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Yes, you can post Amazon affiliate links on Facebook and links from other companies. Can I Post Amazon Affiliate Links On Facebook? Yes, but only as long as you don’t use ads to promote your content. This includes ads straight to Amazon, but leaves boosted posts to your Facebook page in a bit of a grey area. I wouldn’t do them. But as I’ve showed you in this post, I haven’t had good success with Facebook anyways! Facebook Ads And Affiliate Links. TRAFFIC SOURCES. Hey guys, I'm new to affiliate marketing in the sense of action. I've been learning about free traffic sources like academia.edu and quora. However it's very time consuming and I think going for automation is better. Can I use my affiliate links in Facebook ads? As you may be aware, Facebook has a number of strict rules and regulations in place for their advertising network. The guidelines do not mention affiliate links specifically so you may be unsure whether or not they’re permitted in advertising campaigns. First Things First. Before we get into tips for using Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions, let’s take care of a couple housekeeping things. First (and this is SUPER important): Don’t run ads directly to your affiliate link. Facebook is generally not a huge fan of affiliate links and doing so too much could end up getting your account shut down.

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