Flipkart Affiliate Program introduces App Install tracking

http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=liosnike1 http://fkrt.it/kbUQhnuuN

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**Top Affiliates From where you can make a Fortune!!**

Affiliate marketing is a burning topic among people looking for making quick cash based on referrals. It is a strategy used by many companies to promote or advertise their products by using the backlink strategy. In this type of marketing, a user needs to add a link to the product/site from the company running the affiliates program, and every item bought while clicking that link, the affiliates get rewarded with some percent of share from the company.
Top affiliate program
Pros –
  1. The well-known brand, High visits: Everyone not only heard about Amazon, but they are the customers also, which makes it a famous and reliable brand.
  2. Free: There’s no need to pay any subscription fees to join their affiliate program.
  3. A tremendous variety of products: The best part of the Amazon is they sell almost everything based on the consumer needs, resulting in the collection of an extensive product catalog to choose and promote it.
  4. Impressive dashboard: The Amazing dashboard is really something that makes it outmatch all its competitors. In the dashboard, you can check your status such as which product got how many clicks and what’s the status of that product’s sale.
  5. Direct bank transfers: You don’t need to go to the dashboard or contact Amazon team for transferring your hard-earned mone to your bank account, as they provide a direct deposit system.
ShareASale is an intermediary between customers and merchants. Here merchants list their products and ask the bloggers to either use or then review and promote or review and promote the products for a commission. Here affiliates can reach out to merchants to join them and promote their items. The selection process is quite simple, and affiliates need to provide the reason to join, how they will encourage and why they want to join them.
The main feature of Flipkart’s Affiliate programme is that the affiliate doesn’t need prior knowledge of computer skills as Flipkart provides an intuitive way to create the banners or links for the affiliates. Highest commission for the referral is 10% on books and e-learning, toys & school supplies, musical instruments and many more. Even it pays Rs. 8 for any app installations on Android OS for direct and fallback installs.
There are many affiliate marketing programme in the market but to choose the best for you makes the difference in the life. We have shared with you the top Affiliate programs with you. We hope you liked the article and you can share it with your friends.
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An app install commission varies according to a promotion method. Direct Install: If you directly ask a user to install a Flipkart app, it will be classified as Direct Install and you’ll get Rs. 15 per app install. FallBack Install: If you are promoting men’s jacket and a user doesn’t have an app on his mobile phone. Tap the 'Get' button and the app will get installed in less than a minute. For Android phone users, go to the Android play store/Google play store and search for Flipkart online shopping app in order to install the app on your Android phone. Tap the "Install" button and get it installed in less than a minute. 4] Just scroll down the page and copy affiliate url for Flipkart app install campaign. 5] Now, share this url with your friends and ask them to download the app. (Applicable only for new or first time installs). 6] Here is detailed commission chart as per the operating system: Note: FALLBACK INSTALL. Flipkart gives you commission if you make them download the Flipkart app on their device. It’s called the fallback install. Well, to be honest, Flipkart used to give a Fallback install commission. Currently, Flipkart is not giving any commission for app install. But you never know. In case Flipkart App is NOT installed, the user will be redirected to the Flipkart app page respective OS' App Store (Play Store in case of Android, App Store in case of iOS, Windows Store in case of Windows) and affiliate tracking/attribution (only for Flipkart 'Android' App install #)will happen if its installed by the user on his/her Android

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