fast approaching, and I'm sure that everyone's very excited (as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of posts we've had about the game).
I want to cap off the last few days of the Month of Mario Kart by looking back at the mainline series - some of you may enjoy this because your favorite Mario Kart game is somewhere early in the lineup, and that's good.
We will have banners for each game leading up to May 30th, so enjoy them well!

My Mario Kart Wii Memories

If there was ever a big game that I was guilty of missing out on during the Wii days, it would be a tie between the Super Mario Galaxy games and Mario Kart Wii.
I remember being very hyped for the game when it was first revealed at E3 2007 for the first time - its old logo was actually quite similar to the MKDS one, plus the screenshots and trailer really wowed me. I was even excited for the Wii Wheel, despite it being a dinky little peripheral.
However, somewhere along the line, I just missed it completely. Reasons? I was still rather young, I had no semblance of the value of money (I was more of a spendthrift then than a miser), I didn't know of any game outlets in Jamaica (and even then, games costed a fuckton) and also because I was forced to leave my Wii behind in New York as I wrapped up the last years of high school while living in the country. The last retail game I bought for my Wii was Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and from there, my days with the Wii were pretty much over as I placed more focus on the DS.
The first time I did see it in public was at a local game arcade in Kingston where a bunch of high school boys would hang out and play games until their pockets were cleaned out of cash for the day. I thought I'd have my chance there, but I didn't jump on it at all.
I eventually got my hands on Mario Kart Wii after my return to NYC and... it just never seemed to click with me. The motion control took time to get used to, so I switched over to analog control, but even then, I was constantly getting my ass kicked by friends and once again, just like in Double Dash, I was the slowest out of the bunch. Also, I feel that the item selection was just... not great.
The one item I hated the most in that game was the lightning cloud. I'd never be able to pass it on efficiently enough. Also, the blue spiny shell was seemingly turned up to 11 in this game, and as soon as I would reach first place, I'd find myself back in dead last. I almost missed out on the online mode and the Mario Kart Channel, so my experience with MKWii was very, very, very shortlived and late.
In a way, Mario Kart 8 will be my return to console Mario Karts since the Nintendo 64 - never owned Double Dash, never owned MKWii. It's a bit sad because I feel that if I had the opportunity to play it, my memories would've been altered, but I suppose what's done is done. MKWii ranks high enough to be admirable, but it's not my most favorable MK for a number of reasons.
What I did enjoy were the tracks they pulled from the DS version like Peach Gardens and Delfino Square. Also, I have a little soft spot in my heart for some of the original tracks like Coconut Mall and Maple Treeway. They had great music, and their track design was sublime - I was glad that they returned for MK7.
Of course, folks are sad that the Nintendo WFC service is now shut down, and I feel that Mario Kart Wii has lost some of its identity because with 34 million units sold, you can bet that a ton of those buyers went online to play with others. There are also some great custom tracks made by fans which look great, though the Wii's hackable nature allowed for cheaters to worm their way in... that was terrible, yet people pressed on with their play.
Alright, enough rambling, it's your turn!

Question Prompts

  • What are your memories in regards to Mario Kart Wii (Hate it? Love it?)
  • When do you first play the game?
  • Compared to other games in the series, how well does it hold up?
  • What's your favorite track in the game? (Like I said, Coconut Mall and Maple Treeway take the cake for me.)
Bonus Game-Specific Question
  • Did you prefer karts over bikes, or the reverse?
  • Were you able to use the online multiplayer features of the game?

Past MOMK Countdown Posts

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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 218 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 42.6. Flynn Changes Plea in Last 24 Hours - YouTube
    • It's day 46 part six Dewey defeats Truman Dewey defeats Truman
    • I got it wrong
    • But I got it wrong for a good reason
    • I talked to Robyn Gritz
    • I've been in conversation with her every other day or so
    • And she has a Hatch Act case against Andrew McCabe
    • So again, get out there before the you know it comes to you rather than after
    • Preempt them before they come after you
    • Especially with a bogus charge
    • So I left the tweet up, saying, "hey he's gonna plead not guilty"
    • She had talked to him last night
    • And he had said or it had emailed her and said, "no we're gonna go not guilty"
    • That's why I asked the question, "Did McCabe threaten your child? Did McCabe threaten your son?"
    • Because something happened to Mike Flynn over the last 24 hours that caused him to sign that paper
    • The Mike Flynn you saw in court today
    • The Mike Flynn's voice the Mike Flynn's demeanor was a broken man
    • He was a diminished man
    • He had had none of the bravado and--spit and gristle and shine that he normally had as the director of DIA
    • This was a different Mike Flynn today
    • It was a very sunken, collapsed Mike Flynn
    • And that just didn't make any sense
    • Something had collapsed him
    • I don't know if his son had called him from detention
    • Or his son had called him looking at an agreement which said, you're looking at 10 years or whatever for protecting your dad, and saying he wasn't at Mar-a-Lago that night or wherever the Essex Hotel in New York
    • But something happened
    • And I left that up there specifically to say Here's where I'm getting my information
    • Here's where I'm getting my sources
    • So even though I'm wrong Dewey defeats Truman there's a backstory to this with Robyn Gritz, which is to say that the person who is going to accuse Mike Flynn of a Hatch violation
    • Hatch violation meaning we're not in power yet, we don't have the White House down there yet
    • So you can't make promises about what you're gonna do and not do you can't say don't escalate
    • Even though it sounds like the right thing to say to a Russian, who is about ready to escalate
    • And you say don't escalate you can't say don't escalate for another 20 days, you have to say we're gonna cross that bridge when we come to it
    • So there's probably a Hatch Act violation here
    • Now it's probably Table Talk
    • It was probably informal table talk about well--I think you should just hang on here don't--rush but I'm sure somebody wore a wire
    • I'm sure somebody wore a wire at the Essex Hotel
    • Somebody wore a wire at the Trump Hotel
    • Somebody wore a wire at Mar-a-Lago wherever though that "behind the curtains move" was, it's gonna come out
    • And everybody's saying Jared Kushner said, "call the Russian ambassador"
    • I don't think this is a big deal when you start considering Hillary taking 145 million for Uranium One
    • That's just what we know about
    • 28 million dollars from the king of Morocco: one of the worst regimes
    • UAE all the weapons deals, running all the Uranium One uranium through UAE and all the different Middle East
    • A spy ring in Congress with the Awans and now all the connections with Transport Logistics to the Awans and the Awans sporting goods in Sialkot
    • I mean they're just the proof stick the the corruption starts at the Washington Monument and then circles back back and forth back and forth
    • So and Flynn made the one mistake
    • So I think this is obviously reprisal
    • And I think it's going to be perceived as such
    • I think Robyn's gonna be on a Crowdsource the Truth later on today at four
    • So we threw that over to Jason
    • Hopefully he'll run with it hopefully run with the idea of there is one game in town
    • There is one game in town
    • All these smears that are happening
    • Conyers
    • Matt Lauer for asking tough interview questions
    • Al Franken for not wanting to say Russia Russia Russia one more time
    • There's a pattern
    • They're coming from somewhere there coming from something like a Fusion GPS
    • They're coming from collect it all type strategies up there on the hill from something like the Awan brothers
    • No I'm going to just say it's the one a spy ring that's putting those things together in the dossier for Fusion GPS
    • So hopefully those things will be discussed on Crowdsource the Truth, because that's really what's that at stake here
    • And again, I didn't want to do this but I am the only game in town suing Fusion GPS and Podesta group
    • I am the only game in town suing the DNC for this behavior I am the only guy in town suing McCabe
    • Now Larry Clayman on Monday did sue Mueller for overextension--reckless prosecution, which I think is a great idea
    • Larry Clayman is a real lawyer, who really sues people and really gets summons and really does depositions and really does interrogatories and does real lawsuits
    • And they they took the company from him and then they stiffed him on is on his severance
  • Day 42.7. NNSA, Hillary, And McCabe With Hillary’s Server In Chappaqua - YouTube
    • It's Day 42 I think this is 7
    • 1201 Maryland Avenue
    • What's at 1201 Maryland Avenue?
    • Well it's the NNSA National Nuclear Security Agency
    • We have the National Security Agency up in Fort Meade
    • This is the National Nuclear Security Agency it was created by those guys down there 1999 for managing nuclear proliferation all over the world
    • This is it went from the military to the FBI which is just around the corner, not far from the Department of Transportation also in the Department of Energy building which is right there okay
    • So Mark Lambert wouldn't had to walk far to get his his permits here
    • But this is the agency that Andrew McCabe all of his people control this agency
    • It was controlled right from the very start, from all the Clintonites, and Andrew McCabe, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, are all in that bunch
    • It's also going to be Burrell and Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike as well
    • But this agency gives you carte blanche it gives you color-of-law to ship containers anywhere in the world
    • Bottom line: you can do anything you want
    • You can do anything you want with the FBI with ratlines shipping it uranium anywhere you want
    • All through the lifecycle, highly-enriched uranium from Russia down to South Carolina
    • Low enriched uranium down to when it's after it's spent fuel etc, all the way it went to when it's waste
    • You control the whole ratline
    • And that's the key here, because when the spy ring in Congress starts is also 1998
    • That's when that all the folks are recruited for doing the logistics for this charadium[sic] [uranium]
    • And the logistics are going to be done by a Pakistani group
    • And it's going to be inter-America tell you right now
    • It's gonna be inter America
    • And that's when the spy ring in Congress gets set up
    • Now it's not until the year 2000 that this gets funded
    • And it's about 2000 when Imran Awan comes up from Florida
    • Well actually he does a little bit more time in Florida, but then he comes up here right right about that time
    • And he starts scheduling and building up the spy ring
    • He takes a permanent job 2004, but as I've already always said from beginning, it was that inter America or from the year 2000 okay
    • Now who what else happens in 1998 that's interesting, after Hillary creates basically the NNSA?
    • Well Andrew McCabe buys a house and is living in Chappaqua!
    • Who else lives in Chappaqua?
    • Hillary Clinton!
    • And that's the year she buys a house to go up there to establish residency in New York to run for Senate in New York
    • There's another guy named Kennedy that kind of dies in a plane but let's forget about that
    • But that's that's when Hillary basically establishes residence in the state of New York
    • Now Hillary's not ready to run for president last year, 2016 there's another purchase of real estate in Chappaqua
    • Now isn't that now where that server is?
    • Isn't that where that special server is yeah it is a der McCabe buys a house in Chappaqua
    • I published they had both addresses today if you don't believe me look at Twitter
    • And we're gonna put these dots together
    • But we're now seeing how tight the connection is between Andrew McCabe and Hillary Clinton
    • And how tight the connection is between Hillary Clinton and Andrew McCabe and the Awans
  • Day 43.1 Andy McCabe's House in Chappaqua - Really? - YouTube
    • It's Day 43 and this is sort of a warm-up but this is gonna be full of good content about Andy McCabe in Chappaqua
    • Yesterday the soccer balls the soccer balls thing really came out
    • This sports transportation logistics--this STX looks like this guy named of Forano like you go down the hall for a no or four in a row
    • And however you want to think about it
    • Leaves transport logistics--the people who have the exclusive right to transit transport all the nuclear material all around the world--especially in the United States--but all around the world--you're gonna find transport logistics that's gonna be doing that that
    • You're also gonna find is Uzbeki's truckers using transport logistics commercial driver's licenses commercial licenses
    • You're gonna find out that looking at a lot of these Uzbeki truckers, that they got nailed for not having their drivers with commercial driver's licenses, but that's another story from their day
    • But in the human cry of the day with Mike Flynn and all the excitement some of the stuff kind of maybe got lost, which is this is just gonna focus energy on how did the unmasking for Mike Flynn take place
    • And if it was based on the peepee dossier, which I think it was, it's fruit of the poisonous tree--it's called the exclusionary rule
    • If I break your Fourth Amendment Fifth Amendment or Sixth Amendment to get the information a fourth being illegal search fifth being--violated your rights a speedy trial, or let's say I coerced you, or your son, which could have happened, or the sixth, which I forget right now
    • I don't I won't yeah that's a good memory teaser for the morning what's the sixth amendment
    • I thought it was well I want to say speedy trial, but I'm not I'm not sure--I can't remember
    • And that's probably the fifth amendment
    • But anyway here's the rule anything that comes off the tree can't be used
    • So anything from all these Fusion GPS's, from all these Fusion GPS dossiers that have been used in the FISA, not just the Flynn case, but all these different cases that have come out
    • All these different prosecution's, you can go back with the exclusionary rule, and look at that where you look at those cases
    • So you're gonna have a lot of people that got set up with with that these Fusion GPS dossiers
    • So here's Flynn exiting the courtroom
    • I asked the question did they threatened your son?
    • He didn't really seem that nervous. It almost seemed a little bit like a school play.
    • The way Contreras read out all the--ways he could go to jail, and then have him skipping out of the courtroom and laughing as he gets in the car
    • Something didn't seem quite right it almost seemed like he was playing this role of contrite broken man to kind of make everybody else collapse in the Trump administration
    • The other people that were talking
    • Was almost like a monkey paw type well if Flynn could collapse and anybody any man could collapse
    • So go ahead and collapse
    • But it just shows you how weak the case is with Mueller
    • It's like a riverboat gambler--laughing and bragging about his hand and then he slaps down a pair of two's
    • It just really was a was--I mean that was kind of like Obama saying, "hey we need to talk about this after the election to the to Metveyev, they have I mean it's--it's kind of like a table talk it's not really a violation of the Hatch Act
    • This goes a little bit more into the fruit of the poisonous tree
    • And then I toward the end of the day sometimes these things get lost but some really good stuff came out at the end of the day, which the Larry Klayman lawsuit, which is coming up
    • And the Office of Special Counsel, which is Bob Mueller is in charge of prosecuting the Hatch Act
    • So not a lot of people know that
    • So I thought hey I'll bring that forward
    • And now they can say--now Bob Mueller can respond to the Klayman lawsuit
    • This is why lawsuits drive the news
    • People don't accept that yet
    • But I'm gonna show this over and over word that it's really there's an underlying lawsuit that's driving why people are doing these things
    • But if you now bring in Flynn at the end of the week, you could say hey we were--we brought in Flynn, we were doing the Hatch Act what are you talking about we're not doing the Hatch Act
    • The Office of Special Counsel should mainly be doing these kind of violations
    • This is a post from a postal site from the USPS talking about--hey you can't--say hey I'll get you probably priority delivery or whatever--you can't negotiate with your postman to do special favors for you
    • Of course that's--I think but then I go to this in NNSA and everybody knows used to be nobody knew what NSA was
    • Now most people don't know it and NNSA is
    • This is the National Nuclear Security Agency right
    • And I actually go there and--a lot of this gets lost a lot of times people watch the first couple of videos but then don't see all of the videos but there it is
    • It's day 42 I think this is um the other thing I mentioned at the end of this just as a tail end is Andrew McCabe has this house
    • He's found in 1998 in Chappaqua
    • He's living there for a certain amount of time
    • Which I believe he's setting up the server
    • It's not these other people that set up the service it's the FBI setting up the server
    • These dossiers go back to 1998 with Andrew McCabe
    • You're gonna see that as true over time
    • People don't quite accept that yet, but here's property that Andrew McCabe bought, which is this 135 Castle Road
    • Now Andrew McCabe is there, living in at 135 Castle Road, way back in 1998
    • And now he just bought this residence there okay
    • So I'll show you where that is in relation to Hillary's house at whoops sorry about that
    • Hillary's house over here on 135 there's 135 Castle Road and down the ways a little bit
    • And I've been to Chappaqua and I've been to Hillary's house way back 2003 ish timeframe for another kind of citizens type investigation
    • But anyway it's they're very nice houses down here
    • And as you get over here it's it's a little bit more cut off right and this--this house is between the road and the old Lane house
    • And then there but you typically do as you put in your FBI you put in these cutouts along the way
    • So that you you could load up agents here--from--like whatever you typically have a couple of front into front businesses here
    • So that you have a team of agents that you've always got you can cut people off this road
    • This looks like the only that's right I think that's that is true the only access road
    • So it looks like McCabe's living here in some kind of security detail
    • But wouldn't you put the server here rather than over at Hilary's house
    • When you put it with the professionals where it's actually guarded by several FBI and Secret Service
    • Now is is FBI really gonna let Secret Service have the secret server?
    • No! FBI is gonna control that FBI it can be control of the information, just like they control the uranium
    • They're not gonna let this get out of their hands
    • They're not gonna let this get out of control
    • But this link between McCabe and the FBI and and Hillary really is unknown by most journalists
    • I don't think I've seen anybody do this story
    • And anyway, this is where the the road is
    • Now if we go down that road, you'll see that this isn't a road that Andy McCabe
    • This isn't a house Andy McCabe would live at, right?
    • And it's got this these telltale huge wires--that normally in a million dollar neighborhood, you would never permit, right?
    • Well it's because this is the low end part of Chappaqua right
    • That's where more middle-class and they decided hey we're gonna run these gigantic wires up here
    • These are gigantic wires off the road
    • And the server is gonna be in there it's gonna be in there there's some kind of even it looks like a wire point on this tree
    • Anyway you see these big trucks parked on the wrong side of the road
    • This is to close this off it's to close this off and hit you
    • If you try to start getting turn turn down that road if you don't move over here as you're driving and go that way this truck is gonna come forward and block this
    • There's something going on here this house
    • That's just what I'm saying that's how the FBI does things he did things with big heavy vehicles
    • Big heavy cables
    • A team of five six people
    • This house is never gonna have one per--you're never gonna leave a server with all that information in Hillary's bathroom
    • It just doesn't work that way it's not how it works
    • So anyway that's my Morning Edition
    • And we'll keep following up as we get out into Washington during the day
  • Day 43.2 Timeline Ides of March For the Awans - YouTube
    • This is Day 43 part 2 I want to just do a little time toast here
    • Going back to last year November the 13th the grand jury is convened for the Awans
    • That's because that there was a credit union investigation excuse me in October and Abid Awan was fired I believe in September okay
    • So Theresa Grafenstine hands over the investigation to the FBI right before the election
    • In October they want to bury this thing excuse me uh the
    • Abid Awan was fired over here on September the 15th
    • Again, they don't want to have an M rana wan being fired right before the elections
    • So they have Abid Awan being fired
    • Well that just seems like an unrelated thing
    • The election occurs and everything is going to be fine we'll cover this all up
    • The Huma story breaks with the 650,000 emails
    • There's this unlawful detention in the home on the fifth
    • Now that could be Gilani that I I really think what it is is Imran sort of a high-end concierge service is sort of like an executive concierge for the four seasons
    • I'm even gonna say that these Sheiks, when they come to the Washington DC, they stay in Foggy Bottom at the Four Seasons at Foggy Bottom
    • I've walked by it the recessed entry that everything it just looks like--Imran drives up in a Bentley for the oil Sheiks--to spend time there
    • And then he can drive them down to M Street and spend $3,000 a-night
    • All very close to each other--all these places are very close to each other
    • So maybe that's why Best Limo is so close to Imran's house
    • But anyway the night of the burglary the burglaries occur on the 20th
    • They give a false image Beccerra gives a false image of the server
    • That gives some time to get out of the country
    • Two weeks later the capital police finally get the correct image so that the destruction of evidence doesn't really work
    • And then there's another unlawful detention here out by Dulles Airport
    • Now this is the same day that the UAE embassy burns
    • So now Trump's in charge now
    • Trump could fire the FBI director I don't think he has done that yet at this point
    • But now there's always a different agencies that could be investigating this
    • So they burned the UAE embassy down
    • And I think they take the girls back here to Dulles Green
    • Now did Imran really unlawfully detained somebody here?
    • I don't think so
    • I think it was an oil Sheik where the girl tried to leave, one of the strippers that Imran had recruited your was trying to get out a window, and the oil Sheik--either hit or stabbed or whatever
    • Something happened here, you can't little completely if you're Fairfax County you can't completely let this go
    • So Imran has to take the rap and I don't really believe Imran's hitting these girls
    • He's he's actually just covering for these oil sheiks
    • So anyway there's these three people that are fired in and around they say March 1st Jamal, Hina, and Imran
    • Are fired from Congress
    • Now remember Abid was already fired
    • Now none of these people have accepted service yet
    • Just to let you know, we're about two months in nobody has accepted service yet
    • So they're all avoiding service
    • Well we know that Hina was arrested at the Airport on March 5th
    • Now normally if you're getting away with something, you don't race out of the country
    • It normally occurs when something breaks
    • Like somebody says a somebody stole something here--who did it?
    • Well that's exactly what happened over at the at the DHS
    • There was three employees at DHS
    • I wonder if that was Jamal, Hina and Imran, that had just been fired from Congress
    • Maybe this event actually occurs after this DHS raid
    • So maybe we'll even move it
    • Now I will change it later
    • Now let's change it
    • Now let's make it the tenth
    • we'll make it attempt to learn how to use timetoast here
    • So it probably really was like this there was the raid occurred he no went to the airport and then they were all fired from Congress that's probably what happened
    • So and then Imran is caught later by the Capitol police
    • Well is was it really way until April 6?
    • They're already changing their story in the New York Times
    • They've already changed the story to say well it was an earlier raid and he left the notebook he left the the backpack in the john wilkes phone booth
    • And the capitol police didn't find it until um--two weeks later that is complete in trash
    • That is not how the Capitol Police worked
    • I've been in there too many times they're always asking me if I ever even set my laptop down there it "sir yeah is that your bag?"--right off the bat
    • So this is a complete cockamamie lie
    • What happened was and what makes a lot more sense is that Imran immediately went to the next day to the Capitol and erased the stuff off the server off the Becerra server
    • Now then he might have been caught and he might have had that information confiscated
    • And they might have come up with this story about April 6th
    • But actually I think all these four events are actually just one thing
    • They're all just one thing
    • What basically happened was they got caught that they were double dipping as employees at DHS right here
    • These three employees Imran, Hina and Jamal
    • They got caught double dipping
    • They knew that they were also double dipping at Congress, which meant that they could go get the Congressional records right
    • So he erased all of his records here in Congress
    • Made all the backups
    • He's getting ready to go
    • He gives Hina the drives
    • She leaves, and she leaves and goes to Pakistan
    • Andy McCabe goes out to the airport and make sure that she can go
    • And he and actually I think Hina is taking some of these some of this equipment
    • And then these are gonna be blank drives
    • I doubt very seriously that the image on these drives is going to be the image a appropriate image
    • I think it's gonna be a fake image
    • And I think what I would do is I would give Hina if I'm working on a project for DHS, I'm giving I'm gonna give Hina these projects
    • And as I said many times before they're going to be working on this ports project this this logistics project for DHS right there
    • And it's the case management system
    • Again, they have a close relationship with Theresa Grafenstine injuries inspector-general down here
    • They're working on with a case management system up here with the Inspector General Rob up here
    • Same case man I think it's gonna be the same case management system here as Penn Fed, Navy Federal Credit Union, DoD etc
    • I think it's gonna be the same management system
    • As a matter of fact it says these three employees were working on this case management system in this article in the New York Times article
    • Here's where the New York Times just has to come clean
    • This is making Sean Beaubourg look bad
    • It's making the New York Times look bad, because you're deliberately leaving out the who, what, when,
    • It's usually reporting the what but you're leaving out the who you're leaving out the when, and you're leaving out the why
    • The why is they were trying to cover up the a spy ring in Congress
  • Day 43.3 DHS OIG Hack - March 4th, 2017? Hina, Imran, and Jamal? - YouTube
    • Day 43 this is part three this is the the DHS inspector general hack
    • It happened the first week of March
    • That happened around the same time the Allods were fired the three employees
    • It was done by three employees Heena all the Imran Awan and Jamal were fired in that same week
    • Now if Imran hadn't had previous run-ins with burglaries on the inauguration
    • If he didn't have the John Wilkes phone booth late one month later in August I excuse me in April, which I think is gonna be this as well, I wouldn't be I wouldn't say it was definitely Imran
    • But because Imran is leaving the John Wilkes phone booth with the hard drives in the Rayburn office building at the same time of this hack, I'm saying and I am going to add--Hina Alvi, Imran Awan and Jamaal to my DHS lawsuit
    • I just have to
    • I'm looking at the metadata
    • This is also--all be also flees the country during this first week of March
    • I call it the Ides of March there's an argument whether it's a second of March the 6th of March of the 15 to March
    • But it's this is the Ides of March for the Awans
    • Now what's interesting is we're still trying to find out what the case management system is that was hacked by John Ross is the IG of the inspector general of the DHS
    • But they were also writing a new case management system which I believe is going is going to be the key to this case
    • Now what's interesting is this report was sent over that week when I was saying that there was this listening booth over at in Congress
    • And John Roth sent this report over just just a few days ago
    • John Ross sent this over maybe a week ago--that week I was saying that there was a listening booth into Congress
    • But what's really interesting is that this was reported by DHS, right?
    • It was reported to DHS on May 11th, but the acting secretary general Elayne Duke sat on it for about 30 days or excuse me on 90 days
    • But this is right around the time where I filed the motion right and
    • Again, I can't overestimate overstate how important it is filing these motions because you get true discovery
    • NDAA allows Smith-Mundt to say whatever you want to publications
    • I can give a third of the story to the New York Times
    • A third of it to Washington Post
    • And a third of it to CNN
    • And cut it up in three different ways
    • Plus I can plan a fourth story a fourth fake story and really mess things up right and that Smith-Mundt allows me to do that
    • So of course the reverse is put those three stories together we've got part of the story with Wapo now
    • We're gonna have part of the story with the New York Times now
    • And the third part is going to be coming from CNN
    • Of course we're gonna throw out the part that got leaked about it's gonna be two one of the more minor outlets, which I think it's gonna be daily caller, which was that this thing took place in April
    • The John Wilkes phone booth in the Congress is gonna take place in March
    • And that's how I think they they do it
    • But what's important here is office the Inspector General right
    • All the serial numbers everything you would need to falsify loans
    • This is everything you need to falsify loans dates of birth--that sort of thing inside the inspector general's office
    • And they were gonna have every Inspector General use this
    • That's 30 different inspectors general use this including DoD which opens at the Navy credit union and the Penn Federal Credit Union
    • So this is the key hack, along with the more the larger OPM hack, which happened a year earlier, the June 15th OPM hack, which two years ago now that is 21 million people
    • So this is opening the floodgates to PAK ISI 111, in terms of fake loans, fake employees...okay
    • So they are no longer on the OIG plate and payroll
    • So what I'm seeing here is that these people were on the OIG payroll the Office of Inspector General payroll at DHS right
    • So that means they were on the payroll at one point okay?
    • Now what's interesting is there was a temporary person here acting as the Inspector General
    • Now the key question is going to be was that Theresa Grafenstine?
    • The acting it says here the Inspector General's acting chief information officer--chief information security officer
    • The "acting" chief information security officer the only person I know that's filled that role has been in the past has been 316 Theresas Grafenstine, because she sits on a council of all the CIOs, and she has this ability to bring in these these folks, to do the security work
    • So I'm gonna ask Theresa Grafenstine, "request for admission: were you this person?"
    • Hina Alvi: Have you ever worked for the Department for the OIG?
    • Ever worked for the Department of Homeland Security?
    • Same question for Imran?
    • Same question for Jamal
    • These cannot be avoided
    • This is like Larry Klayman drilling down on the Mike Flynn thing over here, which is, "hey Bob Mueller, you're supposed to be drilling down on Hatch Act violations for Federal employees"
    • "How is the stuff you've been doing Hatch Act violations?"
    • "These are people in a campaign they're not even Federal employees yet, and they don't even work for the campaign anymore--they're not government employees anymore"
    • Larry Klayman was gonna win that lawsuit
    • They had to go after a Federal employee, which was gonna be Michael Flynn, even though he only worked there a couple of weeks, they had to go after him, right?
    • So in order to be able to answer Larry's lawsuit
    • So who is this person?
    • Who is the inspector general's this chief information officer?
    • Now maybe this story has been sharted between USA Today and the New York Times
    • But the whole real story which is this OIG hack here of the DHS, right, was what was at the Hawkshead home?
    • That's gonna be the end of this story
    • The story's gonna end there
    • {{ 911: Pile of Blackberries at the end of the Rainbow }}
    • Just like we found the hard drives there
    • Just like Taggart is gonna say that
    • If you asked Andre Taggart today when was the when were that when was the stuff found, he is going to say the first week of March, I guarantee it
    • The first week of March
    • And I would bet that they started renting the home on March 1st, and there and it happened very soon after, a few days after, maybe four or five days after
    • Because Hina Alvi leaves on the fifth
    • So I'm guessing it's gonna be in on the fourth you
  • Day 43.4 MicroPact and CMTS - Choose Your IG CMS - YouTube
    • This is Day 43 and this is part four
    • Now I'm looking into packages that do case management for inspectors general
    • That can't be a very big market right
    • Now I know this I saw this over here CJIS and I immediately thought of Clarksburg, West Virginia with the FBI
    • Like I said it's got to be in a very small select market
    • So here is the Office of Personnel Management this is OPM
    • This is the 21 million people that got hacked
    • It's MICROPACT Was the one who got hacked
    • Simple open source research hard to say
    • I guess on August 31st, 2010---who came into the Congress in 2009? MICROPACT, MICROPACT they got hacked
    • MICROPACT got hacked packed P A C T S PACTS1 PACTS2 that Brillient software is working on right
    • MICROPACT they got hacked okay
    • So this is 21 million people five years later get hacked--that's the information you need to do fake loans
    • That's the information you need to buy people fake cars, fake houses, and bring in and print them fake passports right
    • So over at the Kingston passport Center that's been
    • So popular lately as far as late-night printing
    • So you look at the different case management software packages, and the only one other one kind of game in town is the CMTS, right case management tracking system, all right
    • I don't know a lot about CMTS right
    • Now I just know two things MICROPACT and CMTS
    • But I got out of the list of customers I got all the way to the bottom and then I look at
    • And I see DHS auditors
    • DHS auditors
    • I'm just guessing but I betcha DHS auditors are using CMTS
    • I'm betting that the system that was hacked in March of this year was CMTS
    • They're just--and here we are Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    • If you're John Podesta, you want to know the person who's got the software that's investigating for corrupt practices act
    • You want a heads up
    • That's a big deal
    • If you're a Theresa Grafenstine and you're you want to know Theresa Grafenstine you want to know who's doing FCPA right there
    • I'm not saying they know each other
    • I'm not saying their priests know each other from St. Josephs
    • I'm not saying that at all
    • But what I am saying is you want to know if you're John Podesta you want to know who's at DHS, and you want to know who it has the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act software
    • Because you can see the train coming from Mississippi and you can get to Malta you can get to Malta
    • And I don't know if Tony's in Malta right now, but what you can get to Malta
    • It says right here here it is office of ins offices of inspectors general use the software CMTS
    • So we're gonna be looking for this software
    • We're gonna be doing discovery on either both CMTS and
    • Now here's where Mike McMahan comes in from the FBI he worked at OPM
    • Who could come in and say everybody just got the green light, we never checked anybody, we didn't use the automated name check service we never did any FBI deep dive interviews on anybody, we just waved everybody through and said Ok you can work now
    • I talked to a guy last night who had a secret clearance he was from India who worked in Library of Congress
    • And he went through the whole FBI check
    • He spoke perfect English he was born in the United States
    • His parents were born in India
    • He still he was a he was American he's an American Indian America is what he called himself
    • He still had to go through the FBI check
    • He was born in the United States right here in Washington DC
    • So why weren't the Awans--why didn't the Awans go through this check?
    • that would have been a glaring error for the OPM
    • Why? Because CMTS was hacked CMTS is being hacked every day otherwise these things wouldn't happen
    • The MAVNI program I'm gonna say right
    • Now is gonna be the thing that brings in these hundred thousand free visas there's gonna be a hundred thousand visas excuse me passports
    • There's going to be a hundred thousand passports printed at the Kingston late night of CopyQwik for passports
    • I'm pretty predicting right now:
    • The military assets it's valuable in case of civil insurrection the MAVNI is going to be printed at the Kingston late-night copy shop for passports
    • And it's because CMTS has been hacked
    • I'll say that right now
    • We know MICROPACT got hacked as well okay
    • So we're gonna want all those records
    • We're gonna have obviously send notes over to those folks, and tell them to hold all records
    • MicroPACT and CMTS
    • Now's the time to start diving in on MICROPACT and CMTS seeing all the different places that owned it in the DynCorp backbone
    • Look at all the different hacks that have occurred from DoD and OPM and different hacks
    • And then start just flooding this video with those comments
    • Flood flood this video with those comments thank you very much
  • Day 43.5 DHS OIG Hacked Four Months After Recommediing EINSTEIN and CMS - YouTube
    • This is Day 43 and this is part five
    • I thought I would talk about the hearings that were in the Oversight Committee
    • This is jason Chaffetz is famous Oversight Committee and Trey Gowdy
    • You know this one well from the Benghazi hearings
    • And those are the proceedings to talk about the OPM hack
    • And we brought in different people from them from NASA the CIO there
    • Here the US DEA the Department of Agriculture
    • We all know the APHIS center out in Ames, Iowa
    • So they're making recommendations, and it gives you an idea of which direction the Department of Homeland Security is sending people
    • Now remember the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General is hacked by three employees this March
    • This is after these hearings these hearings that I'm going to talk to you about are actually occurring in November of 2016
    • So four months after this the hearing in front of this Chaffetz committee--the hack occurs to the office of DHS
    • Now this CIO is called Alboum and they're talking about key initiatives and they're bit slack Vilsack, you're gonna see the secretary VILSACK is going to become more important, as we move forward in our investigation
    • But they're talking about intrusion detection--and basically putting a priority on security, a priority on an intrusion detection
    • So they're gonna use this Einstein system
    • Now this doesn't give you much confidence if four months after these hearings and these people are bragging about Einstein, their own systems and DHS get hacked
    • Not a ringing endorsement--not a ringing endorsement okay
    • >>>CONT
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