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Part 3.(Reposted and edited.)

I'm reposting this as a 2020 edition of this part to my list because the original was removed and less organized. You'll notice a difference in the format cause I used to type more randomly.
459.(Cereal Company name change.)Kelloggs/Kellogg's,6048118&hl=en
460.(Company name change.)Bosche/Bosch
461.(Chip name change.)Cheetoes/Cheetos
462.(Chip name change.)Doritoes/Doritos
463.(Movie name change.)Dr.Doolittle/Dr.Dolittle,4715487&hl=en
464.(Company Package change.)Visine products now have lower right cut off.
465.(Fictional Character name change.)Brer Rabbit/Br'er Rabbit,2847104&hl=en
466.(Cosmetics name change.)Wet 'N' Wild/Wet N Wild
467.(Perfume Logo change.)Chanel and No.5 have switched places on the bottle.
468.(Band name change.)Motley Crue now has accents above the u.
469.(Can't think of a title.)John Hancock's signature on the DOI went from the bottom right to the top center.
470.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Mighty Mouse now has a darker fur tint, sounds different to some, and now has ties with Superman.
471.(Candy name change.)Raisinettes/Raisinets,4407273&hl=en
472.(Geography change.)Pelican Island in Galveston TX is now bigger, has a bridge, and Texas A&M University moved from it's original position to there.
473.(Famous Actor name change.)Sean William Scott/Seann William Scott
474.(Store name change.)The Macy's apostrophe has changed from a normal apostrophe to a star.
475.(Store name change.)Krogers/Kroger,4268247&hl=en
476.(Real Life Quote change.)"No, I will not yield!"/"No, I won't yield!"(1991 Speech from Bernie Sanders.)
477.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Super Saiyan 1 Goku orange hair, red eyes./Blonde hair, green eyes.
478.(Mayo name change.)Hellman's/Hellmann's
479.(Spelling change.)Ettiquette/Etiquette
480.(Painting change.)Starry Night's moon has gotten bigger, the town has more lights, there's less dark blue, and there used to be more swirls in the painting and less stars
481.(Painting change.)Puberty has changed with the center of lighting and the huge shadow.
482.(Painting change.)Creation Of Adam has changed as well with what God is floating in.
483.(Painting change.)Persistence Of Memory changing as well.
Add-On: Ford logo changed again with the O being open at the top and the R and D are now connected weirdly.
484.(Reversed Reality.)Pepsi logo blue on top, red on bottom/red on top, blue on bottom
485.(Reversed Reality.)Grateful Dead logo blue on left, red on right/red on left, blue on right
486.(Can't think of a title.)Primary colors red, yellow, green/red, blue, green
487.(Candy name change.)Menthos/Mentos
488.(Candy name change.)Reeses/Reese's,6894046&hl=en
489.(Ice Cream name change.)Breyer's/Breyers,7300128&hl=en
490.(Ice Cream Logo change.)The Baskin Robbins logo changed from simply Baskin Robbins to Baskin Robbins with 31 flavors hidden in the initials B and R.
491.(Ice Cream name change.)Soy Delicious/So Delicious,4111930&hl=en
492.(World change.)The sky looks different in terms of the shade of blue it shows.
493.(World change.)Sunsets seem to have become more rare in certain areas and they seem to vary in color now.
494.(World change.)Backyards now get lots of Sun in certain areas where they rarely got Sun at all.
495.(Geography change.)Iceland is now bigger and is more populated.
496.(Geography change.)Area 51 has moved location from where it originally was.
497.(Textbook name change.)Karma Sutra/Kama Sutra
498.(Spelling change.)Surveillence/Surveillance,16451869&hl=en
499.(Spelling change.)CheddeCheddar,2431209&hl=en
500.(Spelling change.)Bananna/Banana,5947518&hl=en
501.(Spelling change.)Preist/Priest,2022374&hl=en
502.(Spelling change.)Armagedon/Armageddon,1876174&hl=en
503.(World change.)Clouds no longer look puffy and fluffy, but more flat and swirly.(I don't know how to word it better.)
504.(Space change.)Mars is now smaller when it used to be about the size of Earth.
505.(Logo change.)The E and D in the FedEx logo are now dipping a little bit lower than the rest of the letters now.
Add-On:The Chevron logo now isn't solid red or blue and certain areas are darker giving it a ribbon like appearance.
506.(Movie Prop change.)The terrorist van in Back To The Future is now a Volkswagen van instead of a Toyota van and may have also changed color.
507.(Car Logo change.)The Toyota logo oval going up and down is now thinner instead of the same length as the oval going left and right.
508.(New or altered scene.)Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz now has a gun.
509.(Music Lyrics change.)"You say tomato, I say tomahto."/"You like tomato, I like tomahto."
510.(Music Lyrics change.)"I began to pray."/"I pretend to pray."
511.(Movie ending change.)Bumble in Rudolph gets all his teeth pulled out now so he can't bite instead of getting one pulled out for a toothache.
512.(Restaurant name change.)McDonalds/McDonald's,3271852&hl=en
Add-On Chevron is now spelled in blue letters instead of red.
513.(Snack name change.)Twinkys/Twinkies
514.(Ice Cream name change.)Haggen Das/Haagen Dasz/Haagen Dazs
515.(New T.V. Show.)The Golden Girls now also has a newer show that comes after it known as The Golden Palace.
516.(Musical Group name change.)Prodigy/The Prodigy
517.(Can't think of a title.)Animals such as buffalo, polar bears, etc are extinct, endangered, or fine in different realities.
518.(History change.)Einstein doesn't help develop the nuclear bomb anymore and now just lets FDR know the Nazis were involved in working on a nuclear bomb.
519.(Music Lyrics change.)"Five golden rings."/"Five gold rings."
520.(Music Album change.)License to Ill/Licensed to Ill
521.(History change.)We have now landed on the moon more than once.
522.(Music Lyrics change.)"Chasing the clouds away."/"Sweeping the clouds away."
523.(Famous Actress name change.)Kate Beckinsdale/Kate Beckinsale
524.(Natural Formation name change.)Marianas Trench/Mariana Trench
525.(History change.)Siegfried and Roy tiger attack of 2003 happened differently in many peoples' reality.
526.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wasting away in Margaritaville."/"Wasted away in Margaritaville."
Add-On: In The Wizard Of Oz, along with Scarecrow's gun, the lion also now has a mallet, butterfly net, and tin man is thrown in the air which is not in all our realities.
527.(Book Title change.)The Diary Of Anne Frank/Anne Frank:The Diary Of A Young Girl,3711301&hl=en
528.(Album Cover Art change.)Frank Ocean's 2012 album Channel Orange now has a blue splatter on it.
529.(Lunch Meat name change.)Budding/Buddig
530.(Grammar change.)You leave only one space between sentences now instead of two.
531.(Geography change.)The Statue Of Liberty is now no longer located on Ellis Island and is now on Liberty Island
532.(Fictional Character name change.)Stay Puff Marshmallow Man/Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Add-On:The Tinman now has a wrench in The Wizard Of Oz.
533.(Famous Actress name change.)Faye Wray/Fay Wray,2013793&hl=en
534.(Car Logo change.)The Nissan logo circle no longer surrounds the line with the word Nissan on it and now only most of it.
535.(Car name change.)Volkswagon/Volkswagen,6686244&hl=en
536.(Famous Actress name change.)Lisa Welchel/Lisa Whelchel,867970&hl=en
537.(Car Logo change.)The Lexus logo E now has a sharp look to it.
538.(Famous Actor name change.)Mark Hamil/Mark Hamill,2980035&hl=en
539.(Different Dates of death.)John Candy's death at the age of 35 is now him dying at the age of 43.
ArtsyOwl said:"John Candy-I could have sworn he died when he was 35, but now it's stated that he was 43 when he died?"(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
540.(Music Lyrics.)"In the most delightful way."/"In a most delightful way."
LakeRat said:"Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, in THE most delightful way."(Look him/her up on Reddit.)
541.(Different Causes of death.)Jayne Mansfield now dies in a car crash instead of being murdered.
542.(Zodiac Sign change.)Capricorn sign looks like a sea goat instead of a goat in a shell.
543.(Zodiac Glyph change.)Virgo glyph sign is now an angel holding wheat instead of a maiden holding a harp.
544.(Zodiac Sign change.)The Virgo and Scorpio signs combined look like what the Virgo sign used to look like according to some realities.
545.(Spelling change.)Philphrum/Philprum
546.(History change.)The Titanic is now documented to include life vests being given to people who still ended up dying who were unable to be fully rescued as well as tons of dead bodies now documented.
547.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Artie Lange is now alive instead of dying of a suicide induced drug overdose.
548.(Fruit name change.)Pimentos/Pimientos(Both spellings exist, but pimientos is not remembered by many.)
548.(Famous Actor name change.)Claude Raines/Claude Rains,3077197&hl=en
549.(Sign change.)Signs now have the slash go from the upper left to the lower right instead of the upper right to the lower left.
550.(T.V Show name change.)H.R. Puff 'n' Stuff/H.R. Pufnstuf(Numerous other spellings.)
551.(Urban Legend change.)In The Wizard Of Oz, not everybody remembers a bird replacing the "dead munchkin" in the movie, they remember nothing. (Between 20 and 30 minutes.)
552.(Famous Sports Star name change.)Charles Barkeley/Charles Barkley(Numerous other spellings.) (At the beginning of the video.)
553.(Hardware Store name change.)Menard's/Menards,3490517&hl=en
554.(Famous Singer name change.)Eddie Rabbit/Eddie Rabbitt,670829&hl=en
555.(Movie Quote change.)"Release the Kraken."/"Let loose the Kraken."
556.(Movie Quote change.)"Paint me like one of your French girls."/"Draw me like one of your French girls."
557.(Cable Company name change.)Direct TV/DirecTV,420003&hl=en
558.(Myth.)Bats are not blind and actually some have good sight.
559.(Singer name change.)Pink/P!nk,9352085&hl=en
560.(Beer name change.)Michelobe/Michelob
561.(Cereal Logo change.)Lucky Charms design on box is shown to have changed a lot less than it actually has.
562.(Logo change.)FOX now has a slanted F and is now narrower.
563.(Logo change.)MTV now has a sloppily written TV.
564.(Logo change.)The United Airlines logos look more detailed.
565.(Logo change.)Do any of the VH1 logos look right to you?
566.(Logo change.)The E and T in the BET logo are now connected.
567.(Logo change.)Was pharmacy next to CVS or below it on the store?
568.(Logo change.)KIA logo letters now all have parts that extend to the left.
569.(Logo change.)Does the Yamaha logo look off to you?
570.(Logo change.)New logo on Burger King is slanted and old has a different color scheme.
571.(Logo change.)Eyes of Wendy's girl look off in the old and new logos.
572.(Logo change.)Does the Superman logo look off to you?
573.(Logo change.)Does the Nintendo logo look off to you?
574.(Logo change.)The G and A in the SEGA logo are now connected.
575.(Logo change.)The old ShopRite logo is now more slanted and now there are 5 circles above the cart.
576.(Logo change.)Bravo logo is now Bravo inside a quote bubble.
577.(Car change.)Did the front of all Jeep vehicles look like this?
578.(Logo change.)The font is now different on the Guitar Center logo.
579.(Logo change.)The W has gotten shorter on the left in the Warner Bros. logo.
580.(Logo change.)RCA records logo now has lightning part sticking off of A.
581.(Logo change.)The B in Blimpie.
582.(Logo change.)Stone Brewery logo now has devil holding up glass.
583.(Logo change.)Does the E look off in the Tier in Southern Tier Brewing?
584.(Logo change.)Does the I in Skittles look off or does anything else look off in the Skittles logo to you?
585.(Logo change.)Does the font of Starburst look off?
586.(Candy name change.)Starbursts/Starburst
587.(Descritpion change.)Baphomet now has a crown in images that he shows up in.
588.(Logo change.)The White Castle logo font is now different.
589.(Logo change.)The O in Coffee-Mate now has a swirl.
590.(Coffee name change.)Coffee Mate/Coffee-Mate
591.(Logo change.)The N looks off in the Pilon logo.
592.(Logo change.)Cafe Bustelo now has an upright black triangle in the logo.
593.(Logo change.)The Y looks different in the Yankees logo.
594.(Logo change.)The Chicago Bulls bull looks angrier now.
595.(Logo change.)Always five streaks of each color in the Portland Trailblazers logo?
596.(Logo change.)Bridge looks more oblique and curved in the Golden State Warriors logo.
597.(Logo change.)The star at the bottom of the San Antonio Spurs logo is now bigger and is radiating more.
598.(Logo change.)The Boston Celtics logo now has a different design on the shirt and a stick.
599.(Logo change.)Does the NBA logo look different?
600.(Logo change.)Do you remember an NFL logo with a curved L?
601.(Multiple designs.)Do you remember the Masonic Square And Compass having this many designs?
602.(Logo change.)The Minnesota Timberwolves logo now has a wolf with fangs.
603.(Logo change.)The Sun in the Dole logo is huge now.
604.(Logo change.)Girl in the Sun Maid logo looks different and has a huge bonnet.
605.(Logo change.)Have the boy and dog in the Cracker Jack logo changed to you?
606.(Logo change.) The Universal logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
607.(Logo change.) The Discovery channel logo has a planet in it. All that needs to be said.
608.(Movie Ending change.)There is now a ghost at the end of The Elephant Man.
609.(Flag change.) The Coat Of Arms flag from Spain no longer has a red triangle pointing from the center.
610.(Movie Quote change.) "That's not a knife, this is a knife."/"That's not a knife, that's a knife."
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RetroSSBBRank #4 (2012): Ranking the Best Brawl Players of Each Year!

Can you believe that 2012 was eight years ago? It genuinely feels like yesterday. Who remembers 2012? We were in the middle of the golden age of super hero films with the release of both the first Avengers and the Dark Knights Rises (coughthe best movie of the 2010s cough) that year. Breaking Bad was becoming rapidly more popular, Netflix was in their prime time (before they virtually half Netflix Originals), there was the whole 2012 election for us American folks, and Minecraft (and Youtube with it) completely exploded, but you know one thing that's inarguably the funniest thing that happened that year? The apocalypse predictions. Anyone remember that? However, while the nutcases of the world were woeing themselves with their own apocalypse, you could say the Brawl scene was experiencing its own.
To cut to the chase, Meta Knight was a problem. He was a very big problem. By 2013, 40% of competitive Brawl players admitted to using Meta Knight, and top 8s were often 3/8 to 4/8 Meta Knight. 2011 saw only Meta Knight winning supermajors, and of the 11 largest tournaments at the time, Meta Knight won 8 of them (with the other 3 being Icies lol). Without directly spoiling anything, half of this years top 10 mained Meta Knight. If you count Ally, that's 6/10. Ridiculous, right? The biggest tournament of the year, Apex 2012, was no exception. You see, originally it wasn't going to be that way. An official panel of TOs, top players, and Smashboards organizers held a vote in late 2011 on whether or not to ban Meta Knight. Pro-ban votes outnumbered anti-ban three to one. Apex was supposed to follow.
After the ban, many tournaments started taking measures to reform. Texas adopted the ban early in the decision making process, and other, smaller scenes did so periodically over the rest of 2011 and early 2012. Still, one tournament went against the mold. Apex 2012. Well known for its international competition, players from all across the globe (most notably Japan) were vying to attend. However, as Japan hadn't ratified the MK ban, many of their best players played Meta Knight. Most of the Japanese attendees like Otori, Kakera, Rain, and others who had trained mostly Meta Knight were thinking about not attending because of the ban. Alex Strife, the Apex TO ruled against the Meta Knight ban for his tournament, mostly to attract more international players. His ruling set a standard for the rest of 2012 as more and more tournaments took to the ban reluctantly and the ruling fell apart.
You can read a lot more about the Meta Knight ban than what I can manage to write here. Basically, the hand friendship that Strife held for the Japanese lasted for the rest of Brawl, eventually creating a more interconnected and international scene. At the expense of every character not named Meta Knight, players from all around the globe traveled more often and competed with each other. Europeans like Mr. R and Orion traveled to the United States multiple times, top Americans played in Japanese brackets in their big tournaments, and Canada made their first major as the year progressed. And, of course, Apex became a hive of activity where people from every region on Earth came to compete and train. Enough backstory then. Who ended up as the best of the best in 2012 anyways?

Honorable Mentions

Masha (Falco) (Sonic) (West Japan)
Trela (Lucario) (Texas)
Earth (Pit) (Zelda) (West Japan)
Daiki (Sheik) (Meta Knight) (Ice Climbers) (Pikachu) (East Japan)
Shu (Snake) (East Japan)

20. Fatal (New England)


Reviving the dormant Snake meta as the only Snake solomain in the Top 20, and thus, the best one in the world, New England’s best Fatal returned to the rankings from his Honorable Mentions place in 2011. His year was marked by several ups and downs; he would pick up some good wins in one tournament, then completely flop compared to expectations on the next weekend. Since he was the best player in New England, many of his best moments this year were achieved at his trips to Tristate, where he competed with, and defeated many of the gods of the game. Some of his better wins in 2012 include Vinnie and Nairo.

19. Rich Brown (Socal)


In a time period where Socal was marked by inactive and lackluster players, Rich Brown broke from the pack, repping the increasingly relevant Olimar in the tournaments he tested his skill at. Busy with work and hobbies, the musician failed to attend too many tournaments, but the ones he did attend, he made a mark. By 2013, he was one of two players to have a positive record on ZeRo and, at Apex, he defeated Mew2King and Mr. R to claim his spot in the Top 12. Still, playing at only four tournaments the whole year (with one featuring a loss to rusty Mike Haze) worked in his disadvantage in the end. Many of his West Coast rivals were still vying for their spot as the best in Cali, and Rich Brown's inactivity ultimately saw him handing the crown to Larry for best Brawl player in California at ReveLAtions 2012. Through it all though, Rich Brown strutted his stuff and proved that the world had room for yet another Olimar in Brawl’s top level.

18. Kakera (West Japan)

(Meta Knight) (Ice Climbers)

Traveling to the United States for the first time in 2012, Kakera made a big impression, placing 5th, beating ZeRo, Ocean, and Orion, only being defeated by the two best North American players. Although he placed the third best of all the Japanese players in attendance, his results back home didn’t reflect the 7th place position he held in the year prior. The Meta Knight main’s first tournament back in Japan was the first in a line of underwhelming ones, by finishing 9th overall at Japan’s first “league tournament”. The rest of 2012 just continued this slump of lackluster performances, and Kakera’s year ended up looking like a mixed bag. His less impressive results include that 9th at SRBT 1, another 9th at SRBT 2 a couple months later, and 5th at Piosuma 2 at the end of the year, where he picked up a less than perfect loss on a little known player named Kameme. Don't get me wrong, Kakera’s results were great for any Top 20 aspiror, but paled in comparison to his stellar 2011 or really most of his rivals in Japan or abroad. When I said it was a mixed bag, that means there were highlights too. At the Sunrise Tournament, he defeated Earth and Masha to finish 5th, and in September, after three to-the-wire sets, Kakera won SumabatoX 16 over bracket demon 9B. So, if there was any enemy for Kakera in 2012, it was comparison. He was bad in comparison to his twin brother, he was bad in comparison to many of the other top Japanese players, and he was bad in comparison to the year before. Still, Kakera kept up the momentum and became a name to fear and respect in Brawl circles.

17. ADHD (Tristate)

(Diddy Kong)

Continuing his backslide from the top, ADHD’s former glory was slowly slipping. If you look at his results, they don’t look that bad, sure. 7th at Apex, 2nd at Rescue, even winning Collision V, ADHD wasn’t that bad right? Well in reality, as good as his placings look from a distance, they were a far cry from Pound 4 winning ADHD or just two years before. His only winning records were with Vinnie and Brood, and he took L’s from pretty much everyone else. Respected players like Mew2King and Nietono and weaker names like Anti and even Ultimate Razer took shots at the Diddy as 2012 dragged on. However, even under constant scrutiny from his peers from his lacking results and the general decline of Diddy in the meta, the ADHD still achieved notable feats in the 2012 season. He still kept up his 4 year streak of consistent Top 8s (only interrupted by a DQ at 25th and a close 9th at a major) and even took a couple sets off Nairo, even though their set count was widely in Nairo's favor. ADHD’s most stunning performance that year was that first placing at Collision V I mentioned, taking sets from Vinnie, Nairo, and Mew2King to finish first.

16. Maguro (East Japan)

(Meta Knight)

Another one of the new Japanese faces that seems to pop up on these lists from time to time, Maguro, or “Tuna” translated directly to English, was one of the top Meta Knight players in Japan, only to add to the ever growing list. His high regard by contemporary players and by me is carried mostly by his breakout tournament at Piosuma 2, where he beat Nietono and Otori to place 3rd.

15. DEHF (California)


Larry’s fourth consecutive year in the Top 25 wasn’t as notable as some of his breakout years, but he still managed to make a mark on the scene within inactivity. Aside from reaching just outside of Top 8 at two of the biggest tournaments of the year, he defended his home turf at ReveLAtions 2012. At this tournament, out of region talents like Mew2King and Fatal and in region prospectors like Tyrant challenged the Falco for first place. DEHF defeated them all and took a hefty chunk of the $2000 pot bonus. Even though Larry Lurr was the best player in California by a good margin and held winning records over multiple great players, his biggest strength in 2012 was his freak upset over Japanese player Rain at Apex. The crazy upset sent waves through the tournament and kept Larry among those "names to watch out for" in national tournaments.

14. Dabuz (Tristate)

(Olimar) (Pit)

Here’s the thing with Dabuz’s 2012: there wasn’t that much good; there wasn’t that much bad. He didn’t improve much and he didn’t backslide much either. If anything, I’d say that Dabuz’s attendance in tournaments helped everyone else much more than he helped himself. As Olimar became more and more popular, the practice that Brawl veterans like Ally, Mew2King, ADHD, and more got from Dabuz was much more profitable than whatever practice Dabuz got from Meta Knight player #11. Anyways, in the occasional tournament that Dabuz attended, he still racked up solid wins over Nairo, Ally, and Mew2King, although holding losing records against players ranked below him like DEHF, Pelca, and Gnes. The most interesting bit about Dabuz in 2012, though, was his alter ego, "Angel of Icarus" which he used in a few tournaments, featuring a strange combination of Olimar and Pit. Angel of Icarus wasn't too bad too: with the mid tier character, Dabuz took a set off of Nakat who would've been considered a Top 40 level player at the time.

13. ANTi (Tristate)

(Meta Knight) (Diddy Kong) (Marth)

The boisterous social media king returns for the fourth year in a row, with his classic Meta Knight/Diddy Kong combination. In 2012, Anti didn't focus as much on singles as much as doubles, only entering singles seven times during the year, which was considered pretty low for a Tristate player at the time. However, in doubles, ANTi thrived, even with a multitude of different doubles partners each tournament. He placed second at Apex losing to the near invincible twin team of Otori/Kakera and at SKTAR, he still managed to place top 3 in doubles… teaming with a Luigi main. In addition, he never dropped any regional doubles event, only falling in doubles tournaments when strong out of state players attended. Either way, these posts aren’t about doubles, they’re about singles, and ANTi showed the world what he was made of in 2012. He picked up multiple wins on Nairo, went even with Mew2King, and maintained a positive record on Dabuz, ADHD, and Rich Brown. His worst loss the whole year was to Vinnie, a player I rank higher than him in 2012, so you know he had the consistency. In the end, 2012 ended up a relaxed year for the loudmouth Meta Knight which, actually, kind of suited ANTi as he took his Brawl career more casually as the years went on.

12. 9B (West Japan)

(Ice Climbers)

I’m sure anyone recalling 9B’s 2011 are confused with his remarkable low placing. I’ll just refer to a conversation between Keitaro and Smashboards user Djent in September of 2012 upon seeing 9B being double eliminated by Kakera’s Meta Knight, a matchup he excelled in during the previous couple of years.
Djent: It's interesting that 9B went years without losing to Meta Knight - then all of a sudden lost to several within 6 months. I'm not sure if it's the case that Japan's MKs have finally "learned the matchup," or if 9B himself is responsible for the decline.
Keitaro: I think the 9B side of Japan is a tad overrated. Maybe 2 years ago they were gods, but the Otori, Kakera, Rain side have improved so much within the last year that players like 9B, SLS, and Hayase simply aren't as strong as they should be. Especially since they don't travel to the other side of Japan for competition that much while Otori, Kakera, Brood, Rain have been going to America and improving a lot.
Where 9B had dominated in the previous few years, it seemed that the hand that had served him so many wobbles in the past was writing on the wall for his eventual demise. In a stark contrast to to 2011 where he won every single last set and tournament he entered with the exception of one set to Kie and one tournament sandbagging, 9B struggled to keep his hold (pun intended) on the Japanese scene. Technically the first tournament that he lost was a single elimination tournament, losing to Ranai of all people, but if you don’t count that, even after, 9B kept slipping (pun still intended) on players he dominated in the past. If his first “real” tournament loss was the Sun Rise tournament (where he placed 5th) it showed the world the capabilities of 9B in this new era. He could go toe to toe with great players: at just the Sun Rise tournament, he beat Nietono, Shogun, and Mikeneko, but he would still be getting trouble with the top echelon of Japanese competitors like Otori (who defeated him in Winners) and with niche players that don’t attend tournaments often like Masha (who defeated him in Losers).
After the Sun Rise tournament, 9B went on to lose two tournaments in a row in a fashion completely different to 2011. Losing to Brood and Kakera in Grands wasn't that bad, but his worst loss in I think his whole Brawl career happened at the second of these tournaments, to hidden boss Icies player Miyacci. In conclusion, 9B’s 2012 had serious ups and serious downs. If he was going to turn things around, he needed to tap into that godlike 2011 dominance and fix his issues with the Ice Climbers ditto, a matchup that he lost to Vinnie, Kakera, Ranai, and Miyacci with. When the 2013 rank comes out, we’ll see if he fixed his problems as Brawl advances.

11. Vinnie (Tristate)

(Ice Climbers) (Mr. Game and Watch) (Meta Knight)

If you’ve been catching the theme of 2012, you can probably tell that there were two groups of players: the Japanese who pretty much won everything, and the Americans who got whooped by the Japanese about 9 times out of 10. Many of the American player at #15 or above had competitive or even dominating records with their peers but did poorly against the Japanese. Vinnie was the exact opposite. Even though he was a respected member of the Tristate scene, he held losing records against most every North American player above him on this list. 4-6 with Nairo, 0-1 with Esam, 3-4 with Mew2King and even 0-1 with ADHD, a player six spots below him. In North America’s biggest tournament, Apex 2012, he drowned in pools and fell at 49th. But when he traveled to Japan, all hell broke loose. His first tournament, SumabatoX 15 was above average, placing 2nd beating Earth, Souther, and regional boss Oiwa before losing to 9B in the ditto in Grand Finals. SumabatoX 15 proved to be just a warmup, though. When he played in the Sun Rise Tournament, the second biggest tournament in 2012 and the biggest Japanese Brawl tournament ever, he went on a rampage. Before getting double eliminated by Rain (which you’ll soon learn isn’t a bad loss at all), Vinnie tore through Daiki, Masha, Brood, 9B, and Otori, placing 2nd by the end of the weekend... only to get third at his first regional back in the states. All in all, the New Yorker improved a lot from his 15th place in the last year, somewhat caused by his focus to Ice Climbers rather than Mr. Game and Watch. He just had much higher to grow before being considered one of the greats.

10. Mikeneko (East Japan)


I was going to write something original, but what I said in my Top 100 Introduction (this isn’t a shameless plug I swear) makes a pretty good point if I say so myself. I wrote:
When Mikeneko came into the international scene in 2012, Marth was pretty dead. Long since outclassed by Meta Knight and Snake, as well as developing top tiers like Ice Climbers, Diddy Kong, and Olimar, many of the best Marth players had either dropped the character or become inactive. I just want to remind you that Marth was ranked the seventh best character at the time. Meta Knight and Icies were a bitch. Mikeneko revolutionized the way Marth players spaced around Ice Climbers' options as well as made big strides in the character's strongest side: his range advantage, especially against Meta Knight. His Meta advancements pushed the character up two spots in the 2013 tier list as well as inspired a new generation of players to new heights with the character, most notably everyone's favorite Dutchman, Mr. R.
All of this is true and more. Mikeneko made his debut in the RetroSSBB Rank a flashy unforgettable one, and for good reason: he had to show the Americans what Marth was really made of. His impressive 7th at the Sun Rise Tournament only foreshadowed an impressive 1st place at Piosuma where he beat Otori and Kakera. You know what’s the ironic thing though? One of Mikeneko’s biggest strengths, matchup inexperience against Marth, ended up being one of his biggest weaknesses. You see, Mikeneko could chop up Meta Knights,Olimars, and Ice Climberrs all day long. He took at least one set from each of Japan’s best Meta Knights after all, and he went even and positive with Nietono and Brood respectively. But you know which players that did give him trouble? Daiki and Luminous. You might’ve caught that Daiki plays Sheik when I introduced him in the Honorable Mentions. Guess who Luminous plays? ROB! Even through the wack upsets to mid tiers, Mikeneko proved himself a worthy competitor and the definitive Brawl Marth player in the world.

9. Brood (East Japan)


You know that one guy in apocalypse movies that likes to, well, “take a little off the top” if you will? He never enters the fray of the battle but once the heroes take out the zombies he has no problem coming out of hiding and stealing the loot. That was Brood. While it was a comeback story to rival his 2010, it wasn’t with mighty fanfare or some spectacular one-off performance. He just took a little off the top at every tournament. At Apex he didn’t do too much special, only took wins from Mr. R and Trela while taking respectable losses to Ally and ADHD. At SRBT 1, he beat Otori while taking a respectable loss to Mikeneko. All across the year, he slowly grew better and better while picking up better and better wins. And what happens at the end of some of those zombie movies when the guy who takes a little off the top has to actually fight? He has this bazooka from all of the loot he has and he’s now one of the strongest people in the movie. Brood did the same thing. After a slow, yet wildly successful 2012, he topped it all off by winning SumabatoX 17 in November, beating 9B and Miyacci, becoming the third Olimar to win a tournament with any size in Brawl, and outplacing them all, including his notable bracket demon Kakera. Oh and being the only player to have a winning record on the #1 and #2 in the world doesn't hurt too. Not bad for a little bit off the top, huh?

8. Mew2King (Tristate)

(Meta Knight)

Juggling college, Melee, and work, as well as being unmotivated to play, Mew2King’s Brawl career suffered, making 2012 the first time that players wouldn’t immediately recognize the king as the world’s best player. He already accrued plenty of out of form losses throughout 2011, but 2012 only brought deeper losses and more losing records. 2011 Mew2King could shrug off the occasional dropped set to Vinnie or Atomsk, but you can’t overlook Mew2King’s losses to drastically lower level players in 2012 such as Trela, Masha, Earth (twice) and, of course, Ocean in a set that’s been described as one of Brawl’s bests. And lastly, 2012 was a stark difference for set records for Mew2King. In previous years he only had a few losing records here and there, but out of the five Top 10 players that he fought in 2011, he sported winning records against only two, Ally and Nietono, while typically losing against Nairo, ZeRo, and Otori.
All of this is negative, I know. I just wanted to defend my position that M2K wasn’t the best at the time. Most people would agree then too. If you look through threads anticipating Apex 2013, or even any regional/local in the second half of 2012, you would sense users’ skepticism of Mew2King’s skill at the time. Either way, Mew2King didn’t become the 8th best player for nothing. He still had winning records against most of the Top 10 and generally did well like getting second at XSmash, just not as well as the rapidly improving younger generation. But who were the players to usurp the king’s throne?

7. ZeRo (South America)

(Meta Knight)

Yep, it’s all coming together. After years of intense training with limited resources in the weak scene of South America, the Chilean finally made the distance to America after handedly winning every single Brawl and Melee Chilean tournament in the previous couple years. With his few dollars he saved from working minimum wage jobs in his hometown, ZeRo traveled to the United States and placed a meagre 17th at Apex in January, beating Trevonte while losing to Kakera and Rich Brown. Undeterred and with a taste of peak Brawl play, ZeRo again hit up his locals, defeating every opponent that was sent his way, and winning every single tournament again, long before his infamous streak in 2015. The Chilean didn’t go out without a fight, however. Just before the year ended, he traveled to the US again, to spectacular success. In the two tournaments he attended, he placed first and second, beating Mew2King, Esam, Nairo, and Anti, only dropping two to Nairo in close sets. This was only the beginning for Zero, and as Brawl was just getting international, 2012 was just the start for one of the greatest to ever touch the game.

6. Ally (Canada)

(Snake) (Meta Knight) (Marth) (Ice Climbers)

Japanese players come, Japanese players go. New top players take the throne while new leave, but Ally stayed consistent. Really, in all of Brawl, he was the most consistent player, never really falling from that low from his rank. He’s been Top 5 all this time, after all. 2012 marked the start of the second half of Brawl, and generally a Brawl where Ally wasn’t the competitor for #1 of the years beforehand. After attending WHOBO in August, the Canadian took 5 months as a break from the game, slowly fading from the public eye. But did he make those first 7 months count. He held winning records against Nairo, Mew2King, Brood, Vinnie, and Gnes, and even in the matchups that he typically lost like Esam or Dabuz, he still managed to take a set or two off of them before the year closed. However, the rest of his losing records aside from his loss to Otori showed the chink in his armor against the unpredictable, unorthodox characters such as his losing record to Esam (Pikachu), Dabuz (Olimar), Nietono (Olimar), and his even record with Atomsk (King Dedede). Despite not winning any majors and disappearing on the scene for almost half a year, by years end, most still viewed Ally as a Top 10 level player, if not higher, for whenever he played in tournament.
As a small sidenote, 2012 was one of the years that Ally spent a lot of time experimenting with secondaries. Aside from the Marth and Icies I put next to his mains, Falco, Wario, Wolf, and even ROB were occasional picks for the Canadian to use.

5. Nietono (East Japan)


Sure, Nietono has dropped a spot since the 2011 edition, but, in many ways, the Tokyo Olimar was performing better than ever. Many can say that his first tournament of the year, Apex 2012, set the mood for the rest. Nietono’s legendary run that still stands as his best tournament placement at a major, saw him defeating three top ten players (Nairo, Esam, and Ally) as well as two top 25 players (Fatal and DEHF) en route to 2nd. I touched on this a little bit in Nietono’s blurb for the Top 100, but this spectacular performance completely shifted top player’s perspectives on Olimar, lifting him from 8th in the July 2011 tier list to 2nd in the April 2012 one. All this to say, Nietono did pretty good in his first trip to the states.
Still, don’t think that Apex carried him to 5th. He maintained Top 10 level results for the rest of the year too. In April, he won a large regional with Rain and Otori in attendance, and by December, boasted winning or even records on every American player he played against, other than a -1 with Mew2King. Who were his winning records, you ask? None other than top level players like Esam, Ally, DEHF, ADHD, and Fatal. He did well against his Japanese foes too, taking sets from the one and two in the world as well as showcasing his broad matchup experience, having winning records on Kakera, Mikeneko, Brood, and Yui, playing Meta Knight/Ice Climbers, Marth, Olimar, and Fox respectively. By the end of 2012, Nietono had transformed himself into a Brawl legend and one of the most respected names in the far east.

4. Esam (Florida)

(Ice Climbers) (Pikachu)

Yeah, so Esam was really, really good in 2012. I’d argue it was the best year of his now decade spanning career. Coming off a 2011 where players were juuust getting comfortable with his status as a top player, he flipped the community on its head, surging to the top of the ranks as one of the world’s best players. But what did Esam do to crack into that top level of play that so many have failed to reach? Picked up Ice Climbers. Ok, it’s not that sexy, but it worked. Following a less than perfect 9th at Genesis 2 and an subpar 17th at WHOBO in the previous year, Esam disappeared from the spotlight and trained his new comain to the level of his electric partner. When he returned half a year later at Apex 2012, hefinished as the best Ice Climbers player in the venue, even racking up high profile wins like Kakera and Rain with the icy character.
Unlike many of his North American contemporaries that outplaced him in years prior, Esam kept up the heat in 2012, never losing momentum as the year continued. Other than going 0-2 with Nairo, he held winning records on every single North American player he faced, including ANTi and Mew2King, two players that went undefeated against the Floridian in years prior. Some of Esam's best moments include winning WHOBO 4, the largest Meta Knight banned tournament in Brawl history, beating Ally and Gnes. Finishing the runner up at SKTAR didn't hurt too. Ally, Anti, Vinnie, and Salem all ended up victims of Esam's effective dualmain combo at that stacked Tristate national. Overall in 2012, Esam kept up the heat day in and day out, proving himself to be one of the best the United States had to offer in a time when they were looking pretty weak, all things considered.
On the leadup to the 2012 rank, I debated for a while on who should be #3 and #4 but I ended up compromising for Esam as the second best in America. Who was the first?

3. Nairo (Tristate)

(Meta Knight)

I bet you guys figured it was only a matter of time before Nairo started snatching those W's in Brawl like he has in recent years. With a 14 spot leap from his 2011 rank, Nairo proved his Tristate friends that he was worthy of going toe to toe with the greats that the region had produced and proved the world that he wasn't just some regional threat Meta Knight any more. In many ways, in 2012, Nairo was the best Super Smash Bros. Brawl player in the Western World. All while being 15! Like holy shit! I know I always get surprised about people's ages but Nairo was getting 3rd at Apex 2012, disgracing grown men and earning almost a thousand dollars in one weekend all while being a sophomore in high school. When I was a sophomore in high school, I finally realized that it would save time if I just bookmarked Pornhub instead of searching it every time. Nairo was leagues ahead of me! But for real, even with his young age, Nairo meant business when it came to tournaments.
His vicegrip in-region was great, winning Tristate's biggest tournament at SKTAR and having winning records on Vinnie, Dabuz, and ADHD, but his biggest strength that defined him above the rest of North America was his strength against his Japanese rivals. While many just went 0-2 with every Japanese player, Nairo chalked up wins on Nietono and Kakera, with his only Japanese losing record being Otori. Hell, Nairo probably could've done better in 2012 too if he went to Japan one or two times. However, since he was, well, literally a child, he never got the opportunities to travel to Japan for runbacks and training sessions, as did Mew2King, Vinnie, Havok, QuiK (yep, that QuiK), and more did later in the year.
Nevertheless, it never affected his rule stateside and most agreed by December 2012 (or even by August after SKTAR, that victory was a big deal), that he was the best American player. Even after thoroughly defeating most every opponent in his path, Nairo's friendly nature, affinity to pull out wacky secondaries in bracket and unorthodox aggressive style quickly made him a crowd favorite. I wonder how that plucky Meta Knight main is doing now?

2. Otori (West Japan)

(Meta Knight)

In some ways, Otori was two people. I could explain myself, but I think ZeRo could say it better than I ever could. This is taken from his Facebook recounting his experiences playing friendlies with Otori and some other Japanese players before Apex 2013 in January. Here's what he said:
... He (Kakera) is a good friend and person, is very joyful and fond. Same for otori. otori (Kenta) is VERY funny, and we troll a lot, as well as with 9B. I yell things like TATSUMAKI which means tornado, and he spams that haha. Also I told him in japanese "I'll grab your nipples" and then I did so, and all the guys there just died laughing hahaha. Good times!"
Otori sounds like a super chill person to hang around, right? In many ways, he was just that. Of course I never met him, but from what I've read, Otori was a joyful, joking around kind of guy. Here's ZeRo talking about the other person of Otori that I was just talking about:
Otori has timed me out thrice, twice by ledge grabs (I was winning but he won at the end by rules), and another one normally.
Let me be clear here. This isn't a set they had at Apex. This isn't a set they had at a regional. This isn't even a moneymatch. Otori was literally timing people out in friendlies. Brawl was crazy, right? Maybe Otori has everything solved, right? He's having fun even while ruthlessly pursuing victory. And let me tell you, when he wanted the gold prize, he got the gold prize. Otori's first trip to the US was in 2012, where, in January, he made history as the first Japanese player to ever win a Brawl major on American soil, and the third foreign player to ever win a smash major at all on American soil. Otori's run beating DEHF, Esam, Ally, Nairo, and Nietono (that's four out of the top six players for 2012 plus Larry) would've immediately launched anyone straight to at least Top 10 in the world, but he never let up the pressure in the coming tournaments.
Of course the 3rd at Sun Rise Tournament immediately comes to mind, where he defeated Mew2King, 9B, and Kakera, but he picked up respectable wins at every tournament he attended too. You can't complain at getting 2nd at Piosuma or even a 4th at SRBT after all. Brawl's community soon learned that Otori's strange mix of fun in real life and unapologetically defense in game would end up creating own of their most interesting and strong players. By the end of 2012, Otori was considered on the same level of and, more often than not, better than the predecessors that made Meta Knight who the masked menace is today. As successful as Otori was, he didn't finish the year without a superior in skill. That honor goes to...

1. Rain

(Meta Knight)

If 2012 was the apocalypse, Rain was the badass toting two machine guns in each hand, mowing down zombies while corny heroic music plays in the background. Of course this might come as a surprise. Hell, it should. Rain? That Meta Knight Falco player of the past couple ranks? Yeah, of everyone reaching for the throne, he was the guy to take the crown after Mew2King. It wasn’t easy, though. Rain’s first tournament appearance at Apex was a complete flop. He beat Dabuz and Dutch Marth main Orion, but lost to Esam and DEHF, two players much below his caliber. Nevertheless, he kept on training, winning the first two Japan league rankings tournament in February, placing a respectable 5th in April in the third one, then winning the Sun Rise Tournament and Piosuma 2 to finish out the year. As I mentioned in the introduction, the Sun Rise Tournament was the biggest Japanese tournament ever, a record it held for over three years.
You see, at this point, Rain was known for three things, two of them being slightly related. First was his biggest weakness and one of the three things: his tendency to self-destruct. Rain opting to go balls to the, well, blastzone in edgegaurds made him infamous for SDing in matches, leaving his consistency something to be desired. Second, he was a tier whore. Ok hear me out, look at his Smashwiki page and take a look at his mains. Ultimate: Joker. Smash 4: Bayonetta. Brawl: Meta Knight. Melee: Fox. I rest my case. But that’s the third thing he came to be known for: his versatility and history between games. Of course in 2012, Smash 4 and Ultimate weren’t out yet, but by this time, Rain had already played a lot of Melee, even placing 5th in the legendary Jack Garden tournament, featuring Ken and Isai from yore. Yeah, he’s been playing that long.
That lengevity ended up being his biggest strength though. As he played against these opponents for one years, two years, three years, and much much longer (the Jack Garden Tournament was in 2005 for perspective), he slowly got better and better and better against these opponents, slowly picking up on their habits then brutally capitalizing in each set. This wasn’t his first rodeo in Brawl too. His 8th rank in the 2011 version getting him practice over all of these great opponents just set up for his spectacular 2012. And was it spectacular. Rain did so much in 2012, so I’ll try not to go on and on, but he held positive records on Otori (#2), Nietono (#5), Mikeneko (#10), Vinnie (#11), Dabuz (#14), won the second most important tournament of the year, and won almost every tournament in the Japanese League Rankings tournament that he attended. As reluctant as Tristate pundits, Nairo fans, Japanese detractors, and Meta Knight haters were, many of them agreed on one thing: Brawl had finally gotten a new king.

I won't pretend to have a schedule, so 2013 comes when 2013 does. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Before you go, please answer this poll on how I can improve these posts. There's only 2 left so might as well make them better each time, right? Have a great weekend and I'll see you next time.
Edit: Links to the past 3 for those interested
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Trump, Obelisks and Sin City

Trump, Obelisks and Sin City
I discovered this several months ago but since I have a lot of new members here since then, I need to go over it again. This goes along with my goal of gathering all the evidence I have for Trump being the Antichrist and it's highly relevant.
Trump loves gold, or at least making thing appear to be gold. Thats no secret. So why then are only one of his buildings this color and why is it shaped like an obelisk from the back view and lined up with a pyramid, sphinx and obelisk in Las Vegas, aka Sin City?
Obelisks originally represented the benben stone, the rock laid at the foundation of the beginning of the world, and the Benu bird (Egyptian phoenix) by proxy. It is also symbolically Osiris's golden phallus that was created by Isis after his brother Set chopped him up into 14 pieces and Isis found them all except that one so she made a dick out of gold and resurrected Osiris just long enough to impregnate her with Horus before he passed on and became god of the underworld. They were essentially boundary markers for Pharaohs, gods and their temples, erected in pairs. Situated perfectly to catch the sun light at just the right times to honor Ra, the sun god. So if they're erected in pairs, and Luxor Hotel and Casino only has one, where is the other one?

Looks strangely like an obelisk from the side view. Now before I go any further, I'm sure this might seem a little far fetchd to some of you. These correlations are merely coincidences (so far) and too much is being read into this. Well what if I told you Trump has another building shaped like an obelisk? One that is a mile away from an actual Egyptian obelisk. What if I told you that this obelisk is associated with an actual Egyptian Temple, called Luxor Temple. Lux is Latin for light.
In Luxor there are several great temples on the east and west banks. Four of the major mortuary temples visited by early travelers and tourists include the Temple of Seti I at Gurnah, the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri, the Temple of Ramesses II (a.k.a. Ramesseum), and the Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu); the two primary cults temples on the east bank are known as the Karnak and Luxor. Unlike the other temples in Thebes, Luxor temple is not dedicated to a cult god or a deified version of the pharaoh in death. Instead Luxor temple is dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship; it may have been where many of the pharaohs of Egypt were crowned in reality or conceptually

It was dedicated to the REJUVENATION of KINGSHIP. Keep that in mind.

What obelisk and Trump building am I talking about? Trump Tower and 1 of the 4 Cleopatra's Needles is right down the street in Central Park. The other 3 are in London, Paris and Luxor Temple. London and the NY one are pairs. The one in Paris is the twin to the one in Luxor.

I wrote an article going in more depth about this and you can read that here, so I won't rehash much of it.

Made of red granite, the obelisk stands about 21 metres (69 ft) high, weighs about 200 tons, and is inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was originally erected in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis) on the orders of Thutmose III, in 1475 BC. The granite was brought from the quarries of Aswan, near the first cataract of the Nile. The inscriptions were added about 200 years later by Ramesses II to commemorate his military victories. The obelisks were moved to Alexandria and set up in the Caesareum – a temple built by Cleopatra in honor of Mark Antony or Julius Caesar – by the Romans in 12 BC, during the reign of Augustus, but were toppled some time later. This had the fortuitous effect of burying their faces and so preserving most of the hieroglyphs from the effects of weathering.

Other than Cleopatra moving them to a temple she built in honor for the father of her child, they actually have no association with her. More on that later but here's some interesting gematria that involves Donald Trump, Mark Antony, Augustus and the Little Baron Trump.
It should be pointed out that his "real" name in the book, when Americanized would be William Henry Sebastian Trump. William and Henry being the names of the current children of Prince Charles. Sebastian being the Greek version of the title Augustus. Augustus being 828 in Strongs Concordance of the Greek in the New Testament of the Bible and being 888 in Jewish gematria. Donald J Trump is 888 and Both Donald Trump and Baron Trump are 828 in English Sumerian gematria. Since Baron is a title and in America we use first and last names when addressing someone, he might be called The Little Baron William Trump or just Baron William Trump. Which is the exact name (save for one extra "r") of Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron William Trump.
And just to add the cherry on top. By now we all know the striking parallels of Back to the Future (mainly Part 2) and todays world. You can find an entire post I made about themhere. The most obvious being the Biff Tannen / Donald Trump similarities. In the second movie, 2015 Biff steals the time machine, goes back to 1955 and gives himself a sports almanac so he can get rich betting on the winners and never lose. This of course turns the regular timeline into a hellish nightmare ran by megarich and powerful Biff Tannen. Well when Biff steals the Time Machine, he takes a cab to its location. The name of the cab company? Luxor.

Yes thats an advertisement for a real cab company named Luxor. Although I doubt it was the inspiration behind the name of the company in the movie. This company has some odd connections to be made. The address, 6616, both numbers of the beast. 616 being the number given from the oldest available text.
The company was founded in 1928. Trump would become elected president 88 years later in 2016. Trump = 88 in simple gematria.

Mention taxi cabs and the name Bill Lazar comes to mind – since 1948 Mr. Lazar has been associated with the industry. William G. Lazar was born in Gary, Indiana on January 7, 1918 to parents Jack and Alma joining a family of one brother, Herb and One sister, Mary Warner. After joining Luxor Cab Company in 1950, he became president eight years later.

He joined Luxor in 1950 and became president 8 years later, in 1958. 58 is one of the many numbers strongly correlated to Trump. He became the 58th inaugural president, 58 years after 1958. Trump Tower is 58 stories tall. Trump was 58 when he married Melania and the year the Apprentice debuted. The Trackdown episode that I broke down and posted recently aired in 1958. Just to name a few of the connections.

Why 58?
The number 58 was commonly associated with misfortune in many civilizations native to either Central America or Southern America. Due to their beliefs in the original 58 sins, the number came to symbolize curses and ill-luck. Aztec oracles supposedly stumbled across the number an unnaturally high number of times before disaster fell. One famous recording of this, though largely discredited as mere folktale, concerned the oracle of Moctezuma II, who allegedly counted 58 pieces of gold scattered before a sacrificial pit the day prior to the arrival of Hernán Cortés.
What makes this connection particularly bizarre is that Montezuma was mentioned in that Trackdown episode.

Montezuma is 119 in Jewish ordinal, just like Donald and Moteuczoma (variant spelling) is 828 in reverse English Sumerian.

William Lazar was a member of Star King Lodge #344; the San Francisco Press Club; Bill Moskovitz Luncheon Club; President of the American Assyrians, as well as President of the First Church of the East.

Star King Lodge? Obviously the man was a Mason and running a company named Luxor just attests to that. The Bible also refers to the great enemy (often thought to refer to the Antichrist) as the Assyrian.

Mary Adams Warner, who came to work for Luxor Cab as bookkeeper in 1962, was the only woman president of a major taxicab company when she served Luxor Cab from 1988 to 2000. Due to her caring, compassionate, and attentive listening, many drivers thought of her and still remember her as the mother figure of all taxicab drivers.

Trump has a sister also named Mary, its his mothers name as well. She became the only woman president of Luxor Cab Company in 1988. She was born in 1922. 22 = 11-11= 88 = H-K.

Enough Lux connections? How about the fact that Trump is known for his love of LUXury and his brand emphasizes that. Or that the makers of Dove Soap make another brand called Lux. Or that the actor who played Walter Trump in that Trackdown episode (Lawrence Dobkin) did work on a radio anthology series during the 1950s called Lux Radio Theater?

Back to Las Vegas

If you'll notice, I have a tendency to take images, split them in half and mirror them. This is one way the rulers of this planet hide their works. Even the Bible references this.

Isaiah 29
15 Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the LORD, who do their work in darkness and think, "Who sees us? Who will know?"
16 You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, "You did not make me"? Can the pot say to the potter, "You know nothing"?

When Hermes was born, he stole some of Apollo's (his brother) cattle and made them walk backwards to hide their tracks. We're the cattle. So Trumps building is a golden obelisk lined up with the Luxor obelisk in Las Vegas and obelisks represent Osiris golden phallus which was used to impregnate Isis who would give birth to Horus. Pharaohs were thought of as living god kings. In fact, God King = Pharaoh in 12 different types of gematria which I don't even know if there are another 2 words that exist that match that well. (Donald Trump and Lapis Lazuli comes close at 8 matches). Each Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt was considered to be Horus and essentially a messenger of the gods (just like Hermes) and in death, became associated with Osiris. So what happens when you go on Google Maps and mirror the overhead view of Trump's golden Hotel in Las Vegas? The Egyptian god Horus seems to appear.
When mirroring something, you're essentially creating a backwards copy of it and laying them both side by side. So mirroring Trumps building means creating a 2nd building right next to it. Well that is exactly what Trump originally planned to do.
In April 2007, the second tower was the subject of an episode of The Apprentice in which the show's candidates were tasked with creating a marketing program for the new tower. Condo units for the tower went on sale the next day. Trump said the tower would be nearly identical to the first tower, and would also include 1,282 units. Because of rising construction expenses, the second tower was expected to cost $625 million, which would have brought the total cost of Trump International Hotel and Tower to $1.1 billion. This number was later reported to be $1.2 billion in February 2008, at which point the second tower was expected to begin construction at the end of the year.
In April 2008, Trump said he had not decided on a start date for the second tower, choosing to wait until all sales had closed on the first tower's rooms. At that time, reservations were still being accepted for the second tower's units.The second tower was ultimately put on hold because of bad credit markets. In August 2015, Eric Trump spoke of the potential for the second tower: "I think in time it's a very good possibility."

Do I think this was done on purpose? That Trump made sure the ground behind his building would look like Horus if someone with too much time went on Google maps and mirrored a satellite view of his building? No. I think a lot of things people think are orchestrated by humans are actually done without any knowledge of the people doing them. I think we are all under the influence of forces that we don't understand and some are following a script that they don't even know exists. I consider this like a fingerprint or a wink from the Matrix. But this is not the only thing found at this location.
Thats the Hindu goddess of death Kali and Magneto's helmet from X-Men. The image of Kali was projected onto the Empire State building years back and so was Trump's when he won the election. Trump had been trying to acquire complete ownership of the building for a while before ultimately selling his part after his plan failed and he got sued. Magnetism's relationship to this entire thing could be its own post but (once again) it was mentioned in the Trackdown episode as Walter Trump claimed to have a metal he called Magnetium that was created in the "smelters of old Montezuma" that could repel falling iron ore meteorites. Magneto also sports a familiar symbol on the cover of this X-Men comic. A logo for the "Hellfire Club", which is headed by a man named SEBASTIAN Shaw.
The Hellfire Club is a fictional society appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Hellfire Club often comes into confrontation with the mutant superhero team, the X-Men. Although the Club appears to merely be an international social club for wealthy elites, its clandestine Inner Circle seeks to influence world events, in accordance with their own agenda.
Hellfire Club was a name for several exclusive clubs for high society rakes established in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. The name is most commonly used to refer to Sir Francis Dashwood's Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe. Such clubs were rumoured to be the meeting places of "persons of quality" who wished to take part in socially perceived immoral acts, and the members were often involved in politics. Neither the activities nor membership of the club are easy to ascertain. The clubs were rumoured to have distant ties to an elite society known only as The Order of the Second Circle.

Read about the meaning of the symbolism of H-K and others here.

I believe this design appears because it is on a spot that is at the center of the design of creation. The Golden mean or Ratio, something else that needs an entire post to fully explain, closely associated with the Greek god Apollo. Trump's building representing the "3rd eye". Trumps star Regulus was called Miyan in Persia which means center. The picture of that area mirrored strangely looks like this overhead view of a spot in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.
This seems to hold some clues as well behind the symbolism of this building. Form your own opinion.
Going back again to Trump Tower and Cleopatra's needle, this whole thing gets a lot stranger when you tie in the theory that Jesus was the son of Cleopatra and the man she was building the temple for where these obelisks were going to be erected Julius Caesar, then read the inscription from the obelisk itself.

"The crowned Horus
Bull of Victory
Arisen in Thebes.
The lord of the Vulture and Uraeus crowns
Prolonged as to kingdom,
Even as the sun in the heavens.
By Tum lord of On begotten,
Son of his loins, who hath been
fashioned by Thot,
Whom they created in the great-temple
With the perfections of their flesh,
Knowing what he was to perform,
Kingdom prolonged through ages,
King of Upper land Lower Egypt
Men-kheper-ra (Thutmosis III)
Loving Tum, the great god
With his cycle of divinities,
Who giveth all life stay and sway
Like the sun forever."
North Face
"The crowned Horus
Tall with the southern crown
Loving Ra
"The king of the Upper and Lower Egypt
Men-kheper-ra (Thutmosis III),
The golden Horus, content with victory,
Who smiteth the rulers of the nations--
Hundreds of thousands
In as much as father Ra
Hath ordered unto him
Victory against every land,
Gathered together;
The valor of the scimeter
In the palms of his hands
To broaden the bounds of Egypt;
Son of the Sun, Thutmosis III,
Who giveth all life forever."
Inscription of Ramses II
"The crowned Horus,
Bull of victory
Son of Kheper-ra
"The king of Upper and Lower Egypt
User-ma-ra (Ramses II)
The chosen of Ra, the golden Horus
Rich in years, great in Victory,
Son of the Sun, Ramses II,
Who came forth from the womb
To receive the crowns of Ra;
Fashioned was he to be the sole ruler,
The lord of the two lands,
User-ma-ra (Ramsas II),
The chosen of Ra, son of the Sun,
Ramessu Meiamun (Ramses II),
Glorified of Osiris
Like the Sun life-giving forever."
North Column
"The crowned Horus
Bull of victory
Loving Ra
"The king of Upper and Lower Egypt
User-ma-ra (Ramses II)
The chosen of Ra,
The Sun born of divinities
Taking the Two Lands
Son of the Sun,
Ramessu Meiamun (Ramses II)
The youth
Beautiful for love,
Like the orb of the Sun
When he shines in the horizon,
The lord of the Two Lands,
User-ma-ra (Ramses II)
The chosen of Ra,
Son of the Sun
Ramessu Meiamun,
Glorified of Osiris,
Life giving like the Sun forever."

Something tells me at least a few people in power know who and what Trump is and what he's here to do.
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r/samepicofsteveharvey be like...

Broderick Stephen "Steve" Harvey[2][3] (born January 17, 1957), nicknamed "Mr. Peanut Brain", is an American comedian, businessman, and entertainer. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe competition (since 2015) and Fox's New Year's Eve (since 2017).
Harvey began his career as a comedian. He did standup comedy in the early 1980s and hosted Showtime at the Apollo and The Steve Harvey Show on The WB. He was later featured in The Original Kings of Comedy after starring in the Kings of Comedy Tour. He performed his last standup show in 2012.
Harvey is the host of both Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud which he has done since 2010. He has also hosted Little Big Shots, Little Big Shots Forever Young, and Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. As an author, he has written four books including his bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which was published in March 2009.
In 2017, Harvey founded Steve Harvey Global, an entertainment company that houses his production company East 112 and various other ventures. He launched an African version of the Family Feud and also invested in the HDNet takeover along with Anthem Sports and Entertainment. He and his wife Marjorie are the founders of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a non profit organization focused on youth education.
He is a six-time Daytime Emmy Award winner, two-time Marconi Award winner, and a 14-time NAACP Image Award winner in various categories.
Early Life
Harvey was born on January 17, 1957,[4][5] in Welch, West Virginia, and is the son of Jesse Harvey, a coal miner, and Eloise Vera.[6] His first name is Broderick, named after actor Broderick Crawford of the TV series Highway Patrol.[2] Harvey's family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, living on East 112th Street, which was renamed Steve Harvey Way in 2015.[7] He graduated from Glenville High School in 1974.[7]
Shortly after high school, he attended Kent State University and West Virginia University and is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.
Early career and comedy Harvey has been a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, and a mailman.[6][8][9] He first performed stand-up comedy on October 8, 1985, at the Hilarities Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio. In the late '80s, Harvey was homeless for three years.[10] He slept in his 1976 Ford when not performing gigs that provided a hotel, and he showered at gas stations or swimming pool showers.[11] Rich and Becky Liss helped Harvey during this time with a contract for carpet cleaning and credit at a travel agency.[12]
1990–2009; Move to television and film
Harvey was a finalist in the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search performing on April 16, 1990, eventually leading to a long stint as host of It's Showtime at the Apollo, succeeding Mark Curry in that role. His success as a stand-up comedian led to a starring role on the short-lived ABC show Me and the Boys in 1994.[13] He would later star on the WB network show, The Steve Harvey Show, which ran from 1996 to 2002.[13] While popular, the show never achieved critical acclaim outside of the African-American community.[14]
In 1997, Harvey continued his work in stand-up comedy, performing on the Kings of Comedy tour along with Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, and Bernie Mac. The tour became the highest grossing comedy tour in history, grossing $18 million its first year and $19 million its second.[15] The comedy act would later be put together into a film by Spike Lee called The Original Kings of Comedy.[16] That title was also used as the name of his comedy and variety television show (later renamed Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge), which aired on The WB network from 2003 until 2005.[17]
Harvey is the host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, a weekday morning radio program he has hosted since 2000.[18] It was originally syndicated through Radio One Inc. from September 2000 until May 2005.[citation needed] As of 2019, the show is syndicated through the United States.[18]
He had appeared in the 2003 movie The Fighting Temptations alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyoncé Knowles.[19] The same year he played the role of Clarence Johnson in the film Love Don't Cost a Thing.[20] In 2014 he had roles in the films Johnson Family Vacation and You Got Served;[21] and, in 2005, he co-starred in the movie Racing Stripes as the voice of Buzz.[22]
In 2006, Harvey released the stand-up special Steve Harvey: Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet directed by Leslie Small. The special was filmed at MegaFest with Harvey not using profanity during the show.[23] In 2008, Harvey hosted the Disney Dreamers Academy, a teen-focused personal and professional enrichment event that took place January 17–20, 2008, at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.[24]
Harvey released the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man in 2009. The book is about how men think about women and relationships.[25] Based on the book, the 2012 film Think Like a Man, is an ensemble romantic comedy depicting characters taking advice on dating from the book.[26] The hardcover version spent 64 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, 23 of those weeks at No. 1.[27]
2010 to 2016; Family Feud and other ventures
Harvey began hosting Family Feud in September 2010.[6][28] The show has seen improved ratings under Harvey,[29] and he has surpassed every previous Feud host to date in length of consecutive tenures.[30] Harvey also hosts Celebrity Family Feud, where celebrities compete for a chance to donate up to $25,000 to their favorite charity. The show airs during the summer on ABC.[31]
On August 2, 2012, Harvey performed his final stand-up act at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, ending a 27-year career as a stand-up comedian. The two-hour performance was broadcast live on Pay-Per-View. “The road to this final show has been an amazing journey, doing stand-up for the past 27 years, and I can’t thank fans enough after reflecting on all those years on stage,” he said.[32][33] The same year, Harvey debuted a self-titled syndicated talk show produced by Endemol and distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution at the NBC Tower in Chicago.[34]
In 2013, Harvey became the first double host nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, receiving nominations for both Outstanding Talk Show Host and Outstanding Game Show Host.[35] He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[36] The following year, Harvey launched a new dating website called Delightful. It is a joint venture with IAC with Harvey supplying articles and videos for the site.[37]
In December 2015, Harvey hosted the Miss Universe 2015 pageant in Las Vegas. Upon announcing the final results, he mistakenly named the first runner-up, Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutiérrez) as the winner. A few minutes after she was crowned, Harvey announced that he had read the results incorrectly and that Miss Philippines (Pia Wurtzbach) was the new Miss Universe.[38] He apologized to Wurtzbach outside the venue and later tweeted an apology to both contestants.[39][40][41] Harvey also hosted the Miss Universe 2016 pageant in the Philippines on January 30, 2017, telling the Miss Universe Organization that he wanted to personally apologize to the Filipinos for the incident that occurred in the last Miss Universe pageant he hosted.[42] He returned as host for the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Las Vegas on November 26, 2017 and the Miss Universe 2018 pageant in Thailand on December 17, 2018.[43]
In January 2016, Harvey gave a motivational speech to audience members after the taping of an episode of Family Feud. He theme of the speech was for people to embrace the skills they were born with. He references embracing the gifts with jumping from a cliff and relying on the parachute (those gifts) to help you.[44] The speech was the motivation for the book Leap: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance, published by Harvey in 2016.[45]
In October 2016, it was announced that Harvey would host two revival specials of Showtime at the Apollo for Fox.[46] In November 2016, the Steve Harvey talk show was cancelled, and it was announced that Harvey had reached a deal with IMG to produce a new syndicated talk show in Los Angeles with NBCUniversal. The new series, Steve, premiered in September 2017, and was described as having more of a celebrity and comedy oriented format with a larger amount of creative control held by Harvey, as opposed to the previous program's larger focus on human interest subjects. To facilitate the new series, production of Harvey's radio show and Family Feud were relocated to L.A.[47][48]
Harvey is the co-creator of Little Big Shots, a series launched in 2016 and executive produced by him and Ellen DeGeneres.[49] The series features children demonstrating talents and engaging in conversation with Harvey. Harvey hosted the show until 2019.[50]
2017 to present; Steve Harvey Global Harvey united all of his businesses under Steve Harvey Global (SHG) in 2017.[51] Brands under SHG include East One Twelve, Harvey's in-house production company that is used to develop digital content, films, and television. The company also owns the rights for international versions of Family Feud,[52] of which an African version of the show was announced to begin in 2020.[53] He also launched the Sand and Soul Festival in 2017. The event has been held yearly and features live music, comedy, and a question and answers session with Harvey and his wife Marjorie.[54] He also launched Harvey Events, a special events company led by his daughter Morgan Hawthorne and son-in-law Kareem Hawthorne. It has produced events such as the FroRibbean Fest in Atlanta in 2018.[55]
In 2017, Harvey began hosting a New Year's Eve special from Times Square for Fox (which, like his talk show, would be produced in partnership with IMG).[56] Two days before the broadcast, Harvey was ordained in the state of New York so he could officiate an on-air wedding between Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos during the special.[57] The special was Fox's most-watched New Year's Eve broadcast to date.[58]
In 2019, Harvey announced the launch of a learning hub called Vault.[59] He also spoke at the first Vault conference held in Los Angeles.[60] He also invested in the takeover of HDNet along with Anthem Sports & Entertainment.
2009, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man 2010, Straight Talk, No Chaser[62] 2014, Act Like a Success[63] 2016, Jump, Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance
Awards and Honors
Four-time winner: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) Three-time winner: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Comedy Series (as executive producestar of The Steve Harvey Show – 2000, 2001, 2002) 2001: NAACP Image Awards Entertainer of the Year 2007: Syndicated Personality/Show of the Year – Radio & Records magazine[64] 2011: BET Humanitarian Award – 2011 BET Awards[65] 2013: Favorite New Talk Show Host – 39th People's Choice Awards[66] 2013: Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame[6][67] 2013: Marconi Award winner – Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year Three-time winner: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding News/Talk/Info Series (as executive producehost of Steve Harvey – 2014, 2015, 2017)[68] 2014: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host – Family Feud[69] 2014: Daytime Emmy Award for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative (as host/executive producer of Steve Harvey)[69] 2014: NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee (Radio) 2015: East 112th Street in Cleveland renamed Steve Harvey Way[7] 2015: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Host – Talk/Reality/Variety/News/Information[68] 2015: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative (as host/executive producer of Steve Harvey)[70] 2015: Marconi Award winner – Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year 2016: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Host – Talk/Reality/Variety/News/Information 2016: NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Variety Series/Special (as host of Family Feud) 2016: Honorary Doctorate Degree Received at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama 2017: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host – Steve Harvey[71] 2017: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host – Family Feud[71] 2018: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host – Steve
Politics In August 2011, on his radio show, Harvey called Cornel West and Tavis Smiley "Uncle Toms" because of their criticism of President Barack Obama.[73] Harvey later apologized for using the slur but maintained his criticism of West and Smiley.[74][75] In January 2017, Harvey was met with backlash from some in the African-American community for his decision to meet with then-President elect Donald Trump. He defended his decision, citing that it would help spark positive changes.[76]
Comments about atheists Harvey has received criticism for a May 30, 2009, book interview he gave on Larry King Live, which was guest-hosted by Joy Behar.[77] During that interview, he asserted that women should not date atheists who, he claimed, have no "moral barometer." He opined that atheists are "idiot[s]" and stated that his usual response to discussions with atheists is to walk away.[78][79]
Racial comments about Asian men In January 2017, Steve Harvey made jokes on Steve Harvey about Asian men, ridiculing the idea that any white woman or black woman would want to date them. "Excuse me, do you like Asian men?" he said, "No, thank you." He went on to add, "I don't even like Chinese food."[80] The remarks were met with criticism from Asian Americans, including New York politicians and author Eddie Huang.[81][82] For instance, Huang remarked about Harvey's hypocrisy in speaking about issues facing the black community while denigrating Asians.[82][83] Harvey apologized on his talk show and Twitter, saying: "I offer my humblest apology for offending anyone, particularly those in the Asian community. … It was not my intention, and the humor was not meant with any malice or disrespect whatsoever."[84] However, he also earlier said, "I ain’t been laughing that much over the past few days. They’re kinda beating me up on the internet right now for no reason. But, you know, that’s life, ain’t it?"[85]
Comments about Flint water crisis In response to a caller from Flint, Michigan, who insulted the Cleveland Cavaliers after their loss to the Golden State Warriors, Harvey, a Cavaliers fan, told the caller to "go have yourself a nice glass of brown water!" in reference to the city's water crisis. The joke was criticized by, among others, Amariyanna Copeny and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, who demanded a public apology. Harvey responded by saying, "The caller and I were talking trash about our teams and cities. Simply trash talking about sports. I made a joke directed at him, as he is from Flint, a city for which I have great affection and respect. So much so that I devoted a full hour on my daytime talk show to raising awareness for the Flint water crisis. … The caller laughed, as my joke was taken in the context it was offered."
Harvey is the founder of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a philanthropic organization that provides youth outreach services.[88] The foundation hosts a yearly camp for fatherless children[89] and also partnered with Kent State University to provide scholarships to the school.[90] Harvey is also a partner with Walt Disney World Resort and Essence for the Disney Dreamers Academy, a yearly workshop at Walt Disney World for 100 students.
Personal Life
Harvey has been married three times and has seven children (four biological and three stepchildren). From his first marriage, to Marcia Harvey, he has two daughters (twins Brandi and Karli) and one son (Broderick Harvey Jr.).[92][8][93] From his second marriage, to Mary Shackelford, Harvey has another son named Wynton.[94][95][96] The couple divorced in November 2005.[97] In 2011, Collin County, Texas-based 199th District Court Judge Robert Dry expressed concern about Mary Harvey spreading false information about the divorce, with the judge suggesting that she had not been left materially destitute.[98][99]
In June 2007, Harvey married Marjorie Bridges, who he says is responsible for making him a better man and changing his life. Marjorie Harvey is mother to three children (Morgan, Jason, and Lori [96]), all of whom Steve adopted. Steve and Marjorie have five grandchildren: three through Jason's marriage to his wife Amanda, one through Morgan's marriage to her husband Kareem, and one through Karli's marriage to husband Ben.[100] Through 2017, Harvey and his family divided their time between Atlanta, where his radio show was broadcast and Family Feud was recorded, and Chicago, where he hosted his talk show for NBCUniversal from the company's Chicago studios, although he would host his radio show there as well.[101] In 2018, Harvey moved his talk show, radio show, and Family Feud to Los Angeles.[102]
Harvey is a Christian[103] and has attributed his success to his faith in God.[104] Harvey reports that he has followed a vegan diet for health reasons and has presented the rationale for his diet on his TV program.
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Mockingbird X.0

Imagine if there was one desk that all stories could cross so that, at 4am, a media plan could be decided upon and disseminated where all news outlets coordinated to set the goalposts of debate and hyper focused on specific issues to drive a narrative to control how you vote and how you spend money; where Internet shills were given marching orders in tandem to what was shown on television, printed in newspapers and spread throughout articles on the World Wide Web.
In the past, we had Operation Mockingbird, where the program was supremely confident that it could control stories around the world, even in instructions to cover up any story about a possible “Yeti” sighting, should it turn out they were real.
If, in 1959, the government was confident in its ability to control a story about a Yeti, then what is their level of confidence in controlling stories, today?
In fact, we have a recent example of a situation similar to the Yeti. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the TARMAC to spike the Hillary email investigation, the FBI was so confident it wasn’t them, that their entire focus was finding the leaker, starting with searching within the local PD. We have documentation that demonstrates the state of mind of the confidence the upper levels of the FBI have when dealing with the media.
The marriage between mainstream media and government is a literal one and this arrangement is perfectly legal.
But, this problem extends far beyond politics; the private sector, the scientific community, even advice forums are shilled heavily. People are paid to cause anxiety, recommend people break up and otherwise sow depression and nervousness. This is due to a correlating force that employs “systems psychodynamics”, focusing on “tension centered” strategies to create “organizational paradoxes” by targeting people’s basic assumptions about the world around them to create division and provide distraction.
In this day and age, it is even easier to manage these concepts and push a controlled narrative from a central figure than it has ever been. Allen & Co is a “boutique investment firm” that managed the merger between Disney and Fox and operates as an overseeing force for nearly all media and Internet shill armies, while having it’s fingers in sports, social media, video games, health insurance, etc.
Former director of the CIA and Paul Brennan’s former superior George Tenet, holds the reigns of Allen & Co. The cast of characters involves a lot of the usual suspects.
In 1973, Allen & Company bought a stake in Columbia Pictures. When the business was sold in 1982 to Coca-Cola, it netted a significant profit. Since then, Herbert Allen, Jr. has had a place on Coca-Cola's board of directors.
Since its founding in 1982, the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference has regularly drawn high-profile attendees such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Andy Grove, Richard Parsons, and Donald Keough.
Allen & Co. was one of ten underwriters for the Google initial public offering in 2004. In 2007, Allen was sole advisor to Activision in its $18 billion merger with Vivendi Games. In 2011, the New York Mets hired Allen & Co. to sell a minority stake of the team. That deal later fell apart. In November 2013, Allen & Co. was one of seven underwriters on the initial public offering of Twitter. Allen & Co. was the adviser of Facebook in its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in February 2014.
In 2015, Allen & Co. was the advisor to Time Warner in its $80 billion 2015 merger with Charter Communications, AOL in its acquisition by Verizon, Centene Corporation in its $6.8 billion acquisition of Health Net, and eBay in its separation from PayPal.
In 2016, Allen & Co was the lead advisor to Time Warner in its $108 billion acquisition by AT&T, LinkedIn for its merger talks with Microsoft, Walmart in its $3.3 billion purchase of, and Verizon in its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo!. In 2017, Allen & Co. was the advisor to in PetSmart’s $3.35 billion purchase of the online retailer.
Allen & Co throws the Sun Valley Conference every year where you get a glimpse of who sows up. Harvey Weinstein, though a past visitor, was not invited last year.
Previous conference guests have included Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren and Susan Buffett, Tony Blair, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Allen alumnus and former Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Quicken Loans Founder & Chairman Dan Gilbert, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, financier George Soros, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, eBay CEO Meg Whitman, BET founder Robert Johnson, Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons, Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, NBA player LeBron James, Professor and Entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun, Governor Chris Christie, entertainer Dan Chandler, Katharine Graham of The Washington Post, Diane Sawyer, InterActiveCorp Chairman Barry Diller, Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman, entrepreneur Wences Casares, EXOR and FCA Chairman John Elkann, Sandro Salsano from Salsano Group, and Washington Post CEO Donald E. Graham, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and Oprah Winfrey.
George Tenet, with the reigns of Allen & Co in his hands, is able to single-handedly steer the entire Mockingbird apparatus from cable television to video games to Internet shills from a singular location determining the spectrum of allowable debate. Not only are they able to target people’s conscious psychology, they can target people’s endocrine systems with food and pornography; where people are unaware, on a conscious level, of how their moods and behavior are being manipulated.
"The problem with George Tenet is that he doesn't seem to care to get his facts straight. He is not meticulous. He is willing to make up stories that suit his purposes and to suppress information that does not."
"Sadly but fittingly, 'At the Center of the Storm' is likely to remind us that sometimes what lies at the center of a storm is a deafening silence."
Tenet joined President-elect Bill Clinton's national security transition team in November 1992. Clinton appointed Tenet Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council, where he served from 1993 to 1995. Tenet was appointed Deputy Director of Central Intelligence in July 1995. Tenet held the position as the DCI from July 1997 to July 2004. Citing "personal reasons," Tenet submitted his resignation to President Bush on June 3, 2004. Tenet said his resignation "was a personal decision and had only one basis—in fact, the well-being of my wonderful family—nothing more and nothing less. In February 2008, he became a managing director at investment bank Allen & Company.
We have the documentation that demonstrates what these people could possibly be doing with all of these tools of manipulation at their fingertips.
The term for it is “covert political action” for which all media put before your eyes is used to serve as a veneer… a reality TV show facade of a darker modus operandum.
It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever costs. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the US is to survive, longstanding American concepts of "fair play" must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated means than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.
Intelligence historian Jeffrey T. Richelson says the S.A. has covered a variety of missions. The group, which recently was reorganized, has had about 200 officers, divided among several groups: the Special Operations Group; the Foreign Training Group, which trains foreign police and intelligence officers; the Propaganda and Political Action Group, which handles disinformation; the Computer Operations Group, which handles information warfare; and the Proprietary Management Staff, which manages whatever companies the CIA sets up as covers for the S.A.
Scientology as a CIA Political Action Group – “It is a continuing arrangement…”:
…Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret, but, for present purposes, I can say all that’s worth saying about them in a few sentences – after, that is, I offer these few words of wisdom. The ‘perfect’ political action operation is, by definition, uneventful. Nothing ‘happens’ in it. It is a continuing arrangement, neither a process nor a series of actions proceeding at a starting point and ending with a conclusion.
CIA FBI NSA Personnel Active in Scientology:
When you consider the number of forces that can be contained within a single “political action group” in the form on a “boutique investment firm,” where all sides of political arguments are predetermined by a selected group of actors who have been planted, compromised or leveraged in some way in order to control the way they spin their message.
The evidence of this coordinated effort is overwhelming and the “consensus” that you see on TV, in sports, in Hollywood, in the news and on the Internet is fabricated.
Under the guise of a fake account a posting is made which looks legitimate and is towards the truth is made - but the critical point is that it has a VERY WEAK PREMISE without substantive proof to back the posting. Once this is done then under alternative fake accounts a very strong position in your favour is slowly introduced over the life of the posting. It is IMPERATIVE that both sides are initially presented, so the uninformed reader cannot determine which side is the truth. As postings and replies are made the stronger 'evidence' or disinformation in your favour is slowly 'seeded in.'
Thus the uninformed reader will most likely develop the same position as you, and if their position is against you their opposition to your posting will be most likely dropped. However in some cases where the forum members are highly educated and can counter your disinformation with real facts and linked postings, you can then 'abort' the consensus cracking by initiating a 'forum slide.'
When you find yourself feeling like common sense and common courtesy aren’t as common as they ought to be, it is because there is a massive psychological operation controlled from the top down to ensure that as many people as possible are caught in a “tension based” mental loop that is inflicted on them by people acting with purpose to achieve goals that are not in the interest of the general population, but a method of operating in secret and corrupt manner without consequences.
Notice that Jeffrey Katzenberg, of Disney, who is intertwined with Allen & Co funds the Young Turks. He is the perfect example of the relationship between media and politics.
Katzenberg has also been involved in politics. With his active support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he was called "one of Hollywood's premier political kingmakers and one of the Democratic Party's top national fundraisers."
With cash from Jeffrey Katzenberg, The Young Turks looks to grow paid subscribers:
Last week, former DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new mobile entertainment company WndrCo was part of a $20 million funding round in TYT Network, which oversees 30 news and commentary shows covering politics, pop culture, sports and more. This includes the flagship “The Young Turks” program that streams live on YouTube every day. Other investors in the round included venture capital firms Greycroft Partners, and 3L Capital, which led the round. This brings total funding for Young Turks to $24 million.
How Hollywood's Political Donors Are Changing Strategies for the Trump Era:
Hollywood activism long has been depicted as a club controlled by a handful of powerful white men: Katzenberg, Spielberg, Lear, David Geffen, Haim Saban and Bob Iger are the names most often mentioned. But a new generation of power brokers is ascendant, including J.J. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, cited for their personal donations and bundling skills; Shonda Rhimes, who held a get-out-the-vote rally at USC's Galen Center on Sept. 28 that drew 10,000 people; CAA's Darnell Strom, who has hosted events for Nevada congresswoman Jacky Rosen and Arizona congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema; and former Spotify executive Troy Carter, who held three fundraisers for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (Carter also was a fundraiser for President Obama).
Soros Group Buys Viacom's DreamWorks Film Library:
Viacom, after splitting off from Les Moonves Les Moonves ' CBS , still holds Paramount Pictures, and that movie studio in December agreed to acquire DreamWorks SKG, the creative shop founded by the Hollywood triumvirate of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg (a former exec at The Walt Disney Co.). DreamWorks Animation had been spun off into a separate company.
Now it's time for Freston to make back some money--and who better to do a little business with than George Soros? The billionaire financier leads a consortium of Soros Strategic Partners LP and Dune Entertainment II LLC, which together are buying the DreamWorks library--a collection of 59 flicks, including Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, and American Beauty.
The money you spend on media and junk food and in taxes goes to these groups who then decide how best to market at you so that they decide how you vote by creating a fake consensus to trick into thinking that you want something other than what is best for you; but will inevitably result in more money being funneled to the top, creating further separation between the super rich and the average person. The goal will be to assert creeping authoritarianism by generating outrage against policies and issues they hate. Part of manipulating your basic assumptions is also to use schadenfreude (think canned laughter on TV) against characters who support the cause that might actually do you the most good (which reaffirms and strengthens your confirmation biased along predetermined political lines).
We have a population being taught to hate socialism and love capitalism when the truth is no country is practicing either. These terms are merely disguises for political oligarchies where the collection of wealth is less about getting themselves rich and more about keeping everyone else poor.
What can you guess about the world around you if it turned out that every consensus that was forced on you was fake?
How much money would it take to make it look like 51% of the Internet believed in completely idiotic ideas? Combine shill operations with automation and AI’s, and the cost becomes a good investment relative to the return when measured in political power.
Even the people who are well intentioned and very vocal do not have to consciously be aware that they are working for a political action group. A covert political group will always prefer an unwitting tool to help push their agenda, so that they can remain in the shadows.
FDA Admonishes Drug Maker Over Kim Kardashian Instagram Endorsement
The OSS files offer details about other agents than famous chef, Julia Child; including Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, major league catcher Moe Berg, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and actor Sterling Hayden.
USA Today: Businesses and organizations may refer to it as a tool for competitive advantage and marketing; but make no mistake
Shareblue accounts caught in /politics posting links to Shareblue without disclosing their affiliation
Psy Group developed elaborate information operations for commercial clients and political candidates around the world
Top mod of /Mechanical_Gifs tries to sell subreddit on ebay for 999.00 dollars.
Shill posts picture of a dog in a hammock with the brand clearly visible without indicating that it's an ad in the title of the post
Arstechnica: GCHQs menu of tools spreads disinformation across Internet- “Effects capabilities” allow analysts to twist truth subtly or spam relentlessly.
Samsung Electronics Fined for Fake Online Comments
Discover Magazine: Researchers Uncover Twitter Bot Army That’s 350
Times of Israel - The internet: Israel’s new PR battlefield
Time: Social Media Manipulation? When “Indie” Bloggers and Businesses Get Cozy
Content-Driven Detection of Campaigns in Social Media [PDF]
the law preventing them from using this in America was repealed
Redditor who works for a potato mailing company admits to being a shill. He shows off his 27 thousand dollars he made in /pics
Screenshot of post since it was removed.
Just thought I'd contribute to this thread
CNN: A PR firm has revealed that it is behind two blogs that previously appeared to be created by independent supporters of Wal-Mart. The blogs Working Families for Wal-mart and subsidiary site Paid Critics are written by 3 employees of PR firm Edelman
Vice: Your Government Wants to Militarize Social Media to Influence Your Beliefs
BBC News: China's Internet spin doctors
BBC News: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed
Wall Street Journal: Turkey's Government Forms 6
Fake product reviews may be pervasive
USA Today: The co-owner of a major Pentagon propaganda contractor publicly admitted that he was behind a series of websites used in an attempt to discredit two USA TODAY journalists who had reported on the contractor.
ADWEEK: Marketing on Reddit Is Scary
BBC- How online chatbots are already tricking you- Intelligent machines that can pass for humans have long been dreamed of
BBC news: Amazon targets 1
BBC: More than four times as many tweets were made by automated accounts in favour of Donald Trump around the first US presidential debate as by those backing Hillary Clinton
Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online - Fake online reviews are being openly traded on the internet
Bloomberg: How to Hack an Election [and influence voters with fake social media accounts]
"Internet Reputation Management
Buzzfeed: Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America
The Rise of Social Bots
CBC News- Canadian government monitors online forums
Chicago Tribune: Nutrition for sale: How Kellogg worked with 'independent experts' to tout cereal
DailyKos: HBGary: Automated social media management
Meme Warfare Center
Shilling on Reddit is openly admitted to in this Forbes article
Forbes: From Tinder Bots To 'Cuban Twitter'
Huffington Post- Exposing Cyber Shills and Social Media's Underworld
The Independent: Massive British PR firm caught on video: "We've got all sorts of dark arts...The ambition is to drown that negative content and make sure that you have positive content online." They discuss techniques for managing reputations online and creating/maintaining 3rd-party blogs that seem independent.
New York Times: Lifestyle Lift
New York Times: Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online
NY Times- From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg
NY Times: Effort to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation
PBS Frontline Documentary - Generation Like
Gamers promote gaming-gambling site on youtube by pretending to hit jackpot without disclosing that they own the site. They tried to retroactively write a disclosure covering their tracks
Raw Story: CENTCOM engages bloggers
Raw Story: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people
Salon: Why Reddit moderators are censoring Glenn Greenwald’s latest news story on shills
The Atlantic: Kim Kardashian was paid to post a selfie on Instagram and Twitter advertising a pharmaceutical product. Sent to 42 million followers on Instagram and 32 million on Twitter
The Guardian: Internet Astroturfing
The Guardian: Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war
Operation Earnest Voice
The Guardian: British army creates team of Facebook warriors
The Guardian: US military studied how to influence Twitter [and Reddit] users in Darpa-funded research [2014]
The Guardian: Chinese officials flood the Chinese internet with positive social media posts to distract their population
Times of Israel: Israeli government paying bilingual students to spread propaganda online primarily to international communities without having to identify themselves as working for the government. "The [student] union will operate computer rooms for the was decided to establish a permanent structure of activity on the Internet through the students at academic institutions in the country."
USA Today: Lord & Taylor settles FTC charges over paid Instagram posts
Researcher's algorithm weeds out people using multiple online accounts to spread propaganda - Based on word choice
Wired: Powered by rapid advances in artificial intelligence
Wired: Clinton Staff and Volunteers Busted for Astroturfing [in 2007]
Wired: Pro-Government Twitter Bots Try to Hush Mexican Activists
Wired: Microsoft
Wired: Military Report: Secretly ‘Recruit or Hire Bloggers’
Wired: Air Force Releases ‘Counter-Blog’ Marching Orders
Reddit Secrets
Reddit Secrets
"Once we isolate key people
GCHQ has their own internet shilling program
US also operates in conjunction with the UK to collect and share intelligence data
Glenn Greenwald: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate
Glenn Greenwald: Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet
Here is a direct link to your image for the benefit of mobile users
Reddit for iPhone
Why Satoshi Nakamoto Has Gone
What I learned selling my Reddit accounts
Artificial intelligence chatbots will overwhelm human speech online; the rise of MADCOMs
How Reddit Got Huge: Tons of Fake Accounts - According to Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman
Whistleblower and subsequent investigation: Paid trolls on /Bitcoin
Confession of Hillary Shill from /SandersForPresident
Why do I exist?
Already a direct link?
Here's the thread.
/netsec talks about gaming reddit via sockpuppets and how online discourse is (easily) manipulated.
Redditor comes clean about being paid to chat on Reddit. They work to promote a politician
Shill whistleblower
Russian bots were active on Reddit last year
The Bush and Gore campaigns of 2000 used methods similar to the Chinese government for conducting “guided discussions” in chatrooms designed to influence citizens
source paper.
or Click Here. Alleged paid shill leaks details of organization and actions.
Shill Confessions and Additional Information
Corporate and governmental manipulation of Wikipedia articles
Ex -MMA fighter and ex-police officer exposes corrupt police practices
User pushes InfoWars links on Reddit
Some websites use shill accounts to spam their competitor's articles
User posts video using GoPro
Fracking shill whistleblower spills the beans on Fracking Internet PR
Directorate of Operations
October 16, 1964
Subject: After action report of
Operation CUCKOO (TS)

1) Operation CUCKOO was part of the overall operation CLEANSWEEP, aimed at eliminating domestic opposition to activities undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency's special activities division, in main regard to operation GUILLOTINE.

2) Operation CUCKOO was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense and the office of The President of the United States as a covert domestic action to be under taken within the limits of Washington D.C as outlined by Secret Executive Order 37.

3) Following the publishing of the Warren Commission, former special agent Mary Pinchot Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation SIREN) also was married to Cord Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation GUILLOTINE) threatened to disclose the details of several Special Activities Divisions' operations, including but not limited to, Operation SIREN and GUILLOTENE.
4) It was deemed necessary by senior Directorate of Operations members to initiate Operation CUCKOO as an extension of Operation CLEANSWEEP on November 30th. After Mary Pinchot Meyer threatened to report her knowledge of Operation GUILLOTENE and the details of her work in Operation SIREN from her affair with the former President.

5) Special Activities Division was given the green light after briefing president Johnson on the situation. The situation report was forwarded to the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of staff, who both approved of the parameters of the operation, as outlined under article C of secret executive order 37 (see attached copy of article).
6) 8 members of the special activities division handpicked by operation lead William King Harvey began planning for the operation on October 3rd, with planned execution before October 16th.

7) The (?) of the operation was set as the neighborhood of Georgetown along the Potomac river, where the operators would observe, take note on routines, and eventually carry the operation.

8) After nothing Meyer's routines, Edward "Eddy" Reid was picked as the operation point man who would intersect Meyer on her walk on October 12th, with lead William King Harvey providing long range support if necessary from across the Chesapeake and Ohio canal (see illustration A for detailed map).

9) Edward Reid was planned to be dressed in the manner of a homeless black man, due to his resemblances to local trash collector (later found out to be Raymond Crump) who inhabits the AO and the path that Reid was planned to intersect Meyer.
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