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Are major sports leagues essentially monopolies?

Context of the case: "The Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore, Maryland was a baseball club and a member of the Federal League of Professional Base Ball Players. The National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs and the American League of Professional Base Ball Clubs conspired to monopolize the business of professional baseball by buying out members of the Federal League and by inducing members of the Federal League to leave. The Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore brought suit in the Supreme Court for the District of Columbia against the other leagues under the Sherman Act and obtained a verdict for $80,000. On appeal, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia reversed the lower court's ruling and held that the defendant baseball leagues were not within the Sherman Act's purview. The Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court."
The question under consideration by the Supreme Court in Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore, Inc. v National League was whether or not the activities of the National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs and the American League of Professional Base Ball Clubs were subject to the Sherman Act. The Court held that the baseball leagues were not subject to the Sherman Antitrust Act because the exhibitions that are baseball games are not trade or commerce as properly understood under the commerce clause. In 1952, the Supreme Court had another opportunity to reverse the decision with George Earl Toolson v New York Yankees Inc, et. al, and in a one-paragraph per curium opinion, upheld it on the grounds that this issue should remain under legislative purview and therefore should be left alone by the Court.
Fast forward to the information age and an entirely new broad classification is made for competitive video gaming - Esports! It's plural for a reason; every game is different, with its own rules and gameplay mechanics, therefore each one is basically its own sport. If you qualify a sport based on the dollar value of its prize pools, DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) takes the cake for $24,687,919. Major League Gaming is chock full of leagues and international competitions in which players compete for money and fame.
Do E-sports qualify as sport(s)? Does the prevalence of sports betting qualify consolidated sports leagues like the MLB, NBA or NFL, or any other corporation for that matter, for regulation under the federal commerce clause or current anti-trust laws due to the ruling in Murphy v National Collegiate Athletic Association?
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Iowa governor signs sports betting and fantasy sports bill into law in Iowa
Placing a bet on your favorite sports team is officially legal after Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation Monday allowing gambling on college and professional sports in Iowa.
Reynolds had not previously said whether she would sign the law, which lawmakers passed last month with bipartisan support.
The legislation allows Iowans 21 years and older to wager on sporting events at any of Iowa's 19 casinos and online if they visit a casino once in person to prove they are at least 21. It also legalizes bets on fantasy sports through websites and apps like DraftKings and FanDuel.
Republican lawmakers, who led the passage of the legislation this year, have spoken of it in terms of bringing an underground market out of the shadows so it can be regulated. The legislation follows a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down a federal ban on sports wagering.
While the legislation takes effect immediately, some of the rules still need to be ironed out.
The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, which will regulate sports betting in Iowa, previously said it would start to develop rules for casinos to implement once Reynolds signed the legislation. Those rules would likely be implemented in July or August, before college sports and NFL games start in the fall.
The commission would likely use its emergency rule-making procedures, which means the rules would be adopted more quickly than usual. But it would also mean that the Administrative Rules Review Committee could alter them later.
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USADA’s rise from /r/MMA’s perspective

McGregor’s rise from /MMA's perspective
Rousey's rise from /MMA's perspective
Garbrandt's rise from /MMA's perspective
Jones’ Rollercoaster Ride from (mostly) /MMA's perspective
Got the idea from CounterClockworkOrng, who in turn go the idea from /soccer’s growing believe. Given all the shit going on with USADA popping a plethora of people in the UFC, thought I would compile a bunch of comments pre-USADA, the transition and post-USADA instead of working on a presentation for my final year uni project.


2012 April 7: Is TRT justified?
2014 March 17: GSP: "If you get caught on steroids right now, it’s because you’re very disorganized. It's so easy to beat the test."
2014 July 14: GSP wants Olympic drug testing for UFC not influenced by money
2015 May 19: What percentage of top fighters do you think are taking PEDs?


2015 June 26: USADA telling fighters they will no longer be allowed to use IVs after weigh ins
  • “A lot of folks are up in arms about this because they mistakenly assume USADA are going after drastic weight-cutting by disallowing IV re-hydration. That is incorrect. The purpose of this new rule is to prevent the use of IV fluids to mask PED use, not to prevent drastic weight cutting. IV hydration has long been used to mask PED use in other sports and has probably been used for this purpose in MMA. The weight cutting issue, while significant, is a by-product of the new rule's intent.” - support_robot
  • “I don't think so. I recall listening on the MMA hour that athletes have used IV's to cover up elements of blood doping or something like that. I believe it had something to do with the use of saline or something helps to immediately filter out some of the elements of blood doping. Take a listen to an episode a few weeks ago that featured the president of USADA.” - AsianRainbow
  • “In theory I guess this could get guys to start cutting less weight because they won't be able to IV. Or this just makes weight cutting even more dangerous because guys will still cut the same, but wont IV.” - DrPoquesBeanie
  • “More bathtub incidents.” – [deleted]
  • “Well Conor will be moving up to 155 or he'll be walking around lighter.” - RivRavRevRun
2016 January 13: Get used to this news. The USADA-UFC program actually went into full effect for the 1st time this month. It’s going to ramp up big time now.
  • “I can't wait until all my favorite fighters get busted and I become completely disillusioned” - xjayroox
  • “Damn, gonna miss the days of everyone being on steroids.” - Iflosswithbarbedwire
  • “Inb4 the whole UFC roster is on PEDs.” - hybridsr
  • “I only trust Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson in passing drug tests.” - [deleted]
  • “Man this sport is gonna look completely different by next year.” - the_marvelous_penis
  • “Dudes will still get away with cheating, just only the richer ones will be able to. Nice and fair.” - fightsgoneby
  • “So GSP was right all along, and even though Dana publicly scoffed at and dismissed Georges' demands, he gave in after all. This is part of Georges' legacy.” – [deleted]
  • “good I like it now we are in full swing the fighters know how this is going to go down now test every single one of them and suspend the cheaters” – [deleted]
  • “The UFC gets a lot of shit, but they deserve credit for this” - doubs


2016 January 13: Yoel Romero tested positive for a designer steroid, a peptide to increase testosterone production
  • “I feel like the USADA might not get every cheater at first but will eventually get them all.” - RandyLiddell
  • “USADA is cracking down on this shit” - -BRF
  • “I am impressed ... Usually guys get caught with the old school bodybuilder drugs. USADA being able to test for new peptides gives me hope” – [deleted]
  • “Is anyone here genuinely surprised?” - Butthisistheinternet
  • “Powerful USADA.” - Zoddo
2016 February 8: Malki Kawa reveals that Yoel Romero's positive drug test was the result of a tainted supplement. Expecting resolution soon.
  • “It should be noted that they're claiming the supplement was contaminated at the source and that the manufacturer has been having a problem with tainted supplements lately. Supposedly, USADA is investigating this.” - [deleted]
  • “I honestly don't know why any athletes would use supplements. It's just too big a risk. They should just hire dietitians to come up with a food program that gets the job done.” – [deleted]
  • “I was under the impression that this type of scenario wouldn't matter, that USADA stance is you're responsible for what your put in your body period.” - thlsisnotanexit
  • “Come on guys, give old Yoel a break. How was he supposed to know that his steroids were tainted with steroids?” - lightningsword
July 7, 2016: USADA has flagged Jon Jones. Potential anti-doping violation. He’s out of UFC 200.
  • “Important: Drugs of abuse like cocaine, speed, ADD meds, heroin etc are not tested for out of competition. This was an out of competition test failure.
    When the Nevada Athletic Commission tested Jones for cocaine, it was a mistake. As a result they never fined When or suspended him. He didn't break their rules and the test should never have taken place.
    Also of note, Jones is sponsored by GAT supplements, and at least one of their products (Testagen) can result in;"false positives" for athletes who undergo drug testing.” - iainkidd
  • “So much for the fear USADA won't go after big stars.” - [deleted]
  • “Brock replacing Jones as the main event on a doping violation is supremely ironic.” - juicemilk
2016 July 18: Just confirmed at NSAC meeting, Jon Jones tested positive for anti-estrogen substance.
  • “One of the substances was apparently hydroxy-clomiphene, better known as Clomid. Very potent estrogen blocker.” - MMA__Junkie__
  • “Clomid is probably most common blocker used to come off of a cycle. Nobody wants them bitch tits.” - TheBeardedMarxist
  • “Bodybuilders take letro to kill bitch tits as a last resort if things like arimidex isn't strong enough.
    Letro is the giant red flag he was running legit test Aka "steroids" Guilty as they get fellas” - MKVlurker
  • “New owners have to be loving USADA right now, losing two of the biggest names in one week.” - [deleted]
  • “Chael knows!” - sevendots
  • “Guys, hold your horses. Maybe he's trying to ovulate.” - Mattyi
2016 July 21: Just confirmed at NSAC meeting, Jon Jones tested positive for anti-estrogen substance. Cro-Cop: "USADA offered to cut my suspension if I snitched on another fighter".
  • “This makes no sense. USADA isnt the Police. They can only act on physical evidence or by a fighters own admissionThis makes no sense. USADA isnt the Police. They can only act on physical evidence or by a fighters own admission.
    There is no Detective Needles trying to pin cases on anyone, They go see fighters and collect their bodily fluids.” - Jacked1218
  • “So USADA is basically the mean cop in your run of the mill TV drama.” - snobbysnob
  • “I don't get why people are saying this is a bad thing. Are you guys also against that "don't snitch" campaign the police run?” - DeeDeeInDC
  • “USADA doing whatever it takes to make the sport clean. Why would anyone hate on that except the fighters that juice. Look if you want a clean sport then there doing the right thing. I think USADA needs to be regulated as MMA is way more taxing on the body than a sport such as Table tennis also under USADA scrutiny. There needs to be a way where fighters can have things for recovery because of how taxing the sport really is on their health.” - Cat_Scam
  • “Ugh. People need to do their research on this stuff, it's in the articles that the organisations follow. A suspension can be reduced if an athlete is willing to cooperate with them. Usada is able to establish guilt in any way possible, and their entire purpose is to catch cheats.
    It makes sense if you can accept that catching cheats is literally their only purpose, not if you agree with tactics. It's not a court of law, they don't have the same requirements for standard of proof or even due process.
    They're a drug testing agency and nothing of what they do is inconsistent with that.” - kingtipop
2016 November 23: USADA responds in detail to Lyoto Machida’s criticism of suspension
  • “TL:DR Machida says he didnt know supplement was on banned list, USADA says uh-uh sir we've told you where to check banned supplements multiple times” - ablock3002
  • “Really gotta agree with the USADA on this one.
    The TL;DR version is : Machida took a supplement which listed on the ingredients label a banned substance. He never checked (which is his responsibility) the available database to see if the substance was banned. Had he done his due diligence this whole issue would have been avoided.” - imthejuice
  • “"When the UFC brought USADA in, I thought it was to instruct and educate all the fighters" I bet a lot of fighters thought that too.” - Thelynxer  
2016 November 25: Brazilian USADA-linked site doesn’t tell athletes that 7-keto-DHEA is banned - Lyoto Machida's claim that he did not have proper education about banned substances is supported by new information
  • “It just makes me wonder how athletes are just cool taking all these substances. Like, banned or not, they're on all these drugs/enhancements and it makes me feel, if I started fighting, the first thing my trainer is going to do is get me on whatever they can get me that is as close to being not illegal as possible. Feels messed up.” - DeeDeeInDC
  • “Haha I can give a little breakdown for you:
    UFC contracted USADA to do drug testing. USADA do a good job, it's arguably the best program in pro sports. Problem is, USADA follow the WADA code, which has major issues.
    USADA also get very defensive when there's any suggestion they made a mistake.
    In this instance, they gave a harsh penalty to a guy for taking a substance that shouldn't even carry the sentence it does - mostly because they kind of have to per the wording of the WADA code.
    Rather than acknowledge the issues with how punishments are decided, their PR doubled down and attacked the guy, and made quite a few claims that were either factually incorrect or misleading in the process.
    That, understandably, doesn't reflect well on them.” - iainkidd
  • “Don't understand why 7-keto is banned. I have older family members that use it for weight-loss and to build some lean muscle. It's no IGF-1, EPO, anabolic steroids etc.” - RepublicHunter
  • “Oh man, do we need to get our dicks out again? :/” - LaReddoux
  • “Back on to the Lyoto sympathy train it is then!” - BrownCanadian
  • “fucking USADA is really getting in the way of fights here” - -SpaceDooDooPistols-
2017 March 21: What's PED testing like in other major sports compared to the UFC?
  • “It ain't jack shit in other Sports. Outside of Olympic style events the UFC has the next tier below if not equal. If they implemented USADA testing in NFL, NBA, Soccer, etc. everybody would be blasted” - StankFish
  • “The Unions in the other sports are too strong to allow USADA like testing. Plus something like it would not be negotiated outside the time of signing a new labor agreement (every 5 or so years).” - CodeMaeDae
  • “hahah! both codes of rugby are full of peds.” - Boxyuk
  • “Nowhere near as tough. Cycling is up there. Loads of rumours regarding Barcelona FC.” - itsbroady
  • “I am a speedskater who is in the USADA testing pool. No other professional sports organization have close to the UFC (USADA) standards for reasons already stated. It should also be noted though that for Olympic sports USADA doesn't have a reach outside of the US, WADA does. This causes a sort of imbalance within a lot of sports due to WADA's lack of funding and other countries looking to cover up their athletes doping instead of preventing or stopping it.” - sch0225
  • “They're a joke, mostly. Football in particular has laughably transparent shitty testing, AFAIK including stuff like players being given a week's notice before getting tested.” - ExpOriental
  • “UFC probably has one of the strictest drug testing of any pro sporting organization right now, although still far from perfect as we all know. Soccer testing is a farce. Not to mention the sketchy pasts so many top managers like Conte, Guardiola, Zidane, Deschamps, Loew etc. have when it comes to PEDs.” - MagnumPear
2017 August 6: **Long read** Extremely insightful interview on PEDs and the athletes that use them with a PED dealer, who has ties with Olympic gold medalists and champion boxers Juan Manuel Marquez and Jorge Arce
  • “No sport is as clean as the fans think.” - Ayy_bby
  • “GSP's physique against Sherk was about as blatant as it gets.” - nordik1
  • “think it was dave tate who said it, but it always stuck with me. He called PEDs "the ace up your sleeve". long story short was you got a free level up, but you only got to play it once. if you have to use gear to cut it at high school, you'll never get on a D1 college team. if you need gear to get on the D1 starting line, you'll never get to the NFL. if you need gear to get to the NFL, you'll be gone in a year or two. If you can get to the NFL on your own, gear will give you that edge where you can be making $100 million for the next decade.
    so if you're a guy 3-2 on the undercard, gear might allow you to scrape the top 10 but you'll never be champ. if you're a top 10 guy, gear can be the difference between a 5-3 record with a 60/60 paydays and being a champ with multiple title defenses making 10X as much money. Think how RDA or Lawler's career resurgence went, that's the kind of thing Tate was talking about with using PEDs.” - evilf23
  • “This makes me think that Jon doped. Remember those testosterone test results with sketchy levels? (they were suspiciously low for an athelet of his age). I wouldn't be surprised if GSP has done it too.” - miliseconds
  • “USADA is shady as fuck lol. Look into USADA testing Mayweather and you'll find out everything you need to know about them.” - jt_33
  • “Not one of the fighters at the top is clean 100% maybe diaz but the rest juiced to hell. Training 3x a day 6 days a week, impossible clean.” - layman01
  • “A pre-entry to the regular MMA conspiracy thread: The UFC brought in USADA not to level the playing field but to ensure that a certain group of fighters with access to designer steroids would flourish. Zuffa were hooking certain guys up.” - XanderCageIsBack
  • “If anyone is interested in this watch a documentary released recently called "Icarus". Simply the best documentary I've ever seen.” - LovemahMMA
  • “Yes... idiots do it on the amateur and local pro level in MMA. Because they aren't being tested... so it's fair game for them. And then if they are fortunate enough to rise through the ranks, they are super screwed when they will be tested. Of course I know local guys do it... and they never go any further. Same with guys doing sport BJJ.
    I never said the sport was clean... I said I LIKE to think it's clean. I would like to have enough money to never work again either... but I can like the idea of things and be a realist at the same time.
    Of course those things help... but not to the same degree it does in other sports where it's purely a physical thing and there is no other strategy involved.” - JoeLauzonDotCom
  • “Before you jump to conclusion that MMA is as dirty a sport as track and field consider the prices being discussed in the article.. it can cost as much as $100k to create a drug to pass Olympic level drug testing. I'm interested what others think about professional fighters not being able to afford the costs of these designers and the sport actually might be more clean than one might assume because of it.” - GrewUpWith2Dads
2017 August 23: Jon Jones tests positive for steroids, stripped of title
  • “Jon Jones tests positive for turanibol, an oral steroid. He might be facing a 4 year ban.” - Fletch71011
  • “Turinabol? Jesus Christ that shit is ancient in terms of PEDS. Jon, you're fucking rich, at least buy the good shit.” - Leaf_CrAzY
  • “Mike Tyson: No one will piss away their prime years the way I did.
    Jon Jones: Hold my boner pills...” - BaneBannon
  • “Nate Diaz the prophet.” - lostdorito
  • “Boy who cried dick pills” - gzilla57
2017 August 24: USADA confirms Jones tested positive for turibanol
  • “How many times can we accept the "tainted supplement" excuse from the same individual?” - lhkemperor
  • P4P #1, undefeated across all weight classes” - HealthyandHappy
  • “Well well well. How the turibanol tables....” - LEDsForEyes
  • “"The reiningggggg, defendingggg, Light Heavyweight Champion of the worlllllllld, USADA."” - N9neRhymes
  • “Thank you USADA for keeping this sport clean, or at least trying to. DC is without a doubt the true LHW champ now. Sucks that he had to take so many turinabol* shots to the head. Fuck Jon Jones.” - Rewrap
2017 September 13: Sources: Jones' B sample confirms failed test
  • “Underground labs don't clean the glass properly in between batches of steroids.
    Jon likely bought an undetectable steroid for decent money, and that substance made it past USADA. But the fact that they didn't clean the equipment lead to it being tainted with T-Bol that he wasn't even intending to take. They likely missed the good stuff & caught him by accident.” - sknick_
  • “Him failing twice under the new USADA rules has to bring up the question, "Has he been on PEDs his whole career?" And I think it's hard to say that he hasn't” - sportz12345
  • “we waited all this time to find out something we already know” - liquidzr0
  • “USADA: You still there pussy?” - cheapStryker
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New England Patriots

Cleats: Toss them after 3-5 years. 3 just to be safe. Cleats older than that are unresponsive and slow down a players agility and speed.
Helmets: Look into lighter metal that improves durability and gameplay - from XENITH (in the future).
Pads: Only chest, knees and elbows need to be covered/protected - limited padding enhances durability, agility, flexability, and speed.
Footballs: Footballs are being made with the wrong leather material, and there should only be 5 laces across, when there's typically 7 or 8.
Digital Playbook: Microsoft and Apple develop tablets that can display your team's plays/run throughs for each quarter, keep track of scoring and sit downs, and assess what player is on and off the field.
Jersey Assignment: According to NFL regulations, the QB is always numbered 1-7, Runners are 9-21, R and FB's are 23-35, Linemen are 37-51, and Outsiders are 53-99.
Timeouts: 5-7 minutes regulated by the NFL.
Scoring: A Touchdown is supposed to be 3 points, a Field Goal is 1, and a Pass Away/Out is 2. Somewhere along the line, in 1951, teams, coaches, owners, the NFL, and fans changed the rules of Football to cater to people who didn't understand the difference between a touchdown and a pass away.
Cheerleaders: A cheerleader should be paid $51,000/year at sign up (15 cheerleaders total), and their main objective is to make sure fans who attend your games are genuinely invested in your team by shooting gun shirts into the crowd, throwing wads of money ($500) into the stands, tossing candy into the bleachers, and offering free tickets to the next game by holding a raffle live during halftime.
Ticket Sales: $5 for every child over the age of 5, and under the age of 15. $10 for every attendee over the age of 16, and under the age of 35. $15 for every attendee over the age of 36, and under the age of 65. Children under 5, and elderly over 65 are traditionally allowed to attend for free.
Signals/Coders: Develop a better strategy for communicating runs with your hands and elbows by restricting your left arm to motion left/right, and your right arm up/down. This will make it easier for players to memorize signs, and identify which run upon huddle/break.
Passing: Have the QB always aim to the right of the player who is running (not cutting) left, and aim right to the player running right. This will enhance the quarterback's aim and accuracy, and the runner will be able to maneuver and catch with less stamina than what is usually required.
Huddle Formation: QB, Runners, R and FB's, and Outsiders should be the only players in a huddle formation. The linemen should know what they're doing, every play, based on how the opposing team is lined and stationed. The QB makes the call, the Coach or AC signals the play, the Runners assess the runthrough, and the RB's "undervalue" the play, and run accordingly. Meaning, they only field their routes when the ball is on the ground.
Referee Favoritism: There are a few ways you can tell if a ref is favoring one team over another, and it's this: If the ref stares at the QB for more than 5 seconds during the initial run (the first play of the game), and they bring their whistle to their mouth after the ball is shot, they are favoring the defense. If they stare at the QB for less than 10 seconds, after the first play of the game, and approach the down with a smile, they are favoring the offense.
Injury and Suspension: If a player is hurt during a game and has to be sat, the player still gets paid for the rest of the season, no matter the number on the schedule. They still have to attend practice, and meetings, but they aren't required to play, as long as it's under the mandate of a professional sports trainephysical therapist/nutritionist. If they are suspended from a game, or multiple games, they take a hit, and the player is not allowed to be paid for his dismissal.
Salaries: A Patriots player should be paid $105,000 / a season, $5,000 / every game they play, plus a sign up bonus of $1.5 million for their first 5 years they are considered part of the team. Their pension is permitted after 5 years playing for the New England Patriots. Their 401K doesn't go into effect until they are considered team "leaders", which usually takes about 10 years to achieve, and their health coverage and benefits (which covers their immediate family) is instant, affordable, and for a lifetime.
Field Measurements: A standard football field, under NFL regulation, should be 80 yards, touchdown to touchdown, and it should be measured in 2's, not 1's. The complete length of the touchdown zone is 10 yards long, 25 yards across. The lines should be navy blue, not white, and the field goal posts should be 15 feet off the ground, not 20, 22.5, or 25.
Down and Outs: According to the NFL rulebook, every first down is achieved the same way: 3 downs, not five: one pass play, one run play, and one toss up. Every 5 yards resets the down if you're over 40 yards from the touchdown, and every 10 yards if you're under 40 yards from the touchdown. And defense is allowed to move before, or after, the ball is called, and shot from the Center.
Flags: 3 yellow flags dismisses a player from the game. 1 red flag dismisses a player from 5 games. 1 green flag dismisses a player for the season. And 1 black flag dismisses a player from the league. Yellow flags are supposed to be thrown only if a player harasses or shows aggression towards another player in between plays. Red flags are thrown if a player uses profanity against another player, or the ref himself. Green flags are used if a player decides to cheat. And black flags are used if a player is caught using steroids, gambling for or against their own team, or showing up to a game high or drunk on anything other than Gatorade.
Corruption and Cheating: If a player is caught cheating, either by seizing the playbook, or artificially enhancing their performance on the field, the player is tossed, and the team is investigated - and may even lose sponsorship, drafting rights, or their whole team could lose their spot in the NFL, altogether. A surefire way to tell if a player is cheating is if he's constantly pacing up and down the field with his arms crossed. A surefire way of determining whether a team is cheating is if the coach of the opposing team is constantly on his cell phone, and flipping through his playbook at halftime. A surefire way to tell if a team member is cheating is if they refuse to show up for practice, or discuss their plans for future games. If they say they are going to sit this one out, let them. They are either at odds with an ethical situation they can't back out of, or they don't feel like playing and their heart won't be in it. Why make the team suffer for something that is avoidable if they are just put on the sideline.
Steroid Use: If you want to know if another player is using steroids, have them drink a glass of orange juice mixed with pineapple juice. If they throw up, they are using steroids, and should be booted from the team, the league, or the NFL.
Sponsorship: Patriots players should only accept sponsorship from companies or corporations from, or residing in: Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Hartford, CT - New York, NY - Montpelier, VT. Any company outside of these cities is looking for lineage, and may be either working for or against you, depending on which teams these companies pledge their allegiance to in the NFL. Ask companies such as: Dunkin Donuts, Gillette, McDonalds, Walmart, Mobil, JCPenney, Kraft, Gap, Fieldstone Tires, Nabisco, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Lays, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Poland Springs, Ocean Spray, Hershey's, Schick, Tombstone, CVS, Barnes and Noble, Krispy Kreme, Sony, Hewlitt Packard, Intel, Crest, Nike, Bose, Maybelline, AT&T, Bic, LG, Comcast, Avon, Old Spice, Clairol, Ben and Jerry's, Kelloggs, Gatorade, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Johnson and Johnson, Panasonic, and Campbell's.
Family Affairs: Patriots players are allowed to send their children anywhere in the US for their education, and the NFL, along with the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, will cover their tuitions through scholarship and academia achievement granthood. Patriots players are allowed to have as many husbands or wives as they want, as many children as they want, and their health and safety will always be covered by the Patriots Membership League as long as you play for the team for more than 5 years. Yearly salaries can be invested into savings or testimonial (inheritance) accounts for up to 15 years, and the NFL can hold your assets and investments for you, at no additional charge to you or your family.
Music: Have the Patriots look into setting up a playlist for your stadium that contains music that fans actually want to listen to. Hire a music coordinator that can select tracks that will be inspirational, attractive, and contemporary to a patron's ear, and music that will get them riled up for the game they are attending to see your team play. Artists such as: Kanye West, Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Drake, Rhianna, T.I., Pink, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, B.o.B., Bruno Mars, and The Foo Fighters.
Sportsmanship: Have players of your team donate their time and money to causes that they believe in. These organizations could use support and charity from your players, and it would allow the New England Patriots to sustain a badge of empathy and humanitarianism. These organizations include: The Jimmy Fund, The Heart and Cancer Society, United Nations Disaster Relief and Reduction, BoyScouts of America, Alzheimer's Association, Smithsonian Institution, Delivering Good, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Humane Society of the United States, and the Environmental Defense Fund.
NFL and Association: Have the NFL kick out a certain competing team because they don't have a real leadership board or contingency, they don't meet NFL regulations and requirements in any of their games, and they constantly cheat whenever they think they're going to get away with it. Yes, there are good men and women who work for this team, and there are a few players who deserve to be in the NFL, but the team as a whole needs to be removed from the championship lineup, until they decide they want to actively participate in an orderly manner that meets state and national guidelines.
Adoption: Players of the New England Patriots should be allowed to adopt children if they so choose to. It is in their right as a human being to have a family the way they wish to have one, and it isn't in an organization's jurisdiction to withstand one's own prerogative, when it comes to familial affairs, by dictating who, and how, members of a certain group can have children.
The Draft: The draft should be carried out so that teams select their players, in their entirety, by starting position - or enrollment - on the field: Linemen are picked, then Runners, then QB, then RB, then FB, and then Outsiders. Players shouldn't be ranked by skill or offset, nor by player value. The order in which the teams get to choose their players, by division, is how the NFL teams ranked in the Playoffs from the previous year during the final bracket, and the Super Bowl Champions are granted first pick. Once the first team chooses their entire lineup for their front guard roster, the next teams chooses theirs. So, for example, according to Championship League Results, the Philadelphia Eagles are supposed to enlist their entire linemen first, then the New England Patriots get to choose theirs, then Minnesota Vikings choose their line, and so on and so forth. The process begins again for Runners.
Catalog Merchandising: Jerseys, Helmets, Shorts, Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Socks, and Hats should be sold online at, and should be priced so that people who are interested in NFL merchandise can afford to buy what they want. Jerseys should be priced at $15.99 for any size, any team logo, any name and number. Shorts should be priced at $15.00, shirts at $9.99, Jackets at $29.99, Shoes at $49.99, Socks at $5.99, and hats should be priced at $12.99.
Ownership Requirements: The only requirement a man or woman should have in order to own a team in the NFL is ownership over their property and assets. Meaning, they personally own everything they have, with no debt or payment to any outside party.
Media Coverage and Publicity: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS should have equal footing when it comes to home broadcasting NFL games and playoff championships. Commercials during the off season should be $500.00 per 30 seconds of airtime, $1500.00 for every 30 seconds of airtime during playoffs, and $5,000.00 for every 5 seconds during the Super Bowl. NBC should acquire Super Bowl rights, ABC should acquire Playoffs, CBS should acquire off-season, and FOX should acquire their on-season (regularly scheduled games). PBS should air whatever they can get their hands on.
Education and Camps: Camps should be priced at $500.00 a "season" for anyone over the age of 5, and under the age of 9. Meals should be included, as well as jerseys - with their last name and favorite number on the back - that the children can take home with them, a Wilson football, a helmet, and a stuffed animal that resembles their favorite team mascot. You should teach the children how to throw a football, how to catch, how to run a few basic plays, how to show good sportsmanship, and how to play as a team. Parents should be allowed to watch their children interact with professional athletes of the NFL, but that is as far as it goes when it comes to guardian participation. Superbowl V should be held at the end of every "season", and people should be invited to watch their children play flag football.
Sports Nutrition and Safety: Players of the NFL should be assigned a personal trainer, therapist, and nutritionist when they are admitted to a participating team. Food, excersize, cardio, sleep schedule, rest period, and rehabilitation should be their main focus. Finding out what a player needs to achieve in order to be their best on the field is evaluated and implemented in their daily workout and regiment. And sports directors should be able to cover the costs of these health coaches by sponsorship or contractual designation.
Legal Team and Expert: Along with every team in the NFL, the Patriots have a remarkable legal team, as well as a field consultant, a financial accountant, and a stockbroker. Look into whether having a team of lawyers is necessary all year round, because legal matters can be taken care of by certain members of their own committee, if the situation arises. Players aren't being taken advantage of, just for peace of mind, and your council should look into validity of case values before proceeding with hearings and courtship.
Technology on and off the Field: A special camera, a chip you place in the ball, along with specially designed TVs will someday be invented that can manipulate and change the way a football field looks on TV, add visual graphics to the ball itself, (like make it glow as bright as the sun, or have a trail of smoke follow wherever the ball goes, etc.), and also add visuals and graphics to the field, jerseys, and above player's heads that make watching the game at home more interesting and fun. Cameras will eventually be operated by drones, and many teams will sign on to have tiny cameras placed inside their helmets so that people can view POV plays on the field.
Gambling and Official Regulation: Gambling should be legal in the US when it comes to sports and athletics run by national organizations in this country. There should be no limit or ceiling to a fan's online, or in person, betting system, and the Federal Government should oversee the regulation and control of this agency - known as the Federal Bureau of Recreational Annuity.
Fantasy Football: Leagues placed online should be accessible to anyone, with or without a paid membership, and drafting should go in the order that he or she signed up to join. Players should be picked by ranking, and by team (not by position or enrollment), and teams should be set up in mini divisions that compete against each other, until their is an overall winner (the team with the best players based on rankings that move up and down based on real time games that take place in the NFL). These teams move up to further divisions that are then set against each other, and again, victory goes to the team with the players that have the highest overall ranking reflected by real life games and numbers. A cash prize should be offered at the end to the team with the highest player median.
Video Games: The video game industry needs permission from each and every single player in the NFL if they wish to be portrayed in home console gaming, and the task of getting these signatures is tedious and time consuming. Every player should be handed a consent form, either at sign up or midseason, giving game developers permission to use their likeness in the gaming industry. A $1500 fee would go to the player for every game that uses a player's image, jersey, likeness, personality, or voice.
Referee Guidelines and Requirements: The best way to elect officials and refs for the NFL is to assess whether they have a criminal background, and test their loyalty to a particular football team by asking them: "If they could play or coach for any team, who would it be?". If they answer "I don't know" within the first 3-5 seconds, they're lying, and they should be dismissed. If they answer with a real team, and they smile after doing so, ask them if they would like to referee only for games that their team participates in. If they say "No", they are lying, and should be dismissed. If they favor refereeing for a certain team, let them throw the coin, and see how they call plays for 5 months. If they seem fair and balanced, sign them on for a 5 year contract with a starting salary of $53,000/year. The only requirement to be a referee for the NFL is that you make it on time to every game, with the mindset that the team that deserves to win, is the team that shows up for practice.
Staff and Support: People that want to help the New England Patriots should be allowed to volunteer and show support whenever they want to. Have them file for tax exemption when it comes time in April, and have them state what they did for the New England Pats, and how often they did it. Baking goods for games, or for the team, selling tickets, handing out fliers and brochures, purchasing cups and ice for water bins and Gatorade, making t shirts and signs for players and fans, offering rides and transportation to and from games for people who don't have their own cars, and having people bring in apple pies and rootbeer floats to the games are traditions that have since been forgotten. Dinner Parties, banquets, fundraisers, charity drives, and donations to children's organizations are supposed to be carried out by New England fans, like many have done since the teams inception. Have your teammates ask people if they would like to apply for an opening on your staff and support if there is a position available, because people who love sports, and watch sports, and play sports, want to be considered part of the team. No matter how big, or small, that part may be.
Superbowl: Teams that win the superbowl should be given perks or incentives like free McDonalds for a year, and entry into Disney World for a year, Fossil Watches, Walmart/Target promotional gear, or some shit.
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[Game Preview] Week 5 - Arizona Cardinals (2-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) vs. Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
For the second straight week, the Eagles kept the run game rolling, averaging 204 yards on the ground over the past two weeks. Also for the second straight week, the Eagles may be without star Defensive Tackle Fletcher Cox. In his absence, Beau Allen has played well, but the Eagles will have to get to the Quarterback, and often, if they want to survive Arizona's dangerous deep game. The Eagles' outside Cornerbacks have been playing lots of off-coverage lately, in order to stymie the deep ball, but going deep is what the Cards do well, and it will be a tough matchup for the Eagles' young starting Corners. The Cardinals defense features versatile pieces that can cover a lot of different looks and slow rushing attacks, currently 6th-best in yds/att allowed. The Cardinals won in OT against the 49ers last week, a game that featured no Touchdowns in regulation. Make no mistake, though: the Cards have an extremely potent passing attack (2nd in passing yds/gm) to offset their cellar-dwelling run game, which averages 57 yds/gm.
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to join us on Slack during the game!
Click here to register for Slack.
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Sunday, October 8th, 2017
Game Time Game Location
1:00 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
12:00 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Ave
11:00 AM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
10:00 AM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open Air
Surface: Grass
Temperature: 73°F
Feels Like: 73°F
Forecast: Overcast. Light rain starting in the afternoon.
Chance of Precipitation: 8%
Cloud Coverage: 100%
Wind: S 9 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Philadelphia by -6.5
OveUnder: 45
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 2-2, Arizona 0-4
Where to Watch on TV
FOX will broadcast Sunday’s game to a regional audience. Chris Myers will handle the play-by-play duties and Daryl Johnston will provide analysis. Laura Okmin will report from the sidelines.
TV Map - Week 5 TV Coverage Map
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (41st season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Cardinals Radio
Cardinals Radio Network Dave Pasch (play-by-play), Ron Wolfley (color analyst), Paul Calvisi (sidelines).
National Radio
Westwood One will carry the game nationally with Kevin Lee (play-by-play) and Ross Tucker (analyst) on the call.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Cardinals Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 146 (Internet 825) SIRI 157 (Internet 800)
XM Radio XM 227 (Internet 825) XM (Internet 800)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 227 (Internet 825) SXM 381 (Internet 800)
Eagles Social Media Cardinals Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: SnapAZCards
NFC East Standings
Eagles 3-1 0.75 1-0 2-1 2-0 2-0 103 92 11 W2
Cowboys 2-2 0.50 1-1 1-1 1-0 2-1 94 97 -3 L1
Redskins 2-2 0.50 1-1 1-1 0-1 1-1 91 89 2 L1
Giants 0-4 0 0-1 0-3 0-2 0-4 60 95 -35 L4
Series Information
The Arizona Cardinals lead the Philadelphia Eagles (59-56-5)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
November 10th, 1935 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL. Chicago Cardinals 12 - Philadelphia Eagles 3
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Arizona Cardinals (2559-2359)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: This will be Pederson's first game vs. the Cardinals
Bruce Airens: 2-1 vs. the Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
This will be the first game Pederson and Airens face off
Quarterback Record
Carson Wentz: This will be Wentz's first game vs. the Cardinals
Carson Palmer: Against Eagles: 2-1
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Carson Wentz vs Carson Palmer: This will be the first game Wentz and Palmer face off
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Series Tied: 2-2
Record @ University of Phoenix Stadium: Cardinals lead series 3-0
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 7 - Cardinals No. 22
Eagles: 3-1
Cardinals: 2-2
Last Meeting and Last Meeting at Site
Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015
Eagles 17 - Cardinals 40
David Johnson ran for 187 yards and three touchdowns, Carson Palmer threw a TD pass and the Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles 40-17 on Sunday night to clinch the NFC West title.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
11/4/2001 Eagles Cardinals 21-7
11/17/2002 Eagles Cardinals 38-14
12/24/2005 Cardinals Eagles 27-21
11/27/2008 Eagles Cardinals 48-20
1/18/2009 Cardinals Eagles 32-25
11/13/2011 Cardinals Eagles 21-17
9/23/2012 Cardinals Eagles 27-6
12/1/2013 Eagles Cardinals 24-21
10/26/2014 Cardinals Eagles 24-20
12/20/2015 Cardinals Eagles 40-17
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Cardinals Cardinals
2017 Weekly Matchup
Week 5 - Iron Rank Matchup
Week 5 - "Expert" Picks
Week 5 - Sporting Charts Matchup
2017 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Cardinals Season Stats
2017 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 89 147 60.5% 1058 6 2 90.5
Palmer 108 183 59% 1282 5 5 78.2
Blount 42 249 49.8 5.9 1
Johnson 36 93 31.0 2.6 0
Ertz 25 326 81.5 12.5 1
Fitzgerald 26 276 69.0 10.6 2
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 2.5 12.0
Jones 4.0 9.0
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Mills 27 21 6 0
Brown 39 32 7 0
Name Ints Team Total
Mills/Robinson/Douglas 1 3
Bethel/Bethea/Mathieu 1 3
D. Jones 14 616 58 43.4 40.1 4 2 0
Lee 21 980 60 46.7 39.3 5 0 0
Elliot 10 8 80% 61 7/7
Dawson 12 9 75% 50 5/5
Kick Returns
Smallwood 4 93 23.3 28 0
Williams 6 121 20.2 23 0
Punt Returns
Barner 3 15 5.0 13 0 0
Williams 6 17 2.8 7 0 9
League Rankings 2017
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Total Offense 392.5 3rd 349.2 11th
Rush Offense 143.0 T-3rd 57.0 32nd
Pass Offense 249.5 11th 292.2 2nd
Points Per Game 25.8 7th 18.5 22nd
3rd-Down Offense 51% 2nd 39 % 15th
4th-Down Offense 75% T-5th 33% T-17th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 55.81%% 15th 60% 10th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Total Defense 355.8 24th 302.8 7th
Rush Defense 70.8 2nd 88.0 10th
Pass Defense 285.0 29th 214.8 12th
Points Per Game 23 T-21st 22.8 20th
3rd-Down Defense 37% T-8th 37% T-8th
4th-Down Defense 0.0% T-1st 50% T-18th
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 41.67%% 5th 63.64% 26th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Cardinals Stat Cardinals Rank
Turnover Diff. +2 T-8th -3 T-25th
Penalty Per Game 7.5 T-20th 7.0 T-14th
Penalty Yards Per Game 66.8 T-24th 56.5 11th
Recap from Last Week’s Games.
Eagles - Video – Carson Wentz passed for 242 yards, LeGarrette Blount rushed for 136 and the Philadelphia Eagles extended their promising start to the season with a 26-24 victory over the winless Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Rookie Jake Elliott kicked four field goals for the Eagles (3-1), who had thousands of roaring fans in the Chargers' temporary stadium while they hung on to win on the road for the second time in 10 tries. Playing without several injured defensive regulars, the Eagles matched last year's 3-1 start even though they blew most of an early 13-point lead. Rookie Austin Ekeler rushed for a score and Hunter Henry made a one-handed TD catch during the Chargers' fourth-quarter surge.
Cardinals - Video - Carson Palmer threw 19 yards to Larry Fitzgerald with 32 seconds left in overtime for the game's only touchdown and the Arizona Cardinals escaped with an 18-15 victory over the winless San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Robbie Gould kicked his fifth field goal, a 23-yarder with 2:24 left in overtime to put the 49ers ahead 15-12 in overtime. The scoring had been limited to nine field goals on an ugly afternoon in the desert before Palmer directed a seven-play, 75-yard drive with 1:52 to play. Fitzgerald, who had three catches for 13 yards before the winning grab, rose to catch the ball under tight coverage by Rashard Robinson, with 0:38 left on the clock. Phil Dawson kicked four field goals for the Cardinals (2-2), whose two victories both have come in overtime.
Cardinals LB and 2017 first round pick Haason Reddick is from the Philadelphia suburb of Camden and played college at Temple University.| Cardinals HC Bruce Arians got his first HC job at Temple University in Philadelphia.| Cardinals TE Ifeanyi Momah was originally signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2013.| Cardinals C A.Q. Shipley spent the 2010 season on the Eagles’ practice squad. Shipley also played collegiately at Penn State University.| Eagles special teams coordinator Dave Fipp was a walk-on safety at the University of Arizona from 1994-97. Fipp also served as a Wildcats graduate assistant in 2000.| Eagles QB Nick Foles played at the University of Arizona from 2008-11 and finished his collegiate career as the school’s all-time leader in completions, passing yards and passing TDs.|
2016 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Cardinals
OT Jason Peters (Starter) WR Larry Fitzgerald (Starter)
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) RB David Johnson (Starter)
DE Brandon Graham (1st Alt) CB Patrick Peterson (Starter)
FS Rodney McLeod (1st Alt) G Mike Iupati (2nd Alt)
PR Darren Sproles (1st Alt) DT Calais Campbell (2nd Alt)
C Jason Kelce (2nd Alt) OLB Chandler Jones (2nd Alt)
ST Chris Maragos (2nd Alt) CB Marcus Cooper (2nd Alt)
ST Justin Bethel (1st Alt)
Referee: John Hussey
The Eagles own a 55-59-5 (.483) all-time record against the Cardinals, dating back to 1935. Philadelphia is aiming for its first win vs. Arizona since 12/1/13 at Lincoln Financial Field.
Philadelphia has registered 20+ points in 8 consecutive games dating back to Week 14 in 2016, marking the longest active streak in the NFL. The Eagles are tied for the 3rdmost 20+ point games (17) in the NFL since 2016, trailing only Atlanta (18) and New England (18).
Philadelphia ranks 1st in the NFL in average time of possession (35:29).
The Eagles lead the NFL in 10+ yard plays (69).
Philadelphia ranks 3rd in the NFL in first downs per game (24), behind New England (24.8).
Philadelphia owns the 2nd-best third-down conversion rate (50.8%) in the NFL, behind Carolina (51.9%).
The Eagles are tied for 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards per game (143.0), behind Kansas City (163.5) and Jacksonville (148.8). Philadelphia’s 572 rushing yards are the club’s most through 4 games since 2013 (793 yards). The Eagles have rushed for 190+ yards in 2 straight games for just the third time since 1995, last doing so from 10/16/11-10/30/11.
The Eagles rank 2nd in the NFL in rushing defense (70.8), behind Denver (50.8).
Philadelphia ranks 5th in the NFL in opponent red zone TD efficiency (41.7%).
Draft Picks
Eagles Cardinals
DE Derek Barnett LB Haason Reddick
CB Sidney Jones S Budda Baker
CB Rasul Douglas WR Chad Williams
WR Mack Hollins G Dorian Johnson
RB Donnel Pumphrey OT Will Holden
WR Shelton Gibson RB T.J. Logan
LB Nathan Gerry S Johnathan Ford
DT Elijah Qualls
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Cardinals
WR Torrey Smith S Antoine Bethea
WR Alshon Jeffery K Phil Dawson
DE Chris Long LB Jarvis Jones
DT Timmy Jernigan QB Blaine Gabbert
RB LaGarrette Blount LB Karlos Dansby
CB Patrick Robinson
G Chance Warmack
QB Nick Foles
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Cardinals
CB Nolan Carroll DE Calais Campbell
DE Connor Barwin TE Darren Fells
DT Bennie Logan S Tony Jefferson
QB Chase Daniel LB Kevin Minter
CB Leodis McKelvin OLB Alex Okafor
WR Dorial Green-Beckham S D.J. Swearinger
DE Marcus Smith
RB Ryan Mathews
QB Carson Wentz (4840 - 14th) can make a move up to 13th place on the Eagles' All-Time Passing Yards list with 106 more passing yards moving ahead of Rodney Pete.
TE Brent Celek (4,879) needs 121 more yards to reach 5000 career receiving yards.
TE Brent Celek (386) needs 14 more receptions to reach 400 career receptions.
DE Brandon Graham (31.5 - 14th) can move up to 12th with .5 more sacks moving past a tie with Connor Barwin, Mike Mamula and Jaqua Parker. Graham can also move up to a tie for 12th all-time with 1 sacks and 11th all-time with 1.5 sacks.
DE Fletcher Cox (30.5 - 17th) needs 1.5 Sacks move into a tie for 13th all-time on the Eagles sack list with Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin, Mike Mamula and Jaqua Parker. 2 sacks more sacks would give him the most sacks all-time by an interior linemen passing Cory Simon.
S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player. Jenkins is the only Eagles player to have a pick 6 in 3 straight seasons
WR Larry Fitzgerald (14665 8th all-time) needs 67 more yards for to pass WR Steve Smith 7th on the all-time NFL receiving list.
DE Chandler Jones (15.0 20th) can more up to a tie for 18th on the Cardinals all-time sack list 1.5 sacks tying Micheal Blankston.
K Phil Dawson (1730 12th) needs 7 more points to move up to 11th on the all-time scoring list passing K Norm Johnson.
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts Courtesy of PFF Edge

WDB Matchups (CAPS = Shadow Coverage)

Eagles WRs vs. Chargers DBs
Tm Rec/DB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% S% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr
PHI ALSHON JEFFERY LWR 75 218 4.48 162 52 15 33 22 53 1.72 70
ARZ PATRICK PETERSON RCB 73 203 4.31 166 49 11 40 12 54 0.79 76.4
PHI Nelson Agholor Slot 72 198 4.42 128 8 86 6 12 57 0.79 77.2
ARZ Tyrann Mathieu Slot 69 186 4.5 134 7 88 5 22 68 1.83 37.9
PHI Torrey Smith RWR 72 205 4.41 150 28 26 46 13 46 0.77 41.2
ARZ Justin Bethel LCB 72 200 151 36 13 51 24 56 1.86 45.1
Cardinals WRs vs. Eagles DBs
Tm Rec/DB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% Slot% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr
ARZ Larry Fitzgerald Slot 75 218 4.48 219 14 67 19 21 70 1.46 79
PHI Patrick Robinson Slot 71 191 4.46 134 16 84 0 16 58 1.29 88.7
ARZ John Brown RWR 71 179 4.34 96 17 49 34 18 52 1.21 76.4
PHI Jalen Mills LCB 72 191 4.61 175 66 2 32 24 62 1.91 43.4
ARZ Jaron Brown LWR 74 205 190 44 21 36 18 47 1.32 76.3
PHI Rasul Douglas RCB 74 209 4.59 118 8 5 86 19 68 1.88 70.6

TE Matchups

Tm Receiver H Wt Rt Bl% Inl% Slot% W% %TaRt Cat% YPRR Gr Adv
ARZ Jermaine Gresham 77 260 602 21 85 13 1 16 64 1.01 39.9 -9
PHI Malcolm Jenkins (S) 72 204 386 10 58 0.65 61.8
PHI Zach Ertz 77 250 732 7 42 47 11 20 77 1.78 83.7 -4
ARZ Tyvon Branch (CB) 72 210 206 11 45 0.59 88

OL/DL Matchups

Tm Press% SackCon% YBCo Runs < 5 yd ln/gm Runs < 5 yd ln TD% Pass Adv Run Adv
ARZ (OL) 7.4 14 2.05 0.5 50 -36 -12
PHI (DL) 6 19 1.46 0.5 50
PHI (OL) 3.6 21 2.55 2.3 22 34 18
ARZ (DL) 6.1 14 1.53 0.5 50
Matchups to Watch
Larry Fitzgerald vs. Everyone
It’s no secret that Larry Fitzgerald has burned the Eagles in the past. In 8 games (including the playoffs) Fitz has burned the Eagles for 50 catches, 845 yards and a staggering 11 touchdowns. Even at 34 years old through four games he’s on pace for another 1,000 yard season. The Eagles secondary, who already need to cover speedsters Jaron Brown and J.J. Nelson will need to figure out a way to contain Larry Fitzgerald – especially in the red zone where he’s feasted on the Eagles throughout his career.
Eagles DL vs. Cardinals OL
The Cardinals offensive line is in shambles. Carson Palmer has been sacked a league-leading 17 times and are without 2, possibly 3 starters on the offensive line. The Eagles defensive line has been extremely efficient at getting to the quarterback. Specifically keep an eye on RT Jered Veldheer who was abused by Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence for 3 sacks last week. It won’t get any easier for him against Brandon Graham. If the Eagles can get consistent pressure on Carson Palmer early it could minimize Arizona’s biggest strength on offense – the deep passes to speedy receivers.
Zach Ertz vs. Tyrann Mathieu
The Zach Ertz breakout season appears to finally have arrived. Ertz is on record-setting pace through four games and has shown no signs of slowing down. That being said the Cardinals have been one of the strongest teams against tight ends this season thanks in no small part to the honey badger. Opposing tight ends have averaged ~3 catches for 36 yards against the Cardinals this season with 0 touchdowns. With Patrick Peterson likely holding down Alshon Jeffery all game it’ll be integral for Ertz to get something going lining up mostly against Mathieu.
Special thanks to rsubs33 and biggulpshuh_alright for their help in creating this Game Preview.
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The Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Selecting an IPTV Provider

So you cut the cord, already did some reading around research on IPTV, and are now ready to make the jump into the actual act of buying/trying an IPTV service. A lot of guides/stickies out there do a fairly solid job of presenting the info you need in a general sense, but ultimately fall short on providing the key explanation details in some areas that make weeding between the endless options out there after-the-fact a lot easier. So in general...this guide is aimed at you. Think of it as a rather long worded shortcut to what you'd eventually find out and realize for yourself anyway after an endless amount of testing around with different providers while looking for "the one" (which in my case is pushing hard on triple digits at this point btw).
Now before getting into what you ideally want to be looking for it's important to both acknowledge and dispel a couple surrounding IPTV myths. Which ultimately just serve the purpose of leading people down a fruitless side track search for what they **want** to exist, and prolonging the process of picking the best provider for you that actually **does** exist.
This myth is probably the biggest misconception that newbies and/or people looking to save every last penny in particular get hung up on. Regardless how professional that website may look, and/or the effort a provider may put into presenting themselves in a broader "we the company here" sense, it's important not to lose sight of what it is you are actually buying here. At it's core IPTV is a get your profit in the moment business, run in a back room type setting, and built on a model that is offering these providers themselves no guarantee of a tomorrow. As such, the behind-the-scenes infrastructure and decision making processes on when/where to reinvest the profits (if at all) it sees tend to reflect fairly heavily on that. Basically and if making any assumptions always assume profit in pocket is going to stay in pocket (AKA: they ain't running that heavily discounted sale which cuts their own long term profit potential throat with a surrounding goal to turn around and reinvest that money). Even if that means bleeding out some unhappy subs latter while simply choosing to ride out rough patches after a profitable run is achieved.
In the grander scheme of things IPTV boils down to a game of trade offs, and the very first one you should expect going in is the sacrifice being made here. In short, and while the amount of quality channel feeds can/do certainly vary on a provider to provider single IPTV provider out there is offering the same across the board FHD channel lineup as your legit cable company or streaming service (such as Playstation Vue/Sling/DTVnow). Going back to myth #1 (this won't be the first time in this guide)...they simply aren't going to realistically have the invested infrastructure to reliably support that.
One of the more popular general questions always being asked, and which at best are always going to just generate flawed answers that almost never take into account the all important variance factor in play there. For starters, it's important to understand that there is no "static" and across the board factor going in to each of provider's specific sport coverage feeds. They are all usually sourced individually from different places, subject to differing levels of quality/stability, and as a whole have a tendency to see random switch outs for something completely different at any given time (which never comes with a guarantee of maintaining that same exact level of previous quality/stability either). For example, the last 3 providers I tested for a full month all switched their base NFL section feeds at least once during my sub period, some not for the better, and I've yet to ever come across a single provider that saw every one of their sport sections always out-preforming something else I already had.
On top of this, it is also important to not to get caught up in the hypothetical paper theory that everything is going to be ok when you need it to be. Especially on things that are going to see a high amount of server traffic. If you are the type that loves sitting down to watch your NFL Sunday coverage or UFC PPV every month, you really need to account for the outside-the-hypothetical and reality based variance a lot of that stuff can see. NFL coverage in particular can be notorious for running into bad buffering weeks, and that big UFC PPV is always going to subject to a monthly roll of the dice that is more or less unpredictable. Outside the "I've never had a problem!' claims being made by people who are either not watching enough of this stuff to actually notice, or who are just flat out lying, you won't find a single provider that isn't going to let you down hard in these areas at one point or another. Hence...the serious consideration that should always go into running at least 2 different providers. Trust me, I'm as cheap/frugal as they come with a lot of different things in my life, and *always* am looking to save an extra buck wherever I can. But that extreme tendency to be frugal goes out the window in a hurry those moments my Sunday football game/s starts having issues, or when that UFC PPV I've spent all month looking forward to watching live starts buffering heavily on all a provider's feeds right before the main event (I could not load up a backup provider a single time all month and in that moment - it's hands down worth the extra $5 to me and then some).
Lastly and as an extension of everything above, always be wary of any best claim that isn't actually telling you what it is they are specifically watching. If you are a strictly US based content consumer like myself for example, who doesn't watch a lick of soccer, that foreign soccer fanatic poster (who doesn't watch a lick of NFL football) from elsewhere who is essentially basing their entire recommendation on their own experience with something you'll never watch probably isn't the best one for *you*.
Two surface advertisement terms that can be completely misleading. Starting with the fact that for the most part and generally speaking, you are going to find a lot of these providers using the same sourced feeds (example: 4 the 5 providers I keep on my Perfect Player setup atm all use the same one for all the paid movie channels) and regardless of the price they are charging. In fact, price tag usually boils down more to a matter of individual profit margin goals, and something more centered around the market area of people it's aiming to pull it's subs from. For example, Youtube is generally full of a huge amount of people that don't spend any time debating/comparing IPTV on a forum like Reddit, and who as a result are are basically more open to spending $15 on a one line provider when they aren't being openly or directly compared to any of the better $5 providers. Hence, and to break it down in simple street terms - the typical going rate you can effectively charge for an IPTV service over there is higher.
Secondly, "uptime" claims are essentially just BS fluff to an advertisement line. From a user end perspective the more important factor there is the reliability %, or more specifically how often you aren't going to run into any potential playback issues when you click on something you want to watch. Which is obviously a much more complex % to calculate accurately, but don't kid yourself....even among the most reliable providers out there it's not going to be 99%. Or even 95% for that matter. Which is again why, and I know a lot of people out there looking to save every last penny hate hearing this (and why I'll keep making a point to repeat it), it's always going to be recommended by experienced IPTV users that you plan on buying/budgeting fokeeping at least two separate providers.
So with the myths out of the way we'll now move on to better identifying the potential red flags to look out for, and which can help make that initial weeding out of the crap out there a lot less tedious. Especially if/when you aren't hobby shopping like I tend to do, and with at least a decent surrounding expectation that I more or less just threw some $$$ out the window in the name of testing different stuff ;)
See Myth #1 on why this is always a terrible idea to begin with. But never-the-less, that surrounding appeal to get cute in trying to "save" every dollar is always a strong one for many, and there is never a shortage of crappy IPTV providers out there trying to capitalize on this. It's always a safe bet that these deals are essentially being offered because it's the easiest way to rip you off, and the general rule of thumb that 'if it's too good to be true - it probably is" applies in spades here. IPTV providers exist to make $$$, not to be your friend or only take a quick $35 instead of the $60 they might otherwise accumulate in a fraction of that time with any internal projection of still even being around and thriving 6 months down the road.
My personal favorites on these are the ones running with a "LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!" add btw. Now stop and think this completely through for a hot minute. Even if you want to believe these are not a scam, if a provider is apparently so hard up for cash that they need to sell a couple heavily discounted lifetime subs at a measly $50 or whatever...what is that really telling you about the overall financial situation going on in the backround? (extra hint: providers without a financially stable base on the back end are always going to make for both the worst short and long term bets).
I'm sure you've run across them. Copy and pasted in short format wherever they can find IPTV interest, and usually re-posted again after being taken down. "7000+ CHANNELS! 40 DIFFERENT INTERNATIONAL GROUPS! 5000 VOD TITLES! INCLUDES ALL SPORTS! 24/7 UPTIME AND SUPPORT! BLAH BLAH BLAH". Yet other then an original poster not even bothering to list the price and that is simply replying "PM me" to everybody instead of engaging in any personalized conversation, you can't seem to dig up any actual information on them. No reviews, no other users with an account that wasn't made the previous day talking about or recommending them, ect.
Now your first instinct might be to think to yourself 'wow that is a a lot of stuff to be offering, and I've been looking for a good US based provider that also offers some polish channels for a while now. Maybe this will be a hidden gem!". You need to ignore that first instinct though, because the reality there usually amounts to the easiest crap filter warning of them all. Unless of course you are specifically looking for a provider that basically just throws together the cheapest channel feeds possible they can find, with no real emphasis placed on anything beyond the initial advertisement sell. Much less one placed on maintained reliability. Fun fact - No provider that has accomplished any notable level of popularity on reddit, while I've been posting here at least, got their push start from these type of mindless spam ads. Of the couple hidden gems I have hit on, none were just random buys on my behalf without a little finger pointing in that direction from somebody I trusted either. I'm genuinely like 0-30 and down a couple hundred bucks on random shots in the dark lol.
Another fun fact - Outside a virgin public message board like the one I'm posting this on now, most feedback places you'll find see a heavy population of people with an underlying interest in reselling these IPTV services for profit. As such, the potential overall "popularity" any individual one can achieve isn't going to be equal, and will largely be dependent on the profit margin potential being offered to resellers behind it. So basically, being more popularity doesn't always translate into a default assumption that it's going to be better. For example, Provider One (we'll use N24 which I just reviewed btw) may be a great value on the pure consumer end at $6/per account, but only offer a bulk account sale rate that comes out to $5/per for resellers (a small difference which then also has to account for website/transaction fees, the potential absorption of charge backs from unhappy customers, ect). Provider Two isn't as reliable/stable and hence might not of made my cut on providers I choose to sit down with for an entire month of testing, but the difference between their individual consumer offered rate and the one being offered to resellers in bulk might be $5. Guess which one is going to end up seeing a lot more reseller sales, and as a result gross a higher total amount of hype/recommendations? ;)
On top of this, and we'll just go ahead and label this "The Vader Streams rule" - more people is generally never a better thing once a provider branches out from it's initial growing stage. Again, check your wishful thinking assumptions of what ideally **should** happen on the provider end at the door and go back and re-read Myth #1. Or more specifically, don't lose sight of the basic math principle going into all this. These pirated servers trying to turn an expiration date which could always be tomorrow profit, and that don't have big corporation $$ behind them, are realistically only going to be able to comfortably accommodate X amount of people before running into server load issues. The more outlets you have dumping in subs and/or an endless stream of free trials towards that limit, the faster things are potentially going to go to buffering crap.
Granted there are some exceptions to this, specifically among the long running and super well known providers already running a couple 100k subs. But for newer or up and coming providers, this is pretty standard customer service stuff to expect nowadays. It can also be a great go-to way, or at least was before some started (understandably) restricting access to paying members only, to really get a legit pre-purchase feel of what a provider is all about. If able my advice is to always hop in one of these chats first thing, and at least make the effort to read a couple days back. Paying extra attention to how active the chat is, how often are the people asking for help receiving some, and how much overall complaining about the service is going on.
Saved the best for last, and since I already know this is going to be highly controversial for many. I do get it though, and realize a lot of people out there love the added all-in-one benefit of having their VOD bundled in. But again and to remind people that IPTV tends to boil down to a game of trade offs, it's important to realize though that such a benefit comes at a cost. Namely that it's shared existence tends to leech away from your provider's servers and the one area you should care most about paying out on IPTV to begin with....Live TV stability. In fact, nowadays you can pretty much even conclude that the only services out there completely ignoring the long term legal concerns and pushing hard on some "MASSIVE VOD COLLECTION!!!" sell aspect anymore are only doing so to essentially compensate for the fact that their live tv stream stability (not to mention the underlying investment on their end going in to it) isn't measuring up to some of the better ones to be found out there.
Bottom line - None of the providers I've tested and would recommend as having one of the best and most stable live TV stream experiences possible offer a notably huge or extensive VOD selection, if it's even being offered at all. Which in essence leaves you with a one or the other priority choice to be made don't get an option to have the best of both worlds.
***(additional red flag note - a lot of people would choose to include the lack of a free trial here, and which while always nice to see...honestly couldn't be further from the actual truth. The reality there is that for the most part and outside brand new providers who essentially are forced into begging for more subs, free trials are essentially a waste of time/effort on the provider end. As in maybe on average 1-2 out of every 100 lead to an actual sale, then sees most of the rest just create a fresh email address and re-apply to leech another freebie. Where as even a $1 leech filter price on the trial tends to vastly limit the amount of inquired trial requests, but while drastically increasing the actual buy rate % that results out of them. This approach also tends to cater more on the flip side to, you know...the people already paying out in full on the service and who don't see any potential benefit in having a bunch of constant leechers eating up the finite amount of server capacity)***
Myths and potential red flags to look out for aside, we'll now move on to the fairly straight forward basics. Which starts with an understanding that for the most part...any provider worth a dang is essentially offering you the same exact thing as the next one. More obscure channel offerings and international feeds (if any) can vary of course, but it is all largely built on the same platform sell regardless of cost, and especially if you are primarily after US content. All the popular channels and then some will be present, all the major sports and PPVs will be be covered, ect ect. In short and assuming you are already following the guidelines laid out above, you don't have a waste any time asking whether a provider has ESPN or Fox Sports, the NFL package, Soccer game coverage, or plans to carry the next UFC PPV. To quote an old Ragu spaghetti sauce commercial - it's in there.
So with that all that said, I **strongly** recommend starting your search in the $5/month price range, and as already noted above with a preferable aim that you'll ultimately be shopping for two different providers. From the "I just want the basics" point of view, and given all the emerging quality options that already exist in this price bracket, there is really no legitimate reason outside your own (usually misguided) wishful thinking fantasies to stretch beyond that. Depending on your own individual experience preferences, there are exceptions to this rule where paying out more can be beneficial though. Which I personally like to summarize up as what additional feature offerings are unique enough to be classified as "premium", and hence potentially worth the extra cost:
TV catchup is a continuous recording log of everything airing on the specific channel it's being offered on, and spanning back X amount of days before gradually being over-written by the new stuff (time period depending on the provider, and where longer logs as I'm about to explain aren't always the most ideal btw). I included the reliable tag there because while only a small % of providers offer it nowadays, even fewer tend to actually get it right. Basically due to the fact that it can generally be a tricky pita to both add and successfully maintain on the provider end, and therefore ultimately regulated to something that ends up being viewed more as window dressing for their features advertisement then something that actually sees a lot of consistent maintenance effort.
When it is done right it can be a fairly invaluable tool in your streaming arsenal though, especially for adequately covering your playback area needs in a timely manner when the otherwise fantastic free VOD options like Kodi/APK's don't. For example and in my own experiences: CBS soap operas, same night WWE PPVs, UFC/Bellator shows airing on FS1/Paramount, ect.
Being able to watch your provider on one then more device at a time is obviously a biggie, and usually the #1 feature people rightfully look for in any value based offering. That said, it's also **extremely important** to be mindful here that the surrounding concern within Myth #1 and the X amount of server capacity red flag math above still can apply in spades here. Especially if/when those extra connections are not IP locked, and can therefore be shared/abused among multiple people. It's really really easy for servers offering this, which on the provider end is aimed at selling the most amount of subs in the least amount of time (with not a lot of caution thinking usually going towards it's down the road future), to start hitting problem inducing server capacity levels in comparatively quick order.
This goes double for the cheap people out there who are still going to ignore the advice I laid out twice already on buying at least 2 separate providers. This also includes the option for SD alternatives as well. Don't underestimate the potential value in having backup options you can immediately switch to once outside of ideal "everything is running smooth" paper theory, and especially when it comes to the day in and day out reality of running with IPTV as your only access to what you are sitting down to watch live
This in particular applies to you android box/stick users out there. Coming in right after that wishful thinking expectation of a complete FHD channel lineup is the reality sacrifice you have to expect on the program guide aspect. With the exception of one established APK out there and another one that's still a stability work-in-progress, pretty much every single provider is offering the same exact player options to run your your service on. All of which have their own pros and cons, and none of which include anything even remotely resembling that hassle free channel surfing experience you found in cable TV. At best the guides are clunky while still retaining a more 80's vibe generic type feel. At worst they aren't even worth the hassle, or just flat out non-existent.
No fail shopping rule of thumb here btw - Don't spend more then $10/mo for 1 connection or $15 total (regardless of the offered connection total they force bundle in) on anything that is just defaulting to using Smarters as their APK. If it's running Smarters as it's base APK (instead of you know...being "premium" and actually developing their own), and it isn't offering a less aggressive upfront $10 or less buy in plan option to start is extremely likely you buying what essentially amounts to an inferior IPTV product and overpaying in comparison to what else one can find out there. Period.
50-60 fps CHANNEL FEEDS:
As an IPTV whole most of the reliable feeds you find are going to be 30fps, which is generally due to surrounding costs, bandwidth concerns, and a need to cater more the consumer masses who generally don't mix well with the increased probability that their unknowingly weakened wifi internet connection is going to lead to buffering. None of which is to say this should be viewed as some "more is always better" make or break factor either, or that those 30 fps can't be of high picture quality mind you. In fact in a lot instances, such as my TV shows/movies or something like a UFC PPV, I honestly could care less about FPS and half the time couldn't even pick them out on sight alone anyway (which in the case of UFC PPVs routinely is never the best quality one to begin with imo/btw). That said and for other stuff like my NFL football games...I do find it to be a nice extra have, and indeed find myself making that effort to search out.
**(additional extra note - While I won't go as far as to label it a premium feature, a lot can be said about having a large extra lineup of local channel feeds for ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX. Especially when it comes to keeping you covered for something like NFL football games, and which can be a day saver when as noted earlier your direct NFL package feed runs into that bad week of buffering. The locals are usually always carrying those games)***
Lastly but certainly not least, I'm going to close this guide out with one last bit of advice. Something routinely ignored, and which honestly is most common pitfall of them all that people find themselves falling into. Not to mention the #1 gateway to making a bad decision - DON'T GO INTO THIS TRYING TO SAVE EVERY LAST DOLLAR ON DAY ONE! Seriously, I can't stress this enough. At minimum your first 2 months should be dedicated to trying and testing different things. Because regardless how much total info I can cram into a guide, or how many people line up to tell you what your own best choice will be.... **nothing** trumps that extended period of first hand trial and error. Especially considering all the potential variance factors that can come into play, and where something that is great for me might not be great for you for whatever random reason (location, primary channel interests in things I never watch or tested, ect). Don't be overly cheap and hesitant to pay out a measly $1 trial cost on something of potential interest that requires one, and don't get lazy in that approach with the first decent thing that comes along either. In fact and whatever you do decide to buy, go in to that purchase both completely open and all but expecting to buy something different the following month. Even if you pick well that first try. If those latter choices end up busting out, you'll always have the option to go back and re-spend that measly $5 or whatever again on whatever provider you liked best before.

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Pick of the Day - 10/15/15 (Thursday)

• No picks that are favored by more than -200 or underdogs by more than +200. • Single bets only - No parlay or teaser bets. Prop bets are fine. • Please include what sport you are talking about and the start time in your pick. • Voting for each pick ends when the game/match/etc starts. • Please do not vote for a pick after its start time, this will help us accurately gauge which picks had the most votes at the end of the day • Only the Pick of the Day counts for the streak, not the Top 3 Picks • The pick with most points at the end of the day (8 pm EST) is our pick of the day. • For ROI we will be risking 1u for +odds bets and playing to win 1u on -odds bets. • PotD ROI is just for the Pick of the Day, Overall ROI is for all the picks (top 3).
Record as of September 1st:
PotD: 24-18-1
2nd: 22-15-0
3rd: 10-14-2
PotD ROI: +3.80u
Overall ROI: -0.10u
Picks for 10/15/15:
PotD: NFL - Atlanta Falcons -3.5 (-110) LOSS
2nd: NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins to win in Regulation (-105) WIN
3rd: NCAAF - Stanford -6.5 (-110) WIN
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Pick of the Day - 12/10/15 (Thursday)

• No picks that are favored by more than -200 or underdogs by more than +200. • Single bets only - No parlay or teaser bets. Prop bets are fine. • Please include what sport you are talking about and the start time in your pick. • Voting for each pick ends when the game/match/etc starts. • Please do not vote for a pick after its start time, this will help us accurately gauge which picks had the most votes at the end of the day • Only the Pick of the Day counts for the streak, not the Top 3 Picks • The pick with most points at the end of the day (8 pm EST) is our pick of the day. • For ROI we will be risking 1u for +odds bets and playing to win 1u on -odds bets. • PotD ROI is just for the Pick of the Day, Overall ROI is for all the picks (top 3).
Record as of September 1st:
PotD: 54-41-4
2nd: 50-40-2
3rd: 32-41-4
PotD ROI: +6.07u
Overall ROI: -7.87u
Picks for 12/10/15:
PotD: UFC - Northcutt / Pfister under 1.5 rounds (-115) WIN
2nd: NHL - Calgary Flames to win in Regulation (+104) WIN
3rd: NFL - Arizona Cardinals -7.5 (-110) LOSS
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Features I would love to see in MUT 18

Some are out there I know but I hope some of these do become a thing one day. In the years since mut has been around but it's always felt a little lacking in its features and Gamemodes.Here is my wishlist that I feel if they added to mut would add a lot more fun and immersion.
Mut Practice mode -I know this one has been asked for by many people for many years which just makes it being on this list more necessary.Many players including myself would love to lab gameplans ,test stats and abilities compare how players feel in a controlled environment.This would also help the community get better when it comes to play breakdowns of what people are doing online with specific cards that can't be summed without mut.
Coin Games- Have you ever wanted to bet your coins against someone to try and win a big pot of gold only for you to win and then you opponent doesn't buy the player they were supposed to.Of course you have and adding a legit mode that would actually give players the pot of coins instead of relying on someone's honesty would very much be a welcomed addition to the mode.(I know its extremely unlikely due to ea rules but it would be fun)
Create a playbook-Now I know what you're initially thinking "that'd be dumb because everyone will run the same plays" now yes that would be true but that already happens in madden right now i've only seen pit offense,ne offense,sf offense,and eagles offense online and with that they all run the same schemes so why not just add create a book and make things more customizable?They could regulate it by making each play an actionable or tradable item that you can pull out of pro packs just like team unis and stadiums.This would add a nice rpg feel to the game and immerse you even more while at the same time adding another aspect of the market.(My thoughts on this is it'd be cool but I doubt they could implement it well and fair)
Custom Audibles for Mut playbooks-Seriously why has this not happened yet.Regular mode already has it.
A Tournament tree game mode- this would be essentially a practice version of the salary cap madden bowl games but accessible by the general public using event ticks or could be and 8 to 16 team bracket where you only win coins if you make it to the divisional round (top4) or superbowl round(top two).
Add the ability to earn mut coins by playing regular non ultimate team head to head.This would help new player learn how to compete online as they build their team as opposed to grinding through player who have significantly better teams than you.
Tavern Mode-Credit to gutfox for the idea ,this would be a fun mode with random rules or random players who you'd never see.there could be a blitz mode where everyone gets injured or fumbles in slow motion often,or 1 foot mode where everyone is 1 foot tall.There are endless possibilities.
A versus mode for the gauntlet- pretty self explanatory 1v1 mode that requires event tickets and you play through the gauntlet turn after turn until one of you loses all your lives, the winner gets the reward and the reward increases the more boss battles you when.
Bring Back names on auctioned cards- loved it or hated but back in the day when you could see the owner of the card and try and make a deal.Now I know this was removed because of scammers but that can be fixed by a simple way in my next topic.
Multi Trades- the ability to trade multiple cards at once would effectively get rid of many scammers and actually make trading usable with the creative deals.
Demo Card solos - When a limited time player comes out and you're not sure if you want it or not there should be a solo challenge where that player will be on your team for that challenge only and let you see if you want to pony up the coin for him.
Create a uniform and stadium in mut- now what they did this year was great and all but i feel if they added a way to upload your own logo or create your own colored pallet teams it would be very fun.Now the way to keep chemistry involved would to have a slot for chems and the blank uniforms that are sold separately and would have depending on the rarity of the blank uni a number of slots for chemistry and tier. Revive must binder sync capability-back in mut 15 this short lived feature was by far one of the most useful to just look at your team and see whose price went up or down.
Individual player stats- On the back of a card for the time it has been with you would say its averages,such as yards per game,completion percentage,catches caught/dropped percentage,lineman win loss ratio,sacks per game,tackles for loss per game,kick return average ,as well as players having the total number of touchdowns,picks ,fumbles,yards ect...
Special teams separate positions and stats-Such as kickoff,return,punt off and return .As for the stats portion gunner stat blocking ability,kickoff coverage,and field awareness.
Create packages for defensive formation- such as your getting killed by the run so you run nickle package all safety dbs.Really this would just be for convenience.
Concede,forfeit and friendly quit in mut-some games just run longer than they should.
Rivals- as a thing where you get updates to players or wins from your friend you labeled rival
Be able to see game replays after someone rage quits.-Say you're not streaming something epic happened and you wanna record it but then your opponent quits making it lost forever.
Continuous rewards for completing mut master-say after you completed it you get a free all pro pack once a week or extra binder space just little things to add incentive towards doing it.
Skills trainer objectives added to objectives-Say revisit cover three drill and get gold 5k
Assign Auto subs for situations credit
Auto advance to the next solo, no more exiting the game and having to load up the next solo. Would be much quicker and more user friendly.
More Game types like an only gold player mode which would allow EA to keep releasing gold cards all year.Or a silver and bronze mode
Built IN Mut leagues
Built IN Mut Clans
More coaches for you team Items that give stat boosts and maybe even stat deductions for those boosts(Off coordinator gives +2 to spec -2 to route running ) It would make you have to make more decisions.
Bring back In game Injuries for mut make depth matter! I was that one guy who thought it was cool back in mut 25 that a player was injured for 10 games ,it sucked but it was an rpg element I didn't mind to much.
Make it so we can Directly Send our friends coins I know this would probably get abused by coin sellers but it'd be cool to help friends start up in mut when they join late in the year.
During the Out of position promo due other sports players besides nfl players like Joc peterson at WR ,Lebron at TE,any soccer guy at K lol
While were on the note of out of position why not make that a whole year thing ,anytime some gets a team of the weak and they made a play outta position why not make them outta position.
Make flash back players reflect how they would've been back then like cam newton,if you flash back to his rookie year give him good speed but lesser throwing stats because that makes sense.
Bring back madden throwbacks program that was a fun one.
Make new playbooks often in mut there's only bout 8 every year that get used so making more could increase that.
Make sets reasonably priced cough cough badge monsters
Let me know what you thought of these in the comments below and what you want next year.
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Supreme Court strikes down sports betting law

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)
The Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling Monday in a landmark decision that gives states the go-ahead to legalize betting on sports.
The court ruled to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a 1992 law that barred state-authorized sports gambling with some exceptions.
The court ruled in favor of New Jersey and against the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball, capping a nearly six-year legal battle and overturning a federal statute that the sports leagues had adamantly stood by for more than 20 years.
"Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it elects not to do so, each State is free to act on its own," the court wrote its opinion.
To start, it's likely bets will have to be placed at brick-and-mortar establishments, but states are making plans to offer mobile sports betting in the future.
One research firm estimated before the ruling that if the Supreme Court were to strike down PAPSA, 32 states would likely offer sports betting within five years.
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Announcement: CharitableBets Challenge Month - November 2013

We’re happy to announce CharitableBets Challenge Month, where each sporting subreddit’s users are challenged to bet (and donate) as much as possible during November.
Whether you’re betting on:
or any one of the multitudes of other matches in other sports - your bet will count towards that sport’s total, as long as the bet is resolved before midnight on 30th November. We’ll then give you a couple of days to get the donations sorted before we total everything up!
You can also start making your bets early, but the event you’re betting on must take place in November!
We’ll be making promotion posts in the subreddits in which we have moderator approval, including /NBA, /NFL, /formula1 and /rugbyunion - but we want users from every sporting subreddit to come and take part, so please consider making posts in those relevant subreddits promoting your bets!
At the end of the month, we’ll add up all the totals and there will be prizes in a number of different categories. Most importantly, both the person who donate the most and the person who wins the most will win a certain (currently unspecified) amount of reddit gold. There will also be a couple of other smaller prizes for various things - and of course the overall winning subreddit will be crowned the CharitableBets Challenge Month Champions!
If you have any thoughts or need any help, feel free to post below.
Rules and regulations: Prizes will be awarded to the leaders for each category (categories will be added closer to the time). If there's a tie for leader, prizes will be allocated randomly between those who are tied. To qualify for a prize, users must donate at least $20. For any prizes to be given out, the total donations from all users must total at least $500.
Just a heads up, that currently the total going to be raised from bets in November is at $140. With $500 being the target, there's still some more needed!
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Week 11 picks against the spread; who do you have?

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons (-10.5)
I really wanted to take the Cardinals to cover the spread this week, but their offense is so terrible. Even when you give them points, it’s incredibly hard to rely on them to put any points up after that. Even if the Falcons only score 17 points (unlikely), can I trust Arizona to score even one touchdown with that offense right now? Uh, no.
The Pick: Falcons
Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys (-7.5)
Two weeks ago, the Cowboys were 3-5 and seemed dead in the water in the NFC East. Oh, the difference one week makes when you lay the smackdown on the Eagles. Nobody should be surprised the Cowboys won that game, but thanks to the Giants loss on the road in Cincinnati, they’re all of a sudden only one game back in the loss column. This game against the Browns becomes huge for the Cowboys, big enough where I think they’ll want to demolish Cleveland.
The Pick: Cowboys
Green Bay Packers (-3.5) @ Detroit Lions
I wasn’t ready to believe in the Lions last week when they traveled to Minnesota as a road favorite, and I was rewarded for that belief. I’m not ready to believe that they’re on the level to knock off the Packers at home, given how well Green Bay is playing right now. Add in the Packers gaining ground on the Bears for the division lead, and this starts to feel like a bigger rivalry game than usual. I’m taking Aaron Rodgers over Matt Stafford.
The Pick: Packers
Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs
Yes, the Chiefs finally had a lead against the Steelers last week, the first time this season they’ve led a game in regulation. Yes, they covered that massive 11.5 spread. Yes, they injured Big Ben.
But you’re crazy if you think I’m ever picking them in a game where the spread is less than 3 points. I still don’t know if the Chiefs are capable of beating any team in the league this season. 1-15 isn’t just possible. It feels likely.
The Pick: Bengals
New York Jets @ St. Louis Rams (-3.5)
Why haven’t we fixed these overtime rules yet? How is it possible that a game can end in a tie? Even the NHL has fixed this problem (and lord knows they clearly still have a multitude of issues).
Either way, if you weren’t watching last week the Rams/49ers game and you were stuck watching Seahawks/Jets, you would’ve seen a team in New York that has literally no options on offense and a depleted defense. While I think the Jets are barely good enough to steal a few wins here or there unlike the Chiefs, the Rams are clearly the better team, play a better defense and have some players on offense that can make plays.
The Pick: Rams
Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins (-1.5)
Well, we were calling for the Eagles to start Nick Foles over Michael Vick. We’re going to get our wish this week, even if it’s only temporary and because Vick is concussed. Now that the Foles era is here, one fact still remains:
That offensive line can’t stop anything right now. A strong wind can penetrate that line and sack Foles right now.
The Redskins, right now, are the better team. They have a chance to bury the Eagles in the NFC East cellar. At home. I think RG3 is going to lead them to victory in this one.
The Pick: Redskins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1.5) @ Carolina Panthers
Is there a hotter team in the NFL right now than the Bucs? Their offense is clicking on all fronts, the defense and special teams are making impact plays, and the breakout for the Muscle Hamster (that nickname is NEVER going anywhere) continues to be one of the best storylines in the league.
As for the Panthers, they still seem lost. Whatever they’re attempting to do on offense, it’s not working. I don’t know if a coaching change is necessary and will immediately fix all their problems, but what they’re doing now is taking away from what they did well last season. The Bucs could be a playoff team. The Panthers are…not.
The Pick: Bucs
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans (-15.5)
That…is a lot of points. I mean, its saying the Texans are about three scores better than the Jags. And I’m not ready to argue that.
But, teams that had 10+ spreads last week all lost. Traditionally, teams with spreads this high don’t cover for a number of reasons, one of which is probably playing down to their opponent. God, I feel awful picking the Jaguars. I saw them in person last week. They’re terrible. But, ugh. Those are a lot of points. I don’t feel good about this at all. Don’t screw me, Gabbert.
The Pick: Jaguars (I already hate myself)
New Orleans Saints (-4.5) @ Oakland Raiders
Last week, the Saints looked fantastic in their victory at home over the previously undefeated Falcons. Same week, the Raiders looked beyond awful in the process of being dismantled by the Baltimore Ravens.
I’m expecting more of the same.
The Pick: Saints
San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos (-7.5)
The Chargers just aren’t very good. Norv Turner’s time in San Diego is quickly winding down. As for the Broncos, not only are they getting an MVP-level performance from Peyton Manning, their defense is playing at an elite level. After starting the year 1-3, playing three of the best teams in the league during that time period, is it unrealistic to think the Broncos can win out and take the #1 seed in the AFC? I think not.
The Pick: Broncos
Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots (-8.5)
Well, look what we have here. Two teams that are 6-3, but trending in completely different directions. By all means, the Patriots should’ve lost to the Bills last week. Watching that game was brutal. New England couldn’t tackle a paper bag blowing in the wind. They’d hit either Fred Jackson or C.J. Spiller three yards behind the line, only to have them bounce off and break it up field for a first down and more.
As for the Colts, yes, they played the Jaguars. That’s pretty much a free win. But, this is a team that has the ability to do more against the maligned Patriots offense than the Bills. Andrew Luck is absolutely for real, and it won’t be a matter of winning this game. The Patriots couldn’t beat the Bills by more than a touchdown. They haven’t been able to close out teams all year. This has the makings of a field goal game. Oh, have we mentioned the Colts have that former Pats kicker that won a Super Bowl with his foot?
The Pick: Colts
Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5)
This line was put in before we knew the status of Big Ben this week. So, naturally, I think everyone jumped on the Ravens at the exact same time. Byron Leftwich, even at home, is never a safe bet. He’s more reliable than whoever the Chiefs or Jaguars can run out, but that doesn’t mean he’s good.
The Pick: Ravens
To read the whole column, please click here
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I hope this is of interest - CharitableBets Challenge Month

We’re happy to announce CharitableBets Challenge Month at /CharitableBets, where each sporting subreddit’s users are challenged to bet (and donate) as much as possible during November.
So all your bets on college football will count towards this subreddit’s total, as long as the bet is resolved before midnight on 30th November. We’ll then give you a couple of days to get the donations sorted before we total everything up!
You can also start making your bets early, but the event you’re betting on must take place in November!
At the end of the month, we’ll add up all the totals and there will be prizes in a number of different categories. Most importantly, both the person who donate the most and the person who wins the most will win a certain (currently unspecified) amount of reddit gold. There will also be a couple of other smaller prizes for various things - and of course the overall winning subreddit will be crowned the CharitableBets Challenge Month Champions!
If you have any thoughts or need any help, feel free to post below or just click here to go to the subreddit - /CharitableBets.
Rules and regulations: Prizes will be awarded to the leaders for each category (categories will be added closer to the time). If there's a tie for leader, prizes will be allocated randomly between those who are tied. To qualify for a prize, users must donate at least $20. For any prizes to be given out, the total donations from all users must total at least $500.
I messaged your mods for permission to post this, but got no reply. If it's not the kinda thing this sub goes in for, I'd understand, but subreddits like /NBA and /NFL have taken to it in a big way!
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NFL’s Roger Goodell asks Congress to set rules on sports gambling. Now that the Supreme Court has given every state the option to legalize sports betting, the NFL has begun advocating for a uniform set of rules across the country. The league, in a statement released on Monday, called for new regulations from Congress. On the league’s wish list: It introduced emergency sports regulations, using a verbatim definition from the West Virginia bill, to curb insider betting. The same language appears in New Jersey’s proposed rules for Play our free sports contests in all major leagues - test your betting skills and win cash and other great prizes. National Football League (NFL) The NFL is the most popular sport in the country by a wide margin and where it goes, others will follow. TV agreements prevented the slightest mention of sports betting during broadcasts for years, but that’s over. Please read the following sports betting rules. If not stated below; Las Vegas sports betting rules, wager types, regulations and payoffs apply. All bets must be made and accepted before the start of the game/event wagered on.

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