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The Search for Master Shang — Chapter 26 [TSfMS C26]

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The men on the edges of the semi-circle, perhaps taken by desperation, charged Qirong immediately. A single swing of her axe sent their heads soaring into the crowd, which went wild with the display.
Yune wetted herself, at the same time Qirong killed a quailing old woman with a bent leg. The Master didn't hurry, didn't stretch herself. Each chop of her axe was a measured move, calculated to be as efficient in taking a life as possible. In the ten seconds that Yune remained paralyzed there, Qirong killed half the Sacrifices without even changing the pace of her walk.
The branded man beside her hopped off the stage, howling with fear. He ran directly into a trio of Confessors, who gleefully introduced him to their knives. With a black stone handle protruding from his eye, he fell back, his cries growing in pitch and raggedness. Like a pack of rabid dogs, more Confessors fell upon him. One of their own members died from a poorly aimed blow that opened the back of her neck, but the rest just stabbed and stabbed.
One of the Sacrifices, a man with a perpetually surprised expression, rolled past Qirong's falling axe, and swept a foot at her. She hooked the limb under her arm, then reversed her axe stroke. The man screamed and went rolling away, blood spurting from his newly acquired stump. Qirong flipped the leg around and slapped another Sacrifice in the face with it. The skinny woman toppled off the stage, blinded by blood.
By then, the only two people who hadn't moved were Yune and Sidhu. Throughout the slaughter, Yune noticed that Qirong never took her eyes off Sidhu for more than a second. They were soon down to three, including the Sacrifice who'd been hit by the leg. The Confessors threw her onto the stage, where she miraculously landed on both feet. However, her balance thrown off, she ended up staggering forward ... right into the spiked tip of Qirong's axe. She gurgled, clutching at the wound in her belly, just before Qirong ripped her off the weapon and cast her off the stage again with monstrous strength.
Laughing, splattered with blood, Qirong spread her hands at Sidhu. "Weren't you impatient earlier? What are you waiting for now?"
The crowd began chanting, "Kill the nomad! Kill the nomad!" Loudest among them were the foreigners, screaming through cupped hands. She knew many of them were also pointing and laughing at the yellow puddle soaking into the mat under her feet. If Yune wasn't so damned terrified, she would hate them for it.
Sidhu shot forward with blinding speed. Qirong slashed at her, but she flipped over the axe and, still airborne, landed a slap on Qirong's face that echoed across the suddenly hushed hall. She landed lightly in a crouch, but was quickly forced to roll away when Qirong whirled around, roaring. The axe gouged a furrow through the mat where she'd been, narrowly missing her arm. The nomad jumped up, ready to spring, but Qirong wasn't a slouch either. The Master closed in and slammed her shoulder into Sidhu's chest, knocking her back. While Sidhu was still backpedaling, the axe came at her again, this time in an upward arc.
Backed against the edge of the stage, Sidhu was left with no option but to jump off. Two Confessors, eager for blood, rushed forward, but they'd underestimated the nomad. Sidhu planted her feet in their faces, one on each, and launched herself back onto the stage. Her hands came down first, and she used them to somersault over another one of those deadly axe chops. However, she landed awkwardly with one foot on a corpse and the other in a pool of blood. She slipped, pitching backward ... and met the flat of Qirong's axe with her chest. The blow sent her flying to the other side of the stage, where Confessors were crowding. She barely managed to arrest her tumble into their midst by planting her elbow on the mat, drawing a groan from them.
Qirong stalked toward her, grinning. Her approach had boxed Sidhu in, and Yune saw that the nomad was grimacing. That last hit had done some damage. One more false move and it could be swiftly over for her.
Yune wasn't sure what had possessed her to do so, but she plucked her shoes off. Her feet squished on the mat as she walked forward and threw one of the shoes. It bounced off Qirong's back, and the Master whipped her head around, teeth bared. The second shoe nearly hit her ear, and Yune cursed the miss.
"You should've closed your eyes and prayed for a quick end," Qirong said.
"Whose? Yours?" Yune said.
Qirong came at her with a powerful, diagonal strike, Sidhu now forgotten. The fear that had threatened to take Yune apart suddenly felt like a distant thing, exactly as Sidhu had said. Control it, or die. She wavered, then ducked under the axe. Up close, it made a sound akin to screaming, making the hairs on her neck stand up. Then she was in motion, flowing up against Qirong. The Master moved back, freeing one hand to block Yune's punch. Yune didn't push back. Rather, she pivoted, landing a kick on Qirong's hip.
The Master didn't even react; rather, Yune bounced off. Before her shock could even register, Qirong swept the axe at her.
Sidhu plucked her from its path in an awkward tackle. Yune landed on a corpse with a stomach-churning squish, even as the nomad launched herself off an elbow stand and landed a solid kick on Qirong's face. Unfortunately for her, Qirong didn't recoil. Instead, she drove a fist directly into Sidhu's groin. The nomad squealed and crumpled onto the mat. Grinning, Qirong raised her axe for a downward chop.
She must have known Yune would intervene; the moment Yune ran at her, she fell into a defensive stance. Having the Master's full focus on her was intimidating, but Yune couldn't afford to dwell on that now. She stepped around Qirong, trying to maneuver the Master away from Sidhu. Unfortunately, Qirong saw through it and made to go after the nomad, who was still writhing.
Yelling, Yune attacked. Again, Qirong read her mind—a defensive slash with the axe almost cut her hands off if she hadn't danced out of range. But she knew she had to do something, to keep Qirong away. So, cognizant of the risks yet without a choice, Yune threw herself forward on the offensive.
If there was one thing she had going for her, it was her size. Qirong couldn't bring her axe into play, even as Yune pummeled away, looking for an opening. She used low punches, ankle-level kicks, even scratches. She whirled around Qirong, trying to stay in her blind spot. Yet, she knew she was outmatched, from the way Qirong defend herself with mostly just one arm. The Master was growing frustrated at least, from the way she was breathing like one of Ruiting's bellows.
Yune herself was panting from the aggressive exertion. What would Zenmao do? she found herself thinking. Could he even defeat Qirong? He'd told her to not to commit to her most dangerous attacks, to be patient and wait for her opponent to tire. But Qirong seemed fresh as ever, if more and more annoyed. She had to end this somehow, and she knew only one way to do it.
Yune jumped away from Qirong, prompting a look of surprise from the woman she'd dogged for the last half-minute or so. Then Qirong smiled, preparing her axe to swing. Yune gave her exactly what she wanted, dashing forward. When the axe rushed at her, she threw herself onto her knees, sliding on a puddle of blood. Disgusting, but she had the satisfaction of catching Qirong's stunned expression before she burst upward with a powerful punch to the Master's belly. Qirong huffed, bending over ... then her counterpunch landed on Yune's chest, slamming her down.
Pain flooded her body, as Yune lay on the mat, her hair fanning out in someone else's blood. She coughed, wheezed; with every agony-laced breath came this creaking in her chest. She couldn't even find the strength to turn her head, to look away, as Qirong came to tower over her. Powerless, Yune could only watch as Qirong lined the axe's blade up, directly above her throat.
I don't want to die, screamed a voice in her head as the weapon rose into the air. I don't want to die!
Zenmao sat on one end of the dining table, resting on his arms, wishing in futility for the pounding inside his skull to stop. Anpi passed in front of his gaze, on his fifth tour around the room, admiring all the porcelain on display. Unless he was faking it, his friend didn't seem worried at all about the possible fate awaiting them. He wished he could be like that. The anxiety was killing him. Maybe even literally; his head felt like an egg dropped on the floor.
"Do you think there's a consolation prize?" Anpi said, as if thinking aloud.
He didn't bother to answer; it still hurt to speak. His throat was tender to the touch, and Anpi had helpfully informed him that a bruise was already visible. He knew he should've seen that throat chop coming, but alas, he'd surrendered control to his emotions. This was the price he had to pay.
One of the guards snickered at the question, the one in a yellow tunic. There were four of them, one at each corner of the hall. They stood with the discipline of trained fighters, unlike the ruffians that ran around doing Xingxiang's bidding. In spite of his headache, Zenmao couldn't stop thinking up plausible explanations for their presence. Where had the Masters found these people? Fiveport? Or maybe one of the better organized bandit bands roaming the Plains?
Earlier, when Anpi had tried to leave, one of them had blocked his way. Yet, that appeared to be the fullest extent of their duty; they hadn't even flinched when Anpi had prodded a jade vase off a plinth.
Finally, seemingly bored with pushing his boundaries, Anpi sat next to Zenmao. "Here we are," he murmured. "At the end of this long, long road. Bet you're already thinking about the journey back, aren't you?"
Zenmao sighed. "Only if Raidou produces Master Shang for us."
"You think we have to deliver him too? I say screw the Dojo. The venerable Master Shang can make the trip himself. If he's not here ... well, once Raidou tells us where he is, I'm getting the directions inked and gluing them to the Grandmaster's table. That stupid pisspot can go find his precious Shang himself."
"Watch that tone," Zenmao said. "He's still our Grandmaster. Besides, this is redress for our mistakes, don't you forget."
"What did you do, anyway?" Anpi said. He glanced at the guards, then leaned closer. "Between us, so you don't have to be shy. Spill it. Did you stumble into the women's bath, forget your laundry when the Soldiers wanted to use the line, or—"
"I slipped a friend some answers during the exam. He'd been sick with a cold for a week, and hadn't studied," Zenmao said. "Master Pan caught me."
Anpi stared at him in disbelief. "You stupid, absolute ass. That's all you did?"
"What do you mean 'that's all'? You know how strict they are with the exams."
"And what happened to your friend?"
"He admitted that it was his idea. Got thrown out."
"Damn. That's not fair."
"'If you want fairness, go be a rat catcher'," Zenmao said in a shrill voice that made him cough.
Anpi snorted. "I always thought Master Pan was a stupid hag. This just confirms it."
"What about you?" Zenmao said, lifting his head. The levity seemed to have helped, a little.
"Worse." Anpi inhaled deeply, shaking his head. "All right. You've been honest and steadfast with me. You deserve to know. I was part of a group running a fighting ring—"
"I've heard of it," Zenmao said. "'Dojo's Finest', or something like that."
"Yes. Now, as with all fighting tournaments, there was a little gambling involved." He paused. "Fine, since you're looking at me that way, there was a lot of gambling. I had one of the fighters ready to throw a fight for a big payoff, but he got his temper up. Won his fight, lost me my money. I cornered him afterward and just ... beat him. Badly. The other students caught me at it, and brought in a couple of the Masters."
"That's horrible," Zenmao said. "Why didn't they shut the whole thing down?"
"Because some of the Masters were in on it. They generally thought it was a good way to mold good fighters into better ones. Master Hongee, however, thought that I needed to be punished. So here I am."
"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're an even bigger ass than me."
"I know. But at least I'm rich."
They shared a laugh, though the ensuing pain made Zenmao quickly regret it. The moment didn't last long, interrupted by the doors opening to reveal Raidou and Guanqiang. They entered and headed immediately to the other side of the table, while servants followed in their wake bearing trays of food. A bowl of rice was set down before Zenmao, followed by a rectangular plate of thin, translucent tendrils drizzled with black soy sauce, and then grilled vegetables and a pale, peppery soup. A young girl smiled at him as she poured him wine.
"Should I have congee brought for you instead?" Raidou said to him.
Zenmao shrugged. "You can bring whatever you like. I'm not touching any of it." Anpi, who had picked up his chopsticks, set them back down with a look of disappointment.
"Don't be childish. Try the jellyfish. It's from Fiveport—"
Zenmao leaned back in his chair, folding his arms. "Why have you not killed us both? Why waste your time and all this food? Did you do this for Koyang as well?"
Guanqiang slurped a piece of jellyfish like noodles. Then, still chewing, he said, "Maybe all this food isn't right for them, Raidou. We should have served noodles fried with dried tofu, perhaps. Or four-bean rice. What day is it today, Longtian? They should have one red bean cake apiece."
Raidou shook his head. Like Zenmao and Anpi, he hadn't touched his food. "You've got it wrong, Guan. Red bean cakes are served on Shentian. They get jelly in honey soup on Longtian."
Zenmao felt a thrill of fear. They were speaking of things familiar and sorely missed. "How did you know about that?"
"Did you really think that the fighting style of a good fifth of the Old City would not be recognized by martial arts masters?" Raidou said. "You've been practically strutting around with calligraphy on your face proclaiming your Heavenly Blades' affiliation."
Anpi gulped audibly; Zenmao shot to his feet, though to do what, he didn't know. The Masters didn't even shift in their seats. "I suppose there's no need to deny it," Zenmao said. "What next? Are you going to hold us ransom? Threaten the Dojo? Kill us to send them a message?"
Everyone in the room except him and Anpi laughed. Then Raidou gestured for Zenmao to sit, which he did slowly. "I've told them, time and again, to be transparent with the new recruits," Raidou said with a rueful shake of his head. "It would eliminate so much misunderstanding."
"What misunderstanding?" Anpi said. "Does this have something to do with Master Shang?"
"Everything, and nothing," Raidou said. He seemed content to let Guanqiang eat while he did all the talking. "Master Shang never existed. But if you've done some research, managed to get some of the loose-tongued Masters talking, you'd have learned about a certain Master Chingsao, whom they nicknamed the 'Missing One'."
"I've been with the Dojo since I was a child. There was never any Master by that name," Zenmao said.
"Not all the Heavenly Blades Masters reside in the Old City. Master Chingsao was unique. He lived on the edges of the Plains, and visited the Dojo perhaps twice a year to see if they had new students for him. A kindly, upright man, he never really cared for the politics of the Dojo. Guan, Qi, and I were among his students."
"You ... you're all from the Dojo?" Anpi said.
"In a sense," Guanqiang said, giving Raidou a chance to drink some wine. When he lifted his mask, Zenmao caught sight of his chin; the flesh appeared to be puckered, wrinkled. He shuddered. "Our training was based on the Dojo's regimen, but Master Chingsao could alter the lessons as he liked."
"He sent most of his students back to the Dojo eventually, usually after they'd failed to live up to his expectations. The three of us, he kept. We didn't know it at the time, but there was genuine affection in his heart for us. And because we didn't know it, we did what stupid youngsters were wont to do. We heard about a martial arts tournament, and sneaked away to participate."
"This one?" Anpi said.
Both Masters nodded, then Raidou took up the story again. "We made it to the final together, since it was a team tournament. Back in the day, they used the other hall; the decrepit one outside. Then they discovered we were from the Dojo."
Guanqiang shook his head. "The coalition of bandits running it weren't pleased. They were about to kill us in what they called a victory pyre—"
"But your Master intervened," Zenmao guessed.
"Master Chingsao saved us, but was mortally wounded. Then we killed every single piece of dirt-kissing bandit we could find." Raidou sighed. "Yet we failed to save our master. The three of us swore to each other, and to him, that we would destroy this tournament and the town that had birthed it—"
"Wait, what does the town have to do with it?" Anpi said.
"It allowed this tournament to fester under scum like Baitong and his gang," Raidou said matter-of-factly. He held up a hand to forestall any arguments. "It was far worse back then, trust me. Sadly for us, we never got to put our Master's soul to rest. The Dojo had heard about our exploits and made other plans. It put us in charge of the Trial. Said it was what Master Chingsao would've wanted."
"You agreed?" Zenmao said.
"We had no choice," Raidou said. "They sent a group of Dojo Soldiers to make sure we complied. We were free to do anything we wanted so long as the Trial continued. We give the Dojo half of all earnings; they would send us the manpower we need to maintain control without depending entirely on bandits."
"And so, 'Master Shang', or whichever other fictional Master, was born. An effective code, since Dojo students almost never venture this far without good reason," Guanqiang said. "The Masters handpick those who display the necessary skills with the ... appropriate ... temperament, to be sent here, though they leave it to us to decide which to keep. The recruits have to impress us, after all."
"And you've proved your strength in a most convincing fashion, making it to this stage," Raidou said. Zenmao glanced at Anpi, who for some reason was scowling. "You asked me why we haven't killed you. This is why. You've been sent here to work with us and bring continued glory and riches to the Dojo. Congratulations. Today, the two of you are promoted to Soldiers."
Chapter 27 here.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Every Known Yautja Clan, Rank/Social Status, Title, Tool, Weapon, and Vehicle

I took the liberty of making an updated and complete list of every single Yautja clan, title, rank, piece of equipment, and vehicle with some added individually named Yautja. Do let me know if I missed anything.
Better layout on desktop
This is not OC. All credit goes to the Xenopedia and Alien Species wikis provided by Fandom. I just wanted to compile everything into a single list


Council of Ancients - "A superior Clan with prime ruling authority of the Yautja. They were comprised of the most skillful and exalted of Clans and their words and decrees were law. If the Clan Trials have commenced and been successful, the Council would actually be composed of two clans: The Ancients themselves and their eventual successors." They hold responsibility for keeping sacred Yautja rituals and traditions alive as well as holding superiority over all other clans.
Elite Clan - Legendary Elite Yautja below the ruling of Ancients. Led by Spartan Predator. Took in Young Bloods that wished to carry the title of Elite.
Dark Blade Clan - A clan of Bad Bloods indirectly responsible for the spread of Yautjan technology throughout Earth.
Gotham City Hunting Party - Clan in Gotham City in Batman: Dead End
Jungle Hunter Clan - Most well-known Blooded Yautja and making the most famous recorded human encounter in Val Verde in 1987 with Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and his team of mercenaries. The Jungle Hunters have a history of war with the Super Predators as said by Noland in Predators, but for an unknown reason.
Killer Predators - A Bad Blood clan considered to be heretics by the mainstream Hunter Yautja. Killers did not engage in standard hunting practices but rather seek to kill and only kill rather than hunt, an action that presumably resulted in their extinction. However, they continued to operate throughout space and made use of Xenomorphs as hounds to hunt their targets.
Lava Clan - See Lava Planet Predator
Serpent Clan - See Viper Predator
Super Predators - A Bad Blood sub-species of the Yautja. Basically a larger and presumably stronger version of the Jungle Hunters. Ranks unknown.
Los Angeles Hunting Party aka Lost Tribe - A group of Yautjas that landed in Los Angeles in 1997, hiding their Mother Ship beneath the city. Only one of theirs, City Hunter, actually performed a Hunt. Their ranks are unknown.
Widow Clan - A clan of female Yautjas that have been widowed. Ranks unknown.
Young Blood Pack - A group of five inexperienced Young Blood Yautja who travelled to BG-386 to prove themselves by taking part in a Xenomorph Hunt on the planet.


Pups aka Suckers - Young Yautjas
Eta - These are the untouchable of the Yautja. Not because they are dangerous but because they are either handicapped or were born with defects making it impossible for them to join the hunt. Rather they are made slaves to serve the other Yautja and are mocked or humiliated on a daily basis.
Un-Blooded - Young, inexperienced Yautjas that are subordinate to Young Bloods and not experienced enough to hunt Xenomorphs. "Un-Blooded Yautja are denied certain privileges that other, higher-ranked predators have. They are limited to a certain amount of weapons and, if the Young Bloods are anything to go by, those weapons lack the acid-resistance generally found in hunting tools. They also cannot challenge anyone to a death-match, only claw-challenges. Un-Blooded Yautja are often violent, restless, formless and eager, in stark contrast to the silent, methodical methods of older, more experienced Yautja". The manner in which the rank of Young Blood is achieved is unknown however it may simply be through basic training.
Young Blood - An adolescent Yautja that journeys to a Yautja Pyramid and to participate in a Hunt where he will usually battle Xenomorphs.
Blooded - Most notably Scar, a Young Blood Yautja's rank after successfully killing their first Xenomorph and subsequently marking himself with the blood of his kill as seen in AVP. Once this rank is reached they are deemed adults and full members of its clan.
LeadeHunting Captain - A Blooded Yautja tasked with leading packs of Un-Blooded and Young Bloods down the path of the warrior
  • Hunter Captain aka Alpha Male - A Yautja that leads a groups of similarly ranked but lesser stationed Yautja on a hunt aka a Pack.
Brawler - A Blooded Yautja specialized in close-quarter combat strictly with its writsblade.
Disc Master - Yautja that specializes in use of the Smart Disc
Clan Leader - pretty self-explanatory. One of the highest obtainable ranks a Yautja can hold. They are subordinate to Elders and Ancients however an Elder or Ancient can also be a Clan Leader
Enforcers - Yautjas tasked with hunting down Bad Bloods and eliminating their existence. They are essentially the police force of the Yautjas.
Elite - Most notably Wolf, is the rank given to a Yautja who has completed his basic training as well as successfully killing other dangerous species such as Xenomorphs, River Ghosts (the other creature in Predators) and Humans. Elites are the general foundation of the most dangerous Predators encountered
Veteran - No information exists on what this rank entails or what level of authority it is but it is presumably a high ranking Yautja after or before Elite or equivalent to it.
Elder Predator - Below the Ancient Predators and have distinguished themselves in battle or by their leadership. Seen in Predator 2 at the end when the Elder gifts Harrigan with a pistol from 1715 as a sign of respect for honorably defeating the City Hunter
Ancient Predator - Above Elders, approximately 1,000 years old, and while too old for hunts and battles they are referred to for council and wisdom. Seen at the end of AVP when the Ancient gifts Lex with a combistaff for her honorable skills as a warrior due to the Xenomorph blood scar on her cheek.

TITLES (All Predators below are not assigned to a Clan excluding Lava Planet and Viper)

Ambush Predator - NECA: "Paying tribute to the lost tradition of mail-order figures, Ambush Predator is inspired by the classic Kenner mail-away version from the early 1990s. Ambush is a prototype invincibility armor intended to be powered by the users own energy. It works too well, rapidly draining the wearer and leaving a telltale discoloration around the eyes. Only Viper Predator has been able to wear it for any length of time, and even he reserves it for the most extreme occasions."
Ancient Predator (Earth) - An Ancient (obviously) Clan Leader Yautja (AVP (was this actually an Elder? NECA toys say otherwise.) In charge of overseeing the hunt of the Young Bloods, Chopper, Scar, and Celtic.
Ancient Predator (LV-1201) - An Ancient Yautja that landed on LV-1201, the main setting for the 2002 video game Alien versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt, in order to hunt
Assassin Predator - A seemingly Bad Blood, but hybridized Yautja tasked with eliminating the Fugitive Predator for going rogue
Bad Blood Predator- Originally a mentally unstable and brutally rogue Yautja that began a murdering spree in New Jersey, now any Yautja that has been outlawed and deemed dishonorable by turning against its own kind. Bad Bloods are forever banished from Yautja society.
Blazer Predators (Military Yaujta) - Military grade Predators name after this specialized Plasmacaster that emits a incinerator-like blast. Primarily used for enemy combatants on the ground.
Broken Tusk Predator aka Dachande aka Yeyinde - The first Yautja (Leader) to face a Xenomorph in unarmed combat and survive.
Captured Hunters - Three Yautjas that were captured and experimented on led on by Borgia Industries. All members of the Dark Blade Clan. Can be found in the "Rescue" mission of Predator: Concrete Jungle
Chopper Predator- A Young Blood Yautja sent to Earth to undertake an initiation hunt (AVP) alongside Scar and Celtic.
Cracked Tusk Predator - A revered Elite/Elder known for mentoring Young Bloods in harsh conditions and environments
Emissary Predators - Two presumably Bad Blood Yautja from the same clan as the Fugitive and Assassin Predators who were cut from the film. "They had defected from their clan one year prior to the events of The Predator to warn humanity of the upcoming invasion of their clan. They would have been living in the Project Stargazer base and had their own private game preserve near the base, which they hunted in during the night. In the final act of the movie, they would have helped the remaining Humans to fight off the Ultimate Predator as well as other Predator-animal hybrids. They would have been killed by the Ultimate Predator."
Enforcer Predator - A Enforcer-ranked Yautja tasked with pursuing the original Bad Blood Predator. He is ultimately overpowered and killed by the Bad Blood with the middle spike of his mask.
Fugitive Predator - A rogue Yautja who steals advanced Yautja technology with the objective of gifting it to humanity in order to fight against the more dominant Predators who are engaging in hybridization and most likely phasing out the smaller Yautja.
Ghost Predator - ???
Hive Wars Predator aka Warrior Predator - Figurine created by Kenner Products for their Predator toy line, layer redesigned by NECA. A Blooded Yautja who became stranded on Xenomorph Prime due to his clan being killed by a Xenomorph hunt gone wrong.
Hornhead Predator aka Champion Predator - Blooded Yautja and was the strongest warrior of a Yautja clan located on the planet LV-797, the setting for the 2016 comic book Predator: Life and Death.
Lasershot Predator - Kenner 1994
Lava Planet Predator - Presumably the Clan Leader of the Lava Clan. NECA:" A descendant of a rare tribe that inhabited the lethal volcanic regions of Yautja Prime. They wear specialized masks and cloaking nets to suppress the high levels of radioactivity. Their invisibility cloaking technology is highly advanced and nearly always active as a protective electromagnetic field against the radiation, though invisible undulations of skin and armor are constantly moving and shifting amongst the fiery red landscape these Predators occupy. Lava clan warriors carry specialized weaponry specfic for hunting the Vy’drach insectoids of the desert. This is a rite of passage for most common Yautja warriors, but for the Lava clan, it is a way of life."
Lord Predator - An Ancient Yautja buried inside the pyramid on BG-386. Direct ancestor of Dark and the very first Predator to successfully hunt and claim victory over the Xenomorph species thus making him the most revered hunter of his time.
Mad Predator - Presumably Bad Blood Yautja in CapCom's AVP.
Nightstorm Predator aka Scarab - Yautja who appeared in Series 10 of NECA's Predator line. Known as the very first Super Predator, he was an Elder Yautja in Egypt who lived 4,000 years ago and was also the first Yautja who went rogue, disapproving of the Yautja's Code of Honor.
Prince Predator - Elite Yautja hunter and the protagonist in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2.
Renegade Predator - ???
Scar Predator - A Young Blood Yautja briefly turned Blooded who appeared alongside Chopper and Celtic in AVP to undertake their initiation hunt.
Scavage Predator - Kenner 1994
Sinestro Corps Predator - A Yautja that joined the Sinestro Corps during their assault on Earth in Green Lantern #24
Spear Master Predator - Elite Yautjas that specialized in the use of their spear also known as the Combustaff. They only participate in but s vital to their entertainment or training.
Spiked Tail Predator - "The leader of the Rogue Space Tribe, Spiked Tail is allied with the Armored Lost and Lasershot Predators. Spiked Tail’s unorthodox hunting methods and use of illegal weapons caused the exile of his team from Yautja Prime. Using stolen time/space technology, the Space Tribe can travel much farther in the galaxy than most Yautja. This has allowed them to advance pasthunting organic beings: they find non-organic mechanical beings to be more challenging prey and have modified their gear accordingly. Spiked Tail’s age is assumed to be considerable, thus many suspect that the robotic trophies he claims for ornamentation are actually physical enhancements necessary to keep him in capable condition. In addition to hunting robotic life, a mysterious rival Yautja, the pirate called R’Zor, has threatened several Space Tribe missions and thus he has also become a target."
Stalker Predator - Equivalent of a sniper with their weapon of use being the speargun which had the longest range of and Yautja weapon.
Temple Guard Predator - ??
Top-Knot Predator - A Leader Yautja of a pack of 9 Young Bloods that debuted in Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time.
Viper Predator - Clan Leader of the Serpent Clan specializing in hunting Xenomorphs (and the occasional Bad Blood).


A'ni-de - A Young Blood Clan Leader Yautja only seen in a flashback that Dechande has. "A'ni-de is only seen in a flashback Dachande has. As the young warrior completes his Blooding ritual, killing two Xenomorphs instead of the typical one, he goes looking for his brother. A'ni-de coldly tells him that Nei'hman-de is dead and to go join the other warriors for approval. He strikes Dachande for expressing loss for his brother and for talking back to him. He is never mentioned again in the story."
Bakuub - Yautja who was part of Nat'ka'pu, later Lar'nix'va's clan
Big Mama - A Blooded (likely an Elite) female Yautja and mentor to Caryn Delacroix in Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species
Lar'nix'va - a commander Yautja under the authority of Nat'ka'pu and later Leader of the pack.
Nat'ka'pu - A Clan Leader Yautja appearing in Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet. He defeated a Xenomorph bare-handed and decapitated it. Said to have many wives, this suggests that the Yautja are a polygamous species
Nei'hman'de - A Young Blood Yautja, Dachande's half-brother and a member of A'ni-de's pack. Killed by Xenomorphs on his initiation hunt in the AVP comics.
Shorty - A name given by Machiko Noguchi to a young, Un-Blooded Yautja. Named after his considerably shorter height. "'He was described as being "a head taller' than Machiko Noguchi, a human whom he held a grudge against. Because of his short statue, other Yautja pick on and push him around and he takes his frustrations out on Machiko, despite her being a higher rank."
Tichinde - An Un-Blooded turned Bad Blood Clan Leader of Dachande's clan that took part in an initiation hunt on Ryushi, but later killed by Dechande for his treachery and the breaking several laws of the hunt.


Bio-Mask - A protective mask worn by the Yautja which includes multiple vision modes, binocular vision, ability to mimic vocals, a breathing apparatus, diagnostics, audio and visual recording capabilities, and an attached three-dotted targeting laser.
  • Vision Modes - The Predator's Bio-Mask contains systems to enhance its thermal vision and provide additional vision modes in other electromagnetic spectra, ranging from night vision to ultraviolet and even vibration scanning as well as featuring adjustable binocular vision.
  • Language Translator - A program installed in some Predators' bio-masks that allows a Hunter to understand other species' communication(s)/language(s).
  • Vocal Mimicry - Requires a Bio-Mask to be utilized, and should not be confused with a Yautja's natural ability to copy human speech.
Wrist Gauntlet - Wrist-worn technology allowing control of the users’ bio-mask, cloaking device, self-destruct device, and remotely control Predator ships.
  • Cloak - Light-bending adaptive camouflage allowing Predators a form of invisibility, or at least translucence, rendering them incredibly difficult to spot. The invisibility effect has been known to be shorted out through contact with water or if the arm gauntlet is damaged, and it is susceptible to the effects of an electro-magnetic pulse, at least temporarily. The effects of the device have also been known to fail as a result of direct assaults on the Predator's body, be it with ranged weaponry or physical attacks. This device is rendered useless during Xenomorph Hunts owing to the Xenomorph's ability to "see" through its cloaking effects.
  • Charge Emitter - Emits a surge of ultrahigh electric frequencies from the Predator's Wrist Gauntlet, which would disable electrical devices.
  • Gauntlet Cuffs - Yautja technology used to bind two individuals together by way of the Wrist Gauntlets.
  • Sat-Com - A Yautja holographic map projector which shows a complete 3D scan of an area and is part of a Yautja's Wrist Gauntlet.
  • Self-Destruct Device - The Self-Destruct Device is a powerful Yautja explosive device built into a Predator's Wrist Gauntlet.
  • Medicomp - Predator hunters carry field medical equipment including solvents capable of cauterizing and healing wounds and various serums and other medical devices.
  • Health Shard - A Yautja device that works similar to the Medicomp.
  • Cleaner Case - A case containing a Tracking Syringe, Dissolving Liquid and a Self-Destruct Device.
  • Flaying Tool - 'Y' shaped, its prongs spaced slightly apart. It is meant to be grabbed at the bottom and emits a laser from between the two prongs hot enough to simply and easily peel skin off of a yet-flayed trophy.
  • Ceremonial Dagger - Used by warriors as a last-resort weapon or a weapon to take trophies from fallen enemies.
  • Predator Axe - The Predator Axe was an axe-like blade that the Super Predators had in their camp. Since it wasn't used during their hunt its true purpose remains unclear.
  • Mallet - As seen in this image, Yautja make use of mallets for presumably utility purposes.
  • Pickaxe - As seen in this image, Yautja make use of pickaxes for presumably utility purposes.
  • Grappling Hook - During their Hunts, Yautja make use of the grappling hook to access areas that can only be passed by Xenomorphs, or to get to airducts. Its role is similar to the USCM's Jet pack in this regard.
  • Falcon - A a bird-like spying device used by the Super Predator Clan on the Game Preserve Planet.
  • Tag - A small circular tracking device that is used on prey which the Predator wishes to continuously bait rather than kill outright.
  • Beacon - Yautja technology that helps a Hunter navigate in a large and confusing hunting ground.
Power Source
  • Energy Sift - A piece of Yautja technology used to recharge the user's gear.


Bio-Mask - In Predators, it seems to show that Predator Bio-Masks are capable of withstanding incredible damage. It can even withstand bullets as shown when Ricky tries to kill Wolf by shooting him in the face.
Body Armor - Composed of a partial or full breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, extremity armor and is Xenomorph blood-proof for Blooded Yautja and those of higher ranks. The body armor also includes thermal netting.
Vanguard Armor - A type of heavy armor worn by Yautja Vanguards.
Phoenix Armor - Worn by well-respected Spear Masters and like the Vy'drach (phoenix-like creature) itself, this armor is uniquely resilient to fire, energy, and radiation.
Tactical Supremacy Armor - Worn by military Yautja such as the Hydra and Blazer, this widely feared protective suit provides its wearer with substantial defenses against kinetic, fire, and acid damage. Its exceptional hardness also deflects outright any projectiles not specifically designed to penetrate armor. Consequently, enemies must make a concentrated effort to defeat any Predators possessing this defensive system.



Blunt Instruments
  • Power Punch Glove - Used to give a Yautja a boost in punching strength, allowing a user to perform a punch powerful enough to make a hole in solid concrete.
Short Bladed
  • Wristblades - Razor-sharp serrated retractable blades built into the wrist gauntlet, typically in pairs, used for mêlée combat and the ritualistic mutilation of prey.
  • Ceremonial Dagger - Used by warriors as a last-resort weapon or a weapon to take trophies from fallen enemies.
  • Predator Axe - An axe-like blade that the Super Predators had in their camp. Since it wasn't used during their hunt its true purpose remains unclear.
Long Bladed
  • Scimitar - Essentially an enlarged singular Wristblade worn on the forearm.
  • Maul - A heavy bladed weapon with a perpendicular handle, an arrangement similar to a police officer's nightstick.
  • Sword - Though rarely mentioned as an in-hunt-use weapon, a sword can be fashioned as a replacement or equivalent to a hunter's wristblades.
Pole Arms
  • Combistick - A retractable spear that can be used either in hand-to-hand combat or as a thrown weapon.
  • Glaive - Similar to the Combistick, this combat staff is fitted with a sizeable blade at each end, designed to slice through prey.
  • Plasma Glaive - Double terminated weapons that seethe with white hot plasma that burns through enemy armor.
  • Plasma Scythe - Producing a blade made of superheated plasma energy, it can burn through armor and enemies with ease.
Flexible Bladed
  • Whip - A bladed chain whip capable of slicing targets in half with enough force.
  • Noose - When used in the dark, the wire-thin Noose is almost impossible to see. The material is slim but strong, able to hold the weight of an adult human as it yanks them up.


  • Electroshock Bolas - Electroshock bolas carry a powerful electrical current, which instantly kills victims on impact.
  • Smart Disc - A thrown, self-guiding, chakram-like bladed weapon, it can also be wielded as a mêlée weapon.
  • Poli Nanovibronic Disc - The Poli Nanovibronic Disc was a thrown Yautja disc weapon similar to the Smart Disc, it can also be wielded as a mêlée weapon.
  • Shuriken - Similar to the Smart Disc, except considerably larger and fitted with several long, fan-like, retractable blades around its circumference, it can also be wielded as a mêlée weapon.
  • Combistick - A retractable spear that can be used either in hand-to-hand combat or as a thrown weapon.
  • Speargun - A projectile weapon that fires small metal spears, comparable to a traditional projectile firearm or crossbow.
  • Netgun - A handheld device capable of firing a wire net with enough force to pin a target to a wall. The net also features an automatic tightening mechanism designed to cause grievous wounds to the enclosed target.
· Electroshock Missile Battery - Used by the military Hydra, this is a back mounted missile device that fires up to three powerful armor penetrating electroshock plasma missiles capable of targeting up to nine different targets.
Directed energy weapons
  • Energy Flechette - A short-range energy projector weapon, a simpler and less powerful version of the Plasmacaster, built into the Yautja's Wrist Gauntlet.
  • *Plasma Pistol - A hand-held version of the Plasmacaster.
  • Burner - Shoot streams of hot plasma, they resemble and function much like a human assault rifle.
  • Plasmacaster - A ranged weapon capable of directing bolts of high-energy plasma at distant targets that is worn on the shoulder. Generally aimed through the Predator's Bio-Mask, although there are exceptions.
  • Blazer - A shoulder-mounted energy projector used by military caste Yautja that fires a sweeping inferno beam.
  • Killscreen Generator - This weapon uses dark plasma streams guided by a tracking device that neutralises any incoming projectiles up to and including rockets.


  • Mines - Predators utilize a variety of mines with varying trigger mechanisms and detonation effects in their Hunts.
  • Fire bombs - A highly explosive Yautja grenade type device.
  • Plasma Grenade - A Yautja hand grenade that creates a large explosion when detonated and is powerful enough to destroy an M113 armored personnel carrier.
  • Remote Bomb - Somewhat similar in function to Predator Mines, but is remotely detonated from a Wrist Gauntlet by the Yautja instead of proximity activated.
Mobile Sentry Guns
  • Pred-Gun - It has a huge inbuilt Plasmacaster and moves using anti-gravity plates underneath it and can only fire when deployed.
  • Fireliner - Equipped with a fireliner, a multibeam heat weapon related to the Blazer.


Anti-gravity cushion vehicles
  • Shrine - The hub of the Yautja hunt. Functions as a com-link, place of worship, trophy cabinet, and powerful defensive/offensive structure.
VTOL vehicles
  • Blade Fighter
  • Drop pod - a Yautja vehicle used to insert individual Predators to the surface of a planet, usually for the purpose of taking part in a hunt.
  • Scout Ship - A short range Yautja Spacecraft which is usually connected to a Mother Ship. Usually had a fairly large Trophy Room used for displaying any Trophies obtained on Hunts.
  • Ship (Cursed Earth) - A Predator ship used by Bosu's clan that landed on Earth on the Cursed Earth region.
Starships (Interstellar Spacecraft)
  • Hunt Master Ship - A spacecraft used by the Yautjas that orbits a planet during a Clan-scale Hunt and drops in reinforcements upon request (and after the required honor points are spent) around a Shrine.
  • Mother Ship - A massive, mobile base for Yautja hunters
  • Ship (Game Preserve) - A Yautja ship on the Game Preserve Planet.
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Highlights from Chicago World News' STL/TW top killers video

Disclaimer: This is primarily for entertainment purposes as a good amount of information here may be FALSE.
When I type, I'm typing as I'm CWN to keep it simple and prevent confusion. I'm paraphrasing almost all of the time while remaining accurate to what is being said. Anything that's in parentheses is me. Everything else, is not. Anything that is in quotations is exactly what CWN said.
All of these came out in spring of 2017.

What's good guys, so this is a re-upload, a redo, of the video I had put up last week about the gang conflict in the neighborhood of woodlawn and one of the neighborhoods down there known as Tyquan World. I'm going to be doing videos on all of the gang conflicts in Chicago, basically hood by hood. All of the gang wars man, we're gonna break it all down.
This one is about the neighborhood in the community of woodlawn on the southside of Chicago. This one is gonna have even more information in it than the last one... gonna be about some of the guys who are just starting to make noise in the streets.
I know most of you have heard of KI. She was doing things that normally only guys do in Chicago, which is doing hits for her gang. She was killed at 17. She had multiple bodies. She was a member ebt/stl/tw.
One of the more violent areas on the Southside is woodlawn. The Southside isn't bad as a whole. There are some areas of the Southside that are kinda nice. Down at about 63rd and st lawrence are a group of blocks that are all cliqued up together. Over at 64 and eberhart is a gang that just goes by EBT. KI was from EBT. EBT is cliqued with stl, tw, and Jaro. Some members claim all or some of these blocks. EBT and STL are basically the same.
These hoods have lots of enemies - oblock, lamron, 600, 800, and nickogang (gds and bds). They are enemies with most of the bd sets down there. They also have bds tho (stl/tw).. insane bds. There is a distinction to be made between these blocks because they have different affiliations. Stl are mostly gds.. not even insane gds. Jaro city is bds. Tyquan World is mostly stones or insane bds. There are a couple members of tw that are other stuff.
Their war with ob600 goes way back - to probably 2010. Oblock was rocking with a set called tymb - who had been made by stl. Stl had made tymb. So when oblock started rocking with tymb, stl saw them as a threat. "KI, that "female assassin" had killed Odee and made oblock - which oblock is named after. She had done that before her homie named Tyquan was killed though. Tyquan world is named after Tyquan... tw being 61 and Vernon to 63 and eberhart. Tyquan was killed by a member of stl, not the opps.. "over some weed". And that guy is currently locked up for murder. He was kicked out of stl after that. KI was really close with Tyquan. After he got killed, she took the name TyquanAssassin.
KI was killed by a member of oblock who went by the nickname "Big A". I dropped a video because Big A was recently killed. He was killed at a place called Sammy's restaurant. When this first happened i assumed it was one of the two top hittas for tw. I was wrong. The people who were with Big A saw the killers. Word got around who did it.
KI was called one of the twins because FBG butta and her looked so much alike. You guys know about him. "There's a whole dispute going on about whether he or Lil Jay are snitching on eachother". KI and Butta are not related though. KI does have a brother. His name is George - street name GI Joe. From his social media, he really loved his big sister. He's got a lot of stuff about KI on there. He calls her his twin on. He is younger than her.. so anyways, when he got word that her killer, Big A, was over at Sammy's restaurant, and this was at like three in the morning, the members of tw and GI Joe "knew that basically it was his time". They rolled up into Sammy's restaurant, and shot big a and killed him right there and got revenge for his big sister ki. "T'd up for her right there. Took back the blood as they say, that had been taken from their family." This was KI's brothers first hit. He hadn't done hits while KI was alive.
There are guys in Tyquan world that have more than one body. FBG Brick has put in alot of work. I don't know what bodies he has though, if any. He's known as one of the top hittas for stl. Another guy is a guy named Wooski, who's currently locked up for 15 years or something like that. Wooski killed a guy named Reezy from oblock. He also possibly killed toon from oblock. Although some people say KI did that. He also tried to kill a white cop. Wooski has a couple bodies and "is probably Tyquan world's top hitta." Another guy is cball.
After billionaire black was accused of snitching by ttb nez from suwu... (gets off topic).. billionaire black switched hoods from Welch world to stl.. and when he did so, he brought his brother - richie jerk. He's one of the big dudes from Tyquan world... (gets back on topic).. when he was accused of snitching it was actually on his brother (richie jerk). Because of affiliations with 051, suwu, jaro, etc. Tension is being caused between jaro and tw. Nez is affiliated with 051 and 051 Is affiliated with jaro so thats kind of like jaro is saying billionaire is snitching. I know this stuff gets confusing but just know that jaro and tw may split apart of this snitching situation.
Richie jerk is a shooter but not a killer for tw. He just dropped a video with two other guys, tb and poppie, who are both killers. "Not just shooters, actual killers."
Tb was homies with venzel richardson .. who is the guy drose from 600 is locked up for killing. Drose did not kill that guy. That was actually a guy named lil Los from f$. TB had multiple bodies. He killed a guy named Melvin Cook from nickogang. He also killed a guy named Capo from frontstreet. Not GBE capo. He also shot frontstreet Maino in his face for dissing ki. TB, other than that, I dont think had any bodies. He's one of tyquan world's top hittas. Probably the top hitta that's on the streets right now. After venzel was killed, TB basically decided he had to stay wit it for him.
Alot of people assumed Oblock Cheno was killed by the guys who control the territory over where Cheno was killed. 57 and union - no luv city. I heard an unconfirmed rumor that it may have been no luv city did this. But I had heard another rumor that MOE had seen Cheno over there and called Tyquan world to come do the hit.. and that the guy who had gone and done the hit was poppie. Word on the street is that poppie got cheno. Poppie also supposedly shot up 800s block.. and I believe 051s block too.
Another guy who is a killer for tw that is coming home soon is a guy named cball. Besides the killers, they also got alot of shooters. A guy named LC. LC shot somebody in the head and left him blind but did not kill him. Another guy that's a shooter for these blocks is a guy, that you guys know, named FBG Duck. Now billionaire black and king yella, to my knowledge, are neither shooters or killers. Duck is known for letting off shots. He has been in shootouts.
The problem with Duck is he's got a lot of cousins from opp hoods. One of them is raheem from 46. He also had a blood cousin named scrapp from MOB - not talking opp hoods now. "Scrapp was just recently killed. By a guy who I'm not gonna name."
Just to give you the other side of things.. TB hit me up on twitter and denied the things I was saying. "Just to let you guys know, there are two sides to a story." Word on the street is that KI had been teaching TB how to shoot - back in 2013, 2014. "Taught him how to handle a pistol and that their target practice had been oblock... he (TB) had actually said that he wanted to box me... for saying all this stuff i needed my ass beat. It's all there on Twitter... his Twitter is tbinacut, if you guys wanna hit him up. he was basically not too happy about the stuff I'd been saying about them. The information I'm giving you guys in this video is not no type of secret. It's already out there. The only thing alot of ppl didnt know was that GI had killed Big A for his sister. Alot of ppl also didnt know that poppie had killed Cheno."
"Take everything I'm saying with a grain of salt"
Now today in 2017, TB and GI Joe, "are basically riding around alot, frequently, in a car, looking to catch opps. They're trying to catch bodies out there, on oblock, on 600, on 800.. they're out there lurking for these guys. Thats what they're on right now." The cops are on KIs brother alot but they haven't gotten him.
The devil basically has Chicago in its cycle.. with these revenge killings.. and these dudes just cant let it go.. plus the pressure from their hoods. "When the dude who killed your little sister or cousin or whatever, and you get a location on him, then everybody in your hood is telling you its your time to shine.. and the pressure for you to do something at that point is overwhelming. Dudes want their respect... people respect killers... and dudes will turn into a killer in order to get that respect... now theres like this mystique that surrounds your name... most killers I know are the most insecure, weak minded people.. you diss them and they get all emotional... and alot of them are actually effeminate..killers I'm talking about.. they lose who they really are to gain that mystique."
These dudes that are out here doing these hits.. I'd blow town. I'd atleast lay super low. "Some people be afraid of them, one day, eventually, they are gonna meet up with that dude who ain't afraid, and its gonna be over"
"This is your boy Chicago News, I'm out."
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Limahl and his stand: apep

I absolutely adore making Jojo Stardust Crusaders villain OCs. Feel free to critique, and draw him if you want. Now here’s the bio! (Warning, It’s long as, lol)
Name information-
Name: Limahl
Japanese spelling: リマル
Romaji: Rimarū
Namesake: Limahl (A solo British pop singer from the 1980s, who was made famous by his hit song ‘Never ending story.’ He was also the lead singer of the band Kajagoogoo, who became one-hit-wonders with their song ‘Too shy.’)
Nicknames: Limi (a pet name by Dio and a childhood nickname from his family), Serpent (by other stand users and people who’ve seen his Stand in action), Creep (Mockingly, but also out of sheer disturbance by the Joestar group, mainly Jotaro)
Viz media / Crunchyroll copyright re-name: None, just a simple respelling of his cannon name. Limarru instead of Limahl. In this version his nicknames stay basically the same.
Stand name: Apep (Egyptian god of destruction)
General information-
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: Around early 30s
Nationality: Egyptian (Native to Cairo)
Sexual orientation / preference: Bisexual (openly acts this way toward many people. Often comes off as if he leans more toward men, but he’s really interested in both)
Romantic orientation: Bi-romantic
Species: Human, Stand User
Manga / anime Debut: Part 3- Stardust Crusaders (his main story arc is based between the N’doul story arc and the Oingo Boingo story arc).
Game debut: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage of the future (Playable, only in the later versions when more enemies were added)
Japanese voice actor: Kōki Uchiyama
English voice actor: Todd Haberkorn
Game voice actor: Mitsuaki Madono
Pose: Standing with his hand over the right side of his face, with his left hand out in front as if to grab something. A large toothy grin is present on his face while posing. The purple ‘Menacing’ katakana is used when he poses.
Fighting style: Limahl almost Always uses his Stand, he rarely uses his fists or even the slightest bit of physical violence (may sometimes tackle people when wanting to use his Stand power, but that is only when he doesn’t get his own way)
Stand user?: Yes, An enemy Stand User
Affiliation (good or evil?): Dio, And is part of the Egypt Glory Gods. Therefore he is of Evil status.
Status (at the beginning): Enemy Stand User sent by Dio to assassinate Jotaro and the Joestar group
Status (at the end): Runs away before he can get a finishing blow by Jotaro’s Star Platinum. It’s unknown what’s happens to him after that, whether he’s still under the impression of Lord Dio or not.
Appearance information-
Hair Colour: Dark Brown, with dyed blond ends and tips
Hair style: Very messy and spiked out, flowing loosely down the back of his neck. He has sort of a mullet-like look to it.
Eye colour: Light red, almost a pale crimson
Skin tone: Light Tanned
Clothing: Limahl wears a half-buttoned brown trench coat, with a silver belt around the waist. The belt is decorated with ruby studs, along with a large L on the right side of his coat, decorated in the same fashion. Beneath his coat, Limahl wears a black turtleneck shirt with many layers of bandages wrapped above it. He sports dark brown trousers, which are rolled up until halfway up his calves. He also wears dark boots with a singular ruby stud on each. In addition Limahl has a light brown press-hat with a small emblem of a silver snake with glowing red rubies for eyes clipped onto the ribbon. Without his jacket Limahl exposes more of his bandages, which are covered in small stains of dried blood.
Other outfits: In his past (before he became a part of Dio’s minions) Limahl wore a simple loose black sweater with a pair of long dark grey slacks
Height: 185cm
Weight: 75kg
Build: Tall and athletic. Is very Well built and muscular, as expected from a typical Jojo character. However, he’s not as broad in the shoulders, and has quite slim legs.
Reoccurring design theme: sliver emblems (shapes like snakes or letters) encrusted with red ruby jewels
Scars/spots/blemishes: None in the visible view. He does have many small scars and cuts down his torso and chest from the many times he’s tried to attack people. He covers these up with a thin layer of bandages (funny enough, they’re wrapped above his undershirt).
Special appearance notes: Wrinkles under his eyes are shown when he’s enraged or grinning sadistically. These expose his older age.
General personality: Limahl has a generally evil and malicious personality. He almost always comes off as an immoral Stand User, with no care for the others around him. Especially his enemies. He’s been like this ever since he was a teenager, often being called out for acting “unhealthy” or “sick.” He’s quite a manipulative man, and takes that to his advantage in order to use his Stand power on people. He’s very talented at grooming others trust and trying his best to become “friends” with somebody. He may also seem very flirty and doesn’t care what gender or person it’s toward. When first encountering the Joestar group, he comes across as calm and overly friendly, raising a strange mix of some suspicion and slight trust from the other men. Although, he may mostly act cool and collected, but Limahl is prone to angry outbursts and becoming increasingly paranoid when he feels as if his plans are not going to succeed. He never really listens to others and tends to follow his own desires instead, causing him to have a selfish tendency to interrupt people. The only person he listens to is Lord Dio, not even his childhood friends or his own family members. However, before developing his Stand, Limahl had a largely different personality. He was a lot sweeter and much more kind. Limahl was a very helpful kid and always had a smile on his face. He would rarely get upset, and seemed to ooze a cheerful aura. If anything, people defined him as the “ideal” child. Loving, encouraging, and widely positive. He was like this until he was in his early teens.
Likes: Limahl has little to no sense of personal space and loves to get incredibly close to people. This usually makes others uncomfortable, but Limahl never seems to see that. Sometimes he doesn’t even realise when he’s doing so. People often describe his actions as “Touchy” or “Creepy.” Limahl absolutely adores having others doing his dirty work and highly dislikes doing a tough job on his own accord. In a way, this makes him kind of a lazy type. He also enjoys watching and having innocent people under his control, as it gives him pure joy, probably due to his Stands abilities. In addition, in his spare time Limahl likes to read books on famous murderers and crimes. This bizarre interest only grew larger once he’d developed his Stand. He also has a strong liking for anyone weaker or more timid than him, as they seem like perfect candidates for his Stand, which is why he has a small interest in a certain someone in the group he’s trying to kill. Limahl has a younger sister named Beth, and Even though he may come off as if he doesn’t enjoy the company of his little sister, he does love her with all his heart.
Dislikes: Limahl highly dislikes doing his own dirty work, and only prefers for the innocent to do it for him. He hates taking orders from anyone who isn’t Dio, and will sometimes snap at someone even if they give him the tiniest of orders (such as telling him to go away, be quiet, ect). Limahl seems to have quite a strong resentment towards almost everyone in the Joestar group, except for Kakyoin. This is because he believes that they will hurt him or push him around, he sees Kakyoin as timid and non threatening, which is the main reason why he only appreciates the other Stand User. Especially when the teenager is semi-incapacitated during Limahl’s debut arc. Limahl seems to have a strong hatred for both Mr Joestar and Avdol, as he sees them as a nuisance toward his Lord. He also has a strong annoyance toward Polnareff, but it’s not as much of a hate. However, he seems to be increasingly more frightened toward Jotaro than the others. All in all, he dislikes a majority of the group.
Strengths: As mentioned earlier, Limahl is very skilled at manipulating people’s trust and easily developing a “friendship” with them, even if it’s mostly fake on his part. A partial strength of his is how Limahl is able to keep himself calm and collected whilst using his Stand on someone. He can very easily talk to them without raising too much suspicion, and will try his best to come across as extremely friendly without any trouble. Although, that soon disappears when he gets aggressive, or someone talks down to him. Limahl has exquisite speed and is very light on his feet, which comes in great handy when initially attempting to fight the Joestar group. In addition, he’s also quite strong when it comes to tackling people, which the man regularly uses to his advantage. As a young child, before developing his Stand, his strengths involved being extremely kind and friendly. As well as helpful and a joy to be around.
Weaknesses/flaws: Limahl is easily prone to angry outbursts when he does not get his own way, often shouting out insults and seeming quite dependent on Lord Dio. At times the man does come across as if he has severe anger problems, or a sense of moodiness. He also doesn’t understand personal space, causing Limahl to get overly close to others, frequently resulting in him arousing serious suspicion or getting threatened by said person. In addition to all of that, Limahl has a problem of developing unhealthy crushes and obsessions very easily. The person he crushes on tends to be the one he wants to use his Stand power on. This can cause issues, making Limahl quite indecisive when wanting to possess or wound his victim. As a young child he had none of these flaws and weaknesses. People could often say that he was absolutely flawless and perfect.
Habits: As mentioned above, Limahl can get angered extremely easily, over the tiniest of problems. Other habits of his include, not keeping his voice at a reasonable volume, normally causing him to yell or speak too quietly. Another one is not listening to almost everyone, whether they be family or an enemy of his. He can seem overly selfish and abundantly rude because of this.
Hobbies: Limahl enjoys reading books about famous murderers and strange crimes. His favourites to read up about are killers who have murdered people over bizarre or very minuscule circumstances. Limahl also enjoys watching and observing others, as he finds the way others act to be incredibly interesting. He particularly likes watching others when they’re under pressure or whilst they’re being uncomfortable. When he was a child, additional hobbies included helping around the house, hanging out with friends, and playing with both his mother and sister.
Fears: Like almost every enemy sent by Dio, Limahl has an intense fear of being defeated or humiliated by Jotaro. He’s also scared of having someone catch him whilst using his Stand, but this is mainly because of his immense fear of Jotaro (plus, the other crusaders.) Excluding this, Limahl doesn’t have many more fears. Well, at least he pretends to be fearless.
Goals: His main goal in life is to assassinate the Joestar group, mainly for the praise of Lord Dio. He believes that the group is full of horrible people trying to hurt his leader. He is willing to do anything and everything to please the man who respects his powers. Another goal of his is to find love. He doesn’t care who it is, as long as he has someone to spend the rest of his life with. Although, due to being easily prone to crushes, this goal seems unachievable.
Music reference or god based personality notes: His evil and malicious demeanour can be due to his God being the god of destruction. This also explains the fact that he is easily angered and quite chaotic. In addition, the way his hair looks is a reference to the music artist he references hair style.
Theme song: Psycho- by Muse (This song reminds me of how he acts, but mainly what he’d might say toward a victim of his Stand)
Family: Unnamed woman (mother), unnamed man (father), Beth (Younger Sister)
Friends: Dio (Master, as Limahl is a fellow follower), Nick (Close Friend from when in his younger years)
Enemies: Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo (Strong enemies), Noriaki Kakyoin (Enemy, But not as much, as Limahl has a slight interest in him), Mohammed Avdol (Slight enemy), Jean Pierre Polnareff (Enemy and annoyance).
Crush/love interest: Never established, but does seem to have a small interest in Kakyoin
Relationship status: single
Significant other: None, but is easily prone to unhealthy crushes and secret obsessions. Does have a girlfriend, and tries his best to stay with her, even if he has trouble. He can be a tad possessive over her in certain situations.
Expanded relationships-
Mother: Limahl’s father was a bazaar worker, so he barely knew him due to constantly being out at his job. However, his mother was a typical housewife, so he spent most of his young life around her. At a young age Limahl would help his mother out around the house and happily chat to her frequently. The two were very close. Although, his mother began to resent him when he developed his Stand as a teenager, and when his personality changed greatly. However, All of her negative emotions toward him were mostly because of his change of heart toward her. Limahl lost absolutely all contact with his mother at the age of 20.
Beth: While younger, the two got along extremely well. In a way Limahl seemed like a second parent to young Beth. Frequently shopping for her, taking her to school and playing games whilst their mother was busy. The two would spend almost every hour of every day together, until Limahl split off from her and got caught up in the wrong crowd. As Limahl got older their relationship deteriorated bit by bit. Once Limahl was in his teen years, the two were barely seeing each other. This was because of the boy finding new friends, and usually spending both his days and nights out roaming the streets. The siblings kept little contact when Limahl moved out. However, whenever they were able to chat together, Limahl would often scold Beth and insult the young girl. This only happened because of her concern about her older brothers mentality and newly manifested Stand. (His Sister is named after Beth Anderson, the singer Limahl did the famous duet ‘Never ending story’ with)
Nick and his allies: Limahl met Nick at a local grocery market one day. As soon as the two hit it off, Limahl quickly got pulled into the wrong crowd of kids. Nick was an adolescent that enjoyed committing small crimes with a group of young boys his age. The group would often steal things, vandalise property and sometimes even hurt innocent pedestrians. Once Limahl found out about the crimes Nicks group would participate in, his relationship with his only friend became wonky. Nick and company would sometimes even insult Limahl if he didn’t wish to commit a horrible illegal act. Although, as the two began to spend more extended time together, Limahl quickly gave in and happily joined in with their crimes. Nick was one of the people who changed Limahl’s innocent ways. He lost all contact with Nick as he got older. (Nick is named after Nick Beggs, the bass guitarist of Kajagoogoo)
Dio: Limahl met Dio whilst roaming the streets of Cairo late at night. He encountered Dio at the end of a darkened alleyway. The same alleyway from an incident in his past. At first, he was simply drawn in by the Vampires charisma, like most minions of Dio. Although, Dio’s evil aura and malicious tendencies intrigued Limahl. He had never met a being so immoral and evil, with such a determined goal to kill a group of people. He also saw coming over to the man’s side as an opportunity to use his Stand to its fullest potential. He knew that Lord Dio would not talk down to him and disregard his powers. This is really what drew the man into joining the vampires team of loyal Stand users.
Jotaro: Before heading off to fight the Joestar group, Limahl had only heard about the rebellious teenager. This sparked much fear within Limahl, as he’d heard stories from other servants under Dio of Jotaro defeating almost every enemy with little to no effort at all. This led to the man developing a strong fear of Jotaro without even meeting him in person. However, this didn’t stop Limahl’s goal of murdering the Joestar group. When finally getting the chance to meet Jotaro in person, Limahl wasn’t scared at first and quickly assumed that everyone was overreacting. He saw the boy as a try-hard ‘cool kid’ and thought that the teenagers Star Platinum could never land even the slightest blow on him. In addition, he also believed that his Stand was much more powerful. Much the man’s his dismay, once he angered Jotaro, Limahl saw the side he originally feared. This led to Limahl’s cowardly side coming out in full view and eventually running away out of paranoia rather than fighting the fellow Stand User.
Joseph Joestar: Limahl didn’t really interact much with Joseph, and had no prior knowledge of the old man. Limahl had only ever heard the man’s name uttered briefly, and even then he only knew that man as ‘Joestar’ and nothing more. Nevertheless, Joseph was the first one to witness Limahl’s Stand in action. He saw the enemy use it on a helpless male pedestrian. But the elderly man quickly assumed that the stranger was simply crazy and not possessed. Although, this soon led to Joseph being the first one to figure out that Limahl was a Stand User, and in fact the one who possessed many innocent people during their fight.
Avdol: The two had almost zero interaction, due to Avdol being severely injured at the time. Although, Avdol did see Limahl and was present for a majority of the fight. Avdol couldn’t fight back or join in to help his comrades due to his neck wound. Nonetheless, at the last minute, the fellow Egyptian quickly shot one of the victims of Limahl’s Stand with a burst of fire. Avdol witnessed the fight and feared that his friends were about to be brutally murdered by an insane person. This knocked the victim out, and caused Apep to quickly dash back to its user due to the sudden blast of heat. This exposed the Stand to the group, partially helping the Joestar’s solve the dilemma. Besides that, the two barely interacted. Avdol later found out about the true user behind the many possessed pedestrians after the battle.
Polnareff: The Frenchman was one of the crusaders that had the most interaction with Limahl. The man found Polnareff to be extremely irritating, and was the enemy Limahl chastised the most for bossing him around. Almost every time Polnareff gave him an intimidating remark or talked down to him, Limahl would snap and the confess that he only takes orders from Lord Dio. Limahl surprisingly didn’t see Polnareff as a threat to him, and pretty much only saw his enemy as a sheer annoyance. Polnareff was one of the Crusaders who hated Limahl the most at first glance. He mainly saw Limahl as a creep, and was the most disturbed by his overly friendly behaviour when they first met. He called Limahl a ‘Dirty Pervert’ and a ‘Creepy deviant’ when he first saw the man attempting to use his Stand on a stranger (said it again with more aggression when one of his friends nearly got possessed).
Kakyoin: Perhaps the crusader Limahl had the most interaction and interest in. The teenager was quite incapacitated during the groups gruelling battle with Limahl, leading to the man seeing him as the perfect candidate to use his Stands powers on. Limahl also had an interest in Kakyoin due to his “type” being people who are smaller and weaker than him. This odd behaviour around Kakyoin is what led to the group seeing that man as awfully creepy and bizarrely suspicious. One of Limahl’s possessed victims attempted to attack Kakyoin to make him even more incapacitated (therefore easier to get to), but they were quickly knocked out by Polnareff hitting them with the back of his sword. On one occasion Limahl tried to possess the young man with his Stand, but before he could get overly close to Kakyoin, the rest of the Crusaders started the battle with him. Kakyoin did seem slightly disturbed by Limahl’s behaviour, but couldn’t say or do much due to the addition of his severe eye injuries.
Stand information-
Stand name: Apep
Namesake: The snake-like Egyptian god of destruction and chaos
God traits: Takes a large amount of its appearance away from the god. Also, it causes people’s mannerisms to become very destructive and causes a ton of chaos, akin to the gods titular power.
Attack type: Short-range
Stand Type: Natural non-humanoid
Appearance features: Takes the form of a large snake-like being, with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes
Abilities: - Possession of someone through an orifice: this allows Limahl to take control of the persons movements, having entire control over their actions. In order to do this, Limahl needs to get very close to the person of choice. This involves grooming their trust and getting slightly physical (eg: giving them a long hug, whispering into their ear, or giving them a kiss in some rare cases). He prefers for his Stand to enter through his victims mouth, but Apep is also capable of entering through the persons ear, nostrils and even below their exposed eyelids. - Seeing through anothers eyes: when possessing someone he can see everything they can see, giving him extra control over their movements. Although, he cannot see very well through another’s vision, which makes their movements similar to that of a limp rag doll. - Speech control: As an extension of his possessions, Limahl can also control what the person can say. Although, it normally comes out monotonous and stuttered. A downfall to this is that he has to say the words aloud to himself in order for it to fully work. This may get him caught, or give him weird stares.
Strengths: Is very destructive, and can cause its possessed victim to become very feral and developed animalistic tendencies at Limahl’s every beck and call. It’s speed and range is the same as the usual human, but the victims nature can alter that depending on the human being possessed (eg, If a stronger person is being controlled, they will obviously be stronger. However, if the person weaker, the stand will of course be weaker.)
Weaknesses: A lot of its power comes from Limahl controlling it, and because of this, it can come with some troubles. Limahl can’t see very well through its eyes when possessing someone, nor can he give his Stand commands without saying them aloud. This can lead to Limahl getting caught whilst using his Stand on someone. The victims movements can also be reduced to limp, feral and rag doll like, raising suspicion to the others around them. Apep can also be easily extracted from its victim by another stand, particularly a long-range one or stand-to-stand contact.
Description: Apep appears as a large snake-like being, with glowing red eyes and a pair of extremely sharp fangs. It has a long, thin body with a tessellation of Black and White squares running down it, divided between its head and rear. It’s head is long and swamp green, with a large heart shape separating the two. Apep also has a pink heart on the very tip of its body. Apep is very slim and slimy, in order for it to easily enter one’s body.
Stand Stats-
Destructive power: A Speed: C Range: C Durability: B Precision: C Development potential: E
Character Backstory: Limahl was born into the lives of an Egyptian bazaar worker and a loving housewife. He grew up in the poorer region of Cairo, Egypt. He had a relatively normal upbringing, even with his parents little income and his father mostly being out of the picture. Limahl often stuck to his mothers side and had very few things to play with because of their money issues. He decided to keep himself occupied by helping his mother out around the house with chores, groceries and other important jobs. This developed the young boy into what could be classed as the “ideal” child. He never turned down a chore that needed to be dealt with, smiled everyday, and was kind to almost everyone around him. Limahl’s kind behaviour only heightened when his mother became pregnant and his younger sister Beth was born. He stuck with his mother all through her pregnancy, only causing him to do even more jobs around the house. Whenever she needed a break from the roughness of housework, Limahl was always there to get a much-needed chore done. If anything, the boy doing more jobs around the household than his mother. However, Limahl did not mind. He developed a loving closeness with his baby sister, which grew stronger and stronger until his later years. Due to his mother’s busy day-to-day activities after the pregnancy, Limahl practically raised Beth and soon replaced his chores with taking care of his younger sibling. One afternoon, whilst collecting some groceries for young Beth, Limahl bumped into a boy the same age as him. The boy was a very kind and social kid named Nick. The two started to talk, and very soon hit it off. Both of the boys came from families with little to no money, and only one parent around. Except for Nick, his mother was mostly out of the picture rather than his father. Limahl was so proud to have finally made a friend away from home, that he quickly told Beth about him. Even though Beth was only five at the time, she supposed there was something off putting about Nick. She didn’t like the sound of his overly friendly demeanour and quick action to become allies with her older brother. Although, Limahl, being a ten year old craving companions that aren’t his mother or sister, refused to believe her assumptions. He genuinely thought Nick was an amazing guy and longed to spend more time with the fellow young man. He did so for many years. After that, Limahl regularly spent time out of the house with his knew found friend. This unfortunately led to the boy not looking after his little sister as much and frequently turning down his usual chores. As he got older he was slowly transforming into a different person. By the age of 14, Limahl was no longer taking care of Beth or doing his scheduled jobs around the house. Almost every day the boy would spend time with Nick. As the two spent more time together, Limahl began to see Nicks negative side. The other young man would frequently steal things from the local markets and badly vandalise buildings. At first Limahl was against it and tried to talk Nick out of most of his crimes. Although, every time the other teenager was met with an insult or slight abuse from his once trusted ally. Nick would call his friend names such as “Mamas boy” and “goody two shoes,” and would rarely hit his friend across the face and give him “warning” punches. However, after an incident involving Limahl stealing some products from his father, after being talked into it by Nick, he began to enjoy it. At night Limahl would try his best to sneak out and commit crimes with Nick and said boys other comrades. Eventually, the group formed a gang of sorts. The group of boys would go around committing larceny, vandalism and a few accounts of physical violence. One evening, at the age of 16, Limahl and his friends got into a fight with a gang of street thugs. The group of thugs attempted to steal one of Nicks chums expensive watch. Whilst the other group were having a long talk over what crime to commit next, an older man ran up behind Nicks friend and grabbed onto the boys wrist-watch. The man yanked on it in a manic flurry, hoping that he wouldn’t be noticed. However, Nicks friend had the watch on tightly and Limahl managed to catch the man in the act. Limahl broke up from his comrades ensemble and chased after the thief, his helpful conscience reappearing for a brief instant. The young boy chased down the man into a darkened alley way, cornering him. Although, a large gang of about six other men followed the thieving male, each one standing behind Limahl. Without a single ally to back him up, Limahl didn’t let fear overwhelm him and decided to get closer to the thief. Limahl walked closer and closer toward the man, getting up in his face. The boy gave the man a quite generic talk about how stealing is wrong, attempting to persuade the fellow criminal into not taking his allies expensive watch. However, before Limahl could continue his speech he noticed a small slimy thing out the corner of his vision. He could see the image of the slick serpent crawling into the thief’s ear. It was Limahl’s Stand. It had manifested whilst the teenager was talking to the man. His act of bravery had awakened it. He had gotten close enough for the being to act. Once the being had fully entered the man, Limahl froze and jumped back. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had no idea what a Stand was, nor did he know what it was about to do. Noticing that Limahl was distracted, the man pulled out a small pocket knife and attempted to stab the young boy. Before the man had the chance to make even a single cut on the younger male, Limahl screamed “You won’t stab me!” And threw his arm out to coincidentally point at one of the man’s gang members. The man went flying sideways into his fellow gang member and stabbed his own comrade in the chest. Witnessing that image of seeing another man getting stabbed by his command instantly sent Limahl into a flurry. The boy felt his mind break as a twisted grin to creeped up onto his face. The boy began to laugh as he watched the man fall to the ground in a pool of blood. The other men that made up the group all screamed seeing their comrade stab another. The several men all panicked and ran off. Limahl, thinking that the leftover thugs will turn him into the police, grabbed onto the guy he used his Stand on and swung the fallen knife at him. Limahl pulled the thieves head back and kept the blade only inches away from the man’s eye. Limahl made many small remarks about stabbing his eye out. The boy only did so in order to scare the criminal away. However, the boy got slight joy out of threatening another. Limahl realised how pleasureful it felt to attempt to kill someone. In addition, how pleasureful it was to use his newly manifested Stand. With that, the boy released the man from his grasp and dashed off. Leaving the thief and one of his injured allies left behind in the deserted alley way. Later that night, Limahl returned home covered in small patches of blood and exhausted. His mother was in bed at the time, but Beth was up getting a glass of water. As soon as the young girls eyes met with her older brother in such a state, she panicked. Beth started crying her eyes out, but Limahl (still having a little bit of his old self inside him) reassured her that what he did was for the sake of saving himself. This calmed Beth down, due to her being an impressionable 11 year old. However, as the years went on, Limahl began to slowly drift further and further away from his sister and mother. Soon enough, the boy wasn’t even hanging out with his close friends anymore. By that point, Nick was well and truly out of his life. Limahl now only worked alone. The currently 20 year old boy, soon moved out of his families house, losing all contact with his loving mother and only keeping brief contact with his younger sister. The man would often call his sister, but their calls would typically end in him scolding his little sister whenever she brought up his drastically changed mindset. Limahl would spend his nights finding people to use his Stand on. The Stand User was very proud of his Apep once he figured out how to properly control it. Limahl tried to use it anytime he could. Getting close to people and striking whenever he had the chance. Limahl never actually wanted to be responsible for any murder regarding his Stand, and only used it to injure and confuse innocent people (sometimes almost kill). This all transformed his personality into the aggressive, malicious, sickened and immoral soul his is now. Many years later, whilst roaming the streets of Cairo at night, Limahl met Dio. He met the vampire at the end of the very same alleyway he had the fight with the thugs in almost 10 years ago. Like most people, Limahl was drawn in by the blond vampires charisma. Although, Limahl mostly enjoyed Dio’s presence by the fact that he found the man to be the epitome of evil. He found everything about the vampire so intriguing and interesting. He saw him as someone that wouldn’t disregard his strong and intimate powers. After hearing a bit about Dio’s plan to end the Joestar bloodline, Limahl decided to join the vampire. He saw that as an opportunity to finally kill someone. To finally show someone to true potential of his Stand.
(More to be added later)
Character quotes: “The power of my Apep will make you murder the ones you love!”- Limahl to one of his victims “I wonder how you would look missing an eye? Hm, how about two eyes? Is that better or worse?”- Limahl while fighting a group of thugs “How dare you push me around! I only take orders from Lord Dio, and no one else!”- Limahl yelling at Jotaro “I’m only going to spare your life because you’re much more weaker than I am...Actually, I think you’d be the perfect candidate for my Apep, don’t ya think? “- Limahl talking down to Kakyoin
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Mishizu, Nigel, and the 42nd branch of the Global Demon Sphere

CLAIM: Mishizu Hayamodo "Shinigami", Nigel Hunt(Demon Hunters), and the 42nd branch of the Global Demon Sphere (the Demons/Oni)
Location of the main HQ for this Demon branch, It is a mansion that might have existed as the main HQ for them for over 25 years, their HQ moves alot due to the hunters hunting them down, but this is their longest stay yet, until now.
Multiple gangs and individual demons and groups exists through out the city as a line of defense for the HQ, demon hunters often hunt these to weaken them or harrassment
The demon hunters do not share locations of their safe havens to anyone except their members, making it vague to the open public, plus these two Hunters are free roaming as they are tasked to bring down the main HQ once they can breach through, it can be said that they spread through out the city
(Note: demon hunters doesn't have an official HQ unlike the demons(if we don't count the palaces and rural outposts, that is), in this city they rarely have one except for the safe havens, don't confuse the gangs and individual demons as allies to the hunters)
Current location: the eastern parts of the city near the ports
Current location: near the ports, presumably meeting Shinigami
However, Demon hunters do use "focused breathing" to access peak form and perform superhuman feats (such as surviving demons on a one vs one, or jumping from buildings in high speeds), they are most common(or always is) among eastern branch of the coalition, with "breathers" being rare among western ones.
Although magic can be utilised by them, they are called among the hunters as "casters" which is a perfect but rare counter to demon blood magic
Edit to the facts:
Edit again:
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The Best Books on Hip-Hop

*I originally posted this on my personal blog and wanted to share with hiphopheads. Don't want to direct link because I don't want to come off as spammy and the blog isn't monetized anyway. I hope you find something you like but also feel free to berate me for overlooking or overrating stuff.
Edit: Very pleased with the reception this has gotten, and many thanks to whoever gave me the gold. I'm going to add some of your suggestions to the bottom of this post for easier access for everyone*
A lot of people listen to hip-hop music. Not a lot of people read books about the genre. This is understandable. Music is an auditory medium that is difficult to translate into the written word, streaming "99 Problems" on Spotify is a lot less of a time investment than reading Decoded, and it's much harder to follow and learn about new and interesting hip-hop books than hip-hop records.
I can't do anything about those first two issues, but can help a little bit with the latter. I've slogged through my fair share of hip-hop books, and while a good portion of them were complete dreck, some were actually rewarding. This list will highlight the hip-hop books worth the time of any fan of the genre.
The list is ordered by broad theme (e.g. biographies/memoirs, analyses of rapping and production, etc.). Books denoted with a star (*) are especially recommended. In the unlikely event that you care about my all-time personal favorites (though reading through this list will likely dissuade you from that position) I list my top 10 hip-hop books at the end.
I include basic (i.e. non-affiliate) Amazon links in case you want to learn more about a specific title, there is no kickback for me or anything. I hope you find something you like, but could care less by how you obtain such books.
The Art of the Craft: On Rapping and Producing
These selections will provide readers with a stronger understanding of and greater appreciation for rappers and producers by delving into the complexities and craftsmanship of their work.
How to Rap: the Art and Science of the hip Hop MC by Paul Edwards*
How to Rap 2: Advanced Flow and Delivery Techniques by Paul Edwards*
There is a lot to take into account when it comes to analyzing rappers. Kool Moe Dee's rapper report card was mainly just an exercise in ego elevation (it's doubtful that anyone besides Kool Moe Dee can explain why he warrants an A+ while Rakim gets an A and Public Enemy somehow only earns a B) but the one/only thing he did get right was scoring on a ton of different categories. There is simply a lot to unpack when it comes to studying rappers.
And who better to unpack that material than the rappers themselves? This is the basic premise of Paul Edwards' two outstanding "How to Rap" books. They feature a broad variety of emcees (everyone from Chuck D and Big Daddy Kane to Aesop Rock and E-40) offering insights and advice into their work. The content of "How to Rap" runs the gamut from rhyme schemes to vocal delivery to where to write and everything in between. Edwards writes quick introductions to each section and then sprinkles in some additional examples and context but he mainly lets the artists speak for themselves. Everything is well-organized and Edwards does an excellent job weaving in quotes so that they often build off of each other. Works like these are obviously contingent on the participants being open and eloquent, and most of the rappers interviewed, especially Murs and Evidence, had some legitimately interesting stuff to say.
How to Rap 2 follows the same interview-heavy formula but with a specific focus on flow and delivery. Edwards takes a bit more active role, including a bunch of "flow diagrams" that help break down rappers' verses and some illuminating examples, such as the complex manner in which Nas linked rhyme schemes on "NY State of Mind." The interview list is just as impressive and interesting as the first book in the series. While the subject matter is far more limited than the first installment, there is more than enough meat to hold the reader's interest and the book goes into much greater depth on its topics.
Again, don't be dissuaded by the instructional nature of the titles. There are no rapping exercises or drills in either book and as long as you are a fan of the genre you will get a lot out of reading them.
Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip Hop Music by Joseph Schloss
You'll probably notice that there aren't a huge number of books on this list with an academia bent. In generally I find them to be dry and I also think that sometimes ivory tower denizens can read way too much into the rather inane. Like I don't think D4L was making any kind of grand political statement with "Laffy Taffy" and the rap group would probably think any eggheads stating otherwise to be incredibly foolish.
Making Beats, by Baruch professor Joseph Schloss, thankfully avoids the usual pitfalls of academic books of being overly dry and reading too deeply into shallow things. It's definitely the best production-focused book I've read, period. The result of 10 years of research, the book examines a variety of topics around beatmaking, including the history of rap production, sampling ethics and aesthetics, and crate-digging. Schloss gets to sit down with some obscure producers as well as more familiar names like Prince Paul, Steinski, and Jake One, and all of his interviewees make valuable contributions.
As an academic book it skews more towards informativeness than pure "beach-read" entertainment, but it's still a remarkably readable and enlightening read. You'll learn about some advanced production techniques as well as the unwritten code governing sampling (which includes not sampling "respected" records, eschewing breakbeat compilations, and not sampling too much from one record). Overall, Making Beats is highly recommended to anyone interested in better understanding rap production.
Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip-Hop by Adam Bradley
The basic premise of Book of Rhymes is that hip-hop lyrics (at least the more thoughtfully written verses) qualify as poetry and can be studied and scrutinized like anything by Whitman or Keats. Bradley is a literary scholar and more than capable guide through the advanced poetic techniques employed by rappers. Now I would reckon that many rappers aren't able to articulate or specifically describe concepts like broken or apocopated rhymes but that's just because they probably aren't familiar with arcane terminology. It just sounds and flows well to them and was still the result of deliberate thought and is worthy of scholarly scrutinizing. Bradley covers the major elements of hip-hop lyrics, including storytelling, rhythm, and rhyme. Written by a poetry expert, Book of Rhymes especially shines in those latter two sections, filled with insightful examples and detailed rhyme and flow diagrams. While penned by an academic, it is an easy read geared towards a mainstream, albeit hip-hop leaning, audience and Bradley does a tremendous job distilling high-level poetic techniques into layman-friendly explanations.
One could contest that the "hip-hop isn't really poetry and the lyrics are simple and dumb" argument is a bit of a straw man at this point and feel that Bradley is essentially preaching to the choir. It's a valid claim, but I enjoyed Book of Rhymes because it broke down the lyrics of some of my favorite rappers (Pharoahe Monch, Nas and many, many, others) and provided additional tools to understand and appreciate hip-hop lyricism.
I Am Hip Hop: Conversations on Music and Culture by Andrew Rausch
I Am Hip Hop attempts to answer "What is Hip-Hop" through over twenty interviews with a diverse slice of the hip-hop community. I don't think Rausch really accomplishes this goal beyond showcasing that hip-hop is complicated and hard to define, which you probably were well aware of already. However, he does share candid and sometimes profound discussions with some major hip-hop luminaries. The participant list ranges from icons (Chuck D, Eric B) to more obscure members of the old school (Dres, Chip Fu), and more contemporary underground artists (Akrobatik). The interviews all begin with "What does hip-hop mean to you?" but then branch out all over the place, often to some fascinating avenues. You have sections with Big Daddy Kane reflecting on his biggest rap battles and 9th Wonder describing his biggest production influences and the college course he taught on hip-hop. The dialogues cover a nice mix between the culture and the music of hip-hop and you'll learn a decent amount about both topics. Rausch clearly did his homework and is able to ask probing questions and elicit some quality responses from his subjects. Though it doesn't seem like the most popular book, the interview list is outstanding and I Am Hip-Hop is a breezy and compelling read.
Fat Pockets: The Big Business of Hip-Hop
As stated at the start, a lot of people listen to hip-hop music. The upshot is that hip-hop music has become a lucrative industry.
When it comes to grasping how hip-hop went from a rhyme-biting pizza delivery guy and his friends complaining about the poor cooking skills of friends' parents (among many other things, "Rapper's Delight" meandered like crazy) to its current status as a global economic juggernaut, you only need one book (which is good because I didn't really like Steve Stoute's Tanning of America):
The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop by Dan Charnas*
This is a hefty tome (my copy checks in a 645 pages, and that is without endnotes), but The Big Payback is an authoritative account of hip-hop's ascension to a humongous money-making machine. It traces the genre's roots in the late 1960's through the mid-2000's with the proliferation of hip-hop brand extensions like Rocawear as well as the continuing popularity of the music itself. Charnas chronicles this evolution through profiles of some of its bigger and more colorful characters, such as Sylvia Robinson, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, and Jay-Z. The book never drags despite its length (it helps that figures like Rubin and Robinson are absolutely fascinating human beings who did some crazy things) and reveals some surprising discoveries from behind-the-scenes goings-on.
Charnas is a hip-hop insider (he was a talent scout for Profile Records and was an early writer for The Source, among other things) and he does a superb job balancing his background as a serious journalist and Pulitzer Fellowship recipient with his obvious hip-hop fanaticism. Charnas clearly put boatloads of effort into The Big Payback and his encyclopedic book succeeds completely.
Thisisme: Autobigraphies and Memoirs
The celebrity memoiautobiography is one of the more common literary archetypes. A large amount are vapid near-drivel but there are also usually some gems if you're willing to look hard enough. The same goes for hip-hop versions of such books.
Decoded by Jay-Z*
This was a tough one to categorize because much of Decoded features Jay-Z analyzing his songs. But the important thing is just for the book to be included. I'm not a huge fan of Jay's post-Reasonable Doubt catalog, but you don't have to be to enjoy it. On the off chance you aren't familiar with it, Decoded features him reflecting on his career, hip-hop, politics, and his upbringing with some additional musings on success and how hip-hop has changed. He also breaks down over 35 of his songs throughout, following a Rap Genius (I wouldn't be surprised if this book had a lot of influence on how that site is laid out) format with heavily annotated lyrics. The notations are detailed, numerous, and thoughtful and it's a well put-together book, full of plenty of pictures and many from his childhood and neighborhood. Decoded works both as a frank and captivating autobiography and a breakdown of his lyrics and the stories behind some of his songs.
Mo' Meta Blues by Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and Ben Greenman
Mo' Meta Blues features some general hallmarks of the celebrity memoir. Questlove reminisces on his childhood and being raised by musicians and his early influences, how he met Black Thought and founded the Roots, and how the Roots became so successful. That said, there are also dialogues, emails from the editor, and extended digressions on musical minutiae and the timeline jumps around quite a bit. I usually found these devices as clever changes of pace and never thought that they veered into self-indulgent territory. At its core though, you have a music nerd and hip-hop star giving a detailed and compelling account of his life and geeking out over some of his favorite artists and songs along the way. Questlove is clearly an intelligent guy and his well-written memoir is rewarding even if you aren't incredibly familiar with his work (though you should really start on rectifying that).
Books Listing Things
Hip-hop fans have always enjoyed ordering things and declaring winners and then arguing about how they ordered things and declared winners. Was Biggie better than Tupac? Who won the Jay-Z vs. Nas feud? What is the best album from 1994? We can debate about how long hip-hop music as we know it will endure, but I'm reasonably confident we'll be arguing about hip-hop music (including when it will ultimately dirtnap, if ever) forever. These next two books feed into the genres love of ordering, arguing, and riffing on random topics and sharing trivia.
Ego Trip's Big Book of Rap Lists by Ego Trip Magazine*
I'm going to spoil the beginning of my top 10 list: this one wins. Ego Trip was a short-lived hip-hop magazine that lasted from 1994 to 1998. I was too young to read it while it was active but I found some scans of old issues a few years ago and it seems like it was spectacular stuff.
As the title would suggest, Ego Trip's Big Book of Rap Lists is a sizable volume that dispenses arcane and often-fascinating hip-hop tidbits and trivia through a random assortment of lists. You have MC Serch listing his favorite concert venues, 21 Little-Known Facts About Popular Hip-Hop Songs (Freddie Foxx was originally supposed to rap over "Eric B. is President" but didn't show up so Rakim stepped in, Ol' Dirty Bastard ended up on Pras' "Ghetto Superstar" because he stumbled into the wrong studio), "6 Seminal Hip-Hop Albums That Were Panned by Rolling Stone" (they once described People's Instinctive Travels... as "one of the least danceable rap albums ever"), a roster of all the artists on the three covers of Midnight Marauders, 12 Sports Lyrics that Lose (quoth the RZA on "Reunited:" "Talk strange like Bjork / Great hero Jim Thorpe") among a ton of others. Some lists have detailed descriptions and justifications for their orderings, some don't, all are engrossing.
This is not Buzzfeed for rap fans. The book was published in 1999 and is just some insanely knowledgeable and opinionated writers (along with some special guest list-writers like Kool Keith, Dante Ross, MC Serch, RA the Rugged Man, Debi Mazar, and others) dropping science and some fascinating stories and trivia.
The book has the added bonus of being an excellent source of music discovery. In addition to all the lists, the authors included their favorite 25 singles and albums from 1979 through 1998. While I quibble with some of their picks (there is no way Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep is the 3rd best album from 1996) I do acknowledge that the lists are a phenomenal resource that serve as a valuable guide for my music collecting.
The Rap Yearbook by Shea Serrano*
The Rap Yearbook looks at the most important rap song from every year from 1979 through 2014, dissecting each selection and also explaining its broader significance. Serrano was a former writer for Grantland and brings the wittiness, smarts, and copious footnotes that one would expect from Bill Simmons' sadly defunct website. Serrano uses this format as a springboard to comment on topics like Puff Daddy's legacy, the best rap love songs, and what Rakim has in common with Michael Jordan. While each chapter stands well enough on its own, the total package presents a comprehensive overview of the history and evolution of hip-hop. Catering to the aforementioned fact that hip-hop fans love to argue about everything, Serrano also brings in some of his writer friends to rebut and challenge his picks for each year by arguing for an alternative choice.
The book is further enhanced by numerous illustrations from Arturo Torres. In addition to "style maps" that highlight the various techniques and themes touched upon in each song, chapters also have other graphs/diagrams and artist portraits. Whether it is imagining the Wu-Tang Clan as blood-drenched kung-fu warriors or a frequency distribution of swear words uttered by N.W.A. on Straight Outta Compton (somehow they only used "goddamn" 3 times over the entire album) the pictures are always outstanding and make the book even more irresistible to hip-hop nerds.
Classic Material: Books About Seminal Albums
There are few higher compliments for hip-hop albums than "classic." Aficionados will still debate about which classic album is the best, but some albums are just unquestionable high points of the genre. These books explore and shed some more light into those classic albums.
Check the Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies by Brian Coleman*
Check the Technique Volume 2: More Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies by Brian Coleman*
Did you ever read that article in XXL about the making of Nas' Illmatic? Basically everyone involved with the album (Nas, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Large Professor, MC Serch, etc.) reviews their memories and shares insider stories about each track. As you might expect, it's rather compelling stuff.
Does the prospect of reading more articles like that appeal to you? If so (and it really should) Brian Coleman's Check the Technique books are for you. They follow the same oral history-ish format for a handful of old school (primarily late '80s and early '90s) albums.
Coleman writes 2-3 page introductions for each chapter, outlining each album's significance and drawing heavily from artist interviews talking about the record in general. Each chapter then proceeds with a track-by-track breakdown made up of comments from the artists as well as label execs, producers, and other involved parties. Think of this as Song Exploder for classic old-school hip hop albums. And here let me specify that by "old-school" I'm talking about mainly late '80s through the mid '90s.
The brunt of the work is handled by the artists and thus the quality is contingent on how open and engaging they feel like being. Thankfully, almost all of the contributors follow through with quality insights. I was only really disappointed with Slick Rick's take on The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in the first book as he was stingy with his comments and spent too much time complaining about beats he wasn't credited for If you're familiar with any of the Roots' absurdly detailed liner notes from their old albums you'll know that Questlove and Black Thought goes above and beyond with their chapter on Do You Want More?!!!??! and Evil Dee explaining his production techniques on Black Moon's Enta Da Stage was another highlight.
Both books feature an incredible lineup of albums. You have De La Soul on 3 Feet High and Rising, Mobb Deep on The Infamous, Mos Def and Talib Kweli on Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Black Star, Company Flow on Funcrusher Plus, and many others.
If for some reason you still aren't convinced, read this excerpt featuring DJ Premier reflecting on Gang Starr's Step Into the Arena.
33 1/3: Endtroducing by DJ Shadow by Eliot Wilder
33 1/3: J Dilla's Donutes by Jordan Ferguson
33 1/3 is a series of pocket-sized books that basically serve as liner notes on steroids. Each volume features a music writer focusing on a classic album with an in-depth exploration of the music as well as some biographical information on the artist. I've read several 33 1/3 hip-hop entries and the Donuts and Endtroducing books were my favorites.
The Endtroducing book is primarily made up of a series of extended interviews with DJ Shadow. Most of the interviews center around how Shadow got into hip-hop and his initial efforts as a producer working with rappers like Paris. The book is more about DJ Shadow rather than Endtroducing but Wilder does pose some album-specific questions and glean some insights from Shadow on that subject.
Donuts was a meticulously-crafted LP and Jordan Ferguson does J Dilla's masterful album justice with his book on the album. Ferguson's extensively-researched book reveals plenty of details of Dilla's life and producing philosophy that will likely be new to even the producer's biggest fans. The book also dissects the album and elucidates the complex techniques and flourishes Dilla crammed into the album.
Miscellaneous Books That Didn't Fit Anywhere Else But Are Still Good Despite Being Hard to Categorize
The section title speaks for itself.
Hip-Hop Family Tree Series by Ed Piksor
Given the fact that so many rappers appear to be comic book devotees, it is only natural for there to be a comic series chronicling the history of hip-hop. Piksor is an artist and former Harvey Pekar collaborator who is also a huge hip-hop fan. In Hip-Hop Family Tree Piksor tells the story of the music from the late '70s onward. So far he has made it through 1985 and each of the four volumes released thus far have been exceptional, with stunning artwork and perfect and thorough historical accuracy. The books are fun and breezy reads and this is clearly a result of a labor of love on Piksor's part, as his passion is evident on every remarkably-detailed panel. Piksor is gradually working his way through the genre's timeline and it is worth following this project. The late '80s and early '90s volumes should be especially enjoyable for most readers.
Wu-Tang Manual by the RZA
RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan don't have a flawless musical record (just listen to A Better Tomorrow, or re-read RZA's Jim Thorpe line in the Ego Trip book section earlier in this post) but they have been pretty consistently ambitious. The Wu-Tang Manual is literary proof of this ambition: an authoritative tome on the mythology, members and guiding principles of everyone's favorite kung-fu-influenced rap group from Staten Island with over 5 members. The manual is split into four "books," with books reviewing the members and their lyrical and delivery quirks and innumerable nicknames, exploring primary influences (including sections on chess, capitalism, and martial arts), annotating lyrics Decoded-style (sadly in a somewhat shallower fashion), and RZA conducting a deep dive on his personal philosophies around beatmaking and life in general. It can be a bit messy and not every section is equally entertaining but there is more than enough substance here to greatly please any Wu-Tang enthusiast.
Personal Top 10 Favorite Hip-Hop Books
  1. Ego Trip's Big Book of Rap Lists
  2. Check the Technique
  3. The Big Payback
  4. Check the Technique 2
  5. How to Rap
  6. The Rap Yearbook
  7. Decoded
  8. How to Rap 2
  9. 33 1/3: J Dilla's Donuts
  10. Book of Rymes
Other Books Recommended by HipHopHeads
Can't Stop Won't Stop by Jeff Chang
My Infamous Life by Albert Johnson (Prodigy from Mobb Deep)
Tao of Wu by The RZA
The Hip Hop Wars by Tricia Rose
Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book by Shea Serrano and Bun B
The Hip Hop Movement by Reiland Rabaka
Holler if You Hear Me by Michael Eric Dyson
33 1/3: The Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy
Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas' Illmatic edited by Michael Eric Dyson and Sohail Daulatzai
Signifying Rappers by David Foster Wallace
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[Takeover] Jeffrey Leonard and the 1987 NLCS

I know that I'm a good person and, inside, I'm just as soft as the next guy. So I put on a game face and be mean and talk bad. Big deal. I ain't going to pinch someone's head off in the checkout line at Safeway. Unless I'm in the express line with two items, and they come along with 20 items and a check to be cashed.” - Jeffrey Leonard
Since he's on my team, I like the fact that he scares the guys on other teams. I spread the word that he was once the unbeaten, lightweight state boxing champion of Pennsylvania for nine years in a row. Just thought I'd help create a mystique about him.” - Mike Krukow
It's been 27 years since the Giants lost a Championship Series. Their NLCS record since 1988 reads 5-0. This post takes a look at the last time they fell just short of reaching the Fall Classic, through the lens of the infamous star of that series, Giants left fielder Jeffrey “Don't call me Jeff” Leonard.
Jeffrey “Hac-Man” Leonard was born and raised in West Philadelphia, attending the same high school as Wilt Chamberlain1 and, later, Will Smith.3 Life on the streets of West Philly was dangerous - “there were gangs and fighting and shooting and trouble all around”1 - but Leonard claims not to have been unduly affected by this. Nevertheless, he retained a hard man persona; his cold stare and stony features earning him the nickname Penitentiary Face.
Excelling in football, basketball and baseball at high school, Leonard received multiple scholarships in the first two sports. But an ankle injury put paid to any thoughts of a college football career and, despite purported interest from the Phillies, he went undrafted by major league teams. Fortunately for Leonard one Dodgers scout saw raw talent in him, signing him up as an amateur free agent.
The kid from Philly played in only eleven games for Los Angeles before being traded to Houston. He made a promising start to his career with the Astros; his first full season earned him second place in Rookie of the Year voting. But the following season saw a sophomore slump and the first signs of his potentially abrasive personality started to show. As his playing time was reduced he argued with his manager, pleading him to either play him or trade him. When Leonard went 3 for 18 to start 1981, he got he wish, being traded to San Francisco.
Starting out with the Giants AAA affiliate in Phoenix, Leonard caught fire, hitting .401 over 47 games, plenty enough to warrant a call-up to the bigs. He continued to hit well in the majors for the remainder of the season. It was enough to earn him the starting left field job going into 1982, a spot which he held down for the rest of his Giants tenure.
The Giants themselves were in the midst of a particularly inglorious period of their history. They didn't make the playoffs between 1971 and 1986, averaging nineteen games behind first in that time, with nary a second place finish to be seen. Things had improved, however, under new manager Roger Craig, the ninth man to hold that position in under twelve years. The Giants were above .500 in '86, having lost 100 games the year before, and started 1987 by going 8-2.
The Giants cooled off after their hot start and hovered around .500 for much of the summer. Leonard was having his best season since the early days of his Giants tenure, hitting .297 with 16 home runs in the first half, collecting the first All-Star nod of his career in the process.
The previous few years had been trying for Leonard on and off the field. Injuries curtailed his '86 season and '85 had seen a huge dropoff in offensive production from the left fielder. Off the field, he had testified in the Pittsburgh drug trials; in exchange for immunity from prosecution he admitted both purchasing cocaine and using the drug from '79 to '81.4 Although immune from prosecution, Leonard was not immune from the MLB higher-ups. Along with the other players who testified, Leonard avoided a suspension, but had to agree to pay 10% of one year's base salary to a drug rehabilitation facility in his area; devote 100 hours of community service in each of the next two years; and submit to testing for the remainder of his career.5
Leonard was the Giants only All-Star representative in '87, but the rest of the team was playing just well enough to keep them in contention. Despite the Giants' 55-55 record on August 8th, they were only three games behind the first placed Cincinnati Reds. A strong finish meant that by August 21st the Giants were ahead for good. The team went 35-17 over the final 52 games, eventually finishing six games ahead of Cincinnati. Leonard, however, had slumped. He hit only three home runs after the All-Star break. In his final 18 games he hit just .161.
The Series
The 95-win St Louis Cardinals topped the NL East by three games over the reigning World Champion Mets, setting up a Championship Series clash with the Giants. The two clubs had had their differences in the recent past. The previous season had seen an almighty brawl between the clubs, with managers Roger Craig and Whitey Herzog, both in their late fifties, going at it in the middle of it all. However, in a pre-game interview ahead of Game 1, Craig dismissed the suggestion that there was no love lost between himself and Herzog: “I respect Whitey very much. He's one of the best managers in baseball and the incident we had last year is over; we just want to win.” It took roughly four innings of baseball before the bad blood returned.
Game 1 was in St Louis. With the game tied, Leonard hit a home run leading off the fourth. Hac-Man took a loooooooong stroll around the bases, with his left arm completely limp at his side in his trademark “One Flap Down” style. The final few steps were even slower than the preceding trot. The Giants lost the game, but Leonard claimed afterwards that “we still know we're a lot better club than St. Louis.”2 Cardinals Nation was unimpressed.
The next day the home crowd jeered Leonard with chants of “JEFFFF-REY”, the Giant left fielder having formalised his name from Jeff earlier in his career, considering Jeff too cutesy. Hecklers wondered aloud if the number on Leonard's jersey, “00”, represented his IQ.2 Leonard responded in Game 2 in the best way possible: he hit another home run. And he rounded the bases just....as....slowly...as....before. Cardinals pitcher John Tudor shouted at Leonard to hurry it up as the slugger rounded third.
“Sometimes you can mess a pitcher up," Leonard said. "Sometimes you can get him all distracted. I wanted to do it for Tudor, because he's had some great success with me before. I wanted him to get a good look at it.” As for Tudor, his take on Leonard was pretty succinct: “He's not my favorite Giant. Not many (of the Cardinals) like him.”2 The Giants took Game 2. Their players were equally unimpressed with the Cardinals crowd. “Cow-towners, man,” said outfielder Chili Davis of the fans.2 He continued, “These St. Louis fans aren't so tough. I'd rate them fourth or fifth in the league. Philly fans are bad, Met fans are bad, Cubbie fans are among the meanest. I think our own fans are up there. Dodger Stadium is quiet. They come out there with their caviar and their escargot and their wine coolers and watch a game for seven innings and leave.”6
Said Leonard: “I love the boos. I love it. Really, I do.”6
In an amusing sideshow, the managers clearly hadn't buried the hatchet, as intimated before the series began. Whitey Herzog was especially unimpressed with Roger Craig's success at nullifying St Louis' running game through pitchouts: “Roger Craig's on a roll,” he said sarcastically. “Hey, Roger called 22 pitchouts in a game against us and never nailed one guy. Then he complained because his pitchers were behind all the time.” 7
Back to San Francisco
The teams headed to San Francisco for Game 3. In the space of two games the Giants had gained a reputation as a cocky, full-of-themselves ballclub. Will Clark responded by calling it “not so much cocky as confidence”. Either way the Cardinals didn't like it. They didn't like it even more when Leonard hit another home run in Game 3. Once again Leonard, with one flap down, strolled around the bases. He delayed his curtain call until pitcher Joe Magrane was well into his delivery. “Let 'em wait,” he said afterwards.8 Naturally, the next time Hac-Man came to the plate, the Cardinals plunked him.
Despite Leonard's continued ownage of the Cardinals pitching, the Giants blew a 4-0 lead in Game 3 and fell behind in the series. They tied it up the next day behind Mike Krukow's complete game and a home run by, you guessed it, Jeffrey Leonard. His fourth homer in a fourth consecutive game tied a postseason record. It also meant he had hit more home runs in four postseason games than in the entire second half. The Cardinals got some retribution later when, attempting to score from first, Leonard's face ended up on the wrong end of catcher Tony Peña's fists. The Giants won Game 5 to take the series lead, but Leonard was kept quiet.
Return to St Louis
The fun was to come as the series returned to St Louis. If Cards fans hated Leonard before, events in the intervening days made them hate him even more. The Giants were still fanning the flames: asked who his Game 7 pitcher would be, Craig responded, “We're only going to play six games.”9 The media were happy to join in too, Leonard flat-out being asked if there was anyone on the Cardinals he didn't like. Of course, Hac-Man had something to say: “Tommy Herr.” Why? “I just don't like him, his style of play, his mannerisms...”
As Game 6 started, it became obvious the Cardinals fans had come prepared. Already they had been repeatedly calling Leonard's hotel room phone in an attempt to make him restless. At the ballpark they brought signs aplenty: “Leonard: The S.F. Chump”; “00-Nerd. Why Do You Wear Your IQ?”; “Scumm Babies”; and in reference to Chili Davis' “Cowtown” comment, “MOO”, with Leonard's double-zero as the Os, slapped on the backside of a cow.10
That wasn't the worst of it. There were heckles, of course, but also physical projectiles thrown at Leonard when he took up his position in left field: “beer, money, batteries, frozen hot dogs... and cowbells.”10 The game was stopped three times so rubbish could be cleared away, and a further time to eject a fan who attempted to douse Leonard with beer. When Leonard struck out to end the third, the noise was deafening. He later picked up a hit and a walk, but the Giants were shut out and the series went to a deciding game.
Chili Davis was unperturbed by the projectiles thrown his way, including a battery: “"A double-A. Fits my Walkman. I hope they throw another tomorrow so I can listen to some music on our way to [AL champion] Minneapolis.”11 Some weren't buying the Giant's posturing, however. “I don't think he 'loves' it at all. That's bullfeathers,” said Herzog in reference to Leonard's claim to love feeling the crowd's wrath. “He just says that 'cause what else can he say?”11
Whatever the effects of the hostile crowd and the Giants' new-found cockinees, it failed to get them to the World Series. San Francisco were shut out for the second day in a row and St Louis advanced. Chili Davis made the final out. Leonard went 2-4, raising his series average to .417. For his efforts, he won the series MVP award, the last to be awarded to a player on a losing team.12
This article concludes in the comments section.
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What kind of title is that even? You're probably wondering, well hang tight and give me some space to breath before I tell you about the time I accidently killed this guy. I know right, wait you murdered someone? Yeah, I did, but like I’m not some cold-blooded killer, okay? I’m actually just another average twelve year old kid.
Some more info about me, so I like going to the movies with my friends and also skateboarding and playing basketball, hell I even volunteer with my mom in our Community Garden on the weekends and also teach those lonely seniors dumped and destined to a life of loneliness at the Senior Centre near my place origami, so I like to think that I’ve got some morals and that I’m a pretty decent person.
But the fact remains that is happened and now the media’s trying to spin it as some messed up weird teen trend and not some dumb kid who just did something really, really stupid. I mean if you knew the kid who died, and trust me you probably knew someone just like him growing up. Those pain in the ass uber-dweebs who always reminds the teach that they gave you homework or always looking to snitch on you for the dumbest thing, like walking with your shirt untucked or whatever.
I mean really annoying but pretty minor things like that, but like I said before, I’m twelve, so constantly getting detention because and I know you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but Mr. Adam-Can't-Mind-His-Own-Damn-Business-West ( I know what a sick name, right? Totally wasted on this dick) just couldn't keep his stupid mouth shut for one minute, made me think that what I was doing at the time would be a great way to get my revenge on him.
Honest, hand to God and all that I really didn't expect it to end this way, like seriously honest you gotta believe me! I mean I may have done some kinda mean pranks in my time, but I never really wanted Adam-even if he may have been like a such a dickwad and just also not a nice person to be honest-to die!
Anyway, I’ve talked on already a nice bit, so let me get to how this all started. So like a week ago, it’s Friday and I’m at some supermarket in the supermarket near this movie theater picking up some snacks, because movie popcorn is crazy expensive, you get me?
But yeah, so there I am with twenty five dollars to spend on snacks because this nice old lady who I taught how to make an origami monkey snuck it in my backpack when I wasn’t looking, I mean I may not be that rich but I’m not gonna take money just for hanging out with someone’s grandma, trust me those sweet old ladies already pay me enough in cookies and hugs. So Friday night, here I am trying to find small snacks that I can sneak in my pockets, when I accidently end up in the section where they sell all that imported Japanese/Korean sweet stuff.
I mean I usually never got to try any regular American candy, since my mom works in a bakery so she usually brought like leftover tarts and cupcakes home, so my fatass was ready to try some of this new shit out for the first time, never mind that most of them had nothing on them in English, candy’s candy no matter the source. So there I am browsing, trying to find what I could get that be the best deal but also just looked like it rot my teeth, a growing boy needs his sugar after all!
And that’s when I spotted them, a pretty small green box with really excited poop cartoons on it. In pretty big red text, that took up most of the space, it said: “Toot-Toot,” I know, what a name. And on the book were all these words in Korean, I’m guessing and like three small cartoons, the first showing a simple cartoon person eating one of the poop candy (Toot-Toot?) and then the next frame giving a thumbs up while farting as some more cartoon faces behind them showed more cartoon people like in agony. Then next cartoon showed the same thing, but from eating two of the Toot-Toot’s and third showed them eating three, but this time in the next frame giving a big thumbs down and the people around them with X’s for eyes and like sticking their tongues out.
I don’t know man, but I found that shit pretty funny, like a candy that makes you fart and like I mean some really awful smelling ones too? Sign me up for that! So I bought a box, and some other things and ran of to meet my friends, since I didn’t wanna miss my movie (it was Ghost God 2: Lucifer's Revenge, such a fucking amazing movie, yo!) And by the end, I decided to try out my new weapon, popping one as the credits rolled, I had barely swallowed it when I felt the pressure rise in my gut, turning to my friends with a smirk, I let out this massive fart that quickly spread to the whole auditorium. Like it was so bad, this one guy sprinted to the exit to hurl in the garbages there, but my friends next to me were hit with the worst of the stench.
“Holy Fuck!!”
“Shit man, shit!”
“What the fuck Moses? Did you just shit yourself or something?”
And some other choice words, as they turned to look at me like “bro-what you smoking?” But they quickly found the funny side, once we got outside into the fresh air and I told them about Poot-Poot.
“Man, what will those Japanese guys think of next?” Elias laughed, as he held the box up to the light. “Nah, El, that’s Korean,” Paul smacked him on the arm to make that point clear before looking down at his phone as it let out the theme to Ghostbusters. “Oh man, it’s my dad, well catch you guys later!” Paul high fived us all and soon after that, Noah’s older sis came to get him so it was just me and Elias left. My mom had texted me, saying that she would be there in fifteen and so had Elias’s dad, so we were just sitting there eating some nachos and talking about how excited we were for this new game that was coming out next month, when Elias got all quiet and kinda thoughtful looking, which if you knew Elias was way out of the ordinary for him that I immediately got worried, till he turned to me with this grin and a plan.
“How about on Monday, you take another one of those fart candy’s and let one rip right in Adam’s face?” And my face just as quickly mirrored my best friends face, when I realized what a great idea that was, because see the thing is Adam, being such a snitch had decided to sit right behind me on the first day of class, since me and my friends kinda had this rep for being class clowns, to have the perfect view and chance to get me and my boy’s in trouble, which really, really had made me dislike him, even more when after Christmas Break, since I had decided “New Year, New Me!” like my mom’s magazines were all blasting, to be less of a shit head, mainly since I really did like our teacher, Ms. Goodwin and wanted to give that poor lady some peace and quiet in her final few months of teaching, since she was apparently retiring at the end of year.
Well Adam didn’t like that and had started to like kick my chair, and even poke me and just other stupid, dumb shit to get a rise of me, since like I just said, he unfortunately had to sit right behind me.
It hadn’t worked, since I just started watching these videos from some guy called Sifu Smiles on the interwebz and was all about finding my zen and inner peace and other hippie junk like that for January, and I say January, because February I snapped and punched that little shit in the nose right after he decided to go and pick on poor Hana Byrd who sat next to him. Which was a pretty stupid mistake on his part, since like, I mean, I like liked Hana, she was cute and always smelled really nice, like a field of flowers plus her mom was friends with my mom, so we sometime even hung out together which really just made my crush on her even worse.
Like it got really bad when for my birthday she gave me a kiss on the cheek after she handed me my present, so you gotta feel that I may have been a little overprotective of her, especially since her older brother had just died from getting hit by a drunk driver so the poor girl was still pretty broken from that. Plus it kind of gives you a clue on what a piece of shit Adam was, I mean who goes and starts bullying a girl whose brother just died? So yeah, I punched him and some drama later, he still sits behind me but he’s a lot more quieter now, thank god too because it meant for me that I could end seventh grade in some peace and quiet.
Or at least I thought, I had thought, because on this pretty stormy May morning, right as we had all settled in for the first class of the week, Adam just gave me a small smirk before putting up his hand and reminding Ms. Goodwin that we had homework due.
“Oh shit balls, nooooo,” I freaked out, but like internally because I’m cool like that. I had been so excited from watching that movie on Friday and then because one of my friends had a pool party to celebrate what we had thought been the start of warmer weather on Saturday and then on Sunday I had done my usual origami round down at the senior centre, which by the way ended with me teaching ten people how to make origami penguins! :D So I had kinda lost track of the fact that we had some Math homework to do, which kinda sucked balls, since I’m actually pretty decent at like geometry and algebra.
Elias who sat next to me shot me a panicked look, so I knew he hadn’t done his either and Ms. Goodwin was now asking us to pass our papers to front, so I panicked, grabbed my box of Toot-Toot from my backpack and shoved like five of them in my mouth, as I heard an annoyed “Hey!” from behind me, because yeah no eating in class, whatever Adam, choke on this, I thought, as I stood up and angled my ass to get the best position to his face, and just as I did that the familiar pang in my stomach passed as I let out one of the strongest farts I had ever let rip go through the class.
Chaos then started, kids and my teach screaming for air, trying to open the windows that had even rattled from just how strong my fart had, while others just started storming out of the door, all in a desperate effort to breath something that had not been contaminated by me. I would have found the whole thing pretty funny, but I was actually still bent at the dumb angle, petrified, like just scared still. Because when I had farted into Adam’s face, he had immediately gone white as a sheet, and then, and this is the part that really freaked me out, his eyes had rolled up, so only his whites were showing and soon he had collapsed on the ground where he was twitching and kinda like foaming but like bloody fucking foaming, like seriously dudes, I could see blood mixed up with all this other stuff coming out of his mouth.
I freaked the fuck out man, especially since it wasn’t just my classroom that had been hit by my body made stink bomb, but the whole school, like everyone was now outside crying and breathing in the rainy air, desperate to feel something hit their nostrils that would get rid of the stench that still lingered, so I was all alone, as my worst enemy silently and painfully from the looks of it died behind me and there was no one to turn to for help, since I had accidently left my phone at home and when I did manage to unfreeze and run out into the school courtyard, no one could go back into the school from just how deadly the smell was.
It actually wasn’t until a couple hours later, when some people in Hazmat suits rolled his dead body, and with it rumours that are probably going to go down in my school’s history, people soon started whispering about how he had lost his skin from my fart, that it had been so noxious and toxic it had eaten away at his flesh and some other gory details I’m going to not mention, since they made me sick to my core to hear.
But I’m hoping that the more people who know me will hear my side of the story, the more that they realize that this was a harmless prank gone wrong, that really how was I supposed to know that some weird Korean chocolate I had never even heard off, and actually couldn’t even find out anything online could cause death, I can’t read Korean! But that’s where I’m hoping you guys can help me, like seriously please if you find that green box with it’s red font or if you ever get handed one of those poop shaped chocolates, only one Toot-Toot alright! Let’s keep our noses and consciences pure shall we?
Also, despite what Channel Six news might be saying, I’m not a member of that weird five sense themed gang and my gang name is for sure not "Silent but Deadly", like at least give me a less dumber nickname and no way am I affiliated with those wacko’s, like I said before I’m just a stupid kid who made an even stupider mistake that I really wish I could take back.
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The indictment tells a tale of turf wars, revenge killings, colors, code words, social media puffery, intertwined rap music and complex drug-dealing operations that span well beyond Detroit. B-Real--89th Street Family Blood Sen-Dog--Blood Boo-Ya Tribe--West Side Pirus(Carson Samoan Warriors) Tone-Loc--Southside Compton Crips Tweedy Bird Loc--Kelly Park Crip MC Eiht--Tragniew Park Crip Coolio--Corner Pocket Crip 2nd ll None--Elm Street Pirus Hi-C--Tree Top Piru Kid Frost--has acknowledged affiliation with a gang, but no specific set The best mobster nicknames were sometimes given by their peers, like Gaspipe or The Grim Reaper. Other times it was the press or even law enforcement who gave them names that they would always be known as, such as The Teflon Don, The Oddfather and The Lord High Executioner. #25 Carmine “The Italian Meyer Lansky” Lombardozzi The classification report lists Hernandez as a “verified member” of the Bloods street gang. The report also documents a number of nicknames for Hernandez, including Boom, AA, Big Nose, Chico Inside Jokes: Many times, nicknames are given in the midst of an inside joke in the making, completely unplanned, and somehow it just ends up sticking. Some of the best and unique nicknames come about this way! Since there’s many different kinds of nicknames for the taking out there, it becomes necessary to break them down into type.

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