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What do you mean it goes boom?

Captain Thraxos perused the ship manifest one more time. There was a late entry to join the convoy to Cycria. Cycria was a remote world and had been having a pirate problem with merchant traffic attacked several times over the past two years. As the pirates had got more bold the situation had become untenable and the Galactic Federation had to finally do something about it.
Thraxos was the captain of the light cruiser GFN Duhrel and he had been tasked to escort a merchant convoy from Dilolla to Cycria as deterrence to the pirates. He did not relish the assignment to babysit a motley fleet of civilians, but as GalFed captain he went where he was ordered to.
The final ship to join the convoy was the IMS Antelope. A Human merchanter that had been berthing here at Dilolla even before Thraxos had arrived. Apparently they had had some difficulty in securing new cargo to take on board and looking at the ship’s specs Thraxos could not blame anyone for not wanting to put their valuables on board this old rustbucket. But Cycria was not exactly a prime destination and apparently someone had been desperate enough to contract the Antelope to ferry their cargo to Cycria at the last minute.
IMS Antelope was an Independent Merchant Ship, owned and operated by her captain Robert Nele. Even her designation was thoroughly Human. The Humans had some of the most stringent licensing requirements to own and operate starship class drives which basically put them out of reach of civilian individuals. So, in turn, the independent merchanters had banded together and founded the Independent Merchant Ship company which held the licenses for the starship drives operated by their members with minimal interference from the company itself.
Thraxos scoffed, but the Humans were an upstart species. Perhaps it was for the best that not just anyone could get their hands on potentially volatile technology. That showed more responsibility of them than Thraxos had heard based on their reputation.
The Antelope herself was almost 60 years old and looking through her log she had mostly been operating within or near Human space. This was as far as she had ever been from home. Still, for all the tarnish on her hull, she had passed her latest spaceworthiness inspection only six months prior.
She was one of the weirdest looking ships Thraxos had ever seen. She was basically a lattice spine on which standard cargo containers were mounted like grapes on a vine. Front end had habitation and docking, the back end had its large engine, ending on a flat plate mounted on what looked like pillars. Curious.
Thraxos studied her engine specifications. Her main engine was of type Thraxos had never even heard of before, something the Humans called ‘orion’ type nuclear pulse thruster and with her mass, impulse and thrust she would be by far the slowest ship in the convoy, only barely scraping over the acceptable lower limit. Her jump engine likewise was an antiquated Type-I, only barely able to do the jumps required for this route. But she was over the bar so Thraxos had to grudgingly accept her to the convoy.
Slightly annoyed, Thraxos sent the engine specifications to his astrogator to have their course and time estimates recomputed to match the Antelope’s slow speed. Then he fired off a message to all ten ships in his convoy to prepare to unberth and meet at the system’s jump point in twelve hours.
At the start of next morning’s shift Thraxos entered the bridge to relieve the nightshift watch officer. It would be two hours until their scheduled jump off time, plenty of time to undock and make their way the 50 000 kilometers over to the jump point.
Captain Thraxos turned to the operations officer of the previous watch. “Anything interesting going on?”
Lieutenant Commander Tarkran shrugged. “Just the Humans, sir. The Antelope cast off six hours ago and has been slowly making their way to the jump point using manoeuvring thrusters only.”
Thraxos was taken aback. “What? Why?”
Tarkran shrugged again. “No idea, sir, but they’ll be arriving at the jump just before the scheduled time.”
Captain Thraxos just shook his head. “Alright, thanks. I have the bridge.”
Tarkran nodded and announced, “Captain has the bridge.” Tarkran turned and left as Thraxos sat down on the command chair.
Captain Thraxos waited for the other stations to complete their watch handover and then turned to communications. “Lieutenant Coccols, request undocking.”
“Aye, sir.” the comm officer responded.
Thraxos then turned to the astrogation officer. “Lieutenant Ulan, please prepare a course plan to take us to the jump point after we’ve moved past the station’s safety perimeter and execute once we have undocking permission.”
Next Thraxos glanced over his executive officer sitting at the operations station. “While we’re en-route, prepare a convoy placement assignment for each ship according to the exclusion zones of their engines. I want us to be in the middle. Hopefully the pirates will think we’re just another fat merchantman until it’s too late.”
Commander Nivek nodded. “Aye sir. I think I can nestle us between GMS Aelat and IXS Naholl. I’ll have to see what we can do with the human ship.”
“Very good.”
Lieutenant Coccols turned around. “Sir. Undocking clearance granted, we have 1 minute window.”
Captain Thraxos nodded. “Lieutenant Ulan, undock and execute.”
“Aye, sir.”
There was an almost imperceptible shift as the GFN Duhrel unlatched from the station and then pushed itself away from station’s bulk using its manoeuvring thrusters. After thirty seconds they had cleared the station perimeter and they were able to engage their fusion drive. Even at the minimal power that was allowed to be used near stations, it would only take them about 30 minutes to reach their designated staging point.
“Ummm… Captain?” Commander Nivek interrupted after a few minutes. “Have you looked at the exclusion chart for the Human ship?”
Thraxos furrowed his brow. “No, why?”
Commander Nivek hesitated for a moment. “I think you should.”
Captain Thraxos called up the schematic of the Human ship on his terminal. It was still one of the ugliest ships he had ever seen, but he wasn’t here to judge a beauty contest. He switched the overlay layers to the engine exclusion zone.
“What the fuck?” he exclaimed.
For most ships the exclusion zone was a cone behind them a few degrees wide. For IMS Antelope it was a whole half sphere and then some, covering just under 200 degrees of arc and extending all the way to 5000 kilometers, with an advisory zone all the way to 20 000 kilometers.
“I think I know why they’re limping out there with their manoeuvring thrusters only.” Commander Nivek posited. “There’s no way they could have fired up that drive anywhere near the station.” After a moment he continued. “I think the only place we can put them is as the last ship in the convoy with nobody behind them.”
Captain Thraxos shook his head in disbelief. “Do they have a completely unshielded reactor back there or something?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like this, but it must be by design and approved, since they’ve passed their inspections.”
Thraxos sighed. “Well, transmit the assigned relative positions to all ships and manoeuvre us into position to wait for them.”
The convoy of all ten merchant ships had taken up their positions around the cruiser GFN Duhrel with the IXS Ikol at the front and IMS Antelope at the rear. All the ships slaved their jump engines to the control of GFN Duhrel and in concert they tore a hole in reality that whisked them to another starsystem a dozen light years away.
The system the convoy appeared in was uninhabited, a puny red dwarf with only a catalogue number as its name. They would then have to traverse the system to the next jump point that would allow them to jump to the next star in the chain to Cycria.
Most of the time in traversing the galaxy was spent moving from jump point to jump point within each starsystem. Some systems were lucky and their jump points were close-by, others had them far apart and it took a long time and a lot of Δv to traverse. The locations of the jump points and where you could jump from them depended on the background arrangement of the dark matter permeating the galaxy which warped the extra dimensions of spacetime.
The convoy would have almost a week ahead of them to traverse to the next jump point in this system, and just over two months to reach Cycria.
Captain Thraxos looked over the monitors and concluded that everything was in order. “Lieutenant Ulan, plot a course to the next jump point.”
The astrogator glanced over. “Already laid in, Captain. Ready to execute on your command.”
“Very good Lieutenant.” Thraxos acknowledged with pleasure. “Signal the convoy to get underway and execute.”
Ten of the ships in the convoy each fired up their fusion torches of various sorts and the convoy started moving, but then behind the eleventh ship, the IMS Antelope, something exploded with nuclear fury.
“CAPTAIN!” Sensor officer Birrai shouted. “The engine of the Antelope just exploded!”
“What?” The captain looked up. Just his luck that the Human rustbucket would have a catastrophic engine failure immediately upon firing up that lethal engine of theirs. “Signal all stop!”
Just as soon as the fleet had started moving the torches died down as each ship ceased accelerating.
Thraxos hit transmit button on his terminal. “This is captain Thraxos of GFN Duhrel to IMS Antelope, do you require assistance?”
Thraxos looked at the sensor scan on his screen as he waited for their reply. At least there didn’t seem to be much debris. Hopefully the Humans didn’t have many casualties.
A calm, if slightly confused, voice came on the speakers. “This is IMS Antelope. Uh, negative on assistance. Why, what is the problem?”
Captain Thraxos looked at his sensor officer, who just spread his arms. Then back to the sensor display, until he finally hit transmit again. “Duhrel to Antelope, did you not just have a catastrophic engine failure?”
“Um. Oh!” There was a sudden realization in the voice on the radio. “Negative Duhrel. That was the detonation of our 50 kiloton nuclear propulsion charge.”
“50 kiloton propulsion?! YOUR SHIP SHITS OUT NUCLEAR BOMBS!?” Captain Thraxos immediately regretted his lapse in decorum, but the sheer insanity of the idea had caught him completely off guard.
“Affirmative Duhrel. Apologies for the confusion. The shaped nuclear charges are used to push against the driveplate at the back of the ship which transfers the momentum imparted to the ship through a staged shock absorber assembly.”
After the convoy had gotten over the shock of the Humans’ propulsion system the rest of the voyage to the jump point had passed quietly. Or as quietly as a fleet trailing a stream of nuclear explosions can go. As had the second and third jumps.
When the convoy appeared in the fourth system on the route, another nondescript nameless star, things rapidly went south. Before the convoy had a chance to start moving a warhead detonated half a million kilometers away from the jump point.
Three pirate cruisers brought up their EM suites and aimed their targeting radars at the merchant convoy. The pirates were well poised about to catch any merchants that chose to try to flee, with each pirate able to cover a large part of the possible trajectories.
An ultimatum was transmitted on all the universal emergency channels. “This is captain Qauk’ats of The Blood Raiders. Stand down your ships and prepare to be boarded. Any resistance will be met with lethal force.”
Captain Thraxos considered his options. The Federation Fleet Command had not anticipated this heavy pirate presence. The previous raids had been performed by single ships each. His light cruiser might be able to take on two of the pirates, depending on how well they were equipped and trained, but all three would be too much. Especially when they were spread out like this, so he would not be able to concentrate his point defences in any single particular direction.
On the other hand he had not yet betrayed that GFN Duhrel was a warship. His ship had been chosen for this because it was roughly the correct size to pass as a medium merchantman. Could he use this to his advantage somehow…
“Lieutenant Coccols, signal the convoy to stand by. Comm laser only, let’s not tip our hands yet.”
Captain Thraxos prayed that none of the merchanters would panic and start running, he was only one ship, he couldn’t be in two places at once to protect everyone.
“Lieutenant Commander Birrai, use passive scanners only. Limit actives to equipment a merchantman could realistically have. Go loud on sensors only if our cover is blown.”
Thraxos was stalling for time and he knew it. He needed something to give him an extra edge somehow. Something, anything. Just one way to neutralize one of the pirate cruisers to even the odds.
On the screen vectors appeared showing the pirate ships starting to accelerate carefully towards the convoy since the convoy seemed to be capitulating. Whatever he comes up with he would have to come up with quickly.
Then the comm officer piped up. “Captain, we have a laser message from IMS Antelope. Captain Nele wants to talk with you.”
Thraxos sighed. Great, he didn’t have time to babysit a panicking merchanter right now. “Signal them to just stand by.”
Few moments later lieutenant Coccols replied. “He’s being very insistent, sir.”
“Fine.” Thraxos grumbled. “Put him on my monitor.”
Captain Thraxos waited until on his screen appeared the image of a middle aged human wearing a black collared suit with a white shirt underneath and a tie around his neck. On his head he had a white hat with a black visor. On the hat was a golden patch with a stylized antelope rimmed with golden stylized ropes.
“Captain Nele, what do you want?” Thraxos tried to hide the annoyance in his voice, but it still leaked through. “We’re kind of busy right now.”
Captain Nele ignored his tone. “Captain Thraxos, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have a suggestion. Am I correct to assume that three pirate ships are too many for you to handle?”
Thraxos hesitated.
Nele sighed. “Captain, this is no time for ego. Is it so?” He looked at Thraxos with stern eyes. “Because if it is, then the Antelope can take on one of them.”
Thraxos’ eyes widened. “What? No, out of the question!”
“Captain, the Antelope’s driveplate is designed to withstand repeated nuclear explosions with minimal ablation. It is tougher than battleship hull. And I bet the pirates don’t know that our ship ‘shits out nuclear bombs’ either as you so eloquently put it.” Nele glared at Thraxos. “I’m not planning to die today after a failed last stand, so one more time: do you need help or not?”
Thraxos glanced to the side. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he did need help. After an agonizingly long moment he turned back to face the other captain. “Yes. You’re right. We can probably take on two, but not all three of them.”
Nele nodded. “Alright. So here’s what I have in mind...”
The control room of the merchantman was spartan compared to the bridge of a warship. Captain Robert Nele was standing next to the sensocomm station looking at the radar plot. His heart raced and he hoped he wasn’t about to do something completely stupid. He glanced around and he knew that the rest of his crew felt the same. But they had to at least try.
He breathed deep once and then exhaled. “Alright Terri, jettison the cargo containers. Arkady, use the azipod thrusters and lets make like bat out of hell.”
The engineer, Terri Grove, hit buttons on her console and a series of thumps echoed throughout the ship. “All containers released.”
Helm officer Arkady Stachowiak used the translation joystick to pull the ship backwards out from between the containers that were now lazily floating in space. “We’re free.” Then he turned the ship to a new heading and fired the azipod manoeuvring thrusters at full. “Batting out of hell.”
The azipod thrusters could be turned to allow the ship to accelerate in almost any direction. They were meant for use near ports for both manoeuvring and mobility where the Antelope couldn’t use her main nuclear pulse engine. Because of this the azipods were unusually powerful for a ship of her size and with the Antelope shed of all her cargo they could give her pretty decent acceleration.
Niels Becker glanced up to the captain standing next to him. “Radio from Duhrel.” He pressed a button to put it on the loudspeakers.
Captain Thraxos’ voice sounded frantic as he yelled at the Antelope. “Get back here Antelope! Didn’t you hear what they said!”
Robert shook himself to get into character. Then he pressed a button on Niels’ station and shouted back in panic. “Fuck that shit! I’m getting the hell out of here! It’s every man for themselves!”
He took a second to steady himself again. “Alright Niels, let’s see which pirate takes the bait. Arkady, once we know who is chasing us, turn us so our driveplate is pointed at them. Make a good show of trying to get away, we need to lure them out far enough.”
“Will do, Bob.” Arkady acknowledged. “I’ll give them a merry chase.”
“Now we just hope they want us disabled and don’t use missiles.” Robert voiced everyone’s concern. “Terri, how are your modifications coming along?”
Without even looking up from her console, Terri replied, “I’ve got the launcher patched. I’ve voided pretty much every warranty we have, but I managed to coax it to load four charges at once. With our biggest bombs that’ll give them a two megaton surprise.”
Robert nodded. “Very good.”
Terri continued, “The bombs turned out to be trickier. I should be able to get their attitude control software overridden, but they also have hardware safeties. I had to send Jonesy to physically bypass them. But that also means he can slap a radio module on them while he’s at it, so we’ll be able to detonate these on command.”
Robert grinned. “Excellent. Great work. Let me know when Jonesy is done with the mods.”
“Aye. Just one last thing. Once we load up any bombs into the launcher, we won’t be able to unload them any more.”
“Alright. Keep the launcher on full manual then and load only on my command for now.”
Niels interjected. “Contact-3 is altering course to intercept. I’ve coloured her pink on the radar plot.”
Robert glanced over at the helm. “Arkady?”
“On it. On our new course they’ll reach weapons range in 52 minutes. By that time we’ll have spent 84% of our manoeuvring propellant.”
Terri winced.
Robert noticed it. “What’s wrong, Terri?”
“Oh, I’m just thinking of our next overhaul. The azipods weren’t meant to be used this hard for this long.”
“Good to see you’re still an optimist.” Arkady commented. As Terri glowered at him, he added, “You think we’re gonna live long enough to service them.”
Terri laughed and the rest of the command crew chuckled.
Their moment of mirth was, however, cut short when Niels announced a message from contact-3.
Antelope, this is captain Mas’ieh of raider Bathed in Blood. Stand down immediately or you will be fired upon. This is your only warning.”
After a moment of silence captain Nele said, “let them eat static.”
It had been a tense half hour as the Antelope had led the pirate raider away from the rest of the group. Once they were too far away for Bathed in Blood to turn back and help his pirate brethren the GFN Duhrel had broken off the convoy and raced to meet the other two pirates.
With all the pieces in motion it was now captain Mas’ieh’s turn to make a choice. He had three choices: continue pressing the Antelope, turn back and attack GFN Duhrel, or turn away and run.
If he turned to attack GFN Duhrel, he would arrive to the battle too late to help Red Mayhem and Dread Rising. If the two ships could not beat Duhrel, then he would face Duhrel on his own and it might go any way depending on how much damage Mayhem and Dread had inflicted on her. If on the other hand Mayhem and Dread managed to destroy Duhrel, then he had just let the Antelope escape for no reason.
If he decided to run, then his chances depended on whether Mayhem and Dread could destroy or disable Duhrel. Duhrel was faster so she would be able to catch up with Bathed in Blood before he could slip out of the system at the next jump point. But if Mayhem and Dread did manage to destroy Duhrel, his attempt to flee would not be looked upon kindly by the leader of the Raiders.
So, no matter what happens his only real option was to press on Antelope. If Mayhem and Dread won against GFN Duhrel, then capturing the Antelope was the most useful thing he could do. If Mayhem and Dread lost to GFN Duhrel, then he was in no better or worse position than if he had turned away from Antelope. He would still have to face Duhrel just the same.
He sent a message to captain Qauk’ats aboard the Red Mayhem with his plan of action to continue chasing the Antelope to make sure she couldn’t escape, and the rationale for taking this action.
What he didn’t mention was that if Mayhem and Dread lost to Duhrel, but damaged her enough for him to destroy her… well, then he would have just become the new leader of The Blood Raiders.
The atmosphere was tense in the control room of the IMS Antelope. Minutes ticked by as the raider Bathed in Blood chased them. Several hundred thousand kilometers away the GFN Duhrel and raiders Red Mayhem and Dread Rising were fast approaching each other.
“Nuclear explosion.” Niels announced suddenly. “The raiders have started firing on GFN Duhrel. I think Duhrel’s point defence got that warhead. It was too far to cause any damage.”
Robert nodded in silence. They could do nothing more to help, that battle was now up to captain Thraxos.
“Two more. This time against contact-2. Their point defence stopped them.”
Thraxos and Duhrel had an advantage. They could fire their magazines empty if they had to without consequence. For the pirates, every missile they shot was invaluable, for they couldn’t just pull in to a naval yard to resupply. But there were still two pirate ships and if their magazines were full, then Duhrel would be in serious trouble.
“No fire for a few moments. I think they were just probing each other at extreme missile range.”
Robert turned to Niels. “How long until Bathed in Blood is in missile range, assuming their range is similar?”
Niels looked at the range plot. “Two minutes.”
Suddenly there was a radiation alarm. Robert looked at Niels with the look of ‘are you sure’ all over his face.
Niels looked at his instruments. “That was ten thousand kilometers away and off to the side. I think it was a warning shot. Negligible radiation dose.”
Robert thought for a moment and weighed his options. “We’ll keep going. Hopefully they won’t waste more missiles on us.”
The uneasy silence returned as more minutes ticked by. Only occasionally broken as Niels reported events of the battle happening far away.
The exchange of fire increased as the combatants got closer. GFN Duhrel was pressing on contact-2, the Dread Rising, and closing the distance as fast as she could. Her point defences were working at near saturation as the two pirates poured missile after missile upon her. But likewise, her missiles pushed the pirate crew aboard the Dread Rising to their limit as well.
“HIT!” Niels exclaimed! “Contact-2 has left behind debris.”
Everyone cheered. A hit was nice, but it wasn’t the end of the battle. Nowhere near. Warships were compartmentalized to the maximum and even a direct warhead hit only crippled them locally.
Soon the flashes of missile warheads were joined by the invisible beams of anti-ship lasers as GFN Duhrel and Dread Rising reached energy weapon range. Both ships took hits to their hull.
Warship armour had diamond threads woven into it, which were as close as you could get to thermal superconductivity. Each time a laser flashed across a panel, the weave would try to spread out the thermal load to try to keep the plating from vaporizing locally where it was hit and hopefully the plate would be able to radiate the heat load away before another hit. But if any plate was saturated by heat, the entire plate would melt all at once.
Niels was able to see thermal spikes on his IR scopes, but his instruments weren’t powerful enough to resolve what effects those hits had. Neither were the instruments of the other merchanters who were relaying their scanner data to the Antelope as well, which let Niels see the Bathed in Blood even though it was in the shadow of their driveplate. Otherwise the plate would have been a blind spot for them, for no sensor could be mounted on it that would be able to withstand the constant bombardment of nuclear fire it was under in normal operation.
They could only guess how the battle was going. Both ships were streaming air and metal behind them. Both ships were hurt, but how badly was anyone’s guess. Then their own trouble started.
Terri frowned. “I think we’ve just been shot at by Bathed in Blood with their lasers. I’m reading an increased thermal load on the driveplate. Activating cooling system.”
Robert swallowed. This was it for them. “Here goes nothing then. Arkady, start jinking with the azipods but make sure the driveplate remains between us. Let’s make it look good and not give them too easy a target.”
“I think we just had a near miss. The driveplate heat load spiked again, but much less. I think only the halo of the laser caught us this time.”
Robert nodded. “Keep going.”
With their overpowered azipods being able to move them laterally in almost any direction the cargoless Antelope was an exceedingly difficult target for the Bathed in Blood to hit compared to a warship. But every jink burned even more of their manoeuvring propellant. They wouldn’t be able to keep this up for too much longer.
“Direct hit on our plate.” Terri announced once more.
“Vent all our airlocks, let’s make them think they hurt us.”
The Antelope shuddered a little as the airlocks blew out a cloud of air around the ship.
“Too bad we didn’t think of loading some junk in them before hand.” Niels commented.
Robert grinned. “Yeah, but this’ll have to do. Terri, load up a 10 kiloton starter charge into the launcher. Next time they score a direct hit, fire it. Arkady, when it goes boom, put us into a spin. Hopefully they’ll think they’ve hit our engines and disabled us.”
“Got it.” Arkady acknowledged.
Terri hit some buttons on her console. “Charge loaded. Arkady, when I say ‘stop’ stop thrusting. I don’t want us to drift out of the driveplate’s shadow before the charge goes off.”
Arkady nodded.
The Bathed in Blood scored a few more near misses and but then the heat on the plate spiked again. A direct hit.
“Stop!” Terri shouted, then hit the button to manually fire the drive once. A few moments later there was a brilliant flash visible to the Bathed in Blood and the Antelope felt the surge of acceleration as the shock absorbers pushed their ship with the momentum of the nuclear explosion in front of them. Arkady immediately used the azipods to give their ship a good bit of spin, making it turn end over end.
This was the moment when Robert bet them all-in. If the pirate cruiser would fire their laser even one more time, they could hull them straight through. For a merchantman had no armour plating cladding it everywhere like a warship did.
The bridge was deathly silent as everyone were holding their breaths. Seconds passed. Then seconds more passed. The recharge time of the pirate’s spinal laser came and went and there was no Earth shattering kaboom. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and the seconds turned into minutes. The pirates wanted a prize and they thought they had it.
Even as the battle lulled here, in the distance, the battle between Duhrel and the pirates raged on.
Captain Thraxos had managed to break the Dread Rising in the laser exchange. The pirate cruiser was a wreck, hulled straight through in multiple places with a large hole where her main powerplant used to be. But Duhrel had suffered greatly as well. On one side her hull had been scoured clean of her point defences. A number of missile launchers were disabled or destroyed and several compartments were open to space as well. She was streaming air as she turned towards the remaining pirate. All the while they continued exchanging as much missile fire as they could.
But the crew of the Antelope had no time to spectate for long. With them ‘disabled’ and dead in space the raider Bathed in Blood had been able to close the remaining distance much faster and they were getting ready to pull up alongside them.
Captain Nele stood at the sensocomm station and watched the plot with officer Becker. He and Niels kept glancing at each other nervously as the distance closed. Getting the final part of their plan correct was critical, for they would only get one chance. Once their element of surprise was lost, they would be sitting ducks to the missiles of the pirate raider.
“Terri, load up the launcher with four of the biggest charges we have. Arkady, once Bathed in Blood is within 10 kilometers, stabilize us and aim the driveplate at him. Terri, once we’re stabilized go to rapid fire on the launcher with as many of the 500 kiloton charges as you can.”
Robert breathed deep to calm himself. “Detonate the charges when you think is optimal, or if it seems they’ve spotted our ruse. Let’s hope this works.”
Terri nodded and worked frantically on her console to execute the instructions. She would have to program the bombs to rotate to face Bathed in Blood instead of their own driveplate. She’d replaced the normal inertial stabilizing software with her own and uploaded it to the bombs, but she still had to compute the difference based on her best guess where the Bathed in Blood would be in relation to them when the bombs would be triggered. The bombs couldn’t do it themselves, since they had no external sensors, only gyros so they knew their own orientation and nothing else.
“20 kilometers.” Niels announced.
Time seemed to crawl as every person ran on adrenaline.
“15 kilometers.”
Arkady held the stick, ready to execute. He had already turned the azipods ready to cancel their rotation, but then he would have to turn to face the pirate cruiser.
“12 kilometers. 11 kilometers. 10 kilometers.”
Arkady waited for a moment more before he pulled on the stick to make sure they would stop as close to the target attitude as possible. The ship heaved as the azipods worked to halt its turn. With the spin nulled, Arkady then rolled the ship so the azipods wouldn’t have to slew to a new direction before he could point the ship towards the pirate. He wanted to shave every second he could.
“On target!” Arkady announced.
Terri hit the button to execute the program. “Launching.”
The whole operation had took only seconds and the pirates were caught completely off guard. The pirate ship took no action as the four little elongated spheres flew toward it from the little hole in the middle of the Antelope’s massive driveplate. A few seconds later another group of spheres flew out and another.
The pirate ship finally stopped their approach with their manoeuvring thrusters and started to turn their spinal laser to point at the not-as-disabled-as-they-thought merchantman to finish them off.
Terri waited until the last moment possible before the first group of nukes would drift past the pirate and put the ship out of the cone of their shaped charges. Then she pressed the fire button. “Firing!”
A dozen 500 kt nukes exploded in unison at point blank range to the pirate cruiser. Six megatons total of nuclear fury. But these weren’t just nukes, they were shaped charges with most of the blast directed forward through a heavy layer of tungsten that was turned into vapour and shot as plasma towards the hapless pirate whose hull did not have the heavy reinforcement the Antilope’s own driveplate did.
At point blank range this barrage could have hulled a battleship.
Then a few seconds later another 2 megaton barrage exploded. Then another.
Bathed in Blood finally finished turning to bring their spinal laser on the merchantman, but it did not stop. It continued to turn, its laser remaining dark. A cloud of air and debris surrounded the hulk of the pirate ship.
Then the fourth barrage of bombs hit their main powerplant and Bathed in Blood split in two as the reactor amidships exploded.
Sound of debris rang all around the Antelope as the explosion pushed against its driveplate, pushing the ship harmlessly away from the destroyed hulk of the pirate cruiser.
“Holy. Fucking. Shit.” Niels mouthed as he looked at his sensor screen.
Captain Robert Nele walked over to his chair and collapsed into it as the tension of the adrenaline in his system disappeared. Everyone on the bridge deflated as if they had been balloons from which the air had been let out.
“Reload the drive with propulsive charges, get us the fuck out of here.” Robert breathed heavy with relief.
Terri fired the last modified charges to clear the launcher. Her hand shook as she hovered over the fire button. She couldn’t bring herself to press it, not any more. The pirate ship was already more than destroyed. She let the nukes drift away past the wreck as she adjusted the loading priority for the launcher and reset it to standard automatic operation.
In few seconds the first 10 kt charge aimed at their own plate fired and pushed them away. Terri let the computer take over and soon the Antelope picked up speed at great rate, galloping away from the broken and hulled wreck of the pirate ship like her namesake. Empty of cargo even the lightest charges accelerated her like she was an olympic sprinter. The direction didn’t matter, as long as it was away.
They’d already forgotten the battle that had been going on elsewhere.
Ten minutes later the numb silence in the control room was broken by a radio call.
GFN Duhrel to IMS Antelope. Captain Nele, what is your status?”
As IMS Antelope joined back with the convoy, GFN Duhrel pulled up to alongside her. Or what was left of GFN Duhrel. The battle with the pirates had taken a tremendous toll on the light cruiser. There was nary a square meter on her hull that wasn’t scarred by battle damage. There was a large gash along one side and even a hole clear through her. The other side was scoured clean of her hull mounted weapons and sensors and several compartments were open to space. Over third of her crew were dead. It was a small miracle she was still flying at all.
But the pirate fleet had paid even more dearly. All three cruisers floated dead in space as wasted, hulled wrecks. Bathed in Blood lay in twain with her spine broken. Dread Rising was missing an entire quarter of the ship where the powerplant had used to be. And Red Mayhem lay shattered in pieces after multiple missile hits when Duhrel had finally managed to overwhelm her point defences.
There were very few survivors from the pirate fleet, and even fewer who had wanted to be a survivor. Only fifteen lifepods had been launched from the hulks, out of their total crew of a hundred and twenty. The rest had perished in the battle, or chosen to perish in the hulks. The survivors’ pods would be picked up in due time to face justice for their actions.
Captain Thraxos watched the Human ship on his screen and saluted. The Antelope may have been old and tarnished, she may have looked odd and ugly, but right now captain Thraxos was proud to have her and her crew in his fleet. She was no longer part of the convoy, she was one of its protectors. And it was thanks to her that they had triumphed today against insurmountable odds.
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Sadly got in a fight with my nMom, she feels above any responsibility in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and I called her out.

So my nMom once again perfectly showcased just how fucked her logic and reasoning is. For the past 4 months she's been taking COVID fairly seriously (as we all should). She tried as best as she could to practice social distancing, she wore a mask... She even MADE masks for others, she carried sanitizer with her and washed her groceries, etc etc... And I don't know what changed, but something did.
I live in Canada near Toronto and my nMom is originally from the Montreal area in Quebec... For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian provinces, Quebec is the next province over from us (we're in Ontario). Our 2 provinces had the most COVID cases for Canada's total, but Quebec had the most... And still does. They have half of Canada's total infections.
Currently Canada has ~27K active COVID cases, with 25K of those currently in Quebec. Needless to say, they are the epicenter of Canada's outbreak.
Well, my nMom's mom's birthday was on July 10th and against all recommendations from all health agencies, my nMom's family (who is an nFamily) decided to disregard public health advisories and carry on with hosting a family birthday party for my grandma, who turned 98 this year.
So let me remind you... My nMom's family thought it was a good idea to have a birthday party for my 98 year old grandmother, during a pandemic for a virus that is a death sentence for old people, in the MOST infected province in Canada and without any social distancing protocols. What could possible go wrong right?
Well that's not all... My nMom ended up meeting with lots more people during her weekend away in Quebec. She went to the family party where there was, and I quote: "zero social distancing". She also met up with a close friend for lunch, who introduced my nMom to HIS close friends... She went to her sisters friends house for a pool party AND last but not least, she met up with her 10+ high school friends for a picnic this past Sunday. Which apparently was in a big park where they could distance... But still, they all met up anyways.
So all in all my nMom met with 9 people at her family party (her 4 siblings and their spouses + my grandma), her friend and 6 other people her friend brought along and she met up with 10+ high school friends. In the most infected province. Needless to say, the risk factor for contracting COVID is pretty damn high for my nMom.
She returned home yesterday and so far has taken ZERO precautions at isolating. She doesn't think she needs to since the government website doesn't explicitly say she has to quarantine when travelling inter-provincially. But I mean, it's still a good idea, especially given how Quebec has over 90% of Canada's current active cases.
She went to a grocery store today... And she's been taking any signs of concern from us of her maybe picking up COVID as a personal insult (like an N would obviously). But at dinner, that's when shit hit the fan..
I heard her talking to my eDad about how "we should book a reservation at a patio sometime this week since they're open and it'd be nice" so finally I told her, politely, that she should wait a couple of weeks before doing that to "make sure you're in the clear"... She turned around and looked at me like I was a fucking asshole, and dismissed me by saying "really? Come on"...
So I said "well just to be sure. Quebec has a lot of infections so just to be cautious and monitor your symptoms for a couple of weeks". I mean, i'm not pulling this out of my ass. They've been telling us this for 4 months and my nMom knows.
Well she dismissed me again and went back in the house to get something while my dad was in there and I could see her gesticulating to him and stuff... So he came out and told me she was obviously saying I was being a dick and that I was in no position to criticize her since I went for a daily coffee run back in April.
Side note on that: Back in April I did go on a daily walk to Tim Hortons to get my daily coffee. But I did so responsibly... I used the automatic doors, put sanitizer on going in and out, socially distanced from others and the barista was behind a Plexiglas shield with a mask on. And the result, I didn't get sick. But my nMom thought I was being "reckless" and shit talked me to my dad behind my back about how reckless I am and I shouldn't be doing that.
Well my nMom came back out and decided to try and dismiss what I was telling her by bringing up my Tim Hortons walks in April. Since my eDad tipped me off about it, I was ready. So I told her "yeah but that's not the same as what you did. I didn't go to Tim Hortons with like 30 family members not socially distanced"
So she cut me off and said "I didn't meet with 30 family members... I met with 10 people including me" then I pointed out "yeah then your high school gang, and your lunch with your friends friends"... At this point I was starting to make a point, so my nMom started scrambling to dismiss me more so she said "so even though there wasn't social distancing, I still washed my hands and wore sanitizer"... So I said "yeah but there's still a risk. I'm not saying anything off base here. You've been watching the news for months they've been saying the same thing. Since you went to a party with a bunch of people you should be responsible and wait out the 2 weeks it's not that long".
So she threw her cutlery down and said "you know what, i'm gonna go back in. I don't want to be around you. I don't know if you're going to eat this food since I made it" and she proceeded to sarcastically pretend to have a coughing fit as she stormed back in... So I told her again "i'm not saying anything wrong here" and she just told me to "eat shit".
So yeah, great talk! But ugh, I have so many thoughts and feelings... Obviously i'm kind of mad at myself for attempting to argue reason with someone who is obviously void of reason, and always has been. I'm better than that... I knew my nMom would just be dismissive and insult me, which she did... So I hate that I let myself argue with her.
But i'm also just frustrated and annoyed as usual at how irrational she is. Like, what the fuck. NOTHING I said was wrong! This is all just fucking common sense. You know there's a virus going around and that we're in a pandemic... Despite that, you took a risk, a BIG risk disregarding public health advisories and carrying on with a family party in a very highly infected province with people that live in said highly infected province... You admitted to not practicing social distancing at the family party and also meeting with lots of other people and somehow thing i'm the asshole and that i'm attacking you personally, for doing what? Pointing out that there is a realistic possibility you could have been exposed to COVID and to quarantine and exercise caution and monitor if you develop symptoms and maybe wait on going out to patios and public spaces until you know for sure you didn't contract COVID? Seriously, how am I the asshole here?
What is it with N's and taking shit so personally. ANYTHING you say that concerns them and any advice you can give is ALWAYS perceived as a personal attack and they get defensive and offended. It's so frustrating.
And they gaslight you and make a big fucking deal to make you feel like you're the asshole who's in the wrong.
Listen, you can think i'm an asshole mom and ignore everything I say since i'm your son and I can't possibly know better than you, but the stats are there. Look them up! This all boils down to common sense, which you totally lack.
And fuck off for telling me to "eat shit". How is resorting to personal jabs appropriate for someone who's almost 60? I would never say something like that to someone in the heat of the moment, and i'm only a little more than 1/3rd her age.
In a sad way, I really hope she DOES show symptoms in a few days so it puts her in her fucking place. It's only been 4 days since her family party... COVID can take up to 14 days to show symptoms, but typically it takes 6 days. You don't know that you don't have it... You totally could! So why not just be a responsible fucking adult and take responsibility for your actions, quarantine at home, wait 2 weeks before going out to patios... You're not above all this shit just because you want to be. Like really, i'm so baffled at how she can be so concerned about this virus, then do shit like this... And she has the nerve to call ME "reckless" because I went to get a daily coffee. Is what she did in Quebec not fucking reckless? And she also had the nerve to criticize our neighbors for not quarantining when they got back from the USA at the start of the pandemic, but yet, she's basically doing the same. Pot meet kettle.
And now just to prove a point, she's probably going to book a patio reservation first thing tomorrow for her and my eDad and brother and go spreading this shit and end up kickstarting Ontario's second wave of infections. Great job nMom. This is bigger than you, but yet you're still going to be petty and irrational and be a narcissist and potentially cost many people their lives all because you think you're above COVID rules and want to prove a point. God, I hope karma gets her. And I bet you anything tomorrow she'll be coming to me expecting an apology. LOL. Not happening! And she doesn't plan on getting tested and it hasn't even been 5 days since this party and she's planning all these public outings... This, ladies and gents, is how COVID spreads.
Thank you for listening to my rant.
TL;DR - nMom went to the most highly infected province in Canada with over 90% of Canada's COVID infections to go to a not socially distanced family birthday party for my 98 year old grandmother and is giving me shit for telling her she should quarantine for 2 weeks instead of trying to go out in public and live her life.
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President's Speech - 17th Parliament

Members of the House of Representatives and Senators of the 17th Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, ladies, gentlemen, and those otherwise identified,
Recognition of the land our parliament stands upon, Ngunnawal land, shapes reflection upon the 40,000 history upon this continent, and the history and culture that so reflects and boldens who we are as a nation today. I wish to personally respect the Ngunnawal elders, both past, present, and emerging, and welcome all who have come across this land to be here at this time, as well as recognise those who have not been able to be with us at this time.
As we enter the 17th parliament, we shall take a moment to respect the duties and responsibilities that are handed to us as we are elected and sworn in as members of parliament or as Senators. To serve both chambers is a privilege, as is serving the people of Australia, and it is most important to have the best interests at heart in this chamber of serving the people of this country, and serving the nation of Australia with dignity and honour.
This incoming government will remain dedicated to fighting for the education of each and every Australian, and that starts with ensuring that our nation’s education remains affordable for everyone. By keeping tertiary education free, we can ensure that no Australian is disadvantaged by their financial situation in terms of their pursuit of education up to the highest levels.
My Government will also wish to reduce government funding to private schools by 30%, and put that money back into the public system, to also follow this goal of education no matter your personal finances. Beyond affordability, this incoming government will also help ensure education becomes more manageable for students, and teaches them more core skills in life. With our plans to reduce the yearly assessments by 25%, as well as reforming the Humanities curriculum from years 7-10 and making the overall curriculum assist students in gaining all-round development, we hope to ensure that students gain a better quality of education, while reducing the stress levels that come with constant assessments.
Finally, with my Government’s coming introduction of a targeted grad scheme for rural schools, we hope to ensure the students across this nation can receive the highest quality education from the highest quality teachers, regardless of their location. For this government, education is of the utmost importance, and you can expect to see that idea translate into legislation and government policy. Culture specific support for First Nations people to learn within the education system which takes into account their language and culture in curricula will be implemented, supporting aboriginal families and children to learn. My Government will also work to increase Australian history teaching opportunities in the field of Asian and Pacific migration, along with inclusion of aboriginal perspectives on colonial history within the education curriculum that discusses important and yet overlooked topics such as the Australian genocides as mandatory learning within the history subject at more mature levels.
This incoming government will strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all Australians at home and abroad. This government will also work towards providing an accessible and modern path for Asylum Seekers and those seeking to move to Australia temporarily or permanently. This will involve the raising of the Refugee Quota, a streamlined process of Asylum Seeking and support to be provided to those with Work Visas who have been stranded in Australia and currently lack access to appropriate social services.
This government will also work towards establishing first a travel bubble between states which have currently contained the Coronavirus and New Zealand. This travel bubble may be extended to pacific nations as well and will serve to reinvigorate the tourism industry domestically and in our pacific allies. In the longer term, after the coronavirus crisis has been settled, this government intends to pursue an free movement union with New Zealand, and our Pacific neighbours such as Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and other Pacific States.
The government will also work towards a transparent security system for Australians. To do this, legislation will be implemented that will subject ASIO to Parliamentary Committees, ensuring that it is well regulated and achieving the best results for Australia and her security. Legislation will also be created that will restrict ASIO from spying or wiretapping Australian residents’ private devices without probable cause and legal warrant.
In line with the recent cyber attacks against Australian Government, Business and Individuals, a Cyber Defence Task Force will be created so as to defend Australian interests from malicious web based attacks. To this government, reform of immigration, increased integration with our pacific allies, increased accountability of security services to the public and a strong commitment to the continued prosperity of the Australian people is paramount. This government through legislation and government policy will implement these measures to the benefit of all Australians.
The coming government is committed to delivering the best outcomes on health and sport. Currently the incoming government is faced with a pandemic crisis that is causing a significant public health emergency. As a result, the #1 priority for the incoming government is the constraining and defeat of the pandemic. This involves coordination between state, territory and federal government and a commitment by the people of Australia to work their hardest to control the spread of the virus. This government will implement measures as appropriate to control the spread of the virus, including Lockdowns if necessary, to prevent the emergence of a second wave and to ensure the safety of Australians from this pandemic.
Outside of Coronavirus, this government is looking to upgrade hospitals across the nation in a Hospital Modernisation Scheme worth $500 million that will provide world class equipment to hospitals across all of Australia. The General Practitioner Accessibility Agency Bill that was passed last term will be further implemented and refined, improving access for regional Australians to a GP quickly and cost-effectively.
This government will also look to create and improve Telehealth for increased GP access, convenience and safety for the general populace, and for our medical professionals. This government will also look to increase funding for sports in regional Australia, such as Equestrian to drive tourism and reinvigorate these communities. The Formula E, electric car racing tournament will be sponsored to promote Electric Vehicles and to revitalise the economy through tourism and celebration.
Sports Integrity Australia will be created out of an amalgamation and strengthening of the existing multitude of Sport Integrity and Anti-Doping Agencies. This will ensure Australia is up to world standards in Sport Law and will furthermore provide an avenue for assistance for our Australian Athletes and Sports Workers to provide the best possible games to the Australian people. This government is clearly committed through investment and legislation to the combatting of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the promotion of regional Healthcare, to upgrading Australian Hospitals, providing Telehealth services to Australians and to the promotion of and the integrity of Sport across Australia.
This Government believes in the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, and as such it will immediately place a complete moratorium on unjust medical intervention in intersex people unless the intersex individual is of the age to give informed and independent consent to such operations (16 years old), or if such an intervention is deemed absolutely medically necessary for the physical health of the child by a doctor. Particular training on LGBTQIA+ issues will be given to all health professionals, and all government employees within prisons, police, courts, and the military for that after.
My Government will put together a specific Transgender Health division of the healthcare systme that will increase trans healthcare access for those who need it, and will streamline hte process of getting trans youth the psychiatric and medical support they need, along with increasing coverage of trans healthcare across Australia and increases to the funding of funding options for gender-affirming surgeries that are currently underfunded. In general, specific health programs will be set up to address the health needs of LGBTQIA+ people, with input from gender and sexuality diverse people and their communities.
As the COVID crisis develops, gaps in our mental health system have become exposed. A time of crisis is a time of mental strain, and this government will be committed to meeting the growing need for mental healthcare. This government will be providing teletherapy services so that those who cannot leave their homes are still able to get the treatment they need. In addition, it will work to reduce the cost of mental health care to ensure that it is easily accessible and end the days of mental health treatments being a luxury good.
In respect to the Treasury, it is a top priority for this government to correct the previous budget statement and it’s inaccuracies, and also institute a new budget for the financial year of 2021-2022, which gives infrastructure projects, suitable programs and reasonable response to the people of Australia in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. This government shall also aim to implement unitary taxation within Australia and to avoid double taxation, cooperate with governments in other countries to implement this policy and a financial transactions tax, so that multinational corporations will pay their share for the amount of profit they create in each country.
My government shall implement corporate tax brackets as well, in order to allow the government to separate small businesses from large businesses, and allow them to keep more of their profit proportionally. My government shall implement budget repair levies in order to repair the deficit that was caused by the COVID-19 crisis, to minimise the deficit and to be able to fund programs which are beneficial for the Australian people. On top of this they will look into putting together an Assets and Wealth tax that will ensure people with a net asset wealth over $1 million will pay a tax of 1% on that wealth, and people with a net asset wealth of $2 million will pay a tax of 2% on that wealth. This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages and will be used to fund new benefit changes in the COVID-19 response. To encourage more top-down redistributive taxation, and bottom-up growth that can support our many spending initiatives, we will add two new tax brackets at $100k-149.999k earnings, and $150k up.
As economic effects of the COVID continues, my government shall look at the implementation of a Coronavirus Economic Support and Recovery Fund, which is to help provide economic support to industries hit by this pandemic. This Fund will look at providing support and economic relief to the arts and entertainment sector, the manufacturing sector and the renewable energy and electricity generation sector.
The entire economy has been hit hard by this crisis, but it is imperative that industries which have been unable to function, such as the Arts, are recognised and provided the help they need, and that Australian Manufacturing is finally given the opportunity it needs to become a dominant factor of our economic recovery. My government will therefore also put support into Australian Made, to get more money flowing into Australia’s locally made products and locally owned businesses, to support the economy from the grassroots and up during recovery.
As said, my Government will be spending a lot of money on supporting Australia’s residents through COVID-19 recovery, and for that it will undertake an unprecedented effort to close tax loopholes through a Parliamentary commission into loopholes, inefficiency, and evasion; and will work to monetise previously untaxed areas. For example, my government will look into introducing a tax on dynastic and inherited wealth at over $3,000,000 in net assets.
This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages. Alongside this it will explore a progressive corporation tax that implements separate tax brackets to let small businesses keep more of what they earn whilst larger corporations contribute to Australia’s need for spending.
My Government overall will seek to focus the economy. COVID-19 has given Australia the perfect opportunity to start judging societal progress differently, not just based on GDP which is described by its own creator as inaccurate to judging success. My Government will rather use wellbeing factors such as wages, employment, and other socioeconomic factors that will place wellbeing as the main factor of economic growth, not just GDP.
My Government will work in the area of constitution and governance to correct major holes in our country’s systems and create a fairer Australia. This will start with a Presidential Commission into democratic reform, with the intention to implement a proportional representation electoral system that will consider the low representation of party’s general election votes in comparison to their seats won in the House of Representatives. In the spirit of democratic reform, my Government will also legislate the right of Australian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 16 to vote, and the right of incarcerated people to vote - as everybody deserves participation in our democracy. On top of this, it will legislate the right of public servants in their capacity as private citizens to engage in political advocacy and activism, participate in trade unions, and to represent or be elected to activist organisations - given the unique and often underrepresented view that our civil servants can often have.
To ensure fair elections, my Government will implement a complete ban on political donations from for-profit corporations, ensuring nobody who gets in bet with large corporations gets unfair advantages in campaigning. Alongside this, caps on individual public donations and donations from not-for-profits will be introduced. My Government will also look to introduce optional preferential voting for the senate, and to reduce the deposit required for a candidate to stand for election to Parliament, in the interest of removing financial barriers to democratic participation. Public funding of political parties and candidates for campaigns will be set at a level that increases democratic participation by voters, and reduces the influence that corporations have over the prominence of political parties further. My Government will legislate that all local councils use a form of ranked choice voting, if they do not already, to increase democratic representation in all levels of Government.
In a number of constitutional amendments, my Government will place sections in the constitution to recognise Australia as a constitutionally multicultural society, recognising the importance not only of aboriginal culture but of all non-white cultures in Australia. It will also replace the sections 44 and 45 of the constitution with more modernised and fair statute around corruption, treason, and serious criminal cases; rather than the outdated clause that was originally there. Political enfranchisement will be granted to offshore Australian territories such as Norfolk and the Christmas Islands, ensuring once again that all Australians are guaranteed participation in our democratic processes.
My Government will establish an Australian Bill of Rights that includes provisions in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, that embodies international human, civil, and political rights, and includes factors such as race, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, gender Identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, etc, as classifications protected from discrimination.
After the previously government endeavoured to isolate Australia from the world, and stop Australia’s potential throughout the international community, my government will endeavour to take a new path to those prior. Instead of destroying alliances, or fear mongering trade partners, my government will work with the international community to promote trade, human rights, and unity through these troubling times that the world faces.
Within the new spirit of internationalism, my government will move to build upon the principles established under the First Youmaton Government and pursue an active foreign policy regarding the recognition of emerging nations and protection of human rights. My government recognises the incredible dangers nations such as Kosovo, Israel, Palestine and Sahrawi all face in their ongoing struggles to maintain recognition as other nations seek to gain from their dissolution, and within such my government will move to protect these nations alongside others through the creation of the protected recognition status. Nations with the protected recognition status will become recognised by Australia under law, removing the uncertainty that comes with a change in government revoking certain recognitions recognised by the prior.
The themes of peace and unity shall be recurrent within my government’s foreign agenda, promoting international cooperation and ensuring treaties signed by Australia are properly followed. My government is completely committed to the maintaining of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, maintaining the incredible nature and wildlife of Antarctica, and ensuring scientific endeavours continue to happen across our portion of the continent. Pursuant to the commitment made by my government, additional funds will be allocated to the assistance of pacific island nations in their race to combat the coronavirus and climate change, alongside general measures to expand Australia’s cooperation with the Pacific region as the world recovers from the ongoing pandemic.
Protecting our Nation from external threats is one of our far most responsibilities as a Government. My Government shall ensure that our Australia is protected and there shall exist continued funding to enable our Armed Forces to purchase modern equipment which will enable them to protect Australia better. Protecting our borders is a duty that we are all bound to, and maritime borders are no exception, therefore my Government has decided on bringing in due legislation to ensure that no nuclear armed or powered forces should be deployed within Australia’s maritime borders.
In continuation with my Government’s desire to ensure that we have a peaceful world, the incoming Government has decided to issue due regulations to ensure that the use of the Australian Defence Forces must be only for defence or peace-keeping, not offensive or invasionary action, unless in the circumstances of averting a major violation of human rights in a foreign nation, or to counter the military invasion of a sovereign country, and this arrangement must take precedent ahead of international agreements.
My Government realizes that wars involve heavy blood shed, and huge losses to families, therefore, to prevent a future situation of war, my Government pledges to work towards a stop on the militarisation of space, supporting initiatives to clear space debris in cooperation with international space agencies and encouraging and participating in treaties that prioritise achieving arms control and global disarmament, my Government will also make it a policy that the use of violence against civilians or against elected governments, undertaken by the state, an organisation, or particular individuals, will be rejected and combated both diplomatically and militarily with all assistance provided to countries which need them.
My Government recognises that the “human” factor of the armed forces plays a very significant role in its operations, and to enable the safety and security of our women in the Armed Forces, my Government will create legislation to ensure that rape and sexual violence during armed conflict are to be tried as war crimes, under the protocols as described by the Geneva Convention. In order to promote an Armed Forces that is efficient and quick, my Government will conduct a Review into the current rank and structure of the Armed Forces and ensure we are having an efficient and workable Armed Forces and also create framework to remove all items with Royal titles and ensure that quality equipment and new generation defence equipment is given to our forces.
My Government understands and recognises the contributions made by our veterans in the Armed Forces throughout their tenure of service to Australia, and therefore, my Government pledges to create and fund a Housing Program using Defence Housing Australia for all Veterans to ensure that every veteran gets access to housing upon completion of tenure of service and also issue a formal Apology to all families whose members were or are involved in wars leading to poor mental health and significant injuries and develop and implement a Veterans Strategy to ensure that all of our veterans have a comfortable return after their tenure of service.
My Government recognises that in today’s world, International Cooperation is required, and at the same time, the limits for it must be drawn as well and therefore my Government pledges to strengthen global cooperation in Intelligence and look at expanding Intelligence sharing and Joint Military exercises with countries across the globe, excluding those who have committed Human Rights Violations, and primarily use arms that are banned as per International Conventions and kill indiscriminately such as landmines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium; to ensure our military is prepared to fight in every terrain. My Government will immediately phase out joint exercises with all armed forces known to have committed human rights violations.
In continuation to our aims for peace and cooperation, my Government will work to ensure that the signals intelligence base outside Alice Springs designated ‘Pine Gap’ will be closed permanently in the next five years. Our Defence Industry is one to be proud of and at the same time be promoted and therefore my Government pledges to create incentives for investors and researchers in Australia to ensure that we are able to have cutting-edge technology and military sciences in Australia and also ensure that countries that commit Human Rights Violations and their country’s corporations are not included in such schemes. My Government believes that the global arms industry is a dangerous one, and that as long as Australia is mass exporting weapons to foreign countries we have no guarantees that those weapons won’t be used to commit human rights violations, kill innocent civilians, or wage unjust wars. As such, my Government will work to set a 10 year target on reducing the size of the Australian arms industry to be a locally sustained sector that supplied the Australian military and will, eventually, no longer be an export industry. This will begin with an end to the subsidisation of exports of weaponry, weapon components, and arms fairs.
In regards to Agriculture and Rural Affairs, my government shall look into eliminating the Goods and Service Tax on fertilisers and other essential farming goods that increase the yield of crops in order for farmers to gain more of a profit and have a more sustainable livelihood, and shall also look into subsidy programs for both of them. My government shall also aim to create a provincial agricultural scheme in order to increase the yield of agriculture and its efficiency in the long term, and so that farmers may benefit.
My government shall make sure that Australian Postal services and banking services are accessible in rural areas, as both are essential in daily life, and should be accessible wherever people are in Australia. It is important that we also make sure that we protect the ecological health of the Lake Byre Basin, so that farmers who use the resources may be able to do so in the best possible manner with the most effective outcome. My government shall also seek and invest in methods of water extractions so that farmers can gain the water they need to grow their crops, and to counter the effects of natural disasters such as drought.
Last month the people of Australia visited polling booths to decide the future of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory within their statuses in this nation. Whilst my government expresses its regret in the Australian Capital Territory not being granted equal status to other areas of the nation, it expresses its incredible joy at the notion of the Northern Territory being approved to be a state by the population of Australia. My government holds incredible regard to the mandate given by the people, and unlike prior administrations will implement the results of this national vote in full, and as such the Northern Territory will become a state of Australia by the end of this term.
All aspects of the Australian economy have been hit hard by this crisis, and one of the hardest hit is Australian Manufacturing. Be it industrial hubs found in urban centers, or smaller towns in regional areas, workers and employers have been put under an undeniable stress which nobody should be forced to experience. As such, it is vital that we provide support to these hardest hit industries in our path to economic recovery. My government will follow the recommendations which have been made by the ACCC through various investigations and reports in previous periods across sectors which have been struggling, such as the dairy industry, to ensure that jobs and communities are able to stay afloat in an environment which benefits consumers, workers, and business owners. My Government will key and vital public infrastructure projects all across Australia, be they projects related to public transport, such as the supporting the Victorian Government's suburban rail loop, or projects related to water security which are found in Queensland. These projects help not only create a better environment for the community who will benefit from these projects, but provides essential work to the people who will be involved in the development of such programs.
For too long have the First Nations peoples right across our great continent.had to suffer several burning injustices through their entire life. Be it the average lower life expectancy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on average experience, the economic contributions they make which are often swept under the rug, or the systemic racism they experience on a daily basis. We simply cannot sweep injustice aside, ethically, morally, or practically.
My government will work towards implementing the fundamental principles of the Uluru Statement, and the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home inquiry, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarie Report, the HREOC Social Justice Reports into suicide and income inequality, and the Evatt Review. My Government will be seeking to pen a proper Treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address the wrongs done to them since colonisation and grant them a proper voice in Australia. My government will work towards establishing indigenous recognition in the Constitution through a referendum, while recognising and acknowledging the values and contributions of Aborigional People - and furthermore will work to grant aboriginal people with a representative body that will exist in an advisory capacity with the Federal Government, elected from all first nations people in Australia.
My government will continue to support the Makarrata Commission and will work with local land groups to work towards establishing a Voice to parliament, just one of the components of the Statement from the Heart. Furthermore, My government will work with those in the Northern Territory on their way to statehood to ensure that Indigenous people are able to control their own destiny, and are involved through the entire State-building process.
One of the founding principles my government upholds strongly is that of environmental justice, and the ongoing battle against climate change. Climate change is a crucial issue to tackle, which is why my government shall be implementing schemes to transition workers out of non-renewable jobs, into jobs that will support a renewable economy. We shall encourage families to assist in the fight against carbon emissions by looking at a subsidy scheme for families that implement solar panels in their home, and make use of other methods to increase efficiency in the home.
My Government shall seek to create an independent Environment/Climate Change commission, to advise the governments on programs and measures to counter climate change and to protect the environment, for the benefit of the people of Australia and the environment we live in. It will ensure that the Minister responsible for Climate Change will work with the Independent Environmental Commission to create yearly carbon budgets every year through to 2050, supported by a well funded and integrated emissions reduction plan that sets appropriate targets and provides reporting on all economic sectors that produce emissions on their progress towards the net zero carbon goal. My Government shall seek to end tax concessions and subsidies to businesses that actively harm the environment we live in, as the government of Australia should not assist industries that harm our environment and our wildlife. This government shall also seek to make it more difficult for corporations to clear land to protect the wildlife of Australia, as Australia has some of the most remarkable creatures on the planet, which are becoming extinct due to corporate negligence and activity.
Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats facing Australia today, and as such my Government will put together specific legislation that outlines step by step goals for climate change action (phasing out of coal power, energy transition, then carbon zero) in specific legislation, and gives power to the Independent Environmental Commission to consult with and pressure the government on these actions. This legislation would include a loose target of net zero carbon by 2040, with a leeway of 10 years more if the transition experiences holdups.
My Government acknowledges the importance of our watercare, and as such will adopt strong nationwide freshwater quality standards, including for pathogens, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, periphyton a.k.a. slime, and macroinvertebrate health. Furthermore, it will take action to protect waterways, wetlands and estuaries from excessive sedimentation caused by erosion and land use practices (including “spray and pray”) that lead to soil loss. As part of their efforts to protect the environment, my Government will place a complete moratorium on new coal power plants, fracking, and new offshore seabed exploration and mining. This will allow these fossil fuel industries a safe and secure transition that will allow the current projects to close naturally, while support networks are set up to get new workers into green industries and retrain previous workers. My Government will also put an end to subsidies and tax concessions for environmentally harmful industries, instead putting subsidies and support into the development of green industries and retraining to support this effort, through a Green Jobs Fund.
My Government will ensure that major polluting sectors shall pay a Carbon Tax with exceptions in the field of small business and small-scale farming or agriculture. Emissions pricing should be transparently set and managed by the Independent Environmental Commission, and should incentivise emissions reduction . Further consideration will be taken to ensure business sustainability and job protection to ensure equitable outcomes. To support these efforts from the Government end, my Government will be bringing energy generation and distribution under public control in order to facilitate a swift transition to 100% of Australia’s energy being generated from renewable sources, through increases to the energy target as well as other actions such as public investment, regulations to support renewable energy generation and ensure high efficiency standards under Government care in generation, storage, and conservation.
My Government will support the creation of a renewable exports industry, promoting growth in sustainable sectors for the future such as renewably-generated liquid fuel, direct connections to neighbouring countries economically, and the support of developmental green technology and energy alternatives. It will also promote agricultural, forestry, and land use regimes in which absorption of carbon emissions exceeds carbon emissions. A Government fund will be set up to research into the effects of climate change and innovative ways of combating it, alongside increased funding for environmental legal aid. To support the efforts against Climate Change from the grassroots up, my Government will put together a subsidy for individuals, families, and rental owners who work to improve the insulation of their homes, and make their homes more efficient by installing solar power generation to them. This same standard for the subsidy will be applied to new social housing to ensure that the public sector makes the effort.
In respect of Social Services, my government shall aim to provide a COVID-19 Poverty Response plan in order to benefit those who are put in difficult financial situations due to the consequences of COVID-19 and subsequent policies. My government shall also aim to provide a family support payment in order to support those who are less fortunate, but have children to look after. It will consist of $178 dollars for each family for the first child, and then $112 per subsequent child to a cap of three children. This will put money in vulnerable families pockets to support their children, and get families through the hardships of the pandemic.
In these times of COVID-19 and for the future, my government shall also implement a Mental Health Fund that seeks to increase youth health coverage, lower the cost of therapists and psychiatrists, train new mental health workers, and properly support people with mental health issues. This is for an effort to extend mental health support across Australia, so that all Australians may have adequate access to mental health support for the recovery of COVID-19, and beyond. On top of this, my Government will ensure that all Centrelink staff are properly trained and supported to ensure that people can promptly access their full entitlements and provide individual tailored assistance to help people find work, including people with disabilities.
On top of this, my Government believes that our public media entities should be properly controlled by independent democratic boards elected from the people that work there, in order to be truly cooperative and fair businesses. Furthermore we believe that the ABC and SBS should be free from advertising, and should be funded properly to compensate for the funding they receive from advertising.
The money levied off of high net assets and wealth will be used to fund the COVID-19 Poverty Response Plan. This will constitute a massive social services overhaul that will replace *all* working age benefits with a single Guaranteed Minimum Income payment of $306 per week. Sole parents, people with disabilities, and/or people who cannot work will get an additional rate of $103 dollars, bringing their base payment up to $409. The Guaranteed Minimum Income payment will apply to all working age people who cannot earn the amount of money they’re entitled to under it from working, and will have no abatement rate so as to encourage people to work more if they want more money in the pocket. This will put more into the hands of Australia’s most vulnerable workers affected by the pandemic, and will simplify beneficiary administration to lower costs in the long run. This transformative policy will mirror the successful benefit changes seen in other like-minded countries, and will give Australia the grassroots-and-up boost it needs to get back on its feet economically as we push through the pandemic, and help create a better Australia than the one that went into the pandemic.
RunasSudo AK President
Hon. NGSpy MP Prime Minister
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I will bet that You didn't know that Canada, the USA and indeed across the globe, at any second, at any moment, any one of us good citizens could you put on a secret list courtesy of extremely covert and well funded organized criminal gangs. Much of what you will read here will sound like the ravings of someone on a manic high. Thats fair enough, but, please keep this in mind, this is the most powerful tool these sadistic monsters have in their evil arsenal. They know they can divide and conquer with just that one tool. As a matter of fact, they can count on this "crazy card" every time, wth every crime and act of electronic Torture they committ. Anyone who tries to assert their human rights gets further labeled as "needing help" which effectively removes lawful help we all deseerve. These evil people get away with slowly poisoning good innocent people to death using their wide variety of almost impossible to detect directed energy weapons. As I type at this very moment, I feel sharp pains pop up in my back, feet, hands, head and heart. I could not even make this kind of nightmare up if I had tried. There is a family of electronic torturers and gang criminals above our apt bombarding both my wife and I with extremely dangerous cancer and heart attack causing radio waves. They easily convert old microwave ovens, stun guns, radar guns and others into these almost impossible to detect direct energy weapons. This family have also acted as Quasi Superintendents of this building for over 30 years. They, along with the landlords and owners have tried five times to evict my wife and I for literally no good reason. Each time they would drag us into an eviction hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario and each time they lost, thanks to our legal team at Aboriginal Legal Services here in Toronto.
Even with many months of compelling audio and video Evidence, the police would not listen to our claims, nor would they even watch or listen to our evidence. They took the gang families word that they were using a nail gun to replace the floors, which is true but, anyone with half a brain would laugh off those lies. The clicking electrical switch sounds that we recorded over the past several months were obviously not from a nail gun. As a matter of fact, when we called the police, the dispatcher was very supportive, that is until she ran my name! True I have a small criminal record with several theft under convictions from almost twenty years ago (all of which I pled guilty to) but this dispatcher went from caring to cold in just under two seconds. My gut, my knowledge and other covert moves of my own told me that i am on a very secret and very dirty terror watch list. For what, stealing books? Indeed, when police attended, three officers showed up and the six foot seven officer was sporting a shiny new taser gun, unbuckled. The irony was the senior officers attempt at covert twisted humour. I was never ever charged with any violent crime, so, perhaps someone would be able to tell me why the police would show up with this attitude and pre thought of preparation? The second the officers showed up, the senior officer immediayely began mocking me! The worst part of that day was the officers sharing a good laugh with the gang stalking family;at our expense? The officer also told me that I was a quote, unquote "nut.". Well see wont we?
I finally understand the truth, motivations and reasons behind most of these terrible mass shootings of people and police. Many of these shooters complained and pointed to Electronic torture and the methodical and certain destruction of their career, business and family for causing their ultimate decision to kill police and people. Noone will ever understand the hell these criminals put us through, that is until they themselves are put on this life destruction list. Not only are Targets designated to modern day, long, slow, painful and extremely lonely murder, but these organized stalkers and Electronic Torturers get off on slithering around lying about targets everywhere the target goes, shops, works, comducts business and the list goes on and on. These monsters do this to retired seniors, or, what I refer to as mentors. The more liked or creative a person is, the more they want to destroybtjeir lives. I totally understand a targets wanting revenge. Why not leave this backwards world cheerishing the looks on these perps faces when they realize it is their turn to feel fear, shock, disarray and incredible pain and uttet hopelessness that we Targeted Individuals feel every damn day at the hands of these twisted perp monsters hands.
The sad part of this gangs management is that most of them are very brilliant minds. They are highly intelligent managers but the dangerous gang members they hire on street level are just punk hackers and are laughingly referred to as "soldiers" by their own criminal organization. These soldiers gang up on unsuspecting citizens of our great Country and wear them down, first psychologically, using well proven fascist Stasi methods. These so called soldiers spread lies, mostly terrible damaging lies to neighbours and family, like they have with me. We good citizens are separated from the herd, bombarded with a variety of microwave and direct energy weapons until we go insane or fall ill or worse, fall to our death via a direct energy induced heart attack, stroke or other method made to look like a so calledb"natural death." These gangs upper mgmt arm their fellow perps with all kinds of hi tech tools, hardware, software and apps. The joke though, is also on these soldiers because they honestly and fully believe they are part of the new revolution and their leaders care about them! Nothing could be further from the truth. Retired former high level operatives have told me that amoung the most murders upper management order are their own soldiers who slack off or who make unplanned mistakes. If only all the soldiers could be told this one fact, all at the same time, with proof, that would be presto, no more soldiers tovtake all the risks, to make only $20 bucks an hour along disproportionate risk and prison time and soon, all the acts of extreme and violent and sudden revenge.
Let us not forget another covert fact that I was also told, that the cancer, blood radiation and a list of atleast eighteen other illnesses that almost always cause immediate and very painfull death, are not only untreatable but, are close to 2500% more prevalent and life ending amoungst the operators than to the victims on the receiving end of their torture. If you dont beileve this then go try to look it up. Most likely you will find nothing. Experts will be quick to point out that where there is no info on something specific, more often than not,it usually points to the plain to see fact that it is being hidden, and trust me, it is.
Why all this expense and effort you may ask? Thats easy, return on investment, that is these gangs pay fraudulent monthly insurance premiums on their tatgets, all over the world so that when a target finally does die, they collect tens of millions of dollars in again, 100% fraudulent payouts. If we dont collectively stand up to this horror show, each time a target dies, ten more innocent Canadian citizens become new targets and evil, vicious cycle continues.
When you are nominated and entered into this covert killing machine as a targeted Individual, your life instantly ceases to be your own. From that moment, you are to be followed by hideous criminal gang members who operate with 90% immunity, protected by throngs of middle gang managers who have access to police, fire, ambulance, medical and government people who all work for this new incideous fascist communist regime. These traitors, seditionists, murderers and scum have all but taken over Canada. I myself am being basically tortured around the clock by a neighbouring criminal gang stalking family. Even with months of more than compelling and troubling vifeo, audio evidence, The police called me insane and laughed in my face. This gang has even made infiltrated my family. because when i finally reached out to my high ranking retired Interpol/RCMP Father and Mother and best friend, all they could say was that maybe I should get mental help! So you see the absolutely horrific and hopeless situation that we targeted victims are in? I have even sent video and audio of their attacks on me ad well as video showing my healthy heart rate and pulse going from 87 all the way up to 140 bpm in under 3 minutes flat. This explosion of my heart rate is consistent with what my wife and I have been experiencing for a couple years now, but much less often than tofay which is, literally every sleepimg and waking moment. This family of five is hell bent on causing mine or both of our demises by causing a heart attack, stroke or even cancer by assaulting us to a non stop barrage of deadly microwave radiation with their incideous weapons.I have honestly months of video and audio evidence that clearly show this families pattern of following me around our apt from their apt directly above. They are obviously using some type of tech that can see me wherever i go. My wife verifies that the moment I awake and go to our washroom, we both hear their footsteps follow me from above. Then, in 99% of these times, wherever I stop, they too stop and always they then plop down something heavy and metallic on their floor above. Then, within 30 to 60 seconds, I experience sudden hot flashes, inexplicable sudden onset of stomach butterflies which are then always followed by extremely troubling and downright terrifying heart palipitations. Some of their ttacks are more aggressive than others. They attack harder or more aggressive whenever i have the audacity to try to shelter myself from their attacks! We live in the greatest country on the planet, but how the hell did this obvious takeover take place. Everyday and night our life in this apt is a literal hell on earth because of this organized gang of stalkers, liars and murderers. We are law abiding citizens, we both litetally have survived multiple attempts on our lives while barely surviving homelessness together twenty years ago here in Toronto. We have both overcome severe, long term alcohol, crack, cocaine and opiate addictions. We both still struggle with depression and a lack of self worth as the result of our former self destructive lifestyles. We both live with tremendous guilt, especially considering the decades of hurting and disappointing those we love so very dearly.. We have already paid a hefty price for this and we have both lost most of our so precious friends in out lives. Still, we had motored forward, we admit far too slowly but we did manage to build an impressive multi channel, hyperlocal, low cost business model that connects underemployed creatve and cultural workers to local businesses and shops. All businesses need marketing, but priced low enough to continue marketing on an ongoing basis. Our cteative Members work for less to help shops in their own neighbouthood in teturn for cash paid the same day as the contract is fulfilled. Our years of research, product and services testing and fulfilling local marketing contracts have helped us to drill down into very certain business niches and our fifth business plan shows this. Even before COVID, there was an urgent need for ongoing and low cost advertising and marketing across omni channels both online and offline together. We connect online and offline together as a rule or mission statement simply by utilizing qr codes to even marketing playing fields. We believe that we could be one of the first independent businesses to develop QR Code classifieds as well as QR Code Shops, which are basically paper points of sale. We had worked long and hard to figure out how we could custom design, build, further develop and then market test and then launch our own very own automated business and QR Code publications. We research the products and setvices to sell and then we design each paper store, configure qr codes, print the posters, flyera and stickers and then distribute them throughout one Neighbourhood at a time. We then use Google Analytics to watch sales live as they happen! All of this ground breaking work is not at the hands of a delusional indane man, like these criminal gangs assert. We've even developed our own digital out of home ad networks that work in conjunction with all of our, and equally our local clients marketing, online ecommerce and offline print publishing goods and services. We have even attracted expert investors who clearly see validity in our bisiness model. We could go on forever but right now, we are in urgently in need of your help to save our lives, especially my life because as Leona will testify in court, they target and attack me around the clock, absolutely and literally! They cause sudden and extremely dangerous spikes in my heart rate, not a couple times a day but, many dozens of times each day and night, awake or asleep!! They also cause sudden sharp pains and or numbness in the back of my head, burns on feet and legs and too much to go into right at this moment. Please someone help us. There just has to ve someone out there who will believe our nightmare. This gang family wont stop until i am dead. There just has to be one person, one detective one politician who can and will help. I pray that readers of this article will reach out to good people im law enforcement in Toronto or Canada. Most honest readers of this letter will clearly see that I am not insane and this is all 100% fact and our lives are in imminent danger. If only one person could conduct some type of scan of our apt to see what is happening to us.
This is exactly why we started this organization, to team up with millions of others going through this hell too. One of our central missions is to build an action advisory board that will act mediayely on behalf of other innocent Targeted Individuals by making calla, emails, paper lettera urging action from rach Targeted Individuals own community. In this way, they too will be believed! Thank you and God Bless You. Gotdon Welke and Leona Sackaney, Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Here is how their attacks un fold: Through endless years of living here we too thought their following us was somehow innocent. However, I really took notice in the past months that when i stop to use the washroom ,shower, cook, sit to work on computer and, if you can believe, while we sleep or watch a classic movie, these sick and horrible people begin their incideous and invasive attacks right through their floor and down through our ceiling onto both of us innocent, loving, accepting, rent paying Canadian citizens.
My wife finally knows for certain what they are up to. I have had notes dropped to me yelling me that i am being set up for electronic murder so these gangs can collect big life insurance claims after paying years of secret very high monthly payments that pay off in the millions should they succeed in murdering me or directly causing mine or Leonas severe illness or cancer. I/we ate all alone. There is no help for us, or so it seems. I get that this all sounds like far too much but, just dont fall for their evil incideous game, where anyone, any good human being that dare speak out about these crimes are labeled as delusional, schitzophrenic or insane. Please do your own Independent research and most importantly, listen to your heart or follow your gut, please.
So, What's happened to our true north and free, the Canada we knew? This hurts me to tell you all but, these organized fascist gangs are now closer and closer to full and total control of our government, our police and our emergency services and most likely our military as well, basically our country we hold so dear. You have been fooled, we have been fooled, our collective goodness has been taken as weakness time amd time again. The only way to stop a total fall of the leftover good in our Canada is not through any violence, because that is exactly what this gang wants. We must, and I do mean we must, Unite and stand up for each other trying every conceivable legal and peaceful method we can. If this fails, we all know what could be coming our way, dont we?
Please know that every community in Canada is involved and thia Nazi organization can just go ahead and illegally put any innocent Canadian on their targeted list. They then go ahead and illegally create a completely fake history. Yeah and then they enlist other so-called soldiers are also gang stalkers to assist in spreading lies to family and community, employers and potential business funders and banks. These gang members are committing domestic terrorism, electronic murder and treason to say the least. The so-called experts say that there's tens of thousands of targeted individuals but this is not true. In reality there's Millions yes millions in Canada alone!! These organized stalkers, also widely finally being called perps and most recently referred to as "despicables," can nominate any innocent Canadian to be put on their very illegal but very powerful terrorist watch list. Can you imagine this is where we at in Canada. This is not fear mongering, this is not mental illness, this is the horrifying absolute fact and truth. So you may ask me how I know this how I know it's all true? I know this because I am on their targeted list!
I want the world to know Who is doing this to me. My experience, like many TI's, is hell and these monsters have our hands tied unless we join together and begin to fight back with everything we've got! I have quickly accumulated this unwanted expertise and I can say that I also have media, marketing and a long list of additional transferrable skill sets to develop and launch an organization to help ourselves, but, not without your help. Please join us, we need big numbers to get the message out to our politicians. We members can jump into action inviting authorities, lawyers, security experts and so on so forth. Just what they're attacking me with we can't say for certain but I do have months of shocking videos that show the absolute arrogance and severity of what they are doing to us, and Around the clock! Whayever they are doing to me is the same game 24 hours a day. They follow me until I stop somewhere in our apartment and then, they plop down something metallic, their Direct Energy weapon of some sort and they hit me by flicking some type of switch. I have even recorded this weapon recharging after they discharge it on me.
Also, please visit our You Tube Channel INJUSTICE CANADA that has #ome interesting videos. Join us here or on YouTube
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Bloodlines: The Legacy of Charlemagne (Part 1)

Bloodlines: The Legacy of Charlemagne (Part 1)

Bloodlines: The Legacy of Charlemagne

A Crusader Kings II After-Action Report
The House of Karling


In the year 768, a man named Charles (or Karl) became King of the Franks and though he did not know it at the time, he would be remembered for centuries to come as the father of Europe. Charles would go on to conquer an Empire spanning all of France, western Germany, and most of Italy. Charles would go down as Charles the Great or Charlemagne and his descendants would rule Europe for centuries. Though over time the realms of Charlemagne were taken over by other cadet branches and dynasties such as the Capets and the Ottovian Emperors. By the year 1066, the House of Karling was nearly extinct. The only direct male heir of Charlemagne left was Count Herbert of Vermandois along with his unlanded brothers and son. The last remaining son of the Father of Europe.
This is an AAR or After Action Report for Crusader Kings 2 (CKII). CKII is a medieval politics simulator taking place across the middle ages as far back as 769 all the way to 1453. In this AAR I will be telling the story of my campaign taking place between 1066 and 1444. Unlike in most historical strategy games, in CKII you play not as a single nation but as a continuous bloodline and dynasty. There is a lot more focus on the roleplaying aspects of these rulers lives as you’ll see.
In this particular AAR I will be playing probably one of the most famous dynasties in Medieval history, the House of Karling (more famously known as the Carolingian Dynasty). These are the direct descendants of Charlemagne, the King of Franks, first Holy Roman Emperor, and the man basically responsible for the existence of France and Germany (and by extension Western Europe as we know it). Of course as time has passed the Karlings have slowly lost their positions of power as other families have risen up through marriage, rebellion, and conquests. We will be playing Count Herbert of Vermandois. Herbert is a subject of the French King and also the last landed member of the House of Karling. His son and his two brothers along with him are the last direct male descendants of Charlemagne. Historically, Herberts only son ended up passing without having any children thus ending the Karling lineage. With us at the helm, we can hopefully not only keep the legacy of Charlemagne going but restore the Karlings to the French crown where they rightfully belong.

The 11th Century: The End of an Age

Europe c. 26th of December, 1066
Europe by the later half of the 11th century was seeing large shifts that would go on to define its history. The Age of the Vikings had come to an end when King Harold Godwinson of England defeated the Norwegian invaders in the Battle of Stamford Bridge earlier this year. William the Conqueror and his Norman armies successfully invaded England and established their rule which would mark the start of the transition from the germanic Anglo-Saxon language and culture to a more Norman French English culture. Iberia is in the midst of the reconquista which can decide the religious fate of the peninsula. The Eastern Roman Empire is facing an invasion by the Seljuk Turks who rule over Persia which can possibly mark the beginning of their long decline should the Turks succeed. Europe is about to find itself in the midst of the investiture crisis where rulers such as the Holy Roman Emperor will challenge how much power the Papacy actually has as many rulers will decide that secular rulers should be able to appoint bishops instead of the Pope. Meanwhile as the Muslims advance on the Christian Byzantines, and Eastern Orthodoxy expands into the western Eurasian Steppe with Kievan Rus, the Papacy will begin to feel especially threatened. This feeling could culminate by the end of the century into drastic matters to expand Catholicism's reach and influence by force even. Lastly France is finding itself in a rough position. King Philippe and his younger brother Hughes are the last of the Capet rulers, both being children. France is a powerful kingdom indeed but the Holy Roman Emperor to their east is vastly superior in strength and numbers. France could very well see its territory begin to shrink away over the course of the next several years from German invasions. And in the midst of all of this is a 34 year old Count looking to carve out his own place in what is becoming an increasingly chaotic time.

Count Herbert of Vermandois

1st of January, 1067
A big day for my family indeed. My brother Eudes married today in Florence. Duchess Matilda of Tuscany, 20 year old Italian woman, incredibly patient and hard working woman. She certainly takes her role as a ruler of one of the largest holdings in the Holy Roman Empire very seriously. Honestly, she is an ill fit for my brother. Always jealous of my privilege of being the first born, preferring to hide away from his duties and stuff his face with expensive roasts on my coin. Honestly to be rid of him all the way here is a blessing. Adele and I attended the wedding of course and gave the honorable Duchess a gift. Considering my family's lands are limited to a simple county in northern France, having a Karling rule over most of Italy will hopefully bring back some honor to our family name.
11th of January, 1067
Apparently there has been a request delivered to me. A nun who has earned the name Melisende the Holy from Laon has earned quite the reputation as a healer caring for Lepers. Apparently the Leper Colony where she works as well as her convent has run into financial issues. The letter was asking for me to offer some coin in donation to the convent in exchange she had offered her services as a healer and practitioner of medicine to my court. Truly a remarkable woman based on the recommendation. I speak with my steward to make the arrangements. It’d be nice to have a court physician to look after me and my family.
23rd of January, 1067
There was an emergency meeting of the Regency Council called in Paris. It seems a declaration of war was sent to us by Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich IV as he planned to invade France to seize the county of Zeeland. Of course the council knew that this was more of a show of force against the Kingdom, an attempt to seize some glory. The council began making decisions on how to move the French armies in preparation for the war. The Emperor has access to a much larger army, though they are more spread out. If we raise our levies and mass them to attack then perhaps France can edge out a victory.
2nd of December, 1067
It seems the war is going ever poorly in the south. The French armies have been crushed and defeated by the Germans at every turn. As the chaos consumes the south it becomes apparent that King Philippe will turn 16 in a month, thus ending the regency. Most suspect my father-in-law Count Raoul of Amiens will be named Duke of Picardie for his efforts leading and commanding the armies during the war. If that is the case I will be made his vassal and lose my place on the Royal Council. Before I can let this happen I need to make a strike to carve out my own base of power. I’ve raised my levies and sent out letters to my allies the Dukes of Aquitaine and Burgundy to join me in a war against Duke Thibault of Champagne. Hopefully by right of conquest I can take a large section of his lands for myself. Of course waging such a war will certainly hurt my image across the Kingdom but it is necessary.

The Lords of France c.1067

Duke Herbert of Picardie
30th of January, 1068
In a move that surprised even me, King Philippe, now an adult and legally king by all rights, decided to name me Duke of Picarde. Though my Father-in-Law does own more land he was recently captured after another failed battle in Provence. Philippe seemed furious with him and blamed him for the disastrous war based on the letter I received. Adele seemed hurt by the scornful words the King had for her father. But I was not one to turn down such an honor. Of course my prestigious lineage certainly helped with the decision. Either way I now have to hope my allies will pull through for me and help secure this war. I suspect there will be a serious issue with Adeles brother once he becomes count. Likely he will try and take the Duchy for himself in a sort of rebellion in the future. But for now I can’t worry about potential future enemies.
2nd of June, 1068
I watched from a nearby hill in Guise as my army returned with almost 4000 more men lent from my allies. The banners of Burgundy and Aquitaine flew with mine as they braved the ford of the river and made their way across to attack the armies of Champagne. We pushed hard though I watched as our right flank completely fell apart and collapsed yet our men rushed through. Bodies and blood filled the riverbank. We outnumbered them two to one, and though we may have lost more men they were routed. Unfortunately as the battle cleared I saw what was a monsterous cloud up ahead. The German armies marched across and abushing us. There was nowhere to run.
17th of July, 1068
I tried to flee with my family and my army however the Germans were everywhere. They ravaged my army and my allies. They crushed our forces, burned several homes and buildings until finally they cornered me with my guards. I surrendered myself as long as they allowed my family to go. It seems I’ve now fallen victim to this war with the Germans.
4th of August, 1068
Seems the war is over, King Philippe has lost and Zeeland was handed over. Of course I am still rotting in a prison awaiting for my ransom to be paid. I’m sure Adele is scurrying to get her hands on the money. What’s more with me in here, it is up to my commanders to win the war against Champagne. At least I needn’t fear any more German intervention.
27th of December, 1068
Spending Christmas in a damp freezing cold German dungeon. I shivered against the bed before rolling over and vomiting on the floor. My throat burned and ached as I felt sweat dripping off of me despite the cold. I knew I’d fallen ill, of course the guards refused to listen to me as I begged for a bucket. How undignified.
7th of June, 1069
Nice, lovely, I find myself curling with the flu feeling miserable as I’m constantly entering coughing fits barely able to stomach what little slop they offer me. A young man entered as I could barely make out his voice. He was meek and thin “E-excuse me. Erm. Darf ich mit dem Herzog sprechen? Ich habe wichtige erm da neuigkeiten von seiner familie.” he began speaking in what even I could tell was broken german. The guards allowed him to pass. “What did you say?” I asked in a nasally voice “I heard something about family?” “Uh yes sire. Your wife Duchess Adele and your brother Regent Pierre sent me to inform you that the ransom should be paid in about 8 to 9 months.” I instantly turned to him as I strained my voice as best I could muster “8 to 9 months? What the hell is wrong with you!” “Now now my liege. Please I can tell you need to reserve your strength. I also come bearing good news. It seems your army's erm defeated the Duke of Champagne. You are now the Count of Brie and Baron of Provins. So there is that at least.” I tossed my head back against the wall “I suppose that is good news. Thank you messenger. Please allow my family to properly compensate you.” “Ah thank you my liege.” he said, giving a bow as he backed out of the prison cell.
27th of June, 1069
Seems my family came through for me after all. Not long after that messenger left I was given another message that my ransom had been paid. Thank the lord almighty. I mounted a carriage to wheel me back home to Vermandois so I can see my wife and son again. It’ll be nice to be back home after spending half a year locked away.
1st of July, 1069
Having only just returned I’m already being thrusted with news of what has happened since my absence. It seems the King just recently called to raise levies for another war. This time he is launching a war against the infidel rulers of Mallorca. I’ve heard the Iberians to the south have been waging thier wars defending their lands against the infidel muhammadens. By taking Mallorca we will break their hold on Mediterranean trade and be able to aid our fellow Christians in their holy war. I recall the tales my father would tell of our ancestor who led the Battle of Tours stopping the infidels from invading the Kingdom of the Franks. I certainly gave my approval for the war, may God bless King Philippe and France. It seems he is shaping up to be a great King after all.
16th of July, 1069
A messenger arrived in the court today bursting into the room to give me some announcement just as the physician was placing the organs of a still twitching frog corpse over my chest. She promised me that it would help cure me of the flu which I contracted in that German prison. I looked over to the door as they swung open “Duke Herberrrrt, erm.” “By the Lord's name boy, do you not know how to knock? What is it?” I asked despite my throat being still raw and sore from dry heaving earlier. “Yes, well,I come bearing a message from his majesty King Philippe, it seems he wishes to appoint you onto his advisory council as the Royal Marshal.” “during a time of war? Joyous me. Well I’m a tad busy at the moment.” “So should I tell his majesty that you have declined his offer?” “No no, I accept. Just that he'll have to accept that I won’t be at my best.” “As you wish” he gave a bow as he left the room. “Now on with the treatment Melisende”
30th of July, 1069
Today was a momentous occasion. The journey to Paris in my sickly disposition has not been enjoyable though I managed to arrive at his majesty's castle where his coronation ceremony took place. It was a small celebration as I met with the other advisors, and the ceremony was brief. The Bishop crowned him King of France as all joined in a polite applause.
28th of February, 1070
I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. Full strength, able to actively partake in governance and more importantly be able to uphold my family. Adele has been working to create a more secure spy network here to protect against any intrigue. I’ve made plenty of enemies after all. What’s more is Adele announced that she is pregnant with our child. It’s been 8 years since our daughter was born and honestly I’d forgotten the nerves of pregnancy. After all it is such a dangerous and vulnerable time for her.
20th of March, 1070
Seems that Englands been dragged into another war. Duke William of Normandy, who became King of England a little over 3 years ago, decided to declare a war against his rightful liege, King Philippe. Apparently William and Philippe disagreed over the management of the County of Vexin. My Father-in-Law, Raoul, was the rightful count but he is my vassal. Philippe agreed with me, yet William wants to bring his armies down to France anyways. Just because he was King of England he believes he can do as he pleases like a spoiled child.
6th of September, 1070
Today was the day. I rushed down as soon as I heard through the halls until I heard the screams. As I approached the door I stood outside impatiently for what felt like eternity before finally one of the midwives came out of the room after I had heard some crying from inside “Master, the Duchess is ready to let you in” as I came into the room there Adele laid holding our baby. As I approached I looked over running a finger along its cheek. “It is a girl.” I smiled “How does Marguerite sound?” “It sounds beautiful,” Adele replied “Marguerite.”
23rd of April, 1072
“I take back every kind word I’d given about that boy, he is a coward!” I shouted “Sire…” the messenger meekly spoke up “We are talking about our King.” “Yes yes, a cowardly King too incapable of fending off a few dozen infidels on some islands, and a King who thinks his glory beyond our borders is worth more than his own people!” “Yes sire…” he agreed quietly “I mean, those English bastards just ravaged my countryside, attacked my people! He is supposed to protect me and my lands, yet he prances about never putting up a fight and surrenders MY land to that Norman barbarian?!” “I have no idea why he’d do such a thing, sire…” “Paris is burning as Mahomedans ravage the land, pillaging and raping French subjects. Coward! Coward I say!” “Well sire why didn’t you raise your levies to..” I turned to him and my glare must have made him fear the face of god as I’d never seen a grown man gulp and shiver like that. I approached slowly holding out my finger as I explained the simplicity of this premise to him “At best I can muster maybe what? Two thousand men? More likely less. The English have five! It’d be a slaughter! No. William is his subject, England is a foreign crown. It is the Kings job to protect his lands and his people from foreign enemies. But clearly he cannot even do that.” I shook my head trembling in anger. “Anyways, I’m sorry. What did you come in here for?” The servant was still trembling though he was more afraid, maybe thought I was to order his hanging at any moment. “Er would you like pressed duck or roasted pork tonight sire…” “Oh I’ll have roasted pork if you would.” “Right away sire..” he said as he scrambled out of the room.
28th of June, 1072
After weeks of fever and general fatigue my court physician has diagnosed me with having the Great Pox. Wherever I contracted such a filth I’ve no idea though these lesions that have formed strike fear right into my soul. She’s recommended a treatment of bloodletting to help my humors balance. “This disease will plague you for the rest of your life. Though by balancing your humors we can perhaps make the symptoms more tolerable.” “Do as you must”.
11th of May, 1073
I swear I saw them, the shadows speaking to me. I am starting to hear voices. I think that my castle is haunted. I remember hearing a tale about an old lord in this castle who fell down the stairs running after his grandchildren. I remember now, it was a raspy voice, hollow inside. No what am I saying, there is no such thing as spirits. It must be the whispers of my enemies, plotting to blow me into the sky with manure or conjuring a comet to strike my bed in my sleep. I’ll show them. I’ll see their plots a league ahead of time. Leagues are a measure of distance not time. Silly me.
6th of August, 1073
I was hiding in the bedroom, I didn’t want to be seen. That's when I saw her sleeping there, oh my sweet Adele. As I approached though I saw it. The shadows had gotten to her. She was in the bed blood pooled in her pillow and around her lips. She was so pale, so cold. I wanted to be closer with her. I kissed her blood soaked lips, they were so cold. “I’m sorry my sweet Adele. I didn’t protect you. The shadows caught you. My dear, my love.” I could barely make it all out as my tears dripped onto her flesh. To be taken so young.
15th of April, 1074
Some Occitan named Gui has gathered up an army down south. Has quite a bit of support from the local populations. Wants to ‘liberate’ the Kingdom of Aquitaine. Such chaos, I bet King Philippe will fail in defeating this uprising. If France loses Aquitaine, the Kingdom will fall apart. I miss Adele. I wish I lived in brighter days. King Philippe has brought his armies back from Mallorca but the war isn’t over. France is so weak and divided. Truly this is the end of a great people.
10th of February, 1075
I was told by my brother that I should remarry. I can’t ‘be upset and hung up on it forever’. Apparently producing more children is of the utmost importance to the realm. He found this Iberian woman, a daughter of a count I think he said. Her name was Dordia and her family was wealthy enough they offered a dowry to help pay for several new buildings and guild halls in Guise. I couldn’t refuse, and I mean it. Today she arrived and we had our wedding. She was beautiful, a bit promiscuous throughout our meeting. I don’t dislike her, though I can’t help but miss my Adele.

9th of January, 1076
My boy Eudes is really growing up. Today is the day of his wedding to Aines de Poitou, the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine. An important alliance to be sure, her father is probably the single most powerful man in France aside from the King. The ceremony was beautiful as I sat next to my wife Dordia, who was showing her belly from pregnancy. I wish Adele could have been here to see our son wed his wife. But alas, this is how it is. I feel more alone now than ever.
22nd of May, 1076
It’s been easier to throw myself into my work. King Philippe appointed me as his new Chancellor. After Adele's death I resigned as his Royal Marshal but now I am ready for court work and politics. Though it seems Philippe has earned the ire of many others. His failures with Mallorca and the growing rebellion in Aquitaine has left most French nobility dissatisfied with the King. He’s even managed to offend his holiness, Pope Alexander II who excommunicated King Philippe a few years ago. I returned today to Vermandois as Dordia should be giving birth any time now. Though when I arrived I found a letter had arrived a few days prior bearing the Papal Seal. As I sat in my study opening the letter reading it over I realized it was directly signed by Pope Alexander II himself. In it he spoke of the sinfulness of King Philippe and his failures in fighting the Muslims and defending his lands. He specifically recounted my lineage “You are the sole male heir of Charlemagne, as such you are the rightful King of France.” he gave me his blessing and promised to back my ‘divine right’ to rule this Kingdom. I collapsed into my seat, this was an important decision. Do I betray Philippe? Conspire with the French nobility to overthrow him? If I have the Popes backing my right is just. Of course should I fail, then this will horribly backfire. I will accept the Popes offer though I will keep this secret. I will draft him a letter accepting his offer and go from there. Perhaps I should resign as his chancellor?
24th of June, 1076
I’ve officially resigned as Chancellor and begun gathering support among the French nobility for my claim to the throne. I need some major funds if I want to be able to support a war but luckily these failed wars of Philippes have worn his army down. Today though, no more plots, no more politics, only joy as I entered the room to see Dordia holding my second son. We named him Louis as I held my son. Eudes would now have a younger brother. Seeing this son only cemented my resolve. I want to give him a good inheritance, this throne is not just for me but for my sons, my heirs.
2nd of August, 1076
My resolve has been steeled, I have arranged marriages and alliances with both the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich IV and King Sancho II of Castille. With the Pope granting me divine right, their political support, plus the support of what nobility are willing to back me I am ready to draft my ultimatum. Unfortunately, multiple other members of the French nobility have decided to put their own candidates for the throne. Philippe has become universally despised, his being deposed is only a matter of when not if. I sat at my desk and wrote the ultimatum. “My Liege, King Philippe Capet of France, With the blessings of Pope Alexander II, the support of the most powerful lords of Europe, and even your own nobility I humbly request your abdication. King Philippe, I have been your most loyal and obedient servant for many years. When all others lost their faith or had their doubts I had been a staunch defender. I know you think highly of me, not just for my lineage but for the care I have for this Kingdom and your subjects. This is not of ill will towards you but for the future of the French Kingdom. If you remain, others will violently depose you or worse make attempts on your life. You have many enemies, and I wish to remain your ally and friend. Abdicate, resign the throne to me by the grace of God. And should you do so honorably, allow a peaceful transfer of power then perhaps this Kingdom can return to a track of progress and prosperity. Your Obedient Servant, Herbert Karling” And with that I hand the scroll with my seal to the messenger and send him to Paris. At the same time I raise my levies, ready for war. Even if he surrenders which I doubt, I will need to be ready to fight these wars Philippe has begun.
8th of August, 1076
When the messenger arrived I was overseeing a military camp as my levies gathered. I already knew the response before I undid the seal. “Dear Duke Herbert Karling of Picarde, I am insulted and betrayed. When I was surrounded by enemies you were the one I relied on. I made you what you are. You cling to your lineage so much yet you’ve never earned a thing for yourself. I made you Duke, I made you Marshal and I allowed you to resign when your wife had passed, God rest her soul. When you asked to return I made you Chancellor because I trusted you. You were the only one I could trust. Clearly I am a failure as a King as you said. For I had sourly misjudged your character. I will not make that error again. You will never be King. The Rightful King of France, Philippe Capet.” War it is. I will send word to King Sancho II to join me.

The Karling Rebellion c.1076
7th of December, 1076
My armies have gathered and we march southwest to hopefully meet with the Castillians. I am aware that King Philippe and the majority of his forces were located int he same direction, I wouldn’t be surprised if they enter battle before we even get there. Hopefully the greater Castillian army can overwhelm Philippe and force him into a retreat. The boy is a capable warrior and commander, he is just a terrible strategist. Once he is on his back heel he won’t know what to do, then I will be able to play with him like a cat with a mouse just before devouring him.
26th of January, 1077
We encountered the French army in Bassac with their allies of Barcelona. Seems Philippe abandoned what was left of his forces. A messenger from Sancho informed me that they had killed somewhere over a thousand of his men, another 100 died as we crashed down on them. They are battered and weak. We will leave them and march north to Paris. Once the capital is mine, it won’t take much more to assert my right as King.
3rd of August, 1077
I was sitting in my tent receiving treatment for my Great Pox. Melisende was applying leeches when one of my commanders, Jaufre, entered “My liege, the city of Paris has fallen.” I smiled as another leech attached to my forearm. “Excellent. Get the men ready to pack up and move on. Leave a small garrison. We will have the entire county in our grip by the end of the year. Once the County is ours, France will fall. Pope Alexander was right, I truly do have Gods blessing.” I smiled laying back down as the leeches were now applied to my cheeks and forehead.

The Siege of Paris c. 1077
12th of December, 1078
Philippe is stubborn, that is what I have learned. All of Paris and Senlis have fallen, I march to Orleans and yet he refuses to surrender. What's more it seems my rebellion has finally convinced him to end his foolish war with Mallorca and he even managed to put down the revolt in Aquitaine. Who knew all it took was a civil war for Philippe to become a competent King. Either way I am grateful to him, whether I win this war or not, Aquitaine will remain firmly within France. Duke Ramon-Bereguer of Barcelona has raised an army of 2000 men to try and help his ally remain in power. My scouts have come to me saying that he is taking his army to Sens. We can get to him first, and crush his forces. Any shred of hope Philippe has must be sliced apart.
18th of January, 1079
We’ve chased the Catalans to Cosne where we’ve engaged with them. My scouts underestimated their size, they easily reached somewhere around 3000 men. Nonetheless, my commanders are skilled men of great renown. I have full faith in their abilities and in the Castilian forces alongside us.
9th of December, 1079
The siege of Orleans was over, as we traveled north to Paris we met the last of the French forces as we crushed them in Sens Philippe was brought to the camp hands bound. It was now that he knew the war was over. His ally has abandoned him, God has chosen his victor. “You are a filthy traitor.” Philippe cursed to me as I sighed “When you were still a boy, I had so much hope in you. You were like a second son to me Philippe. But you’ve failed time and time again. It’s time son.” “Don’t call me son” “It’s time for you to abdicate, it’s what is best for you and for this Kingdom.” He looked disgusted with me “You shouldn’t pretend like this is for the Kingdom, or for me. You’re a traitor, hungry for power and you only care about yourself. Usurper, that’s how they will remember you.” I took off Philippes crown and nodded “Well let’s see what the people in Paris have to say.”

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Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trump’s war on Iran?

By: Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies - May 30, 2020
Read the article here: https://www.nationofchange.org/2020/05/30/who-are-the-secret-puppet-masters-behind-trumps-war-on-iran/
On May 6th, President Trump vetoed a war powers bill specifying that he must ask Congress for authorization to use military force against Iran. Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign of deadly sanctions and threats of war against Iran has seen no let-up, even as the U.S., Iran and the whole world desperately need to set aside our conflicts to face down the common danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.
So what is it about Iran that makes it such a target of hostility for Trump and the neocons? There are many repressive regimes in the world, and many of them are close U.S. allies, so this policy is clearly not based on an objective assessment that Iran is more repressive than Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other monarchies in the Persian Gulf.
The Trump administration claims that its “maximum pressure” sanctions and threats of war against Iran are based on the danger that Iran will develop nuclear weapons. But after decades of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and despite the U.S.’s politicization of the IAEA, the Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.
If Iran ever did any preliminary research on nuclear weapons, it was probably during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the U.S. and its allies helped Iraq to make and use chemical weapons that killed up to 100,000 Iranians. A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, the IAEA’s 2015 “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues” and decades of IAEA inspections have examined and resolved every scrap of false evidence of a nuclear weapons program presented or fabricated by the CIA and its allies.
If, despite all the evidence, U.S. policymakers still fear that Iran could develop nuclear weapons, then adhering to the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), keeping Iran inside the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and ensuring ongoing access by IAEA inspectors would provide greater security than abandoning the deal.
As with Bush’s false WMD claims about Iraq in 2003, Trump’s real goal is not nuclear non-proliferation but regime change. After 40 years of failed sanctions and hostility, Trump and a cabal of U.S. warhawks still cling to the vain hope that a tanking economy and widespread suffering in Iran will lead to a popular uprising or make it vulnerable to another U.S.-backed coup or invasion.

United against a Nuclear Iran and the Counter Extremism Project

One of the key organizations promoting and pushing hostility towards Iran is a shadowy group called United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). Founded in 2008, it was expanded and reorganized in 2014 under the umbrella of the Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU) to broaden its attacks on Iran and divert U.S. policymakers’ attention away from the role of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in spreading violence, extremism and chaos in the greater Middle East.
UANI acts as a private enforcer of U.S. sanctions by keeping a “business registry” of hundreds of companies all over the world—from Adidas to Zurich Financial Services—that trade with or are considering trading with Iran. UANI hounds these companies by naming and shaming them, issuing reports for the media, and urging the Office of Foreign Assets Control to impose fines and sanctions. It also keeps a checklist of companies that have signed a declaration certifying they do not conduct business in or with Iran. Proving how little they care about the Iranian people, UANI even targets pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device corporations—includingBayer, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories—that have been granted special U.S. humanitarian aid licenses.

Where does UANI get its funds?

UANI was founded by three former U.S. officials, Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke and Mark Wallace. In 2013, it still had a modest budget of $1.7 million, nearly 80% coming from two Jewish-American billionaires with strong ties to Israel and the Republican Party: $843,000 from precious metals investor Thomas Kaplan and $500,000 from casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Wallace and other UANI staff have also worked for Kaplan’s investment firms, and he remains a key funder and advocate for UANI and its affiliated groups.
In 2014, UANI split into two entities: the original UANI and the Green Light Project, which does business as the Counter Extremism Project. Both entities are under the umbrella of and funded by a third, Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU). This permits the organization to brand its fundraising as being for the Counter Extremism Project, even though it still regrants a third of its funds to UANI.
CEO Mark Wallace, Executive Director David Ibsen and other staff work for all three groups in their shared offices in Grand Central Tower in New York. In 2018, Wallace drew a combined salary of $750,000 from all three entities, while Ibsen’s combined salary was $512,126.
In recent years, the revenues for the umbrella group, CEPU, have mushroomed, reaching $22 million in 2017. CEPU is secretive about the sources of this money. But investigative journalist Eli Clifton, who starting looking into UANI in 2014 when it was sued for defamation by a Greek ship owner it accused of violating sanctions on Iran, has found evidence suggesting financial ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
That is certainly what hacked emails between CEPU staff, an Emirati official and a Saudi lobbyist imply. In September 2014, CEPU’s president Frances Townsend emailed the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. to solicit the UAE’s support and propose that it host and fund a CEPU forum in Abu Dhabi. Four months later, Townsend emailed again to thank him, writing, “And many thanks for your and Richard Mintz’ (UAE lobbyist) ongoing support of the CEP effort!” UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan has formed a close relationship with Emirati ruler Bin Zayed, and visited the UAE at least 24 times. In 2019, he gushed to an interviewer that the UAE and its despotic rulers “are my closest partners in more parts of my life than anyone else other than my wife.”
Another email from Saudi lobbyist and former Senator Norm Coleman to the Emirati Ambassador about CEPU’s tax status implied that the Saudis and Emiratis were both involved in its funding, which would mean that CEPU may be violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by failing to register as a Saudi or Emirati agent in the U.S.
Ben Freeman of the Center for International Policy has documented the dangerously unaccountable and covert expansion of the influence of foreign governments and military-industrial interests over U.S. foreign policy in recent years, in which registered lobbyists are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to foreign influence. Eli Clifton calls UANI, “a fantastic case study and maybe a microcosm of the ways in which American foreign policy is actually influenced and implemented.”
CEPU and UANI’s staff and advisory boards are stocked with Republicans, neoconservatives and warhawks, many of whom earn lavish salaries and consulting fees. In the two years before President Trump appointed John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, CEPU paid Bolton $240,000 in consulting fees. Bolton, who openly advocates war with Iran, was instrumental in getting the Trump administration to withdraw from the nuclear deal.
UANI also enlists Democrats to try to give the group broader, bipartisan credibility. The chair of UANI’s board is former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who was known as the most pro-Zionist member of the Senate. A more moderate Democrat on UANI’s board is former New Mexico governor and UN ambassador Bill Richardson.
Norman Roule, a CIA veteran who was the National Intelligence Manager for Iran throughout the Obama administration was paid $366,000 in consulting fees by CEPU in 2018. Soon after the brutal Saudi assassination of journalist Jamal Khassoghi, Roule and UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan met with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and Roule then played a leading role in articles and on the talk-show circuit whitewashing Bin Salman’s repression and talking up his superficial “reforms” of Saudi society.
More recently, amid a growing outcry from Congress, the UN and the European Union to ease U.S. sanctions on Iran during the pandemic, UANI chairman Joe Lieberman, CEPU president Frances Townsend and CEO Mark Wallace signed a letter to Trump that falsely claimed, “U.S. sanctions neither prevent nor target the supply of food, medicine or medical devices to Iran,” and begged him not to relax his murderous sanctions because of COVID-19.
This was too much for Norman Roule, who tossed out his UANI script and told the Nation, “the international community should do everything it can to enable the Iranian people to obtain access to medical supplies and equipment.”
Two Israeli shell companies to whom CEPU and UANI have paid millions of dollars in “consulting fees” raise even more troubling questions. CEPU has paid over $500,000 to Darlink, located near Tel Aviv, while UANI paid at least $1.5 million to Grove Business Consulting in Hod Hasharon, about 10% of its revenues from 2016 to 2018. Neither firm seems to really exist, but Grove’s address on UANI’s IRS filings appears in the Panama Papers as that of Dr. Gideon Ginossar, an officer of an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands that defaulted on its creditors in 2010.

Selling a corrupted picture to U.S. policymakers

UANI’s parent group, Counter Extremism Project United, presents itself as dedicated to countering all forms of extremism. But in practice, it is predictably selective in its targets, demonizing Iran and its allies while turning a blind eye to other countries with more credible links to extremism and terrorism.
UANI supports accusations by Trump and U.S. warhawks that Iran is “the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism,” based mainly on its support for the Lebanese Shiite political party Hezbollah, whose militia defends southern Lebanon against Israel and fights in Syria as an ally of the government.
But Iran placed UANI on its own list of terrorist groups in 2019 after Mark Wallace and UANI hosted a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York that was mainly attended by supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Kalqh (MEK). The MEK is a group that the U.S. government itself listed as a terrorist organization until 2012 and which is still committed to the violent overthrow of the government in Iran – preferably by persuading the U.S. and its allies to do it for them. UANI tried to distance itself from the meeting after the fact, but the published program listed UANI as the event organizer.
On the other hand, there are two countries where CEPU and UANI seem strangely unable to find any links to extremism or terrorism at all, and they are the very countries that appear to be funding their operations, lavish salaries and shadowy “consulting fees”: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Many Americans are still demanding a public investigation into Saudi Arabia’s role in the crimes of September 11th. In a court case against Saudi Arabia brought by 9/11 victims’ families, the FBI recently revealed that a Saudi Embassy official, Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, provided crucial support to two of the hijackers. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the families whose father was killed on September 11th, told Yahoo News, “(This) demonstrates there was a hierarchy of command that’s coming from the Saudi Embassy to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs [in Los Angeles] to the hijackers.”
The global spread of the Wahhabi version of Islam that unleashed and fueled Al Qaeda, ISIS and other violent Muslim extremist groups has been driven primarily by Saudi Arabia, which has built and funded Wahhabi schools and mosques all over the world. That includes the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles that the two 9/11 hijackers attended.
It is also well documented that Saudi Arabia has been the largest funder and arms supplier for the Al Qaeda-led forces that have destroyed Syria since 2011, including CIA-brokered shipments of thousands of tons of weapons from Benghazi in Libya and at least eight countries in Eastern Europe. The UAE also supplied arms funding to Al Qaeda-allied rebels in Syria between 2012 and 2016, and the Saudi and UAE roles have now been reversed in Libya, where the UAE is the main supplier) of thousands of tons of weapons to General Haftar’s rebel forces. In Yemen, both the Saudis and Emiratis have committed war crimes. The Saudi and Emirati air forces have bombed schools, clinics, weddings and school buses, while the Emiratis tortured detainees in 18 secret prisons in Yemen.
But United Against a Nuclear Iran and Counter Extremism Project have redacted all of this from the one-sided worldview they offer to U.S. policymakers and the American corporate media. While they demonize Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as extremists and terrorists, they depict Saudi Arabia and the UAE exclusively as victims of terrorism and allies in U.S.-led “counterterrorism” campaigns, never as sponsors of extremism and terrorism or perpetrators of war crimes.
The message of these groups dedicated to “countering extremism” is clear and none too subtle: Saudi Arabia and the UAE are always U.S. allies and victims of extremism, never a problem or a source of danger, violence or chaos. The country we should all be worrying about is – you guessed it – Iran. You couldn’t pay for propaganda like this! But on the other hand, if you’re Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates and you have greedy, corrupt Americans knocking on your door eager to sell their loyalty, maybe you can.
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Spread Trading, The best kept secret of futures trading

The Short Vertical Spread (aka Vertical Credit Spread) is the most basic options trading spread. A Short Vertical Call Spread is a bearish/neutral strategy that consists of a Short Call and a Long ... http://www.spread-betting.com This video explains the idea behind gearing in spread betting. Basically, how you can control a larger number of shares for a s... 20 Questions you may be asked at an iInvestment bank Interview. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE ... What is a Robo Advisor? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Should you... Established in 1974 as the world’s first financial spread betting firm, we’re now the world’s No.1 provider of CFDs and spread betting* and a global leader in forex.