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FAQ: Soccer betting

Since soccer betting is popular, there have been a lot of repetitive questions in the POTD's. I thought I could gather the most common questions and answer them here instead. I'm sure I will forget something frequently asked, so just let me know and I'll add it to this post.
Q: I can't find x in my book/what league is this?
A: Usually, both teams are stated in the POTD. Google them and you will probably find your answer. You can also use or a similar livescore service, select the right sport and CTRL+F your way to success.
Q: What does handicap mean?
A: When we talk about handicap in soccer, we are usually talking about the final result of the game. However, handicap expressions do exist in various markets such as corners/possession/shots taken/over-under goals and so on, but its use is essentially the same.
To add confusion, there are so called "european handicaps" and "asian handicaps". European handicaps are stupid and redundant, since they all can be expressed in asian handicaps. As far as I seen, this sub only uses the asian handicaps so I am only going to explain them.
A picture says more than a thousand words, so I'm just going to leave this here: Asian handicap explained in one picture.
Q: I don't have (a specific handicap) in my book!!!
A: Usually, this can be solved using existing lines and some math. If you want to place a -1 bet, but only have ML and -1.5 (or even european -1) you can place two bets and essentially create your own -1.
Example: Our book has ML @1.45 and -1.5 @2.50 and we'd like to risk $10. We have to place such an amount on ML that risk+winnings will equal $10. $10/1.44 = $6.94. Place that on ML and the rest of the $10 ($3.06) on -1.5. You now have your own -1 with an odd of ((6.94*1.44)+(3.06*2.05))/10 = 1.76.
If the math is too hard to follow, just use the awesome Runline Calculator.
This method can be used to create the most common types of handicaps, but you might be forced to use different variables and more bets. Use your head and you'll figure it out :)
Q: What is ML/-0.5?
A: ML (which is the exact same as -0.5) is a straight bet on whichever team you expect to be the winner after 90 minutes. If the game ends in a draw or the other team wins, you lose all your money.
Q: What does PK/DnB/+0 mean?
A: All the expressions above mean the same thing. If the game ends up in a draw after 90 minutes, your bet will push (and you get your initial bet amount back).
Q: What do "quarter handicaps" mean? (x.25/x.75)
A: A quarter handicap is two bets combined in one. For example +2.25 is a bet where half of the amount is automatically placed on +2 and the other half on +2.5.
Once again, the Asian handicap explained in one picture might be handy. The same thing applies whether it is a final result handicap, oveunder goals or something else.
Q: Is (2.0, 2.5) the same as 2.25?
A: Yes, also take a look at the answer above.
Q: Do bets ever include an eventual over-time/penalty shootout?
A: First and foremost, unless the game is part of a knock-out stage and a winner has to be declared, over-time will not be played and the game will end in a draw. It is worth noting that over-time is 2x15 minutes, and it is added if the game is currently a draw after the first 90 minutes. NOTE: some people mix up over-time and injury-time. Injury-time is added to the initial 90 minutes (most usually 2-4 minutes) to make up for time that was spilled during injuries, substitutions and/or other unexpected events during the game. Injury-time is always included in every bet.
If it is a knock-out game, and the bet does not explicitly state something like "including over-time", your ML bet will still be graded as a loss if your team manages to win during over-time.
I hope that this guide will clarify some common questions for newbie degenerates that seek their luck in soccer. As I said before, let me know if anything should be further explained/added.
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