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Covid-19 update 26th March

Good morning from the UK. For those of you also in quarantine who have lost track and didn't read the post headline, today is a Thursday.

Picture of the day

Virus statistics

Total cases

Region 24th Mar 23rd Mar 17th Mar % 24 hr change % 1 week change
China 81661 81591 81102 0.1% 0.7%
Italy 74386 69176 35713 7.5% 108.3%
US 65778 53740 7783 22.4% 745.1%
Spain 49515 39885 13910 24.1% 256.0%
Germany 37323 32986 12327 13.1% 202.8%
Iran 27017 24811 17361 8.9% 55.6%
France 25600 22622 9124 13.2% 180.6%
Switzerland 10897 9877 3028 10.3% 259.9%
United Kingdom 9640 8164 2642 18.1% 264.9%
Korea, South 9137 9037 8413 1.1% 8.6%
Netherlands 6438 5580 2058 15.4% 212.8%
Austria 5588 5283 1646 5.8% 239.5%
Belgium 4937 4269 1486 15.6% 232.2%
Canada 3251 2790 657 16.5% 394.8%
Norway 3084 2863 1550 7.7% 99.0%
Portugal 2995 2362 448 26.8% 568.5%
Brazil 2554 2247 372 13.7% 586.6%
Sweden 2526 2286 1279 10.5% 97.5%


Region 24th Mar 23rd Mar 17th Mar % 24 hr change % 1 week change
Italy 7503 6820 2978 10.0% 151.9%
Spain 3647 2808 623 29.9% 485.4%
China 3285 3281 3241 0.1% 1.4%
Iran 2077 1934 1135 7.4% 83.0%
France 1333 1102 149 21.0% 794.6%
US 942 706 118 33.4% 698.3%
United Kingdom 466 423 72 10.2% 6547.2%
Netherlands 357 277 58 28.9% 515.5%
Germany 206 157 28 31.2% 635.7%
Belgium 178 122 14 45.9% 1171.4%
Switzerland 153 122 28 25.4% 446.4%
Korea, South 126 120 84 5.0% 50.0%
Sweden 62 36 10 72.2% 520.0%
Turkey 59 44 1 34.1% 5800.0%
Brazil 59 46 3 28.3% 1866.7%
Indonesia 58 55 19 5.5% 205.3%

In depth Virus news

Billionaires Want People Back to Work. Employees Aren’t So Sure - Bloomberg reports that there are increasing calls from some business leaders to get people back to work. They want to revive an economy that could face its worst quarterly drop ever -- even if it means pulling back on social distancing measures that public health officials say can help stop coronavirus. These investors aren’t prizing profits over lives, they say, they’re just willing to risk some horrors to avoid others. “You’re picking the better of two evils,” said Golisano (founder and chairman of the payroll processor Paychex Inc), who wants people to go back to their offices in states that have been relatively spared by the coronavirus but remain at home in hot spots. “You have to weigh the pros and cons.” Dick Kovacevich (ex Wells Fargo & Co. CEO until 200), wants to see healthy workers below about 55 or so to return to work late next month if the outbreak is under control. “We’ll gradually bring those people back and see what happens. Some of them will get sick, some may even die, I don’t know,” said Kovacevich, who was also the bank’s chairman until 2009. “Do you want to suffer more economically or take some risk that you’ll get flu-like symptoms and a flu-like experience? Do you want to take an economic risk or a health risk? You get to choose.”

Andy Slavitt's daily twitter opinion piece has come out and it's a mixed bag - Andy Slavitt (Former Medicare, Medicaid, ACA head for Obama and well worth following on Twitter) has given his daily thread update here. The takeaways: Infections are climbing faster than in the other severely hit countries. More could die from lack of access to a bed or a nurse or a ventilator than necessary. The shelter in place restrictions make absolute sense. The scientists are gloomy, they generally don’t like any solution or recommendation other than complete lock down, testing we don’t have, and strict controls. He calls Trump's suggestion to "pack the churches" on Easter the "Easter Sunday massacre". "America First is becoming America Last as other governments are centralizing decisions. Ordering tests. Centralizing supply orders. Distributing according to need. One amazing scientist told me our curve will go “from vertical to erect” if we don’t change these simple things."

13 Deaths in a Day: An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital - The NY Times (paywall, link) says that hospitals in the city are facing the kind of harrowing increases in cases that overwhelmed health care systems in China and Italy. A doctor gives his view; “The frustrating thing about all of this is it really just feels like it’s too little, too late. Like we knew — we knew it was coming. Today is kind of getting worse and worse. We had to get a refrigerated truck to store the bodies of patients who are dying. We are, right now, scrambling to try to get a few additional ventilators or even CPAP machines. If we could get CPAP machines, we could free up ventilators for patients who need them. You know, we now have these five vents. We probably — unless people die, I suspect we’ll be back to needing to beg for ventilators again in another day or two. There’s a mythical 100 vents out there which we haven’t seen. Leaders in various offices, from the president to the head of Health and Hospitals, saying things like, ‘We’re going to be fine. Everything’s fine.’ And from our perspective, everything is not fine.... I want people to know that this is bad. People are dying. We don’t have the tools that that we need in the emergency department and in the hospital to take care of them, and — and it’s really hard." There's also a video of the scenes inside the hospital here.

How the Pandemic Will End: The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out. - The Atlantic has written a lengthy opinion piece (here) discussing what it thinks is likely to happen in the coming weeks and months in the US. A study released by a team at Imperial College London concluded that if the pandemic is left unchecked, those beds will all be full by late April. By the end of June, for every available critical-care bed, there will be roughly 15 COVID-19 patients in need of one. By the end of the summer, the pandemic will have directly killed 2.2 million Americans, notwithstanding those who will indirectly die as hospitals are unable to care for the usual slew of heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents. It goes on to explain what it thinks needs to change to avoid this worst case scenario.

Mississippi governor Orders Limited Gatherings, Declares Most Businesses 'Essential,' Supersedes Local Safety Efforts - The Jackson Free press reports (link). The order seems to declare that most types of businesses in Mississippi are "essential" and thus exempt from social-distancing requirements suggested in the order. "The uninterrupted delivery of essential services and functions is vital to infrastructure viability, critical to maintain continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security, and is crucial to community resilience, continuity of essential functions and to promote the security and safety of Mississippi residents even as the nation limits human interaction and engages in social distancing," the order stated. Notably, Reeves' executive order supersedes any orders by local mayors or other governing body in Mississippi that conflict with the businesses and organizations he deems exempt as "essential" businesses. Examples of business declared as "essential" by the governor include department stores, offices, factories whilst cafes and restaurants can remain open provided no more than 10 people are dining in at any time. These rules are much more liberal than most other states.

Other virus news in brief (Source: Today's Guardian live blog unless otherwise sourced)

- Sky news reports that Briton Chloe Middleton who was 21 with no apparent pre-existing health conditions has died in the UK after contracting COVID-19 (link)
- Port of Virginia imports first containers of rare Covid-19 test kits, medical gear: DC Velocity says (link) that testing kits are starting to arrive and will be fast tracked through the port for onward delivery as quickly as possible.
- Victorville in California (a well known storage area for out of service airplanes) is starting to fill up as major American carriers start to park up planes due to a collapse in demand (LA Times)
- Progress is being made in preparing a bill in the US for bailing out the airline industry. Airlines would get the $60 billion bailout they asked for in the new Senate coronavirus stimulus bill, which would prohibit layoffs and ban stock buybacks and dividends. Business Insider has more if you're interested.
- ‘This Is Not A Game’: Perdue Farms Workers Walk Out Over Coronavirus Concerns - Approximately 50 workers at the Perdue Farms plant in Kathleen, Georgia, walked off the job Monday morning, saying they don’t feel safe working there during the coronavirus pandemic according to a Local news report. Kendaliyn Granville told CBS affiliate WMAZ some workers on the production line were in contact with people who tested positive for COVID-19 and the company should do more to protect workers. “We’re not getting nothing — no type of compensation, no nothing, not even no cleanliness, no extra pay — no nothing. We’re up here risking our life for chicken,” she said. Perdue says it is doing “everything we can to take good care of our Associates while continuing to produce safe and reliable food.”
- An outbreak of the virus onboard the aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt has infected another 5 sailors bringing the total so far to 8 (The Hill)
- The NBA Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns has seen his mother end up in a coma due to the virus. He published a video on YouTube discussing it and urges everyone to take the virus seriously. "The severity is real", he said. His father (who also caught the virus and had less of a reaction to it) is quarantining at home.
- Americans, find out how social distancing (or not social distancing) will affect the outbreak in your state here.
- Video: Overcrowding on the NYC transit system remains a problem despite the major outbreak there (ABC News Twitter link). Similar problems have been reported already in London (which also has an outbreak).
- Article from 25th February: We have contained this. I won’t say [it’s] airtight, but it’s pretty close to airtight,” said Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council. How times rapidly change.
- Miss going to the pub? Go to a virtual one instead here: it's got all the ambience right down to the posh man talking too loudly.
- Bad news: the National Hurricane Centre is calling for an above average hurricane season with 2-4 major ones says Fox News. The Hurricane season runs from June to the end of October.
- Come again...? US craft/hobby retail chain Michaels has told employees they are 'essential' and must continue working 'for the makers' during the coronavirus outbreak. "I am so worried for my coworkers," a Michaels manager speaking on the condition of anonymity told Business Insider. "If I get sick I will likely recover without incident. My coworkers and other vulnerable people could die. We are expendable. Just a means to make money." There's more on this here.

Supply chain specific news

The problems with invoking the defense production act - Californian Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter has attacked President Trump on Twitter (link) over his announcement that he's invoking the defense production act (an act dating back to 1950 which allows the US government to mandate manufacturing to produce articles badly in need by the country). She says that the Trump administration has not finalized the rules for ordering emergency medical supplies. The result is that whilst the Administration says it's placing orders under the Defense Production Act, it seems that the department for Health and Human Services (HHS) doesn't have policies in place to actually execute those orders or coordinate them with agencies like FEMA. Don't expect PPE and ventilator shortages in the US to ease any time soon.

Indian seaports declare force majeure - Splash247 says that several major Indian ports, including those operated by Adani Ports, the country’s largest private port operator, have declared force majeure as the country started a three-week lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus. India’s shipping ministry has issued a letter allowing ports to consider the coronavirus pandemic as valid grounds for invoking force majeure on port activities and operations. The decision follows the government of India announcing a nationwide lockdown on March 24 and will affect all 1.3bn of its citizens. A consultant from CTI said "Where ports are either closed or congested, liners will then need to over-carry imports and discharge them elsewhere for transhipment and later shipment back to their destination ports. Additional costs, and containers detained for longer will be the outcome. The inability to lift exports can have negative impacts on load factors and utilisation,”. (Personal note: Expects delays and costs in the Indian supply chain to get worse in the coming weeks as a result of this).

Three American carriers seek emergency tie-up - Splash247 reports (Link) that three American container lines have sought to form an emergency alliance to cope with the virus fall out. “The proposed agreement would authorize Crowley, King Ocean and Seaboard to discuss and agree upon the removal of one or more vessels from their trades, the coordination of timetables, sailing dates, frequency of sailings, and the carrying capacity offered by each of them,” Alphaliner noted in its most recent weekly report.

LA, Long Beach terminals adjust hours to disinfect between shifts - Freightwaves says Los Angeles and Long Beach container terminals have adjusted their second-shift operating hours to provide time to disinfect all handling equipment between shifts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the daily cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and objects to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Second-shift gate operations now begin at 7 p.m. and end at 4 a.m. at APM Terminals’ Pier 400 at the Port of LA as well as Everport Terminal Services, Fenix Marine Services, TraPac, West Basin Container Terminal and Yusen Terminals.

Supply chain companies to launch healthcare industry exchange - DCVelocity says that supply chain technology and risk management firm Resilinc is responding to increased demand for critical healthcare supplies by launching the Resilinc Exchange, an online clearinghouse designed to match available inventory with hospitals that need items to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies. In a webinar held Thursday, the company outlined plans for the exchange, which officials say they hope to launch by mid April.

Is It Time to Rethink Globalized Supply Chains? - MIT Sloan (one of the globally leading supply chain business schools) has an interesting 7 minute read (currently not behind its paywall) on how supply chains need to adapt once the pandemic is over. Students will probably like this one as it's littered with case study examples to borrow from. It calls for more localization, reassessing your product mix and thoroughly reviewing your risk exposure.

Other supply chain stuff in brief

- COVID-19 threatens driver training, supply - The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) in the US says that each month the industry is shut down prevents 25,000 to 45,000 new drivers from entering the profession and warns of potential shortages in a few months. (Freightwaves link)
- Wallenius Wilhelmsen has laid off half of its workers in the U.S and Mexico due to plummeting vehicle sales according to the Seatrade Maritime website
- BMW is furloughing its Spartenburg SC plant in the US for at least two weeks. The 11,000 workers will continue to be paid. No decision is yet to be made when it'll reopen says Bloomberg
- London City airport is suspending all flights until further notice says The airport attracts primarily business travellers owing to its proximity to the two financial centres of Canary Wharf and the city of London (which is not to be confused with Greater London) and the majority of finance workers are heeding the call to stay at home.
- Canadian supply chains holding up but it's volatile says E-commerce is on the rise as non-essential businesses remain closed in Ontario and Quebec and the prime minister encourages Canadians to stay home. Amazon Inc., the country’s largest online retailer, said Tuesday it is hiring more than 1,000 workers in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta to handle the spike in direct-to-consumer sales. Business-to-business (B2B) deliveries are down, however, despite exceptions such as grocery store suppliers, said Marc Wulfraat, president of Montreal-based logistics consulting firm MWPVL International Inc.

Humour section

Coronavirus: Only half a store opens on Dutch/Belgian border - The Brussels Times reports that a clothing store which straddles the Dutch/Belgian country border is only half open (literally). Why - Belgium has closed all non essential stores but the Netherlands hasn't. The store has put up caution tape in the middle of the store to indicate the border. “I needed underwear, but that’s in the Belgian part of the store, so I could not get it,” a Dutch customer told VRT. (Bonus; click on the link and there's a video to back up the story).


Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.
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I am 24 years old make $57,000, live in Los Angeles, CA and work as an Ad Ops Specialist

Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses

Day 1 (Friday)
6:00 - Alarm goes off. Rollover to turn it off and start to scroll through Instagram until I’m ready to get up. My full bladder is screaming at me for relief but I decide a few more minutes in bed is worth it...
6:20 - I’m at my boyfriend’s house so I laid out my outfit and all my morning routine necessities in the bathroom the night before to make things a bit easier. Go through my glamorous morning routine: sitting on the toilet for far too long while scrolling Instagram, wash face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser, brush teeth, The Ordinary Squalane serum, Neutrogena clear face sunscreen. No contacts for me today as one of mine ripped last night. While it was IN MY EYE. How fucking rude is that??? Glasses it is. Put on my thrifted, mid-waisted, black jeans with buttons exposed/knee rips and an old Smoky the bear shirt from Target. Tuck the shirt in to make it feel like I have my shit together.
6:47 - I usually leave around 7 so I have some time to get back into bed and cuddle C before I have to head out.
6:49 - I LOVE THIS MAN :(
7:05 - rip myself away from C, throw on my trusty Ralph Lauren jean jacket, and my fave open toed, cork sandals I got from Rome a few years back. Throw my shit in the car, queue up the NPR podcast Ask Me Another, and I’m on my waaaayyyyyyyy! This is such a funny podcast! I love laughing on my way to work. It tricks me into having a great start to my day!
7:25 - SHIT. A car is flipped onto its side right off my exit. I think I’m smart and switch to another lane to turn right instead of left and as expected the lane I just switched from moves and the lane I switched to doesn’t. Why does this happen all the time??!?! Another lesson in patience
7:30 - a nice lady let’s me over and I’m back on mmyyyy waaaayyyyyy! Also, hope the person is okay...
7:35 - make it into the office, get some coffee and add my non dairy creamer, fill up my reusable water bottle, and get started for the day
8:13 - hair is frizzy as shit...go to bathroom and try to fix it by tying it into a half pony. I’ll be self conscious about this all day and probs redo it a few different times throughout the day. This is what I get for not applying hair serum after my shower last night!!!!!!
8:30 work wife is in! She’s working from a different office today but it’s still nice to chat with her in the am to catch up. This girl knows everything about me and we barely (never) hangout outside of work!
9:50 - data needed to do work came in super late today. So spent my time between articles, money diaries, and texting C until it gets in.
10:13 - my stomach hurts from the ramen we had last night. I’m sensitive to a lot of things and it sucks but I eat them anyways because I love food and eating :’) get 2 tea bags from the kitchen (1 mint and 1 lemon) to make some tea. add some honey I have in my snack drawer. This combo usually helps my stomach pain
11:00 - C is going on a work trip to Japan next and invites me along. The trip is the weekend after we get back from our 7-day trip to Spain next month, and it’s literally just 24 hours there, but I’m down with the spontaneity! I give him a tentative yes. Forgot my usual banana so I snack on some dates I have at my desk.
12:00 - stomach is feeling a lot better so I’m happy. Have a few things to wrap up before I want to go on lunch. Our team has a 1pm meeting every m,w,f so those days either mean a super short lunch or working through lunch. I think I might be able to take an actual lunch today!
12:30 yay! I have time for a 20ish minute break. Heat up some soup I left here yesterday. The soup is actually very delicious but not enough to keep me full :( it had tomato, yam, lentils, and roasted corn all cooked down in some chicken stock with some various curry spices I had in my pantry. I cook about 95% of my meals and this week I essentially went through all my groceries I bought last week (such a cathartic feeling). Gonna treat myself to a farmers market trip this weekend!!
During lunch I spend some time with the newest girl on our team. She’s a recent graduate and so sweet it fucking hurts. She’s really excited about this role and I’ve recently just been hanging in there and going through the day to day motions. My team is filled with great people, but management micromanages us like no other. It’s so exhausting pulling receipts to justify your actions. But this is a really good, stable job, with great benefits so, you pick your battles, i guess. I smile really wide and nod my head a lot while she talks so she doesn’t notice my dead eyes. :)
1:30 - review my 401k benefits during the latter half of our team meeting. Our company was recently bought out and all of our accounts are being transferred around. I know we’re being auto-enrolled at the end of this month but I’m trying to enroll manually so I don’t miss another contribution. Previously I was contributing about 6% with a 5% match. Ugh, adulting is hard!!
2:15 - walk to the kitchen to make some more of that mint lemon tea and see that our office has put out some ice cream as an end of summer treat. Ask my coworker if there are any non-dairy options and he points me to the ice maker, hardy har har! Head back to my desk thinking about how it’s already mid August...where is the time going? Snack on some trail mix I have in my snack drawer (I keep so many things in my snack drawer…emergency meals, trail mix, dried fruit, tea, hot sauce…)
3:50 - my manager pings me about my current responsibilities and how she wants to increase my project load. In addition to our teams general day to day, I’ve taken initiative to create some automated reporting to help visualize all the data we get which helped remove a lot of manually processes. I started on this initiative essentially when I started with the team a year ago. My director has told me she wouldn’t generally give a new hire such a big project but I was able to prove myself to her. It feels really good to be trusted with such an important thing!! I’m open to the opportunity of increasing my work load and definitely feel guilty for hating on this job..I mean if you don’t like somethings it’s not your fault, right?
4:32 - FREEEEDDOOOOMMMM!!! We made it y’all. Pack up my work shit, essentially fly to my car, queue up the NPR Podcast, Planet Money, and put in directions to an amazing korean market near my place. My roomies will be out tonight so I planned out a cute lil meal for myself!
5:25 - ugh, the traffic was just horrible. Made it to the market...don’t forget the reusable bag!
6:00 - picked up some packaged microwavable sticky rice, small portions of radish kimchi and Napa cabbage kimchi, green onions, a jalepeno, 3 cucumbers, a mango, an 18 pack of lil roasted seaweed packs, marinated bulgogi, and a small container of gochujang $14.51
6:30 - lugged, like, 10 bags into the house (okay, it’s really 3, but you get it) put on my house clothes and try to decompress a bit. I don’t want to start cooking until my housemates head out for their dinner plans. Chat with one of my roomies, G, while her husband, M, gets ready for dinner plans. I met G on craigslist a couple years ago and have lived with her ever since. We’ve become really close and she’s like my older sister (she’s about 10 years older than me), which is such a nice feeling since I’m A) an only child and B) about 2ish hours from my parents, so its nice to feel like i live with family. I was her Maid of Honor at her wedding last month :’). M moved in earlier this year after they got engaged and its been a really smooth transition!
6:50 - They finally leave and I am ready to cook up a storm. Slice up all the veg I got and add to a plate along with some kimchi, cook the bulgogi, make my favorite Korean instant ramen (Samyang Fire noodle, original chicken flavor), microwave the rice bowl, and rip open a few packets of the roasted seaweed to make some cute lil mini tacos (aka, help shovel this food into my face hole faster)
OKAY that wasn’t really “”””cooking””””” per say….but I was having a craving and needed to feed my ~soul~, which I think is just as important as having a balanced meal!
7:45 - hooooollleeeeeyyyyy shit. I inhaled that. the only thing I didn’t finish was the rice. I ate all the meat I bought…I’m really impressed or should I be worried? I love having the house to myself when I eat meals that I’m craving because it’s quiet and I don’t have to worry about people talking to me!
8:25 - finish all the clean up, fill my water bottle, and retreat to my room to finish the rest of Bad Moms (I was watching while I ate, this is such a bad movie but an easy watch)…gonna need a minute to digest all that…
9:50 - still in bed but now just under the covers. Started watching PEN15 after hearing so many people tall about it. I can’t be the only one that feels weirded out about this show/dynamic?
10:39 - watched 2 episodes and still not too sure how I feel. I think its the way the two main actors talk about/to the actual middle school actors that doesn’t sit well with me. maybe I’m just overreacting!? Roll out of bed to do my night time routine. Floss, brush, Cerave face wash, Pixi glow tonic, The Ordinary alpha albutrin serum mixed with The Ordinary Squalane serum. Let that dry and put some Neutrogena’s On The Spot acne treatment on a few pimples that flared up last week. Braid my hair (ps. i never took it out of the half pony from earlier, i know you were so invested) and put some lotion on my legs. Get a text from G to let the dog out. He gets so emo when G and M leave for the evening, it’s so sweet.
11:00 - put on The Boss with Melissa McCarthy and settle into bed. I’m usually asleep by 10 but sleeping home alone has always been a bit hard for me so I always wait until someone is around… unless, of course, I’m extremely tired then it’s lights out ASAP
11:40 - I love anything Melissa McCarthy is in! And I love that her husband makes a cameo in her movies. I feel my eyes growing heavy so I plan to finish the movie sometime tomorrow and it’s lights out
Daily Total: $14.51
Day 2 (Saturday)
6:40 - alarm goes off and I go to the bathroom. I get back in bed and try to sleep for a few more hours
7:25 - mouth is so dry from all the sodium in my dinner last night...chug some water I have by my bed
8:45 - wake up a bit more naturally. It feels so nice to sleep in and feel like I’m on my own time. Scroll around on Instagram and think about the errands I need to run today. Eyebrow appointment at 10:30 with someone who prefers to have cash and a possible thrifting trip later today so I decide to get enough cash for that as well. I hear G rustling around as she gets ready for the class she teaches every Saturday morning near our house.
9:00 - I never have “real breakfast” things at home mostly because I opt for the easy option of some fruit and coffee/tea so I make some Persian tea and have a banana with it. I also catch up with G while she gets ready for work. I tell her about the meal I had last night because we love talking about food. She asks me how my stomach is doing because she knows how sensitive i am to most of the things I ate (red meat and instant ramen noodles). I tell her it feels fine...for now. She reminds me of this thrift store that resells clothes that were worn once in movies. I decide to go there instead since there might be a larger chance I find what I want (a new pair of jeans, a mid length skirt or a denim skirt, a few easy summery dresses, and maybe a small shoulder bag).
9:25 - throw in my laundry. G tells me that M had a few drinks last night at dinner and went in on their ice cream stash haha so I hope my rustling around isn’t affecting his (possible) hangover. Pour some more hot water over my teabag for a second cup. I feel like black tea doesn’t caffeinate me as much as coffee but I’m too lazy to go through the motions..hoping this second cup will get me through the morning
9:46 - narrator : “her stomach was not fine”
10:06 - brush my teeth, wash my face with cerave, and use some pixi tonic to make sure my skin is squeaky clean before going to get threaded. No other creams or serums. Take the some vitamins that my mom bought for me the last time I visited (probiotic, vitamin d3, and calcium)…really hoping I stick to to taking them! Fill up my water bottle and head out to get some cash. I drive a bit further to go through the drive through atm...I know, so lazy. I get $80.
10:15 - G texts me that it’s national thrifting day?!?!? Wow, this was all meant to be. May my bounty be fruitful, Amen
10:30 - meet up with my brow lady, her studio is right by my house! She’s a bit pricier than the usual $11 ($15) but she gets it right every time so it’s worth it. It's ideal to come every 2-3 weeks but i really end coming being every 4-5 weeks and she tells me its like starting on virgin eyebrows when I wait too long…lol. Catch up with her afterwards and show her pictures from G’s wedding. She’s so sweet! We also talk about her daughter who’s around my age and having some issues with job searching/finding a stable career. She’s a worried mom so I just nod and listen and tell her that her daughter will be ok! $18
11:00 - back home and wash my face again, then Pixi tonic, The Ordinary Squalane, and Neutrogena clear face sunscreen. Put my laundry in the dryer and throw my sheets in the wash and then I’m out the door to start thrifting
11:45 - get to the spot G told me about and its so cool, they’ve separated the clothes by show! I recognize a few of the shows and decide to just dive in.
12:20 - omg, i have got to go. Ask on of the associates for the keys to the bathroom and run for the hills only to realize there is NO TOILET PAPER. I am dying. Use some toilet seat cover as a wipe instead, this feels so wrong but definitely better than nothing. Later, I try on some clothes but nothing really seems to fit well/is what I’m looking for, not to mention it was pretty pricey. I return my stuff to the rack and walk towards the Goodwill across the street (which is SO MUCH BETTER)
1:30 - Jackpot!! bought 2 dresses (one short and summery and one longer, fitted, and perfect for fall), 4 tops that’ll be great for work, a flowy off the shoulder blouse that is so cute, and the piece de la resitance: a pastel blue, faux crocodile shoulder bag that is sooOoOo on trend right now that i barely look at it before stuffing it in my cart. After checking out i walk back to my car…I am so hungry and thirsty right now…start thinking about what i want to do for lunch…$46
2:15 - Make it to Sprouts to pick up a few things to make a meal that should last me through the weekend. Grab a HUGE watermelon (my favorite fruit of all time), Have a Chip corn chips, salsa, one big heirloom tomato, and 2 cartons of chicken broth $22.50
3:30 - made a bomb ass southwestern inspired soup!! the soup had the last of the wild rice, yams, and lentils I made last week, some black beans and roasted corn I had in the freezer, the tomato I just bought, onion, garlic, and good amount of paprika, cumin, black pepper, and salt. While the soup is cooking I cut the huge watermelon and fill 3 large tupperwares! M comes out of his office and we catch up on our days. I share some watermelon with him and he brings out some salty, sour, spicy mango salt he bought in Mexico to sprinkle on the melon. Wow, its fucking BOMB!!! It tastes like a margarita in your mouth— yum. clean the kitchen, wipe down the counters, and put all my things away. leave the soup out to cool down a bit. I filled up on watermelon so I’m not too hungry anymore. Retreat to my room to finish up The Boss
5:00 - Back to the kitchen for a bowl of the soup and top with some fresh jalapeño, also have a side of chips and salsa. I am a chips and salsa fiend…I could be full to the brim but will always have room for chips and salsa! Muster the energy to put sheets back on the bed (putting on a duvet cover should count as a workout) and tidy my room up a bit. Change into my house clothes, get settled in bed, and throw on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Nothing better than a clean bed with the AC running on a hot day…
8:00 - I cannot emphasize enough how nice it has been to just laze around in my bed. I haven’t had a whole weekend to myself in a really longtime— so i’m trying to relish every moment! hop between random youtube videos on my laptop, instagram, and texting C. M’s birthday is at the end of this month and he’s a major taco bell lover. I decide to buy him something from the Taco Shop that’s affiliated with the Taco Bell hotel in Palm Springs. I pick out a shirt that says “if you don’t like taco bell you’re wrong” and a fun dad cap. I can’t wait for M to open the gift. He doesn’t want to have a party this year so C and I were thinking of also getting him a cheesecake from The Cheesecake factory on the day of his bday as a small surprise. We love M, he’s such a sweet, fun, and genuine guy!! We want to make him feel loved for the big 3-6. The shirt and hat will be a gift from me and C so I send him a request for half but tell him its no rush to pay me back. $43.80
8:30 - Show G my thrifting loot and she agrees that the haul was a success! Thrifting gods were on my side today. She asks if I want to start watching the show The Magicians with her (answer is duuuuuh). Fill up my water bottle and join her on the couch
9:45 - M joins us to watch and shortly after we get the weird case of the sober munchies. We all raid the kitchen to see what we can snack on. G finds a bag of Limon lays! Scooorrrreee. She also brings out some sour cream and some tjoes chipotle bean dip. So bomb! I contribute my fave hot sauce to pour on the chips, Valentina. I also find some peanut m&ms in my pantry. I guess we were hungry...
11:15 - we part ways after 2 episodes. Go through the usual night time routine but add the ordinary vitamin C serum
11:55 - talk to C about possible trips we could take for our 2 year anniversary in October. So far the ideas are: Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, Canada, and NYC…have to do some more research into it but I’d love to go to New Orleans for some really delicious food but would love to see NYC in the fall!
Daily Total: $130.30
Day 3 (Sunday)
6:40 - alarm goes off and I get up to go to the bathroom. Lay back in bed and scroll through my phone a bit. C is in a totally different time zone and I won’t get to speak to him until later today :( shortly fall back asleep
8:30 - wake up a bit groggy and gross. It’s gloomy outside so that’s probs not helping. Check to see what time the farmers market opens and slowly get out bed to do my morning routine. G and M are still asleep so I don’t want to make too much noise in the kitchen, bypass the morning tea. Throw on my favorite thrifted Star Wars tee, a pair of mom jeans, and some cute slides. Grab my reuseable bag and I’m out by 9!
9:15 - omg, this is such a great farmers market!! It goes on forever. I have some cash left from yesterday but hope some of the stands have a Square… I knew I should I have stopped by the bank!
9:45 - finish up at the market. I got a head of lettuce, one red onion, 5 pluots, 3 (HUGE) nectarines, 4 cute, plump and lumpy heirloom tomatoes, and 3 passion fruits (!!!) $14.50
10:20 - get some Costco gas ($36.60) and then head to the korean market to pick up a few additional things (4 persian cucumbers, 1 carrot, some radish, 3 raw beets) $5.56
11:00 - get home and put all my stuff away. Cut open a passion fruit and it’s pretty okay! More on the tart side but I’m down. Heat up a bowl of soup and top with some avocado, radish, green onion, jalepeno. Eat with a side of chips and salsa. G is doing some work at the dining room table and is dreading grocery shopping. She’s trying to convince me to go with her. Most of my pressing errands are out of the way so I’m thoroughly convinced!
12:00 - we’re back home and since M is doing some work, today turns into an impromptu girls day! G asks if I’m down to watch a movie off my movie education list (G is on a mission to watch all the classics with me and calls it “my film education”) I tell her I have a few things to do but will join her after!
12:30 - I wax my face. Lol, sounds so funny when I type it out. But!! I used to get it threaded and not only would it hurt but I’d breakout SO BADLY. I’d get these horrendous whiteheads that looked like lil eggs all over my cheeks!!! It’d take weeeeeeeeks to recover and by the time the reaction had subsided, it would be time to get threaded again. AND! It would cost me $40!!! Not fair. So I decided to buy the Sally Hansen self wax strips and do it myself! I’ve done it a few times and I’m super happy with the results! After I’m done with the lil beauty sesh, I clean up and wash my face. I go to my room to fold all the laundry from yesterday and spruce up my room a bit.
1:00 - I’m ready to be educated. We watch Spaceballs!! So fucking funny, oh my god. I’ve watched a few Mel Brooks movies with G and I am a total fan (am I late to the party?). Midway through I make a lil mezze plate with hummus, cucumbers, radish, avocado, chips, and salsa. G is inspired and makes herself a snack as well. She comes back with a huge bowl of nachos!!!! This is a girl who has been religiously watching what she eats for the last 5 months before her wedding so my eyes popped out of my head! They look bomb and she offers to share so I have a few bites. Shortly after I cut up some mango to eat with some watermelon, top with lime and tajin...refreshing
3:00 - start Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! We’re on a roll. I love days like this where most of my to do checklist is done, the weather is beautiful, and I’m in good company!
5:25 - G is hungry and wants to make something to eat. I have a headache and think it’s because I’m hungry. She wants to make the korean instant ramen (i totally turned her on to this addiction), I’m always down but immediately feel guilty for eating it twice this weekend. I have a fridge full of delicious things but opt for noodles instead? :( …. We share 4 types of kimchi (G had some in her fridge), seaweed, and cucumbers. I made too much food and can’t finish it. Oyyyy, I feel like trash and can’t really concentrate on the convo because I’m hating on myself for eating these noods!! It would be a sin to throw these out in front of G so I save them to throw out at a later date??? Is that wrong? maybe i’ll eat them later…
6:30 - after cleaning up we throw on My Fish Wanda. I love John Cleese! It’s a bit of a slow movie but we make it to the end. Text C for a quick minute about his trip.
10:15 - pack my lunch for tomorrow and put it in the fridge: some soup and toppings on the side, one peach, one pluot, some watermelon, and a banana for the morning. I make some turmeric tea (literally just half a teaspoon of turmeric, cinnamon, and freshly grated ginger) place it on my bed side table and go through my nighttime routine. Also pack up my work bag and put it by the door
10:42 - lay in bed and go through the things I did today and need to do tomorrow after work. I have a 7 day pass to a Pilates studio nearby and I’m in the market to replace my currently paused boxing membership, I make a reminder for tomorrow morning to sign up for a class after work. I miss working out during the week and hope I like the class! Sip on some of my tea and then it’s lights out
Daily Total: $42.16
Day 4 (Monday)
6:00 - alarm goes off and I go to the bathroom. Back in bed and I will myself not to go back to sleep. Scroll through Instagram for a bit and get a text from C who’s finally back in our time zone, hurrah!
6:23 - I rarely take showers in the morning but since I didn’t take one yesterday I have to this morning (my hair is past saving with dry shampoo). Brush my hair before stepping in and go through the motions. I use Acure shampoo, Trader Joe’s shea butter hair mask, Trader Joe’s body wash, and Cetaphil face wash. I also do the stealth ankle shave since I don’t feel like shaving both my entire legs right now
6:45 - once I’m out of the shower I use my Shea butter body lotion all over except my face, brush my teeth, The Ordinary squalane serum, Neutrogena sunscreen, brush my hair and use my Giovanni hair serum. Take my vitamins…fuck the calcium ones are HUGE and I have to take 3 of them…really takes some concentration to get them down. Glasses again today since there’s a cut high on my cheek that’s scabbed over from the waxing I did yesterday-oops! Hoping the glasses will mostly cover it. Put my outfit on for the day. One of the shirts I bought from the thrift store (G threw it in with her laundry yesterday) and the same ripped jeans I wore on Friday. Go to the kitchen to put my lunch in a bag and put it with my work stuff by the entrance door.
7:00 - back to my room to pick out a jacket and shoes. It’s a bit gloomy this morning so I opt for my long cozy cardigan, it’s a deep red and has pockets! pick my Steve Madden loafer slides to match. Attempt a cool French tuck that looks semi decent so I just go with it. I feel like an art director at a mid size print magazine company...real ~hip~ and with it. I remember I want to take a Pilates class so I grab some workout clothes, too. Fill up my water bottle, queue up the podcast Reply All, and I’m out the door
7:30 - make it to work and go through my morning routine: put lunch in communal fridge, office coffee with my better half non dairy creamer, fill up the water bottle, and get to work.
12:00 - a relatively chill morning so I’m able to take a nice long lunch before my 1pm meeting! Catch up with some girls that work on another team about their weekends. I tell them I went thrifting and showed them a picture of the bag I got and they both agree it was a steal. One of the girls says she’s down to go shopping with me soon. Ah, yes, the elusive “soon”. I also see that G added a lot movies to my movie education list. I love how she’s so excited to watch them with me. Take a second to really appreciate how lucky I got with this roommate thing. :’)
3:00 - it is all downhill from here. I am so distracted and hungry!!! K said that she got Mediterranean food for lunch. As much as I also wanted to get some, I had the grown up talk with myself and ate the lunch I brought. Totally regretting it now. Hummus, falafel, and some fluffy pita sound so delicious right now 😭 snack on some watermelon and the peach I brought but it just doesn’t cut it :( (although they were both insanely delicious) I also try to sign up for a Pilates class tonight through my free trial but I have to put in my cc info. Don’t really want to whip that out and look like a toottaaal slacker so I add to my to do list to do later tonight
5:15 - finally home!! I left around 4:40 and called C on my drive. He slept all day due to the time zone change. I miss him so much and sometimes get so envious of couples that live together and see each other often but I really love C. We have a great thing going and the scheduling woes are 10000% worth it! Tell him I wish I had something better for dinner and really want to get some pho with egg rolls. He says I should treat myself with that meal on Friday. Maybe I will! I have enough produce to make enough nourishing meals for the week so I try and get over my hanger
6:00 - after changing into house clothes (I really mean pjs but house clothes sound like I have my shit together) I get started on some dinner. Whip together a large salad with lettuce, onion, carrot, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, and some black beans. Top with a simple vinegrette: red wine vinegar, olive oil, s&p, and some fresh garlic. Eat with what’s left of my chips and some hummus.
6:30 - G is home and I hang out with her while she makes dinner for herself and M. I eat some watermelon with lime. We chat about our days and the girls night we’re having at the house this weekend! It’ll be a potluck situation with all the bridesmaids from Gs wedding. We’ll eat and look at all the pics the professional photographer sent in. I think about what food to share. Hmm, maybe some quesadillas with a diy topping bar? That sounds interesting...I also decide to boil the beets I bought on Sunday. I usually buy these packaged from Trader Joe’s so it’ll be interesting to see how these turn out.
7:30 - reviewing hysa accounts (I know, I’m so late to the party but I’m so weirdly reluctant to get on the train! Opening one of these accounts has been on almost every single to do list I’ve made for the past two years!!) until I get a text from C about the hotels I sent him earlier. We want to go to NYC for our two year anniversary in October so we’re browsing accommodations. although the Mondrian is beautiful, I cannot stomach $1.1k for 3 nights (!!!!!). C finds a really sweet Airbnb apartment close to his favorite spots (he lived there for a bit and visits when he can) but i tell him i feel a bit rushed into reserving a place so we decide to put a pin in it.
8:30 - check on my beets and they’re done!! cut them up and add some to the salad i made earlier for my lunch tomorrow (same as dinner earlier!) store the rest for another time. wipe down the countertops and allow the water i boiled them in to cool. once it room temp-ish i pour some in a cup and add some lemon and ginger i had in the fridge along with some honey. its not that bad! the beet flavor is mild but still good. i drink this concoction instead of making tea.
9:00 - never went to the workout ragrets. go through my evening routine and get in bed by 9:30!!
Daily Total: $0
Day 5 (Tuesday)
6:00 - go through the motions of the regular morning routine and out the door by 7
7:30 - fuck, I forgot my coffee creamer!!!!!!! Persian tea it is.
11:30 - a rather slow morning. Ate my pluot earlier and some dates but I’m still hungry..have a spoon full of peanut butter from my snack drawer..don’t judge me!!!
12:00 - take lunch and fantasize about different career paths I could possibly embark on that would bring me more joy than ensuring ads don’t fall on porn sites...event coordinator, influencer relations associate, mulch maker, sewage cleaner...the list goes on!!!!! All morning I’ve been thinking about a spicy fried chicken sandwich so eating my salad for lunch is incredibly disappointing but it could be worse.
1:00 - finish up my lunch and it’s actually quite refreshing! Watched some YouTube videos to pass the time. Oyyyy, I do not want to go back to my desk, but alas..
2:30 - smells like someone made popcorn in the office popcorn maker..head to the kitchen to grab a bowl. It’s kinda stale and salty but $free.99 is the best flavor
3:05 - literally someone called an hour meeting that was over within 5 minutes. What the heck, dude. Use the rest of the day to work on a project and eat some watermelon!
5:25 - make it home and chill for a bit before heading to the Pilates class I signed up for this morning. I’m excited to try it out and hope it can help me clear my mind a bit. Snack on 2 mind bogglingly delicious pluots
7:30 - the class was a lot slower than I’m used to but I remind myself that it’s a beginners class and will keep taking classes until my trial is up. C is coming over tonight so I take a body shower and use the noodles from Sunday night to make a quick stirfry! After I clean up I move $2,500 to my savings account through my bank app, new
9 - C’s bday just passed so G and M present him with a gift. It’s a heat sensitive mug that reveals pictures of me and C when a hot liquid is poured in!!! That is so thoughtful. They also gave him keys to the house. Wow, I love my roomies. The 4 of us are like a little family and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Later I put a fashion show on for C to show him all my thrifted loot (are you tired of hearing about this yet?) So he puts on some music, we laugh and have a good time
10:30 - Get ready for bed and look at some really cringey things on Instagram. C is laughing so hard so it makes me laugh too! Fall asleep by 11
Daily total: $0
Day 6 (Wednesday)
6:00 - wake up and snooze the alarm (for a whopping 8 minutes). Scroll through insta and gently wake up C as he has an early work training to get to
7:30 - settle into work and try to call our old 401k provider to help with my rollover process. I forgot the pin I used to set up my account so I can’t get ahold of a representative or reset it online! Ah! I hope there’s a way to fix this without having to withdraw my funds prematurely
9:00 - company wide meeting so our office phones in from the kitchen to hear our ceo speak about Q2 goals. See a group of gals that work on our affiliate marketing side and really wish I had applied for a role on that team. Quickly go through the pros and cons of switching over to that side of the business and decide to revisit this in the new year. Message one of the girls on the team to see if she’s down to talk about her role and how she’s settling. She’s down and excited that I’m considering a transition!)
1:00 - worked straight through my normal lunchtime to prep for our weekly meeting. I’m starving but glad I took the extra time to review everything
2:30 - take a quick lunch in the kitchen with K and inhale the last of the soup I made this weekend. It’s so good, but glad it’s finally finished!
3:30 - make sure all my coworkers are wearing headphones before I eat some watermelon at my desk...
5:30 - make it home and chill for a sec before I head out to the Pilates class
7:30 - back home and woooooowwww, what a difference between last nights class. The teacher tonight was super up beat and whopped our butts! I really like the mix of trx/circuit training and traditional exercises on the reformer
9:30 - after having a huge salad for dinner (black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, radish, and cucumber) I make the same thing for my lunch tomorrow! Pack some hummus to eat with crackers I have at my desk in case I get hungry. Also some watermelon and a peach! I go to my room and start a new show on Hulu called This Way Up. I love it!
11:00 - go through the usual night time routine and crawl into bed
Daily total: $0
Day 7 (Thursday)
6:00 - I wake up thinking it’s Friday. How cruel! Go to the bathroom and then just lay in my bed scrolling through insta
6:40 - still here!!!
7:20 - make it to work in record time after going through a quick morning routine. As I’m walking to my desk I suddenly remember my pin to access my 401k account!!! Rush to my desk to sort it all out
8:00 - I feel like an adult. Enrolled for my company’s newest 401k plan (7% with a 5% match) and initiated the rollover from my old account!! I oddly have an adrenaline rush, and paired with my morning coffee, that propels me into the most productive morning I’ve had all week!
12:00 - get a lot accomplished before I head out to meet a friend for lunch. They’re an ex-coworker turned close friend. Pick up a bag of blue corn tortilla chips from the small kiosk we have at work before heading out to eat with my hummus. I end up going to the wrong location for a good 15 min until they call me asking where I am!! I feel like an idiot but laugh it off. Luckily the place I went to is across the street from the right spot $1.39
2:00 - I hate how the first 2 days of the week are absolute trash for me and then I get into the groove of things in the latter half...what a shitty cycle? But I’ll take it! Get a bunch of shit done, have a good meeting with my manager, and eat all the fruit I brought.
4:00 - C is coming over later and asks if I want to go to Malibu for an impromptu date night!! Look through the options he sent me but like the idea of getting some fried chicken sandwiches from Popeyes and then just eating them on the beach...he’s down for whatever but we’ll decide when he comes over
5:30 - make it home and chill a bit before heading out to class.
8:30 - showered and ready to go out with C. We realize we won’t make it in time to the restaurant we initially chose so we opt for a Mexican restaurant by my place. It’s loud and poppin! I order the carne asada plate with corn tortillas on the side and a classic margarita. C orders the carnitas plate with flour tortillas. We also ask for a side of guac and pico. The food here is so good!! My lovely boyfriend pays and we take the leftovers home.
10:30 - go through my night routine. get in bed and cuddle with C I fall asleep with my head on his chest as he plays with my hair. He’s been working a lot this month so moments like these are sOoOoO important and special.
11:30 - I chug some water and it’s lights out!
Daily total: $1.39
Weekly Total: $146.20
Food + Drink: $58.46
Fun + Entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $0
Clothes + Beauty: $64
Transport: $36.60
Other: $43.80 (M’s gift)
Reflection: holy shit, this is so long! ah, hope you still enjoy!! This is a pretty typical week for me. I don’t thrift shop often, maybe a once every few months, so that was a special treat. As was the meal on Friday evening since I always try to buy foods that will last me a few days. It was fun to see that my $0 days were still just as eventful as my spend days (well, to me at least!). I can usually go through the whole work week without spending money if I meal prepped/grocery shopped over the weekend. I was really self-conscious about submitting since I don’t have much going on the investment side of things, but trust! This sub has really helped me make some important decisions-- setting up a Roth IRA is next!
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I'm a 31 year old student, just moved to Spain, and make <15k together with my husband.

Hi everyone!!
Last month I left my job as an ancillary health care worker making 65k in a low cost of living area. My husband D and I got married and then moved to his hometown in Spain a week later. He is doing his doctoral research here for one year and is paid. We decided to combine finances after our marriage. I am enrolled in an online BS program in computer science and will resume my fulltime class schedule this month. I have enjoyed my job, but I want a new challenge, something with more room for growth that could potentially pay more, and something that would offer me more flexibility in location if we decided to move to Spain again in the future.
I will be changing everything to USD. I am sure this will get long, so thank you for reading!
Retirement: $48,000 between multiple 401k accounts and my Roth IRA. Contributions are on hold this year.
HSA: $4k
Savings account balance: ~$25,000. The savings prior to our marriage were mine. I feel less anxious about our decision to live off his stipend together as I was able to contribute this emergency fund to our future. We hope to leave Spain a year from now with these savings intact. It will be a stretch.
Checking account balance: $0 We will not really be using our checking account. In the past I always put everything on credit cards and paid it off monthly. Here we will pay everything with cash since it is way easier and more common. (we are going to try and do a $220 allowance/month for each of us for food/etc)
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $0. I do have 12 credit cards since I used to do some light churning for our annual trip to Spain and other travel, but since we’re not going to be spending much money this year, new credit card applications will be on hold, and we’ll only use one card with Lufthansa to pay our Airbnb rent and that should give us enough points to return to the US for free next year.
Student loan debt (for what degree): $0, D has no debt and I paid off my first undergrad degree ($30k) in health science a few years ago. However, I will be taking out new loans for my program. The total will be $24k over the next 2 years
Main Job Monthly Take Home: ~$1000-1500 a month from D’s university. Right now it’s $1500, but he has a couple months where he does not get paid, and from January – May he will make less.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $0 I don’t have a side gig right now. I may end up tutoring English, teaching kids English online, or trying to sell some of my sewn crafts in the touristy areas in Granada. In the past, D and I dog-sat/walked other dogs, but we don’t have a network here yet and our apartment doesn’t allow pets besides our current dog.
Rent: $621/month we are renting an apartment from Airbnb in the coolest historic neighborhood. We will be here for four months before we move to another part of Spain for D’s research. It’s a cute place with beautiful views and is very old. We have to light the stove every time we cook and the toilet flushes with a pull cord from the ceiling. The views are amazing, and I love it. We splurged a bit on our apartment; it is possible to rent a 1 bedroom in the center of town for <$300.
Benefits: $0 Since D is a citizen, I will get free health benefits also. We are in the process of working through the bureaucracy but should hopefully have this figured out in a week or two. If we can’t work it out very soon, I may need to buy private insurance which I have heard is not expensive.
Savings contribution: Probably none this year. I’m missing out on an important year of saving and the value of the compound interest.
Utilities: We will pay electric and water the four months we are here. I’ve heard both water and electric are more expensive in Spain. People are intense about how long your showers are if they are footing the bill. A few years ago, D’s parents asked him to have a talk with me about my long showers (I didn’t think they were that long!). Let’s say $200 to be safe.
Wifi: $0 we don’t pay this at the airbnb
Donations: $0 I was donating to IRC, PP, and Southern Environmental Law, but donations are on hold and I am currently looking for some volunteer projects.
Cellphone: $30 we got pay as you go Vodafone plans
Subscriptions: $15 Netflix – I am the Netflix mothership for my family and a few friends
Dog food/expenses: $60
8 AM – I wake up before my alarm. We have an appointment today with the civil office to register our marriage. I splash some water on my face, moisturize and apply sunscreen. D wakes up and shows me how to turn on the propane tank for the day. It takes a few tries before we get it going. He takes a shower and the showerhead instantly falls off the cord so it’s basically like taking a shower with a garden hose, haha. We can’t reattach it, so we text the Airbnb host who will have someone come look at it in a few days. I put on some light makeup (concealer, mascara, eyeliner, light lipstick) and walk our greyhound, Willie, around the block. He can’t find a good spot to go to the bathroom. There’s no grass at all in the streets around our house and he’s a bit of a prince so we’d have to walk pretty far to find him a comfy spot. I’m sure he will adjust to going #2 in the streets like the other dogs here, but today we were in a hurry, so I’ll just take him when we return home. I eat a fig yogurt before leaving the house.
9 AM – We are still adjusting to the neighborhood and want to check out a cute dessert/coffee place. We get 2 coffees with milk and a couple piononos, which are these tiny pastries special to Granada. It’s a spongey rolled cake soaked in syrup with cream on top, and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I practice my Spanish by asking for the bill and paying $4.30
10 AM- We arrive at the civil registration office. Our appointment does not go as planned. The employee at the desk found something wrong with almost all the documents that we brought and seemed annoyed with us. It was disheartening. We followed the packet we were given and brought the things on the list, but we were not aware that we were supposed to get permission from the Spanish government before we got married. The employee said no one knows about this permission form, but still seemed bothered that we didn’t have it, haha. We will have to get our certificate approved by a US embassy (we may have to drive 4 hours to Madrid), get my translated documents approved by the embassy, and get proof that I live here. On the way back we stop at city hall and talk to someone about what we need for this proof, and we learn that this will be an easy process at least.
12 PM – I take the bus back while D goes to a work meeting in the center of town. I still have some money on my bus card from a couple years ago. I get home, walk Willie and find a nice little dog park where he can do his thing. There’s no grass, just dust, but it’s quiet and he adjusts. I drop him back home, then grab a shopping bag and run to the store. We need some peppers for lunch and beer. I get ~1lb of peppers and an 8-pack of Alhambra Especial for $6.15
1 PM – I fiddle around for a bit, eat some crackers and cheese and have the last of the lemonade that D’s mom made us (from their lemon tree!), then I start reading ahead in one of my textbooks for class. The semester doesn’t start for a few more weeks, but I’ve heard that one of the classes I will be taking starts out with a bang, so I want to be ready.
2:30 PM – D gets home and we start cooking lunch. We each drink a beer and make potatas a lo pobre, which is especially common in the south of Spain. It’s green peppers and potatoes sautéed in olive oil. Typically there’s an egg on top, but I’m picky about eggs and don’t eat them runny so we don’t bother. D’s uncle has a small farm, and he gave us ~10 pounds of potatoes that he grew, so we’ll be eating this for quite a few lunches. We were staying at D’s parents summer house in a small pueblo up until 3 days ago, and his family was really kind and gave us some groceries to start out with!
3:30 PM – I do the dishes and tidy up a bit while I listen to Radiolab. Afterwards D is doing work in bed. I curl up next to him and read my little Spanish book. It’s from the 80’s and titled Panico en la Discoteca and it’s only like 50 pages, but it is at my level and I need to practice reading.
5:00 PM – siesta time! D had to work. It’s raining pretty hard outside which is unusual for Granada. I like it. As an introvert crafter, rainy days are always my favorite. I just don’t have any craft supplies or projects I’m working on right now.
6:00 PM – I eat a couple of cookies and watch youtube videos about some coding stuff. I want to start developing some interests and begin to create projects outside of what we are doing in class.
7PM – Airbnb host/landlord stops by to fix the showerhead without warning. He asks if my husband cut the cord to the showerhead (???) and seems to be blaming us for breaking it, though it could just be the language barrier. I hope this living situation doesn’t get weird!
8PM – I walk Willie again by myself since D has more work to do, but I can’t find the nice park from earlier. I get ready to go to a language exchange event. I am a little nervous, but I need to put myself out there and make my own friends in Granada. I’m wearing my favorite Aritzia crop top. It’s black so they won’t be able to tell if I am sweating**.**
9PM – I arrive at the language exchange. It costs $2.20 to get in. There are ~50 people at the hostel bar sitting at small tables. I meet a few people in line with my very nervous Spanish. One of the guys was there because his Tinder match told him about the event. I grab a beer $2.75 and sit at a table with 3 other English speakers and a native Spanish speaker. We mostly just talk about our lives, but it’s fun and I start to get more comfortable, especially as I have a couple more beers $5.50. We change tables several times and do some activities. Most participants are undergraduate students as I expected, but there are some people my age and older who live in Granada and want to learn English and some graduate students as well; it’s a good mix! I eat 2 tapas with my beers. Little toasts with manchego and pepper jelly.
12AM – part of the language exchange is that you get free entrance to a huge club down the road. Not my scene but I am having fun so I decide to go. I get handed a beer from the program leader and a free little square of pizza and then find a place to settle in. I speak mostly in English now with some other women working/studying here. I don’t spend any money at the club, but I do enjoy some more free pizza and ice cream.
1:30AM – I’m ready to go home. One of the guys I met offers to walk with me halfway. I try to decline, but he says he has to work early and is leaving anyways. When we get close to his house he offers to smoke and I surprise myself by saying yes. I don’t really like smoking weed; it makes me anxious and paranoid, but I do it anyways. It turns out to be fun and we have a nice conversation in Spanish.
3:00AM – I start to walk home alone. I know I should get a cab, but I don’t see any on the streets. I get lost a few times. No one is out since it is 3am in the middle of the week. In total tonight (home to hostel to club to home) I walked about 7 miles. My feet hurt.
Day 1 total: $18.15
If I spend $18 a day, that’s $540 a month. Twice my allowance. I’m going to try and do a no spend tomorrow. It should be easy since I probably won’t feel well.
11AM – I get up with some difficulty. I feel stupid for walking home alone last night but I resolve to stop beating myself up about it and make smarter choices in the future. D walks Willie while I cut up melon and make coffee. We have prune yogurts (sounds weird but they’re delicious!), melon, and coffee from the French press. Our neighbor is watching extremely loud pornography that we can hear from the street.
12PM – I decide to start freecodecamp for HTML. I think I’ll go through this to get a basic understanding of web development before doing some other free online classes. I’m not quite sure what direction I want to take with my program. I suppose in the beginning I should just be throwing code spaghetti at the wall and obtaining foundational knowledge of a lot of different aspects of CS before diving into more depth in the coming year.
2PM – I buy two greyhound coats as a wedding gift for my friend. A little random, but she wanted them last year and this company in the UK doesn’t ship to the US, so I will bring them to her in October. They are so stinking cute. $130. I call the US embassy and discover that we can’t even go to Madrid to get our marriage certificate legalized. Instead we actually have to mail it to the secretary of state in the state we got married. This will take longer than we expected. I send the SOS an email and look into private insurance.
3PM – We make a creamy super mushroomy garlic pasta sauce with gnocchi. This is the kind of thing we’d normally cook in the US for dinner. Here we eat a much larger lunch late in the day. Dinner is smaller and eaten around 10pm. I have a lunch beer and it makes me feel better. After lunch we fiddle around some more, then watch an episode of The Sinner and take a brief nap.
6PM – We walk with Willie to our new vet’s office to get his nails cut. It costs $3.30, but they didn’t even charge us. At home we used to sand down his nails ourselves with a Dremel, but he was traumatized by it and would sulk for hours afterwards. Then we tried clipping his nails, but we hit the quick one time and it was horrifying. So. Much. Blood. The vet works much better for everyone. Afterwards, we drop off Willie and choose to walk to the sports complex instead of drive even though it is 40 minutes away.
8PM – We meet up with some of D’s friends for a game of soccer. I played in high school and have been on coed teams for the last 5 years. In Spain women don’t seem to be encouraged to play as often, which sucks. D’s friends are cool, but I would still like to find a group of women who play pickup here. I played a good game! I assisted a couple goals and stole the ball from some of the better players a couple times (including D since he was on the opposite team). In the first couple games that I played, a lot of the guys wouldn’t pass me the ball and seemed afraid to hurt me, but it is getting a lot better. After the game D and I walk home most of the way but manage to hop on a bus for a portion of it. I still have money on my card.
10PM – We get home and take showers. I am restarting curly girl, so I co-wash my hair with an almond conditioner, do a leave-in conditioner, and then put in gel. In-between showers we make little sandwiches of brie and caramelized onion. We use are these mini discs of salted bread, called saladillas, which I think are special for Granada and are usually eaten in March. they turn out very tasty (though unfortunately a little burnt). We have evening post-soccer beers.
12AM – We curl up and watch another episode of The Sinner. We’re on season 2; I didn’t expect to like it as much as the first one, but I am totally hooked.
Day Two Total: $130
I compartmentalize the wedding gift and consider this a successful no-spend day when it comes to my monthly allowance.
10:30AM – I wake up slowly and find that my whole body is sore. We play soccer on a cement field, so it can be hard on my knees and back. I receive a Whatsapp message from the language exchange event I went to about playing pickup soccer as well. It would be nice to play some more games! They are making plans for a game tomorrow, but we are supposed to go to D’s pueblo this weekend instead. D walks Willie and I tidy up and start the coffee. My hair looks weird today. I think the leave-in conditioner was too much, and I also need to find a different gel. He gets back and we eat pastries he picked up from the bakery and some prune yogurts.
11:30AM – I fiddle around some more with freecodecamp. After D leaves for his meetings in the center of town, I take the laundry out of the washer and hang it to dry on our balcony. We are on the 3rd floor and I hope that my underpants don’t fall into the street. I walk Willie again and buy some summer squash from a street market for $0.80. A guy on a bike stops me to ask if I’m a student and then offers me free Spanish classes at his language school next week! I save his card and plan to take him up on it. We also talk about me possibly teaching English classes once I get my work permit. I’m not planning on working in Spain, but it would ease some of my money anxieties (or lack of contribution anxieties), and I have considered it a few times. I stop by the ferreteria by our house which a small hardware/home store. I say that I need an iron and ironing board and then ask the cost (all in Spanish!). They are $26 and $23, and I would like to find some cheaper or used ones, so I tell them thank you but that I am going to wait.
2:30PM – D returns and we start to cook lunch. It’s summer squash with thin pork cuts that his dad gave us and some more saladillas. I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat a lot of meat usually and especially don’t like to cook it, so he handles that part. We have our lunch beers and afterwards I clean up the kitchen.
5PM – Another episode of the Sinner and then a brief nap
7PM – D leaves the house to pick up his parent’s car. I take down the clothes (none ended up in the street! [that I know of]), walk Willie, and then get ready to meet D for a little date. I put on more makeup than I have since our wedding: concealer, blush, a lil contour, mascara, cat eye, and mauve lip. I use a mix of NARs/UD and cheaper brands (princess lash mascara and Nyx for brows and blush ftw!). I try to be frugal with my fancy stuff, but I will probably need to find some more dupes while I am here. I talk to a few friends over messenger. It’s been an adjustment being 6 hours ahead of everyone.
9PM – D picks me up and we go to Tedi which I thought was going to be a craft store like Joann’s, but instead it’s more like a homegoods/random stuff store with a small craft section. I want felt fabric to make some masks and coozies, so I’ll have to look for a different store. I do buy an oven mitt, power strip, and some bobby pins: $7.15. We go next door to a pet store and D buys a buffalo horn for Willie.
10PM – We go across the street to D’s uncle’s restaurant. We’ve been wanting to eat here for the last 3 years, but never made it over since it’s on the other side of town from his parents’ flat. D used to work here 13 years ago when he was 18; many of the staff still work at the restaurant, and they give him lots of hugs and joke about his grey hairs. We eat some ribs (his old favorite) and a spicy chicken burrito with a few beers. I wanted to try Mexican food in Spain. It’s different than what we’re used to, but still good. D’s uncle was sweet and gave us a slice of cheesecake that his wife made also. I think the total cost was $35.00, but D paid most of the check. He didn’t have enough cash, so I gave $5.50
12PM – We get back home and walk Willie, then check out a nearby lookout with beautiful views of the city. When we return home, we watch another episode of The Sinner. We only have one remaining; it’s gone by so fast!
Day 3 total: $13.45
Another day that I spent more than I should. If I want to make the $220 allowance work, I need to try and stick to ~$7 a day.
9AM – we wake up to an alarm. I feel groggy and it takes me awhile to get out of bed and start getting ready. My hair still looks weird, so I throw it into a struggle bun and put on some moisturizer and sunscreen.
10AM- we meet D’s sister at a garden/museum close to our house. It’s a special day for our neighborhood, all the carmens (house gardens) are open to visitors. We walk around the first garden and basement of the house which used to be a giant cistern, and we learn about the city irrigation system. We visit a church and then a house filled with some lovely paintings by the previous resident, and then we take in some beautiful views of the city from the garden.
12PM – Part of the neighborhood festivities is a workshop at the overlook near our apartment. It is a short print-making workshop to learn how to make cyanotype prints. We take a watercolor sheet painted with chemicals, put a negative photo on top, and then leave it in the sun. Our first print turns out really bad, so we stick around and do a second one. Second one is much better. The workshop is free, and we get to take our prints home! We pass by a little craft market and I buy three tiny watercolor prints from an artist for $5.50
2:00PM – D’s sister leaves for her parent’s house to eat, and we run by the bakery to buy some more saladillas and a beer $0.66. We make the little sandwiches of brie and onion again with a plate of cut tomatoes in olive oil. Afterwards I read some of my Spanish book while D does work and then we take a nap with giant Willie snuggled in between us. He gradually sprawls out until we have no room and are clinging to the opposite edges of the bed.
7PM – We have a little tiff. D sometimes makes plans in Spanish without explaining to me what’s going on. I knew we were going to go to his parent’s house in the pueblo, but I didn’t know we were supposed to leave at 6. He is annoyed that I’m taking too long to pack, but I want to be sure I don’t forget something important.
9PM – Willie jumps out of the car and races to D’s parents. He’s so happy to see them! Willie is usually very timid, like a lot of greyhounds. When he first meets someone, he does not let them pet him and instead shies away from their hand and hides behind us. He only wags his tail and gets excited to see us and a couple of our friends back home, so it makes us so happy to see him like this. He is overcome with emotion and does a bunch of zoomies in their yard between the fruit trees.
10PM – D’s parents heat up some pizzas. We have a beer and catch up on our last week. His parents are really sweet. They speak very little English, which is one of the many reasons that I wanted to move here and improve my Spanish. It’s been nice learning more and getting more comfortable so that I can have more substantial conversations with them. The first few times we met I couldn’t say much at all.
12PM - D and I watch the final episode of the sinner. We knew one of the characters was hiding something, but it was a bigger shock than we expected. I like Bill Pullam's character; he does a good job of appearing uncomfortable all the time. Now we don't know what to watch next!
Day four total: $6.16
That’s more like it
10AM – I wake up and try to shower first thing, but the hot water isn't working, and I have to wait for D's dad to turn it on. In the meantime I send some emails to different organizations about possible volunteer opportunities and eat a yogurt and coffee that D's mom made in the mocha pot. I co-wash my hair with my almond conditioner. I don't have any gel. I wrap it in a t-shirt and hope for the best.
12PM - We take Willie for a walk in the pueblo. They are starting their festivities this weekend. Festivities are a big deal in all the pueblos. There are religious processions with the virgin (a giant litter-looking caravan that people carry on their backs), people dressing up like it’s Halloween, fireworks all day, bands that play in the town plaza all night until 7am, bumper cars and other rides, churros everywhere... This is just the first day out of 10, and the fun stuff isn’t even ready yet, but there are a lot more people out than usual. In the town square, they are selling produce and crafts. D buys some peppers to contribute to lunch today. My hair actually looks okay, maybe at its best for the last couple months. After the wedding I had to take a break from curly girl and just use whatever I had on hand, and my hair suffered. It will take a little bit of time to readjust and find the right products again.
1PM - I didn't bring my computer to the summer house. I use my phone to apply for an online English teaching website. A girl told me about it at the language exchange and she gets paid $20/hour. She says it's like being an English Dora the Explorer and does it for a few hours every couple days. It's worth trying.
2PM - D leaves to pick up his grandma from her house in town and bring her to his parent’s. His friend A also arrives for lunch. We have potatas a lo pobre, fried eggplant with molasses (my absolute favorite), and a rabbit and mushroom stew. We sit at the table and talk for a while. I mostly listen, since I understand far more than I can say.
4:30PM - D plays video games with A while I take a nap and then FaceTime my sister. It's the first time we talk in a month and we have a lot to catch up on. We also discuss her potentially visiting next summer!
6PM - D, A, and I want to grab a beer and a tapa. It rained earlier so all the bars are empty. We head to a local restaurant with beautiful views of the mountains. We each have a couple beers which come with tapas: a spicy garlic cole-slaw followed by baked potatoes with aoli. It’s $14.30, but D picks up the tab. Afterwards we help his grandma back to her house in the pueblo. She is struggling with some health issues, so D’s dad and his sister take turns staying the night with her. The grandparents on his mom’s side are in their 90’s, so they are also requiring more help recently.
8PM – We go to the town square for another round of beers for $6.60, but A gets this one. It comes with a tapa of meat in sauce. Not my favorite but I soak up some of the sauce with the bread and then the bread soaks up some of the alcohol in my stomach. We see a lot of D’s cousins and old friends in the town square. More Spanish listening practice for me! Afterwards we go to one more tapas bar and have a couple cañas, or half beers. They’re my favorites because you get the same amount of tapa without having to drink so much beer. Our tapas are sandwiches with saladilla bread and ham and the second is meat kabobs. I am eating a lot more meat here; it’s hard to say no when you are getting free food. This bar was $11.00, and I think D paid. I didn’t have my wallet, but I plan to pay for stuff the next day to even it out.
12AM – A goes home and we crawl into bed. We’re playful and giggly but crash quickly.
Day four total: $0
10AM – we wake up in the pueblo. We eat a couple yogurts, get ready, and head to the supermarket. Our grocery store in our Granada neighborhood is very small, so we want to take advantage of more choices and having a car to pick up some groceries. We spend $62.70 which includes stuff for salads, spices, and produce, and some home items including razors, detergent, and a new toothbrush. I pay for the full haul and am disappointed to spend so much money.
2PM – After we bring the groceries into the apartment, D drops off the car and I stay to prepare lunch. I make salads with grilled onions, pomegranate seeds, pecans, and manchego, and then a side of green beans with garlic. We have some lemonade that his mom made for us.
4:30PM - after lunch we do a few administrative errands. I call the secretary of state of the state we were married in as well as the one I was born in to get info about getting apostille stamps. We’ll need to send our documents there and it will likely be a few weeks before we have everything together. I message the school with the free Spanish classes that the guy had told me about, and I discover that I was declined by the online English-teaching company because I didn’t have previous experience. That’s a bummer. I’ll keep an eye out for more stuff I can do to contribute. I know I shouldn’t feel weird about not bringing in any income right now, but I do anyways.
5PM – siesta time.
7PM – I hear back from the school about the free Spanish classes. I can go to a couple next week, so I am excited about that. I also schedule another language exchange event for tomorrow and a soccer game with D’s friends for Wednesday. I start freecodecamp again. I’m really looking forward to starting my CS classes in a couple weeks. I’m ready for vacation time to be over and to get some more structure in my life.
8PM – we take Willie on a long walk to a new park with beautiful views. I ask D if he is going to resent me for not contributing financially and he jokes that he is going to resent me if I keep asking him that. He reminds me that I helped him a lot when I was making more money and that we are a team.
10PM – At the grocery store earlier we got stuff to make one of our favorite meals: sweet potato tacos. Sweet potatoes aren’t common here, so we were happy to see some at the supermarket. We improvise with grilled onions and peppers instead of my favorite Trader Joes refried black beans. I am thinking about bringing some cans back with me in October. What will the TSA think when my carry on has nothing but beans and a couple pairs of underpants?
11PM – I wash the dishes and listen to Revisionist History. It’s alright. I’m looking for new podcasts if anyone has suggestions! My favorites are Radiolab, Invisibilia, and Planet Money. I was a big MFM fan for a while, but I realized that true crime was giving me nightmares and I was also cursing a lot more in my day-to-day speech.
12AM – After some hemming and hawing we decide on The Leftovers as our next show. I’ve watched the first episode before but didn’t stick with it. We watch the first one again.
4AM – Speaking of bad dreams, I have a long, terrible dream and wake up because of the violence. I don’t sleep well afterwards.
Day 5 Total: $62.70
9AM – Wake up with Willie curled up next to me in bed instead of D. He has a big day of work ahead, so he is in the living room planning out his schedule. He already made coffee because he is the best.
10AM – Need to walk Willie so I throw my hair into a bun with a silk scarf and take him to the dog park. He meets some other dogs including one we’ve seen a couple times already that looks exactly like Willie but stockier. He must be part greyhound and part lab or something else. I excitedly text D “FAT WILLIE” and want to talk to the owners, but I am too shy and they seem busy. Another time. I return to the house and showecowash my hair again. I read up on D’s gel and it is not curly-friendly, so I’ll have to pick up my own gel at some point. I eat a blackberry Greek yogurt that we had picked up at the supermarket and it’s delicious, like Noosa but with less sugar.
11AM – I clean up and start laundry. I love having a small space. It feels cozy and safe to me, and I find it easier to keep tidy than the much larger house we rented back home.
12PM – I want to go to a fabric store. I find two that are about a 20-minute walking distance from our apartment and head out. My hair is still drying and looks gross, so I am glad I’m in a big touristy city where I don’t know anyone. The first fabric store is not a fabric store at all but a clothing store. Bummer! I run into one of D’s friends, E, in a plaza. So much for not knowing anyone, haha. I pet his dog and we have a conversation in Spanish about his recent trip to another part of Spain and when we will get a chance to meet up again. There are several misunderstandings in our conversation, but I don’t know how to correct myself or explain better. By the time we depart, the second fabric store I wanted to check out is closed and I head back home up the steep hill.
2PM – I hang the clothes to dry and eat some snacks: cheese and crackers, a kiwi, and a cookie. I start to make some salads and leftover pasta for lunch.
3PM – Lunchtime! The salads are so big that I can’t finish mine. I’ve never been so full of salad in my life.
4PM – D records me telling stories/speaking in Spanish. We want to do recordings before and after my time here to see how much I improve.
5PM – I do some more freecodecamp.
7PM – we take a walk with Willie up to San Miguel Alto. This is a large old church on the highest hill in town. People walk up here to get beautiful views of the Alhambra, watch the sunset over Granada, drink a few beers, smoke, and apparently listen to dubstep. We stay for a few minutes admiring the view before we head back down.
8:30PM – D’s friend E stops by along with his girlfriend who I really like and his mom and aunt who I meet for the first time. I talk to them for 5 minutes or so before I head out for my language exchange. I would probably learn just as much Spanish staying around and hanging out with E’s family, but I reserved a spot at the exchange and had already planned to go.
9PM – I arrive at the hostel, it is $2.20 to get in. I talk to a few people in line in English. One is a digital nomad type guy who is required to take at least 4 hours of Spanish classes in Granada every day to maintain a student visa so that he can stay here. Another teaches English to kids in China like the program I applied to (but wasn’t hired for). He tells me I should get a TEFL certificate off Groupon for like $30. I get a beer $3.30 that comes with a delicious tapa of tempura cheese and peppers on a kebab. There are ~50 people here again and we sit at different tables and speak in Spanish. I am at a lower level than my group and don’t make as close of connections with people as I did last time, but it is still good practice. I have another beer $3.30 which comes with a baked potato tapa, but I think it has tuna on it and maybe a fried ham meatball and I don’t feel like eating it.
11:30PM – I meet up with D, his friend E, and E’s mom and aunt at a tapas bar that I like. They’ve been here awhile, but we order one last round and it comes with a tapa of toasts with crab salad on top. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten crab, but I am starving and eat it anyways and it’s fine. E’s mom covers the tab. Typically the most senior person at a restaurant pays.
12AM – E wants to meet up with some of his friends, so we go to a street with a lot of popular bars. We choose one called Wall Street. I haven’t been here before, but I’ve heard of it. The prices of liquor change on a board so you wait until the drink you want is cheaper before you go up and buy it. I am maybe the oldest person here. They’re blasting reggaeton, people are smoking hookahs (which give me the worst headaches), and there is foosball in the corner. D and I win a round of foosball and then lose to his friends.
1AM – My beer to food ratio is off so we stop by a Shawarma place and I get a chicken pita $3.30 that I wolf down as it falls apart in my hands during the walk home. We end up taking a cab and D pays $6.
Day 6 Total: $12.10
11AM – I snoozed all morning. When I zombie-walk into the living room, D teaches me a new phrase, cuerpo escombro, for when your body is feeling awful (and often hungover)
12PM – I take Willie on a walk. Now we have a routine to go to the dog park where he can run around freely, meet other dogs, and do his business with more comfort.
1:30PM – I put on a light layer of foundation. I’m stingy with this since it’s the only foundation I like and it was $40. I add some mascara and eyeliner and put on one of my favorite outfits which is monochrome beige: linen high waisted pants and a crop tank from Aritzia, beige pointed flats and a brown leather jacket I got at a vintage store in San Francisco. It’s one of the only outfits I have that makes me feel modern and fashionable. We leave to go to D’s parent’s flat for lunch.
2PM – As we are walking, I remember that I am out of contact solution. We pop into a pharmacy, and it costs $6.90 for 60ml. I typically purchase a bulk amount for waaaay cheaper than that. I think this is the good stuff that I never buy at home. I hope I can find some more affordable saline solution here and this can just be my travel solution for our honeymoon trip to Italy next week.
3PM – D’s mom makes some amazing rice with seafood: boiled calamari, octopus, shrimp in the shells, and a giant crab on top. I’m not big on seafood, but it’s delicious and I eat everything but the crab.
4PM – While D is at the dentist, I go to the supermarket near their flat to check out the contact solution and beauty products. I end up purchasing shampoo and gel (curly girl friendly), a large container of contact solution, and top/base coat for my nails as I have been biting them again these days and painting helps $13.31
6PM – we go to a UPS affiliated store. There are no official UPS or Fedex locations in the city. We have to send documents to both the state we got married and the state I was born to get an official stamp so that we can proceed with my residency. We are not excited to pay $179.30 to send them (includes their return label), but we had to do it and it is a small price to pay to have my visa. I also had to write two checks to the states, totaling $13 to get the stamps.
7PM – we play and early game of soccer with D’s friends. I am not playing as good as usual, but honestly no one is. We are all dragging a bit today. I score one goal on D but miss like 7 other opportunities. I pay $2.75 for our share of the field rental.
9PM – Willie missed us so much. I love seeing him wag his tail like crazy and do little half jumps around the house. We take him on a long walk to the park and then get home and eat crackers and cheese for dinner. I have 2 lemonades and 2 beers.
Day 7 Total: $215.26

Food + Drink: $100.91
Gifts: $130
Health/Beauty: $22.96
Home/decor: $12.75
OtheGifts: $130
Total: $458.92
Lastly, reflect on your diary!
I am going through a lot of transition right now, between living in a new country, being newly married and sharing finances, and going from being the higher earner in our relationship to a more dependent role for the time being. I wanted to do a money diary to monitor how I adjust to changing my mindset about money during this time. Back home if I would go out and spend more money than I intended or make an impulse purchase, it wasn’t a big deal since I would just make more money to cover it and I would think “I’ll do better next time!”. Now money doesn’t go up, it only goes down, and I have to be much more conscious and careful of my spending.
That said, I spent $136.62 in one week on food/supplies, which is more than half of the “allowance” I set for myself to stay on track and not touch my savings. Even though it’s much cheaper than in the US to go out here and grab a beer and a tapa for dinner, I’m spending too much money and need to reign in my drinking especially. I assume part of this is that I am still on vacation and adjusting to Granada life. Once classes start, I am not going to want to go out all the time.
Thanks for reading and I hope it wasn’t too boring! I wish I would have started reading money diaries back when I had a job, haha. I used to read TheBillfold blog all the time and loved their “Doing Money” series, so I’m happy to have found something similar that fills that void for me.
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My MASSIVE Beermoney guide for the UK, Europe (and most of the world)

With the new year arriving, I decided to have a good look at and re-evaluate all of the beer money sites that I use, with the hope of having a running start to the new year, so without further a due; here goes


Best Survey Site is Prolific Academic | Non
Best GPT Site is: Swagbucks | Non
Best Work at Home site is: ClickworkeUHRS | non (but please read my ClickworkeUHRS Guide
Best Match Betting Site: Profit Accumulator | Non
Best New(ish) site: PrizeRebel | Non


Survey sites are probably the most common type of beermoney site you'll encounter, but not all of them were created equally, here's my pick of the bunch:

Prolific Academic | Non
Yougov | Non
Survey Network | Non
Opinium Research | Non
Ipsos i-SAY
Pinecone Research
Valued Opinions
Vivantic | non
Survey Bees
Branded Surveys | Non

Smartphone apps:

Most Smartphone apps are a combination of mystery shopping and tasks to do at home (downloading apps etc.). The mystery shopping gigs can pay really well, but it's obviously very location dependent. Downloading apps also pays very well, but it's a one shot deal (meaning once you've downloaded an app you can't get paid for doing it again)

StreetSpotr Apple | Android | Website
Field Agent Apple | Website
Roamler - Apple | Android | Website
Clic and Walk - Apple | Android | Website
Spare5 - Apple | Website
Task360 - Apple | Website
Yoobic - Apple | Android | Webiste
Voxpopme - Apple | Android | Website | Non

Get paid to websites (GPT):

Probably the 2nd most common type of beermoney site on the web, do various tasks and get paid for it; hence the name Get Paid To

Swagbucks | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: £5
  • Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland
PrizeRebel | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards, Prepaid visa/mastercard
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland
Clixsense | Non
  • Payout Method: Check, Paypal, PayToo, Payza
  • Minimum Payout: $8
  • Available In: Worldwide, but studies are targeted to specific demographics
InstaGC | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: $1
  • Available In: all countries and regions that are supported by PayPal, excluding China and Vietnam (Heres the List)
Inbox pounds | Non
  • Payout Method: Cheque
  • Minimum Payout: £20
  • Available In: UK
Global Test Market
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Dwolla, Tango Cards, Giftcards
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Available In: USA, UK, Canada

Work from home jobs:

Sometimes companies needs lot of repetetive work done, when they do they'll use sites like these, You can occasionally come across a job (or HIT as they're sometimes called) which you enjoy and when that happens you can make huge profits very quickly.

ClickworkeUHRS | non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: €5
  • Available In: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
  • Notes:It's a bit of work to get into UHRS (where the most money is) so i wrote a ClickworkeUHRS Guide
Amazon MTurk
  • Payout Method: Amazon US giftcard (frustratingly it's only for the US store)
  • Minimum Payout:
  • Available In: Over 190 countries
  • Notes: Best work at home type job if you're in the US, but payment isn't great outside the US. They also seem to be allow some people from some countries to sign up and not others.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: None, whatever you have earned is paid to Paypal within the first 14 days of each month
  • Available In: UK (But it looks like there's nothing to stop you from being paid as long as you have good English)
  • Notes: Good for picking up transcription work, pay is decent, requires you to do a few tests before starting
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
  • Minimum Payout: None, You get paid whatever you've earned every 30 days
  • Available In: UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Phillipines, Turkey
  • Notes: Pays really REALLY well, but it's like a proper job, you have a quite difficult entrance exam and they can deny your application. Mostly search engineer evaluation work
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
  • Minimum Payout: None, You you get paid whatever you've earned as part of their monthly payment schedule
  • Available In: Worldwide, but they only hire when they need someone from a specific area, you'll need to check regularly
  • Notes: Pays really REALLY well, but it's like a proper job, you have a quite difficult entrance exam and they can deny your application.
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
    • Minimum Payout: None? (I think)
    • Available In: UK
    • Notes: Answer questions for money, I still haven't personally managed to sign up for this service yet

Free daily cash prize draws:

These are simply free prize draws that I (try) to check every day.

The Selfie Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: Worldwide
  • Notes: Simply Upload a picture to win. You need to manually check it daily, If you don't check and you win, you lose your £10 prize
Lucky Phone | Non
  • Payout Method: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK only (I think?)
  • Notes: Sign up for their daily prize draw. give them your phone number to be entered into the larger prize draws (I've not had any junk phone calls so far, so it seems like they don't sell your number) Once again you need to manually check everyday to see if you've won or you lose the prize
Free Postcode Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK Only
  • Notes: Sign up, give them your postcode and if your postcode is the one drawn you share the prize with everyone who played from your postcode. Another which needs to be checked in order to claim the prize
Ashleigh Money Saver's £50 daily draw | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal? I've not won yet
  • Minimum Payout: £50
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Sign up via facebook and if your name is drawn you win £50 - once against if you don't claim the prize within 24 hrs then you don't win the prize
The Street Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Once again you need to manually check every day. For everyday you check and don’t win you are given an additional entry into the next draw. So if you go two weeks without a win you will have 14 entries into the draw.
Free Birthday Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, BACS or PAYM
  • Minimum Payout: £5
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Another one you need to manually check every day
FreeMojiLottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Unknown
  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Check every day to see if your emoji "combo" has won the prize. Failure to check means you lose it, so you need to check it every day.
*Emoji Lottery *
  • Payout Method: Unknown
  • Minimum Payout: based on their add revenue
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Check every day to see if your emoji "combo" has won the prize. Failure to check means you lose it, so you need to check it every day.

Earn using cashback websites

I don't see it mentioned very often in here, but I assume most users will already know about using cashback websites to earn some extra beer money.

For those who don't, cashback websites are a simple idea. Companies pay cashback sites a certain amount of money for each genuine and new customer they bring in, the cashback sites then offer the user a set amount of money for going through them to sign up to the company in question. You can also use cashback sites to claim money from real stores, although I've never really did this myself. There are lots of cashback sites out there, but I use the 2 most trusted and largest for UK users, these are:
TopCashBack | Non
  • Payout Method: BACS, PayPal, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: 1p
  • Available In: UK, US
  • Notes: There is a free and premium option, use the free option
Quidco | Non
  • Payout Method: BACS, PayPal, Amazon
  • Minimum Payout: £1 (you have to set this)
  • Available In: UK only (I think?)
  • Notes: There is a free and premium option, use the free option
I've collated the best offers for these 2 sites.
For Best results with Cashback offers you should:
  • Clear your cookies (or better yet, use another browser)
  • Turn off any adblockers you may have on
  • Always read the offer thoroughly
The first group of offers are free offers which require you to sign up to a website, or get a quote, or sign up to a free trial. By using all of these offers at the time of writing you can earn an easy £30!

Free offers

Website Quidco Profit Website Top Cashback Profit Notes Car Insurance £2.20 Car Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Pet Insurance £0.50 Pet Insurance £0.60 For a Genuine New Quote Travel Insurance £0.55 Travel Insurance £0.55 For a Genuine New Quote Home Insurance £2.20 Home Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Motorbike Insurance £2.00 Motorbike Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Van Insurance Van Insurance £2.02 For a Genuine New Quote
Resident Review £1.00 Resident Review £1.01 Leave a review of your landlord or estate agent £1.50 £1.51 Sign up for a free box & cashback
Western Union £1.00 Western Union £1.01 For a new signup
The People's Operator £1.00 The People's Operator - For activating a free PayAsYouGo sim card
QuoteSearcher £3.50 QuoteSearcher £3.53 For generating a genuine insurance quote (various cashback amounts for different quotes)
ValueMyCV £0.60 ValueMyCV
Get me a Ticket £1.00 Get me a ticket £1.01 For registering an account
Search Lotto £0.50 Search Lotto £0.50 Make 25 searches for cashback and a free ticket
Quotezone £3.50 QuoteZone £3.55 For generating a genuine insurance quote (various cashback amounts for different quotes)
MySurvey UK - MySurvey UK £1.81 must complete a double opt in and at least one survey - £0.70 For a new signup
Property Moose £2.00 Property Moose £2.02 For a new signup £1.00 £1.01 For a new signup
MyOffers - MyOffers £0.50 For a new signup
Readly £0.30 Readly £0.30 Completion of 30 day free trial
Another way to continue your earning is to hit the deposit offers. These are offers you can sign up to through TopCashBack | Non and Quidco | Non which pay you more in cashback than you need to deposit to claim the cashback. So for example if you sign up to Gala Bingo through Quidco and wager £10 on their site you will receive £30 cashback through Quidco, giving you a £20 profit (and you'd be surprised how often you acctually win at these bingo sites too!) At the time of writing there is just over £130 to be earned using these methods! *(Please note, these offers are correct at the time of writing but do change fairly frequently) *

Deposit Offers

Quidco Top Cashback
Website Deposit Cashback Profit Website Deposit Cashback Profit
Gala Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 Gala Bingo - - -
Ladbrokes Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 Ladbrokes Bingo £10.00 £30.30 £20.30
William Hill Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 William Hill Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Betfair Bingo £10.00 £20.00 £10.00 Betfair Bingo £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
32 Red Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 32 Red Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Betway Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Betway Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Dream Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Dream Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Lucky Pants Bingo - - - Lucky Pants Bingo £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
The National Lottery - - - The National Lottery £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
Bingo Extra - - - Bingo Extra £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
Bgo Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Bgo Bingo - - -
Bingocams £10.00 £15.00 £5.00 BingoCams £10.00 £12.12 £2.12
Glossy Bingo - - - Glossy Bingo £10.00 £13.13 £3.13
Dotty Bingo - - - Dotty Bingo £10.00 £13.13 £3.13
Bingo on the Box £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Bingo on the Box - - -
Butlers Bingo £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Butlers Bingo - - -
Winner Bingo £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Winner Bingo - - -
Deal or no deal Bingo £10.00 £12.00 £2.00 Deal or no Deal Bingo - - -
Mecca Bingo £10.00 £11.50 £1.50 Mecca Bingo £10.00 £11.61 £1.61
So, there you go. Easy money and you can work through most of these offers in a day (although tracking them will normally take a week or so) If you have any questions then fire away, I'll try my best to answer
TL:DR: Sign up to TopCashBack | Non and Quidco | Non and use the offers above to make a cool £160

Other things worth checking out:

What Users Do
  • Payout Method: PayPal.
  • Minimum Payout: They pay on the 25th of each month
  • Available In: Worldwide (if you speak English)
  • Notes: Test websites with your microphone and/or camera on, payment is great (£8 per test) and most tests last around 10-20 minutes
Match Betting | Non
Alternative Match Betting | Non
What is Match Betting?
Match betting is a LEGAL, RISK FREE & TAX FREE way of earning Money. You earn by taking advantage of the various sign up and "reload" offers that bookies provide new and existing customers. For example, when you sign up to William Hill they have an offer of "Deposit £10, get a £20 free bet" You can use this bet and then lay against it at a betting exchange
For example:
Bookie: Bet Chelsea to WIN
Exchange: Bet Chelsea to NOT WIN (It should be noted than when you make a lay at a betting exchange you're covering all other options, so by saying you think Chelsea will NOT win you're saying they will either lose or draw, anything except win)
So now that you've placed them, these two bets will cancel each other out, resulting in you breaking even (or losing a little bit of cash) after this initial bet you will be credited with your free bet. Now, repeat this process again - except this time it's not your own money being used to place the bet! So you get to keep the profits.
How to get started
The best way (I believe) to get started is to sign up for the free trial on Profit Accumulator | Non and follow their step by step instructions. Using their site you can claim two of the offers and earn £45. During the trial you will have the basics of match betting explained to you and once you have earned from your free trial you can use the profit to upgrade to a Platinum account(£22.99/month or £150/year). If you become a platinum member you will have access to hundreds of offers and dozens of extra guides to help you on your journey. When I started doing this a few years back I only used £50 (That I earned doing surveys) as my starting float, however a bigger pot of £100 is advised to help you work through offers quicker.
If you're going to get started with match betting, I recommend you take a photo of the following: Passport or Driving License, bank card used to deposit money, and a recent utility bill - As the bookies fraud prevention teams occasionally ask for these (I've only had it happen once, but it does happen)
Being gubbed & mug bets
Mug bets - Ok, so match betting is completely legal, however, Most bookies aren't too keen on you only using them for offers. So it's highly recommended to place occasional "mug bets" - What's a mug bet? It's basically a normal (small) bet which is nothing to do with your match betting. A mug bet is simply a small bet to make you look like a regular customer, once again Profit Accumulator | Non has got you covered on the best ways to place mug bets. They advise following a cycle: Qualifying bet, free bet, mug bet, withdraw profits.
Being gubbed - This is when a bookie has figured out that you're only match betting and using their offers, the bookie can limit your account to only making small bets, or not getting any offers. You can get back in good stead with them by placing non-offer bets but this could take time and still never amount to anything.
TL:DR: Use the free trial from Profit Accumulator | Non to make your first £45 from the bookies (Risk Free). Alternatively try Odds Monkey | Non
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Highlights of co-hosted AMA session by Bgogo & Ultrain Team! 26th September 2018

Dear Bgogo Community,

We had a fruitful and comprehensive AMA session co-hosted by Bgogo and Ultrain on 26th September 2018 11PM EST TIME, Bgogo Official Telegram group. (AMA = Ask me Anything)

The AMA was held following the announcement of the strategic partnership between Bgogo and Ultrain, and the news of Ultrain UGAS Genesis Mining Event that is set to launch on the Bgogo platform.

For the AMA session, we had with us:

Bgogo CEO, Maximilian Wang
Former software engineer at Facebook, former founder of Facebook’s Crypto syndicate. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UCSD. He is also a senior blockchain researcher, influencer and adviser. He helped and directed several popular blockchain projects in Silicon Valley such as QuarkChain.

Co-founder & CSO of Ultrain, Emma Liao
Founder and CEO of Pioneer Capital, a leading boutique investment bank in China. With nearly 10 years of experience in investment, investment banking and corporate operation, she is an industry expert in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, overseas cooperation and IoT technology with considerable international and domestic corporate resources.
Managing Director of Golden Brick Capital TMT, founding CEO of Kunlun Redstar (the first professional ice hockey club in China) head of IOT investment of Qihoo 360, head of china of leading European investment bank goetzpartners GmbH and International Account Director at New York Private Bank & Trust. She has invested in projects such as NIO, and 360’s privatization.
Responsible for strategic planning, financing and investment, BD and PR work for the Ultrain project as well as the establishment and implementation of the Ultrain ecosystem.

Following are the highlights of the AMA session, in part 1 and part 2 hosted by Bgogo and Ultrain respectively.

Part 1 hosted by: Bgogo CEO, Maximilian Wang
Q1: Is Bgogo Exchange really safe?

A: In short, yes it is secure. Our exchange consists of team members who have worked in top enterprises all over the world including facebook, alibaba, and twitter. We currently have an active team actively building defences and counter measures for any possible security risks.

Q2: Do You have any plans to proceed with IEO?

A: If by IEO you mean platform issued tokens, then Bgogo already has BGG. Our White Paper states we will rebate 105% of trading fees in BGG tokens. We do not plan on changing the content from our White Paper.

Q3: When will we start to see new tokens listings?

A: Some of our current supernodes have already submitted requests for exceptional Blockchain projects. We are currently in the process of reviewing and approving these promising projects chosen by our supernodes. Once this process is complete the tokens will then be listed and available to our users.

Q4: I want to know if the trade mining’s hour cap is reached, does Bgogo still use trading fees collected to conduct buy back?

A: Yes, even when the hour cap is reached. Bgogo will still use trading fees collected to buy back.

Q5: Could you modify the plan about Supernode? For example, if a Supernode locks its tokens for 6 months, then their BGG tokens are recognized as holdings. I mean I think Supernodes can easily sell and buy BGG tokens. so they just sell and buy for short profits. I suggest the Supernode policy needs to be changed into more long-term holding strategy, and not for short term profit.

A: We will not change the white paper content.

Q6: Do you have any plans to support margin trading?

A: We will support margin trading at some point but it is not a priority at the moment.

Q7: Can I have my selfie face picture as my Supernode logo on if i make it into 21 supernodes?

A: LOL. If you do become one of the top 21 Supernodes we will definitely consider this request. 😂

Q8: I want to know how can the community be sure that the BGG repurchase daily is from the live exchange order book/market and not from the team’s tokens or operations and development tokens?

A: As clearly written in our White Paper, 2 billion tokens (20% of supply) are reserved for the founding team, 2 billion tokens (20% of supply) are reserved for ecosystem developments and Bgogo daily operation (salaries, equipment, etc.), and 1 billion tokens (10%) are reserved for first generation of Supernodes and strategic investors.

Q9: Supernodes have listing privileges and 20% commission distribution. And the miners make 4 to 5% profit. However, there is no benefit to BGG Holders. This is the basis of this mechanism. It's very normal. Therefore, the most important point of this mechanism is, "Is it possible to get a fee for Buyback without mining?" This is because the average BGG holder expects a price increase due to Buyback on the exchange.
A: The BGG token holders will have the allocations during the ICOs like Ultrain. This is one of the benefits. A privilege. We will be adding new BGG token values in the future.

Q10: Can we see some transparent proof regarding buyback and token burn?

A: We have been actively posting amounts burned and repurchased. In addition to supplement this we will be doing live streamed buybacks and burnings as a form of proof in the near future. We have released two videos on the first buybacks and we have burned these tokens were sent to the zero address.

AMA Part 2 hosted by: Co-founder & CSO of Ultrain, Emma Liao

Q1: What is Ultrain?

A: Ultrain is a public chain infrastructure focusing on creating a true decentralized ecosystem.

Q2: what is Ultrain's Ultimate goal?

A: Our ultimate goal is our vision - creating a programmable business society.

Q3: Can you introduce some core team members?

Founding Member: Guo Rei (Ray Guo) Co-Founder & CEO
‐ As the former Technical Director of Alibaba Security Group, he led the team to establish one of the world’s top three risk control data product systems and ensured the security of the platform on Double Eleven every year, helping companies affiliated to the Alibaba group and corporate customers establish a trusted network ecosystem.
‐ He was the former Technical Director of the IBM Global Consulting Service Department and head of the Innovation Development Center. He served dozens of large stateowned enterprises and private enterprises in various industries, including China Mobile and State Grid, showing an in-depth insight into business pain points and enablement of enterprises by informatization.
‐ He is committed to uniting global community forces to build a blockchain 3.0 ecosystem that energizes the real economy and promoting the realization of a programmable society.

Founding Member: Liao Zhiyu (Emma) Co-Founder & Chief strategy officer
‐ Columbia University. Ph.D. study in gamification, graduated with master degree. MBA in finance.
‐ Selected portfolio Emma did as a fund & personally
- Opera Browser Buyout, listed on NASDAQ: OPRA
- Chinese Tesla, Invested at $1.1 Bn Valuation, now worth $Bn listed in New York stock exchange NIO. US
- Ren Ren China’s major used car transaction platform
- Smartstudy, AI-driven English study platform
‐ Selected record of Emma’s M&A advisory deals see my photo in ppt
- lived in Germany, Switzeland, Austrai, France, Italy, Spain Finland, U.K

Founding Member: Li Ning Co-Founder & CTO
‐ He has more than 11 years of experience in the Internet industry and extensive research, development and management experience in high-performance computing, operating system core components, operating system resource scheduling and many other fields.
‐ As the former technical director of the Alipay Blockchain team, he was responsible for the design, research and development of Alipay’s independent blockchain platform.
During that time, he led the team to obtain more than 30 patents on blockchain-related technologies.
‐ As the former core architect of Alibaba Cloud OS, he was responsible for the architecture design and management of cloud application runtime management services, cloud application resource scheduling, CloudEngine cloud, data management services and other modules. Former Senior System Engineer at Motorola .

We also have super talented cryptographer commented by the founder of DHVC prof. Shoucheng Zhang, the smartest crypto scientist he has ever met. Husen WANG used to be the crypto specialist at AliPay blockchain team
Our chief architect has many years of experience at Google Waterloo as key engineer in chrome OS team then hired by Alibaba as chief engineer for Ali Cloud OS team.

Q4: Ultrain genesis mining price, is it cheaper than private sale price?

A: Yes, we care deeply about our community.As you can see, we do have powerful institution investors globally. As I personally am coming from a strong finance background, we are very connected and easy to attract funds, etc. however, we have always been seeking ways to truly build and benefit to our community in a sustainable way. We have the options to do other rounds of private sale where people are waiting, but we believe Bgogo’s model is really aligning with our value system. By offering actually much cheaper price to the community of our token, and choose to be listed and refuse the opportunity to get more funding by institutions shows how much we care and our strong belief in the spirit.

Q5: RPOS is better than DAG consensus algorithm?

A: We believe DAG is facing major issues solving some of the key issues while the block is verified.

Q6: What is my incentive/benefit to hold UGAS? I’m just a blockchain enthusiast and investor.

A: First of all, we are offering the community a super awesome opportunity to join us. Secondly, even in this bearish market, we never stopped growing and actually getting more and more milestone and recognition. We share a value to grow this platform as a game changer to build a future, which means we will design, develop, and grow the intrinsic ecosystem steadily globally. Make sure our business model and ecosystem works. To do that, we will continue to care the incentive and mood of our community and make sure we are a healthily growing project in all aspects.

Q7: How did Ultrain get its name?

A: I named it. So Ultrain means: Ultra + In = ultrain intelligence or = ultra in trend.

Q8: I am a DAPP developer, what are reasons I should using Ultrain instead of other platforms for launch my tokens?

A: Our key advantages to the developers are simple. Usable, Practical, and cheaper.
First of all, there are many people talking, but not many projects have released a product which developer could easily use. We have improved from Etherum significantly on our developer interface, we call it robin framework. We are the world first JS language smart contract language and the developer can develop and deploy easily on chain,

Our public test net will be live on Sept 30th and we actually will run an online hackerthon to invite developers to join and test. It will be really good and a few dapps has already been integrated on our chain.

Q9: I heard Ultrain is a global decentralized company? so do you have many locations? if so where are some of them?

A: Ultrain has Already Launched 16 Hubs Globally and will actively seek new hub leaders to join us. We also recruit online CMs, if anyone is interested, pls contact us!

ULTRAIN is a company that has significant presences in its global community, Ultrain will establish offices within its 16 city hubs and starts local BD, this will become the accelerator for the future business development of various DApp

Ultrain has Hubs in the following 16 locations: Munich, Berlin, Paris, London. Tel Aviv, San Fran, New York. Boston. Soul, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zurich
Selected Hub Leaders with Strong influence:
• Germany Hub Advisor: Dr.Stephan Goetz from Otto Family, President of goetzpartners
• Zurich Hub Advisor:Anton Piech,Piech Family,Major Shareholders of Porsche and Volkswagen
• Munich Hub Leader, Alex Wolfson, BMW Management, Alumni of Columbia And Watton
• Paris Hub Leader: Julien Lambert, Art Director Plaza Athénée
• New York Hub Advisor: Steve Orlins, President of National Committee on US-China Relations, former Managing Director of Carlyle Asia
• New York Hub Leader: Abby Zhang, Partner of A Hedge Fund, Alumini of Cornell & NYU
• Boston Hub Leader: Stephen Turban, Active influencer at Harvard
• San Francisco Hub Leader: Multiple, it’s the core hub for us!
• Tel Aviv Hub Advisor, Tomer Bar-Zeev, World’s largest DSP Platform Founder and CEO of ironSource

AMA concluding message:

Maximilian Wang: It has been an honest pleasure having you here answering questions for our community members. Our AMA session will now come to a close, we are so happy to have a community with invested and involved users like this one.

Emma Liao: Thanks everyone for the session. I hope I helped answering some of the key questions. We sincerely looking forward to having you in our genesis mining contest and if you have any questions, please follow us on our telegram and other social channels or pm me for questions. Thanks so much for Max and Bgogo and we believe it will be a historical and awesome collaboration!

Join Ultrain telegram at:

Please visit this link for more information on the UGAS Genesis Mining Event:
UGAS Genesis Mining Event Information Page


Support Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Business Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Bgogo Team

28 September 2018
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