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I've been using a sports betting website for a few years to make some beer money and though it's definitely a long term play (it takes a long time to make enough to cash out), it has been fairly consistent. For someone who logs in every day for 30 seconds to make a quick bet, making $100 per year is reasonable. Those who want to spend more time can make more.
The website is SportsPlays and they give you free money (pennies, really) to bet on sports. Once you reach $200, you can cash out. They also have a second "balance" account, which is reserved for what they call Bonus Cash. You can complete offers/surveys/etc. to add more to your Bonus Cash account. When you bet using Bonus Cash, you keep the winnings but don't lose anything from your "real" balance. So yeah, risk free!
How does it work? From their FAQ: We make money from advertisers who pay us to get in front of you. So, you'll see ads on the site, and that's how we pay the bills, and pay you.
Is it legal? From their FAQ: Yes! From a legal perspective, gambling requires three things: chance, prizes and consideration. The absence of any of the three means there is no gambling involved. Consideration is the risking of something of value. Well, here at, you are risking nothing. Since there is no consideration and no purchase necessary to play, this is 100% legal.
It does take a while to reach $200 but if you only ever use your Bonus Cash to bet with, your actual balance will only ever go up. Zero risk. It just takes time.
Another important detail: Betting every day gives you $1 in Bonus Cash every 7 days. I exclusively use those bonuses to bet with.
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Happy to answer any questions!
TL;DR: Bet on sports with free Internet pennies, make more pennies to bet with and cash out real cash when you reach $200.
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Strategies for winning a lot with a lot of risk?

So I stumbled upon a website called Sportsplays. In this site, they give you a dollar and, when you arrive to 200, you can cash out. It's completely free, and they give you real money when you do it.
You can bet on the moneylines, the oveunders and the European and Asian handicaps. If you get bankrupt, you can always start again with half a dollar. They also limit the amount of money you can win with each bet; i think the limit is 10 dollars of benefits or so.
What strategy would you use to get money on this site? My idea is to start making parlays with asian handicaps and see how I do.
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