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I was 15 when the accident took place. It was the night of November 16th and it was raining hard. I remember following the raindrops trail down the side window, betting on which one would reach the bottom first. A truck collided head on with our car, totalling it. It came in suddenly from the side of the intersection, dad didn't press the brakes on time and boom. Collision. There was not much left of the car or the people inside it. Dad died on the spot. My mum, who wasn't' wearing a seatbelt, was thrown a good distance across and broke her neck by colliding with a railing. Me, I lost an arm. The glass shards from the side window went straight into my left arm and damaged the nerves. The wound got infected and the doctors said they had to amputate it.
You never quite get used to losing a limb. It's one thing to be born without it, another thing entirely to have it, take it for granted and lose it an instant. Poof. Gone. Like a messed up magic trick, only this time there's no man in a tall hat who's gonna make the bunny reappear and everything will be alright again. What's gone is gone and I had to learn to accept it.
You may wonder why an unlucky son of a bitch like me plays the lottery every week. It's because I believe luck runs in patches. I've had enough bad luck to last me a lifetime. Now it's time for the good. So each Thursday noon I make my way to the general store and buy myself a ticket. I've never won, of course. I wouldn't be writing this if I had. I've gotten small chump change here and there but never a life changing amount of money, y'know? For some reason the people who win are always the ones who don't play regularly. It's always "oh this was my first lottery" and "I bought this ticket for my husband". The guy who's been buying tickets for 7 years? He doesn't get jackshit.
I work day shifts at a coffee shop in a big mall. Never went back to high school after the accident. My Ma always told me "David you get that diploma or you'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life." I guess this is the rest of my life. Too late now anyhow.
Today's Thursday. I punch my clock out at 5 and head home. I eat my dinner around 6 then I go out to buy my ticket. They announce the results on Fridays so Thursday night is the last they sell tickets. I take my umbrella with me even though it's sunny outside because it's my lucky umbrella. It's always managed to be around me when good things happen.
The man who runs the general store is a cheeky little Indian fellow named Rajesh. He used to work as a cab driver before he opened his store and you can tell because he's a bit of a raconteur, always spinning up long tales of his homeland and the adventures he's had. I usually just smile and nod my head to not appear rude but truth is it's in from one ear and out of the other with his stories. I bought my tickets from him and gave him the same numbers as always - 3 7 16 22 38 48 49 . The reason I always get the same numbers is because I don't want to regret incase it ever wins and I'm sitting there banging my head because I changed my numbers. Don't want to feel like a sucker.
I live only 5 minutes away from the store but sometimes (especially on Thursdays) I take the longer 12 minute way home. I find that a walk helps me clear my head. I was walking home when suddenly I heard a voice calling out from behind me
I looked back and saw a tall man in a black suit. He was waving and walking towards me at a ferocious pace. There was an odd rhythm to his walk. He was smooth, smooth like a ballerina walking on her tiptoes. He was also quite rotund in shape. Kind of looked like a big black beach ball rolling towards me.
As he got closer I noticed his rosy red cheeks and his smile. There was something unnatural about that smile. The right side was much more pronounced than the left, almost like a smirk. It was as if a photograph had caught him in an awkward mid laugh. And the smile was relentless, unmoving, a part of his body that seemed frozen in time. I looked up from his mouth and found his eyes staring straight into mine
"Hey fella, been trying to catch up with you for a while now." It seemed true. He was out of breath and huffing and puffing. "Say, is that a lottery ticket in your hand?"
"Mind your own business" I grumbled
"Woah there, a bit cranky aren’t we?" he laughed
His laugh was an exaggerated "haha", a laugh you might expect to hear on Frasier or Seinfield as a laugh track. It had an oddly forced ting to it, as if he had repeated that same exact laugh thousands of times.
"Tell you what, how about we trade?" He dug into his pockets and brought out a ticket. "I got one from that store too"
I felt a surge of anger boil up inside me. My first thought - a scam.
"Yeah fuck you, I got my own ticket"
"Don't swear at me" and he pounces at me. He didn't walk or run, he jumped with the agility of a cat and his hands were suddenly grasping at my face - but not touching it.
"Don't swear at me mister" he waddled a fat finger at me and said in a sing song voice.
At this point he was right in front of my face. And the freak smelled bad. Awful. It was the smell of something rotten but with old perfume sprinkled onto it. I've been homeless for a period of time in my life but I never smelled like this dude who's dressed in a nice suit and tie. I just wanted to get away from him.
"Okay okay, take the ticket and get out of my face" I shouted. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I was scared. This man was either crazy or on drugs. With his height and width he cut an imposing figure and I had no doubt he could lay me out if he wanted. Besides, having only one arm isn't a big advantage in fights.
His hands clasped my right hand and in an instant he had swapped our tickets. His smile hadn't changed since our little interaction began but now it became wider and toothier. I noticed his gums were bright red, like they get when you accidentally poke them with a toothpick. "Pleasure trading with you!" He bowed and with a salute, he started jogging backwards, waving at me as he goes
I went home, locked the door and double checked it. I took out the lottery ticket and examined it. It was all black, with the numbers printed in white lettering. They read 3 10 23 36 37 50. The ticket smelled like him too, smelled rotten in a sweet, sickening way. For the first time in my life I contemplated throwing out an unplayed lottery ticket . I moved towards the bin but stopped. Something in the back of my mind kept me from trashing it. Call it a sixth sense but I was filled with a morbid sense of trepidation, as if bad things would happen if I did throw it away.
"Fucking freak" I muttered as I deposited the ticket into my drawer and went to bed. I expected to toss and turn but I didn't and I expected to see that man in my nightmares but I didn't. Sleep came easily and I dozed off.
The next morning, I brought the ticket out of my pocket and double checked it. It seemed legitimate. The back of the card read as usual that the results would be announced Friday night (tonight) at 9pm. The incident with the man was still fresh in my mind but I attributed the his strange behavior to either being drunk or on drugs. Or maybe an elaborate prank for one of those Youtube channels. And after all, I wasn't much worse off. I had a lottery ticket in hand, one which stood as much a chance of winning as my old numbers.
With a much eased mind, I went to work my shift at the coffee shop. I told the incident to my workmates and they all ribbed me. Paul called me a pussy. I called him an asswipe. We all had a good laugh. Going back home, I half expected to run into that man again, but the walk was uneventful as always. I got home, had my dinner and by 9 PM I was sitting in front of the television, tuned in to the lottery announcement broadcast.
There was something different about the show tonight. Usually it was hosted by a blonde woman with unbelievably huge knockers. Today, there was a man. A tall man in a black suit, with a cadaverous, bony face and a deadly pale complexion, as if he were suffering from an illness. "Hello and welcome all to the Euromillion lottery!" he spoke in a fervoured manner "Today's numbers are 3,10-" I looked down at my ticket, unbelieving. "-23 36 37 andddddd 50! Congratulations, you have won!"
And he pointed towards me at the screen and suddenly, immediately, I knew something was wrong. The man on the screen was looking at me, not through the screen but looking at me in a very real way, as if he was inside the TV. His lips were curled up in a freakish grin. His eyes burned red and yellow. The colours of fire.
I quickly scrambled for the remote and pressed the power button but I might as well have been holding a rock. I kept pressing it but the TV stayed on, the man screaming "You have won! You have won!" in a hysterical way, jumping up and down, arms flailing. I shot up from my chair and bolted for the door. I pulled. The door made a thud noise but it did not swing open. I banged on the door and the door stayed shut. The only source of sound in the whole room was the television set, where the man was now imitating an ape, still staring at me with that smile on his face.
"Shut the fuck up!" I screamed then realized that I was still tightly gripping the remote in my hand and threw it at the TV, where it solidly struck the screen and shattered it into a thousand little pieces. As soon as it struck, the room went completely dark. My heart beating at a terrible pace, I reached my hand out to the wall and walked using it as a guide. The wall seemed to hum and throb in tune with my heart, thud thud thud. It reminded me of the heavy rain that had fallen on my dad's coffin as they lowered it into the ground. The dark seemed to heighten my ability of touch because I was able to easily navigate my way to the door. The door was still stuck. I tried seeing through the door hole but it was completely dark as well. Cold sweat trickled down my forehead. I was trapped.
Suddenly, I heard a voice from the outside. "You alright in there?" I recognized the voice as Mr Hartley, the old guy who lives in the apartment next to mine. I started screaming for help and banging on the door like a madman. The door flew open and I fell into the guy's arms like a damsel in distress, shouting and pointing into the darkness.
"Turn on some light!" I shouted "For god sakes turn on the light!" The hands holding me tightened their grip and shook me "Lights?" "Yes the lights. Don't you have a cell phone? Turn it on!" A long silence. "They’re on, son." he said. "All the lights are on.”
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