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What is an MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. ​
If you see a company and are not sure that it belongs on this list, please reach out. I have compiled this list from the sources listed at the bottom along with input from community members. This list may not be 100% accurate but the goal is to get it as close as possible.
31 - Bags
5Linx - Home & Business Services
Abby & Anna - Clothing
ACAN Pacific - Utilities
ACN - Utilities
ActiLabs - Skincare/Health
Adornable.U - Accessories
Advocare - Dietary Supplements
AeroGrow - Garden Tools
Agnes & Dora - Clothing
AIM Global - Nutritional Supplements
Akasuka (Japan) -
Alcone - Beauty
Alice's Table - Flower Arrangement Classes
All'asta - Home Goods
Allysian Sciences -
Aloe Vera of America (Young Living) - Nutritional Supplements
Aloette - Beauty
Alphay Int - Nutritional Supplements
AlureVe - Skincare/Health
Amare Global - Nutritional Supplements
Ambit - Utilities
Amelia James -
Ameo - Essential Oils
American Income Life - Financial
Amsoil - Motor Oil
Amway - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Ann Summers - Product
Ann Summers (UK) - Adult Novelties
Anorak (UK) - Home Goods
Anran (China) -
Apollo (India) - Juice
Apriori - Skincare/Health
AquaSource UK - Nutritional Supplements
Arbonne - Skincare/Health
ARIIX - Water Purification
Arsoa Honsha (Japan) - Fitness/Weight Loss
Asea Global - Nutritional Supplements
Asirvia (shut down) - Marketing
Aspire/Digital Altitude - Marketing
ATC Coin - Crypto Currency
Athena's - Adult Novelties
Atomy - Skincare/Health
Ava Anderson -
Ava Rose - Clot
Avisae - Weight Loss
Avon - Beauty
b:hip Global - Health
Bachar Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Bamboo Pink - Jewelry
Barefoot Books - Books
Bath.Ologie - Bath Bombs
Beach Body - Fitness/Weight Loss Videos
BearCereju (Japan) - Cosmetics
BeautiControl -
Beauty Counter - Cosmetics
Beauty Society - Beauty
beCAUSE Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Become International (US & AUS) - Cosmetics
Bedroom Kandi - Adult Novelties
Beever (UK) - Hair Care
BelCorp (Latin America) - Cosmetics
Bellame - Skincare/Health
Bemer - Appliances
Better Way Design/Imports - Clothing
Biogreen Argentina -
BioPerformance - Automotive (Fuel Pills)
Bod-e Pro - Nutritional Supplements
Body by Vi/Visalus - Health
Body Shop at Home - Beauty
Boisset Collection - Wine
Boston Finney (shut down) -
Bounce Life/Network - Insurance
Bud Star (Canada) - CBD/THC Products
BurnLounge (shut down as pyramid scheme by FTC in 2012) -
Buskins - Clothing
Butterfly Beauty - Cosmetics
Cabi - Clothing
Cambridge Weight Plan/Diet - Dietary Supplements
CAN - Utilities
Captain Tortue - Clothing
Carico Int - Home Goods
Celebrating Home - Home Goods
Cellements - Skincare/Health
CEO Movement (Not MLM but scammy) -
Chalk Couture - Chalkboard Signs
Chalky & Co - Home Goods
Chandeal (Japan) - Clothing
Charle (Japan) - Clothing
Charlie's Project - Clothing
Chef's Toolbox (AUS) (Insolvency) - Kitchen Accessories
Cherish Natural Products -
Chloe & Isabel - Jewelry
Clever Container - Home Goods
Close to My Heart - Scrapbooking
Cloud 9 Parties - Adult Novelties
Cobra Group/Appco -
Cocoa Exchange - Food
Color by Amber - Jewelry
Color Happy -
Color Street - Nail Wraps
Colour Me Beautiful (UK) - Clothing
Compelling Creations - Jewelry
Conklin - Roofing
Cookie Lee (shut down) -
Cosway (Malaysia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Country Scents - Product/Candles
Create Your Life - Health
Creative Memories - Scrapbooking
Credit Repair USA - Financial
Crunchi - Cosmetics
Cutco - Knives
CVSL - Multiple Companies
Daisy Blue Naturals - Personal Care
Damsel in Defense - Product/Self Defense
Darceys - Candles
David Lerner Associates, INC - Financial
Dazzle and Daze - Clothing
Deutsche vermögensberatung/Dvag (Germany) - Financial
Diana (Japan) -
Dione Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Direct Cellars/DC Nation - Wine
Discovery Toys - Educational Toys
Divvee/Nui -
Dot Dot Smile - Clothing
DoTERRA - Health/Oils
Du Northing Designs - Clothing
Dubli Network - Financial
Dudley Beauty - Cosmetics
DXN - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Dynamic Essentials -
EcoWarehouse - Home Goods
Elepreneuer -
Elk River Soaps - Personal Care
Ella Tina - Clothing
Elli Kai - Clothing
Elvacity - Nutritional Supplements
EmGoldEx/Global Intergold -
Enagic/Kangen Water - Ionized Water
Endless Xpressions - Clothing/Accessories
Enersource Int - Nutritional Supplements
Enjo (AUS) - Cleaning Producs
Envy Jewelry - Jewelry
Epicure (Canada) - Food
Equinox International (dissolved in 2001) -
Ergo (Germany) - Insurance
Essante Organics -
Essential Bodywear - Clothing
European Grouping of Marketing Professionals/CEDIPAC SA (dissolved 1995) -
European Home Retail (dissolved 2007) -
Evanescence Network - Health
EVER Skincare - Skincare/Health
Evolution Travel - Product
EvolvHealth - Health
Faberlic (Russia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Family First Life - Insurance
Family Heritage Insurance - Insurance
Fantasia - Adult Novelties
Fantasia (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Farmasi -
FES Connect - Financial
Fibi & Clo - Footwear
Fifth Ave Collection - Jewelry
First Fitness Nutrition - Dietary Supplements
Fit4Mom - Clothing
FITTEAM Global - Dietary Supplements
Flamingo Paperie - Art
Fleuresse -
FM World (UK) -
For Tails Only - Pet Supplies
Forever Living - Health/Oils
Forex Education (iMarkets Live branch) - Crypto
Forex Entourage - Financial
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (dissolved 2013) -
Four Oceans - Health
Fragant Jewels - Bathbombs
FreeLife - Nutritional Supplements
Frontrow -
Fuel Freedom Int - Automotive
Fund America (Bankrupt 1990) -
Gano Excel - Nutritional Supplements
GelMoment - Beauty
Gemstra - Jewelry
Genesis Pure - Nutritional Supplements
Global Legacy Initiative -
GoDesana - Pet
Gold Canyon - Product/Candles
Golden Days (China) - Health
Grace & Heart - Jewelry
Green HoriZen - CBD
Greeting Cake Company - Cake Kits
H2O At Home - Personal Care
Hale - CBD Oil
Hanky Panky Parties (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Happy Coffee - Coffee
Harvard Risk Management (Legal Shield) -
Hayward's Gourmet Popcorn - Food
HB Naturals - Health
He(L)o - Health
Healthy Peach - Dietary Supplements
Heavenly Chia - Food
Heka Corp - Fitness
Helo Wristbands - Health
HempWorx - Health
Herbalife - Health
Heritage Makers - Scrapbooking
Hinode - Cosmetics
Holiday Magic (shut down) -
Home Interiors - Home Goods
Honey - Beauty
Honey & Lace - Clothing
Hualin Biotech (China) - Health
iCoinPro - Crypto Currency
ID Life - Health
Igniting Passion (Canada) - Adult Novelties
iMarketsLive - Financial Trading Software
Immunotec - Health
Imperial Candles (UK) - Candles
In a Pikle - Bags
Income Advantage -
India Hicks - Product/Accessories
Infinitus - Health
Initials, Inc - Bags
Inkd Up Nails - Beauty
innov8tive nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
InteleTravel - Travel
Intimo (AUS/NZ) - Adult Novelties
Isagenix - Dietary Supplements
ItWorks! - Health
J. Elizabeth - Clothing
J. Hilburn - Clothing
J.R Watkins -
Jafra - Beauty
Jamberry - Beauty
Jamby - Clothing
Jamie at Home (shut down) -
Janice Collection - Home Goods
Java Momma - Coffee
Javita - Coffee
Jbloom - Jewelry
Jequiti - Cosmetics
Jerky Direct -
Jeunesse - Beauty
Jewel Kade (31) - Jewelry
Jewelscent - Product/Candles
JK Apparel (Canada) - Clothing
Jordan Essentials - Beauty
JoyMain (China) - Health
Joyome (Plexus) - Beauty
JuicePlus - Nutritional Supplements
Jump Natural - Health
Kaesar & Blair -
Kalaia - Skincare/Health
Kalo & Co - Pearl/Jewelry
Kangen Water -
Kannaway - CBD Oil
Karat Bars - Gold
Kaszazz - Scrapbooking
Keep Collective - Jewelry
Keep Me Safe - Cos
KETO (Pruvit) -
Keto Coffee - Coffee
Ketones - Health
Kirby - Vacuums
Kleeneze - Home Goods
Kobold (Vorwerk) -
Kyani - Health
Labella Baskets - Home Goods
Lady Godiva Beauty - Cosmetics
Lavylites - Beauty
L'BRI - Beauty
LeadUp Consulting -
Legal Shield - Legal Services
LegArt (Canada) - Leggings
Legend Age (China) -
Legging Army - Clothing
Legging Girl - Clothing
Lemongrass Spa - Beauty
LeReve (Canada) - Cosmetics
Le-Vel (Thrive) - Health
Lia Sophia (dissolved) - Jewelry
Life Abundance - Pet
LIFE Leadership - Financial
Life Tree World - Food
LifeBrook -
LifePlus (US/Germany) - Dietary Supplements
Life's Abundance - Pet Supplies
LifeVantage - Dietary Supplements
Lilla Rose - Jewelry
Limelife - Skincare/Health
Limu - Health
Limu - Nutritional Supplements
Linen World - Home Goods
Lion Crown -
Lipsense - Beauty
Liv International - Travel
Live Sore - Clothing
Longabeger Company - Baskets
Longrich (China) - Beauty
Lorraine Lee Linen - Home Goods
Love Winx - Adult Novelties
LR Beauty & Health - Beauty
LuLaRoe - Clothing
Lulu Ave - Jewelry
Luminess - Cosmetics
Lyconet/Lyoness -
Lyoness - Financial
M. Global (Jamberry) - Jewelry
M. Network - Nutritional Supplements
Maelle Beauty - Beauty
Magnabilities - Jewelry
Magnolia & Vine - Jewelry
Makeup Eraser - Cosmetics
Man Cave - Kitchen Accessories
Mannatech - Dietary Supplements
Mark. - Financial
Market America - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Marly Ray - Pearl/Jewelry
Marvelous Mouse Travels - Travel
Mary & Martha - Home Goods
MaryKay - Beauty
Maskara - Beauty
Matilda Jane - Clothing
Max & Madeleine - Skincare/Health
Maxwell Clothing - Clothing
MCA - Financial
Medifast - Nutritional Supplements
Melaleuca - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Metabolife (dissolved in 2005) -
MiA Bath and Body (Closed) -
mialisia - Jewelry
Miche EU - Accessories
Miki (Asia) - Nutritional Supplements
MOA Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Modere -
MojiLife - Essential Oils
Monat - Hair Care
MonaVie (went into foreclosure 2015) -
Morinda Bioactives - Personal Care/Dietary Supplements
Motives Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Multpure - Water
My Club 8 - CBD Oil
My Daily Choice - Nutritional Supplements
My LALA Leggings - Clothing
myEcon - Financial
National Safety Associates - Dietary Supplements
National Wealth Center - Education
Natura (Brazil) - Cosmetics
Nature Direct (AUS) - Essential Oils
Nature's Sunshine Products - Dietary Supplements
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic - Beauty
NeoLife - Dietary Supplements
Neora (Nerium) -
Nerium - Skincare/Health
NeVetica - Pet Supplies
New Era (China) - Nutritional Supplements
New U Life - Health
Neways - Personal Care
Nikken -
Noevir - Beauty
Nomades - Jewelry
Noonday Collection - Jewelry
Norwex - Cleaning Producs
Nouveau Riche (real estate investment college) (dissolved 2010 -
Nspire Network - Feminine Products
NuCerity - Skincare/Health
NuSkin - Tooth Paste/Personal Care
Nutriboom -
NXIVM - Financial
Nygard - Clothing
Omnilife - Dietary Supplements
One Hope Wine - Wine
Optavia - Health
Opulenza - Jewelry
Organo Gold - Coffee
Oriflame - Personal Care
Origami Owl - Jewelry
Our Hearts Desire - Jewelry
Paid 2 Save - Travel
Pampered Chef - Kitchen Accessories
Paparazzi - Jewelry
Paperly - Paper
Park Lane Jewelry - Jewelry
Party Girl - Candles
Party Lite - Candles
Party Time Mixes - Food
PartyLite - Candles
Passion Parties - Adult Novelties
Pawtree - Pet
Paycation - Travel
Peach - Clothing
Pearl Chic - Pearl/Jewelry
Peekaboo Beans - Clothing
Perfect (China) - Cosmetics
Perfectly Polished - Beauty
Perfectly Posh - Beauty
Personally Poetic - Jewelry
PHP - Insurance
Pierre Lang - Jewelry
Pink Zebra - Candles
Piphany - Clothing
PixieLane - Clothing
Plexus - Health
Plumeria Bath - Beauty
Plunder - Jewelry
PM International - Health
Pola (Japan) - Skincare/Health
Poofy Organics - Beauty
Powur - Solar Panels
Premier Designs - Jewelry
Premier Financial - Financial
PrimeMyBody - Health
Primerica - Financial
Princess House - Kitchen Accessories
ProDoula -
ProYoung - Health
Pruvit - Health
Pulse Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Pure Haven - Cosmetics
Pure Romance - Product
PureHaven - Home Goods
PUREly - Essential Oils
Purium - Health
Qnet - Nutritional Supplements
Quanjian Natural (China) - Food
RadiantlyYou -
Rain International - Health
Rainbow Vacuum - Vacuums
Real Time Pain Relief - Health
Red Aspen - Beauty
RED Safety - Security
Regal Home and Gifts - Home Goods
Reliv - Health
Reliv - Nutritional Supplements
Renatus Real Estate - Education
RevitalU - Coffee/Health
Riway - Deer Placenta
Robert Kiyosaki -
Rodan+Fields - Beauty
Roland (Vorwerk) -
Rolmex (China) - Kitchen Accessories
Royal Tongan Limu (dissolved in 2003) -
Royaltie Gens - Marketing
Ruby Ribbon - Clothing
Saba - Health/Beauty
Sabika Jewelry - Jewelry
SafeGirl Security - Self Defense
Salad Master - Home Goods
SARSO (India) -
Scentsy - Health/Oils
Schneider's Gourmet World - Food
Scout & Cellar - Wine
Seacret - Beauty
SendOutCards - Gift Cards
Senegence - Skincare/Health
Shakeology (BeachBody) - Dietary Supplements
Shaklee - Dietary Supplements
Shopping Sherlock -
Shrimp & Grits - Clothing
Signature Homestyles - Home Goods
Silpada - Jewelry
Silver Icing - Jewelry
Simple Man - Personal Care
Simply Success Elite -
SimplyFun Games - Education
Skinny Body at Home - Dietary Supplements
SkinSanity/Tomorrow's Leaf - Skincare/Health
Smart Circle -
Smartway -
Solavei (dissolved 2015)[ -
Solvei (bankrupt) -
Sophie Paris (France/Asia) - Clothing
South Hill Designs - Jewelry
Southern Living at Home - Home Goods
SouthWestern Advantage - Education
Sseko - Clothing
Stampin Up - Paper
Steam Energy - Utilities
Steeped Tea - Tea
Stella & Dot - Clothing
Stream Energy - Financial
Style Dots - Jewelry
Success University - Education
Sun Hope (China) -
Sunrider - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Sunset Gourmet - Food
Sunshine Empire (dissolved 2009) -
Surge 365 - Travel
Sweet Legs - Clothing
Sweet Minerals - Beauty
Symmetry Financial Group - Insurance
Syntek Global - Automotive
T.O.P Marketing Group -
TAG Team Marketing -
Taisei/Green Planet/Kaikisui (Japan_ - Purifiers
Tara at Home - Home Goods
Tastefully Simple - Food
Tavala - Health
Tealightful - Tea
Team National - Financial
TeDivina - Tea
Telecom Plus (UK) - Utilities
Telexfree (bankrupt 2014) -
The Advert Platfrom - Crypto Currency
The Body Shop at Home - Beauty
The Landmark Forum - Health
The Super Affiliate Network - Marketing
Thermomix (Vorwerk) -
Thirty One - Bags
Thrive - Health
Thrive Life - Food
Tiber River Naturals - Beauty
TKO WorldWide -
Tocara (Canada) - Jewelry
Tom James - Clothing
Total Life Changes/TLC - Health
TouchStone Crystal - Jewelry
Touchstone Essentials - Dietary Supplements
Tracy Negoshian - Clothing
Trades of Hope - Jewelry
Tranont - Financial
Transformational Beauty - Cosmetics
Travel Evolution - Travel
Traveling Vineyard - Wine
TraVerus Global - Travel
TriVita - Nutritional Supplements
Tropic Skin Care - Skincare/Health
True Peak Revolution (Europe) -
Truvision Health - Health
TS-Life - Nutritional Supplements
Tupperware - Tupperware
Unicity - Health
United Sciences of America (dissolved in 1987) -
United Warehouse (UK) -
US Health Advisors -
Usana - Nutritional Supplements
Usborne - Books
Utility Warehouse (UK) - Utilities
Valentus - Dietary Supplements
Vantel - Product/Pearls
Vasayo - Health
VectoCutco - Knives
Vemma - Dietary Supplements
viaOneHope - Wine
ViBella - Jewelry
VIC Cosmetics -
Vida Divina - Tea
Vie at Home (closed) -
Virtuity Financial Group (World Financial Group) -
ViSalus (Body by VI) - Dietary Supplements
Vitality Extracts - Essential Oils
VivaMK - Cleaning Producs
Volo - Health
Vorwerk - Home Goods
Votre Belle Maison (UK) - Giftware
Voxxlife - Health
Wakaya Perfection - Health
WakeUpNow (dissolved 2015) -
Watkins Inc - Health/Home Goods
Wealthperx - Travel
Wikaniko - Home Goods
Wildtree - Food
Willing Beauty - Beauty
Winasun - Health
Wine Shop at Home - Wine
Wines for Humanity - Wine
Wink Naturals - Health
World Financial Group/Pinnacle Leadership Development - Financial
World Leadership Group (dissolved in 2008) -
World Ventures/Wealth Wave/TKO WorldWide - Travel
WoTaBu - Travel
XanGo/Ziji - Health
Xerveo - Dietary Supplements
Xoom Energy - Utilities
Xooma - Weight Loss
Xstream Travel - Travel
Xyngular - Health
Yanbal Int - Jewelry
Yandi (China) - Nutritional Supplements
Yelloow - Beauty
Yevo (closed) -
Yofoto (China) - Health
Yoli - Health
Yoonla -
YOR Health - Weight Loss
Young Living - Health
Youngevity -
Younique - Beauty
YTB International - Travel
Zepter -
Zija - Health
Zilis - Health
Zinzino (Scandanavia) -
Zrii - Skincare/Health
Zurvita - Health
Zyia - Clothing
Zyn - Travel
TOTAL COUNT = 594 ​ This list will be continually updated (5/19/2020).
2018 Archived MLM Mega Thread

Sources: https://mlmtruth.org/2018/02/08/the-mlm-master-list/ , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies Special thanks to u/Copacetic1515 (I could not stick your thread)

For income disclosure information: Updated 2019 Thread

Other Helpful Links: Discussion about World Financial Group
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Applying to ART College: A Megathread

Hi! After using this sub for much of my junior & senior year (on a separate account), I've noticed there’s fairly little information on applying to art college. As such, I thought I'd compile all my knowledge and research about applying to art school as someone that used to obsess over the A2C process for both normal and art schools.
This ended up MASSIVE as I tried to stuff everything I could think of related to applying to art school in here. Hope it helps some of y’all out there :-)


Having applied and researched applying to both art and normal schools, I feel that applying to art school is much more straight forward. There are so fewer moving factors and it's definitely much less of a crapshoot than applying to T20s and Ivies. If your art is good enough and you know what they're looking for, I think getting into even the top art schools is very doable and a lot less scary than one might initially think.
For some context, I'm currently an incoming freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and was accepted with highest merit scholarship to all art schools I applied to, including RISD, Parsons, Pratt, and SVA. I was a 2019 and 2020 YoungArts winner in Visual Arts, a 2020 Scholastic National Gold Medalist, and a 2017 Congressional Competition where my art was hung in the U.S. Capitol for a year.
While part of it was hard work, another part of it was also figuring out how to navigate the process and choosing where to apply my effort. Figuring out what AOs want is super important if you want to maximize your chances at success.
Applying to art college is ultimately a game that anyone with a drive to create art can learn how to play, no matter how much art experience you have. And if you know how to play, it becomes a lot easier to succeed!

The Portfolio

The portfolio is no doubt the MOST important part of your application. This is a selection of your artwork that AOs will look at to determine if you're qualified enough to be admitted. Grades and ECs often matter little to none depending on the school, so if you're set on art school, make sure to focus on creating the best portfolio you can.
Depending on the school, they may ask for anywhere from 10-22 pieces. Each school has different quantitative requirements; make sure you check their website and/or Slideroom portal (where you'll upload your portfolio) for details.
Important note: Please keep in mind that my portfolio was mainly 2D fine arts with a little bit of Graphic Design from my time at RISD Precollege, which I attended in the summer before 12th grade (2019). As such, most of the research I did was about fine arts portfolios and I don't know if the information here is as applicable to portfolios with or centered on photo, video, animation, etc. It's also most specific to RISD & other top art schools in the U.S. (but we're all overachievers here anyway lol).

Major-specific vs Non-major-specific portfolios

Some schools want portfolios that are specific to the major you apply to (though this is relatively rare) or portfolios that are "focused" on (rather than only on) a specific major (this is a little more common). They may not even mention it explicitly on their website, so make sure you clarify what the school wants.
The advice & info I'll give is about non-major-specific portfolios (which schools like RISD (especially), Pratt, Parsons, SVA, SAIC, MICA, etc. want/accept), so keep that in mind!

What to include in a portfolio? (For art schools)

While this honestly varies from school to school, I know that top art schools not only want to see technical skill, but conceptual thinking and experimentation as well. I think a current RISD student that gave a portfolio lecture at RISD precollege put it really well—RISD (and many other top art schools) look for things that they admit they can't teach you, like a POTENTIAL to grow, a drive to experiment and explore, a proclivity for a type of thought-process that they think makes great artists. Realism and technical drawing skill are all things that anyone can learn with enough practice (and at many art schools like RISD, Pratt, and Parsons, you WILL be practicing through foundation year studies).
That being said, schools still want to see that you have adequate technical skills to build upon. You want a mix between technically-strong pieces and conceptually-strong pieces, i.e. pieces that show off your rendering abilities and pieces that show off your ability to put ideas and thought behind your pieces. Of course, these two categories can heavily overlap (and it's probably better if they do!), but if they don't, make sure you have BOTH in your portfolio.

Technically-strong pieces

Technically-strong pieces are pieces that demonstrate your mastery over your medium. Many this means super-detailed colored pencil still lives, well-crafted and purposeful sculptures, intricate landscapes, accurately rendered buildings, etc. In addition to making things detailed, technical skill also includes a strong grasp of color, light, composition, form, space, etc.
Tip: Composition especially is something many art school applicants don't pay much attention to (according to some AOs I've talked to), so make sure you're not putting everything right in the center of your page/canvas/etc. Also, play with cropping and having parts of the subject & objects go off the page rather than containing the entirety of the subject/object within the bounds of your page.

Conceptually-strong pieces

Having a portfolio of impeccably rendered but purely technical pieces may get you into some schools, but top art schools will still turn you down. I know of so many people who've submitted portfolios full of hyperrealistic graphite shoes or tools or other objects, only to be rejected. Such portfolios show that the artist lacks the ability to go beyond depictions of life and given another dimension to their art—a conceptual dimension.
By "conceptually-strong" pieces, I mean pieces that are idea and thought-driven rather than just purely technical. Think about how you can indicate a narrative within your piece or say something.
Think also about how you intentionally choose certain compositions, certain lighting, certain colors, certain styles, certain painting techniques, etc. to help subtly build the narrative of your piece. This is really important as it shows you're thinking about these things.
This DOESN'T necessarily mean that there has to be some explicit "moral" or message to your piece; trying to spoonfeed a story through very explicit (i.e. not-subtle) imagery can result in cheesy symbolism and pieces that feel cliche.
(I hope to add more to this later when I can put it into words better—this category is so broad and vague and I wish I could be more specific. Feel free to ask more specific questions about it below!)

Mastery over a range of mediums

Top art schools like seeing that you skillfully use and experiment with different mediums. Maybe if you mainly work with pencil and pen, you can try paint, which is wet and a lot looser than highly controlled dry mediums. Maybe you can try 3D!! Many high schoolers are scared of it so it'll make you stand out (if it's well-executed).
Tip: You can also play with combining multiple mediums in one piece. Consider less conventional mediums like e.g. painting on wood (having the wood show through under the paint can create a cool effect, plus you can also burn wood to create designs & cool effects), creating texture with crumpled newspaper, incorporating wires to create a 3D aspect, etc. The list goes on and on!
That all being said, don't put in a bad piece just for the sake of showing that you work with different mediums. If the piece isn't very good, it can end up hurting you more helping you :')
Additionally, some art schools may not care all that much about seeing a range of mediums. This is definitely more of a thing at schools like RISD.

Life studies: figure drawings, still lives, landscapes, etc.

Art schools want to see that you can draw from life. This means literally looking at things IRL and drawing them instead of drawing from a photograph. These pieces don't have to fully executed, fleshed-out pieces—it's common for people to send shaded black-and-white charcoal sketches of figures. They can also be sketchbook pages from sitting at a coffee shop, a park, a train station, your room, and just drawing the people, animals, objects, scenery, etc. around you. This is also a time to combine mediums if you want to add a splash of color to pen/pencil drawings. You can have fun with it!
That being said, it's still very important to display well-executed technical skill, ESPECIALLY for still lives as those are probably the most common life drawing + are in nearly every single portfolio and probably the easiest of the 3.
Tip: Put shadows underneath your still lives; don't just have them floating in a blank white page! Try to also draw at least some part of the background so that the object is indicated in a space. Play with composition and try to break away from putting everything right in the middle of your page/canvas with nothing going off the edges (bc still lives are like that and it gets very boring!)
If you can't access live nude models for figure drawing, there are some online resources where you can draw nude models meant for this exact purpose, both timed and untimed (posted below!). Though it won't be from life, it may still be worth including as human anatomy is important and something many art schools focus on, especially in your first year.
Although the vast majority do, some schools don't care about life studies or purely technical pieces at all (notoriously parsons!), so make sure you do your research through attending National Portfolio Day & contacting admissions with questions (more on that later).
Note: You should only submit a few of these!

Sketchbook pages

This very much depends on the school—some really want to see them and some may only want to see your best, most completed work. Typically, a school that DOES want sketchbook pages will explicitly ask to see them. Make sure you check their website or ask them!
If they DO want to see sketchbook pages, you can include thumbnail sketches, planning for another piece, life drawings, small experimentations, anything that gives a "behind the scenes" look into your art making and thinking. It's great also to show sketchbook planning for another piece you have in your portfolio. Schools like RISD really want to sketchbook pages so make sure you keep one!
Note: You should only submit a few of these!

School-specific assignments/tests

Some art schools will require you to create art based on a specific prompt. This prompt may change every year or stay the same. This is an important chance to show how you tackle an art assignment given by the school itself and a good assignment response can really boost your portfolio. I wouldn't go as far as to say these "make or break" your portfolio, however, as schools have explicitly stated that the rest of your portfolio is also important and not to devote all your time and energy onto the assignment at the cost of a lower-quality portfolio. Still take it seriously though!
Cooper Union (tbh it's the only school I know of that does this) gives a "home test" where they mail/email you a list of prompts to make art from that they assess you on. There's also a bunch of questions you have to answer (I don't know much about the home test so please let me know if this info is wrong or misleading!).
RISD's this year (just released a few days ago!) is "Identify something in need of repair. Use any material or approach to fix it." and an accompanying written response (further details here).

Portfolio tips

Be creative. Come up with unique concepts.

I'm sure someone out there is reading this thinking, 'Well, DUH, it's art school! Of course I have to be creative,' because I'd probably think the same. Yet, you'd be surprised how often AOs continue to see still lives of fruit or glass bottles, green landscapes, a portrait painted with a flurry of unnatural skin tones, etc.
Don't make things just because everyone else is making them. I guarantee you that you don't need a still life of fruit to get into art school. Instead, think about what pieces like that show AOS (for still lives, it'd be technical skill) and think about ways you can show those same skills but in a less-generic way. This piece by @lemoncholy_(IG) (link to a timestamped youtube video) is a great example of a fun and original still life that also works in a narrative while displaying technical skill.

Break out of rigidity

Common among applicants who are really skilled in realism are portfolios full of tightly rendered portraits and scenes from life, but nothing else. This is bad because it shows you don't know how to experiment and that your artistic skills and vision are limited within the very narrow realm of photographic realism.
Play with adapting a "looser" hand. Watercolor is great for this because it's so fluid! You can also play with combining realism and abstraction or illustration. An artist that I think does this well with oil paint is Jenny Saville. You can also experiment with stylizing some of your realism. Degas's pastel portraits

Don't place everything in the center

I mentioned this earlier, but placing things in the dead center is probably the most common composition that high school applicants use, usually without a particular reason why and just because it's the "default." Many AOs I talked to really emphasized it so definitely play with putting things off-center and asymmetry!!

Have backgrounds. Yes, even to still lives!

Also mentioned earlier, but pure white backgrounds should be avoided whenever appropriate. They can make pieces look unfinished and usually happen because people are scared of them. Break out of your comfort zone! Even if the background is simple, it still indicates the object in a space instead of it just floating in space.

Don't be afraid of color

Try to make more than half of your pieces in color! I'm not sure if this is as much of a problem now, but don't be afraid of it! It's much easier to work with it when the colors are controlled, like with colored pencils, versus when you have to mix your own colors, like with watercolor.

Make your artistic choices intentional

Why did you choose this certain composition? This color palette? This style? This lighting? Realism vs semi-realism? How can these choices help build a narrative without having to shove it down the audience's throat through explicit imagery?
Answering these questions can help you make more intentional and meaningful choices! and explaining these choices in the description will definitely give you a boost as it shows you're thinking deeply about critically (critically thinking) about your art-making.

Spend time on your written descriptions

Honestly, even if the work itself is subpar, a stellar description that reveals a lot of depth to the piece can save it and show that you think a lot about your artistic choices and art-making in general. From then, it just becomes an execution issue which you can work on in school.

Quality > quantity, but don't add too few pieces either

Don't try to reach the max-pieces limit with "filler" pieces that aren't very good. It'll bring the overall quality of your portfolio down.
At the same time, don't include too few pieces. If it asks for 20 pieces, try to give at least 13. If it asks for 12, try to give at least 9. Not every piece has to be absolutely outstanding!

Common mistakes

A purely technical portfolio

I'm sure I'm beginning to sound like a broken record at this point lol, but this is super important!! It's so so common for technically amazing applicants to get rejected because their portfolios are all just technical studies without any narrative or conceptual thought behind the majority of their pieces.
Tell narratives through your art. Go to art museums. Ask yourself what it means to be an artist and your role in society. What power does art have that other methods don't? How can you use your art to say things and reach others in ways that only art can?

Fanart or anime

Especially anime. They don't like it at all. The reasons are a little BS imo :( but you can't fight them; just don't do it.

Master copies

Mastercopies are when you replicate/copy famous pieces of artwork—art from "masters"—as accurately as possible.
This is a lesser offense than including fanart/anime and whether schools actually care will vary from school to school, but I know that schools like RISD & Parsons really don't like them and RISD specifically advises against them. They don't show any originality and the display of technical skill is also damped by the notion that it was copied from someone else's art.
Personally, I think master copies are actually super beneficial to people learning a certain medium and I really encourage people to do them as studies. Just don't put them in your portfolio!

Badly photographed pieces

The documentation of your pieces is an often overlooked yet highly important part of your portfolio. Try to take photos of work outside in bright but shadowy areas. This way you get natural light but not the glare of direct light. Rent a camera and learn how to use its basic settings or use a phone with a high-quality camera.
Crop your photos to the edges of your piece. Alter weird lighting, contrast, and color inconsistencies using a photo editing software. Photoshop is perfect for this as it's super powerful. If you don't have a subscription, PM me and I can help you with getting it for free.
Art Prof also has tooons of stuff on documenting your work here in the middle/second column of links near the top.

What makes the best portfolio? (For NON-art schools)

When submitting a supplementary portfolio to non-art schools, non-art schools typically prefer high-technical skill works and fully fleshed-out, finished works. Unless your experimental pieces are also highly skilled, it's best to go for very well rendered pieces that also have some conceptual thinking behind them.
The people looking at your supplementary portfolio may often be normal AOs that don't know much about art, and high-skill pieces will seem most impressive. And whereas the applicant pool for top art schools like RISD consists of many high-technical-skill low-conceptual-skill portfolios, supplementary portfolios to non-art schools on average usually aren't as good so you don't need as many risky, conceptual pieces to stand out.
Plus, non-art schools don't give two shits about your "potential to grow" in art so show off all the current skill you have rather than what you could have in the future! Especially if you don't even plan to do art in college.

Ordering your pieces

The order of your pieces does matter. You want to leave the best impression you can on the AOs and psychology plays a part in it. People generally agree that the first two and last two pieces should be your strongest pieces. You want to start and end with a bang.
Other than that, it's up to you and depends on your portfolio pieces. You could try grouping similar pieces together, but if two pieces are too similar to each other, it can seem repetitive and you should probably take one of them out (instead of just moving it somewhere else). You could also play with mixing things up, but be careful not to break the cohesion of your portfolio by jumping between pieces that have completely different purposes and moods—you want the order of your pieces to flow without seeming boring or repetitive.

What is Slideroom?

Slideroom is a portfolio uploading site where the majority of schools (including non-art schools) will ask you to submit portfolios on. Each school will have their own Slideroom portal (usually something like "[schoolname].slideroom.com") and you'll have to submit your portfolio separately for school you apply to.
When you upload pieces onto slideroom, you'll have the option to add a title and description for your piece. You may also have a box for year, medium, size, etc. depending on if the schools asks for it.
Tip: I highly recommend creating a separate document/spreadsheet with all your artworks' names, mediums, years, sizes, and descriptions as you'll have to put in that information again each time you submit a portfolio to another school (there IS an option on Slideroom to copy all your entries from portfolio A into portfolio B, but portfolio B may ask for yeamedium/size/etc. while portfolio A may not, which would require you to put it all in for portfolio B).

More tips!

Two ~1hr Youtube videos about "art school portfolio secrets" with tons more tips from Clara Lieu (former adjunct RISD professor) @ Art Prof!! Here and here.
A bunch of portfolio tips + more common mistakes by Art Prof (again lol) here (same link as the one about documenting artwork)!

Grades, Tests, Extracurriculars, Awards, Classes, etc.


Generally, grades and test scores very little to art schools. Most art schools barely care about your GPA and SAT, if at all. Even RISD, which probably cares the most out of all the art schools, has accepted people with sub 3.0 GPAs and sub 1200 SAT scores. Contrarily, many 4.0 UW 1400+ SAT people have been rejected because their portfolios are subpar. And it makes sense when you think about it, as academic strength matters little relative to your artistic strength when at art school.
Extracurriculars are more or less the same deal. Some schools only ask for art related ECs, so it's nice to have a few. It also may give you something to talk about.

Art Competitons/Awards

From my understanding awards also don't matter very much to art schools, and at least not as much as your portfolio. I know people who've won numerous Scholastic National Medals that were rejected from schools like RISD. IMO this makes sense, as art school AO's would definitely trust their own judgment when looking at someone's portfolio over that of a competition's that they aren't affiliated with, especially since they're admitting them to art school, which values potential, while competitions value skill.
Some schools give a few scholarships based on art competitions like YoungArts, Scholastic, etc. I always think it's a good idea to try for these as you often have nothing to lose except for your time and the application fee and you may end up with some portfolio pieces while preparing for them.
There are mainly two large art competitions that I know of:

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This is probably the largest art competition in the country. It has both regional and national awards. It's not too difficult to get some regional awards and it looks good on a resume. Anyone 7th-12th grade can apply and you need to do it while affiliated with a middle school/high school art teacher.
They have many different visual arts categories such as photography, drawing & illustration, sculpture, mixed media, design, digital, comic art, etc. They also have a whole writing section that also has a bunch of different categories.

National Youngarts Foundation

This is a fairly prestigious competition with only ~50 winners nationwide, only half (or less) of which are Finalists. For visual arts, you submit a portfolio of 10 pieces that generally follow some unifying theme (the specifics change from year to year so make sure you check their site for details). Anyone 15-18 OR in 10th-12th grade can apply (so many college freshmen still qualify!). The due date is in October and if you get notified if you're a winner in December.
There are also many other categories outside of visual arts, such as theatre, writing, singing, dancing, classical music, etc.

AP Art

I personally never took this class as it wasn't offered at my school, so I wish I could say more about it. From my understanding, this class is a good portfolio builder, and many who take it before 12th grade end up with portfolio pieces. I think most art colleges don't allow you to use AP Art credit in college.

School Art Classes and Private Art Classes

In terms of getting you into art school, I don't think having these on your transcript or resume will increase or reduce your chances at all. However, these are definitely great opportunities to work on portfolio pieces and get feedback from teachers and peers.
Private art classes (if you find a good one) are definitely a great place to work specifically on portfolio pieces. Usually your instructor will work closely with you to build a portfolio and create pieces. Having not really done or learned anything in my school art classes, private art classes definitely helped me churn out a lot of art for the first half of high school.

Choosing an art school

Your major matters

The quality of your education at a certain institution will be VERY major dependent. While it may be tempting, don't just look at acceptance rates because they can mislead you (sidenote on this: try to get acceptance rates from students or the school's website because the ones Google reports are always much higher for some reason).
Even reputation can sometimes be misleading—for example, while RISD is sometimes considered the "Harvard" of art schools, it has a poor animation, video, and photography department. Contrarily, SVA has a great animation program despite having a high acceptance rate and despite some of their other departments being questionable in quality.

Flexibility in switching majors

If you aren't sure which major you want to go into or unsure if you necessarily will want to stay in your current major, keep in mind how easy or hard it'll be to switch majors. Some schools require you to apply to a certain major and are very inflexible about changing majors. For example, to do Fashion at parsons (which is famous for their fashion), you have to specifically get into the Fashion major because it's so competitive and they probably judge the applicants at a different standard.
Additionally, their first-year curriculum is completely different from all the other majors' first-year curriculums (which is usually a foundation year where ALL majors take the SAME classes on fundamental art skills like drawing and design). If you get into Parsons for something else, I've heard it's relatively easy to change majors from say Illustration to Graphic Design to very hard to change majors into Fashion.
It also may be hard to transfer out of such majors. Animation at SVA has a different first-year curriculum than most of the other majors (which also have a foundation year) which SVA brings up as why you can't switch from Animation to GD or Illustration but why you can switch form GD to Illustration or vice versa. I've heard of people who went into SVA for animation but realized after their second year that they didn't actually like animation. As a result, they either had to stick with it for another two years and 140k later or drop out.


This is true for both art and non-art schools. Depending on your major, it may be easier to find work in more urban areas or certain cities. That gives schools around SoCal or NYC an advantage compared to schools in, say, Florida. Make sure you consider if that's something important for you and your major.


This may only be applicable for 'industry majors' like Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Textiles, etc. and not so much for very fine-arts majors like Drawing and Painting. But for those formerly mentioned majors, I've been told straight up that you pay for art school for the connections and the networking. Reputable schools have well-connected faculty and networking events with renowned companies and employers. This is super important in art industries like Graphic Design, where your salary can fluctuate GREATLY depending on where you work.

Ultimately, the name doesn't matter that much

While prestige may help someone graduating from a NON-art school find a good job, for art schools, your graduating portfolio matters a LOT more (NOTE: The portfolio I mention in this section is the one you build during your time at art college. The portfolio I mention in the next section and for the majority of this post is the one you apply to art school with). This is the body of work that you come out of college with and is what hirers (for industry majors) are looking at to decide if your artistic vision and skill is what they're looking for. The best art school for you then is the one that helps you build your best body of work, and that may not be the well-known big-name schools.

Do you like their student work?

Some schools have an affiliated Behance site where students (and alums) can post artwork that they make. You can usually filter the work in the site by major and year. The URL is typically "portfolios.[schoolname].edu" but I'd look up "[schoolname] portfolios" or "[schoolname] student work" in google as many schools don't have an affiliated Behance site.
This is a great way to see what students are currently making. You may find that you particularly do or don't like the work produced, and that's a really important indicator for whether that school would be a good fit for you.

Other options

Art at a non-art school

This can sometimes be risky imo as art programs in non-art schools are often small and not very good. Especially when there's only one professor for your major, you run the risk of getting a limited/narrow education in a field that requires fresh ideas and creative problem-solving (for most majors). The quality of the education may also just not be very great, and you'll also have fewer peers to grow from (Your classmates in art school are super important imo as you'll constantly be learning and growing off each other. You literally spend a third of your time in art school getting feedback from your peers.).
That being said, there are definitely some non-art schools with a strong arts and/or design department, like Yale, UCLA, and Carnegie Mellon. It can be hard to find stuff about this online and I wish I knew some better ways to research this, but it's best if you can talk to a professor or art student who's more 'in the know' about this stuff.

What if I don't only want to do art?

Most art schools only offer a very arts-centered education. Some have an art history/liberal arts requirement but those classes are limited. You'll still have to take some non-art classes, and if that's enough for you, great! But if not, you could consider doing art at a non-art school, where you'll have access to the school's non-art majors and courses too.
At RISD, you not only have a (relatively) heftier liberal arts requirement, but you also have the opportunity to take classes at Brown University right next door starting your sophomore year. However, I've heard that it's actually pretty difficult to schedule these classes as RISD classes are usually really long and the two universities don't really work together to coordinate classes.

Dual Degree Programs

There are also some dual degree programs, most famously the Brown | RISD dual degree program. This shit is competitive as fuck to get into (3-4% acceptance rate) but an amazing opportunity as you get a degree from both Brown University and RISD after 5-years. You can find a lot more info about it online. Overview of some specific logistics about its admissions here. There's also the Tufts SMFA 5-year dual degree which also has a 4-year option if you only want a degree from Tufts.


I only recently got into art/I don't have a lot of experience. Do I still have a chance at top art schools?

Contrary to popular belief, people who are good at art are rarely truly "talented." Much of it is really just practice, practice, and more practice. Even with talent, practice is still essential (just like how talented athletes still have to train really hard in order to do well).
But imo, you can practice "smartly" and not-so-smartly. I know of multiple people who only started making art mid-high school or never took an art class before an art camp the summer before 12th grade and these people got into some of the best art schools in the country! They weren't secret Van Gogh's who had finally uncovered their god-given talent; they just knew how to build a portfolio that highlighted their strengths over their weaknesses and showed they had potential above all else.

How expensive is art school?

Top art schools are as expensive as top non-art schools. Some, like RISD, are notorious for being stingy about giving money. It's a sad reality. However, there are definitely other affordable but decent options outside of the big-name schools. Remember that a school might be alright overall but really good for your major, specifically!

How do I know if art school is right for me?

I struggled with the same question and am honestly still struggling with it. Is art to you a hobby or a passion? Would you be ok with doing art as a job, even if it means sucking some or most of the joy out of it? Would you be willing to go into debt for a degree that may be hard to pay back?
Do you want to go to school with passionate and driven students doing what they love? Do you want to go to school with students all more-or-less doing the same thing as you? Are you ok with focusing mainly on art but dabbling in other subjects too?
Ultimately, you can also always transfer schools!


Oh boy,, my favorite part lol. Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of the links or organizations below :’)

Portfolio reviews

National Portfolio Day - A collection of days throughout the year where you can have your portfolio reviewed & critiqued by representatives from a whole host of art schools. There's typically one in a certain state/region per year. It's a great opportunity to get legit feedback on your portfolio and I highly recommend people to attend if possible, especially if they're unsure about what direction to move forward in with their portfolio. Also a great time to ask art schools questions!! Calendar here.
Virtual National Portfolio Day - NPD but online through Careereco. Many schools also attend. Dates for upcoming VNPDs are on the NPD website. Their most recent one (as of the time I'm writing this) was on May 22nd, 2020; you can find the details for that one here.
This is still fairly new (first one was in 2019) and can get very hectic with long wait times but the whole thing usually runs the whole day from ~6 a.m.–5 p.m. EST. I'd definitely recommend NPD over VNPD if possible.
AICAD - If you can't make NPD, you can submit a 5-piece portfolio online to have it reviewed by a select list of art schools that you get to choose from. Not many schools participate but some decent ones do, like RISD and MICA. You'll get an email with feedback.
In my experience, a lot of schools used it as an advertising platform and I didn't get that much useful feedback on my portfolio. However, some schools (like RISD) did give feedback and it's definitely worth trying though if you want as much feedback as possible!
Art Prof Portfolio Critiques - Art Prof, a free online art education service, posts 30+ min critiques of user-submitted portfolios on their Youtube channel. The reviewers include art school professors and grads. You can buy a review on Art Prof's website.
They also have a ton of live art piece critiques (scroll through the created playlists) on all categories of visual art that you can submit your own art for for free!

Portfolio Examples

Admitted Portfolio Youtube Videos - A playlist of admitted art school portfolios + tips + general videos with info about art school. As of now, it hasn't been updated with the Class of 2020 acceptances, but has most of the ones from before then.
Art Prof Portfolio Critiques - (as mentioned above!)


Art Prof - The HOLY GRAIL of free online art education. The founder and head, Clara Lieu, is a former RISD Adjunt Professor. There is a TON of useful stuff on here, including tutorials in oil paint, marker, animation, printmaking, 3D, etc; ideas for art and portfolio pieces; guides on composition, light, portraits, etc; guides for photography art; etc. Literally sooo much useful content.
Here's a post with a ton of useful info on art school portfolios!
They also have a Youtube channel that is also incredibly useful and heavily integrated with their main site. As mentioned earlier, they have a lot of full portfolio critiques which you yourself can also purchase. You can also submit art on their site to get critiqued on their channel. They have tons of useful guides on just about everything art related, like it's seriously crazy. Literally God Prof.
New Master's Academy - Tons of solid lessons on all sorts of fundamental art skills, including anatomy, oil paint, watercolor, etc. A not-free subscripton based service. They also have a Youtube channel where they post some critiques and lessons here.

Reference Photos

Figures (nude and clothed)

Line of Action - Timed nude and clothed models. Also has facial expressions, animals, landscapes, etc.
Quick Poses - Timed also; same as Line of Action but the images vary more in quality (though they're also more diverse).
Artmodeltips.com - Tons of nude poses with some clothed. Not timed.
Senshistock on DeviantArt - Clothed and nearly-nude poses. Many are from dynamic perspectives and they're overall more suited for anatomy reference in illustrations but still serve as good practice.

Royalty-free images

For when you want to heavily reference a photograph that isn't yours. It's a good habit to start building as it's you could get sued using copyrighted photos + it's looked down upon. Take reference photos yourself if possible!
...and tons more!
Hope this was helpful! I knew this would be long but it's now very very close to the 40k character limit lol and I'm out of space. I'll definitely try adding and editing stuff as I remember more art school-related content.
Feel free to ask any additional questions below and I'll try to answer them if possible!! I'm sure there are some things I've unintentionally glossed over, so please don't hesitate to ask :') If you have questions about specific schools, I may also be able to help!
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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…12

“I do not know, Rock”, he slightly slurred, as he was working on Yorshch number 3, “I have never before traveled out this far beyond the city.”
“Wait one.”, I demand, “You’re a 5th-year geology student and never been out of the city? Don’t you go on field trips?”
“They are forbidden.”, he smiled back, “That’s one reason I decided to go with you on your bus.”
I looked at Dax, Ivan, and Morse.
“Un-be-fucking-believable.” I uttered.
Even more un-be-fucking-believable was the “Rancho Bright Star” Motor Hotel. Right here, in the wilds of Best Korea.
We pull into the parking lot of the motel, and the bus parks down about 300 meters along the side of a small lake.
Yes, a small lake. Complete with piers, those goofy swan-boats you peddle along in, and paddle boats like these.
OK, let me try and set this surreal scene. We’re out in the wilds of Best Korea, somewhere northeast of Pyongyang, between Kaechon and Tokchan as best as we can figure it.
We have just pulled into a roadside motel that is a displaced molecule of the 1950s western US.
There is a central unpaved elliptical trackway, around 350-450 meters to a side.
The east side borders on a suspiciously man-made looking lake complete with paddle boats, piers, and benches for sitting while gazing out over the wonders of this diminutive out-of-place body of water. The motel boasts rental fishing gear, bait for sale, and swim toys such as lie-lows, rafts, rings, and the like for guests intent on lake frolicking.
In the center of the ellipse are wooden beach-style chairs, lounges, seats, and benches. There is a large pile of firewood and a central fire pit.
On the western side of the ellipse are a zig-zag series of single-and-double occupancy cabanas. There are exactly 19 of them. All identical, all with wide bay-windows to overlook the glories of the parking lot and the faux-lake beyond.
Also on the western side, but set back slightly, just after the entrance; is the front office building, central store, and restaurant.
We all walk off the bus, just scrutinizing and gawping where we’ve arrived.
As an American, I think I was the most confounded by all this. I’ve stayed at places in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico that looked identical to this place. However, that was almost 50 years ago.
The Canadians, Europeans, Russians, and other assorted geographical sundry might have seen pictures like this in Like® and LOOK® magazines, but they’ve never before really experienced them. They were just befuddled and amused.
I was genuinely and abnormally speechless. But I recovered quickly.
We were told by Jak, Mac, Tak, and Pak to go and stake out a cabana for ourselves. They would retrieve the keys for each and have them distributed them as necessary. Our luggage would be taken off the bus and brought to our cabanas by motel employees once we were all set and sorted.
“Ones who can read English, Russian, Portuguese, Canuckian?” I mused. “More of the shiny-suit squad, undercover division.”
We all took our respective cabanas and luggage was quickly distributed. I was somewhat abstemiously impressed at the efficiency.
The cabanas were new. Not just ‘slightly used’, or ‘sort of new’; I mean brand-spanking, brushed aluminum, and Molly-be-damned new. We couldn’t have been the second or third guests in here. The only blemish that betrayed any previous occupant was a minor cigarette burn on the side of the washbasin in the small bathroom.
The cabanas all had a nice, firm bed, a table, a few chairs, a fully stocked mini-bar, no phone, but a television and nausea-inducing-color shag-pile carpeting.
It was a real throwback to the 1950s.
My reverie was interrupted by a knock on my cabana door.
“Dinner in 30 minutes. Main restaurant. Front of complex.” barked an orderly.
“WOOF!” I barked back.
Not knowing if this was a dry county of Korea, I decided to grab a bottle of vodka and a couple of beers out of my private stash to accompany me to dinner. I decided to finish the cigar I already had lit rather than light another for the long slog to the restaurant.
About 15 minutes later, I’m swinging a liter bottle of real 100-octane Russian vodka like a dinner bell. I have two tall cans of Taedonggang Special Dark in the pockets of my field shorts. I have on my best, new, and most hopelessly garish Hawaiian shirt, “Laika was the First Party Animal” T-shirt, freshly whisked field boots, and my obligatory Stetson. Of course, I was chomping a cigar; but it was new and as of yet, unlit.
I arrived at the hotel front office and was steered to the back where the restaurant lived. There were placards at each seat with our names and affiliations, albeit in Korean. Luckily, a quasi-sober young Mr. Myung was there and helped us find our proper seats.
I was at one end of the table and it was Dr. Academician Ivan at the other end. Evidently, in Korea, it’s a big, fat, hairy deal where one is seated at the table during these assembly dinners. I was at one end by dint of being the team leader and Ivan the other as he was the oldest old fart on the team.
“Nonsense!”, I said, as I dragged young Mr. Myung from his seat and plopped him down at the head of the table where I was bid to sit.
“The man of the hour!” I said. No one, except for young Myung, complained in the least.
I poured him a very stiff drink.
“Cool out.” I exhorted, “You need to learn to observe, to learn...” I smiled.
Evidently our guides, No, Kong, and that crowd, were eating elsewhere that evening.
However, Pak, Mac, Jak, and Tak of the shiny suit squad were joining us on that eventide for victuals.
I held up my unlit cigar and asked the crowd: “Objections?”
There were none as most were smoking cigarettes or pipes by this point.
I pulled out the brace of beers I brought along and set the liter of vodka to the right-hand side of my plate.
A most Russian maneuver.
I looked down the table. Not a single one of us failed to bring along something high-powered to drink. It was unanimous. Not a single geologist there, save for young Myung, failed to bring along a Safety Blitz.
It proved unnecessary, as the shiny suit squad shuffled in, sat down, and barked orders to the rarified air.
Bottles of local beer, nicely chilled, appeared for everyone. Bottles of local hooch also appeared and were distributed around the table at strategic intervals. Our unopened personal drinks were set aside for later. We wouldn’t want to seem ungallant now, would we?
It was all very proper, that first set of table toasts.
The shiny suit squad was wound pretty tightly that night. What with a bunch of self-thinking and operating western geoscientists doing whatever the hell they saw fit, the young Hero of Best Korea, a stowaway, but finder of new dinosaurs. I think we just overloaded them with new, unmanageable, voluminous, and contradictory information.
They were used to servile, subservient sheep; not crotchety old knurled rams like us.
Of course, we had two Russians in attendance, plus an American who spent many years in Russia and thus considered a naturalized, though still rough-around-the-edges, Russian.
OK, Siberian.
It’s didn’t take long, but after the first wan and halfhearted toast to the east and the west and various other sundry semi-pleasantries, one or more Russians would take over the chore of Tamandar, or toastmaster.
Professor Dr. Academician Ivan leads off between the first round of drinks and the limp, grisly-looking semi-green salad course.
Dr. Ivan: “Давайте выпьем за успех нашего дела!”[Let us drink to the success of our project!]
There were the appropriate responses and “Here, here's!”
Then, Dr. Ivan noticed our hosts in the shiny suits were solely social sippers.
Toasting is a seriously big deal. Once a toast has been voiced in someone’s honor, drinkers who participated in the toast are expected to drink their glass dry as a show of respect to the toastee.
Only a sip? This will not do…
“Пусть мы будем страдать так же печально, как капли водки, которые мы собираемся оставить в наших очках! [May we suffer as much sorrow as drops of vodka we are about to leave in our glasses!] Dr. Morse commands.
In other words: “Bottoms Up!”
However, the glasses are always topped up after every toast – this is called “osvezhit” [refresh] in Russia.
And so, not with a whimper, but with a bang, the evening began…
There were bottles of Korean Soju, of course, in many different flavors and strengths. We left the lighter stuff for the guys in the shiny suits. We were soon inadvertently and unknowingly publicly shaming them by only opting for refills with the highest octane of the brands available.
They took that as sort of an affront; perhaps not intentional, but damned if they’d let a mob of western geologists get the better of them.
You can see where this is headed, can’t you?
Along with the Soju, there was Hongju, a red-colored and oddly-tasting liquor of local origin. There was Okroju, a millet, rice or sorghum-sourced distillate of around 90 proof. Also present was Munbae-ju, a pear-flavored drink with a mild, 80 proof kick.
Aside from distilled spirits, several types of wine, such as maesil-ju (plum wine), and bokbunja-ju made their appearance, as well as the ubiquitous beer. Apart from the offerings of the Taedonggang Brewing Company, there were Chinese beers like Tsingtao and Harbin, along with some, surprisingly, European beers like Erdinger, Tiger, Bavarian Pils, and Heineken.
The non-Korean beers were not included in the cost of the meal, so I slid the head waiter some 75,000 won, or about USD$60.00.
“Is that going to be enough to cover the drinks tonight?” I asked Myung to translate.
“Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Yes!” He laughed. He was finally getting into the spirit and spirits of the evening.
OK, drinks were handled. We also had our own supplies with us and larger larders back in our cabanas; just in case.
The fuse was well and properly lit.
After the salad; a soup course of thin, some sort of edible, we hoped, animal broth was served. We scrupulously knew to say nothing but high praise about the food we were being offered, even though it was others (the UN Discretionary Forces) that were paying for this ‘feast’.
The toasts ran from the light: “Good to be in good country with good friends”. Thanks, Dax.
To the ridiculous: “May the fate of our countries aspire as high as the esteem we have for this banquet.”
OK, I laid it on a bit thick with that one. Every Westerner snickered; they saw right through my verbal façade. The shiny suit squad was definitely getting slightly swozzled, as I saw one surreptitiously swipe away a tear in appreciation of such high homage.
Over the meat course, which bets are still out pending results of the DNA tests Erle will run once back in Calgary as to species; we had time to sit, reflect, have a smoke, and relax a while.
Of course, Dr. Morse chose this time to take his Tamandar duties out for a little exercise.
More toasts. More bottoms up! incitements. More beer! More wine! Don’t let your glass go dry. Try this! Try that! What the fuck is this other thing?
“Up your bottoms!” one of the shiny suits said in a fit of shaky oriental reverie.
The empties pile grew at a prodigious rate. One box was for liquor bottles, deader than Julius Caesar. Another for wine bottles. Yet another for cans, bottles, and bags of beer; which we thought most amusing.
The dinner wore on, all 7 courses of gustatory delight. In between each, a round of toasts which, by now, had orbited the table once and was attempting re-entry.
The geoscientists by this point were just getting started. After the mystery meat, sweet puddings, cakes, and pie for afters, and a cheese board with wine course; our hosts thought we’d all be either so exhausted or shitfaced that we’d have to be dragged to our cabanas via forklift. Or ox-cart, whichever was most convenient.
Sorry, nae chingu [my friend], not this crowd. There was a fire pit outside, a lake that needed investigating, swan boats that needed to be tested for seaworthiness, and loads and loads of beer, wine, and booze that required drinking.
Besides, we needed to curate our hand samples. We still had some real work to do.
After the final toast; Pak, the head of the shiny suits stood, wobbly, and bade us good night.
We all replied ‘good night’ to him, and as a man, stood up, grabbed all the liquor we could carry, and headed to the firepit and chairs outside by the lake.
The absolute, abject appearance of alcohol-tainted alarm on their faces was one I wish I could have captured on film.
Dax was there first and began building a council fire in the firepit. Have to hand it to the crazy Canuck, he knew his campfires. He had a roaring blaze going within the space of 10 minutes.
We all re-adjusted our chairs around the campfire and attended to our samples. The larger portion of the hand sample would go into the bigger bag for testing and identification. A small piece representative of the whole would go into the smaller bag. All field tags would be filled out with proper identification numbers. The smaller bags were tossed into a common pile for future laboratory investigation; the larger bags, by dint of their mass, would go into the cargo hold of the bus. No matter how you sliced it, there would always be samples for analysis; one size or the other.
That took about a half an hour and during that magical time, little was said, although vast amounts of beer and liquor, as well as cigars and cigarettes, disappeared. This was a solemn field-time tradition. It was the traditional cap to the day in the field.
After that, the really serious drinking and relaxation set in.
We all sat around the fire, and in the spirit of the Four Yorkshiremen, spontaneous field stories broke out.
Pak, Tak, Jak, and Mak joined us; but at a bit of a refined distance. They really, really wanted to go to bed, or call their superiors and report what they were being forced to go through, or be just about anywhere else on the planet rather than here.
Now the drinking began to get serious.
“Rock”, Dax said, “You old duffer. Regale us with the tale of your finely fuckered fingers.”
There were a few audible gasps around the fire at that time. Everyone knew of my physical deformity but scrupulously avoided mentioning it out of fear of breaching propriety.
“Why, Dax!”, I said loudly, superficially fighting back real pain, “God damn. You know how sensitive I am about my hand! Fuck! How can you ask? Such unmitigated gall! Such hubris! I am appalled and aghast!” I whiled down to a sullen silence…
Even the guys in the shiny suit squad looked horror-struck. How could one callout an obvious bodily deformity much less make light of it?
“Oh, sorry, Rock”, Dax quietly replied, “Is there anything I can do to recompense?”
The entire crew went silent while they waited for my reply.
“Um….yeah…well,” I said quietly.
Then I said very loudly: “Get off yer dead ass and make me a stiff fucking drink while I tell everyone here of my Siberian close-shave, ya’ hoser!”
I was able to dodge most of the empties thrown my way, but I did catch a couple right in my gaudy new Hawaiian shirt.
No respect.
I spent the better part of a half an hour regaling all present with my tale of finger-fuckery. The lost circulation, the spraying mud, fire on the rig, the worm, and the power tongs, all in most-detailed Technicolor and ethanol-fueled anecdotalism.
They laughed, they gasped, they got white at some junctures. I didn’t leave out anything. It was a full 10-gauge recitation. I mentioned the current tantalum implants I’m testing and told them of earlier titanium rejections and all the pain and suffering.
Oh, the pain. Yes, Dax, I do need another. Make it a double.
“Vodka does not ease pain. But it does get your mind off it.” I was heard to utter.
Not to be outdone, Dr. Academician Ivan delighted us with his tales of being buried in an avalanche up above the Arctic Circle, high in the big-latitudes near Franz Joseph Land.
Right. Now everyone was getting in on the revelry.
We heard harrowing tales of auto accidents out in the field; errant drainage ditches and an ancient field vehicle going way too fast. Falling off outcrops or being beaned by errant gravity-induced rocks. Talus slides, rock falls, landslides, flood, storms, earthquakes, volcanos, rhyolite ash-fall tuffs…the litany went on and on.
Each got more lurid as the empties pile began to grow. Pak, Mac, Tak, and Jak were sipping their drinks but I think their growing green hue was due to our stories of near and not so near misses.
Joon, the tall Finn, stood up and in front of the whole fraternity, dropped trou and exposed the back of his right leg for all to see. A four-fold gash of scar-tissue alongside his cute little tighty-whities.
“Bear attack. In the woods searching for this lost outcrop. Taking samples for geochemical analysis for my Master’s, bear mauled me from behind!” Joon explained.
We were at that point in the revelry that someone just had to ask “Are you sure that’s all the bear had in mind?”
Even Joon thought that to be riotously funny.
The shiny suit squad, somewhere during the narrative, went from “Trying to keep up and not appear loaded” to “I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to show these guys!” drunk.
I’m sitting there, in near proximity to the roaring fire, smoking a huge cigar, three cans of beer of various fullness to my left, and a ¾ bottle of real high potency Russian vodka to my right. I’m exchanging quips, insults, and stories along with the rest of the crowd; just as time-honored traditions demand.
We’re all drinking like, well, a whole group of seasoned field geologists camping out in the field after a successful day in the field.
Mr. Myung is laughing uproariously. He was even loosening up enough to make some not terribly pleasant observations about his home country and dear AWOL leader. He figured that as long as he was in the clan of geologists, we’d protect him.
Mr. Pak of the shiny suit squad wanders up and has a listen. After a few minutes, he wobbles over to me and tells me, nay, orders me, to stand up.
The crowd goes silent. Propriety has been breached. Not North Korean decorum, but the sanctity of the geological field campfire.
“No one gets vexed and ratty around the fire. Stow it for another time, Chuckles.”
“You. Large American. Stand up and face me.” He orders.
“Which one?” I laughed back at him.
“What?” he asked, slurring slightly.
“Well if stand up, I certainly can’t face you unless you hop up here in this chair,” I said.
“Stand Up, American!” he officiously orders.
Silence from the crowd. All that is heard is the snap and crackle of the council fire.
So, I stand up. Cigar firmly in jaw, one hand on the arm of the chair, the other tending to my can of Heineken and Russkaya yorshch.
“Yes?” I ask.
“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t swear. Oh shit! I do smoke and drink!” he laughs, nearly falling over at his jest, punching me lightly on the arm.
“May I please have one of your cigars?” he drunkenly asks and falls forward so that I need to react quickly and catch him before he face-plants.
“Of course!” I say. “Would any of your friends wish one as well?”
I look over and there are three heads bobbing like those little bobbly doggy statues idiot people put on the dashboards of their cars.
“Well then!”, I order, “Get your happy camper asses over here and join us!”
Everyone around the fire hoots and yells in agreement.
They slowly, sloppily, and shakily wander their chairs over and seat themselves around the fire ring.
I clip the ends of four of my ‘give away’ cigars, as I’m sure a Triple-Maduro Camacho would probably kill them in their current state. Still, they are stout Cuban seconds, and by that, still highly-potent cigars.
“No, you knothead. Wait for the tip to glow. Then puff, you goof!” I exhort them.
I ask Dax to rustle up four of the plastic cups that have been circulating around the campfire. He finds a double brace of them, briefly washes them out, and hands them to me.
I distribute one each to Tak, Pak, Mac, and Jak.
“The only way to really enjoy a fine cigar is to enjoy it with a fine drink. Here. Hold out your cups.” I ordered.
I pour them each about 100 milliliters of Russian 100-proof vodka, and I take the time to re-freshen my Yorshch.
“Geongang-e” [To your health!], I say, as the Korean toast is easy to remember if you break it down as Geo-n-gang-E!
They smile. They laugh. The go white as I polish off my Yorshch and turn the can upside down. Not a drop spilled out, just as it should be.
Have to give them credit, they each choked down that ration of booze. However, I think they forget about the lit cigars they had in their other hands.
“YEEOUCH!” Pak cried after he jabbed the charcoal of his cigar into the back of his hand.
“That’s how it starts, Mr. Pak. Keep that up and you’ll end up like this!” I shout and wave my keloidified and scarred hand under his nose.
He almost passes out, but his chair caught him this time.
The roars of laughter around the campfire at this time is one of my best memories of the whole trip as other inveigles them to try their particular favorite booze.
The reverie’s going along at a fine clip. Small sub-groups clump together to discuss one thing or another, mostly geological minutaea about the day's happenings.
Suddenly, Grako stands up.
“What’s the story on this lake? Good fishing?” he asks the collective.
Mak looks up; really, really, drunk off his pins. “It is fake lake. Some fish have been planted. It is more for show and swim.”
Jak lolls his head around to agree with Mak.
Tak looks like he’s going to add to the conversation, but just slurps another draft of his multiple-origin drink.
Pak, on the other hand, leaps up and is running. First goes the shirt and tie. Then the shoes. Then pants. He’s down to drawers and runs at full tilt to the pier that extends some 50 meters out over the lake. He hit that pier like Evel Knievel hitting the Snake River Canyon Jump. We watch him accelerate over the wooden pier, and we’re all laughing like loons shouting “GO! GO! GO!”
He flew a good distance and hit the water with an enormous splash. He swims over to one of the untethered swan boats and hangs on for dear life.
To a man, we all stood up and applauded.
It was warm out, so I decided that a dip might just be the thing. I lose my shorts and Hawaiian shirt, but keep my lit cigar, vodka bottle, and Stetson. I slowly get up and walk toward the lake. To the edge of the water and right into the point where neutral buoyancy takes over. Dax follows, and walking out on the dock, laughs and tosses me a swim ring.
“Here, now you won’t sink and douse your cigar.” He laughs.
He strips down to skivvies and dives in as well.
I’m bobbing around just keeping my head and cigar out of the water. My cigar is lit and my vodka bottle is nestled in the crease of my Stetson. The water’s warm, suspiciously so. I don’t give it another thought as it’s actually quite pleasant and quite possibly radioactive.
Then the rest of the crowd decides that a midnight dip would be just the thing.
Mr. Pak was eventually found alive, still clinging to the swan boat. Dax and Joon dragged him over to the pier and tossed him up there so he wouldn’t drown.
He was, as we say back home, “Fully Krausened.”
The rest of the shiny suit squad were sound-out in their chairs. They were sonorously snoring along, adding an interesting one-note counterpart to the harmony of the crackling campfire.
We all out in the lake, bobbing and paddling along. Viv grabbed a cooler full of beer and we develop a fine game of keeping the cooler afloat as we withdraw full beers and invested our empties.
I toss in my vodka bottle so anyone who wants to augment his beer is free and clear to do so.
Some folks are not one with the water, so after ten or fifteen minutes, some of them ease back to the campfire. They re-stoke it to its former glory and are dry within minutes.
Old water dogs like Dax, Ivan, myself, Viv, and Erlen are floating along, smoking our cigars, drinking our drinks of choice, and scanning the skies of satellites, meteorites, and anything else that might crop up on this clear, cloudless night. Gad, it was pitch black, save for the glow of the fire, starlit, cloudless, and starlit. Beauty of a sight, the stellar backbone of the night.
After an hour or so, we decide it’s time to get back to shore. Back we go and around the campfire, the shiny suit squad are snoring soundly and one or more of our team decides it’s time for some kip.
The old-timers, Ivan, my own self, Dax, and Viv all hang around the fire for a while longer.
“It’s so nice out here tonight”, I comment, “Who would have thought this is the way things would work out when we were contacted for this project?”
Several comments of agreement are heard. Then we hear a wan, squeaky voice from behind us.
“Ah! Yes, Mr. Pak”, I ask. “Grab you a beer?”
“Oh, no…I now remember…must tell you, gentlemen…tomorrow morning…local school children will be coming. Perform Korean dance and songs for your pleasure. 1000 hours. Good night.”, as he drags himself soggily and overwhelmed to his cabana.
“1000? Holy Wow. Pass me a beer. It’s still early then.” I laugh, as I retrieve the vodka from Ivan and Morse.
We all cratered abound an hour or hour and a half later. The room was most comfortable and seemingly secure. Since our handlers, er…guides were nowhere to be seen that evening, and the shiny suit squad got a little lubricated, well, we were certainly on our own.
One sleep later, and after a brisk morning shower with a brace of breakfast beers, I was over at the restaurant scanning the breakfast menu. Damn, I was downright peckish.
Most everyone was there. Young Myung, although looking a bit frazzled around the edges. Most all the Westerners, except Dax. He was down at the lake, trying his luck at fishing.
After eggs, toast, sausage, and coffee; we wandered with a CARE package for Dax. He had landed some very nice trout-looking sort of fish and was planning on presenting them to Pak and his crowd.
“Dax”, I said, “After last night’s festivities, that’s just pure evil”, and smiled.
“Just trying to b neighborly”, he explains.
It’s about 0930 and Pak and his crew are in the restaurant. They are looking very, very haggard. Very rough around the edges, right through to the core. We thought it would be too nasty to send them a round of breakfast drinks, but Viv had to talk me out of a round of Bloody Marys.
Dax took care of that and presented them three of the fish he had just caught.
Olive-green isn’t a usual Oriental color, now is it? Pak, Mac, Tak, and Jak all corroborated that conclusion.
They accepted the fish gratefully and had the head waiter whisk them away as quickly as possible.
We all sit down for coffee and pastries while we wait for the kids to show up.
I fire up a cigar. Others are smoking cigarettes or pipes, and talking excitedly about getting back into the field.
“How? How? How is it possible?” Pak asks.
“Who what, Mr. Pak?” I ask.
“How can you be so…undamaged by last night?” he asks.
“What? That little campfire meeting? Genetics, I guess. Wait. I’ll ask around.” I stand up and ask for attention.
“Gentlemen, Mr. Pak here wants to know how we feel after last night,” I say.
“How should we feel? It was a field night. I feel fine.” Gracko says.
Dax agrees, “Fine fettle. Never felt fettler.”
Dr. Academician Ivan replies, “Must be superiority of Russian upbringing and culture. You should see real Russian party!”
One after the other relate how they feel just fine and are looking forward to another full field day.
The waiter arrives with dry toast and tea for the shiny suit squad. We order beers to go with our smokes.
“You people are inhuman.” Mr. Pak moans.
“Nah. Just geologists. The only ethanol-fueled organisms in existence!” We laugh. “Vodka is just kind of a hobby.”
The local elementary school arrives at 1000 hours and for the next hour, regales us with Korean dance and song about how wonderful it is to be Korean, live in such a wonderful country, and other fundamental tales of twaddle and balderdash.
We applaud nicely as they did a good job and we’re not entirely heartless.
After this, I hunt down Mr. Pak.
“Well, that’s over. When are we headed back to the field? Soon?” I ask.
“Yes. Very soon”, Mr. Pak growls. “Tell your team to pack everything. We are leaving in 30 minutes.”
“Far out”, I reply and head off to tell the others of the good news.
The large sample bags are in the cargo hold of the bus. The smaller samples are all curated within my luggage.
Back on the bus, all our gear stowed in the cargo holds below, we’re smoking our smokeables and drinking our drinkables.
“A toast to another field day in Best Korea”, Dax offers the bus.
Mr. Pak appears unperturbed. He announces that we will be seeing some local sights today as well.
We drive on, and all is progressing as usual.
We come up to a couple of villages. We have no idea where we are. Our maps had stopped a few miles back. In fact, we didn’t even know that we had been headed south for most of the remaining morning.
“Here is Kijŏng-dong”, Mr. Tak announces.
Kijŏng-dong is one of two villages permitted to remain in the four-kilometer-wide (2.5 mi) DMZ set up under the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War; the other is the South Korean village of Daeseong-dong, 2.22 kilometers (1.38 mi) away.
Mr. Jak points out the reason for all the military appurtenances is that we are close to the DMZ, the border between North and South Korea.
We travel down a well-worn road. The sign points out that the village of Panmunjeom is only a few kilometers distant.
The road at Panmunjeom, which was known historically as Highway One in the South, was originally the only access point between the two countries on the Korean Peninsula. Both North and South Korea's roads end in the JSA joint security area; the highways do not quite join as there is a 20 cm (8 in) concrete line that divides the entire site.
The bus grinds to a halt. We are all invited to exit the bus and have a look around.
As we are doing so, our luggage is being taken out of the cargo area of the bus and rather unceremoniously stacked close to the border.
“Mr. Pak”, I ask, “What’s going on. What’s all this about?”
He replies, “People given the rare permission to cross this border must do so on foot before continuing their journey by road.”
We all swivel and see a flotilla of light-blue UN Humvees waiting on the other side of the border.
Mr. Pak shakes my hand, Dax’s, Ivan’s, and all one by one until we are properly thanked and asked to please get the flying fuck out of North Korea.
“The DPRK thanks you Western Scientists for your efforts over the last few weeks. We hope this project will continue to bear fruit. But now, with all that’s transpiring (assuming he was referring to the absent Supreme Leader and the ‘absent in Best Korea’ COVID-19 virus) your project is at an end. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to international science; and the progression of science from west to east. Now, we ask you to please depart.”
He bows to us slightly and says: “감사합니다.[Gamsahabnida.] Thank you and goodbye.”
“Well”, I muse, “That was rather abrupt.”
With that, we grab our gear and troop unceremoniously across the border to the waiting UN officials. It was like the end scenes of Close Encounters. There was a tote board with each of our pictures attached. One by one as we came across the border, a checkmark was made with a grease pencil over our photo.
“I guess that’s that”, I say as we are hustled aboard a waiting Humvee.
They made me put out my cigar.
“Yeah, we’re back in civilization”, I grouse.
We endure the ride for an hour and a half or so as we’re headed to Seoul, South Korea. We all have reservations at the Four Seasons Hotel there. Since our project was cut off early, and we have travel restrictions to deal with, we all have reservations for suites.
After checking in, calling Esme, and letting her know of the wicked turn of events, I call Rack and Ruin. I get to listen to their howling laughter as to how we were kicked out of the worst country in history.
Fuck. We’ll never live this down.
Later, down in the Market Kitchen restaurant, we are all assembled, probably for the last time. Certainly the last time on this project.
“Rock”, Dax asked, “What the fuck did we do to deserve this?”
“I don’t know”, I said as I lifted my huge beer mug and looked around at the splendor of this 5-star hotel in which we’ve been incarcerated, “But I plan on doing it more often.”
“Nahhh….why’d they kick us out?” Viv asks.
“They had to”, Ivan interjected. “What we did, in good fun and conviviality to those poor Korean agents. They couldn’t let that pass without a response.”
“Yeah. We damn near amused them to death,” I smiled.
It became apparent that North Korean officials were set to put with a certain amount of carryings-on and shenanigans, but never expected the level of impudence and incaution that a group of international geologists could provide.
We all smoked, we drank, we swore. We didn’t listen, we thought for ourselves and we eschewed prohibition. We did what we thought was necessary to accomplish the tasks set before us. They had no experience with audacity and impertinence on this level; they simply had no experience with this degree of effrontery, they did not know how to react.
So, we got the collective boot.
They thought they kept all the rock samples, but we didn’t let on that we had a duplicate set. They thought they kept all the maps, but we didn’t let on that we had a duplicate set. They thought they kept all the seismic data, but we didn’t let on that we had a duplicate set.
They didn’t even want to see our notes, phones, or cameras. They just wanted us gone.
So, fuck it, we left.
After several of our European counterparts had departed for Scandinavia, Great Britain, and the Iberian Peninsula; Dax, Ivan, Morse, and I were left to discuss the situation.
“It’s really too bad they tossed us out”, I said, “All that work, and we never even got to the point where we could present conclusions.”
Dax agreed, “All that work, down the tubes. They don’t know what to do with the data much less interpret it. All they have to do is ask, but I guarantee that will never happen. They’re too damned ‘proud’.”
Dr. Academician Ivan replies, “Is true. However, I doubt they would like our conclusions, even with additional fieldwork. All indications are that there is virtually no recoverable hydrocarbons in either northern basin. Tectonics all wrong, structural setting the same.”
Dr. Morse adds, “Yes, it is not a good place to hunt for oil and gas. We all felt that going in, and with the work we’ve done, we were finding more negative indications. Perhaps is good thing we leave. We tell them there’s no use to bother looking for oil and gas in their country, they might be sore wrought.”
I continue with, “However, Comrades, there is great potential there for alternative energy sources. They have the perfect set-up geologically to exploit ‘hot, dry rock’. Drill a few deep water injector wells in those Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic massifs. Then inject water into fissures and produce live steam at 25,000 psi through producer wells. A project-site power plant at the surface uses the produced steam heat energy to drive turbines through a generator; boom, instant rural electrification It’d be a bird's nest on the ground for them. But, they didn’t want to listen, and well…”
The waiter arrives and we all order another round. Drs. Ivan and Morse tell us they must be off after this drink. They are leaving very early in the morning for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, then catch a connecting flight to Moscow. We finish the round, shake hands, exchange business cards and it just me and the goofy Canuck left in the restaurant.
“Dax, let us relocate. It’s too airish here”, I say.
Dax agrees and we retire to the Charles H. Baker bar in the hotel’s lower level.
“Ah”, I note, “This is more like it. Just like Pyongyang.” I say and fire up a newly-purchased cigar.
Dax has finally had enough and bums one off of me.
“Why, Dr. Dax, I never…” I joked.
“I gots to know”, he smiled back, “What is so fucking fascinating with these things.”
I offer him a clip and a light. After his color returns, it tell him “Puff. Don’t inhale.”
Dax will be leaving for Calgary the next night. I’m stuck until I hear from rack and Ruin, though I don’t tell Dax that. The Middle East is still under lockdown. They will try in the next couple of days to get me as far as Dubai. After that, they suggest I walk or rent a camel.
Agents Rack and Ruin are just loving this.
“So, Rock. When you headed back?” Dax asks.
“Couple-three days, I fear. I’ll be stuck here, on someone else’s nickel, in this tawdry 5-star dump until then”, I snicker.
“Then what? Dax asks, “I hear you’re between contracts.”
“Well…Doctor CanaDax. There’s going to be some changes in the Rocknocker abode and address.” I say.
“How so?” he asks.
“Well, after long deliberation and multiple conferences with my prime marital unit, we’ve decided to leave the Middle East once and for all.”
“Hell. You’ve been there…damn, forever. What is it? 15-16 years?” Dax asks.
“More like the shy side of 20,” I reply.
“Damn, that’s a near forever. Then what?” he continues.
“Sell up. Get rid of a lot of accumulated shit. We’re going to sell our place in New Mexico; in fact, that’s a done deal. Then, I’m going back to school.”
“What? For what? You’re already Dr. Rock.” Dax protests.
“Going to be Dr. of Science Rock. Going back for a DSC. Then, academia. A full tenured professorship with research at a top-notch northern university. That’s it, and a few other odds and bobs, but that’s the skinny. We’re going back to the states, I go back to school for a year or so, then it’s Professor Dr. Rocknocker BSc, MSc, Ph.D., D.Sc. Impressed?”
“Yes, I am.” He replied.
“Fuckin-A, Bubba. You should be…” I smile back between sips of some fine Russian vodka. “You should be…”
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CBD Infused Beverages Market Size Expected to Reach $2.8 Billion by 2025


PALM BEACH, Florida, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In the past, THC and CBD were (and still are) battling it out for what segment is achieving the higher percentage and the total amount of revenues generated… but when it comes to the beverages market… there seems to be green fields aplenty for them both! A recent report by Grand View Research said that the global cannabis beverages market size is expected to reach USD 2.8 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 17.8%. The report looked at alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages using either TCH or CBD. It said: "By component, the market is segmented into Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The demand of THC infused cannabis beverages is majorly driven by rising product demand from adult consumers for recreational purposes. Rising demand for the therapeutic effects of the component along with the euphoria it provides is expected to bode well for the growth of the segment in the forthcoming years." Active companies in the industry making moves to ready that include: Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCPK: MCTC), Aphria Inc. (NYSE: APHA) (TSX:APHA), CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: CVSI), Hexo Corp (NYSE: HEXO) (TSX:HEXO), Molson Coors Beverage Co. (NYSE: TAP).
While on the other hand, it explained: "CBD infused cannabis drinks are registered the fastest growth in (prior years). Also, the demand is expected to witness a surge over the forecasted period owing to the non-psychoactive properties of CBD. Lack of psychoactive effect in the CBD drinks is widening its scope for usage of the drinks in medical purposes. Many consumers are considering CBD drinks as a wellness and anti-inflammatory products, such as kombucha-a probiotic drink. This drink can potentially be used for treating chronic pain, anxiety, substance use disorders and central nervous system diseases. These factors are expected to boost the adoption of the product, resulting in the growth of the segment."
Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCPK: MCTC) BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis Global (MCTC) Begins Initial Distribution of Industry's First THC-V Beverages - Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTC PINK: MCTC) ("Cannabis Global" or the "Company"), a cannabinoid and hemp extract science-forward company developing infusion and delivery technologies, is excited to announce it has completed product development and has begun distribution of its unique tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) coffee and tea products to product beta testers.
Pending full release of the products, the Company has implemented a 30-Day beta testing period, during which production for general release will continue.
Cannabis Global has integrated three internally developed technologies into the unique manufacturing process for the industry's first THC-V beverages. The first of these is the process developed by the Company to produce 70%+ loaded THC-V, controlled release, nanoparticles utilizing laboratory-based, pharmaceutical-grade production equipment. The Company is also utilizing both its internally developed powerization and one step dosing system, ensuring precise dosing and significantly faster production. The Company has filed provisional patents on all three technologies.
"Our unique infusion and production technologies provide Cannabis Global with a product purity advantage as well as a clear path to low cost leadership," commented CEO Arman Tabatabaei. "The THC-V cannabinoids are synthesized and entirely free of impurities. While there were some upfront technology development and intellectual property protection costs, we expect our ongoing variable production costs to be less than half of any potential competitor. Via our technologies, we turn one of the cannabis industry's most expensive items – pure THC-V cannabinoids – into a cost-effective solution that sets a new standard for product purity in the cannabinoid-based products marketplace."
The Company's first THC-V beverages are three blends of super-premium coffee packaged in compostable, single-serving coffee pods and several blends of organic green, black and pu'er teas, all packaged in single-serving formats.
Product and technology developments were a result of the Company's Project Varin, which was implemented last year to invent new manufacturing and infusion technologies for rare cannabinoids, such as THC-V. The Company plans to utilize the developed technologies in similar applications for other rare cannabinoids, with cannabigerol (CBG) being the likely next target for integration into the Company's beverage products.
Read this and more news for MCTC at: https://www.financialnewsmedia.com/news-mctc/
Additional industry related developments from around the markets:
CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: CVSI) a preeminent supplier and manufacturer of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products, announced that on May 19, 2020, the Company received its formal Notice of Issuance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its patent application 15/426,617.
The patent covers methods of treating smokeless tobacco addiction by administering pharmaceutical formulations containing CBD and nicotine. The communications between the USPTO and the Company conclude substantive examination of the patent application, resulting in formal issuance of the patent. CV Sciences has also filed corresponding patent applications that will allow the Company to seek similar patent protection in other key markets throughout the world.
Aphria Inc. (NYSE: APHA) a leading global cannabis company, recently announced that it will transfer its stock exchange listing from the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") to The Nasdaq Global Select Market ("Nasdaq"), effective Friday, June 5, 2020 , after the market close. The Company expects its common stock will begin trading as a Nasdaq-listed security at market open on Monday, June 8, 2020 and will continue to be listed under the ticker symbol "APHA." This transition will not impact the Company's primary listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (APHA).
We are excited to have Nasdaq as our new exchange partner. This move is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to find cost effective ways of operating so we can continue to deliver long-term value to shareholders," said Irwin D. Simon , Chief Executive Officer. "Additionally, as a purpose driven Company, we believe Nasdaq will be a good fit for Aphria, particularly given our focus on, and the progress we have made, integrating ESG practices across our business."
Hexo Corp (NYSE: HEXO) (TSX:HEXO) and Molson Coors Beverage Co. (NYSE: TAP) recently announced that the two companies have agreed to create a new joint venture. Hexo announced that the joint venture Truss CBD USA will now produce non-alcohol hemp-derived CBD beverages in the Colorado market.
Truss CBD USA will also be majority-owned by Molson Coors, and run as an independent company with its own board of directors and management team.
"CBD beverages are a growing segment within the non-alcohol beverage category and this JV provides us an opportunity to build capabilities in Colorado," Molson Coors president of emerging growth, Pete Marino, said in a statement. "We chose Colorado because of its established regulatory framework for CBD and we plan to approach any opportunities in full alignment with our commitment to commercial responsibility, transparency and compliance." The two companies already have one joint venture for the production of non-alcohol cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market, named Truss Beverages, which should introduce first products later this year.
DISCLAIMER: FN Media Group LLC (FNM), which owns and operates FinancialNewsMedia.com and MarketNewsUpdates.com, is a third party publisher and news dissemination service provider, which disseminates electronic information through multiple online media channels. FNM is NOT affiliated in any manner with any company mentioned herein. FNM and its affiliated companies are a news dissemination solutions provider and are NOT a registered brokedealeanalyst/adviser, holds no investment licenses and may NOT sell, offer to sell or offer to buy any security. FNM's market updates, news alerts and corporate profiles are NOT a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities. The material in this release is intended to be strictly informational and is NEVER to be construed or interpreted as research material. All readers are strongly urged to perform research and due diligence on their own and consult a licensed financial professional before considering any level of investing in stocks. All material included herein is republished content and details which were previously disseminated by the companies mentioned in this release. FNM is not liable for any investment decisions by its readers or subscribers. Investors are cautioned that they may lose all or a portion of their investment when investing in stocks. For current services performed FNM has been compensated forty eight hundred dollars for news coverage of the current press release issued above by MCTC Holdings, Inc. by a non affiliated third party. FNM HOLDS NO SHARES OF ANY COMPANY NAMED IN THIS RELEASE.
This release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. "Forward-looking statements" describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies and are generally preceded by words such as "may", "future", "plan" or "planned", "will" or "should", "expected," "anticipates", "draft", "eventually" or "projected". You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, and other risks identified in a company's annual report on Form 10-K or 10-KSB and other filings made by such company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You should consider these factors in evaluating the forward-looking statements included herein, and not place undue reliance on such statements. The forward-looking statements in this release are made as of the date hereof and FNM undertakes no obligation to update such statements.
Contact Information: Media Contact email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) +1(561)325-8757
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[Guide] A year in retrospect: Not another generic “10 tips to improve your stream”

About a year ago (note: Jun 1, 2019) I wrote an article on Medium, which I also shared here on reddit. The article was called: “Not another generic “10 tips to improve your stream” .” Some points of that article still hold true, some have changed and down the road some might have been added. I will be referring to this old articles a few times.
It’s been about a year, and It’s time to reflect. Get yourself a cup of tea of coffee, this will roughly take 10 minutes of your time to read fully or just skip to what you want to read.
TL-DR: In order of importance:

Before you read all of the following, I would like to state that I am not a stream coach, “Mr. Know-it-all” or a “Big streamer”. These are my opinions and findings over the past year, whilst also reflecting on the previous article and adding or revising parts there where needed. I would like to say that I have “grown” over the past year, and the statistics do prove this, but this isn’t about my statistics. It’s about how we all grow. I’m not here to explain to you how to exactly set-up your stream or what buttons to push or dials to tune, that’s up to you.

1. What is your goal?

Personally, I believe this question should be asked more often, if not by others, then maybe ask it yourself: “What is my goal [in streaming] ?”. Let’s exclude the aspiration and dreams of being a full-time streamer (before we’re even there yet) unless you’re maybe on the edge partnership status, but then I don’t think you would need this article anyways, but I digress.
A lot of (new) streamers are aiming for that sweet affiliate status. A chance to unlock those sweet emotes, badges, subs, cheers, etc. They start of on a whole new path, minds filled with hope; and 2–3 weeks in complain that “it’s hard to get the 3 avg. viewership. How do you do it?!” This is where and when you should ask yourself the question: What is my goal [in streaming] ?
Are you doing it for fun? Are you doing it to become the next elite top-tier streamer? Either way, you should (re)evaluate your choice(s) of content. As a fresh new streamer you’re eager to go and share your games with the world, regardless if you think you will be the next biggest streamer or just doing it for fun. However, by solely playing Fortnite, CS:GO, Valorant, the so called “oversaturated games” you will be in for a hard time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play them, but if you are at least be prepared to adjust your expectations. Why would someone come watch you and not any of the other streamers in the category?

2. You have 60–120 seconds to impress a (new) viewer

This still holds true, even a year later. This does become easier as soon as you have a (regular) audience, community, etc. However, if you’re still struggling to grow, keep this as a footnote in the back of your head: You have 60–120 seconds to impress a (new) viewer. My explanation usually boils down to this:
“If someone wanted to just see a game — without any other form of interaction — they could as well just play the game or watch a YouTube video. Why watch (you) on Twitch?
Usually it’s the lack of any interaction that causes new potential viewers to not stick around. This isn’t even considering the new person will interact with you and say “Hi!” or anything. If they do please for the love of Kappa pay attention and interact! If not, then there’s multiple ways to approach this. It could be it in the form of narration of the game or what you’re doing, doing voices from characters, being quirky or (if you already have an audience) just talking to them.
If you don’t know where to start, a good way to gauge this is to pick any recent broadcast and skip to a complete random part. Imagine this is the part that a complete stranger jumps into your stream. What would they have seen at that moment for the next few ? Silence? I hope it’s not.

3. Don’t burn yourself out

This might be a cliché topic, but don’t burn yourself out. This could be the literal definition a burn-out; “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” or a more figurative way where you’re “burned”-out and lost all energy and/or interest.
Like any other occupation or hobby it’s important to give yourself a moment to do other things. Especially if you’re balancing a job, family or other matters that also demand a lot of time and effort. Make a healthy schedule. Streaming 7 days a week, 6–10hrs for days and weeks on end will eventually tire you out, especially if you don’t see the results you were hoping for. Find your balance.
Personally I found that streaming 4 days in the week, and playing and doing the things I like in the weekends, whilst maybe watching other friends stream or play a game, works the best for me, whilst still having the flexibility to move things around and keep it fun and not “a chore or a must-do.”

4. Bad audio = Bad experience!

You find this great new streamer. You jump in, and you’re greeted with ear-deafening audio imbalance (i.e.: game and/or music louder than streamer), lots of static, background noise where you can almost tell what A/C and fans they’re running or what type of keyboard switches they’re using.
These are big nopes, in my book.
In everyday life we’re exposed to many “bad” visual things. Things that are off colour just the slightest bit, maybe a bit crooked or too bright or dim. There are all things that we’ve come accustomed to, and things that our brain can filter out or fill in the blanks where needed.
Sound is a complete different story though. We’re not able to “lower the volume” if something is too loud (naturally speaking, of course we have volume sliders but that’s not the point I’m trying to make). In the real world we can fairly well separate background noise from the things we are interested in listening to. We have spatial awareness and can adjust ourselves to “tune” the audio so we can hear what it is important.
As soon as we get audio from two direct sources, L and R, this stops. If the audio is bad and we can’t make anything out of it*—*or worse, it’s actually distracting us our brain goes: something’s wrong, let’s bail.
Pay some attention to your audio. Make sure the game or (discord) voice chat it’s not (too) loud, that audio in general isn’t clipping or if background noise is too prominently noticeable. We can always turn quiet stuff up and still sound good, but blown out audio is hard to make quiet and understandable.

5. Bitrate and/or Bits Per Pixel, still matters.

1080p60 is technically impossible to look clean and smooth with high pace and/or motion content on our current bitrate limitation of 6000, up to 8000kbps, period.
Now that we have this out of the way here’s some guidelines, taken from a Bits Per Pixel standpoint, namely a ratio of ~0.1 BPP:1080p30 @ 6000kbps = 0.096 BPP720p60 @ 6000kbps = 0.109 BPP720p30 @ 3000kbps = 0.109 BPP.Anything under 720p30 will be fine with 3000kbps of bitrate.
Twitch’s recommendations:1080p60 @ 6000 kbps = 0.048 BPP1080p30 @ 4500 kbps = 0.072 BPP720p60 @ 4500 kbps = 0.081 BPP
see this sheet for details
These values aren’t set in stone and aren’t the rules of the land. You can absolutely deviate from these values. Even Twitch recommends different values. Whilst for most of the settings I agree with what they suggest, but as a “quality purist” I disagree with the bitrates they recommend, as they are far from ideal for high paced/motion/complex content. In terms of encoder efficiency, 0.08 BPP is what you’d want at minimum. Going below that is fine for low pace games, i.e. hearthstone or stream captain. But at faster, high motion complex content, this will put you at risk of encoding artifacts, due to the nature how x264 and h264 encoding works.
While the 0.1 BPP ratio is initially based on x264-encoding, this also holds up for NVidia’s NVenc, especially on Turing based cards. Don’t know what card/tech you have? Check this list. For QuickSync and AMD VCE you want to get a higher bitrate to maintain the quality compared to x264 medium/fast.
On a side-note: I have noticed that they have dropped 900p from the recommended list and I couldn’t be happier.
If you want to get technical, I would suggest to read up and watch:- https://www.streamingmedia.com/Articles/ReadArticle.aspx?ArticleID=94216- EposVox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fxLPBT3JeI- EposVox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ04pIcpMkM

6. Fancy graphics and features

A year later we’ve gotten quite a lot of cool things and toys to play with. Capture cards, (key)lights, touchpads or streamdeck-alternatives, better portable green screens, you name it. I personally feel like many new streamers rush out and get these things as they feel they are a must have.
Do you have the money to spare and you just want to have it? Go for it!Do they make your life easier? Yes.Are they absolutely necessary? No.
If you’re on a tight(er) budget and can’t spend all your hard earned or saved-up money for these cool gadgets— and let’s be honest they are just that — then don’t fret about it. The same thing goes for custom overlays, alerts, banners, panels, etc. Save up and set yourself a goal to get these, if you really want to.
Did you just start out streaming and still want something cool and unique? I’m sure there’s plenty of artists that will work for you and make something awesome that you’ll love, some cheaper than others. You could also try some premade packs from the sorts like Nerd or Die, or the Stream Elements theme gallery.
And then, when you feel like you’re ready to establish your name/brand, go seek out something custom-made maybe. But, again, do you have the money to spare and you just want to have it? Go for it!
I would rather though, have someone invest that in better equipment than visual work, but that’s a matter of personal opinion.

7. Networking, Teams and Discord(s)

About a year ago there was a strong presence of L4L and F4F. There was some outrage and questions going on for certain “teams” if their way of “advertising” things was the way to go and why Twitch hasn’t cracked down on them. A few months after, on October 19th, 2019, they issued a statement that they we’re making some changes in how their system would deal with these “communities”.
Safe to say, there’s plenty of evidence of individuals who dropped from triple digits down back to the low end of double digits, or even double to single. The point I’m trying to make is basically: “Hard/Honest work pays off”. I’m one of those who’d rather have any amount of viewers and 10-times the amount of interactivity vs padded viewer number and a chat where it’s quieter than a whisper.
A way to grow could be looking for and/or joining a stream-team(s). This is a great way to connect with others. My thoughts on this: nothing happens on it’s own. It’s a give and take situation. Don’t expect people to flock to you just because you joined theia team. Just like joining any other group in the real world, I believe you need to put in some form of energy and interaction to make it work. Zero effort in = Zero effort out.
Having your own Discord server can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and/or likeminded streamers. Try to find some communities which you can join and hang out with. Just a little etiquette is in place, just like on Twitch, don’t go and purely advertise you’re going live and what not. You’ll be “one of those” and probably booted and/or banned, if it’s not allowed.
It’s tough growing a community and this takes time.


8. Improve quality with free tools (i.e. VST’s) and some neat tricks.

Free VST’s:- http://reaper.fm/reaplugs/Includes: Standalone EQ, Gate, Compressor.Get a little bit control and features, vs the default options that OBS gives you.
- https://www.meldaproduction.com/MFreeFXBundleIncludes: basically anything you need. See this video
Audio DuckingThis trick let’s your main desktop audio “duck” when any other audio source is louder than n-dB. This will make sure people can always hear you even if you game is loud of anything else for that matter, at the moment you speak up. This is already an old trick in the books, but people don’t know enough about it. EposVox circa 2018 explains how, here.

9. Experiment with (free) OBS plugins and cool widgets from SE

There’s a bunch of plugins you can find in the OBS forums here. I won’t go over all of them, but a few that i like are:- StreamFX for 3D manipulation of sources- OBSWebsocket for remote control (through StreamDeck for example)- FreezeFrame for, well, a freeze frame.- NDI for remote input and output of audio/video.- Spectralizer for a built-in audio visualizer straight from OBS.
If you’re already using Stream Elements — and if you’re not, I’d suggest you take a look a.s.a.p. — SE offers a lot of widgets and custom widgets you can use in overlays for your stream.

10. DMCA issues?

Worried about DMCA? Here’s a list for you.https://twitchmusic.carrd.co/
Personally I can vouch for Diverge Records’s tracks, as long as you give credit and shout them out (a friend of mine owns the label).

Now, go stream, have fun and grow!

GG’s and may Kappa be with you!
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2020’S Best CBD Gummies Brands Reviewed

2020’S Best CBD Gummies Brands Reviewed
My favorite CBD edible is delicious CBD gummies. Made from cannabidiol, colorful gummies are the most popular CBD merchandise on the market, and it is easy to see why. The top CBD gummies for sale provide relaxing benefits to both the mind and the body. They also taste wonderful.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on CBD products, as I have spent years relying on them to help me relax after long days at the office. Immediately, my mind and body are able to chill out, and stress floats away.
My favorite CBD edible is delicious CBD gummies. Made from cannabidiol, colorful gummies are the most popular CBD merchandise on the market, and it is easy to see why. The top CBD gummies for sale provide relaxing benefits to both the mind and the body. They also taste wonderful.
Popular CBD gummies for sale are simple to consume, as no droppers or smoking is necessary. They are also small and discreet enough to take on the go, whether you toss your CBD delights into your pocket or into your purse.
Best of all, CBD oil gummies are highly effective for helping men and women manage pressure.
A consumer must realize that not all CBD for anxiety is the same.
It is up to you, the buyer, to purchase reliable goods. That means all the CBD gummies you buy should possess the right ingredients, provide positive experiences, and come from a dependable supplier. No worries. Doing so couldn’t be easier.
Ready to get started? Check out this informative list of the smartest options for purchasing hemp-derived CBD products. Each retailer sells CBD that is grown here in the United States and contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabidol. In other words, the small amount of THC won’t give a person the euphoric “high” associated with marijuana.
Let’s analyze 10 different companies’ CBD gummies for their quality, ingredients, and overall effects in users’ systems.

1 JustCBD Gummies

Founded in 2017, JustCBD has made it a point to never misrepresent their products. Every item is vegan, non GMO, and made with 99% pure CBD isolate. At the same time, every item sold at JustCBD is laboratory tested and sourced from 100% U.S. grown industrial hemp. They are based in the U.S. and ship from South Florida to all 50 States, as well as worldwide.
JustCBD Gummies have a reputation for being the best edibles a person can buy, and it’s not tough to see why. Not only do they taste great, powerful CBD treats are known to help people relax.
The goodies stem from the purest and finest quality ingredients, which is a big part of the reason that JustCBD CBD Gummies for sale are a core favorite among consumers. So whether you’re looking for a mid-day snack or trying to relieve stress after a hectic day at the office, you can put your mind and body at ease with Just CBD Gummies.
Ranging from 8mg to 25 mg per piece, JustCBD Gummies come in a variety of flavors, including Sour Bear, Clear Worms, Apple Rings, and Rainbow Ribbons. You also get to choose between 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg jars.
From my personal experience, I can say that JustCBD has a top-notch customer service platform. Every time I sent them an email, I received a friendly and polite response within an hour. Just CBD also offers some of the best promotions out there, including first-time buyers and Christmas sales.
At the end of the day, I was extremely satisfied when I tried JustCBD Gummies. Whether I was eating Blueberry Raspberry Rings or holiday-themed Snowmen & Trees gummies, they were always high quality. The packaging is neat and professional. Meanwhile, the edibles’ lab results are posted online, which is crucial for a health-nut like me. After all, many CBD products are unregulated. Better yet, I found that JustCBD gummies always taste great and give me a feeling of complete relaxation.
Check out Just CBD Gummies.

2 Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Calm

For years, Charlotte’s Web has been stating that their CBD gummies are created to assist people with daily stressors. Produced by the Stanley Brothers (Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and Josh) in 2012 and based in Boulder, Colorado, the company’s hemp CBD gummies are offered in three variations: Calm, Sleep, and Recovery for after working out. By 2013, Stanley Brothers were features on CNN, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. I decided to try the “Calm” option for my stressful workdays.
All of Charlotte’s Web CBD Calm Gummies are gluten free. They are also made with their own combination of fruits and veggies, along with dozens of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. A little L-theanine and lemon balm are mixed in as well.
According to their website, the CBD products sold at Charlotte’s Web are designed to help individuals relax, stay focused without feeling drowsy, and improve regular sleep patterns. The flavors come from real fruit and veggies. I tried the Lemon Lime flavor. They did work, but they certainly are not the best CBD gummies out there. They also taste rather sour.
All of the CBD gummies to help a person stay calm from Charlotte’s Web are made with zero additives and no dyes. Each jar contains 60 gummies with 10 mg of hemp extract, 50 mg of L-theanine, and 75 mg of lemon balm per serving. Two gummies are suggested for each serving, but I often had to ingest more than two or three to feel at peace after a stressful day at work.
Charlotte’s Web markets its CBD gummies to people on the go. Its main focus is consumers with busy lifestyles can use them after exercising, as well as at the office and at bedtime. A user just has to be patient and consistent and positive results will be steady, even if they are a bit slow.

3 PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the team at PureKana markets their vegan CBD gummies to people looking to manage daily stressors, whether they are at home or in the office. The company that became known for its oil tinctures organically grows its own brand of CBD gummies on Kentucky farms.
Made in the United States and sourced from domestically grown hemp, PureKana relies on its trademarked technology and CO2 extraction procedure to make its own gummies. They come in a wide variety of natural flavors, but nothing stands out as tasting particularly special. The company also states its hemp never contains dangerous or toxic elements, such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.
Supposedly, PureKana’s products work with a person’s Endocannabinoid System to offer mental and physical benefits, like loosening up and feeling free of stress. PureKana markets their gummies to people looking to improve sleep-patterns.
Ensuring product and consumer safety, PureKana works with certified companies and third-party laboratories to test every CBD edible. They are also 100% vegan and completely free of both GMO and THC isolate.
I appreciated how PureKana walks readers through the process of eating CBG gummies, and the treats traveling along the digestive system before being absorbed. I also liked their honesty, admitting that its Vegan CBD Gummies often take a while to become effective. PureKana lives up to industry standards and customer expectations.
You can read details about every CBD edible on their website, where the company boasts about its fabulous affiliations with hemp growers. A visitor can read all about every one of its products for sale. Lab results are also shared on the company website. I even noticed that they market their CBD supplements to senior citizens.
Designed to improve relaxation, a $40 bottle of 20 PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies comes with 25 mg of CBD per piece. Of course, you can increase or decrease your frequency and quantity as needed.

4 Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads is a small family-based business in Florida that was founded by an experienced pharmacist in 2013, Laura Baldwin Fuentes. The pharmacist was trying to help a friend overcome an addiction to opiates, the drugs derived from opium. Today, Green Roads has one mission: to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of every consumer with high quality CBD products, like oil tinctures and edibles.
Today, Green Roads’ is rather popular. In fact, its broad spectrum formulas can be found in more than 10,000 different retail locations across the country. They are non GMO and stem from hemp grown on domestic farms. Green Roads offers a wide variety of products designed to work for almost everyone, including daily dose packs, animal products, and even coffees and teas.
The company boasts about its high standards and breakthrough extraction methods. I also appreciate how a user can readily find product lab sheets online, as well as by scanning a QR code on the packaging. That’s pretty cool. Green Roads also breaks down usage information for each product to make it as straightforward as possible.
However, Green Roads’ proprietary formulations are perhaps too proprietary. The company does not provide specifics about its extraction processes and certifications online, making it hard for users to understand exactly how its products are made. At least every one of Green Roads’ products is tested at a third party lab.
Unfortunately, Green Roads CBD Gummies aren’t made with phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil. Also, consumers can’t read important information about their extraction and formulation processes. The gummies’ lab sheets can be found on the packaging, as well as online. While they are known for proving quality service, Green Roads is also one of the most expensive brands out there. A $43.95 bottle of 30 Green Roads CBD Gummies only comes with 10 mg of CBD per piece. Ouch.

5 Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

Based in Los Angeles, Lord Jones has been making luxurious CBD products since 2016. Marketing to the rich and famous, Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are supposed to be chic. Okay, but you are paying a bit more for product recognition and packaging.
Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are made to promote a serene sense of well-being. Everything is mixed in little batches containing Ecuadorian dark chocolate, imported natural European fruit flavors, sugar, citric acid, gelatin, and broad spectrum CBD extract derived from top quality hemp.
Developed by a veteran team of experts in the CBD industry, Lord Jones’ gummies are said to help individuals feel calm and cool. Supposedly, they can help a user concentrate for extended periods of time. Of course, they do take a while to kick in.
All the CBD edibles are manufactured here in the U.S. and possess no THC whatsoever. They are also gluten free, as well as tested in labs to ensure customers’ safety. Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops also have gelatin, meaning they are not vegan. Not only are they made with sugar cane, a consumer may find small amounts of dairy. After all, the gumdrops are created in a facility that also manufactures products with dairy.
Lord Jones claims it is best to consume the CBD treats within 6 months from the date of purchase. But I noticed they grow hard after 2 or 3 months. It’s only natural for gummies to stiffen up after being exposed to air for too long. In other words, make sure you keep any Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops in a sealed bag or airtight container, and stored at room temperature.
Each box of Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops costs $45 and only comes with a mere 9 gumdrops, each containing 20 mg of CBD. A whopping $5 a pop is a bit pricey, especially for a product that doesn’t always receive favorable reviews. At least Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are elegantly packaged.

6 Fab CBD Chews

For those of you who want to steer clear of THC in general, Fab CBD Chews has been around since 2018. Despite the company being located in Tampa, Florida, its financial offices are on the other side of the pond in the U.K. They are also small in size in comparison to the leaders of the CBD industry, like Just CBD.
Designed to manage day to day stressors, Fab CBD Chews’ gummies are crafted with CBD isolate. They are also gluten free and non GMO, as well as a smart option for vegans.
What I like about Fab CBD is its simplicity. Not only do they maintain an informative website, it only sells three products, CBD oil, a CBD topical cream, and CBD gummies. Each one is derived from naturally grown hemp. It’s just too bad Fab CBD Chews are only available in one flavor, Fruit, that is said to have an undesirable taste.
Fab CBD Chews website has plenty of photos of supposed real customers, which is refreshing to see. Many other CBD businesses’ websites lack color and personality. At the same time, they don’t skip out on sharing lab reports. In fact, Fab CBD chews uses the same analytics laboratory, ProVerde, as Fab CBD Chews and much bigger companies, such as PureKana.
Those with allergies should beware, as Fab CBD Chews are processed. In fact, they stem from the same building that makes fish gelatin. They are then packaged in the same facility as wheat, coconut, and dairy products.
Meant to work as a post-workout supplement, the gummies from Fab CBD Chews have 25 mg of CBD isolate, come in a 4 oz jar, and supposedly contain 750 mg of CBD total. Of course, without a lab, it’s hard to know how much you are really getting in each piece. They normally cost $59 or more.

7 Premium Jane CBD

Since opening its doors in the summer of 2018 in Los Angeles, Premium Jane CBD has blossomed into a popular brand in the United States. Now centered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Premium Jane’s products, including standard CBD oil tinctures, soft gel CBD capsules, a topical CBD cream, and CBD gummies are created with a THC-free isolate extract.
Premium Jane CBD gummies should be consumed just like any other piece of candy, allowing the CBD to travel through your digestive system before it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. People should start out with either half a gummy or one whole gummy to figure out their ideal serving sizes.
The CBD gummies are created at registered Pilot Research farms in rural Oregon, where they are inspected regularly for purity, as well as for safety. Each crop is selected for its rich amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids in order to give a user the best CBD experience possible before being shipped anywhere in the 50 States.
Everything sold at Premium Jane is extracted from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of industrial cannabis. They also make it a point to avoid using any and all dangerous chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in its products. Meanwhile, a user never has to worry about the psychoactive “high” associated with marijuana. Rather folks simply feel calm and cool.
When it comes to Premium Jane CBD gummies, user feedback is at a minimum, as they have not been around very long. Yet, there are some benefits worth noting shared in reviews all over the web. For starters, the company relies on the reputable ProVerde Labs to make sure their CBD is top of the line and effective in users’ systems.
A person can even go online and check out Premium Jane CBD gummies’ laboratory reports, along with customer feedback. Reviews often mentions the great taste of the edibles. The price of Premium Jane CBD gummies is rather inexpensive. A jar of 30 gummies, 25 mg each, is priced at $55.

8 Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are created to help those who are stressed out feel at ease. Staying focused becomes easier, as does sleeping through the night. That is why they are all made with a unique blend of broad spectrum CBD, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12.
The treats are ideal for vegans who crave vitamins. The goal of Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies is to decrease a user’s daily mental, physical, and emotional strains. A consumer can choose between Sunday Scaries’ gelatin based gummies from pure sugarcane and vegan-friendly edibles made from pectin, along with high fructose corn syrup.
Perhaps the greatest benefit, or at least the most fun factor of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies is that they come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, green, and a tasty red. They may come with an unpleasant aftertaste, but I know I am not simply enjoying candy for my sweet tooth.
I suggest taking a single Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy bear roughly 45 minutes before heading to bed. If you do not begin to feel drowsy in 30 minutes, simply enjoy a second helping. That should be enough to knock you out for a few hours at a time. If a third is necessary, go ahead. However, I wouldn’t consume any more than three.
Whether you are on the highway or watching television in the evening, you will feel more relaxed. You’ll get better sleep and not be sluggish in the morning. Every bottle of Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies comes with 20 gummies with 10 mg of CBD each. I found them online for $31 to $39 each. Of course, folks can always buy in bulk to save a few bucks. They may not be the most inexpensive edibles on the market, but Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies do help you chill out.

9 CBDfx Gummies

Founded in 2015, Southern California’s CBDfx is one of the most well-established brands for CBD. The brand got its feet wet with CBD Vape products and has since began selling its own brand of CBD gummies derived from hemp plants grown organically in the United States. The gummies are sweet and chewy. You can go on the web and quickly choose berry flavored CBD treats or special CBD gummies with special ingredients, like turmeric, melatonin and spirulina. None of the gummies are made with corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or any other destructive chemicals.
CBDfx prides itself on using nothing but natural plant based ingredients for its CBD gummies, as well as vape pens, oil tinctures, and more. They also claim to be the very first brand to create 100% vegan gummies. While the snacks certainly look like appetizing candy, they taste nothing like standard gummy bears. Rather, CBDfx Gummies remind me of green licorice.
CBDfx Gummies are made from organic sugar cane. As a result, the small particles of sugar dance around the inside of the bottle, rather than staying stuck to the gummies. That means a person can expect a little mess to fall on his or her desk or lap every time one is pulled out. Otherwise, CBDfx Gummies are an impressive and effective treat for the mind and body.
Unfortunately, CBDfx doesn’t share any information about who farms their hemp or what procedures they follow. Who knows what practices are being used?
You can now purchase little 8 packs of CBDfx Gummies, as well as 60 pieces with 5 mg of CBD per vegan gummy, 300 mg in total, for approximately $50. The company recommends a dose of one to two CBD gummies a day, meaning a bottle of 60 gummies should last a consumer for one to two months.

10 Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies

Made with all natural ingredients, Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies is the opposite of a pharmaceutical company. Founded in Texas in 2015 and operating a retail location in Olympia, Washington, Highland Pharms uses organic hemp grown on a boutique farm in Colorado. Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies do not smell good, nor do they taste any better. At least they successfully help people relax and fall asleep.
What Highland Pharms refers to as “Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp” is industrial hemp that has been specifically bred to have high levels of cannabinoids. The non GMO CBD gummies are all natural, with the exception of food dyes and artificial flavorings (Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Turmeric, and Organic Annatto) in their gummies.
As far as negative factors about Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies, I know buyers are quickly turned off by the name “Pharms” and its label, “pharmaceutical grade.” There is no more information offered to distinguish it from medicine or even industrial hemp. Also, a blogger like me is quickly annoyed at silly typos and partial product descriptions of the business website. It’s not very professional.
All of Highland Pharms’ products are sent off for testing by ProVerde that confirms the gummies’ potency of CBD and other cannabinoids. They also make sure there are zero heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, or microbes.
There is no one standard serving size. While one person may like taking half a piece at a time, another may prefer the mental and physical effects of one or even two CBD snacks.
You can purchase fruit flavored Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies in bottles of 20. You can choose 10 mg gummies for $39.95 or 20 mg edibles for $69.95. The shipping is known to be fast, as well as free. While the price may be a bit high, consumer feedback usually claims Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies are worth the money.
Do you have more questions about CBD gummies? We’ve got the answers…

How Should I Pick CBD Gummies?

As a consumer, it is now up to you to pick the best CBD gummies on the market. For any first time user, that’s a task that is easier said than done. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you should also steer clear of any cheap edibles. But there is so much more to consider than merely prices.
When choosing what CBD gummies to buy, you should consider the type of CBD that is used in the ingredients. CBD isolate is pure CBD that has no other cannabidiols whatsoever. This is a fabulous product for anyone who must avoid THC, like a bus driver or schoolteacher who is worried about failing a drug test. Yet, the CBD isolate extraction method takes away many important organic compounds and terpenes. In other words, an individual won’t achieve the same range of mental and physical benefits as normal CBD gummies.

Do CBD Gummies Help People Manage Stress?

Yes, CBD gummies are extremely effective when it comes to managing stress. As millions of men and women deal with stress on a daily basis, CBD treats calm a user’s body and mind by binding to serotonin receptors. No, everyday stressors won’t disappear, but CBD edibles certainly helps folks deal with the pressure. Of course, it may take a bit of trial and error to decide your favorite flavor and dosage of CBD edibles. Regardless, CBD makes it effortless to chill out, allowing stress to calmly float away. Also, CBD gummies are rather convenient, as you can carry them around in your pocket or purse. That way, you can take one whenever necessary, whether you are on the highway during rush hour or preparing to give a big speech at the office.

How Do I Consume CBD Gummies?

Eating CBD gummies couldn’t be any easier. In fact, it is no different than eating delicious gummy bears with spectacular advantages for your mind and body. Simply chew your goody up. Otherwise, you can let it sit on your tongue for a while and enjoy the flavor before it sinks into your system. The CBD will then make its way through your digestive system and end up flowing through your veins.

How Do CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

While the total impact of CBD gummies varies from person to person, all positive results are usually the same. For instance, CBD edibles are known for improving the brain’s capacity to manage stress and help folks feel calm. With a peaceful state of mind, a user can enjoy quickly falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. That means you will wake up feeling more refreshed and stay energized throughout the day. Being more productive can certainly add to an individual’s happiness. That’s pretty cool, considering that approximately 35% of Americans currently suffer from symptoms of insomnia.

What Are the Best CBD Gummies to Buy?

According to buyers and sellers, the top CBD gummies for sale are the edibles without any GMOs (genetically modified organisms). At the same time, the best CBD treats are vegan friendly and are low in carbs. Consumers agree that the highest quality CBD gummies come from U.S. hemp with minimal traces of THC, if any.

What Are CBD Gummies’ Ingredients?

When it comes to the exact ingredients found in CBD gummies for sale, the elements can vary by manufacturer, as well as by taste. When shopping, you can try to avoid any and all additives, including preservatives and artificial ingredients. You should also avoid CBD gummies with high fructose corn syrup. Also, any vegans and people with allergies should do a little homework before indulging in CBD gummies. The top CBD gummies available tend to be completely unrefined, with real sugar, organic flavoring, and non-GMO ingredients.

Should CBD Gummies Be Laboratory Tested?

When shopping for CBD gummies, its essential that you only buy edibles that have been laboratory tested by a third party. After all, the quality of CBD products often varies. While one vendor sells nothing of premium CBD edibles, another may simply be unloading expensive candy with no upsides whatsoever. Your safety may even come into question. It is up to you, the consumer, to find a completely reliable product. That way, you can rest assured you are always purchasing top quality CBD gummies and not sugar-filled sweets.

Can I Buy CBD Gummies Legally?

Yes, CBD gummies, as well as CBD oils and vapes, are legal in all 50 States, as long as they come from hemp. Every hemp product contains a THC level of less than 0.3 percent. On the other hand, the THC in marijuana is much stronger and often gives users unwanted euphoric highs. That is why marijuana-derived CBD products are not legal on the federal level. In other words, it is much safer and smarter to buy hemp-derived CBD gummies.

Will CBD Gummies Make Me High?

No, CBD gummies derived from hemp will not make you high, even if it comes from the same plant and offers many of the same wonderful benefits as THC. Sure, both CBD and THC interact with the cannabinoid receptors in users’ brains. However, our reactions to them are not the same. CBD doesn’t have a response on CB1 receptors. In other words, it does not create a euphoric high. In fact, CBD often reduces THC’s influences on the body.

When Did CBD Gummies Become Legal?

In 2018, the federal Farm Bill legalized CBD and other industrial hemp on a national level. Men and women, old and young, have since been taking advantage of the best CBD gummies available. A number of users find edibles to be much more fun than oil tinctures. Eating snacks is also more convenient than vaporizers and doobies. You can pop one, two, or more in your mouth at a time. Too bad you can’t say the same about CBD-infused bath bombs.

What flavors of CBD Gummies Can I Buy?

Fortunately for consumers all over the world, CBD gummies can now be found in a seemingly countless number of flavors, ranging from Wild Berry and Sour Bear to delicious Apple Rings, Rainbow Ribbons, Peach Rings, and Blueberry Rings. The only hard part may be picking your favorite one. Fortunately, you can choose seven or more of the best tasting CBD gummies and enjoy a new one every day of the week.

How Much CBD Should You Consume?

If you have never tried CBD gummies before, it is best to start off slowly. Begin with one 5 gm piece. Better yet, you can cut it in half to start with a 2.5 mg gummy. Then you have to do is sit back and relax. It’s worth the wait, as you can enjoy the mental and physical advantages of CBD for approximately 5 hours at a time. If a couple of hours go by and you feel like taking more, go right ahead. It’s not like it’s possible to overdose on CBD gummies. Over time, you can always increase the amount of CBD you take on a regular basis.

How Should I Store CBD Gummies?

It is best to minimize your CBD edibles’ exposure to light and heat. That is why CBD gummies should be stored in a cool and dark place, like a refrigerator or freezer. Being placed in such a controlled environment will increase your CBD goodies’ shelf lives. The potency of CBD gummies tends to last several weeks in the fridge and approximately 6 months at a time in a freezer.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

The effects of CBD gummies usually last approximately 6 hours at a time in a user’s system. It takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes for the benefits, such as mental and physical relaxation, to kick in. Of course, responses can differ from one person to another. Certain factors that come into account include the strength of the edible and the speed of your metabolism, as well as the last time you ate. An individual with an empty stomach will feel the impact of CBD gummies much sooner than someone who just ate a large meal.

Are All CBD Gummies the Same?

When it comes to purchasing CBD gummies on the internet, you must realize that not all the edibles are the same. For instance, you should only trust CBD products that were made in the U.S., as well as tested in a lab. Otherwise, you could end up paying for nothing more than expensive candy. It may help to read different reviews of CBD gummies on the internet. Just remember, what one person thinks works great may not do a thing in your system, and vice versa.4

Why CBD Gummies Are a Smart Choice

In conclusion, CBD gummies are a wonderful way for men and women to get their feet wet with organic hemp-grown products. Like all CBD merchandise, the edibles are completely legal. As long as you make sure everything is laboratory tested and made in the United States, you too can jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of CBD gummies’ lifechanging benefits.
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