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[OC] Which awards are locked in? Which are still up for debate? a glance through the odds and campaigns in each category
It feels like it's been 5 years since we've seen actual NBA basketball, which may make awards debates and campaigns more difficult. Wait, who was playing well again...? Dennis Schroder? Seriously? Huh. Okay then.
As we soldier back into the bubble, there's a risk that awards voters will forget about that early part of the season (aka the vast majority) and fall victim to recency bias. Given that, we wanted to glance through the major races and determine which -- if any -- awards may still be in debate.
For this exercise, I'm using the current odds as listed by an online betting site (bovada). Note: the percentages do NOT add up to 100% because online betting sites like your money.
Giannis Antetokounmpo: - 3500 (97%)
LeBron James: +600 (14%)
is the race over?
This betting site heavily favors Giannis Antetokounmpo, although some other metrics have it closer than that. Basketball-reference's MVP tracker lists Giannis at 50.7% and LeBron at 17.3%.
I'm more inclined to believe the latter and that LeBron James would be closer to 15-20% odds. No doubt, Giannis is a worthy MVP. He's been a dominant force (again) for the top statistical team in the league (again.) He's racking up 30-14-6 in only 30.9 minutes per game. In most circumstances, he'd win this award in a walk.
That said, you can never discount "narrative," and LeBron James has a few of those going for him. The Lakers have vaulted up to the # 1 seed in the West, outperforming preseason expectations. James has played exceptionally well, and even led the league in assists. Partly because of that, James' camp has successfully gotten the media to buy into the storyline that he made a sudden transition to point guard (ya know, because he had always deferred to his point guards like Mo Williams and Mario Chalmers in the past...)
More than that, James may benefit from this strange corona-bubble. He's been a leading advocate for continuing on, and as always, players tend to follow his lead. I can see more than a few media members giving James an MVP vote for "saving the season." All in all, I expect this vote to be closer than it should be (and I expect poor James Harden to finish well behind where he should as well.)
So James will get some votes, but can he actually win the award? I wouldn't rule it out. The Lakers are currently 3 games behind the Bucks for the # 1 overall seed. It's hard to imagine Milwaukee losing enough to slip, but it's not Wallace Shawn inconceivable either. If the Lakers somehow manage to catch them, then I actually think LeBron will win MVP. Of course, it's more likely the Bucks will hang onto the # 1 seed, and Giannis will hang onto MVP. But again, I don't think it's a stone cold lock -- yet.
Rookie of the Year
Ja Morant: - 3500 (97%)
Zion Williamson: +850 (11%)
is the race over?
It should be. Zion Williamson is freakin' amazing, but he's played 19 games so far. That's 40 less than Ja Morant, who has played stellar ball for a rookie from a small school, and somehow led the Memphis Grizzlies to the 8th seed.
Still, we can't rule out the risk of recency bias and a wild overreaction from the media. Williamson has a chance to lead the Pelicans up to the 9th spot, at which point they'd play Morant's Grizzlies. If Williamson can lead New Orleans to two victories over Memphis in a row -- and thus leapfrog them in the standings -- then it's very feasible the media would throw their vote his way. The media (and the league as a whole) tends to like this Zion fella, if you haven't noticed.
Sixth Man
Dennis Schroder: - 220 (69%)
Montrezl Harrell: +190 (34%)
Lou Williams: +450 (18%)
Derrick Rose: +3000 (3%)
is the race over?
Simply put: no. It's still a three-man race in my book. The Clippers' Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell finished 1-2 last season, and are right back in the thick of things this year. Among the two, it's harder to justify Williams' winning for the third season in a row. He hasn't played as well as last year, and hasn't been as big of a focal point for the Clippers' game plan. He hasn't looked as engaged this season, and even debated missing the bubble.
With Sweet Lou taking a slight step back, it's opened the door for Dennis Schroder. He's having a career season in terms of efficiency. In fact, it's hard to understate his jump this year. In his six previous season, his career high TS% was only 53.3%. This season? He's vaulted up to 57.3%. The question is: have enough voters noticed? OKC has been a feel-good story this year, but Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander tend to get the most credit for that.
Overall, I wouldn't be surprised if voters get lazy and just fall back on the highest scorer among the three. And even by those standards, the race is wide open. Schroder is at 19.0 PPG, Williams is at 18.7 PPG, and Harrell is at 18.6 PPG. A strong (or bad) week or two in the bubble may tilt this race in any direction.
Defensive Player of the Year
Giannis Antetokounmpo: -500 (83%)
Anthony Davis: +200 (33%)
Rudy Gobert: +2800 (3%)
is the race over?
Even among savvy and analytically-inclined media members, "defense" is still something of a mystery to quantify. We see a lot of herd mentality emerge for DPOY voting, with candidates needing to stake their claim early on and campaign all season long.
In terms of storylines and narratives, it felt like Anthony Davis had the early momentum. He's a wrecking ball (1.5 steals, 2.4 blocks) who helped improve the Lakers' defense from # 12 to # 3 this season. Still, Giannis Antetokounmpo has steadily built his case for a double MVP + DPOY, and currently ranks as the betting favorite on this site.
Personally, I believe it's a closer race than these numbers suggest. At the same time, I'm not sure what their play in the bubble is going to do about it. More likely, it'll be an influential media piece (like Zach Lowe pushing for Marc Gasol) that may get voters ushering on one side or another.
Most Improved
Bam Adebayo: -150 (60%)
Brandon Ingram: +250 (29%)
Luke Doncic: +500 (17%)
Jayson Tatum: +900 (10%)
Devonte Graham: +1000 (9%)
is the race over?
Again, this race feels "too close to call" to me. John King and David Chalian may be tallying up the counties all night long.
Earlier this season, I looked back at previous Most Improved winners and tried to find some common threads. On average, the winner improved from 11.7 PPG to 19.6 PPG (roughly +8 points.)
Historically speaking, Brandon Ingram and Jayson Tatum fit close to those templates. Ingram has swelled from 18.3 PPG to 24.3 PPG in his first season in New Orleans (+6). Tatum has made an even bigger leap, going from 15.7 PPG to 23.6 PPG (essentially our exact +8). Of the two, I may lean more to Ingram myself. Tatum's taking more shots and more threes, but he was already considered a proven star prior to this. Ingram had been more of a question mark before, but has now established himself as a potential max player. The key for him has been an improved FT%. In his first three seasons, he shot 62%, 68%, and 68% from the line. This year, he's up to 86%. That's major progress, and represents a massive difference in his efficiency "floor." Still, you wonder if Ingram's momentum peaked too early. Ever since Zion Williamson came back, it feels like Ingram has been an afterthought in the media.
Conversely, Bam Adebayo's reputation within the media is still surging. He's been a major reason for the Miami Heat's success this year, nearly doubling from 8.9 PPG to 16.2 PPG (+7.3 overall.) He's also doubled his assists (from 2.2 to 5.1). If you wanted to nitpick Adebayo's candidacy, you may suggest he was pretty darn good already. A lot of the statistical upswing comes from an increase in minutes, from 23.3 to 34.4 this year.
Overall, I'd say Abebayo is the favorite, but I wouldn't lock it in yet. A player like Brandon Ingram could get hot and have a few 40 point games, at which point the momentum may swing back in his favor.
When anthropology professors
99 cent store free agents: Point Guards
The NBA offseason is always filled with exciting storylines like star free agents and blockbuster trades.
But rather than dwell on the obvious, this series intends to do the opposite: focus on the lower-profile free agents who may have some value to teams. No NBA player is actually "99 Cents," of course, but these are all players who may be bargains based on their perceived market.
This "99 Cent Store" series has been open for business for the last two offseasons. In the past, we've highlighted names like Fred VanVleet (pre breakout), Christian Wood, and Davis Bertans. Not all of the items turn out to be gems (is Nerlens Noel still not a DPOY candidate yet?), but the returns have been largely positive so far. Let's see if we can keep that momentum going this season.
99 cent store
Langston Galloway, Detroit Pistons, UFA, 28 years old
In last year's 99 Cent Store, we hyped up Seth Curry (Steph's brother) as a possible value free agent. Seth didn't have the size and skill set of a traditional point guard, but the NBA isn't always craving traditional point guards these days. A lot of star SGs, SFs, PFs, and even Cs have the ball in their hands, so teams need to fill the court with a supporting cast that can complement them and provide spacing. Effectively an undersized SG, Seth's excellent shooting appeared to be a perfect complement to a ball-dominant superstar. Seth ended up going to Dallas on a moderate contract, and had a strong season for them in that role.
For those same reasons, we'd recommend Langston Galloway as a potential bargain add. We're not going to suggest that Galloway is as good as Seth Curry as a player or as a shooter, but his skill set is related. He's not Steph Curry -- he's not Seth Curry -- he's on the opposite side of the family tree. He's like the random third cousin who shows up at the barbecue and hogs all the mac n' cheese. Still, if he got the address, then he must have some relation to the family we know and love.
Galloway would share some DNA in the sense that he's also a "point guard" who's more of an undersized shooting guard by nature. He doesn't have the ball skills or playmaking to run an offense. At all. However, he can be effective if operating as a 3+D guard. Players like Patrick Beverly and George Hill are the premium prototypes of that skill set, and Galloway is the 99 Cent store generic brand. He's an above-average as a shooter (36.7% from three for his career), and above-average as a defender, where his 6'8" wingspan helps his cause. And while it feels like Galloway has been around forever, he's still only 28 years old. He probably has 2-3 years left of usefulness in his role. There may be 1 or 2 teams that would start Langston Galloway (in a limited role), but almost every team could use him as part of the rotation.
possible fits
HOU. Russell Westbrook and James Harden are ball dominant and salary-cap dominant players, making depth a constant struggle for the team. Backup PG Austin Rivers can probably get more money than he's due on his player option ($2.4M) even in a COVID-market, possibly creating another hole. Galloway would make sense as a replacement here, seeing as how he'd be able to play in a lineup with either Westbrook or Harden.
LAL. Avery Bradley may be skipping the playoffs, but there's still a chance the Lakers can win the title with some combination of Alex Caruso and Rajon Rondo at PG anyway. But what happens if it doesn't work out? What happens if Bradley and Rondo (both of whom have player options) get shuffled out? In that case, Galloway and Caruso could tag-team and provide a decent and low-cost 3+D guard spot for next year.
MIN. The Timberwolves tried the "no PG offense" for a majority of the season, and it didn't work out so hot. Now, they'll be handing the reins over to D'Angelo Russell full time. Galloway could be a nice backup for Russell; the two would have enough size to play some minutes alongside each other as well. You have to figure Gersson Rosas will prioritize shooters like Galloway as well. The team wants to play MoreyBall (top 3 in 3PA), but doesn't have the personnel yet to pull it off (bottom 3 in 3P%).
Yogi Ferrell, Sacramento Kings, UFA, 27 years old
He may be fairly anonymous now, but there was a time when the name "Yogi Ferrell" was a big deal in college basketball. The bluechip recruit immediately stepped into the starting lineup for Tom Crean's Indiana Hoosiers, helping to lead the team to a # 1 seed that first year on campus. But then a funny thing happened: the college star actually stayed in college. Ferrell would go on to play all 4 years (starting 137 of 137 games) for Indiana.
Through it, Ferrell developed the negative narrative that he was a "college player." Only 6'0" with average length and athleticism, he didn't have the look of a future pro. The NBA dismissed him, leading him to get undrafted. He's hung around since then, but his buzz has dwindled and dwindled. He played this past season as Sacramento's 3rd PG, only logging 11 minutes per game. Maybe they were right -- maybe he was never cut out for the NBA.
Then again... are we sure about that? Ferrell may not be the prototype, but he still has some virtues. Among those strengths: "basketball." He's a savvy, steady field general who has an above-average shot. He's hit 36.5% from three and 83.8% from the line over the course of his NBA career. He's not going to carry the load (14-4-4 per 36 minutes), but he's not going to rock the boat either. In fact, he only averages 1.5 turnovers per 36.
The concern with a player like Ferrell would be his limited size and athleticism, a combo that tends to translate into awful defense. But again, we haven't seen much evidence of that. Effort and basketball IQ can help overcome athletic weaknesses, and that appears to be the case with Ferrell. Limitations and all, Ferrell has registered only a -0.2 defensive box plus/minus.
Overall, this profile doesn't suggest any huge upside or any hidden "star" potential. But at the end of the day, this store isn't about star potential -- it's about value. Ferrell is a high-end third PG who can potentially be a true # 2. He'd make sense on a team like Orlando as a potential replacement for their own steady eddie backup D.J. Augustin (also a free agent.)
clearance rack
Gary Payton II, Washington Wizards, UFA, 27 years old
On paper, you may wonder why Gary Payton II wasn't a bigger deal entering the NBA Draft. After all, we're talking about the son of an NBA superstar who had been productive in college. In his last season at Oregon State, he averaged 16.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, 7.8 assists, and 2.5 steals (!) How the heck did someone with that pedigree go undrafted?
Unfortunately for Payton, two factors worked against him. For one, he was a poor shooter. Second, he was "over-aged." After spending some time in community college with Jeff Winger and Dean Pelton, Payton would be a 24-year-old rookie, a major knock against him and his perceived upside. That criticism may have proven apt; Payton has not improved as much as a young pup may have. His three-point shooting has sagged around 25-30%, a major problem in today's NBA. In general, he's a below-average offensive player, averaging just 10-6-4 per 36 minutes.
That said, Payton does have some virtues on the other end. He's not quite "The Glove" (basketball-reference even dubs his official nickname "The Mitten"), but he's definitely a good defender. He's 6'3" with a 6'8" wingspan, and has proven to have sticky hands himself. After averaging 2.8 steals over two years at OSU, he's at 2.2 per 36 in the NBA. He makes some sense when paired together with a ball-dominant SG like a James Harden or Devin Booker or Bradley Beal. No, we're not talking about as a starter, or even as a lead backup, but as a 3rd PG who can add a different skill set to a bench. In that context, he's worth a roster spot. Is a 13th man not worth reading about to you? Well then, get the F out of our store, ya snob! This is what the 99 Cent Store is all about.
featured item
E'Twaun Moore, New Orleans Pelicans, UFA, 31 years old
Collectively, NBA fans scratched their heads in confusion when the New Orleans Pelicans doled out $8.5M a year for anonymous E'Twaun Moore. After all, this was an unheralded a player, a R2 draft pick, a player who hadn't cracked 10 PPG in any of his first six seasons in the league. For all we knew, he was an NBA2k generated player.
Three years later, the contract doesn't look much better. Moore got buried this past season in a crowded Pelicans lineup, averaging only 18.8 minutes per game. He doesn't appear to be a part of the franchise's future plans at all. Moore will be tossed out into the darkness, left with no home, and perhaps no chance of matching that $8M salary ever again.
However, we have to be mindful as NBA fans not to lump in an "overpaid" player as a synonym for a "bad" player. Someone like Tobias Harris may not be worth his salary, but he's still a good starter. On a lower level, E'Twaun Moore may be the same way. Perhaps he's not worth $8-10M a year, but he's actually a solid addition to a rotation (even if the Pelicans squeezed him out.)
Moore's primary virtue is as a 3+D wing. At first glance he's not big enough for that role at 6'4", but he's aided by a pelican-like wingspan that stretches to near 6'10". He's not a great defender (now at age 31), but he's passable at both the SG and SF spots. Offensively, he'll help you as a spacer. He's hit on 39.0% of his threes for his career, and had actually gotten up to 42% and 43% the prior two seasons before he lost some rhythm this season.
That combination of skills makes Moore a good rotation player, and perhaps even a low-end starter on the right team. I wouldn't expect him to get "overpaid" again, but that's precisely what earns him a place in our store. He's a potential bargain buy right now.
possible fits
BKN. SG Joe Harris is an excellent shooter, but he's also a free agent. Will the Nets pony up to keep him around? Or will he be jettisoned like others from the pre KD-Kyrie era? If he is, then E'Twaun Moore makes sense as a cheap replacement.
MIL. The shooting guard spot is the biggest question mark for the Bucks, and this offseason may add to the murkiness if Wes Matthews (player option) or Pat Connaughton (UFA) leave town. E'Twaun Moore would be a sensible filler, and platoon with Donte DiVincenzo.
SA. Do Gregg Popovich and the Spurs want to contend for the playoffs in 2020-21? Do they want to blow it up? TBD. But if their intention is to go for that 8th seed again, Moore may be an upgrade on smaller Bryn Forbes, who struggles on the defensive end.
99 cent store
Shaquille Harrison, Chicago Bulls, UFA, 26 years old
Coaches and front offices love to tout that "defense is half the game!" That is, until it's time to actually pay a defensive player. Or draft a defensive player. Or even invite a defensive player onto the roster for a fully guaranteed contract.
Shaq Harrison has been dealing with that struggle for his entire professional career. Coming out of Tulsa, Harrison always had the chops defensively. He's long and agile enough to guard 1s and 2s and even some 3s. The trouble is: shooting was never his strong suit. Even as a senior, he only hit 19.5% from deep in the NCAA. Yikes. That's a surefire recipe to go "undrafted," which is exactly what Harrison did.
Since then, Harrison has been trying to improve his shot, the key for him to stick on an NBA roster. This past season, we've started to see some glimmers of progress there. He shot a career-high 38.1% from three, and a career-high 78.0% from the line. Now to be fair, those were both extremely small sample sizes (16-42 from three, 39-50 from the line), but it's still encouraging nonetheless. Because if Harrison can become a passable shooter, then his defensive abilities give him inherent value. He's legitimately one of the better perimeter defenders in the league. ESPN's real plus/minus listed his impact as a +2.5 on defense, which ranked as the 9th best player in the entire NBA (out of 503 qualifiers.) If a coaching staff feels confident in their player development and their shooting coaches, then Harrison would be an intriguing investment to make.
clearance rack
John Konchar, Memphis Grizzlies, 24 years old
Last year, I included Philadelphia PG-SG Shake Milton in this column, causing Sixers fans to riot and demand that I mention the team had the right to extend his two-way contract if they wanted. The team did, and Milton will prove to be a bargain for them over the next few years. Similarly, the Memphis Grizzlies will have that opportunity to keep two-way player John Konchar on the team should they want. But if they don't, I'd be eyeing Konchar as a possible roster addition.
No doubt, there are reasons to doubt John Konchar's NBA prospects. He comes from a school that's so small that they didn't even know what to name it (shifting a few times before settling on "Purdue Fort Wayne"). And at the risk of being politically incorrect, we should also mention that he's white. NBA GMs don't exactly sit up and salivate when they see an undersized (6'5") white wing player walk into the gym.
All that said, Konchar has been productive time and time again. As you'd expect, he can hit the three pointer. But what's most intriguing about Konchar is his playing strength. He may be only 6'5" (6'7" wingspan) but he plays much bigger than that. As a college senior, he grabbed 8.5 rebounds a game and blocked 0.9 shots to boot. He also converted 62.9% of his field goals in two-point range. It may have been low level competition, but he flat-out bullied his opponents.
Naturally you'd presume: there's no way he can do that in the pros! But so far, so good. Konchar put up similar numbers in the G-League this season, hitting 56.5% from the field and grabbing 8.3 rebounds per game (in 30 minutes a night.) From there, you'd presume: there's no way he can do that in the actual NBA! Well, in his 160 minutes of NBA action, Konchar shot 65.7% from the field and averaged 9.9 rebounds per 36 minutes.
Clearly, it's too early to take this as gospel. But eventually, we're going to have to presume something else: maybe this dude is actually good. If I ran an NBA team, I'd want to run that experiment with Konchar in our uniform and not someone else's.
99 cent store
Josh Jackson, Memphis Grizzlies, UFA, 23 years old
Like most of us on this sub, I have moments when I watch the NBA, watch the roster moves, watch the draft, and think: I could do that. Not play, of course, but perhaps build a team and winning roster. I've had a long and successful career in fantasy sports, so naturally a GM job would be the logical next step.
The 2017 NBA Draft was one of those moments for me. Prior to the draft, I wrote a few posts on here, explaining why consensus top prospect Markelle Fultz wouldn't have been my personal # 1 pick. Clearly, I am a genius operating on a higher plane than the Bryan Colangelos of the world. Unfortunately, the alternative prospect that I advocated for wasn't Jayson Tatum. Or De'Aaron Fox. Or even Lonzo Ball. Instead, I thought the # 1 prospect in the class was... Josh Jackson. Whoops. Turns out, Jackson became an even bigger bust than Fultz (for his original team), causing the Phoenix Suns to dump him and wash their hands clean. Turns out: I have no clue what I'm talking about after all.
But while I may have given up on my hidden genius, I'm still not ready to give up on Josh Jackson as a player. After all, no one expected Jackson to be a finished product. Back at Kansas, his shot looked funky and in need of an overhaul. Still, he had athleticism, defensive tenacity, and flashed some ball skills and passing ability. All in all, I thought he may develop into a player in the mold of a Jimmy Butler in time.
Unfortunately, his NBA career stumbled out of the gates. If you're going to be the next Jimmy Butler, you need to work at it. Jimmy Butler may be a polarizing media presence, but he's undoubtedly a hard worker. In contrast, Josh Jackson had some issues off the court that made you doubt his dedication. His shooting hadn't improved much either. Even now, he hit on only 31.9% of his threes (29.8% career.)
Still, if you're a stubborn Jackson optimist like I am, then you can see some flashes of progress here. After being humbled by a trip to the G-League and a trade to Memphis, Jackson has started to be effective again. This past season for the Grizzlies, he averaged 19.0 PPG, 5.8 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 1.8 steals, and 0.9 blocks per 36 minutes. He's never going to be Kawhi Leonard as a shooter, but there are ways he can be effective offensively. He converted 77.5% of his field goals inside (0-3 feet), which was up from 55% in the past, showing how improved strength and bulk may aid his game. He also shot 34.8% on corner threes -- still below-average, but better than before.
So where do we go from here? What can Josh Jackson become? If he continues to work on his craft without any problems behind the scenes, he looks like a good prospect again. After all, this is a kid who's still 23 (younger than rookie teammate Brandon Clarke.) Maybe it's too optimistic to think he can be the next Jimmy Butler, but maybe he can be a solid starter in the mold of a young Wilson Chandler. There's still some risk involved here, but it's worth an investment and gamble in the right circumstance (and for the right price.)
possible fits
MEM. Jackson staying in Memphis is the most likely scenario. While the Grizzlies are in the 8th seed right now, they're still a young team. Ja Morant is 20. Jaren Jackson in 20. Jackson can fit into their timeline. The only question here is whether they already have a similar (and better) player in house in Justise Winslow.
CLE. The Memphis Grizzlies are a good young team. The Cavs are a bad young team. They need to add some more talent, especially at the wing. In theory, Jackson would be a nice complement to their undersized bomber guards like Darius Garland and Collin Sexton.
CHA. The Hornets need to find a star, somehow, some way. It's unlikely Josh Jackson becomes that star, but it's worth a shot. He's comparable to current forward Miles Bridges in terms of his worth/upside.
Daulton Hommes, San Antonio Spurs, 23 years old
Marial Shayok, Philadelphia 76ers, 24 years old
NBA general managers have a lot in common with Chris D'Elia: they like 'em young! They tend to dismiss college veterans as "over-aged" and salivate over teenagers instead. And to be fair, there's some logic there. A 22 or 23-year-old rookie likely doesn't have as much upside as a 19 or 20 year old. At the same time, not every NBA players needs to ooze with Giannis Antetokounmpo upside. Sometimes, you set the bar lower; you're just looking for a serviceable role player.
To my eye, Philadelphia's Marial Shayok is trending in that direction. He spent 5 years at college (gross!) -- the first 3 at Virginia, before transferring and playing for Iowa State in 2018-19. That last season, Shayok looked solid -- averaging 18.7 PPG with great shooting splits (50-39-88). The 6'6" wing also sported a 7'0" wingspan, which naturally makes you consider him as a potential 3+D prospect.
Still, the "age" issue prevented Shayok from going high -- landing at pick # 54 last season and earning only a two-way deal. That leverage puts the Sixers in the catbird seat here; they can bring Shayok back on a team-friendly deal, and likely will do just that after he played very well in the G-League. In fact, he averaged 27-7-5 per 36 minutes, hitting 36% from three and 89% from the line. Teams don't just let players like that go, especially when their depth is an issue already. However, if the Sixers decide to cast him aside, then Shayok should wash ashore on another team in a hurry.
Marvin Williams, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 34 years old
Chris Boucher, Toronto Raptors, RFA, 27 years old
Frank Kaminsky, Phoenix Suns, 27 years old
Bonzie Colson, 24 years old
Back in college at Notre Dame, Bonzie Colson felt like an anomaly. Here was a stocky 6'5" player who largely played as a smallball 5. He utilized his strength and wingspan (7'0") to bully opponents, averaging 19.7 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks as a senior.
Still... a 6'5" PF/C? You didn't play like that in the NBA.
Or do you...? The Houston Rockets are changing the paradigm with heavy minutes for P.J. Tucker (also 6'5") at center. Zion Williamson (6'6") will likely play a good amount of center as well for New Orleans. It may not ever be the norm, but it's not a ridiculous concept anymore. If you're an NBA team, it makes sense to at least have a lineup like that in your back pocket to break out in case of emergency.
Colson can capably fill that role (on the back-end of a roster) due to his natural savvy and his passable shooting (34% from 3 in the G-League.) Better still, he'd be dirt-cheap after some G-League and overseas stints. In fact, he may not cost much guaranteed money at all. If he shows up at camp in good shape, then there's a chance he sticks around. And let's be honest, the NBA -- and all of our lives -- are better off when there's at least one Bonzi/e around.
Nerlens Noel, Oklahoma City Thunder, 26 years old
Jakob Poelte, Mason Plumlee
Ekpe Udoh, 33 years old
Ivan Rabb, 23 years old
Langston Galloway, Detroit Pistons, UFA, 28 years old
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[OC] Annual Reddit NBA Celebrity Game Preview - 2019

I am back for my yearly post on nba, breaking down the most anticipated game of the NBA Season, the Celebrity Game. This game will likely feature low quality basketball, large stretches of time where the camera focusing on things not happening on the court and a surprise celebrity entrant or two. The “Home” team will feature celebrities with ties to Carolina, the “Away” will feature the remaining celebrities. The term “celebrity” gets a looser definition every passing year with this game. There are even “celebrities” without Wikipedia pages playing in this year’s game! I was also surprised by how few of the celebrities in this game even played High School basketball. However, thank all your gods that Nick Cannon is finally not in this game. It took an agonizing ten years for the NBA/ESPN to realize that no one wants him here. This game will also feature a “Hometown Hero” on each team, a non-celebrity person who has committed heroic acts in the last year. This year’s game will feature the 4-point line for the entirety of the game (it was only used in the second half last year) – which the NBA will hopefully implement for the Finals later this year. Every player’s scouting report includes their 4-point shot making potential.
If you want to check my credentials, lasts year’s breakdown located here. I feel comfortable declaring myself to be the world’s foremost expert on the shit post of All-Star Weekend. I was not able to find data/footage of many of the celebrities that will be playing in this year’s game. I ended up having to judge player’s skills without as much evidence to base it on as I have had in previous years.

Check out a podcast where I discussed this year's Celebrity Game and the Celebrity Game in General.

Game Info: Friday, February 15, 2019, 7:00PM, ESPN, Bojangles Coliseum.
Betting Odds: Away Team -10
Over Under: 140

Break downs of the rosters for each team are below:

Home Team
This is the worst Celebrity Game roster since 2013. The team is old and lacks size, talent and athleticism. I have a hard time seeing how they can keep up with the Away Team. Steve Smith is the wild card player who could have a huge game to help pull off the upset. Head coach Dawn Staley will need to have the team buy into a defensive philosophy to keep the game close, but few people show up to celebrity games to play defense.
The roster has eight guards and four forwards. The starting line-up should be Williams, Wilson, Smith, Los and Smoove. I am not expecting huge efforts from Williams and Wilson, but Los and Smith should provide some athleticism and scoring for the first unit. Smoove is on the floor because he is tall. The bench provides nothing and there is no second unit, hopefully the starters are still in shape. This game may not end up being competitive.

Mike Colter (Actor)
Age: 42 Height: 6’3” Weight: 200 lbs
High school: Calhoun County
College: South Carolina
This will be Colter’s first appearance in the Celebrity Game. Colter has no known history of playing basketball and I cannot find a record of him appearing in any other celebrity games. His size and athleticism are both above average for this game, he should be able to grab some boards score at the rim.
4-Point Potential: Low

Chris Daughtry (Singer)
Age: 39 Height: 5’8” Weight: 180 lbs
High school: Fluvanna County
College: None
Daughtry will be making his debut in the Celebrity Game. I was unable to find any basketball history on Daughtry. His height and weight are both below average for this game. He also will not be one of the younger players in this game. I do not have high expectations.
4-Point Potential: Low

Terrence Jenkins (Actor)
Age: 36 Height: 5’9” Weight: 165
High school: Northern Nash
College: North Carolina A&T State
Terrence J returns for his fifth appearance in the Celebrity Game after taking a two-year hiatus. In his most recent outing in 2016, he posted a triple-single with 3 rebounds, 4 points and 1 steal in 14 minutes, putting up a solid -15 in plus/minus. Terrence J is not an accomplished baller and I have low hopes for his production in this game.
4-Point Potential: low

Famous Los (Influencer)
Age: 29 Height: 5’11” Weight: 165
High school: Riverside-Durham (Played Varsity)
College: Union (Played Varsity)
Los is yet another Celebrity Game rookie. Los has the pedigree of having averaged 37 points per game in High School and Playing in the NCAA Division II. He had a hard time getting on the court in college, but that background makes him one of the best players in this game. He is a quick, scoring guard, who struggles defensively, but there won’t be many players in this game who are difficult to guard. I can see him being a star for this team and an MVP candidate. Instagram stars who have a basketball background have a track record a success in this game. Los will see minutes since he is also going to be expected to provide some comedic relief during the game.
4-Point Potential: medium

Dr. Oz (TV Personality)
Age: 58 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
High school: Tower Hill
College: Harvard
Dr. Oz last appeared in the Celebrity Game in 2010. Dr. Oz does not ooze athleticism, but he does have a basketball court in his basement. His greatest achievements in hoops include feats such as beating Jill Martin in a game of HORSE on the Today Show. Dr. Oz is a decent jump shooter; however, he starts his shot from way too low and will need a ton of space to shoot. He is to old to start, but maybe he can help off the bench as a spot-up shooter.
4-Point Potential: Low

Rapsody (Rapper)
Age: 36 Height: 5’3” Weight: Unknown
High school: Unknown
College: North Carolina State
Rapsody has also never played in the Celebrity Game before. Her height is going to be a major issue in this game. She has played in the 2018 BET Celebrity Game, so she has the right kind of experience for this game. Rapsody is another player that won’t make an impact on the game.
4-Point Potential: low

Bo Rinehart (Musician)
Age: 37 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
High school: Unknown
College: Clemson
Bo Rinehart is making his initial entry into the Celebrity Game. There is almost no information about him available for me to determine what type of skills he has. I am going to guess that he is not good.
4-Point Potential: low

JB Smoove (ActoComedian)
Age: 53 Height: 6’4” Weight: 220 lbs
High school: Mount Vernon
College: Norfolk State
Smoove played in the 2012 Celebrity Game, and failed to make an impact. He has great height and weight for this game, but he is over 50, so I don’t think he will be on the floor a whole lot or have the required athleticism to keep up.
4-Point Potential: low

Steve Smith (former NFL Player)
Age: 39 Height: 5’9” Weight: 195lbs
High school: Los Angeles
College: Utah
Steve Smith is yet another Celebrity Game rookie. Somewhat surprisingly, Smith did not play basketball in High School. Smith is an elite athlete and has the potential to dominate this game. He should start and will most likely be the primary scoring option for this time. He does not help the Home Team’s height issue, but he does help with the team’s complete lack of athleticism.
4-Point Potential: medium

A’ja Wilson (WNBA Player)
Age: 22 Height: 6’4” Weight: 195 lbs
High school: Heathwood Hall Episcopal (2014 High School Player of the Year)
College: South Carolina (2018 National Player of the Year)
Wilson will be making her NBA Celebrity Game debut. Wilson has everything that the rest of this team doesn’t: height, skills, youth and athleticism. The only thing she can’t do is shoot from range. She averaged 20 points and 8 rebounds per game in her first season in the WNBA. Wilson will be the best player on this team, but the WNBA players have a long history of putting no effort into this game. Despite her talent, I expect her to be on the floor for about 15 minutes with no effort or production.
4-Point Potential: low

Jay Williams (NBA Analyst)
Age: 37 Height: 6’2” Weight: 195 lbs
High school: St. Joseph (All American)
College: Duke (National Player of the Year)
This will be Jay Williams first appearance in the Celebrity Game. If he had a functioning left knee, he would be the best player on this team be a wide margin. In his lone NBA season, Williams averaged 9.5 points and 4.7 rebounds in 26 minutes per game. He was not an efficient scorer, however. I am not expecting much effort from Williams but he could be a sleeper MVP candidate if he decides this game matters to him.
4-Point Potential: high

Jason Weinmann (Hometown Hero)
Age: 47 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
High school: Unknown
College: Unknown
The “Hometown Heroes” are a new addition to this year’s Celebrity Game. He drove a military transport vehicle into Hurricane Florence to rescue stranded people, so I won’t roast him here. I don’t expect the Hometown Heroes to play more than 5 minutes or impact the game.
4-Point Potential: low

Dawn Staley (US Women’s National Team Coach)
Dawn Staley is slightly over qualified to be coaching in this cluster of a game. This team has barely any talent and may require a first-rate effort by the coach. Historically, the coaches don’t actually coach and mostly chat with the commentators on the sideline, but maybe Staley can buck that trend, since most of the other people who have coached in this game had never a coached a game before in their lives.

Player Skill Ranking:
  1. Jay Williams
  2. A’ja Wilson
  3. Steve Smith
  4. Famous Los
  5. JB Smoove
  6. Dr. Oz
  7. Terrence J.
  8. Mike Colter
  9. Rapsody
  10. Chris Daughtry
  11. Bo Rinehart
  12. Jason Weinman
Away Team
The Away Team is comprised of four veterans and eight rookies to the celebrity game. The roster has six guards and six forwards. This is a large line-up for a Celebrity game and will lead to dominating the glass. This team also has a good mix of skills on the team including ball handlers, spot shooters and post players. They should be able score for anywhere on the floor. The starting line-up is more talented than the Home Team and most of the players on the bench bring something to the table. I think Quavo will likely dominate the game again, with Ronnie 2K and Ray Allen as secondary scorers. North Carolina’s D-list celebrities are seriously out gunned against the rest of the world’s D-list celebrities. I would start Quavo, Allen, 2K, Dolson and Ray. Bad Bunny and Shaw should be able to bring some energy off the bench. Lasry can provide limited second unit scoring. Buckley’s production is a wild card, but this team doesn’t need any help. I think that the Away Team has a better roster and should win this game easily.

Ronnie 2K (influencer marketing)
Age: 35 Height: 6’5” Weight: Unknown
High school: Redwood
College: California – San Diego
Ronnie 2K will be making his inaugural Celebrity Game appearance. I expect Ronnie to continue the recent success of social media stars in the Celebrity Game. Ronnie has NBA height, good handles and 3-point range. I think that he will have a big role on this team, but the stacked roster could keep his individual stats down. Ronnie will play good minutes, score and rebound and could be the games MVP.
4-Point Potential: High

Ray Allen (former NBA player)
Age: 43 Height: 6’5” Weight: 205lbs
High school: Hillcrest (Played Varsity)
College: Connecticut (All American)
Ray Allen is way to good to belong in this game. He could probably still be a bench player in the NBA if he wanted to be. Ray Allen is one of the best shooters of all time and has exceptional height, handles and athleticism for this game. His twitter skills are not up to modern Celebrity Game standards. If Allen decided he wants to put effort, he could dominate this game. I expect that he will mostly stand around and shoot a couple of 3’s and 4’s, but if he hits a few, it will make a big impact on the game.
4-Point Potential: very high

A.J. Buckley (Actor)
Age: 41 Height: 5’9” Weight: 185lbs
High school: St. Thomas Moore
College: None
A.J. Buckley is….. you guessed it, another rookie to the Celebrity Game. While Buckley’s physical stats are what the ideal male body looks like for attracting females, it is not the ideal body for round ball. I couldn’t find any information on his life as a baller, so I am going to project the Buckley will not be a factor in this game.
4-Point Potential: low

Bad Bunny (Singer)
Age: 24 Height: 6’0” Weight: 175lbs
High school: Unknown
College: Puerto Rico at Arecibo
This will be Bad Bunny’s first NBA Celebrity Game appearance, though he did appear in the 2016 Reggaeton Celebrity Game. Unfortunately, there isn’t much footage from that game available. (Maybe I should start of database of Celebrity Game footage). Bad Bunny is one of the younger players in this game, and thus should be expected to hustle on defense. He has above average height as well. I can see him putting up a state line close to 1 steal, 2 points and 2 rebounds in 7 minutes.
4-Point Potential: low

Stefanie Dolson (WNBA Player)
Age: 27 Height: 6’5” Weight: 214 lbs
High school: Minisik Valley High School (Played Varsity)
College: University of Connecticut (Played Varsity)
Dolson is a WNBA All-Star, who will be making her second appearance in the Celebrity Game. Dolson once again will have a large height advantage over almost everyone in this game. Last year she stayed true to the WNBA tradition of putting zero effort into this game and played 12 minutes without taking a shot or recording a steal, rebound or assist. She did manage to commit 3 fouls. In the WNBS she is primarily a rebounder but has a good finishing touch on the post as well. She can also step out and hit around 40% from 3. Despite the abundant skills, I predict that Dolson’s performance will be no different from last year and that she will be a non-factor.
4-Point Potential: low

Mark Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks owner)
Age: 58 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
High school: Unknown
College: Clark
Lasry has played in the past three Celebrity Games. His most impressive achievement was putting up a game low -20 in plus/minus in 2016, while putting up 8 points and 6 rebounds in 18 minutes. He played less in 2017 and was mainly used to guard fellow owner Mark Cuban. In 2018, he was on the court for 9 minutes and scored 3 points while grabbing 2 rebounds. Lasry is old, slow and short, but has sneaky old man game. He is good at back door cuts, being in good spots on the floor and has a good mid-range jumper. He is a liability on the defensive end, being an old man and everything. Lasry can help off the bench, but it would be a mistake for him to see big minutes, last year’s 9 minutes was about double what I would want him to play.
4-Point Potential: None

Hasan Minaj (actor, comedian)
Age: 33 Height: 6’0” Weight: 175lbs
High school: Davis
College: UC-Davis
In 2017, Minhaj show cased why he cut three times from his high school basketball team when his team in the Celebrity Game was blown out by 29 points in one of the most lopsided Celebrity Games in history. He is not good and won’t offer much production.
4-Point Potential: none

Quavo (Rapper)
Age: 27 Height: 5’10” Weight: 163lbs
High school: Berkmar
College: None
Quavo previously appeared as a surprise entrant in last year’s Celebrity Game and skrrrt’d all over the competition, posting 19 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists while shooting 7 of 10 from the floor and playing a game high 36-minutes. He was voted as the game’s MVP. Quavo is quick, can shoot and can handle the ball and most importantly, actually puts effort into this game. He is going to lead this team and scoring and could repeat as MVP. Steve Smith is probably the only player on the Home Team that can guard him.
4-Point Potential: medium

Adam Ray (Host)
Age: 35 Height: 6’2” Weight: Unknown
High school: Shorecrest (Played Varsity)
College: Southern California
Ray will be making his Celebrity Game debut. He played Varsity basketball in Highschool, which puts him ahead of many of the other players in this game in terms of basketball pedigree. He has good height for this game. I was not able to find any footage of him playing (a theme this year), but based on physical attributes, I think he should start at forward. He should be able to help on the boards.
4-Point Potential: low

Brad Williams (Comedian)
Age: 35 Height: 4’4” Weight: 104lbs
High school: Sunny Hills
College: Southern California
Brad Williams will be making his first appearance in the Celebrity Game. As part of ESPN’s desperate quest to replace Kevin Hart, he will be the first player born with achondroplasia to appear in the game. Being dwarf comedian who likes to make jokes about his height, Williams will most likely have a comedic role in this game. He will probably attempt a 4-point shot and get repeatedly stuffed.
4-Point Potential: low

Amanda Seales (Actress/Comedian/Recording Artist)
Age: 37 Height: 5’5” Weight: 135lbs
High school: Dr. Phillips
College: SUNY-Purchase
Amanda Seales is one of 17 rookies who will be appearing in the Celebrity Game. I don’t expect that Seales will be the first female celebrity to goo off in this game. At a Towering 5’5”, she is going to struggle in her small minutes in this game.
4-Point Potential: low

James Shaw Jr.(Hometown Hero)
Age: 30 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown
High school: Hunters Lane (Played Varsity)
College: Tennessee State
James Shaw is the other “Hometown Hero” who will be appearing in this Celebrity Game. Shaw is the man who charged at and disarmed the shooter in the Nashville Waffle House Shooting. Shaw played basketball in high school, and I think that he may be able to contribute in the small amount of minutes that he will see the floor.
4-Point Potential: low

Sue Bird (WNBA Player)
Sue Bird is two-time veteran of the Celebrity Game. She may be able to use this unique insight to guide her team to victory. Though realistically, all she needs to do it keep Quavo on the floor for an easy win.

Player Skill Ranking:
  1. Ray Allen
  2. Stephanie Dolson
  3. Quavo
  4. Ronnie 2K
  5. Adam Ray
  6. James Shaw Jr.
  7. Bad Bunny
  8. AJ Buckley
  9. Marc Lasry
  10. Hasan Minaj
  11. Amanda Seales
  12. Brad Williams
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A short and general guide on how I choose my picks

EDIT: The writing below pertains primarily to my strategy in picking American NCAA basketball games. I may post a more detailed post on the statistical analysis in the future when I have a lot more time available. This subject could potentially be very lengthy.
Since others have made inquiries into my picking strategy, here is a short guideline. Ever since I started to do rigorous research of my picks (and when I say rigorous, I mean to say research games going back several years) a few weeks ago, I've had the most incredible success; I've been winning about 70% of my ATS picks in total and I'm up 200 units in just about three weeks (starting with about 15 units at the time). Researching picks has allowed me to see certain patterns and trends and it has really given me a more intimate understanding of sports betting. I often find that all the data you need to make a reasonable prediction of a spread is already present, you just need to look in the right place, twist the data in the right manner to squeeze out the juice. Very often, my work doesn't involve any statistics beyond your basic university introductory statistics class (however, I have found that as I go deeper and deeper into this statistical analysis, I am wishing I better understood advanced concepts like Monte Carlo).
I have been putting a lot of my trust in the numbers lately (or as I like to say, "In numeris confidimus. In alea fidemus." -- In the numbers we trust. In the die we have faith.) and this has been paying off handsomely for me. Sometimes I don't always understand what the numbers say but I have learned to trust that the numbers are revealing something that I am overlooking or something that is invisible to me. The numbers aren't always right but more often than not, they have been more correct than incorrect. The hard part is in trying to read the numbers correctly, determining which variable is more important than the other. This is where a decent background in statistics comes in handy. Some of my observations and tips that I've noticed so far:
So taking all of that into consideration, if the spread is 10 and if the macro-trends suggest that team A (underdog) will lose to team B by 3±2.5 points (mean±SD) and if the micro-trends suggest that team A will beat team B by 2±4 points, and if the history shows that team A has never lost to team B by more than 8±5 points on average at a given location, all of the signs are pointing in the same direction: team A will probably cover and could potentially win. You have a very high signal to noise ratio. Another example: In my recent pick of Texas +2 over Baylor, I was very confused by the size of the spread. I looked at my analysis in several different manners and they all showed that Texas would either lose by 1 or win by +10 points (they won by 9 in the end). Again, high signal to noise ratio; the safe pick would be Texas +2.
On the other hand, if the spread is 10 and if the macro-trends suggest that team A (underdog) will win to team B by 7±4 points but the micro-trends suggest that team A will lose to team B by 13±7 points, and if the history shows that team A has lost to team B by an average point differential of 19±6 points, then you have a weak signal to noise ratio. You can do two different things: 1) Don't put any money on this game; look at another game where all of the signs are pointing in the same direction. 2) Make a judgement call and try to determine which variable should be given more weight in your calculus based on qualitative and quantitative factors like team performance, home or away game, etc. The simpler thing to do would be to just ignore this game because you're moving from a calculated pick to more of a gambled pick.
The above is a general strategy. You will have to use certain tactics (statistics) to help you see through the fog of war. The main advantage of sports betting is that you can line shop, that is, you can determine your own path to win the battle; you can fight on your terms. Find games that have value. If the game can go either way, move on to a different game. In my recent analysis of the Alabama at Florida game where the spread was something like 16.5 and Florida was the favorite, my analysis suggested that Florida could easily win by 17 points and Alabama could easily lose by 14 points. These point differentials are too close to the spread and I avoided this game (Alabama lost by 12 in the end but during the first half, they were losing by an enormous margin but during the second half, they had a strong potential to score an upset win).
Research your picks and you will do incredibly better than just going with your gut feelings. That time spent doing the tedious research can earn you a lot of money.
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The best post on

"There's an "insider" alum (AANDY) on that always has the most entertaining posts. I figured I'd pass it along to ya'll. I'm kind of hesitant to post something from a paysite onto reddit but there's like 70 of us here, so fuck it. Enjoy.
MEANDERINGS.... "On the road we're somebody else's guests and we play in a way that they're not going to forget we visited them".....Knute Rockne
Hello....This begins year XIV of Meanderings. I am gratified that during this time your interest has remained constant. So much has changed in college football that impacts the game today...The internet...$4M coaches...Constant year around interest...The money -OH all that money...Television (ESPN, FOX, DIRECTV etc)...Facilities...Astute followers could probably add a few more things that have changed and now it is not the same game it was 15 years ago..
One question I am always asked is "What do you think of Sark"...I like Sark. Taking charge of a winless comatose leaderless program whose life had been sucked out of it and to see the growth in just three seasons (two bowl games) is a remarkable achievement. Sark like all coaches is not without warts...but coming in this was a five year project. To those who may be disappointed and expected more... 2013 is the year when it is a straight up or down on Sark. For now Sark Sark gets a pass. He acted boldly after the Alamo massacre and the steps he took were beyond what anyone could have expected in just eight months. If Sark remains at the helm recruiting can only get even better...and the chance to compete for those championships Sark likes to talk about...
I look forward to your continued interest in 2012...and your comments...
Remember the number 56 from the Alamo Bowl? The only thing Husky Land could possibly retreat from San Antonio with...56 points! Fix that 777 Defense and possibly there is hope for 2012 if the Offense could build on their Alamo performance...Well one game in at least half the equation seems to be working...The D actually played like a Husky D...while the O should have reminded us all how important Chris Polk was for the Huskies the last two years and why he is now in the NFL...
Assuming the faithful won't have to be continually reminded...this program is still awfully young which translates into up and down moments during a brutal schedule which will sorely test the Huskies. There is much to like about this 2012 team that could be affected by what is already a disturbing trend... injuries. For now the tonic is patience while the motto is still "2013"...The program is marching in the right direction. Sark has managed to retool the Defense on and off the field which translates to an improving product as the 2013 march begins...
The Defense can only improve as it masters a new scheme...A perfect example on why coaching and leadership matters. No more of this "keep everything in front of you while you back pedal"...which in the past created a D that seemed to play timid and confused. Defense is about attacking your opponent...Imagine how you might feel if Sark had not pulled the grenade pin and it was last year all over again?...
As nervous as some fans are after just one game look around the PAC. I can think of five schools who are happy their games weren't carried on DIRECTV. While the Huskies are heavy underdogs at LSU...this team will play better...and the level of competition is good for them...Sark loves these games so we shall see...
Did anyone not see this Alabama mauling of Michigan coming? A lot of good teams appeared in mid season form...Nebraska, Florida, Texas, Ohio St, OU despite their soft opponents were ready to go which I thought would be the same with the Huskies...At LSU lets see how the Huskies match up against one thing all SEC teams have...Speed.
Nick Saban just reloads. The recent article on the Dawgfather attending the 40th reunion of the only Kent St. championship season reminded me how linked Saban is to the James wagon. Saban might have never ended up coaching if his wife wasn't a year behind him in school. Just hanging around with nothing to do the Dawgfather offered Saban a GA position aside Gary Pinkel and the Saban saga was born...
Ironically Pinkel & Saban not only played and coached together at K State...Pinkel followed Saban as HC at Toledo where both friends started the head coaching careers...Ponder this...Who does Saban consider his greatest mentor to be...The Dawgfather who had Saban as a player and coach or Bill Belichick who hired Saban as DC of the Browns after just one season at Toledo?...
The PAC 12 dash for the cash reminds us of the unkind reality between networks and content providers. Forgetting the Dish agreement with DIRECTV and its 20M households is a major embarrassment for the PAC...The CAL AD's publicity stunt of switching to Comcast away from DIRECTV solved what? How many more PAC fans will follow Sandy Barbour if they also happen to want the NFL package....only available thru DIRECTV?
The shots at Larry Scott are misdirected. PAC networks president Gary Stevenson and PAC media guru Kevin Weiberg are the guys who need to explain how badly they played their hand with DIRECTV... Weiberg is the "guy" who is a former Big 12 Comish who departed in 2007 for the Big 10 network and was idling at NBA Properties when Backhand Larry called...Coachnews may have something on this if the rumors of Wiberg's Big 12 departure are true...
Fans screaming at DirecTV or Dish miss the mark...Your angst and ire needs to be directed at PAC member schools...Your discord will be taken a lot more seriously by schools needing fans & booster support than at DIRECTV who had $27B in revenue and a $7B profit in 2011. Scott Woodward's curious comment where he took a shot at the Big 10 network ignores a sad reality...The Big 10 network has been around for five years and reaches 90 million homes...and the first carriers to reach out to the Big 10 when a conference network was a novel idea?...Dish and DIRECTV...
Lets hope the 2012 season is full of surprises & excitement that will somehow redirect college football away from Penn St. without forgetting their shame and punishment are well deserved. The image of Mark Emmert laying the wood to the Nittany Lions should never be forgotten...This rapid move reminded us of Old West justice or those Russian purge trials during the Stalin era...
Penn St. desperately wanted this to go away and threw themselves at the "Mercy" of the court... Ironically itwas Penn State's own investigation that has turned Happy Valley into a football morgue for the next 10 years...
The Louie Freeh report ended up being the hammer. Recently I spoke with someone familiar with the investigation who says Freeh's background as a federal prosecutor before his FBI days ultimately sank the Lions. Freeh's primary focus was on finding illegality and abherrant behavior not on exoneration for the events surrounding this sordid affair...
Now that Mark Emmert has given the NCAA new can bet the guys running Duck nation are losing a lot of sleep as they now know their days are surely numbered...
Anyone wonder why USC is holding their breath...again? Th LA Times expose signals home town U is not likely to get a media pass...likely because of the Penn St. fallout. From my view Lane Kiffin borrowing the "Mercedes Jet" from a well heeled booster and then crowing about it after flying east to grab Penn State's top RB sent the wrong message. AD Pat Haden for now is stuck with Lane. Kiffen better not screw up because Haden is lurking and he did not hire Kiffin. Haden was hired to clean up USC athletics...and it appears his hands are full...
ODDS & ENDS...In landing Michigan-Alabama at Cowboys Stadium Jerry Jones foray into college football is now complete...When the "new" BCS emerges expect Jerry & Cowboys Stadium to be right in the middle for one reason...Nobody will outspend Jerry...So Ken Armstrong has been at it again dishing old Huskies dirt as if it was breaking news. Keep in mind his "book" languishes in 16,000th place for copies sold...Grinolds mentions Sark appeared out of "sync" after the trick play...Not a good quality for the head coach...In golf its the next shot...not the last one... Oh those injuries...Now we will find out if Erich Wilson is the sleeper Sark believes in...Breaking Lynn Swann's scoring record at Serra High is a good resume builder...Brock Huard's sterling prime national network debut and Ed Cunningham's ongoing work highlights a growing problem...With so many games on TV the ever growing cadre of lousy play by play and color commentary announcing makes some games unwatchable...Husky nation are fortunate Huard and Cunningham get high marks for their professionalism, insight, and clarity...Now almost anything goes especially is you happen to be an out of work ex athlete...The Times recently had a story about the number of excellent HS QB's coming out of Puget Sound...No mystery here...the coaching and community support at the HS level is as good as it gets nationally...When the Dawgfather arrived in 1975 one of his lesser known projects was the UW outreach to football coaches around the state with regular clinics & camps...It helped set a base point on the correct way to do things and nearly 40 years later it is a testimonial on the level of play and the number of quality players in the region... Anyone see the new UCLA uniform look?... Simply horrible. In there is theme to the the varied Husky look?...Some of these combinations look like they were designed in North Korea. Since this seems to be the new trend shouldn't the UW reach out to Nike and have their own "look" rather than the mismatch that exists now?...Surely there is a better looking helmet than this white incantation...What is Sark planning for his national TV moment Saturday?...
Huskies For The Moment...
The 1936 Huskies Gold Medal in rowing at the Berlin Olympics over the heavily favored Germans doesn't receive enough attention. Defeating the Germans with Hitler and Herman Goering in attendance just as they were for Jesse Owens 100M victory...reminded the world during that perilous time that sports is the great equalizer over the evil and misery on this planet...and those with spirit and grit can make a difference against all odds...
Ed Cunningham....Seems to be a guy we have taken for granted for over 20 years...National Champion... Five year NFL Career...Successful broadcaster....and now Oscar winner. Kudos to Ed who continues to live a life of distinction...A true Husky..."
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The idea behind the rookie wall is around 30 games in, too many games in too few nights starts to catch up with players in their first NBA season. Game No. 30 for Tatum comes on December 13th. Other rookie players hitting the wall might not impact their team’s record quite so much, but Tatum is second on the team in win shares (2.3) and first College football betting trends let you see how teams have performed historically in specific situations. Some betting trends are simply interesting facts that you can use in a game of Trivial Pursuit, while the rest are great handicapping tools you can use to shape your college football wagers. NCAA College Basketball First Half Rankings & Ratings from, your source for NCAAB computer power rankings. Daily College Basketball First Half Expert Over Under Predictions betting picks for each new set of games as predicted and analyzed by expert NCAA handicapper Allen Moody. is not affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA®) or March Madness Athletic Association, neither of which has supplied, reviewed, approved or endorsed the material on this site.

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