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Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. China powers #Africa to narrow energy deficit: When all projects are finished, they are expected to create nearly 3,700 MW of electricity for the continent. The construction of all these projects have also created tens of thousands of jobs for the locals
  2. Why China Wants Syria in its New Belt and Road... Chinese foreign ministry offers to support Syria’s reconstruction
  3. China can help bring peace to Afghanistan... Beijing knows brokering peace will be a gradual process that first involves tackling easier, smaller projects. Where other mediators have failed, China offers a chance of success
  4. China has now made clear its competitive alternative to the US led international order. While the US believes that human rights is the basis for improving a country, China believes that stability and development are the basis. We will see which approach leads to better middle east results.
  5. China pledges support for #Cambodia election after EU, U.S. withdraw: Hang Puthea, spokesman for the National Election Commission, said China would provide 30 different types of equipment. “This equipment is very important for processing the election,”
  6. Macron to visit China next week
  7. Russia's Oil Friendship With China Makes Crude Costly for Europe
  8. China Sphere of Influence just Increased.
  9. How a Melting #Arctic Changes Everything: China’s Arctic vision stretches out past 2049, the centennial of its revolution. “China’s thinking on the polar regions and global oceans demonstrates a level of ambition and forward planning that few, if any, modern industrial states can achieve,”
  10. Railway Diplomacy: How 'China is Building Routes in All Possible Directions'. China continues to push ahead with a "railway diplomacy," implementing its high-speed train technologies simultaneously in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe
  11. The Latest: China welcomes Koreas 'positive' moves to talk
  12. New Pipeline Doubles Russian Oil Supply To China
  13. China set to top Japan as world's biggest natural gas importer
  14. Report: China’s Didi to buy Brazil’s 99 in $1B deal to take on Latin America
  15. China Is Boosting Ties in Latin America
  16. Racist French song provokes war of words in China
  17. Welcome to the World’s Biggest Koreatown (It’s in China)
  18. France is keen to deepen trade ties with Russia and China, French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told the Wall Street Journal on Monday
  19. More than 500 buses in E China ready to be exported to Africa
  20. Chinese Billionaire Buys 28K Acres of American Forest to Preserve It
  21. Neocons Are Salivating, But There Won’t Be a Revolution in Iran
  22. So now it turns out, it was a Taiwanese (Fishing company) who was selling oil to North Korea
  23. China’s Ambitious New ‘Port’: Landlocked #Kazakhstan. It takes 45 to 50 days to send goods from Chinese factories to Europe by sea, but less than half that time by train through Central Asia
  24. American Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 4 Women in Taipei During Drunken Rampage
In Domestic news
  1. Tibetan monk says that the Dalai Lama may visit China, also says that "China does allow the freedom to choose your religion"
  2. First Cambodian helpers arrive in Hong Kong as demand rises and abuse scandals threaten to create shortage. Cambodia expects to send about 1,000 maids to #HongKong next year
  3. China's Shenzhen city electrifies all 16,359 of its public buses. In addition, more than half of #Shenzhen's cabs now run on electricity, and the plan is to get rid of the remaining gas-powered rides by 2020
  4. Chinese military launches website to get national security tip-offs:, launched by the Central Military Commission, allows people to report online activities, including stealing or leaking military secrets, and fabricating information about the army
  5. China cuts poor population by two-thirds
  6. Xinjiang to invest $70 billion in infrastructure in 2018
  7. China Unveils New Visa Program To Attract 'High-End' Foreigners
  8. These Chinese People Want High-Speed Rail So Badly They Are Fighting Police to Get It
  9. China is building the largest airport in the world
In SciTech news
  1. China developing first smart oil carrier: Unmanned vessels will be built as automation and intelligence keep improving and auxiliary decision-making becomes more effective
  2. China tests its first solar-powered highway that can charge electric cars
  3. Customers are flocking to a new ‘smart noodle store’ by the roadside in Xi’an, China’s Shaanxi Province, on December 26, 2017. Two noodle making machines using #ArtificialIntelligence technology can each produce 100 bowls of noodles.
  4. China already the clear powerhouse in electric cars: with more than half the world market of about 1 million cars and light trucks, as the Chinese government does everything it can to maintain leadership in the next generations of automotive technology
  5. Chinese AI Will Dominate The Future: China's Enemies Apoplectic
  6. China Getting Ready to Cultivate On Dark Side of the Moon
  7. China is building a giant $2.1 billion park dedicated to developing A.I.
  8. China’s Robots Will Triple Bomb and Ammunition Production Capacity by 2028: more efficient and accurate than human. According to Xu, they are able to measure the dangerous explosives more precisely and apply the perfect pressure to powder on warheads to produce the highest possible detonation yield
  9. Chinese Construction Workers Stumble Upon 30 Perfectly Preserved #Dinosaur Eggs From Cretaceous Period
  10. Made in China: New and Potentially Lifesaving Drugs
  11. Baidu betting the farm on AI, to debut AI product of self-driving vehicles (Apollo project) in CES 2018
  12. Chinese firm clones gene-edited dog in bid to treat cardiovascular disease: Dogs share the most inheritable diseases with human beings, which makes them the best disease models to study
  13. Gene Sequencing of 2 Native American Remains in Alaska Confirms that Native Americans descended from the same ancestors as Han Chinese, the split came around 36,000 years ago
  14. Chinese Science
In Economic news
  1. Global Growth
  2. After all those ‘hard landing’ warnings, do you still want to bet against China?
  3. China's Growth May Surprise Again This Year
  4. Pakistan is ditching the dollar for trade with China — 24 hours after Trump denounced the country
  5. China's Wanda mulls sport unit IPO and sale of overseas assets - sources
  6. NIO: This Chinese startup's electric SUV is a lot cheaper than Tesla's
  7. Will the Petroyuan Kill the Petrodollar?
  8. Alibaba is trying to reinvent China’s mom-and-pop stores. Before Amazon began its quest for world domination, Alibaba, China’s largest online retailer, was already executing a similar strategy.
  9. China sets up open financial cooperation platform to revitalize rust belt
In Military news
  1. #Taiwan ‘will get used to’ China air force drills encircling island, says Beijing official. The PLA air force has carried out 16 rounds of exercises close to Taiwan in the past year or so
  2. China tests new #hypersonic glide vehicle weapon: can fly lower than the ballistic missile radar at 10 times the speed of sound and can strike any target around the globe within an hour. These DF-17 could be operational by 2020 as US intelligence sources quoted
  3. [Unconfirmed] China building a second oversea military base in Jiwani, Pakistan.
  4. Xi Jinping's new year orders to the Chinese army coincided with a first-of-its-kind military display
  5. China has started building its third aircraft carrier, military sources say. Work on the vessel, which will use a hi-tech launch system, began at a Shanghai shipyard last year.
  6. China’s underwater surveillance network puts targets in focus along maritime Silk Road: works by gathering information about the underwater environment, water temperature and salinity, which the navy can then use to more accurately track target as well as improve navigation and positioning
  7. China’s air force targets South China Sea with new strategic expert in top ranks: Lieutenant General Xu Anxiang, 61, formerly head of the air force’s Southern Theatre Command, had been transferred to become one of the 10 members of the standing committee of the air force’s Communist Party committee
  8. Beijing’s nuclear bunker is in ‘world’s most deeply buried karst caves’
Other Notables
  1. "The US doesn't really care about human rights abuses - it only uses them as a cudgel to undermines its enemies, while overlooking abuses from its allied-regimes"
  2. 2018年元旦升旗仪式正在进行 | CCTV
  3. Ancient, 'Extremely Rare' 1,900-Year-Old Chinese Mirror Discovered Intact on Japanese Island: It was made in China during the Later Han Dynasty. That period was also the point in history when metallurgy came to Japan from parts of Korea and China
  4. Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar) OVA latest trailer
  5. Scenic China - Zhangjiajie & Guilin
  6. 杨沛宜 歌唱祖国 MV
  7. NYT: Is Hong Kong Really Part of China? [Article cites 2,200-year-old Qin conquest of south China as proof of China's "long past as an imperialist power"]
  8. Steps for a Pan-Asian Organization
  9. Scott Bennett speaking about US, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Korea, China
  10. LED lights at Ya'an-Luding-Kangding Highway (83% bridges or tunnels)
  11. First Flag Raising Ceremony of 2018 - China is becoming a very great nation
  12. World's highest highway tunnel in SW China cuts driving time across Mt. Erlang
  13. How to Be A Member of China's PLA's Guard of Honor?
  14. Chinese calligraphy exhibition held in Paris
  15. Making China Great Again... As Donald Trump surrenders America’s global commitments, Xi Jinping is learning to pick up the pieces.
  16. Kris Wu Schools Sean Evans on Regional Chinese Food
  17. Hero: The Boston Marathon Bombings Carjack Victim "Danny", a Chinese National, was Instrumental in Hunting Down the Perpetrators.
  18. Chinese stars Ju Jingyi, Dilraba Dilmurat and Lin Yun on 100 most beautiful faces of 2017 list. On the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017 list Chinese singer Jackson Wang was ranked in 35th place, while Lu Han and Kris Wu took the 45th and 60th places, respectively
  19. Taiwanese have favorable view of Chinese president Xi, at favorability rating of 51.52 points (Same Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation Found DPP President Tsai's Approval rating at around low 30%)
  20. What’s new on Xi Jinping’s bookshelf this year
  21. China Mac On The Asian Culture In Hip Hop, Red Money Label, Prison Bids, Clears Up Blood Affiliation
  22. Has anyone read Three Body Problem and Dark Forest?
  23. Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out Together, Achieves INSANE
  24. 盧麗安效應?台灣原住民想「歸共」 Taiwanese Aboriginal man is seeking to join the Chinese Communist Party
  25. The mesmerizing growth of Chongqing, 1947-2017
  26. It's impossible for Western countries to dominate global politics and economics all the time. An emerging power like China will inevitably become an important force. But that doesn't mean that the world is entering an era where the law of the jungle prevails, as Western scholars depict.
  27. Cloud-form-lined five-pole bronze ware, AKA WIFI Router from Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century B.C. -771 B.C.)
  28. Check out this cover: 关诗敏 恋人未满+Brown eyes 完整版
  29. 王子平
  30. Decrease in Shanghai air pollution over the past five years [OC]
  31. Newly released Chinese movie recreates glory of Tang Dynasty in architecture
  32. TIL of Chen Si: A Chinese man who since 2003 has dedicated every weekend to patrolling the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge to save those about to commit suicide. As a result, he has prevented over 300 people from jumping.
  33. Chinese Settlers and First Nations People: 150 Years of Cooperation and Shared Experiences Between Chinese and the First Nations
  34. Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Here Are Their Before-And-After Pics
  35. A grand mass wedding ceremony with the participation of 50 Chinese couples took place in Sri Lankan capital Colombo on Sunday as part of the the government's agenda to promote Sri Lanka as an ideal wedding destination
  36. Triad King of Shanghai - Du Yuesheng
  37. Did CGTN just go full on RT sensationalism? - Intel's chip fix may slow your PC!
  38. why do westerners always complain about the migrant crisis and foreigners flooding their "white countries"?
  39. TIL a 10 year old boy in China spent 2 years collecting 160,000 plastic bottles, raising $2,700. He donated all this money, and his own savings of $30, to orphans of AIDS victims.
  40. No matter how bad international relationship in Asia is, it's better to mingle with other Asians than with Westerners
  41. According to westerners, Asian countries are not allowed to maintain nor preserve their racial identity, culture, and borders.
  42. China's box office continues to grow and hollywood films are getting increasingly challenged by domestic players. Last year saw Wolf Warrior 2 taking the top spot by a wide margin, four of the top five were home grown films.
  43. Traditional Chinese hanfu in Ming dynasty style by 清鸿记汉服
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News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. China, Kazakhstan sign cooperation deals worth over $8b: Both sides agreed to push for the progress in cooperation in energy, mining, chemical industry, mechanical manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure. China to supply super computer equipment
  2. Major Eurasian Bloc That US, EU Have to Take Into Account Now: Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s role in global affairs continues to increase, the bloc has now focused on counterterrorism issues in the Eurasian "heartland
  3. China calls for solidarity, cooperation as SCO admits new members
  4. Chinese team set to enter Canadian Women’s Hockey League: The new team, the sixth in the CWH that was founded in 2007, will be based in Shenzhen and will be known as the Kunlun Red Star
  5. Zhang arrested in Indonesia and escorted back to China: Zhang, whose real name is Song Miqiu, is believed to be the mastermind behind several get-rich-quick schemes in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Chinese police an Interpol red alert on Zhang in March 2016
  6. China has 12 universities within the World's Top 100, only next to the United States and Britain and No.1 in Asia, according to the 14th edition of QS World University Rankings
  7. China ensures its position in Africa by pouring billions into infrastructure and education: Recent poll results from the Pew Research Centre found 75 per cent of Africans have a favourable view about China's influence
  8. Asian-Americans Most Likely To Be Charged For Espionage: Report “There is anxiety that China will overtake America” Wu said. “That affects Chinese Americans, inevitably. We’re seen as representatives, potentially agents, of a rival power. So global politics affect domestic civil rights.”
  9. Panama switches diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China
  10. English Chav beat old Chinese tourist to death
  11. #Morocco and China Reinforce Energy Cooperation
  12. University of Illinois student still missing
  13. Chinese investments in Africa create highly favorable perception among local populations
  14. Chinese-German cooperation blossoms in auto, tech: Corporate partnerships surge, seen as a response to Trump era
  15. Japan, China and South Korea to Pursue Joint Research in the Arctic: teamed up for a joint scientific study in the Arctic Ocean to prepare the ground for future resource development and the opening of new shipping routes
  16. China and Singapore pledged to cooperate on trade and regional infrastructure projects, in a sign the countries have begun to repair ties strained amid security disputes in Southeast Asia
  17. FBI helps search for Chinese visiting scholar missing for 6 days: The suspect is a white man who circled the area in the car on Friday afternoon before stopping to talk to Zhang, the FBI said
  18. What’s hot on Sina Weibo. #Chinese student missing in US# views: 81.62m
  19. ‘Hostile rhetoric’: Trump’s Cuba restrictions pushes it closer to China and Russia
  20. Premier calls on #overseasChinese to join in innovation, economic cooperation: overseas Chinese can use their advantages in capital, technology, management, talent and business networks to engage in innovation in the country, the premier said
  21. China Gains Russia’s Support on North Korea Issue
  22. Hong Kong becomes new member of #AIIB
In Domestic news
  1. Foreign judges in Hong Kong. 50% in 1997, just 6% today
  2. Hong Kong Public Opinion Survey 2017
  3. Studying in China? Law, culture, language classes now compulsory: Schools should respect religious beliefs of foreign students, but aren't allowed to provide any venue for their religious activities. International students who do not live in dormitories are required to register address with police
  4. China ponders public morality after video of gruesome death
  5. Foreign NGOs
  6. Beijing plans 1st exclusive bike lane
  7. China Turns On the World’s Largest Floating #Solar Farm: Floating on a lake over a collapsed coal mine, the power station in Anhui province can produce 40 megawatts of energy
  8. Coal No Longer King as China Spurs Shift to Cleaner Energy
  9. Seven killed in Chinese kindergarten blast; 59 injured
  10. China "Can Do" Business, and "Can Do Away" Some Businessmen. (Chinese Crackdowns on Corruption is What the West Wish it can do: Lock Them Up).
  11. China Will Make as Much Clean Electricity by 2030 as the U.S. Does From All Sources Today: Elon Musk pointed out the high standard that China is held to under the Paris Climate Agreement
  12. China's exploration of flammable ice going smoothly: China has explored about 210,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice in the South China Sea and the tests are proceeding smoothly, a local geological bureau said
  13. Makeshift bomb believed responsible for China kindergarten blast: was the work of a 22-year-old introvert who was among the dead. The Fengxian county government said class had not yet been dismissed and that no teachers or students were among the casualties
  14. China's 'social credit' threatens to become social control: The deepest worry is that the social credit system appears to be going beyond the blacklist -- which is essentially a way to punish financial misconduct -- and becoming a way to monitor and control people's lives
  15. Chinese nationalists gloat over Singapore first family saga: “The Lee family is the vanguard of anti-China [forces]. But if you want to oppose China, you should first get your family matters in order,” read one comment on Weibo
  16. Chinese people are building, flying and selling their own helicopters, but is it legal? Recent reports of Chinese people making and selling their own aircraft have shone a spotlight on a legal grey area in the country’s aviation sector
  17. The Chinese mainland is considering a series of new preferential policies for Taiwanese residents, ranging from access to public provident funds to better tourism services, a mainland spokesman said
In SciTech news
  1. China's space station to help maintain co-orbital telescope: China will develop and launch a two-meter-caliber space telescope, which will share the same orbit with the country's future space station. Used for large-scale, multi-color imaging and seamless spectroscope surveying
  2. For the first time, physicists have experimentally demonstrated a quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) protocol combined with quantum memory.
  3. AI Robot Takes China's Notoriously Difficult 'SAT' Exam, Fails Miserably
  4. Declining phosphorus in Chinese lakes | Nature Geoscience
  5. Domestic #Rice Was Grown in China 9,400 Years Ago: A new study offers evidence that prehistoric villages in the area of Shangshan were growing half-domesticated rice
  6. How #Robots Are Helping Chinese Students Solve Real-World Problems: RoboTerra is partnered with more than 1,000 Chinese schools offering STEM classes, providing both the technology and guidance to teachers. The company’s success has earned Sui Shaolong a place on FORBES Asia’s 2017 30 Under 30 list
  7. Enter the Nimble Dragon: China looks to small reactors for nuclear edge
  8. China joins US as top influencer in science
  9. Face-Lifts and Finance: Where China’s Tech Titans Are Hunting for the Next Big Thing: Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu jostle to get into lifestyle apps to keep fueling their turbocharged growth
  10. Direct conversion of rusty stainless steel mesh into stable, low-cost electrodes for potassium-ion batteries. Zhang and a team from the Chinese Academy of sciences and Jilin University have now found an elegant solution in their use of a waste material to make novel electrodes
  11. Chinese scientists beam back entangled photons from quantum satellite in landmark experiment
  12. China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet
  13. Experts deny U.S. firm's claim that WannaCry hackers are possibly from China: "The conclusion that the authors of the ransomware are Chinese people is premature based on only linguistic analysis of the ransom message, rather than the malware itself,"
  14. In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff
  15. China launches X-ray telescope via Long March 4B
  16. Science Leader No More? China Challenges US Dominance
  17. How Chinese #fossils are rewriting the history of feathered #dinosaurs: Something like 160 species of dinosaur have been described across China since 1990, and the rate of new discoveries may not have peaked
In Economic news
  1. U.S. Tech Companies Now Copycats of Chinese Peers, Andreessen Horowitz Partner Says
  2. Telcos seek 5G cutting edge growth: China Mobile Communications Corp, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers, said it aims to deploy more than 10,000 5G base stations by 2020, in a move to launch a commercial 5G service
  3. Two SIM Cards and Better Selfies: How China’s Smartphones Are Taking On Apple. Doubled market share in 5 years. “The impression that Chinese companies are not good at innovation was accurate three years ago but not any more,” said Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL, ranked in the top five in U.S.
  4. Chinese Giants Are Taking Over Hong Kong: Banks, real estate, telecoms show biggest Chinese influence
  5. Chinese brands rose 937 percent in brand value over 12 years, and now comprise 11 percent of Global Top 100 value.
  6. Ivanka Trump brand applies for, wins more China trademarks
  7. Not Just the FANGs: China's Tech Rally Has More Bite: Tencent and Alibaba, which together make up one-fourth of the MSCI China Index by market capitalization, have helped push the index 24% higher so far this year, far outpacing U.S. benchmarks
  8. Hong Kong Cozies Up to Shenzhen to Create Future Tech Giants
  9. More #European companies see gains in China, survey says: About 70% of Chinese operations profitable, led by medical devices, automobiles. As for outlook, 55% of companies were optimistic about their Chinese operations over the next two years, while just 11% were pessimistic
  10. Apple's (AAPL) new App Store policies target Tencent's WeChat and China's online tipping economy
  11. U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence
  12. U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence
  13. China overturns rejections of 9 Trump trademarks
  14. China May factory output beats expectations with 6.5% gain
  15. WSJ: China’s Economic-Growth Revamp May Be Working
  16. India Stuck With $300 Bln Electronics Bill: electronic imports worth $4.4 billion outpaced gold import bill by a margin of $600 million. As most of the items are imported from China, it will further deteriorate the country's trade deficit with China
  17. Chinese students are losing interest in working at international firms
  18. "Daddy, I want something Chinese, not a usual iPhone": The headline that you read above is what I heard from a kid shouting out to his father. Not only Xiaomi. Popular Chinese manufacturers like OPPO and VIVO have witnessed tremendous growth in semi-urban and rural areas
  19. Chinese economy gets more innovative
  20. Alibaba Launches Tmall World To Serve 100M #OverseasChinese Shoppers
In Military news
  1. China builds fighter hangars and fixed weapons positions on South China Sea outposts, US says: Once facilities are complete, Beijing will have capacity for up to three regiments of fighters in the Spratly Islands, according to Pentagon report
  2. Russia and China are planning “enormous” and “important” joint military events in their future, after a meeting in which the countries agreed a military “roadmap” until 2020. The superpowers completed a mass naval drill in the disputed South China Sea in September
  3. China’s Largest Solar-Powered Drone will Target US Navy Warships: Caihong-T4 was said to have reached an altitude of more than 20,000 meters during the secret test flight. Design team aims to improve the drone to the extent the UAV can stay aloft for months, even years, at very high altitudes
  4. China Develops Prototype of Microwave Photonics-based Radar
  5. Chinese defence firm claims drone formation world record: China Electronics Technology Group Corporation said it has flown 119 fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously. Ehang sent a squadron of 1,000 drones into the air earlier this year, but they were powered by rotary wing technology
  6. Iran & China conduct joint naval exercises in Strait of Hormuz
Other Notables
  1. Starbucks in China (x-post pics)
  2. Higher Brothers x Famous Dex - Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf)
  3. 国泰航空空姐拒挂中文名牌
  4. The King's Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) places in real life
  5. G.E.M.鄧紫棋 - 桃花諾完整版MV(電視劇《上古情歌》片尾曲)
  6. Is democracy the only form of government that legitimately represents people's aspirations
  7. China, Panama establish diplomatic ties
  8. Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230
  9. Chinese Couple Accidentally Gets Extra $10,000 in Singapore, Does What We'd Expect
  10. Shaolin monk training
  11. This building with the world's tallest atrium just opened in Beijing (x-post interestingasfuck)
  12. Bruce Lee Passion Drama 'Warrior' From Justin Lin Gets Cinemax Series Pickup: The series is inspired by an idea from Lee and is being executive produced by Tropper, Lin and his Perfect Storm Entertainment topper Danielle Woodrow
  13. Anti-Asian propaganda in "Beyond Good and Evil 2" Trailer
  14. Short documentary on Li Jingliang, China's top MMA fighter on the UFC
  15. Rare Uncovered Footage Shows Bruce Lee in an Actual MMA Fight
  16. Cart, Moon, Canoe, Horse for example: How Chinese characters evolves with time
  17. "Shanghai"
  18. King's Avatar Chinese eSports anime.
  19. #DJI - Test Your Flying Skills at the DJI Arena
  20. Golden clouds over Great Wall after rain
  21. China’s Cult of Stability Is Killing Tibetans, finally US get its act together to work on Tibet again.
  22. great stone arch in the Eastern Qing tombs
  23. China's oldest imperial palace discovered in Shanxi Province: Archeologists have dated the ruins in the northeast of the Taosi relic site in Xiangfen County to around 4000 years ago. Taosi imperial palace may indicate the beginnings of the capital system in ancient China
  24. From a Jade Burial Suit to Terracotta Warriors, a Blockbuster Display of China's Ancient Treasures at the Met
  25. Looking for wuxia films on Netflix, or wuxia books I can read in English, any suggestions?
  26. Gideon Rachman: Asia's Rise and America's Decline: From Obama to Trump and Beyond
  27. China must press ahead as West mired in chaos
  28. As Trump Bets on China's Help on North Korea, Aides Ask: Is It Worth It?
  29. Is it true there are more Mongolians in China than Mongolia? If so, why?
  30. How The White Establishment Waged A 'War' On Chinese Restaurants In The U.S.
  31. Calligraphy top icon of Chinese culture, WeChat data shows
  32. Do you guys know any Manchus/ Inner Mongols?
  33. Anglo Supremacist FairFax Media in Australia on Anti-China Propaganda Campaign
  34. C-BLOCK -顶两口 [Official Music Video]
  35. C-BLOCK x GAI - The flow of Jiang-Hu 江湖流 [Official Music Video]
  36. C-BLOCK - Power to the people 以下范上 [Official Music Video]
  37. Drivers bewildered by twisting Chinese interchange
  38. Before and after photos: 5 years of #poverty alleviation efforts in #Guangxi
  39. The #Disney Character With The Highest Body Count Ever Is....#Mulan: There were 2,000 Huns, and six of them survived the avalanche, including Shan-Yu. Later, Mulan killed him too. So, that means that Mulan killed 1,995 people, more than any other Disney character, obviously.
  40. UFC Fight Night 111 results: Li Jingliang survives first round, rallies to beat Frank Camacho
  41. Shanghai From another Angle
  42. Inside Red China: 1957 American documentary remarks on sentiments still common in the West today regarding China
  43. Shanghai in 1973: documentary about the first time Westerners had seen the city since 1949
  44. China Today 1979: state propaganda film offering a glimpse into life shortly after the Cultural Revolution
  45. World Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: The Trump plan was heralded as a way to lift America’s sagging infrastructure while spurring growth. But it risks yielding India-like problems while failing to produce China’s economic benefits
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AskReddit Redditors living outside the U.S.: Have perceptions of the United States changed since Trump was elected president, and if so, how have they changed? United
videos Incredible footage of BBC cameraman and hungry polar bear BBC
pics My friend is a Pizza Hut delivery driver - he has this sticker on the back of his car Pizza Hut
worldnews Brazil teacher changes hairstyle to support bullied girl - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL: Steve Rothstein bought a lifetime unlimited 1st class American Airlines ticket for $233,509.93 in 1987 and made more than 500 trips to England alone and cost the airline more than $21 million. AA terminated his ticket in 2008 American Airlines
mildlyinteresting The sticker my friend has on the back of his car - he is a Pizza Hut delivery driver Pizza Hut
videos [Never Give up Like KFC Owner History of KFC](
Showerthoughts A realistic Ford Mustang should have a one horsepower engine. Ford
todayilearned TIL that Alexander Graham Bell patented the Telephone by Elisha Gray as his own. Bell
AskReddit What are your most hated Facebook posts? Facebook
worldnews US drone strike kills man behind Marriott Hotel bombing, Pentagon says: A US strike in southeast Afghanistan killed an al Qaeda leader responsible for the suicide attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan. The September 2008 suicide truck bombing in Islamabad killed more than 50 people. Marriott
gaming Need a new story driven game for Xbox one Xbox
news US drone strike kills man behind Marriott Hotel bombing, Pentagon says: A US strike in southeast Afghanistan killed an al Qaeda leader responsible for the suicide attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan. The September 2008 suicide truck bombing in Islamabad killed more than 50 people. Marriott
AskReddit Which AiO should I purchase: HP AiO 24 G230 -OR- Dell AiO Inspirion 24 3455? Dell
Documentaries religion BBC One - The Story of the Turban 2016 38:59 BBC
AskReddit When was the last time you were shown advertisement by Google Adwords and you thought your mind was read? Google
AskReddit What do you think Uber could do better? Uber
Jokes The United States is using an interesting strategy against Russia for interfering with another country's election. United
gaming What are some Xbox 360 games that are comparable with the Xbox 1 s? Xbox
videos We Save Youtube or We All Fall Together: Here's My Idea Youtube
movies As the release of Ghost in the Shell nears, take some of your time to appreciate the mostly overlooked but just as beautiful and philosophical second movie Innocence. Here's a scene from the movie celebrating the marriage between man and machine that took almost a year to animate. Shell
pics What the fuck Google Assistant Google
gaming Why I Love No Man's Sky and You Hate It - Emotion In Video Games Sky
Showerthoughts I've never seen a can of Pepsi in person Pepsi
worldnews Hong Kong election: Beijing-backed Lam first female leader - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What instances was the United States homeland invaded by foreign powers other than Great Britain? United
AskReddit Postmates, doordash, Uber and lyft people, how much do you really end up making including tips? Uber
worldnews Sperm swimming technique 'all down to simple maths' - BBC News BBC
dataisbeautiful OC Territorial Evolution of the United States United
mildlyinteresting This The Bell hot sauce has nothing written on it. Bell
dataisbeautiful OC Territorial Evolution of the United States. This visualisation looks at how America evolved geographically. Source: Tool: Tableau United
pics Never seen a Doge with Subaru emblems. Subaru
movies [Horror Fans! A New Way to Discover Horror Movies](
sports Jordan Bell doing it on both ends of the floor as Oregon defeats Kansas 74-60 to reach their first Final Four since winning the inaugural NCAA Basketball Championship in 1939 Bell
funny This was on ABC today ABC
AskReddit Why do eBay listings get bid on when there is still days left until the listing ends? eBay
Jokes What do you get when an Italian comes across a Xiaomi phone? Xiaomi
pics I drop pins on Google maps and then follow them. This was a two hour drive on dirt roads. Google
dataisbeautiful [VW Service Adelaide Volkswagen Specialists Angus Mitchell Automotive](
videos My First Total War Online Battle Victory. I Made an Action Cut of the Replay. Total
EarthPorn Dungeness Spit, WA. The longest natural sand spit in the United States. 800x600 United
Futurology Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in wacky race to moon - Five competitors remain in a $20m Google contest to land a probe on the lunar surface by the end of the year, but all their craft are untested, rudimentary, or look like R2-D2 Google
space Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in wacky race to moon - Five competitors remain in a $20m Google contest to land a probe on the lunar surface by the end of the year, but all their craft are untested, rudimentary, or look like R2-D2 Google
Futurology How lasers, environmentalists and Google combine to reduce methane emissions - Technology is making it easier and faster to find and measure leaks Google
Jokes Two immigrants from Africa arrive in the United States United
AskReddit serious how true is it that all games in the Google Play store will be blocked? Google
aww Today we rescued Apple Cat Apple
todayilearned TIL the United States violates article 9 of the Geneva convention on road traffic by allowing the U.S. Virgin islands to drive on the left side of the road. United
movies The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - YOUR HEROES ARE DEAD thematic breakdown from MOVI Ford
news SEPTA Police Announce 10 Arrests In Connection With Subway Brawl Subway
gaming I'm in the middle of Monkey Island got the special edition for Xbox 360 and I think it might be the best game I've ever played. Xbox
mildlyinteresting Animal bone found on beach, Sanibel Island, Florida. 1st guess was dolphin vertebrae but Google quickly ruled that out. Maybe whale humerus or horse ankle? Google
personalfinance Fell for Apple phishing scam and I feel so helpless. Apple
Futurology After recent crash, Uber suspends testing of self-driving cars Uber
worldnews Mosul offensive: Iraq denies air strike caused civilian deaths - BBC News BBC
aww Cloey Bell is too cool for school. Bell
OldSchoolCool My great grandma and grandad at the beach with Michael, one of their sons. The car in the background is a MK2 Ford Zephyr. Britain, around the mid-late 1960's. Ford
worldnews Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One dead, 14 injured, police say - BBC News BBC
space Thomas Pesquet on Twitter : In my 1,5 kg 'hand luggage', I brought the wedding rings of my friends getting married this summer! I'll be back in time to be their witness Twitter
AskReddit What app should every apple user have on their Apple products? Apple
Showerthoughts I wish the content stores for Google, Amazon, and Apple had a button for "I own this on another content store." Apple
AskReddit What's the best Youtube comment you've ever read? Youtube
funny What the fuck Google Assistant Google
AskReddit Why does Youtube not have a menu option to browse all current live streams? Youtube
nottheonion Man in leopard print robe and crocs robs McDonald's with comb McDonald's
mildlyinteresting This wall looks like it's made out of Lego 1x2 bricks. Lego
television Shows/Netflix similar to CBS Sunday Morning Nature Scenes CBS
videos Good Old Days of The United States United
videos Top Best Hyundai Car commercial Hyundai
WritingPrompts WP After taking so much criticism as being an "anti-social" network, Facebook decides to shut down for 7 days. It never comes back up. Facebook
television The Night Manager stars agree to reprise roles in BBC hit thriller sequel BBC
worldnews The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism Google
worldnews Call Grows for 'Total Shutdown' Over Alleged Trump-Russia Collusion: 'We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House,' declares Ted Lieu United
todayilearned TIL Tim Horton's restaurant invented the Apple Fritter and Dutchie variety of donuts in the 1960's Apple
videos 90 Years Of Volvo Cars Volvo
videos The Youtube advertiser exodus #YouTubeIsOverParty Youtube
AskReddit It is the year 2007 and you are offered the ability to Google search just one thing from the year 2017, image or text. Minus the obvious, such as lottery numbers, what do you use this search for? Google
gaming When Google lets you down Google
movies Harrison Ford called himself a 'schmuck' after plane mishap Ford
news Police: Vegas cabbie went to victim's home after sex assault - ABC News ABC
dataisbeautiful Territorial Evolution of the United States OC United
AskReddit If you had a magical omniscient Google genie whom you could ask any three questions and get the definite answer, what would you ask it? Google
AskReddit If you saw your name trending on the Facebook sidebar, what would it be for? Facebook
philosophy If Allstate insurance isn't available in all states is it really Allstate? Allstate
news Traveler: United barred 2 girls in uncovered leggings from boarding MSP flight United
funny When you have kids and Verizon unlimited data Verizon
food Homemade Apple Pie Crescents Apple
sports Baseball games for Xbox One Xbox
mildlyinteresting Picture of the Night Sky in Connemara using a OnePlus 3T phone and long exposure Sky
gaming Game suggestions from the Xbox One store. Xbox
DIY little dude + Arduino + Lego = DIY nightlight xpost /Arduino Lego
videos [Explorer Interrupts Mating Tortoises, Slowest Chase Ever Ensues National Geographic](
AskReddit Communists of Reddit, how do you feel about the United States government? United
mildlyinteresting The person who designed this old Intel motherboard added a smiley face to the artwork. Intel
food Homemade Apple Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust Apple
videos Doraleous and Associates - If you're looking to spend a few hours watching one of the best animated series on Youtube then I HIGHLY recommend this show. Gets better every episode! Youtube
videos How English sounds to non-English speakers - By the Youtube account Brian and Karl Youtube
worldnews Call Grows for 'Total Shutdown' Over Alleged Trump-Russia Collusion: 'We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House,' declares Rep. Ted Lieu United
worldnews Trump-Russia links investigation in turmoil after Republican intelligence committee chief's ‘peculiar midnight run’: Devin Nunes jumped out of an Uber cab to view ‘secret documents’ and did not share them with his committee Uber
news Private investigator, in area by chance, captures Newport News double slaying on video Newport
news Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings United
Showerthoughts I bet Target's bathrooms get used a lot more now that most Targets have Starbucks in them. Starbucks
food Homemade Deconstructed Stuffed Bell Peppers with Ground Meat, Lentils, and Tomatoes Bell
worldnews Trump's efforts to dismantle climate policies enacted under Obama have put the United States' targets to reduce CO2 emissions under the Paris climate accord permanently beyond reach United
news United Airlines under fire for 'barring girls wearing leggings' - BBC News BBC
worldnews South Sudan ambush leaves six aid workers dead, UN says - BBC News BBC
funny Do you speak United States? United
listentothis Bonjour Suzuki - アゲハ蝶の破片とキミの声 Japanese/French/Chill Electro Pop/Rap 2014 Suzuki
movies Paramount, Sony and Fox have removed or replaced their top executives in the last year: the Hollywood business model is changing Sony
todayilearned TIL Chevy Chase played drums in college for a band called The Leather Canary, which he referred to as a "bad Jazz band". After leaving, two bandmembers and classmates went on to be successful as the band Steely Dan. Chase
videos CRAZY Boeing 787 GO AROUND during a STORM at Amsterdam Schiphol Boeing
explainlikeimfive ELI5: There is 78.6% of N2 gas and 20.9% of O2 gas in our air. Why living organisms depend on O2 and not N2 to sustain life? O2
videos This scene from Saved By The Bell deserves an award for 'Best Blooper That Was Left In A TV Show Episode' starts at 1:11 Bell
Showerthoughts Girls are banned from United flight because they're wearing leggings!!! United
AskReddit Google experts of Reddit, what are some of the funniest options of which Google offers to finish your question? Google
aww My dog went viral on Twitter and im getting 0 credit... ;_; Twitter
pics Studio Ghibli Castle in the Sky ship sculpture Sky
videos Boston Dynamics HANDLE - Unaired BBC Interview BBC
mildlyinteresting Anyone has seen yellow cup of Starbucks before? Starbucks
funny From the Apple Stickers commercial. I see what you did there, Apple. Apple
funny Two weeks ago out of nowhere I was added to a closed Facebook group for real estate agents Facebook
nottheonion Stoned Assembly Line Workers Cost BMW $1 Million in One Day, Report Claims BMW
personalfinance Girlfriend and I make a combined 35k after taxes a year and save about 5k per year. Our '99 Subaru is on its last leg. What guidelines are there to follow when choosing a reliable new car? Subaru
mildlyinteresting 48" Parabolic dish stored in a Toyota Previa on a sunny day in California... Toyota
explainlikeimfive ELI5: AT&T blocking FaceTime AT&T
news Teens wearing leggings barred from United flight United
worldnews After Barring Girls for Leggings, United Airlines Defends Decision United
worldnews The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism Google
WritingPrompts WP A subset of Al-Qaeda is attempting to hijack Coca-Cola HQ to steal their secret recipe and run the soda empire. SEAL Team Six has been sent to neutralize the takeover. This is Coke Zero Dark Thirty. Coca-Cola
AskReddit What's the best weapon available for purchase from a standard McDonald's menu? McDonald's
gifs A Clockwork Orange x-post from AnimatedMovieStills Orange
todayilearned TIL that one percent of the world's commercial wood supply is used to make IKEA products. IKEA
news Teenage girls barred from United flight over leggings United
videos Hook up an Xbox 360 to a Tree Xbox
gaming Only 285,899 days until ESO: Morrowind comes out according to the Xbox App. Xbox
gaming Help me make up my mind! GTA:SA on original Xbox disc or download on PS4? Xbox
Jokes The Google car won't use any fuel Google
EarthPorn oc 3036x4048 Antelope Canyon, AZ shot by Google Pixel Google
gaming Are there any good RPGs on backward compatability for Xbox besides Oblivion? Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: why do Facebook and instagram even give you the option of liking your own post? Facebook
AskReddit Serious Former McDonald's workers, what's actually happening when you say, "the machine is broken"? McDonald's
worldnews Chile pensions protest draws tens of thousands - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What negative historical facts are taught about the United States in other countries? United
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