How To Create 300x250 And 125x125 Ads Box On Blog

A lot of people who are interested in monetizing their Blogger blog want to know how they can add a Google AdSense ad unit or an affiliate banner above the header of their blog. Therefore I am going to show you in this post how you can place an affiliate banner or Google AdSense banner/ad block right at the top of Blogger blogs.. Setting up Blogger so that ad units can be placed above the Author Satish Posted on February 5, 2009 July 10, 2009 Categories Tutorial Tags 125x125, ad, Adsense, align, Banner, code, Image, javascript 26 thoughts on “Code To Show 125X125 Ad Banner On WordPress Sidebar” How To Create 300x250 And 125x125 Ads Box On Blog - The existence of sidebar in the blog is not only used for the purposes of supporting blog content, but also can be used for self-ad space which usually display 300x250 banner ads or 125x125 ad banner. So this could be an alternative monitize blog other than Adsense or other ads. However, the existence of 300x250 banner ads and 125x125 ads we This is weird, considering that AdSense uses the content on your site as a way to display relevant advertising. When asked why 125X125 ads were clicked on more than the AdSense blocks, these are the responses I received. jdevalk @jeffr0 because those are usually actually targeted at blog X’s readers, instead of AdSense, where the targeting is Affiliate networks and sites with direct affiliate programs; Ad networks including Google Adsense and smaller networks that support 125x125 ads like Project Wonderful ; Selling ads directly to sponsors (works better if you have a higher traffic site) I would not be inserting Adsense code in the 125x125 boxes.

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