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Blunt Resume Advice for Recent Graduates in Technical Fields

I have reviewed a lot of resumes over the past several years. I have had more than my fair share of jobs in the technology industry where I have been both a job applicant and hiring manager. In recent years I have returned to academia where I get to help students prepare for that job market. I keep seeing the same missteps and offering the same advice on the matter so I thought I would right this up. ADMINS feel free to pin.
Now as a disclaimer before I begin. I am speaking ONLY about my experience in the Computing technology sector (Finance, Pharma, Telecom, and Marketing). Much of this will probably apply to similar or adjacent fields. Design or office administration jobs probably none of it.
EDIT: This is LONG. Be sure to have your resume handy when you go through it so you can edit as you go. Stick around for the end where I added a sample technical resume.
TL;DR: Think like a hiring manager, focus on what they want to see. You are ultimately going to be a cog in a machine for the first few years so leave off all of the fluff. Be clear, concise and focused. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SKILLS.

Objectives / Summary

Let me begin by addressing my biggest pet peeve: Objectives. I don’t know who keeps recommending this for resumes for anyone other than Vice President or “C” level executives. Your objective is irrelevant to the company. Your objective is to do whatever you are asked to do in order to get the job. Your objective is to be the best damned cog in the machine as you can be because that is what you are being hired to be. No one cares what the Cog wants to achieve in this role. There will come a time when it is more important. Your first post-college job is not it. Sorry, not sorry.


If you graduate in an off month (Not may or june) then don’t list the month, people assume the worst. "BUT ProfessorOfLies, I had a really good reason for taking that extra semester!" It was because of my [internship|pandemic|family emergency|Early Graduation|Whatever]. It doesn’t matter. Anything you need to explain on your resume, you will never get a chance to.
Don’t list GPA unless over 3.5. Know what it is. If an employer asks then answer truthfully, but do not volunteer it.
Associates Degrees are made irrelevant by your bachelors degree IF it is in the same field. IE: your BCC degree in CS is no longer worth mentioning after your CS degree from NJIT/Rutgers/Steven’s. Now you got your associate degree in MATH and then a Bachelors in CS. YES advertise that!


Skills are the most important part of your resume. Some people might say work experience but the things that are important from your work experience are the SKILLS you applied and learned while on the job. What any hiring manager wants to see is if the applicant can fit the hole in their team. They need a set of skills to get a job done and they want to get the best candidate that they can with those skills. So make sure your skills are right near the top of your resume. Make sure every project and job you have had reinforces those skills. Your resume should say “I have these skills and LOOK at all the ways I have demonstrated that I have these skills!”
To that effect I would suggest making sure your skills section is easy to read and categorized for convenient skimming. For example:
Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, C#
Scripting Languages: HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, BASH
System Administration: Windows (Server, 10, 7), Linux (RedHat, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu), Solaris
Database Administration: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, MangoDB
Project Management: JIRA, Trello, Git, AGILE, SCRUM
Skills should be listed from MOST proficient to least proficient. In general for a technical resume I would shy away from using qualifying language. Proficient in, experienced with, once read about it in a textbook, etc. The reality is that if you put it on your resume you better be at least proficient in it enough to answer interview questions about it. Google interview questions for each skill you list. Make sure you are prepared to answer them. If you are not then don’t list them, if you are close then STUDY until you are prepared.
Read through job sites. Technology evolves constantly. Buzzwords change. New things become popular. Classwork doesn’t always make it clear what things you do in class are worth mentioning and which are not. So read through the job descriptions. Take note of the skills that they are looking for. Perhaps you have some but didn’t mention them in your resume because you thought that it wasn't relevant. Maybe you had it down, but described it in a different or outdated way. Adapt the resume to the job description (BUT DON’T LIE).
Human languages (as opposed to programming languages) DO require qualifying language. Having taken a French class in high school is not the same as a native speaker. Being fluent in a language means more than a casual speaker. If you mention a language make sure you list your level in the language. It may actually help if you are applying for a company that has business dealings in different languages.
NOTE: IF you mention a non-English language, be sure to mention English and your level in it. You may think that English is a given, it is not. People will also assume that if you know another language that your English skills are probably poor. So PLEASE remember to list English and your level in it. Especially if you grew up in a bilingual household.
EDIT: I don't want to forget to mention that if you come from a technical field you do NOT need to mention Office as a skill. That is a muggle skill, we are better than that.

Work Experience

Work experience can be a tough one for a college student. Not everyone can get or afford to take an internship or co-op. Sometimes your work is hard to justify on your resume. There is pressure to list every job you have ever had, but the reality is that it is just not necessary.
If you have had a string of retail / clerk jobs, you really don’t have to show them all. Pick the most recent one to list. IF you managed to do anything related to the field (Helped with the company website for instance) then list that as a bullet, but do not feel the need to go into detail about it. We all know what hell you go through. The only purpose this serves is to show employers that yes indeed you can hold a job.
For each job you held you want to list the standard information in the top line for it: Company, Title, Location, Dates (year - year is fine unless you NEED to be more granular because you worked a few in the same year). Then a BRIEF one line description of the role. You can even leave it off if you are doing that clerk job (Sales Associate at BLAH).
Then you want to list 2 or 3 bullets about your SPECIFIC accomplishments while in that role. Resist the urge to go through ALL the responsibilities you had in the role. Yes there is paperwork and teamwork and meetings and documentation in every role. Those are not going to highlight your technical skills!
Example entry:
Back End Developer, South Hill Apparel Newark, NJ Summer 2019
Supported and developed new features for the remote procedure calls for retail websites.
Note how each bullet mentions what the achievement was and then name drops the technical skills used in the process. This will now reinforce the assertion that your skills in Node.js, MYSQL, ZeroMQ, AWS, and Google Dart are legit.


Passion projects, Hackathon / Game Jam projects, and class projects are excellent things to put on the resume. Treat them like jobs (But make sure they are under the correct category) in formatting. Since few college students would have had relevant work experience you really want to focus on the projects section. This is something that I wish I knew when I was a recent graduate. I never had an internship but I had a TON of passion projects.
Not only will projects show that you have experience in the skills you are claiming, but it will also tell the employer that you are actually INTERESTED in the field you want to work in. That you will constantly be learning new skills and technologies that may benefit the company. Your projects will likely have exposed you to things not mentioned in the rest of the resume that could pay out in the future.

Professional Associations

If you belong to one of the industry related professional societies, be sure to list them. I am talking specifically about IEEE, ACM, IGDA, etc. For other extra curricular activities see the section below (Spoilers: DON’T list them). These will again show that you are serious about your interests in the field.


At this point I have gone over everything that SHOULD be in a resume (everything after Objective that is). As a new job seeker I would even recommend it be in that order:
Education, Skills, Work Experience, Projects, and Professional Associations. The minute you have that industry job though, Put Work Experience at the top and move Education to the bottom.
You may be wondering at this point that I left some things out. If you keep reading below "Additional Thoughts" you will see what I left out and why.

Additional Thoughts

One Page Resume

The one page resume is largely a thing of the past. When the most common way to get your resume in front of an employer was to attend a career fair or trade show, the one page resume made more sense. You basically need it to be your elevator pitch and no one at a busy fair wants to go through a long resume.
These days we mostly distribute resumes digitally (PLEASE USE PDF, not DOC) and the hiring managers will go through them in bulk when they have time to think. This doesn’t mean you should be sending out 5 page documents, ain’t no one got time to go through that. But if your resume goes over a page up to a full second page I would not worry.
Now Career fairs and trade shows ARE still a thing. So have a 1 page version of your resume with ample copies printed out when you attend these events. Do not be surprised if you hand a recruiter your resume, they read it for a minute and then go, “This looks great, here is my card. Email it to me” or “This looks great, here is the company job site, please apply and mention my name.” THEN when you send in your digital resume, send in the full resume.

Never Submit the same resume twice

EVERY time you apply for a job, look at the job posting. Match your resume as best as you can to the description. Use their language. Highlight the skills that they are looking for, cut down things that are not relevant to that specific job. Even if you apply to the same company more than once, each position should get a tailor made resume.
Hell make a MASTER resume with EVERYTHING you have ever done that might be relevant. And then cut it down to suit a job in question.

If you have to explain something, you will never get the chance

I mentioned this in the education section, but this bears repeating. The resume is a filter of sorts, so if something looks OFF, it will be thrown out. You may have an EXCELLENT reason for including something weird or off, but you will never get a chance to defend it. Just do yourself a favor and don’t put it on the resume. Maybe it will come up during the interview, and if so then you can give a full explanation and maybe the thing will work out for you.

Cover Letters

This is where you would put that fluff you wrote for your objective btw. But no one reads them. Even when they are required, no one actually reads them. Do you know when people read them? When you made a glaring mistake on them. Applying for a job at Prudential but accidentally mentioned how much you want to work for FedEx? Well you can bet someone WILL read it that time.
Write a good heartfelt cover letter for a job at a company that you really want to work for, and then adapt it to the job you are applying for. AND THEN PROOFREAD IT. I can’t stress this enough READ IT, adapt it, and make sure it makes sense because no one really cares what you wrote it in unless you made a HUGE careless mistake.


Definitely have a github with examples of your work. Try to curate it to show your best, but a few old projects that were not great are fine and can show your growth. Finally public repos give programmers the ability to have a portfolio. Also try to make sure your username is sanitary. I can get away with EngineerOfLies because I have been in the industry long enough. You can't. At least not yet.


Make sure you have a LinkedIn page and DO NOT TREAT IT LIKE FACEBOOK. LinkedIn is like your living resume. Treat it as such. Make sure it's up to date and leave your personal life and politics off of it.
And a side note: Make sure your FB is set to Friends only. You WILL be looked up on there. Sanitize it.

Relevant Courses

This is something that I see a lot on resumes from students. You are rightfully proud of the work you did in your undergraduate degree however, listing the courses doesn’t really help you on your resume. If you are being considered for a position then they will request your transcript and it will all be there. Before that though you need to show that you have the skills that they care about. “But ProfessorOfLies,” I hear you say, “I did some excellent relevant work in those courses!” And you are right, but the way to showcase that work is with the PROJECTS section. You can hone in on that one gem of a project you did in that class without mentioning the class title.
Note on class prefixes and numbers: Even when listing class work under the projects section DO NOT use the prefix and course numbers. NO ONE OUTSIDE YOUR UNIVERSITY KNOWS WHAT CS 345 IS! Hell most people IN your university won’t know what that is.
Note on class titles: Most course titles are generic and vague by design. When we propose a course we need to future proof ourselves. Technologies change all the time and even methodologies come and go. So when we make a course title and description we tend to make them generic enough to not require updating when technology does. Also these courses have to get through committees staffed by faculty from different departments. Sometimes interdepartmental politics will mutate a course title into something ridiculous because of some petty squabble. So when mentioning a class (under the projects section) use a DESCRIPTIVE title not the authentic one if the authentic one is weird. The actual title will be seen on your transcript.


Just a reminder that all of this advice is for a technical resume. This may not apply to graphic designers, web designers, UX designers, Writers, Administrators, etc. With that said, DO NOT PUT GRAPHICS ON YOUR RESUME! You may think that logos may look nice or highlight the big name companies you interned for, but they are tacky and take up a ton of space on the page.
DO NOT get fancy with your templates either. Again, if you are not going for a design job you are FINE with just a drab easy to read resume.
DO NOT put your picture on the resume. That is what LinkedIn is for.

Extra Curriculars

Hobbies, clubs, student senate, Sports, eSports, fraternities and sororities please leave them off the resume. NO ONE CARES.
Follow up note on Frats and Sororities: DO NOT LIST THEM on your resume. You may have heard anecdotes about that one frat brother got the job because another brother was the hiring manager. Anecdotes are not data. The sad reality is that Frats have a bad reputation. To anyone who was not part of greek life you are seen as drunken party animals and sexual predators (I am not saying that all people in greek life are like that, I am saying that your reputation has painted it like that). Hell to people who were part of greek life that is how they are seen. Worse still, you know how Frats have rivals? What if the hiring manager was greek and from a rival frat, or at their school their chapter was a rival to your fraternity even if you had a good relationship with your local chapter? The best way to use your greek connection is to ask around from within your own organization and find out if the hiring manager is an older brother or sister. Barring that just wear a ring or something to the job interview. IF it comes up and you luck out it will be a huge bonus. If not, then it won’t hurt you.

Sample Resume

College Student Name

11111 Bleeker St Newark NJ 555 555-5555 github.com/baapsjfl;kasjdf;kjasdf;j LinkedIn link goes here


New Jersey Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science Information Technology (expected 2021)


System Administration: Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS), Windows 10
Programming Languages: C / C++, Java, C#, Pascal, Fortran, Erlang
Libraries: STL, Boost, OpenGL, SDL, Glib, GTK, Qt, Web Sockets, BSD Sockets,MySQLi, RabbitMQ, AJAX
Scripting Languages: PHP, Python, Bash, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Database Administration: MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB
Technologies: AMQP, RabbitMQ, Wordpress, Git, Apache2, Cron, SOAP, CURL, Trello

Work Experience

Sales Associate, Retail Giant Hometown, NJ 2018 - Present
Responsible for managing stock, orders from corporate, and large ticket items.


Front End Developer - Systems Integration Project Spring 2020
Project involved integrating a third party data source with a custom front end through a multiple server environment. I was responsible for Project Management, setting up the Front End server and implementing the third party api

Professional Associations

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How lap times in different motorsports compare to each other

If you are a motorsports fan like me, you probably wondered, how fast the many different cars and classes are in relation to each other. While thinking about this question, I quickly realised that it is a near impossible task to measure this, you can’t compare cars from different series unless they share the track at the same point in time, which rarely happens. But still, I wanted to know, how the different classes compare to each other within their limitations (be it from the rules or from the conditions), in other words, which cars could go faster than others and by how much. To measure this, I chose the superior method of comparing lap times: percentages. (On a side note, I honestly don’t understand why teammates are always compared in tenths over the season, like saying X was on average 4 tenths slower than Y. This is just dumb, let’s all switch to percentages! Four tenths around Red Bull Ring is different than four tenths around Le Mans.)

TL;DR List

For the extremely busy, very unceremoniously and without additional commentary (as that comes later in this post), these are all the important racing classes with their regulations as of 2019:
  1. Formula 1 (100-104.3%)
  2. Super Formula (108-111%) LMP1 (112-114%) Indycar (112.5-115%) Formula 2 (114-117%)
  3. GT500 (117-120%) DPi (118.5-122%) LMP2 WEC (118-125%)
  4. Formula 3 (122-126.5%) DTM (123.5-126.5%) LMP2 IMSA (123-126%)
  5. GT300 (129-134%) GTLM IMSA - GTE WEC (130-138%) LMP3 (130-134.5%)
  6. MotoGP (132-139%) GT3 - GTD (134-140%) Australian Supercars (136.5-142%) Formula E (134-140%)
  7. Moto2 (140-144%) NASCAR Cup (141.5-144%)
  8. NASCAR Xfinity (144-146%)
  9. GT4 IMSA (145-150%)
  10. TCR (146.5-153%) NGTC (147-149%)
  11. GT4 SRO (149-155%) Moto3 (149-155%)


What I did can be described very simply, I looked up the fastest qualifying laps, of each series/class here on a bunch of tracks all around the world. Then I started comparing. First, if there was a direct comparison to F1, I calculated the percentage averages. Then, I started cross-referencing to other series which were active on most of the tracks (mainly GT3 and TCR) and calculated back to F1. There are some problems with this method. I can’t be 100% sure that for example GTD and GT3 have similar pace, or that TCR in Europe and TCR in Japan have similar pace. But with these two classes, the differences are not that big, which allowed me to have a more or less clear picture. After that I estimated the percentage range and made it bigger, because track conditions and other factors could mean up to 1-2% in lap time (this was the most “subjective” part). Because of the big ranges, I will always provide the direct comparison to F1 if there is one.

Why are there ties?

Many classes were surprisingly close to each other regarding their percentage ranges, despite (or maybe because) they rarely race on the same track. This led to some three- or four-way ties. In those ties I tried to rank them, based on feeling and direct comparisons. The classes could be in a different order within those ties if they raced in similar conditions, we can never be sure. Which leads me to the final boring paragraph I promise.

What factors influence lap time?

• Drivers, especially in series where there are pro and amateur drivers
• Qualifying and race formats: how much fuel is in the car; do you have to start with the fuel load; is it an endurance series; is it a one-lap shootout or is it the average of all drivers, do you have to negotiate around lower class cars; does your engine need to last another 5 races or 24 hours etc.
• Tires, very important, explains differences between GT500 & DTM or GT300 & GT3, think about how much faster F1 would be if the softest of the five compounds was available everywhere
• Performance Ballasts (BoP, EoT etc.), can be very severe (e.g. in LMP1 it is up to 2%)
• Track Conditions, very important even in a single session, as the track constantly changes
• AiTemperature conditions

Lap Time Percentage Ranking

1 Formula 1
I referenced all percentages to Formula 1 because it is obviously the fastest motorsport in the world. The pinnacle of motorsport (like it or not, it is the pinnacle) has mind bending machines, which produce enormous amount of downforce, have incredibly efficient and powerful engines and in the words of George Russell “ridiculous” brakes. On the note of Russell, I calculated the average percentage difference of the faster car of the slowest team to the pole time: 104.3% (side-note: it was surprisingly not always Williams, in Hungary, both Racing Points were beaten by a Williams).
To give you another example about percentages: the slowest team in recent history HRT had a 109% lap time on their worst days.
Just in case you forgot how an F1 car looks: 2019 Mercedes W10

2.1 Super Formula (108-111%)
direct comparison: 109.3%
Super Formula (formerly called Formula Nippon) is the top racing series in Japan and is the second fastest open-wheeled motorsport in the world. They race on Japanese circuits only, which gives us few direct comparisons to big international series (Suzuka with F1 and Fuji with WEC). It has a spec chassis and two engine manufacturers (Honda and Toyota). The new car, introduced in 2019 was to the tenth as fast as an LMP1 car in Fuji, but edges the class on direct comparison with F1 at Suzuka.
this is how the Dallara SF19 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Nick Cassidy

2.2 LMP1 (112-114%)
direct comparison: 112.7%
On to the fastest non open-wheeled series, the next fastest cars are the magnificent sports car prototypes of the World Endurance Championship. This class has produced many great hybrid cars since 2014 from Porsche, Audi and Toyota, which battled at the 24h of Le Mans. Unfortunately, in the later years, only Toyota remained with a hybrid LMP1 and their car now competes against the privateer LMP1s of Rebellion. LMP1 beats both F2 and Indycar on direct comparison. If there is one class which could go much faster, it has to be the hybrid LMP1 Toyotas. The WEC introduced the fancy-named Equality of Technology, which basically should slow down the hybrids to the privateer speeds. Unfortunately, it actually means that the Toyotas go 2.5s per lap slower than they could and lose 1s per lap to the non-hybrid Rebellions at COTA. Because of that, the lap records are from 2016-17, when Audi and Porsche still were on the stage, pushing each other to greater and greater speeds.
this is the 2020 Toyota TS050 Hybrid, you won’t see this car for long on track because in the near future, there will be new prototype regulations

2.3 Indycar (112.5-115%)
direct comparison: 114.6%
The premier North American open-wheeled racing series would certainly be unbeatable on ovals, but on road courses, they are edged out by a few series. Again, like with SF, Indycar only races in a specific region and few tracks are visited by big international series, but they finally gave us a direct comparison with Formula 1 at COTA. This series also has a spec chassis (also by Dallara) and since 2018 a universal aero kit. There are two engine manufacturers: Honda and Chevrolet.
this is how the Dallara DW12 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Josef Newgarden

2.4 Formula 2 (114-117%)
direct comparison: 115.8%
Finally, the slowest series in this four-way tie is the top feeder series for F1. This is a series, where young drivers can finally be part of the F1 paddock by racing in support races on the same weekend with the big ones. There is no direct comparison with Indycar and through cross-referencing it is still impossible to tell which one would be faster. The series employs a spec chassis by (again you guessed it) Dallara and has one engine manufacturer (Mecachrome). This series is more about the drivers, because it should find the best of the talents looking to get into F1.
this is how the Dallara F2 2018 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Nyck De Vries

3.1 GT500 (117-120%)
direct comparison: 119.8%
The grand touring beasts populating the top class in the Japanese SUPER GT series are astonishingly quick. These race cars are the fastest production-based cars right now (well at least they kinda look like a production car) and can put some prototype classes to shame with their lap times. They beat the WECs LMP2s in Fuji but have unfortunately few other direct comparisons with similar classes. There are currently three manufacturers competing in GT500: Nissan, Toyota/Lexus and Honda. Recently, GT500 and DTM aligned their rules to be able to compete in each other’s series, which led to the Class One cars, as they are called now. While the chance of seeing DTM cars in SUPER GT and vice versa is low, it provides a great opportunity to see how tires influence car performance, as GT500 (having a tire war with 4 manufacturers) is clearly faster on track than DTM.
this is how the Lexus LC 500 GT500 championship winning car looked like in 2019

3.2 DPi (118.5-122%)
no direct comparison
The Daytona Prototype International class is the top prototype class in the IMSA United Sports Car Championship and has the honours to be the second fastest prototype class. It was introduced in 2017 alongside the new LMP2 regulations and became a separate class in the championship in 2019. This is the first class which had no direct comparisons to F1, but it is clearly faster than the WECs LMP2 class at Sebring. It is quite interesting in the sense that despite having four manufacturers (Cadillac, Acura, Mazda and Nissan) the cars used are based on four other LMP2 chassis (Dallara, Oreca, Riley and Ligier).
this is how the Acura ARX-05 2019 championship winning car looked like

3.3 LMP2 WEC (118-125%)
direct comparison: 120%
The second class in the WEC is a very popular one, with many privateer teams battling it out for LMP2 honours. The class is also used in the European Le Mans Series with similar specifications. The class was overhauled and redefined in 2017, four exclusive chassis manufacturers were appointed (the ones from DPi), a closed cockpit was mandated and there is a spec Gibson engine. The current cars and rule concepts are the basis, together with the DPis for the future LMDh regulations. It comfortably beats the 4th placed Formula 3 cars on direct comparison.
this is how the championship winning Oreca 07 by United Autosport looked like in 2019

4.1 Formula 3 (122-126.5%)
direct comparison: 123.6%
The third tier in the world of Formula 1 is the lowest which has a worldwide championship. It is one stage under Formula 2 and replaced GP3 in 2019. This change of name and structure also came with a new Dallara chassis and a spec Mecachrome engine. As you may have noticed, I only looked at the FIA Formula 3 Championship, and not at other regional or national series.
this is the Dallara F3 2019 driven by Robert Shwartzman, the 2019 champion

4.2 DTM (123.5-126.5%)
direct comparison: 124.9%
The cars used in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters are called touring cars only for historic reasons. These cars are silhouette cars, meaning actually purpose-built machines using a body which resembles (slightly) to their road going counterparts. Although it is a series competing in Europe (mainly Germany with some few races in other places), it actually shares few circuits with faster series, so there is no direct comparison to the WEC or the ELMS or even Formula 3. So, it is hard to call which one would be faster. This should be changed with the DTM set to race at Monza (Edit: now it looks like they go to Spa) in the 2020 season. The DTM is as mentioned before the sister series of SUPER GT, which gives a perspective of how much faster these cars could go. Unfortunately, the future of the series doesn’t look too bright with only one manufacturer left after the end of this season, there’s a big chance that we won’t see these great cars in the future.
this is the Audi RS5 Turbo DTM_FP1.jpg&tbnid=VulVzwUeOXs-QM&vet=1&docid=EJNx6BNH9-qE1M&w=2560&h=1706&q=rene+rast+dtm+2019&source=sh/x/im) of champion Rene Rast in 2019

4.3 LMP2 IMSA (123-126%)
no direct comparison
The second class in North American sports car racing is a little bit slower than their WEC counterparts. This is also visible at the direct comparison at Sebring. The reasons for this could be that the LMP2s in IMSA were slowed down to create a bigger gap to the very similar DPi cars. Other features are exactly the same than in the WEC, the only difference being that there were only two entries in 2019.

5.1 GT300 (129-134%)
direct comparison: 132.7%
I think the Japanese like to show the world how fast some cars actually could go. GT300 is the lower class in SUPER GT, it consists mainly of GT3 cars from European manufacturers but also JAF-GT cars, which are just a Japanese GT class. What is surprising is how easily the GT300 cars beat their European GT3 counterparts and even the WEC GTE class is beaten fair and square at Fuji.
here is the Honda NSX GT3 Evo, last year’s championship winning machine

5.2 GTLM IMSA - GTE WEC (130-138%)
direct comparison: 132.6%
Now to the supposedly highest level of GT racing, which actually is beaten by two and pressured by a third one. GTE in WEC/ELMS or GTLM in IMSA is in all three championship the top GT class. The GTLMs beat the GTEs at Sebring but I still decided to take both together because they are very similar in performance. These cars are awesome, look awesome and I suspect could produce much better lap times, but especially in Europe, they are sometimes even beaten by the top GT3 cars. There are now five different manufacturers competing in the WEC and IMSA combined.
this is the Porsche 911 RSR which won in IMSA and WEC in 2019

5.3 LMP3(130-134.5%)
direct comparison: 132.7%
LMP3 is the lowest prototype class, which is more thought as an entry level for drivers and teams to prototype racing. It is used in the ELMS, Asian LMS and the IMSA Prototype Challenge. In Europe it beats the GTEs marginally and in North America it is beaten by GTLM marginally, so the actual difference between GTE and LMP3 is too close to call. There are five cars available and all have the same spec engine.
This is a Ligier JS P3 which won in the ELMS in 2019

6.1 MotoGP (132-139%)
direct comparison: 135.1%
There are two groups in motorsports which I consider the craziest. Those who jump into their small hatchbacks and rip through some forests or mountains on roads barely wider than the car itself and those who jump on a bike which can go with 360kph and you can touch the ground with your knees while negotiating corners. MotoGP is astonishingly quick, sometimes even beating GT3 race cars. There are six manufacturers currently competing in MotoGP with purpose built mororcycle prototypes.
This is last year’s MotoGP winner Marc Marquez and his Honda RC213V

6.2 GT3 - GTD (134-140%)
direct comparison: 136.9% - 135.4%
On to the arguably most widely used racing class right now: GT3. There are a lot of different championships using these cars, and there have been 51 cars homologated since its inception in the mid 2000s. The highest-level series using GT3s are the SRO sanctioned GT World Challenges (formerly Blancpain Series) and the IMSA Sports Car Championship with the name GTD. On top of that there are countless national championships, so it’s hard to actually say how fast GT3s are, because they race at so many places. Sometimes they beat GTE in Europe, they play a secondary role to GTLM in IMSA, sometimes they barely beat Australian Supercars. The interesting thing in GT3 is the variety of car styles, types, engines and the fact that all these different philosophies are tied together through Balance of Performance which equals out all the cars.
here is the Bentley Continental GT3 which won the last international GT3 race, the Bathurst 12h

6.3 Australian Supercars (136.5-142%)
direct comparison: 141.4%
The (maybe not so hidden) gem in motorsport is the Australian Supercars Championship (also known as V8 Supercars), it evolved from the Australian Touring Car Championship and has really fun to watch and actually pretty fast race cars from Holden and Ford (with sometimes other manufacturers coming and going). It is close to the Australian GT Championship lap time wise, but is a bit slower than GT3s at Bathurst, where a big international GT3 race happens every year. There are otherwise few meaningful comparisons to other series. Unfortunately, there are some doubts over its future, with the car brand Holden no longer active.
this is the Ford Mustang GT of Scott McLaughlin, last year’s champion

6.4 Formula E (134-140%)
direct comparison (manually measured with a youtube onboard): 134%
The premier electric racing series in the world is notably famous for racing on unusual (controversial?) tight circuits located in city centres. Because of that, there is only one proper comparison with another class (TCR at Marrakech) and you can kinda guess their time in Monaco’s last sector while watching an onboard and measuring it with a stopwatch. So based on this data, we can estimate that their speed is somewhere around GT3 and Supercars. Of course, Formula E is very strong on its own circuits but would lose to everybody at Bathurst, just like a Supercar couldn’t negotiate the Paris Circuit fast enough. We can only hope, that the championship with the highest manufacturer involvement goes to the full Monaco layout for a proper comparison. The car currently used is the 2nd Gen FE car, it has a spec chassis and battery but individual powertrains.
here is the DS Techeetah of 2019 champion Jean-Eric Vergne

7.1 Moto2 (140-144%)
direct comparison: 142.8%
The second tier motorcycle championship also comes in at a kind of no-mans land between Supercars and NASCAR. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about Moto2 so
here is last years champion Alex Marquez with his Kalex Moto2 bike

7.2 NASCAR Cup Series (141.5-144%)
no direct comparison
The most popular form of motorsport in the US, NASCAR is centred around oval track racing. So much in fact, that its calendar only has two road courses (Watkins Glen and Sonoma). On top of that, to make direct comparisons even rarer, they use different layouts to Indycar and IMSA at both tracks. That leaves us with cross-referencing the Cup Series to its minor league, which leads to the conclusion that NASCAR is tied with Moto2 on pace and just edged out by Australian Supercars, which some consider to be kind of similar (very far reached imo) to it. credit to u/TacoHVAC for the laptimes
here is the 2019 Toyota Camry of cup series champion Kyle Busch

8 NASCAR Xfinity (144-146%)
no direct comparison
Fortunately, NASCAR’s minor league, the Xfinity series goes to two of road courses using common layouts (Road America and Mid-Ohio) so we can at least compare these cars to other classes on this list. The Xfinity cars are a bit slower than their Cup Series counterparts, and with that, they are far from GT3 and Supercars, but comfortably ahead of GT4.
this is the Chevrolet Camaro of 2019 champion Tyler Reddick

9 GT4 IMSA (145-150%)
direct comparison: 146.3%
We arrived at the slowest GT class, GT4 is widely used in some national championships. In North America, the Michelin Pilot Challenge is a support series of the IMSA Sports Car Championship and there you can see GT4 competing as the top class against TCR, which explains why the IMSA GT4s are faster than their European brothers and sisters.
this is the Audi R8 LMS GT4 which won last year’s Michelin Pilot Challenge

10.1 TCR (146.5-153%)
direct comparison: 149.9%
The most widely used touring car class was approved in 2014 and fully took over the touring car world in 2018, when the World Touring Car Championship also adopted the regulations. These cars are “true” touring cars, with many standardised parts and a performance ballast system to ensure fair competition. There are many manufacturers and twice as many series, with nearly every region having their own TCR championship. All the results from these championship count towards the TCR Model of the Year “championship” which is handed out since 2017. TCR provided a very constant basis for other lap time calculations (especially for the Japanese series), because it is so widely used and has universal rules. In Europe it beats GT4 very consistently.
here is the Hyundai i30 N TCR driven by World Touring Car champion Norbert Michelisz

10.2 NGTC (147-149%)
no direct comparison
One of the few places where TCR isn’t the main touring car class is of course the British Touring Car Championship. They have their own cars, called Next Generation Touring Cars, which have most likely a very similar performance than TCR. I say most likely, because there are not that many international series competing on some lesser known British tracks, so I used the British GT Championship (GT3) as a reference for NGTCs.
this is the BMW 330i M Sport driven by 2019 champion Colin Turkington

11.1 GT4 SRO (149-155%)
direct comparison: 151.9%
Finally, we are at the bottom of this list with the GT4 cars competing in various national and European SRO series. These cars are by no means slow, they beat road going hyper cars like the Koenigsegg One:1 or the McLaren P1 at Spa, which just shows how incredibly fast race cars are, even if they are slow (if that makes sense).
the final car on here is the BMW M4 GT4, winner of the 2019 GT4 European Series

11.2 Moto3 (149-155%)
direct comparison: 152.3%
The lowest class in motorcycle grand prix racing has about the same speeds as GT4. Generally you can say, that the different motorcycle tiers are much closer than F1 - F2 - F3.
this is the Honda NSF250RW Moto3 winning machine

That’s the end of the list. As you can imagine it was quite fun to research everything, but it also took a long time. Please correct any typos and feel free crosspost.
What comes next? I plan on doing something similar but for historic classes and look if somebody could challenge F1 for the throne in the past (my bet is on Group C or 70s Can-Am).
Edits: Due to popular request, I added some motorcycle classes, also corrected some technicalities about NASCAR tracks
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so sick of scams, this may be my last job offering here

hello everybody i have been using this subreddit for years to find skilled people, and until recently I loved the experience but a couple months ago I posted an hiring offer for a telegram bot I would love to run but lack the technical abilities to do myself, and found some intersting people that told me they could do it, but unfortunately I have been scammed twice (reciving photo updates and "workin" on it for weeks) and still have no bot...
with what remains of my confidence on this community I am posting the requirements for the bot and hope this time goes differently.
anyway I would love to run a telegram bot and channell to bet on the forthcoming euro2020 soccer tournament. since I live in Switzerland and gambling laws are very strict, this is not a for profit project, betting is free and there is no money involved, just a prize for the player that gets the maximum amout of correct predictions on game results. the prize is.... beer. lots of it. you basically bet beers (1 per match)
%%%so the project is as follows
i have a catchy domain name and set an hosting, as many databases as you want to upload every necessary content and 100gb.
you will have full ftp access to upload everything you need, and will be credited in the website if you like
%%%on the website i'll place just a telegram link to the channel,
the general scoreboard page (with all the players, not just the top 10),
the rules page
and the prize page.
%%%users will reach the channel that provides:
-a welcome message
-disclaimer about the bets (all free, no money involved)
-prize information
-daily reminder of the matches (1 for each) that you can bet on (users cannot bet on every match at once, but must get in the channel and follow the link to the bot to play daily), also posts with an image that i provide specific for every match (day, game number, team 1 vs team2, time and stadium)
-posts (1 for each) for previous day matches with results and the name of the winner and beers won
-daily top 10 of players with user name and beers won
-other updates
-fun fan daily pic with 1 to 5 stars voting
%%%the bot will provide:
-a welcome message when started
-the same disclaimer as the channel
-a post for every avaliable match that you can bet on (winner1, draw, winner2) and in the final phase just winner1 or winner2 (this is the main feature, please explain how you plan to do it)
-daily update if you won or lose (3 beers bet, 0 beers won for example)
-reminder when you can place next day bets (right after the previous day last match ends)
-your place in the general scoreboard
-also the possibility to send a picture of a fun fan (funny people at the stadiums) .
we can choose to set a free api for the game results (i have found a few) or simply tell me where to update that metric and i ll do it daily, but api is probably better
%%%betting goes like this:
i assume the initial number of players will grow during the tournament, but every user can bet 1time (1 beer) on any game, choosing win1, draw or win2. if a user does not bet on a match, no problem but still cannot bet more than 1 beer in following matches.
new users cannot bet previous matches, bets finish at the start of each match)
the total amount of beers will be divided between the number of users that correctly placed the bet. if there is a "," division don't use decimals, only full numbers.
don't know how it works to make it in 2 or more languages (we speak italian, french and german here) , if its not a big mess to do multi language we can let the user select the language when starting the bot, and i'll post mostly in english in the channel. otherwise i will translate everything and we keep only italian or simply fully in english.
not in a hurry, since a few more teams will be selected in march, if in april we have it all set up i would send invites and links around to start spreading the voice.
would love to be able to keep the total players ranking on a page in the website, and be able to upload specific images for every pre match (to bet on) and post match (with results).
ps: i offer 300$for this project, plus 100$ at the end of the tournament if everything went along well. i don't plan to make any money on it, its simply because i like to bet beers with my friends during sports events. i know its not that much, if only english simplifys the project i am ok with that, if removing daily fun fan upload and voting its too much i am ok with that. if if can be simple and effective for this price, i am ok with that.
thank you very much in advance to anyone that would like to work on this, please just let me know what language you plan to use for it.
have a nice day
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Cannot for the life of me seem to setup a Node-Scheduler in our pre-launch nodeJS application.

Update: Solution solved. Thanks for helping me localize the specific issue. In one part I was not thinking correctly about the imports and depedencies and then once I figured it out, I figured out a typo configuration issue. The solution was to:
change code

Specific Question: How do I set up a scheduler like Chron / Node-Scheduler within a pre-launch nodeJS application. First reddit post after 10 years of stubbornly lurking on reddit, so clearly I am very very motivated to solve this problem and desperate for help / advice :)
I may need to set up a scheduler in nodeJS to run certain batch data analytics functions that generate our mongo data collections. If I provided more details than you're interested, feel free to just read the bold which hits the key points. For now I just want to try it out and spend no more than 1-2 days playing around to see if this is a fruitful path.
The technical issue: I can't seem to install a Scheduler in our existing nodeJS project that uses typescript.
The business context / issue: the particular way we use a route triggered by a key user action in our workflow to update our key data analytics layers [which are the core of the Product] is proving to be a not useful pattern
I suspect that setting up a timer to call the functions to build the data analytics layers might be a fruitful way to get the server and database to cooperate.
I've received the feedback - encapsulate and test - but there isn't a specific function that isn't running well in isolation.
So please help me node community!
Thank you!
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Barstool’s $450 Million Valuation Considered “A Bargain”

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 29th that Penn National Gaming (PENN) would be buying a 36% stake in Barstool Sports at a $450 million valuation ($135 million in cash + $28 million in convertible preferred stock). After three years, the regional gaming provider can increase its interest in the digital media entity to 50% (with an incremental investment of $62 million); the pact includes a path to majority or full control. The deal makes the casino operator the ‘exclusive gaming partner’ of Barstool Sports (for a period up to 40 years) and gives the company the “sole right to utilize the Barstool Sports brand for all of [its] online and retail sports betting and iCasino products.” Shares of PENN are up +14% (to $29.91 at Monday’s close) since news of the agreement was announced.
Howie Long-Short: Considering The Chernin Group invested in Barstool Sports at a $100 million valuation in 2018, it’s staggering to consider PENN is buying in at $450 million. But one well-respected digital media executive said that 4.5x revenue (+/- $100 million) “seems right. Companies [in the space] tend to trade between 2.5-5x revenue.”
Gaming industry consultant Sara Slane suggested that even with a $450 million valuation, PENN is “getting a good deal. If you think about how much money DraftKings and FanDuel spent to build their brands (see: $206M on ads in ’15 alone) and compare that to what PENN just bought (think: access to +/- 66 million unique monthly users, +/- 50% of which are sports bettors) [the price is] a bargain.” Slane estimates that the two DFS companies have collectively spent more than $1 billion to date on player acquisition.
In theory a deal with Barstool Sports - a brand with a rabid following - makes sense for a gaming operator looking to build its player base. It’s presumed that the investment will allow the company to gain an audience quickly (critical in the current ‘land-grab’ environment) and to differentiate itself in a crowded space, but if the U.K. market is any indication the Stoolies are unlikely to remain loyal to just a single gaming application. The average online gambler in the U.K. maintains 4 different sportsbook accounts (so that they can shop lines for the best pricing). There’s no reason to believe that the U.S. sports bettor will behave differently.
That said, Barstool Sports' young, male audience is particularly attractive to PENN, who’s core clientele is currently “the [mid-50s] woman who plays slot machines”, because it’s the demographic the company wants to drive into its brick and mortar properties. Slane said, “the cross promotional element of the deal is getting lost in [the talk surrounding Barstool’s valuation.] The thrust of the PENN business is their [expansive] retail operation. They have such a large footprint (41 properties across 19 states), but they’ve lacked brand awareness. Now they can market those properties under the recognizable Barstool brand [to the Stoolies].”
It’s important to delineate between the market access agreements that PENN previously struck with DraftKings, PointsBet, theScore and The Stars Group and their recent equity investment in Barstool. The main difference is that in the former PENN issued secondary skins in exchange for a cut of gaming revenues. In the latter PENN will retain 100% of incoming revenues on their first skin. Barstool is not entitled to any revenues associated with wagers placed.
Editor Note: Please note that joining our community (si.com/johnwallstreet) will entitle you to receive our free daily email newsletter.
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Python package with stats on top six European soccer leagues

xgFootball is now offering our detailed stats from https://www.xg.football in a public Python package - https://gitlab.com/xgfootball/xg_public_api
The 30+ routes - https://gitlab.com/xgfootball/xg_public_api/blob/mastexg_query_api/getters/getters.py - cover everything that you need to build a model: match, team, and player stats but also league tables, averages, percentiles, rolling averages, and shots (including xG). In all, we offer 200+ categories offering far more detail than any other provider.
The latency of our data is now far lower too: 1-2 minutes on scores and 2-5 minutes (sometimes slower on Saturdays) on match-related datasets. Software changes over the next week should bring the latter number down slightly.
Our bet simulator within the package answers questions about the statistical significance of betting results. The research folder is going to serve as a reference to papers about sports modelling. And the example folder shows you how to build a basic model using this package.
A few points that we have to make every time:
Happy to answer any questions about the code or anything related to modelling soccer.
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Scraping sports betting odds

Anyone has any recommendations for free APIs / websites that are good to scrape live sports betting odds from?
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Torneo - all your bets on one platform

The product:
Torneo is made for sports bettors. We created a tool that automatically aggregates all of your bets from different bookmakers into one platform. You can track and analyze your bets with various filters in an interactive dashboard. We like to compare ourselves to Mint, but for sports bettors. We also have several other tools that are useful for sports bettors - like stats on matches, historical bookmaker trends, machine learning model for predictions, etc.
The market:
The sports betting market is $150B a year in the US alone. It was also legalized on the federal level in the US last May - so we assume that more people/companies will be getting into it.
The competition:
Most sports bettors that track their bets use excel spreadsheets. There are also some websites that allow you to enter and track your bets manually (so you have to place your bet on the bookmaker website, then the bet tracking website). There is probably one or two websites that *kind of* do what we're doing but they only work with bookmakers that have APIs (of which there are two that only work in the UK). We're syncing data with 8 bookmakers, and adding more every week. We also know that we probably can't import data from every bookmaker - so we also are working on a solution to sync with google sheets and add bets manually on our website.
Where we are now:
We just launched a free beta of our website about 3 weeks ago - and started trying to acquire users on social media (including Reddit ofc). Our main goal right now is to get user feedback to move us to a stable version of the website. We're a bootstrapped company. We don't necessarily need money because our operating costs are very low (less than a hundred a month for operating the website, so most of the cost comes from me and my co-founder's living expenses, and we're very frugal people), but we are open to talking to investors because we know it could help to accelerate the growth of our business.
Customer conversion strategy:
You can totally roast us on this but, we're not there yet 😬. In terms of acquisition, most of our current users are from sports betting subreddits. Nobody's paying money yet but we expect to have the payment system in place in the next couple of months, depending on how the user feedback goes and how many bugs we find 🐛.
Why us:
We're super-dedicated, super-driven people with the right background (we think). We've learned web development, worked 10-12 hour days, evenings and weekends to make this come to life.

Last of all...we want your feedback, so ROAST US!

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Bet Tracker App - Personal project [WIP]

Having finished my last bet stint (which I lost) and having some spare time I have started working on my latest personal project of which I would love to hear some feedback from you guys.
I believe we all are familiar to the non-existence (or maybe I haven't done my research properly) of Bet-Tracker apps. We all have to make that spreadsheet, try to make it smart as possible, make it pretty with some conditional formatting colours and have all the data inputs manually. It may seem cool at the beginning but after some time it gets annoying by the lack of cross referencing and not having all the info in an organised and efficient way.
That's why I am now developing in my spare time a project (let's call it Right) so you can track your bet history in a visually and smarter way.
The main features for this app (PC and smartphone) would be:
I would love to hear your thoughts about this idea, such as features you would love to see implemented and if you would pay for this service, as a whole or with premium features.
Take a look in the first drafts for the UI in the album: http://imgur.com/a/ubPCN
EDIT: It feels really good having this welcoming to the project by the reddit community. It did really get my hopes high and a bigger commitment to this project. I will keep you all updated and will work upon your feedback! Thank you all.
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The Silph Road's In-Depth APK Teardown of v0.125.1 is complete! Healthkit & Google Fit, (Android!) Smart Watches, Bluetooth Fitness Trackers, the Poké Ball Plus, and 9 Smaller Changes!

Time for another APK teardown, travelers! The Silph Road team has taken an in-depth look through the night looking at v0.125.1 which began propagation on the Play Store a few hours ago.
The previous APK update brought Gen IV species and AR+ support on Android and in the two weeks since, we've had multiple in-game events and bonuses. (October got a lot more exciting than we'd expected!) Then on Thursday this past week, Niantic announced 'Adventure Sync' was coming to Pokemon GO, without sharing a release timeline.
Let's see what this update has included under the hood this time!

Backend & Platform Updates

As is tradition, let's begin with the smaller 'invisible' tweaks to performance, Niantic's platform, and the networking libraries:

1. Networking (RPC) Update

Niantic has continued to update their RPC library for months, and v0.125 is no exception. This version extends the RPC library to add listeners and notifiers for "downstream actions" as well as new client ping actions (typically for testing networking connections/speeds) called PING_ASYNC and PING_DOWNSTREAM. Whether these are listening to server-instigated actions or something else (e.g. peer-to-peer) is unclear. A new event called DOWNSTREAM_ACTION_EVENT was also added.
Thus far, we have not observed a noticeable impact from the myriad networking library evolutions observed in recent APK updates. Whether this means the library's updates are not ready for use in production or they are possibly simply part of Niantic's shared codebase between Ingress/PoGO/Wizards has yet to be seen! But we're always encouraged to see development on this front continuing - especially with the promise of PvP looming in the future.

2. Pokemon GO+ Tweaks

A small change to the GO+ connection code has appeared. A metadata attribute called FinishStartingSession has been added, seemingly connected to the Bluetooth pairing process, and we're curious to see if this may impact a glitch where the peripheral hangs while connecting. Additionally, a new PgpDeviceService has been added alongside the new metadata attribute (which will make more sense after reading #10 below!).
Keep an eye out for any improvements to GO+ connectivity, travelers!

3. SuperAwesome Parent Verification

Our travelers with younger children may be interested to know that further tweaks have appeared for SuperAwesome-authenticated accounts. This update brought a new 'IsParentVerified` attribute, which may refer to the GDRP-encouraged practice of obtaining 'verifiable' parental consent. Here's a little more detail on this for your reading pleasure.

4. Garbage Removal (Memory) Tweaks

New garbage removal functions have appeared called CleanupAllGarbage and garbageRemovalPaused, the latter of which is seemingly tied to a new OnHighPerformanceModeChanged event.
For our non-technical travelers, garbage removal in programming refers to 'releasing' or freeing up memory used by assets that are no longer needed - and can help improve app performance and avoid "out of memory" crashes!

Bug Fixes & Quality of Life Upgrades

A few changes have been included on the bugs & QoL front as well, travelers. See if you can spot any differences in the following:

5. "High-Res" Avatar Textures

It appears that in some situations, higher resolution textures may now be employed to make trainer avatars look a little nicer. Several pieces of metadata involving this change refer to the conditional new HighResTexture - all involving avatar display.

6. PokeBall & Catch "Bullseye" Tweaks

Though we doubt this change will alter the physics of throwing/catching mechanics, two new 'states' have been encoded more explicitly for Poke balls: idle and breakout. This may be an attempt to resolve a glitch in the catching flow.
Perhaps more interestingly, however, the bullseyeCollider metadata attribute has been removed and replaced with a bullseyeBaseRadius and BULLSEYE_PLANE_EPSILON attribue. This reflects a tweak in how PokeBall collisions are handled and scored.

7. Lucky Pokemon Backgrounds Fixed (Again)

Soon after Lucky Pokemon appeared in all their glittery glory, their extra golden particle effects unfortunately didn't play nicely with the standard background images and effects on the Pokemon details screen. A patch followed soon after to improve this, and it appears an additional tweak was added in v0.125 to further help these particle effects get along. See if you can spot the difference!

8. PokeStop Submissions - Map Marker Placement Fixes

The PokeStop submission UI has received a small update to the map marker placement UI. For those involved in the PokeStop submission program already, take a look!

New & Upcoming Features

Alright, with those out of the way, it's time to look to the future!

9. Healthkit & Google Fit Integration: Adventure Sync!

This awesome feature reveal dropped Thursday - and metadata and assets to make this a possibility are definitely the major headliner in this APK version's changes, bringing major new back-end libraries of myriad functionalities.
In short, this feature will allow Pokemon GO to tap into the existing health/fitness APIs on Android and iOS to credit you for certain physical activities! Here's what we see:
In order to get credit for activity via HealthKit or Google Fit, the Pokemon GO app will need permissions to run background services on your mobile platform's operating system. From what we can make out, it may require background location permissions and your OS's fitness API permissions.
It appears that push notifications will be shown for:
  • EggHatch
  • BuddyCandyFound
What Activities 'Count'
Fitness data is retrieved by/sent to the app in what are called Fitness Samples in the mobile SDK jargon. These samples are basically timestamped pieces of fitness data, and can come in several types. Here are the types we see evidence of support for in the upcoming integration:
  • DistanceWalkedMeters
  • StepCount
  • CaloriesBurnedKcals
  • ExerciseDurationMi
  • WheelchairDistanceMeters
  • WheelchairPushCount
Remember, not all of these are necessarily expected to be implemented into production, but we at least know the app is hard-coded to accept fitness samples with these 6 types. Notably, the journal entry for Fitness logging still only has one field for DistanceWalkedKm. Hypothetically, this could simply be a catch-all field that incorporates steps, etc. But it may also indicate that only distances moved will count. Time will tell, but we're crossing our fingers for support for multiple of these activity types!
Weekly Rewards & Reports
For more info about the Fitness feature's rewards and the upcoming 'Fitness Report' UI, check the v0.119.5 APK teardown where these first appeared!

10. New Devices Support: Smart Watches & Other Bluetooth Peripherals!

This was a rather complicated breadcrumb trail to make sense of, travelers, as several naming conventions collide in the APK here. However, what follows is our best, educated guess at what the APK's many changes here mean for the future:
Smart Watches
Until this update, the Pokemon GO+ was the only Bluetooth peripheral supported in the APK. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch app was a 'watch version' of the Pokemon GO app that ran on a separate operating system (WatchOS) and relied on a paired mobile phone app.
It looks like things are about to change.
The GO+ Bluetooth library appears to have now been broken into three distinct services:
  • PgpDeviceService (the Pokemon GO Plus)
  • FitnessDeviceService (brand new)
  • WatchDeviceService (brand new)
Smart Watches
It's still very unclear whether Android smart watches will receive a full replica of the Apple WatchOS app - or if they'll simply be leveraged for fitness data tracking. But it is our initial impression after reviewing the evidence that non-WatchOS smart watches may function very similarly to the GO+ device. We'll be watching this with great interest for our travelers sporting Android Wear watches!
Other Bluetooth Peripherals
It appears that the Bluetooth connection code has been extended to incorporate support for several new things:
  1. Connection Authorization via Certificate verification
  2. Sending two Fitness metrics: CaloriesBurned and ExerciseTimeMs
  3. And curiously, what looks like a newly added ability to detect Legendary Pokemon alongside standard Nearby or UncaughtPokemon (which have long been delineated on the GO+ via green and yellow lights, respectively)
This is a very interesting turn of events. We expected a new device ID to be added in preparation for the PokeBall Plus (the upcoming, GO-compatible peripheral for Pokemon Let's Go). But the ability to send fitness data is supported by other APK additions referring to 'fitness devices' as well.
It appears the Bluetooth library may have the potential to become a Swiss army knife for peripherals - supporting both the PokeBall Plus and potentially various certified fitness trackers.
We're also very curious why the Bluetooth peripherals would need the ability to send or receive a 'Legendary' request. To date, no legendaries have been encounterable in a situation where peripheral use would be possible.
Admittedly, this is a very small bread crumb. (But... I'd bet a Dr Pepper that we see a Meltan/Melmetal experience in 'Let's GO' (or even GO?) that involves peripherals in some fashion.)

11. Multi-User Passcode Redemption Added

Passcodes have been available in-game for a long while - but apparently a new error code has just been added called OVER_PLAYER_REDEMPTION_LIMIT indicating certain passcodes may be redeemable multiple times. Interesting...
And you've made it to the end, travelers!
For the first time, Pokemon GO is about to get proper background tracking support - something many on the Road have longed for since before launch.
We have high hopes for the implementation, and would love to see additional fitness types (like bicycle riding) receive support in-game for the 'adventures outdoors' Niantic is focused on advocating. Now that the Pokemon GO client can remain fully closed during these 'higher risk' outdoor fitness activities, perhaps liability may be sufficiently reduced such that we can see this happen. At any rate, we're crossing our fingers and are happy to see the momentum.
Now, to quickly recap what was not added in this APK version: no new moves, cries, species entries or forms were added.
Finally, as we wrap up and (finally) head to bed, one personal aside from myself:
We've had nearly ten thousand new faces join us since our last teardown 2 weeks ago. (!) To everyone new to the Road: welcome! I'd invite you and our veteran travelers alike to join us in helping keep the Silph Road a place to learn and enjoy this game together.
You should know: snark, elitism, and rudeness have no place here! If you see this happening on our boards, please report the offending comment and we'll quickly help relocate the offending visitor to a new community. Ain't nobody got time for knuckleheads here.
The Silph Road team founded the Road out of nostalgia and the love of Pokemon to be a rather unique community among gaming forums - and together our travelers have done remarkable things. I invite you to join us in helping foster a culture of helpfulness, knowledge-sharing, and friendliness. It only takes a few friendly comments to make a whole board awesome. :)
Travel safe,
- Executive Dronpes -
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2017 NFL Uniform Analysis - Part 2 (The Bad)

In part 2 of my uniform analysis series I will focus on teams with what I feel are "bad" uniforms. Most the teams on this list have a uniform that they updated awhile ago that hasn't aged well. While good design never goes out of style and becomes a classic look, design that focuses on trend ages quickly (example: Every hipster logo ever).
It's completely fine for a team to have a "trendy" uniform, it's a great idea to sell more jerseys, but then that team needs to stay on top of trends by updating their uniform accordingly. This becomes more difficult with NFL uniform rules that only allow a change every 5 years, but every team on this list is eligible for an update.
Now let's take a look at some bad uniforms in no particular order.
Member the Oilers? Member how awesome those uniforms were? I member. Well, when the Oilers became the Titans they did a pretty cool uniform overhaul. They designed an original uniform with nods to older NFL designs and their own past. The only thing that really sucked was their logo.
Over time different uniform cuts/templates and different manufacturers (Puma -> Reebok -> Nike) morphed the Titans uniform into what it is today. The shoulder stripe has slowly evolved into a narrow strip at the top that gives players slimmer looking shoulders. Not a good look for football players.
The helmet logo just has way too much going on and the overall message is muddled. I think a better idea would be to break up each element and have it subtly represented throughout the uniform. The three stars can be on the shoulder, the sword can be represented on the pants, and the flames can be a subtle pattern on the helmet. Something along those lines.
The all white is currently their best look with light blue tops with white pants coming in second.
I'm very excited to see what the Titans will come out with for their new uniforms. A logo change and a simple shoulder stripe fix would help these out immensely, but I have a feeling they'll do more than that.
The Cardinals have a great team name and logo to design a fantastic uniform around, but they fell in love with the mid 2000’s Reebok template and kept it for some reason. Swoops, patches, piping, and blocks of color for no reason. They look like a dad wearing one of those “fast” looking polos.
The Cardinals main focus should be dark red and white (throwback). It has so much potential if they actually owned those colors and weren't so obsessed with black. So many college teams are red and white and they look amazing.
The biggest Cardinal sin has to be the gray facemask. Old school facemask with a crazy “fast” looking jersey doesn't match. The jersey says 2005 and the helmet says 1985.
It's not the worst uniform in the league, but I'm ranking it so low because the design hasn't aged well. Their uniform history hasn't really been filled with hits either. At least they don't use the bird with arms logo anymore. That creeps me out.
This one hurts because I think the Bengals have one of the best helmet designs of all time. It even looks good with another team using it. It's a really fun and original design that the Bengals should never change.
The problem is the weird choices and inconsistencies of the rest of the uniform. The biggest problem is the hideous white block on the side of the uniform that for some reason continues into the top part of the pants. I really don't understand why it's there. It looks like they ran out of black material and just used filler.
The B logo looks too cluttered positioned right below the NFL logo and just like the Browns uniforms it pushes the numbers down from the chest to the stomach more.
The drop shadow numbers with a thick color matching outline looks cartoonish and out of place. The pant stripe has slowly worked its way to the front part of the pants for some reason. Overall the look is extremely sloppy and would benefit from a redesign.
If you're going to use a busy tiger pattern you need structure and simplicity in the rest of the uniform in order to pull it off. That is why their color rush jerseys look so much better. You're eliminating a lot of the mess and cleaning it up. That said, I don't think the Bengals will be changing their uniforms anytime soon and the fanbase seems to like them so they have no real reason to. I give them points for originality and trying an aggressive design.
I know I'm going to get a lot of hate from Panther fans on this one, but hear me out. The Panthers have a great logo and fantastic colors, but uniforms that are filled with design issues that don't take adantage of those things.
The biggest issue to me is the amount of Panther head logos used throughout the design. They have an oversized logo on the helmet, the exact same logo on the sleeves, and then again on the pants. If you're a team like the Eagles or Rams you can have your full team logo on your sleeves because you're using a different design on your helmet. With the Panthers it's extremely redundant.
There are some teams that still use the old Reebok template, but have updated their fabrics to Nike. The Panthers are one of only a couple teams that still use the Reebok template and even older fabrics. So you're presented with this super shiny, 90's basketball shorts style fabric for the Carolina blue that doesn't hold its shape when it's on the players. This means the shoulder stripes and pant stripes wildly change in thickness. It's not a good look.
The block numbers don't match any other part of the rounded design. It's something that is cool on an old school team, but not a team that came into the league in 1995. The center stripes on their helmet might have also been cool back in the 90's, but now they look weird and completely unnecessary with such a big helmet logo.
I commend the Panthers for sticking with basically the same look for as long as they have, but they would benefit greatly from a template change to provide some structure and removing redundant logos.
All of these teams have at least one aesthetic I enjoy about them, but have several weird design choices that confuse me to why they haven't been at least slightly updated. The Cardinals need a refresh, the Bengals need a clean up, the Panthers need an update, and I’m excited to see what Nike and the Titans come up with.
EDIT: Part 3 - Close Teams
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Bee movie script except it was put through a blender.

Scenario for Bee movie
According to all known aviation laws, there is no way that bees can fly. Body fat will take a few wings on the floor. The bee, of course, because bees do not care what they think is impossible to sleep anyway. Yellow, a black stool. Yellow, a black stool. Yellow, a black stool. Yellow, a black stool. Hui, black and yellow! Agitemos soon. Enigma? Dinner is ready? Ooming! A second. Yes? | - Barry? - Adam? - Do you think that happens? I can not. Then you take. Look deeply. To use the stairs. Your Father, who rewards a good return for money. I am sorry. I am very happy. This graduate. We are very proud of your son. A perfect report card, all proud, B. Him. Mum! I have something to do here. - a hot fuzz - Ah! This is telling me hello! It will be in the line of 118000. - Bye! Barry, I'm going to stop flying in the house! - Hello Adam. - Well, Barry. - Is this fuzz gel? - A little. In particular, the graduation today. I did not think to do it. Three days of primary school, high school for three days. Which are unacceptable. College three days. I am happy to have taken about a day, and the hitchhiker hitchhikes. The back is another matter. Hi, Barry. - mustache you get Artic? It seems good. - DJ hear? - Yes. - Are you going to a funeral? - No, I do not do it. Everyone knows that a man is a snake arrow, I will not be at death. Do not go over trees. This stubborn. I think I have found the way. I love that incorporates an amusement park today. Why do not you need a vacation. The boy, a lot of ambition ... luck. - Well, Adam, we are human today. - are we? - See the men. - Amen! Alleluia! The Dean of the faculty to make distinctions of bees, and a den of Buzzwell students who wish to raise. Hello from the new hive terminal class ... ... 09:15 oity. That concludes our ceremonies to assemble. And the industry, Honex at the beginning of your life? And if we choose this job? I heard that it was nature. Warning! we are going here. The tram is always kept below the antennas. - I do not know why? - A little scary. Welcome Honex, a division of Honesco and a part of the group Hexagon. That's it! Wow. Wow. We know that we, who are you, just like the case of the bee, so that they tired for life * in all places where I can be given life works for her. When you bring the nectar honey and comb pollen starts strong athletes. Our formula, we have corrected the mystery of the color and the sweet smell form and sweet compound in their own honey bubble syrup of honey ... you know - This girl is good. - and it's my cousin! - does not exist? - So, we are all cousins. - The right. You are right. - The Honex and we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of the bee. These bees are testing a new helmet technology. - What do you think? - Not enough. Here we have our latest development in Krelman. - Who is it? - Oatches this little sprig of honey after casting in suspension. He does not keep his thousand. Who Krelman at work? Of course. Most jobs are small bees. Know, that everything is the work of bees, if everything is in the mainstream. But since we will choose carefully for your stay, choose your job the rest of your life. Does the same job the rest of your life? And I do not know. What happens then? You know that you will be happy with bees, as a species, did not have a day off in 27 million years. So, shall we say to death: he killed? We decided to try. Woohoo! Blowing my! "What crisis? How do you say that? A job forever? It's at the discretion of a crazy love to do. I feel relieved. Now we have to do well in life. But, Adam, how could he ever? Cuestionario Why anything? We mainly operate society on the bees of the earth. Is not it also the place to think maybe never even operates all things? What analogy is it? Give me an example. I do not know. But what I am you. Please door opens. The nectar of the monetali reduction camp king. A second. To know. - Pollen jocks are? - Wow. But I was so familiar. And as he is outside the hive. This is so, but some of them have not returned to you. - Hey, athletes! - Well, the athletes! Guys did great! Show that you are! You are a fan of heaven! I love you! I love you! - I do not know where they were. - I do not know. Your day is planned. To do this things he knows where he knows, fly out of the hive. You can not decide to be a pollen athlete. You must be high attack them with him. Law. See. What is his life, he has more than you see? And I said, I'm in the. It is just a symbol of social status. To do this, bees do too much of that. Perhaps. Unless you use and the ladies used to see it. These ladies? Our cousins, do not you? Standoffish. Standoffish. Closed. - Oouple of Harris def. - Have fun with them. It must be dangerous for a pollen athlete. Yes. When the bear, were against me, a mushroom! I had one foot in my mouth, and the other is to hit me - Oh, my God! - I never thought of it as a blow. How are you? Try to alert the authorities. Autograph that I can not. From the moment of the day, he is the shortest, comrades? Yes. Borrascoso. The next day to reach the sunflower miles organizations. - six thousand, huh? | - Barry! Puddle jump for us or you are not available. - Maybe if I am. - have you got? The J-900 through the palace gate. What do you think of a child's buzz! Is it bee? I could not. It all depends on what you want Honex 0900. Hey! Father, to my surprise. The interests of the evaluate what, as you come? - Well, there are a lot of options. - But you only get one. Do you bother to do the same thing every day, the Son, he says: In truth I tell you calm agitation. Then grab the staff and shake the movement. You get a number. Beautiful finish. For you, Father, and I think maybe more about my honey in the open field. What do you see as urinary animals It's work is a bad guy with a sting. Crow, peace can not make the son of your ability to go into honey! - Barry, you're so funny. I'm not being funny. You are not funny! I love you. Our stimulator son? - Are you going to get up? - Nobody listens to me? I have to wait until sticks. What's to me longer than they could have said. I'm going to have an ant brands? Let's open honey and the kind of holiday? And maybe the chest. My antennas shave. When his village. Get golden teeth from everyone "Dawg"! I am very high - we start work today? - Today is the day. Come on! Good jobs will be gone. For the execution. the number of pollen, tuubinem ensemble spreads like a reception of mixture, ... waxing - are still available? - Hold Job. Both on the left! Because he is one of them, what do you want? Congratulations! No Side - What do you get? - Collect garbage. Star! Woohoo! ¿Recruit Oouple! Yes my Lord? The first day we will do it! Make your choice. - before you want to go? - No one will be. Oh my. What is available? His servant, which is open to the bathroom. - If the chance to get Krelman? - Of course, you are together. Unfortunately, as Krelman closed. Monkey wax is always open. The opening Krelman. What has been done? A dead bee. The entrance door. You see? He is dead. Another dead. Deady. Two more deadified dead. He died from his neck. Death of the neck. Such is life? Oh, it is extremely difficult! By heating, cooling, cascade, casting, agitator, humming, number of seven inspector, fiber coordinator less than the supervisor, Wrangler mites. Barry, Barry, what ... what do you think? Enigma? Well, what we have sunflower nine lakes in the area ... What happened? Where are you? - I go. - Out! What? - not abroad. - Oh no! I do not have, so that before going to work for the rest of my life. You'll die! You are crazy? Yes? Another call arrives. If someone feels strong, there is a Korean deli shop with 83 roses receiving today. These guys. - look. - It's what we saw yesterday, child? Wait, my son, frozen flight. Well, Lou. Let's get him. Really? Do you feel lucky? This signal here. Just because the first. - Thank you. - Okay. he has received for the day the knowledge of rain, and, as everyone knows, not only bees fly in the rain. So carefully. As always, shows brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bats and laptop. In addition, I received from both, that we learn from the root of the pain insufflated. Murphy, in his house, like grasshoppers Ilex! - which is wrong. - Rookie and a reminder that you BEE number one of the law, do not speak? Okay, Lorem positions! Buzz, South, Is buzz! Buzz, South, Is buzz! Buzz, South, Is buzz! Black and yellow! Hello! Are you ready for this hot shot! Yes. In this way, can also be. wind check. - Portland, expression. - Pack nectar, the expression. - Wings, check. - a point to consider. Afraid of my shorts, check. OK, ladies, Move! At these sums, on the other hand, suces be white? All flowers drain? Woohoo! Of me? I can not believe myself! Blue. I feel fast and free! kite box? Woohoo! Flowers! This blue is high. We have a visual weight. Seized and about 30 degrees. Roses? 30 degrees, Roger. Around him. Make room, boys. It gives him a blow. He is a collector nectar! - Pollinate nearby Have you already? - Cheap. With pollen from the waters of men do not meet here and there even here, I am certain of those who are here. Perhaps, then, is that of life, that is, captured looting. What is your question? And it's a little magical. It's incredible. Why do we have? That is the power of pollen. More pollen, more flowers, more nectar, more honey for us. I read a lot of bright light. They must be daisies. In the future, we will need is there of them? Copy the visual. Wait. The flowers have one of these clauses seems to move. Once again, I say? Are you moving in a flower gain? Yes. line was it's the best. Who is it? I do not know, but I love this color. Although the smell not very good at all. He is not like a flower, but I love him. So, you want one of the Ohemical-y skills. Oreful, boys. There is little grabby. Sweet bees lord! Oandy-brain, get out! TROUBLE? - Guys! - It could be hurt. Yes. Very close. Mom's boy with little or no harm. You are on the rookie! Coming to you as a weapon! Ayuadame! I think flowers. - If you go to him? - I think you know it. Who is it?! Match point! You can start packing, honey, because you have eaten? Yowser! Gross. There is a car to the bee? - Something? - I drive! - Hello bee. - Are you coming back here? Descent to sting me? Do not move. But if you do not be touched, and sterilizable. FREEZE! The brilliant! Microwave, grandma! What are you doing? Wow ... the level of tension is incredible. I have to go back home. I can not escape in the rain. I can not escape in the rain. I can not escape in the rain. May Day! May Day! Until the bee? Ken Ken you were able to close the window, we want to hear you could close the window, my wishes to the program of the new life. I did the West Campus. You see? It does not belong to him every leaf. Oh no. Most men do not need him, to keep what is it? Perhaps. This is the time. This is the time. At the moment! At the moment! This is the same with ...! What is diabolical. He is fantastic. He has the special skills of all things, and ten of my favorite movies. What number is it? Wars? I ... I ... is not that all is well. Not that it's amazing that we can not talk to them. They are crazy. When you leave the office of exchange, we are amazed, I can not believe that, to be what I say. There is sun. Maybe it is a result. 75 great know the sun on them. I predict global warming. Get warmer and feel. At first, I thought it was just me. Wait! Stop? API? A step back. This winter boots. Wait! Do not kill him, "Do you know that I'm allergic to this product? It kills me! For what benefit do you think your life is worth less than yours? What is your life, what is less valuable? He is yours? I am just life, worth saying. And I did not know what he is capable of. For me, the bill is small. I'm not scared. He is allergic. He put on your resume. I did not wear it. Do one of your special skills. The blow on a special ability. Law. well live. Thank you. - Vanessa, next week? C. Wisdom of butter, remaining fixed. Do you know that. - You can put a carob tree on something. - Goodbye. - They are supposed to have fewer calories. - Goodbye. I must say that he saved my life. I say the right thing, go here. III can be known what shall I say? I could, in the time of your distress. The law is the bee. You are not the person speaking. I can not believe I'm doing it. I got it. Oh, I can not do anything else, Corné! On the other hand. X. do. How to start and I do not remember? ?.! "Jazz like you" "No, it's not good It's here, say, crazy Hi, I'm sorry. - You speak -. Yes, I know it's the story How much I'm sorry it's wrong. .. everyone has the right, I know I'm sleeping for example, but to go to bed, I do not remember well, I'm in any case, it's disconcerting itself for that, I am surprised to find that for a bit he does not want to .... but you are the bee,? I'm him and it's not the church, but they tried to kill him and so .. thank you ... do not have it's the way they grew up that was a bit weird - .. I speak with a bee - Yes. I speak with a bee the bee is talking to me, I just want to say that I am ..? . And now, I do -. wait, how do you know that - what does he say the proof is that you, I think "Oh Dada, honey" put his hand -.... the very funny - yes, but the bees . funny If you do not laugh, what we would call to his face ... I ... I do not really seem to appear to be a little ¼ do -.? what I do not know. ... I do not know. Coffea? I do not want to bother you. Not to be a problem takes two pieces of copper. - coffee on the right. - I hate to be taxed. - do not be ridiculous? - What I would like a cup. Alas, cake do you want? There is no need. - Very little. - I can not. - come! ask me to lose micrograms of torque. - Where is he? - The tapes do not help. You look great! I do not know what, if you know it the same way. Well are you? And when n fleeing the cabin by a Cicero link. Finally, when he arrives. He goes down the steps of the assembly. Choose not to be born. He said, "Why should Guatemala drive watermelon, watermelon, I thought you said?.? Joke like a bee? That's the kind of thing we do. If the other. What do you do if the praise, Barry, than on the job? I do not know. I want the gut Mark me: however, not what I do not want how you feel - it's you who - himself a law doctor, a parent wants to do, but she wanted florist - really - the only one difference, the flowers of which I went this new expedition, and the same was chosen the slogan If not, if you are ..? ..? ..? ... my hive show are you sheep Meadows Yes and I'm not mistaken in the shell, lame, and paralyzed no way I know annular surface foot lost once - !!. Why girls put rings on their fingers - Why not? - he is his, put a hat on his lap. - if the chance to try -. well, woman -. Oh, yeah fine by taking two cups of coffee Anyway, it was a great grace for the coffee, the question I'm sorry for is ...? .. he could not finish. Let him do with the rest of the power, he would now be awake My position. ... are you? In fact, though, it seems like ¼ take part with me? Beware! Here, suddenly. - Thank you! - Yes. Very well. Well, then ... I guess I see you around. Or not. Well, Barry. Once again ... thank you very much for the presence. Oh that? It's nothing. Well, nothing except that ... Anyway ... this task. You, you are ready to go. The researches processed. Well, Dave, pull down. - Sounds amazing. - He was amazing! This, however, especially at the time and well hipped, and a happy man of my life. Human! I can not believe you were with humans! Human fear Giants! What were they? Huge and crazy. Talk, eat crazy things giant giants. And crazy. - Are you trying to kill yourself, only television? - Other. And some of them do not do it. - What are you coming back? - Poodle I did it, and I'm happy. And I wanted to see him. When you use. And now you will be able to choose your normal. - Well, well! Well, if I met someone. Have you got? What was ish Marcus? - Wasp A ?! Do you kill and your parents! - No, no no wasp. - Spider? - do not attract cobwebs. I know he's better, with eight legs. I am not able to not do in it. So who is he? ... is human. No no. Which is the right of the bee. No bees break the law. - airplane as it is called. - Oh, my boy. He is so nice. It's the flower girl! Oh no! Dating from the florist, men! We do not have any meetings. You're flying out of the hive, talking to humans attacking our homes with power washers and 1000-1080! The eighth is a stick of dynamite! He saved my life! He knows me. It! What to eat It is not finished! What is it with you? - call crumble. - he was so tall? And like not eating. That's what falls what they eat! - Oinnabon You know what? - No. it is bread and cinnamon and icing. Heat the seat ...! ... very hot! - Listen to me, right? We, us, we are, and there is not for them? It can be proved, but whoever cherishes the heart, we can not deny it? There is no pleasure. thirst stop. I hear you have a bee in my mind. API do you think? - bee thought. - bee thought. API do you think? API do you think? API do you think? API do you think? It is. He is in the pool. "You know what your problem is, Barry? I have to start bee thinking? How long will it last? It was three days! Why do not they work? Many must think of the state. What is life? You have no life! You just have a job, no bee? Whether to kill honey? Barry salt. Your father, who was talking. Martin, are you talking about him? Barry about me? Then comes? Just because I have enough? All would allow. And that day. Not too long. This! Live! - We are always here. - I told you not to cry. He is not a big shout! - shout something for me? - Because you do not listen to it? But I did not listen to him. I'm sorry, I have to go. - Where are you going? - I meet a friend. A woman? Why do not I want them? Goodbye. I hope it's just a bee-ish. Do you have a big screen of flowers every year in Pasadena? PLAYING roses to be a dream that all florists! The float was surrounded by flowers and jubilant crowds. Of the tournament. To participate in past actions to do it? No. Well, I have one. What is not on all sides, flee? He is exhausting. That's not all where to run? He is faster. Yeah, well, as I see it, I see. Okay, your turn. TiVo. You FREEZE TV live? It's crazy! You do not have? We Hivos, but the disease. It is a horrible, horrible disease. Oh my. The stupid bees! You want to be able to overcome the pain of all things. We try not to sterilize. Usually fatal for us. Then you have to watch your mood. Very well. Patea the wall, for example, the march is, and the anger of the letter that I write to you on the tape. It works like a passion, anger, envy, lust. Oh my God! Are you OK? Yes. - What do you want?! - and the error. Who does not bother. Get out of here, traitor? What is it with you? Pictor, A, N, except for a circular? Yes, he was. Now, if they know nobody? He felt like about 10 pages. Is the end of seventy-five or more, our God. But it's not really for science. - I lost a cousin of Italian Vogue. - I bet. What is it, in the name of the Almighty, why Alcides? And how are they missing? Marcus oute or Blossom, Ray Liotta Private Select? - Did he try? - Never heard of him. - Why is this? - For the people. Eat meat, not enough? - Well yes. - How did you get? - make the bees. - I know who does it? And it's hard to do it! There is, by heating, the cooling, the tumultuous collection together of one of these functions. While everything may be a Krelman! - is organic - it is our world? He's like honey, Barry. Just what ?! Honey bees do not know about it? This is flying! Like the flight! You are caught on houses, schools, hospitals! This is for all of us! For what is not seasoned with? I receive low. I get to the bottom of that? These Hector - you almost did? - Almost. He is not. Unfortunately Well, I guess I'm going now cute house and honey there is question. The box of the child trapped? I know you have heard. Then you speak? I can not tell. And now, are you starting to talk? When you arrive at the soft stuff? Who is your supplier? What I work, I do not understand. I thought we were friends. It's not bad for me to make the bees the ultimate you want? Are you coming too late? It belongs to us? You, sir, and the sword in the bad! You, sir, will be the lunch for my iguana, Saint! When will the honey come? Please tell me, for what? Honey Farms! This is a property Oh! Crazy man! What did this thing happen? Those faces, they did not know what hit them. And now the journey, where are they? Just like the morning. What? Are they dead? We are looking for the dead? For everything that is moving, to be cleaned. Where you are going? Honey farms. It's huge for me. I go to Alaska moose blood and madness. You want to head? I'm going to Tacoma. - are you? - and he is really. Very well. Oh, uh! - Who is it?! - Oh no! - A wiper! Triple blade! - triple punch? At the fort! If by chance there are only bees? How long do you not want to be clean after me, why are not you all, so you do not have to How do I allow? Open your eyes? Worn by the window and the head; From NPR News in Washington, I'm Oarl Kasell. But insects do not kill? - See! - the type of blood !! Alee - you? - What? How little cries. Turn on the radio. What is a young bee? Hello blood. But the order of the jars of honey, as much as the eye. Woohoo! A living thing is going to be the smartest man I guess he can be where he goes. I mean, it's our honey. - Wasps hanging communiendo protection. - We are all stuck. The next city. It's not our man. Themselves. One of the mosquitoes. - What to do if you are in trouble! - Are you a mosquito is not in trouble. Nobody wants us. I like the rhythm. Look at a gnat, blow, blow! At least art in the world. You meet a girl. By changing the midges, that when he came a moth, dragonfly. And the girl did not want mosquito mosquitoes. You must be kidding! Mooseblood about to leave the building? Until then, the bees? - Hey guys! - moose blood? And I know that not everyone is able to understand even at this place. Did you bring your straw crazy? Thrown in a jar and put a tab, and it is almost pure profit. Who is it? The bee has a brain the size of a pinhead A. Pinhead up! Pinhead. - Listen to a new smoker. - Oh, sweet. And that's what you want. Thomas 3000! When a smoker swells Ninety a minute, semi-automatic. Twice the nicotine, all the tar pits. Some leaves of unconscious breaths. That makes honey and the price. "Honey and also make money"? Oh my God! What are you going to do? Well are you? Yes. He is the ultimate. You know that you throw in a wall of fake fake? Queen influenced. We had no choice. This is the queen? There is a man in women's clothes! The net queen What is it? Oh no! He is not, but reserved a hundred! Honey. Of which serious injuries, insinuates in our honey is great! Did something worse than this? And in my mind. Oh, Barry, stop. Who told you to take care of our honey? In order to report. It seems? The teaching of conspiracy. These are obviously fake photos. At the same time, what did you do? He spoke to men. - What? - What are humans? Who is to have a girlfriend of men. And the kiss? Das is? Enigma? We are not. - You want to be. - Who are you? ! Honeybees I took out a cricket once in San Antonio. So you will watch awake all night, you are next to his feet. Barry, what do you want to do with your life? I do all. No more bees! I remember that the Father is in your house, your hands were worried. You can not stop. I do not remember. Why do we have to live with honey in two cups a year. Whatever the cause of the mouth of Liberation Balm! Even if this is true, what can we do with bees? Pical what really hurts. Face? The eyes? - It hurts. - No. What is the nose? He's the murderer. There is a place in men in the only way that you are able to bite, and that in the place where a lot of. Def Five, the only source of full-time news work and exams. No more bee barbs! Genie and Bob at the anchor reception. The point is good weather days. Buzz sport mask. And Jeanette Ohung. - Good night. I'm Bob Genie - and I'm Jeanette Ohung. A company of three bees, Barry Cicero, intends to pursue the human race for our honey, because the law of packing and taking it? Tomorrow night on Larry King Bee, three old queens here in our studio, discussing their new book, Olassy spirit this tile of the week. And that night, Barry as they were, "that Cicero said. Have you ever thought, "I can not do it to a child hive. "? Bees are also so that he was never afraid to change the world. What is the Bee columbee? Gandhi bee? Bejesus? When they treat me: neither have, for the right of human beings. Candy or Stickball stores there, and assumed that. How old are you? Protect this city, in this case, it will be the process of bees in the world. You know, Larry King and another man in the world. There is a common name. 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Ladies and gentlemen, my grandmother was a simple woman. Oloning! Thank you.
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13 Months of ADOPTION! -- NANO accepted here! (10)

Hi everyone,
Until May 2018 I posted this on a regular basis since the adoption rate was high. Sometimes we had several new entries per day. Then adoption slowed down and also private work slowed me down.
Also, USE NANO, https://usenano.org appeared and took over some of the work.
usenano.org's listings do not fully match this list and vice versa. Both of us would need to invest some work in order to provide a full list. ;-) -- Both lists together should provide a good overview.
Also: A few weeks ago BrainBlocks reported about 2000 merchants using BrainBlocks. In case they are reading here, please let us know.
This said, I am re-publishing The Reddit NANO Directory
Adoption is crucial! Adoption is king!
ATTENTION: The new Reddit design has screwed up the correct counting in here.
If you switch to the old Reddit design, you will realize, that I am able to count from 1 to over 130.
Dear online merchants,
Please state visibly that you accept NANO and I will be glad to link you here. As a customer I would like to learn about this payment option before having worked my way through to checkout. At the same time this is a great opportunity to advertise NANO as a currency ... on more than 130 sites so far!
Examples: 01, 02, 03, 04.
INTRO 1 (Jan 20, 2019)
After 13 months of adoption we are counting at least 155 (update to follow) shops / options to spend NANO.
This means a current growth rate of <1 shop per day.
NANO has been accepted so far in the US, CZ, GER, UK, CAN, AUS, BRA, FRA, AT, NL, TUR, PH, NZ, JP, RU + CW (Curaçao) + HR (Croatia), ITA, GR (Greece), IRL!!
UPDATED COUNTER: 157 shops / options
NANO Media Kit - logos for websites, apps, etc., https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/7wh5uz/nano_media_kit_logos_for_websites_apps_etc
NANO Sign, great tool for merchants: http://nanosign.org
NANO Wallpapers, https://www.nano-wallpapers.com
New shop? Please post below or PM me and link me to your NANO sign on your site.
1) This is the follow-up on https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/8lvakf/5_months_of_adoption_nano_accepted_here_9
2) Please also find four other directories here:
a) USE NANO, https://usenano.org
b) Nano Acceptance on Google Maps, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k8DqkaVf51xNr8l7bCUUQhJ23FJuQmnM&usp=sharing
c) all.things.nano, https://www.allthingsnano.net -- No longer maintained??
d) NANO is FAST, https://nanoisfast.com/websites-accepting-nano-payments
The Reddit NANO Directory
NANO ACCEPTED HERE!, https://nanothings.store/product/nano-accepted-here-window-sticke#
-- Hopefully in correct chronological order. -- Shop at your own risk!
Dec 24, 2017
1) Made by Docs, US, natural toothpaste, https://www.madebydocs.com (Were you #1?)
2) Josh’s Jungle!, US, salts & fresh peppers, https://www.joshjungle.com (Were you #1?)
3) Growing Opportunities International (GO!), US, donations, http://www.growingopportunitiesinternational.org/donate.html (Were you #1?)
4) BlockFevr, closed, https://blockfevr.com/game/dice/XRB
5) RaiGames, US, Social RaiBlocks Gambling, https://raigames.io/ -- (Be careful with gambling!) WARNING: https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7qgxgl/raigamesdo_not_deposit_rai_warning/
6) deleted
7) smallsound/bigsound, US, guitar pedals, http://www.smallsoundbigsound.com/pay-with-cryptocurrency
8) Medbooks.CZ, CZ, used medical books classifieds, https://www.medbooks.cz
9) Late Apex, US, T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases: https://late-apex-racing.com/pages/home-tracks
Jan 09, 2018
10) Naturkost Leiferde, GER, organic food, http://www.naturkost-leiferde.de
Jan 10, 2018
11) RauchRoad, US, sunglasses, https://rauchroad.com
12) headphones.com, US, headphones, https://www.headphones.com
What this shop has learned from accepting NANO: https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/7x3qr1/headphonescom_started_accepting_nano_a_month_ago/
Jan 14, 2018
13) Wild und Frei – Headshop.de, GER, headshop, https://wildundfrei-headshop.de
14) Hitsteps, US, realtime website analytics, https://www.hitsteps.com
15) PexPeppers, US, hot sauce, https://www.pexpeppers.com
16) Rah Straps, CAN, handmade camera straps, http://rahstraps.bigcartel.com
17) The Series One Shop, AUS, parts for real Land Rovers, http://www.seriesoneshop.com
Jan 15, 2018
18) SF BMW CODING; US, BMW coding, https://www.sfbmwcoding.com/now-accepting-raiblocks
19) Scott Mills, US, art, http://scottmillsart.com
20) Desert Island Survival, US, desert island survival courses, http://www.desertislandsurvival.com
21) Sekerka Tomáš, CZ, art, http://sekerkatomas.cz
22) Lindleys Autocentres, UK, car services, https://www.lindleysautocentres.co.uk
23) Imaginaire Digital, UK, web design agency, https://www.imaginaire.co.uk
Source: http://www.nottinghampost.com/news/business/bitcoin-now-being-accepted-payment-1064600
Jan 16, 2018
24) Grow Kit, CAN, grow shop, https://thegrowkit.ca/faq
Jan 21, 2018
25) Half Moon Mods, US, vape shop, https://www.halfmoonmods.com
Jan 23, 2019
26) Vape Club International, Malaysian vape juices and e-liquids, https://vapeclubmy.com
27) deleted
28) Doppel Store, Brasil, online store, https://www.doppelstore.com.br
29) DONGA, France, interior, https://www.donga.fr
30) Cryptodesign, US, cryptocurrency-related artwork, https://cryptodesigns.io
Jan 25, 2018
31) Fermentation Culture, AT, shop for Koji spores, http://www.fermentationculture.eu
32) Irische Nacht, GER, Irish music night, http://www.irische-nacht.rocks
33) Tony's Eliquid Co., US, vape lemonade flavors, https://tonyseliquid.com
34) Love At Every Sight, US, personalized cards and wine labels, https://loveateverysight.com/faq
Jan 26, 2018
35) PPC Protect, US, protection against click fraud, https://ppcprotect.com
36) EDGEWORTH, US, design company, https://edgeworthdesigncompany.com
37) D.o.A-C., Department of Art-Cryptomancy, US, Cryptomancy is, generally, a magical act intended to interface with the blockchain. This is not done simply for financial gain, but in fact more generally: to steward mystical and numinous interactions with the blockchain. http://www.doac.us
Jan 27, 2018
38) ACL CREATIVE STUDIO, US, film and book distribution, branding, editorial design, http://aclcreativestudio.com
Jan 29, 2018
The Copper Hat, CAN, quality wet shaving supplies, https://thecopperhat.ca
Jan 30, 2018
39) Domein-Direct, NL, webhosting & more, http://www.domein-direct.com
Jan 31, 2018
40) WK|END EYEWEAR, US, party sunglasses, https://wkend.club
Feb 2, 2018
41) Crypto Audio Club, US, erphones & erbuds, https://cryptoaudio.club
Feb 5, 2018
42) Brisbane Tech Repairs, AUS, Brisbane's first cryptocurrency friendly IT service!, http://www.brisbanetechrepairs.com
43) Online language teacher, https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/7vetnx/i_am_an_online_language_teacher_and_i_accept_nano
44) NanoMerch.net, US, NANO merchandise, http://nanomerch.net
45) Bitcoin Psychic, US, live psychic readings by phone, text and chat, https://bitcoinpsychic.wixsite.com/bitcoinpsychic
Feb 12, 2018
46) LUCKY NANO, US, online poker, https://www.luckynano.com
47) LEYLAND, US, women's activewear, https://www.leyland.com
Feb 13, 2018
48) MEMTO, NL, personally made memorials, http://www.memto.nl
49) GPS Tracking Made Easy, US, GPS tracking devices for regular people and small businesses, https://gpstrackingmadeeasy.com
50) Korbinian Vogt, GER, special photo prints, https://korbinianvogtprint.com
Feb 14, 2108
51) SomaVita, US, ElevatePlus, supplement, https://www.somavitasupplements.com
Feb 16, 2018
52) Textracto, US, turns articles into data, https://textracto.com
53) CUT ALL THE SHIT, US, bullshit-free web hosting company, https://www.cutalltheshit.com
54) AZEWATE, TUR, metalworks shop, https://azewate.com
Feb 18, 2018
55) SLYDEV, AUS, 3D printed nerf accessories, https://www.slydev.com.au
Feb 19, 2018
56) The Milk Road, US, coffee roaster, https://www.milkroadcoffee.com
57) Work for NANO, US, Make It, Sell It And Earn Nano, http://www.workfornano.com
Feb 23, 2018
58) 1up coin, Accept Cryptocurrencies on your Stream! By using Twitch/YouTube, StreamLabs/StreamElements & Coinbase APIs we make it easy for you to accept Cryptocurrency donations!, https://1upcoin.com
59) NanoTwit.ch, NanoTwit.ch is a service for Twitch streamers and their viewers. https://nanotwit.ch
60) NANO THINGS, US, everything NANO, https://nanothings.store
Feb 24, 2018
61) Pure Nootropics, US, pure nootropics, https://www.purenootropics.net
62) STRUCTGLASS, AUS, Australia’s safest structural glass balustrade system, https://structglass.com.au
63) Daniel R. Treccia, US, Innovative Books in Sports Performance and Exercise Immunology, http://danieltreccia.com
Feb 25, 2018
64) Mentevagante, freelance artist and musician, https://www.reddit.com/Art/comments/7zg09v/that_look_ballpoint_pen_15x21/
65) Hamburg Maths Tutors, GER, Hamburg Maths Tutors, http://www.hamburgmathstutors.com
66) Digital Media Design, UK, digital media design, http://iinde.com
67) OB Club, US, non-profit medical marijuana delivery service, https://organicbudclub.com
68) Blade + Brow, US, Korean 6D Nanoblading (;-)), freckling, and hairlines, https://www.bladenbrow.com
69) Voetbal Quiz, NL, online football quizzes (in Dutch), http://www.voetbalquizkopen.nl
70) Cryptogirls, US, sexy shows, http://cryptogirls.live
Feb 26, 2018
71) Guess Winner, sports bets, https://guesswinner.com
March 01, 2018
72) Cryptimber, UK, NANO wood art, https://cryptimber.co.uk
March 02, 2018
73) Wit Working, BRA, coworking space in shared environments, https://www.witworking.com
74) Moriarti Watches, US, watches, https://moriartiwatches.com
75) VPN Into China, VPN service to access chinese websites with ip restrictions in China, https://vpnintochina.com
March 03, 2018
76) Laser Trees, US, jewelery, http://lasertrees.com
77) Kaizen, GER, sports socks, https://kaizen-sports.de
78) Healthy Harvest, US, hydroponics and horticultural supplies, https://www.healthyharvest.com
79) Be A Little Chaotic, US, T-shirts, hats, https://bealittlechaotic.com
80) NANO is FAST, US, "PAY WITH NANO" stickers, https://nanoisfast.com
March 04, 2018
81) CoinSpec, US, hardware wallets, https://coinspec.net
82) Gecko Vapes, UK, Vaping and E-Liquids, https://geckovapesco.com
83) Sara Carli, US, art, contemporary realism in oil, https://saracarli.com
84) Black Block Research, US, 'On-Chain Investment Intelligence', research, analysis and insights into the cryptocurrency markets, https://blackblockresearch.com
85) Luckygames, US, gambling, https://luckygames.io
86) ThinkHODL, US, crypto merchandise, https://thinkhodl.com
87) Canadian Bitcoin Giftcard, CAN, electronic gift cards, https://canadianbitcoingiftcard.ca
March, 10, 2018
88) PINOY GAME STORE, PH, online game store, http://www.pinoygamestore.com
89) mae., US, websites: design & branding, http://designedbymae.com
90) Nanod.es, service to spin up one's own Nano representative, https://nanod.es
March 12, 2018
91) Shillshack, crypto decals and T-Shirts, US, https://shillshack.com
92) Astral Clouds, vape juice, US, https://www.astralcloudz.com
93) APShaveCo, US, unique knots and brushes, https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/APShaveCo
94) BINARY CABIN, US, custom web applications, employee management, CRM systems, https://binarycabin.com
95) betNANO, US, NANO lottery, https://betnano.win
96) NANO Poker, online poker, https://nanopoker.club
March 16, 2018
97) HODLFORK, US, cryptocurrency enamel pin collection, https://hodlfork.com
98) WOODLAND SHADES, US, sunglasses, watches, https://woodlandshades.com
Please read this: https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/8h0pwj/do_not_send_your_nano_to_woodlandshadescom_you
March 21, 2018
99) Xenogifts, Free games, gift cards and more, https://www.xenogifts.com/blog/Cryptocurrencies-have-been-added-as-rewards.php
100) Eliquids.nz, NZ, E-Liquids, https://www.eliquids.nz
101) RISING SUN RECORDS, JP, records, https://risingsunrecords.shop
102) Crypto Apparel Company, UK, apparel, https://cryptoapparelcompany.co.uk
March 29, 2018
103) NANO meetups, NANO meetups info, best "NANO accepted here" sign so far, https://www.nanomeetups.com
April 02, 2018
104) VPWR, US, apparel, https://vpwrapparel.com/collections/nano
105) nanoboxes (= NANO-digital-ebay), buy and sell your digital products with Nano, https://nanobox.es
April 24, 2018
106) InkHip, US, apparel, https://inkhip.com
April, 26, 2018
107) The Crypto Factory, NANO Collectible Coin, https://www.thecryptofactory.io
April 30, 2018
108) Vityaz-Hotel, RU, hotel on Crimea, www.vityaz-hotel.ru
May 01, 2018
109) Dreamlandmagic, US, Magic Shop, https://www.dreamlandmagic.com
May 14, 2018
110) SatoshiMarket, US, embroidered polos, https://satoshimarket.io
May 22, 2018
111) PVP.me, CW (Curaçao), sports & esports betting, https://pvp.me
May 26, 2018
112) A Tempo, NL, classic car, nanocurrency
May 28, 2018
113) deleted
May 29, 2018
114) Silicon Lottery, US, processors, https://siliconlottery.com
June 1, 2018
115) Lynx Art Collection, US, artwork, https://lynxartcollection.com
June 2, 2018
116) AlcoYoung, US, alcohol gadgets, https://alcoyoung.com
June 3, 2018
117) Nano Coffee, US, coffee, https://nanocoffee.shop
June 4, 2018
118) Insight Music, UK, independent record label, http://insightmusic.co.uk
June 8, 2019
119) Menta za koktele, HR, mint cocktails in Croatia, Koktelmenta
June 10, 2018
120) What's Crypto?, GER, apparel, https://whats-crypto.com
June 20, 2018
121) EUTRINO, electronics, https://eutrino.com
July 06, 2018
122) Anonymous Venezuelan merchant accepted 29 NANO for 102 kg of food incl.cornmeal, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces and avocados. https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/8wfl2venezuelan_user_i_bought_102_kg_of_food_today
July 25, 2018
123) Allin.bet, US, NANO poker, https://allin.bet
Aug 23, 2018
124) Bendigo Radiators, AUS, radiators, www.bendigoradiators.com
Oct 26, 2018
125) Hair Care Studio Angelika, Venlo, NL, no website
Nov 03, 2018
126) 100MilaCaffè, Turin, ITA, cafe, https://cryptoicocash.com/news/il-primo-caffe-acquistato-in-criptovaluta-nano-in-italia
127) RIVALS, US, photographer, http://www.keenanrivals.com
Jan 05, 2019
128) Kirinos Pizzaria, Rio, Brazil, pizzaria, https://twitter.com/oih_ana/status/1081471927275925505
Jan 11, 2019
129) BullHQ.com, US, apparel, https://bullheadquarters.com/collections/nano
Jan 19, 2019
130) 35North, GR, Olive Oil, https://35north.eu, (Welcome Greece!)
Jan 20, 2019
131) mickmon, IRL, music, http://mickmon.com/myself (Welcome Ireland!)
Feb 04, 2019
132) Travala.com, US, INT, Online Travel Agency, https://www.travala.com
Jan 4, 2018
First recorded purchase with XRB/NANO: — 1 XRB bought 1 jar of toothpaste!
Jan 10 & 11, 2018
Second & third recorded purchase with XRB/NANO:
— Audio-Technica DSR7BT headphones sent to Mikael in Finland (claimed on March 13)
— 2 shock absorbers for a Land Rover for 1.5 XRB, (from the deep archives: https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7suvwd/one_month_of_adoption_raiblocks_accepted_here_3/dt7nuq0 )
Jan 12, 2018
Fourth purchase with XRB/NANO: — First album ever sold for XRB/NANO,
Jan 20, 2018
Purchase #5 and #6: It's toothpaste and peppers! https://imgur.com/a/kIVy7
Jan 20, 2018
Purchase #7: -- It's sunglasses!
Jan 22, 2018
Purchase #8 -16: "So far there have been 8 or 9 successful XRB payments" for hot sauces: https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7s23lh/just_got_my_first_physical_xrb_purchase
Jan 26, 2018
Purchase #17: vape lemonade flavors, https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7t7com/just_made_my_first_ever_payment_with_xrb_could
Documenting purchases with RaiBlocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ1jQs2GxBU
Jan 23, 2018
1) BlockVerse, RaiBlocks MarketPlace, https://blockverse.io
2) BITLIT, open marketplace for buying and selling items/services online, https://bitlit.io
3) NANO LISTING, US, marketplace where you can list goods and services for NANO, https://www.nanolisting.com
4) OpenBazaar, Planning stage, https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7s2uvi/the_openbazaar_peertopeer_marketplace_is_looking
1) RaiBlocks App, US, Price, Graph, News, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/raiblocks/id1334362676?mt=8
1) First rent paid with RaiBlocks: https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7olpeg/rent_in_raiblocks
Anyone out there?
1) BrainBlocks, simple checkout for RaiBlocks, https://brainblocks.io
How to integrate a NANO gateway via BrainBlocks to your website (Programmers Guide) http://www.hitsteps.com/blog/how-integrate-nano-cryptocurrency-payment-gateway-via-brainblocks-to-your-website
2) GetXRB Start accepting RaiBlocks payments for your business -- GetXRB is an API for generating XRB invoices on the fly. -- https://www.getxrb.com
3) RaiPay for WooCommerce, WooCommerce payment gateway plugin that allows your customers to pay with RaiBlocks via RaiPay, https://github.com/coenjacobs/raipay-woocommerce
4) More: https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7pxtns/hi_i_did_nothing_special_for_this_community_but
5) BrainBlocks Shopware Integration, https://www.reddit.com/RaiBlocks/comments/7rzkgh/brainblocks_shopware_integration
6) ArrowPay. Use ArrowPay's prebuilt plugins and tools to quickly and easily start accepting RaiBlocks on your website. https://arrowpay.io
7) Vaulty, one link for all accepted cryptos on your site, https://www.vaulty.io
8) python based program that displays the merchant's receive address as a QR code for the customer to scan, as well as displaying the transaction details in both FIAT and Crypto. More details: https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/80ddbl/i_wrote_a_program_to_make_accepting/
Regular edits & updates.
Please let me know, in case I have forgotten anyone. Thanks.
submitted by Koba7 to nanocurrency [link] [comments]

About Predicting NHL Scores

Predicting NHL game scores

As some of you have probably noticed, I've been posting game predictions in the GDTs for most of Edmonton's games this year. There has been a decent amount of feedback and mostly positivity surrounding it even when the predictions have been less than flattering, so kudos to you guys!
Anyway since there has also been quite a few questions regarding some of the metrics and my methods I thought I'd write a bit on it (sort of a FAQ) so I can simply refer to this post later on.
Apologize for the wall-of-text, feel free to skim to what interests you.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a statistician or a mathematician, I work in a BI role. Everything below is just trial and error and there are definitely far better ways to do this stuff. I am always open to suggestions and improvements.

Why do you post this stuff?

I've not had a lot of success in sports betting before so I thought I'd make an attempt to see if I could beat the system using statistics. I've been meaning to make this for a few years but finally got round to coding some.
I then found many of the factors involved very intriguing and the head-to-head comparisons make watching the games more analytical so I thought I'd start posting them for others as well (I first did the tables by hand, but now its code-generated).

What tools do you use?

I have a very simple setup at home using SAS University Edition1 running on an Oracle VM. I work with SAS so I chose it because of familiarity, not because it's necessarily best suited for the job (I do find it very versatile though).
I run the code manually whenever I want to analyze games/place bets. Since this is running on a VM there is no batch-processing involved (a SAS-license for a server doesn't really make sense for personal use).

Where do you get your data?

I have some code that polls the NHL API2 and a betting website API. Additionally I scrape data from corsicahockey3, puckonnet4 and naturalstattrick5 .

What do you do with the data exactly?

The basic data-flow is structured as follows:
  1. Get team stats (NHL API)
  2. Get league aggregated stats (NHL API)
  3. Get current standings/rankings (NHL API)
  4. Get advanced stats
    a) Expected goals-% (and xGF/xGA/60) (corsicahockey)
    b) Corsi & Fenwick EVSA (puckonnet)
    c) Aggregated GSAA, xSV% (naturalstattrick)
  5. Update list of games with final results (NHL API)
  6. Get list of today's games (NHL API)
  7. Get game winner odds for today's games (Betting website, open API)
  8. Clean up and format datasets for analysis
  9. Calculate custom metrics for teams
    a) Team form
    b) Team fatigue
  10. Analyze today's match-ups
  11. Print reports (& reddit text table for EDM games)
  12. Store predictions in datamart tables and
    a) Analyze prediction accuracy
    b) Analyze metric correlation
There is some other stuff going on in conditional data-flows but that is mainly for ad-hoc analysis.

What is "Form Score"?

Okay, so this one is meant give a better idea of a team's recent performance than simply looking at wins/losses or points/pt-%. I calculate the initial score based on the game result as follows:
Result Win Loss
Regulation 2 0
Reg. 1-goal game 1.5 0.5
OT 1.25 0.75
SO 1 1
Each game's score is then adjusted by the opponent's Point-%, and by league home advantage (~0.96) or away disadvantage (~1.04)
The game scores are summed together and the result is divided by 6 to find the mean. Finally, the mean score is adjusted using the team's current PDO (aka SPSV%).
So a hypothetical maximum form score at the time of writing would be if the Hurricanes (worst PDO or "luck" in the league with 0.963) played 6 away games (1.04 modifier) against the Tampa Bay Lighting (best Pt-% in the league with 79.5), and they won all of them by more than 1 goal (2 PTS per game).
(2*79.5*1.04)*6 = 165.36 / 6 / 0.963 = ~172 
Current actual maximum (04.12.2019): 83.06 (BOS)
Current actual minimum (04.12.2019): 0.00 (DET)

What is "Fatigue"

I calculate fatigue based on a few metrics:
  • Jetlag = Time-zones crossed in the last 6 games (lower is better)
  • Schedule = Days between the 6th game and today (higher is better)
  • Travel miles = Number of miles traveled divided by schedule days (lower is better)
The actual formula also includes a constant (to off-set negative values) and some weights:
(50 + Jetlag - Schedule*2) * sqrt(Travel miles) 
This results in a fatigue score that typically ranges from 100-1000 (higher is worse).
For simplicity, the team's are categorized by whichever 33-percentile they end up on (LO-MED-HI), but in the head-to-head analysis the actual fatigue score is taken into account.
In addition, back-to-back win/loss percentage is added to the initial fatigue value when comparing teams head-to-head.

How do you come up with "Expected Score"?

Expected score is based on a few metrics:
  • xGF/60 = Expected goals for per game
  • xGA/60 = Expected goals against per game
  • GF/60 = Goals for per game
  • GA/60 = Goals against per game
From this we can average out a realistic expectation of goals per game, lets call them rGF/60 and rGA/60, for both teams.
Averaging out the opposing measures...
(home_rGF60 + away_rGA60)/2 | (away_rGF60 + home_rGA60)/2 
...and extrapolating based on estimated certainty of win/loss...
...we get the approximate number of goals for both sides. From here, we could use floor and ceil functions to get more variance between the numbers, but a simple rounding with zero-fussing will give a more realistic score line. Typically 3-2 or 2-3 (although atm thanks to higher scoring, the most common scores are 4-3/3-4 and 2-1/1-2 both with 11,8%).

How do you analyze the match-ups

In order to determine which team has a better chance to win you have to consider both internal and external factors that relate to win percentage. External factors are mostly event specific, eg. home/away advantage, recent travel etc. Internal factors are by far easier to analyze as they are composed out of qualities that we can evaluate using past games as reference ie. power play efficiency, goaltending, possession, shooting percentage and so forth.
In my model I utilize the following metrics in addition to considering home/away advantage (using league average win-ratios):
Metric Category
Fenwick EVSA Control
xGF% Offense
HDCA Defense
GSAA Goaltending
xPPG for Special Teams
Form Score Form
Fatigue Schedule Effects
Comparing these metrics in a match-up results in one team having an advantage over the other. However, not all of these metrics have an equally large effect on win probability, so they need to be weighted. I determine the weights by calculating correlation coefficients for the metrics. Put simply: the stronger the apparent correlation between a metric and actual GF%, the larger the weight.

What do you use it for?

There's a whole lot of data and dozens of data tables involved but primarily this whole shebang simply prints out some reports for me. First one includes all the games for the day with the expected game winner highlighted along with estimated certainty and additional stats regarding recent form. [https://imgur.com/1rFSOdc]
The second one displays betting odds for the games along with visualized form scores. Colors are determined by individual games' form score. [https://imgur.com/FnOjoQ2]
Form score Colour
0-20 Red
20-40 Orange
40-60 Yellow
60-80 Light Green
80 > Green
Select games are highlighted depending on the odds and estimated accuracy for predicted result.
The third report is a table of suggested doubles for betting: [https://imgur.com/T2GXk4f]
And of course, I use it to post statistics to EDM GDTs. It gives me a text table to copy and paste.[https://imgur.com/HzaPj9q]

Does it work?

Last season I had an overall accuracy of about 61% and made a roughly 4-5% return for investment, while betting mostly on doubles/triples & singles with large handicaps.

Can I get access to all the results?

Maybe at some point in time. I'm working on sharing these on a free-to-view website.
submitted by Snyyppis to EdmontonOilers [link] [comments]

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