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The Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Selecting an IPTV Provider

So you cut the cord, already did some reading around research on IPTV, and are now ready to make the jump into the actual act of buying/trying an IPTV service. A lot of guides/stickies out there do a fairly solid job of presenting the info you need in a general sense, but ultimately fall short on providing the key explanation details in some areas that make weeding between the endless options out there after-the-fact a lot easier. So in general...this guide is aimed at you. Think of it as a rather long worded shortcut to what you'd eventually find out and realize for yourself anyway after an endless amount of testing around with different providers while looking for "the one" (which in my case is pushing hard on triple digits at this point btw).
Now before getting into what you ideally want to be looking for it's important to both acknowledge and dispel a couple surrounding IPTV myths. Which ultimately just serve the purpose of leading people down a fruitless side track search for what they **want** to exist, and prolonging the process of picking the best provider for you that actually **does** exist.
This myth is probably the biggest misconception that newbies and/or people looking to save every last penny in particular get hung up on. Regardless how professional that website may look, and/or the effort a provider may put into presenting themselves in a broader "we the company here" sense, it's important not to lose sight of what it is you are actually buying here. At it's core IPTV is a get your profit in the moment business, run in a back room type setting, and built on a model that is offering these providers themselves no guarantee of a tomorrow. As such, the behind-the-scenes infrastructure and decision making processes on when/where to reinvest the profits (if at all) it sees tend to reflect fairly heavily on that. Basically and if making any assumptions always assume profit in pocket is going to stay in pocket (AKA: they ain't running that heavily discounted sale which cuts their own long term profit potential throat with a surrounding goal to turn around and reinvest that money). Even if that means bleeding out some unhappy subs latter while simply choosing to ride out rough patches after a profitable run is achieved.
In the grander scheme of things IPTV boils down to a game of trade offs, and the very first one you should expect going in is the sacrifice being made here. In short, and while the amount of quality channel feeds can/do certainly vary on a provider to provider single IPTV provider out there is offering the same across the board FHD channel lineup as your legit cable company or streaming service (such as Playstation Vue/Sling/DTVnow). Going back to myth #1 (this won't be the first time in this guide)...they simply aren't going to realistically have the invested infrastructure to reliably support that.
One of the more popular general questions always being asked, and which at best are always going to just generate flawed answers that almost never take into account the all important variance factor in play there. For starters, it's important to understand that there is no "static" and across the board factor going in to each of provider's specific sport coverage feeds. They are all usually sourced individually from different places, subject to differing levels of quality/stability, and as a whole have a tendency to see random switch outs for something completely different at any given time (which never comes with a guarantee of maintaining that same exact level of previous quality/stability either). For example, the last 3 providers I tested for a full month all switched their base NFL section feeds at least once during my sub period, some not for the better, and I've yet to ever come across a single provider that saw every one of their sport sections always out-preforming something else I already had.
On top of this, it is also important to not to get caught up in the hypothetical paper theory that everything is going to be ok when you need it to be. Especially on things that are going to see a high amount of server traffic. If you are the type that loves sitting down to watch your NFL Sunday coverage or UFC PPV every month, you really need to account for the outside-the-hypothetical and reality based variance a lot of that stuff can see. NFL coverage in particular can be notorious for running into bad buffering weeks, and that big UFC PPV is always going to subject to a monthly roll of the dice that is more or less unpredictable. Outside the "I've never had a problem!' claims being made by people who are either not watching enough of this stuff to actually notice, or who are just flat out lying, you won't find a single provider that isn't going to let you down hard in these areas at one point or another. Hence...the serious consideration that should always go into running at least 2 different providers. Trust me, I'm as cheap/frugal as they come with a lot of different things in my life, and *always* am looking to save an extra buck wherever I can. But that extreme tendency to be frugal goes out the window in a hurry those moments my Sunday football game/s starts having issues, or when that UFC PPV I've spent all month looking forward to watching live starts buffering heavily on all a provider's feeds right before the main event (I could not load up a backup provider a single time all month and in that moment - it's hands down worth the extra $5 to me and then some).
Lastly and as an extension of everything above, always be wary of any best claim that isn't actually telling you what it is they are specifically watching. If you are a strictly US based content consumer like myself for example, who doesn't watch a lick of soccer, that foreign soccer fanatic poster (who doesn't watch a lick of NFL football) from elsewhere who is essentially basing their entire recommendation on their own experience with something you'll never watch probably isn't the best one for *you*.
Two surface advertisement terms that can be completely misleading. Starting with the fact that for the most part and generally speaking, you are going to find a lot of these providers using the same sourced feeds (example: 4 the 5 providers I keep on my Perfect Player setup atm all use the same one for all the paid movie channels) and regardless of the price they are charging. In fact, price tag usually boils down more to a matter of individual profit margin goals, and something more centered around the market area of people it's aiming to pull it's subs from. For example, Youtube is generally full of a huge amount of people that don't spend any time debating/comparing IPTV on a forum like Reddit, and who as a result are are basically more open to spending $15 on a one line provider when they aren't being openly or directly compared to any of the better $5 providers. Hence, and to break it down in simple street terms - the typical going rate you can effectively charge for an IPTV service over there is higher.
Secondly, "uptime" claims are essentially just BS fluff to an advertisement line. From a user end perspective the more important factor there is the reliability %, or more specifically how often you aren't going to run into any potential playback issues when you click on something you want to watch. Which is obviously a much more complex % to calculate accurately, but don't kid yourself....even among the most reliable providers out there it's not going to be 99%. Or even 95% for that matter. Which is again why, and I know a lot of people out there looking to save every last penny hate hearing this (and why I'll keep making a point to repeat it), it's always going to be recommended by experienced IPTV users that you plan on buying/budgeting fokeeping at least two separate providers.
So with the myths out of the way we'll now move on to better identifying the potential red flags to look out for, and which can help make that initial weeding out of the crap out there a lot less tedious. Especially if/when you aren't hobby shopping like I tend to do, and with at least a decent surrounding expectation that I more or less just threw some $$$ out the window in the name of testing different stuff ;)
See Myth #1 on why this is always a terrible idea to begin with. But never-the-less, that surrounding appeal to get cute in trying to "save" every dollar is always a strong one for many, and there is never a shortage of crappy IPTV providers out there trying to capitalize on this. It's always a safe bet that these deals are essentially being offered because it's the easiest way to rip you off, and the general rule of thumb that 'if it's too good to be true - it probably is" applies in spades here. IPTV providers exist to make $$$, not to be your friend or only take a quick $35 instead of the $60 they might otherwise accumulate in a fraction of that time with any internal projection of still even being around and thriving 6 months down the road.
My personal favorites on these are the ones running with a "LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!" add btw. Now stop and think this completely through for a hot minute. Even if you want to believe these are not a scam, if a provider is apparently so hard up for cash that they need to sell a couple heavily discounted lifetime subs at a measly $50 or whatever...what is that really telling you about the overall financial situation going on in the backround? (extra hint: providers without a financially stable base on the back end are always going to make for both the worst short and long term bets).
I'm sure you've run across them. Copy and pasted in short format wherever they can find IPTV interest, and usually re-posted again after being taken down. "7000+ CHANNELS! 40 DIFFERENT INTERNATIONAL GROUPS! 5000 VOD TITLES! INCLUDES ALL SPORTS! 24/7 UPTIME AND SUPPORT! BLAH BLAH BLAH". Yet other then an original poster not even bothering to list the price and that is simply replying "PM me" to everybody instead of engaging in any personalized conversation, you can't seem to dig up any actual information on them. No reviews, no other users with an account that wasn't made the previous day talking about or recommending them, ect.
Now your first instinct might be to think to yourself 'wow that is a a lot of stuff to be offering, and I've been looking for a good US based provider that also offers some polish channels for a while now. Maybe this will be a hidden gem!". You need to ignore that first instinct though, because the reality there usually amounts to the easiest crap filter warning of them all. Unless of course you are specifically looking for a provider that basically just throws together the cheapest channel feeds possible they can find, with no real emphasis placed on anything beyond the initial advertisement sell. Much less one placed on maintained reliability. Fun fact - No provider that has accomplished any notable level of popularity on reddit, while I've been posting here at least, got their push start from these type of mindless spam ads. Of the couple hidden gems I have hit on, none were just random buys on my behalf without a little finger pointing in that direction from somebody I trusted either. I'm genuinely like 0-30 and down a couple hundred bucks on random shots in the dark lol.
Another fun fact - Outside a virgin public message board like the one I'm posting this on now, most feedback places you'll find see a heavy population of people with an underlying interest in reselling these IPTV services for profit. As such, the potential overall "popularity" any individual one can achieve isn't going to be equal, and will largely be dependent on the profit margin potential being offered to resellers behind it. So basically, being more popularity doesn't always translate into a default assumption that it's going to be better. For example, Provider One (we'll use N24 which I just reviewed btw) may be a great value on the pure consumer end at $6/per account, but only offer a bulk account sale rate that comes out to $5/per for resellers (a small difference which then also has to account for website/transaction fees, the potential absorption of charge backs from unhappy customers, ect). Provider Two isn't as reliable/stable and hence might not of made my cut on providers I choose to sit down with for an entire month of testing, but the difference between their individual consumer offered rate and the one being offered to resellers in bulk might be $5. Guess which one is going to end up seeing a lot more reseller sales, and as a result gross a higher total amount of hype/recommendations? ;)
On top of this, and we'll just go ahead and label this "The Vader Streams rule" - more people is generally never a better thing once a provider branches out from it's initial growing stage. Again, check your wishful thinking assumptions of what ideally **should** happen on the provider end at the door and go back and re-read Myth #1. Or more specifically, don't lose sight of the basic math principle going into all this. These pirated servers trying to turn an expiration date which could always be tomorrow profit, and that don't have big corporation $$ behind them, are realistically only going to be able to comfortably accommodate X amount of people before running into server load issues. The more outlets you have dumping in subs and/or an endless stream of free trials towards that limit, the faster things are potentially going to go to buffering crap.
Granted there are some exceptions to this, specifically among the long running and super well known providers already running a couple 100k subs. But for newer or up and coming providers, this is pretty standard customer service stuff to expect nowadays. It can also be a great go-to way, or at least was before some started (understandably) restricting access to paying members only, to really get a legit pre-purchase feel of what a provider is all about. If able my advice is to always hop in one of these chats first thing, and at least make the effort to read a couple days back. Paying extra attention to how active the chat is, how often are the people asking for help receiving some, and how much overall complaining about the service is going on.
Saved the best for last, and since I already know this is going to be highly controversial for many. I do get it though, and realize a lot of people out there love the added all-in-one benefit of having their VOD bundled in. But again and to remind people that IPTV tends to boil down to a game of trade offs, it's important to realize though that such a benefit comes at a cost. Namely that it's shared existence tends to leech away from your provider's servers and the one area you should care most about paying out on IPTV to begin with....Live TV stability. In fact, nowadays you can pretty much even conclude that the only services out there completely ignoring the long term legal concerns and pushing hard on some "MASSIVE VOD COLLECTION!!!" sell aspect anymore are only doing so to essentially compensate for the fact that their live tv stream stability (not to mention the underlying investment on their end going in to it) isn't measuring up to some of the better ones to be found out there.
Bottom line - None of the providers I've tested and would recommend as having one of the best and most stable live TV stream experiences possible offer a notably huge or extensive VOD selection, if it's even being offered at all. Which in essence leaves you with a one or the other priority choice to be made don't get an option to have the best of both worlds.
***(additional red flag note - a lot of people would choose to include the lack of a free trial here, and which while always nice to see...honestly couldn't be further from the actual truth. The reality there is that for the most part and outside brand new providers who essentially are forced into begging for more subs, free trials are essentially a waste of time/effort on the provider end. As in maybe on average 1-2 out of every 100 lead to an actual sale, then sees most of the rest just create a fresh email address and re-apply to leech another freebie. Where as even a $1 leech filter price on the trial tends to vastly limit the amount of inquired trial requests, but while drastically increasing the actual buy rate % that results out of them. This approach also tends to cater more on the flip side to, you know...the people already paying out in full on the service and who don't see any potential benefit in having a bunch of constant leechers eating up the finite amount of server capacity)***
Myths and potential red flags to look out for aside, we'll now move on to the fairly straight forward basics. Which starts with an understanding that for the most part...any provider worth a dang is essentially offering you the same exact thing as the next one. More obscure channel offerings and international feeds (if any) can vary of course, but it is all largely built on the same platform sell regardless of cost, and especially if you are primarily after US content. All the popular channels and then some will be present, all the major sports and PPVs will be be covered, ect ect. In short and assuming you are already following the guidelines laid out above, you don't have a waste any time asking whether a provider has ESPN or Fox Sports, the NFL package, Soccer game coverage, or plans to carry the next UFC PPV. To quote an old Ragu spaghetti sauce commercial - it's in there.
So with that all that said, I **strongly** recommend starting your search in the $5/month price range, and as already noted above with a preferable aim that you'll ultimately be shopping for two different providers. From the "I just want the basics" point of view, and given all the emerging quality options that already exist in this price bracket, there is really no legitimate reason outside your own (usually misguided) wishful thinking fantasies to stretch beyond that. Depending on your own individual experience preferences, there are exceptions to this rule where paying out more can be beneficial though. Which I personally like to summarize up as what additional feature offerings are unique enough to be classified as "premium", and hence potentially worth the extra cost:
TV catchup is a continuous recording log of everything airing on the specific channel it's being offered on, and spanning back X amount of days before gradually being over-written by the new stuff (time period depending on the provider, and where longer logs as I'm about to explain aren't always the most ideal btw). I included the reliable tag there because while only a small % of providers offer it nowadays, even fewer tend to actually get it right. Basically due to the fact that it can generally be a tricky pita to both add and successfully maintain on the provider end, and therefore ultimately regulated to something that ends up being viewed more as window dressing for their features advertisement then something that actually sees a lot of consistent maintenance effort.
When it is done right it can be a fairly invaluable tool in your streaming arsenal though, especially for adequately covering your playback area needs in a timely manner when the otherwise fantastic free VOD options like Kodi/APK's don't. For example and in my own experiences: CBS soap operas, same night WWE PPVs, UFC/Bellator shows airing on FS1/Paramount, ect.
Being able to watch your provider on one then more device at a time is obviously a biggie, and usually the #1 feature people rightfully look for in any value based offering. That said, it's also **extremely important** to be mindful here that the surrounding concern within Myth #1 and the X amount of server capacity red flag math above still can apply in spades here. Especially if/when those extra connections are not IP locked, and can therefore be shared/abused among multiple people. It's really really easy for servers offering this, which on the provider end is aimed at selling the most amount of subs in the least amount of time (with not a lot of caution thinking usually going towards it's down the road future), to start hitting problem inducing server capacity levels in comparatively quick order.
This goes double for the cheap people out there who are still going to ignore the advice I laid out twice already on buying at least 2 separate providers. This also includes the option for SD alternatives as well. Don't underestimate the potential value in having backup options you can immediately switch to once outside of ideal "everything is running smooth" paper theory, and especially when it comes to the day in and day out reality of running with IPTV as your only access to what you are sitting down to watch live
This in particular applies to you android box/stick users out there. Coming in right after that wishful thinking expectation of a complete FHD channel lineup is the reality sacrifice you have to expect on the program guide aspect. With the exception of one established APK out there and another one that's still a stability work-in-progress, pretty much every single provider is offering the same exact player options to run your your service on. All of which have their own pros and cons, and none of which include anything even remotely resembling that hassle free channel surfing experience you found in cable TV. At best the guides are clunky while still retaining a more 80's vibe generic type feel. At worst they aren't even worth the hassle, or just flat out non-existent.
No fail shopping rule of thumb here btw - Don't spend more then $10/mo for 1 connection or $15 total (regardless of the offered connection total they force bundle in) on anything that is just defaulting to using Smarters as their APK. If it's running Smarters as it's base APK (instead of you know...being "premium" and actually developing their own), and it isn't offering a less aggressive upfront $10 or less buy in plan option to start is extremely likely you buying what essentially amounts to an inferior IPTV product and overpaying in comparison to what else one can find out there. Period.
50-60 fps CHANNEL FEEDS:
As an IPTV whole most of the reliable feeds you find are going to be 30fps, which is generally due to surrounding costs, bandwidth concerns, and a need to cater more the consumer masses who generally don't mix well with the increased probability that their unknowingly weakened wifi internet connection is going to lead to buffering. None of which is to say this should be viewed as some "more is always better" make or break factor either, or that those 30 fps can't be of high picture quality mind you. In fact in a lot instances, such as my TV shows/movies or something like a UFC PPV, I honestly could care less about FPS and half the time couldn't even pick them out on sight alone anyway (which in the case of UFC PPVs routinely is never the best quality one to begin with imo/btw). That said and for other stuff like my NFL football games...I do find it to be a nice extra have, and indeed find myself making that effort to search out.
**(additional extra note - While I won't go as far as to label it a premium feature, a lot can be said about having a large extra lineup of local channel feeds for ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX. Especially when it comes to keeping you covered for something like NFL football games, and which can be a day saver when as noted earlier your direct NFL package feed runs into that bad week of buffering. The locals are usually always carrying those games)***
Lastly but certainly not least, I'm going to close this guide out with one last bit of advice. Something routinely ignored, and which honestly is most common pitfall of them all that people find themselves falling into. Not to mention the #1 gateway to making a bad decision - DON'T GO INTO THIS TRYING TO SAVE EVERY LAST DOLLAR ON DAY ONE! Seriously, I can't stress this enough. At minimum your first 2 months should be dedicated to trying and testing different things. Because regardless how much total info I can cram into a guide, or how many people line up to tell you what your own best choice will be.... **nothing** trumps that extended period of first hand trial and error. Especially considering all the potential variance factors that can come into play, and where something that is great for me might not be great for you for whatever random reason (location, primary channel interests in things I never watch or tested, ect). Don't be overly cheap and hesitant to pay out a measly $1 trial cost on something of potential interest that requires one, and don't get lazy in that approach with the first decent thing that comes along either. In fact and whatever you do decide to buy, go in to that purchase both completely open and all but expecting to buy something different the following month. Even if you pick well that first try. If those latter choices end up busting out, you'll always have the option to go back and re-spend that measly $5 or whatever again on whatever provider you liked best before.

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[Table] IAmA: We made BET RAISE FOLD, a documentary about the boom and bust of online poker in the USA - ASK US ANYTHING!

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Date: 2013-12-09
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Questions Answers
Do you think online poker will go through another boom when it is fully reintegrated in the United States? What is the biggest way that most online poker pros have maintained their way of living post Black Friday? Do you have any other docs in the works? I really enjoyed Bet Raise Fold. I think it would be v hard for it to "boom" (like explode out of nowhere like it did in the 2000s) again, but it will surely grow, and I'm optimistic that it will grow to be an even larger industry than before (over the long run, could take a decade or more). like Yoda says, "hard to see, the future is." totally applies to the future of online poker - there are so many known and unknown variables at play at all times.
How much of 2M2MM was staged? It was a very entertaining show to watch.. any chances for another season? Hmm, hard to say. all reality TV is staged to some degree. from what I understand/gleaned from the production team working on the show (they were all vets of the reality TV world, worked on shows like Amazing Race and Ghost Hunters), 2M2MM trended much closer to the documentary side of reality tv than most. that said, I often compare the experience of 2M2MM like being an actor playing myself - and I think everyone who participated would prob agree w that. the plots of each episode were set up in advance (though we'd argue vigorously with the prodco to make sure if anything was "set up for the show" it'd be something we normally might do in real life). the most staged stuff would be like the house wars vs aejones/luckychewy (situation set up for the show), or aspects of the Benyamine match (Erica Schoenberg is at the pool specifically for our scene, it's not a chance encounter), or Dani and Chewy hunting for girls for the Connect 4 Charity episode. the completely real stuff is all the poker action - our bankrolls and emotions on full display for the world!
The Tilt Room was set up for the show, too - maybe my greatest invention all time. smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer is an awesome way to de-tilt (but very wasteful!!! smashing pottery - more responsible way to fill your tilt room, ppl)
Did you guys ever wake up Emil? On 2M2MM, the production team famously had to break down two doors of his (he won the master bedroom and it was so ballin it had two doors he could lock to keep people out) to wake him up for a shoot towards the end of filming.
We did wake him up, and he had a piece of that action - so it was a more pleasant awakening than the times we'd prank wake him by telling him all the pizzerias in NY were on strike or the house was on fire.
Actually, did Viffer ever find out about his pot bet bluffing tell? I heard he went into lockdown and wouldn't come out until he had fixed it :)
Who would be in your team of poker player super heroes and who would their x-men or avengers counter parts be? Maybe best question anyone has ever asked.
Ashton Griffin - Wolverine.
Ben "Sauce" Sulsky - Beast.
Ziigmund - Thor.
Dani Stern - The Incredible Hulk.
Vanessa Selbst - Jean Grey.
Aaron "aejones" Jones - Iron Man.
Jennifer Harman - Storm.
Erik Seidel - Captain America.
Chris Ferguson - Gambit.
Not a superhero but Howard Lederer is totally Kingpin. (actually, Kingpin might have to be Ivey...)
ROSENKRANTZ - Do you still play poker as a main source of income? When you do play do you play online outside of the US or live? Nope - i actually don't play much poker at all, outside of WSOP. i'll play in home games now and then but it's mostly a social thing. was thinking about making an extended trip to Montreal to visit Martin, hear him play music and grind online next year... i miss playing online poker a TON. what's more fun than stacking n00bs with AA.
Check-raising stupid fucking tourists? Stacks and towers of checks I can't even see over!!!
Do you think that you could persuade the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver to have a showing? If these three screenings (Yonkers, Austin, KC) are profitable for them, or I can show them we have a strong group of people in Denver who'd come out, it's a possibility...
Yo Krantz, where is the information on the one in Yonkers? I live in Queens would love to go and show my support. Oh man, thanks for the support - it happened last week though :/
How often do you play live/online (hours per week/month or whatever)? What stakes? Also, you guys toss money around like toilet paper. Send me a couple grand so i can make a tilt/lockdown room and go pro. Thanks, man! If you surf through some of the other posts in this thread you can read some more, but since Black Friday I don't play much poker live or online. If there were legal online poker in my state right now, I'd probably dabble in small and mid stakes and try to build up a bankroll playing NLHE/PLO cash (shorthanded and heads up) and the occasional tournament!
2M2MM was in 2009, 4+ years later and all that toilet paper is more valuable to everybody :)
With your experience in documentary and financing, can you get "I BET YOU" tv series back in production? phil laak craziness needs to be serialized. If I ever run into him, I will plant the seed. should have run 6 seasons and a movie.
Do you think bitcoin will change the future of online gambling? I'm still trying to wrap my head around bitcoin... i have these handy videos bookmarked to watch as soon as i get some free time! Link to
Link to
Do you see the games remaining as reg-infested and hard as they are now? Is there a point where everything about NLHE is basically known and therefore the skill level of most pros will be capped? Not if the sites figure out how to bring in more casual players - a priority for their businesses as the US market legalizes and the global market matures. Hard to say what the games could look like in 5 years... I think there will be fewer pros/regs. Also think NLHE will always be the most popular game even though basic strategy is pretty well known to anyone who wants to put in the time.
Hi, Jay. Great movie, really enjoyed it. Thanks! My plans are really to throw myself into writing and producing with the same focus and intensity that I gave to poker during my early 20s. I'd like to write and publish some books (fiction, nonfiction, poker, nonpoker), write and produce more movies, TV, games... I'm inspired by artists like Joss Whedon, Ray Bradbury, Hayao Miyazaki, Bill Watterson... entrepreneurs like Tim League, Burnie Burns and Felicia Day and the folks at VHX and Pixar and Valve... Basically, I want to build a career in popular entertainment, telling smart, resonant stories to larger and larger audiences. And I want to work with the best people I can while I do this.
What are your plans for the next 1-5 years? I also plan to win the WSOP Main Event, but that could take 6-7 years because you gotta get lucky!
Are you still friends with the cast from 2M2MM and do you and any of them still rent a house in Vegas for the summer? We are great friends! I actually lived with Emil and Brian in a house this summer while I was out at the WSOP premiering BRF. We worked out a ton (Brian is REALLY into Olympic weightlifting these days) and watched lots of movies. There was a movie theater room in the house and those guys have eclectic wide ranging tastes in film so it was really fun. One of our favorites was this Norwegian crime thrilleblack comedy called Headhunters: Link to
Also I was one of the many backers on Kickstarter for BRF. How tedious was it putting everyone's name in the credits? Dani, Brian and Emil lived together in Toronto for awhile post Black Friday but now Dani has a serious girlfriend, a dog and a cat and they're all living in different countries (well, Dani and Brian live near each other in Mexico but Emil's in Finland)
As poker players, do you feel like you've lost an appreciation for money? Who do you think is the most overrated poker player nowadays? I definitely lost any conception of the value of the dollar during the height of the online poker boom. Post Black Friday, 3 years later, I feel like I have a much healthier and more reasonable relationship with money. I think any serious poker player has to divorce himself from the value of money in order to risk it with complete and utter disregard for anything but the expected value of the play. If I had to answer the overrated question... I'd say wcrider (sp?) is overrated. Not skill wise - I have no idea how good or bad he is objectively - but I've read a few of his forum posts on 2p2 and he is clearly young with a huge ego, and you just can't be the best in the world with an ego the size of an elephant (though it can give you some huge competitive advantages). But see how subjective a question like this is? For the most part the idea of underrated or overrated players is worthless, variance is a way bigger factor than anyone understands... the only person who can truly and accurately "rate" a poker player's skill is the player themselves!
Will there be any new videos on TheMicros? I so hope so. The major problem for us is the economics... the cost of animating those episodes is pretty big in terms of money and time. The sponsorship model worked great pre-Black Friday, but post Black Friday and the market for an animated poker show is completely different. John and I have thought about Kickstarting it, but I'm not confident we could raise enough money to do it the way we'd want to (if we come back, we want to come back full throttle, with regularly scheduled content and season long storylines... we don't want to just put up an episode or two here or there). There are a few options I've been thinking about, but they're just ideas at this point.
There's a big possibility we'll come back soon with regular comics, though. You can check out some examples of what these would look like on our Facebook page (there's a photo gallery of the ~12 comics we've done so far): Link to
Hey all, what are your thoughts on regulated poker, putting Delaware politely to one side, is there half a chance of it being successful in New Jersey, without interstate compacts? By successful, I probably mean will we see guy n girls like you in that state playing for a living? Will there be the liquidity to sustain a more than a handful of full timers? I think it will be successful but it will not explode overnight, it will take time and nurturing like any good crop... growing the igaming business in NJ, the companies' priorities are not necessarily directly in line with catering to guys/gals like us who want to play for a living. So I don't think you'll see many full timers playing exclusively on NJ sites. See Joe Tall's post in this thread for more insight into this, it's pretty good!
Probably too late but I'll give it a shot anyway. I tried to/try to study and it felt like pulling teeth. I became interested in applications of game theory for a few months and the challenge of reeducating myself in basic maths was interesting... but even then I didn't feel as energized or excited about thinking about poker as I did when I was able to play and compete consistently. I decided recently that I'd just take a break until I was able to play consistently again (I have been thinking about a trip to NJ or out of the country to grind for a bit, but it's just an idea right now).
Any words of advice here? I'm tired so this is kind of rambly and I'm just talking some of this out loud for the first time, but I hope this helps a bit. Post Black Friday I've done a lot of reevaluating my relationship with poker and the expectations I have of it and it's done a lot to reverse feelings of anger, sadness and frustration at the US situation (and at the game in general).
What was the biggest thing you guys have bet on beside poker? Games of NFL Blitz, trick pool shots, what LuckyChewy thinks the distance from the Earth to the sun is, whether [name redacted] can get those strippers to come ride the inflatable dolphin, oveunder of how long they can ride it for before falling in pool... countless thousands have been won and lost on these diabolical problems.
off, great movie! It was well worth the wait. My question is this, what is the craziest, most extravagant thing you purchased with your poker winnings? Thank you! whitelime reminds me of a night in NYC at a club called Arena (who knows if this place still exists), where we went heads up against NYG running back Brandon Jacobs in a bottle-buying war. the bottles came equipped with sexy bottle babes and sparklers. we lost the bottle war to BJ (in hindsight i think we lost the battle, too - huuuge tab)
I want to first thank you for establishing an amazing training site in DC. It has helped my game immensely. For the questions: would you consider yourself more of a filmmaker or poker player at this point? In a podcast slowhabit noted poker helped his entrepeneurship immensely and vice versa. Do you see any similar parallels b/t poker and film-making? Thanks! I'll always consider myself a poker player, but in terms of profession I suppose I'm trending towards the filmmaker side of the coin. But all of the creative work I do will be influenced by the unique way I see the world - a viewpoint heavily influenced by poker. It's an insanely beautiful game: a complex blend of strategy, tactics and human emotion. Being a poker player isn't a profession to me, it's something I can't help... at this point it's part of the fabric of my identity.
I don't think we would have ended up with a movie this good (or maybe not a movie at all!) if Taylor and I didn't bring our backgrounds in poker and entrepreneurship to bear to make as many +EV decisions as we possibly could over the entirety of the project. In a lot of ways filmmaking is an entrepreneurial pursuit, in a lot of ways producing a movie is like multitabling high stakes online poker. You're juggling tons of variables, managing human relationships, analyzing risk, making high pressure decisions...
I talk a lot about this stuff in this podcast with Jared Tendler: Link to
I really enjoyed the movie and showed it to my family. But their reaction across the board was: "But they only portray people who win in the game!". What do you think of this reaction? Isn't portraying mostly the pros or winning player missing a big slice of what online poker is. We were originally interested in finding a losing player... posting what Ryan posted earlier about this: "Yes, we were planning to follow someone exactly like that. However, we found it more challenging than we expected to find a compelling, losing player who was willing to go on camera. For example, I spoke briefly with grimstarr (online poker veterans will know who this is) about appearing in the film, but there were too many complications involved." After Black Friday it became pretty much impossible for us to add another character, winner or loser. We also felt like the downsides of poker had already been given a lot of treatment in the cultural representation of the game... but nothing had been done to authentically show the lives of modern professional poker players during the poker boom. Still, we did have many conversations about the losers, about the pros who are staked, etc... what we should or could convey about that aspect of the game... ultimately we decided we needed to stick to our core characters (especially after Black Friday) and their experiences. We did make an effort to explore the psychological consequences of losing as a professional, and the risks that you take on when you do play this game for a living... hopefully that sequence in the last third of the film can show that even the winners are losers, and they lose often! Basically, a lot of the energy for this project's conception was to showcase what it was like to be an online pro player, and dispel misconceptions that the public has about poker and online poker. To show the injustice done to the industry as a result of the UIGEA... to show what caused the boom... historical events like this, put into context in a digestible way. That was the driving motivation in making the film and selecting Danielle, Tony and Martin - and after Black Friday, their stories were all that mattered to this particular film. Hope this sheds some light on our thinking.
Hey Krantz! Play tons of poker, think about it with a truly open mind and engage in critical discussion of poker with tons of players of all skill levels. Tenacity and fearlessness are your words to live by (and maybe "breathe," for when you're tilting).
What advice would you have for an online player from the us that plays on bovada to move up the stakes. Currently grinding double-up sit n gos and crushing ? I really love this post about training and practice. If you want to move up and become better, work hard and work smart: Link to
Jay, I asked you on twitter during the months leading up to the release about selling autographed pictures of some online pros in the movie on kickstarter to raise money. You replied saying it was a good idea and you'd look into it. I was thrilled, but become really bummed when I saw that the signed movie poster costs $200. I wish I could afford it, but I just can't. I graduate from university in a week and still don't have a job offer, so this is above my price range. Since you have 18/20 left, is there a chance of a price drop for them in the future? We actually only managed to get about 5-7 signed posters total and ran out! but email me your info at [email protected] and i will see if we can find some way to get you something cool! (i remember your tweets!)
In the home game you had on 2m2mm, did Andrew robl ever tell you what his other card was? He showed you a jack he hit on the river.. He didn't - I tried to get it out of him, but he wouldn't say. based on what I know of him i'm 95% sure it was a good fold (5% he made a sick bluff and is so buddha he doesn't need to brag or show it on TV)
I loved BRF by the way and my dad liked it too. It helped him understand "my world" a little better. You gotta learn the language of filmmaking, and you gotta experiment (in poker terms, you can't just study - you hafta play hands!). So try to make a little short documentary about something (this is what we did - FROM BUSTO TO ROBUSTO ended up being essential practice in learning to make something as big as BRF) and take it all the way through from preproduction to marketing and distribution, even if it's just on the tiniest scale.
I'm sure you learned so much throughout the course of making the film, so if you could go back to give yourself advice from when you just started BRF, what would you say? Thanks! It's awesome to hear about friends/family enjoying the movie. I'm heading out to host this theatrical screening in Austin but I will get back to you on your question tonight. OK, I'm back. I'm glad you love FCH because my first bit of advice is to read the ebook he just released: Link to
I am curious on roughly how sales are going? How did you choose how to distribute the film. Really enjoyed the film. Direct sales through VHX were great. Not tens of thousands of people but very strong for an independent documentary. The decision to distribute the film through a combination of Kickstarter, VHX and Tugg (skipping film festivals in favor of debuting at the 2013 World Series of Poker) was made mostly as a result of talking to other filmmakers, studying the success of Indie Game: The Movie (Link to and reading Think Outside the Box Office (Link to
If we could go back and do it again I don't think we would have done much differently. The biggest change I'd have made to our strategy would have been to organize a ~6 city Tugg tour of the film to build hype before the online release, and to incorporate Kickstarter earlier in the production (it would have been really fun and cathartic to share the ups and downs of the whole production process with backers!)
Just rewatched 2M2MM a few weeks back...LOL at Jay's roller skating penalty stunt. Question about the did you decide on profiling Dunst, Alexei and Danielle? Who else was a finalist to be featured? Still got those roller skates!
Why does ansky keep knocking me out of ftops!! Pretty sure this stems from his anger issues. see 2M2MM Mach 5 snap call argument for evidence. he HULKS out when he sees your SN and smashes your soul!
Not so much a question as an obvious point. Loved the film, loved being a part of it and helping out. I really don't have anything else. If anyone here hasn't seen the film yet, do so asap. It really is an incredible piece of work. Love you too, bro! and not just because you're also named Jay. it's because the goddamn FORCE IS WITH YOU.
Given that Jay's poker training site, "Deuces Cracked" ( Link to ), actually make Duck merchandise ( Link to ), and your username is PERSIANDUCK i think you guys should form the first poker supergroup and call yourselves "THE MIGHTY DUCKS". Those ducks are collectors items!!!
I assume this question was targeted at Jay or Tony/Danielle/Martin, but the most extravagant thing I ever purchased was an $800 couch. Still had the wrapper on it and everything. Where'd you get $800?
Jay,The Texas Legislator will go back in to session in Jan of 2015. I expect that there will be hearing for both live and online poker. Since your living in the Austin would you be willing to testify at the State Capitol in Austin in front of the Texas State Legislator to help bring poker to Texas. I love comedy but have 0 appetite for politics. I don't believe I could say anything that would be more helpful than what we've said in making Bet Raise Fold, and I don't believe that anything but money will help bring poker to Texas :)
Very tedious, but well well worth it. Thanks so much for supporting the project! Yes, huge thank you for backing us!
Krantz, in a deucescracked video where you commentated with ariel about his match against tie53, bit of a famous hand. Q67hh-Tss, Tie53 check raises a committing size on the turn. we fold Q6. Do you still think this was a close fold with Q6 or do you appreciate now that it was probably wrong. Don't recall the specifics of that hand but I think past Jay/past Ariel were probably right and no one, not even me from the future, would know better than them :)
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[Table] IAmA: I Am Chris Kluwe, NFL Punter, and I wrote a book called Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.

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Besides Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, what is your favorite book? Ender's Game, but I wish Orson Scott Card wasn't such a turd. He wrote this brilliant book on empathy and then completely missed the point. What a dick move.
What does Adrian Peterson smell like? Orange peanut.
Hey I met you a few years ago. Here is the picture we took So for my question what do you think the hardest part about punting is? Oh goddammit.
I don't care about your silly rules Kluwe. How's the punter battle going with the Raiders so far? Do you think you'll beat out Marquette for the starting job? Going well. He has a strong leg, but needs to work on his consistency. I like my chances, but it's ultimately up to the coaches.
Who is the funniest player you've ever played with? Jared Allen.
What guy did you always dread punting to? Hester. Not so much because I didn't want to punt to him, but because my coaches made me kill my stats trying to keep it out of his hands.
Why should I buy your book? Because if you don't, the terrorists win.
Seriously though, I tried to highlight some important issues I feel need to be talked about, all of which trace back to a lack of rational empathy within society. If we don't learn how to treat each other with equality and the recognition that everyone has free will and is allowed to make their own choices in life, then we're going to follow every single other civilization that's ever existed into the dustbin of history. It won't happen right away, but we're definitely on that path so many others have walked. We have to do something different, and for me, that's rational empathy.
I think in that regard, we as a society need to drop the punitive mindset, the notion that while everyone has free will, if your will doesn't line up with mine or the status quo you somehow 'deserve to be punished.' It has led to nothing but unwarranted suffering and ruined lives. It is the opposite of what a free and equal society should do and it is an old, outdated mindset. What are your thoughts? The cornerstone has to be freedom to live your own life, and making sure others have the same. As long as you don't infringe on someone's right to make their own choices (with the caveat that they can't be infringing on someone else either), then I literally do not care what you do with your life, because I would like the same respect extended to me.
Football question: There was a punt late in the season (maybe vs. Green Bay? I don't remember) where both gunners were left uncovered while the other team tried to block the punt. As a punter, do you have the power to check to a fake punt in a situation like that? Depends on the coaching staff and situation. Some teams will have a no questions asked fake if certain opportunities arise, others won't call a fake ever. The coaches are the main arbiters there.
How much of a role do you believe your social activism played in your separation from the Vikings? I think I am happy to be playing for the Raiders right now, and there may or may not be a second book at some point in the future when I'm done playing football.
Hi Kluwe, thanks for doing this AMA. I’ve been a huge fan of the Raiders for over 12 years now, ever since I was old enough to really understand the game. I was pumped when I heard you got picked up by the Raiders, as you’ve quickly become on my favorite players in the league with the work you’ve done. It goes without saying that being a Raiders fan hasn’t exactly been easy lately. What with the disappointing last decade, ever-changing coaching staff, JaMarcus, playoff drought, having to play the ugly ass Broncos twice a year, /nfl stabbing jokes, wearing black in the summer heat, having dirt on our field, having to babysit Philip Rivers twice a year, tuck rule, Al Davis, Mark Davis’s haircut, being stereotyped as a criminal just for wearing a Raiders shirt, and having to deal with Chiefs fans twice a year. Still, I think I can speak for most of Raider Nation when I say we are excited by what the next few seasons will bring. We have full faith in Reggie to turn this team around, and we’ve been slowly acquiring the talent needed to be successful while also dumping the dead weight and bad attitudes that have perpetuated this mess for so long. I’m sorry I just spent your AMA talking about a different Oakland Raiders’ special team machine, that’s probably a massive slap in your face. I could also go on about Condo, but I don’t want to make you too jealous. I hope you understand where I’m coming from when I say that as a diehard Raiders fan, the snappeholdekicker trifecta is really important to me. . Really. Your first job in my eyes is to hold for Sebass, because I never want to have to see you punt ever (although I’m definitely thankful you’re good at that part of your job too). Lechler was a great punter, and if it wasn’t for that other Guy, he would have definitely been the greatest punter in Raiders history by far. However, what people too often fail to give him credit for were his incredibly consistent holds. Condo-Lechler-Janikowski was a well-oiled machine that was effectively flawless. This season we’re replacing that middle cog with a Kluwe, and although Condo-Kluwe-Janikowski would be alright for any other team, this is the Oakland Raiders, and “alright” when it comes to our kicking game is not alright. 1) Janikowski will be your third kicker in as many years, and your first left footer. Has it been difficult getting used to holding for different players, especially a lefty? *2)** You’ve held for some pretty solid kickers so far, but I was just wondering if it feels any different holding for a massive man like Janikowski as opposed to that little punk Walsh? I mean for real, is that kid even 200 pounds? 1) The first kicker I ever held for was a left footed kicker in college, Justin Medlock, so it's actually harder for me to hold for a righty than for a lefty. My job is to get the ball exactly where he wants it, and I don't plan on screwing that up.
5) Please give rookie Tyler Wilson a noogie or something to let you wear #8 for at least one game. This is your chance to go full Ray Guy out there. If switching numbers for a week is against the rules, feel free to give Wilson a noogie anyway. 5) Heh, I'm happy with 5, and Ray Guy is in a class of his own. I also try to avoid giving teammates noogies in case they decide to do it back.
Have you ever met Aaron Hernandez? Did he attempt to murder you or give any other sign that he was a murderer? I did not, and I didn't see him murder anyone on the field.
Why do the Vikings keep taking all the Packer players? Because the Seahawks keep taking all the Vikings players.
Do you believe that NFL teams and organizations should make a more concerted effort to establish a pro-gay environment? Or do you think that teams should just focus on football? Thanks. Edit : Ninja. Yes, but mainly as it relates to getting rid of gay slurs and unthinking homophobia. I guarantee I've played with gay players before, and somehow we avoided having even a single locker room orgy (I wasn't at the Love Boat so I can't attest to that). The focus should be on football, and not about putting down a group of people because of their sexuality.
When you say "I guarantee" do you mean that you know of some or are you just playing the odds game here and assuming that of the dozens of guys with whom you've played, some of them had to be gay? Odds game.
What will you miss most about your time in Minnesota? (Thank you for all you have done for the state by the way!) Sitting inside during thunderstorms in the summer, and blizzards in the winter. There's something very comforting about knowing you're not out in really shitty weather. California doesn't really get a whole lot of weather.
While I have yet to read your book, you seem like a really intelligent, all-around awesome dude. Do you ever engage in debate with your fellow teammates or other NFL players? For some reason I'm imagining you overseeing an open forum on free speech in the locker room... I do, but only if other guys want to initiate it. I'm never going to try and force someone to have a conversation they don't want to have, but if they want to have one I'm more than happy to talk with them. We've had some great discussions in the Vikings locker room over the years (and no, I won't tell you about them :p)
If the unthinkable happens, and you aren't the starter in Oakland, will you pursue another Punting job somewhere else or retire? IF you retire, what do you think you will do for a living? Write? Work as an NFL Analyst? Something else entirely? I'll look for another punting position, because I think I still have some good years left in me, but if it doesn't work out I'll probably focus super hard on writing and do that for a while. Also probably do speaking engagements for schools and stuff, done quite a few of those already.
Imagine I don't know who you are. I'm just a random person in a bookstore. Why would I buy a book written by an NFL punter? Because it's not the standard football autobiography, and it will probably make you laugh, and hopefully make you think. If all else fails, you'll learn some new swear words.
Now that you're working in Oakland and Prop 8 was just repealed by the Supreme Court, have you found yourself turning into a lustful cockmonster? Totally.
1) As a Raiders fan, welcome to the team and especially thank you for your continued support for Ray Guy to the Hall of Fame. For some odd reason when I was younger I wanted to be a kicker and always enjoyed punting the football up and down the street with my friends. 2) On your Conan interview, you briefly mentioned also enjoying table top miniature war gaming. What table top game is it that you play, and does your gaming hobby also spread its wings into board games? Warmachine primarily (Cryx), though I also have a fairly decent sized Warhammer 40k army (Tyranids). I love involved board games like Arkham Horror and Risk: Legacy, stuff like that. Anything that has a deep mechanics system I can dive into I'll probably try at least once.
I bet you play eGaspy as your main caster too :P. For a bit, but I primarily run eGoreshade with massive amounts of Banes. I'm better at army tactics than caster shenanigans, and eGoreshade stays pretty safe behind a Kraken.
Do you think you'll make the opening day roster for Oakland? That's my plan.
Did your public political stuff affect your FA status and/or contract negotiations? Second book :)
Has the League ever spoken with you about any of your public comments, writing for Deadspin, etc.? Nope.
Thoughts on Aaron Hernandez? Shame that he threw away an amazing opportunity because he couldn't think past his own desires and misconceptions. Being a gangster doesn't make you "hard". It makes you an asshole, and eventually you're going to do something stupid. I just wish we could start changing the circumstances that give rise to stuff like that (primarily by fixing education, drug legalization, and revamping our legal system so it's actually justice and not for-profit) but that's going to take a lot of hard work that people don't seem interested in doing.
I'm waiting for the next paycheck to be able to afford your book. (Sadly, this is why I didn't attend your recent book signing in Santa Monica). So, I apologize if this is covered in the book, but what made you choose the title "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies?" I love it, by the way. Because Barnes and Noble probably wouldn't stock a book titled "Lustful Cockmonsters" on their shelves. That seemed to be the phrase everyone latched on to, and I wanted to pay homage to it, so I took one of the ones from the censored version of the letter.
Does the team's ownership know how outspoken you are and what an internet presence you have? I feel like some of the things you have said are either being sanctioned or ignored outright and I'd love to know whether you have a rubber stamp... I think they're kind of aware of it, but they may not precisely realize just how widespread it is, especially on non-mainstream sports sites (like Reddit). This is kind of my sanctuary away from all those other ones, and it'll probably be taken away eventually, but for now I enjoy it here :)
Do you think you will continue to write if/when you are done with football? Yes, I'm already working on a sci fi trilogy with a friend (we have the entire arc planned out, the first draft of the first book is done, and we're currently storyboarding the second book). I'll probably write another book of essays at some point too, and possibly a football autobiography.
What video game, besides WOW, are you playing now that you think others should be as well? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS is my go to right now just because of all the traveling I'm having to do, but I really want to check out The Last of Us for the story, and I need to finish up Bioshock Infinite.
PS: you are great and inspire so many! (I use fully upgraded Brachydios dual blades and Azure Rath+ armor for my generic loadout)
You get in any trouble for your revenge call on 93x? Haha nope, I actually talked with Josh ahead of time to make sure they wouldn't get in trouble. My original plan was to call them cold and swear nonstop for twenty seconds so they couldn't drop it all, but I didn't want to get them fired.
1) Why a collection of essays instead of a straightforward book? 1) When I wrote it I felt I was much better at short form stuff than long form, plus I wanted to address a lot of different stuff.
2) Why did you take time out of your daily routine to write the book? It must've consumed a lot of time and made for a lot of sleepless nights. Why add a book when you've got serious raiding to do in WoW? 2) I mainly wrote it when I was bored/inspired, and I never lost sleep over it. I enjoy my sleep too much.
Is your right leg longer than your left leg? I would think after swinging that thing around for so many years you might gain an inch or two. I think they're about the same, though it feels like it might be girthier on the right side than on the left. More blood rushing through to engorge the muscles, I would imagine.
Follow up: Would you ever consider a political or political commentary career with a focus on social activism? Commentary I'd like to think I'm doing right now, being a politician I feel is a waste of time. Sadly, in our society, you can actually affect more change by being outside the system and influencing multiple people as opposed to being one voice in the inside and reliant on monied interests in order to keep getting re-elected.
If you would please, answer the following questions. Do you believe in magic cheese? You did not.
And magic beans.
Wanted to say that you're awesome for flying back to MN for the pride parade yesterday, and that some of us miss Stream Wednesdays of LoL games :) Question: Besides Monster Hunter, what are your best 3 games you're playing now / have played in the last 6 months? Hmm, probably Borderlands 2, Path of Exile, and League of Legends (I can always go back to LoL, even if it's just ARAMs).
Thanks for your activism Chris! How soon before we can nab a Kluwe Raiders jersey? No idea, that's up to the NFL. Generally you have to do custom jerseys for everyone who isn't Drew Brees or Adrian Peterson. You can buy the NFLPA pride shirt though if you want, that has my name and number on it!
Will you be getting a PS4, Xbox One or WiiU or all three? Already have a WiiU (mainly for MH3U and the new Xenosaga coming out soon), and I'll probably end up picking up both PS4 and Xbone if they don't have shitty DRM policies. If I want to play always connected games, I'll buy an MMO.
Who are your favorite authors? Any book suggestions? Iain Banks, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, L.E. Modesitt jr., China Meiville, William Gibson, John Scalzi, Jim Butcher - there's a lot. I read a lot :)
Edit: Consider Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin a given :p.
Upvotes for Jim Butcher! Ever read Patrick Rothfuss? Yup, though I'm worried he may be succumbing to R.R. Martinitis.
I saw that picture with you and Adrian Peterson, who is your favorite EDH/Commander General? Merieke Ri Berit. Control/mill deck with lots of untap effects. I give hugs!
Did Donavan McNabb ever pay you his payment for your jersey number? He did. I never got my ice cream cone, but I've forgiven him.
Chris, Loved that piece you put out on Deadspin in the fall. I'm actually a punter at an ivy league school trying to make it to the NFL, any advice?? Practice your drop so it's super consistent. Your drop is 95% of the punt, and make sure you look at the ball when you kick it (seems like stupid advice, but generally when I shank a punt it's because I've pulled my head up and didn't watch the ball).
Do you think an openly gay player would be more easily accepted by his teammates or the general fan population of the NFL? Teammates. Most guys just don't care, and the ones who are dicks about it would probably get a stern talking-to. We're also around each other almost every day for most of the day, so you get to know guys pretty well. Fans usually only see us on Sundays, so it's a lot easier to objectify someone you're not that familiar with.
Who is your favorite teammate thus far and why? Cullen Loeffler. Funny guy, intelligent, and proof that you can be a conservative Texan who grew up next to the Bush family and still be a good person.
What was the best part of the Twin Cities Pride Parade for you? Seeing so many people out there supporting the rights of people to live their lives free. That was really cool.
There were also some people that were scantily clad that weren't half bad looking too.
Since it's a particular hate of yours: what do you think should be done to those who lean back on airline seats and crush your knees? Violent disembowelment at the hands of African pygmies.
Who do you hate to punt to the most? Hester. So very much Hester.
Are you ever uneasy (I won't say scared) while waiting for the snap, knowing that eight or nine elite athletes are itching for the snap like Olympic sprinters, wanting nothing more than to send you off on a cart and make a name and SportsCenter, all in front of tens of thousands live and millions on television? Nah, you can't think about that or else you'll never make it in the NFL. I talk sarcastically about focus a lot, but you actually do have to be really focused when you're out there or else you'll never be consistent long term.
Chris, there have been some NFL players (Bernard Pollard comes to mind) who have predicted that the NFL "won't exist" in the not-too-distant future because of the various health risks associated with the sport. Do you see any truth to these claims? I do, because football is an inherently violent sport. If society decides it doesn't value violence as highly anymore, football will take a corresponding hit. There's just no way (short of remote operating robotic bodies) that you can take the risk of concussion/brain damage out of the game. You can't pad the inside of someone's skull.
Also, how focused are you right now? >9000.
Is there a book tour scheduled? And if so, is there a schedule? There is, but the only spot left is San Francisco on July 9th at Books INC. We may add more if enough people in more cities become interested.
Granted there's still a lot of work to be done to get full marriage equality in the US but are there any other social issues you plan to use your platform to address? If so, what brought you to the issue(s) and what makes you passionate about it? I plan to address EVERYTHING. Also, if this is who I think it is, say hi to Jenny from us.
of all, you are one of the best follows on Twitter I've ever made, and I'm happy you're on my favorite team (need to get your jersey when I can). My question: what's one common occurrence in an NFL locker room most people would be surprised is common? Bonus: are there any (other) NFLers that consider themselves to be nerds or that do nerdy things? DFTBA. This kind of answers both, but discussion of video games. The NFL is a young man's league, and guys these days grow up with video games in the house - it's no longer a social faux pas to be a gamer. I haven't met anyone who is as big a nerd as I am, but there might be someone out there who just hasn't made it known like I do.
I love you, you got my friend to start playing league because I said he would be able to play with you on wednesdays. So, are warcraft wednesdays ever coming back? When I get some free time, yes :)
What was your favorite WoW raid and why? Favorite encounter was probably Illidan. Favorite raid was when people didn't wipe and looted the goddamn dog.
I wanted to hear Kara. Kara was so friggin long :/
(1) What was your favorite chaptestory/essay to write in the book? (3) What has been your favorite book to read? Any inspiration drawn from it to write your own book? 3) Ender's Game, and for me it's really about empathy, which is what I tried to talk at length about in my book. It's a very important trait that I don't think we value highly enough, because we don't understand why we should value it.
Tebow is obviously a polarizing figure, but as a casual fan i don't have strong feelings towards him one way or another. Can you speak for the feelings that an average NFL player might have towards him? Are they jealous/pissed off about the amount of airtime and spotlight he gets? Or do they view him as beneficial for bringing positive attention to the league? The general feeling is that he has to be able to play well if he wants the attention, but that's really true for everyone.
How long do you think it will take before all 50 states finally legalize gay marriage? Dunno, anywhere from five to twenty-five years would be my guess. It's a generational issue and it's going to take some states longer than others.
What is your favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities? Spice Thai, in Burnsville. So yummy, and was three minutes from where I lived.
How much of an influence were your daughters when deciding to write and put out a book? Do you like to be well rounded (professionally.. Athlete, writer, activist) to provide an awesome role model for them to look up towards? They were an influence, mainly in the type of world I want them to grow up in. I want their society to be better and more tolerant, which is something I think every parent wants for their children.
How many current NFL players do you think will read your book? How many do you think can't read your book? 10% to both.
Which section of your book was your favorite to write? All of it (which I know sounds cliche, but it's true). I didn't want to put anything in there that I would later look back on and regret because I didn't give it enough effort. I feel like every piece in there is something I poured part of myself into, and hopefully it shows.
(Fair warning - there are parts of me that are dark and twisted, and I'm pretty sure they got poured in there too)
Loved your chapter on gun ownership/violence written on the day of the Newtown massacre. Will you be pursuing more activism for sensible gun laws in this country? Yes, because it's a serious problem we need to address. The chapter in the book that I think really highlights why we need to deal with it is On Weapons. Today it's guns. Who knows what the weapons will be tomorrow? (hint: they'll probably be viruses)
I've always had a love for special teams players/obscure OLineman so even as Jets fan, I was happy when you got picked up by the Raiders after being let go. On to the questions: What is your worst injury you have ever had? And if you could challenge any non football player in a punting duel, who would it be? I've torn both ACLs, once in each knee, and those really sucked. Throwing your back out also really sucks, but it's not quite as bad as an ACL. I would challenge Antonin Scalia to a punting duel, because he looks to be pretty good at it.
What inspired you to write the book? Bunch of publishers told me I should write a book, and so I wrote a book. I didn't want it to be the standard football autobiographical book (mainly because I'm not done playing football yet), and I thought I might have a chance to talk to people about issues that I think are important.
I frequent deadspin quite a bit (not so much since the new format but that's for a different day and I know your feelings on Kinja too) and was there for your first essay responding to Nate jackson and subsequent work you did for them which I found very entertaining. Who do you like as NFL analysts (if you watch them) or probably an easier question, which one of them isn't a total asshat? Not really that interested in broadcasting because I don't really watch sports - I'm sure I could say something meaningful to the game but my heart wouldn't really be in it so I'd prefer not to do it. I've discovered I actually do like writing (as may be evident from the book), so that's definitely something I want to pursue.
It's always great to see you in /nfl, Kluwe. I wanted to ask two things: What got you into social activism to start, and do you play League of Legends? Mainly social media. I've always been vocal to friends and family, but with social media I guess that message now reaches a much broader audience.
(If yes to the second, favorite champ/role?) Yes, Vayne/ranged AD carry.
Do you think both you and Jano can make the pro bowl as a duo this season? I think we can. Just have to stay focused.
Randy Shaver, Nick, and Josh...Marry One, Bang One, Kill One?? That's a toughie. Marry Randy, bang Nick, kill Josh.
Are you and Brandon McCarthy buds? Something tells me you guys would get along great. We're Twitter buds. I'd love to meet him in person some day.
You tackle (pun intented) a broad range of very serious issues in your book, not to mention in your twitter feed. If you had to guess, do you really think we need to "learn to swim"? Or are you hopeful for our, and our children's future. If we keep going the way we are now, I'm deathly serious that we'll have to learn to swim. There's a whole host of long term consequences we're going to have to deal with in the upcoming decades, and without a shift in priorities, things will just keep getting worse. It's much easier to live life for short term gains rather than think about long term consequences, and until we change that, well...
On a personal note, stop sending me twitter messages instead of @ replies! Or just follow me so I can message you back! I have my flippers ready.
Will you play video games with me? Hadoken!
Where did you actually find time to write the book? That's the benefit of writing short form pieces. Generally I finish them in an hour, hour and a half, because you're focusing on one or two ideas. Longer form stuff I'm getting better at, the first draft for the sci fi novel I'm working on for my next project only took a couple months.
I hear that it is a difficult process because many times when you sit down to write a book you get a block but it flows free other times. Essentially, I carry my laptop with me at all times, and if I want to write, I write. If I don't want to write, and I haven't written in a while, I go find somewhere quiet so the only thing I can do is write. See the piece The Darkness And The Light :)
Hi Chris! First off, I'd like to say I have LOVED every interview I've heard of you (which, admittedly, was an hour and a half on the Nerdist and your latest Conan interview.) You seem very intelligent, and like a fun guy. My actual question is have you ever had any negative backlash for being a nerd? Are there any other "closet nerd" football fans that we need to draft to Reddit? I haven't had any backlash from anyone, which is pretty cool. I'm sure some guys probably wonder what the hell is so engaging about nerdery, but then I wonder the same thing about fishing.
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[Table] IamA EA Games User Researcher, AM(A)A!

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Date: 2013-12-30
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Questions Answers
You use Steam more than you use Origin, right? Right?? Im mostly a PC gamer, so I use and like both. I also hate both, frequently at the same time :) Both have some good holiday sales on atm, for example.
Am I ever gonna be able to play through the single player without the game crashing and corrupting all my save files on bf4 for ps4? Cause I'd like that... My crystal ball says, "Absolutely"
My utter lack of any actual information says, "I hope so dude"
Do you feel like the company you work for deserves it's horrible reputation? Not at all. Nobody is perfect, but I'm happy to work at EA, and proud of most of what we do. I own a bunch of EA stuff that I wear regularly, and in the real world, have never had anything but positive reactions.
Are you proud of SimCity? I played it and enjoyed it. I had nothing to do with the game, so nothing to be proud of or ashamed of.
Regarding public opinion, it's not something I can talk about, I'm not a PR dude, and I doubt they'd appreciate me trying to do their job :)
Lucy Bradshaw (Maxis GM) posted a good article about it: Link to
How was your day until now? You know that "I should not have done that" meme? :p It's ok, I have no illusions about what a lot of this'll be like.
What is your personal opinion on micro-transactions? When done right, they're fine. I've sunk a lot of money into Clash of Clans and FIFA Ultimate Team, for example. They're very easy to do very wrong though, and you have to design the game from the ground-up to accomodate them. Bolting them on gets you bad results.
As long as it's not pay-to-win, and the game isn't artificially frustrating to try to coerce you into paying to skip shitty stuff, they can work. I'm less a fan of MTX for $60 games - the latest crop of games from everyone on XB1/PS4 is frustrating, as it seems like everyone is trying to get onboard. They work best for totally optional game modes like FUT, or ME3 multiplayer - we get to develop that content for players because of the money the MTX provides, but if you don't play it, you're still getting great value for the $60 base game.
In your opinion do you think EA is the industry's leader for sports games? Were they? Are they? Why has there been such lack of reinvention in their series' as compared to NBA 2K from 2K. Being such a large company I think a lot of people in the world expect them to dominate game quality and 2K. But from my personal experience and others' EA got destroyed on their next gen (PS4 XboxOne) games when compared to the other releases. Why do you think this is? I think we're the leader for western spots games, for sure. We dominate with FIFA, Madden/NCAA, Tiger, NHL, but we're obviously getting stomped in basketball. We used to do baseball.
2k puts out a very, very good basketball game every year. They share baseball with Sony, but that's a small market.
Not sure which games you're talking about where we got destroyed by other releases on gen4.
I understand :P and i completely agree. an entire year will do such great for the gaming industry — cant wait for what is to come. Yeah, there's a lot of awesome stuff coming down the pipe industry wide.
How about a skate 4? ;) I've love for that to happen. SSX is pretty similar, but I'm a fan of skate for sure.
It's at the point where I'd love to play through skate 3 again but its just the same over and over, even with free skate. Need more spots to hit! Check out skatePark for Skate 3, it's user-generated content :)
Why do games published by EA often seem to intentionally be designed to make it hard for users to create mods? They can add tons of replay value to a game, and make more people want to buy the game. Mirror's Edge, for instance, had the console deliberately removed, despite it being a standard feature of the Unreal Engine, and several commands were disabled to prevent them from being manually bound to keys in the config files. What's your personal opinion on the matter? Re: mods, I don't know enough about the situation to even have a personal opinion. From a QA/design standpoint, giving people that ability makes the game much more complex. The Skate series for example did "create a spot", which was a sandbox for skateboarding. It was awesome. Once a game company releases mods, they also can't control quality. Check out the Skyrim forums, and all the problems that stem from users installing stuff that doesn't work, and then going to Bethesda for support about it.
I love your games, mostly Fifa and BF, so , thanks for that. Also, what do you think of EA releasing a broken game like BF3 and BF4? That shows total disrespect for your costumers. I have nothing to do with BF at all, other than talking to a few people on their team, so can't say much about what went wrong.
PS: Your customer service sucks donkey balls, EA, work on it please. If you need CS, call them, don't use the online stuff.
What did you study? I didn't, actually, which is unusual. Most folks that do what I do have degrees in HCI, or in experimental psychology.
Any intel about the next need for speed? And buy intel I mean, is it going to be arcadeish like Hot pursuit, Most wanted 2012 and Rivals, or simulator? Sorry, couldn't say even if I knew.
Ah, too bad. Guess I'll have to wait, thanks thoiugh! Cheers. I've been playing Rivals as a cop and enjoying it, for arcade racing. For sim, I think Shift 2 was the most recent. I haven't played it, but heard good things.
Do you realize EA killed the battlefield series? does anyone over there feel bad? they should. I can't speak for anyone at BF, just myself. Personally, I don't think we have, but I hope the team can fix the game for people.
What does it feel like to hack off a third of the finished product and sell it over the course of time from that release to the next product's? No, I'm not such an asshole. Really though, what's with all the microtransactions? It's alright if you can't talk about it, but seriously, is there even that much profit to be had? MTX used well is done in one of two ways - it supports a F2P game, or it's used to make a game mode that a company otherwise couldnt do otherwise. The more it makes, the more they can improve it, etc.
MTX in general is still new in the west. There's going to be a lot of bad implementation until the market decides what 'good' implementation is. Support the stuff you like, and the market will have it's way given time.
Do any of your immediate contemporaries recognize that battlefield 4 might not have been well received by the pc community? Nice that you should reply, though. I honestly don't know, sorry. I bought a copy, but haven't actually installed it yet.
Well, i wish you success in your future projects. question; what's the best way to pitch a game idea to a developer? who do you talk to? what do they want to see? I'm not an expert, and other folks could probably answer better, sorry. Way outta my baliwick.
How so, because I had no clue they were doing well in the eastern markets either. It's much more aggressive, far less player-friendly, and exploitation of psychology is very, very prevalent. Gacha is the japanese term, but the principle is the same. Puzzle & Dragons is a common example you might be familiar with.
Please don't be bothered, i just want to have a quick pick at your brain - what sort of demographic boundaries are producers looking to include with new games? I haven't heard designers really use that as a starting point. If someone recognizes an untapped market, that's one thing, but I don't think many designers start with the market, then design the game for it. I know we're constantly trying to be more inclusive, particularly for women gamers. Double your potential market right there. More and more games are getting pushed worldwide and localized, and that's an industry-wide trend.
What do you personally think about the way EA is operating right now? Also, what do you think about the way people think about EA as a company and do you share that opinion? Mostly positive, but there's always mistakes made. Overall, we're not evil. Bad calls get made. I wish stuff went better, and part of my role is to help improve game quality by using player feedback.
EA puts out a -lot- of games, and we're a huge company, so the quality is going to vary. Comparing Bioware to Tiburon to Criterion is something people naturally do, because "EA" is on all the games, but the teams are totally different. Hopefully everyone does great, and good people work hard trying to make that happen.
People always focus on the negatives, which is understandable, but I get to see a lot of the positives too. We do a crapload of charity stuff (I can get $300 for a charity if I do a small number of volunteer hours, employee donations are matched, we do outreach/donations a -lot-, etc), and the company treats full-time employees pretty well.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Just to stop talking about the negatives, or the negative view some people have on EA: what is your best memory working there? Thanks, but I expect the negatives :)
Best memory for me was doing design work on the newer NBA JAM. As a well-intentioned but woefully inexperienced QA guy helping the team, it was an amazing experience, and people mostly liked what I did, which is absolutely awesome.
As someone in the industry does this not seem like a very fast way to lose your job? Did anyone approve this before you did it? I'm not a PR guy, just a regular person answering questions with publicly-available information. If I disclosed anything confidential, absolutely.
How much do you get paid? I'm a full-time employee, pay is ok. In general, the gaming industry isn't where you go for great pay, but from what I've seen, EA does better than most in that regard.
Benefits are fantastic though. Standard medical/dental etc, but also get $100/year to buy online games, got $100 rebated for buying a gen4 console, and get 5 free EA games a year (10 if on PC).
I spent a lot of the last 2 years helping the FUT team make that more accessible, so hopefully it'll be better for those that choose to check it out. What sort of things did that entail? Balancing of drop frequencies? UI for managing your team? It's the kind of question I'd love to answer, but can't. If you play both, hopefully you'll see the results of the work we did, I'm proud of it.
What type of experience did you have before becoming a game user researcher? Really interested in what type of degree you have, if any, and if they ever hire psych researchers. I'm a weird anomaly, in that I don't have a degree in anything. Ran my own businesses, did some cool gaming-related stuff, but no formal education. Most of my team is very intelligent, highly educated folks. We have 1 phd, 4 masters degrees, 1 game design degree, and 2 of us without degrees. Both of us non-edumacated yokels spent years in QA learning a lot, and performing very well.
There are a lot of games-industry academics, but very few people actually work in the industry - there's just not a lot of jobs. The demand is growing fast though, so if you're interested, do your research on it. Most people that make the jump to industry get degrees in HCI or psych. Psych tend to have PHDs rather than Masters, but I don't know why. Psych is really useful in understanding player motivation, and in designing good, scientific experiments to measure results. Clubbing video games with science is a pretty awesome gig.
Awesome. Thanks so much for answering. I'm working on my phd in psych now. I like to keep tabs on my private industry options. Academia gets old quickly. Quite welcome. More big brains in the industry are always welcome.
Why does Bill Budge no publish titles with EA? Quality of titles have gone down since you folks stopped publishing his work. Well played :)
Hopefully you can answer this, something that I've always wondered. With FIFA Ultimate Team, what are the chances per pack of getting someone like Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic or say Neymar? I've been playing UT for over 2 years now and spent around €300 on UT and never got any big name player. Definitely not something I could talk about, sorry.
Can you even say there is a certain method in how them types of players are given out, or is it complete random? KSI must be making an absolute fortune off FIFA. I can't, sorry. Some advice if you're finding it difficult to compete with what you've got, is hit offline Seasons for easy coins. Team of the Week on high difficulty is awesome too.
I really wish UT was easier for people to start off in, not in actual divisions etc but building teams, so expensive to start off. FIFA 14 has a new feature where you can compare items in your trade pile to the market prices, which makes it easier to identify expensive players. I had a silver striker that I sold for something like 80k coins, never ever would have expected him to be expensive without that feature.
What do you think about origin? It's got a lot of potential, and I like a lot of the stuff we're doing with it. Origin has the (afaik) only digital return policy on games, and we've done some awesome promotions like the Humble Bundle a while back. The possibilities for cross-game promotions are cool too. It's certainly not perfect, but it's constantly getting better.
When people test sports games like NHL or FIFA do they just test basic gameplay or do they test Career type modes? Obviously this would take more time but is important to improve on such popular areas of the game. We do a lot of different testing. Most of it is targetted gameplay, because that's faster, but we also do multi-day testing of things like career modes. QA does that kind of stuff as well.
We also do At-Home testing, where we give copies of the game to people, and have them fill out surveys and such after the game is launched.
How do you get involved with this testing do you put out job ads or what? We advertise via Facebook and local advertising around our playtesting studios. Folks sign up online, we send them surveys for playtest applications, and folks fill 'em out. If they meet the demographics we need, we contact them to come into the studio.
It's -not- a job at all, we give you EA developed games as thanks for your time. Sometimes it's a $60 game for 15 minutes, sometimes it's 5 games for 3 days of playtesting, it varies a lot :)
What is the most under-represented demographic that EA markets to, that may be profitable in the future? That's an awesome question that I wish I could answer. I don't have anywhere near enough facts to have a good guess, and if I did, it'd be information I have to keep internally.
Where's MVP Baseball 2014? Best I can do is point ya to this: Link to
of all, thank you for doing this. Can you tell me the reason why there is no more Madden & NHL on PC? You're welcome, unfortunately I can't help with your qeustion. Even if I knew, which I don't, it's not something I could talk about. I'm a PC gamer and NHL player myself, so I'd love to see it come to PC again. My first QA project was on NHL 09, for PS2 and PC, so it'll always have a spot in my cold, dead heart :)
As a Linux user, why should I be interested in EA and Origin? Not something I know much about. Any thoughts yourself?
Why, in Gods name, if I play the Bruins on GM made in NHL 14 and I sim I never end up with more than 31 wins? the team is much better than that. Would you agree that the ratings are misrepresentitive? expecially when Buffalo had won the Atlantic division the last time I played... No idea, sorry. I've got some unflattering commentary about the Bruins, being a casual Canucks fan, but I don't think it'd be relevant ;)
Ratings are impossible to get "right", because nobody can agree on them. We do a lot of work trying to make them as accurate to real life as possible though, and it's why updating during the season is awesome for both us and players - if something gets overlooked, we can fix it.
If you had to take a straw poll of the guys who work on the NHL Franchise who do you think they would be fans of for the most part? Hrm, probably more Canucks fans than any other team, but that's because we're in Vancouver. There's a wide, wide variety of fandom though - there's a lot of jerseys being worn around the studio in general :)
How would one get a job like yours? Step 1: Be astoundingly lucky. Step 2: Work your butt off.
Most people that do what I do have post-graduate degrees in HCI or experimental psychology. I work with a lot of very big brains. I'm an oddball, since I came through QA, where I basically just outworked most people and performed at a high level long enough to get noticed, and then got extremely lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
Getting a full-time job in the gaming industry is hard work, because it's extremely competitive. Keep working on your own skills to make yourself more valuable to yourself and your team, regardless of whether you have one at the moment.
Any hope for skate 4 on next gen? Sorry, couldn't say anything even if I knew.
How does one apply to test a game in development? To test as QA, it's a job, can find them the usual way. For playtesting, it's not employment at all, just a fun way to play a game, get some games for your time, and help make games better. I'd post links, but they'd get trolled to death. If there is an EA studio near you, hit their website, or google their name and "playtest".
There are some great titles EA makes but im also often left scratching my head on some releases coming out being not ready. Do the developer sometimes lose control of their games? I work directly with developers, and they all want to make a great game. If that game sells well, they know they'll probably get to keep making great games.
Will EA ever release another NHL game on PC? I hope so, i buy it every year, and would rather play on my PC than a console. Whether we will, sorry, couldn't say if i knew.
I might be several hours late here, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway - what does it take to get picked for a playtest? I'm in near the Burnaby campus (I visited with my class once a couple months ago too, it was fun), and I've applied countless times, but never gotten picked. Any tips? Answer screeners honestly is the best you can do. Unfortunately, we get so many applications that we can't bring in everyone, but we constantly try to get new faces in.
Any insight to why the Vita has gotten snubbed in regards to sports games from EA other than a sub par Madden 13 and Fifa? Small market share. I'm hoping it gets better with the PS4 cross-features, but dubious.
Ditto WiiU.
The fact that Fifa Football, Fifa 13 and Fifa 14 on PS Vita have been exactly the same minus rosters and Kits is actually appalling, the game engine feels like its stuck in Fifa 11. FIFA 14 on Vita won't have the same features as FIFA 14 on XB360, for example. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
I'm still more than slightly annoyed that we seem to have ditched the WiiU. It was an interesting platform to work on that showed a ton of promise. Too bad early sales weren't strong enough to keep our attention :( Everyone but Nintendo and Ubisoft has left, it seems. I was optimistic about the Wii when it first came out, but not WiiU. I agree, there's some neat stuff. I really liked the map/companion powers on the screen for Mass Effect, and Nintendo has some neat games on it.
How extensively do games get playtested before they are released? (On average) I have no idea about actual numbers, and couldn't share 'em if I did. Games for consoles get tested very heavily - developers (or their publisher) will test it, then it has to be tested by the console holder (Sony/MS/Nintendo) and pass their certification process. PC and mobile is the wild west, which is why there's so much shovelware. EA tests those games just as thoroughly, because we've got the resources and infrastructure to do so.
What folks usually don't realize is that the sheer scale of people means even "obvious" stuff gets found by the community far faster than any test team could find it, and that'd discounting stuff that breaks because of the scale of people (usually online servers; see: every popular online release in history).
A team of dozens or hundreds of QA folks can't compare to hundreds of thousands of players hammering the game. QA does it's best, but AAA games are just too complicated to ensure perfection.
When are you guys gonna let someone else make an NFL football game so we can actually get a good football game? Link to
That has a link to a guy doing an AMA that answered your question better than I ever could :)
Also, meta.
How do I get to be one of the people that comes in to test the games? We do playtests at some of our studios, so if you're near one of them, your best bet would be to contact the studio, or do a search for the studio name and "playtest".
What is your opinion on EA's "bundling" of indie games? Fantastic news for everyone. Humble Origin Bundle was awesome.
Any tips for breaking into the business end of the industry? Particularly QA, Marketing, Logistics or HR. Sorry, that's way too broad for anyone to help with, let alone a dude that has nothing to do with that kind of thing. There's a ton of writing that's been done about it online though, if you're passionate, hit the books and enjoy the ride.
EA dosnt have playtesters? But just get random people to do it on a regular basis... Well that explains alot. Playtesting is not QA. We do both. QA is professional bug testing, Playtesting is regular gamers giving us feedback while games are in development.
Can you mail me some games like that other EA employee that did the secret Santa ? Serious answer: I couldn't say. I can point you to some public stuff, but that's the best I can do.
Mass Effect 4? Link to
Whens nfs underground 3 coming out, i miss car customization Haven't heard anything about it, sorry. Rivals just came out and is decent, some similarities to Underground gameplay-wise. Might worth checking out.
Tell me at some point EA had or has the idea of a Bowling Game. I'm sure the idea has been had, but I can't see it selling well enough to get made. And really, could we improve on Wii Bowling? ;)
I worked on a demo/internal project that was curling on the DS. It was based on the Playground engine and was actually pretty good! I'd have loved to see that, that might be fun. I guess we could sell it in.. um.. Saskatchewan? :p.
How do you feel when /circlejerk calls ea employees like you "nazis" On an unrelated note: are you Aryan? It's the internet. I'm a white dude with a lot of Jewish friends, so no. They've told me some awesome Jew jokes, does that count?
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