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Result of Croatian parlamentary elections

Last night parlamentary elections were held in Croatia so I'll write a little about what happened.
Croatia is a country in (very controversial regional affiliation but lets say) Southeast Europe with around 4 mil population. The biggest city is capital of Zagreb with administrative 800k population and metro area of 1.1 mil. Modern state was formed after bloody disolution of Yugoslavia and entered EU in 2013. It applied for ERM II (so called eurozone (EZ) waiting room of 2 years) this spring, passed formal requierments for Schengen (also this spring) which it hopes to enter 1st of January and is working to enter OECD.
Croatia is parlamentary republic with 151 seats in parlament up for grabs. Of those 151, 3 seats are for croatian nationals living abroad (diaspora), usualy percived as safe 3 seats for conservatives. 8 seats are secured for minorities. Finally, countury is split in 10 election districts each giving 14 seats so national lists take 140 seats. As a minority you can vote for either minority or national list.
The parties and little bit about them
1.HDZ (Croatian democratic union) - conservatives: The party of the incumbent prime minister and ruling party in last government. Party that has 2 currents within it, center right and center leaning conservatives and rightists. After defeat of their incumbent president (not party president, but state president) in Presidential elections in January they passed through inter party election in which center leaning current overwhelmingly won over rightists. Current prime minister Plenkovic is seen as charismatic, capable and influential in EU. The party itself is seen as corrupt something many hope Plankovic can purge. Their vision under Plenkovic is so called "new soverignty". Croatia strongly connected with EU, that country should enter EZ and schengen as soon as possible and are the most Europhillic party. They promised to continue tax cuts, economic liberalisation and strong pro natalist policies. At the same time it should be self sustainable when it comes up to food, energy, medical products etc.
  1. Restart coalition (center left coalition gathered around Social democratic party): 2nd biggest party seen as a lot less corrupt but incompetent to go through with their promises. The party went strong in new year after wining the presidental election. The current party president is seen as uncharismatic, maybe even too young and incompetent. They too are Europhiles but are somewhat more careful when it comes to € adoption. They campaigned on anticorruption, human rights (allowing LGBT couples to adopt children etc.), government efficiency, lower taxes and economic liberalisation.
  2. DP (Homeland movement) - nationalists: They campaigned on change of electoral system (abolishing minority lists and replacing them with quotas), tax cuts, anticorruption, mix of economic liberalisation and economic nationalism (exports good, imports bad, self suficiency good etc) and anti abortion. Led by popular singer Skoro who collected previously scattered small right and extreme right parties during his solid run for state president in January. He styled himself as a somewhat of a croatian Trump. Enterpreneur with private sector experiance coming to drain the corrupted swamp and bringing private sector efficiency to government. They are agains sdoption of € and are indifferent (maybe secretly anti) EU.
  3. Left-Green coalition (coalition gathering greens and democratic socialists): Coalition of green, grass roots urban movements that built prominance fighting corrupted mayor of capital in Zagreb and democratic socialist nostalgic for Tito and his economic policies. They are percived as uncorrupted, young urban intelectuals campaigning on anticorrption, green policies, human rights (LGBT adoption etc) worker rights, unionisation, creating more worker owned companies and bigger efficient government. They are against adoption of €, but are pro EU.
  4. Bridge party - clerical right, close to catholic church: They also campaigned on electoral law change, anti abortion, smaller and efficient government, self suficiency, tax cuts and economic protectionism. Also against € adoption and indifferent to EU.
  5. Center coalition (Croatian neoliberals): Formed 2 days before the official start of the campaign, coalition mixing local politicians, prominent anticorruption campaigner and lawyer with prominent activist. Their campaign was oriented towards cleaning up corruption, strenghtening independance of justice system, economic liberalisation, tax cuts, human rights, and battle agains climate change. Pro € adoption and EU.
We start of in January when parlamentary majority gathered around conservative HDZ(CDU) is beset by various corruption scandals. Presidential elections are held with center left candidate winning in 2nd round agains incumbent first female president from Conservative party who ran center right campaign. Election births a new movement, the nationalist DP gathered around popular singer Skoro who missed 2nd round by few percents, performing somewhat above expectations. 2nd round he was projected to win against center left candidate.
As Croatia claims rotating presidency of European union everything is ready for center right prime minister Plenkovic to show his strength in EU. He was featured prominently in election of Ursula VDL. At the same time strong oposition grows in his party, seeking to turn it right and stop votes from bleeding to forming DP nationalists and clerical Bridge. The intraparty bickering started on election night.
Then world changes as corona flares up in northern Italy, croatian neigbhour. Panic spreads across the world, Europe heads into lockdown and economy that was the most prominent talking point of parlamentary majority falls to shambels and it's obvious there will be nothing from grandiose EU chairmanship. Few days before lockdown conservatives hold intraparty election. Center leaning current stuns with overwhelming victory, soon lockdown is imposed.
Then 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes the capital followed by aftershocks of up to 5.3 in magnitude. The strongest quake in almost 100 years wrecks severe damage on old city center and suburbs above epicenter. Population flees to the streets, some flee the city. Authorities implore for calm as it seems perfect concoction for large spread arises. The mayor of the capital fails in earthquake response. Siged by corruption charges, it's revealed he spent 30 million set aside for emergency situation on representation costs. Vocal local oposition of greens and lefties feature prominently.
While world watches military take the mounting dead in Bergamo and empty streets from NYC to Paris croatian daily infections start to drop. Middle of April and Denmark, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia begin to open up, rest of the world follows. Government is credited with great response to corona.
Ruling party decides to take advantage. Elections are called for 5th of July. While uncharismatic leader of center left party is broadeining his coalition, ruling conservatives are hit by another coruption scandal. Conservative prime minister says it shows how independent justice system is. The law that would guide renovation of the capital is stuck as 2 junior partners bicker (liberals and Zagreb mayors party). Left green coalition is very acrive in media and centrist coalition forms, failing to gather 2 most prominent liberal bannermen who decide for a safer option in conservative and social democeat blocks respectively.
Campaign is dominated firstly by future of economy, then abortion after one nationalist politician says that women who abort after rape are murderers. It shifts around nationalist attacks on minorities, abortion when at late June 2nd corona wave starts. Failing clerical Bridge party reinvents itself when popular philosoper, ideologue and political analyst joins them. Debates are held, pools are ran and it's expected that center left coalition would get the most votes, 55-60 but that right options would form a government. Conservstives winning around 51-56, nationalists DP around 20 and clerical party Bridge around 5. Green left coalition was projected with 3 and liberal center with 1 for Anti corruption campaigner. The matter of debate among analysts was mostly if DP coalition will hold up after election and how far right will DP steer the futture gocernment coalition.
Election day is passing with pictures of waiting lines and everyone wearing masks. At 7pm election silence end and exit polls are out. It's a shock. Soon official results are out and confirm exit polls.
Ruling conservstives win 63 seats giving them 66 with 3 diaspora seats. Center left has one of the worst results in last 30 years with 41 nationalist DP underperforms with 16, Bridge party overperforms with 8. The biggest surprise being left green coalition with 7 on the back of the results in the capital. Center coalition overperforms with 3. 2 minor liberal parties get in too with 2 seats. It's expected ruling center right conservatives will form the government with minorities and 2 minor liberal parties (66+8+2=76 76/151=50%+1). Almost the same as the last government, only conservatives are now stronger as they increased their seats from 55 to 66.
Implications for EU
It's expected this will strengthen Plenkovic's position in EU and he might get one of senior positions in the future. When new comision head was chosen, Plenkovic and Irish PM Leo Vardakar defeated Merkels plan of giving Timermans comision head and played instrumental role that ended up with UVDL at the top. Le Soire even reported Plenkovic, or then center right president Kitarovic were mentioned in opaque game of EU thrones. Ursula endorsed Plenkovic 2 days before election, a scandal since EU comission members are supposed to stay impartal.
Mainstream comentators hopee strengthened Plenkovic will now purge the corruption in ruling conservatives with strong party and parlament support. They hope he'll steer the society more liberal, europeanised. It's public secret he has very big european ambitions in the future (maybe to become comission president or council leader). They hope he'll become Croat Angela Merkel for his conservative party. They fear tho he might stumble to become a classic balkan strongman, corrupted to enrich himself or leave Croatia in hands of corrupted conservative party machinery as he looks for his position in Europe.
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Berkeley, it's time we annex Stanfurd. Here's how.

Okay, look: the world is a rapidly changing place, as are its leading research institutions. The rise of fascism, the tides of populism—these are all the consequences of a socioeconomic superstructure fed and nurtured by neoliberal elites who accumulate their wealth by dispossessing yours, or something.
Now more than ever, we see these power structures unravel here in California, where Stanfurd’s faculty is fearful to divest from fossil fuels, and its administrators face criticism for denying the severity of coronavirus—presumably in an attempt to please corporate partners. Berkeley, too, has lost its soul, yet—like athletics, endowment, and admissions—Stanfurd eclipses Cal. (Go bears. Brain like Berkeley. You get it.) It is clear that the cardinal sins and soul-slipping choices of the Stanfurd campus warrant intervention. So, I propose something radical:
We annex Leland Stanfurd Junior University (LSJU)
Okay, hear me out: Berkeley (Cal, UCBased) is home to 107 Nobel laureates), some of the world’s leading intellectuals, their children (Ginsberg, Reich, Foucault, Chomsky’s daughter, Soros’s son, Witherspoon’s daughter), and about forty-thousand students. Guess what? That’s all irrelevant, as are LSJU’s advantages in wealth and land ownership (as previously analyzed). You see, I believe something has been missing from the "Cal-Stanford War" discourse for far too long. I believe Berkeley can hone in one unmentioned, albeit powerful pawn:
Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway (BA ’99), heir apparent to the throne of Norway.
That’s right, we have a future king in our midst—a former resident of the Rockefeller-funded International House and a political science graduate. Rumors say he’s also in the Order. So what do we do about this? What do we do about a Norwegian king-to-be and his ties to Berkeley? Well, I believe that we have the capacity to call for the full weight of Norway once he takes the throne; I believe we can administer a targeted military operation and Norwegian-led campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area and on the LSJU campus. Some insight on the strategy:
The Norwegian Army (NA) has about 8,812 active members and 30,000 reservists, of which most are in garrisons that maintain full flight capability out of the central military bases of Bardufoss in Northern Norway. The Royal Air Force (RNoAF) has 123 aircraft and, when mobilized, upwards of 5,500 personnel. Mobilizations tactics aren't public knowledge, but I estimate NA and RNoAF service members and reservists can mobilize within a week based off information from peer European militaries.
Given the distance, the NA and RNoAF could arrive in California anywhere between ten to twenty hours after mobilization, depending on equipment and air transport. Research suggests that the NA is not paratrooper-trained, so the NA and RNoAF transports will have to land their planes on Moffett Field in Santa Clara or directly on Palm Drive, which is a wide, leveled avenue connecting the city of Palo Alto to the Stanfurd Oval (at it's straightest, I estimate it to be about 0.61 miles or 3,200 feet long). I'd recommend the former as it's less likely to spark a war with the United States. The NA could then occupy the Arboretum, Lausen, Toyon, and Eucalyptus Groves directly northeast of the Stanfurd Oval. There is plenty of flat space and little flora to set up a camp (we must be careful to prevent fires here; the land, like some Stanfurd frat parties, is dry). We should also have Hell Yeah Guy attached to an auxiliary defense unit stationed right outside the groves to wake up our camp in the morning. From there, the NA has full mobility into the main quad and can easily occupy the university’s administrative offices or other key points of leadership. Martial law, baby!
Next: to reduce Stanfurd morale and increase Berkeley admiration, we could contract a psychological operations unit (potentially third-party mercenaries or Haas consulting clubs, as I don’t anticipate Norwegian intelligence being willing to do this) to win over the support of Stanfurd staff and students. We could apply a Machiavellian approach (minus the whole mercenaries thing) by moving key Berkeley administrators to the Stanfurd campus and facilitating a number of “good faith actions” like bulldozing Stanfurd KA, implementing multi-year housing contracts, and admitting more humanities majors to the Knights-Hennessy (this is more important for maintaining good faith abroad). We should also begin (content warning) prosecuting cases and expelling students found to be guilty in a court of law for committing acts of intimate partner violence, assault, and harassment (context: out of 300 complaints last year, only one expulsion).That's not a joke that should seriously change
We shouldn't do too many actions in good faith, though—doing so might expose the PYSOP agenda. We should meet these positive actions with some reductions in the quality of campus life, namely: making the Stanford Review the new paper of record (replacing the Stanford Daily) and straight-up eliminating the symbolic systems major. To some, the former might be an improvement. To most, the latter will be devastating. We could also hijack the Fountain Hopper, LSJU's popular anonymous newsletter, to spread propaganda and quell reports of our operation's plans. To ensure morale is at its lowest in the central campus, where the NA will occupy administrative offices, it is vital that we play "Fight for California" on the main quad during the day and throughout the night.
Now, you might be thinking, “this is good and all, but wouldn’t this tactic require some support from the inside? Who on Earth would be a Stanfurd double-agent?” Well, I have a pretty good idea. There is one final piece to this plan, the cerise sur le dessus. You see, Berkeley alumni aren’t just the heir apparent to the Norwegian throne …. they’re also heir apparent to the Stanfurd presidency:
Persis Drell (PhD ’83), Provost of Leland Stanfurd Junior University (LSJU)
Drell is commonly identified as the most likely successor to current President Tessier-Lavigne. We wait for her ascendancy to the LSJU Presidency before we call in the troops—little would the rest of the world know that we have the President acting in Berkeley’s interest. (Yes, she might have been raised on the Stanfurd campus and been a leader there for decades, but once a bear, always a bear, or something.) We can convince her through backdoor negotiations from the Norwegian throne. Perhaps offer her a cozy estate in some fjord? Perhaps a future chancellorship at Cal? Unlimited Top Dog?
Once the occupation is complete, we have two choices: we rename LSJU to UC Palo Alto, redistributing all its resources so Berkeley remains number one, or we combine the two universities into "New C Berkeley" to ensure no future uprisings on the satellite Palo Alto campus. For the second option, we could also get the independently-run UCSF to offer a merger following the news of the Berkeley-Stanfurd conflict. I'm not focusing at all on the UCSF strategy because I don't have any good ideas for it, but I do have (perhaps inflated) faith in our sibling to the west. If Berkeley can muster a military occupation of Stanfurd here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I believe we can leverage the optics of that show of force to secure UCSF's immediate surrender. If we can take UCSF, we should. Shock and awe, baby. Shock and awe.
In the end, "New C Berkeley" would look like this:
Berkeley’s endowment: $36.38 Billion Berkeley’s annual budget / R&D expenditures: $15.4 Billion / $3.26 Million Berkeley’s land ownership: 9,667 acres
So, yeah. There’s that. How’s everyone’s Friday going?
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How I got from first stream to affiliate in the first month - I hope this helps you, too. (I spent a lot of time on this, here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost in new)

Hi friends,
I want to first say that this isn’t a scheme or magical program to make Twitch growth “easy.” It also isn’t an effort to get you to subscribe or donate to my channel. The sole purpose of writing this is to attempt to provide all of the information and strategy I’ve used to date in a single, concise and digestible post -- something I wish I had on day one. As such, everything I have to share is below and there’s no link to bring you anywhere else. For those of you that I’ve talked with about this (friends, followers and subs) and those of you I don’t know, I really hope it helps!
Just over five weeks into streaming and I feel very fortunate to say that I reached affiliate status only a few days after the one-month mark. I’ve got 83 followers (only four of whom are people I personally know), 10 organic subscribers and nearly 1,000 views. No programs, No follow for follows, No boosts, No bot viewers/follows, etc. -- No BS. This past week, I averaged around 8 viewers, with some times higher and others lower.
This isn’t a brag. This is to say that there are things that I’ve learned in the past month, read from various resources, and watched over the course of countless youtube videos, that have propelled my stream forward much faster than I ever would’ve anticipated. Some growth strategies you’ll read about from only six months ago may no longer work due to the saturated nature of Twitch, while others may have been developed years ago and still work to this day. Perhaps to you, my numbers are quite low, or maybe you’ve been on your twitch journey for months, still seeking affiliate status but don’t quite know where to go next. Either way, I hope I can offer something to help you below.
Introductions aside, here are the points I’ve found most critical thus far in no particular order;
CAM - It seems to be the consensus among larger streamers and content creators that you absolutely need to have a cam if you want your channel to get anywhere. I completely agree with this sentiment. You are the focal point of your stream. Without a cam, your viewers are essentially watching gameplay footage with commentary here and there which can just as easily be done elsewhere. If you don’t have a cam and can’t afford one, that’s okay! You can actually use your phone as a cam and it’s much easier than you think it would be. Just google “EpocCam.” In my opinion, the app made it fairly self explanatory to set up. There’s a free version of the app and a paid version for something like eight dollars to get rid of the ads. It’s well worth the eight dollars, because the ads make it a frustration and you’ll already have plenty of those elsewhere when setting up your stream for the first time. P.S. I’m not endorsed or sponsored by this company -- If you’ve got a more efficient/inexpensive way to get a cam, take it!
PERSONALITY - Let the you who is you shine through. I just made that up. It’s 4:00AM. In all sincerity, this will likely be the most critical element of your channel. I have a theory on the success of this point which comes from a personal favorite streamer; the two-time himself, DrDisrespect. Doc clearly plays a well-developed character, but it comes across genuine. This gave me the impression of embellishing who he really is. Is Guy Beahm (Doc’s real name) actually an 80’s super villain, destroying anyone and anything in his path from behind the wheel of his red 1990 Lambo? No. BUT is he a guy who’s into the 80’s aesthetic, rages at games, and is a little overly competitive? Probably!
This got me thinking about the idea of taking your own personality and embellishing the bits which make you, YOU. I’ll give you an example. I’m a Zen Buddhist. I’m obsessed with Eastern philosophy and practices of Zen, presence and meditation are a significant part of my life. Therefore, on stream, I take these components and make them the focal point. If you ever watch me on stream, you’ll notice that in moments of absolute chaos and high tensions on screen, I remain almost comically calm and poke fun at the intensity of otherwise high-stress situations. I don’t tilt in moments that might frustrate others and will instead flip situations like these around into thoughts and questions about why we might feel that way. Even when I have engagements with toxic players, you’ll see that rather than engaging them with the reciprocal toxicity they’re looking for, I might say something like “Aw, friend, what happened today? It’s okay, you can tell me about it.” Not sarcastically, but in a genuine way! It’s fun to see if we can take the toxicity out of a teammate, BUT there is one more component to my stream which I would consider most significant. This leads us to our next point.
PASSION/REASON FOR STREAMING - Most people will tell you if you’re in it for the money, get out. I’ve read this sentence a million times. My feeling is that it’s not quite that simple. It’s perfectly okay to approach streaming with the goal of making it your full time job -- That’s exactly what I’m doing! HOWEVER, Consider a person who wants to be a rockstar, but has never written a note of music. Or held a guitar. Or sang outside their shower. They want to be a rockstar for the fame, money, etc. but they’ve got no passion for the art itself. I think we both know it’s very unlikely they’ll get anywhere at all. The same is true of streaming. There’s a point where passion and effort coincide with return. You do it because you love it, but you can’t put everything into it without it becoming your livelihood. You also can’t make it your livelihood without putting everything into it.
Perhaps your passion is the game itself and the will to share it. You want to be a Radiant rank Valorant player, teaming up with Shroud and Summit to play against pros while your fans watch and spam your chat with PogChamps and KEKWs. That’s fantastic and that passion will take you far. There are plenty of passions that can fuel your drive to put in the work when the odds are against you!
When I watched my first Twitch stream, the first thing that struck me was the way that the streamer was able to engage with so many people in chat, while they were simultaneously engaging one another. A more specific point that took my interest was that it was all, for the most part, anonymous. I immediately had the thought that this would be a great platform for people to have a place to get things off their chest. Almost like the next level of jotting frustrations into a diary -- only here, others can see, relate to, and even respond to the things you write in real-time. Even further, what if there were a streamer who, while delivering satisfying one-shot sniper content, could calmly talk over the chaos and offer perspective on the topic for that person and anyone else in chat going through the same sort of difficulties. For me, the passion is the potential to help people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, etc. with the same principals which helped me through these issues while creating a community where my viewers can offer the same for one another, if they choose to. That was the beginning of DrWatts.
UNIQUENESS - This should act as a sort of *bonus point* to the two above points. In a competitive game environment, it should be a given that you are at least decent at your game. It’s unlikely you’d be streaming it otherwise. Even if you’re great at it, it can only play to your advantage to push the aspect of your skill and offer something that few other channels can. While this can mean nearly anything, I’ll share with you the example of what I believe makes my on-screen content unique.
I predominantly stream VALORANT with regular switches to COD Warzone sprinkled between. In Warzone, I solo queue into Trios and use only the Kar98k, regardless of range, with success for the most part. In VALORANT however, it gets a little more elaborate. Essentially, I developed a stream “mini-game” within VALORANT wherein I only use the Marshal scout weapon. Throughout a match, certain things can happen which will force changes to my loadout. Additionally, I’ve added interesting and fun modifiers that chat can activate with channel points to make this “mini-game” more challenging or slightly easier on me. It’s a fun way to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting while keeping chat engaged with the gameplay. You can see the “DrWatts unrated VALORANT rules” in the about section on my channel if you’d like to see this in action. Perhaps it’ll give you some ideas!
OVERLAY - While it isn’t as essential as having the cam feed itself, it is still a critical component in my opinion. Have you ever been on twitch, perhaps looking at a lesser watched game, and decided to click on one of the handful of streamers playing it? Which did you click? I clicked the one with the best looking overlay in that tiny thumbnail box. Why? Because, as a viewer, It says something to me about “They put work into this” - “They care about the quality of their stream” - “They probably know the ropes and are NOT NEW AT THIS” -- even if we are ;). There’s a few ways to approach this hurdle, some more costly than others. You can try to take on making your own overlay (more on this later*), purchase a premium pre-made overlay, or pay someone to custom make one for your channel. While the latter is ideal, I think most of us at the beginning will want to begin with a premium pre-made overlay. For around 30 bucks, you’ll have your stream looking, for the most part, pretty professional.
SCHEDULE AND CONSISTENCY - It is important to have a consistent and identifiable schedule. Your viewers need to know when and where to find you! Try out different schedules as early as possible and find one that works for you. Once you’ve found what works for you and your lifestyle, stick with it as closely as you can. If you want for streaming to become your job, you’ve got to treat it like one! If you’re going to be late or need to change the time of a stream, handle it the same way you would with any other job. Do what you can to let your audience know and try as much as you can to not make a habit of it. Life happens and there isn’t anything we can do about that, but the more consistent you can be, the better!
An important note on this point: Sometimes you need to take a day off and I’d never make a case to prioritize your stream over your mental or physical health. Holding yourself accountable for your schedule is important to your success on Twitch, but nothing is more important than your health, friends.
PLAYING WITH GROUPS - I have mixed feelings on this point. You are the focal point, don’t forget that. It’s great to play with other streamers and friends, but I’d recommend limiting this to a section of your stream, rather than making it an expectation or identifier of your channel. Use it as an enhancement to what you’ve already got to offer, not as a crutch if you aren’t quite feeling confident solo yet. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice engaging your viewers and --if we’re being honest-- talking to yourself! Even when there’s no one to engage with, the lurkers in your chat won’t lurk for long if you’re sitting quietly playing the game. It is absolutely critical that you can stand on your own two feet, so don’t let playing with others inhibit your ability to do so!
BRANDING - This may seem like a point that “doesn’t matter til you’re big.” Remember when I said if you want it to be your job, you’ve got to treat it like a job? Your channel is your business and unless you treat it as such, it will be a failing business. Take that personality you developed and visualize it into a logo. Maybe you know photoshop, or maybe you get a friend to draw it for you. Maybe you make it in MS paint (I hope not). You really just need something that is identifiable as YOU. Once you’ve got it, put it everywhere. Everywhere. Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Steam, Discord, Facebook. It will never hurt you to secure your brand on every platform even if you aren’t perpetually posting to each and every one!
If you guys would like to see a follow up post involving the social media marketing stuff I mentioned earlier, this would be another point that I would likely expand on as well.
KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING YOURSELF INTO - This point isn’t to scare you. It’s to encourage you because YOU CAN undoubtedly do this. Further, this is more of a point for those who favor the densely saturated, top played games (Valorant, Warzone, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc.) This is the category that I fall into. You’ll do much more work off-stream than you do on-stream. From social media marketing to a constant influx of content creation, there’s a lot of work to be done. In games like these, you will never see organic growth via Twitch alone. It’s not because you’re not working hard and it’s not because you’re not amazing -- you definitely are. It’s because with only a few viewers, your channel will be buried by 70 pages worth of others trying to do exactly what you’re doing, leaving your only option for discoverability elsewhere -- at least at the beginning. If anyone is interested to see how I’ve approached these aspects of my stream, I’ll gladly do an additional post to cover them (Social media scheduling apps, content curation and editing, etc.)
BUYING FOLLOWERS / FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW / LURK FOR LURK / ETC. - Don’t do this. Just don’t. This is an absolute trap and serves no benefit to your channel. If you meet another streamer along the way and you mutually enjoy each others’ content, that’s awesome (This will happen!), but don’t follow each other simply for the number -- it helps neither of you. There are countless reasons for this being the case and I’ll gladly talk about it with you in a PM or even on stream, but suffice to say there are too many reasons to list why this does not benefit you, nor the people exchanging with you.
MODS - For the obvious reasons, they’re important. You never know when the bots will show up in chat or, worse, when little Timmy is having a bad day and wants to let it out via profanity spam in your chat. Unlucky. Have a close friend or two to help you with this at the start if/when they’re available.
DON’T BE DISCOURAGED - Kudos to you if you’re still reading. I’d definitely wager that you’re committed to this and this point may be moot for you, but still I feel that it’s an important one to address. Developing growth on a streaming platform is hard, that’s for sure. But it’s not impossible and we’re all capable so long as we maintain our commitment to the passions we identified earlier. I have a life experience which taught a particular lesson and still to this day, it’s the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned. I’d be glad to share that story with anyone who is interested, but it’s applicable to most low-odd gambles and goes something like this:
Every time you get that sensation of “this isn’t working, I want to quit,” so are a 1000 other channels. When those moments happen, YOU are going to be the one to say “No, I’m going to keep going.” Even after a seven hour stream with only 2 viewers. With no willingness to give up, you’ve already differentiated yourself from 50% of channels. THOSE DAYS WITH 3 VIEWERS WILL STILL HAPPEN, I HAVE THOSE DAYS TOO -- Even your most loyal followership will still have a life outside of twitch. Keep that in your mind and don’t allow those discouraging thoughts in. Continue on the same as you would if there were 10, 100, or 1,000 people in chat. One day, friends :)
++ BONUS POINTS - This point is not at all essential, but is more of an ‘above and beyond’ that’ll benefit you along the way. During the course of my Twitch journey thus far, I’ve take it upon myself to learn Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro and After Effects. I’m by no means a master of any of these programs, but I understand how to use each to a point where I’ve developed my own logo from scratch, made emotes, animated my logo, created a stream commercial and more. As I said, this is by no means essential, but if you should decide to take this point on, It’ll stand to benefit you going forward as it has for me.
Well, friends, we made it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and genuinely hope that you found at least a point or two which will help you along your journey through Twitch and beyond. As I said in the beginning, I’m not looking for any kind of return from this post, but feel free to stop by my channel if you’d like to see how I apply all of the points above! I’d be happy to further elaborate on any of the above on stream as well! I have followers that watch regularly who are interested in a lot of the same and enjoy stream discussions.
Let me know in the comments if this helps any of you achieve affiliate status! Thoughts and criticisms are always welcomed as well :)
Best of luck in your Twitch journeys, friends.
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A Recap of the US-Iran Hostilities since Trump came into office.

I'm currently operating under the assumption that president Trump has willfully and with great disregard placed the United States on a path to armed conflict in Iran. I have compiled a timeline of events that shows event from spring 2018 up to now.
May 18th 2018, Trump pulls US out of Iran Nuclear deal, the only agreament keeping the Iranian government from enriching uranium.
May 21st 2018, Trump demanded Iran make sweeping changes - from dropping its nuclear programme to pulling out of the Syrian war - or face severe economic sanctions. The Trump administration's 12 demands listed below were outlined by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, were rejected by Tehran. * Declare to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) a full account of the prior military dimensions of its nuclear programme and permanently and verifiably abandon such work in perpetuity.
August 7th 2018, reimposed the first round of sanctions on Iran, originally lifted as part of the nuclear deal.
They prohibited trade with a number of business sectors Which included * 20 Billion contract for Boeing planes * 19 Billion contract for Airbus * 850 Million contract for export of Pistacheos
November 5th 2018, the US announced a 2nd round of sanctions. They Specfically targeted oil and banking sectors of the Iranian Economy. * Banking sanctions removed more than one million barrels of Iranian oil from the market and that Tehran lost more than $2.5bn in oil revenues.
April 8th 2019, Trump announced he was designating a powerful arm of the Iranian military, the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign "terrorist" organisation.
It was the first time Washington formally labelled another country's military a "terrorist group".
May 5th 2019, Trump's then-National Security Adviser John Bolton announced the US was sending an aircraft carrier strike group and Air Force bombers to the Middle East "in response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings".
May 8 2019, Iran said it was preparing to increase enriched uranium and heavy water production as part of its decision to stop certain commitments made under the nuclear deal. A year after Washington withdrew from the deal and later reimposed sanctions on Tehran, Trump announced new measures against Iran's steel and mining sectors.
May 12th 2019, the United Arab Emirates said four commercial ships off the coast of Fujairah, one of the world's largest bunkering hubs, "were subjected to sabotage operations". Officials identified the damaged ships as the Saudi oil tankers Al-Marzoqah and Amjad, the Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory, and a UAE bunkering barge, the A Michel. Fujairah is the only Emirati terminal located on the Arabian Sea, bypassing the Strait of Hormuz through which most Gulf oil exports pass. Iran, which has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait in case of a military confrontation with the US, called the incidents "alarming and regrettable".
May 14th 2019, Yemen's Houthi rebels, who were locked in a long-running war with a Saudi-UAE-led military coalition, launched drone attacks on Saudi Arabia striking a major oil pipeline and taking it out of service. Two days later, Riyadh, a key US ally, blamed Iran for the attack. The US and Saudi Arabia accused Iran of arming the Houthis, but Tehran denied the claim.
May 19th 2019, a rocket landed near the US embassy in Baghdad. No one was harmed. It was not clear who is behind the attack, but Trump tweeted at the time: "If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!"
June 13th 2019, Japan Prime Minister Abe (negotiating on behalf of the US) still in Iran, a Japanese tanker and a Norwegian one came under "attack" in the Gulf of Oman, according to the Norwegian maritime authority and the Japanese shipowner. The US Fifth Fleet said it received two separate distress calls from the tankers in a "reported attack". Iran spoke initially of "accidents" and said it rescued 44 crew members. Zarif called tanker "attacks" during Abe's visit "suspicious".
June 17th 2019, the Pentagon authorised the deployment of 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East. On the same date, Iran said it was 10 days away from surpassing the limits set by the nuclear deal on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium. Iran said it could reverse the move if the deal's European signatories step in and make an effort to circumvent US sanctions.
June 20th 2019, Iranian forces shot down a US military drone, Both countries confirmed the incident but offer diverging accounts about the location of the aircraft. The US said it was flying above international waters, while Iran said the drone was flying in Iranian airspace.
June 21st 2019, Trump said he called off a military strike on Iran the night before, which was intended as retaliation against Tehran for the downing of the unmanned US drone. Trump said he did so 10 minutes before the planned attack because of potential casualties, saying it was "not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone". Trump said a US strike could have killed 150 people, and signalled he was open to talks with Tehran.
June 22nd 2019, Iran said it was ready to respond firmly to any US threat against it. "We will not allow any violation against Iran's borders. Iran will firmly confront any aggression or threat by America," said Abbas Mousavi, foreign ministry spokesman. On the same day, Iran ordered the execution of a "defence ministry contractor" convicted of spying for the US Central Intelligence Agency, while the US vowed to impose fresh sanctions, adding that military action was still "on the table".
June 25th 2019, Trump signed an order targeting Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, and associates with additional financial sanctions "Sanctions imposed through the executive order ... will deny the supreme leader and the supreme leader's office, and those closely affiliated with him and the office, access to key financial resources and support," the US president said.
June 29th 2019, the US Air Forces Central Command said in a statement that F-22 Raptor stealth fighters were being deployed in the region "to defend American forces and interests".
July 1st 2019, Iran exceeded the limit on the amount of enriched uranium in its stockpile set out in the nuclear deal.The United Nations's atomic watchdog confirmed that its inspectors had verified the 300kg cap had been breached.
July 4th 2019, British Royal Marines, police and customs agents in Gibraltar seized a supertanker accused of carrying Iranian crude oil to Syria in breach of European Union sanctions.The Grace 1 vessel was boarded on Thursday when it slowed down in a designated area used by shipping agencies to ferry goods to ships in the UK territory along Spain's southern coast.
July 8th 2019, Iran passed the uranium enrichment cap set in the nuclear deal, the second time in a week that it made good on a promise to reduce compliance with the accord. Iran set to exceed uranium enrichment limit in 2015 nuclear deal (3:31)
July 19th 2019, the IRGC said its forces seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. The Stena Impero tanker "was confiscated by the Revolutionary Guards at the request of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Organisation when passing through the Strait of Hormuz, for failing to respect international maritime rules", the force said in its official website at the time.
July 25th 2019, the UK announced the country's warships would escort all British-flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz, a change in policy that took place amid rising tensions in the Gulf.
August 1st 2019, the US imposed sanctions on Zarif for acting on behalf of Khamenei.
"Javad Zarif implements the reckless agenda of Iran's Supreme Leader, and is the regime's primary spokesperson around the world," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement at the time.
August 15th 2019, Gibraltar's Supreme Court ruled that the Seized Iranian Tankeer Grace 1 was free to sail, just hours after the US made a last-minute attempt to keep the vessel under detention.
August 23rd 2019, Iran unveils new missile defence system Rouhani inducted a locally built air-defence system into the country's missile defence network at an unveiling ceremony in Tehran.Iran began production after the purchase of Russia's S-300 system was suspended in 2010 due to international sanctions that have barred it from importing many weapons.
August 26th 2019, Zarif meets Macron Iran's top diplomat held talks with France's President Emmanuel Macron at the sidelines of a G7 summit following a surprise invite to the gathering in Biarritz. "Iran's active diplomacy in pursuit of constructive engagement continues," Zarif said. "Road ahead is difficult. But worth trying."
August 30th 2019, the UN said Iran was still exceeding limitations set by its nuclear deal with world powers, increasing its stock of enriched uranium and refining it to a greater purity than allowed in the agreement.
The quarterly report from the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed Iran was progressively backing out of the pact in retaliation for the US's withdrawal from the accord and the subsequent renewal of sanctions that had hit Iranian oil sales.
September 3rd 2019, the US imposed sanctions on Iran's civilian space agency and two research organisations, saying they were being used to advance Tehran's ballistic missile programme.
September 4th 2019, the US turned up the economic pressure on Iran, blacklisting an oil shipping network that Washington alleges is directed by the IRGC.
September 5th 2019, The State Department sent emails to captain Akhilesh Kumar in which they offered "good news" of millions in US cash for the captain to live comfortably if he steered the Adrian Darya 1, formerly known as Grace 1, to a country where it could be seized.
September 7th 2019, Iran started injecting gas into advanced centrifuges to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium and warned that time was running out for the nuclear deal's other signatories to save the landmark pact.
September 10th 2019 announced via Twitter that he had fired Bolton, his national security adviser, saying he had "strongly disagreed" with many of his hawkish positions. Bolton's sacking was reportedly linked to a fundamental disagreement over the possible easing of US sanctions on Iran. Taking aim at Bolton, Iran said the US should distance itself from "warmongers".
September 14th 2019, Yemen's Houthi rebels (who may or may not be backed by Iran) claimed responsibility for drone attacks on two major Saudi Aramco oil facilities: Abqaiq - the world's largest oil processing plant
September 24th 2019 Trump lashed out at Iran and called on countries around the world to tighten the economic noose around it."One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran," he said.
November 4th 2019 imposed new sanctions on the inner circle of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, including one of his sons. The US Treasury said that the nine people sanctioned included Khamenei's chief of staff, the head of the judiciary and senior military figures. It said it also blacklisted Iran's Armed Forces General Staff.
November 6th 2019, began the process of injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at the underground Fordow facility.Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, told state television that the agency has delivered 2,000kg (4,400 pounds) of uranium or UF6 to the Fordow plant, under the supervision of UN inspectors.
November 7th 2019, A US-led naval coalition officially launched operations in Bahrain to protect shipping in the troubled waters of the Gulf, following a string of attacks that Washington and its allies blamed on Iran.
November 7th 2019 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of preparing "a rapid nuclear breakout".
November 8th 2019, Iran's state news agency IRNA says air defence forces shot down an "unknown" drone. The United States Central Command released a statement later that Friday saying that the downed drone was not one of theirs, and that all military drones were accounted for.
November 15th 2019, Unrest in Iran erupted after the government abruptly raised fuel prices by as much as 300 percent. The unrest spread to more than 100 Iranian cities and towns and turned political as young and working-class protesters demanded that religious leaders step down.The death toll of the unrest varied. The opposition said at least 631 people were killed, while Amnesty International put the figure at more than 300. Both numbers were dismissed by Iranian authorities.
November 22nd 2019, US imposed sanctions on Iran's communications minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi for his role in "widespread censorship" during civil unrest.
November 25th 2019 General Hossein Salami accused the US, the United Kingdom, Iraq and Saudi Arabia of stoking unrest in the country. "We have shown restraint ... we have shown patience towards the hostile moves of America, the Zionist regime [Israel] and Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic of Iran ... but we will destroy them if they cross our red lines," Salami said.
November 27th 2019 Iranian security agents arrested at least eight people linked to the CIA during deadly unrest over petrol price increases. "These elements had received CIA-funded training in various countries under the cover of becoming citizen-journalists," IRNA quoted the intelligence ministry as saying. "Six were arrested while attending the riots and carrying out [CIA] orders and two while trying to ... send information abroad."
December 4th 2019 The Pentagon denied a report that the US was weighing sending up to 14,000 more troops to the Middle East to confront a perceived threat from Iran.
The Wall Street Journal had earlier reported that the possible deployment would include "dozens" more ships and double the number of troops added to the US forces in the region.
December 4th 2019 US Navy warship seized advanced missile parts believed to be linked to Iran from a boat it had stopped in the Arabian Sea. In a statement, the Pentagon said a US warship found "advanced missile components" on a stateless vessel and an initial investigation indicated the parts were of Iranian origin.
December 7 Iran and US exchanged prisoners. Xiyue Wang, a Chinese-born US citizen held in Iran since 2016, was exchanged for Massoud Soleimani, an Iranian scientist detained in the US.
December 8th 2019, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani announced a $39bn "budget of resistance" to counter US sanctions.
Rouhani said the aim was to reduce "hardships" to help Iran's people overcome economic difficulties.
December 11th 2019, the US Treasury imposed new sanctions on Iran's biggest airline and its shipping industry, accusing them of transporting lethal aid to Yemen.
December 19th 2019, the US announced that it would restrict visas for Iranian officials for their alleged roles in suppressing peaceful protests and imposed sanctions on two Iranian judges.
December 27th 2019, a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base in Kirkuk killed a US contractor and wounded several US service members and Iraqi personnel.
December 29th 2019 - the US military carried out "defensive strikes" on sites in Iraq and Syria belonging to Kataib Hezbollah that Washington said were in retaliation for the killing of the US contractor. Iraqi security and militia sources said at least 25 fighters were killed and 55 others wounded following the air attacks in Iraq on Sunday.
December 31st 2019, enraged members and supporters of pro-Iranian paramilitary groups in Iraq broke into the heavily fortified US embassy compound in Baghdad, smashing a main door and setting parts of its perimeter on fire.Trump blamed Iran for killing the US contractor and the ensuing tensions around the embassy. "Iran is orchestrating an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq. They will be held fully responsible," he wrote on Twitter.
January 2nd 2020, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said there were "some indications" that Iran or groups it supports "may be planning additional attacks" on US interests in the Middle East.
January 3rd 2020, the US struck and killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's elite Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces, or PMF.
Below is a Quote from the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi
“I received a phone call from President Trump when the embassy protests ended thanking the government efforts and asked Iraq to play the mediator's role between US and Iran” Iraqi PM said.
“But at the same time American helicopters and drones were flying without the approval of Iraq, and we refused the request of bringing more soldiers to US embassy and bases”
“I was supposed to meet Soleimani at the morning the day he was killed, he came to deliver me a message from Iran responding to the message we delivered from Saudi to Iran” Iraqi PM said.
Soleimani may have caused harm to American service members on his hands, and opposing commanders are considered fair game in war. But in killing a country’s senior general is the sort of thing you only do when you are in a state of war or outright hostilities. or if your trying to provoke a country into a exchange of hostilities.

Credit to

Al Jazeera
The Guardian







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7 Surefire Growth strategies for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

7 Surefire Growth strategies for eCommerce Entrepreneurs
The idiom "Create it and they will come" undeniably doesn't have any critical bearing to your online store business. In case you have to turn into your eCommerce business you have to forcefully advertise your store and reliably beat out your resistance to attract customers and traffic like Beardoholic is doing. Follow these 7 themes.

1. Construct an attribution plan

For eCommerce business visionaries, it's fundamental to reliably keep an eye out for what's working. Attribution is the methods by which to do it. The Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) which means of attribution is "the route toward recognizing a great deal of customer exercises across screens and contact centers that contribute somehow or another to a perfect outcome, and a short time later giving out a motivation to all of these events."
Benton Crane, CEO of the Harmon Brothers (producers of the astonishing advancements for Squatty Potty, Purple and others) was the first to talk at Digital Growth Summit, and he gave a noteworthy level breakdown on the most capable technique to utilize attribution as you build up your online business to choose increasingly insightful business decisions. It admonished:
• Message testing.
• Picture testing.
• Adapting advancement blast. (This is attempting all the different features and favorable circumstances to see what participates. Models could join esteeming, estimating, smallness, work, etc.)
• Scale up, for instance fold each triumphant part into one.

2. Target more intelligent

Matt Schmitt of Skup unraveled an issue a huge amount of representatives have: concentrating on. They may have a customer image as a top need, anyway aren't sure how best to get in touch with them. Schmitt recommends storage facilities. These are four of his models that will allow you to get an all the more away from of where to find your goal Customer:
• What magazines do they purchase in to?
• What affiliations or gatherings would they have a spot with?
• What acclaimed individuals or convincing figures would they follow?
• What's more, what brands or things would they say they are using?


3. Impact Campaign Budget Optimization

Fight Budget Optimization (CBO) is another advancing system by Facebook. Their AI figuring screens concentrating on and execution of your ad sets, by then apportions your budgetary breaking point to the best-performing sets reliant on the objective or pixel you've applied, using consistent data, thus.
As showed by Facebook: "CBO utilizes your fight battle financial plan and your offer System—which might be, for example, least expense per activity (CPA) or best yield on notice spend (ROAS) — to consequently and consistently find the best dynamic open doors for results over your advancement sets. By then we circle your battle spending plan dynamically to get those results."
To lay it out simply, in the event that you're new to Facebook promoting, this is a fantastic technique to get in the game as cost-adequately as could be normal considering the present situation, without having to micromanage your crusades.

4. Start using Messenger promotions

Harvard Business Review coordinated an examination in 2011 on online lead age and found that failure to respond in less than five minutes to another lead lessens your odds of qualifying them by a stunning 400 percent. Be that as it may, as demonstrated by Chatmatic originator Travis Stephenson, business visionaries maintain a strategic distance from Messenger.
In any case, by using Messenger (the most downloaded application on the world in 2019, FYI) with advertisements and a mechanized aide, you're doing second, direct find potential customers, along these lines growing your lead-qualifying and changes capacities. Or then again you can essentially use them to rapidly get messages and collect a relevant once-over. Which drives takeaway five....

5. Use email promoting

Email midpoints $38 in for each $1 spent by a Direct Marketing Association 2015 Client Report. For those new to email promoting, it can feel overwhelming from the beginning, yet recall this: It costs more to increase new customers than recoup existing ones. Additionally, email is the easiest way to deal with recoup, considering the way that the entire method can be robotized. Email ace Jess Chan of Long play recommends you collect an eCommerce customer adventure. Do this by setting up:
• Welcome messages.
• Abandoned cart messages (69.57 percent of web shopping bins are surrendered).
• Request attestation and transportation confirmation messages.
• Post-purchase messages (for instance a card to express profound gratitude or letter from the coordinator).
• Upsell and support messages (for instance deliberately pitches, tribute requests, etc.)

6. Use online life

Discussing Social media as a device for brand building, you should attempt to get anyway much as could sensibly be normal out of regions like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Clergyman your feeds to facilitate the image you wish to give and put forth an exceptional attempt to consolidate yourself into the system that envelops your thing. This should be conceivable through working with web based life influencers or by utilizing SEO the board programming, for instance, SEMrush or SpyFu. Your online life proximity will go far in choosing the measure of a hold you increment over the system enveloping your thing.

7. Own your online nearness

There's a saying inside the Online Marketing that goes something like this: The best spot to disguise a dead body is on the second page of a Google search. What that suggests for your business is this: in case you can't draw near to the most noteworthy purpose of a Google look for your thing or business, you're in a troublesome circumstance.
Online closeness the officials are colossal, especially for new associations. Managing your online nearness incorporates making a bleeding edge website and curating extraordinary substance, which can be irksome every so often. Nevertheless, something as clear as making a Google proficient asset will go far into getting legitimacy and progressing toward the most elevated purpose of the web search apparatus.

#Online Business
#Seven effective lead
#AJ Infosoft
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DemeRx has patents for days; Oh Ehave!; Natural Psilocybin solution; Psychedelic Exceptionalism;

Welcome to The Trip Report, a newsletter for the builders of the emerging psychedelic ecosystem on the business, policy, and impact of psychedelics.
For new readers, welcome to this quickly growing community of psychedelic stakeholders— if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback just hit respond or shoot an email to [email protected]
Please share it with your parents, children, siblings, cofounders, LPs, employees, colleagues, trip sitters, guides, shamans and dealers.
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***This Sunday we’ll have a significant announcement about the future of The Trip Report, stay tuned.**\*

DemeRX has a BOATLOAD of Ibogaine Patents

Deborah Marsh, Lawrence Friedhoff and the DemeRx team have been busy over the last 10 years. DemeRx has 79 Ibogaine related patents that include patient screening procedures, treatment of opioid addiction, nicotine addiction, nociceptive pain, methods of preparation, purification, extraction among others.
Here are a few titles:
Last week ATAI and DemeRx announced a $22 million partnership that will allow them to bring DemeRx’s Ibogaine based treatment to phase II clinical trials for opioid use disorder.
Known for its oneirophrenic and hallucinogenic properties, uncontrolled data from hundreds of patients suggest that ibogaine is effective as both an acute detoxifier and treatment for opioid addiction.
Based on the sheer number of patents, the distinct phases of treatment (withdrawal, maintenance, relapse abatement, etc.) ATAI and DemeRx could provide a top-to-bottom treatment protocol for various substance abuse disorders.
The other notable entity in the Ibogaine space is Universal Ibogaine which is hoping to start clinical trials in Canada and go public this year, though nothing in their marketing copy suggests Intellectual Property assets, I could be wrong.
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Gabor Maté Course Offering for Therapists

If I could go back to college and do it over again, I would have microdosed LSD to combat ADHD so that I got better grades so that I could have gotten into medical school so that I could be like Gabor Maté.
His books, lectures, and his whole deal have been a boon to many people struggling with addiction, depression, PTSD and ADHD- he has a beloved audience at his lectures and, from what I am told, holds exceptional Ayahuasca retreats.
For readers going down the psychedelic career path, Dr. Maté is offering a year-long Compassionate Inquiry online course.
Real talk, this is probably something we should all be doing.
The idea of compassionate inquiry has been helpful to me. I am my worst critic and capable of scolding myself with the worst fucking negative self-talk, as I am sure many of you are, too.
Rather than lambast myself repeatedly, when I remember, if I can invoke self-compassion and curiosity about the action, impulse or unskillful reaction, it proves to be far more effective.
Information on the course can be found here. This is not an affiliate link.
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OLP Therapeutics

One of the people I have enjoyed speaking with over the last few months is Jim Keim, a long time psychotherapist and foundeCEO of OLP Therapeutics.
Last week, OLP released their first press release that highlights some of the aspects that I believe will set them apart as best in class providers of natural medicines and psychedelic-therapist training.
I know many Trip Report readers are looking into therapy training, you’d be wise to look at OLP's program. Plus it looks like there’s a little surf spot out front of their training facility 🏄‍♀️.
The founding team has experience in all of the required domains of expertise: trauma-based therapy, policy/advocacy, and molecular biology. They are certainly not Crypto-bros who all of a sudden turned into emotionally vulnerable mental health advocates (an increasingly accurate caricature, amiright?)
They are partnering with local groups in Jamaica where their lab and clinical training facility is located. And they're seeking to create natural psilocybin medicine and not a GMP grade pharmaceutical.
"OLP is the first company to commercially offer laboratory-confirmed, exact dosages of natural psilocybin medicine" "OLP has formed a joint venture, Jamaica Medicinal Mushrooms, with a group of Jamaican mushroom cultivators led by Pauline Smith. Smith has a decade of experience in community empowerment and anti-poverty initiatives focused on gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation. This partnership ensures local Jamaican communities and farmers will benefit from the exploding international interest in psilocybin mushroom therapies."

Oh 'Ehave: Ehave buys Psytech

"Ehave, Inc. just announced plans to enter the $88 billion mental health market with a letter of intent to acquire 100% of PsychedeliTech, a division of Israel based Israel Cannabis Limited (“iCAN”). Ehave management believes PsychedeliTech could be a leader in the commercialization of research into psychedelics for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses"

"With a large number of contacts in the industry, both Ehave, Inc. and PsychedeliTech intend to create an ecosystem to nurture the development of therapies using psychedelics. The ecosystem includes clinical trials, biosynthesis of psychedelic compounds, E-commerce, CPG’S, supply, dosage, delivery, data, conferences and business intelligence."
Yeah, baby, yeah!
"PsyTech is positioned to be an incubator and discovery platform to elevate psychedelic medicine, foster normalization, and accelerate innovation utilizing Ehave’s Telemetry Engine and Ehave Dash. Ehave’s Dash enables developers, clinicians, researchers, doctors, hospitals, universities and ultimately prescribers of Psychedelic therapy to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, track patient compliance and verify treatment outcomes in a reliable and objective manner through insightful data."
The flagship product suite from Ehave is MegaTeam line of programs that:
"seek to improve attention, learning, and behavior in individuals with ADHD. MegaTeam was designed and programmed with the intention of providing engagement comparable to video game play; throughout the design process, we have utilized experts in children’s digital media."
I wish they were around when I was a kid, all I got to do was run around outside with my friends, breathing fresh air, playing games, and socializing. As a kid with likely undiagnosed ADHD, I could have used a bit more screen time.
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The Problem for Psychedelics: They're Exceptional

What is fascinating about this moment is the constraints imposed by the various stakeholders in the psychedelic community. Some factions will be disappointed with the advent of psychedelic medicine.
The War on Drugs has been a huge embarrassing failure.
Portugal is over here like "come on, you can do it." and the emerging science supporting the use of psychedelics to treat, among other things, substance abuse, creates an uncomfortable situation for many psychedelic enthusiasts.

Good Drugs vs Bad Drugs

Here’s the idea, kinda.
Good Drugs come from the earth, there’s no lethal dose, they have a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years and have a utility in enhancing spirituality, consciousness, exploring one's mind, treating disease.
Bad drugs are synthetic numbing agents that have a lethal dose made cheaply, cut with dangerous chemicals and sold by marginalized populations to marginalized populations.
Good drugs are celebrated on Instagram and in bi-weekly newsletters.
The right to use bad drugs is an argument that doesn't make sense to a lot of people.
The question harm reduction advocates want to instill is “why are we championing legalization/decriminalization of psychedelics when the REAL problem is the prohibition of the “bad drugs"????
According to a Chacruna piece from 2018, this has been a long-standing...standoff.
It appears that the harm reduction movement and psychedelic renaissance are not as compatible as people would hope. At its foundation, it seems to be a matter of pragmatism vs idealism and we all know how that one tends to play out.
I hate to envoke a competition metaphor, but the showdown is happening in Oregon as dueling ballot initiatives seek to amend Oregon's laws - one seeks to de-escalate all drug use, while one seeks to empower therapists with the legal use of psilocybin in therapy.
Presidential candidates can be parsed out by there positioning on drug policy:
Pete Buttigieg has a long-standing plan to “eliminate incarceration for drug possession.” A spokeswoman for Joe Biden says that's the former vice president's position, as well. Andrew Yang has a similar position, for opioids, marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms — the latter because his campaigns cites there may be medical benefits. Bernie Sanders would eliminate criminal charges for marijuana and for buprenorphine, a less potent opioid used to treat addiction to stronger drugs. Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar and Elisabeth Warren would all decriminalize marijuana.
Come on, Joe quit the malarkey.

More News

Quick question, what is the deal with press releases that convey no valuable information? They seem to be multiplying lately.
Is Jamaica fucked?
Codebase’s Truffle Shuffle

Psychedelic Opportunity Summit NYC in June

Looks like the recent Economics of Psychedelic Investing conference was a mere warm-up. This June, event organizers are doubling down on psychedelic interest and hosting a full-day event, with more than double the presenters and 10x the price.

Are Investors Ready To Change Their Minds About Psychedelic Drugs?

Perhaps where psychedelic drugs and cannabis most diverge is in their timeline to market. The need for robust clinical trials entails a significant outlay of time and funding. For potential investors, supporting companies to enable their clinical trials was one suggested way to get involved at this early stage of the game.

Vermont seeks Freedom and Unity for Psychedelics and Kratom

Vermont is one of those unique places where hippie and hillbillies peacefully coexist. You will encounter equal numbers of Bernie Bros and MAGA hats. Unfortunately, it is also a state with higher than average heroin and opioid deaths.
In 2017, there were 114 drug overdose deaths involving opioids in Vermont—a rate of 20.0 deaths per 100,000 persons, compared to the national rate of 14.6 deaths per 100,000 persons. The greatest increase was among deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone (mainly fentanyl) with 77 deaths in 2017 (Figure 1). Heroin-involved deaths also rose from 10 deaths in 2012 to 41 deaths in 2017
But there have been some strides made with intelligent measures being put in place.
The proposed decriminalization of psychedelics and kratom would continue that trend.
Marijuana Moment writes:
Rep. Brian Cina (P/D) introduced the legislation, which would amend state law to carve out exemptions to the list of controlled substances. Psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote and kratom would no longer be regulated under the proposal. Cina told Marijuana Moment in a phone interview that he decided to pursue the policy change based on a “belief that I share with many people around the world that plants are a gift from nature and they’re a part of the web of life that humans are connected to.”

Aussie Bloke stirs up Psychedelic Interest Down Under

‘We started talking about how Australia might prepare for the introduction of these [psychedelic] medicines as legal,’ says McDonald, a former military commander who experienced severe PTSD and depression after 15 years of service.
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Scientology/Narconon Creates Fake Website Based on Reachingforthetippingpoint.net

Narconon created this site:
https://pastthetippingpoint.net/ which lies about what Narconon really is, a Scientology scam
Narconon created the fake site in hopes that their website would come up on searches when people where looking for the truth about Narconon.
The actual site that shows the danger of Narconon:
(The fact a rehab center would do this should be one clue that Narconon is NOT a rehab center.)
This is the first page on the real site:
What is Narconon? Why should I be concerned? Have you attended a Narconon program? Please consider doing the Narconon Survey here: http://reachingforthetippingpoint.net/narcononsurvey/
Narconon has been receiving some bad press lately. Most recently, there have been news stories about 3 deaths within a 7 month period at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma: on the forum, read Narconon Oklahoma Multiple Deaths, and the death of Patrick W. Desmond at Narconon of Georgia: on the forum, read The Desmond Family v. Narconon of Georgia, Narconon International, et al.
Court filings from the Patrick Desmond case can be viewed and downloaded here: Desmond v. Narconon.
Unfortunately, those are not the only deaths. Deaths have occured throughout Narconon's history. There is an incomplete list in the thread Narconon Deaths.
You would think that, if something as serious as death continues to occur with a particular rehab method, the methods should be changed to incorporate safer and more modern practices. Narconon does not do this, but instead has the attitude that their program is authoritative, and if problems occur, the problem is with the client, not with Narconon. Nothing could be further from the truth.
More About Narconon Narconon is a controversial drug rehabilitation program based on the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer and founder of the Church of Scientology. Many people believe that Narconon is simply a front group for Scientology with the purpose of making money and recruiting new members for Scientology. Although Narconon is recognized as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, it does charge for services.
For information about other Scientology-run front groups, visit our What is Scientology? page.
Narconon’s ties to Scientology are not disclosed or readily available to its clients who are making a decision on treatment for drug addiction at a vulnerable time in their lives. Additionally, Narconon’s doctrines and organization are nearly identical to Scientology’s.
Narconon has an aggressive web presence and registers web sites with misleading names, which are presented as objective reviews of drug rehab centers but are actually used as advertisements for Narconon.
When many people hear the name "Narconon," they think it is another name for Narcotics Anonymous. It isn't.
The Narcotics Anonymous (NA) website clearly shows that NA does not charge for services, does not provide residential facilities or clinics, does not provide vocational, legal, financial, psychiatric, or medical services, and is not affiliated with other organizations. Facts about NA can be found here: http://www.na.org/?ID=Home-basicinfo The Narcotics Anonymous (NA) website uses factual and informative language: http://www.na.org/, and most of their publications are available for free: http://www.na.org/?ID=ips-eng-index Narconon, on the other hand, uses a highly structured, one-size-fits-all program, which parallels the training sold to members of Scientology: http://www.narconon.org/drug-rehab/narconon-drug-rehabilitation-program.html The Narconon website uses emotionally charged, marketing-style language: http://www.narconon.org/. No publications are available for free: http://www.narconon.org/bookstore/. Find out more about the relationship between Narconon and Scientology here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Narconon/nn-scn.htm Narconon has an aggressive web presence, including a large number of referral sites that present themselves as unbiased referrals who will refer you to the best rehab for your specific needs, but somehow, Narconon turns out to be "the best" for everyone's needs who contacts them. There are also generic-appearing blogs, which are intended to direct people to Narconon. Phone numbers tie to specific people, known as Field Staff Members (FSMs, a Scientology term), who refer visitors to Narconon, and provide them with a commission of 5% to 10% of the total fees paid to Narconon. There are screenshots from a video teaching how to set up one of these blogs here: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/index.php/topic,368.msg2196.html#msg2196 What else is wrong with Narconon? Hubbard, who co-founded Narconon in 1966, had no medical qualifications and was ignorant of basic medical facts. Despite advances in research on treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse, the Narconon program remains unchanged. Narconon uses unproven techniques and potentially dangerous levels of vitamins far beyond those considered safe by the FDA. For instance, Narconon prescribes niacin in dosages reaching 5,000 mgs to their clients. The daily recommended intake by the FDA is 20 milligrams. When doses this high are given, serious side effects can occur. These side effects include liver problems, gout, stomach ulcers, loss of vision, high blood sugar, irregular heart rate and other problems. These side effects are particularly concerning for patients who may be more vulnerable to liver damage as a result of alcoholism or drug addiction.
Learn more about L. Ron Hubbard's lack of qualifications here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Narconon/science.htm There is a list of Narconon's unsafe practices, including a list of the vitamins and minerals used in the program, here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Narconon/detox.htm The Food and Drug Administration's Recommended Daily Values can be found here: http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/GuidanceDocuments/FoodLabelingNutrition/FoodLabelingGuide/ucm064928.htm What about Narconon staff? Narconon often employs former clients who have recently completed the program. This is a huge risk for newly recovering clients. It is not unusual for former alcoholics or addicts to enter the counseling field. However, this is usually after an established period of sobriety and formal training or certification as a substance abuse counselor has been completed. This is not the case at Narconon. In addition, Narconon of Georgia was recently cited for inappropriate monitoring of drug screens on clients and employees.
What kind of training do Narconon staff members have? Where does the staff of Narconon come from? http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Narconon/staff.htm The Board of Mental Health of the State of Oklahoma investigated Narconon for certification as a drug and treatment facility in 1992 and found that Narconon hires former students (as clients are called) immediately upon graduation, as well as other alarming observations: http://www.xenu.net/archive/oca/narconon/91report.html An article from March 21, 2010, entitled "Intoxicated by Narconon" was published in a Canadian newspaper, "le Soleil." Here is the original article in French: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/le-soleil/actualites/societe/201003/20/01-4262723-intoxique-par-leglise-de-scientologie.php. Here is an English translation: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=17001. This testimony from a former staff member states that many Narconon graduates go on to work at the facility due to pressure from current staff: http://www.anti-scientologie.ch/narconon-testimony.htm Criminon Second Chance, and other Narconon affiliates Criminon Second Chance is a prison-based version of Narconon that seeks public funding for the program. Criminon Second Chance was evicted from Alberqueue, New Mexico after breaking an agreement with the City. They were allowed to operate a facility in an old jail to house nonviolent male inmates with a history of substance abuse problems, but were found to be housing violent offenders and women inmates also. After being given a notice to comply with the agreement, they left secretively in the middle of the night with 19 inmates in an old bus, leaving their rent and utility bills unpaid. Scientology promotes this front organization without revealing the connection to Narconon or Scientology. Read more about Criminon Second Chance here: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/index.php/page,Criminon.html
In order to avoid the bad reputation that is developing from public exposure of the Narconon program, some "Sauna Detox" programs are using names which do not include "Narconon", but use the same L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology techniques and course material for the program. For addictions that require it, some Narconon-affiliated programs use a medical detox procedure first, and then refer people on to a more standard Narconon-style sauna detox with Scientology-based coursework. Some of these include (but are not limited to) generic names like New Life and First Step, Pur Detox, and Best Drug Rehab; and more specific sounding names like Sunshine Summit Lodge, Huntington Harbor House, Novus Detox, and Suncoast Rehab Center.
Finding a good, legitimate rehab facility If you are seeking a drug rehab facility, the most important thing you can do is to research the facility by name. Once you have narrowed down to a few that you are considering, check with the agency in the state or country that licenses drug rehab facilities about prior violations and license revocations for the specific facilities. Ask for specifics about the program - exactly what the program entails, how long it will last, who the program director is and what their qualifications are, who the medical director is, what the policy is with regard to employment of counselors and other staff members, and ask to tour the facility first before signing anything. Ask advice on some of the discussion forums that specialize in drug and alcohol rehab. Ask advice from people you know. The main thing you want to do is avoid being in a hurry and not thoroughly researching the facility you choose. There are good programs out there - they may just not be the first ones you find when you search the web.
Are you still considering going to Narconon? Before you decide, please read about the experiences of someone who's been there: My Narconon Story, by Sekh:
SEKH'S EXPERIENCE AT NARCONON My Narconon Story, by Sekh Have you attended a Narconon program? Please consider doing the Narconon Survey here: http://reachingforthetippingpoint.net/narcononsurvey/
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My story.
We go back to 1990, I was 28, a single mother, with two children of 8 and 2 years old, and a huge heroin addiction. Things weren't looking good, to say the least. I had tried rehab before, and it somehow never worked out, so I kinda gave up on the thought of ever getting clean. Tried to care for the kids as good as I could, but I knew things had to change or I would lose them. Just didn't know how to make that work.
Then, out of nowhere, my ex-husband called me. He was also a heavy drug-user. He told me he was in this place, Narconon, to get rid of the drugs, and it was so different from any other rehab program, it was just great. Maybe I could find help there too.
So we talked a bit, and I told him I would think about it, and he said he would call me again soon, to tell me how he was doing. Though we were divorced, we always remained friends, and I was glad he found a place where people could help him. He called me several times over the next week, and I started thinking about my life, and about the opportunity to get clean, and that maybe I should go there too, so I asked to talk to a staff-member.
No problem, this very friendly guy took over the phone and listened to my story. He really seemed to understand what I was saying, and he really started me thinking about hope. Hope is a mighty big thing when you're addicted, because usually there doesn't seem to be any.
I only had two questions. The first: Could I take my little daughter with me? He said that it wasn't good for her to be with me while I was in detox, but afterwards she could come and I could finish the program with her there. That sounded very sensible. My son had to go to school, so he could not come with me anyway, but he could stay with my parents.
My second question was about scientology. I knew there was some link between Narconon and the Church of Scientology. Had he denied that, I would have exposed him as a liar, but he gave me my first taste of "acceptable truth" right there on the phone. He said:" Our philosophy was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, who also founded Church of Scientology. So Narconon uses some scientology techniques, but is a totally independent foundation, and there are no ties to the church. People from every faith are welcome, we are strictly neutral about religion."
All very reasonable, quite believable. He put my ex back on the line and let him finish the job of luring me in. At the end of the conversation I promised to come the next day. At that moment I believed that I was given a great opportunity to turn my life around.
That night I arranged the staying of my children with their grandparents, and a neighbor to feed my pets and take care of my plants and I packed a suitcase with some clothes and other necessary stuff. Early the following morning I took the train to Zutphen, about one hour from my hometown.
From the station I called Narconon an they sent a car to pick me up. Great service. To my surprise my ex-husband, let's call him Bob, accompanied the driver, and after some hugging, crying and kissing we took of to the Narconon premises.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect; something like a hospital, or maybe a kind of farm-like setting, but it turned out to be a villa in the center of town, built somewhere between the two world wars and in a poor state of maintenance. The first thing that happened was a thorough check of my suitcase, looking for drugs, alcohol and medications. Then a female staff-member asked me to take my clothes of, so she could check my body for “contraband”.
Remember, I hadn't yet agreed to follow the program, hadn't even had an intake-procedure of some kind. I tried to rationalize this by saying to myself that they had the safety of their patients to concern and didn't protest, not even when they took my books, my personal papers,my jewelery and money and even some cosmetic articles away “for storage”. After this visitation I was introduced to the staff, an American lady named Joanna who was the director and some Dutch volunteers who were ex-clients themselves.
Joanna and I had a long talk. I asked her from which state she was, recognizing her obvious American accent when speaking Dutch, but she said she was born and raised in Holland, and had not even been in America. Then where did the accent originate?
She claimed she came from Volendam, a fishing village in the west of Holland, that was why her speech sounded funny for someone from the east of the country like me. What was the woman thinking? That one doesn't hear the difference between a dialect and a foreign accent? Did she really think me that gullible? That was when the first red light in my head went off. But remember, I was desperate, running out of options, trusting my ex-husband and really wanting this to be something good. So I swallowed away my doubts. Not for the last time.
Joanna wanted to know about my drug history, my medical history, especially my psychiatric history. She wanted to know my financial background, my family's financial background, my religious background, and I had to sign some liability wavers, strictly routine of course, and than I was showed the house. There was an office, authorized personnel only, there was a communal living, with some old couches and chairs, and a fairly dirty kitchen annex dining-room.
Upstairs were the bedrooms; 2 to 4 persons of the same sex in a room. I was given a bed in a 2-person room. Luckily there was no other female to share with, so I had the luxury of my own bedroom.
Old mattresses, used by many people, and the laundry was changed just once a week, even for those in detox. The bedrooms didn't smell too good.... People kicking heroin tend to sweat a lot.
Down in the basement were the therapy-rooms and the famous sauna. It all looked rather primitive. Not that that was of the most importance, I could take that if they could cure me, but I did start wondering if it would be a good idea to take my two year old daughter to such a dirty and poorly maintained place. I also didn't see any other children in the house. It turned out that the promise about bringing my baby was another example of acceptable truth according to LRH. No way they were going to let me have my kid there, they just knew that I wouldn't have come if they said NO right away.
After the formalities were done I was offered a cup of tea in the living-room. To my surprise I met Jay there, a good mutual friend of Bob and me. He'd been at Narconon for some weeks now, he recruited Bob and Bob recruited me. One big happy family.....
Jay's mother came from a very wealthy family. She died of cancer about a year before this all happened, and, knowing about her sons drug-addiction, she put up this trust for him with a generous monthly allowance until he reached the age of 35 (He was about 25).
At 35 he would come in complete control of his inheritance, which amounted to a multimillion sum. His mother was afraid he'd spend it all on drugs, so she built in this safety, hoping that age would make him a little wiser. She, of course, never considered the lawyers of the Scientology church. More about that later.
To stay at Narconon you had to pay 100 guilders a day. Jay paid this for his friend Bob. My parents were willing to pay this for me. They were not rich people, but they had some savings and since I'm their only child, they thought it worthwhile. I made the arrangement with Joanna that I would pay for the first week myself, and that they wouldn't bother my parents about money before the second week. In the past I screwed up several rehab attempts during the first week because I couldn't stand the pain of cold turkey detox. I knew that, if I passed the first week, I'd probably complete the program. I didn't want my parents to be bothered about money before there was a fair chance of success. Joanna promised me that she wouldn't talk to my parents before day 7 and not without my knowledge.
The detox treatment consisted of massive doses of vitamins, weird communication trainings, and so called assists. I remember staring into each others eyes for hours, answering nonsense questions for hours, the so called bull-baiting, trying to upset the other over his/her weaknesses, the body-com, an assist to focus your thoughts on the here and now, went like this. While laying on a bed a volunteer put his/her hands on parts of your body, said “ feel my hands” and then you had to say thank you. And this went over and over again. Another was the nerve assist, which I personally found somewhat effective, but basically it was no more than an elaborate relaxing exercise.
Well, you can say that these things don't harm, but they don't really help either. What harmed were the absurd doses of vitamins and minerals without any medical supervision. Sure, you’d get a checkup before the sauna-treatment started, but the Church of Scientology doctor lived in Amsterdam, a two hour drive from Zutphen, and they didn't take you to a local doctor, not even in emergencies. I never saw this doctor.
That's why I never made it to the sauna, thank goodness. It is dangerous and scientifically unsound, it doesn't even make sense according to LHR's theories. Toxins, according to Hubbard, store in fat. By sweating you loose water, no fat, so what's the use? 5 hours of sauna daily plus strenuous physical excercise cause exhaustion and dehydration, even in people in great shape. Most drug-addicts are not. Combined with sleep deprivation, which comes naturally when going cold turkey, bad food, sessions of repeating the same nonsense for hours, badgering, bullying and bringing on fear (If you leave here you die, we are your last chance) this program is an example of classical brainwashing which the Chinese and the North Koreans couldn't improve.
After three days without sleep things became funny. I started wondering why we had to greet L. Ron Hubbard's portrait every morning, and why it was strictly forbidden to look into the course-material of those who were further along in the program. I started asking questions, first to myself, later to other people, and nobody came up with answers that made sense.
Another thing that bothered me was the money. There were about 30 pupils in the house. Private patients paid, at that time, 100 guilders per day. Part of the pupils were paid for by the Dutch Department of Corrections. According to Dutch law you can spend the last months of a prison sentence in a rehab-facility. The state paid 150 guilders a person a day. That totals about 3500 guilders a day. The groceries were about 200 guilders a day, of-course they had to pay mortgage on the house and the electricity bill, but 30 x 3500 makes a whopping monthly 105,000 Guilders a month (about 40,000 US$). Average per capita income in those days was about 1800 Gld. a month. Except for the director all of the staff volunteered, so hardly any costs were made on personnel.
Nevertheless we all had to write letters to businesspeople, in which we told about our addiction, our wish to become a productive member of society again and our poor widowed mother who couldn't pay for treatment. If they could be so kind to give something, completely tax-deductible, they would do so much good for the world..... Addresses came from the yellow pages, chamber of commerce, business-guides etc. Every story was a great big lie, copied from printed examples, but 30 people writing up to 100 letters every day make up for a lot of donations, even if only one percent would give something.
I asked where all the money went, why we had to eat cheap starchy food with chemical colorants and few proteins and vitamins in spite of all the ranting about food chemicals storing in our body fat. It sure is easier not to put them in in the first place, instead of spending hours in saunas to get rid of them. And why sit on smelly second hand furniture with burn-holes when there was such a stream of money coming in? No answers.
When in full withdrawal from opiates you have little control over your emotions. :oops: You laugh and cry at the most inappropriate moments. I started laughing during the daily LRH-greeting ritual and they became so angry, it scared me. They reacted as if I was painting pentagrams in a Baptist church. I didn't mean anything disrespectful, it was just the idea that struck me as being funny. I was taken to the office and three or four staff-members were browbeating me about being respectful of their religion. What religion? I was told they were religiously neutral, an independent and secular foundation that only used some of L.Ron's techniques.
Meanwhile they forbade people to read non-CoS religious books during treatment. They grudgingly allowed the Bible because it would cause too much adverse publicity to ban Bible-reading and the Department of Correction-inmates had the constitutional right to the Holy Scripture. But the Holy Books of other faiths were outright forbidden. Especially the books of the Bhagwan were scorned, probably because Rajneesj was the greatest contender on the souls-in-need market at the time.
I turned my head away to avoid the anger in their eyes and happened to see some faxes from the CoS HQ in Los Angeles. Couldn't really read them, but I could see they were about money. Meanwhile I was getting really sick from withdrawal, and still hadn't seen a doctor. Bob was there for almost two weeks by then, but he also hadn't seen a doctor yet.
Despite this lack of medical care he'd been through the worst of detox and had been in the sauna for several days. They say you get the sauna-treatment only after a thorough medical checkup, but only if the right doctor is at hand.
Rules are stricter now. Since the nineties several people died from heatstroke and exhaustion after the sauna, but in those days they were rather easy on the medical, in Holland at least. We didn't have wrongful damages and malpractice-trials and things like that in those days. By now we have. Suing is not just an American hobby anymore.
Anyway, the whole thing started to awake the innate sceptic in me. Too many things just didn't fit.
I saw too much that didn't fit. Suddenly I couldn't phone my parents anymore. There was a rule, they said, no phone-calls during the first week. I had phoned home all the days before, nobody said that I could not. That was, so they said, a BIG mistake of the staff-member that let me make those calls. They all did, and Bob was allowed to call me every day in his first week. Another rule that was invented on the spot. I found out that Joanna went to visit my parents, against our agreement. She denied it when she came back, but later that night told me that it was not a call about money, but just a social call, to explain family members about the program etcetera.
Funny thing was; she only went to parents that were supposed to pay the bill. Nobody visited Bob's parents, Jay paid for him. Jay's father, who was divorced from his mother long before she died and had no money of his own, never saw them. The solicitor who controlled his trust did get a visit. The parents of the jailbirds never saw anyone to explain the program, their offspring was provided for by the state. Only the milk-cows were visited. And milked dry.
I got so angry over this, that I couldn't sleep, couldn't stay in bed, had to do something.
A weird phenomenon with heroin-withdrawal is that, though you don't sleep, throw up, have cramps and sweat profusely, at some point in time everything becomes as clear as crystal. It's like a heightened form of perception, you hear, see, smell everything in your environment.
The mind also gets extremely clear, it starts making connections it would miss when at ease. This is a dangerous point in the process. Enlightenment can tip over to psychosis at any moment. It's hard to explain, but everything gets so real that it becomes unreal. This was the state I was in when things really got bizarre.
Experienced psychotherapists, secret-service agents and cult-converters recognize this state of mind. Here the patient gets crazy, converts or runs away, loudly screaming. I suppose I did the last (without the screaming part) because they made three big mistakes in handling me.
In hindsight I think, first of all, the handlers they used just weren't that good. The real good ones are put on the celebs and other big fish like heirs to family-fortunes. In their fixed worldview they couldn't see some average middle class junkie beat the tech. The thought just didn't come to their brainwashed minds.
The second mistake was their greed. They should have waited a little longer with putting the fishing rod in Bob's hand. He wasn't turned completely when I arrived; that gave both of us the chance to talk to a known, trusted, and not totally brainwashed person. Had they given Bob the time to turn, I would have been alone against the entire group. The odds would've gotten much worse for me and my freedom of thought.
Third mistake was the given opportunity to investigate on my own. Again these prejudices about drug-addicts that are only interested in drugs and their own short term gain. They just couldn’t fathom the idea of a heroin-user being capable to have independent thoughts.
And they should have given me the sense of love, family, belonging, purpose or whatever it is most people desperately try to find, instead of creating an atmosphere of paranoia, lies, greed and secrets. Any popular book about cults could have given them the basic techniques.
NEGATIVE: sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, poor food, humiliation, imprinting by repeating absurd formulas. The fear of losing life and sanity if leaving the cult. General society is dangerous and out to get you, be it (depending on the cult) drug dealers, Satan, the CIA, the KGB, or the psychiatry-mafia, the world is a perilous place.
Thus separating you from your true family and friends, so you have nowhere to go.
POSITIVE: Creating a sense of trust, “you can tell us anything, we've been through the same, we understand." Creating a false sense of family, offering a chance of redemption, an opportunity to set things right, creating an atmosphere of warmth, love and kindness, once the first phase, the detox or the drilling or the introduction or whatever it is called, is over. WE LOVE YOU!!!
Main mistake in my case was their failure to see me as a person, they just saw the addict. And I've always been a strange one among addicts. For instance, I hated lies,and I never stole from friends and family. And even in my worst periods, I kept a keen interest in the world around me. It simply didn't occur to them that they really pissed me off (excuse my French...)
When everybody was in bed I went back to the living-room, and started reading the course-material of the higher level students. I read about the thetan in me, acceptable truth, which means that you are allowed to lie for a good cause, getting clear, and a lot of BS about engrams, auditing, LRH as Savior of Mankind through Scientology and all the mad rantings about how psychiatry caused every evil in the world. I literally got sick to my stomach. I knew there and then that I was trading my addiction for something far more insidious and far more dangerous; a mind-controlling cult.
The thing about the acceptability of lies shocked me, since I was being told that drug-users are liars, which is a bad habit, and I always had to be totally honest. To reach the desired level of honesty, one needed Narconon.
And there, in the book, it was written that lying was alright when it suited the cause of CoS.
Even though I knew I was not supposed to, I tried the office-door. To my surprise it was unlocked. I took a closer look at the faxes lying on the desk, but they didn't make too much sense to me. Lots of lingo I didn't understand. But there was a steady stream of contact between Zutphen and LA-HQ, and money went from Narconon Holland to the Church of Scientology. Independent organization. Right. LIARS!
The next morning I talked to Bob and Jay about my doubts, and the feeling we were being brainwashed into the Scientology-church. Bob started getting his own doubts, but Jay was further along the line, and they've put a lot of energy into him. Big fish. I demanded a phone-call with my parents within the hour, else I would leave, and Bob would probably come with me. From that moment on Jay was effectively screened off from the both of us, and they tried to persuade Bob that I was a bad influence on his recovery. They tried to persuade me that it was a misunderstanding, that the phones where down and whatever, and that Bob was just wanting to make a prostitute out of me, like before.... (Sorry boys, but that simply never happened, just another assumption about a male and a female drug-addict living together), but I stood my ground. Either I'd speak to my parents and hear they did not pay my treatment yet, or I'd leave the place and go ask them myself.
They wouldn't budge, so I left. I suppose they finally realized that they couldn't stop me, and that, even if they could, I'd be a bad influence on the rest, so they let me go. Bob wanted to come with me, and since he nor his family had any money, they didn't try too hard to keep him. Damage control.
We left, I called my father at the nearest phone-booth and heard he did pay the 3000 guilders for one month treatment, and he wasn't too happy when I told him that his hard-earned cash went to the Church of Scientology. My skeptical streak didn't come from a stranger.
I asked him to come and get us, which he did. He picked us up at the station, we drove to Narconon, and I rang the door. Joanna's car was in the driveway, her coat was hanging in the hall, but the staff-member who opened said I was an unacceptable person now, only Joanna was allowed to talk to me, and she'd be gone all day. We could come back tomorrow for our things. I told him that we would be back in an hour, that I wanted both our belongings and the money my father payed. They could keep the money for the days I spent there, but the rest had to come back. Which was, of course, impossible, the money was in the safe, only Joanna had the key, she'd be gone all day, bla, bla.
At that moment I had another short flash of revelation. I realized that threatening with violence would make me end up in jail, threatening with the law wouldn't help because they have better lawyers and they know it, but there was one excellent option left; their fear of negative press-exposure.
I told them that I would give the whole story, everything we both experienced, saw and heard to a reporter of a magazine that was strongly anti-Scientology and had some good lawyers of its own. Their publisher had just won a lawsuit against the church about an article they published. Great timing.
I also told them I would invite this journalist and the local radio-station to witness how we we would not get our rightful belongings back.
The miracle happened. When we came back Joanna was there, with all the money minus the 500 for the days I stayed there, and all our possessions stood outside. Must have touched a sore spot...
I got money back from the CoS, which makes me one of a select few.. (Technically, they still scammed me for 100 guilders. I'd only stayed four days, not five. But what the ####) Bob asked to speak to Jay. But he was too scared, too intimidated, to come outside and talk to us.
That is the one thing I regret most, we couldn't save Jay. The last will his mother made up when she knew she was going to die, was contested by Scientology-lawyers. They won. The entire fortune was given at once to this poor insecure boy, who spent it all on Scientology-courses and was kicked out for drug abuse when the money was gone. Last thing I heard of him was that he was in prison for robbery, to finance his heroin-addiction. They took this gentle and vulnerable kid in, sucked him dry and left him to rot. They are just as bad as drug dealers. Maybe worse, the dope at least gives you some pleasure for your money, albeit only temporary.
And dealers are honest about their motivation. They don't pretend to save your soul while picking your bank-account clean.
I'm OK now, so is Bob, but it still makes me sad when I think of poor Jay. He never stood a chance.
Over the years at least two people have died at Narconon Netherlands, and it is still a registered charity, gifts are tax deductible, they put their fliers at youth counseling centers, centers for addiction advice, doctors offices etcetera. The Justice Department is still sending prisoners there. It is bizarre.
I really do think people get mixed up about the name. Narconon-Narcotics Anonymous-Alanon, it all sounds alike. Either that or they just don't want to hear, I don't know. It makes me angry that nothing has changed. The same scheme is still played and desperate people still lose. The lucky ones only lose their money. The unlucky ones lose their sanity, their freedom and sometimes even their life.
Victims are also volunteers that truly believe in what they are doing, and only want to help people. It is just that the organization is corrupt, so it doesn't work, no matter how well-motivated individual staff-members are. They are also victims, giving away their time, their energy and their caring spirit to make a couple of crooks rich beyond measure. Like the clients, they will only lose in the end. No retirement or disability plan for them when they get old or sick.
And in their Hollywood mansions or on their yachts Mister Miscavage and Mister Cruise and their minions and mistresses are having a great time, living their lives of luxury and laughing out loud about the stupid suckers who fall for their evil schemes. At least, that's what I think. But I'm just supposing. What do I know?
No matter how bad your situation is, no matter how addicted you are and to what substance, you don't need Narconon. There’s better options for treatment, both in Europe and in the Americas. I'm sure there are options in the rest of the world too. Fight your addiction, but beware of this dangerous scam. They are not there for you, just for your money.
Thanks for listening to my story, and for those whom it concerns: FIND HELP!
Sekh's story was originally posted on the Operation Clambake Message Board.
Have questions, comments, or information? Talk to us here in the Reaching for the Tipping Point forum: Narconon and related groups
Printable literature? A trifold flyer with information about Narconon is available here: http://www.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/NarcononFlyer-2010-06-11.pdf
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The many evidences supporting the notion that E=K


First why write another E=K post? My last one (evidence for E=K is in the reply, not the top level post) is still plenty good :https://www.reddit.com/dresdenfiles/comments/8ro54x/in_cold_case_a_short_story_in_brief_cases_is/e0tw3rp/
For the past 9 months, when someone asks for evidence for E=K, or asks about what theories are out there, I just link them that post, because it was well written enough, and contains all the major points. Since it was written, I've found no additional evidence in support of E=K. This is likely because all the books are out, and I've been thinking about this theory for years, its probably been scraped clean at this point. Its possible I've missed some important tidbit, but at this point, its also possible that everything you can find in the books in support of E=K has been considered and written down in that post.
I felt compelled to put up yet another post because I still see people dismiss this theory claiming that there is no evidence for it.
And that is just factually wrong, even absurd. I don't expect everyone to accept this theory as true, but to claim that there is no evidence for it just isn't correct, so here I'm laying out the many points of evidence showing that Elaine is Kumori. This way when people criticize the theory in the future, they'll have to word their criticisms slightly differently or I'll link them this post. =P

SECTION 1: Context

Evidence 1: Peabody masterminded the events in Turn Coat.
Why this is evidence for E=K?
It shows that Butcher is true to the game. When a villain is not immediately apparent in the series, and it should be someone Dresden knows, Butcher makes sure that we know about the person up front, and that it is possible that the reader could have guessed. The person that killed Fortier could have been unknown Warden 114, someone never mentioned in the series until now. It wasn't. Same thing with Victor Sells. Same thing with Kravos.
Since Butcher has a strong history of not surprising us with unknown characters as hidden villains, we have evidence supporting the notion that both Cowl and Kumori are players that have been mentioned in the series before.
This might sound like weak evidence, but it limits the suspect pool from an infinite number of unknown characters down to what is mentioned in the books, and in Kumori's case, limits the suspect pool to Elaine Mallory, Molly, Anastasia, Martha Liberty, Ancient Mai, Margaret LeFay, Charity Carpenter, Hannah Asher and Kim Delaney. As you've probably noticed, I'm being awfully generous on who *could* conceivably be Kumori in the files here - I'd eat my hat if it were Anastasia, Charity, or Kim Delaney - and its still an incredibly small list.
Evidence 2: The evidence that Cowl is Simon or Justin (C=S|J)
Why is this evidence for E=K:
I'm not going to lay out all the evidence that Cowl is Simon or Justin here, and will instead assume you've seen it. C=S|J would greatly strengthen the case that K=E, reason being is that Elaine has significant direct ties to Justin, and indirect ties to Simon though Justin. If C=J|S, we have an explanation for how Elaine became Kumori, how she met Cowl, how they became involved.
This is something that you'll see repeated here, E=K neatly and concisely explains many events in the Dresdenfiles. I think that more than anything else, the clear explanations for seemingly unrelated mysteries in the novels that flow out of E=K is powerful proof that the theory is correct.
Evidence 3: Elaine is Starborn
2010 Lee’s Summit signing
Q: Is Elaine another candidate to wield power over Outsiders (the way Harry supposedly is)?
A: Yes. There’s a reason Justin picked the two of them.
Why is this evidence for E=K:
It means that Elaine is a more important character than she might initially seem. There is a plan for Elaine, a big plan. The fantasy series trope of having some chosen person that is destined to save the world is common, but in the Dresdenfiles, there are two such characters, and we rarely see or hear from one of them... or have we?
What if the other chosen character has been getting significantly more screen time than we know, as a hooded sidekick to the series' closest thing to a Moriarty? What if she appeared not just in books 4 and 9, but in books 3,4 6 and 9? Doesn't that make a little more sense, given that she's the series' other chosen one?
This itself might not seem overly compelling, so what, she's Starborn, why does that matter, but coupled with the next fact you have fairly strong evidence that Elaine is team outsider...

Evidence 4: He Who Walks Behind is Uriel tier.

Why is this evidence for E=K:The Outsiders are real players, up until this was announced, we had no knowledge of how powerful the players on the other team really were. We knew there were a lot of them, but that was about it. This WoJ made clear that Harry's enemies are quite capable, more capable than we've been shown.
And it underlined an ongoing mystery in the files. We know how Harry escaped pursuit by the Black Council. He went to live with Ebenezer, the most dangerous wizard on the planet on his law breaking ass farm in the Ozarks. That's how. Ebenezer's farm was so well defended the the Red Court went through the trouble of the Chitchen Itza ritual rather than attack him directly.
How the hell could Elaine have done it? On her own, with no similar protection?
And the clear answer there is that she couldn't have, just as Harry couldn't have if he hadn't been under the protection of the Blackstaff.
So they must have got to her. To assume that they didn't is to assume that beings of Uriel tier power worked for some time gathering up and training two Starborn for something, we don't know what yet, and then when Harry burned down a house and killed Dumorne, they just gave up? Does that make sense?
Hell no it doesn't make sense. She's been turned.

SECTION 2: Evidence in the text

Evidence 5: The events of Summer Knight
Why is this evidence for E=K:
In Summer Knight we saw Elaine Mallory as a low level investigator working for the Summer Court, learned that she'd been there for a while, and saw the Summer Lady become nfected. Elaine was close to Aurora, had access to her, worked for her.
Is this a 100% solid piece of evidence? No, Lea, Maeve or someone else could have nfected Aurora. That said, when you have a Kumori suspect that may have been responsible for an nfection you must take notice, as we know that it was Kumori and Cowl that nfected Lea in Grave Peril one book previous to this one.
Its worth bringing up the scene where Elaine had the opportunity to kill Harry but didn't. She did not kill Harry, but she did seem to delay him significantly, giving Aurora plenty of time to complete her mission. I think this fits with a conflicted Elaine that has a mission to see to but doesn't want to kill her first love Harry.
Evidence 6: The events of Dead Beat
Why is this evidence for E=K:
Dead Beat introduced Kumori, and Kumori was a very grey character. When Harry first hears of her, its because he tracks down a trace of Necromantic energy, and winds up hearing a story of a woman that saves a man's life. This solidifies the idea that Kumori is not all bad, which certainly fits with E=K.
At Harry's first meeting with her, she first speaks to him asking him to "Please" turn over the book, seeking to stop violence against Harry. Cowl literally tells her to "Mind your tongue" - a clear threat, and she proceeds anyway, risking his anger to defuse the confrontation. She sounds desperate to prevent conflict: "You need not give us the book. Simply destroy it here. That will be sufficient. I ask it of you please". This fits with a character that deeply cares for Harry. E=K.
Harry tells them that he's seen them both before. Butcher writes "Neither of them moved". Then he explains that he means at the masquerade party. It sounds like they were caught off guard. E=K.
Not long after Cowl again becomes impatient with Harry and remarks "This is pointless". Kumori again steps in to save Dresden with "Let me tell him".

Cowl goes easy on Harry, and Harry claims he's stronger than Ebeneezer, Lea, Aurora and anyone else he's ever sparred with or fought. One possible reason for this is that Harry is Ebeneezer's Grandson, and Simon and Ebeneezer are friends C=S.
Next we see Kumori she's risking her life, or at least a fight with Dresden, by approaching Harry in a stairwell. Assuming that E=K, she knows Dresden isn't going to hit a girl, no matter how dangerous she is, and can feel fairly confident approaching him. She also immediately knows about the force Ring Harry wears on his right hand, if E=K that's explained.
Kumori is then concerned with Dresden's hand when he can't get the ring off, and asks him what happened. If E=K she hasn't seen him since Summer Knight, so missed the burn from Blood Rites. Dresden thinks she's genuinely interested in what happened to him "In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd have taken her tone for actual interest". They then agree to a truce. They briefly talk about the Corpsetaker (Note: Seems Kumori doesn't know Corpsetaker is female, not sure if that is relevant to anything though)
Kumori mentions that Cowl has survived death curses "Many times'. Simon was said to be killed by a Death Curse, presumably his own...
Kumori mentions that Cowl would "Kill her in a day" if she deserted him. This fits with the relative power levels of Simon and Elaine but does not fit with many other Cowl/Kumori suspects, such as Listens to Wind and Marta Liberty. There is a large power imbalance between Kumori and Cowl, to the point where Kumori does not think she has a chance at escaping him.
Kumori then talks about the quest to end death, her infatuation with it might stem from being brought back to life by another Necromancer. There's no reason to assume she survived the fire at the cabin.
The meeting eventually leads to an impasse, Kumori says she believes Harry will die, she says she does not "wish you any particular harm. But I will not hesistate to strike you down should you place yourself in our path.".
Cowl Jumps Harry after the Erlking Summoning. He sent Kumori to go look for Bob, when she comes out of Murphy's house he asks her "Did you find him?". This surprises me because I always thought that they saw a magic skull, and figured that it must be the one used by Kemmler. I always thougth they searched the house for the Word, and incidentally found the skull, and realized what it was and took it. They were looking for Bob though. Its possible that they had somehow seen Bob while tracking Harry and determined that it was the skull used by Kemmler, but I think its more likely that they knew Harry had Bob because they knew he got out of Justin's and the Skull was not there. The use of the word "Him" rather than "it" is also telling, as it implies familiarity. The kind of familiarity you get if you had spent time with the skull, conversed with it, in the past, after Justin pulled it out of the wreckage of the last battle with Kemmler.
Next we see Kumori, she's pulling Harry's hair with a knife at his throat. More on that in the section "The right height".
Kumori defends Harry yet again when Evil Bob suggests that Kumori kills Dresden to prevent him from disrupting the working.
Harry, at a critical moment, decides that he's going to just let Kumori kill him during the Darkhallow as Cowl is sucking down power. Kumori still has him, his hair in her hand and his head pulled back with the knife at his throat. When he does this, decides to let her kill him to stop the ritual, Kumori senses it and "lets out a short cry. The knife burned hot n my throat", Bob possessing Sue then shows up and swipes at Kumori, Harry turns shoving himself away from her. The knife stings his throat, but does not do significant damage.
Seems she let him go, she had him dead to rights, and she couldn't kill him. Fits with Elaine as Kumori.
Before we abandon DeadBeat and move onto other books and other evidence, its worth noting that Kumori is never seen again in the files. Why do you think that is? We'll explore this in the next section.
Evidence 7: The events of White Knight
Why is this evidence for E=K:
First thing to point out, is that White Knight is the second book where we see Cowl show up (assuming its actually Cowl), but this time... no Kumori... What happened to his loyal apprentice? Why did Butcher choose to have Cowl in the book but not his trusty sidekick, a sidekick that was such a major mysterious character in the previous book?
If E=K, its because she actually was in White Knight, and she had an even greater role.
In White Knight we find Elaine Mallory ostensibly working for the Ordo Lebes...
She initially does not want to be found, to the point that she uses a veil to hide from Harry. This works too, Lasciel has to tell him that he got duped for him to figure it all out later. Harry comes in, chats with the Ordo, and has Elaine right in front of him, and she doesn't approach him, doesn't talk to him, just lets him move on by. This could be explained by Elaine's stated reason, that she didn't know if Harry was affiliated with the killers, but it could also be explained by Elaine not wanting to interact with Harry after the events of Dead Beat. Kumori failed her mission there, and arguably did it because of her feelings for Harry. It likely put her in hot water. She would not want to get involved with him again after that. Later on in the book, we find that Cowl did not want him involved either.
One of the first things she says after Harry unmasks her is "He isn't the one trying to hurt you, I'm sure now" which seems strange considering all he did is come in the apartment. Even Harry finds himself incredulous at that one. "Sure now?" "Is that why you veiled yourself when I was here earlier?", she claims she was only concerned about a doppelganger version of Harry or if Harry was somehow being coerced but again, if E=K she would want to avoid him after Dead Beat. Her immediate "He's not the one after you, I'm sure now" would make a lot more sense then. Its several years since Summer Knight at this point, the last time they were supposed to have hung out, and they were at odds with each other then, and he wound up killing a friend of hers.
Elaine never has to give up her sources on why she thought a killer was going to show due to the way the conversation went. Seems convenient.
As I'm reading this, I started thinking about how if E=K, then the Ordo Lebes couldn't have directly contacted Elaine. Elaine would have wanted to get the case somehow so she could stop the Skavis. So I had that in mind when I read "I've been working out of L.A., taking a lot of cases referred my way-- like this one. And Chicago isn't the first city where this has happened". This implies that the case was referred to her, they did not happen to contact her directly. She could have went looking for groups to surveil to find the Skavis and picked the Ordo herself. This is a small example of the predictive power of the theory, E=K, more on that in a later section.
Elaine seems to have an aweful lot of detailed information on the number of people that have been killed. Wonder how she came by that. "San Diego, San Jose, Austin and Seattle. Over the past year members of a number of small organizations like the Ordo Lebes have been systematically stalked and murdered. Most of them have appeared to be suicides. Counting Chicago, the killer's taken thirty-six victims" . How exactly did she get this information? She's not on the council, seems a bit strange that a wizard hiding from wizarding organizations would have a count for the number of victim practitioners some vampire killed. Remember, this is before the Paranet was started.
She again mentions that most of her work is done through referrals... seems strange that the fact that the work was referred would be mentioned twice in the same chapter. Almost like good ole Jim knew it was necessary to explain that the Ordo didn't contact her, that her being there could have been her doing.
Here's another interesting line, Harry asks if any of the other deaths could be attributable to the White Court. If E=K, then Elaine would know that this is all White Court stuff, and that Vittoro is working with Cowl/Simon and is White Court. She'd also already know that the Skavis - who she's tasked to hunt - is White Court... the book reads "Elaine frowned and rose. She took her coffee cup into the kitchen and came back, a pensive frown on her brow. "I... can't be certain they haven't, I suppose. I certainly haven't seen anything to suggest it. Why?".
If E=K, then Elaine would have had to stop and think about what she could tell Dresden, and be very careful with that answer. To me, it reads like a very careful answer. The getting up, leaving, putting down the coffee cup, coming back. She had to think about what she could tell him.
Chapter 12 starts talking about Elaine's amulet "the pentacle she wore, nearly a twin to mine". Anyone think that amulet is just a coincidence as well? It has something to do with being Starborn. Three people in the files have one, Thomas, Harry and Elaine. Something's up with that too... but that's a topic for another post.
Vittoro attacks the Ordo as Elaine and Harry were talking, apparently he set the building on fire. There are several important questions that arise from this, we know that Vittoro and the Skavis weren't working together, because we've read to the end of the book, they were competitors each vying for the throne of the White Court, so Vittoro wasn't there to see or kill the Skavis.
So what the hell was going on. In the course of writting this, I stopped and re-read White Knight, from start to this point, and I'm fairly certain I understand it. Jim wrote a very convoluted plot for this one and I think it was intentionally done as a way to make readers really work for the information therein.
The circle is using Vittoro to kill wizards, the Skavis is competing so at some point Vittoro enlists Madrigal as his sidekick.Madrigal's kills have to appear to be Vittoro's for this to all work, so when Madrigal makes a kill, he then makes it appear to have been a sucide. Raiths probably do this pretty often anyway, so its probably fairly natural for him.Madrigal also hates Dresden, so... of his own accord, he does something that seems really clever and white court like but was really a terrible idea, he decides to use Dresden as a Cat's paw against the Skavis, greatly underestimating Dresden in the process. He leaves Exodus:22:18 on his victims, expecting Dresden to eventually take notice and investigate.
The reason Madrigal does this is because Madrigal is a pawn's pawn. Vittoro is a pawn of the circle, and Madrigal is described by Cowl as "the fool" when mentioned. Neither Vittoro nor Madrigal know much, but Madrigal is really kept in the dark. He has no idea that the circle has already laid its own trap for the Skavis in the form of embedding Elaine in the Ordo. Unfortunately, Elaine does not recognize the Skavis herself so there are all these plots against the Skavis who is hidden in plain sight.
Elaine, when pressed by Dresden to come with him after Vittoro gets away tells him "I'm working for her, Harry" when Anna objects to her leaving them. If E=K she probably wouldn't want to go out hunting someone she's working with. Vittoro does not know that Elaine is embedded, we can be certain of this due to his setting the fire and his later conversations with both Madrigal and Cowl. Elaine however probably does know who Vittoro is, and understands that bringing him down would ruin the entire operation. After the debacle that she had in dead beat, she can't risk screwing it up again.
And now we come to the single biggest issue with the E=K theory. The best argument against the truth of E=K.
Vittoro doesn't know about Kumori.
Why is this a hangup? Its a hangup because the story seems to be that the circle wants Vittoro to assume power on the White Court. The goal for the circle is to take the White Court over.
But if that's the case, they should mention Elaine Mallory so that Elaine doesn't simply kill Vittoro the moment she sees him. Beyond that it seems that Elaine was waiting for Vittoro because a "little bird" told her. Vittoro was walking to his death just before he lit the apartment on fire, and the only thing that saved him was Harry's prescience.
This brings up another complicating factor, in that this means that Elaine didn't know about the Skavis, but the Circle likely thought that Elaine could handle herself just fine against a White Court Vampire. The skavis did nearly kill Elaine, but that might be something that the circle didn't think could happen.
There are a few other pieces of evidence in White Knight. Elaine heals Harry with the Reiki technique, and that technique is magic powered. Its explained by Elaine as she does it. Harry mentions his hand in that scene, and Elaine seems to barely notice it - likely because she already saw what happened to his hand back in Dead Beat.

Evidence 8: The events of Cold Case
Why is this evidence for E=K:

SECTION 3: Other miscellaneous evidence

Evidence 9: The right height
Why is this evidence for E=K:

Evidence 10: The Japanese Connection
Why is this evidence for E=K:

Evidence 11: Elaine's Introduction
Why is this evidence for E=K:
Evdience 12: Names Light and Dark... Why is this evidence for E=K:

SECTION 4: Tying it all together

Evidence 13: Predictive Power
Why is this evidence for E=K:
Elaine's role in White Knight
The Ordo Lebes did not contact Elaine

Evidence 14: The Big Picture: Explanations, connections and hidden truths revealed by E=K
Why is this evidence for E=K:

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