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The video game, Escape from tarkov allows you to build a btc farm when you get enough graphics cards and other parts. The value of Bitcoin in game is roughly tied to the value of btc irl. You can trade for cash or items with other players. Really cool new game mechanic.

The video game, Escape from tarkov allows you to build a btc farm when you get enough graphics cards and other parts. The value of Bitcoin in game is roughly tied to the value of btc irl. You can trade for cash or items with other players. Really cool new game mechanic. submitted by ogstepdad to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

I teach math and here is my attempt at trying to explain our current economic system graphically, showing what the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have done over time

So we all know that our education system is horrendous. People graduate high-school, and even university, without fully appreciating that there are different systems at play in our current economy and that we have choices as to what systems we would like to invest our time and money on.
To help get this point across I just finished putting together a set of videos to explain this. There are 6 videos in this set, the last two (Part 1, Part 2) bringing everything together by showing how the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have changed over time. The Table of Contents for the last two videos is:
Part 1
Part 2:
The full set of videos for this set are:
Hope you like, and suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.
Edit: Per suggestion, Here is the Playlist.
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The rise in the value of Bitcoin has driven up AMD RX-series graphics card prices.

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A graphic that compares the value of bitcoin with other forms of wealth. Useful to understand the max growth potential of cryptocurrencies.

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I teach math and here is my attempt at trying to explain our current economic system graphically, showing what the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have done over time

I teach math and here is my attempt at trying to explain our current economic system graphically, showing what the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have done over time submitted by rotoreuters to betternews [link] [comments]

A simple and concise info-graphic depicting the relative values of Bitcoin and the dollar.

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A graphic that compares the value of bitcoin with other forms of wealth. Useful to understand the max growth potential of cryptocurrencies.

A graphic that compares the value of bitcoin with other forms of wealth. Useful to understand the max growth potential of cryptocurrencies. submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: I teach math and here is my attempt at trying to explain our current economic system graphically, showing what the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have /r/conspiracy

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: I teach math and here is my attempt at trying to explain our current economic system graphically, showing what the value of the US Dollar, CPI, Gold, S&P, Art, Wages, House prices and Bitcoin have /conspiracy submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

why does the value of bitcoins affect the price of graphics cards?

Why does the value of bitcoins affect the price of graphics cards? I've heard it a few times but never really understood why.
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It would be cool if someone coded a graphical representation of the block chain with avatars representing addresses that were likely controlled by a single agent and whose size represented the total value of bitcoins likely to be controlled by that agent.

It would be interesting to see a graphical representation of a (?Bayesian) "best guess" about how many independent agents are engaging in Bitcoin transactions.
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Graphical representation of bitcoin addresses as a function of time and value

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Buddy banned for RMT?

So my friend gave me two graphics cards probably around yesterday not knowing he’d be banned for it. I mean I am currently not banned? So will I be? Lol I mean he can have the graphics cards back lmao this is my first time getting the bitcoin farm up and running and didn’t realize this RMT trading fiasco was such a big deal. He just figured he wasn’t gonna get his bitcoin farm up because he’s busy with life so he gave them to me. Previous wipes I gave my buddy millions upon millions of roubles to upgrade his stash size and to buy another Case. Definitely not RMT traders and would hardly consider that boosting 😂 if there is a such a thing as a play log you’ll see that we have mainly played together his 1st 80hours in. I doubt a buyer and seller would play that much together 😅 thanks for hearing my rant about RMT false bans🙂 but I agree trading high value items is a slippery slope that I’ll never touch again 😂
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.12.4 Path Notes Megathread
Dear Escapers!
We are glad to present you the preliminary patchnotes for the upcoming 0.12.4 patch!
• Interchange location has been reworked
• Interchange location lighting has been updated
• New interactive objects, new location exfils
• Various problems with culling, physical colliders have been fixed
• New mechanics, overweight. The character receives various debuffs while carrying a certain amount of weight (increased equipment noise, movement speed limits, increased stamina consumption, etc.)
• Fatigue effect debuff has been added, which appears if the character keeps the stamina at a low level for a long time. Energy consumption increases with this effect.
• Now The character's stamina indicator is divided into arms and legs. The arm's stamina is consumed when aiming, throwing grenades and fighting with melee weapons. The legs stamina is consumed during sprinting, jumping, changing body positions, etc. Also, the legs stamina starts to drain when the hand's stamina drops to zero.
• The "trading "flea market", "inventory" buttons have been added to the bottom panel of the interface for quick access.
• New hand grenades based on the VOG-17 and VOG-25 prototypes.
• The resolution of your screen is automatically determined and applied as standard settings, at the first start of the game.
• New weapon mods
New sets of character customization and equipment
• New BEAR top called “Telnik” • New BEAR pants called “Tiger” • New USEC top called “TIER2” • New USEC pants called “Commando” • New SCAV top “Olimpic shirt Russia”
• New body armor, tactical vests, backpack, helmet, active headset
• Grenade case
• New barter loot and new trading schemas requiring this loot
• New hideout crafting schemas
• New quests with new outfits as a reward
• Minor lightning optimizations
• Minor decals optimizations
• Various server stability optimizations
• Fixed a bug in which saving the weapons preset, all inventory, and trading operations could freeze
• Fixed part of inventory display bugs at 2k (or 1440p) screen resolution
• Fixed a bug where AI corpses could disappear during reconnect
• Displaying of notifications while receiving weapons from a SCAV box has been fixed
• Fixed a bug when the production timer might not be updated when the generator ran out of fuel
• Fixed a bug when it was impossible to enter the hideout after transferring graphics cards from the Bitcoin farm
• Fixed a bug when the context menu did not appear on items brought by SCAV
• Fixed a bug when the item could remain unexamined after production
• Fixed a bug when you, with a pistol or melee weapon, press the sprint button twice, the character runs in place
• Now you won’t be kicked to the main menu, after receiving a “the stash is full” error
• Fixed hideout bug which allowed to appear a window for transferring items from the first-person view
• Fixed pop-ups which can appear not in the center of the screen
• A bug while the pop-up with a list of missing items appears beyond the screen
• Fixed a bug which caused errors at the flea market while there are barter offers
• Another various bug fixes and corrections
• Stimulants parameters have been adjusted, debuffs became weaker
• The weight of various items has been adjusted
• The flea market is now available from the 15th PMC lvl (was lvl 5)
• Small reflex sights marks were downscaled (aimpoint, romeo, trijicon)
• Accuracy values in weapon characteristics are now displayed in Minutes Of Angle
• We added a weapon name to the standard weapon presets, which they relate to
edit: oof that typo
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Should there really be a Scav cooldown timer if you aren't even doing a "Run Through"??? That's a super easy fix which would make the life of anyone new, casual, or with a bad PC 100 times better. Plus more constructive thoughts and criticisms from a very passionate life long gamer.

Quick background, I've been a hardcore FPS player most of my life (I'm pretty old now for competitive gamers but...). I've also been a hardcore RTS player, MMO player, played a lot of DOTA 2, I even played some dang card games (Not Hearthstone)... basically I just love good games. But at the end of the day FPS was always my favorite, although I might be better statistically with RTS?
I'm brand new to Tarkov, this is my first legit wipe (I played a few hours during the last wipe but I was lagging so much I quit, literally every gun fight I was getting spikes and was just dead with a frame lock stutter... but then I realized I need to try to overclock my CPU from 4.0 to 4.3 GHZ and suddenly the game became "playable"). I think it's note worthy that Tarkov is one of only 2 games in my experience where I just feel my computer isn't good enough to play correctly (the other one is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds which I just didn't like that game too much honestly even compared to the old H1Z1).
ANYWAYS... I love this game. I've programmed games in Unity by myself, one of them was really complex but my artist quit and has now worked for big companies like ArenaNet... so when I heard that Tarkov was made in Unity, honestly I was impressed. Personally working solo or damned near it, I didn't think it was possible to make a game like this in Unity...
And in some ways I'm right... the game doesn't run very smoothly on my PC even with the lowest graphics settings. Youtube videos of Tarkov look WAYYYYYY better and smoother than my actual game... normally you lose quite a bit of quality with recording but I can tell my PC isn't handling the game correctly... You also need an SSD drive to play with friends which is reasonable but just another example why this game is difficult to excel in not just because of your skill and knowledge/intelligence of the game... but also the computer requirements are VERY steep.

I have a few points I want to make that I think could greatly improve the game:

1) Why is there a timer for playing Scav even if you play it like a normal raid and you don't receive the "Run Through" status?
I understand they made a timer so you can't just infinitely spawn Scavs and run to extract every time you get something good... but if you are playing legit??? If you are playing Scav as if it was your PMC (especially applies to newer players)? If you are going out of your way to make sure you don't have a run through???
I just think they may want to reconsider this design point for people that aren't abusing Scav, there is currently no way to play the game and financially progress without feeling like you aren't good enough if you aren't a god gamer (dozens of reasons players might think they are trash right now).
I've been progressing pretty well for my first wipe, just hit level 30 (haven't played a lot of days including missing around 7-10 days for start of wipe...). I have a bitcoin farm with 10/10 slots filled, I have millions of Roubles...
I can make money pretty steadily, I even have a friend who's REALLY good at the game, he got rid of literally 50 Graphics Cards about a week into the wipe because he was bored playing alone and was about to quit... then I'm like "hey lets play? I overclocked my CPU i think it's sorta playable now"... I do play a lot of solo though, but I have a very experienced friend who can help me with all my questions, specific tasks, and just teaching me the game quickly in general.
My point is that I think I'm doing pretty good for my first wipe but I still feel the game is too stressful at the moment. It's a little too much stress compared to fun, but it's close.

2) I was gonna log on today because I need to do the 8 kills near the Factory Office Area. I realized that this task unlocks SO MUCH STUFF... and I should of done it long ago.
I was about to log on but, I was planning all day on it but... then I was like... hmm I don't want to go through what happened in my last PMC factory quest. I was a brand new player and my PC doesn't run the game that well... killing a bunch of super kitted guys with a pistol like 10 days into wipe??? It's humiliating...
No joke my Survival Rate might be about +20% higher if it was not for that ONE Factory PMC quest. I'm not even exaggerating... I blew millions on total trash loadouts like PACA, derpy helm, and a Grach. I must of died at least 20 times just to complete that 1 quest (keep in mind I was a Global Elite in CSGO, and over 200 H1Z1 battle Royale wins which means I was the sole survivor of about 110 people over 200 times. I had really talented friends help me at times but you get the point, I was surprised when I wasn't solo winning Battle Royales...).
I'm not trying to brag about my previous FPS experiences. My point is that even if someone like me can have such a bad experience on a Factory PMC quest... a lot of players will just quit the game at that point.
I haven't quit the game, I still love it overall... but tonight I guess you could say I have "Ranked Anxiety". It's not even Ranked but I am actually scared to take the humiliation of lets say even 10 deaths for the 8 PMC Kills in the Office Area... For me 10 deaths would be humiliating... I already have 1 death and no kills yet...
.8 k/d isn't even that bad for a small sample size, but imagine how casual FPS players must feel trying to go in vs all these fully kitted Chads when their kit is like 1/4th the price for tasks like this? Imagine if their PC is sorta old too... so not only are they maybe new to the game, they have a trash kit compared to enemies, but their PC also doesn't run the game as well as their opponents which in a game like this even missing 1 shot can be the difference between life or death.

3) I know everyone is complaining about Mosin lately... for new players especially but...
IMO, the Stash Size is the biggest problem for a new player.
I can 100% understand it from a business perspective to make the stash extremely expensive, it truly is a pay to win feature imo.
The reason I can say I understand the business perspective is because I bought EoD! It seemed like the only option if you like the game, it was otherwise impossible for someone like me who values efficiency and to be able to speedily do things...
I got to the point where I had to make a decision. Do I spend 3.5 million Roubles on a Stash Upgrade knowing that if I EVER buy real life game upgrades... I just wasted 3.5 milllion??? Or do I spend a LOT of REAL MONEY to make the game reasonable...
I probably wouldn't even bring up the stash if the game didn't have all these other problems I'm mentioning.
The reason I bring it up is to prove to you how much I like the game, I don't even have a good PC atm and I still bought EoD!
But if they want the game to be fair and balanced the starting stash size is completely unacceptable. Especially for new players... they are going to value their gear so much because they are so weak financially, they don't even have access to the Flea Market... but still they have to waste so much time trying to Tetris stuff, they can't fully get the gear from Scav runs ETC...
I think the starting stash size is 100% the biggest problem in the game for new or casual players, I don't expect it to be fixed because of the real world money but... if they really waned to make the game as good as it can be they'd improve that for sure.

I just feel that currently even if you really love the game, if you are a new or casual player it's simply too scary to play comfortably. The anxiety of failure is so extreme that even I (who used to be a top FPS player) might not log on any given day because I just don't wanna feel bad.
I think this is especially true if you don't have a top of the line PC. Even just 1 death where you feel maybe if you had a good pc you might of won that fight... that hurts a lot for the fun factor... I sort of want to buy a new graphics card for starters but knowing Unity in a game like this... I might need a new CPU too it's just rough.
For all the reasons I described above, and for many more I didn't mention specifically and I'm sure others have... I think they should at least reconsider the Scav cooldown design so that players can at least log on and just play Scav continually without feeling like they aren't good enough to play this game (this is assuming they don't do "Run Throughs" to prevent Scav abuse).
If players could at least run Scav 24/7 and just get comfortable with the game, I think this game would be a lot more accessible and enjoyable for the vast majority.
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Thoughts on why people are drawn to use RMT

I believe it is just as important to address why people are wanting to go to RMT services (the demand) as it is to combat the RMT services themselves (the supply). If there is enough demand, there will always be a supply. My argument is this, I believe that if progression felt more rewarding, instead of just "make as much money as quickly and efficiently as possible to buy from the flea market" the player base would be more satisfied with the game itself and wouldn't seek help outside the game mechanics.
For context, I am more of a casual player. This is my first wipe I've tried to focus on progression instead of solely learning the game. I am now level 11 and started doing work on the flea market.
I don't agree with people going to RMT sites to get a quick and easy leg-up, but I can totally understand why people would want to. From my viewpoint there isn't enough rewarding early game progression. Especially if you are using a standard account you feel like you lagging behind from the start. You are very limited on storage space and with a alpha container you have less that half the secure spaces than those with a gamma container (4 vs 9 for reference). Now that we have the hideout to upgrade, we are encouraged to keep many more items that we may have just sold previously.
Think about what you wanted to accomplish as soon as you unlocked the flea market. For me I almost immediately wanted to get 1) quest items that didn't have to be found in raid that hindered my progression and 2) items that helped alleviate my lack of storage space. I got the salewas i still needed, a few keys for quests and loot areas, a documents case, and an ammo box.

Let's think about how much an advantage it actually is to have these containers, not to mention some of the higher level containers. First let's focus on the secure container. What items do players use this for; meds, keys, backup ammo, valuable loot or quest loot, paper money, perhaps a map for new players. Now consider I get a documents case. For the cost of half my secure storage space, I can go from 4 spaces all the way up to 16, a 4x multiplier. Now I can take a bunch of keys that let me access areas with higher value loot, if I find more keys I can securely stash them away, same goes for paper money, bitcoins, gp coins, intel, flash drives and other high value loot, all the while maintaining 2 slots for meds, ammo or other loot like a graphics card. I can make this giant leap in how effective my character can be as soon as I can access the flea market and I have enough money. (Yes I can find a container in raid, but lets assume a low level player or inexperienced player won't try to farm this early on). On top of this, even something as simple as an ammo box can free up much needed space in regular storage so I can keep more items I need to progress.

I understand that BSG is trying to slow down progression, but I do not feel like I am being meaningfully rewarded during the early progression of the game. I do quests and get some gear, unlock some items for purchase from traders, but a little money and a little xp, but that's not what I really want. I want something that gives me more of an advantage. Why wait until late quests to give me an ammo box? Does it really provide that big of an advantage to be obtained that far into the game? Why can I not get 1 by the time I hit level 10 or so. It would feel so much more rewarding without giving a large advantage. Plus it's not like I only need one or two, if you look at certain high level players or streamers they have a multitude of them to sort out each ammo type.
Honestly, to obtain anything really meaningful I feel like I have to buy it off the flea market at inflated prices. This is why, in my opinion, everyone feels like that constantly have to grind and grind for money. Unlocking it through the traders only helps reduce the inflated price I have to pay. You can slow over all progression while still making the early game feel rewarding. This problem has only been made worse by increasing the tax for the flea market and reducing the sell prices at the traders. I support BSG in their fight against RMT and cheaters, but I understand the outcry from players that feel like the grind is only being increased.

So in conclusion, if natural game progression felt more rewarding, if I obtained a few items that actually helped me, I wouldn't need to buy as much from the flea market. If I don't need to rely heavily on the flea market, I don't need to grind for heaps of money. If I don't need heaps of money, I wouldn't be tempted to find ways of supplementing that grind.
I love this game. I want it to succeed. I don't want to be spoon fed, I understand it's suppose to be hard. I'm not going to complain at every change BSG makes. I understand it's going to get harder and I'm okay with that. These are my two cents. Nikita, you and your team are my favorite developers and you care about the game and the community. Thank you for all the work, even when part of the community riots over what you think will be beneficial long term.
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Forward Thinking Friday: Decred Narratives - 26 June 2020

Forward Thinking Friday: Decred Narratives - 26 June 2020
Welcome to Forward Thinking Friday, a regular venue to discuss ideas, concepts and designs that push Decred further, bigger and better.
This week, I wanted to focus discussion in on Decred Narratives and ideas revolving around what Decred is, what it can be and where project messaging resonates with people on an individual and community scale.
Decred Narratives
Some of the principle narratives and messaging that resonate with me, revolve around the technical and block-chain design components. There are certainly many more out there so please expand, bring up new ideas and discuss unique concepts beyond those below.
Superior Store of Value: Decred is unique in the ledger assurances it provides. It assures high security, ability to evolve and a well defined mechanism to be Decisive. I believe this sets Decred up to outlast competition and I believe at the tail of the block subsidy, Decred will be better equipped than any other chain to manage those tail risks and realities.
Decred H.A.S it: Related to Hyper-secure, Adaptable, Sustainable after Chris Burniske
Armoured Lizard: A h/t to Murad who personified Decred as a lizard and is a comparative to the Bitcoin Honey Badger. Shout out to OfficialCryptos for the Decred Dragon graphic below!
Elephant in the Room: Governance is the topic in cryptocurrencies least understood but probably most important and hardest to get right. The graphic below remains one of my absolute favourites and speaks to numerous qualities of Decred personified as an elephant (intelligent, herd intelligence, safety in size, elephant in the room of governance). I am very keen to see this narrative built out, I think it is extremely powerful and nuanced.
Decred, the elephant in the room
Built to Last: Decred's governance and treasury underpin its ability to evolve and self-sustain. This makes for an aligned incentive base and a technology stack uniquely designed for longevity.
Differentiation across Numerous Levels: Decred is very different to a minimally different coin like LTC , BCH and ZEC where a small set of changes to the Bitcoin model are made. Decred differentiates across multiple important layers such as governance, treasury, consensus model, security, issuance, adaptability etc.
Digital Organism/Hive Mind: Long ago I tweeted about Decred as a digital organism which appreciated that Bitcoin is the gorilla in the room a beast of sheer size and raw power. Decred understands this and does not aim to take it on directly (hence the variety of differentiation noted above). Instead it installed a Hive of human intelligence as the primary mechanism by which it can outsmart, outwit and outlast Bitcoin, giving it superior edge.
Evolution in Employment: Decred destroys borders. It enables people around the world to coordinate and build value towards a central goal of sound money. Decred does not care about your background, past, culture or whether you are wearing pants. It employs people without discrimination who do good work, and demonstrate an appreciation of Decred project values and skin in the game contributions.
These are just a sub-set of ideas and narratives I have found compelling or illustrative of the Decred value proposition. I believe this topic of narratives is immensely valuable to explore and I look forward to hearing all manner of narratives that resonate with you.
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Difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is a dispersed and computerised record book. That takes into account finished transactions in sequential order. it's ability to store data in a manner that is not to be replicated or hacked.
While, a cryptocurrency is derived from the words cryptography and currency. Crypto graphic refers to ability of code writing, and currency is a monetary system utilised by a certain country. This means it is a virtual and digitised currency created by cryptography. Which makes it available as an online currency solely. It's difference towards traditional currency is it isn't issue by the government, but gained through software and alogorithims.
Intangible- They are virtual presences
Technology- Both contribute to recent technological innovations
Interdependence- They rely on one another. Blockchains allow the process for purchase activity, and Cryptocurrencies are the specific entities being transitioned.
Use- Cryptocurrencies is utilised pay, invest and store wealth. Blockchain is the driver of transactions involving cryptocurrencies.
Value- Cryptocurrencies has a value on a monetary basis and be made use of as wealth measurement, unlike blockchains.
Mobility- Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can be moved between accounts. Blockchains are immobile.

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This Is Why The Quests Are Such A Slog

You all know what I'm talking about. Questing feels like a chore. It's painful to hunt all over creation for that last flash drive, that last car battery, that last damn blackrock rig. And even worse, is collecting stuff from the level and surviving, or taking something valuable in to drop off, or even both together in the same quest. But what if I told you that there's nothing wrong with the quests? That the agony, the struggle, the pain, isn't actually the problem?
The problem is this; quite simply, quests aren't profitable. I've never played a game where you turn in a 20,000 gold rare mcguffin for fifteen silver and a pat on the back. The XP is the only saving grace in Tarkov, while in other games, the XP is the icing on a nice, big, profit. Think about it. Quest rewards are always worth at least what you turn in, across all genres of games.
I humbly suggest that the paltry rewards, particularly for early, hardass quests, be expanded. You can come up with some pretty interesting early rewards that don't break the economy and turbo speed progression. For someone new to the game, two SKS rifles and sixty PS rounds would kick ass and make retrieving that pocket watch more inviting. Mid game, let's look at paying cash at LEAST equal to the value of the items turned in; looking at you, Mechanic and your graphics cards. Later the real goods start to look more inviting. We got the THICC cases, the Epsilon, and a slew of bitcoins and kitted guns, although some of the weaker entries could use a buff.
The first problem I see with this, is all the quests that don't require Found In Raid tag could be bought off the flea and the quest reward should pay for the cost so it's not really a quest, it's just an errand "go buy this shit for me" which isn't very interesting. I'm open to any solutions.
Anyway, to sum up, quest rewards are supposed to be worth the effort, and worth the goods. No one in Tarkov would bother helping these miserly NPCs if they had an ounce of sense. Let me know what you think.
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It's time to spread the truth

It's time to spread the truth
Hello everyone! I'm Marco, an italian guy and I want to tell you my story. When I discovered Bitcoin I immediately fell in love with it, it was like a revelation, I understood that it had the potential to change finance, the world, practically everything. The problem arose when I started asking myself some questions: why should i use SegWith or Lightning Network? Why not simply increase the block size? Why did they make Bitcoin so difficult? It was at that moment that I began to understand that something was wrong, every time I asked a question the answers were always the same: store of value and Lightning Network. I was hearing these replies like a nursery rhyme and the worst part is that people don't even know how LN really works.
Then I discovered Bitcoin Cash and together with many answers I also found a large family. Bitcoin Cash has changed the way I see things, really!
The second problem arose when I started talking about BCH on Italian groups, always the usual answers: scam, shitcoin, btrash, etc ... This prompted me to make a decision: open the first website in Italy that talks about Bitcoin Cash.
My goal is to make people understand what Bitcoin Cash really is and why it is better than Bitcoin Core. All this, however, without forcing anyone but leaving free choice, not like many youtubers who tend to distort reality and brainwash people. If you have any advice I am ready to accept any criticism!
For those interested, these are the social links:
If you want to donate something all the funds that I will receive will be used to improve the graphics and marketing of the site. Thanks so much!

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Should we be able to barter non FiR items on the flea market?

I just died to a blatant hacker on interchange, but luckily stored a graphics card in my Gamma minutes before dying. My only options are to either hang on to it in case i build a bitcoin farm or sell it to therapist for $100k. I'd really like to barter for it on the flea market because some people are putting up pretty nice items for a GPU right now that are worth around $200k+. Its still a loss compared to what i'd be able to sell it for on the flea, but i'm getting more value back than if i were to just sell it for 1/4th of its current FiR price to Therapist. What do you guys think? Will this still favor RMTers?
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Summary of Twitch Drops

In case anyone wants to do the math on the value of the recent twitch drops the following is what I received. I only missed about 6 hours of stream time. Items are listed by category and no duplicate item drops occurred (every bullet is its own drop).
BarteValuable/Food Items:
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Skills Implementation+

Upvote etc. if you like these following suggestions, show the appreciation. So that the Dev's may take action towards them.
Remember, stay Hardcore.
So regarding the recent changes to Market. I know we never had it before in the Alpha stage etc. and people take advantage to make $$$ etc.
But the one of the things grinding me is the Charisma & Intellect. Sure, maybe lower the 100% discount for every level, 50%.. I'm not here to give specifics or know what's best for the game.
My thoughts are simply apply these bonuses to help deal with the fact that we're being dicked by these new updates. I'm not entirely bothered but it's starting to seem pretty useless the more we go on.
I've noticed since NDA Alpha, the BEAR & USEC specific skills have been removed entirely from the greyed out section of skills. Again, another feature that's just been forgotten and whatever the plan was, I'm pretty disappointed that we'll never see it.
Even the Prone Movement could be implemented properly, now that you've virtually silenced the movement noise of crawling around by Default. When the skill could be implemented to have allowed that itself. By increasing speed and lowering noise created per level.
First Aid I believe should've been implemented ever since you added medication Animations, to allow for faster medicating or quieter(probably not really), or perhaps it can heal more for the same durability points.. Maybe cost less to heal a bleed reducing from 30 to 10 or 5 over the levels, until you hit a maximum [level] of some amount.
Maybe, and of course I don't know the idea's behind "Free Trading".. But let's say it would allow for a higher maximum "Approx. Value" that would allow us to still sell item's on the Market, even if not found In-Raid; at the end of the day, the trader, or the trading, will not care(in a Lore abiding way) whether or not the item is found In-Raid considering you do not acquire the found In-Raid check mark after purchase. Therefore buying cheaper items off the market, allow for profits to be made off traders.. Something I believe can never really be patched out without removing flea entirely, simply because when you work for the better Trader levels, rep etc. they should provide a better price, therefore allowing players who have put the time and work in, to get better rewards, as you might expect to receive when working with somebody for so long.
"Barter" could come under similar connections to free trading but implemented with Traders, allowing for cheaper Barters, Less items required for the purchase/barter etc. I have not had too many thoughts regarding this skill.
My final thought goes towards "Shadow Connections". I do consider the fact that Fence was essentially the expensive Flea Market before it was implemented, now apart from the fact that he is clearly going to provide bad/high sale prices, and gives lower value to sell items to him... As the market is now more restricted, I would like to see that Skill provide better buy/sell prices with Fence. Potentially at max, providing better prices for certain items. Maybe he likes Graphics cards, things that can create underground non-official currencies such as Bitcoin etc.... Again to be thought out by you guys the developers.
People talk about Quality Of Life, which isn't really an issue, this game is hardcore, always has been and I hope always will, I understand you have Russia 20XX in the works and will take up your time, I also believe that skill implementations like these will allow further progression, a wider range of things to work towards and therefore extend the life of the game between wipes, before people consider themselves "Maxed out" or "completed" in the game. Of course, if the Team plans on potentially never wiping the game at some point, then these things will all contribute to that goal, In my personal opinion. The sooner we see them, maybe the longer we have to learn how to do it and therefore be more comfortable when/if no-wipe arrives.
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