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Comprehensive ranking of all Barcelona transfers under Rosell + Bartomeu era

Since Laporta left presidency in summer 2010, some culés say the transfers have not been good enough. Let's attempt to rank the signings since then (for those that don't know, current president Bartomeu was vice president to Sandro Rosell from 2010-2014 before taking the main presidency role following Rosell's resignation in 2014)
Some notes:
33) Arda Turan
I think most fans were okay with this deal when it happened. A La Liga proven player with great technical ability who proved himself under Simeone's system. He was a controversial players but after Suarez cleaned up his act after coming to Barca it wasn't a big worry. Unfortunately things went south quickly for Turan, his performances left a lot to be desired and he never appeared to put forth his maximum effort. By the end of his time here he had fallen out of favour with seemingly everyone at the club and was loaned to Turkey until the end of his contract. Recently he has been accused of violent acts in Turkey and faces severe charges. Good riddance.
32) Douglas
  • From: São Paulo
  • Fee: €4m
  • Year: 2014
I said I take into account the transfer fee, and trust me, I am. Even at 4m though, Douglas is amongst the worst signings in Barca history. At a time where many were calling for a Dani Alves replacement, a young Brazilian RB didn't seem like a bad option. Except even Sao Paulo fans were confused when the deal was announced because Douglas is a remarkably mediocre player who had no business wearing the Barca shirt. He played a grand total of 8 games for Barca before going off on an endless series of loan spells until his contract expires.
31) Alex Song
  • From: Arsenal FC
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2012
On paper, signing Alex Song seemed like a decent idea. Seydou Keita had left the team and we needed a backup CDM to rest Busquets. He came from a great season at Arsenal playing possession football, but when he came to Barca it was clear he wasn't a fit. He wasn't terrible, but he didn't have the quality required to play as a pivot in Barca's system. He left after 2 years of mostly sitting on the bench. That 19m could have been very useful for a Barca team that needed to evolve.
30) Philippe Coutinho
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €135m
  • Year: 2018
After an impressive opening 6 months, Coutinho's performances have dropped drastically this season. His performances have certainly been better than those around him on this list, but being the record transfer in Barca history demands more. Nobody doubts his technical ability, but he has struggled to find a role in Valverde's system. Having thrived under a free LAM role at Liverpool, Coutinho hasn't shown the physical ability to play the Iniesta role in midfield, neither the direct clinical ability to replace Neymar on the front line. Let's hope Coutinho proves to everybody why Barcelona made him their record signing - he still has plenty of time.
29) André Gomes
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €37m
  • Year: 2016
He had a decent league campaign at Valencia and a decent EURO campaign with Portugal before moving to Barca. Decent doesn't cut it at Barca. I struggle to recall a single match where I was genuinely impressed with Gomes, but at the same time I don't remember him having a shockingly poor match. He was consistently mediocre, an option off the bench to rest starters when the result was wrapped up but nothing more. I will say nobody doubted his ability to complete a horizontal pass. For the most part his playing time would have been better spent on younger players. On the positive side, he seems to have found his level at Everton and Barca will be able to make back most of what they paid for him.
28) Paco Alcácer
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €30m
  • Year: 2016
His transfer made sense at the time. A young Spanish forward who had consistently scored goals in La Liga, brought as backup for Suarez. I don't think many of us were complaining when he came. But here we see why only specific players succeed at Barca. Despite his success at Valencia and now Dortmund, Paco did not fit in the Barca system. When he did start games, he went most of 90 minutes beyond sight, not being connected to the play and failing to impact matches bar an odd goal here or there. His finishing wasn't bad, but he did not contribute to anything else. Not a terrible signing but perhaps misinformed, nevertheless Barca made back most of the transfer fee from Dortmund.
27) Aleix Vidal
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €17m
  • Year: 2015
Brought with the intention of playing as a RB, an early injury scuffed Vidal's integration into the team. He impressed playing RB at Sevilla the previous season, and looked comfortable in the position when he first arrived. After his injury he never really looked the same. He was later used as a makeshift winger but really didn't have the quality necessary. Sold back to Sevilla for 10m in the summer, Vidal made neither a positive nor negative impression on Barca fans.
26) Marlon
  • From: Fluminense
  • Fee: €5m
  • Year: 2017
Marlon has only played 3 times in competitive matches for Barca so it is hard to rank him. He is only 23 and has time to develop, but he clearly hasn't left a remarkable impression on the coaching staff. With the arrivals of Lenglet and Todibo with the pending pursuit of De Ligt, it is hard to see a future at Barca for Marlon. Nevertheless, there is still opportunity to make profit on his transfer as he has been a regular in Ligue 1 and Serie A during his loan spells. I think most cules will not mind signing cheap, young players even if they don't work out. He clearly had talent in Brazil and was worth taking a bet on him. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
25) Ibrahim Afellay
  • From: PSV
  • Fee: €3m
  • Year: 2011
After a very impressive time in the Eredivisie, shelling out the 3m for Afellay seemed like a no-brainer. I think we were all excited by his arrival. He never looked out of place when he played, but unfortunately his body held him back as injuries continue to plague his career. He was worth the transfer fee alone when he skinned Marcelo to assist Messi in the CL semi final at the Bernabeu in 2011. What could have been...
24) Yerry Mina
  • From: Palmeiras
  • Fee: €11.8m
  • Year: 2018
Buy Yerry for 12m play him in a few league games where he performs abysmally sell him for 20m profit six months later. Thank you, World Cup. He would definitely be lower on this list if Everton didn't bail us out.
23) Paulinho
  • From: Guangzhou Evergrande
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2017
I think all cules were shocked when Paulinho was officially announced. Buying a 30 year old player from China who had failed in Europe before for 40m was a joke to most of us. Surprisingly he turned out to be a reliable source of goals from the midfield and didn't look out of place. Some might even rank him higher but personally besides his goals I never saw him as a starting quality midfielder for Barca. Perhaps even more surprising than signing him was selling him back to China for profit. This for me goes down as the most bizzare transfer in Barca history.
22) Cesc Fàbregas
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €34m
  • Year: 2011
The origin of "Barca DNA" meme. Another signing that made sense at the time. His connection with Messi at times was incredible to watch, but besides that it never really worked out for him. Fans had high expectations for Cesc as a player that could take Barca to an even higher level, but like Coutinho now, Cesc struggled to create a role for himself in the first team. Eventually sold on a small loss to Chelsea after 3 seasons.
21) Thomas Vermaelen
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2014
When we were desperate for CB coverage nobody was fond of buying an aging injury prone CB who was never top class. While his injuries haven't improved, in a weird way he has been worth the fee. Most 4th choice CBs would not be happy to sit out for so long, but when they are injured they can't complain. When he has played, he has always looked comfortable on his LCB spot. He has even had extended periods of playing time where having his experience was useful. Sadly this will likely be his last season at Barca at the age of 33 as his contract expires in the summer. A good servant.
20) Lucas Digne
  • From: PSG
  • Fee: €16,5m
  • Year: 2016
Maybe the most unremarkable signing of recent history, the middle of the list seems a good fit for Digne. He was brought as backup to Alba. When he played he did "good enough" for what was required. A good locker room player and great professional. Eventually wanted more playing time and was sold to Everton for small profit. Can't dislike him.
19) Jérémy Mathieu
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2014
Brought alongside Vermaelen, Mathieu was another surprising signing. Most Barca fans weren't happy to see 2 older non-elite CBs brought in, but Mathieu was impressive on his first season. He was reliable in defense and even scored some crucial goals on route to the treble. Left on a free transfer 3 years later having done his job.
18) Malcom
  • From: Bordeaux
  • Fee: €41m
  • Year: 2018
You might think I put Malcom too high and was influenced by the recent clasico. But Malcom is the type of signing I like to see the club making. He's young, exciting, reasonable priced, and we could make our money back on him any time if we wanted. Let's hope Malcom can climb up this list over the next few years.
17) Arturo Vidal
  • From: Bayern Munich
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2018
Another transfer that just made sense. He's not young but I think many of us had our views change on him when the price was revealed. You know what you get with Vidal. He's a warrior who is always going 100% and will never let up. In a team full of technically astute ballers, this is a good complimentary profile to have. While he doesn't have the technical ability of some of our other midfielders, he does not look out of place an is an upgrade on Paulinho. His time at Barca won't be long but I think it will be memorable.
16) Jasper Cillessen
  • From: Ajax
  • Fee: €13m
  • Year: 2016
Every time he plays he seems to pull off miraculous saves. He's only played 28 games but already lead us to 2 Copas. We have an opportunity to sell him for good profit, but until then he remains the best reserve GK in the world.
15) Claudio Bravo
  • From: Real Sociedad
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
Only spent 2 seasons at Barca but helped win 2 Ligas in the process. Always came up with crucial saves. Unfortunately he had to make way for MATS. He was not only a bargain at 12m, but sold for profit 2 years later.
14) Nélson Semedo
  • From: SL Benfica
  • Fee: €35,5m
  • Year: 2017
This was one of the most relieving signings I remember hearing about. We were desperate for a RB after Alves left and Semedo was the chosen one. In a window where we were also linked to Bellerin, most of us were so relieved when we got Semedo for a reasonable price. Reportedly one of the most reliable and hardworking players in training, Semedo has gradually developed his skill and lately seems to be Valverde's preference for the RB spot. There's more to come from this man.
13) Clément Lenglet
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €35,9m
  • Year: 2018
Originally signed as a backup, 35m for a young Liga proven left footed CB seemed like a good deal at the time. Little did we know he would become the most important signing of the season. Even if this is his only season as a starter, Lenglet has already made up for his fee by being a exceptionally good stand in for Umtiti. He may not be on the same level as Samu but it is rarely noticeable. To perform on his first season on the most stressful position is remarkable.
12) Ousmane Dembélé
  • From: Borussia Dortmund
  • Fee: €120m
  • Year: 2017
Might be controversial to have such an expensive young player who has only played consistently for 12 months this high, but I'm confident the board got this one right. He has absolutely exploded this season and his performances have made us all a bit more calm for life after Messi. Arguably the most gifted young attacker in the world, this kid is going to be amongst the elite. He was a big risk and he still has a lot to prove, but we have to credit Bartomeu for betting on him.
11) Adriano
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €9,5m
  • Year: 2010
Maybe a player some will be surprised to see so high, but Adriano was the original Sergi Roberto. Signed as a LB, Adriano ended up playing wherever was needed including RB, CB, and even as a winger. For 10m it's hard to beat his value for money. Without doubt an underrated part of Guardiola's Barca.
10) Alexis Sánchez
  • From: Udinese
  • Fee: €26m
  • Year: 2011
Although he was inconsistent during periods, he was entertaining and never lacked effort. He only spent 3 years here before being sold for a profit to Arsenal, but he definitely developed made a name for himself as one of the best wingers in the world at Barca. I will never forget his cracking goal on his last game with us vs Atleti that could have won the league.
9) Arthur
  • From: Gremio
  • Fee: €31m
  • Year: 2018
Okay, why am I including a player in the top 10 who has only played here for 4 months? I think you all know why. Personally, I have never been more confident that a young signing will make it at Barca than when I first saw Arthur play. He was born to play for Barca and has finally fulfilled our need for an orchestrating midfielder since Xavi left. King.
8) Samuel Umtiti
  • From: Lyon
  • Fee: €25m
  • Year: 2016
Umtiti was THE CB signing Barca fans had been calling out for for years. He was well worth the wait as well, ticking all the boxes necessary for a Pique partner - young, left-footed, athletic, good in the air, and great with the ball. Although Lenglet has done well to mask his absence this season, make no mistake that Umtiti is crucial to the future of Barca's defense. Already amongst the best CBs in the world when he's fit and a crucial piece of France's WC run, Barca need Umtiti at 100% to reach their best.
7) David Villa
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2010
Villa's performances spoke for themselves. He cemented his place in the starting XI immediately in what would become the single greatest football team of all time. An absolutely perfect fit with Guardiola football, which is next to impossible to find in center forwards. So many memorable moments; 5-0, Wembley, Milan remontada... El Guaje was truly special. Unfortunately the board didn't see him as such in 2013 when they decided to send him to Atletico Madrid for a measly 2m. In classic Villa style, he made himself a key member of Simeone's team, scoring 13 league goals as Atleti beat Barcelona to the title.
6) Luis Suárez
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €81,7m
  • Year: 2014
Signed after a controversial summer and a lengthy ban from football, there were many doubts about Luis Suarez when he was first signed. After a brief adjustment period, Suarez single-handedly turned Barca's abysmal start to the season into a treble winning campaign. His connection with Neymar and Messi will go down as possibly the greatest front 3 football has ever witnessed. Whenever people doubt him he seems to keep finding goals in him. A rare breed of striker and a risky investment that went about as well as possible.
5) Neymar
  • From: Santos
  • Fee: €88m
  • Year: 2013
When he was first signed, many fans were nervous and unsure of Neymar. Paying so much for a flashy Brazilian who had never played in a top league was a huge risk. After taking a season to adapt to Europe, Neymar quickly defined his name as one of the world's best. His dazzling skills were reminiscent of Ronaldinho and he was nothing short of unplayable for most of his stint at Camp Nou. Of course, it didn't have a happy ending as he was drawn to the money of PSG who doubled the transfer fee record to bring him to Paris. He may not be fondly remembered by all Barca fans, but it's difficult to reminisce about Neymar's time at Barca without smiling.
4) Ivan Rakitic
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2014
I don't think many people expected Rakitic to turn out as well as he did. Since the day he walked into the club he made the starting CM spot his own and hasn't looked back. He has easily adapted to whatever role the manager requires of him thanks to his complete skill set with no real weaknesses in his game. 247 matches played contributing 13 trophies speaks for itself. For a fee of just 18m, Rakitic is certainly one of the bargains of the current era.
3) Javier Mascherano
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2010
Originally signed as a backup CDM, Mascherano ended up earning his claim as one of the best CBs in the world. After struggling in the midfield when he first came, Guardiola decided to place him at CB to stand in the for the injured Puyol and the rest is history. Masche won the hearts of Barca fans through his unrivaled passion and commitment to the team, a Puyol successor if there ever could be one. One of the greatest tacklers of the 21st century combined his defensive skill with his ability on the ball and football IQ to develop into an essential piece of Barcelona's defense until the arrival of Umtiti.
2) Marc-André ter Stegen
  • From: Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
By the time ter Stegen leaves this club he will go down as the greatest keeper in Barcelona history. I said it, and I'm sure of it. His flawless passing from the back along with his monstrous 1v1 ability makes him the ideal goalkeeper for Barca. One of the most consistent performers for Barca since his arrival, MATS impresses us more with every game he plays. 12m is pocket change for the best goalkeeper in the world. A final parting gift from Zubi that will live long in memory.
1) Jordi Alba
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €14m
  • Year: 2012
Announced during his breakout EURO 2012 campaign with Spain, Jordi Alba and Barca were the perfect match since the beginning. Alba fulfills such a unique skillset that makes him the perfect Barca fullback - any other player in the world would be a clear downgrade for his position. Not only has he developed an unbelievable partnership with Messi in attack, but his speed has helped prevent counterattacks countless times. The best part is he seems to get better and better with age. For just 14m, Barca struck gold with this one.
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Match Thread: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Kick-Off: 19:50 CEST [18:50 BST, 13:50 ET, 04:50 AEST]
Venue: Nou Camp
Capacity: 99,354
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Weather forecast: 18°C (64°F), Partly cloudy
Referee: Delgado Ferreiro (Spain)
Preview from Madrid TV, thanks to u/Bettet
Join the /soccer IRC chat
Match Hashtags: #fcb, #barce, #elclasico, #madrid
Internet Streams:
The First Row
The Sky Stream
'free and legal' german
Coach: Tito Villanova
Confirmed Starting XI: 4-3-3
# Pos. Name
1 GK Valdes
2 DF Dani Alves (Montoya 27')
14 DF Mascerano
21 DF Adriano
18 DF Alba
16 MF Busquets
7 MF Xavi (C)
8 MF Iniesta
17 MF Pedro
4 MF Fabregas (fabregas)
10 FW Messi x2 gif gif2
Bench: Pinto, Montoya, Bartra, Song, Sergi Roberto, Alexis and Villa.
Pos Player Injury status
DF Gerard Pique Ankle doubtful
DF Carles Puyol Arm out indefinitely.
MF Thiago Knee out indefinitely
Real Madrid
Coach: Jose Mourinho
Confirmed Starting XI: 4-2-3-1
# Pos. Name
1 GK Casillas (C)
17 DF Arbeloa
4 DF Ramos
3 DF Pepe
12 DF Marcelo
14 MF Alonso
6 MF Khedira
22 AM Di Maria [](sub//#) Essien 88'
10 AM Ozil Kaka 80'
7 AM Ronaldo x2Video
9 FW Benzema higuain
Bench: Adán, Coentrão, Kaká, Essien, Albiol, Modric, Higuaín
Injured: None found
Live table As of HT
Pos. Club Pl W D L GD Pts
1 Barcelona 7 6 1 0 +12 19 WWWWWW
5 Real Madrid 7 3 2 2 +7 11 WWLWLD
Betting: (as of 18:30 BST)
Barcelona Ev
Draw 3/1
Real Madrid 25/8
Barcelona Statistics Madrid
2 Goals 2
5 Shots 6
2 On Goal 4
5 Corners 2
19 Fouls Committed 14
2 Yellow 3
0 Red 0
68% Possession 32%
Time Team Player
0' Mad
23' Mad Ronaldo Video
27 Bar Montoya (alves)
30' Bar Messi gif
40' Bar Pedro
43' Mad Alonso
45+1' half-time Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid
46' Bar
54' Bar Busquets
59' mad Ozil
61' Bar Messi gif
62' mad Higuain (Benzema)
64' bar sanchez(fabregas)
66' Mad Ronaldo
77' mad Pepe
80' Mad kaka(ozil)
88' Mad Essien (Di Maria)
Full-time Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid
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Rant about state of the subreddit

Just wanted to say I really enjoy looking at /soccerbetting daily. But I just wish there was a larger amount of people on this subreddit. Looking ar soccer and lots of club subreddits just makes me see the potential. I wish there was a way to get people not into actually betting to still post on this subreddit because it could be really beneficial and useful for us all. I mean it'd be amazing if daily pick threads and specific match threads had as many comments as some of the posts in soccer. Think about all the insight that could be had if all the people on /soccer gave their opinions as well. Hell even if I wasn't a bettor per se I'd still enjoy as an avid football fan to see the odds given on like a manchester derby that just happened or the el clasico etc.
Thanks for reading if you did, sorry for the waste of time. I just want to make /SoccerBetting an even better place to visit and a larger subreddit.
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Rivals Discussion Thread - GW 31/32

For the run in I am gonna make some discussion threads based mostly for our title rivals (Spurs and Leicester) and our top 4 rivals (City, United and West Ham), but feel free to discuss any other teams/games of interest (El Clasico anyone?).
I'll focus on the more relevant teams, so until we lose a game or draw a few, that is gonna be title rivals.


Leicester (1st) v Southampton (7th) 13.30 GMT (08.30 EST), Sunday 3rd April Referee: Michael Oliver


Team Last 5 Previous
Leicester W D W W W Crystal Palace 0-1 Leicester
Southampton L L D W W Southampton 3-2 Liverpool

Head to Head (Last 5)

Home Score Away Competition Season
Southampton 2-2 Leicester BPL 15/16
Leciester City 2-0 Southampton BPL 14/15
Southampton 2-0 Leicester BPL 14/15
Southampton 0-2 Leicester Championship 11/12
Leicester 3-2 Southampton Championship 11/12


Player Injury Expected Return
Matty James Hamstring 3rd April
Andy King ACL 3rd April

Euro Club Index & SkyBet match odds

Home Draw Away
49% 27% 24%
6/5 23/10 23/10

Last Word

On paper this game is pretty much already won, but Southampton are a side that play better away from home when against the better sides. They are a team that on their day can sit back and defend against anyone in the league and break on the counter with clinical efficiency. They'll need to be on top of their game, but they can definitely upset Leicester on Sunday.
I am cautiously optimistic. My prediction: 1-1


Liverpool (9th) v Spurs (2nd) 17.30 GMT (12.30 EST), Saturrday 2nd April Referee: Jonathan Moss


Team Last 5 Previous
Liverpool D W W W L Southampton 3-2 Liverpool
Spurs W L D W W Spurs 3-0 Bournemouth

Head to Head (Last 5) This makes for some seriously good reading

Home Score Away Competition Season
Spurs 0-0 Liverpool BPL 15/16
Liverpool 3-2 Spurs BPL 14/15
Spurs 0-3 Liverpool BPL 14/15
Liverpool 4-0 Spurs BPL 13/14
Spurs 0-5 Liverpool BPL 13/14


Player Injury Expected Return
Toby Alderweireld Illness 2nd April
Erik Lamela Muscular Injury 2nd April
Nabil Bentaleb Knee Unknown
Jan Vertonghen MCL 10th April
Clinton N'Jie Knee 18th April

Euro Club Index & SkyBet match odds

Home Draw Away
41% 29% 31%
7/5 12/5 2/1

Last Word

So, one of the few games remaining this season where Spurs will be expected to drop points. Lets pray that Liverpool are firing on all cylinders, as they could very easily inflict a heavy, demoralising loss on our North London neighbours. Or they could roll over and get smashed.
I am backing Liverpool to do us and our GD a favour and win by at least 2 goals. My prediction: 3-1

Man City

Bournemouth (13th) v Man City (4th) 15.00 GMT (10.00 EST), Saturday 2nd April Referee: Robert Madley
I have been asking myself if I'd rather West Ham or Man City get 4th place (assuming the top 3 positions are decided) and as fun as it would be to see City miss out on the top 4 it might not be very good for us.
They will undoubtedly be able to attract almost any player that would be willing to join the Premier League because of their money and their manager, and without the distraction of Champions League football they would probably end up walking the league.
Unless their form improves though they may end up completely out of Europe though - 4 points in their last 6 PL games is a poor return for any team that isn't Villa, and a CL tie against PSG means Pellegrini has got some serious management to do if he is to stay ahead of United and West Ham. A couple more bad weeks and they could be facing a battle for 6th with Southampton and Liverpool. My Prediction: 1-2

West Ham

West Ham (5th) v Crystal Palace (16th) 15.00 GMT (10.00 EST), Saturday 2nd April Referee: Mark Clattenburg
As much as I would like to see West Ham break in to the top 4, for the reasons listed above I don't think it would be good for us.
That said, they are the form team at the moment, and a win could put them in to the top 4 for the first time since October. They would probably already be there if not for a dubious penalty awarded to Chelsea just before the international break.
Crystal Palace are really struggling at the moment, so maybe the international break came at the right time for them, and has allowed them to regroup and get back to their early season form. I don't think that would be enough to stop West Ham though. My prediction: 2-0

Man Utd

Man United (6th) v Everton (12th) 16.00 GMT (11.00 EST), Sunday 3rd April Referee: Andre Marriner
It almost feels bad seeing United so far down the table, and I am sure seeing that is one of the reasons our own board are so reluctant to unsteady the ridiculously steady ship that is Arsenal.
Nonetheless a recent mini resurgence of form, led by their young academy striker Marcus Rashford seems to show a light at the end of the tunnel for United. They host Everton, who have been nothing if not entertaining this season, and I am expecting another great match. My prediction: 1-2 (and Lukaku to bully Chris Smalling for 90 minutes)

Final Word

One of the last weekends where we should be expecting to make ground on the top 2. Maybe the international break has made me forget the pain of supporting Arsenal, but I am feeling optimistic about this weekend. The table should make for a lot nicer reading come Sunday evening.
(Any feedback/improvements/criticism/mistakes are welcome!)
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Odds Market - YouTube Stoppage Time - El Clasico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) Preview  Live Odds and Predictions Odds: El Clásico d. 1. marts 2020 og Martin Braithwaite

Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and betting odds for El Clasico Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Barcelona vs Real Madrid Betting tips – El Clasico predictions. Here are the best Barcelona vs Real Madrid betting odds and our Barcelona vs Real Madrid betting tips for the fixture:. Home Win Best Odds: 2.20 with Unibet; Away Win Best Odds: 3.15 with Unibet; Draw Best Odds: 3.75 with Unibet; Our Barcelona vs Real Madrid prediction and betting tips – El Clasico predictions However, we can’t imagine El Clasico without goals, because the offensive potential of these two units is fantastic. There will be a slow and conservative start of the game, but as it develops, things will become more intense. Therefore Over 1.5 goals in the second HT is our choice with the odds at -125. Pick: Over 1.5 second HT -125 The Primera Liga is the top division of Spanish football. Established in 1929, it has been dominated by bitter rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona, with Barcelona claiming the title last season. A Look At Barcelona’s Betting Odds Barcelona took advantage of Real Madrid’s slip-up last weekend as a Lionel Messi masterclass inspired a 5-0 victory over Eibar. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner bagged four goals to help push Barca two points clear of the Whites with 13 games remaining.

[index] [14431] [11621] [6008] [4522] [7555] [15196] [11776] [6498] [49] [10264]

Odds Market - YouTube

⚽ In this episode of Stoppage Time, our resident soccer experts Carmine Bianco, Pavlos Laguretos and Nick Borrman handicap and go over their sure bets, sure wins and predictions on the following ... brings you the most comprehensive aggregation of betting odds & lines for sporting matches and global events ... Bundesliga Round 16 + El Clasico + Carabao Cup Quarter Finals ... Join our host Flash, with soccer experts Alex, Dave and Radek to preview the Bundesliga, El Clasico and Carabao Cup Quarter Finals actions and give their best picks. Odds: El Clásico d. 1. marts 2020 og Martin Braithwaite SpilXperten. Loading... Unsubscribe from SpilXperten? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 54. ... How Zidane's Real Madrid Almost Broke Valverde's Barcelona's Unbeaten Run: Tactics - EL CLÁSICO - Duration: 10:35. Tactical Analysis HUB Recommended for you 10:35